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;?. }{. T. TO SPEND $6,000,000.
717// }f('lr Important 'Additions to
Lines and Forcer Plant.
linpreveirents in |<g elevated system, which ■will
rI . 0 !,«1i ]y f-nst $G.<»'-3,0W». Jiave been under f-onaiilera
tirtn I.v tl i(> <>fflC'»l" °f the Brooklyn Mapld Transit
/• ool pßtiy fn«" BOin*> lime, and the perniission of the
i:«pl<1 Tra'isit Oorr.m!ss!on to make tbese <hana^»
<« b<-!i!C fous'.it.
T*» r I** I**1 ** rr<l>''''*r r<l >''''* ff "" a third track in Broadway,
trata li* Willi^msburg Bridpw Plaza to Fulton
■tn^ t: ' w '" •'* ll ' a trucks in Kilth avenue, from KUit
hu^li .ivetiii*- lo SGtb street; twi extra tracks in
K-jlt"'i ■***•*• f' - m Franklin avenue, and two ex
tra track? la -Myrtle avenue, from Ciiy Hall to
\*w Btreet.
In ;i'lil!ii<m I* '! 1A f-x'enfion of its lines the com
natiy will toon woct an addition to the power sta
tion al Kent atid I>ivisi<m avenues at a cost *x
ff^dins ISjWft.'Wt. This will lake the Will'amsburg
uo^or tj;at:<-in \hr larsrst in the world. Turbine.
Jupiii'-s at Hie most modt-ni type will be installed.
Ground ■will 1«" broken within a few months.
Pn-siil' nt 'Vv Inter, wiieii a.-ked last night about
•he pr.ipo^.d imiH-ow-meiits Jo the Brooklyn Rapid
T'-an*-!' system, said:
'••We be'.irve w«> .«h;<il }*■ Justifled in materially
tocreasia* the capacity of lite elevated fj-Ftex^ In
Brooklyn. oikl have Ktudy sketches of im^rove
jner.-.s 'now under ••on.=idcratlon. They would in
vr.jv*. lursf- and possibly some im
portant BtructunJ chanpes. All this calls for care
ful stiidy. and »h<» i>lun outlined is one of these BOW
u n«>! consideration, it would take a lot of" time
to bring *U «"" H 'onplderable part of those pre
rioncii i:nrtoveinentii aliout. and i; Is impossible to
Jpv now tmw soon th««y will be undertaken. Very
tr.urh d'-|>fndß OB the creation of adequate terminal
farilitif* Tor haruJl'.njj the Brooklyn traffic at the
jlanliattan <nds of Use bridges by loop or otber
w ••
jjr. Winter paid »leo that the Important addi
tion* now bring iii«.i>- to the power lion«*< would
about double Its capacity.
Coroner Harburger Would Force
Hospitals to Accept Cases.
It was lenrned yesterday that Coroner Harburger
had rt-n'jested Senator William Sohmer and Assem
blyman 4'ornplius Hvth to Introduce a bill Into the
genat'- and AocmWy respectively providing that
no hoFpital in New York <"liy having room should
turn away a patient who has not a (.■ontasTious dls
ft— - T!.*j bill reads at follows:
No fiiporiniendent of a hospital in the City of
JJew Y<:U. or oLht-r person ii. authority, shall it
fuse .ldini^sion «o an applicant brought by ambu
lance <>r other conveyance to auch hc«pita.l If the
liofr 1 - I **' ' :af! room for th« patient and if the pa
tient has not a contapioua disease. Nor shall any
aupexiincnuent or ether person in authority of any
to«pit;il order the removal of any patient While in
a dar.c -rotwly s^ick ur precarious condition to an
other I osnltal.
Every superintendent or other person in authority
of a ,'n'spital In the City of X< v.- York who shall
ctolaM any °f i' • provisions of this act shall be
■Object 10 a penalty of not exceeding en© hundred
dollar.* for oach an«l every offence..
This aci KbaQ take . f!.-< 1 September 1, 1907.
Jtattbcir OopejTß. formerly chief of staff under
yir. KistiOj'. Deputy Surveyor of Custom.", arrived
hrr<> ye*dfv6xy «n the American liner St. Paul,
utter * 'riji of sever. *i*!is abroad. hen the
tteani 11 " doi*k» > il Mr. <"oneys was informed that he
had br*n .-iproiTiTed deputy survyor of customs nt
th» Fitm IMvisicm. filllni; the vacancy made by the
T*"-fMt tvFitrriatioTi of Deputy Surveyor idward.
The Oisrity Organization Society appeals for $TW»
*< • thr sujiport an-1 ni<"J!«'al far* of m woirmn
«rrfr;y yrnrs of ap^. wlio until within the last two
«ir three yarf lihs iautii>orted herself as a h<-h;;i
«r«fs. l"*alli it health and eyesight now DiaJca
»plf-Furpurt impoFslblf. Hor relatives, who ar»
poor, arf doirig » hat ch«*y <-an tc help her. A for
mer ♦•mr i l oo y t *«" , ha* glvon f«>m« assistancf. The
arnoiiJit aFk>»d will pro\ide» for her care In a home
for in^iirahlfs fur n«-arly ■ y.Hi. Any money sent
to tb*- Charity Organization Society. No. 105 East
24 stre. ■•!. will be arkr.™
Boom*. v, me icr circular.
■roTfiway. betwaea 360 i ang «7th eta.
i" rU^VAXTT^T furnl*b«« ar*rtment: prl
en2ba*li H •'■' : "'*" >
ewT^la ri ? eVviy; one. f& The Alabama.
16 Ei«t larh rt.
»TH AYE.. ■ ninnsi undlnsa;
large beautiful, sunny no m; running
•»-tter, bata: excellent board.
«D ST. 1« KART <near Broadway). -Select
h<m»' rooms; t<uperior table board • ov
tlorV^'e**'*^--. MtlHactlon guaranteed :
telej* nr>». : «wenty rear* here, ghe.ann.
Wnrto insertions 8 cents per line. «»
!~n words eever. times oonaecutlvelT $1.
•bleb entHle* advertiser to have room,
entered for a pan * foart~n r^l^
The TTlbiDes Directory of X>esirab.s
Room* Wriu for circular.
mil information concerning - „™*™'
may be ba-".. fre* ct charge, at the Uptown
Office of The New- York TV*-** 186 *
Broadwar. tetw^n 86th ar.fl 87th *^_^^
US WF>T 1T.6T11 KT— rumii-hed room to
let; «eutleiiiar» only; refT«-r.t;ee. ;
LaRgFfIUJNT ROOM, exposure; i
'arg»; rlosi-to: runt.in« »ater; all conien-
Uv.'^-k. ST.7 Vl«*t at.
128 TH wT^T«>.WEarr^-sn««lir furnished;
use of bath; j.rlvp.te houre; tloek f<ubway;
ti-*r Hroadway; terms reasonable.
«r.TH ST 1* WEFT. — Comfortable rooms;
' r~— ** in m«i«im if <i«-s!red; te.«-phor.e.
2»r, Ft" 337 WKST.— Large fjv.nt room,
e,.i:ifcem «-M'OSi:re; fell ccnveniencys.
THIC COUNKHS. Yor.ker*. 4h4 »'arMrtaw
a-.e— All yur house; sunny rooms, full
■ tew of Hu<l»on. Patlssge*.
I —^ "—^ "— I
I KHAPIBO. au'-tion«*r. will pe!l all go"*.
futures arid chattels contain»^l in drug
»t,^» „f Hur« Rm«e-nthal. N". 1") SI aye.,
h» vlnu« *<T a EtaXtO tn<-njra*e ''Cjfl by
• |m<t <;r*er.t^rg. at 12 o>lm k r'K.n • ™>-
MANVFACTCRETta of Wiaart end pool
table*, hlga grade Howling atiey build-
M lowm prices- MARX BROS.. M
t nlor. Square
cxi:i-x;t CUtAJrUtO.
H.Y. Carpet Cleaning works
Oldest. Largest. Moat Modern.
487 ANt» 4i» WEST 4LTH ST.
Tel 2«§— Bryant. Established lit?.
"i & j;. W. WIL!L]A!!«S
?AIU?ET CL»-:Ayi^O__Eetabl<ahe<l IT*.
CleaM by «rompr*»sed air. «team. fc«M
or oc floor KM Broadway. <S1 E«st 4Stb
Tx CQE a BRANDT. Te» lt»— 3"
BRIDGE WORK rerolutioaued |>* *£_
Eictanana lateti invention. teetA •'•*■
•nt .at«a. tpeclallrt In r £ el »'^r o "i2
ac« aya; tne«penai»e. Dr. tM»-*»riaa. •••
Maaiaoa aye.. coriiec **»» at.
12 (ESDI©
lr great variety
of a t y . • «.cd
T. O
!1I l-'utum ft
i»i:i.sMiAlci>n AM) MIIXISEKT.
3iKl.>;-lIA.KIMJ.— ArtkMtta eomii* and *ulte,
iTi.-.'ijt* and i;inpli«*. My Bjxn-luiiy; mf
cKu „,!u'iif d«-»i<fiiii>s: Uit'.nsi appieclat
:ti- f.r.«- <li-eai>iuaklii«T J>l»-«iM mil. V\ itUuivt.
•"J .". •;! 4»lh ct
!'Kt>.fUAKKll.— Of H. Altmst: * ■ So : •»
rellent Btt*r: artist'^ d«il«iier; thorousaly
c-uiii'jeteut an< rip'rlmcr-i; latent spring
•irk»; K-iiiodf-ltlii*;. Adiirrss Urewr.ai-.fcr,
:■•-■- \\-,t Uth st.
IJIiI..S^MAKEn.— Stylish; cu»tcm*rs; cut
toy the <;»;•; i»crf<-ct fitter; win reuiodal.
1-tftfnmk'r. 2«» ICa»t 40tli SI.
H«U »g< I >.t vtN<> mREAI :«.
METItOK'i-ITA.V Ha«ac nsaHwj Bureau:
«:! tic.-" :»;»:pf:p «o htiuse 'Hi tig; Orllcea
21» W X7t»i n. Tel SlS'> t."bel«a. No lull
Frogon-cy. Tel 4.50 «*o|.
ton tij* ».n.
I^Ef Ki. mttoiw; f»f »;»iiri.« rtf" fable*.
•*-."•- Jettrr Brers'*, ».ur'.r» abetvtttga.
;'«rirr iixutrea. etor«a. «3c«t Sited.
*»*■> •■».. **-** Contra aC
Winnipeg Government Prepares to
Finance a Line.
I By Tebtgnanaj to The Tribune. ]
Winnipeg. Jan. 27.— 11 Is learned tha ttlie Man
itoba government is preparing to make an an
nouncement that it win finance a line direct
from Winnipeg to a port on Hudson's Bay, mak
ing a short route to European markets. The
line will run from this city in an easterly direc
tion for a tew miles, and then direct north.
Nothing definite has been arranged as to who
will build the line, but it is reported that a com
pany will probably bo organized for that pur
pose. This Important announcement will be
made as Boon as the date of provincial elections
is given out, which Is expected within the next
two weeks, as both sides have been preparing for
the campaign for some months. With the Lib
eral policy of government ownership of grain
elevators, the present government realized that
something out of the common was necessary to
get votes, a^id knowing that the. whole province
would heartily support a government pledged to
rush to completion a road to Hudson's Bay, this
was decided.
To the people of Manitoba the line would mean
a saving of several million dollars yearly, the
water route being a considerably cheaper way to
ship to Europe than the long train haul across
the continent. Reports from explorers who have
spent much time In Hudson's Bay show there Is
open water there for at least six months in the
year, and last winter an ice breaking ship from
Liverpool arrived at Fort Churchill.
The promise of an early construction of this
line is expected to return the government to
power With a larger majority than it now en-
Joys and plans are to basin work Immediately
after election, so as to prevent possible compe
It is only «X«i or 700 miles from Winnipeg to
York Factory, bui the country is a difficult one
for railroad building, owing to many sloughs and
Swept Overboard by Heavy Sea — Captain
Thinks He Is Alive
After lighting her way tlirouß^ head winds, ter
rifio Mas and hall storms, and reducing speed to
feel her way through patches of .].■•-■ fog. the
Prince l*in» steamer Norman Prince arrived here
yesterday from Shields. England She wasn't dam
aged at all seriously, but Captain Barrett met with
a logs In midocean which, the ■ -.ok said, affected
him more than " be had lost r. boat or two or
smashed a binnacle. The captain's pel dug. Beauty,
a ]>riz« bull terrier, presented to him ..:i his last
trip to New York, was .rirr;.'.! away by a heavy
sea, which swept over the bridge on January 20.
The cook, who took rare of the .log. told Captain
Ramett that If be did not lock him up in rough
Weather be would not be rfsjionsibl© for the dog's
The steamer ran Into an unusually strong north
westerly Rale, sad, being light, pitched heavily in
the trough of a furious f»»a. Captain Harriett was
filed to the bridge, and us he left his cabin
Beauty followed him. The dog was ordered back,
but crept along the Icy bridge and. shivered at tha
t-aptaln'e feet. That was th« lest the skipper paw
of him. when the chief officer relieved the rap
tain tha latter went to his room and found the
nog was not there. A complete search of t!ie
ship was ordered, hut Beauty could not be found.
The cook, who took the Ins* to heart, thought li»
heard the dog- crying for five constitutive uisiits.
Employment Bureau.
Bet. f.ih and «th Avenues. New Tork.
Thone 10bS— -S*th.
WArTRES?F3. an take butler's places;
{25 to *;."
'JETxMAN BI'TLKR. f.rr; rlaaa: PhlMge
t'lila references; (60-
SWEDISH COOKS, first class: ca» take
chef place; $40 to too.
FRENCH CHEF, first claas.
Employment Bureau,
23 West 39th St. •
'Phones Z4M. 24tB— Bryant.
Ml East 42d st — First class domestics
ar* supplia : . also nianagliig housekeep
ers, matrons, governesses, ... etc
LIMAL advlc« at home; < xper>nre<i ycune
lawyer vi:i call. Lawyer. B ■* liS,Tr!liun«.
AT REDUCES PRICE*..— OO« eecond hand ,
t wood and Iron working machines; fully
guaranteed, machinery bought and ex*
1 rbat.ged GEO Zi. RDDY. Sits Madlsan aL
OLD GOLD, silver and precious stones
bought at highest market value; made
Into new articlea or exchange for new Jew
elry or Japanese goods at M. F. Tepper'a
factory. IB West 81st St.. basement.
Made by the Mile. laM ty the Foot.
_rynrnASß AND E^l3 L *^ E _
ROOKS — Email or larre libraries, for cash.
Address R^<n«. 87 West 34th.
REMINGTON. I>er.sn.ore. Hammond, ~ eat.
Franklin or Bllckensderfer. each J7.50;
Callgraph. (5; repairing. Gay, l^.tS Madl
eon aye.
TYPEWRITERS — makes sold, rented,
repaired, exchanged; reliable service
Gorman. 79 Nassau at. Telephone 2740—
| IX)gT.
l/tt<T. — Bankbook No. 935.7 M Bank for
Savings, - s " <th aye . .\>w Turk, l'av
ment ktopped plea** return book to Lank.
1 T!^^ ~«
iu:li* wanted.
WANTED. -Clever amateurs for dramatic,
apatatle and chorus work: |» slti in ab*u
lut«-!y guaranteed. <"ai! 330 Knlckerl
Theatre li'ilidlr.g. i»ih at and Broadway
ANY INTELLIGENT person may earn $75
to $100 monthly ro.Trspcndliig fur news
paper*, aura, steady work; no canvassing;
experience unnecessary; send for particu
lar*. Frets Syndicate. Locktort. M. Y.
PJI<»TUMiCTi:K wanted; fir»t class ««-oon<!
ha i . Ir.vlruinriit. O. A. V . K. East ;'.-'l
«t.. N. V
BTfcNO<SKAI-'Hlirß wanted, young man on
Ketnitigton fTrt-**'*— : neat, ttrrurutt and
quick. Addi«aa W., Box 4V Tribune t)fflce.
tiOIJCITOU wanted; no wiling of any
thing: no .iia;intri »oni«-thlng run -h let
ter; <Ki!y rella.*»le |«rtle». »^:l Monday.
between l'> ia QaitMr. IJ4 West 143.1 .'
tttTTVStti for Washington: StiO: Krvnoh
ff-rrnl; rrferencea repaired. Mr». # oilj»r'a
Ageu. y. JS2 West 3d «i.
WAKTI'l 1 Vor 'ierlorment work !n West
ana Crntral Africa, young men. between
2* ant! So years old. r' | y plr '»">' »• .r .!. nta
r-tiaol<-». rlarks. ph>'alctiini!. j.i«>.«p<K-toT«.
hotattitia. *eo|or<»". it,»ml«i«, rfor»k<»ei>
em trader*, marine and mtln— i en
«!r»efr«, Irauc'.itr'itet). r'!">'"srpj>hers, Mir
%»yor». r'.ennaTrapherr. :»nfii»u: 'rav»ilinj
»j,j •n"'% and cutfit fi:inl»hed: mm *s!ary
erpe<»«^. »tH m'tnt b» itabt*, toiea
did ;li«n.« for p.-omoflon: «ta:e age. r'i.v»'
etl ♦sT'«. c '> flU«Mtlcjrthwi«. references anl
blavry. A. 31. Z . Trltune Office.
and continued to search for him until tbe steamer
docked yesterday at Bush's Stores, South Brook
The Norman Prince left Shields on January 4 In
ballast, and, after making two attempts to run
through the Pentlanrt Firth, was forced by severe
weather to put about und go to the northward of
the Orkneyn. Bad weather i-ontlnued until she
reached Sandy Hook yf-eterdiy. eight days over
dne. She will f.iko on a cargo here and sail for
Kingston. X. V.. Jan. 27. — Thermometers eaiiy
to-day registered the lowest temperature of the
winter, tbe mercury dropping to 30 degree* below
zetu in Kingston und lower in some parts of Ulster
• 'ounty outside the city.
Morristown, N 1 . Jan. H.— The Bryan !>. K»-m
nelly home. <m Boutb street, was destroyed t>y fir«
thiti morniiic. The hoisse was owner! and occupied
by Dr. <:. i. W»tlson. whose loss will be almost
$10,000. The '„.!-• was over a century old and
was well known m this section.
| By T»gi "|J* t0 <rh<i Tribune. 1
Buff. in. N. y., Jiui. 57.— Henry Yon I>. Meyer, of
Hew York City, has purchased the old Quaeken
bush farm, on the Va»l;i Road, owned by Herbert
und Viola Washburn. The hoiii«- contains eighteen
rooms. It baa t.c< n in the sjine family since 17^::.
Norfolk. v B . Jan. 87. — The flr6t saewstorm "f
am material proportiona in two years settled over
Norfolk to-day and t<> -night the city was covered
to v depth of several Inches.
Portsmouth, Ohio, Jar., a.— Pearl Lowry and
Porest Hide, boys, were drown*-d. and George
Lowry and Houston Rickey barely escupt-d a BtnV
i!..r fate while skating to-day.
iJtetrnit. Jan. o.— Alton Cameron, twenty-thrc-o
\.nrs old, «. brother-in-law of Judge William F.
Connolly, of the Recorder's »'.>urt, wns Fh<>t ami
Instantly ki.U-.i this evening in a saloon in Russell
street by Joseph Schulte, the burtender. There
bad been 111 feeling between th*' two men for gome
tim. it is said.
Delaware, Ohio, Jan. ST.— Mont Rvayon, fony
old. who has been held on suspicion fo»
several days, to-day confessed that he shot and
killed his father at Williamson, W". Va.. two weeks
ago during a quarrel, while they were- at work in
.•. logging camp. Runyon fled, leaving his father's
body In tbe woods, where, he Bays, it probabl)
siui remalhs, ;is there was ho one within several
Detroit, Jan 17.— Thomas Thompson, fifty years !
old. a laborer, and bis wife were found dead this
afternoon in their lodgings in <"hajnplain street,
with an empty strychnine bottle and two glasses
close by. The couple came from England three
years so. and Mrs. Thompson Is nald to have
contracted the liquor habit since her arrival in this
country. Despondency over the woman's inability
to reform Is thought to have Impelled them to
commit suicide.
Butler. l'erin.. Jan. 27.—Judd Steele, nlneteeen
years old, was killed, and Richard Campbelll twen
ty-five years old, was probably fatally injured by
a boiler explosion to-day in an oil inimptiig bouse
near i*hl :ora. A defective regulator caused the ex
plosion. Jam. layers, a well known oil operator,
was io;md unconscious In un oil pumping; shanty
with bis thing burned off. tho flesh of his arms
burned to a crisp and his lep» frozen. Kyers is
thought to nave been injured By pan exploding.
Norfolk, Va . Jan. 27. The Rev. l>r. Bennett, presi
dent of Uandolph-Macon College, and state super
intendent of the Virginia Anti-Saloon league, [rj a
sermon at tin- Second Preebytertan Church to-day
rhars'-d that th»- Virginia I.!'iu«.r Dealers' Associa
tion Wiis raisins a fund of 130,600 to be used in an
attempt to buy the nt>xt session of the Virginia
l.*-Kl.s!a.turo to have such laws passed as would
nullify th« work being done In the state by the
t'ltt^i'rtrg Jan T!.— Summer homes In th" city
parka for tin* children of the tenements will h*>
erected If an ordinance to be introduced next Tues
day night by President Brand of the Common
Council pasiies Mayor Quthrie Is said to favor
the plan. An pprtiprlatlon of JTiO.OuO will likely
)«j made for constructing the bouses, and by next
fuimrn.-r Mr. Brand thinks the city should be able
to <-are for from HO to 00 children In park homes.
The til Ir.'n will be taken from the tenement* to
live li the parks for probably three or four -weeks
nt a timo.
ANT INTELLIGENT person may earn $73
to $100 monthly corresponding for news
papers; sure, steady work; no canvassing;
experience unnecessary . aand for particu
lars. Press Syndicate. Lockport.^N. T.
COMPANION WANTBH for middle ajrM
lady; cmnfortHbl*- home n«-ar New York;
piano, social orporttinl!!<-»; reKulir allow
ance; thar<- l! K ht him." «■«* aa mmtfr of
family. Write. fully i|tial!tlcatlons and e - T
pectatlons. Hort-.e. Trlbur.* I'iJtuwn 1 i!T!i r.
i:i«V4 Broadway.
fHAMPFTRMAirP. corks. wn.ltres»ei.
nur»ei«. launirciwj. arovemeeses; rood
waa-e... Mrs. Collier's Aernc>. 1-2 West
23.5 «t.
M'RSK ai laallflr trentment rhe-imatlsm.
' nerrousaees, desJrea patrons; laJlr* 1 re»t
drnc«. A'ldr-s-s Miss Wlilard. 1-..S Le»
trgton aye.
TOCNO fUP.I*- 1«: In office as Bier; expe
rienced; Al rt-fertr.ee. FeuerrlegeL IS.
rt:»'ih st.. Hmoklyn.
ACCOUNTANT seeVs .r.CßC'mfnti- frens.
dot**, adjust?.. au.Hts looks; *ysterns m
rtalled; term. ri«.*able; social rate, to
liriiis not rr-julrlriK looKhiour perman>-ntl>.
Itwr.n _■... 16 William *t.
v • ■■ NT NT would like position with
large concern «• auditor or h-"J ****-
keer,er- certified publlo accountant, with
!<.nj experlfn<:e as offlre and JacU>ry man
ager. C. P. A. car» H. A. \\ll»<,n. -'00
Greer.e st.
HA KM". murrl-d; t< jremr* esperteaca
In factory or uny poeltlon In baker's line.
ilansen, £95 Haiti.; at.. Krookiyn.
-• '
BOOKKEEPER <>r n*M*tant; young man.
-.;. married: oimliar or any cth<T cierlial
work with rellaljlo house; r*f'-r«-nL-e». Ad
drees Charles ht-hweltzer. 1W Kasi l<)4tli st.
BOOKKEEPER.— By rount man. 21. as
\k<"M. keeper: office ixultlon; typewriting
kno»i^<ijte; temporarily employed; depart -
ment bti-re. Max Jaff<\ -073 Anthony m*.,
BOOKKEEPER, ar.-ountant. expert all
lines, desires temporal position or part
aavn $0 weekly; books . !.<■!«•.:. closed, tal
an'red written u| dlsentan«led : highest
references. Expert. 777 Broadway; lt!e
l.hor.e, 1187— Gramercy.
BOOKKEEJPI R 18; double or single, en
try witti Urß<- <-oncern. Michael Ma-
'lialer. ISM Oatea aye.. Brooklyn.
BOOKKF.EPER Aaßlstaot- permanent po
• n; aalan ?l^' |W F. Rouotree,
li.ti. vi . Brooklyn.
I-..., 14: steady position, where ran learn
tnu!-; or (itflip l>'<y. Vogal. 074 Wythe
BOY • !T. good pemaaa; In orlif«. with
1 • advancement; two '.<tjr»' ex
'• -!•■ -r. B Roaenmuff, i ,>'•
CARPENTER.- mechanic; city or
country: hotel, factory at estate. 60
West Bt.
CASHIER.— At-.. 1 30; In Harlem; 3Vi years'
••xpc-rlence. -3*4 Ist avi- , More.
CHAi rTBI'R. l
aii'l Am.r
. ! ■
r l a\ la, Ardsley,
one child: aft«#B yearn' personal Kaw
Fork I'll- reference; uaderatands -li-ne
and steam am; jjo anywhere. A>)dr«?sa IS.
11.. ion 1 1 ay«
CHACFTBUR. — Expert dlivd Mir) ma
ctaanlc: on powerful car»; tot m< i . in
aulu BariiK'- 1 bimlnets; first :!»••> reference
from former employer. K. J. Nelson, It
HUi »t.. Brooklyn.
CMACTTKUJL— AutomobiIe dealers and
.■..i ■ ilei>rou» of srrurlng sen Ices of
thoroughly t»peri*nce4 .;. I r liable German
Ment«ur;* ho« ht-ld «lnillar portion with
tirM <-ij!.* inaocfacturera viA owners; A 1
reftrenre. Happens, rls Harriiiuii it..
C4IAUKFKUU. — Bocpciimcetf; icnod me
cliMnlo;vcareful dii»«r; rtti-tly lemperata;
can do u!l repair*; willing '" t><> anywhere;
niwlrnitf salary. A-Idre*» Herferd t'cieakt-r.
.'.» West 371 li at,
■ "'.ai <"■ ■"■".' '- — Foot years' shop and road
experience; reliable driver; KrM.cl me
■■i ani. Roi.er a;id reliable. (J. W. Uudiion.
\tt Jane si . Lone liUti'l <Tty.
. RAUFFBTK — Mechanic: fWman: fix
year*' experience; c-nn opera?? and ke»j» in
repair any iral;*- car; first clam references.
WHllimi L/rnteck. H'.'i'e 4, fur. Islington
**HAVFi'"Kl*ft.— Fount man, '£.. Christian;
ran do nil repairs; he»t reference! from
last ;ils.» C, It. nrrn, SO Ctermont .ie ..
iitARIKET ri*ATEn.--For dancing or con
cert. Main «'*4 »•-' 24th it.
<:HAI."rKKI'P. -Touns iaait ?1: can oper
ate or repair ca^ul^ne ■'nsine*: small sal
ary. decree Boym\ 110 \Yloyab lie, New
iX)LLECTOR.— Tears/ tipailents; ».►•• al
reference*; furnish bonds Hrhumuin. 1
W< it intu st.
iMNTRACTORM — All around man. eirava
tlon. iai|>eiHMliia. eaajcreta, etc., desires
position as superintendent or foreman
Ts-tem. ii» Bad f-3.1 at
DESIGNER on cloaks and suits wants post
'•lon in small house as starter or as a"
sistant for medium salary. Address B.
;>>n«ky. 320 East Mh at.
I'KIVKR. nuirrl~l. 32. or light poi-ar
.. willing and ■ tunng ref*ri r »»
Cnarlea Wright. 441 2d a%e.
DRIVER (24) wishes position to drive, sin
gle, or i1ou>!»'; seven years" reference.
Planner. ItS East 7th ft.
DRIVERS Too young men a* drivers, or
an; !i,:i( Hemmlngsen. care if Bang.
2.13 East -Ist St., city.
DRAFTSMAN. — Thr-e ye»rs' experien»«;
in arohltaot'a off.'**: g»nersl drafting;
pocd references. A-11r..» Wllllani Muj»r,
\Ve»t •> • v. York. N. J.
OBXERAL IID'HAXK 1 wants steady pod
(Ion; 17 years' experience; reft-rence.
Man. I.v.i »...-. .r a. advertising offtce.
ENGINEER.— CorIiss «r.<l high speed en
g!n»i». dynnmop. motors ; electric lights;
elevators; all repairs; own tools; II enae;
reference. Poeknall 2144 Islington nve.
EXGINEER'a ASSISTANT, oiler or fire
man; hard or soft coal; would go as
watchman ; several year*' experletwe; refer
ecce. Powd. 1 State st.
<-ari in all kindii of engine*., dynamos,
j.'imiis. etc., and do all repairs; electrician,
machinist. P. Martin. 109 Cherry it.
ENTRY CLERK.- By young man, 19. us
entry clerk; ran assist In bookkeeping.
Ham Maltz. « vTtltetl st.
I i man — EJxamlner tailor on cloaks and
»iilt»: aim experlvneed on silk rubh«r
roat»; first claMa references: moderate sal
ary ; city or country. Katirmn. rare H.
v;«nz. 546 Eaat loth
By ed orated voting man; knowledge of
three modern language*: or any position c.f
iruFt. furnish bond. Dtrraßt. IBS West
Kith at.
INTERPRETER.— Spanish, French. Knr
!l*h: In him Iryg'.ods store ur hotel; be*:
re/erenc»s. M. Lopez, 235 West l"th st
JAPANESE BTT'DENT. near completion
fur doctor r.f philosophy flaw student), ap
plies to good American for work, from C
to 0 p. m . for »<oani and room, or would
; ;i> Mm J'J » for one year; letters only an
swered. Address Yashlma, Tribune Office.
MACHINIST.— TooImaker. all-round man;
wide experience, tools, jigs, pictures, ex
perimental and electrical work: >trh.iy pa
«!tlon- ivttii mederate. Kahn. 312 Ka-.t
1.:;, i st.
MAN. 2»; .«i>'ak!< English. Oerman. Italian.
Blah, Portuguese and Hungarian; with
large corporation or firm; no ob lections to
travelling. C. J. 0.. P. <>. Box 466. Tucka
boa. N. Y.
MANAGE* or CARI-TTAKKR of gentle
man*, country estate, by married Swede;
iind"r«<'an.ls doctoring and raising of stock
and in proving gentleman's estate. Address
Successful. 1011 3d uve.
UUSICIAN Hy jrouaa] mar., to play !i
lon.-t. Kaxophone. tenor and buaa <1ar1..r.»-t ;
nub. any pla<-e. Ad'lraas Bonifacio, 14 16
I t,«-rry St.
PORTER V..\.n< man, colored, age U; at
geaerally useful In any >)U»ln»-»M pla.e;
reliable w.jrki-r. Allen. SIS Eaat 14»th «f
PORTER.— By sober, honest, ml.]. He ag»d
H\v«-<l<-, as porter or useful man; take
care of homes and lawns- city or country;
goud references. J. Thvliman, 110 Itroad Ht.
floors, doors, vestibules, furniture, ate .
cleaned and laiainlahaxi; fla> or job. Mar
ren, 118 West l.'.th st.
I'AINTfc-'R— House; r!r«.t clam. William
Turnbull. ."!48 Weal l::th st.
POSITION OF TRUST.— Bf married man.
:tv Al referencea and bond. W. 11., Box
15. Tribune Office.
PRIVATE BBi-RKTAJtT or *.state raaaaga
meat; exverienoed, responsitjl,. niari; b«*t
referencea and ?<»ciirlty; stenuKrajjher and
typewriter. Alert. 4'J «\)lumt)us live.
BINULB. temperata man. 2tf; familiar bolt
ers, elevators, repairs, c!.-. Natldtuger.
341 Waal Cdtta st.
STOCK «'U-:kk.— S3; 5 .vni>' exprrtence.
■tholeaale bouaea; executlv* ability anJ
ambitious; nalary $12 11. H. Eaat 17« th
»t. anil l^ngi-rllow *.«• . Bronx. •
i ['HOLSTBHKK At raaideoea; parlor
SOtta. «-<)Uft't*; carpets laid: uiattresnes
mudc tver; first rlaaa work: city or coun
try: renwmable; s< ad pytrul. Rubinstein
74 Baal !*iii st.
tTPHOI-STKRER . — Uerinaa: first '-la**. aß
retnd nun, Danker, V 44 l>eau St., Broui
lyn. ■
ADVERTTSKMENTa and mibserlptlons for
The TiDiaas received at their Uptown
Oface. No. 1,6! Uroadway. between S«th
ami Sit* Ma . until 9 o'clock p. m. Adver
tisements revived »t the following branch
offices at regular office rates until 8 o'cloclc
p. m.. Vis.! 204 fltb me.. a. • cor. iHd it.;
113 «th u\* . cor. l*th ■'■: 92 Rant »4th «.;
:;■- W«sl 4_'rJ at., between Tth and "-ih e\e«. ;
id ....-! liii, at.. 1339 3d aye.. between
761 and 77th, Sti , lO^rt 34 aye.. near Hist
rt . 17uS In aye.. near.fVta it.; 18" East
X»th at.: 7M Xremoot a\a. ; 690 »« * •
WATCHMAN —By Inside night watchman;
best reference: security If neoseeary;
aged 38. F Wolf. 461 13th at., S>. Bklyn.
WATCHMAX-By middle ag«Mj German;
reliable A. Fucha. 132 Franklin St..
Tnlon Ht!!. N. J.
TALE GRADUATE will tutor m.-<rnlnsa;
»lx y»ars' public school work; also vocal
t*achlr-c. Instructor. KM High St.. New
ark. N. J.
TOUNQ MAX, 22. at anything; has steam
fltter'« helper's experience; not afraid i>f
har.l nurk. Hubert Kussell. S*« Myrtle aye..
ill. oklyn.
YOUNG MAN. -Married; steady poattloa at
anything. Charles Welich, 413 East
14th St.
TOI'NG -Engineer's helper; speaks
English and Gem an. John Mrassner,
533 East 12th St.
TOUNQ MAN -I^.' yearc; at ar.»tlur.g; ref
irc-p.i-'-. Hm I'.uff. 4 Bleepker »t.
YOUNG MAN — Colored: nieswnger or por
ter; reference. Spottsirood, 334 West
.'..ld at.
YOUNG MAN.--At anything. Insurance
' preferred. A!fx Bloom. «0& Ist St.. Ho
TOVNQ M\N -stnsle; ■H\ o» < 'juntr- ; un
darstMMls horses; good recomnaeridatton.
.1. Moru.-tv. n. Oxford >.t.. Prceklyn.
YOI'NO German; thoroughly acquainted
with n'l office an.! stock work: good pen
man willing and reliable; best reference*.
U R.. Box 19. Tribune Office.
Yl'l N'i i!\N. -1i» years; at anything; last
pOKttlcn was plur.iher'a h«!i>er. «;>h.l({*-
Mlrab.rger. 1710 Ist aye
TOVNG MAN— IT; with whd«-?ale houae.
with rhsnre for cdraneement; be>t of
referent c. Address Harry Wetas, 2T- Kast
:«d St.
YOUNG MAN.— electrician's helper;
lisa some experience. Joseph 'ran!,. 3"."i
Bast "oil St.
YOI'NG MAN. 8; ration with chance for
advancement; no objection to hard work:
SH reara with manufacturer. Frelmuth,
US East 3d it.
COMPANION.— CuItured. refined young
German eeeks jwsltlon: young lady or ln
rnlui; travelling [ieferr-ti Companion,
Tribune Uptown Office. 13t>4 Broadway.
GOVERNESS. Rertnea. Intelligent young
Ppanish widow: nur»ery; or companion to
lady; city or country; beat reference. Mary
AbelenU. 134 West 14th st
GOVERNESS — Frenrh Swiss, experienced In
the care of children: quod French and
English: city reference*; one child pre
ferred: town or country. Address Neucha
tel. 541 West SOth St.
mrnTWf Swedish woman: graduate;
with elderly or Invalid woman; no objec
tion to travelling; highest references. L.
N.. UOt Langly Hoad. Newton rantre. Maaa.
NORTH GERMAN lady, efficient teacher of
German. klnder(r»rten (private), with
fluent French, wishes morning engage
ments; very aneceaafal with younger chil
dren; also "adults. A. Reguault. 601 West
147 th st.
PRIVATE SECRETARY, experienced; Gen
tile; highly educated and iK'»»eaee<J of
executive ability; capable of tak'ntc charce
of highest olans of hualn»«s correspondence;
will expect salary commensurate with
ability, N. M. P.. Tribune Office.
RENAieSANCB work mad* to orrter;
ru^ndlnc done. A. Battenbenr. 348 East
18th st.
STKS<KiR.\PHr:n Remington
operator; »lx year*' experience; perma
nent ]-.-«l:ir.n. Un tent&nJa German Mi*a
E.. 1 Wwt 1024 «t.
TOl'Sa LADT Take order* «n 'rhone.
adT»nl»«lng i.frlve, itate aalaty. Home.
M 2 Cblumbua aye
TOITNO WOMAN as tbrelad] In steam
laundry; six ears' eiperleno«; collar
mom or starch room. Address M. X.. 283
West 12,Vh irt.
experienced, educated, gentlemanly: ao
ru»tons»'< ta travel: New York references.
Graham, <W Lexington aye.
BtTLrTR.— By «ir»rlene<l Japanese aa
bntlaf valet; ct.n «x.k good: gentleman s
place or private family; best re>r*nc«s.
Kano. 140 Nassau st.. Brooklyn.
CHEF. Frenchman, good cook, experienced.
In private family, city or country; *Jber.
Tior.est ! best city reference. August. Trib
une Cptowa Oeno*. lOT 4 Broadway.
COMPANION.— By physician; middle aged;
to Invalid or to irlst going to <»llfornU or
Houth for eeveral mor.ths. Physician. Trit>
un« t'ptewa Offio. 1.1«4 Broadway.
OIIFTAKF.R-— tt*|iarlsasat; single; un
derstanda gene-al repairs, family raper-
Ing. steam host; elt» cr country; weekly
wages preferrefl: reference. Hannon. 4SO
We»l 224 st ; basement.
r-ARETAKER- *> young Swedish couple;
14,. full <-harse <>f r »te house, best
• It. references. Johnson. 430 K&st With at.
.'ikiK By Geman; wife helper. hou»»
keeper; first class dinners, orders; carver;
hotel, restaurant, club; city or country;
moderate wages. Charles. 211 Bth St., H»
a iksn. N. J.
„,. ,j; By ---in Japanese, as waiter,
cock, general housework: in gentleman a
apa.rlir.enta or small family: has reference.
Mot,, !'.<•> High St.. BrooV.yn.
I X arm.nd; 'Inner; strlrtly sober;
•t.LUiant or lun.-hro.>m. Bower. TO ita
gle St., Ilrooklyn.
'HMAN. — Swede); understands care <*
horses and carrla«es and stable; personal
references. P. 0., 4M Park aye.
COACHMAN.— B» German; middle a«»l;
thoroughly competent; careful; life, expe
rience; city or country; best ref«rsncea.
Henry. 4iU 4th aye.
COACHMAN.— By Swede; married; ere
child- sixteen years' personal reference:
In-hand driving: will give rMtng an.l
driving Iteeona to children; go anywhere.
Address Advertiser, Kill 3d aye.
im.umman —Experienced: willing and
obliging; In private family; city or coun
try; best references. Coachman. 61 East
12»th nt
FARMER Hunicarlan. college graduate,
experienced In all branches of farming:
small fnim to manage. Alex Oaal. :.14
I.»r..i* avenue.
GARDENER.— Ft bead gardener; Kngllih;
experienced practically In growing hoi
house exotica, orchids, foliage, plants.
rates, carnations, chrysanthemums, grapes,
peaches. In the forcing department; lawn*.
their proper care., roads, etc. : sober, relia
ble. Address B. A.. 38 Morris St.. Morris
town, K. J.
GARDENBR— O>CK— By oouple; man gar
ener- wife rood owik; country preferred;
good reference. 11.. 147 P»l : «'"' •«
O \RDENKR Capable el taking entire
charge, of «••"■'• ■»"«""• place: life *»;••■'•'
•nee in greenhouse work; hoi and cold
grapery. vegeta>ile«. flowers and fruit: 13
years' ekperlenei , sol*r; relerence from hut
ulu<.- inward Sanders. t>meter> - aye.. Al
bany. N. V
G\RI>KNEII- COOK. Man an. l wife; in in
experienced gardener, all branches; wife
first class cook; refer»Bcaa, Addr«ss John
Mai. r. Oliver's Mills. Pa.
OARDaTNBR. — French, marrlad; on gentle
man's private place li the country; ape
claltv In landaeapa gardenlnr and artistic
rustle work: unaaistaada iare "' horses;
be.«t referenrea Art Iresa Ijnuls »'ani«. 1712
II street, Washington.
GARDKNKR— <T)OK- By man and wife;
man e*pertenied gardener, all branchee;
wife first clttKH >-ook: reft-rences. John
Miii.;. Olivers Mills. I'.'nn.
OARDDNBn. MAKAOBR-— Take <har«f« if
rstate. or develop him! lay out new place;
accustomed to handllnj; lame fare* «-f men;
good practical man, 43; horieat and tin 1-!
worthy. Aildreni landscape 107 tjbaerver
si., Rotkvllie Centre. la>iib Island.
CENTER AL r.- Ti I, MAN. — ipartaaje«d;
tan cook aril wait on taL!o; In a:::all fam
ily. Tonal, l-'ii lut aye.
I,M'AM ■■-'" --.Wat; valet an-J general
■work bachelor »ila.-e. * here:
gcuA personal refcrem-e. 0 K. r.r> .li^n
i»t.. Krouklyo.
.1 VPANKfIK, — Uowl "••' k-'wl referwieei!
speaks Etaellfh mil. Ivoiutnuml. 17.".
Han.'.s St.. iiiooklyn.
J.\l*ANl-:St:. — I'lri-'i^llv hynest, si!-- e\
ifilenreJ valet: >•* , if. • ■ references,
lllno. l"<i> Jay at., Broahrjrn.
JAFANKSE.— Kicellent rook; snwli»re; In
l>rt\ate faiailv ur ciubiioute: gui t rrfrr
•-!.. ••- J. X.. 107 Cherry »t.
JANITOR. Married nun: bo children:
handy vill'i tools; 'it!!' ,• Uillding or ]:«-,»
apartment ; unierstanili patatbeg. paper
hkretn*. M. r.lvery, ÜBS Kan ir{7tl» ,t.
JANITOR — By younß man; married no
children; In elevator apartment; i»ber and
competent; good references, t'eteraen. jani
tor. 515 West 11'4th st
JANITOR. — Sinjrle: heatlnx. electric ele
vators, pumps and repairs: not afraid to
work. rTtekaaas Uoiaal. 62 Grand st.
JANITOR — Youn* fgiglji; no ohtMren"
Mr?. ,fohn*» 117 Huron *t.. Ore»npotnt.
Brooklyn. ;. v..-.-
JAN 'TOR. — 'nan. mimM' experi
•need; in t«<o| nous*: (.tri-ilv temperate;
fro<y4 r«tereiiie»; city or country Fred
... . CU«! »*u> .:.
DQMKynq bitcatioxs wanted.
USEFUL. MAS — COOK.— By man and wife;
man general all round man: wife cook;
on gentleman's country place; last employer
can be seen. F. J., 821 Bleecker St.. j'tun
IWilll MAN —In private family: under
stands all housework, (ielsenhof. Bid -d
aye.. near 34th at., upstairs.
USEFUL MAN.— Outdoor; strictly temper
ale. BBkMea «H man; gf»Hl milker; will-
Ing to bubs ■ himselt -rally useful; mod
erate wages. Irwln's Bureau, 77 West lllh.
USEFUL. MAN. — liy young German *'—);
excellent training, useful at any anal
ness; reliable and trustworthy . or as valet;
understands nittisaee. Hetnts, 3t^ West
42! Ft.
VALET, butler nr attendant ro elOerly gen
t'eman: Bogllsh I*rotestant; excellent
perbonal r- :• • S J .
Mr. i-.,;iter« AsjencT, I^2 Went i'Jd »t.
AVAITER. — Young man; ex]>erienced: or or
der cook; In restaurant, lunch wagon or
oyster chop bouse. Mas, 74S East Bin st. ;
VALET. — Attendant to an Invalid; experi
enced, educated, gentle manly ; accustomed
to travel; New York references. Graham
>'A< Leztßntos uve.
ATTENDANT or nursery emcrners; Oer
n.an; teaches, physical culture; ur.dtr-
Rtands di»casea or children; or take charge
delkttte lad>" «lv. snaaaaaje. Z.. Miss
FitzUerald'a Bureau. .W. Cth aye.. cor 4^.i.
COUPLE.- Wife cook ann laundress; hu»
l.antl general u»»Xiil man; Finnish; JSO to
$6l>. Swedish Employment Illlisail. 747
Lexington aye.
COOK.— class; capable of taking
charge of kitchen; Swedish woman; beet
references. Jussila Bureau. 6bo Lexington
aye. .
COOK. 4c. — First class; German; good
Uiker; has friend chambermaid; good
seamstress; likes chtldren; city or country;
togetber at separate. Morrow's Bureau. »-l
Lexington ay ■ . corns* 6sth st.
COOK. — French; understinds all branch's
of cooking »"Uii>, mt-ats, *-ntre*!i, pastry.
desserts of all kin 1«. <-xitllf-nt references:
>•». B. <} , Ml«s FttsGerald'a Bureau. S"3
sth aye., cur. 41M
COOK — Young Irish woman: good city ref
erence; $X>. h.. Hoftnayer*a Bureau, 153
West aSil. Telephone after li>:3o a m..
IM;4 — Chelsea.
CHAMBERMAID.— Two girls; first
class cook, good Laker; other chamber
maid and waitress; go. i seam?trt!is: city or
rcuntry. Morrow's Bureau. 721 i^xington
aye., cor. Vth St.; tel l!*^ PUaa.
COOK — Swedish; first class: by d«ty or
weak; beat city reference. L Alson. 510
West 44th at.
COOK. 4c— By two English Protestant
girls; one ftrst tlas* ccok. good baker;
other chambermaid and waitress; ll'.«>« chil
dren; city . r country. Morrow's Bureau.
721 Lexington aye., corner tMh st.
COOK— VSETUIa MAX.— By couple; woman
cook, gtx.Kl liaker. excollent laundress:
men useful: understand! cow*, horses; rood
rar<lener; city or country. Morrow's Bu
reau, 7".'l Lexington aye., corner 58th at.
COOK. thoroughly competent: -..-:•:•
her business thoroughly; private family
preferred; very best „? references. iail
Swedish EUrhajjge, 504 3a aye., near 39th
it., or Tel. 4"« SBlh.
COOK. Swedish: fr»t crass; eiceptlonal ref
erences: city or country: has worked for
best families: $40. Call Swedish Ex.-har.g*'.
SIH 3d aye.. near SKHh. or Tel. *}*.-. 38th.
COOK, first cla«»; Frenrh woman. highest
references; city or country, wage*. $?•>.
'all at I^nic * Roerherer Company's Ru
reau. 13 Wast 27th st.
COOK. — By a first class German: best ref
erences; city or i-ountry; wages, S4i> »*>'..
Oill at,L«n(f ft B^«;.-h.r»-r Company 'a Bu
reau, 13 \Ve»t 27th »t.
COOK — OVlored: competent: permanent po
sition In pnvata family. Newktrk. 1730
&l aye.
fined woman; ahove rr similar capacity;
good liuiaa for eawvajeatjeat, ekl»rly or In
valid woman: highest references fr-irn fami
lies of prominence. Addrvss Miss Bel!. Box
ft'!. Westburj- station. Long Island.
CHAMBERMAID.— Neat young Bwedlsta
irlrl: bl«hest references; $20 to ?'.T>.
Swedish lTirhan»». U>4 3d aye.. near 3(Kh
St.. Tel. MB BMh.
CHAMBERMAID.— Neat young Swedish
girl; good seamstress; private, hotel or
oliih. boarding house; city or country; has
friend laundress. Morrow's Bureau. 7SI
Lexington aye.. corner 6Sth st.. Tel. 1928 —
CHAMBERMAID. — By competent chamber
maid or waitress; would a»slst with
Cteeninc; by the day. DugKan. 208 Kant
74th si.
CHAMBERMAID. — Neat, obliging young
woman five -ears' reference; no obj««.-
tlor^ to prUate b-wrdlng house; cltv or
country. Mrs. Collier's Agency, 12S Vest
23d st. '
CLEANING or washing by r.»wectable
woman; reliable; sleep bom*. £«> r.ast
4«th »t. (ring 34 belli.
v> tevnMd S.'ofh aiuae;
wllUng to travel. Sura* "<• 8 ..■rvllle.
2".« 1-laiit 44th st.
DAY'S WORK.— By c"l"red girl; or f " w
hours mornings. t3 W«.t 130 th «t.. base
D\Y'B WORK— Your*- "'■■*« woman;
good laundries- cook or general house
work. Denhain. 503 Eaat 7Sth st.
DAY" B WORK — CaraWo woman win do
cooking, cleaning, mashing and Ironing:
or attend an Invalid: experienced in nur»
tnf F. M . Miss FltiOerald s Bureau. GO3
B'h aye.. cor. A2d.
DAYS WORK.— Bf young German woman;
day or wrek; wajihtnj or cleaning. — !
East "2d St.; -d floor.
DISHWASHER In restaurant or hotel.
Mrs M. Uyrne. S3 Myrtle, aye.. Brook
lyn. ■
FRENCH MAlD.— Speak* Bngllsh: com
pan) rood aeamatreis: wining to
trbvel; has friend, nurse. willing, obliging.
Marrow's Bureau, 721 Ixxlngum aye., cor.
:m! : st.; t«l l .»-"♦ Plaxa.
CiltU — 14: work before an.l after school;
woman, hn'.f t li: work or are of L«u.-h<r
lOT apartment. Rose, 40 West O*Jth St.
llOl'StlKEKrErl.— Capable woman; excel
lent references: will take »ntir* charge of
household; or act as visiting : •keeper
for some hnars each day. w., Ml«» Fits-
Oemld'a bureau. Su.'i "■t.i aye . cor. 42d.
HOI'SEWORKKR.— By colored girl; few
hours morning; competent at anything;
reference; Sundays home. Otr« cf Mrs. M.
Williams, 422 West c:m st.
HOrBEWORK — Position In family fc»
mcthefs helper: experK nc«-l and kind t «
children: will sew or assist In light house
work; country preferred. Address Box 7—
307 Fulton St.. Brooklyn.
HOUSEWORK.— By ■ ing Swedish woman;
clean and handsome, few hours' house
work In small family while child 1» In
school; fine Irnclng; no washing. V. i: .
Tribune l'i>:>vin One*. 13H4 liro«u;way.
H< ITBBKEEPER FTxperlf nc«d: koo,l mar
kfter. manaajet rrni caterer; ecooomlral,
jidlclous: will fnsage with " - H more
fantlliee as resident or Ttattlag housvkoepor;
aocrunta accurately itept- best r<-f<Tence!<.
Aduress lloui ••■t»r. Tribune Uptown •>f
ti« c. 1304 Broadway.
INFANT'S NL'RSS. esperleaced, t;,k«i en
tire ehargr; personal anl doctor's refer
ence: is or pleasant dtspostttoa and kind to
c-hlltlren. Mrs. Dickinson. :>ol Hatltauo aye.
aud . Id st.
LADY'S MAlD.— Knirll-h; competent; un
derstand* manicuring and ninaaan pack
ing anJ iraTelllnc; excellent city rencea,
All ::■ . 1. TV; Tribune Uptown Office, 13tJ4
LADY'S MAID.- girl will aa am
visiting I'.i.il'. by iluy «ir week to l.».i:e» or
children; K-aia rlatlvt hatrrtie<i»inK.
ii'.anlrure. marcel wave; would travel. I.
R , Misa FitsOenl Bureau, sii.i Sth aye..
corner ->-'i st.
LADT'S MAID. — Kr^m-h. exp«rleneeil
•tress, hairdresser, packfr, ilty or
country; illy referencea. Lculse.
:■ .. \\ -: oiith st.
LAUNDRESS. — Colwred: two <li»>s; stt-ady
work. J- K3 W*»l 4Mi> «t., top Soar.
LAUNDRESS. — Competent >oun^ woman:
n tiling- p::^Ut with (ir't.iirs u.^rk; k,-zl
el rtfertnee. 151 Kast 32d at.
I,\INI'HK.--. Swedish IToteetant; real
young wurimn; ki>»«l refereaccs, A. li .
iwV Cbltiex'a AgiUey, 1^: West "«i st.
LAUKPRESS, *c— Uy young E»e«lWh fir':
i-ompetent; ahirta, collars, cuffs, Sr.e
tares: bus rrlend . .t-rmii'.i: wiiitng.
i.lill^ine: cits or country. Morr-.w 1 * Hii
tvau, T'Jl l^xlus'"" aye corner Csth st.
LAI'NDRI-SS. —By Gen wesMn; to tin
famU.V washing ut lior-i': excellent In.nt-r;
alaki washing by the dowtn. Mrs. l'lr,-!t-h.
MIS West 47 til st.
UAI'XPHKSS « •arable; run do stiirts. .ul
lars and <uffs; excellent references. Ju»
siia Ban an a>a) 1.--\'t. t,,ii avi
1..-I)V'S ;,t AlD.— s.oic-H: thsrcsKhty eaperW
i-nce.l- - yeuia' excellent ititrtnn. E.
B . 7<J West 4Mb St.
LADTB MAID — younK la.iy. • jKir.»
Herman, imr.sarian and F.ngll«h fluently;
al-.- p>»U s«w«r: nurse, gorattoaai or cham
berinai good E*^ror'an rfferencea. Ki.--st
per. can l>s»ie. 327 East 9th «t. ; 2d ft.-<»r.
M.\ir». — r"piore<J: <lortor. der.tl^t. rluhhnus*.
theatre, ararrment »tore or a««l«it woman
with plain ivirlni r.r tr.etxilnr. Adjreas
M«H 44S <'«rlfn aye., Brooklyn; ring up
per bell.
NTRSE — Infant » Oerman young wnman.
w»U recommended : In the country:
ma«M $a»-s»">. Call at Lang & Boecnefer
i«. Bur»iw, 13 W«M 27Us a*. • -
The special sailings to Jamaica scheduled for the twin-screw
S. S. KROXPRINZESSIX CECILJE have been withdrawn owing
to present conditions at KINGSTON.
have b*en arranged for this superb new steamer of 9.000 tons to
NASSAU, stay about « hoars. PORTO RICO, stay about 11 hoera,.
HAVANA, stay about T: hour.. BERMUDA, stay about 2* houra.
Cost, including stop-over privileges at Nassau. Havana and
Bermuda, $100 UPWARD, including stateroom accommodations and
Passengers continuing homeward voyaps by one of the
(KRONPRINZESSIN'S) other sailings. •
Special Sailings to and from
["55 n? no 1 on n n rm -irv
Direct by tie S. S. SRC-K?HDIZBSSIN CECEJ2, isavi::? NeW
York MARCH 23. retcmia? from Bermafia MARCH 26.
Round trip rates for this trip. $30 UPWARD. Including stateroom
accommodation and meals.
"PRINZ" class and other steamers of our Atlas Service touch
at Port Antonio, Jamaica, before proceeding to Kingston, to land
passengers for the Hotel Titchfleld.
Port Antonio and all other ports of Jamaica, with the exception
of Kingston, were not affected by the recent earthquake.
Otherwise Itinerary as per schedule.
For full particulars apply
MAIiBMBG-fIMCEIiOAfI UME, 35 and 37 Broadway, 11. T
Fast Express Service.
K. Win. II Feb. 12. •A. M.
Kronrrinz Feb 2»v. *A. M-
Kilii«r Mar. 6. 10 A. M.
K. Wm. II Ma-, li s:*) A. M.
Kronprtnj .Mar. 26. IP*
Kalaer Apr. 2. 10 A. M.
Twin-Screw Paspertc^r Service.
Torck Jan. 31. 10 A. M".
Caasel Feb. 14. 10 A. M.
Main We* 21. 10 A. M.
Rheln .Mar 7. l'» A. M.
Hanover Mar. 14. 10 A. M.
Keydlitz Mar. IK. 10 A. M.
Mediterranean Service.
•Neckar Feb. 2. 11 A. M.
K. Liilsf. Feb. », 11 A. M.
K. Albert Feb. 23. It A. M.
•Frtedrlch Mar. 2. 11 A. M.
P. Irrr.» _. Mar ». 11 A. M.
•Neckar . Mar. 19, 10 A. M.
•Omits Oenoa.
From Bremen Piers. 3.1 & 4th Sts.. H^hoken.
OELRICHS & CO.. No. 6 Broadway. N. T.
- L 2^'?-LL_ M^I*L_ 101 * Walnut St.. Phlla.
AMETJIPAN LINF sailing at »:ao a. m.
} New York... Feb. 9; Philadelphia. .Mar. 2
| St. Louis Feb. 23 i New York Mar. 16
RED STAR IMB *™$ rr TT l er
Zeelaad..Tan.3O. "ami West'nl'd.F»b.l3.7 am
Kroonrd.Feb.U.ll ami Finland. Feb.2o. 11 am
T>ufonl<\Feb.tt.H>am;Oc»ar.lc.Fet> 27 5 am
Balrlc.Feb. 11 6am I Teutonic Mar. tUOam
Sfw!2S£S^ 2 * l<lMa BalUc.lUr. 18. Sim
22. 1 P. M.; Jure 19
TEI TOXIC May 2y. in A. M.; June 2H
"■ ; - VNI •' ■ June S. 2 P. M.; July 3
MAJESTIC j une 12 . M A M .. July 10
•New. 2P.1i.10 tana; has Elevator. Gym
nasium Turkish Baths and Band.
CKDRIC Feb. 18, *:30 A. M. )2100<>
1 CELTIC Mar. i. 7 A M $TON 3
CRETIC....Mar SO. noon; May 9; June ""O
REPVBHF Feb. 2. 1 P. M.; Mar 1«
CANOPIC Feb. 28. 7 A M.; Apr. 10
Freight Office Whitehall Bldp. Battery PI.
From Piers Hl-82 North River
Carmania Feb. 1« Etruria March 2
Campania Feb. 23Lt»-anU Match 0
CARONIA s FEB. 1!>. 10 A. M to
20.0iH> tons > OIBR.\LTAR * NY
mentlng new modern twtn srT#w {♦ «•
TLTONIA .2d and 2d only). . .Man 7. noon
PANNONIA March 14. noon; May 2
CARPATHIA March 2H. noon; May in
KLATnKIA April 11. noon: May 30
VEKSOX H. BROWN. Gen'l A^ent.
21-24 State St.. opposite th» Battery.
KJeamsM?* or the RED "D" LINE will
■at: from Pier 11. near Wail St. Ferry.
Brooklyn, for Pan Juan direct, as followa:
B 8 CARACAS Sat.. Feb. 2. noon
S. S PHILADELPHIA. Sat.. Feb. 14. noon
For freight «r passage apply to
General Managers. 82 Wall St.
■*••' For La, Guayra, Puerto Cabe'!o. Cura
ran «nd Maracalbo. via Curacao, calling
also at San Juan. P. R. :
S. S. CARACAS . . Sat.. Feb. 2. noon
S. <» VHII.Ar>F:LPHIA.Baf . Feb. II noon
For La Guayra, Curacao. Maracalbo:
R. B. /.I 'LI A ■a*., Feb. ». noon
S. S. M AR AIBO. . . Sat.. Feb. *3. noon
These steamer* have superior accommoda
tions fas passengers.
Oeneral Managers. S3 Wall St.
PI lii\ TO !5\ nSI Frequent Spring- Parties.
<aViruLr /AiLMI First class throughout. |6i3
Orient Cruise Feb. 7, by S.a Arabfc (18.000
ton*). FRANK. C. CLARK. M B'way. tt. T.
clude Krypt- Booklets. THOS. COOK 4
fox 240 and 1-0O 8.-oauway. •>•» Maalaon
aye.. N. Y.
Tickets to Texas. O>iorado. MexicOk
New Mexico. Arizona. California, Georgia,
Florida Alabama, etc. ALL OCEAN
etc (via Key Weat). Our booklet
••Pocket Guhle" free. H. H. RAYMOND,
Oen. Mgr.. IJ> Front at.. N. T.
"T A VELCK'E" — Fast Italian lane.
-" Satlina; trom Pier «4. North Rlvat.
ft. o* 54th St.. for Naples and Genoa.
Boiogneat Ha.-tflfld A Co.. H Wail g*.
' take on» or two children; understands
kindergarten work; good seamstress; Will
travel. Miss 8.. Miss Htzi;erald"a Bureau. ;
803 6th aye. . ear. 42d.
NIT.-'X — Will take charg* lnf&i.t; under
sttnd* bottle fei-dlr.g; speaks English and
German *< ' ■>' traveller; personal refer
ences. a BT. Ml»» FltzGerald's bureau. 003
Jth aye.. cor. 42d.
recommended, to on? child; out of town
preferred. IMl— Paris. 841 West 3»)th at.
Nl'R3K.— Capable young woman; hoapttal
training; will take entire charge of In
fant- Al ref«ren.-es, M. P., Miss FIU-
ra!.l •% Bureau, 803 Bta aye., cor. 424.
NI'RSB — Attendant to a lady or gentle
man- olieariul. harpy Ui:»i»j»itlun. willing
and orjlarac: call or write. A. Peterson.
lia Waat I3utb st., r«noK ava.: call between
IV- li
NI'USG. — Thoroughly ajipaifc—jcad Infant's;
takf-< entire charge tr-.m birth; uni!er
tfar.ds all ktmls of bottie ffeJlnjf: exesiient
traTeUer; wlUlntf to leave city; personal ref
etence Addresn Nurse. Tribune Vptown
OSBce, 1304, Bna.lway.
NVBSB or mall to actress; young lady:
travel. Call or write. Hetta Hull. 127
,'i araoan a vs.
Ml:- — CWnpelejal German waasaa will
take entire. >'harj* of Infant: 6'j yeai<i'
reterecre fKl«n I"=t plai-e; city or couciry.
M. F.. M»» FttiUaraiaTs Bureau. .-• ftiti
ave.., cornet 42U st.
STrKSI'.UY GOVKKN ICSS. —North Uennan;
would take one tr roor« chUJrea; aosaej
lent r<iVrem-»s. s>"l lumifUo; rliy or
country. Mis* A.. Mlm FIUG«Ta3a"» tu
r-»uu. 503 sth aye.. corner 42d st.
I'OSITION OK TRUST in prlTate houae; by
\oun^ t:ennan .viil.jw. t-"r».i X.. Tribune
fptown Otace, IM4 Hroadway.
TWO friend*. DM as »»aaistr»ss. the oiner
as rhamherir.ai'!: Iwst references; no ob
jection t'» cimntiy. S»!«. 341 West »>th st.
WAITRESS. — Assist chambenvork; very
i. eat girl; refererii es; rllv or rountry. H.
P.. Mrs. I'iillier's Asenc>. 1IE! Waal i£J st.
W.\SillN<i. — Respectable widow: home;
i reasonable Mi's. Pagan. S3U Ota; IXIM
st.; '.st tloo-. .
WASHING and taming or o:fV» cTwiTng;
by a KO"d laundress; first of the week;
~,,0d rrfereno**. <"all at 1744 Fa. -if, ■ at..
deer l'tica •*•„ Brooklyn.
WASHING, family, to tak« dome: «>rir.m
wtitrni. Maslam. 34* K. "Kith st.
WAFHISCJ taken hem*. Willlamsian, ZSn
I BSt 7«th st.
WAITRESS— Trains; Irish girl. weU rscom
men<t*S; would assist with chaxnberwork, ■
■l. Itofmajer'H Bureau. I*3 Want 23d at.
TsJerhona attar 10:30 a. aa>. 15t>+— Chelsea.
ti«r»of -. - --— ' ■
v -. « \
Twin Screw Passenger Service.
•Penn«ytv'a.Feb.».2pm|*Walder»e«..Feb. 23
Arrerlka-.t'eb. 1«. Bajn'tßatavla . . Mar. a
•Omits t'herbourß. tllambunr direct.
Mediterranean Service.
•t«Mo!tk» Jan. » Hamburg Mar. 2")
•Deut«chland..Feb. 4"Mloltke Apr. 23
Hamburg. Feb. 13'Hamhtirg May T
R tnantc Mar. »:»tMoltke May »
•ITan Grill r.oom, *-• tlTas r; V Tnr..-isronv,
tUediterrac«an and Orient Cruise. 7» .Java.
Egypt Express Fervic**.
The »p!.r.-!i.; Twin Screw B. 8. OCT2ANA,
•alia every Wednesday between
HBgnODft KfflS7S ft® DftffiDy
From New York. February 4. l«07.
: WEST B'sJ!!fll]i>'s«Li-EcriEß. jni. s{
\iJ££?U fiu"UtU'dlteS) & Mar. 3. »l^Oan.lu»^
ToirrusT BrPF
It. R. Tirfeets. hotel at-cermr!O»iatlo»tii ae>4
I genera information about foreign travel.
Travellers" checks ifnnd all <y»er th« world*
'Phone 10110 Rector. Piers, lloboken.
For Old Point Comfort. Norfolk. Parts-*
mouth. Pinner's Pent ani Newport Newe^
Va.. connecting (or Petersburg, Richmond.
Virginia Beach. Washington. D. C. and
•stir* South and West.
Freight and yaaeenKer atearoers sail (ran
Pier 29. N. R.. foot Beach at, every ejaen»
nay at 3 p. at.
Vtce-Presl'leat and Traffic Uanazer.
pur " " ■ ■ \ imp
llli Ni:V.- YORK— ROTTERDAM. li*
Palling* Wednesdays aa per atltaai list.
' Potsdam.Fab.fi.lrtanilVoordatn.Srar 10arr»
St'dam. Feb^O.lOamiPotsdam.Mar.U.S an*
Ryndam. Feb. 27..'» ara , N. A'dam.Mar.3o.loairs
Holland-America Una. :<a B'way. N. Y.
llEl JBRCV 1
Time snewn below Is from Liberty St,
Went 23d, ML leave* 10 minute* earlier,
except ad noted by designating marks.
J*12.15. 30. m7.UU. m«».00. 5.30. •♦<»<».
I*lo.oo. »11 00. 11.S0. m»12.00, Vl-0««
I.jo. •i-00. •3.00. •4-00. ••5.00. S.i««
iu»«.00. •7.00. *8.00. •».00. 810.30 P. M «
J*lX.tS mdt.
. ■•1.39. •».«..'. 1-10.QO. ViiQO. •te9«
l*» 4.00. 1*6.00. «7.«0.
» 40 A. M.X1.00. 1.3». U. 40. d 1.15. 6.0 1
P. M.. aClt Sundays. « JO. »40 A M
. ATLANTIC CUT— •» 40 A. M-. Xl.»*»
k.l «a P. M.
OCEAN GROVE (Sundays. No. Aabury>
Park) — a4.i>o. 5.30. 11.30 A. M.. exit 4",
120. .4 45. £..£:-. 8.30. 31101. Sunday <
except Ocean Grove, 14 30. 9-00 A. M.»
e.uO. i.BO P. M.
Tint* tables giving trains to E>3TON«
WILLIAM3PORT and ail other points
can be obtained at following oT.oes: Lib«
ertj St.. (West t*4 St.. Tel. 2144 Chelsea*
« At— House. 245. 434. 1100. 133* Broad
way. I*2 sth Ay.. SH s'.a AT.. 25 Unlorx
Squar» West. XTM Sd Ay.. 10J West 12$t.'»
St.. J4~> Columbus Ay.. New Tork. 4
Court St.. 343. 3»4 Fulton St.. 47* No»«
trund Ay, Brooklyn; 3!»rt i I.V-- Will-*
l»m«hurg New York Transfer Co aajal
for and checks baggage to destination
•Daily. 'Daily, except Sunday. j>3ua-»
days. {Parlor cars only. aExcept Satu**
<!»>•>. mlHnl car. except Sandaya, x*at+
urduy9 only, ifrom Liberty Bt. only*
|D!:.!r.ir car Sundays 'Pininj car daily.
From Twenty-third Street— el 3-2» Pi»
M . g4-S» P. it. J11.3i» P. 11.. mZ.2O P. M..
W <-, BESLIR. W. C HOPal
I Vtc«-Prea A Gen. Mgr. Gen. Paaa'r Act,
"Every other hour on Use cv <n hour."
Leave New York City. 23d M. UVjr St.
•WASHINGTON. drp«r» 11.60 pin l.Ci»aaa
•WASHINGTON. Diner. 7.50 am 8.00 am
•WASHINGTON, Diner. b.suas> 10.00 ana
•WASHINGTON. Diner. 11. So am liOOnq
•WASHINGTON. Burst. 1.60 pm ZOO ?m
•'•ROYAL. LTD." Diner. S !U> pal 400 pna.
•WASHINGTON. Diner. 1.30 pn» a.OB poa
•WAdUINGTON. BuSet. 0.30 pa T.U* pc j
Through Daily Tratna to the West.
Leave New York City. 23d St. Llb - 9t«
CHICAGO. COLi'MBIS. 11 50 am 13.00 n'n
PITTSRURG. CLMiKISD. 3.50 pra i«o;n|
••PITTdBLR LIMITD." «.f.O pm IXO pttt
CIN..Bt.LOI*I3.LOI'IiV 11.. t0 pta 1.30 ait
CIN..ST.LOUId.LOUI3V.. 980 am laoOan
CIN ST .l.t'>r IS. . 6.Bi> pm «-0» ptat
Offices 245. 434. 1300 Broadway, d Asto*
Bouae. 109 Oreeawloh ■»_ S3 l*nlon Squara)
W.. S9l Grand St.. N. T. ; 843 J-"u!ton St.,
Brooklyn: W«st 23d St. and Liberty St.
After 6 p. in. Sleeping Car Reservation t
and full biforraatlon regarding trains, etc..
can be< obtained at Bureau ot Information.
B. * O. R. U.. 23d St. ■Terminal- 'Pboo*
No. Chelsea 8144.
Lackawanna Railroad.
Leave N. T.. Barclay. Christopher. W. 334
t*.OOA. M. — mr B'.nirhajntoß and CloMra.
•10. A. M— For Buffalo. Chicago and At.
•I 40 P. Si —Fur Buffalo ad Chicago.
t4.UO P. M. — For Scrantun and Plymouth.
•^•.lfl P. M. — For Buffalo aad Chicago.
•3.43 P. M.— For Buffalo. Syracuse. Ithaca,
•2.00 A. M.— Cnicaso— s>li»»era open 8.3*
P. M.
Tickets at 149. 429. 1153. 1434 Broadway.
N .Y. : 33U Fultoc St.. BrooiUyn. 'Dally.
♦ Except Sunday. iLa»«*a Chriaionhar SU
6.10 V. U. weekday i.
N. T.. X. H. * HARTFORD R. R.
Tra ca depart fr^ra Gran.i Central Station.
<:.'. St and 4t^ Ava.. as followa tor
fcOSTON. via New London ft Prow.— t:9:O>.
IO:Ow. •»Jil0:02 A. M.. ft I 1:'»
•x l:oi. •» 3:oO, ts|!3:(X>. *J 13.02.
••12:00 P. M . via WilUiaaatlc— A
SI. +2.00 P M.: vta Spfd.— t»-.M A. St.
t:|l2:OU. • 4:tlW. 'lliuo P. If.
TTor-ster & Fitch., via Putnam. t3:33 P. ST.
Lakevllle .* Norf— l» 4» A. It. : *S:3l P. M.
Gt. B.irrinitton. Stockbrld^a. Lenox. Pltta
8eU—14:54. tS:4» a. M. and t3:31 P. M.
Ticket „tßr»s at cGrand Central Station
and cl23t*> St.. aUo a- c24T«. 1200. cl33i
way. c^S Union Square. ciß2 Fifta Ava..
f-4S r.>luiii!.tn Aw. .-r.4!> Madlaun Aveu.
eI(W \\\ i2Jth St.. 271"* Th t.l Aye. la
Biooklyn, c» Court St.. 47» Nostrand Ay;.,
390 n- .ray
•Dally. tExcept Sundays. ?Str.ps at 139t1k
st. xS:ops at l^B'h at. tj»aiia.ia only.
IParl, r Car LimlfO. 1 1 Has i!:r,!nj ear.
cParli.r acd Sleeping Car tickets also.
leare. ■Went Onl St.. Weet^lays: 5.25, ?.*>. *.4C^
U.S3 A. M.. li-r.. S.J3. 5.1 U. 5.M 5.23. 7.95 P. M.,
Sun<l»v<: '■£>. )•». lISS A. M.. US. '.a. - ,s
!*. M. C'ortlaniltanJ r>e«^tT•s!•e»^t.'•.. Wee*-d»*»:
«.«•. :.V>. ».k> A. M-. UMM Noon, 1i.40. 4.K1. 3.3',
5 *\ SJlt, «.'JO T. 11.. Sundays: A. SI, Sal
N.M>n. R.'.i:.. '>.«?.. s.m c. M.
TlfSft tiffli-w: :i"j»nd l_uu Proartwar.
S. Y. Tn:i«!iT Co. will call for and cback nasysj*.
£9 /PA <P* IV m l.\l ana lo.nt. m New Ess«
L' li!» J it ti |.ii land, deduced Hates.
r ALL. hI'.ER 1.1.vt: via Newport and Fait
lUvcr. ram reduceij t» all joints — J:o?t:".
»2.«5. Newport. Fall Klver. 12.00: FroYt- ■
den ••. ♦"..>>. Leave Pter 19. N. X.. ft. War- .
ten St.. week day* and Sundays. 3:00 P. St.
Mm Provideneo and Pilgrlni. Or«aastra.<.
NORWIfTH LINE \l» Sew Lor.ljr Leaf »
Pier *•• N. 1... foct i iarkaon St.. w«et<!ayi,
en v, «P. XI. steamers City of La »i:: " 1 -
Chriter \V 'Tiactn.
NEW HA\^»>J UXB for >«w Mb *!** >■?
NortS. t«iva Pt«- 2X-S- R-waeli^JajH
on»j , 4 -CO P." .1 ' ■>■ rive- 'RTsliara fissl>

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