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Governor Diacuxscx sines* In-
If tin Before Silk Mm.
rour ir.iixlr- 1 rn«-n-.b«>rs of th.; Bijit Association
nt tlMr'thirty-nfth aniiiycirsary aihu^r at r>l
lnorJeo'* iwst ni^l : s^v.- vociferous oxprrstlons of
fjir ml«bi-« 1.-nvf-'i thif fnii-l States an<l .I.'ipa'i
:i::.i •:«••!«.] »iU» proat enthusiasm Viscount Aokl.
Jair.ii"s-> Ar..b:is?:..:..|- to tl:*? TTiif-..! Htatf3. who
d»-rlt on lh« cofnm'-rsiAJ rrlatSons l>»tW<?eti tho two
couiitrieX I.M- i:' is>* cv'nir.ff Oovpraof llijehfs
„l'i".nr..l oti.l v.hs sl-o witji cheers an.)
aj.plsni*. H- :;?.i.i ho l.'S'.-vv' -i. spirit of poorl
fWlfne -xi.-tr..! i« lh« ojur.: ;-y. H- :^ K^.l for united
ropporl i:» .ariyf;* „;;t bi-r plans, whicli Iw boli- vnl
«.i.- in iho bryt ! 7it"r'?t cf the stutc. Governor
Hnt-'«>'S continued:
1 f«:i:tnt k.oh Into tb- tacts of the businws '■'•'"
of \>w York and h;:v. ; an opportunity to Fpenk to
:ii»?m no thr- .l.t-t*-! «:hW Kx«cutivc of this Jtate
and k'-» |< Th« business m'-n "t" New 1 or»t
i]«sir- .j bi:sin^«p admln^tration. Ti;- busings*
nifii of New > ork k'>'>v/ ji"" o ' ls "^ wliat they want.
'1 li<-y want lh«" rlßhi lr.nn it; fa«-h (Jcpartment
Thry v.-;n;t nothing to interfere '.viib tbo impartial
itamfnlßtratluu of that dcparUnent. They want ""
citizen «■» be favorer! j,i the oxj^ens*; -'f unothfr
t^tlzen. Tht-y want nil '.<• ;)r<»i»cr because all -Miar*.
alike in tli- a.h;int;it;.s uhlch our frorrmment ■>i
ford^. Th*y l,av« no r».ij.-.!.i<.in to polilk-al orj^inl
fSLXUm if is. Is organized ;.> promote i>"l:<y. They
ltav« BO oVij^nion to effective organization In euc
jicri \ a.n>' measure vrhich ineu .;iu legitimately
.••fiva'.no. Th»-v recognize the iwesnity for i-irga!ii
zation and effective work to make successful any
iindf rt.-ik:!isr. whether !n priv«u- or In public i!f<\
y-ut thf-y do i?:sist that tiie organization wi»ll never
lny }!g flngor upon th- officer <>f government for
sjteclaJ ad carriage .it the expense of tbe people.
tThfy do itifi-it that ih<-- 6>man<ls of i>ni-;i?;'.:; oc-
Xf^Hf-Vi'-y shall never srr.nd in tbe v.-ay of efficiency.
They do insi-M »hat no nno shall be virolfot*';! b"
'•h'jfc of political relations, uml that no interest
shall bs advHiieid because of nn alliance w'.'Ai any
one who cotitrols political first ir'.ir?. Tlioy desire that
ihTe eh«ll b^ a clearly defined recognition mi tb^
part of <-verj- one intrusted with official responsil
mlity of bis duty to all the people and "his duty to
tor - 0 it that no one— politician; friend, campaign
contributor, or any one else— cornea between Win
and hi* truo .ice.
After all. it la c rety fimpie propoiltloa. After
nil. It Is a very fundanif-ntal proposition. After
all, it is slmrly statins: that each on» v.-iil rriflr-avor
In each particular case to <io th^ risht thine. Put
when that simple proposition is translated Into
action, it means government for the peo] in
«tea<3 of jrovr-rnment for a part cf the people.
But there Is an additional word which I i ill trJcs
advantage of this opportunity and your cordial
greeting to utter, and that is ih;s: The busine-s life
of this oottntry, I believe, 5s wholesome .and STveei.
I believe that for the mosi j^ert the business men
of our country d^sira to transact tbeir business in
« correct way and that the etaxidarda of busUiens
life were never better ihan they ore to-d«: Jlhu
■ i-hat does not mean that there is great need for
each individual buslrtes* man when he Is encaged
In criticising his neighbor, when he 13 engaged
In criticising largo enterprises which have
obtained improperly special opportunities or are
using special privileges for iheir owa advan
tage against th« advar.tafre of the pec,ji?. to also
Bay to himself, "Am I in my own business hewing
ajong the line of rectitude which X draw for my
neighbor?" To say to himself. "Am I in my own
business life malting It Impossible for any one bo
say that there 's any temptation proceeding frcm
my enterprise to any officer of government to
anything from the public that i should not have?';
TVhat we want In this country ie not a sir.jrlis
thing which will Interfere with tin essrciE& oJ in
genuity, with Individual initiative, with freedom o?
opportunity, which has made our country prosper
ous and world renowned for Irs busine.-s suro-s*,
■but we do want a recognition of the fart that this
Is not a country for any one to get a chance, tv
control members of the Le-islature, that this is not
a country for any one to get an opportunity to ap
point people to positions of trust, but that this is a
country for all, and the business must succeed.
and should it succeed more ih.^n ever It must suc
ceed In accordance with principles the recognition
of which will protect every citizen, howewr hum
ble, and make it Impossible fcr any citizen, however
rtroritr. to get an advar.La^i of his less favorcJ
Now I have made proposals which •;■« thought
to 0% 'n the Interest of the people tm<\ along tb-sse
lines. l he; are not ins.d» tvith pri.ie of opinion.
T hold it the duty o? a. mm to change instantly
wbea he finds himself to be In the wrong, tO hold
himself op*n to reason and to argument, ay.d to be
• nxiouK only to h?v«> matters settled right; but
«rhen any proposal la miae that i* right, rrhich ac
•x>r£s •»:t!i public sentiment, which accords with
intelligent nublic sentiment, ■whi°h th'j people r«c
■"znizi a? demanded for mischiefs that exist, then
let public opinion assert itt-^lf and rr.alo Impoa-
MM<? the Oefcat of su^h a proposition upon any
ground of expediency or because of the opposition
. of any jnts£6«;.
\ ->.-Cttiz»nr:. bare the future of tliis Etai" in your
Keeping. I have been elected to a position of
power, but try potv«--r tvi;i amount to nothing ex
••rt ?s I use th« opportunity to express your tvi'll
T o'i cart have what you wr.nt if you demand it
«nd demand it unitedly and In your individual
!iv<.a and in your conduct •with your fellow •Htii<>ns
•=xrrt the :r.flij«r.ce which it Is your privileged as
bUßinefEß men 10 exert. Bus i nees men in tb:= «tate
-an e«ear« ■jha«-'rv<?r administration of government
iney d€nis.nd. So far ac lam concerned, as I Just
paid a moment a50.a 50. I amount to nothing except
'n to far as to di> my duty as I sco it, whatever
tre consequences politically or otherwise may be
But I am intensely desiroa? that certain measures
which have be?n advanced In the belief that they
would result tn benefit to toe people of ti is stan
«nd that they will Fecure the v.-ise regulation of
•nterprises which are closely attached to public
'■oncftrn should bi? progreps'vd; I am defircus Of
f*;v.g lards of administrate set which frtll
he r"-eardf-d us ■■ important, etindards in tha
future and which will make It difficult for sry
rt n» to deflect therefrom, at.d that is only possible
Jf there is an exprrsjion of united public optn'on
on the part of the people of this state riving "Thit
1? what we want: that ii what we Insist
■we eha'i have." And therefor**, not becauee I
have any reason to doubt the result. I am clad to
acknowledge the expressions of support Riven to
me on the part of members of the L»E-;<=latnr» and
others regarding their readinefs to co-opc-ra^e. and
tn«ir readiness to support— l nsn e'ad to receive
aocb expressions as are made o.ardidlv and fairly.
but I am desirous that all the people shall rfc >sr 7 ~i~a
that It 5a their buMm^s. that they are r«=sr>onsibl*
that I am responsible only to do the best I can, to
ruggTest, to provide by »re«sap». to provide by 1' <■■
exerting of whatever Influence I can cx'rt properly,
■hut that upon the citizens of the state WMI reirt
flnallv the re=ponfiibiHty for the pover^in^nt t'ev
■will have and for whatever succ^s-s the adminis
tration may achieve.
Before Viscount Aoki rase to soeak the orches
tra, played "Kimi Ga Yo." the Japanese national
*«ytnn. The ambassador sain that l.*> would not
trust hlinseif to an extemporaneous speech, and so
would read It. He said !n Dart:
I riM to thank you, gentlemen, for the pleasure.
you have given me in asking me -•- one of your
■rueets this evening. Th». .jifflrulty connected with
my preeence here, to which tho president of the
Association r.as Just alludc-fl, was <lutj to the fact
that Ism not Messed with a du|ii!«u« n«-lf. It may
be known to some of you. more particularly to
those who have had the experience of being In
Jtpan on February 11, that this Is the anniversary
Of the coronation of tha first Kmperor Japan.
tha rorenfit:o!i of the firm Emperor < :
I am delißbted to be present among you on such
•r auspicious day as this, but the fact that Feb
ruary 1J has ouch a special slfrniflcance to mo
■was precisely the reason why, a few weeks ago, I
found It almost impossible to accept the <-harmlnK
Invitation •with which 1 was honored. I have, how
ever, at last overcome the difficulty by deciding to
Jiold my reception in Washington to-morrow oven-
In*. Instead of to-night, us was my original Inten
1 am aware that figure* or elaborate arguments
based on the comparison of figures do not mix very
I niDUIlc
well ivith th« excellent wine with which w' are
•■••■> this evening, but in this distinguished as
cemblase cf «'>ii"- f.'ur iituvlr.-d gentlemen who are
identified with the silk industry of thin «;'"^«»t> >
and ar^- therefore necessarily interested in i.i«»
tivnd of International Mramcw, the occaeJonsja
...... tempting not to take a brief retrospect oi'tne
Frf.vth of trade between Japan and tb-j t. nit.'v
A publication of tho department of Hiioncc "f
U\f [mperiul irovernment »»iititif<t "Th» Sixth linan
< ;il and Economic Annual of Jnpan." which wan
i-su-d i:i 18)o. described in very terse term- the
development of Japan's foreign commerce within
Ui<> last thirty-two year*. It says:
1 A comparison 0/ the volume of our trj'' with
Asi:;. Kurope ard Amerloi In MC with that In
I<C:'. will show that oi:v rxport tra.l" bad 111 those
1 hirt:- -tr.o ywm inoreosed thirty-fourfold with
A*in, tw^iity^tbrrefold vvitij Anierica i'ri'; fivefold
with i;-.irop< ; ; while rhe rate of IncreaF* !n the Im
iK>ri ti:i<i- lias been nlnetc-ehfold with Asia, over a
hundredfold with America; und elevenfold with Eu-
This hrltsf statemfer.t cotniarinp tbe i-.latlve
growth ->r tiit> trade of Ja;«.:. with wli of tn«
three great continents f> f < : " world— Asia: Europ»
... l>e. gratlfjine to t;-.»» citizens" <>f
thr I'nit.d States wb^a It is r.p<-al'ed that tr-« only
«»Hier rountii»s <-.ti ih» American Coiilneut besides
t ti*- I'iiitrd Stales which have trade relation!" with
Japcn worth in«»ntjoning ar« th« Dominion >>' <"an
;<<lh. .V"xico nnd Fern. Car.j.ia's trade with Japan
h mounted In 1906 t>< 2 nf cnt of tin- trade between
.tH:»a;i and tho United S'atep. while Japan's trafle
with Mexico and Peru, put together. In the "a"?*
yo:;r amounted to only a trifle ov?r onurthounanatn
p::n of the trade between .lapnn and the I . r.l»ed
pastor V.'illiiini Alden t?n:ith. "' Michigan, who
-■ii<c :-v,vvii in yesterday at Washington, replied '<>
the tons:. 'The Truo American." He was the lirst
to refer to the efforts tf »m<> pr-rsons to ptir tip
in-feelin? ■■"-■( wco!: the United St;itcs nnd Japnt!. 11^
y;)id of .■•.■....-:■■ between th« two na
I am Klr.ii I '
lor n] ihat

■ ■
: ■ •
■ . ■ .
, a
t no local i
t that '
Another reference to the American-Japanese re
lations wps m;:<le by the toasrmaster In prefacing
his Introduction of Dr. L*-o Vogel. Ministsr from
Switzerland at Washington. Tic said:.
Our laet eloquent speaker alluded lo th" one ili.*
ferenco which 1 believe is in *he public eye be
tween our nation and any other nation on th«
plobe — tbe ■-,'<• difference thst. I may ssy, in the
minds of most of ;ip American people, w« believe
is a petty one. thr.t intpr.>stf! America and Japan.
nr.d we will voice your sentiments In the horns and
bfiicf that notliln? could separate or diviJo our
friendship, nnd tbat Ic-rdr. me to a thought of Lit**
one grtav pacifior.tor, who, by tt v .'- str^npTli of
his personal influence, his personal endowments
and forca of individual characi r.rx] persuasion,
was largely instrumental, and r.io^t effectively sn.
in bringing abo t the peace between Russia nnd
Jhpa--:. and 1 ■-■hi we can trust manifestly and with
th* «veet?st cor.Rfienco to fix up the differenca to
day wha Japan; and I ask you to drink a ;o.i«t. to
Theodore Roosevelt.
Other speskers were Mayor : ihnson of
Patersoa, on The L>
ar.d Jol.n ?. Gibs >n.
Salvation of the Nation "
trrc^ir. The Tribune Burtao. |
Washington, February 11.
OTJDEF.S ISSUED. — Tbe following orders have
been lrsued:
Captain HARRY G BISHOP, artillery r^rrv to »»«um«
ctir?" cenJtructioa work at Fort Stevens, rellorlns
» Set-rr^ Lieutenant AVERY J. COOPER, a-tii.fry
Captain CARRt '.I. D. BUCK. arsi;tf.nt gargeon. from
Washlrcion to rrn.p^r !«ta'io:i.
Dents i Burgecn EDWIN P. TIGJTOH, from Phil'.ppinM,
April 1. to the Unit*'. State?.
Captain JAMES E. BEL.U 2d InJar.tr>-. fn".rr. K cr.eral
hospital Pretldl?. repcit to commandlSK g°r.*!*l. 1-e
rgrtm^nt r.f Cali'onile.
Cor.tra-t s.-.rcern IRA C. BROWy, from Kort Mclntoah,
npany "1 Battalion 23th Infantry, to the Fhlllp
movemenU '. - - ' ■"
Xo%->" Depa rt
Februiry P— 'Tt» H!"v3» !r!ar.l. at navy ra-'i. >> T York;
tb« St haul*, at Hampton Po*'l«
February 10— Th* Scorpion, at Miami: 'he V.'hipri». the
Worden. th« Tmxton^ tha MacDonough and th« Hull.
.■ Eantisa the Paducah. at Mobile.
February P--TTi» Apeche, from navy y^r>". V^v Tork, 'o
►••arcli fir ■•T'-ck: tin V,ti<vJ» Ifland. fr^r.i TOmpktns
- t!!«r. for navy yard, N>n- YcrU; th« \anj<ton. from
Ouantir.^mo, for Pmice: t'l9 Scorpion, frer.i N'a^yau
for Miami.
February 10 — The \\T-.ippi», t).» Worden, the Tnuton. th*
MacDonough sni vie Hull, from Guatrtanamo tnr
ianttas ■
"The Remonstrance"' Publishes a Record of
Their Many Defeats.
In its annual publication entitled "The Kcrr.on
etranc?" the Massachusetts Association Opposed to
the Further Extension of Suffrage to Woman—
organization numbering more than twel thousand
women — recapitulated r&cent suffrage defeats by
way of demonstrating how little progress the suf
frage movement Is making In the United State?. In
1&05 suffrage bins or amendments to .«=tate consti
tutions granting grer.ter or less powers to women
at the polls were defeat In fourt'Hn states. In
Xar.sas a Presidential ?uffrape bill v-.&s defeated In
the Ser.ate without discussion, £S tv 6. In Cali
fornia a proposed amendment to the constitution.
giving omen Ihe right to vote for school trustees
and boards of education and at school bond and
school tnx levy elections failed to i?et the r^iuirr-d
ttro-t!;irds vot? In the Senate md was rejected In
the House by the nairo-w i;itirgin of 3S to SJ.
T^ast year seven slates witnessed woman suffrage
defeats, iro^t notable araons them being that in
( iri-L-'..' : when ■•- proposed constitutional amend*
men', conferring full Miffrogn upon women, which
was submitted to the people at the polls undor tbe
initiative and referendum; was defeated by a. ma
jority nf 10,170. In 1900, whe a similar proposition
wan voted on, the majority aga i »1 it was only
£,137. In Vermont the House passed a municipal
suffrage bill, but the Senate rejected it. Rhode
r.-:and BuffragNt? tried to get a Presidential suffrage
bill passed, but it was defeated In fne Seriate. In
Massachusetts thn ieglHlatlvc committees reported
unanimously against a license suffrage bill, :i I. ill
for I municipal suffn for wiige^eanilng women
and a hill to jidiuit ■:... i. to i aucus< ■ of political
rartlea for the nomination of school committee,
and :• to 2 ng;tin*t a resolve for an amendment to
t!ie constitution. All •' i. ••:••• adverse reports •.■..!•■
accepted by both hounes.
In New York a bill to allow taxpaj Ing women
In cities „' the ■ bird fla » to vote upon proposi
ilons involving an expenditure of money was again
The high character of its
tenants, its exce!'«nt location
opposite City Hall Park — its
nearnees to the Subway. Brook
lyn Sridge and Third Avenue
"L" Road, its splendid elevator
service, and the fact that th»
should commend it to E.ny one
who:c business is downtown.
Many desirable of f ice« now ready
for occupancy.
T!io*e wishing to ses office*
cliculd apply to the
Lay men* Mimonarif Movement So
ciety Celebrates Anniversary.
The' La? ■;.-•!.- Missionary Movement Society h*l<l
!i.» first 'dinner la>t c-vcnlns at the Waldorf, the
toastnVaiitcr being Samuel I*. 'Japen. president of
i!ip American Board of Foreign Missions.
The dinner held In commemoration of tbe
hundredth mirilyVrpary ..r i!if • stablishment or
Am'ii.an foreign mlFfioriP. Otu- of the obj<^tsi was
to rais^ enthusiasm in the enlisting of on* 1 hundred
American business rn<»n to c<> abroad at their own
expense to investigato i-ondltionsi amor. the mis
s:.)i.:irics and tv strejigthoii tbe missionary cause
■ii'd i!<-v. 1..;. .-...-<•. -...-<• ;.--i-.v: :»-.-.» nmuns ti ''' different
chtirchfs rngn«;o<l ;'); ') missi.ir.nry work.
m hi" oVnliiK address Mr. •' pel paid an elti
•iiiont tribute to th" mlsstoi;ar!*>s abmail. Th*
jir»stlgrt nf the American mi?Flonaricj«, raid Mr.
CapenJ likd been greatly raised dr.riiiß tbe last few
years owl tip to f'.i>.' gcrcwlns importance of th«>
I'riitt.l t?t;it-^. lie hls > told of the work of the
ooristy .iurinpr tl:r l;-st year, and ?vok»« of the
bright prospects "V>:- t'-..' futur".
The latent energy In the Cliiirch v.r:s described
by •. h<- Rev. }>r. Henry Slonc Coflin. paster of the
Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church. '
J. Campbell \\;iitt>. jipneral secretary of the. .-<
r>-.\-. said th'i: tin- only way to succeed with (li>-
movement was to »•> .i; it whole h°nrtedly. At th»»
present time In India. !'<■ saiil. th"re v.ir .>m? ml-«-
Flonarj for every 250.000 peuple.
Dr. H ■■'• . .
In Ara I ■ . I «p '■<•■
•-«•.! ■.>!»■ i
■ I
In tli 1

ml n ■ ■ ■ ■
„ .'■
• ' ■ ,t ■'■hurches
■■ •
Crete of the Louisiana Presents If in
Appreciation of Hi' Kindness.
[From The Tribune Bureau. 1
Washingtoni F*eb. 11. -Four seaman of the . -T-. of
tlie battleship Louisiana called ar the White House
on Saturday to present to Mr*. Roosevelt ,i silver
loving cup r:i bchtlf of the crew. Secretary LiOeb
was the only person about the Executive Mansion
who was Informed In advance of th^ir mission, and
ne arrEtr.gcd that they m*et ...... and Mr».
Roosevelt in th>- Tie] Parlor immediately after
At the appointed time the pi ft bearers w»r« ush
ered into the parlor and the Pr^si'Jent and Mrs.
Roosevelt wero informed that four frl?nc*s were
awaiting thorn. W. H. Bclknap. chief master at
arms, the spokesman for the ] ickles," made a
,T BT M;:. ■ NA.
little speech In which h? said that the cup was an
offering from the non-commissioned oftirrrs nn<l
men of the Louisiana; who wished to niake ■OHM
expression of then appreciation for the kln.inets
Mry. Itoosevelt hail shown thi»!n all cm '.ho recent
voyage to I'f.nair.ft an<i Porto Rico nn'J return.
Mr». Roosevelt; us w*!l by the President .•wai <3*"?p
ly tourho'l by the unexpected pift. Jr>hn K*lly.
seaman, \V. Procknow. boatswain* lr.a:*. end C.
Kellaer, v/atfr t<-n-i»r, completed tho delegation
from *!:« Louisiana.
The «->]p is of solid silver, fwonty-four tnche?
high. The bowl has an c-iglo anj olive branches,
in roliftf, over an etching of a bluejacket and m:i
rlne, standing beplde :i Inndlni: Kurt. The i:pp«r
htif; ;.;*?; dolphins en either aid* ami. In relief,
sea Rhrlls. seaweed nr.d R wire havr*er. •• i»n*h
thepo is n revolving; bane In the or in of a uun turret
mounled with gun*, «>xjiit models «'f thosn on the
Ixmlslana. On the l-aw '.s ;in • .■•■■'. i* -
tlfsirip and the Inscription "Froni the crew of tiip
battleship I/tulslana to Mr?". "".;en*n:r> Roosevelt"
Is «*ngrav«l on th<* v- ric.
Aft<y tins cup 1 1' "•':.•■•'!'"' tli« sailor* were taken
f-.r .-■ ; !•> obo) ! the ranltnj t— Archie an I Qu»n
tln Hoosevelt ::: !i:« President's iKnda i.
Right of State Committee to EXpel
Argued — Decision Reserved.
The tight of f!if Democratic B ■■■■■ Committee to
»-xiiel rnernbera came uj> before Jimtiro Kolly, In i lie
Supreme Court, ' irookl •! . yesterday. 'J' *,«• nrK"
ment was upon the Injunction which Senator Me
<'arrpn ;ui<i liiH It-atlcrs ed, i • venting th«»
commlttei* from ousting them for disloyalty to Wili-
Affr Senator Thomas F. Grady, John A. Mason,
t-l«:rk of tho comrrilttce"; John C. Mcdn-avy, v. i oni
mltteornan, aiul other?, had taken the stand, the
court asked for briefs from botli faction! anil i«
sierved rt»rlPlo!i.
In maintaining t!ip risli? • ■•' (Hp committee to ex
p»l metnbfrs. its counsel. Thomas K. Maener, il^
:...;..•■• ,-i yoluntnry orxanlzatton nn<J
tha.t no l^w required un i . ion« to •••■ rr-vl ■■•• •»•.•!.
The oourt;!. li<' Balil, had no ioi ■• rlKht ' " pruvent
it fnmi expelling members than they ;.:ni to pr« ■
vent h ehurcli from expelling roemb*m.
Senator Grady, '» explaining tlm origin and rights
of the nommlttee, ti ."•■! thai Its power to exit*,
nifiniipr* 'iv-t-i never 1,.^-n auestloned before. A
member h;!'l been droppeii in 1875*. he so id; Henry
D. Purroy had been expeii«-t« !n !Sl? !"..!■ supporting
■ Republican; and Senator MrCarr^n bail voted for
his expulsion.
Isaac M. Kapper, one cf the Mi • '■'! .'•' ■ counsel,
essert'd ti:;'.i in-- committee bad no power to r*
movo a member, since each niombcr was r';apons!
ble only to his constituents--. He Mild that an ex
pulsion of a member would b» a violation of th«
Prlmarj law.
"The Tourt of AppenUi." hr> continued. "declflM
In the case of Michael J. Cottey that the county
cointnitto«» r.rot expel members and the declaton
appli« also to the state committee."
Bare Specimens of Mediaeval Art on Exhi
bition Uptown.
Rugs distlnßUlshed by their ug? an«i beauty, and
tapertrios representing tortunes, were placed on
exhibition yesterday by Benjamin Bcnguiat. who
has been collecting era for fifteen years. in the
wareroonis of the John T. ;;.■:■ yv Company^ af
rift.'i avenue and : ptrtct.
Two polonaise rugs, made In tl*» early part of
tl ■■ fifteenth century by Persist.!* for the Polish
market, are valued &c $23,0?) each. a Damascus
ng a the sam* period !•» eld at nt);O0D. The Trn
Commandments, embroidered In German on Go
belin tapestry, i* another raw speeimea, bat
among the itrikl ex.irnr)!?? ot fourteenth ceiitury
embroidery' Sri five panels of Gothic tai>«-*try. ivi>
rosen*lus th-- biftu. ! ■-.- baptism, the confirmation;
ti.- liiaiTjagc and the (ieath of Philippe !*> Boh;
K\'..r ')( Proncc. Thero are ;:l«o w>me |*t* of
Renaisptiiife embri>irt<»r' depirtiag the l!fe of
Chr!*« and a number •• prlertg tnre#-piece veat
mants «f Clotli-of r goM; of th* fifteenth century.
tail to bs the only sv«clm<»ni in the t"nlt*4 gt*te».
Treasurer of New Britain Institu
tion Missing — Reported Killed.
ißy TP'-r i. to '""" Trtbun's. ]
Hartford. Conn.. Feb. li.—Thero was a run
on the >>•• Britain Savings Bank, :tt New
p.ritain ti;..f]a\-. eausu*d ' y th« cibsonc^ cf its
ir^nsur^r. William F. Walker, whoso \rhere
nbouta havf not b*en known *in«.»o Sunday Upon,
when he l«ft the U:<t»l CuinberlarnJ. Xcy Tork.
Two national bKr.:<s and a ;ru*--t company
voted to make loan* to the savins;? bank, as if
tnlgrht need money to rnc?t thr • <■'■■ >• > ''•'-
falcatlori on th( par? of tli- treasurer Is Mllt-fre-l.
Mr. v.';t ]■;•-!•. <•.■."■ had bi>-:i in New Tort .<
few layi>, was fx;>-ctcd to rrturn to New Britain
ypstertlay. but fr.ilp'i t> roach homo. - Relatives,
who have he- i to New York, < an flnO no Irnre
of him tor he loft rh^ hotel. An iinsltrrtcd tt>u>
grain lias been raceived ii Nerv Britain saying
th it Walker was kill* 1 by th- oars.
Conference Between Committees
from the A. F. 1 .. and C. F. U.
The special I'ommlttees of officer? of the American
Federation •>' Labor ami tin Central Federated
Union to bi \:-.k ;>b(tut harroonv bctw»°n unions »>t
the American Federation of Labi and those un
afflltated ; ■•*,•;«;> ih^lr confrrencea yesterday In .i
parlor of the Hotel Victoria. The t;--ißi< In the
union*, irhirh ■;■ on** t;rr>; thi«.'iiton<>fl to disrupt
the <.*otitral Federated ITnivn. v.;is brought about
by %'.;•* ultimatum of th«! American Federatl««i t<»
the Central Federated Union to expel tho unions
not afn!>'c!"».| with t!i« American Federation of
Labor by January :, 1907, or have its charter with
While the two '"..>mmit:e»>s <r> - In s'PF'.on the
• orrldor leading t<> th«j conference roi •.<-. was
rroweU with representatives of thf> unions involved.
•■;:;'., their turn for a bearing. These unions ar
divided Into two i-la.«ses-ur.lonp which have always
li*>en liid^iK-ridfiit and unions In trades which have
national organizations. The ind^ut-ndnnt unions «ro
thoso of the Dock Bulldors. Arcade Workers, Bridge
Tenders and one or two urinilrr tru'l»s=.
In case any of tho unions are iu>t Btronglv enough
• r».i tlsed to be chartered n* separate locals by the
federation, they may be formed Into federal unions
■ -or unions of several trades No f<»<l<>ral unions,
however, have yet been nrennized by the Ameri in
Federation of I.nb:>r In New York, l.tit they have
existed for several years in otl er cities.
Unions in trades which have national organiza
tions ire th< Baiamander Association of Pip % and
Boiicr Ooverers, »evfr.-il ions of butcher "•■■'•.
men and tho lons of bluestone cutters, ni«"tal
lathers, iron chlppers, n;"tal polisher?. boxmak*r«
r.nd «a er? «nd plur ber*' helper* Tn«! cred*n«
tials o? the delegates of the Theatrical i»ctivi
Union and th^ Muaic.il Mutual Prote«*tlvc L'nion.
whose expulsion from the Cenrsal Krdrp^for} Tjnion
ajrainpt the wishes of th* federation I<*-1 to the
ultimatum of the latter, have l<?»u held up pending
the conferences
Separate conferences of the rival unions of
butcher workmen and p«int»r« were held yesterday
at th» Hotel Victoria and the Prlnc George Hotel.
A rrom'w of c«use.» were lieurd by the harmony
committee yesterday afterm-un and evening, and it
expects to finish Its tvork to-day.
The property of the South Mountain Mine, near
Silver City, Ida! consists of .•• en patented
claims, and i» owned by George A. Sunnen-.ann. of
Spokane. U'ok!:. It Is b<MiiK developed by a force cf
twenty men at tha present time. It bears a marked
resembl In geological structure, size, history,
surroundir.s?" and inin°ralogif al position to tl.<>
Bn ke : Hill illver-lead-zlnc deposits of few South
Wales fictth Mountain Is ar t lsolit».d uplift that
risea tn an <<xtrem« slei a ■ cf S.OOO feet In a
broad plateau of Columbia basal It is almost t?n
rnilr* long by rtve miles bi-cad. and presents en
anticlinal arch the en of which t.as probably
he«n Jifiken h> a fault and eroded to <» dee) gul-'h
now forming tht J>^d of Williams Crr^k. which
practlmlly traverses tho rwntr" cf t!:f» uplift in a
:iorthi\^i-»r;y dlr«cticn. The Sonrernann property
covers s ni!:ier*!!z*d r*c:lcn of tlie lii.ie«trine lo.i*
for two mill Of !t^ r<iu r ?». a::d consisti r.f n c-.r.i
bination r.f old rlalnis ti'ar formed the basis of a
big; mining enclti •• !n Nevada fri IS7.T.1 S 7.T. when
t:-.e ramp of South Mountain had n population for
a. ehort period of a thousand people, and In tnis
respect differ) from the Ttrck':! Ili'.'i S'-hiMs. which
are alt) <1 ledlmentii. It U b- ir,sr ir^.tt-'i by th-
Ragdad-Chase M:r.:::K Company.
k ■■:•■■
a baker, a
to death »■

Severn] Other Deals in the Central Fifth Avenue District Reported —
West 85th Str et S:>i '!' a Improved ai a (
Th* eatata. of Alexander Bryant has s^M No 3.
]"• anrl 17 Ea?t . >2<l it . •■■■> four story and
basement dwelling houses, on n. j.iot oOxOS.O feet,
120 feet fa-" of Madison aye. "riio purciiase
price was about $200.<)00.
Robert Mlcolino w.13 yrsterdny reporteil to
have sold A*... 3^ 'West lid St.. a new four
?tory ami basement biiUdink. on a lot U0.8x©8.9
feet. 210.0 feet <ast of Broadway.
Pooher * Co. have told the thror siory and
lia.«t«r.»C!:t private house. .\'o. US West .'V_M ><..
which is on lot 16.8x7».«; feet] f'>;- Margaret
Bun •' to Theodore Abelsonn as un investment.
I". A. Carll has sold for Man- N. Hill N-x "I
to L'>> St. Nicholas Place, threo n-w five j;t«)ry
ttathounett, each on .'i plol .'.-.-- .:.»>,. t i.>
Jacob H. Mohr.
Plans have been filed for .-i si . story brick loft
building for Daniel \v. Hlchman. t«»>be erected
at Niis. 54, '■<■ and "A Wi>pi .'!Sth »i it will
I;.!-. •• a :• . .u,if of 41 feet ami j< fl«!>tls i»f !»l
feet. with an extension. thi i\iv-:i«le l>eing <■?
t«rr:v cotto and trimmed brick. It is to <-.%st
•Vl •_'.".<»■<•. urcordinK to the estimate <>x' Samuel
fcJHP.s, tin> arfhltect.
Justice Mi< 'all, of the Supreme Court, • eater
day , pomt < d William I*. Quieley referee to sell
the* !»U!"». etc. of I 1,, property at the northwest
corner of Broadway and k"»th ut., :i 'plot N<t 7*
145.11 feet, with l >i;il«llT!c< thereon, in a suit
brought by Milton I. Bouden ueainst the Long
A< re Square) Bulldli „ Company and •>! i : . y i to
foreclose •■ mortgage of £47.74*
Edwin K. Ilolden has sold a plot ."oxloo fe*t
a 1a 1 the southeast corner of 105 th at. and River
side Drive An American basement dwelling
house will bo erected on ''i'" 1 site.
The Putnam Holding Company leased to
Benjamin Bruce, of Chicago, th? Putnam House,
northeast corner of 4th ay«. and 28th at., for a
term of years. It will be continued as a hotel
after extensive alterations have been made.
Plans hoy* been filed with Buildings Superin
tendent Murphy for a twelve story loft and ofllce
bulletins with a ground floor story to be built
for the Northward Realty Company, of. which
Simon Piunkel Is president, at the northwest
COrnor of J..hn and Dutch sta. It will front T."»
r«et on John at. and 114 feet on Dutch si., with
facades or brlclt trimmed with limestone ami
terra cotta. It is to coat $250,)k)n. Howrlla i:
Stoke* are the* architects.
Th* Rlckert»Finlay Realty Company report!
the following «Rles In Broailway-Fluahtng: To
.l;ini»>H A Mir, thrre lots In "nth si., for $"_\l«it> :
( to Qustavu* V;i:n four l>t li Uith .-•:. and two
lots In 17th St.. for f4.8D0; to John Nordhouse,
three ■«<'.« In "-Ms; i»t.. for ■'"_'. tt«l; t.i Peter \i
Welch, two lots in ;*; *< it ! » «;., for $1,400; t.» Albert
Coivlek, tiro lot? in i"th at., for $I.tii.rt>. Also th*!
fallow OS *s%lm in TV-os/la* Manor: To William
■£. FsT.ers and Emma L. Ta: lur. five lets in Ar
Real Estate.
If You
to buy Real Estate which
can be quickly converted
into cash, and having Ti
tles which will readily pass
the most careful scrutiny
of an examining lawyer,
take only that which is
protected by Title Insur
ance issued by the
Lawyers Title
Insurance and Trust
capital $9,500,000
surplus $3»*syyswuu
87 Liberty Street. SO Liberty «lreer.
(Till* Oi;U «Tiu«t ± Utßktot l>i>t.)
ISS Hontasoc Street. Brooklyn.
(Title ip-»*i p -»* ■»■;; TraM 4. B«ntl-s De?t.*
Real Estate For Sale.
HIGH i T *.-; MANHATTAN real estata efftctlve ser
vi-« for buy«r »nd r»i!-r. a.-cv.rat- arrr*!«a:«. nanag»
ment of e»t»te* ALBERT B ABHFORTH, 4 \\ . ?.«
F9 r«sl<l«ne»l •'.»!•■■• one «
f two hargalr.s no-.-r Sered befor". POST * REESE.
IS Eu' Mth *t. ■ ,
fat bell pvpi- on the floor. ting *n« house on
The 'Washington Life Insurance Company of New
York. John Tatlock president, has Just published
its report for th" year ending December 31. IMC
which «hoTTs that the total Income of th» company
for the year was «: 139.M7, included In which 1'
y.M'S.ES'S premiums on new bupir.eys and jr.f*7.TS3 re
newal pr'-mi'-in-.?. l!it»r*»t received amounted to
5C:?.41". ar.d r»r.ts 1364.173. The disbursements ta
policj holders were ?2.03«.T9«, and the tot3l expenses
of the manasfrcer.t J^-.CST. The balance of ir.como
cvi»r dijbur.'cmer.ts n«< its*7.n
The nssets of the company now total J1?,5"4.5U.
<"if the zis-'ts Jf.CTJ.I7i if invested in real estate.
14,443.10 in bonds and mortgages . J-1.1TT.T71 In stock"
n-.?il bor.di cf tbe mf>rk»t %"ah;>? of th.it amount, and
Ji.Si?.:-o.") h.i<; hcu i.»:in»<l on ti'.e company's policies.
T'p" lia>.i:iti»s inrl'.Kle J17.,i?5,<V2 reserve on policies,
eiifiitlon.s iinfl annuities, md a surplus rf 565^.191.
Durir.R -iie jfar thp cr>n:parjy issued new Insur
ftnee that was iaii for to th-> ? mount of $ 1 J.525.5:>.
inaKirtjr the total amount of insurance In force
fti1,(j32.Z53. A stotement of hnr.J.i and stocks owned
hv th* company is puMli»h<"i with th«* Btaternent
of operations. It shows a lons list, principally of
All dtsbarsementa •«<■-■. j;-;v smaller than in
*h« previous year and j;62.500 smaller than -i 1904-
Th«? head oiTV:e rxpenje?" w#re reduced SZt.M . com
pared wlr)-, Jast y«?ar. md $101,435 as compareii with
I>"U. wbl'.p Rrency cxpfny^p were $33,106 smaller
than the previous year and j;73.7CS unaller than
in I9ot
Tri"* inrr««a«» in B<n»t<» last year was S.""" . of
which **;V.,i"7 r.a« inrrcaa* In re«erv^^. The cora
nany paid dividends t-« rcllcyhoirler" asgregatins
ji7..'ir. aj-.<l ir.rreas«><i its surpl-is (89,957.
•f!*: ' I N.OOOi to Charlea W Dejui two

-■ Bin lota li Richmond Road,
I Biachof, four I ts in
Mai ■ • : r f 1 000.
Ernestus Gullc)c Company has !«old No. 301
Park place, between Vanderb'.lt and UnderhiH
avt>s.. Brooklyn; It is c two story aril basement
sum- dwelling boose, lSx4sxlOO feet, for An
drew 1). Corwln to an investor for $10,000
Plans have been filed for remodelling the , afe
in the northwest corner of the ground floor -.f
the Hippodrome Building into two stores (l( _
vided by partlliond of .»riiu:n^iitiil tile # The
chango is to ooM v■ ■ ■-■ a >:c.ird!i:g to the esti
mate xt Jay )i. Morgan; the architect
I'biMs have been filed for v six story apartment
house for Iwenty-tlve fanillles. in be built In
lSGth st* Khi f.-oi west of St. Nicholas aye for
th»- Whit* Construction Company: of which John
'•''"■ is presldtnt; at a cost <>f $80,0U0, an.l for
n six Ktitry upartment house for twenty-four
families, to "•• built for in- Mayfleld Construe^
tion Company; ..f which :Henry \\ Hoiigs is
president, at No. 1.1 to til East i<>.;, St.. at :i
of Jl^OtKX
!.. J. Phillips & Co. have sold N\>. « AVcst Kn.l
aye. 1 . a rour story American bas^m»nt tln-eiiitir
hoiwe. on a lot K'.xSJ f^et, for Clixabeth P. T>!«»r
I^onurd Morgan lias *..>;.! '•'• Edward T. *
Ueorge . Th"6msb:i the fly« stor>- tenement house
on lot KX98.9 ftet. No. .V.S Y\>.-t loth at., to »
buyer as an Investment.
John T. M*ehan has bought' a •■..: d^ii ltis
house «nd *tal-l<» on n plot KTxSo.ixlrreßiil^r -»t
»»!•» northeaM f-omei of the Grand Boulevard '-nd
concourse. 11° will occupy the premise* M-
Meehan ha* soltl No. lCi" Madison a\> a th're*
story dwelling house, on a 1..r 17.7xSS t^t
H. C. Neumann haa sold Nos. i:s and 13" East
ph M.. two four story dwelllna houses, on plot
34.1x100.8. to John MeLaughlln. *ho owns the a<»
joining property. No 183 to 13«. at the southwest
corner of T.fxiiiKton aye.
David Adl< : has i Id for Samuel C, Baum No. iV>
to 444 West 41st St.. tlire* four story tenement
houses, with stores, on ploi £0x98.9 feet
H. .1. Kantrowitz has resold for UtwvnfeM A
Praß*r to -. Mr. Ooldinr Nos. 82S and Ol Fast 3th
St.. old buildmgs, on plot 4i-'x:C t#?t. A els story
fli< rlir»nsf> will ne erected.
TVllltsm O. Park has sold to Mitchell A. C Levy
No. 43 West 4-.:! 1 st., a four story dwelling house,
on lor !S.txlOO.S f^et.
Pauline and Id? Re i<.s have sold No. IS East i:sth
St.. a nw story Rathouae, on lot 25xi00.1i feet.
r.oulsi T«ec< bits DOURbt No. i:» Rast 112 th St., a
llvo story lenrnient house, on lot SixlMUl feet
I.oulh Harris has sda to I lac Goldberg the six
story tenement house nc th«» southwest corner of
Avenue H and «th tt., on plot H9x4l.r, fi-et.
Nettle X- itllntrer has sold No*. -il and 21S Bleeck
r>r -i.. OKI buildings on plot ;.ik7:. feat.
Th< Ernsi ■'.. 1 Realty Company has «r>ld for
Philip fVattenberg to Jacob stammler No. 1266
Franklin aye., a two story dwelling bouar, on lot
... „, f^t.
Lieo Hutter !■...<: sr>M for Max Aaron and others
to .Mrs. Klu Bloom So. ':■■; Wale* aye., a two »tory
frame building, on lot 25jcH>>.; iVlt.
At li '."■-■.. 81 H\ j.u»j;h p. Day— i.'i anrl i.-,;: MSj|
•I. b -. SB ft c of l^xlncton .•<%«■. .tAxl<«Mlx trrw; ♦; sty
Irk flat house stu. iton?: i-i:K.. l r Trust t\i net MI. Osic
«t »1: Bow* - i S. atty»; A 1. .lv.--.ix. r«f: a:nt «lur.
lift 74; «-••. Hr. )tes«T; to N"ath»u S. hi»i ?. .
111 >' »1 iiilJiHck»r— l3 »ml Hi\ i:<Tih »:. 1. •. 4i«i ft
•" cf Ixnox n\f. '\I«V1!; *»!;.• t-rk flat hows>»: Sinmn
UhK<slrl«r al *' i!c». H*ii.iarnln s ! i»!-«rm»n er •' Max 3tl
v^Tj'ain, a«y: V ■' Rtncn, ft: istt dv» iS.HST*;
taitf. tt«, SI?' 1 W, id]; uriisd to r*sn>arr la.
Real Estate.
To Let for Business Purposes.
For Rent
Thirty-ninth Street
For terms, floor plans and par
ticulars apply to
4 West 336 Street, New York
(Fireproof. Fronting Brook 1- n Br!-Ig«.
S: ■
("..-, - t VACGH
Brooklyn Property for Sale.
Adjoining Prospect Park South,
tm • r? t .
-m» Keeks ftOßi Erisit?a BeacSi ' '-' real leajsesi
A -- modern imsro-versen's. co3vsnl«rr ■■* storai act<v:».
church**, tte L.it 50xl00i Surrvuruitns* vnjurpas**d-
W. A. A. BROWN, Owner and Builder.
can "■■• PROPERTY.
Ha-* Tcri oEces. 140 ft.
Country Property for Sale.
For Sale at Larchmont
An uansuaJly attractlva §tcr.» haua ta perfac-t
t>.-Uer. fcutlt by prtsent ovr-«r tsr his ov.i vji, tn
ttM t*»t and rrtof. subs'artlal mana»r. wits a!l
Tr.«d?TT: conveniences. ln^u>llng bathro"r.i» to ea-i
tu!t». eT*cirl; Ilsbta, etc. Amply fcpatrl tat co:3
, -• 'veath^r.
Sliuau.l In tha ctntn of cbout two arres. • --•-
Ir.i: m thr-^ roais. his irroiind. f.ns vi»»a.
<.sroun«3.« *;1! U!>l out an* kept.
Aa ua-aual opportunity Is ■-' pressatM t#
• rquire. at 1%. rcasouab!* price, a ncs: attractive
l>r further r«rt:ru?ar» ap?!y (Sj
G£o. R. READ & CO.,
sj Ltb«rty s?t. (a;:*' " Ka;t 83th St
Isi^anh IN isi-.\xt> BOrXD for sale.—as
.! .«, r .' m I.AYTOX & CO.. Inc., 5 Rai'.roai v ssoe,
S<'Ut:i Norwalk. Ccnn.
O- . ..• <ow> ■
Country Property to Let.
Summer homo. large hGU»«». furnished: 5 aafSl car»\l
for; delightful »urrountl!nfr«; a little oTer an hour from
dram) Central Station on either rtssa or N. 11. R. 1"
tn \7«stchest*r County. Kert. $l.Si«» for saw For
f.jrthrr pftrtioulara apply rZHUaPS & WELX3. Tribuae
Kuildtn^. New Tori;.
A KVEItXR.— To let for t^• «umm*r ssasssx •• * rrt
a\. vate ri-\(?l!ln* onlr, a:t ur.otwtructea oc»ar.-favme
<-ot?3*<\ with Imri: ter.nis gn>uivls; ni'^^m a"d ft-* yt «:'***
In •very respect; nr.ta!, 52.rtH>. AUJrcu bos V 4. Ar
vorp» N. Y.
J — Rented ronpletrlr fjiinlsh^.i: «v»ry comfort; to*
h»*rh; cotta«« titva .old; circular. KAEP. 303 We * r
IMth st.
Ci 7// Property for Sale.
H;»i» «lIH Oil « -O-oPCK.*TITT
*i:..W. J. S. DRAKE. 42 BraaJwy. Ne» Ho.<- _
Uwfwmkked Apartments to Let-
I) in, below Clirle: !a*t KOBC&
tJtrs E K0BC&
■ton': nr»proof. For . ■•"« w« CMARLE" £•
4S» f.th aye. —
Furnished Apartments.
bath, to let. Apply I —
Real Estate at Auction^
, O. PHIENIX IXr.ItAUAM. AuetloP** r-_r -_
Mortgage Loans.
IWANT ■ $'i<>iv» tir«i tr>i-vrt«»s» on ray IW"? *" *?*
I«VA> TT>,.rtg«s» on ;ny nonjy *" *^
wr In \\*,*,~Wt owntr: latw*.
10» Xast l»ta * f 81 *

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