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Florida Resort*
Doctor Suggests New Method of
Dealing tdth A i 'if pica I Child.
Th«> pro!, km ( .i the :, < yj.io a l 'hild la probably
thoupl;t of by mosi people a? uri" with which
only educators ar<- concerned, but a"<iniirig to
Dr Maximilian Oroszmann, who yesterday :i<l
inwed tne New fork City Mother*' Club at
the Wiildorf-Apinr!;, on this subject, It is one
of Urn gravest and most vital problems of mod
ern society.
"If these children do not receive the |
training," Dr. Grosxmann said, "they grow up
\viih all their defects exaggerated, and not only
suffer al! their lives in consequence, but make
<>!h?r people puffer. There are thousands ai}.l
hundreds of thousands "f these people. Many
cf ihr:n :>.r<- exceptionally blight In some re
spects, and iliis brightness makes them leaders,
while then* dulneas In other way* makes them
dangerous leader?. They recruit ih<- ranks of
our pseudo- reformers, mir demagogues and <>ur
Cz^lgoszp. A lack "i' judKnif-f.t and decision \»
a mnrked rhar.ir tr-r:.<-tic </T this class of children
jltp. and tn ■ restaurant you mr, often
recopni7." the persons who have been atypical
I not receive ihe proper training
by the way they will vacillate I reen ball a
dozen different tables."
Persons usually think of tho child who is off
the normal as being backward", but thai is not
true t>y any moans. Recording to Dr. (Jroszmann.
I\e finfis thr.t the procorioiiF child "nrfds Ihdi
virtual attention quite as much as the backward
•*i have ■ great pity.** he said, "for those chil
dren . ivhose briiehtnews in allowed to bldssani
forih prematurely iik-- a hothouse plant, :i puc-.
riflVe to th«- vanity of the parent. Such children
Instead of being r.'lowed to skip classes BhouW
bt» taken of school a while and allowed Lo .
rest a'T.i eft i>-;i!!i!iul physical exercise.'/ Their
health n*-.-ils CipAtial ntre. because they are usu
ally unhappy, particularly ii they are frirlK,
and that learta upon the body."
The child vbo is simply ■ little <>ff the normal
Dr. On'.srniar.n cr-p y',f\<-rff to be a greater danger
than the <>nf> who is plainly defective, because
the latter is tolerably <oriain to drift- into the
proper tituiion. r.hlle the former remains
with normal ch'.Uifii.
To deal with this olufs of ciiildron ho recom
mtm&9 :-,' •<; ii -aJ and psychological experts in con-
Dfctlori v.'th fvwyrchiini gystem. with Bp**el3il
ciasros. f=cnn<iis j:;nl twhoblhousetC wl:i:-h
<an" as«:um<» the ent:r«- rare cf the child. In
"i^Tiy raprp ho concwders the mother the worst
ii^Fsiblc person to hive tbf> <-arc of nn ;Jtyp>--al
child. He^ also recomnierda the '-rcatlon ■,' -i
row profession— namely; that of the consultine
TV.- Nap!' .i Talit? A»«<x.natlon for promoting
Ir.loiaiory rMiear<*h by trornin r.-Jshea to call at
tention to th»* opportunfdes far rosvirch in rooligy,
tx>:nr.y and phj-jHolop iTovi.lf.i by i!i<» foun'lation
of »Ms t;ili!''. Any y.nvrnr.i.'fi! <ir ass.'Klatlon
»iik!i payx r.V>n ano dally la aizlxnV^] a table f.»r n-
<">. Hans Hroth«r.">, Sadfes' tailnrs and Importers
for «"!/:"!:. with .' s;«-r.- Dl S<>. :.'<» W.st •JTih
dircw. «« .• cpec/ial ln<luc*incnt OjJs week 'iff*
tailored gowna '<>> «-H..r nrhfch fonfjerly sold f"r
- R7<». ihc f>r!<-p nori' brin;^ F4S. These tailors
*Jjt offf r this reduction t!>pt they may !;«■••}'
tli#»:r gx>»vl rn«?n at work duiiax tli>: wason ■'•:■
fi»'ff*n \\'ln%ST and Rprinsr! Although t!i!« i-rxiu' -
Mon i:» p»' 1>! '- u» r::\<\c, <». I!a*;- Brother? lay thr
fit an'l •.vo.-(-!rf>Rr.*;lj. arc fully ui> t«' the stHiuJ
ilta win
Florida Resorts.
spfirr-h at the zoology station at N*aivl"s, and is en
titled to appoint to it qualified students, who are
provided by the station with all materials; •'!'
paratus unrl assistance free of < ost. Oii<-; table Is
sometimes used by four or hv< research students In
the course of :: year. The Naples Table Associa
tion was organ lied for the purpose "f <>[»*ninK these
opportunities to American women; an : any woman
wishing to avail herself of th<> same fiurlns tii<»
coming year should m:iK«.- application in ;'-e ?»c
r'!;;ry on or before- Mai 1. The appointments are
made by th following executive committee: Flor-
■■■■ ,■ M I .il Ing. No 8 Walnut street, liosioiu
chairman; Mary i:. \Vooll<*3 . president of Mount
Holyoke rolUge: (.::< 11. Richards, of '.;■•• Massa
chusetts Institute or/Technology; Alic- Ijpton lJenr
main. No. r:SS IJ«acon sir-et. Huston; M-iri')ii Tal
)iot. dean of women. Chicago University; Elizabeth
I. Clarki (Mrs. S. P.). vVllliamstown, .Mass.. imms
urwr. and Ada-AVlng Me; ti (Mrs-. A. D... No. 253
Wayland .•! venue, Providence, sorr-tary.
Th«" association a!.s« .':.■ periodically a prize of
$1,009 for the b'>st thesis written by a woman, on a
scientific subject, embodying n«w 'observations ■< nd
new conclusions based r.n un Independent labora
tory research In biolog'.?jil, chemical or physical
sciearf,. The fourth prize will h<- awarded In
April. 1909. Application blanks. Information In re
gard to I lie advantages •• Naples for research and
collection it material nd circulars givinK the con
ditions or tbe award of the \rz\z-; will be furnished
by the r< tarj .
Dr. Walsh's Lenten Lectures on Fascinating
Historic Figures.
Dr. James J. Walsh has discovered hall n d ■' n
very modern women amid 1 li** shadows of the pas"
for his lecture course to li<> delivered under il"
I it:.- i f "Som ■ Women Who Did on Thursday
mornings in I>-nt, foi the benefit of tin cancer
honu -.- under the charge of Mother Alphof.sa I.a
tliroi«. Kitst there i- "The. Creator of a New Voca
tif.i f.r Women." Santa Clara of As'-isi, who vii'J
be th< subject of the first lecture, to be given on
February a, at 11 o'clock, at Mendelssonn Hail.
No. US West 40i :: str-'t. Then comes "Tne Mrs-.
Settlement Worker." Queen Khzabetn of ilungary,
and after her "A Girl Saini in Politics mil VAt
eratnre," Catherine Benin Casa. tbe dyer's daugn
if-!■. of Si'-na. •■i.i<- M.i.i i. Orleans"' will i«? tin?
subject of i lie fourtli lecture, and the fifth will
deal will "At Uncanon'zeJ Sal of Hi Kennis
pane*-." Vlttoria Colonna. The course will <•!■>?«
with a talk about i bat rcni'ai kabl< A'Otuin, li.
Tl;Tf*». the reformer and mystic.
Mother Alphonsa, who, as every on< Knows, is
Nathaniel Hawthorne's daugrhter. is lioplns fur
IS f>j(l from Dr. Welsh's lectures, hut this will :>
possible only if tho«p who Know of her effortb In
behalf of tip destitute vi i!n)« of cancer tako a<l
v?ntagQ of tills opi'ori'mity 10 In lp In , an. l at i:i ■
1 sn-ri" time to spend some pie isant Tbursd iv niorn.
ii.i-s. LJnfortunntely. the late ; lamented olizzard
swept ajj :■•• circulars -if announcement over : ■>
■ Hawthcrne, N. .i.. instead of 10 Havrihorr.e, S. V..
'• th« ce»t of th<s country ivm? for cancel suffi^rerfi
! hut the Sisters have dlscover.j'l „ brigh* side to
t!i< ralamity. They r^j-ii.-o ihat th • hlizrar-l ins
' f-jne :«nd uoiie. tnstf>:i'i of hcihg reserved for eoraa
I Tliursday morning In T-ent.
Grace Church Kay Follow St. Paul's and
Start Ore for Womer...
'I i:f lu'iilio.n < ! -ill Iden seonis to \,o "r.iwirif;. in
aplte <r the ;-:>m;o to .-. lili Ii th'« Rqv. W. Montagiu<
(,<<r wr"s lrcat?O when he started oife rei. ; eritly In
Si. Paul's I'aii-ii House, Irt Vt»st-y sti t. i irace
Churclt now i.» I .;i;i:i^ <.f liavlns .i luriciieon Hun,
anit tin>rc Is a l:i--i: <- army • f •xommx workers l.i its
u'-l«!iii'«r!n>' «l from which it can Jraw Its patrons,
■1 lif ih>li] is not .-■ i iuia!l\ in'Rlfi t.v,|. perhaptf. aa
was tli'.- downtown "ii.- before il.e St. Psiul's i?luh
v/:is started, but ii-- Cra.cs Church deaconesaps
i ' ill. thtr« i« great need for a place where ih<»
women employed 'n the stores and uffic< 5 In i' ■■
I'.'-U'.iilioiiii'ii'i t-{ !:nii<:j S^uurfli can k<*i ii c>.:il
luncheon a< .1 mod^rats ■ rice ;ir.d s»r»»nii the noon
li.'itr j!<-:s3-itly.
The :.lrin lias si"i y*»«. received th" formal approval
.f i !••• rector, t)i<> R»»\. in William K. Huatlng.
i.iii. !«"!, ii i* «aM, there is no doubt that th'a will
I•• fcrthcotninfC in <l"o timtr.
Ylu- o'caociH'SM^ propw* "> use nome rooms In thn
ur*v." parish hoi"!-? :jiiw bclnfr ftrected on Fourth
avcaua forJtJ:<» '■]!.. and, as :'. : -- building will r.r>t
■ •> comiileled until May, nbUiins c::n be done before
Florida Resorts.
Mrs. Johnson's Recollections of Him \
in Civil War Days. i !
m 5, .. •: Lincoln as ho l:n'iro-<rofl n j*lrl not i 1
yet out of her techs iva's the i!mcly niibjcct of a I '
paper read I'y Mrs. Mary Corßii Johnson .-t th-.- ■
monthly meeting <>f the Hauglttrrs <>r Ohio In I
N-v.- York hold at the \yaldorf-Astoria yesterday !
afternoon. Mrs. Johnson herself iva's the girl, I
and lier paper was made up .if noU'3 which .sh< j
Jcut'.-rl down at th<^ limf-. '
I The words '/patriotic ilay" headed yesterday'b j
I programme, ;ind tm.Ht of the nuinbors were of it I
I patriotic cast. First 6aine a song by \V. C,\
Piewart. "3ly Own I'nlted States/ 1 Mrs. Johnson
vyho is a charter member of Hie Daughteris ■•.'
Ohio, followed with her recollection's »f PreaN
doiit 1 im (An.
■•Married at seventeen." she said. "1 was fond,
like many other glrlß. of taking little trips to
VV'ashhiKton. l.iko a schooleirl. I was given 111
writing dowii in my diary the itiiiu ; s 1 m\\ „.n , \
heard, and I made careful note <>r <■%«•;■;. time 1 '
•" loolci d al Llni uln.
"The nrst llnie I saw hlni •.. lV aa standing up
at his full height; c:i!:n and uiu-bncerned. ap
parently, In .in open barouche, opposite my dooi
in the stiv.pt v >f a EouihwoHterii < Ity. The carrlajs<
moved slowly, th" street iici,iK blocked by :-.i;i:;s»-s
of iv->ip>r, and I. like every <•;!<• else. K ;> ;ic<l ;.i
him w1 th ell my eyes. Unattractive !:•• \va.« m
his I Eonal appearance, unpolished, with no
pretensions Jn his manner i»< Euperlorlty, and yet
something about him, rumcthing i:i his .iir.'Mt..
Ptid simplicity ;.mj the ritrong individuality <>!'
l..'s presence* impre^Hod me very deeply. 'iii
w:.s n"t easily Impressed a t that time.',! Mrs.
Johnson remarked parenthetically, "by any ••-
li'ius person.
"Lincoln was a ' <■'■••■ Kentuekian In a'i»'
pearam-e. a i the time of vvhk-h i speak )ii. <:
national reputation was a matter •if month:'
only. He hail no thought ;:t ihat time <> f Inter
fering with slavery in the m.:i»s whero it al
ready existed. He hud w<>!i the hls-i confidence
of h.s party and .1 reputation for wisdom and
telling oratory by his speeches in hid contro
versy with Stephen A. Douglas; and now; beln;i
newly elect€d-to the Presidency, he was on iu^
way, to the Carltol;t.o take his seat. Kven then
mp.ny of th< states ■••■.. s!k:ik of tii*- 1
■11 ....-, conflict were vlsiblo! bul none of us
drcamof] .••.« we looked . >i Lincoln how serious
the conflict would he. nor tjiat we were lookiirj;
at the great protagonist to \>c.
"Three yeajs'later i v, ;\y, in vVashih?tbn. My
; flrrt vi,,.;; :•=! of Mm there was at :i foi ma I fum -
; on, whore I liad the pleasure <>f a lia irtfh ik-»
and a brief word from ill-* President. The M
low ing Sunday I 1 ' at a few yard 3 away from
the ••-.. vvhieh the Prr.^ldeni occup!el at the
! Ni'w York Avenue Presbyterian Church, ntul I
I was struck by !'•■ careworn look; i>y the lines
, which the past three years had drawn i:i his
. . face
."Near th • ••• •■•■ of Jar.va ry, I CV, I went at'-iln
1 to Washington. With our party wew seveVfl
' men who reprenfnted a "■' ■• unpaid charity
which th' Civil War had'lirought Into *x»Btrnef,
the Pn,ited ptatea Christ l.i.ti t^ommlsslon; Th«««»
' men h.i<! an Interview with Pre<Usrnt Llneoln al
the While Housj?, by appolntnifnt, ant) I was
i allowed to accompany them,
"\V<? arranged nur^flves ii t 1 ••■■.■ K-.*>:\
I i . did, Ind after a ilttlo vjelii'y the Pre«ldcnt
I <ar.TP in We rose In «.ii!- feet. George jl.
i Steiyari; president of i\-; ■ roimn'tMion; aililrfss;d
himj speaVlrig of i» trust the r< i»plo h:<«i >'ti
him a nd alluding lo'tbe sympathy he had'sWwn
i ii- |.i>mi- fellows in the Southern priEons. an I
i thanking him also for the aid t'.i." commission
. i.;,.: r.\-:-.-<-. at irs hnnrts
v.Th« President stood with clasped hand?, tall
arid Raunt'Uhal familiar descripllon la i .il y
ill.-. t-no t':ai ill? his ii- '?•<•. He was e veil
\ tiM.iv haggard than w;:>>n 1 had last Keen htm; a
> year ! efi ...
■ ■■ 'Yon owe im. 1 ii.> thanks.' he said, 'for li'«t
I may ha\''.* ... ..!■■ to . } . . for you, nr f ■ >;■ o'<r
? . bray« men In ' '" OelcS; and if i may lie per
, mitted i" -:«'•" It. i owejyou ii" thank* for what
you are doing : ; " well. Wo arc :i'!\- vvoik ■,c
! for the rniiH in ' it Is 1».w;h:p" !.,■• eaua la
iust that we Bud joy in th* work.'
:! "Then the Pre ii ■• sii.»ik hands with tha
members of the rommlsslor and rske<l th* party
r to t.f.m<* Into the BIU ■ Koon;.- ile Vvarit/fd sotrifl
I 'PfrFon:.! epnvfrs^tlon,' ho Kiiid. „1 v;n'iir
g him a« he rat i:i his chnu\ In the same. awk.'
— 'on n'ado familiar to us by th« nlrturp* at
Florida Resorts.
him. Hr conversed with th* sumo freedom he
would havi shown tf He had been making a
neighborly call back in Illinois.
•."Two-evening* :iit<^r that there wis gathered
at'; the tv.pjtoi duo 'of the most^illntfnErUlshed
assfii)l>ii< s ever convened in America. Th>> mem
bers of the diplomatic corps were there, :<n<l ihe •
Cabinet, including Seeretary;:df War Stanton. j
Schuyler Coif as w.in |>ri-s*-nt. rm ueiv James il.
Bin inc. und Adrnirn) Farragut, in full uniform. !
The "m < - 'it:l'>:i i.f t Tr *•< meeting was ihe anniver- j
nary of tho United ;-tat<'« Christian Commission i
and Km «pt< i.i! feature a discussion of the dread- j
fut conditions of ■'!>•? sul<M» is confined in the
f-o'jtlu-rn prisons. I'rf-M-Mt'y President Lincoln
came In. followed by two officers, mi ! slipped
into :i p»-:it i-r a ro.v occupied l>v plain citizens!! ;
The must telling recitals were th»- ones mail • by ',
Chaplain C. < '. MeCab* (afterward Bishop M»*-
Cabe). and hv a w.-ir correspondent, A. B. Ulch- ,
nrdson. v.hn hut o short time !n-for«> had escaped ,
from the Fallsbury stnckaCt* in North Carolina^ •
und after weeks of vyanderinc In the mountains ■
had flnaiJy reached il'*> Union Hn'-s. As Mr.!
Uli har'lFcn ftcod n:!>i talk.'d. st, w.eajt.frorri his j
experiences that h« ha-.l to cllpk »o a !ah> for ;
support. 1 saw President Lincoln's ir::i so up j
in his eyes.
Dui-inK tl-.e ov»:iiriK I'h'.ilp Phillips. :*t that !
tlsn^ :i well kr'mwn singer and composer ... ;
hymns. «;:»r dnwn ar the piano and sans n sons !
whii'lt hn.l laf«?ly been written. "Tour r>is<ii>n." •
The Prrshleni ti;ol: ,i «r:i[> »f paper from his I
pnckPt and tvrot ! n n"te. which he h;i r : l Oil »jp i
t» the chair.nnn. Afterward I ...
It was: "Ni'-tr c)c»s? of rvenlni* let us }>.:w<* i
•Your Mission' ror»'*:iT"il \,y r: : |'.' ; » Phillips i
D<»n*t say I colled for It.V
The f'Mi^ was repoatfd. nn<l tho ?hi>irman an- '
nnunced that it wts by H'" ie<iu<»st «f ••..•>•
\vl-r s - authority was lint tt» ;..> ou^sHonpd." of
course, every mv- i- m--vm --v tliat triat meant rltf
st-... i, slioulderMl. ssdfacivl, attentive tr^r,^
t!n« lii ti'f nJdlle ->;• the hall. ;•'.• ■ ivith t:.o
••j.!:i::i pocnJpV •;•■ l.iv.-.1.
Two nm-iii'T after this came the trageSy >>f
Lincoln's tJo.uli
TS'e ?:><■■ \<<r': \\:iy lluniaiic Society will hold
n meeting >it i;-,;- \V. I {>>• f-.\.--:.ri i n.xt Ihi r»ln
i>t :: o'clock, >" .•'.-. -!•'■•!• w.i.vn «r.d :j:*:t ; is of Im
prosing Uic contlUliin -•■f anlmuln i:i greater New
Vo:k. Thi.i Inc.til.l4 .vili '..■ entireiy unJiUciu'l, ami
suu,. ; :!.'i-s in,:-) t,,- gen-.ral pucllc :,r« dciired.
•II- pfl»c«-ra hoi)€ ihut .-.'l w.:t endeavor i>y their
irfs.-iu" to :>u-.kf i .:<■• irc^lii-i; ;: •.iu-«>-*s. s;r»-*» it
wf!i cii.-f « i-fnur.m.ii-4 {-1 hiiu>an«- worktra t.> real-
Izn tlir'.t- »tr*»nstli •!■' ■• IkjUj*. ,-\ nurr.bi*r 1 ■ »imil
mi • -iii < ■■ will '.I- !i< .•! if Hih cacocra^eraent Is <>-t
''".!'■'■' : s=;:te- (no a up. ni
for funds will he m:. 1 . . '
T;.r> «.■■.•',!.'■ rtovotlorol meeunj; of t!o !,-'^j>«"
1 "hrlFtH'n l'n!"T) will N? held to- n'orrov 'M 11 ••"• ir 1 k
!'i th- rhdpel <>f tl\^ Cpllc^l .ti- Cfhurch. Kift.i svenuw
s.r.<J Attjt *'-"<" t- ,
An ><'■<'. fad is Airs. M- "?. '(:■• bj (ojlectlni
fancy ''v 11 halrcoml-?. In a Chippendale tib&et
In < ii'- of '.'" ronras of her h<-:..«-. in rdrk avetiuK
is 3 ii.li« rtlon ot .- : ■>,■ [■■■„,.: . ■> ' ■ii rtscs .m 1
.■''.lulu ;,, :« ii:c> so laic.c ih-\t ilh»:r rn!f-fii-''.e curve
v , .iM extend around the back >>i any wpinan's
head. ■ 1 1 ■!< i.i:i:. Illegally ffo»n c%tr t<> oar; poipe
f.r^ t:''f ".'■:! )r"i;Ti^'n'? ivf^nlrß, n:ii'. oth*ra are
ni<-.iiii to '""• «o ,n tt»f.h'y ;i-»-:n-:-ri •••; (he *i!if\
;ifi« r ihe fashion of an Aitfulusfcih seSora.
ii inter Ii i>'>rr.s.
■ . :; f.w\
Mt\\ »«:;K Or IKK. ill ft Kill A\tStK.
v, „1- . 1 lit hi. '■•■'-'< «I(.| 'in i:rir.i>ifM« lu..\h»r
.r-.i:»M.-.l l'i,<.,.intii'«ii. I.VMI .ill. l >rvn O i •!»>«.»,..
■ uitd •'omptvltr •>• '<" th»r«»|M»o«u i <iv-i-aMi- Japan
...,• (..--.in iuoiu not! -an p.iil<»r :i>!f tiding ilitvtA*
lift .••l)<r - .uin •■"' l»H»llme» T hrouKh »irt p>-r* . ,-•.■
Nt* V«rk I.S« I' . M <•«•¥ -'iv- TlrUft» .111. Pttll
man ...... vii. C, * O, < >'■■ .■ '•"..• Hi >a.l * . (> - >n.]
..rt.i . > I ;.' >'. ' . Mil • Kklil
' Fi:Kl> !>;...:> Mii.i ■■! •. i .• Kprlmr* V%
THE UEMiLKXIH I «. mm.i.
On the Southern R. •'• BO mll*t Knit* of lti.-Mn.mi
Week:) I* tea. 115 nnd up Pet booklet i<(. !-:•-■
\V. A. I.EECH. M»r . 1 tiata City. Va
.\on-rn ( AKOi.iNA. i * im IMI " '■■■"■ " ' '" ' ' I
PINFY WOODS INN A.ua^U?.m hotel
* "'L I WV-/WL'w> 11N1N.,. ».->; MAONOI.IA, SPHINT-S. Fl.oniD*. lde~l o^.lmaie.
Modern hoi*), Loan i<>i«f pin* :-(-.-iv. Mild. dry. : ''> r ■"'"•■ from mrMquttot-'t. Bi>atir»if. fl«*jlns. shoot
«-guibl»>..c!litiat<-: BT,r.<ly soil; pur* sprlna water; molt Ins: K<i!f; '• mil a- t-'.nUlr:; twft, im- >Mm [
links fre»; »e:int». trap shooting; hum na orchestra ' , Il!u«traieil booklet L
No consum'vtlvejr '' . ' V \i;.\ ">! 1 * INN. S_'.<v» * r <»»' <"> IJ-SEATBT.' I
BT JOHN < SON. Southern rini>.t. N. C im ■..
Florida Rescn
Winter Resort s.
... i - ■ -
■ i
■ i
|lakewood HOTEL
i J
; tit: i:.titi THAT mad;: I. \kk.vood FAMOUS."
' i«o iiced-Htnii . :uui.«!:"t room* ..no:.. m suit*.
with privata :..i.« up. l open »>»-i *<■•* ' ■■— cut-in*
1„, ,; ... lho»* of th* fai. i'<-i» restaurant! of
: N»v. York .<•:'. Paris A hotel for.ikOM •eeuatoaMd'to
i -h- ti.-SI
I TO UK". ion BT AfTftMOnil.E: -i- •■-.! .1 ro»d>
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I slo". «■' Lulu, .--laiii. itvini-tl. >iul-m. exclusive. Lunn OH
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! o.i.y : -. K.i.i >'■■■ ■• ' N»» >utk.
Ol EN All. ihe vr.».K
' siv. i.ii \>inlrr i:»t>'« from Nov. I to May I.
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M.or.in.%. '
Florida Resorts.
Winter Resorts.
Atlantic City, N. J.
Atlantic City, N. J.
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Ev«ry comforr
' Bookl-t «n<l Calendar un appllration.
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■Mill %M> SWAFOKIfU.
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Vtra -nia" .\>->.. n,>»r Itrach. Atlantic City. N. J .—^l*« J^.
lhi-'\ojr y\nr Ta!.^: Suites wttlj prtvmt* *•»■ p,*.
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, a io,'-:uu!l roor-i. h'rt>iH! Ratal f»r Winter. Capacity*"
AIRS. N. R. HAIIXES, Own* and I'roprte^;
g| j^.-h Place, -^^g.
Ot*u SVi'St"^- -S'-S^rf
suits „ r HOOP
\ator to ursel. .-'r*s>sl Spring. rnle* « ___—— —
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Dtr«ct!y on the Death. Special vrtater_Bate*.

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