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president of the Beading Against
Government Regulation.
Karrisrcrtr. Perm . Feb. 11.— a letter presrnted
to lie Pennsylvania I>*grislature to-night President
G€er£<* r. Baer ■•' '• ? Philadelphia & Beadlns
Bfilsrav Company, v-rHin~ on the subject of rail
road legislation, declares there Is no necessity for
government regulation, other than to prevent un
reasonable discriminations.
•'Government regulation,*' he asserts, "because It
mast b«> br fixed and rigid rules, can harass and
ar.noy. but it canr.ot beneflcialljr assist, the varying
demands of businefs"
Mr Saer's letter to the Legislature was called
forth by (ha general Impression, he says, that im
portant legislation affecting the railroads of the
state is to be |jassril at this session. He declares
the growth of the railroads in the last fifty years
has t*e the measure of the development of the
"la the development of railroad transportation."
the letter continues, "it is doubtless true that mis
• a*'"!- have been made. Here and there some dis
|anesty has been disclosed, but it 13 trifling com
pared to the magnitude of the work and the enor
mous sums of money received and expended. Be
cause of careful business scrutiny, the average
oeaty c? officers and employes is not below that
of the community."
President Eaer asserts that the present Pros
perity cf Pennsylvania could not exist "had it not
been for the pood service and reasonable rates
established by the railroads." Both passenger and
freight rates, he says, have beer, reduced from time
to time to far below the rates authorized by char
ters. The letter continues:
The laws of trade are th.? inexorable factors in
}xin~ rates. Railroads are perhaps more interest
!d than anybody else In developing business along
heir lines. Only In this way can they get truffle,
ir.d to pn that traffic they must nx rates which
a-11l enable the manufacturers, merchants and pro
ducers of every kind to Fell tneir products in the
markets of the world. . . .. ,
If you study the railroad trarsportation of other
.•ountries and compare it with our own, you win
md that, notwithstanding the greater density or
opulation in many European countries (which
laterally should bring about lower rates), the fact
s that our railroad transportation is the cheapest
.nd best In the world.
Muf-h of the capital Invested has produced no re
turn. It is broadly not true that the prat railrond
sys-tems of Pennsylvania are overcapitalized. It Is
rot trup that thpir capital stock or securities have
teen watered. It is true that the actual value of
their properties is in access of the book valuations
—I speak authoritatively for the Reading system.
Each year heavy expenditures must be made to
meet public requirements from which no substan
tial increase of revenue is obtainable. The abolition
cf grade crossings, elevation of tracks, new termi
nals in cities at numerous cost, are examples. How
can the railroads go on making these heavy ex
penditures, increasing their expenses by higher cost
of wp-pes, materials and supplies and taxes, and at
tho me time decrease passenger and freight
The national government (apparently on the as
sumption that the power to r^prulate commerce
gives a wholesale power to regulate the business
of the country) has {riven the Interstate Commerce
Commission large powers over transportation.
Time and experience alone can clearly demonstrate
the effect of what it may do on the transportation
end geirral business of the country. It will simply
be mischievous legislation for Pennsylvania to
create a similar commission. It is not needed, and
It will serve no useful purpose. . . .
Notwithstanding the extraordinary— and, some
gcofi citizens think, extravagant sums expended
In the construction of the new capitol. there is a
considerable balar.ee in the state Treasury. This
demonstrates that the present tax laws produce
mere revenue than is required from a government
honestly ana economically administered.
i Director of Piitsburg Company
' Would Hail Ohio Trust.
1 At the annual meeting hi Jersey City yesterday
of th*> stockholders of the Pittaburg Coal Company
Frtnci? L,. Robbing retired as a director and chair
man of the board and ex-Senator William Flinn,
of Pfttsborg. was elected to succeed him as a dl
rector. These changes had been expected.
J. C. Dysart eras chosen a director to succeed the
lave P. L. Donnelly. The other outgoing directors
•were re-elected. The directors win meet in Pitts
bursr on February 19, and will rrobably then elect
Moses H. Taylor chairman of the board and re
e!>iet h:m also as president.
"T had been reported recently that Mr. Rob'nins
•si't-M be retired not only from the Pittshurgr Coal
tt— Upany. but ilso from the Mononjsawla Ri\-»»r
Consolidated «'"oal an^i Coke Company. but at the
annual meeting yesterday the Ftockholders of the
latter ration re-elected the retiring board of
directors, who organized for the new year by : •-
e!e"~'inß Mr. Robbins as president and chairman.
A director of the pittuhwrsr Coal Company said
yesterday hi reference to the rumored consolida
tion of coal companies In the Ohio district to fight
ihfit corporation:
"I do not believe any organization i? belne formed
to fipht our company, as we handle a different
Frade of coal from the other concerns, end can
hardly 'oe considered competitors. I do not believe
that they receive oniy 35 cents a ton. but If this is
tru 1 * it would indicate that the consumers of that
Cisi: ct consider o-jr product cf .i better grade, and
cenf jqtiently worth more. However, If the rumor
is c(.-re?t. and a ■.«,»,, combine Is being formed,
it »■' uid be a benefit to this company rather than a
if'r. rient, for It would tr-nd to promo;* more bar
iTi^-'sus relations between ."ival companies, and in
§th-t way eliminate frequent reductions in the price
C <■ al-
31 i lasers Must Tell Subscribers All
■ the Facts of Purchases.
J'-stic* Garretson, of the Bupreme Court, in
Ero-rklyn. decided a case in corporation law yester
day which, it Is said, •.■•■•;] estsJMisfa an Important
prerecTt in reference to the duties and liabilities
p! syndicate managers. The decision !s in favor
': August Il^cksclier, of this city, against William
E r 'f'nr>r:rn, president of the Lonlstana Hallway and
Kavip itlon Company and cne cf the directors of the
'>.'*-•: S;ate3 eel Ccrporatio*, for $18ij,G00, to
* r with five years' interest, amounting in all
)r«> than • ' MO.
iry Wollman, Henry M. Klackmor and Edward
6 Idman, tjf Xew York, and Comity Judsje Tim
o'.'. J.f. Bns;, of Riverhead. Lous Island, were
cocir. !t>l' for the plaintiff, nnd Charles IfacVeaarb,
slftri!:i ■'.'. Littleton and Stetsan, Jennings & Rus.
»«ll u-»-r*. rnuiipel for the defendant
7h« sv.it was <Jeci.lf-d upon the contention of the
pbhrtiff. whJch the court nustalned. that a synrll
'tt* mana^T •» boi:nd to disclose to his subscriber^,
to th<» v«iy fullest extent every Interest which be
ccxld have ndv^rse to theirs, and that a syndicate
jTOinyser cannot 6^ll or transfer bis property to the
»yr.di.-rj»t. unless he fully r"v*a*N to such sub
*f-rlbers his Snterest In the property, pnd 'hat If he
toe* put his property in without disclosing to the
■absrribers his interest each subscriber can re-
Cover from him me full amount of his subscrlp-
IIJv T*!erraph to The Trit.un*.]
Chicago, Feb. n.— Th<? Ogden Gas Company and
the Peon's Gas. Ught &thl Coke Company were
*B*ree<! to-day by stockholders of the latter cor
poration, who, in a meeting attended by less than
a dozen persons, approved a-!»a:- oT the Ogden
company's plants. The OgOen company's patrons
"11 'be rarcd for by the People's company. The
*■».* of the lease were not mod'; public C. K. G.
Ei!lL"cs. it is cnnoi'iiced. will retire from the
chatrrncnshlp of the People* company «it a direc
tors' r-..-..^ in New york next Wednesday. Hi
•O I* succeeded V,y Anthony S. Brady.
I L*<n<Jon, F< 1,. JL— Tlj« United States competed In
*&c market to-lay for i;,.- J2,!'ls.cv> In gcW available^
SSI '- i ..-' Rfi a;.y. ■;!!•• IJruifc of England xcan
MKr»4 to meft nil tlic Amerlnm M 4£ and took
BgttaMt the r mire ei:m at '» advance. Th's small
i-™*f'.% r/as tak*-n Jor India: no '■ ;
■ • •
■'■:! . i" C h. n.— The break In th« Colo
rai* RJy^r banka was dnmt:i<*d to-day by the
ri^i.r.. I'acjnc Company.. Ti.- New and toe Ala
.*^j"vfc:f(, carrying water trom the Colorado to
|£gfH» fea. art- rcpidJy pclng dry. It is expected
,r»?!.i* ftUon K-r, \»i.| rr.ll «tea«Jily and will ilisap
■tti '5 »''"ii u> » J'«rajv. The ■ '..>.:>> ha-..- caused
•■SrJ'n <3a " U; to 10 the ci:ltlvu:ed land* of lmperlu.l
lames McCreery & Co.
2 3rd Street. 34-th Street.
Sale of Domestic Rugs.
Fine grade Axminster lings.
8 ft. 3 in. x 1O ft. 6 in 18.50
9 It. x la ft *^0.00
Best quality, Wilton Velvet Rugs.
10 ft. <> in. x 15 ft 30.00
New designs. Considerably below for
mer prices.
25rd Street.
Art Exhibitions and Sales. Art Exhibitions and Sales.
y^v^ Dfl y 9 to a
Israels, \J __ t^^ "t^fl -» tT^ * J.* Maris.
(5 examples) . Valuable Paintings t £t m *" 1
De Bock, 0 O Keever,
(4 examples) * AND (4 <"* arn r les >
Weissenbruch . Mesdag.
Art cxa:r ' Pie Water Colors B a s rerr mPlcs)
(2 examples) (4 examples)
Rosenboom, Of the Barbszon, Poggenbeek. s)
(2 examples) 1 LIIW Uttl US^Ull^ "example.)
2gU- Modern Dutch. Caz ;?w 9)
Harpign:«. Boudin.
Nc^;r iS) American and Other Rou '~"'
(2 examples) <~> * * ■,
Roelofs, SchOOlS J ac( l ve '
(3 examples) Corot,
Biomrrers, forming the private collection of Voiion.
Bcsboom, Blakelock,
dv chattel, A. nea!v, hsa. Mvr P h^ „
Troy on, * imples)
2 example.) BROOKLYN Into**,
Dupre, La Farge,
Gericauit, The Entire Collection to be w ant,
Knaus, disposed of Hassam.
Vrolyk, l McCord.
l?Ses) SALE, Tcr Mculcn.
On Friday Evening of This Week,
Beginning at 8 o'clock,
At Mendelssohn Hall
The American Art Association, Managers
6 Ecst 23d Street, Madison Square South
Report That He Will Take Over
Control of Property To-morrow.
Charles »W. Morse, it was reported yesterday
on good authority, will probably to-morrow take
control of the New York and Cuba Mall Steam
ship Company, v hlch operates the Ward Line
of steamers.
Mr. Mora himself declined to ?;iy anything on
the subject. Henry P. Booth, president of the
steamship company, said that the controlling
Inter had not yet seen Mr. Morse's money,
adding that no final agreement on terms had
been reached.
An Interest friendly to Mr. Morse said:
"Mr. Morse has arranged to buy between *0
and 00 per cent of the stork, a sroat floa\ morn
than a majority, and the transaction Is expected
to be closed on Wednesday No preliminary
contracts have been signed. Thai is not Mr.
Morse's way. In his purchase of the Clyde Line,
the Malory Urn and the Metropolitan outsldi
line to Boston, there was <=o signing of papery
in advance but when the time set h3d arrived
the sellers went to the lark selected by him
and there received the purchase pri c agreed
upon for their respective holdings.
••Of course, under such a system, the deal for
the Ward Line may fall through, but that Is
unlikely ■ A new eempany la to be Incorporated,
In Maine probably, which Is '•• have $20,000,000
capital stock and $10,000,000 ." per cent ten
year bond* If the bargain shall belconsum
mnted the controlling Interests in the Ward
I me owning about 14.000 shares, will tak- four
fifths of their pay in bonds; a group of other
stockholders, owning in ail between 4.000 Rnd
<-,<>:»!> shares, will be paid entirely In bonds Mr.
Morse is to nay for the entire property some
thing nver *1 5.000.000."
i., v ,V.., gtone «v Co.. Hornblower ft V^eeks
and George A. Fernald & Co.. It was announced
yesterday j afternoon. &r<> rrc«iv!ncr subscription*
for " 000 ( *»> of the 820,000.000 stock of the
rew company at 30. The full allotment Is said
to have been subscribed, which will give the
company nearly *2.700.« 100 cash.
Transactions In the stock, "when, as and If
issued " were reported on the curb at around
81 " A late report from Boston said that the con
trolling Interests hi the Ward Line had recon
sidered their decision to accept Mr. Morse's
proposition, but this could not be confirmed.
Senator Bailey Had Promised to Help in a
Friendly Way, Says Congressman.
Austin. Tox., Feb. 11.— The legislative committee
appointed to Investigate charges preferred against
United S:ut«s Senator Joseph W. Bailey to-day
heard Coiigrecstnan Ri beri lionry.
Mi Henry said that on April 29. r» •'. li" met St!
otor Bailey at the request of iho latter, who w:«n r« -
turning from St. I via i'.ail.y told IK.nry •■••
had heard i- -it an effort ■■•-' making t.> tend an
expansionist delegation to Con'gVess. ■'''•' ll( ' "i"' l '" l '
llesny's iiSsslatahce to prevent it. Tlita was on lai
fair between Hills'.'oro anil '.•.... Tex. Contln
uln«:' Mr. Henry said:
I invited Bailey to top over at Waco so we. coulJ
• „;> it over :it 101.-.nre. i:< did cci iv.vi wrt.i
to a hotel with me. The next morn In Mr. Bailey
finked me abo it the Waters-Pierm Oil Company
hvU*. He told me that Davll -- Francis bad
asked him to do v/<iat bo could to have this ci:s.<
dismissed. and fee had consented to do what he
could In a friendly way
Mr. Bailey toM me that Mr. Pierre would bn
willing- to mttke a 32ttlf-m?nt of the suits, and I
rcD'ied tr.at hucii a course would be entire! ' sat
isfactory i? the terms of the settlement could be
usreed upon oy all i^nies concerned.
34-th Street.
Evening 8 to 9:30 "^l ])
The Standard Offers Producers
Higher Prices in Eastern Field*.
11 T' ■.'• Standard CHI Company
■: In Peni ■■ ■!•
■ > • ■ :•■■■ i •' i■.-■i ■.-■ ambei ;it | ]
■ . . at 1 Tl ■ Ices of the other
except I:-. •■;.■•. 1. wer d from - to
r. cents.
T'erin-Vivnnla .\nt cr . . 173!>»orth T.imi OS
Prnntylvanla dark lß3!South Limn ..... M
Xiona l" :t Iri'lla'.i n
Soconl Sar.il l«l Rmmwi M
Cabrl 1 . 130 I;.iu-lnn'l . BO
CorninK . 11. 1' :;.■•■■ .... SB
Newcastle . l3"!Rtchl«nd . . . • 178
Mcrietta, Ohio. Feb. 11.— The heaviest sinsle nd
vancp In oil ever made by the Standard Oil Com
pany v. sub announco'! to-day, amber, or deep oil,
brinff advanced '."• cents a barrel, and shallow oil
five cents.
Independence, Kan.. Feb. 11. The price of inn'
..■•■.. t crude oil was to-day advanced one cent
for ell grade* by th« Prairie Oil and Gas Company^
making tl « highest price now 10 cent* mil the |ow
psi 27 centß. With th" exception of the big Glen
Pool nearly nil of the production In this district Is
now hr-inK taken
Lake Shore Officials Try Effects
of Torpedoes.
; By T( !"sm;i • to Th« Trllnm* I .]
Conneaut, Ohio, Feb. 11.-H developed to-day
that the Lake Shore Railroad officials, stirred
by the result of the block signal test made
last Wednesday, made other teats here Saturday
night nn'l held it "carpet" Investigation to-day
in Buffalo, at which several trainmen were sum
marily dismissed. Aroused by the conditions
revealed in the tests of the block signals, the
railroad men placed torpedoes on the track and
waited to see how many trains failed to heed the
signal to stop. The tests were made a mile
from the station here, and the result was not
made known. It was learned unauthoritativeiy,
however, that seven engineers disobeyed the
"stop nt office for orders" signal which was dis
played at the station.
The block signal test was tried again, but this
time with better results than previously. Nearly
all the trains stopped when the signal lights
were darkened. Passenger train N<>. <! stopped,
and a fast freight following also stopped. The
officials were here from 0:30 o'clock until raid-
Received by Chicago Officials of Western
Union — Reply Frqmiscd.
[By Tel.-jcrnpli •■■ The Trlliurp. i
Chlcapo, Feb. 11.— The Commercial Telegraphers'
Union i•>-'.i •>-'. ■•■ mado .i formal demand upon the
Western Union Telegraph Company for the rein
statement of nine employes discharged a week
fso. G. I). Jones htndod a committee of the mm
who called nt I ie ofllces of Superintendent Tubbs
and preHentcd a written petition. The attitude cf
the company 'is believed to be far from concilia
Mr. Tubbs received the complaint of the em
ployes, and Informed the committso that a reply
probab') would be made to-morrow.
The union's nmittae met In the afternoon in
the ilonoa Building.
mm® &mmm slot.
Fast Express Service.
Krcr.prinz. Feb. « AM IK. Win. ll. May 14
Kaistr, March .".. 10 AM ', Kronprinz.May -'i
JCU'.J!, Mar. .":30 AM] Kaiser Juni> 4
Kronprinz. Mar. -ti. ! r.\! K..V/m. ll.June II
Kai«rr. ..Apr. 2. In AMI Kronprlna. June 18
K. Wm. Ii Apr. 0. I I M Kaiser « .;:•. -
Krenprinz, Apr. 23. *ioun K. Win. 11.. .Ju1y fl
Kaiser. . ..May 7. 10 AM i Kronprto«..July 16
Twin-Screw Passenger Service.
Cns-el Frb. :-; car .... Mar us
Trave F<>b. M Dan ■• ■ • . . . Mar. i U
Main Kcb. 21 1 •Kuerfuerst ..Apr. 1
Weimar .. ..Mar. 2 1 Weimar Apr. 8
lil Pin Mar. 7 1 Main Apr. II
BrandrnonrGT.Blar. i (■,••■' • ,i ....A;t. '.•',
(.'hTTinitz . . .Mar. 'C<jT:n\p Apr. 17
Trave . ... Mcr. 211 < i .!■:■-; Apr. 87
•Plymouth an<3 i herbouiß.
Mediterranean Service.
K. Albert . . . [■"■•h. 2.: i *N>t.kir \tr.
•Frledrlcl) ..Mar. :'!iiirMrwj .."'■ 4
P. Irene .. . Ma:. 9 K. Lv ■ M-ir 11
•N'crknr Mar 1C K. ■■".'■••• Mo: IS
K. J.nls- Mar.'SSjl*. Irene .... June 1
X. Albert.. .Apr. 'I •Seckar ..... Jure S
!-"ri?,'r!-ft Apr. UK. IjOiM June '■'
P. Irene Apr. 20|K. Albert. . . Jur.e S9
•Omits (i. n *.
From Brfnn n Pli is. 3d & Itl ?ts.. Hoboken.
OKLRICHS .■; CO.; No. 5 Brratiway. N. i-
Louis 11. M ■;..•. 1016 Walnut ft.. PhiW.
Twin Screw Pas^encrer Service.
Amprlka.Feb.lH.s AM|tPatavl» Mar. 2
•W f d l aeo.Feb.2SlJPM|Kalserln (reiv>.?4ar. 0
•1 (ml - Cherbourg;. tHamburß direct.
Mediterranean .-• --rvi<-e.
-!,-,: Feb. 13' Hamburg . May J
li'imnnlc Mar. .• •:.' ■■■ • May .'-
Hamburg .V'lr 2« Hamburg Ji;"e 11
•5!o:tk» . . Air. S3;*Moltke J'J ! J' -
•Has OriH Room and Gymnasium
Egypt Express vice.
The -; ■■ I'd T«!:i F-rrw S. S. OCEANA
salin every Wedneaday between
r. P.. Tickets. hoi accommodations ar.i
jren^ri! Informntlon 01-wut ffr-»ipn iravW.
Travellei 1' check! e--<iMi all "y*r '!-o wor.il.
•p n , ■- IWM) Rertnr. !■■• r« H"l>-"k"n.
AMERICAN "^': m^ r 0 & "
ST LOi;iS.-.Feb.23, Msr.St. Apr.&i. May 1 H
PHILADELPHI \ r.Mar.2.30.Apr.27.M«y -•"•
NEW YORK..Mar l6.Apr.l3.May ll..l>inf 1
CELTIC <20.;»<H tnns> Apr. C. liny 4
RBD STAR LirlS |T n rmcr n c
WESrLANX>,Feb i3.n'n:SAMLANI».Feo 27
!I>"l,\ "• .i-v.viii, 11 A.M.;Mar 23, Apr.2*)
ZEELAND Mur. 2, 7 AM.: Mir .T. Apr 27
11 INLAND Mar B 11' M ;Apr 6, Mr. 4
VADERLAND Mar 1H.7 A.M.:Apr.l3.May 1\
BALTIC.r.Feb. 13.0 A.M.; Mar. 13 Apr. 10
MA.!> .-! :• b •10 A.M.; Mar. 2o, Air. l 7
OCEANIC.'.Feb. 27. ". A.M.; Mar. L' 7. Arr. 'M
TEUTONIC.*; Mar, t'.. 10 A.M.: Apr. :i. '■' IJ I
CEDRIC Mnr. 2'.\ Apr. I'.f
i + AnrUATir M;i> 22. Jun» 10
TEUTONIC Mar 2!>. June 23
OCEANIC . . June July .Ti
(MAJESTIC June 12, July 1"!
I t\*w, 23.000 ur»; has I'Uvator, Gyn>-'.
[nartum, Turkl'h Batfci av.\ Hand.
crnßic ... • KeK 10, s.m a. M.] 21.000
CELTIC . Mar 2, : A. M. S TON'S
CRETIC.TV.Mar. 80, noon: stay 9; June L"O
taVopic Feb. 2S 7 A. M : Apr. 10
REPUBLIC.Mar.I«.noon; ROMANIC.Jtine s
p v-skn:ki: OFFICE. :» BROADWAY.
Fr<"!s!it OiTlce. Whitehall Bids.: Hatiery PI.
EBjf ©a © a CSu^oeOusc 0
Lrav<» N*. T. MARCH IV *07. Vlnltli;* =T.
Martinique, R-i^a.!^. Trli!:^.! VenntMUi
<lr.!fin<l trip to i"srn'-n«. etc.). •■''!.'">%' il'sn
ona Caaa:), Jamaiia. CUBA. NASSAU.
N. P.

37 BROAI • A I N. T.
ibluJllJJlA © OluHUJira©
BERiiUDA. : SSiiSW:"
March 4. 1& $" Round trip. ■
r-'t»amers at frcri'.ifiit lnt»rvalp.
Wrf'Tf ITWrMiCfS fruiaea by Queh»"
£t earner Pretoria, Feb. -"-. Mar,!i :tt» %'■'>•>
an I up Kourd tr!^.
fif I CT?jnrr?<6 I>n»s >ay« Fp!>. "- 11.
IriilUlb'Slji'M, "<y Karrh 2. liK'.u.Mve
faros fr"r.i J>-5.
11. Ma. 7. *'..
Aprf! 11 If 12 an! (14.50. Including hotels
it. [' rl*lDr l *lD I^l frT *• S'*ty Srrin.: an 1 Summer
'rlUJllaly/lj-Cs, Tour*, all routes. }15() to
Seni for pro>;rammea.
?t»aniF:i!p end P.n!l Ti<-;:»?B Everywhere.
THOS. cook '& son;
24." nn.l 1500 Proalu.iy. Mb Malison ave
nue, :;«» York.
n.-nti.n T'nlia.. «-'!iti-.<s> Pa.i Krun.-.»i i>, I.la
.>:;;■ ■ . Abroad.
t^e:r.: v iuda
.lL*Jr Mall Steamship TRINI
DAD Sails from New 'i orl
Feb 18 March 4. IS.
A. E. 1 m:-.-i bridge £ Co.) Agenta 2P B"way,
X. V. Arthur Ahem, Sacrelnry, Quebec
,\\ ••: . NEW YORK.
i- rom Pier* "i ;• : ... ■■:'. i;i\ .-r.
.•.\r:M VNI A FEB. W. s a. M
CAMI'ANIA - ■ IP. C 3 Noon
Ktrurla March SlCarcnnla March 1"
Lucanla March • ■ in hi . -.\.irr; ( — '.
. A!: (XI 1 i KB 19, 10 a. M.. to
Mlnlmutn itati l»r class, ¥:••*•. 2 1. ,-,, i
l';.'(i>.:\ i . 1 '! and S3 riiily)... March 7. r. ..'.
I'ANNI '' i .'. March 11. noon; May a
CARPATHIA .. . March 2ti, noon; May 1«
SLAVOMA Ai'ril 11, i,,. , ; M»y 3U
VERXON ii. BItOWX. i :-. : ARrrt
ii-24 •■••..-,• Si . opp «lt( tl *• I*atte:y.
% OLD}! Boliie!l|o3B^'LiKE.-V : "■ '
for Old >•••! Comfort. Norfolk. l".irt»
mouth. I'lnnt-i* J'outt anil N»»purt N*««,
•.. connecting for P»:«raburg, Klchmcnd,
\:i t :inl« lifut-li. Ws!<hliiKJon. It. c.. uuJ
•!:•![<• South ami v-«;
KreUlit unu jn.ft.i ii«t r rt««m«ra nail rrora
Dei V»i. N. ft. I«-o: lie icl. kt.. wrcy »»«.-k-
Cny «i 3 p. in
ii. B Walker.
\ ■|c*-Pi«iMrin and Tfulllc M.n; c«T.
F©n°[r ; un;; "^ [fefldßOD
Steorrshir* of ■ >■■■ ii r> "D"« l.tsfi will
Hfill front: i l-r 11. near Wall Xt Ferry
llrunklyn. for San lu'tn direct iv folloirm''
B. 8. I>HIUADKL,HHIA..Sat..l > HIUADKL,HHIA..Sat.. l>b in ....
9. B. CAM v feat.. Mnrch » uuoi,
!■'.. frcißl I or passage ,i; i.|; t.»
BOUIiTON. tl 188 A- KAl.i.ktt
CJenoial Munu^tTii. .••_• Wall >'•
A * J for 1.-x Ouayrm, Puerto CMbvlto, Cura
cao and .MunuHibo, via Curacao, calling
ttlxo ;•• en Juan. .". R. : - .
.< S. r'Hlt.A 11.1.l IK - • Ffb •,; noO fi
S. V-. CARACAS Htit.. March S. uoon
Tor 1-i Ouayra, Curacao, M.->ra"a<tw
S S. MAUAt'AMU) t->.f.. !,.., ,;,,„„
S. B. /..'.i a . . . Batr. Mcreh M. noon
Tlicyi 1 Ftrainrrs have m^*rlor ncfomnio-a
tlona for l>-is»*np.f rr.
LTON, 151.15.S ft DALLETT.
CicniTol • i ■ inni, 82 Wall Bt
•■•■.• ONE
rni'.lnK« v. „. „ is nor ■ailing !ist.
>-(•.!•- v. F'b.2n.lOa^i Prt'.iim. Mar. tS.S m:
Nno-amn. f"b iraJN A'-lair.. Mar 20.10 am
ItyniJani, ■■m!.- 1 --:-.!-!!-!. :.: :ir •-•T.i.iir.i
rs nil iTw (in rP rsr sa tour?.,
l^j t'Ji LTO Ui^ L r Li, j-7>'.^> Ip.
Kortn Cape, Round World. Japan, no.
FRANK C. L'LAKK.M liroadway. NY City.
Tickets to Texas. Colorado. Mexico,
Xew Mexico. Arizona. California. <>■■ !t: ia.
Florida. Alabama, etc ALL OCEAN
::.;:: TO MIAMI. PALM BBACH. l\a.
etc. (via Key West). Our booklet
•i'ocket Gnllte" &•». H. H. RAYMOND.
Gen. M»rr . !-'■' Front St.. N. Y.
■■;.-. VELOCE." — Fast it.iUan Lins. "
New twin-screw 3s I::-!-!!-*. Feb. 2*3.
C:ita dl lli!nno. Mar. 14 Nord America.
Mar •-^ 1 I'abin. $"•' up. i'irin« Kivm nn
Promenade Dec*. BOLOGNESI, HART-
; ■•;.!. & hi, l:» Wall at.
Ti.iw shown below Is from Liberty St. BtSr
tlon. L?u\« West 23d : : t. pi minutes earlier
vxrej,* ns notr<! by d^ltjnatliis ..urns
EVEI'.V .!'•. :. ON Tilt HOI
j*^.!... u.3u nii.uu, tn't.OO. >.J^. -u.uo,
t-iuw. -li UO, 1..--. :••■ ■-• ■•■'. "I"".
* i.ov.'. '2.W. -J.OO. '4.0 U. -i'J.IX). iI.M.
I.l*o. IM, *V.OO, *O.(A'. '.... . pIU.uU .'. •«*•.
y12.1J otdt
L'..i.x....' i.;. AND \VASUINCBTON— « # X.30.
•o.i;t,». ■.:.>. ■;•:..'<'. •-•.oy. U*«.l>A
\'K>.W. -i.iK).
V)4i» A. M.. x! c >. 1 M. k3.40. 1.4.13. O.OU
V. M.. X'J.ls. cunJays. l-.'.M. 1>.40 A. M.
ATLANTIC CITY- *l>.4<» A. 11.. xl." ■. kX4O
1: m.
lonti branch. asbitry PARK, ocean
■ ..:• .1: (Sundays, No Asoury i'urK) —
H.OO. f.ZV. U.io A. M . csl^.4o, 1 -".
81.45, :>..<". «.3u. J12.U1. ■ -ays. except
Uioan Grove. z4.W, y.Oli A. M.. 4.00. B.a«
V M.
Tin.c tables giving trains to EASTON,
WILLIAMSFORT ar.U all otter pcints can
bf ob:nir,fj It the following; oftices: LliJ
erty Si iU>st 'SUI St Tel.. 3144 Chelsea),
li Astor House, in." 434. UWO. 13M liroad
wuy 182 31 Ay., U k ! ."■•.!: A'- . 25 L'nion
tVjuar- '.■■■■ • 2708 3d Ay.. lt'O Wts; i'J. r >tU
St.. 2*B «'c!un>bJs A' . New Vrk. 4 Couß
St.. "i:i. 244 Fulton St.. 471' NcstranJ Ay.,
Brooklyn; CPO Urcadway. V.'i^llamsburg.
New York Trun«fer L'j. calla for and checks
bagK''3<? to di-rtir.utlon.
•Dall/. tDaliy. except Siinday. pSundaya.
tParlci cars only. tn Dining car. e\ct'j.>t
.-i,n.,iys. xSatunia's c-.ly. zLlberty fct.
or.!>. ■: Inli cur Sunday*. ' k L>liitng car
uaiiy. Front \»>3t Twenty-thtnl alreet—
(12.20 P. M. «4.30 P. M.. JU.BO P. M..
k3J» P. m . <n r.o p. U.
\V. <i. BESLER. W. C. HOPE.
VJce-Pros. & Gen. M?r. Hen I'ass'r Agent.
KOVAL ULUE L.i St. i i.Al.'.b.
••Every other hour on the even hour."
Leave New York City. 3d St. Llb"y be
•WASHINGTON. Brpera. il.6t pm 1.30 am
•WASHINGTON. Diner. T ." «m M 0 • .ira
•WASHINGTON. D:r.er. 9.60 am 10.00 an
•WASHINGTON. Diner. 11.50 ara 13.00 B' a
•WASHINGTON. Buffet. l.f ■.> pm 2.00 pm
• ■■ ,■* \i. LTD." Diner. 8 fia 4.00 pm
•WASHINGTON. Diner. 6CO pm 00 pia
•WASHINGTON. Buffet. 6.W pru ;.00 »m
Throueh l>«"r Trains t" «be West.
Ven\* New York City. SHI St. U\>'v St.
CHICAGO. PITTBBURO. 7.80 am 00 am
nil Ai:O COH.MHI.S. II. SO am llOOna
I-ITTSi, r. ;. I'I.KVKI. r>. S.lWpa 4 (10 prn
•TITTSBI ; I.IKITD." C.M»i'm 7«> pn»
Cn*..St.LOUIS.LOUISV>, ll.C(ipm J3oiim
< IN .-:.!> >ns iSW, 950 am 10 00 >n
CIN-.ST.LoriS. LOUIS V.. 6.W>Din ■ '»> pia
Ottl.-ea 24.1 43». 1300 Broadway. • Astor
II •>»*. in* Greenwich St.. 25 Union Squars
\V.. .M»l ,i. md 81 . N. V.. ;«;» Fulton St..
Itrookiye: West 2*l ft. and Liberty St
After « p. m. Bleeping .<'nr Beservatloai
«n t : full Inl >rmatl< :i r<?jrardlr.c ?ra!n». 9tc.
i«n be obtall nt Butmiu of Information.
R. 4 O. K. 1.. 'jSi St. Ttnuiaki. 'l-hona
No. Cfc'.-:»ea 314-L
Lacka wanna Railroad.
Leav* N. V.. Barclay. CbrUto ? W. 23J
♦ r *> A. M — For H:n|him'»n and Eimira.
•10n"«A. M.— For Buffslo. Chlcnga an.: St.
i. Ills
•1 •!• P. M— F r Buffalo ami Chicago.
t4.W P. M.— For «crant >n and Plymouth.
*•«. I." P. M. — For : ■f-i Sn<J Or-.'.rag'V
V8 .45 P. M.— For Buffalo. Sviacuse. Ithaca,
•2.C0 A. M.— Chicago— S]«ep4WS open 0.30
Tickets at 149. «2». lisa, 1434 Brosd^riy.
N V.: S3H Fultoc .-•: . Brooklyn. *Da'ly.
♦ Fix ---i<t ?ur.(!ay. .l»»ivo» ChrUtopher St.
6.10 P. M. weekdaya.
N. V.. N. H. ft IIAI:TFORD R R
Tra na ■!• . «r. rr>>m ,rnn,i Centra! utatlon.
*".'. St an, I 4th Are.', as follows 'or
M>»l ib N> ■•• '. n' n & I'rov.- ?J9:o<>.
- . I ! 10 00. "si! 10:02 A. M.. *t l:0
•x Ml Mil. •z|lß:(K>, tJ|!P:«K«. *Ij!*."«fc
•«1200 p. M.: via Wil!l • — ITS.OI A.
M 12.00 V M. • vti HpfJ.— tO:l4 A. M..
1 1 12:00. • l .ii«. •'.! '■' P. M.
Wor*ater ft Fitch., vis Putnam, t3:M P. M.
Lnke.tr- A No-?. — tS:« A. M.; M:sl T. M.
OS. Bnrrlneton. Stockbrldge. l«no«. Pltrs
flel,i '. -4 •- ii' A. M. «nd t3:31 P. M.
Tick" ■ fTic-« at cUrnnrl ■ mti il Station
and cl23!h Pt.. Slso at cltr.. ISOO, .'."-;*
« «>iy. c2O Iniot: --,;. ■«!.-. cl»2 Fifth Ay«..
r'.'4!S Columbua Aw. ce49 Mn.ils.>n Ay» .
rlti? W. IL'^th S».. 273S Th rd Avt. Is
Brooklyn. i-4 Court si.. »Ttt Sostraod Ay« .
IVi l-i'wny. „
•Ilally. tl^xc^pf S'lrda.vß. ISteiM at 125ta
-■» ■tS:or'< nt 125 th ft. Snnduvn cn!r.
Jj'srlc r <ii. Llmtfvl. . Has dinlne tar.
cParlnr iin.l Slreoinj: fur t.rkets al*..
Foo 1 uf >V. LIM A • UaadlxeoruaeeaSi*. B.
•!>i:tv Snmmv: h7"V till.' s. »-7 «S. <1» 4N n^.") V' -*j.
,Lv N.Y..A Lv N.Y., I*
l'.nC»:o F\nr*«- . .. : '17 10 i>| *e7.5U a m
Uuffalu .it.-.- ! •;•• *) ■ - '&.>.:■) » a
ItLAiK I>[\M<»M. EX! # H.S» iV/Ul'IS'N
CMC A |« ..in.. Vr<:, l-.xp . •:) 10 P •, ' s«>i- M
T!iK iiCh>Ai.i» 1 1: >i\ : -. ■!•■;_•> w .• m
'il.-Uri ofßi ■ 1 ami i «il Broadway.
© Ii) S) f (sji I'd lend. Reduced Rate*
\- \\.\. KtVKIt l.i.Ni: I* N-wj.irt and Fall
Ktver. Fare* r-iu. .-.1 to til points- Boston.
»••»;.■ NVwtiort Kail iMvcr. ?2.00; i'iovi
denc», .«•-•.•:.> LwTv« pier l:«. N. It.: ft. War
ren s:.. week dayi mi.i S*undaya, 5:00 >". M.
sti!" Providence ' and Illgrltn. Onehsatraa.
XOUWICH LINE \li N-A i.'>nd' n. !.'.:i\e
Her 4'». N- R . f"»i iXerkson St.. weekdays
1.-';, it t". M. ».':t> of Lowell nni
N?;W HAVEN LINK f^r New Haven acd
Nctth Leave I'ler 20. E. R.", wtrk days
only 4:00 »• M. Kteame*- Wcnard i'eck.
KTOi:A<iF. N(»;:ns
252 and 2^4 VVo»t Kitli St.. N'»w Vf.rU.
To Louisa lloyt. Broailwa;. Tva:ir.f-r
Expreaj <v. . Uicritla Wllliarn
Uyarn-.ann Ail i iii! N'-ti!. (•hr.Mlra I »•» > .
(ietreiena lWrlKht. Mt?* T. N. Oray— Tou
arp mtl>y iiiiill'il t'i"'t tSio tiir-* fr.r the
paymtnt iif th<> Hen 1 bold upon tie house
needs and personal <ftv<-ts stored by you
ii my warehousa hevlrut expired. a(i-r uuo
r..i-ic«- luifi been Blica you. tuch property
wll I* sold nt pul'li^ aiietrn -it U>4 \«>>t
2!Hh St. 5 ; New -.*.>rk. .-n Thonnlay. February
I'l !:>"7 anleta cliarrra ar- paio tw>f r-.
m si\i>s i ii.ivos.
JIOO.COO WII.I. PURCHASE busineas ostni
ll»ued "•> >«»ra uvi now • l.nrini; *!.••• -h>
proftla annually; owner dr»lt»a i>i rtttre:
Invml^atlcn Invite.!. Mei>o 1 :ul.I--.Vi S i.-ius
( o . rrn.iiHvaj-.
ilOO.OtX); FIXKPT I r;.-k i.!aji f lr ihi* coun
try; ripacb f.O.WJt) i*r toy; Clow i- Nf.'
York City: men be n#n by un <xj>rvt to t
npprroiatM). Mcnonm!«l-WlSßin» ■•• . ..'."•■"
I!\K;:KY. pJnse to New York (It! doing
jitiai to if"- 1 '' 1 buslnew weekly; 2!i r- ••.■»
pn.i :•, Wnßons; torn rmt; tKn ii nn .-v.-.-t
.,,, . bitrssalr: *r.., r^>. .M-lena.l-W ijr.cris
Co.; ;.*7 Bio>dw«y.
■AirrUMOnHJ2. motor cy.-l». likvil... etc.;
btirlnera: Boil paylua v« " ". price »IW»;
Invcsllentinn lnvlt'd. M.-lh.t-ir'.l-WlgKir.a
CO.) -.'iiT r.r.i.lv.av.
MK\T an.* provlsi'iii HK'.rUrt. ■.:» b'.ix!Mt
Went Side ihoronithfar^: *?,<M» l.tmtprs'?
done weekly; I<>« rent; catabllahed tr» yejir?;
ss,ni). li..ri lM '. ■ : [In I i"o.. 151 itn«a
way. .^^. !;:
♦ i 'mo ntITS rlc«-iy furnlibeO rooming h.m*e
on Brooklyn Il«-l«ht»; h»«i i >••;-." -i in
rtrcrklyn: ti:c.!me. ■-■•-. w?rkly: '■ itli in
family ccirpeln ln»ne«U*t« tv>: 1 ■„ leaw.
Apply McDonaKl-V. iKSin Co.. -"•; Broatlwny.
WHY. taron!?h us, v .ii can sell or r-i:;- a.
buelnras? because your rv<|Uoat Is ha .'.'.<■ .1
writ* to i
at the nearest convenh-nt elll for TOO.
I'm) N'3!«au «t., ro an iao2; 147 K. 130 th
at. n>o:u 307; 40-* l <?c\±n St.. Brooklyn.
r.-jim Sftft ■■-■. „-,,, „.■■,-■■ '■■ , , - -_. ...
HE All
S. IS. -20, 22. 2:. 20. 30 West Fourteenth St.
I T. 9. 11, 13, 13, 17, 10. 20. 21. 82, 23, 21, 23, 27 an 1 29 West Thirteenth 3t-
lli)lra£©§)PMl^EinlS) §)Lr jfiUiRULa hIMJt
.New Spris? Ttfltti, Ptifee tßd Piwiirt Silks
' . New Spring Bress Gc-cls end :::.:-?>
Rtw Spring Wssi Dress Fabrics — Wkllß anfi Colored
Ne^- Sprias Bress Nets, Laces, S^ibroidcrles, etc
Sensational Lace Valets
Dressmakers* Sale
Pint •> Pari.*. Applique Imitation
Duchesre and Val Laces and
In«ertlr.p« — a!»o Oalons in Aledallion
designs— 2 to 5 mch —
worth 2'» ;. :-. . .39 .15
Va! Lares and Insert'.nirs — German
end FVeBCb — roun.i and square mesh —
oeslrablo patterns and -widths —
r<"- cf 1- yds. aloe .75 .49
Others .£t) tr> .»f — usually M to $1.23.
Linen Cluny and Torchon Lacoa —
Kdires end Insertinfrs — 1 to 5 Inch —
wort .12S to .9S 7 to ,69
Far.cy Trimming Lacea — Point de Paris
ana Imitation — Edgings and
Insfrtinss — 2 to 3 Inch —
worth •'• to — special 4
Cotton Torchons — 2 to 4 Inch — Edsings
and Ins»rtir.es — usually sc. to "c—
For ■>■■ sate 3^4
Mechlin I^ces — PM»!nss and Insertings —
•p.-^rth .1", to .89— special 9 to .25
Ltoen Cluny Laces — white and ecru —
Eiiylns* and Ins.^rtlnjrs — 2 to 5 Inch
worth. .!3 to CO— ■-.12* to .39
I?!aok Bru^els Nets — all am —
72 Inch — nothing more fashionable
f ' r prnn and waists —
our r«su!ar price .Si> .69
Dlacl: Chnrti'.ly Lace Nets^ for -waists
ar.d entire gorr.s — 0^ ct. quality .75
Flr.e laco Scza and Oalons —
'■'"' 11-«8 PS'^Vere *29« ...1 75
Were $!.0«...l 29 Were ?4.W. ..2'PB
Were |2.4J>. .. 1.49 Wew 05... 3.98
Black Lace KJjr'.CfS. Inserting acd
Gelons —
■worth up to -M .ID
woKh .49 to .33 .59
worth J1.25 .79
Dressmakers' Sprang Sale of
Embroideries and Allovers
Only new fresh goods are included Beautiful designs
in various widths— rlouncings, edgings and inserting^—
(many in match sets")— allover embroideries— variety
embracing the choicest designs for coming season ".
Second week opens with new assortments in all of the
Fine Fteoncbtgs— I ilesljras. 5f«::al l>t Edgings axil Inserting*—
inrludir.sr tho new Point Venise O^ Swia* Cambric ana Xalnson*—
effects — wrrth ":» an.i .48 c*»«/ t\- :-..-<•; a nd eyelet effects: also doe*
Kandsome Embroidery Flour.eings— patj»rn9 anf! dainty desisns— la
Sw's-< Nainsook anil Pnmbri? — various widths for children's irmaes.
lf> to' 17 Inch— Eyelet and Point Jin?«rio hats, women's Summer
Venlie er.,l clos- effects, aoma with rtw»iand underwear— -| g
brad to,, for corset covering— Aft Instead of .!» and .24 »J^
wort!l ■" >! * to ~ 9 * V s^., 33 maa N - ainsook A!lorer»-eho!eeit Ca ' J '
Fine Swt-s Flour.clnss — IS to 27 ■.:'.-.-. — j desijrns — scroll, wheel, eyelet and
»-;th as.l without Val. lace— '"7K , dainty baby patterns— 22 Inches Rf\
wort* M ar.d $1.23 *J%J\ w!d»-wcrth .7» t» .98 •***/
* •
Beautiful Spriof RfMtas Go Notions
of the moat attractive kinds, for connt in the mating of a dress.
r. If-*. Girdles, Hairbowa nnd and their cost mounts, too. when
Hal trimmings, In this sale can you pay full values Here
lie bought at prices tJmt no other are fine grades at matchlessly
bouse ' will match for equal low prices: —
widths, styles and quality.
aiiany. X»w.
Kxtr.i fine Taffetas, r'ai" and S!!k Col'.arlwns — 12 yds.... 49 go
tts2£2S£?S "' Sl* Feath.r^e-12 rd 5....'.. .« ".59
.-.'* inch?*— worth .27 ar.d a • .20 Be3t Feathertxme— l2 rd» IST 1.00
Millinery Mersalines in latest Wltjr Caseins Cotton soo yd 5...... .89 do*. .35
s^a.i Ings— also Fancy IScrdered Best Basting; Ccttcn —
Tc.rrptas— :ain shades— spools cf 1.7fi0 yanis....,, .17 each 15
Instead of .3! --° c ewina; 61!k— 4» yds »doS.*O^
Tafota Pnsh Rlbkens- W1 te, Pink «ad h & n Q.wf^ «?nv ■""»*- "~
Blce-Plaln or Moire— with »aUn H & D. Sewfns SllJc—
strip's or dotted W/re- a!w new K> ° - " — • «o«. .60
Dresden*, Including light colors with Black Machine 51.ii—
co;orril edßp^— also r.-.<lj Plain _ MB) yards 4» each .25
Ribbrn*— wcrth .C 3 and .73 .50 Brass Hooks and Eyes, greaa. .11 " 9
Wide ShnrteS L.-vu!.=ln.>? and With invisible) Eyea. ere**.. .21 -I =;
sr hsJTa^r?.. l^ - ->
north .19 to .2.'1 12 7 * KrOSS -•* 3 -SO
Wide Sattn Taffeta^-best shados— * Clasps, gross 55 .35
a -.., Rtack Taffpias and c<->rd edg« Glazed BaMssj JS .12
I>r«"!>.??r.? — lisua'ly .21 to .27... .15 ! Double Pent* Binding— •
two widths «, .«j| gQ
Trlllimlßg^, BraldS, Appll<llieS Taffeta Seam Binding „ 9 " «■
an! Persian Bandings I K^TS^.'^S: «■ ai
•" • an Rinding- .18 J J
Dresßmakers 1 Sale Specials: I Dre<l * sh»eia»-i:ght weight
I and rubber •■.■•...•••..•«..« .10 ? 7
Rich Fllk and Braided Arplifjues— j Extra quality J5 % -jg
Itlack. white and colors— !^.:est Press Shield, d'bls silk cov'a., .13 1 Q
t:^^*r^ COmblnat:Or "~ 40 Alp«* ttlrt Bla«lnr • 7
SUll an,l ChiffoS ArrUau.s-als; Mercerized Skirt Binding » .7
e\-ra One IVn-ixn Bandincr,- latr« Wide Alpaca Skirt Bindh3» .15 % lf
noveltles-^Talue .40 & .69— Special.. .25 Velveteen Skirt Binding 13 ] ■*
■<-.■< I^rsidi>- black, white ar.d Ex. quality Velveteen Binding. .H *15
r..1..r5-12 yd. jh- .1 0 . pp r e?smakers' Pins. MKk box. 19 'is
! fi^^jsiis&E£i&: ! Ensush Pin, paper . •*§
i and without tinsel— j Best EnrlNh Pins, paper....^ ajj ; 7
1 Worth Special 5 ' Mr. hin« Needles ...........m. 4 ' «*'
I Worth .19 & .2l>-SpecJal 9jc Wrt Markers m .4. S^
fi!U- Pall Braida— wblt». fov 1 >•:.! and j Ro ,, Tapo • ***^
f»:i awortmenl to match : " ...~^ o .{j
Dresa Oofds-r-two r<'p:i!ir w!-lt!-.s— | F;r.e Enallsh Twill Tap« m .13 9
Usually 14 & .12': — Special... Pias Scnm Tap« M ' f
<s> . Hf,
Preparatory to Stock Tnking February 28th— " r j "
I Rue Scotch TiWc Linsss Odd Lots of
! At LESS than PRESENT import Comfortables zzi Bed Spread*
". VALUE. that you can buy at
Ilfnvy Satin Doubfc) Danmsks- CLEARANCE PRICES,
' exceptionally fine quality and de- c^ " 'ABL.Es for sin-ole bbt»
<;..n« rf»V»M«r fine Table Llll- •- *"" Perrallne or Sllkollne corer**—
Signs i.')\eisor nm lame k.h s fißure( i 9i , lea or WJtJs TnrkM- R»d
; »>HS should not lot tol3 opportunity) barks-best wtlte cotton filling— reduced
:go by especially as priors nr>> ad asjoiiowa:
! vanclria and such valaes as these »*••*» c-ott. enables 2.49
cannot duplicated :—: — $2.c0 comfortables. 1.70
72 inr-ho-i wid^worth $2.!!> 1......1.A0 »•» fo-nfortables .... 1.49
i r-ii In.-^rs wide— worth *' jd '" : $1.00 Oomfcrtables .. j |£)
i itr. innr-.« 'v I.'.- worth $2-?S yd 1.9S $1.23 Comfortsbles . . [qS
i Na| oJ^o, l 2? 1 ;?J- •',"$.-^ n-r ? n A potCOMFORTABLBS FOR FI".T> SIZ*E CEDS
! [•rtxCr.-'.-.ith 13.40 t>«<-n 4'9S ?! : X covered -bon!ere-l one or ;>3th
° »i,<es— LVwn ftllfd-aome flr.tshe-l with
1 FINE LINEN PATTERN SETS silk braid— earlier |im mil IW
> , v ,. «, yd c Vih -do^n 2rt inch Xow 1 2.9S and 14.9S
! pn'kln'«--t ">ly •?.-.> .lesicrs— PH'<c top— Satren tacit—
then :re ?IS 9S sets— To clfcr S.9S r>OWD «'.:'*< l->«' > '-«. J9 .ue 6.9S
Fan ■• French Sat-on— ,<vn BUM—
; C!eana« cl Gil Lets -S^.";."^ oV^ y re?: 9S
„vi, ~ "n-.-.- ? "*iV!*J^ At"* i ra'lre — wirh ana without borders and
lu.lj:. iaU.U3 f l-.»^A»-o>, ,i« j fancy , tft cMn«>-aH filled with he«
After our a>xtrsonUnar? January pwWea \\au» fbttjn— a:i e*»u ats»:—
S;!lo it is i>ut uatunil that thervj Tho>* that were * ;: ••■• * «-■.••*... 955
Rbouiii be many ctW lots nnd l^n-rtiisi The ?a that w«e v- , • .-.- *3.4»...2.4d
all have wow Iwn assorted ami! bed spreads— m:i <,r Est:a .--
iitarkc:! down for quirk clsaranco. Hemmoii or Kr»nfre<t— straißht c? cot
. ... ..You will find them on spec JTSTSU^ihSS!. SSrSft: «•
I Tables In Linen Dept . Worth ' Sow
Full »!;e whtt<; Cr?ch?t |2 4O 1 Q£>
Fcurniry Clears ness Extra iiz«> iion^comb 52.8s £.89
J.. Full •MJr-.il>s $.T» 2.i31)
j ■ Ft!!l size Satin flnish $3.40 2.49
Fine RUJ3. Extra «lz= Satin finish 53.9S £.98
O'lmtil Ruga 1 ,:»'.ra slio Satin finish $4.94 3.49
true copies of hlch clas* Orientals J Extra size— «stra fins ST.M 6.9S
, -liopk knotted and brckled fringe !_ „" w Full si:? mercerized. JIO.BB 7.98
1 JS : SS nr.VsVunu^ '■• ■ ; 3.98 VOXi SINGLE BED 3 Wrtk .Vow
4.CX7.« Jt.— only green and red ' Satin finish Marseilles $2.25 1.69
coritira'tior.s— w-?rc $o.o* J Satta finish Marseilles 92.98 1.9S
I Bo'v 11-usse!s. Scotch Hedy , Worti . ;
■ B r u«e!s and n-Mi^.-'lr n--s>;— : Marseilles •»■•» 1.79
I Wl^rM r^°tfg.4.9S «» 17.05!,.^tn. e=t3 h^ rtW d i ££ J^
Hew Satin ilarls—
Large R.«s->r'ni»nt of tha latest
colorings and — dots, spots,
stripes and -ingle and two toned fla>
ures —
Instead of 48.. '.... .SO
Instead of .65 and .73 • ,5O
Black Guaranteed Taffetas
Itlch heavy quality —
Yard wide ("note width) —
ReyuUirly .09 .75
Regrularly JI.BO 1.00
Sleeve and Skirt P!eattof»
Offering comprises pleatlngs of
net. lace and chiffon, plain or
in combination: also lace band*
ings of fine quality — wilt
sell: —
49 at Pleating ...a* ,24
TO and 99 et. Pleating*. .. .at ,39
$1.25 and $1.30 Pleat tn«s. .at ,59
Liberty and Chiffon Plaltlns»
full — Juby ess9 — black and otlM
3 mch — usually --„,,,.„, .SO
4 Inch usually .CiX. ............. .OO
8 usually .7» .............. 7Q
Box -Ruchlnss— of six nee* tonataa—
Instead cf .» and .4».... .21 and .SO
Ail Silk Chiffon and
Monssellce de Seles —
Cream, Lavender. Nary. Black.
Sky. Nile. Ecru. TThlt«,
Pink. Tan. Orang*. Tellcw,
Regular 69 cent qualities, .40

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