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Defects Best Bogs of All Breed*
at the Garden Show.
Warren Remedy. William Rutherfurd's smooth
Bos terrier I It '.. la the best of the two thousand
■'.eg* la the thlrty-flrn annual bencfl show of the
Westminster Kennel nub. at Madison Square Gar
den. At least that was the dictum yesterday of
the congxerb of Judgrea who v.-ere called on to pass
on the b«t doR in the chow of any breed, age or
sex. The award was received with mild applause
by the casual visitors, who could not help ad
miring the sprightly little mis?, and with wild ac
claim by the fox terrier fanciers. It was a triumph
for Mr. Rutherfurd. who bred the winner at his
home, in Allamuchy. N. J., as among; those defeat
ed were Squire of Tytton, the unbeaten collie;
Dolly Oray. the champion Old English fheep dog".
and Deodora Prince, the taking Dngll«h setter.
which Is practically true to type.
The victory of Warren Hemedy came in Class SS
of the sjieclaif? for the Bpraits trophy and $60 in
gold. The class created unusual interest, as the
best of all breeds appeared In the ring; for the
coveted honors. Some twenty breeds were repre
sented, and it was a novel sight to see them all
together, from the big. kindly St. Bernard to the
tiny, mincing Pomeranian. Alter careful study and
boom deliberation the Judges weeded out all but
eight dogs, and from these made their final choice.
The eight Son Included Mahomet, the champion
English bulldog; Squire of Tytton. the unbeaten
collie Imported to this country on February 2 by
Samuel Cntermyer at a cost of $6,000- Dolly Gray,
the great winning Old English sheepdog- Deodora
Prince, the Encrust! setter; Eve. the. little Boston
terrier bitch, which swept her classes and was
sold on Wednesday for the record price of $1,500;
Magician, the typical bloodhound; Champion Riche
lieu, the French bulldog which baa a string of blues
to his credit, and Warren Remedy, the smooth fo»
terner, which was destined to earn such high dis
The Judges conferred for a full ten minutes be
fore they could reach a final decision. The first
vote was not quite unanimous, as two or three of,
the Judges were said to favor the English setter.
but at last an agreement was reached, and the
little fox terrier was picked up bodily and carried
off In triumph. The English setter Deodora Prince
rot the reserve ribbon, and Squire of Tytton, Ma
homet and other English bred dogs had to ac
knowledge defeat by American bred ones.
As previously told In The Tribune, Warren Rem
edy is practically true to type. She is tan marked,
with strong head, keen expression, good outline
and grand rfbs. She vras in fine coat also, and
should be worthy of winning la th» beat company
In England.
Next to the victory of Warren Remedy, dally
visitors were impressed with the fact that the
terriers are losing- voice. It Is hard to believe, but
three days of continual yelping lias had Its effect,
and It was a shade quieter In the big show hall.
There was plenty of noise, however, even though
the terriers were" hoarse, and some of the other
breeds felt more at home than on the previous
days. end this music to the ears of the fanciers
will keep up until the last dog is crated and
shipped away, some time to-morrow.
The big amphitheatre, where more .lops are gath
ered together than ever before lr. this or any other
country, was the Mecca again yesterday for dog
lovers from near and far. The attendance was
above the average, particularly In the evening,
when the aisles before the benches were crowded
to a point that Indicated that the dog was a
worthy rival of the horse and the automobile In
popular esteem. With most of the awards made,
tbe visitors could easily rick out the prize winners
hy the blue cards tacked to the back of the
V*nehes. These dog«. of course, were the centre
f>f Interest, as everybody loves and admires a vic
tor, even though there ■was not one person In a
hundred who could see any marked difference In
favor of a vaunted winner over a less fortunate
T?y i o'clock last night th« judges had almost
completed their long and arduous labors. They fin
ished up placing the bull terriers, Irish and Gor
don setters, foxhounds, French bulldogs, Dalma
tians and others, and made many awards In the
facial prizes, of which there were some two Jiun
<!red. A few mistakes may have bean made In
dispensing the coveted cups and trophies— a good
many, according to disgruntled exhibitors— but the
awards were well received, on the whole, by those
who wre capable of judging and looked on with
uphissspd feelings
The buli terriers made a brave showing In the
ring, and while there were a number of promising
newcomers none approached Haymarket Blaaer
among the dogs, and this fine muzzled, well fur
nished Canadian was placed first in the open and
winners' « lasses. lie is owned by It H. Elliott,
of Ottawa, Canada. Mrs. Frank F. Dole's Edge
wood Biddy earned the honors In the chief classes
for dogi of ojipotite sex. repeating previous tri
umphs. Judge Kendrlck then caused mild surprise
fey reversing last rear's placing nnd giving Edge
wood Biddy the call over Haymarket Plaser in the
special award for the best bull frrier in the show.
The piebald dachshund Hardy M.. a rarity In the
l">re*d. won in the winner's class for dogs for Dr.
MotEthenbacker, of this city, while, Llesel Yupla
Yon lungholz, an imported dog with a name as
long and sinuous a.« her body, won the blue in the
tame class for bitches for George Semler of this
rrir.cess de IContglyon scored over the other ex
hibitors of chow chows in pome of the classes
with Chin Chino, but the old favorite Chinese
Chum, owned by the Blue Dragon Kennels, was
placed first in the open and winners classes for
dogs. The chivy chows are native of China and
the few lucky ones recently imported to this coun
try. aotne of which were prize winners yesterday,
will escape the fate of most of their kind. In
China the fle*h of the chow chow is considered a
table delicacy.
The show will com* to an end to-night, and the
late visitors, who may be Interested In oddities,
will find a number to see. In the miscellaneous
class is the first Belgian eheepdosr ever Been in
New York. He Is called Mlra of Dalmore. and
with his thick, soft and glossy coat he bears a
close resemblance to the wolf. Bob Tone, the first
smooth Airedale terrier exhibited here, is another
novel:>. Hi looks like a foxhound with terrier
ears. Liver colored Dalmatians are also being
shown for the first time. Bijou, a papillon span
iel, Is the smalleajt dog in the show. He weighs
less than a pound. In striking contrast to this
littie fellow le a St. Bernard which tips the. scales
around 160 pounds.
Quite a number of sales were reported during the
day Pamuel R. Poster, of Philadelphia, sold Boyl-
Bton Trince 11, a Boston terrier, to Joseph Dale of
Brooklyn, for $600. and Charles Kammerer. of Bos
ton, sold his Boston terrier, Anthony, Jr.. for $1000
to a prominent New Yorker, whose" name was not
Another transaction reported was the purchase
by C. F. Bpalding. of New York, of the bulldog
Thornton Boy. which came from the I-#on*
K«nnels. The price was not mentioned, but it was
paid to b». in the neighborhood of $500. The prin
cipal sale, perhaps, was that of three bloodhounds
belonging to Dr. Knix, whloh are priced in the
catalogue at ♦0.0i.0 each. These three were Bold to
Robert Lobhan. of Newark. :.'. J.. but the price
paid whs not stated. The three «logs were Knox's
Koran. Knox's Nestrel and Knox's Kllko, all prize
winners at th*> present show. ])>-. Duffy, of Kldr^d
P«nr... paid $500 for th» bull terrier bitch Moston
The awards in the open and winners classes fol
low :
Class S3 (foxhounds; American; open; dins') — First.
Bs-Int, Qraft^n Hounds, Qrafton, Mut. ; Second, Simple*,
Graiton Hound*. third, Sli.fui. Graaon Hounds.
Class M ifosbomda: Arnrrlcan; opea: Mtehes) First.
Eel«in, Grafton Hounds. Oraftor.. Mass.; second. &M
rairt. Graf:cn Hound*: third. Sterling, Orafton Hounds.
daaa SF (foxhounds; American; winners; <\ogw and
bitches) — First. Fa.!nt. <;raft<vi Hounds, Grafton, Mass.;
res»r. », SaJem. OraftOß Hounds.
Class S«0 f foxhounds; English: opmr doir*)— First. <"h.
Vanru •!'■'' Middlesex Hunt, Pouih Lincoln. Uaaa. ; second,
rant* HlMtomrx Hunt; third. Pilot. Middlesex Hunt.
Clssß :>\ (foxhounds: English: open; bitches) — First
r&ncy. Middlesex Hunt. South Uncoln. Maas. . second.
Cfe. Nemesis. Middlesex Hunt; third. Songbird. Middle
a«jc Hunt.
Cases Ji2 ff«»»bouii«a: Euiiak; winners; dogs and
bitches) — Winner. Fain . MMd:««ex Hunt. Pouth Lincoln.
Slavs.; reserve. ;<>. Vanguard. MUdlesex Hunt.
Class 184 (Irish setters; open; . 91— First. St. Clead
111. I. & S. A. Contott. Mount Biaee, N. V ; oiiil,
Hibernian Ben. C. 8. Van Horn. Mount Kiaco, N. V.;
tr.ii 1. m Cloud's nosumjue. H. B. Jjiirm. G>n Co**,
Long- Island.
Class ISS (Irish setters; Trlnners; £<■■**>• — Winner. St.
Cloud 111. I, A- 3. A . Contolt. Moar.t Cisco. N. V.. re
e*n-e. Gael Law. Mis. N. XV. Emerson. Boston.
Class 187 (Irish sette-«; open; bitch**) First. it
Cloud's Ixtma. U. * B. A. Contoil. Mourn Klsco. K. V. .
second, eh St. Clouds Bar. H. K. leaden-, i;i<-n Cove.
Tying- Island; third. B*.. Cloud's VUa, Amos i Millar,
PjT».cuse. K. T. /
Ci««* 18» (Irish aett-rs; ■!■■—■. bitch***— Winner. St.
C!3B«-s I^om*. 1, &-. B. A. ron'olt. Mount Kl»c->, N. T.
. C!sm 144 (Gordon setters; r»p-n. — rirst. Mason A..
Mrs. 6. W. Andrews. Woodbury. N. J. . second. Frank
A. H. W«-l«l. New York ■■• thlri. Bay View .Salvador,
B«y View Kennels. Eat.? Providence, H I
Claw 14.'i (Oordf-n setter*; seen: bitches) First, Bren
<t«, Mrs. B. W. Andrews, Woodbury. S. J.; second. Maud
D.. Mr». B. W. Anart-ws; thin!. Wave'.and's Volga, Wtvt
Üb4 Kennels, "ui|.y»r Court Houae, W. Ve_
Claw 146 (Gordon settei-s; winners; dog« am |)HiilaMfl
Winner, Bracda. Mrs. 11. W. Andrews. Woodbury, N J ;
reserve. Mason a.. Mrs. H. W. Andrews.
Class 239 (4achsmund«: np«n; d*«: red)— First Into
M. Dr. C. Motschenbacher. New York dty; s»cend. OolJ
. fucha yon der Bercstale. Ueor«e Femier. New Tork lit}-;
third. 6epp«l yon Mu:.!ttim, Georr* Semler. New York.
Class 237 'dach*njnde: up«n. do**, any other color)
First, Champion Hardy M.. Dr. C. M«sehenb««her. New
York City; «eccn3, Rans^h yon f««elb«rg. George S«nl«r,
N«rw Tork City; third. Bo 4» yon <ler r>er*T»t^!k-, O».">rg»
6eir.ier. New Tork Ctv
Clara 2JB f4**h»hi;n<i«: »-lnnera. •'.-v> — WlTi»j»r. Cham
pion Hardy M., I>r. C Iffmsi liaajfcailiai Kate/ T^rk City;
»«««rve. Bir.s^h • >n Seelbrg. Oeorn Bemler Ke»* York
Class 2*2 fcadwbunde: open- bitches; red)— rir«t, Ue«e|
Tupla yon Jungtiolz Georife f»mVr. New Tart City; »*--
Otd enaction V»i. Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Keller, Wai-
Standing, reading from left to rifht: Thompson, Catruthers. Souther, Sanford. Seated, from left to right: D. Gordon HaywartJ, K. Oorflon. WUfiar
and Marcus.
Senior and Junior Championships
Will Be Held February 22.
The Amateur Athletic Union of the United States
has decided to control amateur skating. In future
It will hold Its own championship meetings and en
courage skating- among its registered athletes.
Secretary John J. Dixon announced yesterday that
all the votes that had been cast in response to the
notice sent out early In the week were In favor of
severing: the alliance with the National Skating As
sociation. To this end President James E. Sullivan
was instructed to cancel the alliance an.i announce
that not only has the Amateur Athletic Union as
sumed Jurisdiction over loe skating-, but that it has
taken over roller skating- and all games thut are
played on roller skates.
In order that quick action might be had. Presi
dent Sullivan has appointed Bartow S. Weeks chair
man of the skating championships committee. Two
championships will be held, s»nlor and Junior. The
Junior mc-eting will be open '. i all skaters who have
not won skating championships in America or any
foreign country. This is on the same plan its the
track and Held meetings of the Amateur Athletic
Union. Where these championships will lie held
has not been decided upon, but the date for hoi line
same baa been set for February 22. The races will
be. held wherever suitable lee can be found. The
figure pkating championships will be held later in
soni" skating rink. Entries will close with Bart <•*-
S. Week.-. No. 1". Warren street, on February 20.
It Is the Intent) of the official!) of the Ani.iteur
Athletlo I'nlon to have earn association in the union
hold skating championships. In the same manner
as they hold track and field championships, It Is
too late now to have an elaborate plan of sectional
and national cliamrilonphlps. but that will come
next year. President Sullivan appointed a com
mittee of the Metropolitan Association as follows-
J. T. Ma honey, of the New York Athletic Club,
chairman: F. W. Rublen, of St. George's Athletic
Club; Thomns E. O'Brien, of the Warren Athl.tlc
Club, Newark, N. J.; Thomas J. Nevln, of St. Har
tholomew's Athletic Club; ThomaH J. Hughes of
the Mott Haven Athletlo Club; Mortimer Bishop
of the New York Athl. tl • Club, and W. Tlllinan of
the Mohawk Athletic Club.
This committee will, as soon an possible secure
a place within the. state of New York where the
metropolitan championships, open only to Bk.it<-ra
■who hold membership In clubs of the Metropolitan
Association of the Amateur Athletic Union, can he
l#il»y, Man.; third, Kmirrt yon Seelber*. «;••.. rir« Semkr
New York City.
Clase iciacJifhunde: open; bitche"; any othrr color) —
First Ursula •'■ . J. Gra»fl». N«w York City; »*.-oii<J, Ulna
yon Llchtenateln, O*org« Semler, New York Cltj third
Norwoo<! silver. Norwood Krnneli, Ch«Btnut Hill. P«nn.
C!asa "44 (dachshund*; winner*; bitches)— Winner.
T.,i»*el rulpa yon Tangiiols, G«org« Bemler. New V -<
City; re»tr\e. I'rsula <}„ J. Graefle. Now York City
."laM 2W, tvooiXm; curly; open; dogs: bla.-k»— Flr*»
Aladdin, R«d Brook Kennels. <ir»-»t Keck. U\mm l»lan<s:
eeoonil. Ml In Win**, Meadowmere K^nneln. Rruthami-top.,
I/in» bland: third, Onv*. Bad Brook Krnnsl<i. Grr-»t
N>.k. Lorn Inland.
Clacs 2:.T Ipoodlea; curly; open: dogs: other than black)
— First. Had Brook Rttfua ll«<1 Brook Kenr.eln. Gri>at
Keck. Txin* Tuland: second. T>ollar. Mr». A. A. Hnutmaa.
Babylon I>-r.» lalaad; third. Lord, R. (immmi-r New
Trrk '•:!■
flaw 208 fpoodies; curly; winners: dr.ra) — Winner.
TCundo. Rf.i Brook Kennele. Orent Neck. I^ne Inland;
r»»T'-o. Aladdin, RtA Brook Kennels
I'iui 804 rpoodles: rly; ninn<»r«; bitches) -Winnor
Mllo Korth Snore. Meadowmera K>nn»l». Bouthamptoa,
Ijonr Inland; reserve. Pandora Mt-adowratro Kennela.
<iaa« riO (ehon chows; Mien <loj, — First, Ch. Ph!
rme Cliuni. Blue I>ra»«-n KeTinela. lArrhmont V V ■
Berond, KlgM of Asia, Hlu» Dra«oa Kennels: third. Chin
rhino. Princess d« Montglj-on. Cold spring Harbor, Lone
Cla«s 311 (cJiow cliown; winners; <Jors> Winner f"h.
Chlne«« Chum. Pine Dragon Kennalis, Larchment N. V :
reserve, Btorm Klrir, Mrs. J. w. DeckAr. Now York City.
Class !)14 (chow chows; or*n; blfbac)— First, Prill*.
.T. Richardson. N«^r Tork City; second. Durhens of KotM,
Miss A. M Peck <"Mca)fo: third. j^ady rhumley, lira
A. O. Van B~euscn. K«w York City.
Class 31, r . follow chows; wlnnnr«; Mtchea) — Winner.
PrliN. J. RlcharOsoß. New Tori; Cityi reserve. Duchess
of None, MIM A. M. Perk, Chloajo.
Clsjis 522 (Dalmatians : open; dogs and bitches- liver
spottedW-First. Rugby Brocade. Mrs. H. A Arnold. Jr.
East Williston Ty.nic Island; second. Oe.'ney Farm Sand
storm, n. 'WHletn. Whim Plains. N. Y. • third Rugby
Bombshell. Mrs. H. A. Arnold, Jr.
ClaM f!23 . nsJiratliina, open: dugs} first. RoekclllTa
Runaway. Ro<-kcHf> Kennels. Tlc:i-!p«'»aJi. T/oi|f Islsnd;
second, Oedney Farm Chall<«rp<>r, U. Wlllets. White
Plains. N. Y. : third. Oflney Farm Roadater, H Wllleits.
Class 321 inaimntlnni; winners: -Rockellffe Uur.
away. Rock lifTe K»nn»l*. Hempst^ad. I.onr Island; re
sjrv*. Qedney Farm Surprise, 11. Wiilets. White Plains.
N. i .
Clasc MS rDalmatians; open: tltrh«s) -Fimr Queen
Belle. P. R. Dniry, Boston; second. I.ans'lowne I^idy
P»«Ty. Miss M. W. Martin. Chestnut nill. Perm. • third,
Windy Valley Queen H. WHMs. White Plains. N. Y.
Class S2B rDalmatlnns; winners; Mtchesl — Winner,
Queen Belle, V R. Drury. Roston: reaerve. lArwl'i-™*
Lady Tttgy. Miss M. W. Martin. Chestnut Bill, Perm.
Class 414 (Scottish terrtero; o:»n ; dr>ic« and bitrhes;
bred In th» United Btmtaa or Canada) — First New.-aKtle.
nutnpus. .1. \. I.lttie. Broolctlnt. Mof*. ; second '.—
venor Rsiial. Mrs. B. Clark New T«rk City third
Bister Doon, W. Johnston. Klrnif.in!. N. Y.
Class **?< (-Scottish terrier*; open; doga) First Brehleaa
Pil-ir. 11. C. PWop« West! iry, Lone Island; second
Handown Tartar '"■' rite Lauder, Jr. Greenwich, Conn ;
third. Uttlebury Jack Froat, Mrs. B. U. Robinson. Phila
delphia. P*-nn.
<""!*•» <"•""> (Scottish terriers; Trlnn»rs; dogs) — Winner
Ercrl»^« FIT"-!'. H. C P>ilpp«. Weetbttry, I-onjr Island;
reserve, Bandown Tartar, George louder. Jr., Greenwich,"
Clacs 491 (Scottish t«rrl<>rß; winner*: bitches) — Winner
Bsndown Du< psi Gcorg« I-auder. Jr.. Qrconwlch. Conn ■
retu-ve, (Valescott Bess, Waleaoott Kennels, Bernarda^
vllle. K. •'.
Class 601 (Welah terrl«.r»: open; dogs) -Flrat Endellffe
Niblick, F. ]?. Lord. Jr., Ijiwrenee. Long Island; second
Cynon carboy, R. W. C. Ellison, Bryn Mawr, Pcnn.; third
Benny fall -• Walescotl Kfnii»:c, Bernardsvllle, N .1
Claaa SOSS (Welsh terrt* ■; open: bitches) First SeniiT
Btarlight. B. and O. da Coppet. New York City; second
Cairnsmulr (Vlcwan t, M. Carnoehan. New City N T •
ihlrd. B»la Barley, Walescott Kennels, BernardsvlUe!
M i
Class 601 (Welah terrlera; winners; d"gs and bitches)— .
Winner, Bndcllffe Niblick. l\ U. Lrird', Jr., L*wrenc«.
I.onr Island; reserve^ Benny Etarl'.ght. ft. and "J do
«.'orr«t. Ntw York city.
Lexington, Ky., Feb. 14.— Eighty-seven head of
trotters were «o!d to-day by the Kentucky Sales
Company for a total of $40,335. The horses which
sold for more that) $l,Wi follow:
Whltalock. br. a;.. 8. by W!er*.ns— of Windsor-
W. W. Bvans. Lexlr.svui. Ky .$4 400
Bister Collette, b. m.. S. by Alfred ti.— Hassle
Huntlr.irfMi; T. C. JeSfexson, Lsxlngton, Ky . . 8.400
Shskr«{,e-<>. br. c.. B. by jai SfcQre=ui Mas
Sl-t&rs; E. D. Sinlth, Georgetown. Ky 2,400
I.ude G.. br. m.. f\. by Phorro— Excel- <>i.rae XL
Webb, Philadelphia .' .... 1700
Voltop«ar'. b. c. 6. by Moke— LUU* I'ea.-l; fit
Axro»-smlth. Qre*n»boro, N. C.. ' ' 1600
Evania. br m I. by CUv Kin«--Francea Ktraiii; "
J. B. Stewart. Lexlnctan. Ky " . 1200
Bon Aa&l. br f., i, »jy lupins — Bon Mot; Frank
Hedrlck. Fairmont. W. V a ZBOO
Kettle rsrcj-K. b. /.-. 8. by Etlent Ba>jk— Nettle
Stack; v. W. E.ars T. . . . 1000
Shelby T.. b. c. 2, by Jay M^Oregor— Rar-jneas
Sedalia; John Kyl*r. Ladoga, Ind 1,000
Jockey, Suspended Last Fall, Re
instated by Stewards.
Herman Kadtke, tho Jockey, ran ride again. Ills
application for a license wu granted yesterday at
a meeting of the steward! of •• ■■ Jockey Club, In
the Windsor Arcade. Radtke was suspended dur
ing- tho Jamaica meeting last fa!. for uu unsatis
factory ride on Tommy Wnddal!, and ho has been
on the grow ever since. In spltt» of the fact that
ho went to California expecting that the ban would
be removed. The steward* delayed any action,
however, until yesterday, so that he baa not been
ablo to accept any mounts. Ills reinstatement will
meat the approval of racegoers, as pood jockey*
are few and far between. Radtke is under tract
to Boy A. rtair.ey.
8. C. Hildreth was granted permission to correct
ilia entry of Tony Faust In t::.. Brooklyn, Suburban
and Brighton handicaps, and C K. Durnell was
Kranted the same privilege for his horse Nealon in
tlia same races.
Tho application of H. I. Rogers, who was nilod
off, last year, for a rehearing was denied, and
Jockey licenses were denied Charles Hell, Walter
Adams and T. J. Walker.
The following licenses were granted .in recom
mended by tho license committee: •
Jor-keys— Charles It. Hrady. Harry 3. Brady John
i Inn, Jaws Henneasy, Charles Garner, Joseph Har
ris, li. Homer. Joseph Johnson, <"hurie.s Koerner.
Dalton McCarthy. Wuiler Miller, W. Mciiityre. D.
NlcoL O. C. Olandt and 11. liuiitke.
"Trainer*— James Hint.', George Brown, AVillhon
Beckett, Georgre P. Brazier. Fred Buriew, Mat: hew
Byrnes, V K. Beal, James ii<».iur-. l«. a. Bonsack,
Herman 11. Brandt. Charles w. <Yaw«.T. Jeny Car
n.ll Algernon Claxton, I'hil I. Chlnn. W. 1. Curl.
O J. Decker, gU^B. DosweJl. M. Duly. a. J. Enjce!
king. Harry Pallehey. if. c. Friebla. James ntz-
Blmmons. Walter (Julia*. If I- Oriffln. Henry Gra
ham. will . Garth. Jo«eph H. Hawkins, Charlea
H. Hughes, K. H. lluniio, Edward J. Hoffman. J. J.
Hyland, Mm Hlrsch, C. C. FlalL William lTarr'."
! Homes J. Healey, William Hurley, B. O Hlldr.-th
»• .n Hoimuti, \\. ... Joplln. 'A. n Jennings. \v:n
lam Jennli Jr., A. J Joyner, Charles ji Jr-nk'r-.
s»•."s u le YeV cl £ Conovcr Lelghtun. H T. UulelVU.'
William Lakeland, George T. Miller. Green li Mor
ns Lucien Malone. A. Motlneiii. T. X Maniitx. J.
P. Mayberry. John Mill. w. h. Mosby <• a Mul
holland. J. H. McAvoy, henry McCarthy w a
McKlni William T. McGlvney. A. C. MctaTTefty!
J. H. MoCormlck, Thon is McCr*er>; J. C Nallv!
G. M Odom. f'h&rlea uxx . Frank O'Neill. IClmbai
Patterson, K,i Peters. k. It. PhllUpa. William i'il<
leau. \V. B. Phillips, George EX Perrln. John H
Power*. W. p. Presgr John w. Pangle, James
Row*. John "A. Hfujerp. Frank Rejar. R. A. Smith
John I. bmith. A. B. Btansbury, W. H Schaut!
•Tames Bennett. A. Simons, W. il. Bnyder. John
SchlOMer, '. llllam BhlH : J. M Shli'ld." \V I
Towiies. Eugene Wayland, Henry Walker i* D
,\" l PfterAVlmmer, Joseph West. Edwin Whit.-,
D. T *i^ 1 P slow< i: E - "atklns. Thomas Welsh.
John Whalen and A. Zlmmer.
Hoard of Rawing Stewards Deride
Against New Contest.
:< wan ann ■. - ■;.,;■ that tha board of
stewards of the Intei Rowing A
.. a ..... .
a) P< ughki epi le I (.is yeai . owing to la I
Horn-; time ago II .'..., \ that If I
entries such a m. .. would be placed or the
jjroKramme. Ward, <>r Pennsylvania, nn.l Klr« of
■►'■■; f '" • • •■ but Ten Eyck
and < ourtney flatly rei
Notwithstanding this. Rice will put all or his men
ut work for a time In centipedes this spring liter
'■' ' r-P';;'sr -P';;'s to Inti itopede for Wu a* ond
prew. He bellevei I t there la much more power
gotten ..ut of ■ de and that aa a
■ t.etutr than a i
eljjlit oared shell.
Conditions Changed for Flag to Flag
Race in Florida.
Miami, via., Feb. 14— The Oag-U-Oag race from
here to Nassau, which was postponed on account
of the rough weather, will positively start at 7:30
o'clock to-morrow morning. The ruljs governing
the race have been changed Vh<s time each boat
will go at pleasure as to course nailed m-ii etc
the I rst to reach Nassau to be declared the a l "»^
rles follow:
The Whiz. ent*»r»d by Thomas B. Norton of Now
Haven; the. I-*-" 8., entered by a P Qerlooh of
Jacksonville, l'la.; the Klondike, entered by Charles
Ball, of Miami, Fla.. and the HaKK»tt, entered by
John lliiugetty, of New York.
Need of More Rowing Men Cubs
Win a Hockey Game.
Rowing conditions at Columbia have reached such
a state that the graduate advisory committee has
Issued a statement in which It warns Columbia
men that, unless more candidate* report nt once,
the chances of success in any of the numerous
races that the Blue and White has to row ire
slight. The letter in signed by Albert W. Putnam
Morton ii. Rogue, T. J.urllow Chrystle S P Nash
and K. B. Irvine, all former crew men
Two men who have been doing good work thin
year, will probably have to give up training be
cause of pressure of their academic work They
are Helmricb, who rowed at No. C last year anil
Yon Balsa, who, according to Rice was mastering
the now stroke In fine style, and was almost sure of
a place in the boat.
K. M. nonrman, '08, find H. K. Slarte. > 0», worn
the winners In thn half nnd quarter mll.^ runs
which were held at Columbia yesterday afternoon
roniliiuliiK the weekly handicap truck games'
Bborman, who w:is the winn. r In two contests on
the previous day, gave o creditable performance h
the viuartar-nille run.
The Columbia freshmen defeated Do Witt Clin
ton High School In a fast game of hockey at the
St. Nicholas Kink yesterday morning by a score of
6 to 1. From the start the freshmen had all the
better of It. surpass :i« their opponents completely
In passing and shooting. Badle, who scored four at
Columbia's gonls, played the best game for the
freshmen. While Shaw, at goal, was a tower of
Columbia will line up against Harvard at basket
ball In the Columbia gymnasium to-night. In the
intercollegiate championship aeries.
I) mentions in American Kennel Club
Smoothed Over.
August ilroont acted as the peacemaker at the
annunl meeting of the American Kennel Club, at
No. 65 Liberty street, yesterday, and the dissen
sions, which threatened to disrupt the organization,
were smoothed over. When the light over the ques
tion of the rlplu to vote at tl a quarterly tneetlng-s
was at Its height Mr. Belmont came forward and
offered a compromise resolution to the amendment
demanded by the opposition forces. This resolu
tion practically conceded the demands, while maln
tainlng the provisions of the incorporation of the
club, over which the split wits threatened.
Tho troubles In tho American Kennel Club began
last November, when tli<» organization was Incor
porated. Up to that tlmo the delegate* enjoyed
the privilege of attending the quarterly meetlnca,
but, according to the new constitution, 75 per cent
«.f the delegates were deprived of thU privilege,
as these meetlnes were limited to the board of di
rectors, whloh riu:!tfj<.Te<! thirty. This was th« prin
cipal objection on the purt of the opposition, while
the curtailment of th» voting power of the dele-
Kutes waa another stumbling block. Tho demand
was made for a restitution «if voting power for the
memb< ra. which existed b»-forc the rlub be
came Incorporated last November. While the oppo
sition voted to Incorporate the club, the assart lon
was mode that they bad voted under a misappre
Dr. F. 11. <»*sKuod led ii.>- opposition forces yea
terday, iii, . l for a tin th- outlook for peace in
the organization was dark. When matters began
to reiu-H n. «t!blb, however, Mr Helmont offered tho
following resolution:
'i ii.it tise annual meeting of the <iub be bold In
February, and th" regular qimiterly meetings of
the delegates \>>i h'-: 1 In May. August and Novem
ber, tit nich tlmo :tnd places tut thx I'rfsldent may
select, providing twenty <laya' notice be given to
the delegates.
This brought about a truce, at least, as It was
conciliatory ami led to .nany of the members
changing their attitude. Some objections were
made by those who f»rlt aggrieved, but after mime
discussion tli-j reaolution « i. unanimously adopted.
An election for threw directors to succeed Will
lam P. Earle, Joseph M. Dale ■■•■'. Gouvernaur M.
Carnochan, who reslyneil, resulted in the election
of > Serpeant Price. Winthrop Rutherford and
W. < ». CtMlman. Dr. P. 11. O»k ■■■:. the leader of
the opposition, who wan nominated, was badly
Nero York Win* Three Games from
the Nercark Bait Five.
The New York Athletic Club bowling team won
three, straight games from Newark Bay on Its
home alleys la^t night In an Athletic Howling
l^eai?ue series. The first two games were one sided,
with the home train winning by wide margin*,
but th» last game was haid fought and New York
only won by six pins, with the good total of !*TB.
The visitors began the third game with a rush
find led by llfi pins at the and of the sl«th frame.
Then came a heartbreaking finish in which New
York managed to win In the lest frame by a nar
row margin.
Jaeger, who put ip the good total of Ssl foe New.
ark Bay, blew badly in the last frame. He began
with a spare and followed with eight strikes. With
the cbani © of beating the high score of the league
of 2^!, made by Van Ness, and of winning the
gam-a for his Bide, ho got only five, pins and 3 all
In the last frame. The scores follow;
R,e<-ii 17l> 'Jl2 104 Perry 137 iM 20«
Hharwood. . . . 10S IWO iBXI 1 Woodward 17* 137 ISa
Klungeihoft«r. 21."i 2<.'O U4|Jager 1:1) 183 SSI
Arnold 18% !."•■> 106 UritlUh 181 14S 204
t.'lula 'M'-i I"*** 170 Vreeland 149 154 170
Totals .... 687 »*'» 9701 Totala ... 771 843 Vtd
Winning Favorites Fere and Far
Between at City Park.
New Orleans, Feb. 14.— For the third day In suo
eeeslon favorites worn bowled over with startling
frequency lit City Park to-day. Paul Clifford, a
slight choice over Bert «>»ra. was the only one to
reward Hie form players, and he was only lite third
winning favorite in twenty-one races.
Long shots held revel. Dew of Dawn, which got
up to win the baby race In the last stride, and Qll
tain. which came from far back to earn the purse
in Iho fifth race, were the big surprises of the day
Marvin Neat, played from 8 to 1 to 9 to 2, inai'lj
most of the running In the sixth race and tasted
long enough to win by v head from Anna l>ay, the
favorite. The lummtritt follow:
First race (seven furlongs)— lloseboro, 104 (Hogg) 0 to
I. won; Fenian. 109 tJ. J^e). 4 to I, second; King It
th« Valley, 103 (J. r^lira •. IS to 5, third. Time. \:2b. Be
gonia. Ever Near, Sylvan Uelle, Mufllus, Lldwlna, Monte
Carlo, Henpecked. Ureen Crest, Young Baler. Arby v"an
and Handbag also can.
t>eona rure (steeplechase; short course) — Antes 140
(litnoj. 11 to 1. won. T. O. Bcarboroagh. VM (McKmney)
20 :.) 1. second- Hartor Rasartus, 188 (Touroll) 2y to 1.
third. Tlmo, ::SSH- lackaon Day, -üba.l. r, Karan. Rip'
Ar.it. (i and Ughis Out also run.
Third race (three and a half furlongs) Dew of Dawn.
112 (Walker), 15 to 1. won; Grraham, 108 (Nlcot), 9 to
10, second; Brawnav i^id. LOS (Isnow), 20 i o 1, third
Time. O:<i3V Tartla, Tartaaote, I.ute Foster, i*rincesa
Sue, Coincident. Bernardo, Ben Sana. Belle of Kent
Florence L . I>twless and Peorln a>ls> ran.
Fourth rue- (seven furlonsai) --I'aul Clifford, 102 (Van
Dusen), 3 to 1, won; Bert <)•:« in .' (Garner), 13 to f.
second.; Mazonla, P7 (C Hooker), (*> to I, third. Time'
1:28. MlnKiUi. <i.-.v Boy, Haiigar, Listless, Maggie
Macks Kteela bberfj, Pentagon. Miss McKenna nn.l
in-.l'-i'i.v ii.'H" ran.
Fifth race is»v.-n furlnn»rs) — Ollfalu. 107 (Mogg) "0 to
1, won; Prince Brutus, Mr: d>B.ly>. 14 to 8. a«si ond Cirltn»
10a (Backman), 13 to 1. third. Time, 1:27 « v Bunting'
ton, Bcliool M»t^. Mollle Donohue, Rhelngolii Ftorendno
Orient, Omir Khayyam, >'ut Bulger. Nellie Burn and
Fancy Dress also ran.
Sixth rac« (on« mile and a quarter)— Marvin Veal
100 (Hlt-glns). 0 to 2. won; Anna Day. 67 tl»v»e). Ul to
IS. second: Evle Green. lift 1 Van Diluent. 8 to 1 third
Time. 2:07 V Foreigner, <i«hl^r. B»ll the Cat Volonei
Rartlett. sincerity Belle. Dekaber. James nertdlrk V
i'lavtgnv also ran.
Bevetith race (stx furlcnit»)-CoHnesii, lift (Mclntvr*)
11 in 2. won. rinemock. 105 lOiu-neri. A to 1 aoeon.i
DS Ore 114 (Seder). 13 to 1. third. Time. 1:1 A. sol,'
ii.. Western, Abtngdon, Cha*e an.l Paiton also ran.
1 j !
Crescent Team Beaten in Hard
Fought Extra Period Game.
The St. Nicholas Skating Club won the chnm
plonshlp of the Amateur Hockey League nt the
St. Nicholas Rink last night. In a hard fought
game that required an extra period to decide th«
Crescent Athletic Club, which has won tho title
five times In six years, was defeated by a score
of 8 goals to 2.
At the end of the regular playing time the gam*?
stood a tie. at 2 to -. anil i^th the teams playing
so evenly It was plain that a lucky shot might win.
The goal that not only won the. game but the cham
pionship as well, was a cleanly scored, •>■;■. how
ever. Marcus was the msn who <l!d the trick, aftor
Carruthers had carried the puck down the rink ami
passed to Wilder, who shot. Marcus rushed right
In on McKenzle as his team mate sent the pm-k
flying for the net and. meeting it beautifully, sent
It neatly past McKenzie. It was an almost Impos
sible shot to stop.
The scene that followed waa a wild one. The St.
Nicholas rooters Jumped on th» ice and attempted
to carry their favorites oIT on their shoulders. The
players managed to elude *them, however, and
rushed for their dressing room.
Prom an unprejudiced point of, view H was the
be.it thing that could have happened for hockey.
as It will add Interest to the pastime by bringing
the championship back to this side of the river.
The Crescents have held It. with the one excep
tion, ever since the club has b«>en representvd on
the Ice. Th« St. Nicks have gon* through the season
without a defeat, and the small organisation, com
posed of only a handful of members, deserves «r--at
credit for turning out a championship team. They
have worked hard and lone for the honors which
came to them last night. The seven •■ composed
of more men who learned tho game in this country
than Is the case with any other team plnyin? here.
On the other hand, it was a hard game for the
Crescents to lose. They played well, and with
llghtiilnglike speed. Their opponents stuck to
them so closely, however, that It was Impossible '0
get In any of their brilliant combination w. rk. and
the men could not pull the St. Nicholas defence out.
Carruthers stuck to Ills position at point us though
he was glued to It. Every man played well, and
no one Is to binrae for the defeat AicKenzie's work
in goal was the best he has shown thi3 ax. In
fact, the features of the play were probably th*
goal-tending of McKenzlo and Hayward. Tl a
latter made what seemed like Impossible stops.
There was one unfortunate Incident toward the
dose of the second period, when a goal waa claimed
by the Crescents, but the umpire iud not raise his
hand, and refused to allow the tally. The majority
of persons near the goal claimed the rubber was
Inside the posts. A dispute followed, but the um
pire refused to change nla decision.
The blg-ge»t crowd that has ever packed the
rink turned out last night. and as high as £0 waa
offered for seats. For the first time in the history
of the rink a sign whs posted at the entrance, auy-
Ir.e. "Tickets purchased from speculators will be
refused at the door." The Crescent Glee Club was
present &a usual, and had some brand new sonic
for the occasion, but the cheering 1 was much more
In evidence. At times the noise Interfered with the
referee as his whistle could not be heard.
Th« first half ended with the Crescents lending
by 1 £o*l to 0. but In the second period SI Nich
olas caught and po«sed them, and maintained the
lead until near the and, when the Crescents tallietl,
and a few minutes later made what some claimed
the winning- goal, as already mentioned. As it was
not allowed the period ended with the score at
2 all.
It required more than seventeen minutes for the
Crescents to make the flr«it game of the nls'nt.
Llfflton caged the ruck after neatly dodging D.
Gordon. When Carruthers rushed out to check
him he Rent tha rubber flyinjr by Hayward
The rlrat goal In the second half was made by
Souther on a long shot from near the centre. Wall
When back of his own net. was checked by EC Gor
don, and the latter passed out to Souther who
shot so aulckly that Mr ECenzle did not see the puck
until it landed In the net. Wilder made tha sec
ond goal for St. Nicholas on a pass clear across
the Ice from Marcus. Llfflton event the score
bear the close of the game on a pass out from
Dohley from behind the net.
After the extra period beran the play waa fast
and furious, but Marcus finally scored the winning
oal '. or St " Nicholas. Th« line-up and summary
St. N'lcbolaefX C (1) position*. iTjaoent A C (2)
Hayward Ocal MeKenxla
< hJTuthera Polßl O'Vlynn
IJ. (Jordan < "overro'.r.t \v*!l
«C. Cordon Oncre ...".' '.". . .'..'.'. Ltraton
.-vainer Rove.- ShtrreSt
*MMer ■ Kisht »lr * BhlehVr
Marcus L«ft wing Dc-bby
Gi/*4» — Fit St. Nicholas. Souther. Wilder and M*rc'.i.«;
for Crescent A. C. L.uT.ton IT). Rtttnv— \Vlll!a:n Hu»-
Mi Hockey i.'lub. Assistant referee— I>r. MeKenzte
Hockey . Club Umpire*— James Femrlok ar:<l <:>.•-,»
iUrmui. Timers — George, -'»<• btna \: ' R. I.i»ak«. Time
uf haJ\aa — uunu-.0. ilxtri\ period*- Two minutes.
Suggestion That Glidden Tour Be
gin in Chicago This Year.
The first meeting of the recently app<».nte«l ex
ecutive committee of the Am.-: Automobile
Association was hel.t yesterday afternoon at th.9
offices of the ljong Island Motor Parkway, at Ktftr:
avenue and 44th street. PreaaeV nt W. H. Ilotch
kiss presided, and those prosent were Jefferson De
Mont Thompson. A. G. Batchelder. Sidney S. Oor
ham ij. orge i:. Kurrlngton, l,ew:a K. :?;>*«»r arA
V. H. Elliott, secretary. Chairman Terry of th<»
legislative buttrd,nr.d Chairman Hooper of the jj" 1 - 11 !
ruada board were also presei t by invitation.
Chairman Terry of the legislative board turned,
over a copy if the proposed federal automou'.la
law, enr.tleU "An act providing for the regulation,
identification and registration of motor vehicles
engaged in Interstate travel" This measure «M
be Introduced In Congress, nnd Mr. Terry Is now
engaged in making a summary of the bill, which
will be made nubile '.:. a week or so.
Chairman Thompson of the racing bonrj stated
that It In his Jiu!Kni?nt that the mrmbcrsulp of
the racing board should bo increased so as to be
thoroughly representative, it waa decided thac
the president of the association be ratthovizeti to
appoint additional members to the racing board In
such numbers as he might «cc fit. This actlo:i
was taken so as to provide for enough racing
board members to assure tha presence of at lexst
one board representative at every Important raco
meet In the country, whether held in Texas 1111
nota or California,
Mr. Gorhayi's motion was carried, that the ex
ecutive committee suggest to the touring board
that the 1907 American Automobile Association tour
for the Olldden olid other troyhios begin either at
Chicago or uorno city west of Chicago, provided a
sufficient number of entrants can be' secured to
aaaure the success of the tour; that such tour be
If possible, through the stated of Indiana, Ohio
and Pennsylvania and end at Washington, with a
possible supplemental lour through the Shenan
doah Valley ana Virginia, and that the board an
nounce the rules governing th* tour not lator than
April 15.
At the suggeatlon of Mr. Thompson, the touring
board was instructed to gather facts valuable t<»
members of the association who Intend to tour in
Europe and have applications on file for necurln*
licenses on arrival abroad and, In general, furnish
members of the association with necessary informa
A resolution, suggested by Mr. rarringtors. \tm
adopted. It provides that the chairman of the
committee be Instructed to draft und present at th«
meeting of the boar.l of directors in March «-i
amendment to the bylaws, which will make it poa
«lble for the organization of state associations in
states or federal districts where there ii likely to
be only one club.
FIRST HACK- Sailing. Three un.l a half fill 111
Name -\Vt Name ■ w
Bitter Man .... 100 »u>U Hawk. . - .. 102
rMosperous IO«; Dick R. .- ' 'mi
Whtekbroern — I<»7' FUn-S^t triajada <v»
Truce ioAI Convenient . v 7
Lattice 1(»4' La .Suraara !"."!.'! »T
Leecrest 104 1
BECOMD RACE— Soiling-. One an.l «<ne-e! K hth miles
Henry 0 108 Lemon ClrLr.".~ lo>
L"toIU 103|ltal)unia . ' io-»
."aruiial JOB Tai . i,i,»
Sanction IW| Strongbow . 0;
Louise MacKarlan .... I>i4 Pelebratt. i -.-.-.. m
Stock wooj I.* Uralt " *I". '.'.'.'.'. «•'•
LAjraon 1«8|
THIRD RACE— rur*e. One mile.
■ Dr. Sprulll HHit>hivrsa 101
Uoldmata rrmllllßlUer Mi's*!*! ' S.i
Joe Levy li)Sj
FOURTH RACa-Selllng. Five a— a half f u n..n«a.
roxmaaa ".'.'.'. '.'.'.'.'.'. HWiliutlnskla . : ion
Foxmead HWjltmk j^
Airship lOrt' Cutter . . 04
King Pepper 1M Miss l.er.ls ~ 104
Come On fiam 106 Field l.ark ] ilvj
■', Ed drill 106 Toung K^M>li,,l,r. .. ' ' Hr>
Wasted l<«!Bertha i: "100
Auditor 10«l| * w
FIFTH RACE— SeIUns. One an.i ,ne-#lg:,th miles
Light Note ill Gladiator ..... 104
§;,"«!?* "1 f1"'""f 1 "'"" Trayncr :::: .: :U
(>ll > H ■ Ill; Donna . . i,.--
King Ellsworth 107' Ancestor ' iim
Hi. Noel 106 Marry Belle."!;; {£{
7<«<!> Ellison 106 Ob, "" " " " im
Ooldway . 104il>|f l -ernment '..'.'.'.'.'. as
BIXTH RACE— BalUag. rive an.i a half furlongs
Charles H. Lee U>S| FJUsmere <><>
Captain Taylor 102 i M.v-rasln aT,
Royal Bond |OS Limited , "u7
Little Qenrge 8!> fi M ltfmor<> Bella i>7
High Jumper W>i Jennie Wade '.:
■B«lsBv Lamia -— " 07
Prtnr* Hanover 9* Dorothy M ■---.. VT
Halbart i*| m
BEVENTH RACE— Selling . On« ml!e.
Kemp Rldgeley 1(X»' Arno . bo
ReaMe W-SHnk Sprlnir. ..!.'"*"!!"* Sft
Ma<-Allli>t*r lO4!A<lela R..7. 00
Lu.-v Marie tO3' Fir* Alarm. . .\ .. '..'.'.'.'. 1*
Masker 103 Ahra . . M
Mls» Jewel 1«">I ! Iron ton ...!..!!!.!!.'."!!.'! 80
Turbulence KM Economy 97
V«im, M> "'
TRAVELLERS* CO.. !17S BKOjuhwai "*'
Cor. JSth St. Ts!. 17-JS Mad. *
Ale. A la cart*. Tdh. Table «shot» din. l. t». ..

DINNER $1.50.
G 1•» » P. M,
Telephone. 1260 — Mii'iijon S.iuare
IVS to 114 EAST HTFT ST. i TeJ f«»-n»«.
rwun - (.» i:\i.\v HK^rvif!\vt "
Cafe Lafayette~T^^v^Tr a §?^
■M Hotel M;»i-| -l. j A ls.> servki a la"l«7r
Pnlvenilty Pi. 4 9tf» p*. ' Minic by Amato o*^
B URNS' -"*
Sixth Avc. <<th and 4V, «5 ? i».
Cafe Eoalcvard „S:^a^r^£;
music CAVANAGH'S ~^~^£Z
IDS-260 W. ICrl. n«"!tauraiit. Grill. Banquet Rooa fc
Hunßuriun Orchestra. 124 th St. and S»r»nth 4
a .a fane (all town}. Tdli. 75c. t«-S): ?at. 4 SuafJJ
Eve rett > Hotise^
Sp^^-lal FVenrh I>inn*r. li ot c t,-> 5 p~ v
Hanriuft Hall, ITivate Dining P.00t.»
Herald Square Mole!. 3 *; h M -"J Mt w?s^
s rana.
Marihorough Pathskalier .^
The Pergola"
Hotel Endicott 7%^™^: "^^ »^
KING'S. •]
»Btli St.. nr. Ur»a«liray. Music. Dinner. ILSI
Cuisine a la Francatss. A la Carte.
88U» St.. or. r.rou-iM.iv. Musi^-. Dinner. 11.50.
Grand urchestra noon ar..l erealnc.
"Op- - »!| winter," "Open fires " Koail rr.api <t;>,
"Automoblla Tours 1908": nearly lnol n 0 drives (UhM.
frateU>; tie. Isook!ets icratis). Tra\v-i:^:s' Co.. UTf
Droaiiway. X. T.. cor. ISth #t- Tel. 474§ Mad. Sq.
DQUGUS IRM ¥:^?% T £Z? £*
Oouglaston, L. t. ''!-- Accor n^^ t!^'Bo,^
BAY VIEW HOTEL ,t £ ■ ■ ATp , City Island
Blossom Heath Inn, "^"rl-^sJ- Larchmasi
BostonPostßoad!nn, heat . S! m nnor. Td usjri
Frinrfnrt's Po. r/war. Torkcre. AMa ***>
rrdllUUrL i», cmblm n— nsin Tdh. Ale.
hlnter'sHsumTinn. ppiham PrtrU. ». T.
HOTEL WINDSOR f Atlantic City
OlALtll r>. Restatxrast. Ala Carte. Moate.
"WHERE TO stop."
lio'.fW an.l ■aaasta recommended by
TRATELJJEBS' CO. i'" Broadraar (2Sth Streets
Hew Orleans r&i??' Hew St. Charles Hotel
San Francisco i^V\-\^rx: * k* V-: Katsl /farm
53th St.. Madisor. sni Parlc .Wee .
NEW vr.p.K CITT.
200 \ PER DAY
ROOMS"\ m&+ $ 100
EACH -^^sn^^^^S ' 50
with —^,i=s^r-S2OO
rto.Tn ur.i! bath f«r 2 j"Tsnr.«. \1 r»r Jar up.
Moiiern Steel Construct ion. Flr»proot lloteL
Handy to everyshlns- street cars to everywhere.
CRtojonabl* Permanent nate^. w»
Cannot be <-qu.--led for tha money. \l
RULANO I>. JO>ES. l*r.>;>. JJ
\ UK. II ORADE llfK!;
At :■
Governor Hughes Hat Been 7" -vited
to Open Exhibition.
Governor Charles K. Hughca and his st.i!? ca*
the cornmoiloroa cf a hundred a:iJ fifty j*c&t c!u6s
have been invited by tha National Asaoclatton cf
KrtKine and l!oat Manufacturers to atter.d the
ojienins 01 thrt National Motor Font Show at llail
son Square Garden next Tuesday nliiht. The sh'^w.
whlf-h is to bo distinctly a motor boat show tw»
year, for the first tlr.ie. -w'.U remain open c!*"!»
days. Instead of fifteen, as heretofore.
'i'hero are ninety-four exhibitors, and amor* tre
exhibits will ho seen motors run by denatured a>
cohol, kerosene and electricity fniTi storii-s oe-*
Washington's Birthday la t.> h.- set apari as ■
family day, and Saturday aa Children's Day. Amcns
the .boats e.Thiliited will be many of the raclns
craft. ..
The American l'nwer Boit Association win now
Its annual meeting at the Iletel Knlckerbodttjja
Wednesday evei'.itis. and i<n Saturday evonir.p. Fe^j
run:^r 23. tho Motor Koat Club »>f Amerio* *\*
hold a beefsteak dinner at Uelsor.'*»*jer"s, U^St.
avenue and s^th street
I'arls. Feb! 14.-Tl-.O t'.ruml Prix automobUe r*<»
for 1907 will be run in July over a triansjulnr course
in Normandy.
Th ■ tentb ' '**
, |*th !<• glntent v^ U
M Col
1907 LOZIER v /
:5."> I! P. with I.lmou»ln« tiody; nover be<sa ass 1 MAT.
be seen at wUHMm of
MKAI.EY a: CO.. BreeMaway and 51st Streei _^
Horses and Carriages.
Elx firat claaa driving- hcr«e». all absolutely »vuai ■•*»,
reliable; $75 'h) to f^OO.OO; also.
Absolutely Masai Brougham Bosasa 15 tacds. extrese
h»gh a -tlor. (earless, very speedy: cosr *1.61i> last ssrt-}*:
for only $»i3O, or will divide t*a.-n. $-100. Alao •*"*"£
Broughams. Runaboufs. Sisljhs. single asd iooWe >•*"
ness; any aaerlnce. t?otr». maKe offer to-d*y. _^
OEOr.OE M'CAKTHY. 13 West 100C> •*■

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