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New York. February 14, 1807.
_v<t*. bbl*.. 42o.CheeBe, pkaa 8,667
S*"* v. •••• S.S«|E«ga oaßes 12.44.'.
jTlour. cc 3'""-";3 '""-"; 7,<«.#: Pressed poultry, pkgs. 5.171
jncur, •7 *s,Ki, 202 Uv* poultry, crates.. 824
me *,- v jB |p« ... . £ 7'" l Orange* (Fl^^. cases.. 11.22.">
l/ ora" irA , ' ... 1.6M8 Orange* (Call case* 7 HiO
O»tm«*i, , i- ••• __ 2;.oo» Lemons M"al), cases.. 620
*T<*' V .h i...JoS.Boo]Prnnoi n'aii. pk c 5.... 7.478
( >m. *"!. " 88.800] Apples, bbls .... 1 1 025
°» ! "' heit bush.... 675 rotates, bbls 18.775
■ ■
J*tf !f> -; ', •■-• I.MKVDrI-d fruit, pkga 8 SCO
M«-' bu*h ■■■■: Rosin, bbls 720
B ice. pK'»---" l.ti'JO.; Spirits turp. bbls 400
H»V. t0 "IL;' ■ ' ; " 30 bllmeal. bag* 1-7;;
prt j too* ••• 1*« Oil lub. bbla 180
WllUef^- " 717; (>i«o stock, pkgs 415
r"*»- "r U9 h .... *.000 Peanuts, hats 82S
F:MSf ?H« " 43* ( T..l.acco, lihds 150
TorK. L ' rl k "."" 217) Tobacco, tierces 50
K«tn». ,'klni "' --■* Tobacco, Pkgs J*23
* CO!l 'J!f rkKS I.2SS Whiskey, bbls «(tl
ru L !f«r%r :: 40.'., Wool. bale« 17.-.
I** IST • 5. f<28 Cotton, bales E '.*«>
** eases'^. •• 1S1; Cottonseed oil. bblu... 751
I* r . _". « . . 75' Cottonseed meal, bags " 41.1
f.^rine. r,k« ' , : , Copper, piece* 6 023
T *" .'tJk pkgs..-. J^, Hides, bdls M>
jwap ito it« .... 810 Skins 1.a1.-e 75
SLdsr* pkg^--- ••' B,96wiWlne <Cal». bbls : *■'"'
. hush .... 118 61« Kernel pet. gals. . .1.010.
V ;!i v,u«h '..... 1.000: Naphtha g.aie 214.255
2*l: buili ' .. 440 Gasolene, gale O.r.r-Q
*** '»,vi. .... *.«08 Cottonseed oil. gala. 30.870
r>O , 'ki " '. ■■ ■ >' - 1 ' Luhrlcatlne oil. gais 870,<«>J
£££-ea* fctis ... 073 pork. bb15...... ... in
S" iS'es BO Beef, bbls ." US
H £ T i-,- sals" .... 4.r«0 Beef, tea 180
tfaonoi. f_ 114.625 Bacon, It 814.800
£<. <vro fca!« . • i -'-'-" Ilßn:s. Ib ■- 10.800
£^n bbl7: .... 4 «ft»;x.Hrd. tb 1,0*9.210
it> . ••• ea.2ao Taiiow. n» wilooo
*££££"..' ■ ■ 6'J-O. Gr«as«. Ib 2iiC.(.K)O
.— v■-No 1 fdy.J2T.75 j Cotton, middling .11
££' BO Vo S soft. . 24 .V) ! r-offee. No 7 Ri0. ... 7
£-i rT ; 's* »<» i *- J P ar - irraaulatsd... 470
SSSwiriniits^ 3512H Molawa, OK. prime *•'
L*"^**-"' " 402,, Beef, family 15 28
EL. r »r • ■■• «« Tallow, prime <i l i
SftSf jcV in <J . . . K'-S, Pork, mess 18 S7Mi
£*Tlfe3 xnlsed"* B3 " Hoes. dr.t*e<l. 100 !b. U\
r££v\ t082rb.... 474!l^rd. prime 10 10
man; Utf*. pai*nt« « *" I
New York. February 14. 1907.
enrvay The- coffee iiurket was rather fasiir ti>-<lay.
with increased liquidation of the rear months cue of the
haflms although this rr.a<".e little Impression on prices,
•rd it s'fmel 'r.at n«ir month holdings could vastly t*s
reo>>a'nr»<i for th *- la ' <>r pos-MiTis «t dlfTeiencf-B showing
■~«"'h«n a carrying charge. The opening- was steady at
iirbancei price* bul the market dosed steady, net tm
rha-xrT t--> 5 i«i'.nts lower. Bales were repotted of Ci.M'O
irJr. Including exchanges or about SS.'*'. 1 " ra*rs. The
,_. p- «"X9 considered about as due on th» Kumpean
catW rei>"rtinp a decline of about K9H franc In the
Preach market and cf a partial '.» pfennig at Hamburg.
The Fraili'.an markets were both uni.har.rfsj. with Santos
ro— Irulr.g noT.lnal. which if taken us Indicative of cor-.
rimej pwreaasjea of available supples by the Brazilian
ruwamneat Keee-lpts at the two jiorts Included two
iff «t Rantos nnd reachei <6>.00i» l*ira. but the JunJlahy
movement continued moderate at 27.000 bags, against
K.t»K» la*: rear, the term moderate betas used In com
•■anson with the receipt* a little earlier in the winter.
Local swtlK»rld«i «ay that of the present risible Fupp'.y
in the Catted Htates about 700.000 bags am the property
of tr.« Hrarlllen government, and that . 5.000 bag* of
tn» amount aS<iat a'.po belonf to th* Bovaramnit, so that
only 3. < -«1".<1(1<l« 1 ". <1(1<l baps of the supply are available for oon
txf.ption. whlrh is ejusj to about sir months' consump
tion. IS Is also paid that those, supplies are very strongly
beic by ;b< * lar¥t*t interests In the trade. The market
fur #pot eolfiet) was <S uleT . with Quotations on the basis of
7c for Rio No 7.
The raie* of contract prices In the 1-ical market to-
Czy was as fellows :
Openirig. High. Z.nvr. Close. day.
Ferr'isry s«> fi.CA .'.60 8.C0Q3 <*>3 8.60
torch 5.«5 D.65 6.65 n.65©5.70 8.«5
jlpnl 5.70 ■ -„ 6.70 ft.6stffi.7o 8.70
May 5 75 :■'.:• 5.75 6.7065.80 f..7.">
Jane — — — 6.6055.85 8.80
July : -.' r..55 8.E5 B.Wft." '.< • 6.83
•urat — — — ' 5.90«3.«3 6.50
r>pt«=rnber 3K r . n.l*s 5.P5 B.BT-C4J.00 B.«S
October — — •- fi.WSrt.ti.l <V<n>
JCcranber — — — „.,-■. «.<T.
liecrmtier - ..." en**}«. lS II
January 6.15 €.35 6.15 6.1306.20 8.15
fDTTON — The cotton market was rattier Irregular to
fiST. with mi'.r.g quiet and very largely professional In
character, olthuuph there was tome SouTh«rn business
arid a few orders from abroad. Th* opening was steady.
uriihanged to 2 points higher, end the market closed
,•«.»< 2 point lower to 3 pclnrs higher. Bale* wer« ro
ported of. or »stirr.tLtei «t. 35Q.000 bales. The opening
wtg stsady, rwinp to sightly lx-tttrr ra!)!«-s than eiptcted,
bat almost Irnmedla-.f'.y afterward prices easel off to a.
ret Jo?s of 6 patnts en the old crop months under a re
renal oi the erninjf moren-.ent noted on the previous day.
I.*?ht»r receipt* for th» day tl.sn f • recristed by early
eFtlmates end the lighter eatimata for to-morrow's re
r»!rts at Houston ral;i*d the market to about the> closing
?fjr«-s of the previous day during the raltidle i>f the morn
iMt. but later it weakened under liquidation of the n*ar
rr mh». with ll«rrh soiling off to &.:Sc and May to D.SSc
or ehout S poltits iset lower. Th« tew crop was rriathe
li- Plead;- at the decline, and juci before the cluso the
who.« mjarTjet look on a steadier ti ne hs v. rt-«ult of cov
*-r!r.fr by some of the local epot peosp!>-. The. close was
unrh«t;ge/5 to 1 ;;olnt Jowr on t>;» old ?rr*p end 2 to 3
roin'R net higher on the n«w. Southern spot BW* was
fomewhtt conflicting. A local authority who has i«-e:.
f«r ecine time in the South, and who recently wired from
'-••'• Rwk that spot demand continued unabated, wired
'•-^ay from St. LouN that the commercial rrop would
probably reach 13.fj00.n00 tiaUs, end that ihe *pot d>—
•nan<j was less -jrjrent. with low ftra.3** accumulating.
Vlxpr,r<r for th« day were about 16.<>y> bales In excess of
port rereipts and Southern spot i arkata officially reported
■me per.Ta'ily ur.'-hansei!.
Th«> rar.ge of contract prices In the local market to
lay was as follow ;
Openin*. H'.^h. LjOW. C nee day
Pebruary — — -- n l*<p^ 20 i< 19
■area ....... •.Sfl ».!'« bis 1>.2531< M '.> M
April MS 1 ? 9 3-'t H 23 H aSIHtST. J».St
May 1>.13 8.43 1) :!5 &.*i."gV.4 i 3 43
J-jn« — — — 8.6 C©5.51 *".W>
July ....... 9.TA i* r.r» & 4s n 54 c •'*!..■» ;. .'4
A'iir-jj>t * '•- i».r,» «.r,i »Msv.s4 i>.r.3
S«-yiember !».&•• S<.MI 9.41* t>Sl9!*.&3 i) '.■!
'V-tf.ber '• "■! ii 74 !• 7-> ;<.7&5v».76 1i.72
l>e<N?mber i<.S<» 5« hi D 77 W.*<f34».Sl V 7S
Jt:iuar> - »-»! B M t. '.•! :• i::' 3 y.u3 b li 3
Th« local market f. .r spot cotton wa«i ready. with
p-l'-.'-s un'Jiariged at lie for midflllng upland end 11.2T.C
for jnldi'inx <iulf. Southern spot rraikets wv-re tele-:
praphed m follows: Mobile iiurr.lna'.. tincnanged <■ ■ ViS ■r .
»»!«-5. 30) \ <<:-i-. Savannah yuiet. unchanßea at JOS'-;
M>», S.V» l>ale«. ChaTlefion steady, urci.unre,! at iO\Lc
Norfolk dull, unchanged at 10V bales. trM bales. Haiti
more r.ornlnal. i:nc!iaii|»i»d st loTn'". Anirunta steady, un
r'r.nwA et ll'»c: tales. l.L'ia bales. little Rock steady,
unchanged at lUKe Kt. l>iuis quiet, unchanged at IOH' ;
»ai«B. 426 \:u'.-" <."i-,ar]e«t<jn quiet unchanged at 10V(C
vi'iUiilnirton stf-ady. unrhujieed at lO'ic. Galreston 'julet,
un;har^ed at lie; sales. 2.SOH LaJfF. New firleanp ft(.adv.
J-18-- lewer at 107-KV-; fcales. 4 .Il<o l«.!es. Memphis
»i»adr. unchv.nred at JO 7 Ify; ual«s. l.&Mt lialen. }J(.n»-
Ujh fieß(!y, unchanged at ]<• 1.1 lfic; salts. SOO bales. Esti
mated leceipts at l*acilr:(? points fr.r to <lay; At Houston,
7/Kjf» to 6<W> la!»s, at* : ri»t ll.rwit bales lat>t »>ck njid
4 f;M bales last year; at Galreston. 14,<X« to IZ.UM} baiec.
aralr.st 1ft.834 bales lan we*k aad 8.078 l*le« last »*sr,
•xd at New r>:->ans, <! <VK) to B.SOO bales, agalust 1'>,11»1
bt ►•■ .*. «eek aiid 6.oii baies last yeur.
Cnfton Exchange Fi>ecl«l Urerpool able* Bp ■ cotton,
fair Iwisinasi; sal«-H. h/jiiu l>a;»-s: ■pecolatjon a:nl «-xi)'>rt.
1.009 bales; Air.ericsn. 7.O<X» liales; re- eipts. 7.000 t<a>a,
a'l Americas: .:.,'..:.:: k upland. O.oSd; fututes opened
t'eady. 4to f> : i points low<r; <los>-rl barely steady, at a
net <!ec!)ne <" 44 to s ! i points; February. fi.fiTd; Fehni
a-j'-Marrh, S<s2's'J: March-April. G.6U; Aprll-Vay. B.&8d;
May- June. fj.s7'»d: Jnne-Julr. S.B6d; July-Autr"''t.
B.K'id; Aujru«t-Septeml#r, r,.4k4d; September <>ctober,
8.44 i: Ortobfcr-No\emb«-r, B.S&d; November- I'erernber.
tSS^d; Dewmber Jarxsiry, B.SSHd; January February,
t.U'Ai. Manchester — Yarns firm; cloths a fair business
FTiOCn AND MKAtr-Bosiness In flour was very licht
««a<n t^-day. "JTily sales recorded were In KatiKas
ftutichts aiwl li»w gr&4e winter Prti • * were barely
steady. Rpi ■ • p>atei - t* 2f>3ss 10; winter etralKhts.
*S4<iG»3^r.; wlntfcr patents. t?.«UUt3 H: spring clears.
RSaetSTB; extra N>» 1 winter. »2Stf>Cf*3; «.\tia No 2
winter. S2 mflil W>. ■KWHBAT KI»L - R dull; quoted
i- $2 10fc*l ( 2!t spxit and to arrive. RYE YIJOV.H firm:
qsjoUd: f>tr 1o good. $3 fiT. <gvt W; choice, to fancy, fa Hf.iS
*4 »>. OORXMEAI. Una; Qiiott-d: Kiln dried. i. C5Qt2 79,
in br»nd. BAG MKAI. Brm; quoted: nam white and
yellow. ?1 adfjjl 25; coarse. *1 l(^ifl 2. FEED \V«st
«-iTi *!«•.•« {!•.•; rlty firm: Quoted: ■-"■:. H'lil.*. $24: stand
ard middlirg. 525: flour do. „.2fi; red dog. *2S C«. all
Petvuary alllpinent: city bran. J22 bulk. $23 5(V3t2« sacks:
middllr.p. $2n<5»25; :e<l dr.«. I2CSI hominy chop, $!.•<> 50®
fari7s t-ulk. $21 703521 •'■ sacks; o'lmeal. 128 50(1
I3RAIN— WHEAT— A ftrong com market had much
to 4o wita the bullish <5tT«-lopin«tits In wheat to-day.
TrcdT* r.iiO v»-ri» thort on the early bulge to ■ T iiC for
Jktay In N«-w Yfirit, expecting the lower cables and tie
"I'^rsl Nrrthw-«t to forte the rr.aikf-t in their favor,
rvn- alnrn-ied nvrr the Fteadlly fid vending coarse craln
markets, an 3 «ft«r midday replaced Diwt of thetr »»!<"».
Trsts >d rr r^ri->!dr>-at;l6 Drnmess, rturln< v.hlch the Hay
• • ... ahoy? Hf)f. iv-:.. ti rjnrlr.r at about top for
th* rj»v and a «2^je over the previous night a;: around.
A^it'ona! fß<-tom of «frer.Kth durlr.t? the afternoon In
ripdfd rxport riimors and Intimations of crop :a:i.a»t«
fi-^ni vanons puna r.f the whom freezing nnd
t!-a»ir.~ noodltlons still ptvrstl. <">n the other hand.
Broomhall *«tlma**d ArK'ntine shtpmonts at 3.f.(iCp,iHi<)
h:j',»;« fr*r the we'-k. aealrst ;:,072.<V>f> bushels the previ
'•■;« #.-e«'k The talk. Bhout whl^h are whs
ic.'-» o r .. «. difpute. intlma'.ed that upward of SO loads
hsrt ip*?t) tjLker. mainly durum nr.d Manitoba. P.ears
»'<k -he p«Elt!r.n thit murh of the paoaot jroeslp about
'Tpnrt Mlfflnt" I.** lad little foundation and was pot
r ut rr.air.lv for Ms efre<-t on the market. Nevertheless,
in dispatches from the \Ve«t It wan contended that Jtus
rii was ati!] lmjiortlnr wheat and will ror'lnne to do »o
la a.; probability ;:ntll August. New York exporters
were caM to h<- buying futures en the early break. when
May.ioM down litre to W>'4c The market opened a
Wfls hl*h*r than the night before, and after a reaction
*e\'e!optd 'be Ftrenrth and advance noted nhove. P*~
chnes were thewn In all foreign market* thoes at U*er-
Pocl being ! .«?.\d. Paris. 6010 pelnta: Berlin, "i^i-l
"lark, and Budapest, 2 poteta Owlnir to larger North
*e»t receipts the ;rit»rlor movement amounted t.i 448.
b'- I»kei«1 »kei« corcr«re<l with 488,000 bushels last year. Trie
'"Jh sr.arlcst In New Tork closed as follows: No 2 red
***»c «!»-i-a.tor and 65%0 fob afloat; No 1 Northern
»"luth., «j»4c, and No 2 hard winter. >>SS" fob afloat,
'"ORN — V.'lth speculative offerings very lljrht all day
Ml ty» carh demsil along: liberal lines, rom showed a
W»al leal at suemndi ckielng In New York at 'ie net
"Jvarire and shout top for the day. Little rh»t!^ was
•''Owe la Western ccndltlor.s, either a* to weather or
'n* «ni(".!njr cf corn. Out of f.r.l >a.r 9 received ut Chl-
r *»o f'.r the dfiy only 1 far was contract; uri<l utilefs
Maparai fall matrrlal'y i* l« not expffted that this
rrf/portlon will he inttt«rlHlly cbancad In tbs ti«-ar future.
Report- of continued drouth in the Argentine added to
"'"• afternoon rtrangth of t: .- market. In addition to
•"!-« covering at the We**, elevator bouses were
f^wslrent buyf.-rs. It*«*lpts wire rather full at Interior
to!nt» sr.d seaboard <-l*aranres below the rf-r^nt avor—
•** There v m, an exjiort buslneM of about !!.'> leads
•;• a'! ports, and th»> OMti market ol'sed firm us follows:
£'•> 2 c^>rn. £fee nominal In elevator and 'f*c f o i. afloat;
jjjjg while rV4^' and No 2 fellow, -"^«ic f o b/adott.
UaTS — I.'rder the Infli-ei.cft of k «(^,d <-;«»h dfmati<l arid
*'- rr * art! * speculate buylnp ihe market f r r oat« was
•™erally firm all day and runcMeraMy btgber. .losing
"*«*»ut tie be« point. May and July »«•••■« the options
.*•' «* <!«rand by rotnmlulon hou»t». The. cash mar
*« Id New York closed as follows; Mixed, 28 to 82 It,
47He: natural ■white, 80 to 33 IT). OH^MHo. and clipped
v.hite. M to 40 n>, COHgtaHc
__ Tester
wheat: Open. High. Lew. Close. day.
Jl ay PS 18-18 Mt 8.V4 Wt'i »i
July ...... 85% K. Hl6 M 13-18 bs'.i b5
May BS% 54 ' i 52 H .'.4% r,3 B ' 8
Ju -y — — — 63% C3S
METALS— TIN — The I-onaon tin market was lower,
with «pot .(uoiea et £191 5h and futures at £I!M> 10s; lo
cally the market was weak, with kpot qui.t.-d at -li.ii:--.®
J-'.vr.c. i-oH'Kit khs unchanged to 2s Cl lower In the
J--ii«llsh niarUf-t. with spot «|irjtfd at £107 17s Cd and
iiiiurrs at £1(10; lucally the Marktt was firm, v.ith lake
UuoieJ at 25©25.25e, electrolytic at 24.7."ifj-."ij an.l caßtl;i:<
bt 2*.2.*>024.75f. IJ2AD was unchanged ut iIU 10»; lo
cally the market was et.ady at 6&8.30 C, according to
deliver) ' SPa/r ER w "s unchanßOd In London at
UtUOd, find was a!so unchMiige.i locally at 6.80#6.90c.
IRON van considerably easier In th L - English market.
with (-ta-iidani foundry quoted »t Ks and Cleveland war
rants at COn lOVid; locally the market was quiet aiul un
changed, with No 2 foundry Northern quoted ut $-J4 75©
S2S 7.V The market fur pis: Iron certificates at ihi- Prod
uce Exchange whs lna.dvo at old quotations. Standard.
foundry grades ur« quoted u» follows: CaMh £'1 bid'
Kt-biuury. $i'l 60 bid; March. J2l 75 bid- (Vprll $21 750
«S&3££!£«SSfe Ju " e< ? " lso a " kk * l: Ju^--« i *
MOLASSES AND SYRUPS— The market for molasses
showed some str.-rißth of tone, with prices, however un
changed nnd demand unite good, with syrups Bteady
un.ier mo<iprate offerings nnd fairly good demand 0u..
tatlon* follow: MOLASSES, New Orleans, centrifugal
common. Kijj2<K-; fuir. 214i2:V; goo.l. 27©29 c; prime. 30®
8-c; New Orleans, open k^ttv. S7«T4Bc; SYRUPS, com
mon. 13®l«c; fair, 10017 c; good, 18Q:H)e: prlmo 20C23C
rancy, 24iB'2«c. -,'..•-....'
OlI^S — Cottonseed oil was firm early In the. seEßlOn yes
terday on prcTessiona: bull support "and continued Email
recelplß. Komo |on« stuff cmue on the market late in
the session, however, causing a reaction of Vifflo from
top i rl< ■b; spot hia ijnotfj nominal at 480. Bales: 1 MJO
I'lils Jlarcli. Nt 48K<N7Hc; 800 bbls April. 4T'jc- f. 4<m»
bbls May. 4S'ii47 1«c:1 «c: :;,400 bbls July. 4s^U47-"ii- and 4i* ( >
bbls lamber, 4<l'ic. l{eili«».l petroleum was flrni at
recent prices. Linseed oil was unchanged. Wo quote:
PETR< M standard white, bbls. 7.76 c; bulk 4.&Oo;
Philadelphia, 7 ltd bulk. 4.4.V; reilnej. cases, New York.
30.- v &c; I'hlladvlpula. 10.20 c; water white, bbls New York,
t> 76 , bulk. ti.sOc; Philadelphia. 8.70 c; bulk. 0.45 c; water
white, cases. New York. 13.25 c; Philadelphia, 13.20 c
COTTONSEED OlL l'rlme crude, f o I) mills. Ro«\ ac
cord ins to location ; prime summer yellow, February. 47 ' i
U-iSi-; March. «7H(NHc; May. 47 v *ii-i;'ic; July. 47 : \i5f
4Sc; September, [email protected] nnj CXitober, 42H®43"4c; prime
white. i4c: poi-d off suintiier yellow, [email protected]; o!f HinnnicT
yellow. 44®45i a c; prime winter yellow, 62c. nominal.
1.1N.-1 ■ «.>ll.-Ameiiran »c. d, city raw. 414i4"c; out of
town raw, 4" Hie. Calcutta, raw, Csc, I^AKU OIL* 7'J
PROVISIONS— A Rood advance In the market after the
opening- whs mostly lost jlurins tho hiat hour. ui»l pro
visions closed r.ut far from tho bottom of the day oi:d
only a tiif.o higher than the previous night. Investment
buying, a rally in yard pri.-^s. near the close and sup
port of ribs ami pork by packers accounted for tho early
fcirer.tjiri. Subsequently reactions wire mainly tha result
of profit-taking. Chicago receipts, ~ ",«(>t> hi>«s: fatiniit'.
ed for Friday, 24.000; Kansas city, 11.000; Omaha, 9.000,
and the \\><=r. TO.iK«>. PORK— Firm. Quoted: Mess. $1860
(Tf19~25: family ?2u: short clear, [email protected] 25. HKi;i" —
3-Irm. Quoted: Mess. $9C|U 80: family, $158f513 80; pa-ket.
SllJiJl^; eitra India mess, $21tr52300. BEEF HAMS—
Firm, yu..Hj at S23Cofrs23. DRESSED HOGS— Firm.
QU019.1: Bacons, 9Hc: I*'J lh. BHc; i«>> n>, u%c; Hu IT:.
l'>c; i>:*3. lOSJIOHc CTT MEATS — Pickled bellies steady.
U'.iott-d: RmokiiiK. 121<l-^c; In U.. 11<-; 12 U>. 10%6; It 11),
li»'?<: I'l'kled hatns steady; quoted at 12'iM 12'i-i-. TAl*-
IX>W— Pteadj-. City. 0-ic; quoted nt 6«4©7& :.\i:i- -
Firm. Quoted: Mi.ldlo Western prime, flO OotfSlO 15. (Ity
lurd steady; quoteU nt fi'Sl'^f. UeflneJ lard Eteady,
<jucjteJ: Soutii A:iiorlc;«, Jll; Continent, $l«» 40; lirazil
ko(rs. Jl2. Compound firm; quoted ot S'silSHc. BTCAR
INE — Steady. Quoted: vivo, ll=«o; city lard stcarlne,
Hi* E Rj -■■ was aulte active nt home m wrll ns at
primary points, with the market firm n.n.l full prl. *>s
quoted. Quotations follow: Domestic, sen entries, 3H®
Sl4c; second heads, S^ili^; choice, hendn, -I'.G:.".*; fancy
heads C l >-55»nr; txtra fancy heads. tlfiC^i 1 : Japan, do
mesilc. B & *y4*ic; Patna, &ti>3o?; Java 4T*Ss^c; llan
coon. In bond. i^Q-Sijc.
HL'OAR — Hcnnt.-.l si;»;ar showed porno activity In tho
way <.f withdrawals on old rontrno-.s. but new business
was lipht. The untitrlone was steads with prices un
changej and quoted on tho T'npis of 4.000 net, Kks 1 pf-r
cent cash, for Kranulutrd. The following nro list prices,
eubject to a rebate of lo points apil a discount o£ 1 per
cent for cash, 7 days: t.Yystal domlnos, <;.!).'.o: r.nsle
ta)>lcts, 6 fi>c; cut loaf and crushed, r>.4tjc: mnuUl A. f>.O*c;
cubes. 4. Me; XXX.V liowdercd, 4.5-sc; Bagla f.-lb bacs
powdered an.l Ka*le confectioners* granulated. 4.a5e;
powdered. cKirra powdered end fruit powdered unJ Eagle
«oars« anl extra fins granulated. *.SOc; 1"bi:1o - tt> ■ aj •
tons of jlne KTanulaiej. 4.1»0c; 2-lT> bacs &j. &o; li'c -!t>
bags <!O. 4.1<.',c; 6-rii ba«s <Jo. 4.DOc; 1(>-1T> baKS 00. 1.550;
2.*> end &0 1b bajrs do. 4.76 c; Kaflle. fins or standard granu
lated anrl l>lamond A. i "i>c; confectioners' A, 4.fi<V: No 1.
4.&.> c; Nos 2 and a, 4.43 . No 4. 4.40 No f,, 4.5.V; No
ti, 4. :«»•-; No 7. 4.28 c Xo *• 4 i'Oc; No f>. 4.1."5 c; No 10.
4.06 c; No 11. 4o: No 12. 31<5c; No 33, BWki; Nos 14. 13
find 16. 3 tk>n. l»ndon cabled a firm market for supar
beets, with February c-.il March quoted at hs 10'*d. (uij
world's visible supply of sjgar Is 8,750.<.<Vt tons, com
ppj-.d with 4.020.<"J() cams time In 1906. There were no
new oevelo;.nitnts In t!i« market for raw tupf.r, with
tht> tmderion^ uncertain and prices nominal und quoted
on the following- duty paid basis: Centrifugal, »fl te»t
X JS-22533 7-l<>: muscovado. W» test, 2 ii ltjtj-Jc. an.l mo
lacsfs sugar. t*st. 2 11-lC^Ve
New Turk. Febr.inry 14, 1907.
BEAN'S AND PKAS— The JoV.t.irg buslams in p*a beftne
■was very generally at $1 6<>, and there is quite a firm
holding of. rhilf« stock. Medium remain dull. Marrow
have a moderate Inquiry &t from $220£?5Z25. as to <jja.l-
Jty, thn latt«r foT choice etc-k. of which the supply Is
relatively small. Hed kirtr.ey have, settled to f 2 3i>(?
E2 32H es t^e i-xjiou baalH, arKl shipper* ure, takltiK a
fair Quantity at that, other vurktles ara n^t moving
to any extent. Scotch p*e.s quite firm. We quote:
BEAN 3, marrow, cliolca, per l>ueh. I^2o^*2 11: 60
medium. 514TH64160; do jit-a. tl CO: (iv white kldn»y.
(2 650(2(10: do r*d kl.lney, (2800f2525«; do bluck turtle
soup. $225*2 JO; da yellow eye JIIOGJ2; do lima, Call
foMiia. #2i>s©s3; CIUCUV VE^iP. Scotch. *127"^.
KI'TTBR — Receipts to-ds.y. 0.0 pkes. Tlib market
becamo so strong thin morning mat very little effort was
rr.ado to bold prices down ar»>- longer. Them wan, tber*« j
fore, sn advatico of, «ib..ut lo on ail the dfslrni.-in rra-les j
of ■»':« batter, both fresh and bejML At the ad\uncud
r tre* buyers took hold fairly, anl th-t murkot :..■ . a |
steady I . firm tone at the prtfrnt wrltir.e. Thtre Is a
partlcu'.ar shorta«;« of strictly fancy fresh creamery and
very high grade storage. Medium and Inferior qua!!M»»
remain quiet. "Wo qut'te: Creajnery, extras, i»er TT). Zi^iit
84c (Mercantile Ezchans* off.rlal quotation, extraj-. ii'^r,
do flr»t«, i9332Vsc; do *- ■-- ii^/^i: At thirds. 22$
L'4c: <!o held, extras. Illc; do firsts. '-'7(ja<ic; d> seconds,
iiattMo; do thiriu. 'ZVi'l%:: state, dairy tubs, fresh, llrn-at. j
X'-eginc; d . rood' • ■ prinie, itJ3£Sc; Jo oommon to fair, j
2'Ȥl!f.c: Western imitation creamery, extras. i'tig'JTc; do
firsts. 23ff2«c; renovated, extrus, 24e; <lo firsts. Wiill:;
00 eeconoe, 1^190; Co third*. 16^17" Western factory.
Brat* 21c; do *eooo< 18Vie-OHc; do thirds. IT'iljlV;
ro!!s wrapped, good to fine. 20©21 c; packing stefek. No 1, •
i& : 4c: C.No 2 IS4; Lfl Jo No a. Itil»©l7c.
(liEEriE— Receipts to .".,CI7 boiei. With con
tinued fruo.l dnmaijd from home trade dealers for finer
Krades of full cream ch«r-r3e mid oontlnuefl Interest »!io«n
by exj^rters In cu*aj>er Kradt-s. tlocks ujo steadily re •»!
dudac anil the market !. In flrm. bealthy shape for e'.l !
graces excel perhaps. rull skims, which continue slow.
Home trad* <leal«trs aro ut-neially looking for something ;
obtainable a trifle under tup grades, and most sill's imi j
making at 14014 1«u1 «v mil hlp/ier, though strictly fancy
September made art) held firmly at U\ c — !a fact, some
holders of especially attntctlvw lots are indifferent about
urging salea ut that price. Liverpool cable: Finest Cana
dian, «7s for colored anl 6»i <JJ, f«r while. We quote: ;
State, full cream, small nnd large, September, fancy. ;
l4\c; d« October, best. 18%©14Vic; do good to prime.
IZittyiSsic; do winter made, averaee rest. 12Uc; <£■> In- j
rerior, UVQl2^c; do light skims, HKci <l<- half skims,
best. lO^ifilOHc; do part skims, prime. SHjJOc: do fair
to rood, 7^!"--; do common. 4H&OV4C; Jo lull skims,
EOGS— Keoeipts to-day, J2.41S rat. 1. There wos en
active movement to-day, l/ut offerings were libei-al
and ere *tlll free, causing a Blight 'reduction In prices
for Western stock, though the market i-Ujjrs steady ut
the decline. Advices Indicate moderate shipments in
transit, as a whole, end accumulations Mr.- reducing.
■We quote: fctute Pennsylvania ani nearby selected white, I
fancy, a0231c; do chol'-e, 2.5'229c; <J>> brown and mixed, \
... do r.rtts to extra firsts, 25%tf27c; <io West- !
»in. selected, finest, 2(lc; lie firsts, 23H0 (official quota- !
tion, SC5Hc>: <lo e--c"nds. 24'.i©25c; do thirds. 23024 c; 1
dirties. [email protected] do checks, 17520 c; refriK<rriu>rs, 2l?i-i-. \
FRUITS, FRESH— Had apples In light Mipply and tirrn
for fancy, but Eix*-n fruit plenty and weak, i^raitberrln* J
lieM fit-inly tor be?t grades. Strawberries plenty iui.l !
".r.:Kr'.:.n lica\ily. Oranges show irregular quality and i
value; Beat prad»s eel! well, l'lnestpples largely vf un- 1
aitractlve quullty. We .;uote: APJ'L.KH. Joiiathnn. per
doublo head bbl. WfT,; do Fpliienb«rg, (247*4 60: 'lo '
X Inn S-'7C'irs4: do -Northern Bpy, $2C$3 50; rto Gano, I
J^7. r <©s3M): do liaiilwln. (2&f3 25; do lit-n Davis, ?l r.Ofi) ■
12 70; do Ur«-enlii6. 1 1 &O8$3; do common. [email protected]£i; do. In I
bulk per bbl meaifiin-. $14f*2; do fur Western, per lot. :
SlVs2r>o; CRANBKRRIEH. Cape) Cod, per bbl, »::!<*>•; '10. j
per irate, $1 606 52; <1( > Jersey, }<-r Lbl. J6QIO; do, per I
rrate, *...■• BTRAWBKRItIES, Florida, j>er quart. 150 i
i)t 1 . do. oj.en crates, i>*-r qoart, lrj''/^."..-.: ORANGES. YUr
tda., r,«r box. flri64; do Porto Rico, *l<us2 5O; do Callfor- !
Dla, faOSSBO; TANGERINES. Klcrlda. per Btrnp. J2600
IS; CDAniNS, Klorlda. per strap. $1 60ft$8 B0; Kl'.M-
ATS. Klm-lda. !«r quart. H>yi2--; Olt/.l'l". KHVITrt. !
l'iorlda per Ikjx, SlftoftSl; LRMONS, f'allf'.rtila. i«-r box,
92<TS4 M; PINEAPPL«Ea, l-'lorlda, l-er crate, $I*jJ2 5O;
flo <"ul«n, 11992 20.
HOI'H— -Considerable activity is retorted from tho I'a- J
cine ooast. speculators having purchased l.r-'^t to l,w>o I
J«.ies in Aitiuitu County, California, ut 10ftl0%o, and |
about 8.000 bales In Oregon at 10©10H0, the bulk at 100.
Poorer uraden i,t Coast hops contlnuu under neglect, in
this state, trwding very Mow. with a few Hales reported
at I8yi&o. but good tinjjH could probably bo secured at |
17c. On the local market there Is Very little trading. W«
quota: 6ta.te 1906 choice pei tb, 21'J2LV; do medium to
prime. 18020 c; do ISO 6 9O10c; Padflo fount, 11K.KJ,
rhoice. 14air.c; flu prime, lUfllSc; do nr-dlum. 10i/llc;
do IMB, 8910 c
-AX-IVE -Receipt* to-day, n car* by freight
and about ! car scattering lots by express. Home B rura
reported in tu-dsv'a rectilpta did not arrive In tlino.
an! are being unloaded to-day. The larger prnportlun
of the receipts ronolat of fowls, Rml with that <J«-Bc.rli>- j
lion ajooumulatlng holder* are Insisting on ■ lower price,
but receivers standing out and the market was not set- !
tied at a laf« hour. Uttle chajiire. however, expected
In other defe-riptlojig. We ouote: FOWLS, Tier IT), l.V.fee;
yrnTKO roosters per tt>. « do old. sh-c: ti:r-
KKYF. per n., 14c; t)UCKB. per It). IBe: UEMeJJB, West
ern. t>rline. ;ar It 1& . do ordinary, 12c- do Southern
nnd gr.uthwestem. poor, lie; QTJINEA FOWLS, per pair, |
ft.'.c: PIGEONS, i^r pair. 2.V. DRESSED— Supplies ot
frwh k!ll«d poultry are comparatively liberal, and sfcn
sl.lerable frozen stock arriving. General demnnd Is moderate
and the tone easier '.11 fowls. Krech turkeys hid plenty,
quality undesirable end general ton* ea*y. J*an.y roast
lr.g ■).'■ kens vary arc* and wanted, hut plenty of
ordinary grades Demard for fowls Is *l'*w and dlsaT>
pelstlne;, and ISo about all that can bo dPivn-ied. upon
for i' 1 li and lS'iC for boxes. Capons not Quite no plenty
and tone a rhs/le steadier. Other dressed unchanged. Wo
quote: Fresh klllt-d — TL'RKKVS. Western, young hens,
average best. 17c; do bens and toms, mixed, ltii:; <io yuunz
t'-rnn l«c; do fair tn good. 14'iJ15ci do Southwestern, 13'(f
IV:. do Inferior, lOtflSei do Western, old, itpiOo; CIIICK- '
I:NS. roasting. v to 12 rb to pair. I'nlladelphla, dry
picked fancy, tkt Ih, 20c; <J'> ether laylvai la and
I.ew York. 14P10c; do Western, dry plcu^a, isfflfio; <i o
Ohio and Michigan scalded, W%>Me; (^ other Western, '
■'Bided IS® IS He; <5o medium •" iKhts. 6 to 7 IT) tf> pair,
Phllartt-Iphln.. dry plck«l. W.'i<Wl*n: Ao other Vonnsylvanla
end New York, dry rilrlced, ' .... dry
pli-ke-l. ll?/l«c; <\'i Ofili> m:d Mlchlran, pcaldftd, Ilipl2c
do Western. »-n!dfd. HSU'-: do j>oo r . Jugiik-; FOWLS,
I'hilsdelHHe.. dry picked, per Ib, ISKOI4c; do Western,
dry (ilcked. B®ISV4e; do ■•..■ and Mlohipan. scalded,
I2slSc; <\o ether We* tern, pcjtldcl. Ji^lJJc; CAPOXS
PbUadeJobiai per tb, l«A2te; <io Ohio. i.v«l.v; do other
Western, 12i4ff1160; <">LJ"> CO<"KS. dry picked, 10c: <lo
■cnlrji-d. OHClOc: spniwi GEItfK, U.-su-m. por ll>,
S'/<l3c; SPltlN'* DU< K.- 1 . Ohio, and Jlichl«an, Il{il.';c; do
Western. IS>4< . SQITABH, prime, large., tihlto. p.-r
dozen, K2SWS6O; do mixed. |S 2S®s9 50;' do dark J; 75
IttX: do culls .M>Ct'7.V. Frozen— TURKEYS, hens. No I,
I*yjOc- <i» toms. No 1. l>«tplH>i«>; do No 2. ir.-ii.l4u;
rt.j old torn*, No 1, 16c; P.rtOIUfKH. d:-y picked. VfKf&c;
do ernlded. l»S20c: BOABTINO CHICKENS, dry picked.
Hiil'k-; CUICKBN9. Ko 2, l'j{rl2t ; FOW-JjS. dry picked
IK/K'.'-p- Kl'rKS, HSIRc; GEESB. 8®l»o.
OAlllv- Wild ducks In in<xjirato Bupt.ly nnd prime
graUvH stf-ady. Rabbits more plenty and lower. Ju/?k
rabbits generally alow. We quote: WILD DUCKS, can
vasbock. per P*' r . 9'JS«9B; do redhead 9150M2; do black
head. 7Sc9)CI; do mallard, «• 88991 60; do Hucwlng t»»l.
iscCsl 10: do rrtcnwliic teal. <V>«rSsc ; do ruddy, »I©<l CO;
J." * idgeon. 25990 c; do common. 206-40 C: JACK RAB
BI,T^- per pair. SOigSOc: do cottontail, 15«80c.
nvrf-tmir a fair cutlet at steady prices. Sweet potatoes
o.jii. Onions firm. Cabt>r. S en steady. Norfolk kale and
spinach sold readily ut about late prices. Florida beans
more plenty and low^r. Florida lett •■ also shows Ce
cllne under liberal orr^rlnifs. other Florida vegetables
without much change In price. New Orleans re«etabl«i
•old* well ut kteady prices. California artichokes show
enects <»f wet wtatf.tr and n:o\ ihk slowly. No further
arrivals of California asparagus. Cuban and Bermuda
vegetables selling well for best grade*. Other vegetables
ran f about a'? quoted. W* quote: POTATOW, Ber
mvjii. |, rr bbl. jr.(f,.v7; d,j Maine, per bag, f 1 Toe's! S3:
00 Uincr Island. p'T l.bl or hair. $1 7.">6s'-- do stale and.
YSeM.-ni. la bulk, per IP(> Ib. $162(91187; do per *ack,
J 1 Vt'll% 1 7.V Uo Jersey, per sack, $1 60 Ml 60; SWEET
POTATOES, Vlnelatnl. p#r bbl. |2 60t»$3oO; do ether
Jersey, pf-r double head bbl, $I SCOS2 60; do Jersey, per
basket, 78c®5125; ANISB. New • cleans per M>l, %'£®
y-i: ASPARAGUS. Cbariestun. per bunch. 6OOOCI ' do Call
fortia. green, per bunch. $1 [email protected]; ARTICHOKES, Call
fornla. per dozen. 7r.>-«zsi r,o ; ,i O French $1 CO; do Al
gerlan, $2; BRUSSELS SPROUTS, per y:art. n©a">c;
i!i;KT3, Florida, per cnite. $1 2T>ifsl 60: do Bermuda,
per crate, $Mi.sl 50; do New Orleans, per bbl. $2'£ttS.
do Old, per bbl. $IQsl Ut; CARROTS. washed, per bbl,
?1 .riOJiJ2;. r iOJiJ2; unwashed, ?l 23QJ1 75: .1 i unwashed, per bag,
lfH r <*l &i»; do New Orleans, per bbl. ?_.?:. ,'., Bermuda,
per orate. 7flcfj*l 2.V. <;UCOMBERS Cuban, per carrier,
tifftS N>; CAISBAOEf? whlt«. Danlah seed, per ton,
*i»as2s; do red. j:!O4ts4o; i'A!'l,l!-|/i\VF.RS California,
per caj«r, $24F52 r.O; do per half case. $ I 2TiiSsl 7^: do
Florida, per i:if<» or bHfket. $1 f.o^s3 00: do French,
per duzrn, y30«3 60; CELfERT, Florida, per case, $2#
J2T>O; do ttate ami Wt'stern. i<er dozen. 15fi.'K>r: do
CSalifornla. per oa*.\ ,«M Wiifi r.u: CHICORY. New Or
b-ana. p?r bbl $:iMKS*S; d.> l-"Tench, per dozen, «l 23£
$1 r>o; ESCAItOLi New Orleans, per bb*. $4®sU; do
French, per doeen. Si 2."<(JI {MJ ENDIVE, nelgtan. per
th, [email protected]; KO'iIT.ANTS. •id*, per box. $UlTf7; do
cuhan. ¥::w?n: RADISH, per large bbl. 1f.5W5 f.o;
KOHL.I New Ovleuns. r»r 100 bunches, I 2 00*3*4;
KAI.n. Norfolk, rer bbl. '■ ■ \%\ 28 LETTUCE. Florida,
per basket, $1 l^Tif2 .'■••; do South Carolina. SI 2B#s2: do
Now Orleans, per bbl, $2 . r >ix<m; MMA BEANS, Ber
liitKln. per crate, 54(5$r>: ONIONS Cuban, per crate. $2 Co
<irr-2 7. r .; )XEI;S, New Orleans. per 100 buncheß. $2 Bo®
$::; SHALLOTS, New Orleans, iwr 100 bun<-hea iIM2:
do finall white pickle onions, per bbl. $4356: do con
ntctlcnt nnd Eastern, white, per bbl. J4-!?J7, do yellow,
$2 r<o-as3 50; da r.-.1. $2^*260; do Orange county, yel
low, per ba»r. $2i(sJ; do red. SI f>oli?2 26; do state ana
Western, white, per crate. $l!Tisl 78: do yellow, per bag
,■■ in bulk, per SO Ib. $2 &o'<*?3 23 ; do red. |3fff2BO;
OTCItA. Florida, pt r carrier, 12013; 60 Cuban, JljfJ-.
OYSTER PLANTS, per l<>o bunches, $.■)£s«; PEAB, Klor-
M;u per basket. tt!®sß; d> liermuda. per nall box, U>iP
f>\; PEPPERS. Florida, per csrrler. $3C$7; do Cuban.
bullnoße. $:t r.owss; do bine. $25»3.".0: PARSLEY. N«w
Orleans, curly, jer bbl, *2"w:c d.> plain, »1 Bo#f2 (U»: do
Peniimla per box. 75c1551; PARSNIPS, per bbl. $1 Hi?
$2- RADISHES. New « >rleans, per ■ io bunches. »l no--gS2.
do South Carolina, per basket, |1 60052; .ROMAINE. New
Orleans, per bbl, $3®M: fio FlorWa. per basket. Jl'&l.t;
flo l:.rinu,la. per box. Jl Ki«Ts'J; SPINACH. Norfolk,
ler bbl ?1 2."(gsi 7S; STRING BEANS, Florida, wax,
per backet or crate, cord to fancy, 140*8: do irr*< n.
f3MXg$4 50; do poor to fulr. (1 r*3; RQI'ASH. Florida.
white per box. $1 r>ntfs;<; do yello-v crookneck. Jll3s2l>i>;
do Cuban, white, $1«$:'.: do Il'ibbarrt. $2<Sf2U): do jjisr
ri:\\\ $1 fiOiJ?2: TOMATOK3. Florida, per rarrler. ttD
$3IW>: 110 Cuban. J123®5260: do (her West Indies^
Sl2sSs2 25; TURNIPS. Canada, rutabas.ll per bbl. 83©
90o; do Jei-Hi'y oiiii Ix'iitr Island, rutabaga. 76990 c: <lo
nearby, white 81 25®$1 7S: do New Orleans, white.
$2{fs2Go; \YATE!RCRESS. !>or 100 bunches. |2 AOQ-S3.
HOTHOUSE PRODUCTS— Mushrooms in light receipt
an, I rut her firm. Cucumbers occasionally reaching *- BS
Lettuce weak and lower. Kad!:)heK dull. hi' barb weak.
Tomatoes Pt^n.lv. We -junte: ASPARAGUS, »rreen No
1. per bunch BOc; BEET GREKN9. p*r bushel box. 4..c«
SI- CUCUMBERS, P<-r doz«-n. 7ic-;is2: da cull*. per box,
|2«Ss3r LKTTUCK. per dozen. " ..-■■. MUSHROOMS.
«'Ut» per ib. 40'ifC.V: <lo tan, 85©50 c: do buttons. 1 50
80c- MINT, per dozen bunches. 78cfiil 2S; PARSLET.
ter"fl..icn bunches. 15o; RADISHTCS, per 100 bunches.
S2C?$3: RHUH*RB r*r bunch. 25©S0c; SPINACH, per
fic?.-n 'bunchf. - sa k >' ; nr.c; TOMATOES, per rt>. 15iT3Oc.
HAY.'AKD, nUW— IUY— Th« weather, with poor
hauling Is against free trndlnfr. and price,, thoutcn some
what niriiliW. r.to nr.t nttn><-tivn f>r full dt-niand. A
weakness wiis nporteJ to-day f..r the beat grades, and
Jl In was generally Quoted extreme. Common to f«'r
prndes are morn c.r 1<"^B In buyers' favor un ler th© lrres
ular tall Clwers hold up well. n» the demand from
l^.-al points la fairly urtlve. Mlied Is •.-'.nils up to
WK-. Clear flolmt wrll nt 7i>iTSso. I^-te prices ere foil
f.^r un.i.r grades of hoy In the lightly attended marV.et.
PTHAW— I.tj rye flrin, with • idy demand and mocl
erate receipt a Kecelpts of hay. In torn, reported nt the
New Yor!c Vrofliice Bx.-hnnre nt rnon were: Ifu-ls^n I'.iver
I?»llroai1 890; Erie, 27i); lvnnaylvanla. | 10; liri l»ch Val
ley 170; Baltimore f; Ohio. SO: : .-..-.. 30. total,
1,020 tins. Receipts r>f straw, 30 tens.
Toledo, Feb. 14.— r*LO\'KriSKET>— «>sh. ?S2n ; ">t«ru
»ry f-s 20; March. JS 23; April, (81 :■. AL9IKB. fT 08;
TIMOTHY. $2 10.
New York. February 14, "• -■'
BEEVES— Receipts wrr» 3 cars, or 67 head all for the
n-.utket. Rnd 11 few catt:o \i-i-r* liold over from yesterday .1
liit« arrivals. Tra^..> limited. A few nod bulls •"•ld , lit
»I?[J4 10 p»r li»> rb: cjmriwn to Rood or* at I- 203
!.". 7. r » and th« foellnir was stendy for nearly all snrts «n.l
erades «f cattle, ltyportej re.-elpts for to morrows mar
k«-t \vfr» 23 .-nrloiuls. I»r"o«eO liecf in modemte u»man<a
and prices n-c-hk exc<"..t for rrn.ie «tock. Common to
choice native side, sold nt 7jjUo per V. ; a little fancy
beef at Bfcc IjiteM Liverpool nnA London cal.>» '-
portod n »|.,w market for live <«ttlo and refrigerator
Ucf Xo export* from tt.ln port to-day or Friday.
£tiie%-~J. <i. Cutls & Htii; "_' .tnjrs. l..t:»0 m average, at
M per 100 Ib 1 bull. 1.100 It). Bt »41O: B«o. «| 18 Tb. 11
$4; 4 rows. M 2 It), ot M7f,; 3 do. 1.017 tb. «M W>: 11
do 87S Ib, at J^.: 7 <I<>. n>. Nt *_• 70; 2 do. 888 TV <it
$2 SO! 0 do. Bt'2 !T>. at ji 40; 11 C<J. 7-1 It', st J- -*1 .
* O CASv-ES^n s 4elPt« rart la'e yeslenlay. w.:^ 6RO head,
tnelttdln* 340 for slaaitbterera and tbe« ...... fully _ 4")
calves en M.le tills momtaff. a la:** part of which were
Bsrtem veals. No barnyard calveser } v **"?. £**£!&
hnnds to-day, so fur »« wported. Th. dwnaod <OT veals
was fairly kooU at steady prices. <■; at 16 to tio per 100
"alf sold " 8314<- ;>.-r IK ax.d oholc. Mock as fcl«h a.
i..< ns „( tssn- 7 do I* rt-. a* (7 no, A do. aS IV at ••.
14 «?.' & ».°at »ow; « do. 107 it, at »; » *.. m a,.
"',':,„_ Mullen: * rials I*4 la. at liOi • to 11T n>.
ils n. «t js- 1 do. W0 IT\ B.t 17; 1 Aq. •» I*. at 9«.
W ■ » liter: •'. «sls. ITS lb. »tj *10. 1 do. 120 Tb. at'
$0 W); 3 .10, 123 «>. «t S.: 1 do. las rt, am.i n.
RUKEP AND I^VMI'.R— Hecolpt* r.-tr* SIH ears, at
4 sr.» baad. incl'i'iißK l-"» ml •.•««-!. and » for
t:.., t : -.:>rkof. Bheep wtr. elmoit 1 utr.lnaJ. but rawd
,„,,.,- lambs alow and erw'.cr, and sellers oal!*1 Ike
i' ■• rket loeiSo lower- t!:« tn* :.tl nol b*en fully cleared
la'e in the 'o-tno"ii. A few buol a and e«e* sola at (4
t.r iu<> It: cull • «ep at «3. got I lamb* at 97 BO<*fT 60;
oulls nt 5.1. I>res»e4 mutton <!all at 7"4iU>i4)O per rt>;
uif»«»!J lambs at J". t:»-».:. country dressed hetbons*
lambs less tlT* but steady at |'X<T*'.2 P«rciO<oaiis.
Sales— Kerns Cbenmlaslon Company! C3T VTestem
lambs. *Wi n. arersaa, ut rreo r-r 100 n> 211 Buffalo 00,
66 Ib, at J" 50; 239 ilo. ft!» TT., at |7 £><'; :J6 Co, «7 Ib, at
$7 to; --to do, oi> ib. Nt 17 sti.
judJ & >:•>■: 210 llufTalo lai;il*. 78 r>». «t 97 OS.
j! U. PurtlH tr 0 bucks. 140 Ib. Nt $4; S e\il!
■beep B8 Tb. at S:i; 7 oul! laiJ.l'X. 4S lr>. at $5.
ilDOi. — Kecelpts w«re 2S cars, or £>'■>** bead, a", for
slaufhttrers, with the exception of at.oui - • bead. There
\vr« ri f<"W K^atterli-.a: «nlo» sit the raru;e of 97 f>'>Cs7 73
per lf ¥ > !^> for heavy to light welfht". tiKludlns; pI«S.
Country Ure*«.d hoga continue In mo'lemtn receipt*. »>at
n> advance In prlcss ' »•-• been recorded. Medium weights
sold ut S'tlxlM l,er IT); l:«ht do nt bH<ai<V.
Bales — Andrew Mullvn: - »:at» !.<>»... •.'»;> Ib average, at
$T :,j p«r l<)0 Ib.
<"'lr.clnr.ati. Feb. 34.— T10r.5. 10? !w»r; ' .• bars' and
shippers, $7 ::(>';< *7 15; common. !'• 75090 bo. <;ATTUE
steady; fair to tt^od shirprrs, ?4 StX./J.'» !*); mi li n. %'i 50
Csß. SHEEP Him. t2 2.'i«3 50. . i.M!)S steajy, $4 60
£ jS 50.
ChU-aeo. Feb. 14.' — CATTLE — r.ecelptn. about 8.000;
market slea<Jy to strung: otnmon to jirlins attars. 949
*7; cut*, J2 75aS-«"S; helfern. Si! S&^JJS 10; bull* 9>1«.<9
94 CO; s'ockers and f»e,ieri>. H J3. HO3B~ft«6«lp*i,
airfn.t 2.1.000 head: market 10c lower: • rime ■htpptnir hit;*,
is: 12HCJ7 1': packing, S7'g?7O7'i: nsaurted lliht. »7 O£Vj
4i £7 0.'.; i>l£.i. $<i 25«T*" M> ; !<ulli of »ale«. J7f.s7 10. BIIBEP
—Receipts, about 1 I IKK> lica.i; niark^t steady; si »«p, |U'J
$«; yeai '.:v.g«, $4COSSOCS; lamhß. fC'JtJ tT>.
East Huffalo. r. ... H.—CAITIJ:— R< tl] 'i »low aad
tin Inn.;-!. VK \!.- - l!' 'rlttH. 175 1 sad: -tl- • e.n& U.a
higher: *4 Co©slo 2T.. Jlc "IS— Heccl pts. 2 n»i head | Blow
Mil CfflOc lower; heavy urii mlxoa. $7 4<n?Ss7 *.'.. a fevr
$7.'«f>; Yorkers. «7 M.'»?i $7 40; jAnn. ?7 lt>'*r*7 80; roustiS,
$1; .-j.-,ftr, m.i BIU-32P AM) r^AMßS— Receipts. T.IKH> liBafl:
bi tivf-: rhu'j) steady; iambs »iroii»;; ian.ba. >'■ £;f 7 78. a
tew ?7 80.
Union BtOCk Ynrhd, I'ltul«trr. Feb. H. — CATTI..E—Pup
ply llcht; market steady; choice, f 3 7.vas«; prime. *„ tug
{.■« 7n. Sill-:::!' — Supply UKlit; maikrt steady; prim*
wether*. $;. SC®ss 70; viiiln hikl common, tiiOfS; limbs,
(51K7 7S; vr.ul c;il\wi, fs r,O</*!t. HOCiS— Urci.-li.lit Hit!.:;
market slow; piitn* hen I .!'-*. *7 Ro; mediums and n*a% ■'
Yorkers. J733857 40; U^lit Yorkers, »7 20e47 23; i,!**,
$7; rouj;lj3. S ( ;'^J7.
Kun«u<. City. Feb. U.i— CATTVE— Receipts. 6.&00 bead.
InflulinK CM Southerns; market steads calves 2Dc lower;
choice export and fliew.-.l Leer Bteen. »5 aod«t» *-. fair
to rod, .?. I C.'.C'i.') '_'.'.; Western ted i>te«ra. f;t 2fi Jf|!> Tfi ;
Btockers nn.l feeders, J.S r^i'y*4 70: Southern st««rs $3 00
4Jf"; Koutii-rn cows. ' ■.:.., .- native cows. t2 600*4
T.Ktlve hrffers. $.T M'j*4 »; bulls *3 -.'.44* K>; r.alvei..
S3 u:>«s7 HOGS — Receipts, 11.000 )«hA: market, r.o
lower: top. ?: Hi; Imlk of f nle^. *6l*2kCi*7OTH; h»*vy.
»7 05a5710; packer, t<i 02 .1 57 (>T\ , pigs and lights,
$3 2r.'ii.«o!>7!i. SHEEl'— Ueoelpm. 6.000 hsatl; market
? ■•.-..- to :'> ■ lowor; lambs, (7 H';i*7 60; rwee ana
y«arlln)rs. J-17"»'8* | S; "W«-»t«rn fed y»arllr.j:». «U«te SO:
".'. . ■•! fed u.<..is |4 75U-(5 80; slackers and f**dem.
?3 6ir2s3.
IJvcrpool. Feb. 14. — Closing: WHSAT Spot strong;
Xv 2 red Western winter, (!s il; futures uteu.lyi Mi»j -'I:
6* 7d: May, QsftKd; July. fla:!°t,.l. CORN — Spot firms
Amcrlcnn mlied, new, ;•-'•-.; do old. 4s T+-I- future«
Jlrm; March. 4s •*•:: May, 4» 4T»<l.4 T »<l. I'Kas. Canadian,
steady at Cs 104. VJJ'VIt Bt Lulls fancy winter, 'lull
nt 7s »-l. HOPri In Iv^ndon il'nciflc CViast) steady at
£.'! T)Bft£4 r.B. BEEF— Extra India mess strong at 05».
PORK Prime moss Western firm a*. 80« 3d. IIAMB--
Rhort cut. It to 16 Ib, dull 'it &7n (V BACOK— Cumber.
lan.f cut, U<\ to 80 IT), quiet at U*«d; short rib, M
to 24 In, Steady ut Ms Cl; long clear middle*, Unlit. 2»
to 34 n>, film nt 64i •" . heavy, 85 to 4l> IT>. Jinn at
&,'!s<td; shi:rt clear baoka, 16 to 20 n>. firm at ;,<i* (M.
clear boll>3, li to M lb, quiet at Bob 01. BHOt'IJUEBS.
Bquuro, 11 to 13 n>, Quiet et 46* 6d LARD- Prime.
Wei-tern. In tlerc&S, »tea<ly nt ■'"-. American refined. In
pnlli, quiet at Bo*Bd. BUTTER -Finest Tnlted States
iio:u!rally 04."; gr.jd do nominally (Ha. CHEESK — Ckna—
dlan finest white strong at 80»6d; d"o colored etrons;
at C7s. TAXIXSW Prime city Ktrongr at .'ls«. Ti'H
PENTINB— Spirits *tronic nt .12b (id. ROSlN'— Common
stealy at lOb «d. TMCTKOTiKt'M— Refined oulel at «»»d.
LI^bBDD OIL, steady at 3d.
Tho vultures whosd movrments at Klnpston
reiiflorcd grim Fc-rvico to those who were seek
ing 1110 bodies of the dead by perching in flocks
on the ruins under which they were burled are
locally known as "John Crow" vultures. Gen
erally they live or carrion, but they will some
times Kill young piss and dogs If they find them
unprotected, and will attack even larger animals
stricken with diseaee. Gosse tells how a vulture
once mistook him for dead when he was lying
full length in a shallow lust below the surface
of the water. "A vulture thai hud marked mo
down from a distance began to descend In cir
cles, swooping: over me nearer mid nearer at
every turn, until at length the shadow of his
Kaunt form swept close between mi and the
light, and thf> rushing of his « Ide spread wings
fanned my body as ho passed. It was evident
that ho mistook me for >i drowned corpse, and
probably it was the motion of my open eyes as
I followed his course that told him all was not
qultti risjM, uii'l kept him Bailing round in low
circles Instead of alighting." — Dundee Adver
AUCTION saxes.
I WTLI, SELL at public auction, at 137
Bowery, on February 21. at lo a. m..
en* lot *f loose earthenware, consign
ment of Sevres <'lilna. Company. WtH be
sold aa is Morris Einstein auctioneer
Single Insertions S cents per line. Six
teen ward*, seveb times consecutively. SI.
Which entitles advertiser to have rooms
entered for a period of fourteen days In
The Tribune's Directory of Desirable
Rooms. WrltJ for circular.
Full Information concerning these rooms
ratty be had. free of charge. at the Cptown
Offlce of The New- fork Tribune. 1384
Broadway, between 86th and 37th sts.
49TH ST., 9 FAST Hall room; reason
able; table hoarders: references
Single Insertions 6 cent* per line. 81z
f-«n words, seven time* consecutively. 91.
which entitle* advertiser to have rooms
entered for a period of fourteen days In
The Tribune's Directory of Destrible
Rooms "Write for circular.
Full Information eonceralng these rooms
may be had. frea of charge, at the Uptown
Office of The New-York Tribune. 13&4
Broadway, between >Oth anil E7th ats.
112 TH ST.. 808 W. — Pleasant room; two In
family; elevator; near subway. Riverside
Drive; dining ruonui next iltjor and In
neighborhood. Barton.
202 WEST 12SD ST.— Second story room;
southern exposuie; BUltabl* ona 01 two;
219T ST.. 233 X. Two large, on* email.
all light, newly furnished connecting
rooms; floors between; steam, bath, hot
water. Smith, apartment 14.
76TH ST.. 87 BAST .— Rofinefl neighbor
hood; elegantly, newly furnished; French
spoken: telephone. _^^_^^_
LAROE HIGH CLASS brass goods
manufacturing concern offer about
9130 of their guaranteed 8 per oast
stock: finest equipped plant in vicinity
of New York City; strlctast n- n.«tlKa
tlon invited. Particulars at MoDonalU-
Wlgglns Co., 257 Broadway.
ISO.Oort KEQITIRED In large eoncrate
construction company la tnt* cliy;
liberal proposition osTerajeV. McDonald -
Wigginii Co . »r>7 Broadwa:
COMPLETE brass foundry In Harlem;
san be bought nt $:)00; low rani Mc-
Don aid- Wiggins <*" . '-".7 Ttroadway.
MANUFACTURERS of billiard eO pool
tables, high grade bowling alley »uII4
#.-*: lowest prices. MARX BROS.. £4
T'tttan P'i!.»re
X O I. I. TO V
In great variety
of style and
T. «
11l i ■ n S;
DRESSMAKEBV first clase; out by day;
best references. 70 West h'.''>i »• care of
L>RESSMAXXI - Thoruughljr reliable, m
ail kind* of evening gowns, utreut suits;
out by day; fz. G. Fls. her, 43 Lexington
UJ'.BSSMAKER— Aitlsttc; out by the toy";
fi'r.fl prtvat* families: perfect fitting
and finish; reference; pri-'e tnodorme.
O*Halloran. 14» Lexington a*.
DJ'.RSSMAKER.— Of H. Altaian * Co.; ex
oelU; fitter; ortift'* dos!jn«-r; nunp«
tent; experienced latest Hylea I'riii'^Mn
jackets; remodelling; moderate,. Address
i>reasina!ter. S2tl Vl' lltii at.
MAKKR; 12 years' experience wirh
V.'hlta, Howard, '■• . tv«. ; borne; or by
day, $. rnfluctlon for longer e^jca^rements;
undaratai ■« all branrbea of 'Iressmak'.r.*:
cuts and rineiicnn own patterns; now
res f■: more engagements, call or »U-
Creta Puss, 111 V."«st '„-•• .-.
ADVERTIPriJENTS and ••■.t.vrlpttOTs for
The Tribune received at their Uptown
Office. No. ISO 4 Broadway, between aftlb
end 37th et».. until it o'clock p. in. Adver
tisements recelvsd «t the following branch
tltlce* at regular office rates until 8 o'clock
I. m., vis.: 2f.4 UK: nve.. x c cor. 23d st. ;
).'.<. «•!. »t». cor. i2t>i nt ; »a Kant 14th St.;
|3t We*t 42'! »t.. between 7th an Sth nrri. ■
MB West l£f>tri st.; 1833 M a**., !■<-•.« «-a
TUth «nd ptii ■•• . ÜBS 81 a»e.. near Slat
•*.; 170* Ist ay«.. tiMr 9Stll »:. : IST East
ISSta at. 1 no Treioont ava . «S0 3d ay*.
LOST OR STOLEN— llar.kr.ook No. 853 -
Til. of the Oerman Burl: Bank, in
the City of New York, corner 4th ay.,
aad 14th at. Issued to Otto ICopf All
persons Are warned against negotiating
lite Mine. If not returned to the bank
to the 9th As* of Won. Uk»7 «. dapll-
Mis will be Issued.
JEUifKBOOK No. eSS.O7I. of the l."n!oii
Dime Bavins;* Institution, Is ir.'Ks:.- X
Any person having *> claim to it is hare
by sailed cyon to present the same
within tan flays, or submit to having
said Luiluuk cancelled and a, new one
LOST. — Bankbook No. SBtJ.SiW. on Dry
Pock Savings liank Any ;,..,-* . hav
(n*r claims upon said book is called upon
to present the same to the benk wUh'.n
thirty days, or the said book will he <)<•■
c!»r«.J cancelled and extinguished ami a
new one Issued, la lieu thereof.
LOST.— Bank book No. e4»,606. Han^'for
Savin*. 2fx> 4:h aye.. Jfew York. Tnv
neiit s'.upped. .''ioa-i* return book to bunk.
LOBT.-DanV.hook No. 743: Kink for
Saving*. »■<) 4th aye., New York. I'ay
ment stopped. }';*&e» return £■■■« to baiik.
I/)8T. — Bankbook No. 7.'.1.!M7, _a7ik fur
Savings. 2-0 4lh aye.. New v rk Jn> - i
ment stopped. I'le.ai.fl return h- ■*; to bank.
LOST. — B—nklKXJk No. 764,260, Hunk for
Havings. 2SO 4th aye. New "Tort J'ny
ment stopped. M»Me.i return bi-.uk to bank.
L*o6T.— Bankbook No. 7rt4.2»J0. Hunk for
Bavlnini. 2H> 4th aye.. New fort Pay
meut stopped, I'laaso return book to bank.
LOST. — Bankbook No. 1HM.32&. Hank for
ts.vti.l-a. 2»o 4th aye.. New fork pay
ment stopped. Pleat* return book t.i bank.
ADVERTISEMENTS and subscriptions for
The Tribune received nt their Uptown
Office. No. l:;i!4 Broad . between 3(itu
end BTth sts.. until ft o'clock t>. in. Adver
tisements received M the ' Homing branch
'•fflces at reiri tar «ifflce rates until s o'clock
r. m vU : 2."4 Bth aye.. a .- cor. 23d s t ■
ins «th aye.. 1 or. 12th si : «2 Kiitt Hth Bt •
2-">7 West 4:M -• . between 7th anil M h uves :
««« Wast 1201 at . U2B 8d «v« between
70th and 77th Bis . lO2S 3d av< nesr filxt
StJ 1708 l«t km. near 89th st.; l.'.T K u »t
12016 st.: 7i.6 Treiuunt no.: CV» id aye.
AT RKDUCKU PRICOB. -000 seennd hand
wood and Iron working niacnim-i. full/
guaranteed! machinery bought aad ex
shAPged. QUO. B. KDDT. 80s Mv luon at
OL.IJ OOL.D. silver end precious stones
bought at highest market value; made
Into new article* or exchange fur new j«w
*lry or Japanese gooda at M. F i eypcr a
factory. 10 Weat air, at . basemuit.
REMINGTON. Deßainoie, llanimon't. -YA«t.
Franklin or Bil« kni.nlcrrrr. each 9700;
Callgmph. 96. repairing. Day, 1889
•011 aye.
TYPEWRITERS — All make* sold, rented.
repaired, exchanged; reliable service
Gorman. 79 Nassau St. Telephone 2740—
help WASTED.
ANT INTELLIGEN'r person may earn »79
to $100 monthly corresponding fur pews
papers; sure, steady work; no nmitJini
cxperl«nr* «nnec*4i«ry; send for particu
lars, Press Syndicate. Lockiort. N. V.
draughtsmen In electrical apparatus
switchboard*, tnutatonnera, mntora and
generators; only, flrnt class men need apply;
Mate experience and ealury expected. Ad
dress chief l>ntuuht.-m:ui. Westlnghouse
Electrli- ,v Mfg. Co.. Plttsburg. iv., n
DRIVERS for bread routes In Brooklyn;
r0...1 waccs. steady work; cash security
required. Mill*, '■'■*'■ Noatrand ay« . Brook
KEN, light work and little money takes
you tn Europe: return transportation;
dally sailings. 1-otiti.u Shipping Co. 18
Norfolk at.
WANTED, for gentleman, companion
Hii<i render. ««;«• between so anil .'..".
miSt be ■ thoroughly educated, scholar
1) man. able to read aloud, good, yachtc
man and traveller . good heal essential;
unquestionable charac;er nml liii;in-?-i
references required. High salary for
competent man. Applicants answer »v
Utter, giving personal description and
nuaJlflnatlon* to M A. M Box 10
Tribune Ofnea.
LEOAL advice at home; experienced mm
lawyer w>ll call. Lawyer. Box 128. Tribune.
AXT INTELLIGENT person may earn $73
to $100 monthly corresponding for news
papers: sure, steady work: no canvassing;
experience unnecessary; send for particu
lars. Press, Syndicate. LockDort. N. T.
CHAMBERMAID In small family; must
His.) help with laundry. 164 East 'Ist at.
COOK In small family: must also help
with, laundry. 1«4 East "Ist *t.
NEAT TOI"N(» GIRI. (over 17) to be use
ful In confectionery; good wagei room
and bocrd. Mayer. 1227 3d ava., near 71«t st.
OFFICE ASSISTANT.— A voting man.
about IS years old, a^ office assistant
In a large downtown wholesale paper
house; one who can figure rapldlv ami
correctly, good wages. Address stntlng
use and experience. "Paper." Box 40.
Tribune OBlce.
REFINED cheerful young woman to car-s
for Invalid, sew nnl lie generally lisa fill
giv#- age references r.:id salary. J., 247
Ariidi-nir St.. Jersey fit\.
I.AL>Y of exceptional experience. capability
and retlneiiit'iit desires a position in which
she can prealda in a gentleman's hetna.
Address a. 8.. Yonkers. N. Y.
A — A. — Young man, IS, live American
wants to become a salesman; best of
references. Kdw. Bnyder, an* Pleasant
balances, systemaUaa* books; regular in
tervals; will aceominodata firms not re
quiring regular ,kk. *i<e r ; moderate rate.
Accounts, I4tl Eust BSth si.
BOOK. ST< x.'X. TIME KEEPER, by experl
eni-ed business and offic* man; b»>-t ref
erencea aim security; loves work; prefer
ence, Urooklyn building contractor or ma
terial. X.. 212 Hancock si . Brooklyn.
BOOKKEEPER; German r22); emplored;
wants chunse; four years" experience:
Sir. start; rood ad>ancement; tp«aks Eng
lish, some French: willing worker. B. P.,
Hox 23, lYlbune Offlca.
BOOKKEEPER. — Youm man. H five
years" experience: with reliable firm; un
derstands tvpuwritlng; best :• renues. Ad
.ll. as I. A. 11.. Box C. Trlbuno Ofrice.
BOOKKEEPER.— TweIve years* experience;
with reliaMa firm or corp-iratlon. Ed
tiard Schmidt, 173 Norman St., Uvergreen.
Long Islund.
f'»ur hi urn each .lay. rrom 10 SO a. in. to
2:3U p. m. ; t«rnis. *3 per week. Smith, 214 A
Prospaot aye., Brooklyn.
BARKEEPER. 3«: first class; »nod mixer
and quick worker; also pood waiter and
tunctanan; can open oysters; willing; Ger
man. "WaJlenteln. 217 TAVst 21st st.
CVTTKR. — U>ng kr.ir^ cutter on men's.
youths' and knee punt*; city or country.
Address Mr. Kraman, 870 Madia at.
COLLECTOR.— By man. SO, as collector.
•--••€■■■ or any outside work; no can
vaHSlng; highest reference*. E. 11. T. ,
Trlbuca T.*ptown Offlce, 1384 Uroadway.
COLLECTOR. — Middle aged, married man;
active, temperate; or as messenger or any
j-'rit ..: ri of trust: bright; fair penman; >x
•■ellent leferenr-es; moderate Tvag.>»; bond
given. Anxlnim, Tribune I'ptowu Office.
I»G4 Broadway.
CONFECTIONER.— Frenoh; Bret class, «x
pt-rlep.ced Iran; all style* fancy and plain
confections: Wm referentea. Call TiiuUl
Bros.. 1»S Rpriiitf st.
COMPOSITOR.— Straight matter: all or
part time; long i xperUnce; steady; accu
rate. A. t'., 742 lar*.
COMPOSITOR. — Young man. distribute
und set reprints; highly recommended
last place of employment; five y»drs' ex
perlene*. Charle* Dackc-r. 224 ilanhat
tan aye., Brooklyn.
riIAT.'FFEL'K.— Single; machinist; speaks
Herman mil English: three years' ex
perience, foreign ur.d American rars; oper
•a; wls.*-"* -
place, private or garag*; can >\a all re
pairing; car-.-ru! driver; besr city personal
reference: *.-> anywhere, |w, \V»hr!-.eit.
147 lluniburg aye.. lirouklyn.
CITADTFESUR, — O-in:petent young man;
Strictly »ob»-r; can run any yna<il»r - ma
chine.; wtU iro anywhere, A. b., }' X 14,
Tribune. Offlc*.
(3IAUFFXJCIL — Sober; lndustriwia; under^
stands automobiles; taking care of und
operating for private family; city or coun
try, li. Woolley, l.i«» t'umo. New Jersey.
CHAI'mU'R, colored; or I ■ worn: r

! :
DAIRYMAN, by competent Hollander.
83; thoroughly understands separator.
■ ■
r»o<l«rate wages. «'u!l Irwln's Bui 1.
77 West 11th st.
DRIVER, M; ste«lr. r«IlaM»: experienced
team»t»-r; Ktmdv employment; under
s!«m.1» slilpplng and delivery. J. J. Dundon,
4".'(l v. . ■• ■ 41st st.
Er.KCTRICAL ENGINEER, 7 years' -%•
pel Is ■■ design. superrlsioa, con
struction, hlgti cl«»» lighting, p.uv.T.
Isolated plants: some experience in
manufacturlj ■ fieslres change. Howe,
134 Bast ■«- et.
KLKVATOR MAN. — Tnflerstands motors
and lew pressure boilers. UcOlff, 436
Wot 10th s».
IINCiINEKK. F'nMt rlaas; ll^wnned; ci|
ored; factory, hotel <>r building; first
class references. 4i> B. ll'th at.
ENGINEER. — I'ractlcal. experlerced. li
censed; In hotel, factory or . merit
h< ••!»•»■; good r«»ff-r<-nc* : sober, honest and
Obliging. King. 212 West 52d st.
HOTEL MANAGER, for neverul yojri con
nected with besl hotels In New York
Pltj has koo.l ixecuttve Bbtlltr and hl|
set reference* llnncriible. Tribune L*p
town Oflnu. l::<Vl Krouduuy.
• srera
rectl «ht -.f pros-
I > ;l
.-. . . .-. 1 a: 1 - r, 678 ! I I
•it ti> l»nr;i elevator
has boom *xi erl • low
I mat
: - where
OFFICE! WORK.~By young- man <2>!>; well
recommended; at thins/; will accept
moderate salary; experienced in cleric* l
worL; food bi figures. Thompsun. '• is a i
OFFICE WORK — By young man, iy years;
can speak and write Spanish. Italia;:,
French, German, and 1 Engllah fairly; can
keep book* 1111 ! Is n.'.-d ut -re*. Joseph
l*arola, Lodl, N. J.
PLUMBER'S HELPER: Ins two years'
experience and reference. Prank I>.
Oleck. lT.t 2.1 st.
PORTER. — Steady, sober roan; not afraid
of work; hourji stireen 7 a. m. and sp.
m. Payne, 172 Ninth a\*.
PORT and MESSKNOKR.— smond,
jewelry factory or store: trustworthy col
ored man, 2-*; Christian, married; personal
reference. ilors«. 113 West •■■'. at.
STABLEMAN.— By experienced. middle
ns«-d driver; Christian, raferen a, V. v .
73 Cooper Bt.. Rrmiklyn.
able oalarad man; city or country; un
derstands Burdening, milking: best refer
ence. Wm. Smith. 444 W. 27th st.
STENOGRAPHER.— Bright beginner; nest
appearance; Remington and Vnderwood
eperator. T>T»wrlt«r, :-J7 w. 123 dat
TWO YOI'NO MEN. having two years'
college education, preparing for law.
desire position In law office, having op
portunity for same: salary ir. Ml era t*.
T.ouls Landes. 208 Forsyth tt
goo.l repertory, wish place where Ihejjr
can gain $- each a night. Address Car
bonars. Henry st . Brooklyn.
WAT«*IIMAN.— AI reference: honest »nd
reliable; now bulMlugs or factory. Mill
tar, 612 East 142 dat
WATCHMAN.— By soldier; excellent
references John Frci-kstein. 727 Lexing
ton are.
ADVERTISEMENTS and subscriptions for
The Tribune received at their Vytown
Office. Ho. 1364 Broadway, between Srtth
and 37th sta., until it o'clock p. m. Adver
tisements received at the follnwlntr branch
cfflcfs at regular ofllce. rate* until 8 o'clock
n m.. vis.; !W Bth ftv*.. ■ * cor. 2M st. ;
163 6th Mve., cor. 12th at.; C 3 Bast 14th st.;
2.17 West 42d st., between 7th and Mb ayes. ;
2fi3 West 12.1 th st.; l."i"s :id aye.. between
7«th and 77th sts.; 10-J« ltd aye.. near 61st
St.; 1708 Ist are., near 88th St.; 187 East
12Sth St.; 730 Tromont are. : 800 3d aye.
WATCHMAN.— or day; reference;
married. Anthony Greco. 63 XUery at .
YOUNG MAN. — On any machine; expert,
strong and willing 'to work. Pappa, W&
4th aye.
YOUNG MAN. at anything. M. Walsh.
1434 'M aye. .
YOUNG MAN. 23. sober, understands
bookkeeplug. typewriting, Spanish.
English unit general office work; good
refereaca*. J. Hotfay, 302 West ;..Mh at.
YOL'Nt.} MAN. experienced. In automobile
repair shop. George Carlson. SI 4th
Place, Brooklyn.
YOUNG MAN. Italian, well educated,
writes and speaks satisfactorily,
wishes position. If with a future, at any
thins. references. Dt Felice. 331 K. Wtli St.
YOUNG MAN, 16. ns assistant bookkeeper;
understands bookkeeping; good at figures
ami penmanship; good references. Address
August Gradilona, 190 Evergreen aye..
YOUNG MAN*. 22. to learn a good business
or a light trade; best of references. 17
Cooper Square.
TOOTO MAN. 17: In large firm, with good
chance for advancement : experience and
good references. Sain Kan tor. 340 East
B«th st.
YOUNG MAN', 20, honest, wishes good
steady position In wholesale drygoo.lii
hniisx selling goods or In stock. J. i.
Goldner. 148 Grove st.. Brooklyn.
A YOUNO LADY of refinement and educa
tion, at present teaching In New York
schools, desires placo In family of means
and raflnem«nt to Instruct for several hours
datlv (moroirgs preferred) one or more
children; references given. Address X . 272
Manhattan aye.
ASSISTANT to niansger-secretary; fire
years' experience: advertising: literary,
commercial. i-orrespondence and detail
work; salary tl<V E.i.Jnn. 133 Kurt ilieene
Place, Brooklya.
CASHIER. — By young woman. In any busi
ness; ipsaka Oenruu only. 11 . 312 Kast
14th at
young lady; references exchanged. It
May at.. Worcester. Mass.
PHYSICIAN; woman; New York aad Jersey
license; In sanitarium, school or hotel.
Address O. P. tea). Tribune Uptown Ob» *,
1304, Uroudway.
VISITING START, companion or
governess, by Kr.s;llsh lady; well edu
cated, refined: musical, mathematical cer
tificates; good peiunaaafalp; highest refer
en as. testimonials, SBcretary, Box 121. 617
tin. ay«.
WANTED. -By lady, several years expe
rience In keeping household accounts,
paying bills by sksek, bajanctng check
books, also writing society notes, similar
duties for afternoons. Address M. C E..
Trlhune Uptown OffW. 1.41)4 Broadway.
BI'TU R. — By young colored, man; 0 years'
seraonsJ reference : or car« of bachelor
apartment; can COOk far gentleman A 4
dress Butlsr, Tribune Uptown Ofllce, IT.tH
lire ad way.
IH'TI.ER. Swede, competent. highly
recommended by all previous em
ployers. Answer by letter. S. J. 150
Bast SSdJ st.
BUTLER. — By highly experienced Japan
em; in small family or In bachelor's
ftjiartmenf. taking whole • asjtM city or
country; best references. Btsua 70 Illcka
»t.. Brooklyn.
UI'TLER, VaT^ET.— English: tall: city or
".:y: firet class dty reference; wag"*
tOO per rror.th. Frank. "Wlnthrop Bureau,
a West Bsth st. Phone li^)2 — SSth.
BUTLER. --By reltab!e experienced Japan
ese, as butler and valet; work In private
family; city or country; best reference. R.
H.. 17 Concord si . Brooklyn.
CHEF. — By colored cook; good city refer
ences. L. B. Walks*. SiT West S2d St..
care of Green.
■ MAT >i-.-.-. end i."Y>Ai'HMAN*.— Married.
one child- fifteen years' personal New
York City reference; understand* gasolene
sr.a •am tars; go anywhere. AdJr»ae K.
11.. lull 3d aye.
COACHMAN.— Experienced, wliltnsj and
obliging; In private family: city or coun
try; Ust of references. Coachtmn. care of
Pike. IT! West 81st st.
COACHMAN, with prlvato family; has good
K:ig!l»h dischargee, country preferred.
Address Hanon. ÜBB 3d aye.
COACHMAN Bw*4e; n-.arrtad. ene
child; sixteen years' personal reference:
four-ln-hand firlving; will give riding and,
driving Is— on* • > children; c • «ny where.
Address Advertiser, 101 l3d aye.
FARMER ifgnajaa); North of Ireland
Protestant; married, wife and two boys;
thoroughly experienced In all branches of
farm and dairy; wife fine poultry and dairy
woman, butter maker, etc . will board help;
»!ght years' best references: read/ now.
U.. Carpenter's uureau. 154 SIB a . •
(JAKDUNER. head; by gr-iwer: experi
enced In growlßif of roses, carnations.
fruits, fancy vegetah'.«a.
irluss. anj thorougtt knowledge of all out
klde Work; willing, obliging, strictly sober;
please state full particulars »nd nsges In
first letter; lie. 4«: »ro (> J refereme. Ad
dress K. W.. care vt Stewart. 3o Madlsoa
jt.. ilorrlstown. N. J.
3ARDENER, by sins.'.* Irish rrotes
tant: tak^ ciiarge of private place:
has thorough kuowledgx of greenhouse
sml out <>f iioor gardentne; good refer
encen: plea** stata a*;ea D. NorrlS,
JARUI R— Single; competent for gen
tie:.lan'.s place: twenty years' experience
•1 all branch** of the bujines«; eight yearn
n 'ant place. Addr.-sa A. K. <;ard6ner. New
Rochelle, N. Y.
SARDENBR. PHUestaat: two children;
i-apable of taking fall 1 barg* sutstd* and
lnder ».:u«. sooil references; nine years
ivlth present employer, who can be »**en.
*j,l;-i;j Gardener. at Frai.k'.ln st . E»»t
Grange. N. J.
; ARDKNKR.— By first class. practical;
4\ married, one child: lire experk In
creenhous*. fruits, vegetaliles and la-i<l
».-ape»; t'ompetent to take charge of first
•la--<s rnuntry esta'j; lest refer* Ad
iresa A. U. care of tv'm. El'.lott. eeed st re,
Ml h"ulton sr . New Xoz'x City.
iAP.PF.NKH — Scotch, married: thoroughly
exp'rlenred In the care of private place;
■XPeUent vferer.ee from last employer.
tlcCrce, Eliioit's sect st.re. 301 Fulton st.
3ARPENER.— Scotch. S3: married, one
child; experienced grower of fruit. flow
irs »•;.! veic'at'lt's; outdoor and under glass;
:ar<» of j;»-ntloTrian s pla-.-e. etc.: t«*tT»B
■bangs; references. Box 265, Southampton,
',*>r:g Island.
IARDENER Bj Uermaa, slrujle. 22. per
manent place with gardener In private
)lace; two rears' experlenco; good willing;
rery Obliging: ■ ■■•■:- good r ■'f-rv.r** ',
! J. Schlembs; Dravls aye.. I'ort Ches
er, N. Y.
jAKl>KNi:it.— Ile.id; sir.sle. 4'»: llfe> exp»-- j
ilem-e In all departments of the business; i
;.',)d references. AdJresa Z . 1. v 1. Trlb
ir.-» R !*.
J.MIIiLNKR. 4S; married no children; life
time esperteaoa In ail branches near
'arl»: five years in this country: positively
avail* of entire ohai*T* of «11 gardenia ea
[cntleman'i country estate, gardener cot—
as* greenhouse; wife not «n;pluye.l In the.
iouss; strictly sober, none*) rrasonal>l»
vat;e«: good city reference*. I_ A I!., BM ;
;lt). Tort Chester. N. Y.
lARDENER. — Head; American. tw; ni.ir- |
rled. no children : 15 years' experience
indef glass and outside; best r*far*are« nf>
■osltlon wanted where honesty, sobriety and. i
billty are not appreciated; state full par- j
loulir«i In (Irs* letter. Hugh B. Barclay, |
tansaiuck. CXtaa, I
i/RDKXBR.- Head; thoroughly expert- j
enoed all branches; outsld" and under I
tlass; American; married: ore child I
noaths old: Al references. Address Box
19. Southampton. N. T.
•rARDENER— Married, no family: will be
open for an engagement about March I
r sooner; thoroughly experienced; exrecta
lons moderate. Duncan, car* of Elliott ft
;ons. 201 Fulton st.
lEAP GARDENER; Knglish: single: tn
telllgenl and Industrious; gond habits.
mderstands his bust less. Ai\'r«ss S. C. ,
.. Box SO. Tribune Office.
IANDY MAN. — German: single; middle
aged; honest and thorough: beat refer
ences; understands gardening, furnace;
laady any kind of work. Address Bet'ger.
m East llth at.
ie An GARDENER— SingIe. 40; place
must have glass: experienced in every
lepartmenl; growing of carnatlcns. chrya
inthetnuina and fancy vegetables specialty;
billing, obliging, sober: good reference.
ii-sw state full particulars and wages In
lr«t letter. K. "XV., care of Stewart, 80
.Indlson St.. Morrlstown. N. J.
IAPANESE. expert domestic worker:
light work; attended school; 915
nciilh. Kisul. tM East B'th st.
lAPAXEhE. excellent cook; do general
housework In gentleman's place, club
louse or small family; cltv or country;
ias good references: wages $45 up. Riklso,
07 Cherry «t.
APANKSK. 24. tall, as butler or valet,
private family: honest, sober, willing;
taa good reference: city or country. Ala
iwt. 107 Cherry st>
JAPANESE, competent, first eta**) butler.
In small family; honest, sober; sp*&ks
good English: beat references: city or comy
try. Aokl. 620 East 57th at.
JAPANESE, ratr general worker aad
good plain cook. In small family, with
g".ui home; highest references; good Eng
lish. J. Y. T . 17 Concord St.. Brooklyn.
NURSE <mare). disengaged; would travel;
■**>* rr Terence". *"{.". Dean St.. Brooklyn.
JANITOR. — Single; first class mechanic;
heating, electric elevators, pumps and re
pairs; nut nfrii I of work; In ioft or office)
building. Nicholas Go last. 62 Grand at.
JANITOR. «Uiy or night watchman or por
ter, by resp^ctalile cnlcred man; married;
trustworthy am! experienced. John Hunt
ley. las Wllloughby st.. Brooklyn.
JANITOR. By respectable German: small
family: speaks Kngiis.'i; hot and cold
water flats. nu basement. Janitor, 31t>
Kaat BSta st.
JANITOR.— By rr»n. with smalt family;
understand* steam heat, carpentering.
Icvits. electricity and. elevator maintenance;
reference. Address Janitor. 6©S-ttlt» Pros—
I pect ay*. v The Bronx.
ST VBU-.M I —By expert and willing mxß.
:;i>. Sarr I* ('"omsoudis. 1991 Avenue) A.
VALET or care of Invalid gentleman, by
thoroughly honest, sober and industrious
youre colored man; best ref»r«rDce last em
ployer. John ReaA 147 West Slut at.
VALET or HL'TI.ER.— Japanese as gea- .
tleman'H •«:; around valet or butler In j
family; oity or country; reference. Klyo, .
:;;:i» East STth st.
YATJ7T. Ac. — By neat colored man. 21. e»
an»- good position: city references. Writ*
or call, A. Bonner. 567 fark aye.
VALET — By Japanese as gentleman's all
around valet; or private family's butler;
take core dlnf.ig room, reference*. Klg%
330 East 67th st.
ATTENDANT. — By Protestant as attendant
i.: maM to elderly lady: r.rat ciass seaav
strtss; excellent reference* from present
employer and others. Address ila'.J. 964
6th aye.
CLEANING. — Woman to do cleaning «•»
take family wash home. Gordon. S3*
Fast 76th st.
COOKS.— Very best references; Swedish;
-<2T> to $4U; private families preferred.
<"<UI Swedish Bureau. 6&4 3d aye., near39tb
St.. or Tel. *85— Ss::\.
COOK ana LAUXDRES3. — Coispettßt.
obliging woman; good references; city or
country. M. I- . Mrs. Oolller'a Agency. 123
W. 23d st.
tent; excellent reference. Apply SwM
tsh-Amcrti-an Eknploynant Bureau. 80 W.
9M st. Tel.. 1055 Mad. 6q.
CDOK. — Colored- first class; competent; or
car« of bachelor apartment: no washing.
Call or writ* a:: we«k care. Mayo. 12T
W. 134 th st.
COOK and LAUNDRESS.— Br reliable .
woman, good; with daughter, who la
willing to help. Fltz^atrlck. 2063 Bth ay*.
COOK.— Respectable colored girl; tn pri
vate family; : ned; first class reference.
37 V,'. We.ii at. ' ' 'arrington'a bell.)
COOK. — Neat, obliging young woman; thor
oughly undemtanda her business; gr>o4
references; city or country. H. >1., Mrs.
Collier's Agency. 122 W. 234 at.
COOK. — By German woman, with one child |
excellent cook; will help with general
housework; city or country: best of refer
ences; $Ut». .Swedish Exchange. 594 3d
»>».. near 39th st or Tel. 433 — 3Sth.
COOK .mil WAITRESS. — Together or sepa
rate: two friends; very lest reference*:
neat and tidy; wages *2."» aad 9&>: city or
country. Flaherty's Bureau. 485 Columbus
aye.. near sad st. Tel. River.
COOK, ■rat class; private family; best ref
erences; city or country: no cards. 210
Hast 3Sth St.. one flight up.
COOK. —By young woman; first class:
thoroughir competent; excellent personal
reference, 100 East 54th at.
COOK. — First class: very best personal ref- '
erences: wages $»>: willing to go In coun
try. Flaherty's Eureau. 435 Columbus ay*.,
near SSd st. Tel. 741— River.
CHAMBERMAID.— First .class; Swedish;
neat and clean; bast references; $20 to
$.3. Tall Swedish Ex •haaaje, 5M Si are.,
near 3ft; rt st., or Tel. 4*5 33 th.
DAY'S WORK. — By young woman: hours
t» to 6. Mrs. Rutzseyer. COS Fast JsPth st
DAY'S WORK. — By German woman; by
the day ; washing. Ironing and cleaning.
ESsW<\ B')3 E. 7»?th • • . M floor.
FAMILY WASHING. ironing; prlva*
boos*; opeTi a!r drying: by dozen or week.
or out by day; expert all descriptions:
known party. £32 East .M St.
HOt'SEWrvRK — Two Hungarian a>4 'Jer-.
man girl?, as general hoase^riwinfrs. tt>:
wsuh. Iron and scrub; will sleep home. V»"«.
Green. 231 K. 4;ri St., Ist floor.
EKEEPFR- By Intelligent German
widow: middle age; fine cook; first claa*
reference* Mr*. Bogowlts. SH Adams St..
Hobt^ken, N. J.
KEEPER: accustomed to take en
tire charge; catering, marketing , etc-; or
as visiting house manager for some hoars
each day. Miss «'.. oars Miss FitsOerald's
Bureau. 809 sth aye.
take eiittra i-harge cf cooking for help:
exceU-T^ references: city or country. 11. j
0.. M!.s.i FltzGeraldrs Bureau. 308 sta a » .
corner ,J rt.
KlTCHENMAirx— Swedish; excellent sec«
urd coot:; bf« of referenrea; private fatn
lly: city rreferr«d. J25. Call Swedish* 3^x- '
ctange. 5'J4 3d aye. near 9S(J| St.. cr Tel. <
4>«s— 3feth.
LADY" S MAID. — Very reat and clean liis^
K'.rt; will act as nursa. city or country;.
Sir.*.. Swedish Exchange. CM 8d ava.. nea*
3'.<th st.. or Tel. 4>3 — 3»;h.
L-VI'NDRESS. — First class; ■- '■ work; 1»
er.saced en Monday: at libertr rest of
week: referei ■ Mrs. Keating. 232 E. 64th.
LAUNDRESS.— Thoroughly understands all
branches of fine launtiry work; good ref
erences: city or country. V.". «J-, Sirs. Col
lier's Agency, 123 W. 23d at.
LAUNDRESS.— First class; by day "*
tte*"K: private family; reference. K73
Lexington aye.
LADY'S MAlD— KrsTl'h: .->„>..
ties; also niiinlcurtnst; excellent elty ref- ■
erer.ces. Address N. 0. . U*ix 210, Tribun*
Uptown Office, 1304 Broadway.
NURSE. — Very r.eat; tak* • rue of Infant
or growing children; excellent personal
city references: <-lty or country". A. 91 .
Mrji. Colliers Aceacy. 122 W. at St.
M'K«E.- Hospital trained; will give a few
hours dally .ir weekly tc invalid l»dy;
massape, elevtrlctty; physicians' references.
D.. Miss FitiGeralJ's Bureau. 5C3 Bth aye...
NI'RSK. — Isv Cerman: !nfa:it rr grown
children: willing to travel Europe. John-*
m, 507 Kast 9lst St.
NURSE. — By young Norwegian, girl; *>s*
class: to Invalid: very best references;
uiderstands mossag* ar.,l is wining ani
I'Htglnp. Flaherty' » Ttureau. 453 «"oiumbu«
ar».. near h3d »t. Tel. 7*l— River.
NURSE.— By renned girl, to ore or tw->
crown children. Cter» of Uilcnrlst *•>«
Wast ••:! *t.
SK\MSTRES3. — French: exce»<<i«s;lT rapt->
1>: excellent reference*: •'oe^n't ureaal
English. A. iJinge, SOT Bth aye.
WAITRESS.— Neat iMv v^ung girl: h»»t
references; wages S2l v -$22. Flaherty's
Hurfau. •I'v l^ Columbus aye.. near S3 tt.
Tel. 741— River.
tidy young Iris!] girl; tn the country;
Nyaok preferred : wages SIS. Flaherty's
Bureau. 4>*s Columbus are., near 63<J "»t. !
T. : T.I River.
B« Oerman woman. Address M. Goc&I.
2413 2d aye.
WASHING —By German woman. Monday*
1991 M aye . first floor. left.
I ■ . ' =r~~— — -g--— ■
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