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'Governor Hughe* and Other State
Officers in Attendance.
o>*r.. >' V. Feb. I*.— The body of ex-Governor
frank Wiastond Ilicgins was laid at rest this- after
rorn in tl:o receiving vault In Mount View Ceme
tery there to remain until the completion of the
icaasoleuxn for which Mn Hlpgrins had provided.
Governor Charles EL Hughes, t^-Governor David
E. Hlil. Lieutenant Governor Uswis Stuyvesant
Chaalfi", Supremo Court Just'ce -' 3 - Linn l'.ruce,
who served as Lieutenant Governor with ex-Gov
trror Higßins, a.r.d a delegation representing the
piatf Se.nate .nnd Assembly and the Court of Ap
peals jo'ned w!th the people not only of OleanJ
bt;t of thi!" entire section of the state, in showing
honor lo lhe memory of their distinguished follow
A crisp. Minny winter day contributed to the
j«ace anil simplicity ot the occasion. The Episcopal
burial service was read at the former Go\ amor's
borf« at 2 o'clock by the-Kev. Dr. James W. Ash
ter.. rector of St. Stephens's Church, of which ex-
Gov^rT.cr Hippins was for more than twenty years
, vestryman. A male quartet- from Buffalo, led by
ex-Jndgs George A. Lewis, sang "Abide 'With Me"
ami --.Und. Kindly Light."
rrli'f t<> this service from 11 o'clock until noon
the body Isy in KtHte in the drawing room and
was viewed by hundreds if people, including the
official delegation^
BeMd* ti:" coffin flood ex-Mayor X. V. V. Fran
rhot. who whs perhaps >lr. Higglns'a closest per
sonal and j'oiitical friend, and who served under
him a* Sujperintendeat vl Public Works.
The huu^e Wii^ filled With flower?, representing
trtt>*Jt' >i Of rsteem and affection from many
fouvf'f- Amniiß those Who pent thru: were the
President- and Mr?. Roosevelt, Governor,* Hughes
ax 4 the legislative committees, the.Legislative Cor
recponde:!^' Association. Francis Hendricks, of
Syrac-t"-'-. formerly Superintendent of Insurance;
"The House of Lords," comi>rising a group of i x-
Oovernor Hlpgins's legislativi; and official Triciids
livin? together at Albany, and including ex-L4etf>
tenant Governor Bruce, Frank E. Pcrle'y, State T.i*
Commissioner. »r.d t'olonel Selrtcn E. Marvin,
Governor HigpiriP's secretary «nd military peo
r^tary respectively; John F. O'Brien, formerly Sec
retary of State, ex-Controller William C Wilson.
ex-Attorney <soneral Julius M. Mayer, ex-Tfeas
u.-fr John 0. Wickser, OHu Kelsey, Superintendent
of Insuran-e; Frederick I.1 '. Kilburn, ex-Bank
g'jp^rintf-nder.t ; Labor Commissioner Sherman.
Game Commi^sioiier Whipple, Senator William J.
Tully. Speaker AV?d>worth, (leorge W. Aldrlch,
R&ilrosd Commissioner, and others.
During the funeral all business houses and shops
«*re closed by common consent and The city wore
a g^ii^ral aspect of mourning. Th«? work in tha
city schools was suspended during tho funeral hour
and the trachers in the various grades gave talks
lo the r.upils on the life of Mr. Higgins.
Attendance on the fuii'-ral cerem^iy was so gen
eral that the large house could not begin to con
tain the people, and was surrounded ■■■- score? for
whom there was no room.
The delegations representing the *tate govern
irei,t arrived from Albany during the morning, an!
included, besides Governor Hughes, Lieutenant
Governor Cbanler. ex-Lieutenant Governor l^ruc?.
committees representing the Senate and Assembly
and the judiciary.
* " Dr. J. W. A^hto'i
I '. r .n and paid a I
Ex-Governor Higgins was ,i man of no ordinary
crration. His life as a private citizen was of such
I i hararjrr th:it his passing away seemed ■„ hav«*
caused an frrepnrahle loss. We unite- to-day in »
universal sorrow. There is hardly h characteris'!-;
Concerning which It mu.=t be said tiiat It is worth
th" having in order to make life worth tho living,
*x<-?j-t good he.-ilih. of which he -.'. as not a distin
guished example. His whole SOU] was wrapped up
in V.is home, and bis spirit was one of serene Joy
in ihe iirewnce of his family. Toward his family
our hearts fiow out in sympathetic prayer that thfl
Kstl.er of All Comfort may give them paiienco
tind*r th^ir affliction. 'What this world lias lost
Vi" better world hn* sTHine,3.
I venture to (--x^ak also of the public career of
Governor Ilisgins. for 1 knew him even in that re
l^tioii *f hifl life. His sincerity ha^ never been
questioned, Never have the high offices of State
b'-Ti r;iied more honorably than by him. Slander
rise not dared to touch his motives or his aims.
PfilitkaJ Jealousy may have coiled about .m ]ik>;
a viper, but be h»s remained un terrified and un
hamv-<2. The question has always been with him.
as he once *aid to one close io him: "Not what
jn:b;ic opinion might pass ujkii; my acta, not what
men or "newspapers say. but what I myself sh^ll
think of th»-m aft*r they nrf done."
His f=<'til thus* one of unsullied purity. J!e nev.-r
fiii a wrong tiling consciously or intentionally. He
w;is not cold and unsympathetic, us political virtun
■ornetlm*!! mak^s a man, but mnde allowances for
the rr.Jstak<»s of other*, even some by whom his
misplaced trust had been abused. As Senator.
Lieutenant Governor and Governor -i<* has won not
ihe Juir.i praise of men. but sincere tri : jut*-« from
both frirnds and r^'liii''-*! foes. Posterity will place
lv« nani" among tb** wisest ar.d best of cjtizon* <>f
1h»» K:npir» Slate who have h»-!<l the highest ofnV"
in tbe gift of lhe peopl". ills integrity. Inflexi
bility, dignity and devotion to duty will be an ex
nrr.jile to the young m^n of th* country who m«y
'•t.Viiti jiubi;.^ office nnd irreat eminence, a« he did,
fT.ni no low or mercenary motive.
The Guv. rnor >d>»;.ii7.^d from his youth Lincoln.
Garfield. McKlnVey and Grant. He was like those
TiK-n in their acknoweldgment of a hlglier power
ei,o of th<* <"hi-istian faith. !t would be permissible
to recount his deeds of charity and philanthropy.
T):s religion was practical. One strong trait of it
was hi»" love for little children. The last service
Irs which Vie took pfirt w;ts the baptism of his llt'lft
prariddn ughter. The last s«»rv!e« he ended was
r>r. Th&nk^iving T»ay. What I have mo*t «dmlr.-d
tvh- i,| S Ftri<t senne of right. He believed in
prayer, and was grateful for the personal r<mem
brnnce <-T him in tl^* morning and evening worship
of the church. Iti accordance with the, prayer book.
But h«» knew that he was to die, and he set hl»
house In order. "God's will be done."
Four Brooklyn Institutions Beneficiaries in
Will of Oil Man's Widow.
Four Brooklyn Institutions are beneficiaries un
der the will r.f Mr?. Mr.ry IT. Pratt, the widow of
Charles M. Pratt, which was <il<-d for probate in
BrooUyr; yesterday. Mr. Pr.ttt, who died several
year? ago. was a Standard Oil man and the founder
tit Pratt Insitltut--.

: . ■ •■ i ■ , ■ .
»i" ii.i.i, Jim bow
■ M Pratt
..nld t.f- i.

rh< Brook

1 10 jii'n. and

unt t<i
Exhausted from Continued Ordeal on Wit
ness Stand in Divorce Hearing.
| By Telegraph to The Tribune. ]
Umaha, Feb. 15.— Jn the. 15ass«-u divorce tri«l to
day Mrs. Bassett underwent a severe cross-ex
amination almost tho t-ntir« day, iuid left the stand
a> the dose of tha court In a Ptate of collapse. She
»as on th« stand a. half day Thursday, all day
Friday, and will continue, another day. Bo ex
bausted was the woman when court adjourned that?
Judge Redick announced there would be iv) session
Two attempts have been made to kidnap the
ch!k!rm. who ar<' with Mrs.. BasJVtt. Both .-ii
lempts were frustrated, the first one by :t maid
servant, who obtain -d a revoivor and forced the
would-tM ki<fnapper to leap through a window. An
artm:ti guard now hai been placed in ih*- house, ami
the children ar«- k«-pt in door« !tt uil t!m>-».
The Her. K. Lawrence Hunt resigned to-day as
pastor of the Noble Ktreet Presbyterian Church, In
Brooklyn. H<; is Involved In the dfrorcg hearing:.
[be Internal vi Ifxposi

: \\ arwi' k

[an Ilitn

, Tb» nntl eaJe. at •■' American Art Galleries
fX**tVo»jr afternoon, of the Khayat collection of
• Hwn*a iir»<i Greek t')a*c w»y« well attended The
'"*»Urr/,uni rtzUzob t7*rr. the eal«» wa» ILBO3, of
%r,' *** *'** "ifr iiig!*e«J prt'-f. It paid \>f
*r- UaxAiTtt tor & ra.rti bit of gla*sv. -ir«. Th<- otli'-r
~.fC x * •s«Jsdei SlMrart K*3leCbcr», i-tuingir ana
I" FVanz .7. yon Rottenburg. whose death In
noun, Germany, was reported yesterday, had
achieved prominent e in hit native country through
his association with Prim-o Bismarck in carrying
out the lain German Chancellor's social policy, arid
iv-i* \vH! ■■ ■■■•.'.■:> In Am i i-.ii -.i through his marriage
to mips Marian Phelps, daughter of the late
William Walter Phelps, American Minister to
Germany from 3839 to 1593.
Dr. yon Rottcnburg was born in Dantzic, Prussia.
in March, iMS. He studied at the University of
Heidelberg from his eighteenth to his twenty-first
yea"-, and then held for some tirre a position under
th-^ Berlin Supreme Court, 11.- went to Liondon in
18J2, where he pursued the study of International
law. Returning to Berlin, four years later, l.c
entered th« Foreign Office, becoming chief clerk of
the imperial chancellery and confidential adviser to
Prince Bismarck. In ism he was transferred to the
Department of ii." Intel lor us under-secretary
continuing In office after the "Iron Chancellor's"
reth-naent from uctlve political" life, ill health,
however, forced p r . yon Hottenhuri; to resign In
W.C. pfter be had attain th« rank of privy coun
sellor. H<» was then appointed to the, curatorshlp
of the University of Bonn, which he still admin
istered at the time of his deatli.
lie was the author of various hooka among them
•■ :i " on "The Theory of the State." published In
1577. Ysle University conferred on him the degree
of l-l D. in I<W. to receive which he mmle n spe
cial trip to the United States
Morristown. X. .1.. Feb. 1.1.- Aurelius B Hull died
nt hi* home on Maple avenue this afternoon from
pneumonia, after an Illness 1 of a few days. Mr.
Hull, who was elghtynelght jears Old, whs an in
corporator and director In the Continental Fire In-
Hur.tnce Company of New York, the fidelity and
Casualty Company of New York and an In
cbrporator. director ai ■ vice-president of the. Mor
nsfuwn Trust Company, president and treasurer of
the Morristown Safe. Deposit Company and for
many y«-ars vice-president imci :i manager of the
Morris County Saving)) Haul;, lie also was a
member of the Washington Association of New
Jersey. the Long Island Historical Society and of
in* First Presbyterian '.'hutch of M rristown.
Mr. Hull was born at New Haven, November 1.
181 i». When a young man he went to New York.
"••-• entered tho 'aspic; of Josiall Dow &■
Sons. «t«r he went, to PUtsburg ')•! became
a salesman for Atwood, Jones .v. Co. For many
years he waa the New York partner of the whole
sale rug h*us* r>f FshnestOeK. Hull *; Co. He
retir.^ri from active Justness ori January 1, 1*6,", and
five yours later removed to Morristown^ where li"
hnr\ since made bis homo.
Georsre H. Seeley, who was for many years a
wholesale drygoeds meicbfnt. then a manufact
urer, and wh i lis'i ItO'ls r'tic.l m n;i 'iriivo Just
ness for the la.«t ten years, died at bis hoi ■ nt
No. -I 9 "\\Vst r.Ttb street, yesterday after a short
illness. Mr. Seeley was n member of the I'nlon
I>p.-iKue Club, the Now Tork Athletic Club, the
Downtown Association^ tii" New V.ik Yacht Club,
and one of the o!<1e«t members of the Atlantic
Yacht Club. His wife, three sour- -William Seeley,
Harry K. Seel< . and O. M. See!* v, all of this city—
and a daughter— Mrs. R. C. Otis, of chicago—sur-
Vive him.
T!ie funeral will t.» held at 11 o'clock on Monday
morning, at his home, I >r. Parkhurst officiating,
He will 'c burled in the family plot In Greenwood
• ~ of Mount V ern< n. died ■ from
liPßrt disease at hla i"!n'-. So. 108 "\\> ■
Mr. U In Brooklyn in ; v '
employed for an ' T. Btewart.
ll' moved lo M<
man frum I
Michael Joseph. Adrian, who died at his iiome In
this city on February 14. was born at KllnKenb»-rg.
Bavaria, in 18LT. In 3*40 he came to America, and
was for many years engaged in the manufacture of.
cigars, practically laying thereby the basis of hie
fortune. ll<' established the German Exchange
Knnk In IST2. becoming Its first president. He re
linquished the presidency- In l !*«:?. becoming in that
vfar saconO vice-president. The latter ofTioe he
held until bis d^-ath.
3M, a <i\il \\;ir v<-t.-ian. who «.is
.■. ■ .
to-day li'
N V., B<

: .

■ . .: .'l.




H. v

The will (if Mrs. Mary Pttiart. Whitney, widow of
William Whitney and daughter <>f tli" late Jnmoa
McVlt-k:ir, who died on January 29, at her homo.
No II Madison Square N T orth t was fl!<-<l yesterday.
The jK-tHion duos not Kivo the value or the estate.
i.v retu >'. Whitney and Mary S. Kernoclian. het
two daughters receive tho dwlliiiK houses mid
stalilf Drotifrtt<-s at N«. 11 Kast 2'Uli s>troft. and also
No (I i ;.<>■! Z7th Hire < i including th<- <-„ntf-rits of
Lot'li SntnM of from ?'•"" t" 52.<>k> an- kft t«. ni*-^« s.
and '$1 im» is bequwitiit-d t(. tlie Ilev. l>r. William
llimtlnKton. castor <<f Grace Church; and t«> h'-r
niHi.i Annie Johnson, VM. All the residue of her
»Ktut<- which Ik \p(t lo !];■■ immediate family, the
teetator orders to l*«> divided by J. Frederick Ker
nochan, h'-r executor. The will is dated September
22 f '. 18W.
General Stewart 1.. Woodford, former Minister to
Spain, arrived here yesterday from Naples '" the
North German Lloyd liner Konig Albert. Tin;
steamer encountered heavy weather in rnld-Atlantl:,
and on Friday while a heavy head m .i was run
ning General W Iford was thrown down lh«
Btalrway leading to the dining saloon. He was picked
up unconscious. His Bhoulder was badly dislocated
and he. sustained Injuries to one' of his- arms. !!«•
was accompanied by his wif«- and daughter, With
whom he had been .travelling In Rgypt and Italy
t-inre September.
Official Hfiiinl mil Forecast.— Washington, Feb. 13.—
■■• a weather eoadltlona hare not < hanK*-<i graatly In the
last twenty— four iViurn. No ,•.• • • Ipltatlon of I'oni-cgupnrK
hus occurred In any i-art of Lhe country. While thare
has !>-• a fall of lemperatura In Atlantic Coast K'Ht<*«, it
1h wanner w<?.st of the Appalachians, and no aliens „t
ciilC>-r weatbw ore >'■' 3|ip«rent, J'nlr weather 1» tnrtl
fiii«-.j for Saturday »»«1 SunUuy RancrsJly ea«t of the
Rocky Mountain*, with hlglin- ;.-nifi<*ratu:e» In Atlantic
coast MnirH Bsturday.
'l lie wlndi alooß the New England ami Ulddla Atlnntlo
coasts will i>- freelt southwest; tilontr Hi*- Smith Atlantic
coast llg-ht i« fr«-Mli south; u'ur.r, the lulf ions! Ilitl-.t and
Hteamer* depaitlnp Saturday for European irts * ill
;,in> frrnh W«*l -^I'id* )-"'i tuir weather to the <;r.m.l
forecast for Hjierlal I^wnlltles. — For N< w England,
ami Eaitern New York, fair i>i:<l warmer to-day; fair
.Suniluj •; freali southwest wltide.
For Easttra Pennsylvania? New Jerney, Deiawara, the
District <>f Columbia and Maryland,' i fair au<r warmer
to-<Uy; fair eunday; freah «<-M wln4».
Tor Western IvtniHylvurla nfid \\ c-sfrn -New 1 oik.
ratr to-day an<l Rundar, except Know fii'.irles aloiiK the
irT<-at 1.-iU^x; .... wert winds.
Local oiil.-liil i:,..."> Tiifr follow'int official record
frurn the Waither Bureau »ii<>w* th^> rliangee In the tem
peratiire /or the laM twenty-four hours. In comparison
wltlt lhe corresiiondlnK i!*te of last y^nr:
■:• »■ 10«i7.| UKV;. 1(107.
3a'.m ■-'• - H «p.-m ir> «n
(i « in -" v:: ;!>!>. n. IS. 2S
0., m.. ....... i- 13 Mp. in lfi ' L' 7
f_- in "' P. '•■> ■•
4 p. m '-"' ■'•'•
iilrhe«l temn^rituro yesterday, 33 „-. .-»« ■ ■*.«! S3;
avcrjj:" i*; Hvernu''- for corrcfpondliK d*\t'- of »-' 'Ml
•J(<; are'rasre 'or C(-rr'?pi,nMna data r-t lp«t tvoniy-fl\'*
Local "fortcn«.t: Tslr and warmer to-day; fair Sunday;
irei_ southwest winds.
The English System of Direct
Taxation Aids Treasury.
London, February 2.
The mortality of millionaires is one of the
main resources of the British treasury. Mr.
Asquith is accounted a fortunate Chancellor of
the Exchequer because the rate has been high
during his first year of office. Privately he has
been called upon to make sacrifices, since the
largest estate sworn in at Somerset House has
been that of his father-in-law. Sir Charles Ten
nant; but officially he will profit in his budget
speech by largely increased receipts from estate
duties. Mr. Whiteley, who had provided by will
for a fund of a million pounds for homes lor
the aged poor, was the sixteenth millionaire to
pay toll to the state since the lam budget. Two
of the estates have exceeded £3,000,000 In value
— Sir Charles Tennant's and Mr. Belt's — and
there, has been an unusually large number of
successions to fortunes approaching a million.
The surplus which is confidently expected at
the treasury will be due In considerable meas
ure to Sir William Hareoifrt'H graduated scale
of estate duties. '
The principle that the state has an exclusive
right to regulate tin- conditions of succession is
as old as English law. A man's property rights
are protected while he lives, but Inheritance Is
created and sanctioned by law. The state was
content at first with a moderate brokerage com
mission in death ami succession duties; but this
has been increased until it now Includes a full
eighth of properties over a million pounds, The
system, which Mr. Gladstone twice revised, was
most complex and honeycombed with anomalies
and Injustice, the duties pressing unfairly on
small In comparison with large estates, and
corporations owning real estate aping taxa
tion altogether. Sir William Harcourt substi
tuted for five duties, which solicitors alone
could understand, a single probate duty as a
settled charge against all property, real or per
sonal, changing ownership In consequence of tho
death of (lie possessor He reduced the charges
for estates below £1,000, left them stationary for
properties under tlO,<Ms*>, and brought Into oper
ation a graduated scale for estates above that
limit. One-eighth of the sixteen millionaire.
estates is turned Into the treasury. The. dead
hand oT the state will seize over half a million
dollars of Mr. Whiteley> money, and about
>!_■:,. h«m> will remain In Its grip from either
the Beit or the 'Pennant estate.
One Chancellor of the Exchequer after another
has been drawing In this way upon the realized
wealth of the kingdom. Millionaires die and
battleships are built, or deficits In current rev
enues are covered with the eighth of their pos
sessions taken from their heirs. Death Is a
golden bridge leading into Somerset House, and
heavy toll Is exacted there ftom nil Inheriting
fortunes. The burden Is graduated so as to fall
most heavily .ju the wealthiest; and the system
operates so as to scale down every great fortune
when It Is turned over to the next possessor.
Death and estate duties are to be lowed with
an extension of the principle to current taxa
11on of Incomes. The levies are to be graduated
•so as to bear more heavily against the largest
Incomes, and those thnt are unearned are to bo
discriminated against in favor of those not
drawn from Investments and Inheritance. The
Treasury officials are unwilling to wait for the
silent operation if the dead hand. They are
eager to sijiieez" 1 ib* millionaires more effective
ly while in the possession of their estates. Han
som is to be paid by the living as well .i-« by
th<- dead. A graduated Income •ix for the relief
of moderate income taxpayers at the expense
of the richest landowners and Investor* will be
a fresh method of tapping capital and realized
wealth. I>ord Mllner, who was the financial
expert behind Sir William Harcourt's ruinous
budget, has predicted that It will be a great
disappointment as a revenue measure. It will
practically tap the same reservoir, and nines
men are. le«s likely to t »-ll the truth about their
Incomes than solicitors who are winding up or
transferring <-.staten to heirs the riskn of leak
age and waste from obstructed pipes will be
largely Increased.
From the Socialist point «»f view th'-s*- are
neccpsary methods of regulating large fortunes
and taxing, the rich for th»- common good. There
Is. however, another aspect of the case Heavy
e-state duties and sharply graduated income
taxes are continuous levies , on capital. There
is nothing more essential to the material nnd
industrial progreßs of lhe kingdom than nburi
dance of cheap capital. Neither In America nor
tn Germany Is capital taxed as It if In gland,
and there is h growing feeling among manu
facturers and Investors that this excessive tnxn
tion of capital operates disadvantageous^ 1 In
International competition with formidable rivals.
When Cobden'B fiscal system was adopted by
Peel Indirect taxation accounted for two-thirds
.■mil dlreci taxation for ■ third of the rev
enues. At present two-thirds of the Treasury
receipts represents direct taxation nnd only one
third Indirect taxation. This effect was not
anticipated by the founders of Free Trade
They had no Idea of subjecting realized wealth
am] Industrial capital to the exhausting pressure
of direct taxation I. -V F.
• • „f t!,.' Lake Forest College Alumni
...I , n In New Fork ( 'lty was held a) the
•• .i.ir Ims! . President Eials< y
announced lhat ■ ' ' • ■ i new Blackstone
torles was nearing completion and that
ground was about to !■•• > . r . > u • •r i for the other,
also said thai the money ■
• i :>r.i by Andrew OaraegU f'.r .>
• hull was now available, and ;il v " the
the new Calvin Durand Commons,
iii;.king In .ill four new buildlngsi to be completed
wit !.;ti a 5 ".'it
r Hammerati In ai nounces that a 4 the < nd of
tin' present seasoa ha will reconstruct the entire
Interior "f the Victoria 'liicatro, nt \M street and
the proposed changes are
now in the hands of J. B. McEifatrick tt Bon,
architects, it Is Mr Hammerstein's Intention to
modernise the building, aa well -m to Increase Its
present capacity of I.SOO to 2.300 Work will be
begun Immediately upon the close of the winter
vaudeville season there. These pinna will in no
:•• . | the summer vaudeville policy at tha
Victoria. Tha entertainment will be oanied on «n
usual mi the well known Paradise icoof Qarden, on
■ -i of the Victoria.
(iwlmi lo tiio limited number of weeks of ';«..:„•.
Graves's contract In the L'nlt'-.i states with J. *.'.
:' - local engagenient <>f "'J'tic Little Ml
at the Garden Theatre will close :> wn-k frum to
night Mr Duff h.is contracted i"" the appearance
„: Mr Graves In "The Little Mlchus" at theatres
in Philadelphia, Boston and Brooklyn, nnd.tiit: man
■ ■ playhouses Insist upun the rulfllmenl
■if their contracts. in order to prolong the New
V'ork engagement Mr. luifT cabled t" George Ed
w;i t .l<^. .>!' London, who controls Mr Qravea's Her
,-icea for an extension of tt.. )-:iiKllßh comedian's
tin.- in America, but us Mr. Edwardea hud already
arranced for a new London production. h« wux un
ajble in grunt ttio request.
Mmc Alia Naatmova will give ;i sjie<iui perform
ance of "A Doll's House" on Monday, February 'I,
.ii the Herald Bauare Theatre The ■
Wfdnesday and Thursday matinees will be played,
and. Mme. Nailmovs will go to Providence, wbera
111 play two performances on Friday. on
Wednesday, PVbruarj '.'". at the llrrald Squara
Theatie, "Heddsi Oabler" will ho played fur tl;«
beentit vt the orthopaedic ward of the Post-Gradu
..■■• Ffosplt I
The first performance in this country of a three*
art piny. Blind Man's Buff," by M. laay. will he
given next Thursday afternoon by the American
Academy of Dramatic Arts Two n»w one-act
pluys—'Noll." by Frederick C. Patterson, and "T.i*
rWrf* Sisl." by Joahua Bates will precede thp
• • lger play. The performance will be given in the
Criterion Thwtr*. --*
. .....-•■
Mine. Gadski's Return.
Mil.", Gadski signalized her return to the local
opera Ptage at the Metropolitan Opera 'HflWe last
night by Impersonating Isolde in Warner's lyric
tragedy, "Tristan und Isolde." It was M first
venture In the role and the first performance of
the ilritiiut this season, and therefore the repre
sentation commanded a double measure of interest.
Her principal companions were Mr. Burr) as
Tristan. Mrs. Homer as Bratigane, Mr. Blaaa as
the King. Mr. Van Rooy .-.■■ Kurwanal and Mr.
Miihlmann as Melot. Of these, none calls for com
ment except Mr. Burrlan, not because of any want
ol efficiency, but simply because they were all old
In their respective parts; and operatic characterisa
tions seldom. If ever, grow in interest. Mr. Burrian
is nn excellent Tristan as German Tristans go. If
his voice is hard, inelastic, unyielding, it is yet true
iM'plt-.'h, and to that virtue we have learned to pay
a large measure of tribute. If he cannot for a mo
ment lead us into the world of romance arid emo
tion which Wngner's music threw wide open lie can
at least fairly simulate on« of its conventional
denizens] and for this we must be grat»ful. Mmo.
Cfadskl brine,* to the Interpretation of Isolde every
qualification of voice, vocal expedient and physical
personality. She pours forth her glorious voice
without stint, and she adheres closely to the ex
pression marked in the book. Hut slip produces no^
Inrpe not profound dranjatlc Illusion. She sings
the music beautifully, and in comparison with her
companion Burrian enforces the lesson first taught
her years ago by M. Jean do Resshe and Mm.
Nor fl lea, thai Wagner's rim* I --' is capable of pet
formance which meets every requirement" of
pathetic loveliness. This Is a lesson which will
prow In value bs modern tendencies are followed
In Italian ns well us German opera, and for that
reason It is a matter or gratification that w« have
Mm- <:-iii^ki again with us In her proper character
.•is a dramatic singer. H. E. K.
Mlag Gertrude L'eppiTCOrn, the tall, attractive
young woman from Knglnnd who plays upon the
pianoforte In her name's despite, Is ngnln with us,
and jesterdny •• loon she gave a recital in Men
delcflohn Hall. Her programme ' ><-e;< n with three
compositions by d' Albert; Included the Intermeazo
In A major and :i waltz by Brahms and the Sonata
,i Ti minor of 1.152t, and concluded with a group
of Chopin number". Miss Peppercorn's playing
does not call for extended comment. There art
much worse players and there are much better
players, aud the pianoforte Is a long suffering In-
Mrument. She plays. when needed, with abundant
'..no. with power md virility, again with feminine
poftness and delicacy, and always with tremen
dously facile fingers.
"Alda" happen* often In Weal 34th ttreel It
happened .m;>i-i last r-ipiu. »n<i th» familiar caat,
an i dl i 'lsn< 1 1 i Etasai, Ari
ni(.t,(U and Ani oi • re heard, it la .i
• opera w'r--. Mr Hamtnersteln'a patrons, ami
tie t ouse waa W»ll filled.
77//; DRAMA.
Mi liOUli Mm ti will tnnkf> lit* re-entran
night, ■ play called "Tho
\vhitp ii«-ti " Th« Ural ment "f this play
called i from Vienna." The change <'f
. tnn li an actor of
rii'.re preti •
alls acted a * s4 some little arnun
Miss Terry will close her engagement at th* Em
pire Theatre to-night. She ran be seen this after
noon and thin evening In "The/ Good Hope" and
','Xanca Oldfield." Her presence baa given much
pleasure to many people. In th« character of
Nance Oldflftld her acting Is particularly delight
ful. On leaving New York the eminent English
uctreim will proceed to Chicago, where she will ap
pear on Monday evening, February 18.
Mr Ilarrtcan'a engagement at ■ lie Lincoln Squara
Theatre will terminate to-night. Hlh performanc*
of Old lavender has been received with favor.
Tli«> next attraction nt the Lincoln I .ire Thpatro
will be the eftectivi old melodranta of "The iVo
Orphan*." no long current at th* I'nloti S>u»nr«
Theatra. In the bustling diiys when that houso ■ IIH
managed l<y the ■if.- A. M Palmer, A revival of
•The Two . ■; ana," it will be remembered, was
i Reefed, not very loiig ago, at the New Amster
.lam Th-:«U.-. The forthcoming representation of
It Will bo given by a travelling company.
The k;il<> uf »»atn .it the New Amsterdam Theatre
for th- three we.-k* of Mr. Mansfield's engagement
at that house will begin on Monday. Mr. Mansfield
will make his 1 e-vninmc*. on February 2.'.. acting
iv.-r ■ ,M,t in Mr Ibsen's play bearing that name.
The performance has been Been In other .■■-. and
Everywhere It has been received with applause, and
by most of the newspapers It had hoe:i hailed m
un excellent achievement. The actor htis adapted
the play and canned It.t publication In the adapted
form. The scenery la paid to be. exceptionally fine.
ftfth week of thi "' Mi B
and Mi'- Marlowi Pheatr*. will begin
on m< ■ ' presentment • • Merchant
of Venice." Mr, Bothern appearing us Shyli
Miss Marlowe appearing as Portia. <>n next Thura
i!.-w aventng, February :i. the lovelj comedy of
"Twelfth Night" will >••■ given, Mtaa Marlowe play
Ing V 10l i :iini Mi 80l I ' ! i"' l
foi mam •■ of M
- will rxv-:,i in March 9 Their cloalng
week will i" signallaed bj the production Of ■ nen
play, called "The Daughter of Jorlo." translated
from the Italian <>f the odoriferous "Gskbrle]
inilo" with reference to whom the aatound
inK dli J been made thai lie la "a
. an>! putridity, it appi an • • • ■ hange
a!.!- terms "Thua men nmi grow wiser every
day." The Jorlo Joy win arrive on March 5 Miss
Marlowe sails for England mi Mari ii li. An
named Novelll, will •■: ■ • Lyric The
at re on March LI
The attraction at the w.-Mt End Th< ■■• next
week la .i somewhat exceptional piece of '
tirm" effect. The play called "His Last Dollar"
will be presented there on Monday afternooi
on tii*- afternoons ef Wednesday and Baturday, n*
well h* every nlv;M. Mr. I >«i \. t . l Hlggins and Ml a
tCleanor Montell will act tn*> principal parts In It.
elates to a horserace, uiui rh.- plan of
tt «<p»-m* to be reminiscent <>f Bouotcault's "The
Plying Scud," In which thai remarkable actor
Oeorge Belmort gained fame rm.i fortune, many
years iik<> A spirited Kin. ICleanor Downs, lias
put her horse Into competition foi the "Great Fu
turity" Hiakfs. Her Jockej Is disabled, and
taunted by an enemj i certain rascal whom «ii»*
has repulsed and exposed. The «lrl is m despair
and knows not what to do, wlit-n suddenly an rx
lockey, numeil Braotton, .■«• izrs her ci.ioiv. mounts
her steed, and declares thai he will ride ii> victor? .
The iittirt l» rteecribed; the race is run; and a
■etna ol wild and exhilarating tumult bursts upon
the view "f ill*- spectator, showing the ttnlth of
tha contest and the triumph ol ■!■
Among the few clumges that are at liund men
tion Is appropriate that Miss) Harrymoi will come
to the Empire Theatre, next week, In "Captain
.link* of the Horse Marines"; that Mi Frank
Daniels will appear .it the Criterion Theatre, in
Th*- Tattooed Man." and that performances
for the benefit, much Heeded, of Mr. F. ('.
Bangs will occur at the Casino, on Tuesday
afternoon— when they should be. well attended.
Mention is mill* of the Impending advent of
Mr. Ben Greet, an actor of commonplace talent,
whose ministrations have been addressed, for the
most part, In this country, to schools, and colleges,
and church people. W. W.
Port-au-Prtace, Haytl. Feb. IB.— The negotiations
in the case of Hermann A Co.. German bankers,
have been transferred tn Berlin. Dr. Jean-Joseph,
the Haytlan Minister to Germany, will defend the
interests of his government, which maintains that
all it* claims In this case at" Justified, and hopes
that they will be so recognized by the German gov
Daiibigny Canvas Brings Top Price
— Colonel Ifoodxvard a Buyer.
From the sale at auction of the private collec
tion of oil and water color paintings of A.
Augustus Healy, in Mendelssohn Hall by Thom
as E. Kirby. of the American Art Galleries, last
night, the sum of .*"."•, !» T." was realized. The bal
conies and the auditorium of th* hall were filled
with enthusiastic art lovers and connoisseurs,
who bid briskly on nil the pictures offered, espe
cially those by the better known artists.
A Daubigny— Banks of the Marne"—
brought the top price of try* Ml*, C. J. Pea
body was the buyer, and he paid $7,o<t»> for the
canvas. Another Daublgny went to Carl De Sti
ver for .'j!t;,<M"H>. Its title was "A Showery Day
In Spring." One of Jean Charles Cazin'l can
vases, entitled "Is- Dernier QUartier." went to
the Knoedlers for •"«<•'►. and J. Epstlne ob
tained for $l.»«*i what was said to be the bar
gain of the sale. "A Shepherd and His Floek —
Winter," by Francois Pietrr Ter Meulen.
Colonel Robert H. Woodward was a persistent
bidder and buyer. He bought four of the water
colors and seven oil paintings. He paid $1,100
for "Springtime," by Daublgny, which was also
considered a bargain.
The lift of pictures M"id follows:
Title. Artist Buyer. Price.
••Earl] Evening," ■:• (i PogK«nb««h E. M <;ain*s. ft*R
"Thn Cobbler," Tony Offermans; <". Klni'ttner £*>
"Winter In nrnukPlJ-n. Holland." Nl.-olaas Hasten:
I'ulunel Rnt.»rt H. V\"o..<lwliM "
'■Ctujtl,. by the ri<»a," Johannes riont'iiom. < - 01.->nM
Woodward l"-'»
"TeonlM Mrs. Mnrgar»tha Yon-! nooncnbooTn.
Colonel Woodward IM
'"Peonies," Mi-, Miir^ari-tha Vogel Roß^nbonm ; <!
Town* ISO
"A Pasture In Holland." Johanna* Martlnus
Vrol y k ; j. B ■ F>rau»on - 200
'"riu- vlllac* ':»'>.!'.. Johannes Bosboom; farll I>e
.--•llvjt \ 1 ■
"French lAh<l«rap»." H.-nri llarplKni>>p; Hiiro
Kei^inger . IN
"Th« Peasant'i Home,"' Anton Maura; Kno».l>r A
co "no
"A Pensive Bewer.j inert i.-raCl; P. W. Hi b» Mi
"Ilnl!ai.<l Men'lifW — Sprlnn." •»«H)rg<» PoK«enb»«-k;
Colonel I ward . . . . . . 230
"Old As-, Ji.s.'f l»raPl», Hut > n>!sin«*r 875
"A Heath in Holland." .lohannps Hfnlrlk Vf«U»en
lirurh: ('. W. Krauahaar 839
"Cows In Pasture.' Wlllrm Marls; .i Ochmc ... h7S
"Among the Flowers," Altifrt Neubuys; KnoeUler
& Co 17.'.
"A Hummer l*v in Holland." Johanim Hendr!'*
U'eluenbrurh;;Knoe<ller A- Co B2S
"View ( .f Dordrßcht," Jacob Mar!«: s.-<,tt * Fowlea 2.6110
"Cunal in Holland." Fre-lerlou* Jaootius dv Chattel;
"A prworaan," Pavld Adolpb* ConHtant Artz;
K. H. Gottlieb IM
"Autumn," J..hn l^ii f^r«!<', N. A . $47.%
"Aloiiß tl>.« lllv«r." I'avi.i ,\ i .[•■-■ .iuuuil arti. 110
"Tlih Flshliifc }!oat." 1^ Hfrvl-r; Culnnet Woodward *►
•'Inr.miliiß .—■ h Otvtgla Bailout; o. ollvom •"■«
."Apple Hloatoms," Nlcolaaa Baat»rt; Frank H»alj SPB
"A VIIIhk- Road," .1. c,. Klsh-r; O. (5. Haaa. . 2l»
•'Th»» Sir^ot Marhot." .1. 11. WUsmulUr; V IV>di*i. 130
'•Cum In .Siin!l«ht." Anton Muu\^; C..loti»l Wood
ward ■**"»
•■'r>W!l In J'H»tur»," Anton Mauve: Stt-rUnic I. 1 ""'
"The Falconeri," John I^ewls Itrown. Cnrll De
Hllver Z™
"Th» ArtlsfH titudli>— lV>ulußn<>." Jean Charles
cazln; J. Oehma ST..
"Schevenlrisen," Ja'-o»> Marls; C"k>nW ... So
"A Hlptant VilhiK*." Henri llarf lKni»-8; Knnfdler. fel«>
"Hollund I.and«uip»," Jamh Marls; P. |l«aly . 1 '«"•
"Th«- 1-Mre of a Forwt." Jule« l>upr(i; Starling 8-S
•.The t)Iil Farmhouse." Constant Trnyon; J. 1..
Newborg *-■•
"Waterlnß th« H ran. ' Charles Rmtla Ja'-quc &«*>
••Th« Bather."' Jrai Baptist.- Camlilo Corot; St^r
llne • 30 °
"A Medfleld Farm — Masßinhuß»tts." <ieorg9 Inn«-ss.
N. A.; V. ltci.!!sl * vi
"Th« Mountain Koad." Alexand-r II ■\Y\ar.r.
N. A.; Flahol. Adi^r A Schwartz 680
"A Dutc] Paatur*." Johannes Hendrik Vel«»«n
liru'-h; C. \V Kratmhanr &*<*
•A Happy Fraultln," I-udalrr Knitus. Plahar.
\,li.r * S"hwart» ■ •"'"
"i<talil^ Interior/ 1 J. I. A. T. S#rtcault; Mr.
FergTwon 110
"Th^ Merry Couplt," .Tun ila.l «'/ S'»»n. J. I*w-
Tfiu-f M 3
"Th^ P<x>l In \hn Pasture." Theophll 11. de Bock;
Knoadlar * 'Co *■"
"Dutch Meadow*." ileorjro rog«vub».-;*. c. W.
i\rrtU»r:Aar . . .... 8"VI
"Ttm BlTChea/V, Henri Harj>la-nle«; Nathan Allen . . 2.10<>
"Sunset after th» Btorm," J. Francis Murphy.
>; \ • \\ j »*urtis *»"*
"\ Kura'mrr I*y." Henri Harpl(mle«; K. McMillan 2.000
••Bantu of tb« llun»." Charft* pimnqola Div-
Mimr. C. J. Prulvidv ■• •■»'"'
"Bummer In II >lland." WlUam • -.ft: Chart**
Hftthiiwav . . 810
"Waiting for Hta Miierer." .Tjsef iHrads I '"°°
"The Plain of PartjUon at Twilight." Theodore
Houtneau ; !.«-£»
"Oypay Knranipment." lla!pt. Albert Plakeiock;
j'. It. AmJrw boa
■ < lilllslda Pustule." J. FYaricla Murphy. N. A.; w
W J. Oirti- *•-*
"Fifth Avenue and Flfty-alxth Street— 3prir.K
Morning" nillla ifassatn; Alexander Morton.... «-•»
"A , vrr) . Day In Bprin»," i'harlea Francola
UauMxtiv; i<ail On silver •°00
"Port <!« Bt Valery," I, all l>ig*n» Houdln; Hug"
IU«lr««r **5
"BUll Ufa." Ant.m Vollon; Kno«dler •• «*•»
"I/« IVinl«r Quarter." Jean .'hari«« v'axln, lino«a
. 4. tWO
"Unloadlne Vth a I'atcii." Uouli Kucene BOttdtn;
HuK" Hclslns^r EE — '
"In tti- orchard*." Jacob Simon HenJrlk K«vi>r;
Knoedler 4.1.)
"lMoughtnir." Theodora Honrath; Will ■ Bltt« _
hivm « -'
"Near the luir.ii." Thaovhtl U. da UOK'k; Kr.&ed ■
l^r n«3
•Trourtlle.".; Loula Kug»r.« UouJtn; :.■.« U fl
ruski r ' w
"l>rly Morning." Hcndrtk Willeni M»*iag: W. J.
Oirt'ls c--'c --'
"'ni«j Uttle Nursemaid." Jacoh Simon Hendrr<
Kovpr; a. CTwater rt«iitty ,•/••;• «<»>
■■\ Country Road," Th«'"phil 11. .!• nock: KnoM
l. r •*-••
"The nit" Sail." Milan* U»st»rt. Colonel Wood
"Amuilnr*Vhe'.Baby!'? J* *■■<>*» Simon Hfn.irlk K
ver; KnoVdler '- v>
"A Dutch nnhermnn " Hernardua Johannea ISiom
"Autumn." TSaophll it.' 'da'itoek: M.' H." I^-hman. I. IN)
••,m»m in Paature." K. Wat-lln; N. W. II 1*« ITS
"\ Farm In Holland." Wl!l.-m Ro«lof»; Colonel
i;..b.-r; M W Iwai I *™
"A l>utch Interior." Joaef isra^U. Arthur Tixith.. - »>«<•
■■HutMlna Urn Hick." Wtllem Carl KaWi«a; H. D
Babcork -
"Landwap* and fatUa." Johannes Martlnus Vro
ivk; P. V. Dudlajr. ir"*i"
"Playmate*,^ Jm»b Simon Hen.irik. Kever; Knoed- - r j
" \'n Old Mn'n' Walking."' ' JoMfi^raalV;' Knoedler. ■*•
"Siinlixht. 1 " Alf>ert Neuhuyn; Kl»h^J. A^r.*r *••
'•A^S*epherd ' and ' Vl'u"lH .rV-wintor." * FTan.;o'l«
p|.|or Tw Mril'n: J. Kpstlne }-™
"The Ferry" fnmunt Troyon; .1. Kt>»tln« ' "•-•
•■Hpr-iiifftlm.-'." charlex Francois Daubtgny; Colon*!
woodward i.i<»>
"A River View In Holland." Nloolaai Hasten; H.
<• & N. W. Voaa CM
■ •■r lir Loc* In Winter." J. 11. \VlJ»muller; rtien
drntitne ......... ■■ ■"
"t'n'lf tha'iWlUowa. ' \V!;i»m Maria; Knottier.. fi.u»>
"Paatur* Naar the mines." Wllli-m no«-lofs; _
Charlea' Hathaway •■••• ■ •»*
"Tha Fishing h-lpft." Hendrlk Wlliem Ms-la*; .'
Kpnttno • ■ • ■""
"In ihe> Cornflald." Paul .lrvseph ••onetanttn v.l»
"EvenUig- In tha Harbor."" Georci* Herbert McCort.
V. V A . ■ Emerson M<-Mlllnn ' JM
•'vCiin.il In V«nlo»." <:. BaHori: P. I* ShelMu*. Sj!
■An U«l.an ".Sarrt.n." Qeor.lo R.lionl A. OtlvoUl. *"
•Th« Harbor at uenoa." daorglo Bellonl; A. CM- ._ ;: v,
" \ "itaruVt' "Sceni" In ' Venire." A.' Mllesi; Colonel ...
Woodward '___!
Tottl * 179.V75
st Petersburg, Peb Ifi A son of Count Leo
Tolstoy has been Indicted for Mj?h treason on
the charge ol printing the latest political
pamphlet written by his father.
ASTOR Urorgc H Sims, London <;u.SKY i-
M Northrup, WHUamatown, Mass. GOTHAM
Senator AWrloh, Rhodi" lalan<l SAVARRE H « •
Dorsey, Lnritannpolts. BAV(»K Benjamin Kins
: : \\ A 1.l •■• »R F S'-n.ii ■- I tolliver,
Proffswr J. W. JhUm on "Omi l-ior tunes." ur>i»r •.«
auiplcea of the •.■. ■ wu* for Poim,-at atton, Had
■on Theatre, No. IM \V»M Mia *tl**l, 11 a. to,
Mi-s Katharine Karl on "BxparlMieM la the C&lßeaa
Court." ninettiig of WdllesU-y Club, h.^ttie of Mr». John
llurrl*t^. No. M \\ • -• TIM strict. ":.Si> p. in
Meeting of tht Phyrlt-al Kd'.u-atlon Soil. tv. hall of t!l«
Young Men" a Christian Association, \\>st .'.'M str.-el.
l: ;.> p. in.
W. 11. Mallock's lecture w. ••Bortallsm." Room ■""*•.
■in.'.v.r Hall, Columbia I iilm-ml.v 4:10 p. ii:
Twentieth cantury ban.|iiet of unrooke.l foods, home ■ "
Mr ant] Mrs. Frwierlch .- Uoodwln, No. 4«7 <Vntr«l
Paris West. 7 -.. in.
Dr. C. \. Dana on "The Facts of Ilaradity un.l Their P.-
latlon to Mental l'i^.roVi*." Academy of Jledli-lne.
Na. 17 West 4.i.i itreet, «:.!(• ■ hi
Meeting Of tho I DdarbiU Society of AmMi. a. N.i. IM

Free lectures (> " the iioaril ,f Edumtlon, S p. tn.: lll*ii
School o: .nun. i. i.r. ■ streei. .. si of Uruadwity,
Proressor Adotphe Cohn, "Vlct..r Huso"; Public School
1. Henry and Catharine -tr.>vts. t>r. Edwin C ilriMime
' "The Violin and It- Makers';; public School u». 108 th
utrv*-! and Amaterdani avpnu-\ \V. Wallace Kar,
Modern Application of th.> X Ray*' illlu*trat*<l>.
Public siho.il 184, lltith nrp.-«. l,.>t« .■•■n Fifth and
Lenox avenues, dV. Mary Uucsey, "Pahylonla nnd
It» 1 '<■(•• •!!■ I'-m-i- • (Illustrated); America^ Museum,
771h street and «>n:i"al Park \V#i«t. •Prufaasov Henry
i-: i -1.11111. i. ..i. --The Evolution of Mm. .Mi. Races" til
lustratedt; Board of KuicntiKt. Park avenue an<l f.«Ui
street. Professor Karl Bamn "Th« Hr- aliening of
Education; or, Kducation a Ufa Process for Every
On«"; ' ''..'i fr Institute, Mb str»»t and Fourth aveiuit*'.
llaorgf Whnrton James. "The s«!i ; s.a Its« M.v»ti>r>.
Menace .in.! Daatruetton" illluatratedl St. Bartholo
mew's I.ycum Hall. \■■ v<if. n».t r.'.l street. Pro
f*«».-.r Ernest 1: yon Nardroff, "Th» Relation CM l.lcht
to Baactrtclty": Youne Men* Hebrew A»so<-lation.
Hl!d street mid I<exln«rton avenue, r>r Frnat R'.-rmr-l
"Introductory: Th« Age of Frederli'k the; Qr*at" ; New
York Pa»ll< t.ll.i«r>. 17« th street ami Wa»hlnicton
ayairaa, Alejisnder T. Van Laer, "Haw to liook at
Pictures" ' nllu*'rate<l>. Sundav— PttMlc $cb».t! M No
218 But- 110th street. Edward Justus rarW "The
dtr at Washington ' UUuatxated>
Difficnlty of Enforcing Contract — Main Re
ligions Question Open.
Paris. Feb. 15.— An agreement between the
Minister of Education, M Brians, and the
Church authorities here on the form of th* con
tract* for the lease of the churches of Paris to
the parish priests would become legally binding
only on the prefects of the various depart
ments. While it Is certain that 93 per cent of
the mayors and municipal councils would accept
the Paris form of contract. It could not be legally
enforced by the federal government. The Mu
nicipal Council of Puns. Department of Charente-
Inferleure. of which ex-Premier Combes is presi
dent, has alr"a']v derided to "abide by the term*
of the law of February 'J. 190". which places
the Catholic churches at the disposition of tha
Catholic clergy without the necessity of a con
tract between the mayors and the parish
The members of th» household of the Arch
bishop of Paris. Cardinal Richard, take excep
tion to the opinion that an agreement relating
to th- churches would In any sense constitute
a solution of the religions Issue. In this connec
tion a prelate who Is* close to thr Cardinal said:
•'We wished primarily to save public worship
from shipwreck, and upon that point we are suc
ceeding, but beyond that the religious question
has not advanced a foot."
Rome. Feb. 15 — The Vatican authorities deny
the report that the Pope M preparing an
encyclical or any other document on the sub
ject of private worship In France.
A denial was also issued to-day of the state
ment that the general of the Jesuits. Father
"Wernz, had been interfering in the Franco-
Vatican conflict.
_ c
Dentil notice* appearing In THE TRIBI M will SS>
republUhvd In The Tri-Wtwkly Tribune without extra)
essMajS . •
Adrian, Michael J. faiS>SSJ Mary R.
B»>!tnn,'Cath»rlr.» E. Push. Ellen E.
Feolev O«Bfg» H. Srhermerhorn, Ann E. &
Hull. Aur»llus B. s»«!;<>v. George H.
Marmillan. Thomas <5. Thomas. M. Leodsa
MafTptt. Jan« R. Yon Hottenbura;. Frans. '
Molllsan. Maria U
ADrtlAN— On Thursday mornlnr. at his residence,. Ml*!l
a«i J. Adrian. in the 80th year of his age. Funeral
takes plac<« on Monday, February IS, at ft:3o a. m..
from No. 30* East Broadway, from th-ra to the Church
of Oh Lady of Sorrow. Pitt St.. near Ptanton. whera
a Bolcmn r«iulMn will ho bOM for the n»pos« at his soul.
F<»aj"» omit fiowern.
BOL.TOX— On February 14. l»07. Cathertu* E., wife ft
JOSOSS B. Bolton. Funeral private.
rCBTxET- On F'braarr 15. after a short Illness. G«orc«
H. i>elef. Kotlca of funaral hereafter.
RTLIr At his r«sld«nce. in Morrtstown. N. J., after a
nhort Illness. Aurelius B. Hull. In the Mrh year of his
age. Th» funeral nervices will b« held at No. 65 Mapls
me Morristown. N. J.. on Monday. February IS, upon
arrival <>f tha train lasting New York (foot pf Barclay
»«t> at 2 o'clock p. m.
MA«^MIT,I^AN — On Thursday. Februarr 14. Thomaa O.
Marnilllen. aged 81. Funeral services 3un4ar after
m>on. Rt 4:3". from hU horn«, X.i. 441 M inrae it-.
Urooklyn. Interment Monday at Cypress Hills.
HAfTfcTT On WaaSMSSy. February 13. 1907, Jane
Baera Maffett. widow of John Maffett. of Ptttsburf.
Perm., «t her ia.t« restdencc. li">44 6th av<».. Now Tori
<'itv. Funeral private. Flowers respectfully denttned.
Flttsburs; papers plea*n rop3'.
atfLJJOAN- SudAmlT. at PlalnfloM. X. .1, S»--ird Mont!*
18th. It»i7. Maria '.. widow of William Mulligan, in her
Mil year. S<rvle<*s at Th« Margaret, No. li> Arllnfftori
Fla-e. l^alnfifld. mi S»»Mitli i^v. the 11th lnst.. at 1-* 1".
a. m. ' *rrla»»s will m»t train leaving foot of IJbertT
St.. New York, at P:li> a m.. Ontra! Railroad of N«w
J«-r(iey. Inienner.t in Brooklyn. N. V. Uverpool anil
< "h»«t»r. England, papers please copy.
PARSONS — On Thursday afternoon. February U. In her
4Rth year. Vary Bratnerd. wife of the late Frederick E.
Parsons. B*l » |wi Sunday aflctr at 2:3i>. at tha
Klfth Avenua Baptist Church, No. « We<it 46th »t..
New Torlc.
rf'-.H Friday. February 1\ IP.AT. at «r IIISHSBU.
No. 411 Went Bad a-. •■ N^w Tork. F.Uen KustiSt widow
of L'r\ B. Puith. el Lafoun-he. la., and dausht»r of
the la-- John Appleton Haven, of this city. Funeral
kervlces will be heM at <srac» rhurcb 'Tiantry. Rroaid
way an 11 *t.. Monday ir.ornliiK. !February i\ a* t<>
BCHErtMKRJIORN— On Thursday. I>bruary 14. at fee*
I— Him a No. 49 Mi t>t.. Ann E. H. P T-n*r
horn, widow of William It'lfonl srh»rmerhorn. Funeral
from Crai-e rhun-h. Brnadwa; and loth St.. Buadar,
February IT. at 2:3<> p. m It Is kindly requested that
no flowers b« sent.
SE.EL.EY— On Friday morning. February I*. after a short
Illness. t;e..rn- 11. Be*h>y, in the 7«th year 01 his aaa.
Funeral pervKvs at hl» lata residence. No. 49 West sfttt
St., on Monday. February IS. at Jl o'clock.
THOMAS— On Wednesday. February 13. 11 S2 p. m..
at h<r home la thu city, M. I.oulse Thomas, widow
of Her. Abel c. Thomas an'l da'ichter of Hon.
Strange N. Patn»«r, of Pottsvitte. Perm. B<t»l»eS In
BJeaj Tork. private. Interment In Phtladelphl*.
"YON Bill ■ ■ IHI 1 1 1 1 Suddenly, « heart failure, at
llonn. Germany. F»bruar>' 14, Frar.s yon Rottenburg,
Oirator of Boon Tnlvr-
Is readily arrepslM- by Hurlem trains from (Iran 4
Centra) Station. Webster and Jerome Avenue trollaya
and by carriage. Lota $113 up. Telephone 4855 Grata-
roy for Book of Views or r« presentativ*.
Office. TO E.»«t 23d St . New Tork City.
FRANK T. < \MTBHI. en.. i«t-s WeSl jja at.
C? ape's Prlva** and public ambulances Tel. 1334 C*i«l»ea.
Special Xotices.
Tribune SahACriptlon Rat^«.
TI: r : TRIBT'NF: will be sent by IMb to any . ;i-.,, >„
this country or abroad, and iddr*aa chanifjd as often as
desired. Sub»crlpttons may be given to your r*<-i:ar
dealer before leaving or If more convenient, hand thea
In a: "-- TRIBUNE OfSea.
prXPAT. 0 cental WKT'KI.T FATtMER. S O»Bt«
DAn.Y. 8 cent»|Tßl-\VEEKL,T. 2 eeuta
Domestic Rate*.
For all r r> !n<' 1 I" »he- l'nlte.l States. Canad* »n1 Mas!-- »
(ouiiido of the Bi-rpugh.- of Manhnttan anil The Braox)
Al>o 10 Cuba. Porta R1«... Hawaii »nl Ufa FhlUprtr.es
■without #stra expense f or fnretgn p<istai:»
One Month. *1 OOj 811 Months, 75
Thr*t« Months. $-' *V Twelve Months, $1 BO
Fix Months. li 00 WEEKLY FARMER:
Twelve Months. »10 in' Sl« Months. m
SUNDAY ONLY: ] Twtlva Months. «1 «>
Twalve Months. $2 00 TRIBr.VE ALMANAC:
DAII.T ONLY: Per Copy. 23
On.- Month. 00 TRIBt'XE INDEX:
Threw Months. $•_• not Per Copy. $100
Six Month*. *4 Oi>!TRIBrXK EXTRAS:
Twelva Months, ** IK' Bead for Cata.oroe.
Mail - - i ;uor>» .n New York City ;.-. the DAU.T and
TJII-WKKKI.Y »tll be charged one cent a copy extra
v- 3t_»» In addition to the rates r.a::.t»-'. above.
Rates to Foreiirn Countries.
For polut* In Kur . and all countries In the Tn!v«raai
Pmt.il Union, THE THIIH'NE will be mallej at the fo*»
lowliir rates:
On* Month. $1 S2, Two Months. KM
Two Months. *3 «4 Three Months. f3 ST
Three Months. $■♦>«*! Six Months. $7 13
Six Months. $»»•'; T»cUe Months. $14 2*
Twelve Months $11> U«»j TR! WEEKLY:
SUNDAY ONLY: >!, Months. $1 63
Six Month?. $2 82 Twelve Months. 13 t'tl
Twel\e Months. $5 64 WEEKLY FARMER:
DAILY ONLY: Sl» Months. $103
One Month. $144, Tw«lv» Months. $2 0*
MAIN dFI'ICE — No. 134 Nassau street.
WALL STREI OFFICE— No 15 William atreal.
UPTOWN OFFICE— No. t.'.'U Broadway, or any Amer
ican I>i*trlct Teleirraph Office.
IIARUEM OFFICES— No 137 Kast 123 th street and Na.
West 12." th strert.
Till: BRONX BIT.EAI- No. VIS East 138 th street.
WASHINGTON BUREAU— No. 1322 F streat.
NEWARK BRANCH OFFlCE— Frederick N. Summer.
No. 704 Broad street.
BRUSSELS — n » ft! Montague de U Coux.
LONLK)N— Office -of THE TRIBUNE, at Danes Ina
So •.:•<.-. strand
Ciould ifc Port man. No. .14 New Oxford street.
American Express, >>..« ."> and •> Haymarket.
Tlinmaj «Vok A Son. Tourist Office. l.n Irate Circus.
lirown. Shipley A- Co . No. 123 I'all Mall.
ripoycr Hrothcts. No. 7 l»thbury.
Tha London OtHce of TIIK TRIHUNE Is a convenlaat
pIH.-*" to leuve atlvtrtisements ar d subscripttona.
PARIS— John Monroe & Co . 7 Rue S<-rlN>.
John Waaanutkar. No. 44 Rue . m Pelltea Kciirtaa. '
Kacle Hureau. No. 5;; Ru« Csnibcn.
M ■ ■-. i !l..rj. s & c... No. S:t Boulevard Hauaamam.
Cre.llt I.yonnals. Bureau de» Ktrang»: «
Continental Hotel NVnsstand.
The FiKaro Office.
Saarl>ai-h'."« News Efxchanjte. %'••. f Rue St. <Vorg%
Ainerlran Express Company. No 11 Run :"orib*.
Br»n.,,n ■'*. No. 37 Avenue de l'Opera.
Nl«'E— t'rMit l.>onnal*.
HFNEVA-lomUrd. Odler * Co.. and Union Bank.
FLORENCE -French, Lemon & Co . Nee. a and 4 Via.
T-Tna^uoni •- . • •
Maquay * Co . Barkers
MILAN" --i«rba-h * New* Exchauga. via la Moot*
fort*. I.", A
HAMBUR*;— American Express Company. No. 1 J*sr4»«
MAYXNCE— SaarbaeVs X*w b:^uu«.

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