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I :<ew York. March J. 3907.
_ .t. write, bsla.. T96l,tv* poultry, cratee.. 288
Fit?' tbi» «X*TiOrar K es .Fla). cast*.. Z.27Z
f? I' «.-»» T.a?3:O»anae« o'al*. ,IMI.. «.125
Kzt-mt-.' btgs !,*». lemons (Cal>, case* . SSO
fSSmxTtM* !•■;.,.... <('«!,. pkgs... J.W»
?" K s " 40.{wiAp,,V*. htJa 30,30*
Yush ißk€Ts,F«rtat ( *s. Mj'.s . 7.100
k"..' bunt S2.«M.»; Onions, pkgs 4.T4W
Stas^SS* »:«• 1. n«3 frul.. pkgs..:.. 2.150
E«Fiua» »-* w :Ro*lr. Ibis . 1.000
S£t~t*M. •• ».'•*«. i^'lrl'.a tury. bbla ««»
u'^',, r « TW.Tar. ' _a_a . !I! '■! 4.1&0
"™w *<«■■* «W,Surav. Lags 4.1&0
«7'i4i Ntt »JOUcat». pkgs 1.057
hSL3 l " ¥h J.wwoieo stotk. pkga :•••■»
S^fSia" BOPeajmte. bag^ :s>
-r«<cai-r.-d.. rases. «25 ■ Tob-.-.0, hhdy »W>
llsn'-s »*g».' 437 i Tobacco. tierr~s 23
££££ .kgV ►> Toba— .. pkgs tCK*

I trd i-F« ' ■■ ■ 4.tC.l. Cotton, bales . 2.275
*=Sir Ortega JTs;ccitonf*ed oil. tbU... 821
'.' ' J.vrs 2Ts, Copper, plccea . B\T.l«<
SS? pVp* * *» 7 **>"<■*■ &* ta
gS£2 Y^gi »C 3 Win« <Cal>. hbU *st»
litf '.-*>'•? 6.1 W. Brandy (CaJ). bt.5.... 150
t ■
fy-~ tu' v - 3T.C52 Refined ■"- «»'•••■ »BT.nO
Oats' bu-r J«.S3<»; Naphtha, gals • S.2*>
X'm' lufh 2TT4;l>nzir.e. pals . i '•• l
Ecar» (■•-i. > i J. 222, Gasolene. cats. . . . 1...(«« i
Floor. Mils 4.hoo; Cottonseed oil. gals. 12.0*0
riju'' HiCii* fc.Tl*,L'jl>rirating oil. gals 237.10'
Coraineal HJs *.46»,IVrk. t*»ls - 7-:.
Ciatiutal. ' 1 '.if ... '.0, Beef. bbls. . . . . 341*
hrV : !*.. E«.22«M}eef. trs E&8
Grass &■(■&. bag*... S2,Hacon. H> .... 2.231
3ia> talcs. 215, Hams, rb u.ano
ll'P>. tisies »... «W,Urd. R> 1.41t>.«5<*
CldafeeT. ef-lE 3.61 V Lard oil, gals Wh>
Ol'Sieal. n> i24.2s<i;Taliow, Ib ........ 450.01K)
S'irlu urp, ga-s.. 10.140 Orease. n 10^ (km
RiiSln Ibis a»7 Butter. IT- SS.TOO
FiUi. U>'.t iau Cheese, Ib 55.350
Xros. Nor No : fdy.s2s T5 .Cotton, middling 11.25
IfCM. Ba, No2«=oft.. 24 M» i Coffee, tie 7 Rio T^
■baH ra:;a 2Sik- i sugar, praiiulated. .. . 4. JO
iAiie copper Ingc.s. . 25 V..las-gps. O K. jr-rime 45
T-.n .. 42 12'-s Beef, family VtSt
Kschi^ge >ad <>2u , Beef hanis 23 <x)
Hj/sJ:er . «b5 .Tallow, prime '.... C i
■Uhfßt. Nr> - led... WH Pork, mess IS£T I «
Com. No S mixed... Z* i Hogs, dressed, 160 Ib. 9\
Oat*. 2C tn S2 Tb 4S , Lard, prtae V "Z-Qi S5
Flimt. ilr:s. patents 440 ;
V. Tcrk. March J. 1907.
COFFEE — Ths ccJTf-e market was a little l^s active ta
tty, but showed cc-nttnued Uradinesa, particularly as to
tb< neai poeltioti*. which were felhr.tr on practically «-.en '
ttrma witfc the later months. The opening war un- I
chs-nerd to Z» j^irTS lower, arid the marktt eloped r:eadr. I
eel uucijanire<l to 5 poJats lower. Sail <• fcr thp day arere ;
n-porreii of abo-jt Cs.l»K* bags. Ti:v oi>enins decline was '.
<a» to Eurcj-ean sfi:ii;«; of the lato positions and ra'.hf r j
easier cables tSian looked for, but roasting lr.t«re»ts we:« |
bi;>l:;C ibn near months U*re. and this irnpaitnl a »;eady •
tore to the entlra list, which ruled around tfc» opening |
ftcures durinjr the entire session. Ther* wao ro special |
feature ti> the. Bratilian news. TleceipU continued on j
ob^ut the recent «ca!e. ccrr.pariscns with iasi real t^ir.jr I
unavailable cwlne to a holiday. Neither < r the primary j
tr.arkets reported aqy crtance. and noti.tn* fre«ii was :
hta:.: T>%astiing »he further valorization loans, which, ac- i
eoi-diap to recent n-.all a<Jvlc*E tea Brazil, arc eipected '
to i- announced tiefore April 1 ar.d protaUy Onrlac the
first we<-lc m March. Of the Earorjfan n-.arkets Ha\Te
«as -. franc r.et lower, and Hamburg; closed net. vn
efcßr.jred la J t pfc lower It is now estimated that the
•rarta'a visible BUFpIT as of aierch l will show en inrreaf*
tcr the month of l^ebruarj- cf about 100.000 to 2<io.oiKl
bajs. acainrt a dwrease of over fioft.noo bagf= for the same
«ay la*t year. I3ut the bulk of coffee coming into sipht j
taring the mont^j cf February is said to have bocn pur- '
ctes»a ly the BrarHlan government, anl. while jt h«s j
aCSeri to the visible repr-lr. tr.e decreas» In the supr-1- j
■tma.Ha Tor consumption inert be ccr.tidcrab'.e. The !
icarket fnr spot c>fff-e was sieaCy, with quotfitioss oa the l
tW!> cf 7 :^c for Rio No ".
Tte rar.ffi c* cectract prices In the local market to-day
lr&sa: fo:;tws:
Tener- !
Oyenlrjr. Illffh. lx>w. C-.r,se. day
March 6.20 C2O 830 CV<sr,.sr, a.sn
Arm — — — « STKffa 2s f> °o
ai»y 620 2.1 <V 2» C2OMl.'. * : .»> !
Jur.e «20 6.2-j C.2" ClCfffi^O C.2'» j
Jaiy «.y> «i2O «2ft « 1r.5f1.20 «sh
ASCaat «.1S fi.2o «15 e^ffi^SS «12<»;
fieiiteinber 6.20 c.20 6.20 r.2"fi<l2r. 6_2<i i
<>rtober ......— — — 8J004L23 6.29]
Nowtnber — — — «*2<> | fiti2." fi.2o I
IV.-^-mber «20 «25 ♦».*> «LSS|M-» <"' 25 !
January €20 20 r, 20 f..2-'.fi« ;^ 6.23'
rebmary n ■■- 6.35 6.25 e.2T.9fl SiJ — |
COTTON— Ttm Bed n rrark'T conttr.ued active CttiißK ;
tcv->!a;- eessloß. ar.d after <siiite a sharp enriy advan'-o ;
eased rf? under realirlnir. The ciom was steady in tone ]
et a rs?t decline of 3 points to an advance at 5 points i
Sa>* fcr the cay were «stlnrste<l at SV'.OOO bales. Th" I
tt«-r'.r^ was ,-'■• at an adran»« cf 2 and 8 prints, and I
curir.r tr.« middle r.t tr ; « morr.ln^ prices wcrked up to a',
retrain of about " and 11 points on coTrring of shorts.
cu:i support and fre«h bujmc far long account through
• Ire ani con-mlssi-n houw* Fraaller i«rt r«?eipts fcr i
the Siy, the b^ eiports for the month of February, the
llfht estimate for to-day's receipt* at Houttos *r.i
crnursuel talk of competition for the local stork helped
the market. aith»up»i cahlej were considered hardly satis
factory, tut after the aiji-ar.ee to 8.72 c for Marrh. !»>7c
for Mar and * «•<- for July the market ett«e^ r« tinder
realizing aj>a rumors that the bulls were unloading On
tfce derJne the fyarish into-sirht fpuieg. re> rt* that
the dtr.uth in the South wejst had been l^-okrn ars e't>- |
!^L t '* 2. f *"""— ** ar " a Uj l * !ar * i * Ullder ««bb thtt j
errinj fiaa some Jrfluen'-e, but orerlr.es were very w~:i I
tbs^»d nn the. deollre to a little cder the etoaiaz
Erures of the previous dar. ar* prices ra'.lied a jvolr.t or
t«-o st the «lose. Southern ■ raark-t« wero un
thar-pM to lie v c "'' r '"• while the S .-I v .>:,rr. more- :
in»nt *femed lighter a mire v«» reeved from GeJteatoa
j;«tir.p that riif of th* !arr»^ corapreiwes there wai= re
fufir. ? cottrrn f,. r want of room, for the Oral time m Ita
fc;«or>- The Southern papers corr.lng in report aooi
**ins In th» Southwest. »-hlrfc have nr? nhown en the
refu.ar map. which c..%-ers cr.ly a limits ternto-v Survr-
JaniS to mills and ••anaaa. 'ji>f*XA r. a i~. ajrainst' 37 fc^
Un y-t>r: Southern mill takinc*. e*:ima.r»d. 54. X«. a -a!n*t
Ji.rtdt ltf>t v«sr; pain of stock et mierlur towns » 31M
f;,t , r w '* !: ' =7 *' sn fl * )< ''- e *:«in« ifli.fsa lan
rear. Total cr-p movement: pert r'.-ce!t;ts X 273 »;7>»
bai*f a»Tßir.>-
I _ .■ . -
ttif t-ason. »Rn.!n«t IS?, days la«t h-a«->n
Jjj^jj^ contract r,ri~« :n the local market to-day
»r«rt. r> P^=!r.S. Hieh. I»w. Close T *"av"
■» ll > t l^" *fc7 »75 ft7Sa9 7r» St 77 I
*•* K. 8.8 »*3 »>Ce .«7 !. M
B*rtemi*r 99! DM »«♦, „ OS
«*»»">• l«!=3 io.s:, 1( »s5 loiss* ills in :«
The local market for apot cotton wss steady with !
prKea nne*an K ed at 11.2.V for middling upland a"?
U#C f«r . nuartlln* Gulf: sale,. 14.M4 bateZ^Swh^
»?•» markets wer- tele«raphed a« follow,- Savanna"
%£ d - v ; 1»c1 »c hipher. at lft-.r: «al«. bale, t.rf.. k
flrm higher, at lie; sale*. -(* ha],., BflVtimor-
M^at. unrhanc-d at |'u*e ,j It!e Rork st Vaav
S,**,' -.'iff b , al *;E; E - K«"*ton steadr. unchanged at Ur
Jj J-l"><-; K^ies. j;> baler. S*>* Orleans firm „„
*ttn*. at JOSr. sale?. 4.0W) bi^lt -ngt'.n
a- " -^,C;, C; S^^' T * 3 '■ Bj<r> * Estimat-d receipt, at lead -
I*B point* for Saturday: At Houston S Soo T.. -nn
31.. -J (bale, i a9 , «.^|, and 43^ , , . *«,. a
Sin Cleans. 4.500 to f.noo b«les. ««a<nst' '- 2aa '«'
last week and S.<>.;6 i-a!<-!- last ?car "* a ' n " "•-*» »*'*» 1
■ Cotton Eschang.- rpe< tal Uv*Tp<*n| rL \ , , «,„,„. !
ton m moderate d.mand: Latee. »*«M 1 1 1^ .p^uufH V
««' ' " •
Ma;. Jun-,
E^«. i«SSd: S..ptemb < „*,^ol^ r «6Hd;
Octa^r-November. r.«3i>»d; Xovrmber-'*.,J n b^r and'
■ *eeeir»»r- January. SW. January -Pe-.rua'ry r.m"i
M tt r,rh^ ; er-Yarns firm; cloths. a fair butine.'s <!.,; nr
tS?3£gZgSf* ™™*™ J - tt- week'VnLi F^
TotaJ receipts September 1 ..... i.'.' .'i B.»l«S
Tr-tal receipt, to am* date ]«n year. ... S«iV-S
£*Port« for the week r2J€S
txi'jrt, for lh^ tanie »«. k >(; . year. ..".'.:■; Slot
-X. - x t" rt * *'a^ S»pten<her 3 .' ■. • • i^i ! V^i
i«al expors to same date lkrt ""■■ ■•• "4 '^'i 7—
f^k. at aU VtltM gtate* ports l«u«r
taM 'I**.' 1 rriSle(l Bt *"^ X * rtt at •** '•^Vime
«tr^j, at ag* bairtar'tnn : " : ! ! ! ::;:.' .' ! : ". : ; * J?'^
i-ork Xt all tnterioT towns at the same tin*, lait
f t<«-t "• LiVVrpocl' this timi last yeir . '.'.'.'.'. 1 Vui^i
if" cf American afloat for Or^tt Britain this '
ttee l.« year • .'• l»».0f(o
h*m '^7t\ — ill mil . %£
£f* • -r *it!.> • ■'-
ff*P>< S27.irMrirun«wlck 134^
f»i»»iai J.2to.4t.l;Port Towr.sena. ... . HaH
Chir.estcn i:7.«47:rer.Racf.la 1— £.
*^Btanea tOT-OCS'Port Arthur and «a- ' "
r"f fok ■..::::::: «*7.t«o Mn e Pass >••?»-:
fe** tl »a» 45.155 JackVeiniiie 7 147
«* T«r-k 12.T.C2 Laredo *'*'
tei-iSi.;:-:-: MJ»j«Ua«r port. L?
ae«t«jrt Xcmn 8". 4441 ."
J?*J t. 27 1 , SCv
x«lt^i« ANl>^ MEA!^r T ' ie ftLCr rn * rket •■■• dall •»-»
Mctf«^% S^ts^^^riawf^
*.'«• paten ta. |su«r Si; clears. »3 3Sa*3 75: «!?*
„?-** •'' u-r - $2JK>fiJ3; *-xtra No 2 winter. SS «05J»2 S-J
etTi KTB JOOCR arm. «iuo:ed: Fair to «uoJ L »3 «
!■♦-»■. -1... .. fancy. »„ KZQ44 2«. i-illiX l!K.«j.
l : > «,c- ( i U " l : Kiln <Jried, jrcr^/J2TS. as r, •■»..
• i •IEAL. ste»<ijr. Quoted: l'ia« white «tiJ yellow.
•^■■•IS. ..ari-., (1 l.^Sfl 12 Ki;E!> We.se:-:
Sv^-., <5m " !: Western .pricx. t'~* . cUndard rnii
1S& !P 10; ' <JT do ' •«• =5: "** C/«. ** «>. all prompt
gjfcetjt. city brun. «22&0 hulk. $21irf2» ."-> sacks; miU
&£ H2*» ,*: feoicinj chop, $ * iaw bulk.
•«■» C ** IX — WUBAT— The n arket was badly In want
■arupport *«aJn to-day, and as a result of bearish
e*ne.tl«i» tect %«Sc durio* th« day. cloalna; at the
'Vis! ??*■* cf - *■*• •••aion. «top loss order* caught by
SS. !■?'"»* *<Mea to trie weakness of undertone, and It
«n_ .V 6 "-*'?" etpeclallr »i«iiillcar!t that, notwithstand-
J"Z.; V "if**** 00 rxacrt business wet reported. The
thjr' ■' >t >rt '- l:a '-*a. »««lc*i had ticca countod on to aid
•I>* J'/rr r"2 ' : "'* : *"" -" tmprewlon whatever upon
• 'Mou«- . •.- moet ' pen*...: crop factor was the
" Mm: •- . '•■ r " «*»". w!.ich the trad* conatru«d a*
■~tia.lL ' uwiTi * to '■-« annouKsemetit (bat the
--*• «*"> atajr im * loi.l <*llur. fruoi the ravacea «f
1 a;r«en bugs, elsewhere conilJtion«. whtJe somewhat
1 unsettled, were not regarded as especially bullish, al
! though !t mill take (trowing weather to fully decide
! this point. Neither the cables nor the Argentine shlj>
j nunta of 3.498.000 bushels, asainst 4.25HJ.000 bushels
th« previous week, gave any assistance to the advo
► eates of higher prietm The shipments were about In line
I with predictions, while ai Liverpool there was a ii<
r!ln» „T 'i&Ud. and at Budapest a loss of - points,
little change hefnjr shown * linrh*r« News from the
Nortliweat was especially bearish in th« afternoon.
owlr.B to prrdlctions foi stiil larger receipts and a pros
pect that stocks will continue tr> increase, up to the
opening of navigation. At Minneapolis aixl Puluth the
receipts were 58" .-erf for the da», agabut 283 cats a
: rear ago. while the former point reported r.n increase
«f 000.000 bushels in its stock for the week. With the
exception of a ci; ht rally In the late afternoon, which
was subsequently lost, there was little ateadlneaa to
th- market at any tim« durine the day. Cash wheat I
was likewise depressed, and in the local market closed
as foils No. 2 red. S2 s »c elevator and s3Sc fob
afloat; No l Northern Duluth. 92 Me, anii No. 2 hard
\vlnter, SCc fob afloat CORN — Outside «>f a rather
firm start, due to wet weather in the v.-est and the
Argentine stilrmrnts o* only T:;.«>.«i bushfls. against
'■i ll '"' bushel* the- previous neck, corn responded
readily to th« wheat decline, and at tlie close in New
York was partly '.c net lower. There was illy lit
tle in the news to Justify bear preys.ire. and most of
th« selling p«-.»m.»d to V>e for rcattvred lons account.
The rather Ijoeral interior receipts were practically off
act by seabf.ard clearances of 4."!*.0i>0 bushels. There
was an export business «>f 10 loads. Liverpool closed
Hi flier and tti<> cash market in Sv* York was
Quoted as follows: No. 2 corn, elevator. r>*c, and 54^.
fob aloal: No. 2 white, .-..'..■. an.l No. - yellow. 64Hc
fob afloat. OATS — This ntarkft was nlso Influenced
by heaviness in wh»a?. a".d without any particular
news of its own ea^f-fi off m'/d**iately durinj? th^ day
under liquidation. «'a?h oats in New York Devertbelesi
remained firm, clot - as follows: Mixed. ■-'•"• to 82 Tb.
4>ir: natural whitt 1 Z0 to Xi Tti, .'i2*rr>-lc. snd clipped
white. SO to 40 !t> Si'-C'-V"'. RTE. BARLET ar.l
BI'^K WHEAT— Nominal. WHKAT. ineludlßC ur. ex
ports for the w. „k according: to •'Brrid«t«eet's.' > acsre
pate 2.X.-.7.423 bushels, against 2.'.1j2.4'.'1 bushela 4,-iFt
w.-«k and 2.500.470 last year; elr.ee July 1. '"■■■' they
ar* 121.07:!.r.l"» bsafaela, apainst 54^57R,5T2 bushels last
year. OOKS exports for the ucdi v.-cro 3.UC0.4.'(; l.ush
ela, asainst l.iVss.ti:; 1 * bushels last week and 3.7C7.083
i.imhels last year: sin<e .luly 1. l!»f><s. corn exports ar
4L'.«.K3.r,l 1 bushels, aKainft 84.J2i.7J-' b-.isbfls last year.
Wheat: yester-
OpTiirs. Ilish. Low. Close. day.
May v. 1 * *.V» -i 545 4 R4 s t s.^-h,
July M\ S4 1 * s 84 l s S4 7 i
September ... 83H SSb 8314 83 : s —
May — — — ■"- . * •" :\
July . — — — SSH: 53H
METALS— TIN — The I.ondon tin market was hi?:-.er
tr>-<iay, with sjy.it quote j at 1193 and future* at il'-'l;
locally the rcarktt v.as firm. Brill) apot quoted^ at •!-'■!
t22&e, COI I •!■",'. was V>s hishsr in l^ndon, with s!*t
quoted at £1<J!» K<i and futures at ill" los; locally th»
market continued firm and was a shade higher, with lak«
quoted at 1"5.L"5Q25 ZAic. electrolytic ct 24.T. r >4(2'i.l2^ir.
ar.d castirg at SAZuGZt.'ie. LEAD wa> about 2s 6A
higher at U.» 12s tid in Loadon. and umharj J at C6€-3Wc
in ttr local markt • SPEXTER advanced 2s <kl. to
£28 2/0 d Ir. l^>n-i....i but was ur..-har«:f J at 6-So«ti.oJc
In the NVw York n:arke«. IKON was blgfaer in the
Krßhfh market, with standard foundry quoted at 54»6J
ar.3 <'.ev«'land warrant:- at KM4Hd: locally the market
v.nt un.hunired. No _ foundry. Northern. U quoted at
f-2* 7.'ijJ2. r . 75. Th- market for p!s iro.i cnlficjitos at the
f'rot'ute nxoharso was partly higher, but without trans
actions. Standard foundry gradei are quoted us fol-
Ntvs: <»!>b. $21.'-" b:<i: Mar. li. *.-J: Ap<il. ,«21 7.">. and
May, $21 B0 all bid; June. $21 75 asked; July and October.
£3 SO as\ed
' iIOUASSF.6 AVP STRCPS—^rnJW ru'eu steady, but
QUit-t: w?t!i vn'-arscs movinj; oTT f»!r?y well «: full i'ric«e
ani nndertOM firm. Quotations foilow: M<>I>ASSKS —
New Orl-ans eentrlfßS*A, co-r.mn 1, 18^20;; fair. 21'o"-3';
■ griod 27&2".'c. prir*. w^3"i-.-: Sew <>rl*-\r..« opca kMtie.
074i4 - Sc; SYRUPS. cornWn. 13914 c; fair. ir.Ol7i-; g'.oJ.
I IS4i2<>o* prime. 2iiff— .r: fan< y. i4Q2Sc.
OILS — Cottonseed cil was easy, in sympatliy with ho^
j produrtE. )>ut EteadieJ u;> later on covcriag of March
shorts and speculative buying. Spot was quntou at
i^c. UecMpt? were ra:h<-,- l.zk'.. ?:iUs: 500 bols
Varih 47 I «C47 S <'-- 100 April, 47'jf; 4<>o May. 4t-»i-;
1 r.n't July 47647'^; 200 September. 45 : 4 c. and 2>">
October 40'-c. Kefln<-d fieHuleitm wan in stood demand,
w.th pric-s linr.ly hel,r. L,in«-.J oil was unchanged. »-c
quote- rKTKOL.KI'SI. «andp_r.l white, bbis. 7.7.V; bulk,
i4.V>o; Philadelphia. 7.70 c; bulk. 4.4r.c: r'ftr.ed. rasi-s. New
'York I<»2sc- t'niladelFhla. 10.20?-: water n.ist'-. New
York. bbis. S7sc- bulk. 6.V)c. PaUadelphla. :<.'»■: l>u!.c.
6.45 c; water white. ca<*s. New York. 13 2.V; Philadelphia,
13 "0c COTTOXSEEP Oil-— Trime crude, fob mills,
i 41<-- "p'lme fumrr.er yellow, Marcs, *Ts»C*Sc; April.
|47 I '©4Sc: May. 46f»ff47e: Jaly, 47«47*ie; Septemner.
i 45'--S4fi".' and Octbbtr. 4"'-S)ic; off nanmer y-iiT.v, 44» t
&400- March; yellow. *>*$'■*<: Marrh: prime white.
tan Eeti c::y raw. 41842.-: out-of-io-su raw, 4Hj4lf;
Calcutta ra*. 05c. LARD OIL, 7SSSOc.
PROVISIONS— Them was a moderate dtcllne in the
i provisi-ii n-.arket, foilowins rarier live boca. but rear tha
tote rallies took placr in i*r"n on sappr-rt by packers wr.r.
' ear;i^r in the J^.v aM*-s.:<»u to b*> interested in wf>-k
; ire the cmrkei lower. The Chicago receipts wer<- :.».<k«>
! hoc? with 2<"i" < > exr^ r !"l " n Baturdsy; hansai < ity.
i«';000; Omaha. 7,000. and the West. 7iua*>. TORK «e»dy;
'quMf-d: Mess $IS WVfiJJ'.» -?■: family. 12030: shnrt clear.
i»l^ssi»2j. i^EEF steady: quoted: Mess. 19908910;'run
illy. $15«i»ir.r«: packet. JUf. JU':.e«tr j lH'lla m^s. *2»a
U-">. I^EFTF HAMS firm: quoted at *24052«. DM»ED
i HOGS firm: c.voted: Bacons. l»Sc: l^i n.. '.<*. c; ir«. n>.
\9\kc; 14.) n> 9%e: tAg*. »o©io%a ;tt jikat.--i -k-k.e.i
i tallies steady; quoted: Bmokll*. 12812-: c. Jo ft. II I .^
I ll^r- 12 ft ll^H I **". H !*«• lO^lillc. I'icKled hams
isteaiy: quoted at t*^ei24& TALLOW stw-dy; O«Oted:
Cltv *! x «c- cr.untn.'. BHCTe. LARD easy; <iu.t.-i: Mi«iJ!«;
WeVi-m prim». 8.75^9 K9«. C*ty lard barely steady; I
ousted at »HQ9\kc Ite^red lard easy; «juotea: goutti
America, lie; Cteßtmrat, IM.KV: Brazil. Jiffs .l3o. Ctom
tound quiet; quoted at S%OS%C pTSABISE *as> ;
cuoie^- Oleo. l«Hc: ci»r lsrd fctearlne. lit^c.
SlT.Aß— Reflned supar was iteady. withfamy t»od
I business at unchanged prices. The follow:ng are list
price- subject to a rr-tate of 10 points c.n<i a difcount of
1 r<. r '«l for cash, 7 days: <Y\«a! dotaJnca, O.We; Kaq..,
tafieti 8.110 c: cut loaf and <nishe.i, 5.40 c; nr.-Ji.. A.
MSr-cnbea t»scj XXXX powdered. 4.85e: Ea^e .. n.
baes :.owflrrpl and Kajle confeotirners" srrunulated. 4A>o;
I r>w.l«'rel cr^rsi- i.owj»-r.-d ml fnlt po«ner«-l nnd Hurle
i coarse and *^tra Use aranufatea, I.Soe: r-mX? 2 Tb rartons
of fine pranulatrd. 4«'c-; 2 Hj bags d>. sc; 3'j Tb baas
do 4X.C- Z. :b Mijs do. 4 :»•'>-•: I<> n» lass do. 4 S.<-; -•
and ,v. tti b^cs do. 4.7j": E33l* Tine r-r stai.iard granu
lated and diamond A. 4.7nc: confectioner*' A and No 1.
4.r>or: Koa 2 aad a. 4.4.'.-; No 4. 1.4't.-; No ..._ 4 ...*: No
rt. 4..V>c: NY. 7. 4-J.V; N,> k. a.9oe; N-> •jM-^V; No 10
4^ir»' -No 11. «c; Ne 12. M..V-: No IS, S.We: Koa 14. 13
snd "l'l S.*Bc Iyor.don r.Jcar lrf>«!s were steady, with
March auot*4 at t>»!l»,d and Avril nt !>«. but business
quip' at that N-ws r'lled ftendy to firm In the home
market hut pri-*-s were wlt'io.it imr-r'»ni i han?». anl
outy paid rate, i^io-ed a« Wtowa: *>sif"?<2i| M ** X ?£:
S IS-lSin IS-l«e: muvovado. M> te t t. 2 2:< .-12P2 31 -C'c.
end laelaeaes r8 t-"t. 2SI-32«35S S2e. \VUtett_*
<lr*y: -Total »t.«-ks of ftirif Bad Araerira. 8.T53.719
trn«. ajrairyt 4.<«'7. > .-»!t la ft y«ir at th* Fame uneven rime*.
The r:*<-r<as» of t-u^'K I? 3XU34 tons, acilr.rt a denraM
if ::.'.4"OS last week. Total n^V.s ar.d atV>M? fc tO߻ther
fho»- a \isib!<- eippu r,f r.>;s.7l!» t->ns. asalr.n 4.1*i...42
laf-r^car, nr .■ de^rean cf r^«.r>o U»5»."
Novr Tork. M»r«- : i 1. 190/7.
BEAXE liSD PKAP-.Marrr.a- In light <l<-r.isnd r.r.l
eteaoy M<H!ium very fjuln. J'"a prnrre and !lrm. < »H
forai. Lima s!irh;iy higher. OTh*r tear-? Fhovv no njw
f«-atur«"s ?cot<:h pn« flrm. Wf qoote: BEA?«»—
Harrow, cbflice. rer ».o«»;H. $.' l7' ? T< *2 C»: do m-diurn
II .'•». d- v-i. *1 '■'■■ do. white kHi.ey $2 !<0; <in. r-1
kldr.ey. |J UO; do. Mack t^rtl* so'jp, IJff^OS^dft^yrt-
Inw *■ » ( l <•(( ■till «•.'.; <!r,. Lima, '"alifornla. $3*?s.i"-..
GREEN IF.AS. Frotrh. »1 BO _
BUTTER- ReoelT.ie to-day. 4.-'<T pktr!- t "'»• •«
fr-dh rrfannrv l» only modera*.!-. but •ectr.i 1 •" b« ' t^'
flrlent to k'i*- a t«jermlljf Rteaily market, H< 1 1 rream
»ry In Fieady dejnan<) an<s firm La.U<-i> t'.rnv Kitra
r*n«rat*d anil parkins *t'.,k quoted blsbeci W» qaot#:
Oaniory e>:raH. |.cr Ttj. .-..Ti^Hl'-: <1». M.-rcantile E«
chanxe ofllcUl Qu.tHtion. S>: «i». firms. 2:> 'ii .r> : <U..
ee.-nn.j? SS9SB«; <1". thirds, insru-: do. heW. extra«.
StCSltte: d'>. firsts. 27T*3Or; .|<.. s»mn.ls. SMj J-.r . •!■.,
third* Sl<B32e; «ia?e dairy. lußf. fr«h. »>>e*t. SOOSle:
do ko'ml f. priiim ;OC7:v: <io. fimmon »o fair. .'n«
ltk- tVcatem Imitation craamerr. flr*m. -'3«» '-•*": rj9°"
rated, LT»r. rt«. dm«. 230S««: <>o. Mcjma* i»a
da third*. I'i'nlTc. VViftern fa^-lorv. flr*tP. 2IC|
do, •eeoqdc l»©2Oe; d... third*. I7^olSc; paoklns
•cto.-k. N<> 2. l«Q2"c; ii". Ko. ". IT'iilXo.
CHBEKR— n«wHpt» «n-dav. !>R:» hn\.>i. Th" ticzn*
tra.l» .i.man.l r-nminu-o «Ctiv«. und market in stroiitf
fhar." for rr...s: uU Kta-le^ Kxportern ar> Mill «r.o\vlnc
c«r£ui*r*M<- Int.-eKt t«. i.e.-ur.- <1< fir»M« underprlejd
f;ill .-team chwM- and t.et!»-.- trrailrn of sKlins. tmt me
great «<-arrliv «.f Kuital.t- gr«in« « and flrm feline «r
liolrters li«b r«stri'i<«l rh» d'-mand, on.l tht- actual
mnvi-mrnt lias been cmsiderHhly iislue.- Ihnn fr.r sf\
eral w»*k« i.a..t. i.iv- M .™i r a i,irr.: Finest American
<:Ts for color-d and «S« fr.r white: finwrt Canafllan. Ml
for colored ar.d 4VT» f«- white. We quote: Slate. Till
rream. small. e*l<*«4. Bepteabar. fan<:.-. ir,.-: <l.<. wi.it^.
T4»»c- d<> co:ore.U. »mnl!. Octolwr. I'^i.!. USHsf. <]'».
lrhit« 13%«14H«>: da. ?'>r.d to prim*. ISOISHc: <i...
winter made, av.rar r.ett. I- 11 *'-: '!»■ ,'» r » ; ';- - S " !> l.' 1:1 , I
l.er. f.nrv. H\ti October. h«t l»*i 14%-: An Rood
to i.nme. IJ»tois\ie: da inferior. 11 * fr iti-jo. 1 u-l.

•kin-.-, prime, «'*•»!»<•: <!«. fair i» Jftod. .<ff*c. do. com
mon <SCt« t 4'': do. fall Fkin-iR. •-"!?:«'•
n.ins -nedirw v. d«y. r..-.-.c r aFt .p The f r>rti :f,* n ro ":
tin-j«-« and holder* has- the i,.HantHi^ in the wtt!fcm.-i|
of j'rire. lint * lt!i Ur» furrM'-s da«- and r.ear at hand
litt c advantage is Vein* «.ik-n "f I"- t-nu-'cary ehort -
«#-<.u \\v o-j-«!»: s*t«te. Pennavlranla and n*arby. w
:-ce.i irtrttc fancy. W« «o ctootee. »«ate; *« l:^.n.;"!'1l :^. n .;" ! ' l
initwj. extra. do firsts t.. extra flr*t.-._... ,i.^-i<
quotation 27<i: seoeiuSc UCytM'-c: do third* • -r'*r-'./:'" :
«!•. SrUei. l'."r©'J.V; do check*. 20©~Je; DU< Iv BO<J3.
FIUCSH— Applea relilntr flowly and tnn«s ea«y,
Oearrurv firm J"r beM gra.de*. Strawberrl-8 Je« Pl-'Wy
tnd sllffhtlv higher Orangra mating n X""d «»»«* «3
fay.-v. We «iuwe: APPLE*:. J..n«inan |« d^lte >s^j
M.i M6sr>: d* SpttxmfaerK. *-4 J .*^.l'i, X! I riß - n *i'-I'.*' ; ,' )r>
N..n!lern Bpy. KW»«: do Gana *2 Tr.-354: flo Hntr.^ Ewj^
S->.-j:ir*l- rf'. «;.M«in %SB*&BO: «O » ; - n I'^ 1 *- *'••"'■'
fc;£.V d'« Ore*-nins $1 T^lilSJi 2.*.: do rnrnmnn, SKgs^';
rrate $171^*2 2:.: <I'> Jr-:«y. f-er »->.!. f- r >: •!" T"r .-rat...
»lfl*l«v BTRA.WBEBBIES. F^.rlda, j.er 'iuart I5««jle;
nJTot^n crat,s. per . JU art. Htff-.-: f««N «.l-.^ Jnd|, n
TJiv^l 1 i,e- »»ix S2Jsl4*'" l ' d* 11 other Flurlix. Jl _>'iis_' .V>;
Florid*, per bo-i. $1(5?2; TANqESUSES. Florida,^ per
«il"Vi (•.! U'Fnil'lT Plortda. »>>t box. VlH>es4fiO;
K^auteK >^. prMM: rawmw;
K10.1.1a. r er <-r«t.-. *1 s<.ti?isf>: '1 I <-"'>an. $!StSJ ...
HOl'3_Th«re ha« lf«n more nv«»nienr on the lor-a!
rrarket' t»:~ U^t week for Taciflc Coatt nojrs and several
tundred Ul'i R^'l. »c »"i»« at 12". with » f'--w ealeg up
to I" 1!'1 !'- PuUrji has" alto b-en fairly a'ti\e in Or.-Rnn
g J.-^ -!»»;" V,. Id'-r the hulk of the UtyiM her*
and 'in Origin l-avtnv r»en done t.y <*c 1. . a! .lealor.
W> tieo'heaTr-f «'.r.ie tu> ins in Oregon fcr exi~,rt Br^oi-r.t.
Thi* lsrger bOdWhU ha« • faroraM- .-ff-.t a n ,i ,he
tone if rrf-rhap!. a Fhade shadier Verj l»»le doing
<n W-»*hiniron and QaUfemia hop*. I" tM« state tradln?
: is im- Set. wltli crowen awarenUj; mntert to bold
l-mall Uumln: kU unt,l there 1»» letter demand. We
„,...,.- «tase l.*«: choice »»er il>. 21^22c: do muliura t>>
prlrn-! l^SJ!^: <ic> IS»C'. IV^lOc; do Tacific Const, net!.
! 13<mr- daprtme. liei2<-: *io medium, 10c; do IMS. Stfloc.
ron.TKY— AIJVK— There »*'•- no oarload lots tm
l^«drj to-day. »>ut 10 car* are l-.-ir.K cirriei over «n thn
track by revivers. Trading ts fUnv in the market, and
Jobbers, carrying over full* 7 «■■> « car«. mostly a!i f,, w18 .
K>Mj«teni in numerate prapenlMl In the receipts Tu rki-ya
are. telllnp rtowly flnce the hoyday. nn.l tone easier. Ducks 1
and c<^w In »Kht supply, and cleaned up ciosHy at Jinn
|;rice«. We qucte: POWIA per Tb 12.-; ROOSTERS,
young, per R. lie; do oil «c: TCRKETS. hvna. „ .. ;>
IC-: dotrnn. 12c: DICKS i#r TV !«.•■ GEESE Western,
prime. ;>er R), 13c; d» ordinary. l»-:_d.» Southern stn.l
Southwest em. poor. 11. : GUINEA FOUI.:-'. per pair. s^-;
PIGEOXi*. rier pair. 2T»p. Dre»*ed — Frenli arrl.-als on
tinue moderate, art': there !» ie»% accumulation tljl» wt-ek
than for *om« weeks past. J>ut trudlrß haw been exeeed
lrrlv *low all the ■week, an* dealers will be compelled to
carry over more or le«» utock. Fresh turkeys errM-cia!ly
dull, quality very undeelrabie and prices weak anl Ir
rerular. Fancy larc* r«ia»tinc rhirken? scarce aivl wanted.
bat ordinary rraies jiejrlected. Fowls dcwrtlngty dull
and a «hade ea«ler. Cai^n* In llßht supply nv.<i steady,
tat seljinc elcwlr. I>w If any Ce«!ral»le fresh (!ucks ur
p»ew 1111 l Froiea poultry quiet and rrlrea i?t:1o
more than aorj^nal. We quote (fresh killed): TUUKtCTU.
Western, joung hens, average beat, lfs-; do hen« anl
tocna. mixed and youag totns. 15c: do fair to good. 13' •
tic: Co Southacjurn. 13613 c; do Inferior, lo^Kc; da
Western, choice, old 14© 15c; CHICKENS, roasting. 9 to
12 Ib to pair. Western dry picked, per It), 13* 1 -- Co
Ohio and Michigan, scalded. 13514 c; do other Western,
Fcalded. IS§l3';,- me^inaq weights, 5 to 7 Ib to pair.
Western, dry picked tl&lCci flo Ohio and Michigan.
* aided, llfel. do vTastern. eialded. Httl2c: do poor.
P^lOc; FOWLS. I'hilad-!phia diT ticked, per !b, 139 ,
13 lac: do vVeatern. dry pi.Ued. fancy, niedlam we'tthts,
boxes, 12ViQi3c; do this 12'rc; do average run. 12c: do I
poor to medium, ilo «.>hio anl Michigan, scalded, I
ISOtSe: do «ithe r Western. araMed, SSI3o; r-APOXS
Philadelphia. lU-ui'4c- do Ohio l^glbc: do other Western. |
IZ'xtTlSc: OLD coi-KS dry picked. lOo; do ■raided 8l8 l ,
»10c GKKSE. spring "'vwitern. p«r tb, KflJ.:; UUCKB,
sp;in;, Weslern. SQUABS, prime, large, white,
pei dozen, |>«i;;. do mix.-d *Jfis2-.".; do dark. $'. ">.
do culls. stjfi7,v j->»«en 1 i RKETS. i -os and wins,
No 3. 18c; X.> -. I3«l™ do O ld toms, So 1. lCc: BROrU
KR.-% dr»- picked. 2WSt' do scalded, lßff2oc: BO.VSTING
CHICKENS, dry t,i, k.-d ' H«JIX. • ( m.-KENS. No i 10<&
I2e; FOWLS, dry nicked llfilSe; DUCKB. per !t>. 11«
13c: GEESE, per 11.. KfilSc "
. GAME Rabbits an! jark rabbits continue pientr. an '. '
with a b!ow trad.-, pri.'e-- are rulinn Wt-ak tad !n*-|^.ar. ;
We'qu'j'.e: J.V % X ItABBITS per pair. 30f5«e; Jo cotton- .
tail. tSfiSOc " i
POTATOES AM. VEGETABLES— Offertsw* ef potatoes !
:.i"r--i and market bartlj steady. Sweet i<jtatoes tirm. ,
Ontoaa tirm for beat K rai*s. Watetcresa weak. Had ■ b- ;
l>aßes acarca «md high Norfolk |ral>- an i Biinach coii ,
«»•!; at former I'ri.-^s Florida vest tables in lipht recfipt j
and shov.-in? liit!e U any chance fn pritvs. N«w Orleans j
Chicory and eecarole u«r.k€r O'.lier W. Orteaai \ece- j
tabi«-« steady. California ufparspus lower; other C»Ulor- ■
via vegetables remain un^lianeed. Bermuda an. l Havana
vegetation sellinc well iWesouote: POTATOES. B<r- j
mu.Ja, per bhl. |S«s7;^o Maine per bai^ ft TWWI SO-. [
do Ude Island, per bbl or i>H=r ?1 >-.">a*-: *> "^'e aid ,
ttestern. In bulk. t>er iSu Tb .'.'. SO&Sl 75 do Per aark.
$l. r *t«M7<'; do Jfrsf V ,, r->rr -> r *l 6035 l ■:. . SWEET ;
POTATOES. Vineisnd per W>l J350««3a0; do other
Jersey, per double n.-a,| bbl SI S(X?f2 &'; to P"- 1 " hasisct.
tocitfl LT>. VEOETAEL'ES—^AKISK New Orleans, iwt
bW. Wss4; ASI'ARAOUS Chaiie«tf>n per docen imnchfs. [
9C&12; do California, ereen tl2flsaU: do while. S7y*lt; i
AUTICHOKES, CkHfornia per'ddsen. 56c©?l; do French,
!>tr doxen. Jfl ,»ti*J UHL'SsSEXS SPROUTS, per fiuar;.
&«20c; BEETS. Flortds, „er cratt. *1 S3«»l -i. .Jo I:, r !
muda, Jl?jsl do Neir Orleans per lw tranches. J2^
*3; do ...d. j.tr bhi, ,%i» ; CARKOTS. twahed, l-cr
bbi. 5-1 ."H^jjr- .jo tin\va-hf<l $1 2r.-Visl 7r>; <i'"> unwashed,
p.-r b.is. $H.<s; r><>; ji.j xtu Orleans, per no bunches t&f
*■'!; do »<rmuila. pfr crate. M'<tsl ■_•-, CABBAGES, white.
I>aninh seed, per ton, fl3s£s>; .i.i tftl »!<.<;*•!''. d.> Flori- I
da. r.<>»-. jj<r bbi .rate. $ J : 7.V C \i:i.IFI.O\VKH.S. Cali
fornia, per Ci>se, $-."(fj:j; ,i«, p ., r half case. *1652; da
Florida. i>t-r case or barket f2'as:iu» CEI^BRT, Florida, j
K£..^ SE - *•'■"'?*-•.'.; d>, state and Weatern; per diz<n. ;
l?t«« •<•<•: do (.allforr.'.i. V case I . ,".(i'iiJ4 50; CHICOUT. !
.Ww Orleans, i«-ri «-r bb;. «::fc';«r, : do Fjench. i>^r doirn. ?1 si> •
Otl 7.".; ESCAROXiE. New Orleans, per bbi. s^'afS; do |
JV.nch. rr i '"r dozen. Sl6u<gf. 1 75; i:\UIVE. Belgian, p---r
!!•. iciiliv; KU(jri^.NTt'. KlMiria : er box. *a<i*7; do
tul^n, $;;'i:.:.,., M>>){SKl'..-\I>ISH ;« r lars<? ll>l. WftJC; I
Kolll.RAiil. jCew Orleana. p<r 100 t.unchrs, $;:(***;
KALE, Norfolk. Itr.bbl $i 25©|1 SO; LETTUCE. FloriUa.
per basket. s«>cO*3; U o. Soutii Carclica, $l@f^; . .::ks
and EHAXJjOTS, Kew O:iean3 per 100 bancbea. $3fjs4;
ONIONS, piikle. siiiui!. v.Mii-, ;,«i- bbl. Sf4<|lf<',. ONIONS,
i üban. per crate, $2756(3; do Connecticut h:iJ Eastern,
white, m-r 1.1.1. *4*is7; Co > ellov.-. Sl'uS--: «0 red. ?2'its2 73;
do Orange County, yellow. , K . r bag. »i5i«J7/.; d. let.
V ;;'o*'-- > : do statn ar.<l Western, whit-, per crate. fls»
?l do fellow, icr liijr or in bulk. j>-r i.">o rt>. fifi
*-.j: (1., r.vi. jj.ii.^ ;,i); OKI.A. Fi.irila. ptr carrier. f2fl
»o; do cui.ai:. si» ; >^ ; pajvs, Florida, larg«s fancy. p»-.
liasKei. M/nss; j,, suiall. fancy. 5D- ,1o poor to fair. jl<ji>
*4: ; 1 I.Pi-i:ks. Florida, per carrier. f^'yJU; do Cuban,
►Ul.nc.fo. *.'. .«tijf:, : ,!„ 1,,,,, Wii". :>»; " \i: ■:.;-,'. \» •
Orleana, curly, per bhl. $C3ofrs3So: d.> plum. *;!fis4 f.<>;
dtrßermOda. i,.-r U.x. 7.V^»i : PARSNIPS, per bbl. J1 BO
i V. ! ;-\ l ' ! -"-'>»-'-S. South Carolina, p. r L^sHel. $lf<sl 2T>;
KOMAINK. New 0.-Sruns. per bbi, $.'{W?4; do Bermuda.
i?,' r -J A '*Z.* l --- > '' ltl "•■ SPINACH, Norfolk, per bbl, fl«
$1 .... WRING BEAKS, Florida, wax. p»r hask-t ..r crate,
*.>*>*.. ..(»; , lO B retn. $2 S«!si«4 ,%U; do .-0.-nmon, Jl-SJJ;
--yl A.-H. Florida, while, per bo.x. *! >v ( is.'! : do yellow,
SSSS I .**^- *!&*"- 8O; do Cuban, white, *lSi#H- TOMA
s-.-a^ !'" rhia - I lt>r '^rrifr. *^,f::r»»: rt- Cuban. *l iV*
?-..«: cio o;h*r \\<st Indies. Ji^V^iV TURXIPS
Canada, rutubasa, j^-r bbl. l^fj; ,: o Jersey aU A l^ni •
Island. rutab»ra. (ScfTfl; do r.E-arb -. whit.? >1 2r..,i5l 7.V I
2Snch«, jUSSiJt^ * 2 ®» 3 - u-A-n-jncnt:-*. per iwi
M^Sf.^4 ' -t'LOVKP.PCKD-Cash and March.
AL<IKE C l ctober - vti'.V TIMOTHY, tzso.
„..„,.„.. _ New Yoik, Marrh 1. IJVI7.
**£•£■> ES — Recelpta v.ere SOSii cars, or :! T,J» hoa.l in
cadlas -JJ care f or VX i>cn alive: U^ ior i-laughterem and
.4 i for tne market: and «itn th^ f»'w eta!e catti^ there
»-ew ir cars on sale. Steers were i-low and even clinic
heavy were a trifle lower: a!l other tcraies wvre rated
f-iIUe off; faj bulls were iteady; b<-!ogna balls easy;
fat cows heid up neady, but medium ancf bologna cows
wer» \«-!y rtull; about - cars uere likely* :o bo .arriej
Drer. Fair to choice steers «..i.i at (SQ4(SSB !>fr 1«,»> B>j
bullsjat SifiH .-«.; cons r.t $1 7."iis4 2.\ Thr-re was rather
a sack tra.lo in dressed beef zi about last quotation^
Liverpool aaj Lcndtm >-s»t>! c i r«>.-«ive: to-day ouote.j live
can!*- <:ea(l/ at IlSfill'Sc |«r !t>. dro'sjed welKiit ■ refrig
erator beef higher at 5»4« t .» I*c1 *c per Tb. Shipment! to
n.ornjw: The l'hl'a<ie!ph.'a will take out l.r*'M» q\mrl ts of
ittt [»t SchwarzachUd & Sulrberprr and s.^xt quartets
for Armour <s Co.; an.l tho Etruria «iil caixx- to Liver
pool about 1,300 quarters or beef for the Cudahy Packlnc
Company; :h<> Bermudla V will carry to Bermuda «> "eaj
eattlu and »i »ht«p. maklnj a total tor the trtek from
this port <if 1.1. 10 h.»-*1 rattle, i.2.\'i >h<'»-p and 13.830 quar
ters of be»-f. all to i-orts of V»reat l:rt'.alr.. with th* fi:
ception of »; head catile am! i"0 abaep.
hales — Kerns Oomtntsaion Company: 10 rah ste«rn 14:;
H> averagr. at |8 25"p*T HW n<; IC da, li'M Tti. at *0» "5;
J<s <To. I2SJ tb. at SCIJ'i; 17 do, n:£ n., at f.Ji;'-; 17
Inrflar.a do. I-'7l IT), at f5 w>.
M«--Pherson <t o.: 1? Oh!'» ftccrs. 122S Ib, at |s<B; H
<io. lIC>4 Tb at fSCS; I* <io. UttS rti. at $•" !"><»: 4 bulls,
1332 rt>. at J4 ir.; 3 >!n. 1117 tr., at S.II'O; 2 00. lOIS I?., a;
*::75; 1 uo, 4U> rt>. at *3. 1 cow, i.">."i> tr,. n- m:'- 1 do,
l(»7l> rfc. at 1*10: 'Jr>. lU'.7 n>. at ?3W; 1 do. H'J> It-,
a? (3SO; - .Io Vt'l rt>. a! t3 »; 2 d". ■.*>•> !t>. at J.I 2.1: «
do, 1005 Tl>. at $315; 10 do. U" Rt, at |2S"i: 7 in.
fkJ H,, at ?2<»; 7 <i'o. Ml jt paO; !• do, sTti :t>, Rt
I2.*ji; s .1... .<;> n-. at $.'->: -:: <:••. >«-i n.. a! *2
N''-n-;on *: rr,: 2d Ohio Ptrv*. 11;.*>T It>. at f.*> 70; £5
I!l!nc4s dn IHS H., ut »:. o<.>. 10 tj'i. !<**> tb. at J5 K>J 7 <2 '.
IH'7 Ib, at *.'..
B. P.iaJcrs: 20 Oi.la ftecra. HIO n.. at J5 65; IS <!>i I^l2
Ib, .-.t *s»'^; -*M <!o. JWlT.rb, at 5."> <V>. !l Jll:nr,is <J'.. 1101
!t>. at ?."■».■>: I*7 <1». IHrj Ib. at 1533; 1 lYnnsylvanU «I<\
lir." Hj. at *.\i<>: 2 balls. 15t^> Ib. at *» ST.. 1 cow. U-.i-i
rt. a(t*2S: 10 »;". 1053 r>>. at *::^5; Jft uo. urs rb at $•'(;
1 d... !•».-> IT., at *3: 2 -ij. 775 IS. at |2-*>; 2 <ln. M«» tb,
at J'J 10; 7 do. 07.h rb. at *2.
B. Judd & CO.; ■« t'J'ils. ICSO Tj. at »3 «i; 4 cows. J>l.l
Ib, at fZ.
J*llitf« W right & Co.; C COWa. »'•* It). »t *-l; 3 do. O>
!t. at SI 7.".
CAl.VES— lteeelpta were H54 he.a<l. in'-lu'ilnr 12 for
butclif-rs and I' 2 for tha market. Tber* »i> i«<Tn^ «!»mand
for >*"a]s. and price* were full cwaai.. auJ top grod'i firm.
No bainyard or UVsurn calves ofr.'reil. fonsmnn Io f r!ir.«
v«-als s<ild at (3Q(9^O: a. few chi.kn dr> at Jl(); cui\* at
J4 s<t; city <Ire«wKl reals steady at *»*»!«'> p~r tb; country
dreaved m yutt^ liberal ■nppH and eaajer at Ktfii'-.
t=a!«-;i — S San-ifrs.: 12 \rals. ISO IT>. a? HO: 22 do. 12*
Ib.'at f.t.'.rt. « dn. ts» :b. at *:»; 2 do, I.VI IT., at *t5. 7
fill!". 77 H.. at $i Ml,
B. Judd & <<i : 2'". veals:. l!'t rb. a- $•• 37 do, 112 Ih. at
fS»r ii <i .. B8 ib. at 13: n cull* c» rb at *» >'.
MrPheraon & »'«> : a \*at* u<> TT at $'■• :j>; 1 do. 110 Ifc,
at *H .%<>; 4 do. !<•• rf.. at »7 ."«>. :. dn "-'ills.. 80 rb. nr *4 .'.".
Jelllff*, WriKt-.t * <•...: -.•:« \«nls. :T«> n. ol <>7.%; S (X
13" n.. .it $.',; I barnyard valf. lit» rb. at *:« .v>.
FHEEP AND UVilßS— Recelpta were »i oam. <«r l.r.L»f»
head, including a cars ror »laujrhter«T» nnd 3 for th*
rr;«.rk*t. and .*> cars wer- ti«-ld over yesterday. The fre.-ti
arrinlt <-&m>- In (ate. ar.d uere n.-n put on the mark*-'
wer e en:!relv nominal; filnmft nr. <!/»inund f"i larr.f?
and .>n!y » f-iru'-'i nr had chanp-ed hands »t n.wn. Th**
iw'llns; r" r ' vi a« J7 &» j..-r !'»• fb. The m3rk«-t ■svaw
lower t'> tell, and B.ilesm»-n did n"t >-urv t-> at-.-»^ii the
low bid* that Here mud*. I>reF*»»d rrm'trn «i«r- «t 7 l jy
BHe p^r Tb: drf-ssed lamb> ea»y at 11612 c, «lth <«.a
rlnrnl r»\ >a or «fa sirK.-k at hlgh'r fifiures; country
c.r»i<s»d hothouse limb* atp-tdy «t r.f3*lo.
Fale^ K»rn« ' "nmml!fsinr. <""mpnny: I?t4 r.ufTa'in lnn-.bs.
O Hi arerart at $7 r.u p»-r mii IK
fleceipta tn» ISU cats, <.r 2.725 heal. hII fcr t-lfi'ish
ter»rj. Nnp<. fr T Ra |<. „n j| vo wfiptita Nonurally .asier. '
iViiintry df-wnfj h- ?s oncaansed ai^d sellinp at IkVieiOtte
p»-r rt-.
J=al>-« i late vffWdayi: N'fwtbn * Ck>., ir.2 MDr\lHn<l
flgw. f/> ft. uv»-ra5P. at *7 fi<» p»r U*» Tf>.
Chicago, Miirrli l._ ra TT Hw,(|,|», B t,ou* I ."•'•'l
head: nimk-t steady; plain to b^vt steers ?4 2ofiJ'J«3;
heifers, »2<8««25; powa. CS2SOS3: bulla, tSOMSO;
WKfa. ttSneft^S: stwkers and feeders. *2 ,V»iOs
HOGS tieceipl? n«K.ut xt.trtr h.'ivl: sten<U- to wn.nic:
eholcn heavy wrlpilnc. *7«*7 <(-">; il«ht but.hfia'. f«» ■j:>'!r
*.; lljht mliwl. }C, :.;.Uf7. i>;i. knit. »';."•' k.i *7; piss . *:. 7.%
«s;«■<.: hulk of swles *«i JC/if 7. MII^I'- Kr<v|pt9 hNmu
«.ikhi_ head; nir.rt:<i steady; k h'-«p. $i 7."i'<f< ;| i; lambs. $(»:»•
Cincinnati. Mnr<-h I.—HOGS steady; butchers' anil
ahlppers, $7 10§rT12J4: common. «S{H>e»OISO CATTI^E
mow and -.vr-nk; fair to grx'd »hlpp»TS. $ 4 nO^/W Sit- com-J
rr...n. $2 25CW. 6HEEP Ptra.ly. *2 LTiiij:, ... LAMBS
fft-a/iy. J« .'.ifcS*.
F.n»: Buffalo. Marrh 1. -<:.\TTT.K- -Rer-e|p-«. lf» head;
fair demand and Krr.i: prir:* steers. f.*> •H^iffl. VKALS—
n*-->rlpt«. i.«fi<i hen.]; actlv.- and 2.V; lower: $4i'iiJ:t.vi
HOClS— necel D tS. r..l<>f. head: fairly j!<-tiv.-; j,l K » 6«10a
h'Kher. others. lOj lower; heavy and rulx»-d. $7 4ic York
eix. $7 4'flJ7 4.'.; pi«s. $7 4."jCJ7 W»: rc.a(fi!s $68003773
SHEEP ANt) UA.MBS— 1..- •l| r- 14.S<x> head; sheep » C -
Itve and steady; lanjl's slow and ."ic lower; lambs, f.V£
Kansas (Ity, March 1. — <"ATTI.K— (tcceipts, I.BM head
in-!uiims 100 Southerns; market slow ;ir .,i iteady eholea
export nnd dreaaed l«-»-f steers, f.l ,*Wit}s'( ,V»- fair to jtkv!
$4f/r.i*r. 4<t; VWsrrti f-.l l.ff ft* ls . .... . : atoekera
and feedera, $.t (uif/^i it.; southern ateera, *:< 7.'>iaJ^ 2.%-
Scuthern cows. *2 uf'ii*:: 7.'.; rutUr r...»x. S2C<^f4CO:
natlre helfirH. r-\27,fi J4 »-r. : bnlto, |3 n.v, ; >i"iV ralu-.V
»:! .'.•►;, s7 2.V Jin<;s H.^-iptF. SJiOO be»dj market' 5. rtlsii
er; top, *70r,, i.tjik of ><!»I<h. $« S7 't"7$«J fi.%; heavy trt:>)fr
*" '•"■ packer*. $S B7V(Sf B 9TW: pips and lights »-. :r.-,i
MB'i. BHEEP— Recelpta. .Il.<i««t. I l.<i««t head; markot ateady;
shade lower; Ininbs. |i «(4iJ7 TZ>; >-x<* and yearllnrs. $4 .".<»
Si.-S'. 7.".; Wryt-rn ffi year line*. |(|ls9sSfiO: Weslern fed
a^-ep. ;■:■..-■ *a»; stn-kejy H _nd ft »deri«. yiM^W.
Liverpool March I.— CloalnVr— WHEL\T— Spot steady
No 'J r.^i. Western, winter. «Vs2'^d; futui f-a«y Mar.-li'
lis.VH; May. UsSttd: July. »i<- ■-■■_ i. COlt.V— Spot ateadf
American inix»d, n^w. 4s r>'id; American mixed njd.
4s 7 l id; futoroa ateadjr; March. Is Hid: May la -.'•'. f
KKA.-i- Canadian eteady, f,st< l id. Ki.r»ri{-st. LoQii
fancy uiri!.r. dull. t3 !'i II)>I*S in Jy.nd.m (Parific-
Coast), dull. £39*3 1S& r-i:KP Extra India men firm'
S7s «.l. lIIHK- l'rim« tuts*. Western firm, Bfis 3d. HAMS
,—^i">rt cut. 14 to ]•; rt quirt. .Vis i;d. ElACOX»—Cumber
land cut. 20 to 30 rh. quiet, .-p<>?it;d- short rib. 16 to 24 rb
Steady, Ms; lotijr clear middle*, lisrht. 2^ to 34 rb quiet'
r.Ss; lor.sr clear mioillf-s. heavy, 3S to 40 ft. quiet. 'B''h&I ;
stiort clear backs. 1(1 to 2>> rb. qul^t, 4U«; c !«ar b7-i|i«(s.'
14 to l«i H». qnltt; 5<3. SIIOfI^DEKS— Square. 11 to 13
rb. <jui»t. 445. I..U:li.!'iiMi.- Western, In tierces uui-t
r.-s: American refined, in palls, quiet. 4!is 3d. CHEESE—
Anieric-tn tinftn vhit«- nominally (Sis; American' tlnest
colored noralnallj 07a; Canadian lln^st white strons Ms-
Canadian finwt ctilored strong. t>s. TAIJjOW "i-rlr-o
city strons. IK*. Tl RPKNTIXE Spirits strcn f.2s «d
KOSrN— < omnion Una It:.i7bd. PBTROI.EUM— Refined
quiet, 6%1. I,INSKE!> Oil. steady.. 23s «,i. lM ™
Ithaca. N. V., March I The Cornel] University
faculty to-«lay reaflirmed the resolution of last
year requesting President Bcburman 'to prohibit
the freshman illnoer unless the a'opliomorea i>ro;u
ised not to molest ihe ll> shtlHll.
There ha* been considerable agitation among the
students to restore the custom of Interclasa hostili
ties, forbidden by the faculty edict of last year
[ISj- Te!e(rraph to The Tribune. 7
Waterb-.':;. . Conn., ManJh I.— The Rev. Dr. J. G.
Davenport, of the Second Church. is out with a
statement that. In view of the peculiar death of the
Rev. Dr. Burr, a Baptist minister of Newton Cen
tre. Mass., whose lirv, b* said, liad bt<»n theatened
by emissaries of King Leopold of Belgium for
Congo utterances, hl3 death . on the railroad st
Westboro, Mass., last Sunday will bear investiga
tion and that there should !jo one. The .minister's
body was found dismembered on the rails by a train
in which ho h.id been a Btu«i. He either fell
c.t t-o truia ox v.'iv* tarotva uji.
Report Says Bodies of Leader and
Allies Were Seen in Stream.
Another chapter must >.c added to the controversy
as to Just ;-.nw General Antonio Parades, the Ven
ezuelan insurrectionist, and seventeen of lii.-< offi
cers met ihrir death at the hands of the govern
ment troops. The last official report of the occur
rence which has stilled up the «>omp:itriots of fun
eral Paredes saM that th*>v were killed whfle try
ins to escape after hen 1 * captured.
The latest report on the other side of the con
troversy was received yesterday from f.ie family of
General Parcdcs at Port of Sr>ain. Trinidad, by
Kicanor Bolet, who was the dead man's repre
sentative In this city. This information is the
first or a direct character so far received, and points
strongly to foul play. O— tral Paredes's f-rr.i!y
asks that th« fact! he mad* known here. A
cordine to the news from Perl of Spain, tie men
who i*el their death were not kii'.^l at the same
•„ ■ !in<l a. the same place as told In the official
dispatrhes This seems to dispose *>*'**« spveni
ment ftory that they wen shot while trying to
H V I. I. T O V
in treat variety
of stylo anil
T. a
11l Fulton S:
DESKS, roll tops; partitions, railings', tables.
safes letter prgSß' - counters, shelving*.
wall mliror fixtures-; slows. cffices fitted.
Finn Bros.. 28 32 Centre st.
nr>D C.01.X, silver or.d precious stonee.
iV.ur!u at highest market value: ma.io
Into new articles or exchange for new je»
rtry "r Japanese poods at M. F. Tepper s
Factory. 19 W.-st 31st St.. basemen..
REMINGTON*. Deusanore. HammonJ. Tost.
' v, mi lin or Chicago- each $i.-j*» • «»»
craph «: repairing. Gay. 1_» Ma-Woo are.
TYlKWHiTE^RS^AU^rr.aUes^soWl. r-nt.-,l
„i emenanged: reßabte •".__>
Gomuin, tl> Nassau st. Telephone 2T4O—
ANY ISTEWJGENT i 'i»"n may earn *2
to *1<» monthly corresponding for C*" l **
triers sur- ytf-ady wort: no canvass ng.
cxpetlVr.ce unneceasW; «end for particu
lars. Press Syndicate, Loch port. _____
YEN llsht worH and UlUa money take
»°Etma>ej return translation;
daily HOUnca, Boaton Shipping to., is
Norfolk st.
SAUESFAN WANTED - Middle aged man
" „,„,,! N«w Engtaua states and New
York StaW and »eH w»re rove- •■■'•■ wao Ml
liad rxp-nence celling coi-.iractcrs IrtlppUea
or kindled Hnrs : stale reference; salary tx
pfcted. B. K. P.. Tricuna ot^*;
- Young n-.an. about 2.1-24. rood t-Jucution
auk* to wn: «««grapfcr cot w af W
iL. nance as BOWI operator. Address .
TRUCK HARDENER.— Use of houso and
vi s-ial»Vis -ial»Vi allowed; must be temperate.
industrious: married, without Wldrea prs
f erred. *taf» ag». experience^ and aa.i.> _ex
pelted. Addrees S. S. S.. Tribune Iptonn
offlc-c. 12t'.i Broadway. ___.„ „ « «^
DtKl.*' \TAXIZQ.
ANT INTE.L.UOENT pWStai may^^ earn *T5
,o »100 monthly .-crre«.;.on(Jlr.g for r.ewfr
pst ,.r»; sure, steady worU: i.o ™™»" "«:
J-xp*ri.-nr^ unnecessary; send for particu
lar*. I'reKs Syndicate. Ix>ckport. N.
with grown dau»ht.rs re.iutre» ,nder
c'a-s houfekeeper; pood marketer, under
.rand'ng high class cooklru. can secure a
,-'"t Hn B |n In American family; a musical.
Une-1 !«dy preferred; state war* a C - ■ *ad
ii) Iff. ' references r«.iu't*"i- Address Med
ical. Hox 41. ■-.-•■■ ■
ACCOUNTANT. AttrlTOn - Writes up.
bataaeso. ,y.t»miitlz«« books; reßUlar la
terraSs. will accemmodate firms not re
quiring regular bookkeeper; mod*fats raie.
Acojuß'.s. m- East Bstl. St.
A Va^^ A^^^,^ r^ I r^n t a n}i
■ ■ ■ lelajats
*RTIST.— By young man. i«: P<~w»!l ad-
West •"•'•th st. j
AHI .I* BUSINESS -U-.KSI. married, will
rn.'^wnt i«*rman»ni!y. in France. Atner-
Icaalßrwa: . <.t,wnt.«sions faithfully ex*-ut«J.
g«S^ ; introduced. C LAI.BERT. IM sth
(tAKER Foremin: first class: steady: on
nU hlr.d* of bread, rolls, --akes. city or
cour.trv Oi. hinsky. Oft St. Marks
r'lai-'e. ... (rent.
BOOKKEEPER, assistant, knowledge of
t\i.ewrttlng: some experien. % » ; 1»: tn"rt»r
ate palary. K. Kopp. 1"5 Atmw ft
BOOKKEEPER: a years' experience; salary
$I.'. per week; or extra work evenings and
Sunday; term* oM«ni!«. C Dorm y. 133
Rodnaj st.. Brooklyn.
BlLti ar.d F.NTKV CLERIC—By yun^
!<is!>. Kranx Siefert. -♦ B fan «..
I!OY I.V public fCbOOI «radiate. in '!",''''•
vr.tn chHO-e f->r advam-wrent. Brooklyn
prefeired; wages. *.'.. Warganr. 14 AdclpLl
St., Brooklyn.
r>< >V 17 graduate wishes position *" h
.■hun.-e "for advancement; h"re.«t. a, curate
and rapid tlgur.i ; be.«: r*fei»rxe; *• to start.
Hroidn. :*"'-' ChriM.«i'her aye.. Brooklyn.
HOY, "iT. willing to w<ta »t any trade.
Daniel Andresv. 4M West f."l "t.
itnv 17 wishes position In hotel or bu»i
n»-sM house; salary ft Hyman Zettcr
raan. I3TH Clh aTO.
boy J6 wishes situation at anything in
carageV rravera .:■: n>« 6 ? t i h _" t -
BUTCHEB.— Pour years' ..m.t.-.. tn va
-'ous German cities; lately landed Call
Dernbarf Wi'denann. SSSB ' •!■! ■ 1 Broadway.
i CHAUFFEUR and machinist; operates for
1 elan and American K uS"iene cart! can do
I own repatrtn«; sober and reliable: best
! references, city or country. L*. M.. Tribune
i Uptown iilti.-.-. 13C4 riroadway.
! Ki'K''l: .— C mpetsdt; hi private fatn
j Iv • thoroughly i'j-iint. .i in No* York.
I Brooklyn »nd country loads; l»»t ref»ren-e
from last etnplojer; d'-es own ret.alrin^
I Vrtdr.-^ C Evan*, can Mr. Pierce, 7»<*
r*ulton St.. Brooklyn. ■ -
i CHAUFFEUR. — Hy a first class me.-tiunlc;
'■ or in private carage. M. MeU. V'B L.U-
I quer St., Brooklyn.
CHAUFFEUR, married; with part;, sppss
c'.atins services of an honest, sober me
rliar.t. • best of references. V. A. Grave.
'*1114 S*th St.. Rrooklyn.
CIIAUFKBUR-— In privats family; car*?'.:! I
driver anfl repair man; speak* English
and German. Address P. W. llarnach. I
l'( rl Richmond. X. Y. |
ill \l'fTß! ;l t- — Experienced sober and i
I steads . all sasolens cars; r«"p»>r man; rat
ertnecs. Oiauffeor. MS] Ij»fay*tte aye..
COMPANION or TUTOR to boys >in«
abroad during; summer months, by coilee*
man; references. Address Yale. Tr!T'_-e
Office. _„__
CUTTER en trousers and riding breeches;
ftr«t class; experienced; city or country-
J. futorowskl. »15 East 2Sth at.
Cl '"RK or CVSillKk. By a law student.
at nifthf salary secondary; a place of
study more U*>!raMe. J. s .S.. 350 West
i-ati -at i st, ■.
DEOORATOR — As salesman or foreman
wltn responsible paint and wall paper
house; lons experience; At reference. ,
Write' Boa «25. New Haven. Conn.
DRIVER or PORTER. —By middle aged
man In wholesale house; handy with
tools. Carl I»lverl«. COT East 14t»th st.
DRIVER; yi«in.; man. li<: German; on Ue
llrery wagon or single truck; city or
country. W. licnedek. 482 Pearl st.
DRIVER on a wa«on t at anything by
vounr man. 19. Thomas McQuellan. 332
East S3d st.
DRAWING. — By first class man; free hanj ;
drawing. Joseph Hraban. 42S E. T!at. |
ENGJNEER. Chief: Al; guarantees saving i
of :£> i.rr cent In running expenses .of any
plant; American. !■> G. IT. I. . 'iii V. sal
lOUth ft.
ThICAL ENGINEER.— Seven years*
upertea.e «!e3ign. suDer\i»!on. construe
tl.>n high cLrs lichtlr.s; po«er. Isolated
plants: some «xpcrl?nc9 in manufacti'iiac;
4mls«s change. liowc. 134 East €3& st.
effect their escape. What happened to the bodies ]
of the unfortunate men was toM by the pus3*»nKer»
of the steamer Delta, which arrival at Trlnlchut
from Ciudad Bolivar. Venezuela. A day before the
steamer's arrival it passed several bodies floating
in the Orinoco River, two of which were identified.
One of these was that of Gfneral Parades. Julio
ITodrigufz. brother of the Delta's captain, was one
of those killed.
The- story tells of the refusal of two frovernment
generals to carry out the orders tf> execute the
prisoners, and that then General Jesus Garcia. whr>.
-tins' under, instructions from Caracas, ordered the
shooting, personally supervised the execution. Tile
government commander tsst intended to piace Gen
era' Pared°s in the fortress at Ixis Castillcs. and
■with thnt purpose in view had placed him aboard
th<- Socorro. a small steamer, en route for the
fortress. On ti\*> wav there, it is staM. th<> orders
vrere recelveii from Caracas that rsl! the prisoners
wer»- to be summ-irily "tint General Paredes wjs
landed on a sanili>anl:. and v«-h«>n Informed of th?
order, replied: "It is an ord<-r; do your duty."
His captors tlien hound him. but he refused to" be
blindfolded. S<> Ocmrn! ParoiJt-p. brave and urt
flinchinc. met hi-? fat^. Those with him were also
shot, nil the Ijo.li.^s i>«ln.K thrown into the river.
Six mere were executed on the following rtav. Otic
of the bodies recovered tras dint of Dbkfl llernxn
de«, stepson of a Port of Spain merchant T'.v
shootins of the insurr-.-tionists. Mr. Jsol»t's advices
nay. has created a profound sensatior* in Port o'
Spain, wli'-re many of the victims had lived and
trer" well known.
There were no Americana among the killed. rh-»
report to that effect srowintr out of the fact that
ho::s wantsd.
ELECTRICIAN — All arour.4: irsid? and
outside wiring. Jcseph lira ban. ■»-"■ E.
71»t st. „ ;
CUEVATOR RUNNGII.— ny joiitis mart: |
man or at anythlne: best retfrences.
Bfrgen. 225» Bridge st. Brooklyn.
ELEVATOR RUNNER.— By experience::,
light colored youns man. in tuiel or
dub, as elevator runner o:- ball man. Ad
dress CS West 89th St.. care of Thorpe.
GENTLEMAN. 43. very learned and hon
*st. spealcinir several languages, taoaoi * or
niiy kin.! of convenient work. Addt«i3 N.
S.. 5U> West 4-' d st.
GOOn PENMAN ciesirfs few hoars' even
in.; wurk or store attendance. Thaemm
ler. 40.1 East Kith St.
HOUSEMAN. Rood, <n gentleman's place.
by miiUlle-as«l German, single: a!! round
mm; reference?. T. C2T Nlr.th aye., cor.
13th Et.
HANOI' MAX.— Married; hand at any work '
and any tools. Wendel. CS SohsfTer st.,
Brooklyn. ,
HEO'ER."— Carpenter or painter's: young
Swede: 23. t» learn trarte; steaks Ens- 1
Ual . P. S.. CSSI) East 41st St.
! foreman; fl r st o!a;-s RteHKHi heavy an.l
light; large foundry preferred; frnj crate.
• nersetic. Palmer. 13» Ross st.. Broeklya.
ert Hauley Oardner, u»> Broad St.. Blootn-
Beid. N. J.
LIGHT MASON work: al! descriptions;
plastering promptly repaired: chimneys
put In flr»t class ordpr: a.a. 1 br^-lt work and
cementing. John Mulling*. 2£i\> 3d aye.
MAN.— elderly man doing ISRht work;
Brooklyn preferred. Address Dan!*] Mc-
Carthy. M Washington aye.. Brooklyn.
MAN. — By middle used man. capable, posi
tion of trus'.; b«s: of references, Box 4.
Tribune Office.
itA i•! i I N I ffl F.N riIXEER

MESSENOEI cr other ligbt work by young
married mar.; references. Mur.sy, Cos
East SHth.
OFFICE WORK —By young man, 10; will
ing, ambitious: public school graduate;
reference Trom last employer. E. Cole. 3t
Monteith St.. Brooklyn.
■•: MAN. — G
N J.
Is ■
man. IS
lent wf-rk; lowe«t prii-'a; «stima?e<» fn>*;
rr.^n; ■ reliable. Ftnlth Ifi2 Uast 122 d st.
I'LI'JIIiI'R'S HEU S' s voaK experi
ence. Addren Frank Utller. IS* Aye. A.
PACKER. a ■ By ■ an; educated; r.ot
afrai.} of work; handy with tools; sprakis
Fnglish O-rman. Dungartan, Croatian.
SrHnhaußS. .".34 East fUth st.
ri-UMfiER. competent; a!l brnnfhes;
knowledge of machinery f'sr trad- ship
building: firm preferred; •> years' F-.p.plNh
r<-f<T«-r.<-e: thoroughly rel!abl*. Do\ 102.
Pumcnt. X. J.
P«'RTER. — Saloon or caf£: Jl<> weekly
Mi:!".r. 233 iJoIJ at., r.rooklvn.
SAL,KS^fAN cigan stand; in hotel cafe.
store or office building; bext references.
Write .'. I'ouy. 2^!» W.-st 20th »t.
SALESMAN. —By bta member of larc? p»t
tlcua! firm: wi»h'.i to connect hin^self
with h';:»e of jlr.iilar !in»s for Ne-» Eng
land. NVw York nr n-arby territory; on
comr.il!>s:on only. R. J. F.. P2t> Sarra«r
aye., N«war^. X. J.
SAL.KSUAN or clerk wishes positmn In
M<r.ln»r« nn.l h.>u;wfiim!»hing •■t.>r»: 2<»
ymrs' rxperl«nc«; city or country; I'tst
reference; speakir? German end Englfsh.
J. I-ong. S<H 3d aye.
SHIPPIN' i cu;nK and PACKER — Wll'tns
and tndu^tr'^u*; lives -ntth parents ; b~i=t
r«f»renre. B. • "haakelson. en Gerry et.,
BPECIAIi "FTHKR-Pr young man; any
pla.-e Qrosa, Ml Cherry st.
STABLEMAN. —By «*.r.an: strong; can
handle hun«e:«: reference*.. Kttla, care
Fe'!-r 64T r&it l"th ft . Rrst floor.
„ff, •
High at
WATCHMAN. —Ty Cfrman: rellaMn n-an;
Isn«»kiyn preferred Hauaer, 2ii rarkvte-w
aye.. Qlendate, Ix>njj Islaoo,
WATCHMAN. -Hy k~kj. r.nest man; handy
with i.xils. Janifr. 2it> Tast Sid si
WATCHMAN.— By rr.ar\ wlt'i artificial !c^.
a» watchm-n. "caretaker or any h<!i«
work: could art -.•■> i-.%urler: glv» bond If
required. Add:v!w W.rk. 'J4.-. West .1.1.1 »t.
TOUNQ MAN desires to accorapany »>:-.■.«
naturalist explorer rr other traveller;
■nod worker; small v.asee expected. Ad
dress Charles Wagner. SSH Hartford st .
Pt. U'uls. ' *
YOUNG MAN. "• to work at ar.ytl.irc:
salary expuo-ed. ST: -xpenenced in whole
sale house. Benjamin Albertsteta. EOT
Hiinb< It st., Brooklyn.
YOUNG MAN: four years' exper.en-» In
shipping room: millinery j.referred. Hurry
Balsam, MOT East 11th st.
YOUNG MAN. 21: good character a-U an
pearan.-e; i.uslnesslil c; p.jsttl..n with Rv." 1
Broapeata: can furnish Al re?»rn~-s; saury
:t»rt. *11 $12. Charles Krana, Ml 3d uve.
YOUNG MAN. IS at anythinsr. 11. Waliin.
411! Ea.-it &2.1 st.
■ man.

Yul'Xii MAN with pxr.<,-i^nce In grocery.
fruit v«-get»Mi» and in :h n poultry line;
with refereaee. F. Massaru, 3«! Amst-r
dam .-. *.
TOUNG MAN. "4. withes executive'posi
tion as shop c<>"t, exs*-ns>>. estimator t>r
pay roll clerk: « yeara* experience. Ad
<jres!. Estimator. 0O Sfi ay.
rOl'NfJ -MAN. t!> ofllllnK worker; Rood
packer. Adflrcas Box 31, ISIj 'M aye.
YOUNG man. i- wishes, to learn coo,-t
trad^. Perlrcuttwr. 2""_' stantcn st.
YOUN<I MAN. 20: in tvticlfsalo or retail
Jewelry house; experienced: reference?,
Custa-v Sandt, 334 East IKKh St.
\"Oi;N(J MAN. I' Bpestking En*llsh- and
Hpanish; little knowledge in typewrttUq;
snd aecttrata nt figures: change of advance
ment. Address C. It. 15. S.. ■!!- I'd aye.
YOl'Ntl MAN; at anytklns: not *a'o>n
bualnesi De Yountt, ZM East SHth bt.
YOIN'IJ MAN. lntrl!lK"tlt. a^etl well
dressed: i-ositlon outside „r travelling-;
heat r«f'-ri nee. J. P.. Tribune Uptown Of
n.-.-. 1.384 Broadway.
—. . j
YOUKG MAN. energetic, conse'entlcu*. re
fined, holdipjr resp>)as!blo pcaition in pub
lic tns-tituUcn. d<?slre.9 to connect with in
surance. res>i estate or men-Hntile -m as
rvpnseotatlvs or correspondent. I" A..
Tribune Office.
Female. _
CLERIC —By young woman as poetotß^e
clerk in «üb-statinn: one year's experi
ence; references. Hiss Ralth, 3C3 V. .
airs-., Brooklyn. -
GOVEItX&?3 or lady's n-.all by refined
youns Oernian woman; wouU t.reter to
accept with people who go ti> Europe Uur'.rs
summer. M Colaoibus aye.. car» delica
tessen. ~\ ■ V -
periencrii in conductins important nusi
ness proj*«i. wishes ctars* fit exhibit cr
demonstration; thorati«h a.-cjucuat; Al
references. I*, " ; East C£Ut it.
with Genera! Paredes were i mtr Brßlahsn (raMs
San Fernando. Trinidad, who were executed.
TIM Negro business men o; this city who are en
gaged in enterprises of their own assembled last
evening in the parlors of the Hotel Maco. I 33d
street, near Seventh aver.ee. ___ effected a local
Negro Business Les^e of the National Negro
Business League, of which Dr. IV-oker T. Wash
ington is president. Tncy also determined to mako
an exhibit on an elaborate scale of Nesrro bustissa
enterprjaes here at the convention of the National
Nvsro Business Vtagae. which witl be. held In To
pvka. Kar... August 14. 15 anj X
Police Commissioner Blnshsm issueil an order
yesterday that no member of th* police force «ha!l
be permitted to receive ;<.ny reward for the arrest
of aay person, or for the arrest and conviction oi
any i«rsor.. ur f.>r the recovery of any oroT>ertT !
except th- reward in offered for the arV^st of "II
servers from t'.u- army uv.<\ navy of the fniteri
States and such rwarda as are «pen » .if by pub-
Bated notices and those commonly known a*
Btan.lirs rewards. Th- Commissioner
that the order wa issued t.> stop "the- acC^ptins
of tips. * mi S
OKI _3[_.&_nrQ[F_JlL
One of the magnificent Steamships of the "Empress" fleet of the
Har.£so:r?!y illustrated d-sertpttve- pamphlets mailed on application.
Sailings monthly from Vancouver for China. Japan. Hawaiian and FJJi
Islands. Australia and New Zealand. E. V. SKINNER. A. T ?.T
Nos. 1 and 4r>s Broadway and 281 Fifth Aye.. New York.
OFFI<'Ei ASSISTANT, experienced, refined
personality, seeks permanent position;
ralary $S. iliss U. A. C. VM Guernsey st-,
as compani
.17 West 1441
TEACH tCII. &f. — f"r»tich. Genran. Italian,
Dutch. English; private l^sjor.s; reaaon
aMs prices: or z^ inierpret?r. M.S3 M.. 745
East 13d st.
. acco
ra!<": motier.. nco as
aye.. Brook.-
VISITTXa SECRETARY, ccmpanlon cr
goveneaw, by Englisti lady; well »1 :
cated. refined: musical, :r.ath»roattcal ear
tificates; good penmarshlp: .«h«s: refer
«nc?i. tes:imoalali. Secretao'. Box 121. tii7
fith aye.
ATTENDANT.— Ey young man. as atund
act on gentleman; s;«ajC3 English and
German; would travel. Address Joha F.
Kului. 12S Cfcarlton st.
ATTENDANT. — Companion to invalid; ex
perienced, educatt-i. gentlemanly; accus
to«ne.j 13 travel: New York references
Gniiau. ■ .• Ix-xmgton aye.
::-TL MAN- By colors*
BUTLER. — By young man, colored, with
private family. a» butler or chauffeur.
John A. Uaswell. 54 West UOth, St.. --are of
BUTLER— COOK— By first claaa Swedish
couple: thoroughly experienced; rellaola
butler, valet. Cttok; excaUent manager; beat
referencaa; wa£ea JllU; city or country.
215 East to'th s;.. Apartment 26.
SUTLER or V.-AJT£^R.— By Christian young
ir.an. 24; in private family; gxni habits.
steady anl good worker. U. B. C. Tribune
CARETAKER.-*.— Ev family of thr»« adults:
American; city ..r suturba; trustworthy.
reliable; 12 years* reference. Hartley. I>cx
3. Isa «th are.
COACHMAN. — CisiK years' city references:
rare fine horses; ctty or country. Caro
store. JiC ►:h aye.
COACHMAN. —^In city or country: fits:
class references; disengaged en account
of turning horses to ih* country. E. tlver-
Itt. K>4 Highland aye.. Jersey City.
rcACHMAS.— Experienced; i willing and
obll^in;; iirivate familr: city or country;
best .!-f references. iVachraaa. car« Pike.
1I'» W«st Mst at.
COf>K.— Bv excellent Japanese .cook, in
family: city or country; wag»s. HO a
rr.pn'h. o. Satow. «53 Cherry at.
FARMErTa^nd USEFUL MAN.— Ptatß veg
etable gardener; can drive: wife will do
hfu>«-,\"rk: young Irish people; nvirried;
bo chili!r#n: g"O>1 reference. WllUarn, at
«'»rren'^-r's Bur»att. 154 6th ay».
C.ARDKNER. — By Genr.an, thre« chi'.4r»n:
t:*fc« charge of hothouse, laundrj- and
'•ewaM's. livesrcx-k; all kinds marnfnaryi
I >ng »-ais r^f^rence. Gariener. Box 2P3.
Tenafiy. N. J.
■rmar.. 29

- best

■t!«n's plac«:
rlen *■•] !n all branches 13
F. car* of
GAP.UECF.R. — Thoroughly experienced In
all blanches; e<x>d references. "barlsa
Vrr Wl Myrtle aye., Brooklya.
. ; v; mar-
GARDEXER.— Head; Scotch: n-arrted. 45:
Itfe ex!*rl»nc<» cut flowers, fruit, vrgeta-
H-^; unltr giasa or ourslde: ten yeara In
P".'*r.t r.viitton: >;:at- rartlculp.rs In Erst
letter. Ttvwra* Tou-!«. yunric. Conn.
OAROENXIt — Aaatetaat; "a private place:
'ti years' e\perien-.-e tn all brar.^-hes; flr-'t
c13?3 rrferences. Address Box TT. ilyde
l.«. AVB-
HXNI'Y MAN. — By German: middle aeed:
bcr'Jt amt thorough; bea: nftxentea; un
ders:ar.-;3 san:< r.irrg. furrace; handy at
any kind of work. Address Perger. ZZI
Kast 11th st.
HOI'.-RIVORK.— Cv younff ir.a.n. Oreek:
private house; reference*. Thoaias Rallas.
21^ West S"«h »t. »r-
1 • ■>. ■
•h St.
J\NITOH wi»he» twi> or thi** houses on
Washte^an Helshta: IS years' experience:
si*aks German. English. Apply Jacttor,
t i» West l*£y *t.
MAN' enl wife; on centleman's estate.
mherm <-ottase or livins rooica are tur
nishwl; man aa poultry mfser and general
uiei'ul ntaa; wife czn board kielp ur a»
g«-amatres3. Address carlstriim. 4G Wash
ington" st.. rcujhkeesaie. X. T.
STAGLEMA.N". &--. — Cy German. 40; atnitle;
house ao4 garurn work. Address V. XV..
182 Canal s:.
VALET. — Attendant to an Invalid; expe
rten'.-ed. educated. *ent!emianly; accus
toiwd to travel; Xe* York refereaoea.
Uraharn. © Lexicston ate. '
WAITERS. — Tiro first rla«s, experience-1
nsesj; umlerstaad bartending; clsht woric
i-r three-<iunrter tim» pi-eferrtd. Jensen.
SM \V«st.2Sth «t. '
VALET or assistant ta Invalid; 14 yean
with last employer; city 14) years; previ
ous Paris; apea^s French. Italiaa. Spanish;
r«v.-u:ticr.jca. Cari^, 2Z& West 33a at.
domestic srrxAiiosa tcastpx
COOK— Protestant: strictly tit
class, excellent manager; beat r«f«rencsa;
city or country. M 11.. Mrs. CoillaTa
Agency. 123 West -3d st. «*"ws.
S-><xi. piain. la small private*
raniily; excelleat bread baker; 7 years'
city re:erence; co car.is. 635 Sd aye.. Ist
COOK la emergency, by th» day, week o»
month; win assist other duties; rood ref
erences.^ M W.. Mrs. Collier-. Agency. 13
--a s*.
COOK, assist laundress: ■-•' tnr*-or.t, ob_g
irtK woman: good refereaaes; ett» Op
country, if. Q.. lira. Colller'a Aceaey. X 3
W est 23d at.
COOK. good, a! I round; small family: city
or country; good references. Tu«aday and
Wednesday. 51 West 114 th at. »'* r Jani
tor's bell.
COOK. — Plain laundress; tn email family:
Scotch Protastant; wages $23; etty or
country. j::si Curry's Bureau, 25 West
-12\t st.
COOK. Ac. — Thre«» years* r>f«renaa; la«
sister, a3 kitchenosid; stiEflrlor sjMs;
wish to fro together. Miss CurrTa Buwau,
25 W«at „ at.
COOK— First -lass: understands her bust
nssa thoroughly; best references; can taka
ertire. charge; salads, desserts. ate; JSO to
ICO. Swedish Exchange. 594 36 a,v~., tear
3itsi St.. or ' Si — SSth-
COOK.— By the day or week: Swedish; cotn
petent; understands all braschea of cook
tcs;: will prepare iunchaor.3, dinners. A. W. a
Miss Fitzgerald'a Bureau. Sift 6ta ay*.. cor—
er r 42d st.
COOK and laundxers: chair.bencald ar.d
waitress; together; best rsferancea; wages
$22. J2O: city or country. F!ah«rt»"Bi Bu
reau. 455 Columbus aye.. near bJd st. Tel.
T4l— River.
COOK.— Ttrst clasß; understands all kinds
of cocking: best personal and writwa
references; wages. $30. Flaherty's Bureau.
455 Columijua aye.. near fsid st. Tel "41—
COOK capabre: Finnish woman; first claaa
work: can take entire charge of kitchen:
best references. Jussila Eureau, 6so Lex
inctno aye.
CHAOIBERiIAID.— Assist wultin^ »r sew
ing: Prntf.-itaT:t: excellent relerencea. Miss
Ctirry's Buri>au. 25 West 42° l st.
CHAMBERMAID.— Neat Swedish s!rl: be--t
references; city preferred; (23. i^;l
Swedish Kx"hange. r.i>4 3<l ay., n-»ar SStn.
or TeL 4*s— 3*th.
cr.EANTNO. — By worean; !n dental oSloe o?
drus f -rt. AiMresa Mr*. Renter. SS> Ist
DAY'S WORK. — V.'a««hing. Iror.ine and
heusecteantns- Apply to Mrs. tlarrottaon,
1S» Riverdal* aye.
DAY'S W(>RK. — Sy woman; wasting, troa
ing. cleaning. Allen. ZM East 124 th at.
•.wo flights:
UO:;s~KT.~V^rR. — Thoroughly competent
m; M agett woman: will tak» entira
charge of household; city cr cocntry: 525 to
|30. CHU Monday. Swedlsa S«s:.a--.se. EO4
3d aye.. -iear £9th St.. or Tst •»»— SBtii.
HorSEwOPKER. —By North Garmaa
woman: educated: good cook; In horn*
xi-hfre a (rood worker Is appreciated. Ai
dress Janitor, 804 West 113t!v St.
HOU3EWORKER. —^By yotir.s Irlah girl: In
city; co wan ling, 8.. Hofroajer. U3 'West
2H st.. Tel. after 10:3» a. to. li»*4— Cnalseo.
HOUSEKEEPER.— Accuatomad to taka an
.tlr* charg»: catertn*. c-.arkeUnjr, etc.; op
,-i~ vi.^tttsg bonsai ..onager for aom% hour*
ea~h day M ■ W.. car- Vt*i vrtsOsfakra
I.ureau. Sdl &t^ ava,
HO UPKWO RK 'n-w SaoEili -Bj young
Protestant English girl: In apartsasMaaci
■mall family. Miss Curry's ■oraau. 2S
We*c 42d st.
KITCHENIIAID.— Neat. tf«Jy FatßC sjM:
wi'lir.? and obliging: good n«sraui.sa.
Flsh#n '. 's Bureau. 480 Columbus «v%. asas*
SCd st. Tel. 7U— Rtvaft
UfT'S MAID. — Oerman: IsliiThsslbbj
maricurinit and very sjood! ssaanstrsss;
e-reliect oltr references: $25. Wtnthrap
Kureau. •:..-. West 8&h »'.. 'fboaa M»2—
it^DIES' SAID. Fr«i?^: warns. tSO: «a
cellent references. Mis* OaTrr*s Bureau,
i" West 423 st.
V dona at homa Handy,
th st.
I*AUNr>RESS.— Xea:. tMy ynuos sJH:
woulii sM cbamherwrrh: b«tc rafcr—
er<-»: wagesi $22 to J23. F!ah«rty*a Bn—
r-au. 4« Columbus aye.. Bear 834 st. Tsi.
741— River.
UI."XPR£is. — Protestaat: wUI assist
ch!imh<rworlt: neat and reflatui: excellent
references: c:tr cr country. J. £k. Mrs.
CtCter*! Agency, 122 West 235 »».
tak'ng entire charge of boos* tnaoag* «er-»
vant». entering, etc.; exceliant reference*.
J. T.. Mi«» Kitzscral3's Bursau. ace I*4
aye.. corjt«r 42! »t.
MAID and COMPANION. —To elderly
woman: i,!2in sewing. Taylor. 247 East
52d »t.. first fioor.
MAIIVHOUSEKEEPEK. — Onrpetent to *3
marketlns: wire «:tlrs> chargs of assjss>
hotd: K'»d ?eamstrw«» and '-sser; a>x
years' ci:y referenrea. Vfinrrjop bureau.
tS V."e^t 3S'Ji -t. 'Phone 1002 3stn.
NURSE. — By young Swedish g!r!; win act
M i.. - maid: .-..: •■■'! ■-.!-■ beat ref
er-rices; $25. Call SweCish &raaga». Ma
3d aye.. nesr 39th st.. or Tei. 4-'iS— 3Sta.
TWO P.ESFEXTAEI-E co!ore<t women la a
hotel or nsished roctn house; day cr
ni*tt work. Mrs. MePherson. 20C \Test
SSlh tr.
•JKAJISTTIF.SS wishes !ay'» work in pri- *
rate family: children's fin« lingerie a V
specialty. Mrs. N. Joaephine. -'••"> East \
S»»th «t.
rSKI»:t. MAID: or titchsa ma!i; haa
som- erperience: city only; |Id. M!sa
C-arrj's Eurotiu. 2T» West 43d at.
WASniXC— By r-«pe«able younj wiiow;
for hotel euesta. 1 1 .i.i'k. 1314 Ist i.e.
I tidy, quick youcie jjlrl; b»st references;
i W3g"3 $20. Flaherty'» Bureau. 4Si CJohwi
, busTive.. near S3d st. TeL 741— Rlrer.
WAITRESS.— dee. pleasant, neat Swed
tan girl; in tnwi! family: apartment bonas;
i best reference: IS. (\tl Swedish Exctaa^a.
."J4 3d a\e.. near 3»:h at.
work HOUSEKEEPER". — win tak«
i chart -> ©r wld3»er'» or tachet>r"a bens*.
or act as pariorosaid or attiamnt to mvaiid; »
' ■a ■; ma=aser: ten years" rcfersce* from
I lost ensp!!:yer. 0.. Miss IrMagexolffa B«J
reaa. SUS SC» aye.. comvr 42a s^
! WASHING. — Younj ursnsaa wUhes to taka
home family washing; beat references
1 given. Mrs. WtU. 1573 £>«aa «™. lw> i .a.

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