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Investigators Propose Use of Fcr
. me*nt to Prevent Disease.
A posslbUity of the laeal milk trade Is to fisrht the
bovine ttiberoiiiosls barlßl in milk vitli a ferment
which will kill th« former. Dr. «T. H. Pan*. direc
tor of iy,f research hihonUar>ai at the Health De
r>:ir*m«Tit. r:iii yesterday that the introduction of
the ferment was first bronched to him a month nen.
He bm nr. reason v/hy It should not prove a suc
cess. This ferment, which has th« tineuphoneous
name of ft Mr ynkinrd. is prartlcally a onion of
food bacilli which make ready find effective war
on every injurious bacillus that they may come la
contact with.
The discoverer of this ferment was the Russian
•dentist. Dr. Jletchinohoff. He Introduced it to
the Parts Jnvestisn'ors. ".-ho took it up with cn
tlu?i:ism. It Is in use in that city. Bat these
fcru-ilii will not make soar milk ssi«t. r.or will th^'.r
use !n milk that comes from uninspected dairies be
permitted. In the regular quality of milk that
con.'s to this city from day to day they may be
uso<l at the option of the dealers.
The extensive- application Of this form of purify
ing milk will depend, of course, on the taste and
Inclination of the consumer. When febir yokhard is
mixed with milk it forma lactic acid, and the char
acter of the fluid is changed from the ordinary
Basset rroduct to one that baa a slightly sour taate.
bat the milk will 1* healthful. The ferment must
be added at least three days after it is produced or
at an earlier time, and then it will keep the milk
In good condition for ten day* or more. The acidity
of the milk will become more pronounced as the
days po by. but the purity of it will not suffer.
Dealers will have to educate their consumers to the
use of milk treated with the ferment, for at the
first taste it will be believed that the fluid has b^
•run to sour. And while consumers abroad are
trilling to make frequent experiments in foods and
other things, the citizens of this country prefer to
take their milk, foods of other kinds, etc.. straight.
Th* ferment, however, it is urged, will in no
wise supersede pasteurization. This process. Us
friends say. does not destroy the sweetn< of the
milk, does not compel the consumer to educate
his tatte as if for a new nourishment. It is
the feeling among those who are working to im
prove the quality of the milk used in this city that
the ferment would assist In reducing the channels
of contagion. One of the active workers in this
cause paid yesterday:
"Some persons think that we are making a lot
of noise about the milk supply, as if that were the
only food used by the large population of our
city. It is not the only food, but it Is the only
food for many Thousands of children to whom
proper nourishment at their Immature age is a
matter of life and death. Mr. Nathan Straus was
cot wrong when he said that one child out of
every three that are born dies before the age of
five is reached, and that the majority of these
deaths are preventable. And one of the asBCSt
ways at cutting down this death rate is to provide
the children with pure food— namely, pure milk.
Mr. Straus early saw the necessity of educating
the mothers of the East Side in hygiene. But they
•re not th.<? only mothers who require education
In the proper care of their young.
"So far as we can see. there Is no other
way of protecting the children from danger than
through education of mothers, given the future
promise of purity of the milk supply from Its
6ource to the dealer. One way, of course, is to
show mothers, through publicity, what is being
clone by others for the welfare of their children;
also, that there is a grave question as to the
ability of the average mother to care for her
children in the right way. This will be repudiated
by intelligent mothers in general, of cour<e. but
we have a whole lot of statistics that show a rate
of mortality of infants among the well-to-do that
Is little short of amazing. We are aiming for
something that we will be able to accomplish,
namely, the purity of the milk supply to the maxi
mum of possibility, from the cow to the dairy.
Outsiov of the ignorant mothers of the East Bide,
v.no to a very large extent will be Instructed, we
must depend upon the mothers who do not come
within the scope of charity effort to use their in
telligence in their own way to help US out."
A "raw food" man was happy over his belief that
those in favor of t:.>- pastuerlsation of the milk
supply were not to rot the support of the Health
Department. 1!- mid that no food should be
ccoked, and when told that pastuenzatlon was not
•cooking he said that the heat was sufficient to kill
many beneficial germs and should not be allowed.
15ut when he was Informed that the Health De
partment purposed to obtain a pure supply of milk
through general and rigid Inspection, and that.
while no pronunciam«>nto would be issued demand
ing pasteurization, nothing would be done to pre
vent it, the "raw food" man was rather taken
At the oflW-s of the Department of Health i* was
said yesterday that I" Darlington was busy
gathering his data for final plans for the season's
work. "lt la more than probable that the depart
ment will ask for an' additional appropriation to
take cure of the work of Inspection in a drastic
manner, an.; it was intimated that the State 1 >»•
l>&rtmcnt of Agriculture would be asked to give
every assistance in its power to eliminate dis
eased cattle from among the herds In the state.
Every effort will be made to keep the milk ques
tion out of politics, for the reason as an official
eaid yesterday, that the question is one of the sav
in* of lives and not of the patty that should be
Instrumental in doing this. At present the law al
lows half of Uw valut- of condemned cows to the
owners. It is s-i-H that th<ro is ... money to carry
cut this part '.f the provision it present." It is ex
pected that this will be remedied soon.
Albany Chamber of Commerce Calls Meeting
at Capital for March 14.
Albany, March '.— A Ftate corsforrnce for the
**cx>nflJ«»ration of the pending; constitutional amend
tnrnt relating t.» the ranslraiitlssi of dams and the
•/orfcKo of waters in the forest |iriine for public
purports" is called in a letter sent out to-day by
the Albany Chamber of Commerce, to be held In
Albany on Thursday. March 14. The mayors of
the cities and i.r.-i.i.-t^. of villages la the Ftate
and representatives of us business men's associa
tions have been Invited. It la stated that the pur
poMC of the confor.nfe is to pot from the delegates
their sentiment on the proposition.
All Head Hot Guilty— Twenty-four Court
Officers Put on Patrol.
The five plain clothes men who were arrested In
Brooklyn an Thursday night charged with trying
to levy bia<-kma!l on saloonkeepers of East New
York and Brownsville, were Indicted and arraigned
yesterday After pleading not guilty to the charge*
each was held In $l.<*x» bail '
-.A. A «' h , 1 f transfer of policetnea was ann..un... ,1
at I'olice Headquarters yesterday. Twenty-four
itatnilmcTi were transferred from the various courts
In Brooklyn to walk beau. These transfers were
rnnde by '-"■. Deputy Commissioner Arthur
J,*'*P' a ? d 11l1 ll " loriS V d by <»mmla«iioner Bineham.
The « nm mi— liner also transferred sixty-one Man
liatten policemen, sending the majority of then
s;'»' h ' m " ri ; d. "*'>• Populate precincts to The
Uronx. " m "" s 1 "" ningham said that be wished
<o tnake rfHim downtown tor new mm ' where th«
would have to work hard. ' wn<re the *
B«sidential Section of Genoa, H. V. ; Saved
by Firemen from Out of Town.
Ithaca. x. v., March i.-The business section of
tl* vlUa^e of Oenoa. eighteen miles north of here,
v*a estroywd by lire early i!.i- naorulng, With an
m tlmand damage of &:>*«. The fire was discov
ered la tb» 1>- Witt House. at the centre of tie
Sm2£T* ?"* , e}>lca<J rapidly. A bucket bri ade . i
citJrens faued to stop the flame?, and the old Car
son iiour-e caught fire. A dothtag store. "The
Ocn"3 Tribune ofilce. the I -Htin Block and a two
etory KuLtlir.g were destroyed. The residential por-
J»o:i of the viMase waa saved by firemen from
,'. • i V.y TV?Ie K rai>h to T!ie Tribune. J
/ Waterburj'. Conn.. March L rtlad by a trolley
ear, aliorse attached to 3 sltigh In New Britain
yesterday overturned the vrh!e!e and the driver
was thrown into a snowbank, whcaca he was pi: k.-.i
t:p ncronvious. From pa^rs In bis possession he
was jdentinv-d as John Kt-rtvin, of Newlneton^ a
beutchman. m-Immh- brother Is the Chief of fUliceof
tJUmtow. Ktrwin liad a l)ankbook In his pocket.
ll "* lr 'f, a ,V al:in ' lc , or « IC W- He is seventy-two
yt*.rs old. It is said that be may not recover.
The Board, of Water Supply, which has charge
CX the plan of lirtniing water from the Catskill»
to the city nt a cost of $]«1,000. announced ycstei.
a HZ l .^ at '* l " f""»' lirt- «l to enter into an agreement
with the owner* <.•. -,tid persons interest.. i in 'any
rcaJ ceiate 1.-ii.l down <, SI ::mp.s ior ii.. acuuitinc
of projx-rty 1.,,- the cont^rurtiiin „f tt.- aau^duct
end re^rvolri., as to Ui« amount or oodipettSaUoa
SL^-8?^ BU< l , l "*•""•« «* persons interestea
*Z mt ?* in -L a " 1118 aV<la V <l '^ Pyi»B such real
•Mate. The boaru l) y " it jjurpotw* treating Justly
ail persona affected by the occupatlon*and i.,,»
•ggem^nt wIU Us reacljtu through friendly u,^.
Court Severely Condemns Them for
Transferring Patients.
The practtc* of trnnsferrin? a patient critically
111 from one hospital to another was denounced by
• ,T"s. p)\ I. (;r*"-n. of the City Court, yester
day In dismissing the complaint <lf Patrick J. Mc-
Intvre npain.-t the Intcrurban Street Railway Com
pany to recov«r 12.090 for th" death of Morris Do
rinn. who had been transferred to three aiffi rent
hospitals, and finally died In the fourth. Justice
o.rf'u said:
"The evidence Is absolutely barren of even a sug
gestion as to the reasons Impelling the numerous
transfers "i" this poor, unfortunate creature from
one hospital to another, and the physicians railed
on the plaintiff's behalf, who were in attendance at
the hospitals :-t the time the decedent was there.
were mit.' ' • even to remember a single eiroum
stn:>ce connected >vith his Injury or with the case.
It seems almost incredible that conditions such as
this record discloses pertaining to 'he removal "f a
j»-or. unfortunate, weak and helpless human being
could exist ii. this ure-.t city ( > r be tolerated longer
than a single hour, and <:i\ Indignation Impels me
to gey at this time that it might J>- well for certain
classes if ■>■:.■ . '.Mz<>ns. those, for ci n iple, whose
fe\r:= are that "they who dlr rich may die dis
graced"; those, too, whose declining years nre spent
wrestling with Ihe problem of in a measure return-
Ing to i he tource from which it was filched the
wealth they have <:' estionaWy made, and those
also. who. i:i tl"," evening of their lives, by gifts of
millions for so-called charitable objects, ire making
for themselves unilateral agreements for salvation
Insurance with Ihe Almiahty, to examine this rec
ord and perchance to see in It an opportunity to
provide sufficiently f<>r the founding ol an Institu
tion to effectually prevent a recurrence of such
horrors in the future.
Ellison Tells Jackson City Will
Altai t Court Decision.
To the communication from Attorney General
Jackson, published in yesterday's newspapers^ sus
pesting that th« authorities in this city put up for
public auction the franchises and tangible public
property of corporations which have not paid their
franchise taxes. Corporation Counsel Ellison re
plies, saying* that -while he thanks the Attorney
General for his Interest in the local situation and
for the suggestions which he has been called upon
to make, he feels that he would prefer to wait
until the preser.t proceedings in the courts to re
view the assessments have determined just what
the corporations really owe the city before con
fiscating their property. Mr. Ellison says In part:
It is unfortunate that tho Jaw department of the
state and the law depart mer*. of the city radically
differ as to the remedies that should be adopted
in order to force payment of the taxes In question.
The state department would nans Its man and then
try him. while I am of the opinion that we had
better try our man before we execute him. I mean
by this that we had better ascertain the amount
of taxes actually due by the corporations affect" d
before we attempt to sell the franchises thereof
because of non-payment.
When such amounts have been determined and it
is. as it then will be, known Just what the In
debtedness of the various corporations to the city
is, then, and not before then, will it be time to
enforce payment by th.- sale of the corporate
franchises or other property available for the
In endir.p. Mr Ellison says
i v.rpnratirr! baiting is no doubt son;- thing of a
popular amusement, but It !s not one of the func
tions of the law department of the City of N v. -
York. It may have !ts> attractions in certain
spheres of political activity, but there is an ■
■ thru protects even a corporation In its
property ritihts. and that justice will be, 1 think,
dealt out by the courts when the matters at Issue
have been presented and heard to an orderly way.
Merchants' Association Seeks to Pre
vent Ice Cutting Near Creeks.
Steps are beins taken by Edward Hatch. Jr.. as
chairman of the Merchants' Association's com
mittee on pollution, to prevent absolutely the har
vesting of tee In the Hudson River near the i
«..f Rondout and Catsklll creeks. This section of
the Hu Ison EUvel is regarded by the committee as
essentially a. r'SC*H» spot. The nearby vill ■
<"atskill :s sufferi:;K froni a typhoid fever epl
and '• ■■ Is being cul from the .-><; ion of the river
practically at the mouths of both creek
Hutch said >• tterday:
Ice Is b4«inj; cut from the Hudson River within
fifty f«.-et Of the mout . of Rondout Creek, anil if
th<- authorities do no; Interfere at once the people
of New York City certainly will Buffer In th. : • ir
future when this lee is marketed. There are new
Icehouses that have just been built on the Kondout
waterfront for the storing of hundreds of thousands
of tot of Ice.
Ever- hit of this Ice is being cut from the Imme
diate section where Rondout Creek discharge!
i-even-eighths of the sewage of th.- city of Kings*
ton. with its population of 20.000. The health
authorities of the state must take action at «>ni-e
to prevent a continuance of this crying outrage.
Catsktß has suffered from a typhoid fever
scourge all winter, and fully twenty deaths have
been reported. As disease jrerms live in Ice for
months and years, the harvesting of i.-.- in this sec
tion Is an effective mentis of preserving these •-. ims
in cold stonigtt for th<- benefit of New York City
purchasers. Two oi the largest icehouses on the
upper Hudson are located right on the banks of
Catskill < "reek, which contains the poisoned sewage
of th' village. The ice cut from this part of, the
river, as well as that cut from around the mouth
of Rondout 0r...*, is about the foulest that can i*
imaged. •
Many Passengers Heported Hurt in Cali
fornia Wreck on Santa Fe.
Pan Bernardino, <;il., March i A Santa I-V pas.
senger train struck an open switch nr.;i r cotton this
afternoon and came into collision with a San Pedro,
Los Aaunle* im d Bait Lake train. -j t is reported
that many passengers were hurt.
Dissatisfied Manhattan Beach and Oriental
Bondholders Defeated.
The application t-> ret aside the foreclosure sale
of Deceni!-. r a made by some of the bondholders
of the Manhattan Beach Hotel an.i Land Company,
IJmlteci. owner of the Oriental and Manhattan
Beach hot. is. has 1..-, i i'.-ni.-ci by Justice Dickey, i-i
the Supreme Court, Brooklyn. Certain tovton
bondholders, holding about 123.000 of a total Issue
or $!,;>» .<•»>. alleged thai the property had been sold
at ;.n Inadequate price, and that the officers of the
company fraudulently concealed ti.. fact that be
ginning with May l. I!j<h. tome of the Interest cou
]• n* had been paid and other* had not, and that the
foi.cio.sure proc«edlngß could not legally be based
on micii v default.
The officers of the company s;,id that if fore
closure proceedinga had been permitted In IMM it
would have been <linVuit to obtain any price for
the property, owing to defective titles, and that
iij>oiis owned by the dissatisfied bondholders,
who threatened foreclosure proceedings, bad to be
paid, for tii<- purpose of keeping the property from
being sacrinoed at a forced sale. Tiie papers on
rile show that the tifli- to the property was finally
made k>>"<\ in the •■.-irlv part <.f 1900. Justice Dickey
held that the course taken was for the best Inter
ests of the bondholders.
[By Telegraph t.« The Tribute.]
Kyack. N. V.. March L- By the will of Norman
W. Dodge, son of the late William K. Dodge, which
was proved in the Surrogate's court to-day, be
quests ire made t'> the National Temperanoe Union,
the Home for Intemperate Men. Mount Vernon;
th- American Bible Society, the American Tract
Society and the Peabody Home, each of which re
ceives f4.<o>; t i: .. Ladies 1 Helping Hand Society,
which j».-ts fi.iitj; the Lincoln University, the New
York «'ity Mission and the American Sunday School
I'nion, each ol which receive H.OOO.
Albany. March L Th • Zlegler Publishing Com
pany, of New fork City, which win carry out Mrs.
Zieg!er*a charity of publishing magazines and other
literature In raised type for the blind, was incor
porated here to-day with a capital of $1,080 The
directors are K. Matilda Ziegicr. Walter «;. Holmes,
L. Bertrand Smith. William S. Champ and William
Curtis Demerr-st. all of New York. The literature
will be distributed free or at a minimum cost.
John 11. O'Brien, Commissioner of Water Supply
G::s ami Electricity, ha» removed Thomas H.
O'NVill, the Deputy CoroaiUaloner of tho depart
5f2! f ,"^.' lh " 1{r '» nx i -'-'I has replaced- him by
Michael Hecht, a M<( !.::.,„ man. Mr. O'Brien w ..i,
asked yesterday if 0'X.,111 had l^een removed." and
he -....,„■ had. He expUined the change had been
mad. for th- good Of the service." Hecht was
Ik the Rght in the 34th Assembly District in The
iJroix at the primaries before the last election,
against Louis F. lla.Ten for the leadership, when
Ilaffen was making a three corn— light.
Thinks State Should Receive Larger
Interest on Deposits.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune.]
Albany, March I.— State Treasurer Hauser»an
not:norrl to-day that he had been Investigating the
difficulty which th*» state had experienced in selling
bonds bearing low Interest, and had determined
that, if money was so valuable that these bonds
found liitle sale, the stato should receive larger In
terest m its deposits. He announced a short time
r.go that he expected to Institute a scheme of de
positing only with such institutions os would carry
lines of the state's bonds. This plan may be car
ried out, but at present he Is 1 1 inking; of demand
ing that state depositaries pay higher interest.
The state has on deposit with banks and trust
companies about $47,500.()00 in active accounts. On
this amount Interest at the rate of 2 per cent la
paid. There is also some J9.500.000 in active ac
counts, on which 3 per rent Interest Is paid.
The conditions surrounding :■:<■ sale of the state
bonds are considered serious by many of the state
officials. It is likely that, while Borne of them do
not like the bill presented by Senator' Hill and As
semblyman Moreland. rebating 1 per cent of the
franchise taxes of concerns holding these bonds,
they will unite In support of it as a possible quick
solution of the difficulty.
Loss $175,000 — Adjoining Property Saved
with Difficulty.
rtic.i. N. V.. March I.— The Young Men's Chris
tian Association Building In this i-lty. with stores
<:\ th<- ground floor, was burned this morning, caus
ing a toss of al out H75.000. The lire broke <>v? about
3 ■•'• lock and is supposed to have originated In the
gymnasium, but fry.m what cause is not known.
Though a number of Bremen an.i several piec<
apparatus were within a block of the building
working <>n a burned structure, it was Impossible to
set .i stream on the Association building be
fore the whole interior was biasing. The rue was
bo very rapid and i>"t that adjoining buildings were
saved only with the greatest difficulty.
The R-ll Telephone Building adjoined the Young
Ken's Christian Association on the west, and this
was damaged to s.>nv extent, and the service in
?!]•> city was greatly Injured. Immediate!) adjacent
are some of the largest buildings in the city, in
cluding the new Frazer Building, which la to be
opened i.-i two weeks and tias been finished at a
cost of 1500.000 The wind was blowing the fire
toward these, and it w.-is only by the usi of every
piece of Bre apparatus In the city and the most
active wirk thai property valued at between
5- and 13.000.000 was save,!.
The Association building cost 1115.000 in 1888 It
could not be duplicated now for $150,000 at the prep
em cost of materials. The furnishings were elab
orate and Included several fin< paintings. If Is said
that it will e,,sr 140.000 to refurnish the ic.iil.liiiK in
•d shape as if was before.
Nassau County Grand Jury So Reports to
Justice Scudder.
Mineola, I--->;n, r Island, March I.— The v
< "" ;;n ' 1 iry handed up five presentments
' Scuddi r. of the Su
prome Court, regarding matters which be dlt
It to Ii "k info ar the opening of the term, a month
ago. one of the j>r sentments censured the j>:.-<
names not given— for not tm
posing long wnti ices on vagrants .-md drunkards.
It was recommended that su< !> offenders i
'■> th< penii
In the matter of crimes and proper police protec
. alnst th.-m the jury recommend) d th it legis
• ' '• ilch may provide
able protection The jury also recommended that
ii ti. n "f bridges
and repairs be given out bj contract, and tl
counts own Its own oil sprinkling outfit f<
ri ids; that the town almsiiouKC .sh"i!.l pfth<
>wn and a i
pairs made.
The Invest • . > >

'"". was fruil -I ("urj *
After th< r< adlpg of i ■ lustlce
said he w ,-* sorrj thai the Jury •
persoi • the d! ■; -
• ■■ ■ k He said he ha i 1 een Inforrrx d re
• "
• of th" culprits
Arrives ATter Voyage of Two Months
Through Heavy Weather.
AJ • • (Ightli her way for tw rough
l h< avy w< nther the t;,r--.
Klengh arrived yesterday with a carj
Tarpaulin Cove, Me.
th sailed from Tarpaulin Cove on Jan
uary 1. ai: : mil- wedgl .] iii th« I
Balem, Mai . .i for tv.-.> « ■ .;<.<
Afrer getting under way she was agafa
ti>p ice near Vineyard Havrn.
(gradually »lw worked her way .iinn? the
t i a point off Rye, X. V.. where she remained Ice
bound for a week. She wms released yesterday and
towed t.> this- city by the tugboat Robert P
M.-r's I
said (hat this winter was i li l verest h.- I
perienced along the Bound in thirty-Bye years.
Estate Over $203.000— 8u1k Goes to Hus
The will and codicil of Mrs. Rosalie Tousey
Hastings, Bled yesterday In the Surrogates' "fr>..
disposes of an estate of over 1300.060 The petition
for probate, Bled by Theron Davis, gives the value
<>f the realty at CO.OOO and the personalty at 1110.000.
Mrs. Hastings had. i>es!ries. a contingent Interest
..f about 190,000 In her mother's estate.
Bhe was th.- daughter -.f Mrs. Margaretta Todd
who was found deal on the railway tracks near
Philadelphia. Her first husband was Frank Tou
sey, the publisher, who died several years ago, and
fn.m whom she Inherited a fortune. Hei sec nd
husband, George Gordon Hastings, survives her
The win and codicil were executed on August l last
Mrs. Hastings Lavs most of her property to her
husband, w] i she names as her executor and
inwtce. without bonds. The codicil proTkles thai
a .h.-pr v , ; . ; , I yui 1,,h,,1 „h,,, (1 ,e,, ; M I ,, r?wtlng 8 from
uic estate oi h. r mntiii-r shall go ti< her nenhew
rSSte! l! " r<llzl " 11 " 1 - wfl " " si '""< S the Hotel MeT-
Driver of Cart Wrecked by Motor Car Re
ceives Large Sum.
Valence. Prance. March L— Mr. Van, ierb.it. arbsas
automobile, while on its way from Paris struck a
cart and seriously wounded a man named Coignard
on February 27. gave Coignard, the ( . ir , drlver a
Urge sum of money as compensation. The authori
ties found that the touring car was gotn> ,t hl*h
speed uvtr the bridge across the Rlvfr "fere ,r
fata when the acefdent occurred a a share turn!
rhe iwo Americans In the car were not ii ii r .'i
The automobile was damaged. No «, , s
been taken against Mr. V'anderbllt at present tW
nard being satisfied with the compensation bu,
the man still has the right to sue !„,■ * life peS
for"v.'!rk '" J '" : '' s «-' f - r '" : '"-"tl.v ineapaclUte him
It is reported here that a brother of the owner
of the ear was in it at the time of the accident
Eur.rise t:24j£- nset Moon rises B:Ki|Moon'« age 18
A.M.— Sandy Hook »:02i<:ov. iFlnnd 0:051 Hell Gate 10-88
P.M.— Sandy Hook U:JM|Oov. Igland t»S»llj*lj Gate ilia!
wireusss reports.
The I.u<-anla, which reported to 6obl« Island at mid
night. Thursday, When T4t; milts past or Bands Hook is
expected to dock about 4 p m to day.
The DeoUchland. which reported to Babla Island at "10
n m yesterday, when an» miles southern of that station
Is expected to dock about 8:80 a in to-morrow
Th« Kaiser IVllheta d.-r Grose, which reported to
Slawt.n«.-t at 4 i. in yesterday, when ;;<u> miles east of
StuJy liiHik. Is expected to dock about 1 1:30 a m to-day
The, Columbia, which reported to Cap* Itace at N-io
a in ytstcrday. when 110 milas southeast of that «l .• on
Is expected l'» dock about 'J a in Monday. ' '
I.* Brrtsgnf. which reported to Cap* i:., yesterday
when abeam of that station at 4 p in. is expected to docii
about !>:3i> a r.i Munduy.
Vessel. From. Line
•Ethiopia Glasgow, February 16 Anchor
•LucanU Ltverpoot, Fexruury 23 Cun»r<i
"Partma .-t Thoir.us. February 3.. ' Que v cu
•Carolina Omit. February IS N V a; i* it
•Coamo s-nti Juan, February 'M...y. V & 1* X
•Ksperanza Havana, February 30 Ward
Rhelr. Bremen. February 16 JJ o Uoyd
II" nia Gibraltar. February IS) Cunar4
W. <Jor Grosse Genoa, February 2! N G Lloyd
I'laa Hamburg. February 14 Hamb-Am
CUwns* CMaU. February 1« . , ,
Troy's best Product
(from a green boa)
Glasgow Shirts
Twenty-one new color effects
ready next week.
Not on sale everywhere.
i,, . ....... of th.- Interior. Office of Indian Affairs.
Washington. I'" C. February 1.. 1607. Sealed proposal^
plainly marked on the outside of the envelope. "Propo-a.
for clothing " -ml addreastd to the "Commissioner of
In'jinn Affairs, Washlnston. D. C.. M will be received at
the lr-if-"i OtTlca until 2 o clock p. m. of Tuesday. Marco
10 li»07 and then opened, for furnishing the In. Han
sirvloe with clothing and piece Roods Bids must be
made out on Government blanks. Schedules giving all
necessary in'ornmion for bidden will be. furnished en
application to the Indian Office, Washington. D. C; the
V S Indian Warehouses at New York City. Chicago, 111.;
St I<oris, Mo., and Omaha Nebr. The Department re
serves the right to reject any and all bids, or any part
of any bid. F. E. DEUPP. Commissioner.
-*A York. March l. 1907. Scaled proposals, in tripli
cate. « 111 be received here until 12 o'clock M April 1.
100T, for supplying and delivering Fuol at Now York
City an.i Sandy Hunk. N. .1 . during year commencing
July 1. 1007. Information furnished on application.
I". S. res* r vps the right to reject or accept any or all
proposal! or any part thereof Envelope! containing
proposals should be. marked! '•Proposal! for Fuel, to
be opened April 1. 1!>"7." and addreased to W. H.
?.Il!l<*r. Deputy Quartermaster General. V 8. Army.
! '.■!>•: Quarter:- astfr.
f^ .. .:... ■ ;it tho o!TiC*> of tv Commissioner '£ lnw:il
watlon. Kills Island. N. V. H.. until z ::•' v m . Tuesday.
March 10 li'.'T. and opened Immediately thereafter, for all
labor and materials required to make o-rtnin changes in
Partition walls, flrxirfne and b'ds of dormitories at the tllti
Island Immiurir.t Station. Particulars as to limitations
an.l con lftl« " governins bidders may be obtained from
Robert WATCHOKN, Commissioner.
AND RAILWAY SUPPUES: Ofllc« of Assistant
I'ur 'harinn Agent. Panama Rail Road Ci.mpanv. -» St.Tt<»
Bt . | New Tork. February 9, I!n>7. Sealed proposal*
will he received nt thf* Office until -J •»> r. M. March X,
l'.>"7 •'■■:■ furnishing th" al«ive mentioned articles. Blanks
and full Information may be obtained at this nfflce. Alr-
FRED ANDERSON, Assistant !"urchasing Ascnt.
Arsf-nal ltulldlnK. Filth nvenu« and «Mth street.
ltor..iiKh of Manhattan, the City of New York.
Bsalcd bids • ■- estimates will he received by the Park
Hoard at the abora office of the D«-i.ar:mcnt of Parks
until •'« o"rlnrk j>. m. r,n
THURSDAY, MARCH '-*:. HOT, Borou«h of Manhattan.
(Contra, No. «)
For work an'! materMl fnr lbs Installation of r:»frih:rs
ord linage r.pparatm ■:. th» New York IViMI: Library,
Actor Lenox an.l Til:!cn Foundations. Fifth avenue.
40th and 42.J streets. Th« security requited will 1*
thirty thousand dollars. Th* time allowed ' ■- loins and
compMlnß the work in this contract will ba Oat ypnrs
after n< tie* to l<sln work at the i>utlil!rK 1 n* been given.
The b!:1s will be compared and the contract awarded
at a lump « anregata <tm.
Plans m.T.- t« «c<"n and blank form* may be obtained
at th« rfflce ct the Dei mer.l of ' •■'«-. Arsenal, Cen
tral Park. Manhattan and alsi nt the efflce of the archi
tects. Carrvre & Halting. No. SB East 41st -.street. Man
For further particulars s*e "City R»rord."
• MOPES HERRMAN. President;
Commissioner* of ParkJ.
rw>»'--: Febmary Kb WBl
Prinaasa Irene Gibraltar. February it .. X •■. Lloyd
Itnlli. Palermo, Ketn:.iry 16 Italian
City: of Atlanta Savannah. February 27 .Savannah
Aiarno February 24 Mallrry
El Dorado New Orleans. February 23. .So- Pacific
D#titdchUnd oibralt ,-ir. February H-initv-Am
K.i! .-f» « tty ?-.vaiiM-;i, tVbniary 15 Itrtst»l
Kelvlnheiul ......Roll February ir>
MinnMi:-'!!* Poutharnptoa, February 2n.At Trans
Lombardia. Naple», Fct.ruary I*s Italian
Armenian Liverpool. February 23 White Star
i:i Hijc'.o Galyeston, February 23 Paclfla
•Kr".ir.!»n! Antwerp. February 2.1 .. Red Srar
•Coli-mMa (il.isiinw. February 23 Anchor
•l.il BretaglM ■■:•'. February 23 Krenofv
*l»..ts<l>im. . . X Rotterdam, February 23. .. .Hoi Am
I'rit^us Xt-w (irlfant. F«"l>. "•; So I;l
c.rinl Mobile. February 27 Slallory
El Valie Oalve«ton, February 2>l So- Pae
•Kataer Tnthetm IL^Bremen. February M N □ tioyd
•l nite.l stfit«-< 4hristi.inf.ina, February S3.Scand-Am
•itty ct WnKV.lnston. rai:i;u<-'>. F«-lnnry 2~. W.i: 1
O.u!!a tilbraltar. February 21 \u«trlan
ivnoh'-t «iil\»Mon. F»-! tuary Mall "v
Rio <;raiia»- Calvcatqn. February 27 Maltory
•Urines rrm'.l.
Vessel. For. I.I:* Malt c!nsp». »alls.
F.trurta. Ltrerpool, Cunar.l :(:."." am 7:COara
Celtic. Azures. Whltn Stir .*.«'■ it n T:i"*m
Philadali Southampton, American. .•■>:<«• am O.."!rt a in
Jtt-rmucllan. Hfrinuiln. guelx-i- «:'"»am liMViam
• 'urarus. Curacoa, H<-'l I> 8:30 am 12:«1» m
p< :■••■. Port Ulro. N V ■ V ': J.i** a m 12:0) m
Havana, Havana. War.! 10 :0Oatn l:"»ij>rn
Ui Plata; colon; n M s r 12:3»pta SjOp'n
Batarla, ilambunr, Hamb-Am C:::i»a::i
Fii^'lrlch <5. Naples. N •; I.'oyi! . I!:0Oam
/.'■ lai a Antwerp. Red Star — — T:rt»am
AlK'-ii'iuln. Jacksonville. (My.!- n'tmpm
El Monte, N>-.v Orleans St> tMriflr :. 00 pin
Latupaiaa, Galveaton Maliory — — 3:(x>pin
City of Mac Savannah. Savannah.. ~— ,tiii>pm
Monroe. Norfolk. «)!d l>..in 3:(Opm
El l>ia. Calveston, Bo Harlfle ■ — - 3.o<»i>m
P a wilh^'rr Jamaica. Hamb .'.;♦» . ,t:Soini i; ,-i ...
Trlnld.i 1 ll<-rniu.la. «JtiPb»c SrOOnm !O:00 a m
Allianca. Colon, Panama ll:::'i am .T:i»»i>m
Monroe. Norfolk, Old Dominion 3:oopra
X W tier Or "••. Bremen, X>: 1J0y.1.. «:3Oa m 10 M a m
Byron, Arsentlne, Unip & Holt S '.■> ■ in ii im>,, m
I'anifiPii'", Para. Booth 12:'H'in d'OOntn
i-nmanrln-. Jackaonvllle. ny.l» __ 3:«>bm
Jamestown. Norfolk, «>M l^>ininl<-n .. .-!,,, •'„
City .>f Atlanta. Savannah, Savannah. nonnm
BlOcher. We»t Indies. Hamb-Am ItioOam
IVstln.it In and st.ampr. Close !n New York.
Hawaii. Japan. Corea. China and I'lill ■
Ipptna Islands (via Pan Frapciaeo) —
MonfOlla March 4. 12:80 a m
Hawaii (via Skin Francisco) Alameda. March 8 l"-2l)«n»
Tahiti and Marquesas 15;. ,!-..]* (via San
Francisco) m.mij. i March C. 12 30 am
Japan (exc»i>t parcel! post malls).
Coren. China and Philippine Inlands
•via Vancouver and Viet rta, It C) —
Empress of India March 13, C:0Op m
Port of New York. Fridr.y, March 1, 1907.
P!»a!nrr Teutnnto (Br). Thomnaoa IJr«rpcol nn.l
Qoeenstowii February I'l. t>> the IVhltd Star Uw, artyb.
Eat More
of the most nutritious of flour
foods — Uneeda Biscuit -the
only perfect soda cracker. Then
you will be able to
Earn More
because a 11 -nourished body
has greater productive capacity.
Thus you will also be able to
Save ll©F€ - '
because for value received there
is no food so economical as
Uneecia Biscuit
5^ In a dust tight,
(^J? moisture proof package. •
Nt'.i -iiM^T^nr»/l?^ It Broadway. 42d St.. W.
liLW HlilolEliUAlll of Broadway. Kves. S:ls.
Curtain at 7:45 Sharp. Matinee To-day. 2.
First Three Weeks in Henrlk Ihsen^s Comedy.
*-'"• '•■-«•• u'«L Vu3 a B«i I
Sat. (Farewell) XlgM. A PARISIAN ROMANCE.
&£fffih Theatre. r.'wn.y and 41 . t. V.v. S.lf>.
v S^j^l Matinee To-«3ay. 2:10.
xtirf/m ,in "THE PARISIAN MODEL. ■
»BP^^i<y Bring the Children to Hear the
' "TKPPf BEAR" Song.
I IRFRTY THEATRE. 4.., i St.. West of B-way.
i- lt A l ,«^ Ti 2; * :1S ■*■• To-day. 2:1.1
Matinee Wednesday. ••tfF.RELY MARYAXX."
ACADEMY OF MISIf. 14th St. Jfc.lrriiis Place.
Kla« •<■■ ErUtager*! New
KS 5" rft3 m R N iS?* SEEK
li«? omm G^a "* tild QJ/ 0%. BEFORE.
Prices -''■ to $1..-f). Mats.We<J.ftTo-day.2. Et. 9 sharp
lIAI V ? THEATRE. i' -ray and 30th. Evgs. 8:13
y«UO Mattneos V.v-d. and To-day at 2:13.
MCUI VADtf TIIEATRF.. B-W~y an.7«rh Sr.
nCff lUniA Ewes >> .1.". Mats Wcli To-day.
I TO-DAY. Mat. at 2. MANON LESCACT— Cavaltert
(farewell); Caruwt, Seotti. Bars. R»iss. Cond.. Vigna.
To-nlKht (popular prices) at S. MADAM* BUTTER-
-Farrar. Homer: Dlppel. Stracciari, Kelss. Du
fri^he. Muhlmann Conductor. Vim
Sunday Eve. March 3 (Pop Pr'c--^ at 830.
Soloists: hot I Rappold; Uur«st.-»!!er. l'lzr.con and
the your.s Russian Violinist Kotlarsky Entire- Metros
I >pei i Hi ut Orchestra, Conductor. Boxy.
Moo. Ev». Mcb. 4. at 8. RlOOt.GTTO— Sembrich..
Homer; Caruso, ><-.:•;. Journet. lluhiniann. B^su^.
Dufrich»» Conductor Vißni
We.l Err. Mch. a at 7:4.-.. TRISTAN UND ISOLDE
Gad ski. Schumann- Heink; Bursatallcr. Corttz, Blast,
Muhlinann. Reiss Conductor. ll>-rfz
Fri. E\>.'. Mch. ». at 9, TOSCA — Emma Barnes;
Caraso, Scotti. Pufrlche. Bars «.'ondu?tor, Vitrna
IRVING l"« »<>• THEATRE. TO- OAT. Matll
**•» v B4^ n » at. : Ev^njn^ LAST TIMES
Sch"enthan - s Comedr. "Kl. I. I N KOI! X I T. ■
'i fSfl! CilMhl B » a '' AI.UE LI.OYD.
1 1^1) llrilUl nn<l : Taylor <;ran»llle A to.. C'olon
g J -jULUIIIMI-^LM st l,»| v. r ptrt. Tbe. MrNucghtoaa.
lAni nmii H viv> White X Stuart, ether*.
I 'III IIHII I an<l Taylor <.rantlllr A Co.. folon
■ ■Wl.Ulllfll.VM;.; ia| >rptrt. Ttar- M«Xacshtoaa.
faf Mat. Uaily. SS*. Whit* X Stuart, •them.
S ■Tnilinni 1 ' >> : vesta yu-toria.
II KnlflKHn M »* J"»«-nhlu. (obin A < .... Emm*
B HLIIHIItUIIB ».-.r i Francis X Arab*, other*.
BiJOiJ^^t* i S:2 ° :
IJIAI/rTT Man. To-day an i Thursday at 3:30
219 cabin and 503 steerage pa.«s»nsers. malls and mdse.
Ani-.<-.l at ttie IJar at 1W.28 p m. February 2S.
Steamer lunther »O«rr>. Suxtlorf. gantus January ..".
Rio Janeiro Ffbruar\- 7 ani farba^los 20, to FuncD Ed}*
,v Co. with 14 passengers. malU anil m.lsv. Arrival at
the Bar at lt> a m. ■ „., .
Steamer Alllanca, Suk^forth. Colon February 22. to -ho
Tanama Riiilr.ia.i Steamship Line, with Il*I 1 * passengers,
malls and m.'f. Arrive I at the Bar at '<:.<■> am.
Steamer Oibana (Cuban), p.ak»r. Calbartan February
17 an.l Nipe Hay -.". to W D Muni with mdse. Ar
rivr-l at th« Bar at " ' ■•"■ ■ m.
Steamer Avalon iXor>. Kasmuujfii, Pert Anton'o Fe?ru
ary 22. to the '"ur.^o Impnrtlni; «">»mpar!y, witb -.'• A
rlv'-.J at th<» Bar at 4:4"> p m.
Steamer WoodfleM iltri. Davles. Puerrs Ayrej. etc. via
Ristnn. Fotruiirv 27, t.> the r»-«" le Trallns Ompany.
with nulxe. Arrived via City Island an.i 1p?l Q'.iaranttn«»
at 12:01 p m.
Steamer I'enver. Ptap!»«. Oalvest^n February 2^. to th»
Mattory Steamship company, with pa»s.-nK»rs anil mdMd
Passed In Bandy H">k at 4:".'* p m.
Steamer Jacob »<r!i?ht <!'.r). Miblr. Canler.as February
22 ni-i Matania* 2;:. ii W I» Munaon, with s-is.it. At
rtv.-.l at tl.e Uar at Illjt) r. in tF*"h 2J«».
Steamer ■ inn •. Hata, Charles. Baltimore, to H C Fos
ter, with m'!*'-. Fa's* 1 !! In <juarrintln<» at •>:Crv am.
Steamer El fid. Bak-r. Gaiveston February 23. to the
Sootbarn Pactfle c<>. with mdae. l'asse<l la \juarantlr.9
at im a m.
Steamer Sfnf'a. (yKeefe. Xewport News and Xor
f..i!<. to the O'.A l:.>mlni..n S» C<>. with r"-^eriger3 an 1
mdse. Passed In <J;;arjr.»!n.» at li):.VV a m.
Steam<r Hamilton, Bcax. X-wport K*wa and Xorf.->!'<.
to th.> t>\.\ Dominion Ea ''". with passengers an.l m.is>.
i - a«s>>.) in vjuarantlr." at 2:.*'> p n>.
Steamer f'l"ia (<;<>!>. Fen-It. Hamhurß February 14. to
Fiini-h. F-.lye i Vo. \rHh m<Jse. Fa!<3<?d Fire Islar. 1 at
7:"<> p m.
Sandy Hnok, X J. March 1. »:30 p m— Wind northeast,
fresh; cloudy, hazy outsi.ie.
Ptcarr.er^ Wlnyah. Phlladerphla; Pdrsant (<">r>. Harr.
burs' Arapalve Charlmton an.l Ja--kJ>.> r .\ ll>; Toronto
(I'.n ' Hull janchoreU c.revesen! Bay at 3:"2 p m>: J->f
fer-on Norfolk an.! Newport News); Xavlpainr iN-ri.
Halifax-" Coiorarlo. BrO߻wt*ta and Mobile; Dorothy.
\Vl!mlr.Rt..n. Del: Xl I'la. Galvcston.
Steamers Toronto (Br». Hull, Navahr*. irUmlngtoa ar.J
Liverpool March I— Salted, steamer ■ Vlctnricn (Dr> Hart.
viv V"ik- arrived, •teamen far.nms inr>. navies.
New York for Manchester; Ikbal (Br). Robertson.
Man?hes"erv > V«b 2S— Arrived, steamer Terek (Br). «-alla
(••«n \Vw York via Avonnmuth.
Phl.-ldV" F.b »— Sailed, st«an»?r S»lsdc>n (r.rv. Fritchett.
Premea! F«>b 2*. S p n\— Sailed, steamer Weimar >'>''.
IJ»»rd*^March" 1. II a n>— Pasaed. steamer Ptat^nJam
" (Dutch). Brutnsma, Sew Ycr'.i for Boulogne ar.d Hot
<i-i\w rd \Ur h I— Pas^d. st»am»r Lord Km- (Dr). Ma
' iinnl* New York f'>r Kotfrdam and Hamburff.
Marseil X«b 27- Arrive,!, steam.r Uallia (Fr». Uculouc.
ribrattar FeV> 23 -- Pas^.l. steamer Madonna (Ft). Jau
" b it Xii'les f»r New York.
ConstanUn7.pl.Jf March 1 -Arrived, steamer Arabia .Mr..
HaiubleT.'n. Sew York via Funchal. Cadiz. Algiers.
Leßhorn^ ">b 2S-^"e<». Steamer Sirllla (ttal). Tos
.■liilno ifrom ■:,.«. Sew York,
Cetvi'i. Feb aft^-SaUed. steamer Italia (Ital). Btanchl, New
Barcelona Feb 2«V-Paile.|. steamer Rhodesiaja (Pr). Peck
(from Marseilles). Sew York,
nio Janeiro. .-..■. »V— Sailed, steamer TnornMll (nr>. Dtck
»*».n New York.
Port Said March 1 -Arrived, steaoatri Indranl illri. Mate
rlaii I New Tort for Ctolorabo; Stnsapore. etc.
s .. . j-.., SS — ArttTed, steamer Wray Castle I- '. M
l " ix.well. Tokohama, Manila. 1 1 !■=.•■•. Mo-jl and Ceba for
Buenos Ayres, Fob 2ft~ArTlved. steamer "ll ilarlus (Pr),
Marshall New York.
Copenhagen, F«»*> ift— Arrived, steamer L«itlsiaaia (Dv),
Vnilresen. New York.
Pemambuco, F»o 2i"> -Arrived, steamer Castflttan Frln.-i»
, «Br>. Filmore. New Tors via Savannah for Rta
Janeiro an.l ?antr>s.
Sydney. X s W. Feb \rrtve.l. steamer John Hanlle
• Bri McMillan; New York via St Vlnvent. c V. and
Queenatnwn. March I. 10:32 p m— Arrived, steamer (*a:n
panla ißt), Warr. Xew York for Liverpool (an pro~
PMPJR3? THE-VinE. KroadTiays.n.l 40th Street.
• ''• lillL Era-* -.:.•.» Mat T ,,.,., •»••>(>
I __,-" Great * r "u^eexs than before."- Herald. " '
ORIKPIpV THEATRE. Broadway an<l 4 1^R
rn^»ni\ UMiSiiLo the tattooed uvr
Music by \lctor Herbert. Book by Harry " a^J-
and a. X. c. Fowler. ' " H "«
6ARBICK TUE.*TRE. 3r.th St.. near Croal^T
WIM I iIRT'S ~ Broadway and 30th Street.
i'J--Ull,uC EvAninsa S;ir.. Matinee To-dtv •>•»-
KXICKERCOCUER. Broadway an.l S.St"h~stre^
Evenin.ss S:l3. Matinee To-day. °"*-
LYCEUM m^si«f^
l»Oo- ot- "07. int LIUPI TIIK MUw^r
SAVOY "*&f£S'i M i
MAN HAT • \ « orER.% no, s
Tt»-I»AY. MAT at ?.-. - -V, •:-.... B\UO
MASCIIERA (The Malted Ball). Mmea Kuss Ua
Cisntrus, ZeppiUi; Mil. Bj.ssi. Sammarc). Art
mor.di. Musnoz. Rcschiglian. Conductor. Carapaniiu.
TO-XHiHT at H — Orand trtnle bill at popu'a
price?. 7.-,- to $?.— (AVMLKidA HI STlt-.V**"
Overture and -M Act DIXOUAII. :-:h Act KAiVI I
Conductor, CampaninL
SfXDAV KVKNING a* 8:30 (lnu-.ual Kr«as)
CREATION Union k» «l') 0
V_JJLn t .JSIja.. l 2?JLO^jrPr. JJ rr i iir.-nt Sf.!o;^ s
FRANK DA.MKOSCH. Conductor, ar.d N V ;V; V: b-
PHONY ORCHESTRA. Popular prices. .Ye. to tt »
.VOX.. 11. 4. at ft, IMM B! I. Bill— l:,-: :n: n •, ?!
SONNAMBILA. Mmes. 1 -.•-.„.,- Treattofc Sev^ria?
MM Bone:. Arlzrcndj. Rcscnistlian. T-cchl <'ond."
Tanara: and 1..- incavallos 1 t* \l,I i\( i I Mmc!
Donalda; MM. Basal. Saramaren, -■-•-vciihac. Wntu
rlni. Conxt. Campantnl.
TtTES.. XCO. 5. at S— Ppeclal— Auxptcoa Legal
Aid Society— B!=ef» * %RHEN Mm«S Bres-llr-
Gianolt. DonaUia. Trentini. (Jlaconia; MM Dal
mores. Ancona. <;::ibpr:. I>adiii. Mttsnea RaschL
gltan. Conductor. Gampantnt
WED.. MCII. 8. at s.xr. — Twelfth appearance ;
MMX. MKLBA. fur. - I % R«>H» M.r,4
Mei!>a. Trentini; MM Bon<-|. Sammareo Xn-nondl'
Gillbert. f:ai:ettl-<;ianoli. Tecchi. Resch'lgllaa
Conductor. Tar.ara.
FRI.. M«H. 8. a.t VI- Auh-r s *R\ DIAVOtO
Mmes. P'.nkfrt. Glaconla: MM. Bonet,
Gilibert. «;al!rtti-(;fanoli. Venturlnl. Fossotia Cond.
SAT. MAT.. Mm. 9. at 2. B ire is ( \!!MET
Mmes. Br»s»!er-Gianoli. Ponalda. Trentini t;t:iro n ia - '
MM. Dalmores. S*-v^ilhac. UiUbert. Dadd!. Magnoi
Kesch!»f!!an. Conductor. Campanini
' SAT. NK.HT. MCII. 9. at » 1.-. Verdi s \ID4.
Mn> Rus.i, De Cl.«n>*ros: Mlf. Bassrt, Ancona. Vr ,_
monJi. Tecchl. Conductor Campantnt Popular >
Price 3. 73 to 1."*..
BSaSB for All AhoTo Xn»- Selling.
H~AMMEIiSTEIN'S ETeninx« 23*-. to ! i?
grg Daily [Marie Dressier. Tom Nawn. Howard ft
3Sf Mat*. I North. Willy Zlram»rman, Oreetj A
99 .-,» v. I XWrm-r. Th«- rt Meera, others.
Uli HH r-CS^ S.j £pfgfi.
i 6th Ay«. 4."M to 44th St Ev'ga <*. 25-. t-v $I.?<X
Tally StatlßMi at •» shariv IS-, to Jl "...
"I i >il the world no -how mM thl* "
MrnnaliN Disappearing In Real Water.
MORROW EVENING. R»?urn P.>p«:ar t"V>n<-«rt.
AR,THI'R PRY I ami his American Band.
I YRII* 42 ' 1 st - w of n ' wav ■**'■ l^* s Brjant
kimv Evenlnjs at & Marlnee To-day at 2.
Marine* T.v.lay. JKAXNE DARC To-night. II^M
III irOTIP Broadway an* 3»rh To 3300 Coll
IRAuLOIIu Ergm SI." Mats To-.lar « W-c! .213.
ON PAROLE Romance.
PHIX(E«, I Te!. 2S4S Ma'!. Evening* &2B
B'way Jt L">th. i Mats. T-->-rfay and Thura. at 2:'J>).
.\N».LIN I i>:-.!.'- ' MILI.KK.
PlOlUfl r.'nay nnl SOih sr. TM. ICW rirvar.r.
uAuINU ETf»,B:M M.irin-* To-d-iv at -:li
- Haralrf Cn " : "
. iIDIIIU at(. Matinee;. T..-,l a r arA W-4
iniPMM Qfl Bway an,'. Mth Sr Eve »:»
LIrtUULH 0)|. Matinee To-da- -' t>
SrNDAT — TWO <;P..\Nl> COJt«*ERTa ."•"•'. >1M
M\ll» K\VMOM>. !»\l>V GRCO.'and crent bill.
MEM'KI.S^OIIN i: M.1.. Wed. %ft.. >i:ir«h 6. at X
"El.** '»>IXT RECIT.M-- — FK\N( I
•(Vllist. Vlolintst.
Pirection Loudon Char!tr>n. tStelnway plan ■>
Ttckets st.»c. to Ji.r.H. K'.x Of^ce ard 1»> E. 17th.
WEBER'S &V&X£svS: k^^i
BELASCO THEATRE. £ ?t. and n-oadwsjs
£$l!»ljr».OV^V? Eve* S: 15. Matinee To-day a: 2.
Da V^; ! ,r ft I S ROSE Xr RANCM
TWO !>rr.( i ti. Till MATS.. MAKt 11 14 m ti.
ni -"" iai IHE 3 8f IS,
, a. A gnA •*) '.AST MAT. Ti'-IVXY. 2 15.
• Fi r9 t Week— Merchant of Wr.-oe Mar. 11. Macbeth.
\lxi* To-day , To-night i Every Evir at 9:30.
I . S.\TlT.t>.\Y. MARCH -n<J. at S:lo P. M.
Wassily Safonoff
so LoisTo!aL oisT o! a Samaroff PIANO
,iv,-rt.i- -Manfred" • . Sc l"i m^"
Symphony. "Itnjtaa." aX *?^^S2
l»Wiii COMrrto l>rw »
'--•: . . sr 3
Seats. 75 cts. tt> $2. Bojps. $fl and »U.
ii.>x Otll<-^ opt-n daily from Mo a
FKI.IX T. LEIKEtS. Secretary. Carn«gia Hall.
♦ Frank Djmr..s. Ii Director X
% Fifth Concert this Afternoon at 2:30 % .
$ Rational "Dances costime. %
<?• Ticli^t» on sale at Br>s Offlc*. , ,
SATURDAY. 3 1\ It.
Solnht— Mr. t I.IFFORD WILEY. Biiiitnae.
The Program « i>ntu!n» rboiro nelrrtlniM by th* •»••
lowina; well-known sssSBBSSaaSH Beethoven. Verdt,
Knbinitteln. Albenla. ( hopin. Attain* and Lbzt.
Urbt-r I'iano I up.!.
ajMUaVD H ah., act fifth Arc
3 3 <* v W .\iiiiiN*»lon .SOc*
ELMENDOBF lentex cocrsß
- This Sunday NiicM. 8:15 "XOnVTAT ;
I Thur. Nt 3 and Sun.. »:13. ."MIPNtOHT ; ;
Eve's*. Including Sunday. Electric Music by SkiSleU C fj ■
Arties to iw.i^u pucea at once. See Process. \J •-* -
fg"\ S" St. Nicholas Rink. fi«lh St. ana Col. At*. ; |
\J> $«. Three Session* To-day.
SKATING^ Skatg» Free. Military Band. ::
rrru iwokid ix wax ctpst m^" l
t-Jtu I CINEWATOfiILM'JI Every Hour.

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