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Payments to L. M. Palmer Not for
Sugar Trust, He Says.
Th? trial of the Delaware. Ladcawanna &
\f96tern Railros.i, charged with granting re
♦•s'p^ to t'ii<» American Sii(-';ir Ilf-tiiiii^K Com
yaiy In violation of tho Klkir.s Jaw, wag re
«u:ttml y. --st< b»for«» Juds< Holt and ■ jury
in "«he United States Circuit Court. In the
rnojrii.tj pessjon the prosecution called several
•witne'St-:" connected with Lowell IS. Palmer's
offi^'. who testified t<» tlje sugar shipments and
»fee receipt o? llphternge fees as charged in the
indictment, ?nd Anally rested Its rase.
\lee-Pr_sident CaldwelL of the defendant
road. w__ the principal witness for the. defence
In the cftemoon session. Ho was ready to nd
?i;: the validity of Hi" proof elicited from the
witness** for the jirosecution. but emphatically
denied that the lighterage fees acre paid In the
form «.'t rebates • r ever reached the Sugar Trust.
>>eirjs j.aid to Mr. Palmer in his capacity as
owner of the Palmer Doekta, and not as traffic
rnan&ser of th« sugar company.
The examination of A. B. Poster, the freight
c!ai;r!« of the I_icka wanna, was contin
ue! by the prosecution, which had In court
<rr«tt Etsdkl of freight book* an.l records of
claims }<ald by the railroad. (>■-.•• by one the
witness tlfled to the shipments of sugar and
«u"'!-e.<uei!t payments of lighterage bills to Mr.
Pa'.'r.er. all of them named in the Indlctraent.
Jn his cross-examination Mr. BtaachlleM, of
ro_nsel for the defence, brought out thai the
I,a- .-kawaniia had no terminal facilities In Brook
iyn or AVilliamsburff such as were enjoyed by
th« other trunk lines; that Mr. Palmer owned
an! operated the Palmer Docks In Brooklyn
and handled the sugar company's consignments
<<1 <t:eai routed over the l_icka wanna, and thai
it was only tbrocch lijrhterage that the de
fen2am road could Ret its pro rata of sugar
traffic. H. T. I^sewiing and William J. Whit
:.i!;*r. both employes of Palmer's office In Pr nt
stre-t. s=v ore to the payment of the L_< kawanna
llC^cerasa claims, but paid they bad nothing to
<]o ivhli the payment of eucli claims other than
tli fa of the I^ckawanna.
L'&ited States District Attorney Stlmson then
r^»ied his case, saying that the government had
ptwed th? allegations in the Indictment.
Following the noon recess Mr. Stanchfieid
moved ihut the indictment be dismissed because,
ns he Insjyted. Hie government had not shown
that the lifhtrraße claims, alleged to iiave been
paid ii: the Fhape of rebates, lad ever reached
the Amerlcac Bn__r Reflnins: Company. He was
overruled by Judge Holt, and then made his
op<nir.K nddre^s.
Mr <"aldweli. he said, liad made an arrange*
ment with M.. Palmer by which the road should
pet <• instead of 4 per cent of the westbound
sugar trafjc; thai the road had a contract with
the Starh: Lighterage Company at that time
«:>d that Hie lighterage of the sugar from the
refineries in Brooklyn to the defendant road
was all dor.c under this contract But .•- this
c.iu^ed Mr. Palmer to lose money. Mr. Stanch-
Odd said. me. other roads all giving him the:r
lighterage, they thought it only fair to reim
burse him. -
• "The tranpaciions were all open and above
board." he continued. "We lit.<] no deposit* up
state for iv. purpose of cheating or deceiving
any one." This remark was made In reference
>o the evidence that the New York Central
Itaiiroad had kept an account in a Buffalo bank
for the express purpose of paying the alleged
rrhates. for which it was recemly fined, to the
Sugar Trust.
Vice-President Csldvell. of the T.nrkairanna
Mid thai the La-kawanna bad not been able tf>
obtain lermipaJ facilities at,jihr -Palmer Dock*
like the »this«-oads. rhat -t*if fold's light^a
was tlierefonlti-.ne by the- StaHti company for !
iwo c.-nts a hundred, tlmt lhe other roads 'were !
in;. king Mr. pAlmer a lighterage allowance of
4 1-.. rents a hundred on -shipment? and '
ifcat in grantiuc him an- extra lighterage fee of
two cents a hundred on burners beyond Buffalo
;:rd one rent on Buffalo business his road was
fi'.lil left with h margin He had no intention
iie said, of paying the money to Mr. Palmer ail
a relate or concession of any kind or idea of
v;r.Jat!n_ any Jaw.
Adopt . Board Recommendations at
Annual Meeting.
Philadelphia. March 12.-At tha gfxtietii an
naal meeUos of the Bhareholdeni of ;l.< Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company, held here' in-day, the
recommendation of the board of directors] an
thori_ln_ th*»ir 4 to snoreasn the capftaJ s:u. k of
The corporaUon $10Qt,60«VO(Hti In addition ■„ th«
-«(.<nii» now authorized, and bUm to In
ore;<se tho bonded Indebtedness .«1i»f».(to/>.(>r»o #
*n<-!i inrreare of either to bo made from ihno to
flow as In the judgment of the. directors it may
be. required, eras adopted. The recommendation
cl the board Mas made iblk two months ago.
The merp~r of the Philadelphia & Erie nail
ma.l will: the Pennsylvania was ratifl«-<l. __ was
«;*o th<> aciloi) of the ixtard in Increasing i!«
T»M!-ion fui <1 fiotn S:{.M>,fK¥> to .«rKm<HiO and ii'i
rreasi'i? tbf a«? limit for the employment of
in<*n from iliin; -<\\r- >c;irs to forty-five
T!u- usiia; poinnUUea was sppblnted to nom
'naif- director* t.i fill vacancies, caused by tho
fsplratkMl of • ■ n»s. The directors who«=e term*
expire nr; V.'lliia«n 11. Barnes, Corse Wood » m
<*. S-"tuar" Psttrr.-on. and they will be r"-#»lo"t<-.fi
on Uarrh -•'».
There «•('•<• 6,U^.4-in shares repraaented at
the meet inc. "
xbw HAii:\ ai:rs half.
Official Statement Concerning
Merchants and Miners' Deal.
■'"''■■"■ R. 1.. March 12. -An official «, .....
ii.-' t that the JC*W York. N.\v Haven &■ Hartford
Railroad Company his acquired a Jmir i?:tcre!-t m
'h« Mc-n-hants and Mi;:f>rs* St«-amshlj» I.!: and
.tui!c;it!ng: some details of tii** futur? pjani Of tIM
company,, wntm mail* puWle here to-day. The state
ti:f-nl. w!:ifh was issued in behalf of Preside i Mc-1
:»!i. fo!low«:
We hive roM th* ITinsor IJ.r.p. nrd hsve ! f<uch«
«:j»-halt i:jirr»»t.t irj Ih* Ifcrehanta arul Minors"
l.l«e. Tht- ftttck of th<* rchants and Miners is
to be inistMd and thc-.NVw Havr-n rtiad 1« to tirmi
!r.at«. one-hfilf of the directors ■Hi 'i th« outsid«
Mor-l;hf>l<!ers th" ' otli«r half. Th.- odd director
»i!l h^ chos«i by :h« tnnteaj Th» manam > m<>nt
will l,c uncharsjtfd. The present officers will «-,,,.
'!.nu«\ lh« Micfs will be r«»ta:ned ar.d contract re
lat:«iji« for a lone term of rears srlJl be made
i*>t»e^:i the Merchants :«ril Miters' «rd Its con
::«-rtli:g 4-dllr<«hil«
The \Vini>or F-In'> is better known as the. Boston
r.nC Hhiladoljjhla Steamship Company, tne transfer
ef r.hlct; to the Merchant* .rxi Miners* company
*■•* a»!rr. it t «-•* by the >.'<•»• Haven authorities la^t
w-^k. To-»lny'.s st;ii^nif'iit ir.nkfr known the fact
thti tl-c- railroad company's ii,urest in th" Mer
"haiita '•omjiany Is Jiniltrd to ooA-baJf the stock
»'l:l'-h, I v • ■.«•!. .- suflV *. according to those
asterestedL »» -.ttlf i;i • two lomnai:;.-." to make
V'-ry fat^faclory ionjr term working airraemtnts
it Is fiplained also that tho transac lon uu-ans that
UM N^w llrnvTi oomiuny lias jio JntPrtion of turn
nc owr tho «-ontrol of Its marine laterarta to any
•i!li»r ••omj>at:v, «ithpr in U)it«noc at present or
to Ij» forn;»d later, and the company's o!*1c!a!x
*a.te that th« Hepburn t»w does not la any way
rttsct the Eltuation.
Th* grttnil Jury Invest IgatcJ yesterday the cast of
*'■"*. Lo!ti« Walla ; j under arrest Ml SSSStcttS) of
I'avir.jr j •<:«•)•. -<l her mother. Mrs. Ida Kin*?. All
'its v.-Sf.c *«*« In the case, including t.i»» chemists
who examined the cor.t*iil» of Mrs. Hinge's Ftom
»*"h. the servants In IBS liou«eh"U and others, wen
*Xirr.inc-d by Anslßtant District Attorn*? Perkins.
Ma rrai.rj Jury «■_! take up the Inquiry _e_!n to
day. They ptwcticml'.r rim*.'. •••l with the ~xprrt
"mlmotiy and «-«taijli -1 *!»«> Meatfly of certain
•"OU1«# by tie testimony c? county cWeitlves. »-.ij
;*O)Gv«<j them from tin* B!r._« !■•• :•■ . «nd of one
•»? *'.•» sorer*. There ar* Urn* n:«M< nurses and
tcver_l other Important s/itne*!** to be heard.
Tiffany & Co.
Safe Deposit
Tiffany c c * Co. direct attention to their steel
vaults and storage department for the safe
keeping of securities, jewelry, laces, family
silverware and heirlooms
Silverware, bronzes and fancy goods intended
for this department will be sent for and packed
by experienced men
Fifth Avenue & 37$ Street
Art Exhibition* and Sales.
4 *No one can afford to miss seeing the present exhibition."
Imperial Art Treasures
" Seldom if ever seen outside of the Forbidden City "
Notable Paintings
I^^V Day 9to 6 /^l^S&m\ E> K sßto9: 30 J
Very Important Art Events
On Friday Evening at 8:15 o'Clock
At Unrestricted Public Sale
At Mendelssohn Hall
roitriini ST.. K.\ST OF nROADWAY
(Admission by card, to be had free of the managers)
Highly Valuable Paintings
and Water Colors
Aima-Tadcma Very Fine Examples by the Neuhuy's ot(
(2 examples) J r j (firxnmples)
Mauve Modern Dutch Artists IS H?T,!I!
(4examplwi {ViiiUCS hZ UU ILII t%i Üblb (Sexamples)
Bcuguereau c . Schrcyer
(3 examples/ Several (2 fxaniplen)
Maris . . . s\m « m« , Harpignies
(2«xamples) Important Old Masters Oexample.)
Constable Illl|JUl lalll WfiU l\ kCx^UZl D Gainsborough
(3 examples) ajt^ iii-C* i r (2 examples)
zicm And Excellent Examples of Wcissenbruch
tSS '""'"■ The Early English 1 4 example*)
Turre, The Early English jacquc
Hoppner AND Millet
Beechey ,_, r» L'hermitte
$£ on Modern French Schools §£^
Also at Unrestricted Public Sale
On Saturday Afternoon at 2:30 o'Clock
At the American Art Galleries
The Chamot Collection
Extraordinary Chinese Objects of Art
Treasures* Relics and Curios
thit had formerly belonged to members of
Porcelains, (Including a Superb "Black Hawthorn" Vase), Jades, Grand
Enamels, Bronzes, Imperial Necklaces and Ornaments, Jeweled Head
Dress of the Empress Dowager, Extraordinary Fans, Textiles, Throne
Chair of Emperor Ch'ien-lung, Remarkable Palace Screens and Panels.
The American Art Association, Managers,
6 Ea«Jt 23d Street, Madison Square South
Mr*. Knu CVKecfe. SfhOS* husband. Police Cap
tain John <>K<.f*. was Wiled by fallln« down
i-talra at a dlnrwr _iv«>n by East Side politicians
on the nltjijt before election. ;>■•. h&a lost bci mo
tion for & peremptory mandamus, directing Police;
Commissioner binsham to put her on the police
pension list at the rate of $600 a year. Police Com
inlnsioner Partridße took her name from i.. list
<ii the ground that the espial* ::iu aot been killed
la 'he line or dutj.
Art Exhibitions and Sales.
Buffalo. March 12— The Misses Augusta and Mary
L.itilefi»ll sisters, were found dead In their room
at a boarding bouse in Franklin street to-day.
They were seated nt opposite sides of a table, and
had evidently fallen asleep and bad b~en suffocated
frmn the ea* from a small stove In t?;e room.
They were about forty and thlrty-ave years old.
: tapccUvtijr-
dry Goons.
r — r t— R H. Mao * C*.» Attraction* Am Tftt Law Win
*2LA V. 'j W^ B'way at 6th Ay. \^/ 34 th to 35th St.
FURNITURE— AnnuaI Exhibition of Summer
Furniture, Including designs in /lissioa,
Reed, Rattan, Natural Birch and Silver
Sal: Continues. . -
D3spilay of Choice Specimens
That Will Prove Highly
Acceptable As Gifts.
For wedding gifts, anniversary Rift*. Easter remem
brances--for any purpose demanding a gift that combines
beauty and utility, these French and Vienna bronzes.
Every piece in tbe collection our own importation.
The range of prices:
Writing Sets, $30.78 to
i $52.66.
!j Ink Stands $5.9S to
i $32.98.
Ash Trays. $1 .98 to $24 . 76 .
Cigar Lighters, S-i.98 to
I $8.7
! I ~~~
French Clocks and Clock Sets
'\ The Chicot Clock Set— Itnll:::i
[] marble and real bronze, silt trim
;' minus. 8-day movement; hour
j and half-hour strike. .$169. C6
j Tlip Liberty Clock Set— rnn\
bronze, silt rtiiish, French 8-day
movement; hour and If -hour
h strike $874.89
' i Gold Bronze and Crystal Clock
i s* i t — elaborate design, French 8
■ ' day movement; hour and hnlf
i hour. strike $226.66
Italian Marble Clock Set— Goth-
II U- design, dull finished sllr trlm-
I tilings. French 8-day movement,
'• hour and half-hour strike.
Curtaiifs : : : Draperies iif
Sales involving the soil of hangings and furniture cov
erings Spring furnishing plans demand.
Furnishers " ; Summer Homes should be particularly!!
interested :—: —
Renaissance I ace Curtains: —
Elaewhere... % ..7". $8.75 $10.50 $12.73 $14.2".
Sale So. •• i $i . 74 S3. $0.74 $10.74
Elsewhere ?.">.'_'."> $8.00 $1&50 $11JMI
Snle. . .77. ......... . . 5S 08 $5.98 " $tI)S " 58.74
I SKIS for inot:il h>,\<: rtni«»t,<».l
with niiip iii'-li nifflf nnd holster
than] to match; $4.23 valne at.
$2 . 89
n ABOVE, $'_'.'_•"> value; ■ pair.
Si .59
I TAINS. $1.3.1 to $77." ralum; a
;i ii»ir 74c to $5.49
TAPESTRIES for funilture
(<overinic or UeTorntlTe purposes,
~*\ in. wiil": rallies S'.VJ.'i to $3.25;
sale, a yard. . .$1 .49 to J>1.03
! $2.25 and -Si:.7-"« value; a yd..
$1 .49 and SI .89
GORDON REPPS In all colors,
i I 50 in. wide; 73c value, a1. .48c
TO Mrs. J c. lAwrence. W. M. Ducker,
Mrs John i!^t/.. Mrs. S. Plu'nm»r. 11. O.
l»ivt«otB. \V. K. Rolph, I- »t of Mia. I'lor
encs M Brooks (•: J. \v. Brooks, Mrs E-
W Murray, Mrs a. It I. Pi ipere, M T.
Bhartnan, s H. Randall, .1 IS. A. I 1 ., r. Mr«
Helen A. Fivich, Mrs. Daisy Sloan, >li-lcn
tJladjs Soot ton, Kathcrin- .1 Dame, KM.
IS J. Bh*«hy. Walter P. Rsborlson, Sophia
A M. Preusch. Mrs. A. S Mrirltt, Mrs. C
B. L'aaher Kiln.i v.i». Mr. or Mr- II •*.
Mallory. . honiat I). Rlchardun „ J. Purv< «
rarter. .T. W. Kerr. Susie l"a»ey. Mrs. Ellen
Iy.hr. Mrs. K. S. Vnn 1 »•»!. Mrs. Hosle
I-. Ice Mrs Maud A. ThornhiU. Mrs I'haa
M. Ayers, I>. L Cardoso, Paulina Woods,
• J1.i5..,, Ban Baba liharato, Miss F. &
Clark, Mrs. W. K. Frledt»n<ler, J. Knapton
ThomrHi'n. Mi!- i-: •l< Ham. Mrs. I* A-
Bart ram, Mrs Frances Ames. Mrs. M. W.
Walbjld**. Wm I> Rldg«l>, U>ul* Aarona,
.1 1". Franklin, Mrs. Urace Dukes, Miss
Mhii... Hlßßlns. \V. V, Martin. Mrs. A. P.
Hoffman. Robert React Mrs. Margaret
Many. Mrs. M-,1. t!r,,.>k-. Ml^k S. K. "lark.
Elizabeth Hell. International Automatic Mil
blc Co., • has I. Trevathan Miss Mary C.
Whitman, Miss Mary Murray, Mist Muttle
Bowlea, Miss l. Da Ver»>. Mrs. Sadie OM»
lan, Mrs. Kate Berry. Mrs. M. J. Fordham.
Mr« ii. <• do Rivera, Mr?. s..c. McCarthy,
Mr. ir Mrs. O. K. Yon Horn and a W.
Floyd: v.. i and .■»• ii cf you arc hereby notl
ne.l that th» iln <• for the payment of our
ll*-n upon the property hereinafter .>».•!
having explre-l. after ilu.- notice thereof hail
teen given you •« will cause such property.
I.i wit. h»us»holj goodx persona! effects and
merchandise. stored by you or In your name
In t!"' Columbia Storage Warehouses, to be
■old at public auction, according to the fetat -
lite In such «si- made and provided nt No*.
ftft and M West C"th at., on Saturday, March
JSrd, IW7. si lo::«> A. M.: an.) If th« eale
thereof Is not completed fti sai.l i-!:»t^. the
■aras will be continued at the sams place »n
each and every Saturday thereafter, begin
ning si 10:90 A. M.. until the sals .- iotn
BANKBOOK So. .140. «37 f7f t'r l"'nl.'.iTTirni«
Savings Institution is misting. Any sot
■on havti-.K a claim to It Is hereby called
ui>cn to prrsent the same will In ten days
or submit to having said passbook cancelled
and a new one Issued.
1.0.5T.— llankl>»ok No. 467.481 on Dry Pock
Savings liank. Any person having claims
upon said !x>ok is callM upon to present
the same to the hank within thirty doys or
the (aid book will be declared cancelled nnd
extlngulahed and a new OCS iSk-.ieU In lieu
!>.>ST or STOLEN.— Bankbook No. 033.212
of the German Savings Hank tn the City
of New Yoik. corner -4t!i nve. and 14th it.,
Issued to John J. MoCarty. All persons are
cautioned a«alnaf negotiating the sain... If
not returned to the hunk on the Bth ilay cf
April. IW>7. a duplicate will be Issued.
IjOST or FTOL.ES. — Bankbook No. DSO.ara
of the airman Siiv:ne» lUnk In the City
of New York.' comer 4th aye. and Ut . at .
l«sued to KrlMtn* Babel. Ail persons are
cautioned aj:aln«t negotiating the same. If
not returned to the bank on the 7th day of
February. 1907. a duplicate will he Issued.
LitJST.— Bankbook No. 3!<!».804. Beamen'a
Bank for Savings. 74 and TO Wall at .
%•»«• York. Payment stopped « rd cancclU
tlon applied for. Please return to hank.
LOST.— Bankbook No. er,c,«4i t Rank for
Savings. 2**"> 4th a\e.. New York. Pay
ment stopped. Please return bock to bank.
IXIST. — Bankbook No. «4(>, Bank for
Sav'rßs. Stt 4th aye . New York. Pay
ment mopped. Fleas? return book to bank.
IJbST. — Bankbock No. R45..*!11, Bank for
Savings, »<• 4th aye.. New York. Pay
ment stouiKtl. l'icaan return bvK4 to bask.
Cigar Cutters, 53. 74 to
$7.2;. ;
Smoking S.M«. SI 4.86 to!
$34.66. i
Safety Match Stand". SA.bo '
to $6.74.
Paper or Magazine Cutters, ;
$4.24 to $6.85.
White Marble Clock Set- -brass
trimmings, 8-day French move- j
ment, hour and half-hour strike.
Crystal Clock Bel gold bronze j
trimmings, iat j;!"* 8 columns, 8- |
day French movement, hour ami
half-hour strike $163.72 •
Cupid Clock Set. ■ beautiful com
bfnation of bronze and white
marble, with cold trimmings, 8
day French movement, hour and I
half-hour strike SITS, t 1 i
Real Rronz."> Clock Bet— "Regu- |
lator" design, cold bronze trim- ;|
tilings. 8-day French movement,
hour nnd half-hour strike.
rolortnps in r*><l. grtmu, !■!!!••. ;
Broun and roue; nil 50 In. wide;
a yard S9c
TRIES, four different oolors; 50 ;
In. wide; $6.00 values; sale, a '
> J >rd 98.94 I
ESTRIES, nultahle for drapf<n>s
find deroratlre purposes: 60 In.
Wide; value .">«•; sale T.Oc
tation Bagdad; "<• in. wide; 83c
value; a yard »^», ■ ][
effwts; 50 In. wide; $1.00 nnd
$2.00 values, af.st .29 & St .-*}-> i;
tleres, in combination color Ings;
values BI.IT. to $«.00 the pair: H
.$2.98, $ 1.98 & $4 ->.; !
' I
_ nr.MNKs* , ihm ES
•""'* :lt * iM " - i eoocaVri 2
th« manas-emem of bualaoaa nun J
s.n lutvlng a etalm to it t. h^h"' cfZd
upon t" |.res,.ni th*« mum within ten .la^s
zrxi^T* passbook canaacl •• i
acd a nan m
y " n S A LK^An'Mtj bhshed.t.oiß, boat:
ness. no* farnirc $.:(».,no to i:,),,h)0 a-
Biinuully. wi.h prospects of earning ȣ!!
(»N.. ftix-k (-.insists of furniture, carrets
wallpaper, draperies pictures, . „' LorVl«d
In M.titrK-rn city of 30«.«Mi population Pn«,
130.0 W. McDonald Co.. 357 Ur'ii
I'AItT.VKK WANTED, with $1500;. half
Interest in old eetah'tsh*.! manufai-turtnc
bu'lne.-., |„ f llr for [■ a uerr; <-»rerlem- not
"-'•"«'■' ■ you will rsallze $I.V» { >» r m „-,.(,
on investment; this will Mr th* .-Insist
Investigation, Apply t.. S<cD»nal<l-IViaalns
Co.. 257 llrvadway.
•iv rooms: fine lawns. ere.: located at
U't-st Nor walk, Corn.; only .<<>> „a s y
t»rm«. McDcnald -Wiggins Co.. H57 Uroad
PRINTING Bt'HINEFS with good paying
weekly publication; Pst»Wl.h«i- 18tM;
owner deities to retire; located close to
New York city. McDonald Wiggins Co
.■"•7 Broadway.
RESTAURANT, best location. Itrorfx; re
ceipts $40 dallj rent $1..".m> jrxrty. in
cluding ai furnlahed roonw; price $2.."><X>.
I'art|cu!ar.s at McDonald w Ignln* Co., 137
PAINT BUSINESS. fpl^ndt.l location.
Brooklyn; prosperous trade; price f-j.m»t
bargain for somo one. Mo Donald- Wiggins
Co.. » : *>7 Broadwaj
PARTY WANTED, with tl.€oo| h! h class
business; $25 weekly salary 10 right
{•arty McPonaM-Wlcglns Co.. 257 IVway.
HAY. FEED, etc: biutntsa close to New
Tori City: $1 700 bunln»F* don* monthly;
sell by Inventory. Particulars at .Mr!*.-:
aid \' Ickldi Co.. 251 Broadway.
MORTOACSE SAUB -Samu*l Ne-wrwrltter.
ai;<tlf iip«-r. will »ell to-Uay at 2 o'clock ti.
the afternoon, at N". 4:;t' dtrnad »v.- . Bor
ough <>f Manhattan, the contents of an ojs
t*r ami chop house, consisting of table,
chair, ice box. glass and crockery warn, and
all other properly mentioned in soh«>du!e of
a 4-ertatn chattel mortgage, a::d the right.
t'.ti- and Interest In ana to th« lease of said
store. By order of mortgagee.
BY VIRTUE of foreclosure of a chattel
mortpace. I will ** :! this day. 10 a. m..
at No. IW4t East 13th at. one Koppel ma
chine, one motor, sas »huttl# cmlirnii!«-rtn<
machine, two fewlng machines, pulley*.
shifting, belting, etc. By crder of Attar
ney for Mortjawee. Morris Eln««eln. Auc
AT REDL"CKI» PRJCB* — 500 second har.l
wood and Iron norktr.e rrai-lil.ien; fully
euaranteed; machinery bought and ex
chanced. GEO. R -:PDT. WH Madi»on «t.
LJBOAii advlr- at home; experienced your*
lawyer wi:i call. lj»wyer. in Tribune.
a»T!T anop«
8. 18, 20, 33. 24. 2fi. SO West Fourteenth St.
7. 9 11. 13, 15. 17. 10.. 20. 21. 22. a 24. 25, 27 and 20 West Thirteenth St.
If You Would Be Impresses wits
Tie F_rc__s!_£ Power of Yosr H3_ey
NOT How Ouch Can We Obtain
BUT For How Little Can We Sell!
A Lace Season
OUR PAjus rif sTtsyrnriirsntr nil hi
Point \>nin". Ftlct. ' 'luny an<l Val. Ijicm ]
ore used In profusion, ami combined in j
unique effects — |
Our Spring Stocks prc??ent a
Inrgo variety of th«» laces men
tioned . . . Following gives some
Idea of varieties and range of
prices : —
Point Venlse Ij»r»<i - ••
foundation — also Oriental '•-•
with ami without Point V»nl»e or
■star J"l-?h romblnation — black.
white, rream —
HancTiiiK<» 1 2'» ♦» 1 .69
E<! s lng->« .25 to 1.98
F«»toons Motifs — M»<la'!ior«
van 1.49 ta 3.98
; Allover* .69 f 5.98
Ctamy EdKlngs a •'I In«ert!n** —
white and ecru .t 9 *» . 69'
Val I^?e3 Iv i :--'- of 72 ; f|«.—
erlßtnr" Bald lr>«ertlns» In •' •
most desired ■Was .29 *<» 1.98
Val. Allovers ti}.. .98 ■"••' 1.49
HHlaniiißi . ><».. .49 to .98 j
Vnl Poln* iie Perls and other fan~» ;
laces — br yrl. — edgings sri
ln«rtlnic» 5 to .39
I>»! IJr.en Tor^h^ns — '
and bssavtlnga yd 7 to .69 l
50 cent Silk Dot Mousse! ines s_»;
Nearly all silk— exquisite lnstr»» „ • %J '->
Fci.l «-!»ewher» und»r another name at o<> cents . . Oil thsm what you
wish, you can't chanj« their beautiful quality and coloring* - • Th«y ar»
} i«» a« heauttful here at .1" cents a » elsewhere at Fifty, and you her*
M .. IT cents a yard Alt th» dalntr Evening Shades, also cream— strr-
Iceable for Summer and Winter Evenlns — wash p«rfsct!y. rstatn
bag full lustre, and wear splendidly.
LINEN I I 11 1 111 Half Hbtssv- «sa*as
1.. ■ soft w«SiTa that mak»s up into
■mart •»!' r ■■ 1 OMtasssa and Children's
Ru.-«Un Pr»!>i»!.--R»"»'la Ua*t,
M< •'. . n an.l dark Blue. OunmPtal,
n ••» T'lnk. Brown. Beßo never
Intended to sell un-ler .IJ>—
Our price .14
TAFFETA ■•HF' Mill StjrlSS and
rolors— »■ end m«k» ■■;; ','.!<» Si'.k—
all r-o!rr*. also Black and Whits—
Elsewhere .25— here .18"*
EMBT> i.ivfn^- »ICht Hess with
white «mr I fisrure"*— all l!n»n —
Imported M «•!! at fiO .89
Specially fine assortment of PLAID and
CHECK OINGHAMB for ' hll i-»r> - »
PIHKI PillTll ool '<% Scotch P!aM»,
rtaln and <*r>mblr.atlon < "hecks on
whl'e an.l colored groun(!«i BSSB Ssil 1
mlors wtth corded V>ar*. al*> Silk Mitel
Novelties — all recommended for waslv-
Irq and -.vfarlr.g qualities. . .17*" .49'
Dress Trimmings |
TriT-irr'n«» are 1:^0,1 in profusion— pans*- |
m , nt^rle» ari bral.ls of all kinds ar» iri
th» load.
Exhibit « variety •' artistic effects that,
rarn-v b* surpas*f<J.
Customera gad her. what they vainly
seek tts»wn«T! Th« now leather «r
geld tones are taci«w*« In es ecla'!y
f . . styles—
Silk Paaas — '- •' • ■»•
leatht-r anl other t-ini^es .iJo •• Si.iiC
Pla<-k Pasnameptf rles *" new filet
and rotstacn* eomktaatloa _ ft i,
dsssaaa ... .09*9 2.9bj
Fsnry and Plain Pult P.rai(ts—
evry cnceivablc color cnmMnnMrn—
»« »;.i"- tlie leather anl olJ_gM<l _ |
tones— also la.-c brat.U p to .40
Embrcld»r»-^ Bttk chiffon Alto»«rs>- ;
Bla-k. whit« and Wacfe with whtt*
or beiutlful clorin.s-rica t«ecw OQ
for Eaater Waists, eto..-- .98 to 2.9S
EmbroLlered Applique*— hi «llk or
cMff.>n— black, white and e»i|Ut9.t«
colorings. lnrludiTiß the '■''"*
p.... and other Spring shades) — _|
also gilt blending-. .J. ■> »0 2.93-
New Rugs at Old Prices!
Remise of a.lvautapos in placlnft enrly orders, we are cabled to _ o^er
•.TbSSiS mAy Citato ♦•.■mi-r. the-* pr.ces with tta»
others ask. and you will need no urging to buy here:—
Royal WHIM Zzgi :
An a»nortment or -►-•»• ; ii*'-. class floor I
roverinn" une<i«aillefl anywhere .■■ •■ • j
•]•!.,•».. of the boat mills »'" repre«*nte<l. j
(tl\tni,- a wonderfully varied KM or j
rh«te« colorings an.l design*—
CT^4 lach. 3.4P: ■!— l— 14.25
3OSS3 inch 5.95: elsewhere $7.30 I
S*» ft 1 9.98: elsewhere
83x1.>.« ft 89.98: elsewhere j
„, | , ft Q2.95: imm $37.50 •
Why go elsewhere, and have, but
limited sele.-tl..n«. when you can |
her* fird mm th« assortment*. i
pay lasa anl have NEW stock in
choose frorn-iilt our Hugs beln B
this seasons best et>les?
Sanfcrfl's Fanicns Axmiasters i
These rt<i«* outclass any Axmtnster I
Rugs in the market— the nap or pile Is t
very soft an.i lustrous— patterns are em
act" copies of Persian and Turkish Car- |
pets; a!s«> choice floral patterns — i
• »» ft.— worth $1800 '-14. 0S
I ,"\ 10t» ft —worth $SS.O» 19-74
»S t 3 ft.-worth $rr.» 22.98
Woe! Brussels Rugs
Har« Just lialfil on sale » lar»» as
■ortmenl of th«"s<» servlceabl* rugs in j
Spring's most attractive designs »n.l
colorings lnc!u>linjc two-tcned combina
tions, as well a» ih« more varied Orl
er.tat an.l Floral—
6 aS ft 6.93: worth $3.00
8 3Mo.fi ft t 1 .98: elsewhere $14.80
9 x i- n 14.75: worth «ma»|
This is Ribbon Week!
SprHabi in Ribbons for all |iwfi<W values arc very grvat — Ton
rtm'i »»fTonl to miss them This is to be- » great Uibbon Season.....
\V»» want to smrt the season right an«l qult-kly acquaint .yon with our
sup^rh sr«K-k <>! Novelties — that is why «• offer the newest and most
c!"»iral»l»* kinds nt
Side Htm'd Window SSades
Fine Close Weave Holland.
White, ecru and dart green—
2s yards lons — A ,f\
28 to 37 Inches wide i™y
Before we Introduped these side
heuimeil shades they could only
be obtained to order and at .
about double the price we name.
Shades are without roller*— Customers
ran u«* their own. or we will supply
Hartshorn roller* at li> cents each.
This makes the total cost A BOLT
half what made to order «i_uiea o*
equal quality would cost.
IMPORTANT rieas* take measurements
Tap* me.-, "urea ar» apt to stretch.
Fine White Goods
For Dresses aid Waists
Customers continually tell US
' that they find no such stocks
elsewhere, and that our prices
are much less than others ask.
.... Here are value* that will
not lack appreciation: —
Tinm Whits P»rMan I_iwiu S3 Inch—
from one ef th» best Great Brltatn
mills— others ask 29... .10 »
F!r?e ■sisstßjal na»l«»a— sfcaar an*
■Ilkr — In great demand for
confirmation ifown<»- 44 lnc!l»9
wide— splendid value at apaessl ,J»£|
Visa India _lnons— 3ft Inch — e_e*Usnt
quality for waists, suits and cMldrsa's
ar»>i!«*» — valu<» .24 .Is.
in.-h India Unili — slfiewhsrs) .t?.. .IB
Frep.rh T. awns— 43 Inches wf.l>
»alu» .8!> ■ .2-3r
Note th* width.
rir» Wh»t# ratlstes— 6O Inchts
■Ms M cent ssassy .3©
WasaaMa wsssi PtUt Chffr>n»itsa —
another leader— others . ash .•*...» .99
Dotted White Sl!_ rUHTotiett«»—
el«»wh»r» .50 - .89
Merc" s*< Batlst»_— 3* Inch** wt<J»—
elsew^iar* .19 •• ,19
Merc'i'S T-ing»rts Uwm — tr^h—
g,.0.1 valus at 29 ■ 10
•tulnrv eolor»l flower d^tar!». Inrludttisj
Dresden effect*— »l«ewh?r» .1» .11
PRKPPEN' n-Air>B— Sa«n barrss^
i-h*rrr.lnz novelties for evening Arsaasa
an.l Summit Costumes— .73 .49
TI??T'K VOr_E3— B!ai"k an<» Whfte— -
Platils and Check»— very effteetlr*.. .2^.
Mill Ml HI I>K rLEUR—
white anil tinted, with rhistsvs*
satin t>trtp»s. forming an ■ fTsa(l«B>
b»/-k£round tor flora! «prays
In hand patntert efrepts — nn« of
the novelties of th» seajwn—•!»•
where ■ nr.-l «5 cent.-.— Our Frlc*. . .43
P aH^lora. . .24. .29- .32. .85- .43
s:i eatara. .24. .29. .32. .S&- .48
Tri» 43 cent ijuality Is wmWr
■hrunk ami stsssilHva «ol_ Ftfty
per cent, higher
Xatural Ir'»h Dr'ss Unsna .19 *» .35
Blanket Values
Like these ar*> too food
to leave nnnwutioned:—
>j., TVhite Cottrm Eiderdown
r.'ankets — pin"* an.l btro» boi ils»B> ■
ralue *-•«•• 1.69
VMM California Wool riankets—
dainty borders— binding—
TBlue $«-1 4.98
All W.-o! ?carle» «*■!'«■*■■— - oa
sllic ribben HsVrSswl J9.C0.... &.8S
Extra Towels
Are consequent on warmer
weather llor*> Is ancppoT*
tuniiy to stork r.p at consider
able savins :-»— .
Hemstitch*.! Hick Towels—
colored Br»»chf> border* —
19x40— regularly 2S cts • .law
1 Inen Damask— 2«a!»>—
cholc- I*»!srrs ii'o'ted frlngo—
vary »"?n» Quality— worth S3 eta.... .£9
¥HmHjl Caaiy Spedtl
Chocolate 1 covered frnit*—
Fi«. I>ate and Pineapple— -«
<!»>■■> =intl» pound •»«
In Basemen^ near 3r«la r^ouasarav
! Woo! Ssyrsa Rug*
f srVel •regally lnw to tntrodne* •■»
NEW BPRIXt* - Housoksjast*
1 know Iha wearinr qtsalltle* of tbsaa>
I rujr*-nothlnß 00' tar for durability sa»
j t- obtained.
j nni* X. __
2:tt.% Inch... .9g% ! Vl«« ft lfi.d§
»»T3 inch. ..gift! a»n ft. 18.98
«»»ft 7.95
; Urada XX.
1 Ift*B« Inch.... B>} * »i £•■■■« Asa
**lx4C\ [not -■• 1 Otr xw rt...«4 v'. W<J
v«>t'ii> Inch . 1.5/ 7.«x»'>-«ft 1.6.9S
:»6«73 inch....2.79!» *'2 « ••-81.98
! Grade XXX. ■ __
ISx.-UI inch . . -1. 3 » *I* S.gg
ji»4s :->!•. . t.69 4*4 * •ft ..g-jK
SKbH inch. .. 2.24 •* »ft 13- JM
;>u.^<> Inch. .2. 79 9^13 « 27.93
One-thtrd less than •!sewh«r» sola.
; WasHaWc ♦•Coral" Rnfs
I ij*nt colors. »uitablo for *ummsv Joasaa
and bathrooms^ —
36»38 Inches 1.19
27xB* inches 1 .49
a«xi« inches 2.29
Best V?2ol Isgraln Art Squires
firm and < yen weave — r«verslbl»— strtrt—
j ly fast '-o'.orlnga- very durable and eas
ily kept clean — variety of designs.
W>!... ■ 3.9S 3*3'» ?*»-•- 7.29
3x2'i yds... 4.98 3 *<y d « 8.49
3x3 yds 6.25 3i« y<to. 10.9S
Everything for dish or roller — all
qualities — all kinds— all width* . : .
Housekeepers have a choice her* i
that they fully appreciate, that Is
why department is so high in faror.
. .. Royal. Uussla and Baraaley :•'.•"«
Cranhe*. Plaid and Cheek Cla^a.
Twill and plain brown linen. Ger
man Damask and plain and aVd
Ilm-k • 0»4 to .40
Russian Crash. ,Q\ » tacb »- 1 _'i
17 In. Wn»:«3f .g*i!l*ln. AH I -*a -*■}
IS In. Check ,l2^»i» *»* C£u«.. ,\&
17 inch <J-rman Damask .22
1"* fr.e'-i Damask- Sne Quality. ....... ->v> ?
13-isch Fringed Bar Ucarflnf m 34

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