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II s
Police Think Herman Knacitz Took j
Hi* Own Life.
Detective &T S f3Tit iVir-e. .' The Brcax detective j
T-urfau. and «'oron<=r S. liwar.v.Tke of The Bronx ;
beUem Herman Kt*eirllx, who. n« told in yf-=ter- .
daYs Tribune, »as found d^ad in l^'.s home, N".
ESI Haxt 'SM\ Mr.— t. en Saturday ni«;ht with a
ballet wound in his li»»:id. committed auldde. Tho:=e ;
ln rhatre of th<» 033* have come to this conclusion
In spite of the confllrtlnit Btorlea told by different j
ir.«-rr.:>er« 01 tlif family.
Coranef Bcbwannedce enaste*4 Mrs. Kr.ewltx \
md ihs three daughters yesterday afternoon at his j
oflT.'-e. and fotmd that their stories did not agree. ;
Two of th« £as«thtenC EHxabsth and Lei tol.l the
coroiur that they had • rst dipoov*red the body of ;
th' ( r father on tlieir return from a visit to friends \
in Hrooklyn. :u.d on ronnlnx to the stre *" l for 1U> ~ •
dstanoe hsd met the mother and the other daugh- ;
Uf, Marlha, is t!.<» 'ioor. On th* othfr band, Mrs. :
Knewitz an.i MarlJia Kn^wlts told th« coroner that ,
they had first discovered thai body on their return j
from :«. Bbopplnr trip about 6 o'clock in th»» evening, j
No trace of the weapon used lv» teen ilseovered. j
and the member* of t>e family say that Mr. j
Kr.ewitr. h:id n.-v.r own*:. a revolver. Serjeant
Price Fa.i-1 'art nlfttit tl-.ot another search o* the ;
hcuK -.vo-jld »>e tr.ad--. o-day. la the h->P- of l!:^
th" revolver. Th.« fart that nothing m the bouse .
had r-ern disturbed does iiway with the theory m ,
the eyes of tho nolire thai Mr. Krsewltx hud been 1
murdered by a burglar.
Ox r „•■<.<■■ MonHghan. of No. 1101 Boston Road
mho'was ralle-l nfter tho body wis discovers I snid
last nij;ht that v.i his opinion it was a ca*e of
■Uicide as tl». powder marks on «he bf-ad would Rf» |
to show that th*- revolver v.as held by Mr Knewltr.
himself. Dr. Monaghan also said the. course taken j
by th* bullet w.ik the same as In .a number of oases j
that lift had seen where. the person died by his i
own li.itld. , , ;
It is the ellef of Berseant Price that the pl«to,
Is tonoeaifd Bomewhere In the Knewitr. homa nna ;
that the aearoh to-day will brine It to licht. j
Knewits Inherited tiewrly Sl*)/* 1 "* snm» years ago
and ii*<i an Inooroe of about PM a month. In ad- ;
tfition to this, be was in>-i:r<-n' In the Royal Ar
canum for $3.0W». It is said that a. hroth»-r of the j
dead man lives In Williamshurc and the police are 1
making an t-ffott to get into communication with
him to i*-r.r:i whether be knew of any motive why
Mr. Knewitz would takr> Ilia own life. Other rela
tives of the d»>ad man say thnt they know of no .
trouble which would lead him to suicide.
Taro Stand Guard While Third \
Blows Open Safe.
Troy. V. V.. March 18.— Three safe bloweisj
held up the village af Eagle Mills, about five j
miles outside of this city, early this morn!n«r :
and struck terror to the community. Two ■■' :
the number stood guard outside the general (
etore and postofllce while the third used dyna
mite to blow open the safe and ransack th*» place
In general. :
When Postmaster Mullin, who heard the ex- I
plosion, reached, the store he was driven off at |
the point of a pistoL Other residents who gath
ered were kept at a safe distance by bulk :
Por all their daring efforts and hard work the j
t)urclars received nothing. They escaped, pre- ,
eumably taking a trolley car later to Albany.
Injunction Against Awarding Con
tract Got bif White Plmna Woman, j
Mrs. Virpir.ia C. H«rl of White n&ins. Ob- j
lataed yeston'ay from ristic** Newbursrr. of the 1
Supreme. Court, nn orO^r rertrainlns the Bronx j
Valley Sewer Commissioners from awarding a j
contract for tb«» c«>r.stru"»lcn of the sewer to any '
bidder under the ndvcrtls^mrnt for bids j'js» com- j
ylet**". Th«» old*" !s returnable on Friday. i
/.!:i/ .!:i !^«*r oomplaint. mp.^e as a taxpayer. Mr?. Hor- ,
to.! r.ssrrt* tlipt thw contract and si>*ciric3tlons [
t:nd«T v.-hUh the sew r is to be buiU !;avn been |
»o mcd Mto preclude cempetition amon^ bid- j
«ler«. with the restJ.lt '!:.".» ihe work srfll If r*>n- j
<I»T«>d far r.if>rr -os'l / thnn it should 1-*. In an !
affidavit ins xhv romplslnt Mrs. Morton :
iiil'-fs thai tho ln:iia; :-ppro;,ri<fion of J2. ft '' r V'< l > ';
Ss j'JM a beciiniiiiT, nnd that there will Y,e pre- ]
f::t'!l at Albany this fpr!r.< a bO authorizing the !
oonirrjht^ionpTß to at least CCOO.OOO nor<» of •
th» tiixpeyers* :neney. She a.so aFks vhe court to !
<lptrrn;ine whetliT ih«- t<effirfa.tlirc of this state •
may authorise '.h* bulldinx of a sewer to carry .
cmdr» RfcEKo from to*xs !n the Hron* Valley
tbrcagh the h|U« ''".to il.e JluOson Hivp;-. which j
lies In * different watershed, The complaint ai- j
leges that the Bt&tute authorljlr.g the »ewer aluo '
contravenes the ?tate <"^njistitut ; cn '.v several par- •
tlculars. Tl!'! chsrr^ is made that the pro}-- t !s a .
crast<s *? public mcr.*y. as well as i!'.e»;a!.
Members of the P.ror.K Valley gewer ' ■ - U»!«n '
mill yesterday that '.!;•* diarse* mcd« by Mrs. i
Horton and other citizens of % .\'h!ta Plai:is In re- !
gar<! to ffrsft ar.4 extravagance in the proposed i
Bronx trunk fewer are uufo inded and utterly ab- •
surd. The members ot the commission '.. • ■! .-t. as I
a matter of fact, the plans tnd ■perincatlorui for ;
the «^wer are so carefully drawn that It ss doubt- 1
ful If mat iy contractors will care to rid for Urn
contract to construct th<- s^wf-r. They »ay ihe |
work would have to be so carefully done that tliTe
Would be very little profit Ii it.
The eerotnlawlon ,is composed of Congressman j
John K. Andrus. of Vonkers; John J. Hrown.
president of the town of White Plains, and William 1
Archer, a wel! known builder, of Sew York City, I
The chief engineer is George 11. Byrne, formerly j
county engineer of Wostchcster and . engineer |
of hich rerute.
Says He Is Victim of a Conspiracy to Rob ;
Him of Property.
Thomas J. Hart, of -N''-> 7 South Elliott Place. |
Brooklyn, was anaiam d befon Magistrate Barlow
In the Tombs court yesterday, charged with act-
Ing ln a disorderly manner in the Proad street
curb market. II- was rent to the psychopathic
ward at Bellevue for examination us tr» his sanity.
>ppareritly h«» was suffering from paran !a.
Hart's cousin. Arthur Oakley Ford, a broker at
JCo. 95 Wall rtreet, was the complainant against
Hart, who, he said, la ■• member of ihe Coffee Kx
change. Mr. Ford said thru Hart had been com
ing to his office «nd teii;nK him that he was a vic
tim sf a conspiracy to ■-• i his property away from
h!m.and do h'm harm, and that !f it did rift stop
Fime one would be killed. Han adaaltted that he.
was in a sanatorium two months ago.
Pet Died After Operation at Johns Hopkins
Hospital — To Be Sent to Wales.
IT»>- Tfl»rrap'.i to Th«» Tr^un^.l
Baltimore, March 18.— The body of Jack, a j
pet setter bclsnsiag to Mr. .-in-i Mrs. Emtl Isen
tiiEnn, has been placed tn an airtight, finely
finished, ijnc -lined «offin and sent to Columbia. ;
P<-!iii . tl.^r<- to Mi in the Isenmann family vault :
until arranßenienta ?r* made to ship it bacJt to
Wales. Jack will f!>ial!y be buried at the place
where he was born.
For twelve years Jack was loved nr:d ■••tt. •] !
like a child. He slept in a bed l'.Ue those of j
«»tIKT members of th- family. When be became j
ill he was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital. j
vhere a Kurgron performed an operation and
r<jr:«iv«-d a tumor, bat Ihe :<no.-sthftii- was to-»
much far Ja<lv. r . .;. -
Hartford Shop Girls Say Swains Could not !
Wait for Factory to Close.
JKy TeVrra;::* lo Th<« TTiSune.l
Han ford. Conn.. Jlsr.-ii Xt..~ Th«r Kiri eniyloj : «4 of '
tU'i Hartford 11.-.ruTact jrii!? CoTOpaay^ •rbieb iiof-8 :
lk+ CDvrrnjn^atTstatnpVd envelop* v.ork. have itr-.i ,
forr-ert i<« work ni"'.is reerntly Im-csusp of ttii vv.p.i ' :
€>{ r.«.ilc Au inci^.'vnt strike was ■vetted to-d.-«y '
Tor -1 !i.- »h!rd tltnf ir. a -A*"»k.
T&! cirl« prot«e4ed ti.at th« Hartford K;J:ant» I
r. ;•!:-< d to nait ai the facior*- a!i«l do escort <lut;\ !
Xn"i'i:ll:\ tjj*y c'^j^-t.*-! vrh<>n ther found ti<at i
nleht rork was rr.Hn.lJnr fony^r :i.iv cbxncvnt '
nuu-i iar.l which :pij.-i:t iv. ij-»«i« :f tl.<"y eonti at- i
tiJiJ Cm theatre or f^*;iii Cc cen:nc ci Loi^a. " i
fFrom The Tribune Bureau.]
Washington. March IS.
been dP'.l ••■l t.i ask the naval constructors at th«?
Brooklyn. Norfolk and Man 1 Island yards to sub
mit bids ■•:: the two bis battl*ahlps which will
jirobalily lie tructed under contract, it is d?
sirod I'iv thn Navy Department to obtain this In
formatlon roppoi-tlr.g ''' expense of building the
v»-ss«>!s at jjovornJnent pl-int''. Thi« was done in
the ca.-^K of tli* 1 South Carolina and the Mil hlgan.
wh^n bids were obtained from th« N\ m York and
Marc Island navy yards. Tl"? proposal* will at
i- ;ist afford en opportunity for Interesting com
parison", aitliough tne private shlpbulldera pay that
It Is po?sil>le to obtain from a navy yard almost
any fort oj -'i hid, .-.-■ it l« .j.fti-Mj to get down to
actual coal In the execution of work, ftlther repair
or construction, ;;t a governroent plant Th»» critics
of such information «ay that Hr ■ r- is always s.-,mr>-
Ihlnc omitted wiii.-h should ■■• Included. Tlk- na
va l constructors, on the- oth^r hand. Fay that thf>
,_.,;.,,.. which it is proposed to derive from the
navy yard ■ are accurate In all respects nml may
vfrv won be considered as competitive bids. Sup
,-)al consideration i.- to be kiwi to the Question
of time in the construction of the ships, and there
is likely to be some competition among the rival
bidders' in this respect.
ORDERS ISSUED.— The following orders have
been issued:
First Lieutenant WfMJASI X M'^'R::. alsnai carpi.
f-".»in ofP<-«. rhief signal tn -•*' •■
Pernri-l Ueutenani \XPiIF.W. W. ■'••■ KMAN. artillery
'•orvs to Fort I'nvar.j K'-ivra] »iosrnal.
r^ptain FREEMAN V WAIJtKR. having '"■" reap
pointed 10 fonr.fr graiie of assistant s':rp;r(>n, with
raah <.f cai-tsln. placed on retired list.
U«atenanl •- V. WAT«a»X. to Naval Ara.l«rvv.
Ueuterarit r.. F. JACKSON, detached the I?uffa',n; to the
UeuiVnfl"n I t" 1 H. r<Ol fletarhea th« independence; to
•he Annapoli*. , „ , . .
En-:*rn C. CS. MOSES, detarhe.l the liuffa'.o; to the An-
Ifldsfalpmafi J. B. RHODES, detached the Alabama; home.
movementa of vessels have been reported to the
Navy Department:
March I«— Th« irkanaas nt Norfolk: tbr I^'nMir. Nt
J*orts-n-!i!h N \\ : th» Dolphin, at linvana: tne St.
I^ouis. at I.vr.nfiaven Hay: the Colorado ani tn
rVfinsyt**nt». »i Weo-Sun».
March IT— Ttw Ilarnlhn!. Rt Hnmrinr Rop.'s. the ,\ »=t
Virplr.is" and tiif Mai-. lan. '.. p.' W«> ?nug: th" Padtt
rah. ot rcrt Umon: 'he Princeton, at Corinto.
March IS -The Baltimore, ■■ Buex.
PAH. I '
Mur.-h 1»;-Tli» Htnrilbai; from rhll«<lelph«a fnr Hsmr'on
Roars: tl» Vanbton. frotn Santiago i* Tuba for tnr -
ft ground*; the WeM \lrfcinla, th. Maryland. '•*"•
V.:;i,. :--•.: ar.d il:» VUlalohoi-. frr.in Nankins firf i' r
Woo-SiiPK- ih" Qnim*. from Nanklnc for Wuhu.
March 17— The New Jereey, from Hampton H'-ada for
l!u«rl«namo; »!ie Nero, fr'im <lunn;aramo r- r Trur
illo: the Ralelch. from Ilors Kors f.>r •■a\it- t : tie
louit=lar«. fro».) navy yard. \»» York, for Hampton
Hoad.«: th« Porpoise, the shark. ili«- PJonrer. the Nina
nnfl th* rontiac. from navy jarl. V '■■ York, for
Mar : I> -Th« Galre*ton. fr"!ii C*e-F«) for OitnK «ens
tao. The Anna-.HjH!" ordered i>la.-»-.I In eomnil«»ion at
ravy yard. Ma:. Ic!£.r:>3; she win r-.-!a<-e the A>lai!i»
as statli :, snip ot naval vailen. Taiulla.
All-Round Athlete Taken to Hos
pital in Providence.
[By TeleßTaph to The Tribune]
Providence, March Wlnthro*» Adams, all
round athlete ■ member "f the Brown rnlvor
■lty football. track, basketball and baseball t«tm«C
lies nt the Kliode Island Ilospltal. Buffering from
a mild rittaek of diphtheria.
Th»» young man w;ts taken 111 yesterday, and
during the afternoon his ense was diagnosed as
diphtheria. He was hurried jit one*; to the ccn
taßious ward and his two roommates, one of them
a baseball men, wet» quarantined until t! eir nat
ures can Ijo taken Adams !s the second student
to develop diphtheria nt Brown this year, while a '■
fraternity men who rof.mH next floor is at the
hospital with scarlet fever.
Governor Sign.3 Rill to Construct
$10,000,000 Trunk.
[Hi TWaarap to Tne Trir^ne.'
Trenton, March IS. Governor Rtoken to-day
sisne'l the Paasnlc sewer a<-t. T!i<» measure
prohibits qtl sewering Into th<* Pasiaic River
and its tributaries bet\w»n tl:' fall" In Put
son an the mouth In Newark Bay after r><"""n
b#r K. 1912, and authorizes th« Pass.ii.- Valley
Sewerage Commissioners to enforce the ..■■ t.
Th»» niunlclpalitiea affected ■■• authorized Jo 1
enter Into contracts for the building of a trunk
sewer to repls.ee rivr>r r=e\^ ering. This bill is •)><>
resuit •' a?) agreed ■ between Patersori nnd
N>",s.-k. •'•. principal cities affected, after a
'■■• controversy. A special session ■wais to t..-!\<.
h^rn «-fil!o<] to pass the act last September! but
an •(«■■ was not rr-achfd until so late in
thf> fall that n was decided t<> l^t th«> matter s;o
over until th* regular session.
It is estimated that the new sower will cost
$10 000 '<"»
Will Be Guest of the United States Military
Telegraph Corps.
Andrew Carnegie will he one of the guests
at the reunion and dinner to be given by tii ■
United States Military Telegraph «'"ri>r» at the
Hotel Manhattan on Thursday evening, March
2R It was at Mr. Carnegie's suggestion at the
outbreak of the Civil War that four operators
were pent from the Pennsylvania lines to Wash
ington. ami !!;»■ corps, from this small Regln
liii c was enlarged to about twelve hundred
!ll»t.. I
David H. Bates, one of the original four, vhk
gested lal reunion and dinner. Mo and
Albert ft. Chandler and Charles A Tinker were
cipher operators In ;h<-- War Depart nt. an* 1
It la aald, were < loser than they In confi
dential nn j tktns to President Lin
coln. "They m-ere known aa the "Sacred Three."
Tha corps now numbers less than two hundred,
ahout afxtj Hi -r li- •: : i have promised to b<
ent a' th<* dinner. Twenty aona of members
have i!sii promised * i attend. The other Kti^sis
■.■.iii be tr,f rommanders ol the c-orps. f.Jeneral
Thomas T. K< ki-rt .-md Colonel K. C. Clowry, and
William J: Plum, hlwtortan of th( rorps, -.> id,
1': il*. Carnegie, an honorary mem
Mrs. A. F. Morse Misses Jewels — Detective
Finds Them with Hotel Attache.
[By TV!e*raph to The Tribtin*. 1
Atlantic City. March — Recovery of a dia
mond and pearl necklace valued at (100,000.
after Mis A. F. Morse, of New York, had
mourned it for a week as forever lost, created
furor In local police circles to-day. The or
nament was missed when Mrs. Morse, who
had been stopping at the Hotel Savoy, In New
York, arrived at the Marlborough- Blenheim here
several days agro.
The local police were at once informed, and
Detective Harry Wilson found the necklace In
the possession of a hotel attache. It was at
once turned over to th" detective. Mrs. Morse
received the gems to-night.
Washington. March M. -PmMettt Roosevelt has
approve)] the sentence of dismissal In the casp of
First Lieutenant Noah Overly, of the Philippine
Soouts. who was tried and convicted by court
martial on rl^ir*.-* of reprehensible conduct. Lieu
t-rant Overly formerly served as an enlistfd man
i? uhlu h 1 c ? . h . Ohio Votuirteora and i:»t rln the 4.1.1
I nit.-,i States Volunteer Infantry H<. was coai
mlaalyH in the Philippine Scouts In 1901.
When arraigned in the Flatbuah iiolice c<jurt
resterdajr William T. .) DavMpe. v-: „ ■.-.. nrrcsted
FaturJay nlgbt 0i..-,x.-.i with shooting Miss Resale
V. \Yilb^rt. at No. 74S Franklin avcnuo. denied
iavlr.9 »hot r.!i<s WUbcrt, and Bulsestoi] t'r, t ")..*
had fhot hcwlf. m,. Wb3 lula W j t!;oul ro J
1 e^wnlcutioa to-i.^ucw.
:ntew-york daily tribune. Tuesday, march m 1907.
fnnumfranle choice o< table delicacies brands of reputation—the product* of every country. Families
intending makinj their home in New Jersey will find our stores centrally located at
222-224 Vain St. 539 Wain St. 1921 £outh Oi*a& Aye.
6-10 Church St. 335 Main St. 37-39 Broad St.
SUMMIT. -VafJe St.. at Union Plac^
Minturn Post Collins Purchases the Ransom House, in East 52d Street
Market Found for a 49th Street Structure.
Goodwin it G Iwin and Renwlck C, Hurry
\- Co. have sold for Henry C. Cook, .if Hlgin.
111., the fU" story office and loft building, N->.
14t', Fifth avenue, "n ;i plot UKxIOO feet, be
tween ': )- i' -ml -«>iti sirceta Henry Marks ani
<".:s{)^r L«evy art' i\\o buyers.
Minturn Post Collins has bought from Frank
J. Ransom No. r_"> East 62d street, a three story
and basement dwelling house. 15.9x100 feet
Harris & Vaughan were the brokers.
Pease & ElUman have sold for Jordan L. Mott
Xo. 55 East -filth Btfwt. ii five story American
basement dwelling house, on a l<>t lSxl(H> feet,
to Robert H. E. Klli«>t^.
A. M. Bauman'n has sold for Max Marx and
A. M. Bendheim a plot 99.11x125 feet, at the
northeast corner of 145 th street and Broadway,
to John W. Kight. The buyer will erect an ele
vator apartment house, with stores, on the prop
Mrs. Robert A. Van Wyck lias sold No. 319
West r.Ttli st., a four story dwelling house, on .i
lot 25x100.ri fret. The adjoining and similar
dwelling, No. 3-1, has been sold by Julius Blen,
owner and occupant. The buyer of both houses
is Mrs. H. Clark, ho lives at the Ansonla Hotel.
In the last issue of "The Real Estate Record
and Guide' there Is an article on the Recording
Tax law by A. C. Pleydell, secretary <>f th«» ?Cew
York Tax Reform Association. He says In thai
article that "the records of mortgage loans i.i
this city show that, as predicted, th« Recording
Ta\ law has attracted money to the mortgage
market and redu< ed Interest rates. Tor eißin
months from July 1. l'.'>i<». when the law went
into effect, to March 1, 1907. the average rate " r
interest Stated on mortgages recorded In New
York County was 5.13 per cent. For the corro
spohdlng period under the annual mortgage tnx
law ihe average rate was 5.54 per cent. <t about
4-1O of I per cent higher.
"Consld« i Ing the state of the money market
and the Increased demand for capital In other
liner, this decrease In the mortgage Intel ■■- -at*
i« an excellent showing for the new law; and
i) . amount <>f money loaned was nearly twice
as large as under the annual tax law."

F. B. Roberts ft Co. have sold for A. & J.
Scheinberg the five story apartment house No?.
.V_T. and '<-! West ISStli Btreet, on .i plot 50x
08.11 teet. F. «':• M. Singer and Peter Korn,
th<> buyers. v\v In part payment forty lots.
".)■ ■_'■". •. i"<> f.--ft. Ii Metropolitan aye.; Brighton
Heights, CastletoH, Staten Island.
The Apostlejhlp of Prayer, :i rellsrlous < . ,rj>'»
ratlon, has been sranted le;:v* by Justice New
burger, of the Supreme Court, lo trll its old
home on the north side of l«»th street; TCT. feet
west of Fifth avenue, a plot .V> by •>■.■ ffei.
known as No.«. '.'7 and '."' West 10th street, t,»
Henry J. Hemmens, for $100,000. The corpora
tion iias moved its headquarter* and ofTic^s to
r house ;i! 191 a street fin.l Port Washington
Shan & Co. have sold foi Edward J. Welltng
two lots. Tifi by 05 feeti on th»^ past side of Ensle
nvcnne. ■•;■> feet north of Weetchester avenue, to
a speculator. Also sold for Michcaei J. Dowd
the t-Ao story nnd cellar brick two family dwell
.we house No. IT"" 1 ' Sedgewlck avenue, near
17«'.ili street; 25 by lOfi feet, x<> nn Investor.
■'.■-'•! iV Hobbs have •■'■! for <If:r2' 1 La
tour to a cllriit frir Investment the five story
apartment house. with store, >.".. "'_'•* Amstef
dam avenue, northwest comer of '.♦."'!> strc*'.
25.K',i by v >; fr-rt.
Joseph P i ••■ • ha ■i M foi the J Moi
Taylor estate to David and Harrj Uppman the
...si corner of s<>th street and Third ave
ni; . >...s. KlB. vjn. N-J2 and tt£4 Third avenue,
four five story tenenienl houses, with toi
Plans have i •• -•• 1 1 Bled vith Buildings Superin
!• :i leni Murphy for remodelling th- ground floor
of th'- offlce building annex of the new .\>t..'-
Theatre, ;:' the northwest corner of Broadway
and !."■'!! t . owned J-> the [<ong Arc Square
• ■■ Company, for the Mechanics and Trad
ers' f:.:iik. as lessee. As made over there will
be ;i marquise entrance with revolving i!'»irs.
Plans have also been «;•■■! for making over
the three stnrj s. ii<«il building at No. .''.<•<; i-;;i<it
jM'iih st. Into a light manufacturing establish
ment for M;ix Bowsky ns the new owner. The
cost <>f the Improvements will be, nominal, ac
cording t.. ii a w'iikf-*. t)«« architect.
John Kendrlcli Bangs and Prancls s. Bangs
have sold to George K. Kelij their property
known ;is the Crescent, on t li*» <>ast si<lo <>f
South Broadway, |v I south fin- Park Hill
station. Yonkers. It k•, p| o i 350x1R7 feet, on
which are -ix frame dwelling houses.
Th" West Sid<- Taxpayers' Association last
Fri<!;i* elected Frank Detnuth president tv ;•
unanimous vote. Over one hundred members
were present ;•.; the meeting.
M. Edgar Fltzgibbona has sold for Bilverman
& London ■•■ new six story apartment house.
with stores. .N<-s. 2738 and 27-10 Bth aye.. 10x100
f.-pt, for ?H7.500.
Fleck «• Brown have told for Mandelbaum.A:
Lewine t<i Bohland & Akier a parcel 100x75
feet, at the southwest corner of Porsyth and
Rivlneton sis.
Ernest N. Adler has sold for Charles Sachar
to the Borlvoj Bohemian Iteal Estate Associa
tion No. 507 East T". 1 at., a five story double
Oathouae, on lot "-.".xilu feet. Also for the same
to the Pokrok R"al Estate Association No ."iiK*
East 75th at., a five story double flathouse. on
lot 2.'ixll'_' feet. Also leased for Jacob I^irschan
to the. American Salvation Army the ground
lloor, with stores, at No. iio-l Bast OSth street;
and for Antonla Bohaty to the Monitor Realty
Company the double store at No. 1317 Ist aye.,
for a terra of five years.
William C. and A. Edward Lester and Layton
Rogers, for F. A. Roetze. to John Acker, tor
his own occupancy four story dwelling No. .".is
West HIM st., Washington Heights.
The Charles F. Noyes Company has sold for
the Stallman & Pulton Company, to l>. B. Flem-
Ing & Sons, its unexpired lease on the building
No. 10 Jacob at., recently, Bold to Fleming &
Foi;-- through the s:une brokers.
Frederick Fox & Co. have leased for the Rich
man p..--";- and Construction Company, to D
Ptfauss. Importer, <*„r.«>:> square feet of spa..- In
the new building at the northeast corner of 15th
St and .•!'! aye.. for a lone term of years
at an aggregate, rental of f:t.-.ixx>; also for Hiram
J. Hays the store floor at No. ■_•» West 17th si
for a lonp term >f years, to Oustave Schumann
Jr., at .an asrgr»rr.to I'iit-.il of $LN)<Vw> ,
ilr». La'i* Stern has sold No. »'D West bltli
Ft., a four story and basement stone front dwell
ing house, on a lot 'JOxl»»>..S feet.
Catharine A. Crowe baa sold. No. lift West
Slst St.. a four story and basement stone front
dwelling house. on a lot 18x102.2 feet.
S. Osgood Pell & Co. have sold f->r Mrs. Ella
Blackburn No. 123 West ."itith St.. a three story
stable, on a lot 25x100.1f> feet. The buyer, Frank
M. Stanton, will alter It into a private garage.
Isaac Port man has bought from Edward A.
Johnson. through K. H. Ladlow & C0.. .N0. •"*
West 133 dst . a five story Rathouse. on a lot
25x90.11 feel Also, bought from Edward A.
Johnson, of Raleigh, N. <'.. No. 534 West ."!>rh
at., a five story tenelnent house, on a lot l^VxHM>.n
feet. K. H. Ludlow & Co. were the brokers Mr.
porfVnan has also bought 'No 137 Ludlow at., a
six story front and rear tenement house, "fi a
lot 23x87.3 feet.
N. Walsh has sold for Isaac Xacht. to Shar
low Brothers the four story tenement house.
No. 303 East 60th street, on lor 33x100.5 feet.
at the entrance to Blackwell'a Island bridge. The
buyers will alter the premises into a store and
lofr building.
Young & Gibbons have sold for the • loii-iina:
estato. No. 200 West 10th street, a three story
building, on lot 13.1x34. !• feet.
Frederick T. Barry has sold for Abraham
Schwab to the Edse water Realty Company, No.
7.:* Lexington avenue, a four story building', on
lot 17. :<>:•»". feet. Also sold for Charles Faulkner,
No. 154 East 83d street, a three story stone
front dwelling, en lot tC.Bxl#o.s feet.
Leonard Shultz, of A. W. Miller & Co., has
sold for Augusta Bucbner to John Scholes, No,
154 East r«7:h street, a five story double flat
house, on let 27x1 0>'i. 11 feet.
John P. Klrwin has sold far Nechols & Blu
menstock, to the Borlne Manufacturing Comp
any. No. ■ .■! West'42d street, two four story
tenement houses. on lot 25x100.S feet.
The Meyer estate has sold through Max Blau.
to Herschfleld & Leopold, No*. 18 and 20 Third
avenue, two flvt- story tenement bouses, on plol
50x100 feet.
Leonard Well! has sold to a Mr. Norden the
southeast corner of Buchanan Place and Grand
avenue a plot 100x100 feet. Casey & Irvine were
the brokers.
A. Khaizklu * Sons have sold to Olosimontl
Fusel) the lot. 23x100 f*vt. on the south side of
213ih street. f«»*t cast of Maple avenue; also
to <;iusejipe Campanella and Francesco S. I>.
Morablto the plot, &fix9S feet, •"-. the rth side
of 2091 street, I»"> feet east of Rosewood .ive
)!'j'-, ,-md to Joseph liarr»-rri, the lot 25x145 feet,
on Mi. south side of Randall street, 100 feet
west of FY.iirth avenue.
At 14 Vn>*\ st - ny .J«?f|.h I*. lia\ : 432 an.) 4JU TO*>t
«• • « 114 •' w of ay« a. r>ox !<■•::. 2. •'• »ty Itk Qat h'»i««
and afore; .l«'-'it. Hjman «-t nl a«t Until f>ln»-r *t ,i : .
Rplro A- W. atiy.«; j j ivianv. iff. ami •!'!». Ml •-■■ •";
Uim. etc. *T'«>: «uh ro rn..r nr.rt.« amounting to $.>*:*»>
«U>> 133 th •!. • f. l^nt! ft w cf \VtIII« avo. •Jit»1l¥); 4 ,«t V
frame .!»!;; houaet X t. Ring .■xtrx. act W I! Hart *1 al;
\V S i=tnlth arty I.nil* St».-kl«r. ref; Mint ilu». f-.ZfiZ >"2 :
t:nr>!. etc. *i mi. CauMirel) a>». It&.llx4U7x irr»-i:; 3-atj
fr .) «. r h. « My f r In h aii-1 BtOTS uiwt » II) !r <1» 1 h:
A A Hjiyiiin :ict M M Arfcogojit. Imtlv aril mitr.x et al:
K'!«><r'l Ml'bllnc «tty; T F Donnelly, r*f; iition 3
t>. !♦ Ekekman si. wWI# f r'nt h»!w'i-»n >a»»»ii ot anil
Tbfatr* all^r. l^> 4\H"> \>\\<*> «v 140 1. lf>«j brlcS an. l
■totlr rfT.ro AvA j!or# t.1.!». Wnonti an T*tnpl« fourt: N'n
llopal I'l-iT^r County V.ank list B .1 K»al»>« »t al: o!cr»t.
<;. M /- y.-M. nrti i*; X J U«vi>». nh-rlff: «h«rl(T!» •«!»
r>f all right. t!tl». •(•• which B.t [Ualtu !'*>> en Ma 13
l!<fC .>r «ln.» 7v:: atrl IW <!th nv<«. w ■ TV'S ft r. at
44"i *t. 50a tOft; tw-> < ftv ... t»n*rr.*nt hm**a a:v\ ...
• ■ a H'h« «-t aj »^r i" r naros »! al: iiusp'iiii»imT. r a-
M. n'tij, N J llajM. »h»rtff; Kh»rlflTh ■&!• r,( ..:: rinht.
clUe, nc, wWcll X i; Rmns hat cti December 14. 1908, <r
At No 14 V»»ey »» -By Jo»rrh P I'.-^: fo'irttar It ay».
BIS *21. ■ • ,-or IT'.ith it 4- ' lx!'". >l ki\ l.r ft an I r.t ; Sam -
U«l v.-|lll>in:.< «t nl a«n!:i?t M»x K«-«>r *t ai: iVKr!»n.
n. P A f>. nftv!>: I R. Walsh, r»f: Bm-ninr rji*. $10.799 50;
. ..... <•'«. s'i"t t'» lThlf«'i!rr & V.>mb»rs. for IST.'SO;
Vsndewat*f »t. ;? I.i 27. n «-■■•■• t>? Prarl *t tic'x
Irra*: « nr>'\ ft «iy Monrobldg VantVwatrr n Lii n .<».
l!«T.^ fi -v of Port «t. S3.«Jcf>SSx Irrn; .T •<■•. bk hi« /< -'
an,l «t«r« \M t ..1--.. m-;- »'. 31, n « r.f> .'. f! v „f iv.ir!
•J, Irit.-. irr«-R. :< sty hk S!,ie hpl Kti->'-». .We* I.*».»*r»"
ski r ; w Munn »t at: Prank A !.. nttv-%. Jo.s»-;>h Witkln
ft-M. r»-f. amount <-lti»-. $)<i. »>>^ 1|». i-«\^s »•:. JS.cTJ 7."!.
•tibject tr. two m«.rt« BKKrvcattT.K ■;•«-■ on p.in-«l A;
m.irt of »Ih..Vh-> on j>"»r.-.l J?. an.l rnort of IU.iKMi on
pan-el C; :><lJiurr.o.l t<> March
4- ay« . So 4>tS; .t«M.ph Mlll«r a K t Herman
Maa-mann. own»r; liarry K. «•<)!«•, ..ortracfor Jl«»". M
Pame property; <;e->r B «- I. Roberta A Broa. .i- •
MUIMI ' 2.M t'".
»nh 3i .. So. .11l El>* t; Sam'ifl F!nkrtate!n Ret. I\
\>!l.a I!<";iitv Company, owner and ccotractor 2.vt i>o
116 th ft'; i> «. 200 ft. w. of flih aye . lOOilOO;
I'olhuni Op»rutlntt <>.mp;uiy ,i lt Al^Hti Z'lirk
C*Darr»jrailon, ow:»r; S. ha.f.-- i'arr.>n Ctonatrnc
ti->n ''"ruranv. contractor 11* t.i
Mount 'i-i •• Plan. ■ ■> n. 4.'>:> ft. 'w. of Morris a**.'
'"I'V.-J.-.. ';" ri!h;i:il ••' 1 ""i- Work!. ,*t. A aroii
Miller Rvatt) i'(>mpany. n*m an.j ;.mi «v>
Washington ;iv/-.. n ». .-or. \.;,,. .. |oi»x]nn
WllUnr.i M. Vn U n< ngf John I>.>p owner' <•'
Vltl< contratfi'ir ' "700
"I 1 , 1 ? "»; V" VTV T - h " ast; n " rrv Tn«nF*«m ' a»t
AIL. U. I>yn.-h. owner; William I. Ldnch. con
trai i ••.vi an
N ° 1131 to IU7. tl*nr? Th.>n.pH..., urn*
Mlbrrbeqr • Sjul » --. an<l contracton . -nt4i
11-.': it.. No Kfi! Bant; Howard D. 11 -,„„„ .*,V
AIL. M. I.yni'li. ..uurr ,iml (■■.titrm-tnr i».». i»k
Allen st. Nr,» 2112 anil .v. : rtarr-t u'Abrami
.tk' Abraham Pertnian n.-r and contractor BIS M
Oih »i.. N-. .".I Ka»t. .ir,t,ann Mo r H t. iliariea Ro
■rnhc-rs, '•• : ■•! . M.i Fisher, contractor . .--, i,,)
fhrjitle H.; i. <>. ccr. Delanr#j dt.. 2.Y7xi<»:'Mur'
thii & Rchmoh] c mpany act. '•*..■■ Kl*lnf*lH
and Isaac RpthfeW. ownen a <i rontractora?.." T"7 !i%
nth at .No «2S; Barnett SlWrnwn „.. .. nNI! ,
A. KrU-.lcnt'»rg *t nl : fviirunrv f» K».i7 «i.-jn«
Ist V.. No 4:.: William A. -ri,.>n : a,o.n.mnvu«7 ** "
Max Scheckmau «>t al . November 28 pun' 11 i,»
SOU, it.; Nox 4r,4 arm 4r..i wv.i G««se Saundef- M '
m-Mt Mtatr-or Jacob P. Mamlu^ Hejtembrr
"■■*■'"'"'''■' ■ litt'i <iA
70t!. at.. No. i:;r KaVt; rn^V nict. ,;...,,, T tk^tU
-•i-.r,,:. r li nri .can '^V ■■■■■'■■■■■ ■(«,-..■>.>
«ton >.v.. . n.. i.,7.. r .»».ii,n a«i :-,..
Uyman el al . D^ember -.'7. i<m X 'a " •...,,..
Hr.nvn Place, ■. w. cor 1.17 th st • Bit »tlViiharh"* **""
Brann ant. A A. Kin? et »l ; January 21 [..m m, v»
li(7th st. No. 406 to 413 )■:„., D»tM act' **
Bi'v.nr.l Bliim el ul : Octnk»r in lOOH X *--„»
Hoffman ►».. i ».. 7.-, ft , n of IRTth »i BOxinn "'
Union Bteve, WorKa an M ,•.!;,;..,.,« Man -*;.".;
Si v;::^'7 r ;D i! -■ :i • » v " • •'■ "•"
S<^.r P^'^. N *: W r n * '"°- »^-sa:nV;,\,: »«^
»ih si.. No ,m \v«m; Johan rVoVh-ri'ait.'V'bkVle.
R<M«nl«n rt at.; r>hniary I*. iim>7. . . * mN
lUh ay« . s •• par. i2.J M.. fur n ibrca .tnn l.ii •
lon an.l atone. 08.0x100; Flcken r * r.laira
owner.; Cleverdcn * i-iitzei. arcbtacu .-- rtnaaa
Mulberry US. So*. is<> and i<=2. for n h\x m»vv '- 5000
hrk-k tenareent md «ore. 4«>x7«.!» v ., r ?
■antl owner: <•. M. Slrmub, an-l.ttivt " " " v mMI
Ux a\-.. „. ... .-or. 36th *l . for a .in* story' 'ram; •*••'»"'
.l.imltMry. 24x80; City of New York, owner T*
ns ;,u,ger. archllael • 3
eth ft.. « a..' 430 ft. «if aid ay» :jiv.7 Jt « x ,
Kramer and 11.-nry Rockmore | ,an Mary Krrii'
ben «'■•■' Michael \\>ii an ,i« ry Krrlt " ... n , ft
Broadway. r.. ror of n.'.ih si.. ißVllxiiv' Mai
Mark .^ans John \V. KlKht -M. A ' ai 125 ciOO
U3th at., a ».:'2OO ft. W. of arave.; •■• (X --> n th«
Kn»pper araitv CVnipany aKt. I'hßrlca Sta.lt*.- ..V „,
fetecloiur* of moriEare; attoin«-y, 1. .1 k f?v'Jli? :
Btith S t.. Nn,. SS4 an,; S2« Hast: two .Aiors t> nr!
Dunmns ai. act. KiynrX W»«k.na »t aX ; fttUctaSS.
.I2tl hi . n. a.. I*> ft. c. of 21 a\e.. 2O*!WO- • •»,»,!. v
«Y..rt!i ast. William A. Ham .-, .11..,^ • •;.,., '" it A '
r>'ess lim; attorney. M. H. Haynaa ' ' " " '" "" "
I" s» 19, 1» nn.» IS, map of 153 lota hH,,r«lne tn ■ -i, ,1
A. Stn.tVr. 28.1 War.l; El!« |, lTan , „ " , %m !lar|t^
•SI John R. Pm-lhaft^r .t ,1. for»olo» ,4 of m.?«^ ' '
attorney, >: U. Malnm-v " oF ■"«»«•»■•:
::.l ay... N'oa. 81 and S3 Manhattan nallway Co-npanv
i?*Wr: "' '" •: " : "" % "««-"'■"'- H. 1,,,. atto^
(J.uiram,^ ln .J Tr«at c.,m,..,,,. .-,„, Hauhin R^Tity , Tiu"
KnV fttr€c:oaur « of »»« 'uvrt,a«e a . utt'rnrj. ii.
Real Estate.
Ull uHil 1 y£ l Ml? MI
from the fact that the REAL growth of New York City must be
northwart Lying directly in line of tjiis growth, adjacent to the
Bronx at 177 th Street, lies Morris Park, recently opened to the pub
lic. Here the Aston, the Lorillard Spencers and other families whose
real estate investments have made them fortunes have purchased large
holdings, because of the enormous profits that MUST accrue on their
No investments offer BETTER. SURER and PROMPTER
returns than the purchase of one or more lots in Morris Park, adja
cent to good schools and colleges ami easily reached by subway, ele
vated and trolley lines, bounded by the city's finest parks. See us
about it. Address Dept. L.
Fidelity Development Company, owners,
Times Building, Broadway and 42d Street.
Can you
to sell your property with
out risk of a lawsuit for
damages because the
buildings encroach on the
adjoining property, or for
some other defect in your
title ? Our policy of Title
Insurance will give you a
marketable Title.
Lawyers Title
Insurance and Trust
capital & $9,500,000
surplus vufDUOgUilU
87 Libert? Street. .">!» Liberty street.
•Xltlt l>*p!.> iTmit * Baokl^x Ihtft-t
JSS Montasne Street. Dronklra.
iTttls Dtvt. and Txu.t It r.s^i'.-jg Dept.i
To Let for Business Purposes.
for Rent
Thirty-ninth Street
Lofts divided to suit tenants. For
terms, floor plans, etc., a?ply to
4 West 23d St.. New York.
(Fir*protf i Fronting Brooklyn Frtdg». 2C5 f«et as]
over .'*) f*at on «ach.
RUUHD a WHITING 00.. • »-»••«« st.
I>r.OVIXKNT CORNER STORE Tor !r:Rt!«r. r.o np
po^ulon: hu*9 I'i>rt Morris ne'-rton: smaller ator**,
$l« $"Ji> REXri.NO OKFU'E. 003 Southern X;ou!*rar<!
rnrr«T ilVh »t
lOFTS to i,rr.-Xr«. UT an-t n» »«rcer »t. ; buisTl
-i Int »nt!r«!y renovat»<*: »team h^at ani eleTatnr »er
v|r. ; connecting lofts If ■ *.r-i NinltO. OVTJCER. I West
47th st.
Brooklyn Property for Sale.
Fiskc Terrace. Flatbush,
mi: proper tih\<;.
Country Property for Sale.
V V < '!'! ■••« ■ . 1 »•! Na»»a» St
SOI'TH rL.AINKIEI.I). X. J.— 24 •Cm; large bODWtnd
Uirnn. Improvements; frull; nnc h.«u r to »w Ytrk
W. I!. i'VMiIJa X* .1.« i« Hawrford ay»., I'hlla.ielphiu. "
Iyj \t of 1"«» ACi:rs -ii.«| bulldlnss; twilvtifr'
* »x-Wl»nt 1...at1»i. |.W $j.:;iT.». >1..n,. ,',,« n l.a'anci
on m.>rtit.is«' «t 5%. H. K. MOORE. Wlnstett. f'.mn.
I.IOR SA!. > ' -Mount If.'i)*-; toathraat r.>rn«r ..f mth it
■n.| Wtf^iis av<».. with tw.» bousra, .V>\!C» tt. ; neur tha
t*«nroar«e snJ Clarnnont TarU. Apply ;cn i;a>t .Vith »t.
IJH>n SAI.K.- «:.»d bosUMia, oi-i«.-tt« jvibt!.- ncho.il; ai*>
flweUinic hf>u»-. wnh lmproven»nts; easy icmi ta
qutfk tujr»r. K. i". FISHER, -■». Want 4th si r;aln
n<-i.i. n .i
<«.t . i\! IL, HOTEL FOR .--!•■
With Colonial pnrk an-l pavilion: large grounds
Address C. W. COWPRET,
4— MINITES FKOM 34T11 ST 14 rooms. t>ath; mod.
•±4 em: 7 miiute« from station: Un-atlou best; corner
frrf auto and horse equipment; I2GIC0O; bargain: Vonm
lsiart.l: T-..«i.len' owner. P. O. u-x j.m Stadtson Square.
8. || |i v vkfs. ?•-'". "•>•> —IS miles along Ti. a o.
_ ,lIUU i: R; Allegheny Mountains; «•>.• : title
■-minerals." CONDICT. owner. 41 Park Row, Man
II Ui V''Kl'- ete Rtt nt 0 room horse, barn, -\;i X n house.
llnF fmlt. ;i i..-re« valuabl timber. $4.1-I,' -Apply
I» 1.. lil l.li Puntllm. X. .1
IkOII.TRV r.vn.M for Mala ne»r New Tork; «>ntn>l
Haltr'M.l fit >>••«• lersov. Coiuf. «*e me. ItOSE
if:i:K POVLTRI !•!. AM" Krer.eau. >. .1.
lAARM 4" acres; 7 room h«mse>; Irt minutes to troll»y]
F Address M.. tl."ner«l D**r¥«tj South Norwnlk. t>nn.
|^\I;M IM acres, leir.leririt Long Island Sound; lone!
X 1X 1 sandy beach. Ad.lres* M.. Oenerul Delivery. South
Norv.-alk. I'nnn.
HSE, on trolley line; about 2 MM: rear on harbor.
A.l.lress M.. «:rn:T.i! Peliwry. S.uth -Vorwalk. Conn.
Furnish rd Apartments to Let.
a"V- bath: »I.SO dully. in.iu.lltii; meals, twin, *'j.", weekl\ ;
■ma SIB THE ALABAMA. 13 East llth st.
Real Estate Wanted.
V— WANTED— A loan on first mortgage of $-.'4.i>.>^
• on drstmbl* rourt*«a room tenement In Penrsyl
vanla section, now bringing 1 rental of $4.OtXY OWN Ell
lUis 107. Tribune OAe»
\\'.\NTEr>. To leas* «'"><' corner, suitable for hotel
»V or saloon; substantial party with security. GI.ATT
A MAY. 2«'l .111 u\e.
Furnished Houses to Let — Country.
RENT. — Summer home; large house, fu-
nished; 5 acres cared for: delightful sur
roundinos; a little over »n hour from Grand
Central Station on either Harlem or N. H. R. •).,
in Westchester County. For further particular*
apply to PHILLIPS & WELLS. Tribune Build
Fifth Avenue, New York City.
City Property for Sale.
ARC: A IN. -Kit-gam, modern .".-family Ji->u»*, private
** J," . hbort " : health 1 ?*? «P« ># \\ Bronv In«un r *
11. FI.OIUI. ov.n«r. mm T©ppln« aw. Mount Mopi
i.""y>t'ri START BRfiWNSTONE HOirsr. ltd lot. 20*100
JL\ IX. I&vui* pwiuUt». M» East Mihtx. •»»*"»
Real Estate.
Public Notices.
-L> DISTIUCT— ULSTER county. "«^*-
.... llc ' la bvr«ny given that it Is th« InteatSti
of the Corporation Counsel of tha city of New Toniti
mak« application to the Supreme Court of the Stata 5
New York for th-» appointment of Commissioners of »a.
praiaml under Chapter 724 "i tiu> Laws of 180 aia
amended. Such application will be made at a SpecUJ
ihlrd Judicial District at t.-.» Court House 'n th« CU/
I. Kln««:-,n , C 5 ter County. N. V.. en April 20th. lstf
at lv ori.K-k ln th * forenoon of thai day or as toci
lecraartor an "unsel ran ho heard. The obj«t of iocS
• ppi. Lotion is to obtain an order of the Court apootst.
in* three disinterested and competent froehold^rs. oa»
or whom shall reslds m the tVunty of New York 3
at least one of whom shall r««!de in the County when
t*e real estate hereinafter d:»scr«bed Is situated to "51
as commissioners cf appraisal under .all act and «a>
craiKe a.l tne duties conferre>J by the said Saw and th»
acts amendatory thereof upon Boca commissioner* of
appraisal tot ,t, th * purpose of provldlne an ad*tloaal
New Tor- PUI "* an ' vhole »° ln » water for the Ctt» «i
The n i,^ 9ta> i oioi 0 be acquired herein is all I lilt In CIS
Town of Olive ir ( j is to be acquired In fee for tha pw
pc»e m furnishing an additional supply of pur» a«t
wholesorre wate.- to the city at New Y. rtc. *
T.-Ji c / oi ' owln * '" a statement of the !«rle« of ta»
lands to be acquired herein with a re:erenc» to th» data
and place of filing of ihe irap.
t~ . the parc ' ! herein described are to ha acaulr^ »
flrre^ f» "* •lassi pink oa tha map hereinafter ra>
,J} Xl * i hri c ufn *'«*» or parcel* of real •afata. «•:•
tftted In the Town of Olive. County of Ulst-r. and 3t*li
"New York, shown on a certain map entitled '•ReJS
v,,r rx-partment. Sectl °n - v <>- J- Board of W»t»r Suj
,i y.2y .2 i T .£ of N>w Tork - Ma => °' real e«tat». slt
uaied in the Town of Olive. County of Tlster. and Stsi«
gf /*■». Tork - , to •>• acquired by the City -• New Tom
under the provisions of Chapter 724 of th* Law* of 19C3.
as amended, for the construction of Ashokan Reservoir,
and appurtenances, in the vicinity of Oiive Briiise."*
which map was RIM in t.l» office of th» County C.«rk if
the County of Ulster, at Kingston. N- w York. <w tk*
as follows 0 - f January 19 ° 7 ; " n< l i 3 bounded «cd Je»oriba»
Beffinnins at a potn.. In •*■ South property line of th»
J, ,k f Delawar- R*'■-"R * '■-" Company, about l ™ fs *
south of a road :<ra<ilrc fr-im Olive Sri-Jge to shokan.
and running thence along the said railroad line the ftil
1? .n5. n 5 . i ) . ur! '* s an 'J distances: 5. 73* 3»* E. rM» ♦•«.
61 E. 3.3 feet and S. 73" 3» a 312:4 feet to the north
• a*t eon f
Ml V ar j" s. 13 2°' £• M 1 ' e et tr> the southeast
5 -»^- psrcvt; thence alen * th " »° itti ■» of
- W- T»S fe*« to ? : -t ,la»
of i.arc.l No. ♦•.': thence along the saw 5. 9' 3V W.
.»..»s feet to the north line of parcel No 31 thenc*
"j or £,.'V*, same tha following courses and distances:
« ... I. .? 4 5 feet. .>» 4 -* ~* z - 3r> - 1 **** tc » »*•
Sr^l* °LLL L ? i:ra Road, lea I: « from Ollv- Bria S e to
Browns Station; th»n,-» alons the same, ar.,2 «•'!! co»
tir.uing aJon s the north !!n» of parcel No 3t. N 62* IT
E 41*1 feet V 73* 41* c. m .' fe?t ta the nor-heaar corner
°- : «,. p "i cc * l: thence along the east line of said parcel
S-. » .1..- T\. "32.7 feet a-! S. 1' IV \V. 70T.7 f ?et ta th»
••jutheast corner of -a: i parcel No. 31: thence a:on ? th»
south line of said parcel X 67' 33' IV. «> » feet O th«
n .rtheaat corner of parcel No 33; thence along the east
0 *«, aid par el *he following course* and distances:
?,. S - *:, ,W, W 37T ,- '^f- 8 •' -"' *«1 f -e
Tl. n&3 feet and S. 2* 01" W. '-.351 feet to the north
east co-ncr of par^-1 N >. TA; the:ice alcng the east lins
of MM par • S. 15* 40' W. ,13.2 feet to the northeast
ccrrer of tarofl.No. Zi: thence along the east line of sail
parcel s J»%» W. 27«..; feet to the northeast corner
or parcel No. S3 on the r.arth shrro.Une cf E3cp':s Creek:
thence a!on« the *ast lints of parcels Nc» 33 and 32,
S V>' S-V fr, 12J* » feet to the south -h->re line of Esopu*
Creek; thence along the came S. 70* CiV E 532 I feet.
P. '.*- W E 14" !> „ and & ,>.». (14 . R s ,j fi , # - n t h»
northeast ccrr.er cf parcel Xo. 20; th^rce ai^ng the east
line rf -a:! parcel :he fcllowlng courses and distances:
S. I.V 44- W. J27.S re». N. 6W* 30' \V 30 I fe^t ~- 2rt*
4W W. H3.2 feet. S. 14* 34' W 12« l Jeet I °^ > SV
W. 213.3 feet. S. 3* ?.V W. 214 feet S." H- Ji: 1 W.
4" 3 •-« S 31* 31' pj ,"!f»7.4 feet ar.d 41* *;• a
3»;7 feet to the southeas: corr.cr of amid parcel !Co 20:
thence along Urn south l:n« of said parcel i 77* 44'
W. *..; 4 (eel to tne east line of parcel \",t 13- t^enc*
along the sarr.e ?ni the c-ntre cf the Toisore JRoad 9.
»' is El 4t).» feet; Ihcßea along the eas: a-i sout!»
lines of said parcel No. H» the following courses an!
distances: N. -■ 5S \V Z*Z feet. -; S' 3s- TV -»- i
feet. S. -2' II E. 133 fe«t. 9. 2S* 2S" \V VZI *»et S.
IS* :.;• W. 14* t fa»t S. 41* .•; XV 1.11. !» '— - Si'' St
W. 101 S reel g 3S* .•»• W 132 fr • iin.l S. '»• 40 W.
5R3.4 feet tt the southeast corner of pare*! No. is -r ■»
alorg the s--\ith lir.« of sai! parcel S. 4t»* 07' W 111 '"r:
to t!:e southeast corner ef pate*] No. 17; th^nee along t!i»
south Un«» of parcels Sts. 17. 14 and «. S. 7f 05' 30" W.
?.9!>4 fe*>t; thence still continuing alcr.g the south •-«
of parcel No. rt. ar.d 1 runrUr.g alorg the iiuth 'me of
r»roe! N>. \ S. 7! 4.. U. I.4JS4. ft f>*t tc» the most
»ou;her!y polr.t of parc-ej No. 4; Ihanrfl »:->r{ the west
erly line of sail parcel N ?3* 22' \V .Ml feet to ■>♦
certre of a read Sealing fr^m Kru:nvll!n to O!lv» Br!ds»;
|O«BC* alu.iu th# same an.l the «•« line or saii parcel
X^. 4 the following courses an* liisti-i.'-s N' 1* .'■> W.
r<*3 f.-et. N K>* W W. K» f»et. N. 'J2' iV W IS4.S
f*et. X 20' P7' W . STL! -- at N. .".i" 3»* VT. -ii I*.*1 *.*
I--- to a point in the southerly Hie o* par-»l Xj. I:
•.her.cc a', -".i; the *am<» ar.i! t.,-» centre o" >«i ! r-aa N.
«4' »' \V. 212.2 feet. N. s<>* 3S' U U"^7 1 feet. N. 88*
33' \V. 21*3 feet la t!'.e *outheart tonwf of parcel No.
'1. then. ■ 4*nnß the *outherl> lir» rf salt parcel anil
the centre cf «n« before mentione-i rua.l. N. ez' 45' XV.
-71 feet to the mi st westerly point of parcel No. 2:
thence sttu continuing *tons the ceatre el saij roa.i an*
running alons the southerly lin« of puree! No 3 v «||P
•><> \V. 215.2 fe<"t ti> the mist easterly poirt of parcel
No. 1: thence alons th» easterly lino of «ald parcel S.
.■•4 IS' W. -S feet to tha aoutheust corr.er -^:i
parcel No. I; Irenes atoag th- south line r.f wia parcel
X. 72* S3f W. 41^4 ft«t a;ia S 74* liV W. 323 (Ml to
th* sou- - ■ tvnet ol Kit. l pittl; theme A'.cr.s: th«
wejt :ir.» of same N. 13" 1«' W. 1.10fi.» fe^t. X 4ti" ll*
■ 4*.".* feet and N. 44' (Hi' W. i'llii.S f»-et: thence A
70* 2S - E. 'JO.'.* feet to th» southwest crratr n{ parcel
Xo. 3; thenca a!.>r.g t!i«? west Mn^ of sai.i p»r.»i x ;o* 3ft"
i: 7.M feet. N. M 30- F. 4f.:;.4 feet an J .V 43* Of
li S9oi3 feet to a p-Mnt ir. tna west iim> of parcel X.x
7- thence alon^ the westatb and co^rth^•rly ttre* of ;.i!l
parcel N 24' «l 1"- 272.S f-et. N. 72* 17' E. f-ft
anil S. tf 43' tV 52 2 feet t.> tft? wes-. line- of parcel
No 11. crcssing ;» mad leading from Kr:m\ Hie to Ol!v»
BrM«* ther.ee al"ns the wesfert) ar.J ni.rth»r!y !:ne«
ff »ai.J parcel No 11 the fotljwlng cotrrsts an,! dUtan-es:
X. 82" 3iy ti 455.* feet. X. .*!:»• .>f W. 32 feet. N It*
3»»' f. Dtaa feet. N. :!3* .■.!>' i: 2+S feet. X. ;.V 10' B.
4t>« f»et X. 8»* 14" E. 47.1 fe-t. X. S3' <«• n IH.T feet
anj S. 77* 47 I.'. tft»3 fee* So the centre of Fountain
Kill; then.- a'ong the rame and *t!U toatlinttßC a!cr«
tha northerly westerly lines of parcel No. It N.
6.V (V C 10C3 tr*'. N »>4 > 3T E. M fe-»r. .V. ><• m II
10O.l> feet. X :r is' E. tffiXSfeet: loenc* X. 21" ■_■ W
7° 3 .fe.-t to the centra of Samsonvllle (teadh (**nei a!onf
IB« sa!"e N 71* :HV E. 74; feet an! V !R* ftr E.
11HC f«*t: thertre N. &■' 2ir \V. 135.4 fee;: thenc-e V
Jt»* W V- 29»3 -**'• v - Sl> * -'"•' C I" 2 feet !- ! it
3* 4V E. 44 «• feet to the oentr« of the refore men
tl.->n^.i Samoowrtils Koad: «h?nc? aloiic the centre of «alt
T««.t. ar.d *tlll continuing .»:i>!-.tf the we-i^rlv anil rDrth
.■rly lines of jiaic-.'l Xo. 11. N .V** 2S" U !>7 7 feet ami
X >«■ 36" K. 290.1 fr"t.to a p^fT-.t Jt> the rrrtherly V.n*
of' parcel N". V-: then,-- alon-i the WMterW and porther!r
lines of satd parcel, ard «tl!i cOßtbrutßß rilcrs the <•#!»?'•
of' th» b.-f.^re mentioned SamsiMi»lß» Kr>^,f. \. 33 • id"
" 3« feet. N W -•*' F - W ■- *«i -^ s*' S? K. *2!
feet X. 46* -IT' K. ?3.7 Met and N tT 10" K. '«•
feet'to the cesCra of t*ie Txpgore RoodL l»sd:r;^ from Er"'H
hoa.l lo Pavis iinrneis: thenc« ali^t the j.ime an-t '"•
west line «f parcel No. 27 X. 4.V ?.V XV 153.9 feet a.i<l N
47 * (W W. 132.* f*ot to the northwest c.rr.er ..f -*r<*;
Xo *?• thrme alor.S the north T'n.> *f ga'.J parcel X. ***
14* i: "••>'.'■ fe*t ta the west shore !'ne "f Esopus iTeek:
thence alons th<* same »nd the west line of parcel Xo.
£•»" : -r»i
l*ct ' then.-c N. 8!" -S* 1 WL3 feet «.. the centre of «i»
»rr-r,. Vientiane.! Esopoa i'r<i: th»^,-- s|,tj the centr*
•I • , of -aid «••* »"•' U»» w»»l line .-•• parrel Xo. >
" "7* Srt" XV "I*s '"«" N - '»* «" « 252 4 reet ant
V." s* 0"" X 2i>2.!> f<-«"t ta th^ nortawest eoraef at ?•*
be'for* mention-* pavc-t Xo. i*l» ; ir-nce a!>^n« th- "w»JJ
11^4 cf s»ld r^r.el « M* 4H- X >0« 7 f.-et. X. «• ST *
lH» 4 feet and N. BBT 4* F mi!* f>i>: to t!-e most W**;
*rlv Bolnt of parcel No. "7: thence j»!,-nc the • -"■•
and n.Mherly U»*» «/. »fM rar«j the fo!M«in S c-.u^
IV (i a*l S N !»• ST B 34-.»« fee* t- »^ west .Me of a
rottd reodliws from Olive Frids- t » Sh»!wn: fence a
s"* 3»' k. 2*-T2 f«et to the *iuthwe»t (MM of r are " (
No 3B- »he»c» atom th<* we«» fine of hi| t«rvet ?• • .".
ST " X i'"i» 4 feet an I N. 7»* 3tv E CUV 1 feet to t^e potet
"-The":: to ll b" l 'acnu ! red -v The ,'ltv „ X.» Tork B
all the real estat ? parcel? N'>». 1 ti> 41. incruslva. **
mined In ihe above description.
Reference 11 hereby made to the, k>M map. ** ••
aforesaid. In the cfSo cf the rterk of tfcs> Count.
..f I'lster for -•» n>or> detnll**! descrtrt'nn •' the rrM
«»tite to t<e taken In fee a» ibow .levrlbe,!.
in case any property above .*eser!bert Is <:se.l for »"■,
public purpose, saca X' a highway. »t.-.. ntK'h ■** .*3
eor.tinu- until The »"lty cf Nm v or! , sh alt »iav« W»
rtj;ht to. take pos.v-ssion of it change the same.
Dated March 4th. IMC ...-,v
\VH.I.I.\M n KI.r.I«O\.
C«t|Hjratlcn i^unSf-
Offlc* and rostoffire- a.Hres, Hat of ''"w''\.».^
Corner Af rtoab*ri or.d Centre ■»!».. Por. of Mannar-*-
V T -
City Property for Sate or to Let.^
FOn. SALE OR REST, -3. a:*l 32 Welt »«"-*^J^
X 100. two conn-ctlcs four >tory in«J ia»a—aj TI7»
*aally cbanct-ii fur business. Application irvta P»""'"
only e»aaMßMa\ v»>k.
J*T * can-pi 4* Wall St.. N» w *••*
*"X Tribiir- rvveivcd at th»lr i"pt<«wn ortce. >» -j^.
omces at regular .m.r iat- « i»ntil S o'clock •» J^.i«cl|.
Uruad\>ay b-tn M n :ssth »nd 7th •»«»,. until » j?^— n
p. m Adv#riii».|ii#ritsi rri-eucj »t the follow""*'' „
:■■» *tl» iv«., a. •. cor Ziii «. ; 151 *th av^.. car- • j
•t. ; S3 East Uth »t. ; JiT \V«»e *-•! »t.. b«t«r««a "■
Mb avea.; -'*j \s M t; s ta •«.: Was Id •*•>

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