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"Bill" Edwards, mth Big Job,
Helped by "Sight Storm.
Not very long after I o'clock last night there were
repeated flashes of lightning, followed by r« vcr-
Cerating thunder. This electrical display had heen
prei eded hy a snowstorm, which tx-gan in the
morning. On Monday the storm that came to this
nei-tion yesttrda;- was BsaUng Things uncomfort
ahle in Montana, and on Monday night it had
transferred its activity to South Dakota. Then
it went hustling and hurtling 1(» the lak-- region,
whence it came down this way. The local weather
department had predicted rain. It had not ex
pected PIIOW.
A\'lien the flakes began '■• fall there was us
much surprise where they try to predict the move
ment of the elements as elsewhere throughout the
city. And nowhere was there more surprise and
dismay than in the Street Cleaning Department
when the white visitation began. Late last night
the drizzling rain changed to heavy showers, which
did wonders in the way of cleaning the streets. Ac
cording to the v.eather bureau, those bursts of rain
-jr- likely to continue into to-day. The wind with
the moisture at no time exceeded eighteen miles
an hour.
The weather department really does the best It
possibly can under the circumstances. Now. sup
pose the street department had to buck up against
such an uncontrollable proposition as the Gulf.
Stream or wjiid currents of any old kind in its
efforts to clean the streets. It cannot possibly t*»
Imagifted that thf street department in its predic
tions of removing the snow supply, or dead cats,
dots and incidental horse?, could possibly do any
tetter than do the so-called weather sharps.
The wcniher man did not know early yesterday
roorntns thai his predicted rain would turn Into
enow almost a', oner. He did not know that this
BSOW would be continued almost all day long. Of
course rot. any mote than did Commissioner Mae
dotiough Craven know what to expect when he
pushed the covers from hi- bed yesterday and
hopped out to !ook at the frightful display in the
street. Mr. Craven i« a rather cold blooded man.
and be, has been made more so sin. he gathered
2n "Bill" 1 Edwards as chief deputy, that invincible
football Priiuot.iiiian. the man who. on account of
his hulk, was able to giv» the Hon. Grocer points
us to weight. Well. "Bill" Edwards has a whole
|ot of nerve; and he let a surplus of it loose in
the department, and his chief. Mr. Craven, grabbed
h:s full share. When ii- looked out of the windows
of his Park How Building offices and saw tie
bea.ttful. gently falling flakes, yesterday, Mr.
Craven called on "Bin" Edwards.
When "Big Bili" told hi.= chief in th» masterful
■wsy that h* used to have when he bulldozed
almost everybody as football coach that the streets
were making it warm for the snowfall, Mr. Craven
thought that it was a real PVincetonlan bluff be
fr>re the cime. But Liter Mr. Craven found that
"Bill" was telllns a straight story.
Wherever th~ flakes f*»ll in th* streets of this ;
extensive munlefn-llty the. warmth of the pave
iiients converted the flakes into a deep, dark, brown
rlush. And this s!_yh had Its beginning some
whete In The Pronx, followed the street? down and
down, until the dip at the Battery. The snow did
rnmo down good ar.d plenty and kept coming
until well toward nlghtfa'.l: th«n it developed into
h dr_B_- :o save the face of the weather bureau,
t-ut this drizz!'- was not strong enough to have a
cleansing effect, it simply .added to the misery
under fo-it.
Th<s snowfall <>f yesterday will not cost the city
a cent. As Hie Bill" Edwards »aid. the *trw>ts
«r*re mnklng it .warm for the snowfall, nnd as the
Sakes fell ••■'. were malted ( -i the most effective
masser and sent on their way to the eewers. The
Kiow heaps in „, City EUII r.irV. which resemble
enow about us Wich ns coal hear* In the land of
Phoebe Snow, began to take'oa_a really white color
_t *b<vit noontta* yesterday. «»_ then the tem
per.-;t»ir^ rose md the heavy heaps assumed a
Ftr*_ked nppearancp. the fine b'.ack line* on the
whit* reseroblina; in their artistic rTft-ctinn etch
lrcs from the liard of a real urtlst. And the black
rtiipei were of th» real Ivory blr.ok kind. On the
.ptown side Ftre^ts tho heaps assumed sepia tones;
itnme n"i« the tru** mnriganeso hrov.n, while others
to which th^ neighbors had cor.tribatfd their cast
nff irrni-.ir'.f pnd p^ssesslonp had a remarkable
veget-Me coloring.
Mr. craven, with th« bsip of tho mighty Intel
}f^t of "Bill" Edwards, is gointr to apply himself
to a solution of the *tMW problem line trie en
•uirig scasors before tl>«* flak"" begin to fall, some
where around ne_t Tl snksaivias Da: . He and
"Biil' hope to evolve somethins that will put the
sha<se of Colonel rica- to the blush, if a shads
ran blush. The price of lal>or Is going up. and
Mr. Crav*n does not irtend his department shall be
J.el.j uj* next yenr. V.'. . Craven sai>l tliat ther* had
l»een a g:jod deal of jr.tsrr-pr»"?< ntitlon carding
tb^ cost of ihiiigs in his department! He made it
clear that h • was tiot paying for removal of snow
that was not being removed. In other words, th«
reports that he was ptivir.g for snow removal on a
t»... of snowfall were not true. Payment was
saa<l' only for snow that was actually lexnoved
and reported by his inspector?. The ■ ■..tit--: 1 irs
will nave mi-hty little more work to do— ln fact,
they will have to remove only heap." of in i' k and
BOOW that tliey have p'- ( ' J U V-
Tabulation of Resources and Liabilities by
State Banking Department.
Albany, March . 19.— Superintendent Keep of the
State Bunking, Department to-day completed the
tabulation of the flgu«ffi of state banks, showing
the aggregate of tltefr' resources and liabilities at
tt;e clcse «.f b__lnes- on February 26 last, mm exhibit
ed by th«-ir reports to ii«« department. The total
resources Of the 1M bank* reporting boosts J.VO.-
MoVm. a decrease for Hie quarters of $7,777,522,
Ti:e nuoraarjr of SJixrintenuent Keep Is as fol
lows :
Loans and discount- Kir..3r5.431
Lla:-iiity of director* an makers *.»,.:* .«.;..
Ch-erdmft- , • „ 4.7.&V7
L»ne from trust niinpnl''" and banks *.....>!, ,:,1
HfH\ e>-t«t^ i:.47;..>*;.
Moitp-ages owned _s'2Zi*S_2
ftorkc _n,l 1...11.X :::::::::::::::::: _4.77j..»9S
foed? ...:::: iu-mw
Legal tender and l«i:k note* S_^-U
< a'i, tttma 53.670.2ai>
O-facT assets -. t.423.5(»
Capital W4.V3.00>
Surplus fund Vs"Sr, ! |'f-i*,
Undivided ;..onts . f^
l»u*. depositor- inks '"•*: •■?_;
L»_^ trust companies nnd banks ■ 18.5CM2
Lmm savings «>_nks •••■••• l «Jf_il
Var '..ulldinß and loan a sso.-iat10n5... ...... CM.C.6
1>- pn«iU n^-ured t»y pledge of part or bank
Other '"iisbiil t ies ".'.".'. 5W.176
Why Many People Suffer
From Constipation
A Sarc and Safe Relief.
* .n-Ti- :«• -.ii Is an -' • f< -'> »u«Bd hy ■ torpid
I-,,, or failure <>f l!iel«t«niarti aud bowels to
l--f. • . tli'ir •.•■•■■■ rnu fl'rtts. Tlw» conJJUon
!» ewaxuMmly Tin*' :>r firrt to lrr#inil»r iMbits of
liviw^ :iiiii ii U ||,nfM 1 >> r«l. and if pr i»-rly ir:-,«
«4 <r.n 1m- !<•),. Jily i«>li«'V«Hl. I{ :>;: >; liuwevrr, too
Utea a^r:iv:!i.-i'r.!r« jni.^« <•:•':. iv i.v tkc ose,
as r.r-Al-nt". <•;' j^v»vr!s»i rr> I expensive drag*.
vih\;-u y.tivii' :.i-.' 1- ••:;.!•■■ jiv« '•• iip'Tjiry r«-ii«»f.
bat -r" *>t «lr«*tl'.- In -it" t is to daauig# ii"
tontjer liiniij: «•• iii- '«.:!■ ;i; i and bowels, leav-
Ju*l ■ cuztdiUon n r* tl::t» •■" But. Thlij can,
liowv-vfr. i... ; \.,i.i.- RtJ'J th<« »>.xvi-is kvntty
*Ili tIBIIISJSJMiIi' op^jatsl hy Uia '■•*' "' SC»torV«
«»«•- r<-!iiiiiv — fr.iJ'-'tJS Natural Minimi Kax
etlve WaMT— HU\YAI»I JANO.s-wiii.-li in
bm||v4lerinf inillwrJtix roaukfwl <"'■'• the
world for nearly, lialf a;ffU'«»ry. tin* &>**!. l«il «i
a tumblerful, dnuik can irl«lujr|ln I||! - hivhltju
istlcLtt.v vjinii-Ni for b<«*r rwraltv). will within
«ii boar, lulus « «I«4I«Jjrflll 'ih<l rtfr.>s!:-ii- i'
\ Itef. A uholo tK»»tl«- <-oi-t« but ■ Trtl«-.j«:i.l it is
t»*t to kc««V>ue •!«'•> « on band. Every-Drus
bbM k*n* it.
v^ ' J »» > 4'%*^
Tiffany & Co.
China and Glass Department
This large stock is especially complete in
articles suitable for wedding gifts, including
tea, chocolate, tete-a-tete and cocktail-sets,
compotiers, salad bowls, fruit dishes and a
further large variety at attractive prices
Fifth Avenue & 37$ Street
Compass of Barkentine Deflected by
Wreck's Cargo -Crew Saved.
After leaving the British barkentine Annie Lloyd
and her cargo of dlvl-dlvi on <!:<■• Hor Stye, a
treacherous rerf of tl •■ Bahamas. Captain William
R. Hughes and his • r«w of live men came to port
yesterday on th<? Hamburg-American steamer Prlnz
Eitel Fried rich.
One of the strange feature* of the loss of the
Am!* Lloyd, aa told yesterday by her skipper,
was the fnct that the latter believed his compass
was deflected two points by a canto of steel rails
In the hold of a wrecked steamer that had gone to
the bottom not two hundred yards from the spot
where the barkentine went to j>leces.
"We iv. Nt on tli*» Ho« Styo reef in broad day
liK'.t." said Captain lluches. "and grounding was
the last thins we thought of. I took my bearings
and knew that I was in the ripht course. I did
not know that we were in B dangerous position
until I saw the. white crests of the breakers on a
reef about two miles ahead ■•• me. We left Rio
Hacha. Colombia. February _1 with a >! 'R° of
divi-divi for Hamburg. We made the Crooked
Island Paaa without mishap and were running
alonjr under full Ball at about 12:"0 o'clock p. m. on
March .". when we struck.
"The flshinp schroner Dcwdrop. Captain Hast-;
ings, from Nassau, took its off and stood by for
the nijiht. The jiir.ee where we. struck is a dan
gtrous ■pot. usually avoided by mariners, I am
told, and I guess we .would have be?n in a. bad
way had not the Dewdrop cam« along. The
j=chooT!fr took us to lying Cay, of th" It;ih:»m:is,
and from there we went to Fortune Island, where
we took passage on the I'rinz Eltel Frie4lrich. 1
am afraid the barkentine and cargo will he a total
loss. The surf was high; and 1 am sure she will
po to pieces."
Captain Hughes and John \V. Griffiths, thr mft.».
who lives at Port Maddox. Wales, will sail with
the rest of the ci w for Liverpool to-d-iy 0:1 the
Majestic. Th" Ann:" Lloyd, which hailed from
Carnarvon Wales, was of -7S tons gross, and was
built in ISii.
Figures of Values and Earnings Given Be
fore Interstate Commerce Commissioners.
Chicago. March 19.— H. A. Cray, controller of the
Northern Padflc Railway, appeared before Inter
ptnte Cprnmerce Conunteslonera Prouty nnd Hnrlan
to-day to supplement the information given re
pardinp the value fM the properties held by the
railroad company. . .'.
ITe declared that on August II !S9«. when the
railroad was ?o!d tinder foreclosure r>nv-p<»i!!ni;s.
the, total value «.f the property was !■■ ' •'" "'"'■ " f
arhlch amount t.-.o^'.-f'T was in equipment, Thens
w»r* t h*>n 4,433 roll*.* of railroad. Una; f.'.S.r.TT n
mile. The mller.ge on August ?. n . 1!'" r . according
to the witness, ad increased to fi."' |S miles and
Um> officials had Invested !15.C?.1.«".T for improve,
meats and 12.001,-96 for equipment, which had
been paid out of income account.
When asked 'c: a valuation of the entire prop
*-rtv of the railroad. Mr. Gray -aid that he rstl
in.ited it as '.< in* worth »324,675.48<S 01 June :>.n.
ii>f'fi. Inquiries refrardlnß the earnings of the road
brought out t!i« information that for fifteen years
nrior to iw the -.-. - ■<; earnings on the outstand
ing capitalization amounted to five-eighths r,f 1
f*r tfut. but in the year ended September 1. 1906
the earnincs were 4.0 per cent.
San Francisco Report That He Has Acquired
Clark Stock Denied in This City.
Ban Francisco. March 19.'— "The Call? to-day says
that Senator W. A. Clark, of Montana, and bis as
sociates are out pi the San Pedro, Ball Lake & Los
Angles Railroad, and E. U. Harriman is the
owner of their stock. A report In financial circles
yesterday nays that Harrlman had bought the
shares in t t.i- Salt Lak>- rout.- held by Senator
Clark. It. <•. Kerens. David Keith nnu Thomas
K«arns. The quartet retains possession of $36.
««.<«> of the road's bonds, of which <lark holds
J3u.«*(o.fK.O. k, ,-, t2.<>'X>,'**J. N. ith J1.000.000 and
}•:■••• *:."•< .<*•>
At the office of IV. A. Clark. in this city, Mr.
Clark said yesterday that there have been no nego
tiations for the sale of his stock in the Ban Pedro.
Salt Lake & Los Angelea road, and that he has
no Intention of selling it.
In the Chancery Court In Newark yesterday, the
jewelry business known as William W. Hayden &
Co., was sold at public auction to Charles M. Vail.
of Vail & Byron, of Bast Wh street, '<••.: York,
for Hi.» ■!»• business had been conducted fby
William IV. rfayden and Frank .1 Wiley until it
became financially Involved to sueh'an c trn that
it drove Hayden rraxy. He shot and killed hlm«eir
at his home in Newark some weeks ago.
Chicago. March J9.— A federal grand jury was
Impanelled to-day i" Investigate Incidents occur
ring since March S. IMS, connected with the fail
ure of the Chicago National Hank of this city. The
juror* were charged particularly ir, r.-eanl to v|.,
f«Uon« of the banking law In relatlor to th.
«ppli««U«n of funda of national banks an.
making of t:il.— entries on the r* rda of such
The first •'ail metal PuMraan car was Inspected
by President Newman. Vice Presidents Brown and
Dsly «nd General Manager Smith, of the New
York central, at the Grand Central Station yester.
day They expect to use some of th< ■ cars ;is soon
as the Pullman company can turn out enough. Not
an ounce «.f wood la used In th« car. Borne weeks
„„„ « n puiiin-iii 111 lie cj:' was run inti< some
wooden etc ™i at a «p«-l Of thirty miles an hour.
X : 1,.:,; a !« ?«2U.-. •>- i;-">»;;;; «•«= ■»•*
Iniurnd Th« flr*t car «r«-lghs l«;«* pound*
*nttype.b U tltis»«.pedto
.... «.,.,„.. I, la .Xif' l " 1 ' t» al '"' COS! WIN h"
»» -'"'' - "SiS i «to P wTEk t D o»f^on The
car is ..n it* way to the Jamestown Exposition.
it!,-.. N V.. March I*. Charles C. Bteele. one of
the directors in the Mohawl Valley Knitting Com
pany at Mohawk, which recently wen! Into th«
hand- of receivers, this afternoon filed a petition
In bankruptcy H\i HablUUes are placed at M>».-
MSSuus M 2s>t; at .m.w. •»»'/,.",, ■"■""/■VI'V,"' 1
of the liabilities are Bee ured. The ' jl> ' t";.,' „';T . •;
Iv for borrowed money, which was used til tue
upernUon ..f the mill and in paying dividend* to
The trial of the suit of Mrs. Annie K. Walker
nsaiusi toe N>W York Central Railroad for fIO^.V :O
r<M . injurf-.s r.-.flv»-d when a New York Central
tra't. -mi ir.t ■> V.«* r f^ rr Jla«?J la «? wan begun yffterday
liforc ; Ju«rtlct-'^Keosn- s^ s - Walkr-r was brought
ijr^^SitSrthasTalfco "i'tought euli for the loss
£lf^n h «for^r nl" ■«**. ■« guardian ad
'Mr." w"alkt? *«• overseer of Colonel Jay' B cs»—
at Vcrktown. N. T.
Says South Xceds More Facilities,
Not Lower — Sees Danger.
Atlanta, March 19. -At the annual dinner of the
Atlanta Chamber of Commerce to-nlffht President
FinJey of the Southern Railway spoke on the rela
tions between the railroads, the people and the
state an.l national governments. >r.- Indicated his
belief that the pros, nt trend of legislation endan
gers the prosperity of the railroads and of the
country Hllk«\
Mr. Flnley reviewed the progress of the South
and said that Its pressing need to-day is for •b-t
t^r and more extensive transportation facilities,
rather than for lower rates. He contrasted the
attitude of the public toward carriers by water
and by rail, pointing out that the former pays
nothing for his highway; that it is maintained and
Improved at public expense, while th» carrier by
rail must construct his own highway, must pay
heavy taxes and is subjected to Increasing gov
ernmental supervision and regulation.
Hxpresslnfir the belief that "there is danger that
legislation Intended to regulate railways may prove
to N» nn obstacle tr> their extension nnd develop
ment and may tend to make worse, Instead of bet
ter, the eondltlons sought to bo remedied." Mr.
Flnley '""•' as an Illustration legislation to impnso
penalties for failure, to supply cars or to perform
other servl.-fcfi. without regard to whether such
failure Ik the result of wilful negliger ••■ He point
ed out that the present demand for cars la beyond
the capacity of the railways and tho car builders
to supply, and that the Imposition of car service
penalties would compel discrimination In favor of
shipments wholly ■within the horders of th<i state
Imposing the penalty. He continued:
It must be apparent that the inevitable result of
this will i .■ to l.rin,; about a competition of pr<-e,i
nn.i rivalry between the states t.> *<-•* which can
Impose ihe heaviest penalties and secure the i:ir«
est supply of cars and the most prompt service,
nnd thut every penalty Imposed for failure to do
the impossible must reduce th» ability of tho rail
road to secure more cars and other n^-dod better
ments. M must . ... 1.. apparent that such » policy
Is in direct violation of the common law ruin for
bl'Mlr:fi discrimination, which has lje<-n Incorporated
In tho federal nn.l sta?« statutes. Thorn s*'fms to
be an lien In the minds of some thut the business
of transportation by rail is mi different from mi
oth»r form* of human activity, and that the rail
way corporation is mo diff.r»-nt from all other busi
ness concerns, that tliev should ho hedged about
with restrictions which would be recognized MS
bt-iriK fata] to tii- success of i,a Individual or cor
poration euKaRPd In nnv other hi:sin.-ss A railway
corporation differs from other corporations gen
erally in thai i! ri''iuire» n larK>-r amount Of capi
tal for the creation nnd operation of It • plant than
la needed in mom otli«r lines of >„;-.;:-.-■..., .;-.;:-.-■...
Us capital can only bo secure,) |f tim«* s^kltifr
Investments can bo reasonably Miro of a fair re
turn, and its business •■„n only l>« conducted sue
cessfully and Its facilities expanded If Its Income
ran be k.-pt up tn th« point necessary to sustain
Its cre.iit ;:nd enable It to secure new capital when
required for th<«e purposes.
It has become popular to dis.-re.llt the purposes
of ih- railroad manager. Whenever he announces
a policy Intended to improve the relations between
the carriers and the public and founded upon broad
and just principles, there are those who question
his sincerity. I appeal against su^h a sentiment
to th»- Fftiw- of rU ht and justice of the American
people. We who Hi-- striving to Improve conditions
and to perform w.-ll • .11 public duties must be
admitted to your confidence and upheld by your
encouragement. The task at l«"st is hard. The
conditions thm surround us are most trying. We
can only succeed If the sincerity and honesty of
our purposes are recognized by the public and are
upheld by their generous favor and co-operation.
Friends of Woman Who Escaped from Sana
torium Seeking Court Order.
■ "onn . March tt It bee
r Mi Man Eno I
win. escaped from Dr. Qivens'a Stamford Hall
sanatorium !;t r<- a w<-.-k ai er. up
• 1 1 1 v' woman formally com
milted to ! rium for a term of
Ige Lot k«- ], of the St
Probate < ourt, continued tii<- hearing on theli ap
one week.
| to I"- ■- :
tough! that uhe n
■'■ parent» t.< return lo Stamford.
Chicago, March 19.— The session of the trial of the
Standard Oil Company to-day was given over to
the me technical evidence us was presented yes
terday. Many way bills were Introduced for
Identification with the object of proving that cars
of oil were shipped from Whiting to St. Louts
Norfolk, V.< . March 19. The Consolidated Turn
pike Company, owning a large majority of the
county toll roads, mid bridges In Norfolk County,
has been placed In the hand.-, of 11. 1- Page, re
ceiver, under a suit brought by Arthur De rue. of
New York, holding 1120.000 Of the company's $180.
000 bond Issue. The remainder of the company's
bonds are held principally In New York.
Atlanta. March lit.- J. N. Mc<?lellan, an at
torney, of Chattanooga, Term., has been appoint
ed receiver for the New England Company, ■
mining corporation. with plant and headquarters
in Dade County, *;.«. The petition for the ap
pointment of .i receiver was tiled by George M.
<;!uzur. I. J. Brown and '■■'■ W. Brown, all of Mas
sachusetts, who allege v failure by the company to
pay int. ■:.•■-• on }80,000 worth of bonds. The cred
itors are said to be scattered through the Southern
States and New England.
Helena, Mont., March 19. The k-'- franchise .if
the Helena Light and Railway Company, owned
t.y the White Company, of N«'.v York, \v:is revoked
by the City Council to-day because ol the :« 1 !• -^r*-< 1
lioor quality of ma served consumer* during the
winter, testa made by the city showing only !•; to
50 pel cent of the required Btrength.
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Tho Tribune's Directory of DeslrAblt
Room*. Write for circular.
Kull Information ronrernlnir thtsa ro->m»
m;r. (.*• had free r.f chant*, ut the L'pti-wn
Office of Th* Nerv-York Tribune. laa«
Broadway, between 3Cth ahj 27th all
.'•Til AYE,. '.T> i near H>th «t.i.— lterlne.l sur ■
roundlnics: beautiful !arso fr.ii^f room;
first tli)O,.r: urnall imm: exi'ellent Iwnrd^
lfioTl! BT t'-"" WEST.— Larga front rooa»:
-.. • ■.! ROOT; private hnune; aceotnmO-S
tli.lis one <>r two Kentletnen; near sul.way
an.l \. _n.l o;.|Mis!»f h <-Hy p:«rk; light
breakfast If de«lred; .all evenings.
£lnßle Inseriioii t .'. easta per line. Sl«
teen words. «<-ve:i times consecutively. 11.
which entitles advertiser to h_v« rasSM
enteri*! ■■■■ n period of fourteen days la
The Tril>un*'s Directory of Desirable
Rooms. Writ* for ciicular.
Full Infonnat'on oonrern!nir t:ie««- rooms
nay be had, fre« of charge, at the I'ptnwn
,:■.,.. of The X'-.v Y< rl; Tribune. 1364
Broadway, between 3f.th and 37th ata.
pi RNIPHED ROOMS, ateam heat, rr>n
vcnlent to Fulton and rutnam trolllea
ami Fulton at. elevated station, Mohr. <W
Putnam aye.. nro>'ilyn.
T«TH ST.. 14.'1 WEST »'.imf irtaMe rooms;
board optional. m
lIITH ST.. SOI W. »7lh »Vf,i Two fon
net'tlng frunt rooms; •■■ .'i i com astern:*;
furnished, unfurnished; telephone; "I*" -
Kut.wuv. Carter.
REMINOTO!*. Detomtor*. Hammond. Tost.
Pranklln or Cbicago; race $7 BO; <-_li
traph. -.-.; rapairuis G_y, is;:r, Uadison aye.
TVI'EWKITErtS— All niak*» fo!(1, rent«J
repaired. >■■ u,-..l reilat>>« service.
i, in in 19 Nassau st. Tclcplxin. _?4U—
DBESSMAKEK.— First class: out by the
day: terms moderate. AiMress 178 East
10".l St., first bell, "•SI «i'!"
nTiKSSMAKKII.— Thoroughly r..n:pe>ent; l>y
tliP da) .r home; rortvet stylo and fit.
222 West :t7t_i st.
FITTER and designer of hUh crude d*aaa
m.iklnK. ...11111 •■'•it; makes all gowns,
suits, wall s, larkel*. •■'■■ for *prtn« and
-uninifr; remodelling. altiTlnc. out by day;
out of town weekly: moderate, charges. \<j
dreaa Ra-Hablf. 18* Eaal 42.1 st.
Employment Bureau,
23 West 39th St.
Pboo*« 24M. 24»- Hrvaiit.
Employment Bureau,
Bet. Sth an.l «th Av»nu»s. Win York.
'I'hone lOW— 3»th.
Competent servants always en hand.
"Tf . BAWTMiDLfflWliilJr^
511 Kant 42.1 St.— First class dome.tlos are
supplied; also manacing housekeepers,
natrons, (jvernesaen. tutoia, ate. <
LIMITED AMOUNT ef stock for »a> at
$7.5>» per share, jar value *10. ofTTe.l by
an automatic !••_!>• and machine company
owning very valuaMa paifiits ami havtiß
a monopoly In !'* line This Ii a proposi
tion worthy >f inve«tt|tatiun. For further
<k-t_i!s aiari-js McDonald Wiggins Co.. :»7
AN i:.- ;'\'ti.i.-»HKIi CONCERX, this city.
haviriK K'vernmrnt n-ontracts amountlr.s
to f»s..VHi_ r*<4Uir.-* !>an of $t.'< 08U; allow
honiiH hiiJ l!)i.'r*»t. MoUonald-Wlggina Co..
_.".7 Breadw-y,
In the W.st Perentte*; hish .-la«s j«itroi>
nge. ThU is «n exceptional opportunity f, r
party with $7,000. Mrl>»nalil-\V!gglns Co .
■.'.">7 Itna.lwa--.
11OTKL., with property: best location Long
Hranch. N J . i . ■•>' paying plar*; $_<>.t»H>.
UeDonatd- Wl-gtni r,-> . _fl7 »roa«lway.
$!• ih»> IUVS in SINKSS marufaomriiiß
pafnt metal polish; *"r>o locH >>n han.l.
Partlrulari st Mi-I^iald-Wigglns Co., _.'."
N.Y.Carpet Cleaning Works
OMaal 1 •■»'»■•• ■•' Mnst Modern.
437 AND 4.Tl> WEST 4.*.TH ST.
T>l MISS MBM liryant. Established IW7
868 W- 54.TG0 ST. cSMR.
Clean* by compr«tseiS air. steam. Mad
or on »»oor IMS Proa3way. '?1 . aj» 48 1 a
»t. roit a BHANPT T«'. »i »• th.
ROLL TOP .^a—-- ._.,.., ,_,,_■, „
ii'kmuke ak*~^ ;**r _ — :_ '.-r^sS
In icreat variriy I^l -~ mmlmmi '<i4'~^' I
of 1 1 yI • •»•! lp_ '■■ II !l iH^T"
price. II ~ ij i 1 I— U-> LJ f < 1 -~»
t. o LsJa 1 . .ft Ls^j
bbTi't arr y~~iiy *~^.'' — _
111 Kultnn .•>: f J \ H
D.:sks 1 illtcpr; psrtliHiaa rai'.injjs. tables,
safe.-.' letter p»e»s*», counters, •twlvtna*.
wall minor fixtures; «t.ir»-s. olSces lltted.
Finn Hinn.. 2J>~32 • <'•"'• -'
. f
AT REDUCED PRH'ES. — So> second hand
woo,i and Iron working machines: fully
rviarai I■ •: machinery bought an.! es
chan;gd. CKQ. i: •■'I'l'V. 3'JH Madiaon st.
LOST or STOLEN. — Handbook X.. SH.S)fI
of the (]iruun Savings Hank In the City
of New V irk corner Wi aye. and Mth St..
Issued to Loaia A. Dcnner. All Persons ar^
t-airtlnned a«alr.»t neifotlatlnß the same. if
n->t relented lo t'■t '■ •• Lank .-n the >th .lav of
April, l'.io-. a duptk-af will >•« issued.
LOST — Rankl-H)k No. 35tt.754 on Drj Dart
Bavins* Hank Any person bavin* <-l=Jrr»
upon said bo< k l« railed rp.'n 10 preM>nt fhe
same to (he bank within thirty .lavs, or
the old book will be de«lare.i canreltel
and extinguished ant a new on« Issued in
lieu thereof. -
LOST or «rpt>l.EN.— Bankbook X" MS. MB
of the German Pavings Hank in the City
of New York corner 4tb aye. and I4th »'..
N'ued to Louise- P(»iil. All persons are rau
Uon«d against n^oflattng the «,nie. If not
returned to the bank on the Kith day of
April. WOT. a duplicate will be !>.«u*d.
I.OST-nankbook No. •2.V<'4.V Bank for
Favlnss. l«0 <»'> aye.. New JMrk. ray
merr .topped. Please r-turn book to bank.
'■i.\ru; RAVINGS IIANK. - bank
. . „k No IM.X-.
M MM.-FACTVRKRS or billiard and pool ta
b!ca high grade bowling alley bulMert;
lowest eric 1. Marx Bros.. _; Union Sauar*.
cry cocas.
f> p.
8, 18. 20. 22. 24. M, 30 West Fourteenth St.
7, 9. 11. 13, 15. 17. 10. 20, 21. 22, 23. 24. 25. 27 an.l 29 West Thirteenth St.
Supply Your
Easter and Spring Wants Now
Following Are for To-day :—
$4.93 Hisses' Dress Skirts, 2.95! 49 ct. Fancy Taffetas .29
.New r rlr«; Worsteds— gray plaids or; Strtpe, and plaids in BBWsSBS BBBjr SJBaasal
with color combinations— also bl.irk or with blendinjts of rose, blue hrnwn. tan.
_!_• Panamas— latest pleated styles, ass»s>j etc.— also b!a.-k-aM-white— Grea? Valtial
with folds — perfectly tallTeJ. Limit- -13 Yards.
Limit — Two.
$2.98 Women s Waists 1.59 Fmarf h!rtrk rhP/ . k , now Taatt» 44
Fine White Batiste — tucked yokw. with pssos*aal ar.d medium — cannot be bought
handmade Princess lace and medallion wholesale at abov«» special price.
<?entre of .Point OSS*— a apacktl model; Limit— l." Yards,
not elsewhere "> be found.
"".it-Two. | ?? ct. Wcrstea Suitings .42
$:S.SO Vclie skirts 9.65 Z?Z£ZJ£SrjSZZ2S: A
Women's beautlruT r>r»««y Sklrts?of Bjla)rt ."mart colrr lines.
Voile — full pleats — stilt bands — ov»r taf-| Limit — 12 Yard*.
feta silk drop skirt with full far* flounce, i
$-« -».<_»--»_*. & W£^*£™£M
Oriental and floral d'slrns — beautiful col- Spring colors an-1 black— KUa Is an •_■•
orines— wMs at hi bands — also plain col- ceptlonat opportunity of % kind onlgl
aaa -fl«;'<! satin bands— all sizes. found here.
Limit— Two. t.lm!*— 12Tar<?».
$1.98 Una-tamed Hats .95 tl Ct Ze?Hjr Gb^tams 9%
Women's a#» •• mte4 and anasneaßß <"adef, afaat hello, rtswda, tan and <Mh«s»
shapes rf |a»i hnir braid— Mark, brown.' shades — "2 inch— fine stlkr quality.
nary. Fkaaapaajnc Limit — 12 Yards.
39ct twwwCßS .-rowers .25 3S * Ll^ erte Ba?!stes l 9
J>»_l. «___,»_. 5 drawers 25; White— v-rv she_ P end fme— h!«hly rae»w
Muslin— not flirrsy .1 :■■- r.->- ■■.•«:■• pot cerlzed-«f> that ther look lik<» fln# ttEt
tceerhor. bur gond fjualffy— well made— mulls— .•»• -> ah er'ra wide .44 inch)— •
w.Me lawn rufßea—fotur hemstitcherj tucks. luaHty imliw« 3.'. and 4rt eenta.
Umit— a Fairs. Limit— : - Yards.
$1.69 Sateen Skirts 95 M CCWUk 122faL!aca5.......t2,
Mini ai toad Black Sateen— de»p ruffled i DaauiiftU quality fk>* dresses, waists aadl
ftounc- or rill two ruffles and t»n ' babies' -w»ar— e_c»ptionally even. amoatsl
stlt'-hed strappings- lengths 38 to 42 weave_4O inches w:d».
Lin,!- Two. Limit— '-' Tarda.
$2.49 Women's Corsets 1.50 $:.!? Rcffltd Ccrtalas j&9
Ughtwetght Coutil— new htrt koal modes' ratted Nki Muslin — stnicls and 1 eon-*
—side and front Barren d»ep tare and' hlnattnn dots— plain h»mstttche_ rofHe ■
satln ribbon trim. ' **> inch's w!de — full length.
Limit— Two. Limit— Two Pairs.
$3.98 Bey's Fine Suits 2.15 ' $2.C8 7aMe Co7_rs. !,2?
Norfrlk. double brea«t— and double breast' ■*•••»■**•» Tapestry— blue, brown aaC
with belt— rh»vlits and Tweeds In srylish' "*' «""" w nat'ons— *— "' tassel trfn_»-_
gray and brown mixt'ires and irrerplaid-i - yds. square
—rood lining*— ful; cur— straight or Limit— One.
kalrkert »-ker irous-rs — some with ex»r_! '}
"-' 7 to f* yrs. 59 ct - W"*^o"3r Siafies tO
Limit-Two. : 3y Cl * W '- 80W O-a_CS •_{?
Ma*! cf durable fambric cloth — S tints— •
_L 3 /•* T.nv?* _?-«--_r -»«» " tr - Ion «— s * Inch's wide— on strout
*r <;.. SOyS C.OuSeS 2? sprtng roller— finish throughout the. be__T
f0r.1.-' Madras and Ch-Tiots— all -white 1 Limit— .-lx.
or with cold flirires and stripes — neck-! .
band fir shirt collar — laundered and un 49 Ct Table Di~!aSkS .28
laurd-rel-4 t-. 13 y»ar». i " AS **a-^a>A_. ._;_.
Limit— Three. German silver bleach— •sSbs heavy— p»»p_,'
ular d!c» pattern— "4 Irvh-s wide present
$1.39 Children's Sicrt Dresses.* B tSSfJS^ ct " v 1 mvn "
Fin* Wnfta Lawn— Fr»r,.-h waist styles, i
with fancy yokes— with and without! f 5 Ct. M&3li9 SlieetS .65
berthas— lace or emb'y trim — hem
skirts-ares to 3 yars. \ full »l?" splei^ltd. firm. <?Jps» quality.
f_f! bleached — 3 J inch npr” hens.
295ii35 ct. Babies* S v .!rts .15; ?SSr^
Fin- «> hearr rth-,i.e- to S years. ( $1.49 HeiSStM TaMe Covers... .fS
Limit— Three. ~
Hear T'nton Linen — <serman stiver bleach
_, X _ . , _ . - S-10 size— bcr.ier all around.
19 c!. O»Mm Slips 1255 "T^r un
"2U24— Tap*«trieji in l__dS--9« and fit'd; —
deslKn^ -nl^o bask-t wea-.-s wlrh flora] 1? ct. asck TO"r7C"S 10
tlntinßS- nirh back?. I •
Limit -Twi. ror* white « coll fccrder— yard lt»~_-«
h»mstiti-h»d heir.
I€ Md 12 ct. :=-'-re:* tries, 6%
Ftpe. firm cambric— beings and - •-■- ■SO /•» !»---.. <^»'c 5C
hiKslaewrM patter__-5 to 7 Inch. IJ * Cv OS - Z J rt_,M-i-.5 ._ij
Umit— lS Tarda AM wool— acaOsol quality for babiast
?hirts. bnnr!? 3 . borrows, etc. and women'!
WC*. Scarfs as_ Shams * un<ler^ lrT ' . _, Tar(! ,.
Appttetned on fire and heavy Swiss — :
%?^J%i£££4?£g* n * cor 'i 1* <*• Koir* Perca ises it
Limit— Tn-o Each. Td. wide— all the good Spring shades fßs>
linings and drop skirts.
Limit — 10 Yards.
59 ct. A?p!ignes L Gul_ajs....3T
' SHI, emVd <*-hirT.»n ArrTiques. Per-U_ $8.93 AII-WOC! BanketS, 5.03
l^an.linrr. pr.d Hl'k silk. ra.->«ementer!e!.— strictly all w-v.l Whtt<» Califorol-S— ll-4 !
latest Srrinit novelties— worth ■*■' to •'' Bn(l „>_.» ..12?;.. for full size and extra*.
I_mit— l2 Tan's. : i^e- bed*— beautiful blankets wttaV
dainty bc.r l«-rs and ■•> Id* silt bindins.
. _— .... m Limit — Two.
$1.19 Umbrellas 49
Fast black En_'i.«h twiii— tape •__.— v\ -eatier ?i!"c^3 — Specials
S.ror«. fanrr tteftta« ftlled with «>*•
Limit-Two. ___2__us_aiiy :» :.:::::::::::: ;s_; !
>8 ct. Lettter Eani Bags 59 . S7^ ,
I.ar X and medium— fltt«-d with one and - ' „_.___.
two pieces— rlh or _unm»tal trim— moire 2 anil .1 (jt— rapid flow— Itant rabbaSt
or Jeathrr lln»d— leather handles. tube^. _
I_*:r.tt— Two. I Limit-Two.
Ron the Above no mail or telephone orders.
would scarcely be complete without
I A Notion Sale 2
So here's for a Big Wednesday in Notions, with
A fine fist of standard goods at cut prices.
■agßavlSvseßßli Regular Speessl
Brook* Cott-n-lW yd*— I C-^ Foundations
blk „r «rhlt«— Noa. 20 nt , _ araoTted atylra IZ i b
to so — doz [ — ! .lo chtfTin I'ollar Foundations.. 5 3
naailiai CMtoa ■'"" >arJ J . - roliar Support*— two seta... 9 S^i
" l ■'"•* ''' ' - "*° silk IMVata Rmdins- _
Buttonhole Twist— black j x yart!» 10 S
ami color*-::, .pools ••■ •" - 1H Extra W Me TaT»ta
Few In* Silks— .M» yartfs — Bin<!in»r— • var.ls .15 ,\\
Black and eolorm-**.... -.29 .86 PrMl , n B | ndi^ v - -1 I
H. « B Mark >vwin« anil white— l> yd piece.... .13 .11
Stlta^-tOO yard .pools. aa> I O j gWB^ p,,,, Reltirir-
Lara* spool.*. »a.-h -■> .21! black an.i white— 9 yt!».... .IS .tt
Extra large spools •"•+ .AS IXmhl» >"••:•• Prffs
BTk Sewln* «Bi atstyds.. .19 .15 fMtln*-pleco <» .54
I>r^« BMeNN double Spring — **« H. • ■ \ _
oovM an.l light weight 1« 7 ~ «ros» j T , 5
E*4m<*a»Ht; ••■■ Bra™ Hooks and Kyes-p-..! .12 | &
N i*. 3 «nd 4 Utol« .11 , H^k." with Invislhla «ye 9 I
Silk. .a.! V- •-. and 4 ....; IS .14 -«"»•» J -2* .17
x^s^" a . !. 7 ragJJifl ...■!:! m \ M
Wld. X..:' -..:•• vri,.:... 8 ♦? W*r««l Skin Rrald-S yd* | 7 ' 5
■«!,,. r»p* 1-' yds. ...;i0 1*» IS 7 | Alpaca Skirt Dratd-5 y4a..\ » j 7
Cnrwt Clasps -double sbml.| S«, 2^ E«rawlde | 12 j 9
Mohair an.l Lasts ©DBS* - * 3 •«* ■■*•> •*■■ > BISSS- •• J 5
1.-,,-., bj*.. .-• 3 •*a»«Bsss ■ j 5
CmmUm sari "! d 12 s rton 3af*t> Fin* - 1 5: sh
r..un<i da* • 12 S - : *<■-* ■■ 7 - n ■■■••• » 3"»
Muslin Tokes-aJI Blßßi | .10 8 «•»— *■*" P»P«» | »3 j .1O
H..«- su|.».. rMH I Blaaa I . 5 * ■■"*"■ an.l ■"•■*• Plus, j »j 3
Corset Front >.. UI n - --• .1 9 Hairpin*-* pap*,, j .10} ,5
Famv Frlll-d ami Flail _ Bon* Hairpin.. -do««n | .12 [ 8
Elastic— yard 1™ 1 ■'■• Pins— assorted— loo.... 'Send 7 4
DtMBMI •Tape Measures '■' 2 j Fancy Pin I'ubn ' * t2! ' ■'. Q. :- '
Tubular thm L«C«a 4aa . . . I "to 10 5 r>r*ii.«mak»rß' PBH I \
Vine Tie lJ»c«. ;ist » .12 '- ' b bos I .19|.t4.-
I_lH-lii^i mi - 1 . Laundry Was) fcsss • .» f.'S^i
alaaa 2 mm. • *r ■• M .7 I%aaaaa rush lons— Targe . . . | 6 ! ,
Oc*an P»«rl Butt n» — JM ami Crystal Hat Pins. ..; 3 [ 3
,-arv^l and plain- I Fin* Feathn- Stltehed «.
4 sizes-card of 2 do. M .12 Braid-* yards 10 Al2 7
'^rn^ni^rr-Sd^iit i *«<*•- » r>
and s»*el— card .3» I .19 Silk mv M F»ath#r-
L__ for -._li 11l I' I . . . I .49 24 1 lx»ni— *>!«» yards ; .« | .59
r*m,n,c Cotton-^ ba.sj . •a ( S » k o^^ 9 »»— . i .« | S 5
Unas. «ma:i balls | .2« | .1 2 , stockln , r»«-«»o.lr »«-«»o.l sasUhyi 5 f '&»
Star. Anchor and Ea«!<. .*-.»: t | 5 j IrOßHoMww # o.
Star. Anchor and Ea«l* kM .13 | 9 j arwlnm >n<l pamto. , j
Wound Bobbins— Dom«sttc ' ! N*^4l«s— paper ' • I O
and Sin^r » bo, & | i B«t Snap Jawenw^-do,. . I 3 I Q
i^rman Silver Thimbles.... 4 j 2. ' - ' • » m

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