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l\4d[ft^^ /C_f _^U T _^y^/ _^_) S"% fT j-jf^^^*g| ■ Yy^.. [ g&
Women Evolve Bonnets for Mul
berry Bend Children.
jpTielVd tinpers defi'.y ■ ij ■'..'-. e.i flowers and
ff.uzc twined ribbons into killing' bows and re
laedelkd cbawitl«h shapes, yesterday afternof«n. In
n xiand hat trlanrnlnc eotite.n" la Mr*. Charles
Avpry r»orcinus"« iravwins room, at No. 29 West
r.Oth Ptreet. T!;e aincteur aatllinora who worked
from I '!'l nearly I ■•' • '■•• U. labored thus in the
caus* of tlx Sunday Kinder ßarte:i. w'aich an
♦•usllv Baifcw ■ distribution of trimmed l:ats to
«,« --Hj who know their catechism V>est.
With a" the fur-uiiiire removed, except a gilt ar.-l
.. p ] a! p~!-5S <';iliinrt t!:at served ii? a hatrack for the
fni^lied product, the room looked preciously like
,■.» ■wrfcrootn <>' a buey millinery establishment
jrepsrins fer the FZitFter rush.
The irorfcfra, however, <if<l not strikingly rfsem
t> thi rim of milliners' "hands."' Mrs. Jame* K.
JCiclnVs. l!i ru! - r!<* velvet «ii>l .-in mill— hat.
t\Tf?:!f<l with a grr«>n and arkMa straw. Miss
Jilytli <"luvr, in g:«vn '.•!■.<». with m picture hat
#n suite, flrrt *})*• i.adn't n particle of
•kill in sniTinery, then turri«>(i out i fetvhlnic little
affnir in vioUt. iwittpeaa nrifi «>jn«?ra!d velvet rib
Miis. H. O. 6. lMtitur.d. wife of col— u«>tKfKTi<i.
cf Gwhmt'i Island. worked steadily over by the
t.:p<lott. Jt is told of Mrs. !i.--viai.d that once.
rhru a KUeit at U» White llouw, she made an
lis^lT liftt for Mr«. McKir.ley— a hat which so «io-
Ifctotfd Pwildwit MeKiJilpy that he wanted It niaii^
<nrr for v. ir.fr with a r*l«t cnwrn!
Oth<"» •V'ompeted"— many of t'nrm had
elrrady given Ofs* afternoon to crfating future
r ,]»a!:iir<» for i!i*> little Italian gill- of Mulberry
K^i>l si I *' Molt street — ,•. -r.' Miss Elizabeth Van
Verhten. Mrc. Samuel 11. \V.Mif}<-!]. Mrs. Georue
Pttkirre-lAwton. Mrs. I^«er B. Churchill. Mrs.
W. M liavidpe. Mrs. J. V. WiglH ■■■ Mm I^aac
lAvrenoei Mrs. P. •'. lighten. »•. Oeorge Will-
Jam Smith. Mrs. K. Hra<llr-y .Tones. HIM Anita
Hfinna. of rhilr.dHrhia: Mm. Hal! McAllister. Mrs.
Mortimer r»e:ano. Mlf? listen Ward. Mrs. Sheldon
tmiili and Miss P'«1o Smith* Mis=i Katharino
norenui «"<1 Ml« I^rothy Fi.Uen pourod tea.
» o. lr<ck Charlep P. Fr7 driftfd 18. a «1«>
trrnuned smile mitigating the helpl*«s umiMi'ii
on ivs fnc*.
•♦Joins to trim a hat?- hazarded one of th«
The prepMrnt «f t*** £«n<Say Kindergarten Asso
ciation Fhoo'n hi? h^art.
"I dare^it."' b« r^jin^. "I rnntht win * priz*.
■nd that T\o-.!ld embarrass me ■•." They set him
TO *r.ninr ros«f.
Marius Duval. of San Francisco, was the next
.rrival. Then a slender young man wss Intro
duced as i-ar-tahi K'.phins'one. of London, the
tier.hen- ct .1 peer.
•Tin. do trim a hst." rbanssed the women to the
sriet of nob'.llty. "The sctati balked.
"Aw. really," as g»«ped. growing red. "T n»ver
iid Fiich a thing in me life, you know." rre«sitiK
• hat <nto his flirt tea raag«rs they insisted that
he should lend ■ hand la the goai work of equjp
y\np the little Italians with spring bestig*ar. When
«t la«=t he had garnished his hat chaataly with
vieKt? and pir.s. they told him it was the hand
waases* bat in the collection.
A« fiAn as naavpletesl the sixty-odd hats, wWdi
represented the fru't of the wriijens philanthropy.
«-er* carried ti> th« living room, where they were
•pr?r._ cut ill er\»r the table* and chairs, the divan,
th» mantelpiece and every other available Inch of
spa*. They made the place look like on Easter
fewer phew without the prrfum*. The -i;j<jee. a
representative of a leading Fifth avenue millinery
establishment, hnd a hard Time deciding among
raeaa. they were all *" rretty.
"It c quit* wonderful, the ta?tp and skill t'.»s»
atnsM have s'lOT.n." aha exclaimed, vacillating
bT'-'setu » pnle Mii», with iihi'e veiling, and a taa
»'.nl ltgnorn creation.
>Tr.«. !T":ftan<l •rim ih« first priz«> on a white Tus
csn r:uiif:rftom. witji r. pink brim, wit' large pink
ro#-»«- and lots o* foliage. The first prize was r.
WalT neloi portrait of t!>» winner to ti» painted
fey Rbpda Holme?: Klctioilii. Th« tiecend pri7-e— a
mtniature <if the " Inner, to be pair.t'd hy Breretta
HTrman swfsjrd went to Mrs. Laurence on the
ttrengilj of a Ftuart tan ißusliioaaii, With a hi?
ctwn of tan and irown rihlwin on one side, flank I*fcy1 *-
fey a bun«h of c-ornfl"wers on the <yther. An nine- '
thyst }ieckiac>« constituted thi third prize, which |
was antiided to lira l.eis!i'.>n for a raspberry flat '
• ith a wreath of fine white reaes and a laige ai- ;
►atian how of pale pink and raspberry In front, !
friz* No. 4. coiisj«;tin£ of a dozen phot-graphs of
tbe $75 * dorei, type, to be taken by a prominent
pbotnfiapiier, went, to the gratnVatian of every
on*-, to th* lio<tes.<» er the afternoon, Mis Dore-
OJ'.is, who was responsible for a Mack hst turned j
up saucily <-,n on* side, with pink bows across the
front _nd a crown of mingled pink rows and foling*.
A davhms ll'ti" rrnj iiat-all rei poppies and funny
i'la- V aim wliite cads Dial looked like poppies gone
to n>e.i-n-,,n tor Mrs Junes the fifth prise which
was itsejf ;< lo\-ejy Jiuip hnt from the atelier which
«iifi Ihe Ji:oKins.
"1 !;• !•*!> will be presented an the aflfinaiw aC
April 1. to the best *ixty gi.l scholars In the Sun
«iay kindergarten.
First Alcoholism. Then Consumption. Says
Dr. Huber.
Talkir.ff about tuberculosis to the Woman's Mu
nicipal league yesterday morning at the league
si».id<3_artcr»i. Jfo. 1J» Ka>>f ?€th street. in J. B.
)<uber trstcfd a large part c.r tho disease hack
through ak'oho'i.«m to bad cooking.
"Among men." -„.],] Dr. Knber. "half tie rasci of
tuberculosis are the result of alcoholism. So well is
ti.i* fact recognized among -French doctors that
'hey »ay consumption in contracted 'across the
«mc,' ihe!r kars beftaf covered with zinc. And
• bout the causes o* alcoholism, 1 hay« ideas dlf
fcr^r.t from those commonly entertained, itfrhap'.
A :i!un is not ijet-ffKarily vi. I'.n.: bacataaa he drinks.
I was called in to a saloon early one morning to
attend a patient, and found a long line of men
»'»itlng 1o get their drinks. I thought it strange
th«t so many men should kM so anxious to drink
If-tor* breakfast that they had to wall their turn
to lie prrv^d. Since then < have l.ad opportunities
to ir.iikf many similar observatiaa*, and 1 now
*** that It is not strange that :i.«s.- men should
• ant to drink. Th«- cooking In their homes is bo
vile that them poor. •ret. fellows have to
•iiink. They ai* »i exhausted with the battle of
life that ih»-v have to <i.. something, however fool
ish, howwr ntMtaketi, to keep up tt,«-ir rx>dles for
free* exertion. Thus they < reate a predisposition
t» luliernil jßis.
"Murt consumptives ar- very |KM*r. and If women
of leitiure r.vi;iM i«-;ich th^ir i.rxir.-i- Kii<ter« t.. rook
t';i«>y would l»e doing rrnich tt» prevent tuberculnsls "
i»r. Muuer m lm> spoke of the "dreadful cooking"
<if tl»e rural <listri<-tB as a cause of tuln»r<-ulo?'
tliere. although .nh.-r conditions arc unfavorable to
th* <leveloiinient t ,f th<' disease.
Hp*-Mklne of the fear of tho consumptive that has
p<Vfime «<• common of laic years. Dr. MuLt . a i,j it
mas "very CTOei. iin-<'hrtrJtlaij and DniMoenan
there bring no danc*> p of Infection so iortg as ;t; t .. w
t4tnpic rules are observed."
Mngle insertions A rti.ta per line Six
teen «r:(!». re-,er. time* consecutively SI.
vhtch entitle* aJvertlaer to have ruo.tis
entered for a puled of fourteen da;» In
"■'■■'• Tiibur.e's Directory of IX«ita<>ie
f.i ••n.». U n:e for circular.
Full Information cancerning theao mmi
»■») be had. rree of charge, at the I'pivwa
«»ff:ce of The New-York Tribune. 13«s
F: oxen-ay, fee* wee.-. 38th and S7th ate.
ATTKM'A.Vj', "pe<inli^t In e;ji'er,s: . «ouM
boa cud rare for enilejitl;- or feeble
nii"i>-1 boy of nun at bin t.<-a«hn;e roe.
Afldrees Kd V«ate». KkClman. N. J.
1S« fTA^T CfTH r-T/. -n»ar I^exitigtoi aye. —
ra»garjt fumUhed room: all lmprove
. ■ tt;m;;s; <*lepr.or:e; cx^^lVo' tatle; German
■ fnkl.ig.
JWTH «T.. «•• '.VEST.— tjjrc* froM ro.m.
•*._.n<! n./'*' . private hmiae. acrummoda
'lojis -„.» », r two gentlemen; near subway
J *ri 1, atd '.►!■<• a ,-tiv park: light
»*'it.,r._ri II _ecli»/| : ,sl< eiening*.
*^7p^lTlßEMr:^•r:* ■•<« mji.a-rtpMon< far
* ' ?!:?*— ?•• l 3** ■**»•««•>•. between Mth
' fi'SL^'? *** • , VB<n * •'dor* p. ». ACvtr"
-"- •«*»» a racelvt^ at tit* ••ollontna; branch
" Wm*t ai Mfu'.ar <«mf« m'ea until • 2X4 «♦*
«- »•»• .: 3U «lb a^». i t r«r m«• ■
.< l «■ «v«.. <or. i-tb at.: «2 East I4tn at.;
Bishop Potter Criticises Women's
Methods at Child Labor Meeting.
A meeting held at th« Hutfma Tlieatre yesterday
•ftemoec, in the interests of the proposed Child
l - i!i " r Leaxue <>• Nov. Yarl£ gave Bishop Henry «'.
Potter an opportunity to express ills opinion about
some woaaaa'a clubs
"There !s nothing piore emertaJaiac to me." the
Bishop said, "than a ladies' meetir.p. There is
manifested often what I l.iigi^t call a laborious
ignorance of all the ordinal y rule* of order, and
an enormous amount of tin:<» la devoted to mere
red tape. Thei;. growing out of this mechanism
are somewhat unbeautifu! and ungracious collisions
between gracious and beautiful people.
"Any one wtio knows anything about the history
of philanthropy knows that it Is a history of or
ganized ignorance, l^ast summer a philanthropic
woman came to me to talk about a plan for pro
viding outings' for poor children. A mere man hap
pened to be present, and after ;i while he asked
the woman if she had any idea of what It was going
to cost a day to care for her children. She hadn't,
and he said: 'While you have been talking I have
been figuring, and I nnd It will cost you $.* a .lay
for each child. You might send them to the Wal
dorf-Astoria for (hat.' "
The Bishop .-..-m.-.i to think that the proposed
organization was golnc to I•• different from the
ones be) had bern talking about.
"What erects me in It," ha said, "is that it is a
movement of unification. it aims to realize the
ideal of brotherhood and make It true for the chil
dr. who are so often forgotten by their fellow
To illustrate the r.eod of such work the Bishop
told an Incident he hail heard within a few days.
A nan wen*, to a barber shop, and, calling for his
favorit) operator, was surprised to learn thai ii«
had "retired." "Why. he is not an old man." said
tiie customer; "why should ho retire.?" "No," re
plied the. proprietor of the shop. "h« is not an old
man. ,Ho is only thirty-eight, In fact, but he lia-s
three girls who are now old enough to support
Dr. Felix Adler expressed the opinion that the
people who «-nslav_ children ar* themselves the
enslaved by the hypnotic power of money.
"'". .1 know that a person who sa'.es long enough
at a bright object will be liv-ptioJised," h« said.
"anJ there are people, otherwise honorable men.
who have had their eyes glued so long to the dollar
that they ar<» hypnotized. They don't know what
they are doin:r. and they make all sorts of excuses
for their conduct. Tney will tell you it is a koo.'.
thing- for children to work. They went to work a*
children themselves. But, come to find out, they
worked in the open air on a farm. Thej didn't
toil all night in a glasshouse or work twelve hour?;
» riay •1 .-« cotton factory. They will tell you also
that these children belong to-a lower order of hu
manity and .-'re fit for nothing better than their
dally toll. th» same argument thai was once made
to justify chattel slavery."
Alfred ,T. Boulton compared chattel slavery with
child labor, greatly to the advantage of the former.
"The descendants of New Kngland Abolitionists."
lie said, "are now the owners of slaves that have
cost t'lern nothing The Kew England capitalist
who has invented his monpy in the South does rim.
need to J»uy children. They are ready to his hand.
Our captains of industry- are reaching out for
cheaper and cheaper labor. Not content with de
fpoi'.itis manhood, they «•<• now robbing the
Mornay Williams, chairman of th*» New Tori:
Child I^ebor Committee, appealed to the assembly
la enter upon a children's rruaade, and the K«\.
Anna Carnn Ppencer said that i- was not merely
child !;.h..r in the South, hut the evil at our doors
thai was under consideration — the child of the
"tenement house sweatshop and the newsboy wltt)
his wet feet and Insufficient clothing: »n.i all t. 1 ■•
stains of th" street upon him."
Mi«« Pauline Goldmark presided, and those pres
ent were ask. .1 to leave their names, so that they
mlxltt he •uninaon'sd to an adjourned meeting in
Th committee on physical welfare of school
children has addressed a letter to the Board or
education expressing its npiire-iation of th» re
suite of the recnt echc*M census, and making a
couple of suggestion*., one is that the census i.c
mad« a bast* lor i permanent scheme, of re«;istr.i
t:.-n of children between the aces of four and six.
an. th« other t' at :; Statistical expert be detailed
to examine ih» ire«»nt census, an.), In consultation
with Stiperintei.de.. Maxwell and others conversant
with practical methods of enumeration, tt» formu
late a scheme of registration which shall lie es
pecially adapted to the needs of New York.
Ti.e commuter considers the oaasua of jrr»at value
ii" a basis for dealing intelligently with the prob
lems of compulsory education and tiie enforcement
of the ' 'I •!•! I-^li^r laws,
The letter ii signed by Mr« Tunis O. Bergen,
<>f the Brooklyn Free Kindergarten Association;
David Biansteln. supertntendeni K<i national Alii
•■ .-. Kdward T. Devine, secretary of the Chirity
Orcanizatio;i Society: Martha Lincoln Drapx r , as
sistant se.-r.- • of the committee on physical wel
w«r<- .if school cltildren; l>»e K. Prankel. mannger
of the I'nited Hebrew Charttlea; Pauline <}..j.i
niarke. secretary of the New York «'tt- Consumers'
league: <seoige A. flail, secretary of the New York
child labor committee; William I. Nichols, general
■ecretary Brooklyn Bureau of Charities; Miriam
Sutro Price, preatdent of the Public Ekiucation As-
SOoUtlon. and Mrs .Mar.- A. Hill, chairman of the
committee on education. Neighborhood Workers*
in the *J m hops.
Th» newest odd skirts for ."prinj; are of imported
worsted, in soft grays, tans, Rr<-.-ii« and black mid
white «ff>ct«. They are finished in various ways.
with two-Inch circular banal*, with button*- doc
oral ;nc lh« side pleats or with tabs tod straps.
They sell for from $12 to J2l.
I-inrn eultii.ga Ir. pretty blues and pinks and In
ptaMgj and stripes can he bought for IV rents a
yard, arid are heavy enough for general wear.
Grapefruit glasses, with tint large bow! on the
high standard, can he bought for $6£o a dozen.
A dainty little light blue gown of soft Liberty
silk, covered wit:: design* in Valenciennes lace and
iiibertlon, can 1,.- nought for fin.
Among the thin goods, cotton voiles are popular
and reasonable In price. Those with the white
ground and black lines or bars aro particularly
good. Some of the narrow black and whit* barred
materials have tiny dots of color scattered over
them. TIM «l:itk bflM and white combinations aro
pretty and serviceable.
Some of the new white linen belt* have eyelet
embroidery done In colors nt the back, and are ft 16.
A parasol of r«.s*» silk has a carved handle re
sembling a small cluster of pink <■!■>>■, nnd costs
$2S X A par.-. of the popular Copenhagen blue
has a carved bird's head handle, and sells for 316 73.
A l>atiflt» robe, covered with fine embroidery and
lace medallions, costs $95.
T'ntrimmed hats of the popular and fashionable
deep ten leghorn straw com $3 93. Those of th«
soft French braids can tM bought for $3 15.
The "M fashioned poke |WHIII>I I of coarse fog
horn are shown ughiri. One has a full crown of
11 *'* • nw>n "" 1 ' t- i^U per line. •"«-
L^ h W .*/., •* vesi v " )e * contecutlve.'y. Jl.
Tn. .-h rn-itlee advertias-r to have room«
Th^ -rJt' * **■'''' ' of fourteen daya la
inJL. w'Jf ' ull *«Jry of Peelrab*
Konn«. Write tar cltcular.
_f"j lI I__1 __ Iftnatfon1 ftnatfon concerning Ctvaa rooma
»a y be had. tree or charge, it the Cptowa
tS_Trf_.° f Ihe N.,m-Tork Tribune. ISM
Broadway, between 36tli at.d 87th ate.
Ft'HMSMEI* BOOMS, «•. a-la -1 heat. co»
ver.lent 10 Pultao ar.d Putnam irolltea
and fulion »t el- v si~j atalion. Mchr. fl«
H;itnam aye . Bro . .
' C I} 1 st . 143 man naaHmiaWa rooms;
beard uptlonni.
861 *} V . P' 4.,-nT «T.-l_trre front "room,
auV-lnlnr huh: running water; clso tmall
room: private house; telephone.
lUTII ST.. mW. ,I tn av«.)-T«ro con
ne-ttng front rooms; every convenient r:
f<.'nl«l-.ed, unfurnished; tri»pli<ne: ••!*•"
mit»ay. C»rt»r.
rcnxisitm rooms waxtep.
.IAPANT.sk RRKTUBMAK «".»»ire« meinTn
"•r* ■'«>■!• fair.ll- . located n»iar ctovate<l
station. In Th« Brwiß A4<lreM M. B. B.
lVlbun- fptomn Oasca. 13f4 Cr«<e<sTi»y.
A Sparrow Dropped It in "Bill"
Qutglcy's Eye, and. He Knoxcs.
"Bin" Quigley. the Battrr>" boatman, with big
right hand pressed tightly against his right eye.
groped his way into the «hip news office a few
minuter after 1 o'clock yei«*Tday and annoi;nce<l
that Rftitlf. spring had eons*. "She's here." said
"Bill." "How do I know It? Ark of the bird. Look
at mv eye. I've b*en out aC morning: looking for
the M;i ram*. ai ,d a fine. cTear day it was. too.
Got gome salt water in the face a few times, but
that's all right. I'm used to it. But just as I was
pulling- into the basin 1 looted- up skyward to see
•There my rope lay, when a Sresh little chippy from
Battery Park, who got iho» nest building- habit a
bit early, dropped a twig in. my eyft. and I got wise
In a minute that spring was he:»-."
Apart from the axaertctica of "Dili" and the
chippy, the moderated weather that prevailed
throughout the day and a display of winter poods
at half the price in the shops in Nassau street,
there wan little below Park now yesterday! that
Fina<-k<--i; of spring.
Although 1 p. m. yesterday wan the hour set for
tlie disappearance of winter, there was sonic oncer
tainty among th* old salts of the waterfront re
gardingthe actual PaaaiQaT of the hoary season.
on. .Morris saiii he uarured on another snow
storm, and "Joe * Swan said he felt it in hi« bones
somehow uliat spring, the real spring, was ;i week
or two away.
It Is true that a stray bud could be seen here and
'.^■-'■on a tree, hut even a magnifying glass failed
to bring v up to the «ize that brought out the
preen tint. The only gr«*»n conspicuous yesterday
was a. Job lot of St. Patrick's Day n-ckties that
h t;iK«r was selling in ltmad street for three ten la
The one thing that tiwde one really feel thai
spring was craping siirfareward was the clear and
all <ia"'- air and <onslant sunshine that prevailed
all day.
Then. 100. there was mere affability beaming in
the face of the pa*sef*by than has been observed
in several v\-.t..k.<.
• One of * « beat indications that spring had come
in Brooklyn) was noted yesterday when a party of
*\\ persona tried c play cnoquat on a mushy lawn
In Praapect Park.
Husband Counters Alimony Plea by Tales of
Revolver and Dagger.
In .spite of the fact that pvpdprick Rlckeman
told Justice Xewburser. In th« -Supreme Court yep.
terday, that his wife was in the habit of using
revolvers, daggers and bayon#ts when remonstrat
ing with him, the judge decidnri that Mrs. Ricke
man was entitled to alimony of $;, a week and
a counsel fee, of $25.
Mrs. Rickeman brought action to compel her
husband to provide, her with, alimony and counsel
fee, pending th* decision In a suit for separation.
Klckemari. in opposing th.- application, paid that
nls wif- had a violent temper and was In the
habit of abusing and assaulting him. although he
had been a good and faithful husband.
"Last November.' raid Mr. Rickeman. "she
threatened several tiroes to kill me and once triad
to take- a revolver and shoot me. She also .11
couraged her daughter by a former marriage to
quarrel with me. and last August, while In a rage,
took down « dagger from the wall and threw It at
me. She tniaaod her aim and then grabbed a bayo
net and tried to stab me "
Mm. Rlckenmn. on the. other hand, nays that she
was 01 treated and that it was unsafe to live with
Iter husband.
The Rickatnaa* were married in Paris in 1003 and
have no children. Mr. Rickeman is a s>"enlc artist
and is with the, firm of Gates &- Morange, of No.
133 West 25»th street.
Policeman Breaks Collarbone While Pur
suing Bingham's Automobile.
William F. Klynn. a policeman, of the West
J2sth street station, Is at last a member of the
bicycle Squad, that Is, ho will h« when he gets
out of the J. Hood Wright Hospital, where he
is being treated, for a broken collarbone.
In company with several other policemen.
FlyiUl entered a contest held yesterday hy «"om
mtssloner Blngham In Hlver»l<ln Drive and the
Viaduct from 120 th street to 140t!i street Tie
was well In the lead when the front wheel of his
machine hrol^e and pitched him headlong at
127 th street. Bereral of the other contestants
ran into hlni. and there was a general mix- up, but
no on" else, was Injured.
Th- content was held by CorQtrUMloner Ring
han as ■ try-out tot thirty-five policemen who
wished \r> qualify for membership la 'he bicycle
«M'ia'i Of this number fourteen qualified to
overhaul an automobile g<>\nn at the rate of
twenty- five miles an hour
EEaatport, N. v . March -1.- Almost the whole vil
lage of AroagaAaatt went after a big right whale
thi« aaowilng. The bulky fellow was kicking up a •••;!
off th*» tour, shortly aft»r daylight. Men In power
boats* want after It. but were not «he 1., approai •
within harpooning distance \ vigilant wmcli la
lieinc muintaitit-il for ihe reappearance i>f the
j _ —
Among tie passengers who arrived yesterday
from abroad were:
Mr. »n<l Mm. William Keo 11 :- Pla fair.
nedy. I Mr. and 51ih. -rg» Th"mr>
John <: Bouthwortl ' ton
Mr. aivt Mis. William A. «'. J. B Whit*.
Prime. . j
Mr. am] Mrs K. 11. Blek-lMr and Sir' Samuel M
Cord ' .s<ott
Mr. and Mr» K. K. IWth. ;»lr». Thomai. .r r>. Puller
Mr. sn-i Mis. C. 11. L. Mr, an.i Mr.. William ' 0
tnlltl.. ' Men.rhtead.
allover lac*, with trtn:iniriK- of full hewn an.l
fjUN of soft bluf satin ribbon, am! a wreath' of
maidenhair f»rnn. Th»« ».ri. .- Is $1, a aitnllar
Htyle i>« of a deeper yellow l_pehorn, trimmed with
large yvllow r.i!«e.«. and costs $sii.
'I'll.- lawn ties, about two and a half Inches wide,
worn with ih<- miff linen collar, com* with edges
embroidered with tiny colored dots.
Tufted China silk wrappers for the. baby are
niH<l« of t.a|p blue silk feather BtUcheU in self
color, .-1 ti-l tost $»;.
Belts of hand woven French webbing. in plain
color* or atrlpr-d with white, cost $4. With th«
military, m'jn'iKrain-ti buckle, they are $8.
Children's belts are of stiff leather, very loose,
and straight nil around, and finished with th«
square flat leather buckle. They come in any color
for $3.
«'ut Kluaa. aiivft topi.f.l h-.ttUa of smelling salts
come In white 10.-ithfr eMM for $6.
White leather v'l'ture frames <oßt from 13 00
to tio.
The plain white leather envelop* case or purse,
with gilt letter*, costs from $.", SO upward.
Among the red leather novelties is an Kn.rllsh
mailbox for a country house hall. It fa about a
foot and a hair high, with brass trimmings, and a
brass clock to, lndicate the mall hour*. It costs
$: 75.
l*a:'Re red picture frames, suitable, far the living
rooms of country homes, cost from $3 CO to $10.
A GENTLEMAN* of business training and
e*i-«vlenre, who lias spent several year*
in the successful Introduction of American
m«r,i :»r.\ Into Great lirltain. who is fa
m'lliir with Enitlvh l>u.«lneiu methods and
]■■■ a considerable acquaintance, with Eng
lish business Men. Is open for an engage
ment to r«pr*s<-n; in < treat Britain mime
American Interest of c cl standing, or to
Introduce. American patented Invention* or
dlKpa«e <<f laalnbla American paten) rights
In that and othar Kurctn-at: countries; high
est references. Address V. M IV. Box 3»».
Tribune Office. >
FOR FA1.12. —An old established l<u*ineM.
manufacturing and . selling high .-'a**
facial i ream and ionic nreparationa bars
l>een highly recomm T;y leading ladled
in An»*ilca and Kuf3pe. Price. »,VW>i) M. -
pi.naM Wlgglnf < ■• . _S7 Brnadway.
LOAN of $!.">.<»<*» needed by eejMan; In tliln
<-li . having government contracts amount
in* to MS.JOO: thorough Investigation In
vited. STcl>onald-W)r;lr.s C?.. UT.7 UroaU
J60«.. Wll.l. PURCHASE eatabltah*4 ->• "
tricsl ■.-ontiaciln- l,u»i.i»-i h»\ins high
eta** trade; f.*>.««xi net profits annually; lo
cated In nan promt rent city ©f Rhode Isl
and: r«n'. #25 monthly; |i| health eatise of
»»llinx Mfl>~nal'i Wiggica «>. 237 BrMd
*a; . - ■'. . ■ -- -» . '-
LOST • r STOLEN.— Bankbook No . Vi^liS
of the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank
Payment Mapped. Pleas* return book to
bank. No. .->> chambers at.
IjOST.— Bankbook No 907,111. Bank for
Savings, _V» 4tli aye.. -New York. Pay
ment stopped. l'leafce return book to bank.
UOST or STOLl^C.— Bankbook No. r.M).»21
of tit- Uerinati Savings Bank In the Ctty
of New York, corner 4lh aye. arid 14th at..
Issued to Julius GoMherger. All persons are
cautioned against negotiating the name. if
rot returned to the bank or. the 12th day
of April. IB";, a duplicate will he Issue.)
LOST or PTOLliX.— Bankbook No. saa\«Gi
of the German Bavlaga Bank In the City
of New York, corner 4th aye. anil 14th st.'.
Issued to May Weire. All persons are cau
tioned Against negotiating the same, if
not returned to the bank on the 12th day
of April, I!<>7. a duplicate will be Issue*).
OT-D SOLA sliver and precious stones,
bought at highest msiWet value; made
Into new articles or exchange for new Jew
elry .or Ja-sanesa goods at M. F. Tcpper's
rat cry. l^.'iVMt Slat at., bassmes*. ,
T*^ ANTIOUS 135-134'
REMOVAL SALE: entire stock
at nominal prices to jav> cost
"" moving tt. our new building,
IS and IS We« 28th st . before
May l: chance, to secure unde
niable bargaluM.
ANT INTELLIGENT person may earn $78
to ♦100 monthly corresponding for newa-
C*ter_; sure, steady work; no canvassing;
experience unnecessary; send for particu
lars. I*ress Syndicate, Lockport. N. Y.
<jl:F.r',K. young, 82; in wholesale confec
tionary; knows many Greek and Italian
confectioners; or with an Importing house
of tiri-d fruits; can correspond In both lan
«uag*i=. I J>U > i ar.ells. 141 Wast «4'h st.
UAItI'FXXEIt. — Industrious. sob**. sinsie
man; ger.tlemaa'a place. Connecticut
shore; wages 130. with board; ■ ate «xi«ri
ence. Address Oardenar. 157 Baal IKtn st.
MliN. light work and jJUIa money take
you to l.urc»pe; return transportation:
dally sjllinrs. Boston ghlpplne Co.. IS
Norfolk st.
WANTED.— M_n and wif» to c»'e for «.
gentleman's Country i)|j_ e: man la have
I: nor.- led .if ga.ueniig and wentan ..i.1,
to do staple rooklnc- Apply, with refer
• ice, ..s Kemsen st., Droeklja. tt-tween ii
and 1_ o"< 10.-:<.
U'a\tki>.- married ir.ati to be severally
useful on ijrifc lsianil fan niust be , (j,l
vegetable ganlenei ; permanent place,
washes m.i !ncludin_ .ottage. ruel etc
' • II at -.5 Lexington aye.. bringing refer
encea. between 1 and '_> p. iv..
to si<n> monthly . crr^.ponding for news
papers; ruw *t«ady »or!;: no , anvas3ins;
experience unnecessary; send for narticu-
Nun Pre*» Syndicate. l>ockport. X. T.
ERRAND i;ii;i. and WAIST am. SKIRT
handy, it. Kiggoimati. l.v. I^ast ;;:.tt, at.
V tsin \,: (Y.MI'AMON «n<l GOVERN-
I'-s-sl '- s - s — «"mi-rlerit American woman; to
young : girl; English. Latin and French. S..
Mi«» Fitzgerald's Bureau 803 slh aye
WANTED, Lady bookkeeper: mutt be
thorou«hly ezperieru-ed in double entry
bookkeeping; quirk and accurate Address
bj mail. T. Y. Ooweli & Co. Publisher'
4'J* West Broadway, New Yolk.
ADVERTISING. -f Powell graduate seeks
position where character] industry and
ability will he appreciated; scJ»-nttfic." fluent
writer: refrrer.. -•■*. Adlrrts .Is.ru Hen
rtmo. ."•4R 4«th St.. Brooklyn.
BOOKKSFPEH.— Toun_- nun. experienced
desire* rHTniar.«r.> place. (J. H. 8., 237
mil: at , Breekiyi
BOOKKEEPER, -"2. empenenca<: reference.
• ■hark* Wlnk>:. 213 Powers it., Brook
BOOKKEEPER. 27, married: reliable and
conscientious worker. >* year*" experi
en. . tlioronshl;- familiar with modern and
systematic acrountlng. 'U'llcox. M West
: ;•■•- (4
BAKER (bread). 110 St. Marks Tlace.
H.\KKH thread). b' Sit«i«. ttesdy place,
anywhere; good reference^. 30ti Butler
St.. Brooklyn, >■•• ■ r.ii floor
ÜBASS DIPPING: yourgr man. I*ul9
nirnhatim. «.'. Wl'.lef. nt.
Boy. 17. In office; gco4 «• flgures. an<l has
knowledge of shorthan<l arm typewriting;
five days os J. Machlnwitt. 2*3 Stan
ton »t,
( Buufrxi « an.i 1 narrx man -ie««r
and «tead\ : gasolene cars; repair*: care
ful driver; reference <"har.!<;s a. Gom*n.
14>21 I_»fa>ett» aye.. Hr.-.kljn.
CHAUFFEUR — ■HtgUtered: »a«'->len» ran;
referent*. Henry May, Grantweod, N. J.
CHAVrKKfR. --Mechanic; Spanish quail
ned «'.itn:ii"b'i» er.gln*»r: In garage or
factory. lemperftte: Ighesl references;
fkiiiel on a',: Tn«.-hint;». Font, 4* ''* ' St.
• HAt'FTEI It insrrie,), gasolbM <-»r». «n
own repairs. raren_| driver, ttrlrtly ««h-r
ir 1 reliable ctty cr c«Mjn»r\. ';•• r«s Sll
i«ln»h!. H4a (••< ll^th it. '
CHAI rrr.X'tl: wtts prhrata party. ."V ear*'
expeiienae: tni«k« o»n r»i-»>i». un<vi»»
tt.-rable reference, P. Jtinn, U>> W. Mil-
«'IIAI"KKKI'P.: flr»t .lam American ' K»r.
»tih privata family; eapertenred •->« h '* :l
X*o\*tr+A rars ; r*'*»*ptinrtiil r*fpr*nT**. A 4—
<1r»!!» Jotm Vtta. Qbttgblln, C*« 2 Stb a\e
HA I I'l-'.i l: «»unis • «n; apeak* Ortnan.
Kpgllih; n r >' >< i mechanleS eempetent >tricer
ami repajrer; ».»»t of relaraacea ' \d.li-eas
bSagal, Bom II 85 Catharina *'
I'HAl'KKI't'K. -By eif,»rlen<M m*chanlc.
pleiban. B*9 Baal 75th «t.
I'HAt'f FBI R. young man; ihree -»ars'
•hop etvl roa< experience; g0,.! cp»iat»r
oil all American «•»'»• II Bonrleito, «*J
"•1 aye.
CHAUFFEUR.— Registered; careful driver
an.l «•■• " maehlnlat: np«r!t- :..eri on all
Am»rlruu E as'>i>-ne cars; pla. •> «ttn prtrat«
family. I. WtUtntha!. .I*4 Ilaipn st .
.'U M'l'nrt: Oerman, 2^: »ip»rt<r. ■
.irtvli.K hii.i repslrtna --f all eara; ...Le
nt,.l r* mi aa • ■'■ ms«
•■i, ati f. lul Knlckerbocsar a- > . I
, ■!( v ill-:' R ItaJ »'. . aiperlei
rar«ful .Ir: ■ try -"•*
OlAl'KKßfit.- Arp.i •£„ for»t£n (t demea
11 car: first clan* ■ •■ hanlo; lie»t r'fer
•see aa to alillitj-, rt>.-. AaJr'is Cbauffour,
Uox TS, «'hat>iam. N. .1.
CHAUFFEUR. —By young nan. 21; on
Ste\"ns-I>un« > a car «'. tarrs. rare of
Ji.hnstonn. Bt«> Amsterdam aye
i.'HAl'KFia-'R — First class amnmohllr m>
■■hlnist: thoroughly experienced with high
jiowrr i-i-.r*; In i.nvat» family city 01 coun
try: beat references; aged 2». O. Petrnman,
345 Baal 4-1 st.
t'HArPKEirß.— Reflned young man will be
open for position an rlrs 1 . class •■hauff'-.tr
April 1. Address J. Morgan _'."7 West 51st
CHAUFFEUR; American: sinnrle; position
with I'iivul. famllr; can operate and re
pair gaaoiene cars; car furnish references.
steinif. 'J<>l Baldwin aye.. Jcraa) City.
CA9HIBR, watchman or r,.nfldentiai place,
by may 4i> I' l», Tribune Office.
I'UAI'I'KKI'K. licensed: with private fam
ily: .mi handle k2-""1pi.«- car: sober and
wIIUuk: with reference. P. atenaoa, 441
West 57th St.. care of Breaaan.
COLL.E<'l'nß— By younjr man, 25. as clerk,
collector or cashier; writes English an.l
German; k_<j<' rarareoeaa and s»..iirit\ if
required Klelst. 1473 M ay.-.
COUJCtTOR and Mleaamaa: wine or liquor
concern; can furnish security or bonds
Julius kferkel. 1-1 Bedford aye.. Brooklyn.
COMPANION or TI'TOR us boys going
.abroad during summer months, by college
man: references. Addresa Yale, Tr!!y_se
DRt'OGIBT. Oiaduate: loag ciperlaaia. In
laboratory «.r preecrlptlon .le^artmtnt.
A.!dr^-.« Drugs, Rcaebank, Staten Islam!
DRIVblt.— By young man, 2V; good refer
ences. James 42ulgley. IT3S Lexington
aye. .
URIVKR.— Aged 22: two references, Jo
seph \'erli>. .'ton West 88th st
EKOINKCR. licensed. h »!dinit responsible
IiO!<ltlon. wishes to make change; exnf -
i-lenved on all make* .engines, boilers,
puiiii.f ateiimfitting and eleotrtral repair."
Itrauch. 106 East tO2d st p
ELECTRICIAN.— First cla^s all around
wlrelns. machinist, generators, elevator*
repair* or new work; highest references:
also leli«r Addreu Kr»axlai.>. 633 West
13Sth »' . Harlem.
. young man; Rood reference GfOr^e Mur
doch. TH ljiwrem-o «t., Brooklyn.
BNGKAVBR. By young man; experienced
on Jewelry and silver; wishes to Improve
on copper plate. Knjiraver. 156 A] ,i •
FIIU:MAN. 1«> Ueu:ian: steady, aober
W.ibnik. 4JT. Eitst 'ti h M.
FIREMAN. —By young man: licensed. Ad
dreys Kiivnian. 524 l-^st _7t)\ at.
FLOOR POLISHER; private houses: only
first rtaaa work done;, best of reference:
moderate prices. Call or tend postal, ir.s
Hersen «t.. Krooklyn.
HELPER iittcamfltter and plumber)- thr«e
years' e«perl#nce; has card; can do work
alone. Kl.-n.lt. 243 East H2d st.
IKVBBTWATCML— CriminaI and civil beet
references: ten years' txpertence. John
A. Hariweln. S2 3J et.. Long island City.
MASON. PLASTBRKR — Cementing. f|a«
dlnc. trownatone fronts ami stoops le
paireil: owners", agenta' estates; day or
contract: estlinai»a. Kdnard J. Wh'elan.
sbca, 2*o Host .">Cth st.
MA<*HIM-T: young man: good position:
experienced in hot:> engine and machine
ncrk: alan factory repairs. ; Address Ma
chinist. 131 Hall St.. Brooklyn.
MACHINISTS HELPER or at anything
by young man. 24. bandy with tools; c an
♦Mva. L Co_t c, "PS Park av#., Brooklyn.
MAN"; SB; educated, energetic, ambitoun:
high class salesman, nlti.v mana_>r M
systematize!-: «•■<«! appeal anc*: references
ana some cask security, W. H.. 14^ Kast
;.".<!i st.
petent men. who hay* short working
hour*, would like la obtain other work to
dost home. V. S.. 13a Ist Place. Brooklyn.
MARRIED VAN. •.•*. wishes permanent
place, with liberal salary; six > ears with
last employer, handy with too'». John
Hunt, lOuO De Kal. aye.. Brooklyn.
MABJUKS MAX: hardy with all kinds of
tools; sober an.l Industrious; at anything.
Handy Man. 11M Hall «•.., Brooklyn.
NOTION SALESMAN, -»i,,-rr^7,"ed. estab
iish«",i trad*. Virginia. North t'arollna.
Maryland, desires to represent specialty
house: references. Address H. •'. C. "__i.'S
Kast Loassai d si . imitimore. Md.
"ONE STITtII in ti:T:e save^ nine." Artts
tic Oriental rug repairer want* retiring;
v.- ]"!;■ at '••-•"!»!,»; Ha'iisfunn.'n guarauTteU.
l>t>r.abedian. ::."« Weat l3Si *r.
PORTER or at anything, by colored man.
Addrei* Ottirtanu Austin. X.7 West a«Uh st
liulldins; »-i Jr.iol; iii>t c'.asi« ieferer.ce»:
salary *t*-»iS. i*all or addvma tieorge
i;:cna, ■">•' West -".'ir. si.. l>audruy'_ bail.
PLUMBER'S KCLrIDt, *!ght months' e»
periem • F. Nielsen, l."!» Charles *t.
I'lAN'iv — Spanish professor wishes a few
more pwpiki in Brooklyn or Xc« Tors.;
niet.io«l ye.-> easy; rapldlj advanced. l-'J's
('arc. in Eaat 120 th st.
SALESMAN «rlsJie« position at anything;
general experltri-e; . r i^il cn!y: experi
ence.!. Address U. A.. Box 3. Tribune ©f-
SALKSMAX. .-!••••: ' 'l. and io '> date
window dresser: Leu rcfemnces. H.
Kramer. U'Cl Madiaoß ate.
st<»k <t.'.:i:K: s oars' tupartsnea fancy
iccMiiis line, nholeaala l:ou*e; wl!l accept
any u<'>it:'.n. reference. Zipprtcr.t. 610
!»iti aye.
BHIPPINQ t.'J.KHK.-By married asw. 3'»:
.eight years' eaperle - ami refrence*. E.
.0 . i«a» Urteamlrb y... cigar store.
SHIPPING i'I.K!!K By young DM, 20;
4 years' eipermni.e at drugs: best of reT
erer.ie. Charl»» Schaiala, 298 Slagg at .
r:r> ..klyn.
Young man, experience., will take outslda
work evenings: ropy ing work a *|'*tla.lty. J.
K. Anderson. I6t> West Ssth St.
STENOORAPHED experienced young man,
i.">; aj'takniK arrltlnc, fluently, Oaeaaan.
French. Italian. ltiif<sian. fairly Hpanlali;
extensive traveller: position New York «r
South America, also. Kurope. A. Sn«». SW
East lift!: »1
THI'«"K HKt.VKtt By younc man. as
truck helper; nr anything; 4 years' refer
ences from last place. I'eter Coleman, 440
'•reenvvlch st.
TYPKWRITKi:. — Experienced stenographer
an.l typewriter deMr«?s work to Un at homa
ev^nlntis; rvaconable. Address M. Wlison.
_!■> Ktna st.. Brokljkt.
WAITER.— By young man. Uerman. na
wHlter; can tend bar: -.<.i?r and atea.l>
ctieaks 'W"-ma:i and Krglts! 1 , exp*r:enred.
«'. R. _3 Pulton _v»., Astoria. long I»lani.
WATCHMAN, Indoor .r ;d.i:«min'i resi
den.-e, experienced; irood reference- Ad
dress 8.. 3^7 Sussex st . Harrison. N. .1
WATCHMAKER fire; experienced in watrh
chronometer, reference*. Flaatlno. ZZZi
Ist aye.. lUtl at
YOUNO MAN. cannot upeali English, at
anything. Finland Employment Bureau.
747 L^xhigtoa aye.
YOUXa MAN. 21 desires permanent p'.aoe
wl'l r«al esfat* roT>rern; salary r.o ob
••l F. W. 1. . 1.122 2<t mm.
VOI.'X} MAN. thoroughly familiar with
<-aM ln.lexlr.jr (tni vertical filing; could
art si - Ippt] * clerk, alas card I:M«_. 803
Va»l lMth I".
TOt'NO MAN. •[■-;»■<'"*• Cugltah. Frer.^^.
Oenaan Italian an.i Slavonic lanff"ag»»,
.te«lr»s to accompany a «»ntlrm«r. or f<**^
itv to Curvpe; h».«' -■ rerancee. J. Varirjlis.
li» West lit sf.
XOX NO MAN. a". b«»t references willing
an.l ami ' •• < ress 7... pox 19. Trib
une Office.
TOt'N'i MAN '!. >:rnnj, wishes fair pay
lrg pla r e, nitl'. .-har?« for a«lvancem»nt.
A.i-1;»(i« VTal»h, IS3I M are.
YOVN'i* MAN. t:'arrl»<l. 1". w>rk at anr
thinr; handy -nith tools- Rwtotpli ToTr.an,
<50 !%ast "\ft k.
v. m ,; MAN. 11 fti'ly cim»«isanl with
doubt* »ntrv f-0.-iclt^plnc; quick and ac
.urit* .it flitur»«: »,nnest. r»'lable. RarP»
i»->rt. 7 Eaal It4th st.
YOlNi"; MAN". Iris latel! !^n-le.l work
»t anrtliinir Dan • arey, car* of
llaleren, "l-V* r.mst r^th »t.
VuWi cnlnrcl nmr. wants position In the
llnuor t.'i-ir»«-s*« nilllars iirtßS. «'»**
HI ka •-■:* t\V»t «lst »t.
> ■ >I !CO MAN. IS. with public »<-hool e*l
cmUoB, at asrjrti ?am Wulfaaat. M
Kn-l 101 st «'
YOT'Ni; MAN. 25: en»r_»tlc. with genera'
ability; wh»r* istrtnus si"l trust"
i-.ian in appreciated; references, Jam's
1 'aM-i X!i \\—>.i l_."th »t.
A^-A.— FRENCH LESSON'S by expert,
'p..m June 1. in exchange Tor summer
board: fitting for fr>l!e«9 entjanr* m apa
cialty: rail! proyreea aaauTld; modern
nifih- 1 - A4ilr»f« Maiiams, Box 43. Trib
une L'ptowa ufTlc*. i;tti4 nn>ad«>ay.
BOOKKKKI'KFt: rtouljle entry »"'i office de
tall, also rtenced witli card system;
refertneea. Q . "i M hi-. l;a t;.i-i aif.
la.ly will ac--un-.panv elderly la_y cr take
party of young '.a, lies abroad; understands
BDflllh, Ft • '.loh. Oerraan; gool traveller,
wilior. packer; ha» !><•> :i through Kurope,
Jupas Honolulu, i*.. Miss Fttzgerald'a bu
:eau. SMi Bth aye. corner 42d st.
L'fc'.Sl«_NEK. —B> competent girl; best
work on tnlloi I: k; best references; sp<aks
Italian ami Knßllsh. Miss L«aa ' ruiaotti,
cmc of J. J. Mitchell <\i.. I"" atta a\e. ■
DRESSMAKER, colored, expert freed; by
,lav or we«-k: city or country; or lons
engagement strrt-t. evening and honta
■owna; reference! Care Godwin, 32S \v«st
&3d »'..
OOVCRXESB: superior teacher In f..ri:y.
«;frmati and French diplomas. English
branches: music A.i.lr.-^s V. •> Box an,
Dong i. Hills. N. T.
GOVKHNESS. Cern.ar. »|ieallllia Kood
tremh; lia< advani-eil nualc; children
fraaa »'. rean — n.-es. Uln
ihrop iliir..aii t;;. Weal 3Sta •'. 'Phone
lo»2 :Wth.
GOYKRXKSS. — Speaka ti<frn»»n and French;
only short time In America; children
over 5 years preferred; city .r country. In
dustrial Association of America tine.). 13
West 3!»th at. Tel. 420S— Prvar.t
GO>VKRNESS.— North Herman would il*>
resident or visiting place; takes entire
charge; best referent-*-*. Address Oovataaaa,
315 Islington aye. (present employer*.
.iIUI. IT !!]f« >.»;.!■.' etBOS e»|)eri
rapM »'Me: A A . 1O»7 Kast
17l>th st.
OPERATOR, at private switchboard: two
years' expert-Bra In New York^Telephono
niaati in Addr sea Operator 11.">7 34 are.
BTBKOGRAPHZR. typewriter ( Kemirg
too) four years' experience, law. com
mercial: thoroughly <iua.!irW. $13. T. M..
Box 27. Tribune Offlce.
Raj.l.l. accurate: moderate salary; h'jV
»si references; lu.slnesi experience: down
town New York, or Krc^Ulyn. Miss King.
_5« Bth aye.. llrooklyD-
TEAi'HKR, experienced (German"., w»_n?s
for July an-. AO«Ht a piwitt-;-. In the
country, to fa * daman an.i FrtncX in
return for bond; references rxrhansel. Ad
dress a. T , nox IS. Tribune Office.
TyPßwnmra aid stknoorapher.-
Hollable. references: six months' exDeri
ence; rapid; salary BJI MM Hay llassal.
474 Hoiaid »ye. Br.xklyn.
ATTENDANT. ''OMPAMON to invalid.
esuerlence.l fduiate.l. gentlemanly; New
York reference* Graham. •» I^xington aye.
BI'TLER. *>• — By French couple; man as
but It valet and useful man; wife as
lady's inald or nurse; In private family:
go<id recommendations; city or country. Ad
dress Poise. «»■ West 40th st.
1:1 TUBJI; thoroughly competent light col
ored man: in private family: gc- ! dry
reference. Bool:, r. care Gilo*. ?07 West
Glut st.
ny French couple, in private family; good
recommendations; city or country. Address
P. H. 234 West 53d «t. .
BniiEß.- if tored; first c'a«»: boanJlrs
hens* reference. Francis, care Norman,
211 Whl H:y at.
CARETAKER- — By man and wife; for pri
vate, residence during owner"* absence:
highly recommended. ArnolJ. v Uij 3d aye.
torn I Eh! VALET and MAS?EiKSln
gle Frenchman; ;;op<i appearance, J_»t re
turned (real Europe _r..l South America
with gentleman, (peaks *everal language:
drat rim city and pers->na! iefer*n. es
WlTifhr^B Bureau. 85 West 39th it. 'Phons
1002 -SSta. |f3sjjsiil
CARETAKER.— ReVab!- En»lia:i nag**
without family, as caretaker*: or any
t place r tru*t; city refeiences. White. 10?
tCast 84th a:.
I CHEF. colcred; all around; fcotel. club,
iil^irin.er.t l.ouse or private fami.y: best
references; city or country. B Smith. W>S
West S»th at.
CHEF. First cUas; 16 years' experience in
alt branches; privatt* family or yacht.
; good references. "Da Mucci*. 354 \V Mth at.
COACHMAN; younic. marrte* wife 1 th-:d:
careful driver: jrive children riding la*
somt: understands automobile: best writ en
sri'l personal re'M-fnces; country preferred.
Address U. 11.. &2 Barry aye.. Uamaroneck.
N. V.
COACHMAN and UARD2XEK.— Married;
thoroughly coiapcten;-. sober; best refer
ences; wsges *Ut -v::<l rotims. Jaaeak, 4>Xl
South 12th at., Newark. N. .1
COACHMAX — Ej *i:gle. middle ag^
Swede; un«lfr3tanUs bla biiiin«s» tlvn
ou£hly; naaful: suburbs; references. A. M.
1... Ban •"!•'. TriVjn* Omce.
COACHMAN". — I a.leren business thr
oughly; good hostier; mrictly te:i;perate;
several \ «ir«' lefaailll I I .T!u«J"-> Murray,
i C 4 Schermerhom at., Brooklyn.
' COACHMAN or second i.ia... useful
man: very test reference to.- D.«h; city
,or country. Flaherty's V.w. ?a.. tat Co-
I lambus aye. Tel. 741 River.
care lories: can <invn; single; r»"feiene«»s;
useful; waajea }■!(> a mui'.th. I:. I!.. B ; s3,
' 1.*.:: ttth aye.
I COACHMAN.— By neat, tidy young Irish
man: takes !>esi care of horses, harness,
carriages, etc.; careful driver: generally
useful: excellent reference. Dudley, at
Carpenter* Bureau. 134 Hth aye.
COACHMAN.— l'i»e>»at»B*i batata and car
riages: Scotchmen; single: care lawn,
small garden, if require-.i; generally useful;
city reference. Address Coachman. Box •*•
Trioune omce.
COACHMAX —SingIe; highest personal ref
erences; thorcujthly expnienced: careful
driver; neat appearance; temperate, obli*
ing. respectful: city „r ci>untry. W. M .
Tribune I'ptowu Office. 1364 l'roa*«ray.
I COACHMAN.— Single: thoroughly experi
enced: willing and obliging; belt refer
ences: coiinjjv preferred, 1 cinpeterit. Trta
ur.e l'ptown OfSice. 1394 Croa>l\vay.
COACHMAN wants permanent posltlonr
city or country; highest references: terms
reasonable; American. A. X.. Uox 40,
Tribune OITi- c
COACHMANi Pwedlsl. (31); 5 ft. 8 In.:
married. 3 <a child .4): disengaged April
1; t'-or.inhK competent in all branches;
sober. hc««st and reliable. huun.
B ■% 93. West Orange. N. .1.
COACHMAN; plain gardener single man:
thnroitshly uo<l«r«i 1 ail-in his. duties: mitii;,
aged; atri.iiy sober; wages $30. b»s" refer
ence*. vrttetk and rersonai J It Trib
une I'a'.tww Office 1364 gTr— gjwajj. '
FOOTMAN or BT TLEK.— By if.fjwni
Engll*hte«n: first -law. reference* front
first das? ci:,- and Newport 1 . aes. Win-
Kie"-^*'"" a w ** 1 38ti » •• 'bone
I*J«J — 3i»rn.
t I. a- MM an ,•», respectable man. in
country; ihuoughly understands .-are ef
nne hor*M in til joints. gotrd driver. Ad-
Ir^»* .; ' F ATlmer. cars of Mi». Keily.
-il \»es*. 40th «
! COACH MAX or CAKarYAKKK. -Br » aw
class married man; tho.-..*ga.-.- ;uMier
I Mai:.!-, the .are of torses and carrlasea:
j t>e»t of rei'erenrea from prominent families
country preferred. Address W. P r» 186*
: Broadway. Telephone 1711- Coiumbus.
COACHMAN; single; In ccn.try; feast ref
erenc* as to driving, care <-; iors*3. har
i ness, carriages, robes; wil!l-.j and nbliging.
! Address Brady. I*. B. Co.. 133 V\st 32-1 s..
<T>A'"HMAX. ajardeaer .iiauffeur; pompe
t»n». tnistworthv eerwian. middle aged.
i • ingle: understands milking; carpentering,
} rejaira etc: $£> to $.-»>: g«o4 borne; »*<•*;
j lent reference*. Box 33«. Ijllijiub. X. T.
■ -Mar- !•-":" M. boy 3 rear,
olfi: thoroughly experienced : rarefut
drtvar: wife excellent iaun«Jre»» if require.l
temperate: highes: references; country re
[ ******! Mcfarrcil. 443 West "4lat a)
COACHMAN; single; «v» yasaat agajaW
: ence; car» fine horses and lawn; milk
j con- If desirei; coiintry a*o<e.rre4. Apply
i by letter. Travnor. 85» Pth aye.
: COA<TIMAX.— Angle; first class reterer.c*
from last employer: country preferred
! A<lJre<» C. Hhani«v. 4*« East «3th »t.
; «<>A. UMAX. S3: not afraid cf hard work.
I late or ear • haeM; first class; «u»v«ral
; years last place; I wale, era seen; country
; preferred Care ? -. 1K47 M a»e.
COURIER -T>aT*mst s»r\ant: knows r_
I rop%> ami »-B7i>t thoroughly ; MCeak.i
I English. French. Italian. Arabic a.nd a little
; • Jerman: win. took. four >ears highest
. references, <;. M . 204 Writ 3»t?i st.
j FARM MANAGER.— By ml.ldlo aged man
I of |if» experience on stock and dairy
, farms. »sre!!er.» reference. Industrla! As
: soclation of America tin-. 1. 13 West i»th
: st. Tel. 43»i Bryanr.
j FARMIT *<•— r<X>K--Bv couple: farmer,
garden*-, al! around: wife good cock;
$T3-SIOO a month. Eloom's Bureau. 74.
Islington a', c.
FARMER and OAMHCmni — American.
mania 1. 3 children, age ft t.i 4; under
■ stands a:: machinery; good dairyman; used
] to separator: successful with r°u:try in^*.? •
j tator. broivlers etc.; well rei oramenried.
j I«eniaml:t. Carpenter's Bureau. 1."4 «th »v*
j SWRMER.— For»man: Scotch, married, no
[ <-hii*lren; ajeod worker: served years at
1 4.. business; experienced in a!T work:
I horses, rattle and plfts; all stock, raa-
I ehteary; excellent lierdauian ; >-d to hoard
' ing ant! handling hell suc-essfi:! with
| poultrj'; Strictly s<iher. best references.
j .lani* I * at Carpenter's Hnreati. L.it «th aye I
| GARDENER— Understands greenhouse *■ -'%. j
1 aiM lawr.s. vegetables. R;ir«ieiis. shrubs:
I wages »43 a B9Oath>; »lngl». ... J
j H.. B«W 4. 15-T «tl; aye. '
! GARDENEK; Ufa aaaatlanea sreenkO-sea, j
! care propas*ttoe flowers: filler glas«. j
j imisi.:-. f'-..»1r» vegetables. friTits. etc.: :
j positively competent: on gentleman's «oun- |
i try place; none cr Httti? faming: Kr»nc!'. |
Middti a«ed. ii!a"*:»J: *0..il reference* A
| ».. Uox 21. T-ibune OfT. c
( UA!tL>ENER <he«il>: practical !n all I
branches: Bcotcfc; mMrrkti. :wd ch:Mr»i
j good refer«nte. G. ■".. l:.» • T:. .-..■» «•;- ;
! tl> * 1
j «; \i:i-KM'K —By single nun; experience.!
i in greenh'»«»s» aid outsi gardeningr: beat
| of references. ." M.. _St"> Columbus aye.
<-ARI>EXTf_t. head- Scetctuuaa: 3l>. n.ar
; ried. no family: 13 years' rxyerience In
; all bran, of sardenins: best references .
I fr,n» former employer*. II IS- ft.. 7?*
BOUth St.. H.«ltn.l.i:-. Mass.
; <". Altl'KNluK. an lady or gentiei»an'» 1: -
vate estate, where competent man Is re
quired Idtnai A. A., care of Weber * ;
Das, iteeaaaaea, Ci-amNrs al
UAHI>KNi:K — By German, married; two •
small ohildrer.; flue vegetable grower, i
hothouse. Klasn fiain^:-. fr*il»s. Bower». j
lawn an.l general work; waits cottage: well :
■ etvmmer.tlril. Walter, at Carpentr:-'s Bo- !
reau. 134 «th aye. |
GARDENER.— Englishman. ■Ingle; eiper!- ■
1 enced In Ar-ieri a; fin- vegetable jrrower: :
hothouse, glass frame*, fruits. >lowe>«. lawn
and general work: nea: and tidy; well rec- ;
ommended. J.. at carpenter's Bureau 134
«th aye. I
GARDENERS HELP.- Good, sober boy. j
with experience; XI y ears old. Blooms I
Bureau. 747 Lexington aye.
GAP.PENER: English: 34. married. •-' chil
dren: life experience vnder slats and out
side work: can handle men. Austin. _ntith
A M. Nell's. Washington at.
GARDENER, bead: thoroughly experienced
under glase and vegetable: gardens.
lawns, etc. W. L. Vaaghan s seed store.
14 Barclay at.
GAItl/ENKR ot private place: understand*
the care of hones and all kinds of tools; J
references. Henry Relber. care of Heissler, '
IST..-. 2d aye.
MAN.— WilUne tJ work at anything.
James Foley. 1811 Amsterdam aye., caret
QBkam, Y--;*..V |
BEAD WAlTEß.— Colored: understands hi*
businea;. Call or address Glenc. 113 .
South St.. Orange. N. J.
JAPANESE, highly experienced, as butler!
or vale: in small family or bachelor's .
apartment, taking entire charge; city or j
country: competent: references. Masuml. :
7© Hicks «.. Brooklyn
JANITOR in apartment or office building:
can give best of reference*. Apply Janl- t
tot. 254 West S3th St.
janitor. 4c. Assistant. ajaMwal man or j
elevator runner: handy. D. Kelly, lsll l
Amsterdam aye.. care vjuinn.
KITCHENMAN. short orter: sober, steady - '
fourteen months in last place: no Sunday :
work. Address I. Birckenhauer. i:t» East
113 th st.
MAN and WIFE. 22: wife gert.-ial>y useful
man butler or useful, or porter- good
habits an.; willing workers. A Bo* 4\>
Tribune Mil, '
Nl'RSE.— E»ne.-i»nced al) lines; egaiageß ''
weak mind, mild Insanity a tteclalty
seven years .1, l»st place: will care for a"<»
board patient in mountains or locate to suit
would travel. W. R. Gillesple. Elitabet.i.'
' i
USEFUL MA.v. Understand, the care af
horses and !«w. and is good ml'ker'
written «nd p»r«u<Bl references. Vdoreaa
l»eful. Tribure Lptown OffW. I_«4 Bro.a-
CfCFTL MAN-COOK.- E>7wng German
. couple: best reference*; man genera
useful; w-nmsti as cook, '■hair.nermal'l city
or country Hasa's EmpV^raent Bureau
1083 Sd ava. T«l Ul Piiga>
v "°\ <Z^T 1C S "MTWSa WaSTOT.
STEWARD. — ritat tiasa yacat »te*at«*
.if "i steam y»»^t: v«.y ,f>st ter^rrtKea.
Address K. j . BK» j; ;i rmu. n si.. , ar- ,
LSEFI-U MAX: icteiUreri yovnw •>■-",,„
vv * L f»". ATTENDANT •••• >a.aa>i~*a7
periencei educated, gentlen-aniy: X«w
T — ■ •-f'-ren Graham. t» l*xina;on avt.
VALET.~Kxi>erlencs»l. honest: references*
in l»nvsie noiwe or oiivate »ai?Uly; cai
watt ..,i u»: Theodore Cureinu, a,3 .hi
COLORED WOMAN, young. r.«a«. la.lv •
ni.-.i... good aaamatfiia«. .\dar»»s Etist
Davig. care ford. .•=•.! v\e»i SSth at.
COJUUCCO WOMAN, younx; w^!c b>- :ai
«nn '^i-sSi- 1 Cr . WrU »- Brown. i::i« of Johu
""■■ «t3 V»k»i 3^d st.. Ist flight, r^r.
l-'JOKS.- O.ermssn ami aweuisnT your X
i*-!*' 1^" ; P« rßl>r * ♦■ ve i: V-"
Uirthroi. Bureau. «i 3 \Vt*t USth at. -Ph.;c.
J WIW a&tll.
tWK.-ny capab> Swedish weaaajl; first
c.aa* cfitk: has excel. em io.vi,, ■» from
Ne * York Uncilie*. jusnU Bute^iu «>a
l«ztssten aye.
(.'C*>K. — first cizsa: vi i»rs:ar«i» Ai'-.e7!;ar»
un.i French ran.-> diiii»-j; w^jes „;i> ■,
c^o: <oo«l references. FUherty'* »lu'?au.
4»j Columhua •*•.. sear SCJd st. Tel. I*l —
•WK. -Three yrj,, " i7ux7rJU: except
plain cook: «Ma!l family in country. 8..
lli<rniay«r> Bii.enu l.">:; West J3.1 at' T«l«
epb .am Mts— fhel»»c.
i COOK.— R>- young girl. In private famllr;
will help with iaunury; J22- »-••" .:,s " >i»
lt>th at., »tore.
COOK: »wiea Trwrn. 23: prlvatn fam!y;
plain French coo'sing ard pas;r>-; dc«»
) not drink ■* rntoAt; country preferred;
j Tuxedo, an.l Boetcui references. Vic:->r
Cliiohod, VV! .:* Hea.t Inn. aUU»burr. Ccnn.
i COOK -U.» . cim-eter t wonian. by th» day
or we«.t. A. \V., Tribune L'ptown OMSoe
I.TK-1 Broauwsy. ; *
—Sisters.! young lush girls; well recom
mended: my or country. M . Hofonayer'a
liureai.. 153 W«st 3d St. Telephone 1MI« -
COOK.— Knglisr: na«eatl iitrlctly flr»t
class: thoroughly understands all kir>.d»
cf flue cooking; beat »f references: ■*'•■ or
country. Ml». Collier's Agency. IS »a%
-'3.J Si
COOK, r.o washing; fr:enl cr>aml>eniiai&
waitress: together: rlty ef country: ex-«
c»iient afafgama Miss Curry"» -Bureau, i 5
I Waal 4-iS s(
! fOOK. -Scotch l'rot»»taßt; very ntati
thorougnlv un<era:sml3 all branches r>a
1 pUii and ll|n cookicg: city or country
M i. . Sirs. Coilter a Agency. 133 Wesi
25d lit. v^i
COOKS — Firr.lnh. Swedish. Oe^man: SSaV
. ».'.(>. «4>'. private fanii!!e-i. clubs. b:ooi»-»
I 7»ur«ai;. 74" Lexington »v». (
I COOK- — W!llin« *o as?!«» t»uri4r»«»: nc»!<
lent far.il. y cook: goc~l baker; best of
I refer«nr.«9. city or country- >; 0.. M:«,
! i c!ller.» Ager.. ... 122 Wear as I st.
CIXi rx.—Tsxa«T!«r!c«S;r x.— Tsxa«T!«r!c«S; Swedish: best re'tr-.
-•>-•» ha» :onipan*.-m. waiting or p~ar'cr
[niSl; no ©Wection to coim'r: ; both r»iF
j yea. a In la*.- place. Swedish Exchar.g? S9i
ad **«., rear 39th st.
I Two young. . ,inpe»»nt Scandinaviaa girls;
i reel lalaiai na small hotel cr prtvat* fane
I ■.-. M tjeiiai nalTa Employment F.-.ireai^
I Ml Afiantic aye., Brooitlyn. Tel. 114« Main,
CHAMBERM'.in an.l MAlt>.— Capaol*; ha»
best tef»rer.ce»: Finnish girl. J^jati!a>
R^rea..;. «so I^«i.-igr~n axe.
CHASIBKRMAID.— By good. clean raun-5
Irish &r\: best references; aecust->Tre<s t-»
«nod fan-.i!i»». Call s«*iuK Ex'hang*. 594
3d aye.. near 3»th at rr Tel 4SS- 3Sth.
< HAMBKRWORK UgM: r«sp*rta^j
woman: as»!st with chlHrcn: city refer
ences: -willing to go in ccur.try. 131 Kiss
-43d at
• T.EANING. — By German iwman: st«ad*
position: sle«"» home. Addr»s<» Mrs.
Haust, &33 Weal * at, grauiid Zoer.
PAT'S WORK.— By re«pecrab;« wotnar:
wa«hinfr. ironlr.ir or fccuseclearlng. 13*7
Sd ay» . *«roBi( floor.
GENERAL. HOUSEWORK.— 'lv mid<l!«
aged Herman woman; »:tv or country.
Grand at. an.l B*n.*r-. P. a. Uaapctn.
Long l»!ai.ci
IIOr«EKESS»EK.— Working h«ua«ke*per for
irisiitution. «<j<id manager: good o<oi(: *>i
to •♦►. Ca!l Swenish Exchange. ASH 3d a*«..
near 2ftth at., cr T»l. **s— 39th.
HCt:3EWOP-K or MK.M'IX.; bj" day. >r
plar* In amaJl family •->• ajtajMal tap r«~
ape<-rat:> yituna; «jm»;i. Prut£atam. Kvjni,
127 Ea»t 123 th s4- ' ■ \
Hot SF.v • iKKKR 1 - ••-»-■• j«»r» Irs last
Pla. ymall faintly in -t -: r >- VZI. X..
Hofraarer> Pure2ii, li'{- West 2T..1 St.
HOfSEKEEFER. - Frr.T-atant : exceil»nt
references; awiW iat> ,WlflJ_. ci'y or <oii~—
try: In priva:» family nnly. Mis* CQrtfm
Bureau. 23 Weai 4j M.
HOrsEVTORK. — •'oek ar.ti .»-■••• an.-i
ehamterm.»i<J »rA waitress: .;»rm«n. \«rr
b»st c? reference 1 *: s^-parars'.y or together:
Ctty c" couifry Wnectr s r«*u. 4-.il 41*
are., rear 29r'i st. Tel. -M3G— MaJ-.son.
i.'Kwrs MRS ccm;et«nr: accu»«
1 tomeil ti> tak» m'!.» •■"ars* frcm birth;
be«t reference* fror-- Indies sn.-i f!octc.r«t
. wii:ir;R to travel: ffn-> «a!l<»r. 3CI '^■.1l«oa>
! *ye.. .or 43.1 at. car* . ' Mrs. Dickinson.
ixfAxr.s xn:SE.- py jaaas Ecg!i«»
woman: •x>-»'l«nt r*?<r»ncei»: oahv frora
I birth. X.. Kofm»ver « H':rM'i. 1U Wf«l
224 at Te!ephon» I.SC4— T h»is«».
JAXITREs-S. - Sma!! Otrrmn tami!v; ffat
■or aparftm»nt h^n«»: «ro. -^ »l'y rafer-"
I good ren"ers. ■ W. Arbert. ™2 East "Jl.-t sC.
T• . *:•> 31AII>. — French: corrrpetent: •«aai.
| stress. hairdr»sr»r; »il!!rjf io help in
1 llsiit v-hamberirorl;; ett» or ennrtn.-; city
references. U n . 2«'> XT**; "<••-, •".
LAI>Y"S MAID.— Ky y.uins; lady: iTjex^ert*
op.ceil. call. |rt t" 4 o floe 1 -!, JliM • raiy.
•JltU 3th aye.. Bcultcn's bell. *
LAI'NT^^S — ■"apaWe wf*ian: unrle»»«
i stiiri* tlvf linen. -<hi'r». c.->'!ars ar..l cuffs;
I »xc»li<»nt references; city or country. MU
c. Mis* Fitisera'>is Bureau. SC3 3th aye..
<•■ t 4
N>a". tii'y young girl: hes: r«ferea<-*»:
ii;y .»r country: wages *22 to $29. FU
hernr*a Bureau. HS.I CUombes> »• ■ . neap
!VU >st. ':>!. Til— Kiver.
LAUNDRESS.— B> capable Finnish «:r:i
, exte.lent laundress; pr:-. ate fam!ly; can
1 d« up shirts, collars; has h«st t i"«reoc«a>
Ju^-sila mm". •>*" Lexington *v«.
LATXDRESS. —Sy C.ernmn woman: to *>
a ashing at home. AtUresa by latter.
Mrs. BebueUe. 241 CMC »«tu at., thirl
LAL.NDRESS Color «.!: flrxl class; H il«
washing «' horn* or so out by Uay; rtcea>
roasonaMe: be«t references. Mrs. Borye:;.
«t<> West JOtr: st.
T.AIMJP. ESS woul't lllie to take horn» snm ■>
■«■*• vkjisiiir.*.'. Mrs. V. Krieg. £!)!> «'en»
tral ay».. Urooltlyc.
LA I'X DRESS — Near, obliglns; young won».
an: '••i..!ng to assist chambereiaiii: •*■•
eel.ant ref»rence»; ctty or country. J. L..
Mr*. Collier* Agency. 12£ West 23d St.
LAI-XDRi:39E3. $2». »2». $30. by month;
private families, hotel* or club*. Bloom's
Bureau. 747 Lexington aye.
LAIXDRESS — Irlah; very tin* ironer on
ladles; clothes: very good reference; city
or country. Industrial Association of
America, (inc.). i:» West S3i.fi St. Phone—
«20» fryagt.
LADIES' -German. Swedish anal
French: good seamstresses: tall and naat
young wo«nen: personal c. y referenoeav
Winthrop Bureau. (53 W«s£ Si;.i at. 'Phoo*
1082— 38 th. *
with family going to Eurone. by re.inai
y-iun* Parisian, fond; of chi'drcn: w!l!*Agji
wage* no object : best rity rer.'-reDces. Mai
•ir.oieelle. Boa in«. «7? C:h aye.
NURSE and a*»t»t nit.i llctit chanibe"
work or sewing: re«9ectabl» gtri. til
yeara: 2 years- references; last mrv.yiovr
can be aeen. Care Gallgdth?:- «IS T.*ext
S7th at.
NVP.SK- Xeat. tidy young American: tw.»
years" reierence Irom tar? place; Infant rf
crown children; caps *Zi to $23. r*aV-
Bureau. 453 Columbus a 1 •"•»!.
741— R.ver.
Xl'RSn. — By Scotch- Amerl.-an; take ent'.r*
charge infant: good need>worrun: woti!it
go to country: mother** helper If TMjulrexl,
Brewer. .152 St. Anna aye.. Th jrit;
SOAMSTRESS; colored: wnrt a: horn» »vr>
out by day: or Improver with firs' -:v.i»
.maker; neat sewer. Turn*!- 151 y\'m%'
XSM at.
TVASHIXCJ or cleaning; young womxi*
Friday and Satut.'ay of each wee*. \b»J*
by letter. Jacksun. 33» gast Mth si.
WAITRESS. — First class, neat, tidy ycunt
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741— River.
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WAITRESS. —Irish: tan and 1 new -"""li
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