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<TliJ^sffiQ P LJD OF 3
E_*^SD ODT S^L 1 *
cram; defeats sayds
Earn* night to Play Jay Gould for
Court Tennis Title.
IVM'n. March 21. loalm i Crane, JrJ of this city.
&tc*^4 Charles B. Bands, of K«w York, in the
H,jpa~...nj „f the national court tennis «-hMmpion
ehip to'irnamei-.t to-day and won the right to meet
jgy GoiiM. •■ New York, the present title balder, in
t>ir chal'.ense roi, on Baturday. Th.- contest to
jj s v was one of the fastest amateur matches ever
«f«-n in tW" city. Th*> soar* was 6—2. f»— 4. 4— <"•. |. ».
Crr.ne w ia forced to play at hif> top ppeed. and.
althovsh he »on the first net with comparative
ease. I In opponent was Always d/miteroiis until the,
l*»t «!ift wan maiie. Crane whs atronjj In the fo'-e-
Jtand earner of tiie nervine side, where he reached a
r.un' r *' r °' hard placed halls. His drivinj? ami
unssblns were terrific and M» floor sam« was much
>etfr than that of his opponent. Sands made many
jMiint* on service and l;:s defence of th* j dertan v. as
«!ro;iE. He was weak, however, in his* forehand
roiiejT. aiiJ. while his backhand work was Rood.
t'r.Tr.e. was invariably on hand at the ripht spot to
return the ball.
Farfis win the first and fourth pames of tii" first
»et. hit. with the score 2 all, franc settled down
srd won ilie aejcl two games to love. The seventh
pjiirip ns< ljard fousut and weal to deuce before
«'rn\e could win. but lie won the olghth easily and
took tlie set at fi— 2.
Th* second set was hard fought after <'rar!<> had
earned ■ iNtmraanding lead. Win. the frames 5 i.. i
against him. Bands made a remarkable stand, and
moti «!ire«- cam's in quick s'..-. . ,i- . The pace
told, howerer. nnd <"rane rrs:i out the -pet by win
ninff the nth ejaftte.
fiwn.ls t.e»:aii the third «et with a rush and quickly
carried Use poor* t>> 3— lov<» and tlien ■s—l. Crane
then took a hp.nd. and by fast work and brilliant
drivinc wa three (tHrrif* rtid brought the fcore
tn 4 all. * 'is tin ii ran ■•.. the cc: by taking the
it.-o neNt gatnes.
The ■ .'irth and decMlng set was the closest nnd
Jisr»ie<:t f.uight nnd nifirk«»ti by many pretty 'allies.
With the score :tt 4 all Ssnds heg'an to tire and
Trane raa out with two kivo games. The score I.v
folnts follows:
<Van» - « T, 3 4 4 7 4 -H2 *
fanfl* 4 2 a 4 • • T. I— lit 2
<>S!1. « 4444442" 4-.V> «
• f,:<:9 I • I I 1 t 6 4 4 I— 2S •*
S«n-'« 444 « 4 1* 414 4 34 ■
OSS* .fS3ftS«d«l 2— St 4
Forimi BBT
raaai 4 S * . • 4 % 4 2 4 • — •• a
Sane* .27 5 « 2 4 14« a 4
National court tennin «-h«mpl<^r*hips i final round*—
.'■>::.:« < ran*, noston. <iof»a(ea < h»: .•» E. >?::!» New
Terk. 6—2. «— 4. 4— «. 6—4.
.lay Gould played a practice match to-day and
appeared to be in good condition. He is a slipht
favorite over Crane for the challenge mat 'ii
f«turday. «.Jou!d is only seventeen years old. and
made his first appearance in tournament play last
year, when he won trie gold racket championship
nt TiiK«>i'«. He followed this n.i by winning th
«m»'" l iir championship, beatinjj Charles K. Bands
in tiie chailep.B« round three se;s to one.
He len went abroad nnd i>!aved in the British
• irißietn chnmpionphi;'. at the Que«n's 'tub. l.o;i-
Arm. Joshua Crane, ■.-.. th« „r.5,.; , i challenger.
s!so took part, hut was off his game, and Gould heat
hirti in the first round t-%, «~ 5. C-0. Gould finally
wnn his way to the chalMigr" round, but met He
fe«it at the bands, of X H. Mi>s by a score of
4_*, R_l, €— (. C-^ ___^__
Tiger* Tied kith Columbia in Inter
collegiate Championship.
I I»v T« ie«T-i.h to The Tribute. 1
Prtoceton. X. J. March :i.-Tho third annual
gdßßallecTiaie wrestling meet, held in Prineeton
pwawatum rhla eveatne. araa won by rale, with
■ point.-; Princeton and CWumWl ""' for aaoaaa
place. »ith I points each, mid Pennsytvanla was
(last. Bjjtb 2 polnta.
Yale won iii aaeet from Columbia in the final
tout, when <ioM threw Ryan. The lxst Louts of
the erenisc were In the bantam and UfbtwelSbt
rfeaaat UarsaneiC of Columbia, took te n mitmtes
•to get ■■-•• • t.i th> m»t biat threw \\m ■' tninute
111" Folv.^ll, the only Pwinsyivarda man to
<mal:fv. easily won his event. The closest event
was betveenTlJattraer, of PrlrK*ton. nd I •■.!•-•. of
Tale, who wrestle flft«-en minutes to a draw.
Tbe ruinmarres fojluw :
r«!»tli*r»f-l«ht <115 r.oun«l»»-r«"»w«rel!a. Triiif «-t<:.n. «I*
f»«'»^ Wirfiiriw. Oatomtia: Ortlar. \'a!». J«-f«-ate(i Yelser.
IMtWSlqi Of P*nn*>i-.mr.ia. Final bout— Pun^arells de
feated «"*!lar. Tim*. 4:2*.
«I»--t«l »»I«M <12ri p^n<lr»- I'- 1 * Yal«. defeated H»ni>t.
I'rnvenrttv "1 ftonarivaala: H->nfli. Prlr.cton. Weet«d
Wlw. •■.j'un'.bir.. Kir.al \mt\i\-~Yf-\e <irffa«.ej [!oc«U. Time,
I*i|ri!t»«i(rM OS ; J*l-lJ»tim*r. Princeton, .5-frateJ
fhlmrnan. <o!un)l.!a; TfVit. Va!c. .U-fated Plekle«. rl ■
ter»lt;.- at fwuifylvarla. Final bout- Dole and i^a'tmcr
RVnerweiairt 41«S poon<J« —Ralph. Prlnr»tnn. <j»f»a'»«l
Kou«». rale; Un«*. CMaartAc. ,>.--,, Wait». ii. verity
cf rwtMTtnnU. Fir.ti boat— Uado Eeat*4 Ralph
Time. 7:."^
UMAleweicfat <lS fc i>o»TA*t— N-ar«BTi''s. Columbia. .!<>
f»at^ Fr^irar tTH er*ity r,f Jvr.n«.vhinia : Parke-.
Yal*. M-hi-1 OnßoaO, IfiaoeMß. Final l«3Ut NBrKan»-i
4e'««;rd Parker. Tim*. ll!:**. .'■ ,
i.«Kht bmamelaW <i7r. pomrtrt— fWweH, t niversitv ..f
r»Mj«»lvaria; defeats Astell. ColUJi^Jih: •*f* 111 1 - '•'''•
iw\\~*d u"-ifl,,u over Kinc. IMBcetxm. Final b> ut lo:
**l <S»ffat»sJ F«?rt<-r. Time. 2:*». <l»>f<"a«»'i l^r*,,. .
BaawpMlcM dans^Gotoel. Yale, defeated r*'!-k-"!'*'|r*'!
k-"!'*'| -*» if! "ii lV ' r , r> * >e »
CUnnltr r .f rvntiivlvania. Final bcut--r.3»H:I threw
P.jac. Tin>e, 130.
George Mehaert Throws Hi* Oppo
nent in Quick Time.
Th* preliminary wre«tllTic bout« <.r the Metro
pi a Association of the Amateur Athlftlc I'nion
v,ere hel^i under the aurpices of the Boys" Club, *•
V*h *tr**t and Avenue A. la*t night. The seml
final «• tl Mall bouts will be bcsi at the same place
B to-morrow night.
Ti»* bout*, with lew exceptions, were lively and
♦xcitlne. »iad kept the big crowd that attended in
tbe wildest h:mi of eathusiaßm.
<i«.rce Mehaent. of the National Turn Vereln.
'he „»• oniil - hampion. had mv easy tln>e In putting
Arthur C. Reipnerii shoulders to the mat. thereby
•rinnliig his oont in the 126-pnunri class. ii. the fast
tim» of 10 rtzonA*. The summaries follow:
„«■'. Ptrnbl^. (it*.* A. <-.. <J*f«lt»d ThsodoM L*uer.
•'?• flut.. itn>». 4:11. Robert Can Bl Of 81 *? V c . '
«f#»-< j{. s^h«artr. Hoj-*' .iiti. time. I^»T. .'a'-H A'
»<rt. In«er>»-U!fm»-nt 'A. 1... received tti* aeeta nw
J- F. rtarkvaa. i!ot» Haven A. «'•. •<••' '"» bout* «.f
'■ »• r. mtmjt#« » fh..n- ■ fall. «»«»rs- Tsvlor. National
. - m V#rrtn. 4#f*tt*4 11. AJb*-rt. Bt. H-rtl ;lon.»« A. C:
fi:athf.ruki«ht .Jii rocxps}.
T. e»;.M'in tit <Jw.rp- A <'.. ♦ *•«■•• < ''• •■ ••• llilllnT'r.
*O}*' <!ut.; 'itrr* «•:»!. 1. -A. f^>*nmrm. Hmlnn V M.
*'• A.. <>!«at»d X r Uevllii. Slott Haven A. >'. ; time
*57. t;u, Ba«wr.i Vsttfrtnl Turn Vrreln. rNmw 'h«
**rl«t«-n w«-- .rullu* »i-Vi*'-uJ.tiain. InHTt'ttlTn-m A. A..
TNT ■».. :..u« of A «:i<l 3 minrt*« without ■ fall. John
«•'• Rrryu- nub .:.f#»f Bami*l Bf*nt*r. r*»t!n>» A.
C; tiiao. S:«i t»mm Uwfi. Oaaaaa a. C . drew a uy*.
• lI«TTy t^Ma. Roys" ftrih. fasten Hsrrv W<iP«a<t.
fe*r Cut. thn» <»S7 ii"orr* MefiaeH. :<«»ton«l Turn
'•>J«U>. <l-f«T»4 Arthnr .' B»ls»er. Pa«t!i«« , »<•:«».
■at t. ftof.tn«Vr. <'lark Horn*. >f»»teil W •'. Ree\-e».
CcrC<n H-^jm-; thn» 1 -.7 I. Kujr^rlo. ft. ItartboWwnew
A. «•.. ■*-• ■ , )iv» ' Hariri Flrtihrr. lnt*r»»tt lament A.
A. <.'-»-:. t. . i. .-.-t,-r, t- M. «!»W«e *.«-• ; titne. 4:41.
X »■ ,1, .., lit ,;.;,.. A. .-. *»fe»«ed Ah. JtuMli
"r»~ a <• • tla«» &:« A. .1 r***rmnn. H»rl"!n Xraivli
X M «■ A. iVciUl Itit <I*rt»W»n w«r IV J. Ra«J«r.
«*"«! Rrar.cti. sf*n «*« hnuu of « end « ui!nute«.
13&-POt.'ND <"UASJ».
S«-, F'»s<i!)fr. |„t«ra*ti!<-<fi*<ct A. «■'.. <>f»iii»<l V
•'hfi.;- «t. «j»orc« A. .• . »i«n*. 4.* IA. J- Peter»»r.
JJerWr. T M <• A <lef^Btel A. J. Baiter. <Vntr«l
I M. <•. A . on rx>tnta. Time. ;.:o<i.
I Sjdolm* Ho--' « luh. dcfe*tert I> Worir.iu.l. Cto
— )■ amiiiia a! « . in w. «JK> E »«;i'- I ?'* rf " i: i
■*« a. a.. jrlutxj J. Cra<N». noj«' ''üb; time. a:t«
<i Jobtiwn. iiiea a. and ». ''lvi.. <Vf»«ted H. I«orr. gag.
. J«4. •• .-n«i.n«.i. Daim* A. *'.. «•*•*•« O "*2:
*. O*or»« a. r- ; tim'. «:I2 R. JaerkH. New >ork
.-, *•"€.. «rftat»S * nmff— •*»•>•• «1u!>: time. 1^».
stIOOUBaTCMMT «irs poikdf,.
■ ,■ Hum. «»eTnj»P-An>-trU»" *• .*-'■• _ 4> , r<>a "^ ,*•
■J'wre, A.• <Je/«ile7J. Saajte. <i ' 7 "" Vtt:trlr»n A. L'
•■■•. i 44 <i iii,>',uu,' them A. «n<l i~. ' !üb. 'le
f^Hw j. A «ii. TcMr»« A «• ; •«=■*. T.i». w.
i^l-' «>Swr^Vruiji AC. <J*f«t-l J. K-sola.
Kan^tiMtcr,, a. «•; tins*. »:»<»• ««*«'■ RoO».pa. no } «
-li-'h, <fc^aifl c-. W. iiw»t, ..T^si llsveu A. C: time,
r.. XI. I'i'ti^, ribwenMrn A. <-".. —''••♦ iN" r--l.- # -r
2'-^ ■Mi., in. l:M X !«"«. M< *iU* 1 ' J •.-i* f !*V
*"•• 'lul^. dc.r«!tJ J CW:<IJ:-K.n. l*vv«- Spurting Club.
1 \ i LE ( APT. t IN RESIGNS.
Boulton or Ide Man Be Elected to
I a' ad the Crete.
IBy Telegraph to Th» Tribunal
N' w Haven. March 21.— 1t was decide*! to-day at
■ .<■■.'..» „r Vale's rowing directors to accept
the resignation of Captain Robert Hole Noyes of
the 'varsity eight and to order the election of a
new captain at on p.
Cnptsrin Noyes agreed to a— his successor in
every way passible i" carrying out the rowing cam
paign for tiM anaann *s mapped out last July and
already well under way.
Captain Morse Chase and Week* n/ last year
boat. are not In college and Weekes Is said to be In
Rut-ope, no thai he cannot vote, but a ballot by
mail is possible from Morse .-«n<l Chase. Howard
Boulton. of New V rk cit>. Is i candidate. 1 1 •»
roam at stroke. "Ide. No. 7. Is his chief competitor.
He lives in Syracuse.
Takes Lead in Crescent A. C. Trap
Shooting ( 'ha ?/i pionship.
Pis r, ■!! ■•- ■ s competed In theisecond I«"S f° r tll( *
Irat> -!i.>otiriK championship of the Crescent Ath
letic flub at Bay Ridge yesterday, F. W. Moffeti
returned the hiah card and F, B. Stephetwon » '«
second. The latter won th« Ural leg, but In the
aggregate to dnte Moffett leads by the score of ITS
to ITS.
The : conditions yesterday were, favorable for
shooting, ani all the scores were ; l*h. Knch sun
ner phot at 100 tKie.t=. and the cards were as fol
lows: F. IV. Mofrctt. SO: F. B. Stephen* **'•:
Henry Kryr.. 7«'.. 1". <;. Stephennon. '.4 O. C". Grin
nrl]. jr., O. and A. K. llendri. ©V
M. M Hrlyru-.ni. lie present boM-r -if tlio cliam
pi«it:«i;ip ;,.., A .; Sonthwnrth withdrew from
the competition yesterday. 'Hie two copn»eted«in
the first 1 ■;: l.ir .■* neither »•!■ m form Hey de
cided t« withdraw. Tlio final Icr win !»• shot at
Bay itkis* to-morrow.
Caitlfton Pitches Will in Ln^t Game
xcith Atlanta.
At'Bi!ta March 21.— The Now York American
League baseball team won the final game of »
series \vi«'. the Atlanta team of the Southern
League here to-day hy a score of 9 to 3. X-»ller. the
st: r pitcher of the local team, was pounded all
over the field !n th» third Inning, and the High
landers -or'-'i four run*. Sparks was substituted,
hut did not do any better.
< 'astleton and Brocket! did the pitching for the
JC<>w Yorkers, ami the former made « good impres
sion. Ho struck out f>>ur men. showed speed and
send control, uv,>i fielded his position well, making
three Heists.
Morinriiv. Sri •> was on flrst hnse In Chase a
place. «mi« th» only man on the learn who did not
make a hit. lie also had <•• ■ error charged
acaini>t him. The score by innings follows:
I! H. E
New Voik •• A * i> 1 4 <• " O- fl IS 2
At!fi.nia 1 I' <> « » •' 1 9 "■3 ■' -
Batteries— New V«rk. CaaUettn. Brockett nt.,l Thmas;
AtUr.ia. Z.-lier. ?:iaika ani ol^ary.
Some Hope for Football — Practice
for Lacrosse Team Begins.
Football at Columbia, ban psistd from ■ possi
bility Into a probability. if the words of «no of
111* members, of the committee that Is trying to
obtain Its restoration are to 1«» accepted. This man
paid yesterday that he had every reason to beli»-ve
that when Dr. Butter took action on the plea of
toe committee. which is to i"- presented to him
Immediately after his rrtT|t*n from his honeymoon
in California. It would i><* favorable.
The committee may not succeed hi getting Inter
collegia I* football at once, but may induce Dr.
Butler to restore Interclass primes nt least. This
m.-iti paid that he had had several conversation*
with Dr. Butier on the subject before he wf-nt
away, and that his attitude, was not nearly so Tros
tile in most persons believed
Practice for the Columbia lao*i*s» t»ani beg it
yesterday afternoon, when twenty nun reported for
work under the leadership of V. M. McKin'.ay. '07.
who ha« just been ••!•■•: l captain. Me K inlay «r«l
elected to saeceed <j. M.' BJchards, '"'. who resigned
\»<-h\.i'* of the pressure of academic work, sfc
Klnlay baa been on the team for two years, and is
r fast player, both in offensive and defensive work.
Besides McKinlay. the other men wlio are back
«re l.t«ini'i ReniiT. S:o-n.nl. Hoyn*. AlKl«»tlnger
and I-;<jfe. but whether all these men will be able
to play or not Is ii question. Moyns. who was on.
of the besi players on last year's team; is doing
such Rood work on the track thai li" will be kept
at that and probably will not have time for la
crosse. Aisletins*r, who proved himself .•• good de
fensive player last year, is rowing. con*equ*ntjv
la not available. H. A. AdHm«. last year's c;ii»£;iV
is back in. college, but is not eligible f r the team.
Pome good material from Ism year's freshman
t'-nm should '.<-■:•. strengthen this year's •varsity.
Referee Dismisses Marshall's Protest Over
the Twelfth Chess Game.
IB' Tetocn ; to Th* Tribune.]
Memphis, March 21,-Previous to the beginning <>f
the thirteenth game of the worlds '
chess match, played u« th<- Busliiesii Men's Cluh,
In this 1 It! to-day. Ref ree IV B. Jefforson. of tM«
city, to whom Dr. Emanuet Masker and Prank .1.
Marshall hki»-'.i to submit their dispute respecting
the Mop watches used In the twelfth game, played
on Tuesday, decided against Marshall and award
ed the gam" to [<asker.
The referee gave this derision on the ground
that no forma] protest was filed by Marshall until
after the flr«t adjournment qt the game, whereas
the dlsadrantage In position occurred * number of
mores prior to adjournment.* It was conceded
that Marshall was considerably disturbed by mis
takes In keeping ilm»«. but he ought '•• have lodged
a protest much earlier .n the game.
As baa been hU custom In •••'.- «■""• lL ' ; ''
has had first move, Marshall un • mow » ( re.l 1 1;.-
Queen* Gambit. For the first time Dr. La*kcr va
ried from toe accepted line at day Uy adopilns •''••
defence of 1 Kt-gB;:. which i»a l**en »i: ich 1; " -
tised by the Russian master T»<-:ii': iri "- The <l.irf
result wan to bring iU>- ijl*<k 4ue«n out Into the
■Mole Of th* board at an early Ktatte, mid 111 due
course Lasfcvr was enabled to tn*i »!'« '•'• !lii| " "'•'"
terially by the advance of the kin* s pawn " l! the
;1 «o!h : "plVyers developed ra«Wljr. -"' the first ••x
chanire of pieces occurred oil the < >lf '\ p ' ll '' J"" % 7j
Issuer had cabled on the king**' ■^^• J ft*ffi2
followed suit two moves later. ' ' ?,- N Lid" of O."
brought his queen over to tlie kt u h fi-J' or.tne
board. a manoeuvre. however. Which coiH him
r,,upl- of moves with that •»»'-; rl 11 l *'"« 11 ? \ r Z /
MarahaU w»s able to gain ■oms i'"" f " r »• •"«
<.pm«-iii ot nta kiUfc'tit. ■
•in ntt-ir-kinr position. Mar«h nil h« d Ini '™™ £
tbreateninic demonstration «>'J; l»»^ JJSve titles
SasSSa &
been reoordea. , „, , .i,,,. ,1.. „ arhen
When tte Piay was «",.„....•; «~
Marshall was called on "• k '" '" lk<Ml hopeless, but
5l?2So»p Id?it1 d ?it ISS £*"* <?& trouble
v.lth a fair position. -
Providence. March S^mWWi^««t^J«£gj
|«^a, by Secretary Moore of tl e Kar ™« a^"
Park 'PrMttnit Association that the H»rk Br. »
'VnlrTeT'fi.r the H«ture etaM •■ April 23. The
Miirien i..r »i offered for paean arouiul
tl.e 2:l« mark. \ f ' al ", oi „„ the handicap plan,
that the «««»n« «^; i * "of the horses. The slower
B d." > ,hV h '.^'Vri'--n.r hM pay.
* testimonial benefit for the employes of the St.
vihSa" Hki ting ninU. In West CSth street. wi Jl
T i»\ !n the rlr k this affrnoon and evening An
Sixty-one Horse* Handicapped in
Big Race at Jamaica.
XV. S. Vosbi.rgh. the official handleupper of the
Jockey nub, announced yesterday the weights for
the Excelsior Handicap, to be run on April 26. the
opening day of the spring meeting of the Metro
politan Jockey Club. at Jamaica. The race has a
guaranteed value of 119,000 and la at one mile and
a sixteenth.
Sixty-one horses are handicapped and the weights
run from 128 pounds, on <"..-> Between, to 90 pounds
each on ftfarster and Cederatrome. Go Between
won the Suburban Handicap and other rich fixtures
last rear and probably deserves the post of honor
nt top weight, although Ms chances da not look'
Inviting. He was never partial to weight. Dr.
Gardner is also held in high esteem by Mr. Vo«
burgh and must take up IS pounds. He was a
good sprinter hist year, but did not show a dispo
sition to go more than one mile. Dandelion, which
ran second In the Metropolitan, Brooklyn and Sub
urban handicaps, and later won the Saratoga Han
dicap among other races, follows with 1-1 pounds,
and then comes Dishabille, 120 pounds, and Toka
lon. winner of the Brooklyn Handicap. 1W pounds.
AS was the case in the Carter Handicap. De
Mund heads the three-year-old* with 107 pounds,
followed by .Kick a;;:... tiorace K. and Ethon,
with i->» pounds each. Other horses which must
be counted dangerous if they go to the post are
Oxford, 117 pounds; Inquisitor, 111 pounds; Rye. 107
pounds, and Israfel, 105 pounds,
Merry Lark won the race last year, beating Or
monde* night and Eugenia Burch among others,
RosebVn ;va ■ an odds-oh favorite, but finished In
the. ruck after forcing the pace. l-ist year th»
race was decided on Saturday, the second day at
the meeting, but til- club has made it the opening
day feature again this year. The wrighta In full
TUB ! -:x- -i.1.-.-|. n; HAXr>ICAt»— For ttir»e-y»ar-oMa
and upward: *'->< each, or SJB If iteclared by April V:
narten to pay flttO additional: s'lara"!""'' >- * 110.000.
of Which $I.Mm 1. . Hie arcttiM] «ni <t.om» to th" third; one
mile anil 9 xlxtrentir.
Go Between ■ UWiJacquln, « '«*»
In. ■ 11..1. 4 133 Onvina 4 *fj
Dandelion, •"> 121 4vaunt**r, ft l< a
niahabllle; .1 . 120 Orbicular. 4 ''/•
Tokalun, 0 Ilft|Urafri 4 ">•>
Water Ught. .'. 114 Jack Atkin. " "•*
Th.- Picket, a It* Horaea K. 3 I" 4
MarUn lv>j le. :• 117! IVhof. 3......... l»>4
Hot Ti.«i.!y, 4 11-jSamuel 11 ttarrlc. B "1:1
Oxford. 4. lt'iXlHUPv of < - raft. 5 10i!
<Mi -DKonn. 5 ilSlMeOirtrr, 3 '<•'
Ravabte. a 1 Superman .1. »<*•
Nealon. •I 115 j rhl lander. 5*.. ........ H>o
GlorlfW. .'. IIS King H*nr* 4 100
lron»ldes. 1 Il3|Btan<lor«>r, 4 l*w
Dolly Bpanktr, «; 1 1" .1 «'. for*, a >"•
InquUltor. ■ . .112|c»lonel jack, 3 w
Sir Wilfred. 1 miiMter.ite 3 . 99
<;.n.<i uocij. 1 112 i-..i.. • . 3 9" J
l'r.M<>t:?inn. « lll|ZambMl, » Dl*D 1 *
Vr.laday. .'. 1 Th«v*r« Off. 3 OT
IV 11 tiare; 4 .... ltn;Tll#tng " . . »T
V\'e*ford, ,'. 1110 Unwiciunt. •'< t»<»
rtPil Frlai * . 100 J. F. Donohue, 4.. M
Kinx'l Dauchter 4 . 111S <*nbivlinn. 3 95
Minnie A dims.' » . ins Tartan. 0 W5
l)r>n Hamilton. 4 107 narked y, .1 H
! in,, I »i,. X ,,. ■( ln7; 11 «elev, 3 «'2
!{>■•. 4 io7|C'ed«r«trome, ft.. «*•
IVi Mund 3 Kl7|Mar*ter. 4 &>
.'aiiifon, 4 JOB)
Juggler Disqualified for Foul After
Winning the Handicap.
New Orleans. March 21.— The handicap at nfv'n
furlongs at the Fair Grounds track to-day wan
marred by so much rough ■■:', foul riding that the
stewards hud no recourse but to disqualify .higgler,
which beat St. Valentine half a length in a h;iro
Nlcol, nn Juggler, and I.cc. on St. Valentine, were
both guilty nf rough riding. Pasadena and I.ady
Esther being the chief sufferer!". Juggler was n.
hot favorite at odds on, and hi* dlaquall
caused some murmuring among those who had a<:-
Cfptert the short price.
Nlcol won his lir.«t race this week on Morales,
which hucl a public trial for the Derby on Satur
day. Three favorites won. The summaries follow:
Kir»t rare iflve anil I half furlongs) - Xo Quarter,
101 .Wolff, TO to I. »on Spider \V>!>. 11l (A \tar
tini. n> t» 1, aeroDd; Kobtnoor. 121 lOsrner). "J to t,
third. Time 1:08 4-0 Bert • •-••* Hill Ptttillpa. P!nud.
l>~ 0-0. Vrrdani. Adb*ll Zlch A>>ra^n». R*d <}iiefti and
Kntghton al»n ran.
B»COnd Mm (four f.irloncKl — R»h»1 Qu«*a 1n»» i.t.
J.e»t. 7 in 1. » ( .n: Hazel M . '.<* ■ \. Martini. Hm» 10 t.
■Mcond: Hr:i«-n..j i.a.i. '..'. fMount*ln>. U t.> 1. third.
Time. •> *«. «-.%. Moor* Johnson, I.ttta 8 imm H
Flron, Bitter «;«■!.!. Kiiiia M.. <'oi HraJ\-. Convenient,
Mat-tor K!l(inr«-. ('^^►cHtl and *'rln.-e Porllne al«o ran.
Thin! rat <• imli» ami •.•v»nty y»i<l«i- ( ;riit<a<lai 110
I J !...■, A to 1. won: «' - .r<>naiie . |O't ■tSnrti'-ri 4 ... •.
•»• ond RcbOlißder, Hift iA. Martin). i". '•• t. third'
Time, H44. >:ather Royal, li. , nil. Hi" Koxmead*. St.
IVII«n». Pnrelrner ar<l .!am^<i R-iMlck aIM ran
Kourtb r»n> ireven furlongs) —st Valentine 110 i.l.
I.APt. « lr> t. won; ranai]«-iia. 112 •Mountain). : 10 I,
reennd: T.ady Bather, 100 (Osrtier>, ? to '.'. third
Timo. ! •_'.". 4) .'• Fancy lit»»« and i.a:iruirUn all ran
JiiKß>r yon. bill '.van <)liiqiialtne<|.
Ktfili racn mill* and twenty rardat — Moral**, tns
(N'Uoli. !• |o 2. won; Bi'imrt. •'•■> iOai nei • - ••• t.
f«-.-.-.,,,i : (JireantUß. JOS , iioaa 1 ■". to I. third. Ttrfte.
1:42 3-5. Kemp Rldcely, Lucy Marie and Illark I.ork
;<:-" run.
Blxth race (mil.- and a halfi — l^rv <Vawfnrd. 103
tl.. Jciimi. >> to .'.. won: I>r. Y..unr. !•« <A Martin). 6
to t. second: "-ashipr. 10^ (Mountain), 4 to 1 third
Ttrno. 2:3.1 3-S. Mac Lynch, ailsten. Sanction, ln>
cernment. i:«t«rj<>>. Etta II an. l i. i-acha alao ran
Seventh ra<-<' Mull* and h nlvteentli I — Man Mnrrli
l(>s< (larneri 1 10 I. won; H..r«« Rndl*n. 107 ■!?<>«*■
jo 10 1. Meond; rerranlcre, 1«»** (M.i>.i.. 13 to t. t! |r<l
Tiit:«>. 1:4.1-... SlrariKius. 'IVlrcraplier. .?.>» Uuv!».
Men ' one. Coll. John M Bril* ■ . Hie Burn Noel
mi'! Oolden Whip also ran
Tlie stewards Of the National Rt..o(»Wri««« and
Hunt Association met yesterday and (ranted per
mission to Robert M Taylor. Henry w. Bui!, John.
Tucker, II I". Carman, Jr.. it i". Patter, S. I. Yon
rim! nnd Perry K\;uh to ride as sentleman riders
'I h" following trsinerV llcen««!i were granted'
B»n Pope, \V. <i. Wilson and R. A. Smith. The
following jockeys were, rrante<l licenses: James
• :': ' amis] r. (jallacher, \v. i; Wilson, Thomas
Rodrcck md 1 »tto B Fteider
Liverpool, March 21.- ■• ihimy- Ma her, the Amer
ican (•key. won th« I/vcrpool Sprif.g < 'up here to
d;iy on Bride« of Canny, at lofl to 14. The race whs
• ■■■■• ml!" run! three r.i; long* It was Maher'ti
lirst victory of tin- season.
Islington. Ky., March L'l— it arm officially «i
nouncod this" aftemooi that racea v. ill be held at
the running track here from April 27 to May 4.
'Hi' •• date* have }*■*■:< allotted by the Kentucky
Racing Commission. The decision to hold « run
ning meethia Is believed to be the result of an
asreement between the Blue Urasn Fair managers
nnd Jitmen 1: Handn. of New York, by whlc; they
I. in- agreed to purchase tli<- truck from Captain
Harry Brown, of Pitteburg.
Princeton, N. 3.', March 21. Fate won the Inter
collegiate wrestling championship here to-night
with 11 points: Princeton and Columbia tied for
second place with 7 points «>;»«-; i, and Pennsylvania
WAS thirU with 3 points. .
rif:.-T RACE— K-lllnt; para*, stor> Vive furioags.
r:ot'.(;.!. no- ah. mm in<i
M. li«n» 107 f.iixni.-r* Wt
(Tiarl«j I. I. " . mr.;.r. j.. .1. . at
Marearel Morrl* • . luSJMMker . . . , nft
Aiii>ntl«ii Ilia ; 1>,,r..i1r. Duncan 9f>
Alanlc . log H>n*VOl« !'•*•
• Inti.tilin" MO ,\. i..|.i k SB
SKCiiND RACE— Sflllng] |4'><»; for two yMrnl'N. Four
i.'i'. Kcmter . .tl3|D!ck Ron- 10«
Is* ir-fst ltd Bitter Man i'«
fainattn* V I<>:i Drop stitch .. ion
Antolne his Fintiw W»
convenient i<>7 norence K«»il »I
THIRD RACE— Purse, fiiyi. One mil* and a sixteenth.
Jungl« Imp II" I >.>.!■ 1 Awk Mr I".'>
Knvd.v nil Royal H »»»e M
Simplicity lU6| Mortlbo) DC
FOURTH RACI'- Purse. MM Seven rnrlosaa.
Arabn li4:<<oldin»te 11"
ilmnaiH 114 I^dy Ooodrtch i"»
limerick 114 St. Joe 101
<*harlle Thompson 11l ' OMjraaa 1«*
Hazil llljVerlbeat >'*
Ix'niiix .-julllvan 1IO;i»o»in e '""'
QranaJa . . ll'
Ill'l I! RACK— Purse. $4<»> Five furlong*.
Hplon 112iDlnemock i 100
Toy •'••>> 107, Soprano !•">
Sir Mincemeat lOT Duka of Saneainon ft.'.
Mnnera ICWiAnn'e I><mohu« 'M*
off Trick 105 Entrada «>
ctutd Ctrcia 1"- Hallßwi 90
SIXTH RACE— Felling: $*«'» Si* futlongs. -"
Husted Ml F>nian 102
Teleaeop* 11l I»clis"ll lft 2
Kn\»ito l4.n'iialM< !"•
t-».ly Ethel ttn:Buonar <»ke K'l
>!<■■ .1 MttJHooii!* Pocua 1«1
rtmtacon 103 ' Goldbearer »7
Arby .Van HBl|Ornae '•»
SEVENTH RACK Belling; *4ii<> i in» mile ami screnty
yaroa. . • ■
Kliib Kli-v .11 ! 1121 Heart of Hy«elnth lftt
Auditor 111! Sincerity B(»lle Hi
Henry O 110; Pini>tlck*r t"O
i-anyoti II" Kvlo «!re»n 97
l>a £>[■!* Gold . . . . 1O»| Warner OrtswoM »«
Di-i- of Woodstock K»7i Paiasron • **
Hither Ko>ai W£>,i>r> DoUar ***
Runs Atomy from Keogh in Match
for Pool Championship.
Thomas Hoeatan, of St. touts. RTine.i a lons lead
over Jerome Keogh, of Buffalo, in the Brat Modi of
898 points in their match for the world's pool cham
pionship. The score was 21* to l.'l. The match was
Played at Morningstar's Academy, 125 th street and
Lenox avenue, and a big crowd was in attendance.
Hueston'a brilliant play fully justified the recent
statements of bis friends that by hard and con
sistent practice ha had improved his form mate
rially. He executed some of the most difficult shots
with apparent case, for which he was warmly ap
plauded by the great throng of enthusiasts present.
In playing seven consecutive frames he rolled up a
score of 94 out of a possible MB, which was regard
ed as a remarkable performance.
It was all uphill work for the Buffalo youth, who
was plainly out of condition. While his play at in
tervals showed some of bis oldtitne brilliancy, be
was much weaker throughout than bis opros.er.t.
In the early ntagea of the game, from the opening
until the tenth frame, Kebgh threw away several
chances to make good shots. Hueston by eaer
ctsiiig good judgment made every shot court, and
although Keogh in the latter half of the game be
gan to make small gains the result was never In
doubt, the only question being how many points
the youthful St. Louis expert would win by.
Keogh won the bank and scored one for bis first
knot after Ibe break, Hueaton pocketing the other
fourteen balls. In the following frame Koogh'a shot
was a scratch, ami Hueston kept th« balls moving
until 14 were counted.
Th» Huff do youth was able to pocket all but one
of' the spheres In his third frame, while Hueatoa
scored only 1. Keogh ran another '» for his fourth
frame, leaving the odd ball for Htieston The lat
ter then kepi the ivories clicking merrily until he
had made pi clean run of IT>— the first of the game.
Ha supplemented it with runs of 8. 14 and 19 In the
next three frames, and then be repeated his full
score of IS, following this with runs of 14 and IS,
These three consecutive runs counted 44 to his
credit. In th" same period Kengh had been able
to pocket only 11 balls. So the score at the end of
the eleventh frame stood: Hues ton; 138; Keogh, ».
In the fourteenth frame Keogh In calling the ball
mistook the 7 for the 3 ball, the shades of red be
ing almost alike It was his third shot of a String
that looked promising for him. nnd there were
hisses long :md loud when Carter, the referee,
spotted the 7 ball and allowed Hues ton to go on
with the fram». "It's the rule, gentlemen." said
Carter, and th« game proceeded.
Keogh scored ■ clean run of 15 for his thirteenth
frame, which brought his total up to B, our
Huenton'a scorn was then 14*. so he had ■ lead of
&i to overcome a hopeless task. it proved, foi
Hnentofi easily ran out in the twenty-first frnme.
with six to spare. Tha scores, by frames follow
Uaasias m. 14 1, I. 15. a, 14. IS. i.v 14. IS, a, 18. J». 2.
.'. Ki. 2. '.*, 14. o, P. Tot 986
K»'icli- 1. (>. 14. 14 0 7 1. ! i> 1. 0. 7. IS «. IS IS, 3
II .'. rt. 2. Total. 121.
Referee, B. /-. Carter.
Hearing on Motor Highxi-atj Be
txvecn This City and Boston.
If an automobile highway Is to be constructed
between this city Bad Boston, it« promoters will
have to satisfy the Massachusetts legislature of
nt least two things, namely, that they are not
seeking a railway risht of way under cover of a
bill for an automobile road, and that the scheme -is
sufficiently sound financially so as not to be dan
gerous to the investor.
«"!-.!-s»» things came but at a hearing a few lava
ago before the Committee on Roads and Bridges
on the bill to provide for the const rue of a
highway between Boston and New York for the ex»
elusive us» of automobiles and similar vehicles.
Ther<» were present ■ number of autbmoblUsta who
favored the plan from their i«>ini of view aa drivers
of motor vehicles. ]„.;■ «ii- some opposition to
th» bill as It* stand*, but none to the general
scheme for an automobile highway.
The highway th;»t is proposed is t<> run from a
point near the boundary lines of |ironklin» ami
Newton as neatly In n .straight line as |>o?s|b!e t.i
Mount Vernon. N. V.. passing through Massachu
setts Rhode Island. Connecticut, and entering New
York State. The entire distance In 17" miles, and
It is eat mated that the c*xit will be more than
$:■> .«••> a nit!'-. nr approsimatel] from $12,500,000 to
Jlo.ufM**) for the entire roadway.
James F Bac lh«- petitioner, was confronted
with the attention If the first section of th»- Mil,
allowing the road la be t:t--'<\ by "automobiles, mo
tor cars and genet 1 transportation purposes,"
would not make I' possible for the promoters to
build a railway line. He said he was will to
have it amended so as to read, "automobiles, motor
cars and other self-propelled vehicles.' He also
said that lie was willing to have the bill ainen.ird
so thnt t!i« takings of the right of way. as provided
for under the eminent domain clause of the bill,
should ho approved by the Highway CommUalon.
Benjamin Brircoe, chairman of in* committee of
management of the American Motor i\ir Manu
facturers' Association, has appointed the following
committees f>>r 150";
Show -11. <>. S:nith. William Mitchell and J. 1:
Tours and Races W. C. Marmon. V. A. I.ong
aker, I*. M Keeton. John Dolson .ml 1: IC. Con
<iood Roads ''harles Lewis, James CocSftts anil
John Kane Mills.
Legislation— R. K. Olds Sidney TJrerse and
<;• "rj:. <•. John.
Membership — IV. 11. Van Dervoort, .Morris CSra
bcßSkj and Jesse FVenth, jr.
Advertising and l-'iihlicity— < "iiarlp* X l»urv«a.
G. B Louduliack and F. M Keeton.
Kinance— James CouMns, R <;. Harrison and 1..
C Bo:
Standardisation and Technical— John D Maxwell,
Charles B. Dnryea, Henry Ford. It. B. Crawford,
1. P. Mooera and R. K. ( thin
Freight and Transportation— \V. <;. Morley, Harry
Knoa and S H. Mora.
'!"'■.■• William Mitchell Lewis, James L'ouaens
and .1. B. Bartholomew.
Agencies— RO|T*T .1. Sullivan. W. H. Van I>er\oort
and Qeorgc C. Johr.
In addition '••' having an rn<- ;<. the
trade as«oelatlor>a In the various cttlea are now
talktiip "f holding automobile parade*. Th^ Oe!inT
i« general that such affatra land to IncraaM the
IntereaJ in automobßlng to the ultimate benefit of
the ir.ide as a whole.
Nice, France March B. 11 W. Bartol. of I'hli-
Rdelphla. arid I>r. ■*. Howard JOhlMOn and H.
KailMon Wlathrap, ais.i Amertcana, ii;i\.> entered
for the annual automobii« races here, which this
\.;.r will he run agnlnst rixfd thße and it a »|>e»-il
ranging front X t" ICO kilometres aa hour.
Garry Hermann Elected President — New
High Scores in Tournament.
Ht. l.ouls. March 'Ji The 'Cincinnati delegation to
the iinnual convention of the American Rowling
Congress secured the next tournament for that city
and elected August (Garry) Hermann president of
the congress for 1907- ' OS. After the Introduction of
the new president the congress adjourned sine die.
Colonel llaager was authorized to attend the con
vention of tin- National Bowling foftgreaa at At
lantic City and explain to tint body what steps had
been taken by the American Bowling Congress
toward co operation.
R. F. Uatak, of St. Paul, broke the high indi
vidual -.-.ire of the present tournameni to-day, with
a total "i «>l?. His single game scores were £3,
ctrt and lat.
The I'tirniture <*ily team, of Uranrt Rapids Mich.,
competing In the cund flight or nve-men teams,
last night established a Idgls mark In that class by
rolling a total of 1\77.'. pin*.
Man Nearly Killed When He Is Thrown
from Lever After Collision.
There was almost a repetition of the accident
which resulted in the death of Mrs. John W. Torn
brids* on lbs bridge recently, yesterday, when
Charles J. Daniels, of No. 454 Haaeock street.
Brooklyn, was hurled from an automobile In the
north roadway and nearly crushed] beneath a
trolley cor.
Daniels, Who was driving the car. Struck the rear
wheels of a wagon in trying to pass it. He was
thrown within a few Inches of an approaching car.
The machine was smashed between the car and
the wagon. DaJiieia'a back was wrenched «nd be
was unconscious for some time. Lawrence, Mott,
the motorman of the car. received flight Injuries.
Both men were attended by an ambulance doctor
from the Hudson Street Hospital. The horso it
tached to the wagon which the machine ran into
had one of Its logs broken and had to be shot.
It was learned yesterday that Mrs. Amelia Unr
rall obtained :m Interlocutory decree on Wednes
day In her suit for absolute divorce against Rich
ard P. Worrall. of th* Stock Kx<hana;e firm of
Worrall & Johnson, .of No. 2f, Broad street. The
news of the granting of the decree came out
through nn advertisement inserted by Mrs. Wor
rall in a morning paper, a aoaoewhat unusual pro
Tri« papers In the suit were serve.l on Mr. Wor
rall in the middle of the Stock Kxchange floor,
process servers having been unable to and him
anywhere else.
Books and Publications.
""]""' m — - !
1 'i ;
I The Cathedral f
1 of St. John the Divine
i By C. Grant La Farge
• * (One of tbe architects)
I This great building, when cons- :
-, pleted, will take its place among the '
j largest churches of the world.
j Silverhorns
1 A story of the killing of the £
1 biggest Moose. '
■ Impressions of Contemporary ■
I The Structure of Society \
\ By Prof. Barrett Wendell \
\ A most interesting study of '■
i French social usages and ideals. ;
I The "Open Door* j j
I in Manchuria !
By Thomas F. Millard \
\ A clear statement of the effects •
j of the Japanese occupation. '
I Winter Gardens \
I By Frederick Peterson
: A charming description of the j
■ f garden laid out at Coleorton by the .
' poet Wordsworth. I
I Short Stories !
i HY ;
I :
I The Fruit of the Tree ■
Edith Wharton !
j A beautiful COLORED COYER ;
) by W. 11. Everett
n.:-W:r.l.\-;Ti.\ has practise.! aaaUjemattca «"-«' [
1* FORT! TEARS, and is quite n.nip'i^nt to <1"
what «a< :...■■.,,,, ,iui., ,t m I.ik |i*mpiil«'t. "Pbo In
■Drane* I'dti • and *» tfa. how to han>tl« slir.tlar
Twentieth (Vntiiry ;,-. M Writ- him for tt <pri<-«? *<>
reals) ami Immi how to. WITHOUT -BIAS. ««t«et;
i>hnnv srroant*. !•>*• Orand ft.. Jersey «*!ty.
Justice Found, of Buffalo. Reverses Decision j
Against Sheriff of New York.
Justice Pound, of the Supreme Court, in Buf- j
falo. reversed ins onler of March I, in which lie j
held - ffifr Xlcholiu* J. Hayea suilty of con- I
tempt of court and toad him th* costs of th« ;
proceedings instituted against Dr. Beatty, of
this i-ii\ f<»r alimony due Ins wife, and ilirertln? ,
ins incarceration until th<» payment of th*» tin*.
Slu-riff Hayes when he was adjudged guilty ■
of contempt Immediately executed the order for :
;}i«> arrest ■••' Dr. Beatty. who vras discharged ]
from custody on il!.> payment of $ST».V». Sheriff )
Koyea had refused to • ■'.!>• thp first order on j
advice <>f counsel, and it was amended, bat n«>t ■
3UfiSciently, In the opinion ..r' Ihi Sheri'.Y. to war- I
rani his arresting the defendant.
Before the order was entered upon which Sher^ i
iff Hayes would have been arrested, an i»ider !
was obtained from Judge Charles H. Brown, in ;
Buffalo, prniitttnj; ii.i application t<» hf» made
for .1 reversal of Justice Pound's decision «>n Hie ;
Rrniiitri^ that It had been made on a misappre^
hens] •:: of the law and the (acts. Th^ matter j
was ;;•...-. I before J wallet Pound himself and 'n* \
reversed his deoUtou.

1',,!. Ommissioner Dlnshan; ypstenlay tssu«tl !
an order to the various eoaaaaanadlßaj offlrors vrn- j
hibithfujt unnecessary aoaaes around ami adjacent to j
hospitats In gr^Kter N>w York. This araa in rf- ;
tip<>ns>< to the reqw si of Mrs. Isaac 1.. Rice, presi
dent of the Society for tl>e Suppression of Unneces
sary Noisos.
Sir Percy Sanderson, Rrttisn Ceaaad General at \
this port, will be the bui si nf honor at th«* reaiti
annual dinner of the Canadian Society, ;•• be held j
at the. Motel A.stor this evPiiim;. AmonK tha !
aprakera will t» % the Rev, l>r Anthony H. Vrvan^. j
Hudson Mnxlna, th*> inventor, ?ntl «.'orporatlon i
Counsel Ellison,
Charles Kert, » tiok»t ;ig»»nt. yesterday picked
in. .. package containing a human skull. He called I
•1 jetro!nian of the West 125 th street station. and II !
v.a# found that the. skull had evidently been the
property of «>m» v physician «>r medical student. (
John Peter?, living at With street anil Nelaoo
avenue, was yestenlsly UOed by a northbound «nr
face, car .'i Amsterdam avenue ami ISBtb sti>>«>t. !
Joseph tiger. the motorman. was arrested, He
irraigneii later before Magistrate Walsh In
the Harlem court, who i»-m.-.n.!.-,i him.
Benjamin Urani will (•■*••■ a talk on "Words, j
Worda, Words." tinder the auspices of the Socl-ty j
for the Study of Ppoken Baalish, at the Berkeley
Lyceum, next Tuesday at * oVlock.
laniei «"nittick. former BMmaaacr of the Clifton ■
Silk Mills. L'nlon Hill N. '.. will deliver a leetara |
mi "Silk-* " befota the KxnortltiK and Importing
School of the. Weal Sid»> You:iß Men's I'hristian
Association, No. 320 West 51th street, this evening.
A discussion on "Present Civic Reform" was hold j
under the auspices of the People's Institute last* '
night at the Touns Men's Benevolent Association,
No ">U East Broadway. The speakers wer>» Dr.
i»iviil Bluußtetn. .lames S. Lehmaier and Henry
V Wright. P. Ilopklnson Smith spake on "Modern
Mrs. Martha Wolff, who was arrested on Tues
day oil the complaint of Mrs. Nellie Palrrr. ebarsjed I
with .-ondiK-tinc a >a>abUn« house, was yesterday I
dtsch irged by M.ipistrate Walsh in the Harlem
L«iai Moriielll. fifty-three years aM of *" 75 j
Mulberry street, who was arrested on Monday
night »■ the result of a fracas in front of No. >■-
Mulberry street, died yesterday at iii* home. John
<*',Iv. -.-I of No. 117 Mulberry street, was arrest »t
the ..ni.- time, ins men preferring: counter charges i
of assault. Both were discharged in the Tombs
Or 1...111- Livingston Seaman will lecture before
the League fat Political Education at the Hudson
Theatre to-morrow, at 11 a. m.. on "Som» of Hip
Causes of folort'sa'inn." I>r. Seaman returned re
entlv from Africa, and will discuss the ioiir.i
questirtn. n« will also give his views on Chinese
Dr. Otto Maaaaea), professor of history iii th- J
Royal Academy of Pwian. will lecture to-night and j
to-morrow iii«!it at the Academy of Medicine. No. I
it West Bd street, on "The History of the German j
1 onatltution" Professwr Hotxscli came to this
.ountrv on the Invitation of the 'Oermanistlo S»
t-tetv an<l on We«lnes>day night delivered the first |
.if a'sertesi of three leeturea on this subject. !(u
tickets \>t admission axe required.
nomji avp nmm\r«.
Tn.VVEI.tEBS* CO.. 117$ aamiitT.
Cor. 28th Sf. T»!. 474» Mad. So.
Ale.. A la cart* Tdh. Table <rhot« «Uk L. Laaafe.
?«TH st. AND STH aye.
C TO 9 P. 11.
Telephone l-jaiv Madlsnn Sr,«ar».
SBBsawaswua^B^aa^ w^^ibh«WH^^^mm <M •>«■■■•»*^"«
L 0 C m O W^S
sta^ Kyi Vt#9 xjTJI
IN to IM.KAST 1ITT1 ! ST. 1T... «;«0-.Jram«rc».»
M«r.«c fc. £ro*v7£JS D TABT.R D'HOTE.
Cafe Lafayette S Tah l! *
ON H.a»i K»rt a 1 \ . m r*r«T
t_n.v^r'itv V\ an^ i)th St ' MuJ ,, e by Aiaato Ore!l .
B U RH S9S 9
s: '- ; - • -Jit!i sad «:th »i.
Cafe Eoclevard **«•«•« %»e ,*t T — n»
V 1:V 1 :. 1 : CAVANAGH'.^ aTTT;^
"""*r_L_l ~'' <l Restaurant CrllJ. BajaajaM r.notna.
HARLEM RdQIMO X "* St^aa* Ttl»fJtt«]
r.T: I^ 6 **" Wl«OI»«U A la carr* at ail htmr*
■ '■-, Dinn.r t<: m-■ -■■■■ Saturday and Sunday, $1.
.tit *r M)\ Kl . FOR <B%v.r\nxr orum.
Everett Hgiisb
Fprriil Kr^nrli Dinner. J! ••■> « to <♦ P U.
Eanquet Hall, Prlvat. DSalnf Rooms
MARTHA WASHiXfiTfIU ««•««««»•• H^iKaitßa
nun Ino nagfllfiDlUri 10 3i» n. noth. R"*t««raa«
ror men ami tromen. A!c. & Tdii. Lunoheon an* dinner.
Herald Square Hotel, »{&•♦ !cV^?
■arlborougli iaths>a«iT '^immfjp^a'itg 1 *-
Woodward fcUil ZZZA^L?&Z.
KING'S 50 W. **** *•- Tv P1»c» to *****
, ~^» French Caaasaa and Pastrt»a
,S»a St.. nnir Bnttitlwa.T. .Mu<iir. r>i m#r. $!s!>.
futeine »la rraasadaa a la Ca.--*.
Sath St.. or. Bro3dt«ay. Music Dinner. $1.9*.
_____ '.rurd Oich»»tra Boon ana »veninß".
"Op'-n all wintar." "Open flrea." Road maps (OK
Automobile Tours 130S"; nearly 100 drives (Mm*
fi-r>t*»r!>: ; jr . RookTets <Krat!s). Travelteraf C*. IX7I
Broadway. X. T , cor. :?th St. Tel. 47«8 Mad. Sq.
boiklas wmmm 12ni Xorth Shor *- Llttl « »
JtU-LHOrHaUJfihifj T?a> . Boaurlfu! P rtv«t« par*.
POUfUstOff, 1. I °P*n A«H rear. Tdh. Ale.
tU»|| UsloiT, L. !. Hotel Accommodations. Booklet.
BAY VIEW HOTEL. f ,;%■„£}«- Ate . Cily bland
Blossom Heath Inn, '^r,?!^ lan***
BDStOB Ril!»rffrin -^"""raaireti. N.Y. :• mllaa ataaas
ujoiaurubiuugßigii, hfat Sun Far i or TcL :3 , rfe
pMtirfftrt's Bo - B" »T. Tonh«rai Autoataav
1 imiVlUlt^ Col»ia» Fraacaia*. Tdh. Ale.
HU.NTER-S ISLAND INN. ir^»"raS! t ji! l it
HOTEL WIHDSOn -)s^g? itlaMic »f
PRIUACTOII mil »'i> ' ■■ >- * now op«a.
rnlllvClUll ffln ntn t asa ruaa.
CTAITfH'Q rtHn ISl.\>iO. H!«h staaa
•^ ••*"»,»-' WI» i 7» Restaurant. a la Carte. Music
"WHERE to stop."
Hotels ;tn,l Report* reiitnamendetl by
TRAVI.II.KIIV CO. m Brvawiwar l-:Sth Street).
New Orleans 'r/irg™:' New St Charts Botal
MinriDA Finest l'.)sit).>n. I>r mm mm
H<JTEL == \
S?th t-t.. Madison ani? rark Ay;»,
IDEAL Hlttlt >'OK MKN.
BACH —^^cco^^-S 1.5 0
Rood ami bath for ? r-'-'wn*. «- pot day UP.
Modern Steel Conitrcct'^n. Fireproof Hotel.
Handy 10 everythlns. Street cars to -rywhar*
Craaaawat Rates. (?.
Carnot t>«- «-qua!?J for th» money.
K«II..\NU U. JUNE.-*. Trwp. Jil
A 11*1.11 <;i:.\l>E BKER in b":i;*s only.
At first class hotels, liquor dealers* and jroctri'.
Horses and Carriages.
IrHiR SAM-:. — r.ienMer vi'turii.. I'UuJraii brcughani «ait
1 rart: <ti>nM^ l.ra.s* h.irri.-ss: a!l In sntefldld pon»tt«
lion. IIEXKVS STAHI.K. SM «wt 109 th •• . or tola
phoßf owner. "S":t River«iile.
Governor Woodruff Say» "Corrupt*
ing Influence" Must Go.
Hartford, »""onn.. March 21.— flsmaff XTn*&n*9
lnmtr! r.noth^r t>ri>a>i.oi<le at the professional
lobby on Capitol Hill In tho course of a speech at
the annual dinner of thi» Hartford B::s!ieii» Men's
AaaoeiaUaii to-night. He »a!<i in no uncertain
r»«»-ni3 thp{ "the secret and corrupting influence
tliat has hung around the Stilts House for a
niu«t sro." He maile a .•fn»n* plea for
the- ■aaaaaae of a lam rmnttnir trM by jury In
damage suits. Tli<» Rev. Dr. I.; Mian Abbott, of
Brooklyn, was also a speaker.
Governor Woodruff, responding to the toast "Tha
St.itf of t\>uti«-<-iicut." i-ftiiv<l to the Mil now
before lite Leglslatura to make possible the trial
of daaaagf suits by jury. Mqrtnc:
"As tii.- Lan mm stands, an notion for damages
is a waste of time and money. N«> justice ran be
.>hi,»iii. because the l.iv permits the> defendant
lo default, and fn*» *ra»«* cannot b»* trieil before a
jury without consent of Ijoth parties to the suit.
What a ridiculous situation la this thai exists no»
whfrv els** in the l'nite«i States niisi.le of Con-
Speiikinß of the lobby, lie said:
••Th«-y toll yot> I »m trying to abolish the lobby.
S«» 1 atn. T!i<- >«e»-ret and corrupting lnlru*Bce that
has hunK around t»if State House for a generation
mn.-t go. it has m standing among honest men.
A s<4t:ar«* advocate of any bill la welcome, but th'»
system known as the professional lobby, which
works under ground like ,i mole in the dark.
..in no loriK*-r b«» tolf-ratod In tht> i'apltol of «>>n
.ii-« ti.ut. I would make :s lobby of the whole slat*
and would take the peop!<» into .onMen<e upon all
matters of legislation. The j«tr<>ng-<t lobby is pub
\\c opininri."
1 i.
From the third afternoon's sale of the Nevc!oa
Vartatiian (n i»>ntal russ. by James P. Silo, at til*
Fifth Avenue An <Ja!'.er;es. N"- *•■ Fifth aveau?.
yesterday. th<» sur.i of J^.TIT 3ft was realized. C.
Bojrd raid tb« highest prifp. •*•*. for a Royal
Kerrrrarishnh carpet, measnrtic 13 feet 1 1 inches
by 1(» fc>et 1* inches. A Rnyal liishmlna rarpet was
sold t<» F. BUlfngs for $300". and the same buyer
paid $;."••> for a palace Fersfcm siik cajrpet. bearing)
r-<! :>.rA s»-^vn me-laUlons. l>. I .sinsrvrorthr oe>
ta»ne<i tor th» jam* price a Persian t^rapt carp«t
ant! 11. Alexander bid !2«i lor a Royal Takasß

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