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New York. March 3s. ISOT.
Bean*, whits, bats.. 260, . ■: «>.sej poultry, pass. 2.MS
Viour. liiiM B.'i»ri.lve pouitry. crates.. 338
JT.oar. eaucs Ui.li/0 : u.ai;e«» i>la). cases.. 3&O
Cor&me.^ bites...... XJv fruues «Cal>. pkgs... 2.\?M
Oauxxm:, •-:..* <U«, i-;».i»l.'is (CaU. pkga... v~t
Wf.Mii. bum. 84,«K"-, Apples. bbls e.*»?3
Cere, bus* J4tt.sw Potatoes, bble I>».S»
Oats, busa 136. WWi Odor.*, pkgs 7,. 60
Kye. buss K«»la. bUs l.«> 00
f>eaa busa .. l>-\' Koeln oil. tb!s 2&
■aefeßfaeat, tush.... m -;t:ts turp. bUs...^ l»*
lisrley. '■van. IXOvO, Tar. bbls "<*
lUce. pku ;.a*u . oucaka. pkgs «<««
Hay. Ujilb J.I«M Ol:meal. bags - 1.721
tstraw. u»3 •-it.:. ..... Lo.s »
MUlfeed. tons BO Oleo stock, pitgs 1.171
Kops. Lies 2.4 i Peanuts, bags «*•»
Flaxsted. busli ii.*i - Tobacco, i .!. s »»
Beef. Urn TSiTcbaoM. jkM «j»
bt»f <cannedj. casvs. It*; Whiskey, bins JJ*
f"'* bbis VX.Woci. -alea 100
■saaoa, pksw 1,787 Istl*. bales K»
Lad. Ueic^a. - 1.140 Cotton, Dales *•;???
l*rd k«g* ••• 8.V44 l Cottonseed oil. bbls... J. 3
tt.arlae. ;-kks aX.Copper. pieces *.«»:»
TaUow. f.kgs . 261 1 Spelter, slabs »•«•
Orbuse, pkes 1*» L«i*i. plus ' '.'
letter, piuss. £.441 iil l<J*s. bdls... L«»
TTussi. pksa 1,417 U:ue <Cal). bb:s ~**
Ktcs. ca5e*.. ........ 16,621'
wn.«it. bush 6.7401 P'tch. M>ls a "
Corn, b-jiih lSs.B''6iTar. bbls .«-«,?;
Oats. bu«h ST. ••3S« .Refined pet. gals.. .l.»» l'-7
Pe^s. bush £.»2 Keslduum. ga.s ... ,},;*!%
Beaoe. bash J.WWj'- - -1 oil. fata. UM-*
n,.ur, i,i!i „. 4-.: I^ubrlcatlrg ad. asU* M S
Flo-^r. earks 2J» r.«3' l'ork. bWs I.™*
Oorcmeal. bt>U LSWJ Beef . bbls **;
Fee«. V. Beef. l< • J"
Uran. tt> «c.' - Bacon. •• •S'JSI
«in»s« »»-«d bags... SrigErtT::::::::::: JK'SS
Hut. tales OT Lard, Ib
OliJPeal Tb •::::: ».^Sriis:: S:::::::::: ig«
Pplrita turn. gals.. S;O| Butter. n> j3i ( ,^
stasis, bstl WlClissss. Ib ■-•* - '
trrn. JCo. No 1 «y.f2nr3 I Cotton. mlddMn* 11 -°3,.
Jron. F«> Vo leaft.! »50 Coffee. No 7 Ri0..... -Is,
fttal rails ■§«• ' :(:«r. granulatsl.... ••''>
Tin 40" ' Molasses. OK, rr'-me 4»
Exrhanre lead «V« Beef. family $1* •«
Lake rapper Ingots. . X6B j Best Van ■ 23 00
J*n*lter 6SS j Tallow, rrlms _ «*4
Wh*it. N« 9 r»i... «* Pork. mess ..... ••£
Corn, X0»m1««4... ' H--ks.H --ks. Creased. l«0 Ib. ■"*
Oats. 2fl to 22 n> 47 Lard, prime. » 95
Flour. Upla. patents 4SO 1
New Torn. March 28. 1907.
OOrFE33— The ec-ftee market was ftrmer to-day, par
t!cnilarly on tl.e near month*. Bteslf European cables.
fcuj-lng"for E-ur"pe«n account, suppc»«J to be covering of
Shorts rather lli;lit<-r Brazilian receipts *ci rumors that
Die 123,000 000 valorisation loan had at last been ar
rerireo were tlia bulllsii factors. The market opened
8810 po'.cts higher an« closed steady at an advar.ra cf
tS2O points. Sales were reported of about "4.230 bigs,
iurt what basis exist* for the reports thst ths Brazilian
■overr.cient had closed negotlatlor.e for the valorization
loan of 1*. 0d0.000. w&lch has been more or less of a
market topic for a north past, did not develop. Whether
the loan baa been floated or not. hellish operators claim
that there will be no lack of fun3s to carry en valorlsa
tlca purchases. It Is supposed that the government bas
atresiy purchases between 3.<XK» i>«o ana «.«K>.ooo tags
(tor the currer.t Top, which Is now estimated at between
18.000.000 »nd 18.600.000 bags of braz'.l The bulls claim
that coTisurr.ptlon ts at the -ale of about 18.0rt),000 bats
per year, ana allowing b.000.000 bags In round cumbers
lor the mild crop it would seem that while the world's
▼lsitle etipply Including 'ha coffee owned by the Bra—
elllaa erTimer.t, may be considerably larrer at the
mat than at the beginning of the season, the amount
ef coriee srttisr.y available to conuumers will sot be any
larirar, league th« market free to respond to a smaller
crop next seaaen eV.ou'd the goversiumt bold Its sup
plies oft the market unt:l prices had advanced. The Bra
rll:---a markets reported no ir.tter !l1 •'ft* to-day. March
iras H fraco lower In Havre, but other months were H
frs.ni? higher, Hamburg was ; « pfg hither. The market
(or spot coffe« was steady, with Quotation* on the basis
of T^o for Rio No 7.
The race* or contrast prices In the local market to
il y was as follows i
Openlnc. Rim. t«ww. C'.oee. <say.
Slarsk .._ — — — «.or.*c.iß c.cxi
>prU — — — «.15ff<S.2O 6.08
liiy ..— .~ «20 C.50 «20 «.20S8» 60S
June <UB A.13 606 e(«3';.10 8 fe. .
July ....JkJm ess 690 f..lMiij.M *>
August — — — r..sr,iss<o O.Sft
Ctptetnber &.M B Wt X.66 r.K£ £.'.*> e.»O
October — — — A.B&fiß.<N» 8 80
November — — — &*&on.«a B.RO
■aWMaar 6.9» e.«i t.so SCOSSOS &.so
January ..._.... — — — 8.JW55.95 5 B.*.
S>»bni*TT — — — SMJS.UO 6 90
COTTON — The cotton market was weak and unsettled
to-usy. with the clou baralr steady at a net ee
oitne of 12 to 16 points. Sales tor the day were estimated
at 100,000 ales. The opening- was easy at a decline of
10 to 14 points, tn response to lower cables. There was
an active business during the early session. Part of the
bears seemed to be agrrssslve sellers of July, but there
was stag active covering by some of the recent sellers
a.nd baying wfcich eeerr.ed te be for the acooura of strong
bull Interests. This checked the downward movement
•hortiy after the opining, and during the middle of the
*•'• a prioaa ra!'.icd 9 or 8 points. But leoal profea
eioafcis coted that the volume of b-jsiaesk was diminish
ing without the development of any decided rally, which
Ciade !t look as If the buils were not aggressive enough
to farce In the smaller shorts, and the list broke again
In the late session under a renewal of liquidation and
bear pr«.sure. The close was at practically the lowest
point of the clay. The unsettled condition in financial
clr.-iea acd rumors of possible trouble at the next settle
ment In the London market probably had some influence
In Liverpool, although private rabies reported heavy New
lork a-»a .New Orleans selling as a cause for the decline
LJvenvx,l »aa 64 to 9-4 points Jower when due to come
2 to Bfi po-.nts lower. Other bearish Influences Included
bt-aiish week-end £jrurea, continued good weather in the
fiouih tad parts of good progress with new aoo prep
ajatlctts.. There U> " on - 6 talk of ■»* of nisliTji in
aS> .J*^ er * th ,* J rtctep Precipltatlca was considerably
unflfi- the normai, but this coes not yet appear to be at
tracting ter.eral attention. **—* »««»,-
IMr*Xo.U>cmiCOatriCt1 M r *Xo.U > cmi COatriCt PriCe " "•» B* 1 lOO<J ****« t^ d »'
M««.h ° I *? i jy- H1 f n - L< " r - Coil. Tester
_ . Openlnc. Hlirh. I»w. '"•oca. day
g.. •.■•—::! JS 53 5:2 ass IS,
i £ i:::::::::::::».i :::::::::::::».4 B .« JiJgi •«
&--:;: iS 2 B VStS Si?
SSS?' ■' loot 10.07 «••• iooa«iVoe w.is
January .~ 10.09 10.07 laos 10.0281004 loiw
Iowa? "**»»«» weakly report, with comparisons, fol
as- .11 n,<. 'c?.^ 1 JjMt **• "SB- 190 S.
|S5 %£&."'::. <;;::; c « « c «
l^e. rar export eCB ' l? W 4 °°» <■«!.« IS*»
S«SS ass l 3« " B l \B
2% a4.^::::: ass %& S£SS IS
P Ss£ Ch Kso B ?^ U *"»- 1 Cables-Spot ootton*.
ZmrJ V- m th# T> r »^"us nlglt. th#r f wu
■ easur. after th. first half h'ur aS
esTa s»SI 2?ii. '.^J Prevar.tefl actual bull 1
"SattßMM r .n th. whole, aspedallv a, reiSic.
athe? Sf. "^ r#l: * f frOm "=e hot
.^r.a^. U wa. I rioV^- i rV?.
I ;^e i^riTr£?L«
-cs on M n«ay. tha earlli^t on raV»r<L
1 dearanoes amounted to *03.0<» b u«h whait Sd
* ••»'• w «re about on the recent
:<r.:» ;,roes showed quit, a Vtlro
*■ *? a . « «*T*t trf cor.ftrmaUon of vh.
stad Ute rrlJa» afternoen. but after
*■ o« baying, ejid <14 pot return to up by a bettar
•-. lrf in drrint th* cay. No r-.t return to the low figures
_,N«, N « * !B! B *> !oe » ! »srki7 ares
v, - , . t£.* fl lis Xo » x «rthern
esipta and (te tedtaa of . for somewhat larger re
r*t ao well «-T.port.a as wheat. at Liverpoo!. corn ,*1
decline w.s rejalnei «urf»g the and but little u4" «
rrlf-es waa regained dur-» low point, Chlca«3 final
• « aboje iow point, iitij niuch
<!own from the various rlrM. The late rail, £ SJ
w-s. iue to ci^araneea of 740.009 bush and to the sfead!
■"• !n **J»i • ! ;" r ;« -:•":«* most of the demand"
In N-w lork Jne i c'clock level of price, was pracU^fy
the same •• the rrgular claee. No 2 corn in New York
was Quoted 67c In «.evafor ana 52-« c fob afloat- Ny, %
white. f*e. nd Ne 2 yellow. U^e fob afloat OATH—
Tho market for oats broke **&%(> la Chicago under
liquidation, kin was •oroewfcat steadier on late mot- tha
toward the close cw.ng to bad crop reports fr m the
•mitr.weat Cash oats In New TorX Wrre steady a- ,'
enchanted, closing as follows: Mind. M to sa 1b 47i-
as' t « UU o r *eo'lb !t 44>»»c t0 ** "*' 48!P50C - " 4 cU9^ -*%
Wbsat: Opening. High. Low Cioae. ' day
May . fe4«i «4 f i «4« MS S4L
July HWS MH MC MH «i«?
■stussslisf .. M .. 84% MS M!i mS 84$
Mar .-— u% t3»: ea% mv »4*
July — — — M* 63*
— IROJC— The market for pig Iron certificates
at the- Produce Exchange was about steady and without
trans*/-- Standard foundry grades are Quoted as
follow*: <**>i. $'££» bl.!; March. $22 bid; AurlL »22 aw
Md; May. *21<X>eS21'5; June and July, $21 aakea.
Lad October. $J» aakad.
. •em ,tii r» -UCX> fITIItTPS— Ct«* weak elessa oa a. Sna
a»4 fairly active market tot both molasses ana ■>''"•!••
owing to moderate offerings. Quotations fc!!ow: MO-
L.ASSES — New Orleans centrifugal, common. W«j2oc; fair.
"liiZSc- good 'Si 'a'-*", prime. 30@35c: New Orleans open
kettle ' Zlti**>- SYRUPS — Common, 13i|14c. fair. 153
17c: rood. lS©2oc: prime. 20®28c; fancy. 24328 c
OILJ3 — Cottonseed oil was easy to-day under freer or
ferlngs and absence of bull support. Spot was quoted al
46Sc Bales: 200 bbls March. *l^(B*6i.o; 400 April. 450;
600 May 44i»if4« I .sc: N*> July. 43'j.:, and 600 October.
&a^eS9c Kenned petroleum was In good demand, with
prices firm at the recent advance. Linseed oil was un
changed. We quote: PETROLEUM, standard white, bb.s,
8 ;.'(.«• bV.k. «.Tsc; Philadelphia. 6.1.V; bulk, 4.70 c; re-
Ened case*. N'w York. luU.'^; Philadelphia. l>»ri«.'3;
water White. New Tor*, bbls, 10.20 c; bu If 8.76 c: Phila
flelDhia. lolSe: bulk. rt.7oc; water white. < a-»-». -New
York. U.6Sc; Philadelphia. 13.«0c. COTTWXSEED OIU—
Prime crude fob mil •• 2««3y0 nominal: r'rl.iie sum
mer yellow. March. *!■■ ii?*Cc, Ai>ii:. 44 '. a "cj4."»c; Jia>%
«3\@44c; July. 43'»1Tt.r. . Paptei ber. 42iU42'*c; and
October, 3S';-tf3bV M<»rch, ofT summer yellow, -i • . -
45c- rood off summer yellow. 43 l iii»r.j; prime white 55c;
prime winter yellow, ore. UNSEED OlL,— American
seed, city taw. 41"£r42c; out-of-town raw. 41©42 -•-
cu;-a raw, TOc. l-Aii!> OIL, 77i&7yc.
PRC»^■lrlO^*S— Tim n»iiket for provisions advances for
a tn'e after the opening on covering of shorts., bull sup
port ai;d light of;e.-lr.«». but reacted towajJ the dose un
account or aelllog pressure in poik. Ljiet prices, never
theless. »«..e pr^ctlcal.y unchj from tt:e previous
right. ' Chicago receipts. 17. 0 x) 1;ok» fstlmatod for H< n
day. 42.<«'<». and nrjt \\fek IW.OoOi: Kaisas t.'lty. 4 .1 « •".
ar-d Omaha, <>.i.*l>. PORK steady; <juote4: Mess. $17 1* ■£
fit »; family. JJPgfl&r-O; sl'J^rt cleiu-. $17 75W$r."'J
BEEP ttfudv; quoted : Mess. »i>.'.o3Jlo: family. SU
Sit: packet. $ll?Jli DO; *xtra India mesa, •20g$-l.
EKEK HAiIS <.vi t t; ..uoied at J'JlffJW. DRESSED HOGS
<julet: qaoted: Bacons. S-^c: ISO n>. »c: lti' n . 9*»c: 14(»
r>. PSo: pits. B'>»a:«',o. CL'T MEATS— rkk:eU be. .!«s
s:eady; quoied: t-moklig, 11 Vtti'l-o, 1O n-. lie: ',- '••
JOlic; 14 n>. lu^c )-kkl«<i hams dull: quoted at H?»O
12a. TALLOW steady; <ji.ceij: City. B!»c; country. fi -if
7c. LAKIi f.rm; s i<ctfd: Middle Western, prime. E.9OS9C.
City laid bteady; Quoted at fiSCS^ic. r>oiin«,l lard «-eai!y;
quoted: a»jath America, lu.Siw; Continent, 8.55 c; Brajll.
kegs. i; 50 • C. •>„ v ! quiet; (juotfnl at SHCBTiC.
BTEABINU steady; Quoted: oiec. ;»•».;•■ city «*r«
•teurlne, lo ! »c.
RICE — Illi« «>t .juit,. stlft In tor.<» at r-I"" 1 *^' I'"'"- 5
and steady here, with all points rvf Hstrlliutlon reportU»g
a ©retty good business. Quotations follow: Domestic.
*creer;!>i|rs 3\Ct>ic: second heads, 3HG4'-; choice he.i ■■>.
VAtGjte; fancy heads. S'-i';"*' 1 : rv :a fancy heads. Wl
<J"^c; Japan, «Jom«stSc, ihZHUc; Pntna. BUgSlic; Java,
4T»5T5"-fC; l:.-». . ••■■■ . In lend. C2Ho.
SUGAR— liel:ned sugar was c<-neraily firmly h<l3 on
the net bat of 4 60c. lees I per cent caeh. for nulated.
the Federal, however, <juctirg 4.7«>c. saire terms. Tie,
f«l!ow!:-.jr are liet subject U» « rebate of 10 ptants
and a account of 1 par emt toe rnmh seven tlnys: Crystal
domli.o«. ! ■•-_; .:.!,»'.- ■ •, 6.500; cut !o»f sr.d croshea.
B.4O0: movie .*. s.o<Sb: cubes. V.ag'* O-Th bags powdered
and I"ap < crafert loners' Kranuia;e>3, 4.7."x : XXN\ pow
den»d. *.65c; powdorcd, coarse i>owder<-3 and inut \<y*
dered ai, Ea«la ooarea and extra •■« irrai;i!l.it*>d. 4.ewe;
Ea*i« 2-!t. ■ ar»oi * of nna fcianulai'J. 4.60 c: S-tb bags do.
r.:, 3S-It> if.i do. 4.lTc; fi-if, I-srs do, «W; IIMb baps
d•. 4 85c: a and SO It baxs 80. a-75c: IZ.ik> fw >t
standard Kraoalated ar.d diamond A. 4 ;<•■■. confts-tioner* 1
A. 4.80 C; No 1 4.W>c: Koa 2 and 3. «.45c; So -S. 4 40c:
No 5. s.S5e: No C. 4.30 c: No 7. 4.26e; Ko S. «.2Qe: No 9.
e-Uo; No W. 405 c: No 11 4oj No 12, 3i»r. •: No 13. B.©oc;
Nos 14. 13 and 15. 8 <•.".■ ' The market for raw sugar Sun
taken en a Ormsr tore. :na the trend ?eer;» to he In
favcr of »e;:«rs. Tt:«*i«J was a con?l*3eraMe business.
rrohaliiy at least 69.000 >-as» Cuba centrlf';«nl. part of
It iaat balf Arrtl ard f.rit half May •hii'ir.ert. at -'cc.
basis 94 last, coal and freight ttr:iis. Dutj paid rrlres
were quoted as follows Centrifugal, 9'T tosi. 3.05 c; jnus-
COVado. >■!• test. I.OSc. and n»i:as»tj sugar, f» 'eft. 2.81 c
At London the market tor sugar l-eets was steady, with
March, and April quoted si !Is'! I s'. 11 <'l.
HAT ANT FTR\XV-}l'- Patunlsy heM the nominal
rate of the week, with the u»i:al m>>mte sentiment of
business for that say. Receipts for the week r.ot 00
presilve. Y»a*eiiflay's rutes rfpci:'ed. STRAW — ln
chsingtd at «•■>■?!.•.• for lons rye Weather favois COO
sun.era. Receipt* of hay and atiaw. In tena^ reported
at the Produoa ETChanjre at noon to-day: HuJ^r. River
Railroad, 40; Erie. '-*£«; PennsylTanla. 150; aware.
I^clcawaira * Western. SO; lyMjh Valley. 4..'). B *; t
JRora ft OWe, 10; Ontral of New Jersey. Xii; total. ' no
toas. Fur week, C.m>> tons. Reealpts of rraw. 60 tons.
New York. March :'3. 1901
DEANS AND PElA6— Marrow very cull and sb it 5c
lower. Medium ai;d pea show further slight decline.
Other besjis without new features. Scotch r«a»
scarce and firm. We quote: BOA S3. marrow,
choice, per bush. f2iit2(K>. do commen to good.
Jl &ng|l &0; do medium and pe*, chol.-*. $1 4jaSl 4. ■= ;
do watte kidney. S2as«*2 9O; <! ' «' kidney. $2 Ji^ 00
black turtle soup. $2; <!» yellow ey». ' ; 86: , 11 La i. Cali
fornia. $SS»JOS; GREEN PEAS. Scotch. liM>.>. * l .5.
BUTTER— Receipts to-day. 'J. 441 pk«S. The market
closes with a generally firm ten* Trading has been
mor. active this we»k. accumulations have been [• dvo 'd
and fancy creamery is getting a little short l^cory
butter held firmly, but trading only moderate P.enovatej
firm. We quota: Oaamary. extras, per tt>. BoSj3lo
(Mercaxti'.e Exchange ofiV'tal quotation, extras. WWj'do
firsts 2&if3oa: do seconds, 2*327 c; do third* — r » '.
d.-. held. extras. SO.-: do firsts. S7©29c; jeconoi -ij
2«c: do thirds, 21322 c; slate dairy tubs. fr«sn. P-ne-t.
28flC»c: do good to prime, 25527 c; do common to fair.
2iffa*o: Western imitation creamery, extras, .b'a-le; do
f.rs:s, 23324 c: rancvatad. extra* 25c; do firsts. ; -3-*2;
do seconds. iSQ2ue: co thl.;.:>. gai7oj We-Wrn facto^.
firsts 21 Ho; £0 seconds. iO'iSi'lc: do thirds, lVuiOc.
packing stock. No 2. lfr&SOc; No 3.l. ijlsc. ...
CHEESE— Receipts to-day, 1.41. boxes; exports. PQ3
toxes. The market presents bbuut ths sam« general con
dlUocs aa for some time pa»:. Current receipts ar. mod
•rate while borne trade distribution continues falro
active, .lock steadily working into narrow compass, ai ..
with all conditions favorable, the market Is strorg. »lt.;
a gradual tendency ot prices to harden, though no chans*
ras been made in the range of quotations. Exporters are
In want of desirable undwrprlced full cream and bettor
gTeaes of skime. but the growing scarcity of holder* has
materially rastrlcted the expert buying, asid s.iipments
are lighter this wee* than for some time. past Liverpool
cable: Fittest Canadian. 67s (Id for colored und <J3i» «1 for
white. We quote: atate. full cream, colored, small, Sep
tember, fancy. lac: <lo white, 14*4 C; do colored, sniail
October, best. 140U^SO; do white, lS£ol4Vtc; ilo good
to prime. ias:s -« ;do winter made, average be«l 12 I *.-;
60 large, Beptembar, fancy. 14*4 do Ootc.ber. best. 13%
B>l4<«c: do good to prime. 12^'ii 13'« c; Ut Inferior. 11 -VS
12Hc; light skims, ll »c; do ha.lt Skims, b»B:. 10 "4 ©10 He;
part skims prime. SHO«c; do tali :o good, lift Jo
common. 4HS-rtl»c; do full skims. 233 c.
GGdb ßeoelp:s to-day. 16.661 cases Trading is a llt
rle less active toward the dose, as many of the trade
have stocked up heavily for rr»s f nt an.l near future re
quirements. Toe 'Western' adrlces continue firm nni
prices axe generally held with consi-i-rabie confidence,
showing more :lrn'.ncss on the liner qualities than on the
ordinary descriptions. Buyers urn discriminating a little
more blosm ly as to Quality «r: 1 .-'.- itl.»::. <=:n» or» finding
a less ready outlet. We quote: State, Pennsylvania *..
nearby, selected white, fancy, 220; <io choice, .vg-1c; do
brown kj.C mixed, extra, 20c; do j.i»:j to extra r.rsts,
lSvtt-lfc; do Western, storage packed, extra firsts. Il*-.;"I I *-.;"
ISc; so regular packed. <-x'ra Urns. )S'»c; ao iirrts.
16^»e (official quotation. ISVtCj; do seconds, 17UO1SC; do
-.!..: 17&17Vc; ilrtiaa l«317c; cnecks. ISOlSHo;
DOCK EO<JS. Maryland and Virginia, 57]|40 do \\V»t
am and other Southern, prim.. ;; j .i:'u>»?; <io Southern, m
terior. 23i2&c. GOOSE EXiOS. t«A;iisl.
»'Rl'l'l"> — iTfUBBH- Apples dull nd weak. Cranterrles
are draggles Btrawbsrrlas morv plenty anJ lower.
Oraxges In active tlbiuar.d ar.d firm. Pineapples fl; in.
We quota: APPLES Bpltienberg. i<er douUie-hfcad tbl,
S2o:s4; do King. |a4>SS76 do Northern Bpjr. $2 sO^f3
do Gano, J2T.',,iJ4. do Room Beauty, j:."i'--i;«; do Bald
win. $i25C»3r.0; do Bon LiavU. »1 «<; »3 26; ... Green
ing, »lf.i>u»3Ts; Co comnv.n. tl'lit-: CRANIiERRIES.
Cape Cod, per bbl, $•; &l>a?i» EU; co per crate. 11700
t!i 25; do Jersey. per bbl, JHSU; do par crate, 11 -.'.,1
*1 7:.. bTKAWUER»Ii:. . F.orlda. refrieeratur or open
crate, r«r ouart, 40£|Suc; ORANGES, Indian River, rer
box. $2 266W; do other F.orMu. $1258*260; do l'uito
Rico, fl r.oi|{3; &o « - a!ifTrii,a. Jl 7"is4 50; do Kings,
Florida, $12*2: TANGERINES. Florida, j.er utraj.. $2 60©
$4&-. MAM'AHi:- n^rlia. per strap, $16O«fJ2tO;
ORAPEKHL'IT, l"lo:ida, per box. SI '.••■■( ."> .'>" ; LKMO.NV,
<*a'.lfon.la per bo*. *1 70S^4: fiNEAPPLES, Cuban, per
crate. KOti: do Florida. S2&s4&o.
HOPS — Buying on ire Padfla I oast l.as been coßdaer
ably ;ig!.tsr for the last week, though aom« »sict »ere
ieporttxj In Oregon at eylO>?'-\ acc^iulrg to quality. In
California we haar of one sals of bonomaii at lip, a:: 1
some sa.es of lower grades at U^lOc in this Ktate mar
kets have generally ruled quiet, though a few transac
tions were reported at 17c on the local market the
oelj- business of Importance that we hear of Is a sale cf
two cars ■■i poor Bu.cran*:ntcs at 16c v.'» quota: State
lbO4, choice, per bush, '_;>--. do medium to prime, \h's
lt»c; do li»(.«. WHOc; <Jo I'a-.lnc Coast, lUOB, choice, lag
I4c; do prime. 11012 c; do meulum. 30c; do 1&05. 80 We.
POULTRY — ALJVB— Receipts of live poultry hay. be«n
unusually light this week, only 1"." cars by freight having
been unloaded. The extreme pi ice askfd or fu»li for
coneunit'ltn. however, has materially curtailed the con
sumptive demand, and the market has not cleaned up
closely, dealers carrying over ara In the market,
mostly fowl*, wh.le a cars that Ullved yesterrt^y and to
day are being carrlrd over on the track by receivers. The
Hebrew Ptirsover holidays will ocrur Saturday and Sun-
Bay, next week, and the outlook Is somewhat uacertiiin.
Large auantltlee of poultry of mitt «ies-'riptlon« will be.
wanted. aassrlsllT heavy fowls. »nd as lesJars have been
unable to secure any stock ahead, they will 1 8 com
pelled la purchase next w»ek for all requirements. In
voices so far reeelved indicate continued moderate re
celpts. and should supplies not exc««-d 6U, or possibly 66,
cars by freight, we will undoubtedly havn a Elioni; and
high market, but Should receipts prove laiger It is doubt
ful thst present figures ran bo sustained, We quote:
FOWLS, per Ib. 17'; JfOUNG ROOSTEKa. pel n.. 12 .
per ■>. 17c; QBESB. WeaUrn par ib, 12c; do Houthern
and Southwestern. pJ^r. lOc: OCINBA FOWLS, per pair,
•tc. PIOEXJNb, p«r pair. :'.oc. DRFKSED— any
receipts of fr»sh killed fowls to-day, and market has
cleaned up closely of undesirable a :«b hi :•.:.. pricea,
though h*av. t<,\\\* have told slowly. Little, if any.
dcslrMble fresh killed poultry other tnan fowls nrrlvini,-.
Bquatas .n moderate supply and choice lars< lliiniy held.
The scarcity of fiesh killed poultry has turned consider
ably more attention to frozen, and more trt>z>-ii h:t» b«eu
moved thli veek than in any one week before sltn:e the
seatcn opened. Th" leuiand has leen largely tor broilers,
roasting chickens ar.d fowls, but mostly ioj- nr.all lots as
needed for current use. Little general movement In
frozen turkeys, ducks or gasa. as ><-t. We uu-ie: 1—
TURKEYS hens, aversr< brs!. 16e; do Western
t. :..• 54. • do fair to good. 12Ul:tc; do Inferior, lu^llc.
tX>ALS. Ph:iadelphla. dry plcke.l. per It.. 14U@15c; do
Western, dry pkkod. fancy medium weights, boxen, 14'/i
31.V"- do Ibis. l-»'*o; do heavy, ISHc: do poor to medium,
llfipli^C' do Oiilo and tftchig scaldeti. lSVi'SflSc; do
nther Western, sealdeo, ll#l4 »c; do iced. l«cj OLD
COCKS, dry picked, 10V40; do raided. lOiil'i'ic; SWUNG
(»Llt:3E Western. SClOc; SI'KING DUCKS, Wesiem,
C'Bl2c: BQ1*«B.«. prime, large, white, per 4r>7t-n. fMt*4TB;
«Jo mixeJ. V!: do dark. (1 76; do culls, 309>73c. Fro*«m —
TURKEYS, hers and toms. No 1. ITOIB : do No 2, 133
14ci. do old toms. No 1 I*-. BROILERS, dry pi ked,
per Ib. 18®25c: do scalded. 18820 . ItOAsTINO CHICK-
Em. dry picked 1*0 lt» CHICKENS, No -. 10yl2c;
rX3WLB. dry pu-lctd, lOSlsc; DUCKS, per Ib, 11 a lie.
OEHW3. SfflSc.
POTATOK»S AND \ r EOBTABL£B — Old potatoes In lib
eral supply and wenk. New ai»'i stoend crop stuck i>elllng
well, sarist statues steady, oii onions rinn for fancy.
Asparagus weaker under liberal offerir.es from Callfurma.
Heets and carrots steady. New cabbages declined fully
Jl. Celery week. Cabbages lower. Chicory and asoar le
steady. Kgrplants dull. Kal-! and sptnact) weak &11J
lower, lettuce :■< « -i»l 1 >wer. Peas weaker. Peppeis slow,
String beans sib&uy. To:natb«s dull. Other vegetables
about as quoted. We (juut.-: POTATOES, Bermuda pet
bbl. |iiis<s 7j: do Cuban. SoiTt7; do Southern, *1 :*>■■ t
S3 60: do old potatoes, p.-r bb] or l.a« SI fiujSl >Uj;
HWi^JT POTATOES per bbl. >. 5. ..'.; ANISE. Sew Or
leans per bbl. f:.(S*4. ASPAUs ■ -. Charleston, per
i ;-n b'ui.crie*. $2 .'.'>.»»-: do California. green $39$1S;
do wMt«" (S SO#M: ArsTir-HOKHS. California per dozen,
ftOcOSl 25: do French. $1 BO092; BEETS. South Carolina,
per 11*1 buneli a. J".''iJ"; do Florida, per lotfcii crate,
llfl*l 23; do Hermuda. j^er crate. 73e#Sl 20; do Now
Orleans p<r bll. KOS3: do old, tlitJl 50; CARROTS,
waxhod. per bbl. 11600*2; do unwashed, $1 2.'»<?sl 75; do
■swashed! per late. Sl'af 1 BO; An New Orleans, per bbl,
f2S$3; do Bermuii. per crate. ".' '.•s!; do south ilirolina.
per 100 bunches. H4SaS; CABBAOEfi. red. per ton. S2o@s3oi
d,» white. Danish net-!. Sl&<ttS'J>V. do South. i 1 ilia and
Florida, per bbl crate, Jl . r >u'« J-J; do New Orleans, p.-r
erste II M'ii%2 CAUUFIiOWERa. ■ French, pel dozen.
i:\ .".i>iifi; CBLJSfIY. Florida, per standard case, S3 'JSM
I.' ,*io do per medium size case. $29f2 25: do per email
case. $1 M>; do California, per cam*. SS M»U»4 SO; CTTCCIC
BKIIS. Florida, per basket or crate. $2*»3 SO; CHICORY.
New Orleans tier bbl). $3ffs4 50: do Frendi, per dozen.
SI fiOfHl 73; ESCAROL£. New Orleans. per bbl.
S3#S5; do French, per dozen. SltW4*l73: ENDIVE.
Uelglan. per T»i. 12«JRc: PLANTS. Florida, per
box. S2OS3; ilo <*ut>an. I'.'y J. 7.V HORSERADISH.
p-r laiee l.t.i Sr.GStl: KOHLRABI. New Orleans, per
10U bunches. 129 M: KALE. Norfolk, blue and Scotch
per bbl. S10S1&O. LETTUCE. Florida, per basket. SI
CS2 00; co South Carolina. $1313 60: ONIONS. Cu
aaa. -»ar •*«*•. Hi I.KBKa. Mew Orlesjus per 349
Apartment Hotels.
26 Gramercy Park (20th st.. near 4th ay.).
the most desirable Apartment Hotel In New York?
BECAUSE It is situated in the moat aristocratic location in New York and the cui
sine and service are of the highest class.
BECAUSE Cramer, y Park Is the only private rnrk in New York and is reserved for
the exclusive use of those residing upon it.
BECAUSE Children may be looked In the Park safe from, automobiles, wagons or kld
i ippers
RATES, Is';.", to 54." p. r week for Parlor. Bedroom and bath for two persons, inilud
inpr mejils and all attendance.
Apartments by the year, furnished or unfurnished. $C»00 to $1,100.
bunches, $;( i<»; SHALLOTS New Orleans, per 100
bunches. $2©*3: QREEN ONION'S, North Carolina, per
crate, Jfl (jj >! ."><>: Cunu-cticut anil Easurn. yellow, i ' r
bbl J2 60&53 i 0; <lc» rui. $2uOQS3: Oran«'- County.
reilow, per t>i.|f. S2 50®$3 25; >!•> red. S2OJ2 75; 00
state and Western, wi.in-. per crate, Sl«St 75: Jo
yellow, pt-r bbl or bag.»» 2 &04JJ3 23; pickle, S2 i J.'\<?s3;
OKRA, Florida, per carrier. $^©$4; do Cuban, SI .i $■<;
PEAS, South car'illnu. ]>t t.askrt. .vj .; $3 ■"•". do Flor
i.la. SlifS-'oO; PEPPKRS. Florida, I»<-r carrier. $1239
$-••.•3; <Io Cuban, $1«$2; PARSLEY. New Orleans,
curly .Tint plain, per blil. $1 ."il»ij' J2 Ml. cli« Bermuda,
I.er hr-x. 73000 c; PARSNIPS, per" bbl. $1 T5 ■. 23;
RADIKHE3. .Southern, per basket. $I®*2 50 ItO
.VMNK. Florida. i>er basket. $Uis2; <i>> New leans,
ypr bl.l. $3314: «io Bermuda, ,„ r box. $1 I*■ 7.">:
SPIXACH Norfolk. per libl. $I@sl 75; STRING
BEANS, I":.ir'ii.i. wax. j>er basket or crate. .<.( 1.1 $•■.
da ?rcpn. S2SOQS3: SQUASH, Florida. wl:lte. per box.
$1SO®$2&0; <!o yellow crook-neck, |] if--- .!■■ Cuban.
white. $IsTs2 25: TOMATOES, Florida, ;■ r carrier.
$ISOQJ3; do Cuban, Sl2A@s22s; TURNIPS, Canada.
Rutabaga, per ... 5: /<1 12; do Jersey an.l Long
Irlam!. R»tal)D({n. OOcOll; Jo nearby, white, per bbl.
$1 73©52; Jo New Orleans, white, 5-'ys;»: WATER
CRESS, per i<V> bunches, $1 2r.fi*.' 23.
HOTHOUSE rß'.'iiL'CTS— Muslirodins active an.l
firm. Cucumbers weak. Mint dragging. lta<!lshes and
rliulaih In goo'l demand. We <iuote: GREENS, b. *'.
por bush box. 51 TiSl ■!'>: C\ Ct'MBEB per .lozen. !W>o
JJJII2; do culls, p.-r box. $2 g S:t. LETTUCE, par
I'ozen. S0O73o; MUSHROOMS, white, large, per rb.
4O05Oo; do brown. 33046 c; -1 > luitton.i. l!i^2sc;
VI.NT, per dozen bunches. R VDIBHES, per
TOO bur.rhe*. S2 .*<ofi $:s .'•<); lUII'HAKB. p<>r 100 bunches,
529?6: TOMATOES, per It.. 13?S3c
Toledo, March 23.-— O/lATaiSEED— Cash. $8 75: March.
$8 75; April, In 80: October. »H77V TIMOTHY. 12 20.
AXBIICE, 17 «0
New York. March 28. I«>7.
BrFVF»— P.e<-»lf ts were 12 cars, or 204 head, all f"r
slaurl:t»i'-rp. Nothing doing in live cattli . reeling weak,
]>r<-fcJ.d l"*f In llK«t demand it last .j . Utons. L.ver
lioi>l «rt.l London nml eer mark is slow at last
quotations. Exports to-day were WO rattl. and 2,o<'»>
quarters of te«'f In tho Mlnnehaha to liOii'lon. 3.JH»» quar
ters of U»<»f In th. Ht I>>ulh. also for tlie London market;
1.425 quarters in the Campania to Liverpool; 10i> cattls
on the Idaho to Hull. shipped by J. Shamberg JL- Son;
8 cattle iin^l 20 sl.r.-p in the lermudlan to Bermuda
CALVES— Receipts weie *<'■ head all of which went
direct to the .siuugt-.t'r house. None for sal. on live
neijfht. P. cling Bteady. Dr,-sar.l calves In llffht supply,
ani all bcU promptly at Ft<-aJ> prices. City dressed \eal»
were !•■ 14 no per IT.; ..... I.V-; country dressed,
UiiKt-. with -<.-utt»r!nc Bai<-* ut higher Bgures
JSHI2?:!* am- liAMßS— Receipts wrre '■■■> cars, or 1.44*
head. IncludNil 3 l j cars for slaughterers and .'» for the
market, making, with half a car held over yesterday, 3-»
cars on tinle. Sellers were holding very firm on Buffalo
advices which reported the market 2f>c Jilsher. There
were but f«^v buyers here, and they were reluctant to pay
the figures ack>i. A bunch nf prime -.tale lumbs mI i at
$8 70 per 100 r>; culls at $"• 50; 3 cars were MM at
a late hour In th. morning;. Dressed mutton firm
at S^6Wio per TT> : dressr.l lambs nl 12-IJl4<-; country
lrem hothouse lambs steady at $68110 per caret**.
Sales— W. P. Hume: 70 Mate lambs. &2 b average, at
JS 71 ► !">r 10iJ Hi 3 alls CO tb, at $650; 2 cheep. I>s !b.
a* M .Vi.
I!O<;S — Receipts were 14 cars, or 8.618 head, all for
•laugliter»ri>. ex'-ept one bun^h of Btate hogs. Prices weak.
Trline Ftate hogs m>M at $7 as per 100 to Country .'.:<■■.»..]
h<i£3 Flow and weak at S's'ilt'-ac per IT) for medium to
light weights
Sales — W. ■• Hume: SO st ■■ hogi. W8 n average, at
IT L.'. 4.-*r 100 I*.
CMcßprr> March 23.— CATTLE— Receipts, abmt 3"0 r.osdi
mark't steady: beeves, $4as<i7f>: rnw». |1 40894 78; heir
fn. 52 fl'Ji.'J4 75- calves. $380657G0; uno-i to pr,™ *tr»r<i.
$6Cs&sd7o: r-e«ir to medium, MtftS 80; stockers and
tc-e.-rn $2 7r.£54 78 HOGS— Receipts. Hbout I BOO; mar
k»t weak and 5 c<s!>?» !ow»r: light. |fl IT. fJ'l 42't: mix"i.
{« 2Ck3s«'. 42'^: heavy. $»» li>us'i 37 4 ; ro.iijh. t'llOC^^O;
pigs •:. :•■ $•? S'>; e"oj to choice heavy, ?n ■'.%'•■ 40
BHEEP— Receipts, about 2.C00; market tteady; native,
H7if<'. •>>; Western, $4frM2o; year!l!.e«. *'"> J57 .TO; lambs,
$P.fiJ7 o<>: Western. ?Css7 •■">.
Ka.st Jiuralo N. V . March 2Xi-CATTUB— Receipts, 2i»
hea,]; n-bt demand and *te»dy. VEAL8 — K"-rlpts. 2.-O
...„ • acttv« ani SV- low.r: »4 2T.?i »0 •£„ H< IS -Re
clrtii. .I.r.im hert.i; fslrly active on-1 BtflOo lower; heavy.
**75ff*rtV>; Yorkers «n.l p'.K*. JC h»*lt f* **•"'■ BHEEP AND
LAMBS — Receipts 8fO» h«-ad: artlre and lfl^C.ic 'r l 'i :
lamts, $.'>flS'* *<>: ' yearllne*. $7ffJ7 7!^. wethfrs. $« ~-1t
■«<i7r.; shK«p. mne<l. J3f'sil.*. r .
Kansas City, March 2.1 — •"ATTLH— T'.ecelpt*. ■ •• heal.
tncludlnc £t""0 P*>u'h>-rn»: nirk<-t pwady, Choice •sport
ani <IreMi»<-l r-»f •.;.,.. filr i" r-xi'l. »4 30
CJS 2.".- We«!«-m f'-fl »t>er*. M3J^ '•*••. ctncker.i and
f^^r, j.iT.'.ffJS; S'.uth-rn steem. f- 7.'.fi?3 2'»; Smith-;
. m r..w«. Wtil; ratlv,- rows. J2 fll>if?4 40; na'lve heifers,
tSCAOJS- bulls »:'. 2T.«*4 X.: ralff-. f.l 7VIJ7. R«»-eir>t«
for the \\*~'* 88.200. HOGS— Reeelpts. 4.. h<-ad; inurk't
Mronc to sha.io hlrh"--: tot». *«2.'>: bull of sales. M 17'»
01820; heavy. |«17H«tW20; packers. $AiaOtS22H;
I lr« ar><l lirhts. tS 23010 25. R«-<elpt» for the wk.
W'.rni SHEE3P — Market nnmlnsilv ready laitibn. $7 IB
«<"*7t,t- '>'•) »n<T yrnrllrifs. »3 2.".-?Tsis; Western fed y«ar
llngs '$ofls6 :- ■ tern fed sb*ep. JSJJSK; *to<-k«rs
and fe.i.rs. $3 W-S^ 20.
[Vy Telearaph to The Trll.ur.e. )
ChJeaK". March 23.— Wheat did rot maintain to
day the train it made Yesterday, there being a gen
eral Inclination anmnK those who had profit In
their holdlnra to take It out. rather than run the
rlfk of a wetting down before Monday of the
superheated winter wheat country. At th« close
May wheat was Xv to lower. Com was 'ie to
';c lower, oats frnm ';c lower for May to l-lljc
better for July and September, l'rovisions were
quietly flrrn. :»nd closed from unchanged for pork
and rll>» to from 24c to r.c I Igner for lard.
The weakness of the. stork market before the
session opened gave a weak start to th* grain mar
kets. There was no other adequate reason for the
Bfl'.lns that so lnrKely exceeded the volume of buy-
Ing at th» opening. Local receipts of wheat were
14 cars, against 2 last year. The reports from the
Southwest with confirmatory of the bugs having
reached the Kansas fields] out most of the reports
said: "So far doing little damage." May wheat
closed at T.'.V to 75 T 4c, us compared with 7i'«<: yea
terday; July at the close was 77' ito "'„-. against
77%f! to 7"\c yesterday.
The hot weather was largely tha ratiaon for an
other decline !n corn. Receipts wera undar tha
fßtimatf. the number In th<
349, ejcalns- ted. Bhipmenta hence were
ela While the local receipts "•■.
than the estimate, they exceeded tho arrivals of
the similar day lust year by 113 oars. Estimate of
Monday's receipts Is VH rar.s. May corn cloaed at
42 . to 4;". •. a-* compared with Me at the cloaa
yesterday. July closed at 4&% c, a decline of %c.
Lack of activity !ti the oat market had us an
ipaniment aome shading ot th« price, but th>i
latter was affected as well by the action of the
Other grains Re* elpts wore liberal tn comparison
with last year's and with the estimate <>f the dny
; . fore. 'I I •■ nun ".1 was -^3.
: us laal year, and the local shipments were
itlmate of Monday's receipts
cars May fits ;-t ih« eloae were ii'_- to
13 , -.-. ua compared with Ifo at the eloae yesterday.
K. H. MACY & CO.. Broadway, between Mtn
and S3th streets, ri^ll attention to a s.ile of wom
en's suits and skirts, waists, blouses and pettl
lOats, children's and misses' wear and little folks'
wenr. They also announce a sale of trimmed ml!
llneiy, womeji'a doves, footwear and tioslery. On
Tuesday they will have a special sale of women':)
umbrellas, waists, boys' sult3 and curtains and
drape and offer values In diamonds and cold
Jewelry and groceries.
LE BOUTILLJEH BROS., Weal Sid street, offer
a sale this woek of Easter millinery.
HEARX, West 14th street, directs attention to a.
sale rt bed sets, curtain?, women's tailored suits,
bridal sets and rugs. He also announces ii special
?nle for to-morrow of children's apparel and wom
»';'« corsets. On Wednesday he will have a sale
of babies' wear, and on Thursday of toilet ar
SAKS & CO.. Herald Square, offer special values
In women's suits, coats and dresses,
BLiOOMINGDALCS. Third avenue, between L9th
and GOth streets, advertise values in Easter waists
and women's neckwear.
SIEGEI^-COOPER COMPANY. Sixth avenue, be
tween 18th and 19th streets, calls attention to a
sale of hats and belts.
EHRICH BROS., Sixth avenue, between rd and
23d streets, will have a sale this week of laces.
SItfPSCX-CEU.W7&StD ITftafFA^T. Sixth ava
Apartment Hotels.
City Hotels.
C-/the popular new yorkJiotelC/
Columbus (9th) a'v., B(st to 82d st.
81st St. "L" Station at the door.
Accommodations for 500 Guests.
Beautifully sum y furnished Suites of two or
more rooms and bath, overlooking Manhattan
Square. Single- Rooms, with or without bath.
AH modern appointments. Hotel and Restau
rant service of the highest New York standard.
Rentals at moderate rates for transient or sea
son guests.
Our Pictorial Guide to New York, ««nt tr«e> on
request, gives much valuable Information.
J2.00 per rlay and up.
Open until 12 P. M Music.
i — FL,KfIANTI>Y furnished apartment, private bath.
*"\. $1 dally; InoluoUnr tneaH one. f2 dally; two. 13.80
1<!llv AUABAMA. 10 East 11th si
In 4 lie Famous
Broadway and 33d »t.
From 5:30 to 9 P. M.
In the Ladles' Kt'stuumnt.
Special Prepared Dishes. Ala carte. Music.
July closed at 37c. against yesterday's close of
36 T sc to S7r.
In thn provision mark the principal feature was
the demand from shorts, m«r« particularly for
lard, and. offerings beli light, pticaa were- mod
erately advanced. Local hoc receipts for th« week
tall 8.000 short of those of tba lik» week last year.
The estimate of next w«l('» laea] run was 160.000,
of which 42.000 lire expected on Monday. May pork
closed at SIG&H, a lees of 2'^c on yesterday. Slav
lard ut thf close wan Mi. l ? . as compared with
$«7:' ito $s 75 May ribs <-!p»*d st JS 60. afalnat
yesterday's rloatnsj price of $S 60 to 18 62^.
Sun rises <l:00 Hun sets 6:10, Moon sett 8:03! Moon's if 10
A.M.— Sandy Hook a:15!Oov. Island S:4«TI»11 Oat. l«
P.M.— Sandy H<>ok 3:37|00v. 15..,,.! «:aJßatl Uate SisS
Vessel From. rji»
•Etrurts Ltrwpeol. March 1«. . ,v.,.,
•(•>ili:i.lei P h!a Pouthampton. March 16 "j i m ,.i L
•Tennyson Barbad ■ March IS. . .UmjTYl^
Lleurla Otbraltar. pvi.r.iarv 37 t,,,.'
AUmo Oalv.-ston. Mar, h 17 V." "" v , 1 Wv
<"«m«l al«*llt starch 1« ... v, , ..
eicllla Gibraltar. March 10 i" a lian
M'-'shn I>r,ndon. March 14 .... Atlantic Trin*
Well, City Bwanaea. March ...... B \m-ol
Italia Naples. Mar ■:■. 8. .. ' ' Trail,!
B< V«n« UaK •««..„. March 18. . . .V.V^o PacirlS
•Zeelaad Antwerp. March 10 ... r,.., o.«.
•Noordarn Rotterdam. March 15. .. .HoiYand \Vi
•Ponce san Juan. March 14-...I 4 -... V y* m
•Caracal Ban Juan. March 20 --■ %.. rl
Uvonla Rotter.lam. March 9 JL „ ?
''•""'•■• , New Orleans. Marrh ". . ! s.V pa"fl
nty of Atlanta Savannah. March 23 ..Savannah
•Kaiser W der G rirem»n. March 19 . x. n -.- .
:^^::::::::::::^T^r^^ : — aiJSS
•Alliance (Won March 19 ' j
: : •
- .*> l]] s. aflat J '1 1.1. . rr , Kr*
cr^r^;:::::::;v.^iv^ s M^y«>--V."a^
Ell '"° Oalveston; March ». ."".•.Vse^c?S
•Teutonic Uverpocl, March .. WSil . „,..
•Orinoco Kingston; March 21. H hl w I,'
Martelln Hull. March 13 \' " %-,£,}„
P»"*"«* Hamburg. March 14...:.7;riambT,n
•Brings mall
Vessel. For Line. Mail clesea. \allj l
Cearenne. Tarn Ito. -th 1"»OO m »iv
Hamilton. Norfolk. Old Dominion .- . _ ■ ; flo p m
Kroaprlns Wllhelm. Uremen. nO L s> -so h m 1 m
Pretoria, St Thomas, Quebec .'.^lkonS i^S" 1
Comanclie. Jacksonville, Clyde _ p 2^. p1 "
City of Mac 1. savannah, Sa\annah p ,!! I> m
Jamentown. Norfolk. Old nomli 1 ..!,.. . 3 00 p m
o :vo p m
Oceanic. Liverpool. White- Star 1-' .10 D m «.«»_„
1 KHt. N v a Dam »:<wSS lt^?»
Panams n <( >am \ 'lit p
Sofla. Hohenbug. Naples. Austrian.... HMJO a in
nue. batwven nth and 20th streets, has prepared
ii sale of Unserie linen and tailored suits in.!
offers special values In women's coats ™ X,
stockings and petticoats. Moves.
ABRAHAM & STRAUS. Brooklyn, announce, a
and mLrSn^erTWe^ I^*' ™tr, mra ed haU
A. D. MATTHEWS' SONS, Brooklyn, make .1
oHrcnata^d^ou^r K ° Wn9 - -*• Buit - «-
BTERN BROa. West 23d street. invite atten
tion to a sale of children and misses' hata ana
bonnets, women's wraps, coats and outer ear.
menu, They will also have a Bale of imnortlS
and domeatlc bridal nets. colored dress goods , boV*
and children's clothlnp. misses* and Kills* an
parel. lace curtains, bed sets and carpets.
LORD & TAYLOR, Broadway and 20th street
Fifth avenue and 19th street, call attention to a
Bale of women's, misses' and children's clothes
They also announce a sale of women's lace waists
To-morrow they will have a special sala of netti
coat* and lingerie waists. . or petu
BEST & CO.. West 33d street, announce a sal*
of youths' clothing.
tween Bth and »th streets, have on display trimmed
hat» for Easter, women's tailored suits, women's
waists and gloves and many Easter novelties in.
cludlug postal cardsj tansy card*, booklata.^ aWtiU
Winter RcsorU* [
Join the Easter Parade on the
Boardwalk at Asbury Park
North Jersey's Famoua Ra«ort— so Milat> from Naw York
Concerts by Pryor's American Band
Fourth Season at Aabury Park.
Open Air Concert on the Boardwalk in tho Afternoon — In Caaino at Night
Unsurpassed Train Bulk* Ample Hotel Accomraodatlona to bo had
If you address: Asbury Park Bureau of Information
.No Finer Place on the American Coast for a Day off Delightful fTrrrialasa.
Grand Ay«. A. M. SEXTON. Prop.
Electric elevator* Sun parlors. Evening dinners.
Open all the yti»r.
Tuny-nix private bathrooaas Twenty ******* parlors.
Suits of rooms, consisting of parlor, bath and bedroom.
Telephone in every room.
Open a!! the year. Accommodates 200.
Rooms Fir.gle or in suit, with or without bath.
Thoroughly modernized.
Second and Ocean Ayes. Only hotel open on the
beach. Special Easter rates.
One of the newest brisk, stone and steel buildings,
with every cemfort. Always open, always ready.
always busy.
A magnificent ten-story fire-proof addition has beM
added, making this famous hostelry the newest and moat
up-to-date of Heach Front Hotels Bedrooms ave-a*in«
IV feet squara. and every room with an ocean view, bat!»
attached, sea and fre«h water. Telephones and Cheval
glass. Music. Spacious solarium. Golf privileges. Write
for Illustrated 8.-okler.
Chaa O. Jlarquetta. TRATMORB HOTEt. CO.
llansger P. 8. WHITE. PraaUent.
1 American and European ptana. Cafe and muslo. 1
I Open ail tha yenr Writs for Terns and Beofclt
I s. B. PHOCniTH. I
Directly on Beach; American and European plans: 400
orean view rooms; 100 suites, with private aea water
baths: phone* In rooms: orchestra, weakly social features.
capacity 1.0UO: special spring rates.
CHAS. R. ifYKR*. Owaer.
Oraan and Michigan At*.. Atlantic City. N. J. Rooma »a
suite, with baths: long distance 'phone* In roams; ale
veter to street. Special Spring rates. VII. R. HOOD.
Virginia A»e.. near Beach. Atlantic City. N. J. — Open all
the year. Fine Table: Suites with private bath. Hand
s»iE*iy rurolshed. Perfect sanitary arrangements. Ele
vator to all floors. Special Rates for Winter Capacity 280.
MRS. N. R. HAINES. Owner and Proprietor.
Park Place, near beach.
Virginia At*, anil Beach. Atlantic City. N. J.
Hotel accommodation for the EASTER
HOLJT>ATa at first class Hotels.
Plans and particulars from
Bat & li"0 Broadway. <H» lla&aoa Aye..
New York
~" UKtWOUD. 3«. i. *
A J. aUriti'HY. Uaaaaer
FK.v.NK !• SilUlK. Manager.
Both hotels have Lr*.. naively Improved else*
last season, Incl ding the addition of numerous private
baths, and are favorably knu«n for their standard of
excellence and patronage slac* the inceptlua of Lake
wood as a resort.
Th#> hotel has be«n remodelled and renovated
throughout. ' Rooms, single or «n sut:e. with bath.
••leorrlc Hunt. »:*-atii aal l'erm»nmt or transient
guests. autoni->b!!« parties, outtase owners and thos*
looking fur cottages will And raf« and restaurant opea.
Owner and Proprietor
Grand and Seventh avenues. < >nl\- hotel opaa la vi.
llshtful North Anbury Booklet upon application.
a. rLTVx.
C'oinus. New Orleans. So Pacific — 12-00 m
Huron. Jacksonville, iiyde . 3.00 pm
Aian.o. OAlvaaton. Mall >ry B:<iopm
Mocro*. Norfolk OM Dominion SrOOpm
Destination and ateimer. Close in New Tort.
Hawaii (via San Franclicet — Alameda. March 26, 12:30 am
Japun t'orea and China (via Baattla)
— Minnesota March 28. 6:00 a a
Japan. Curea and China, specially ad
iireaaad only (via Seattle)— Toaa
Muni March 27 ««opin
Hawaii, Japan. Ccrea and China (via
San Francisco— Coptic March 29. 12:30 am
Vladivostok (via Seattle)— Olenesk „ March SO. 6;oOpn
Hawaii. Ouara and Philippine Islands
(via San I*l— I lamp — United Hlataa
transport Hherman April 1.12:30 am
Japan. »Viaa. China an.l PMllpplc*
Islands (via Beattle)— Tren»ir.t April 6. •:«> p m
Hawaii, Japan, Core.-*. China and ...
Philippine Islands (via San Fraii-
Cisco)— Hongkong M am April «. 12:30 a a
Port of New York, Saturday, March 23, 1907.
Steamer Consuelo (Br>. Watson. Hull March 7. to
£uudert<on A Son, with tight pa^aengera and mdsa. Ar
rived at the Bwr at 11 p n (22d>.
Steamer 1-* Provence (Fr). Alex. Havre March M, to
the Compagnle Geiittrule Tranaallantlque. with i'td cabin
and HO? stteraice passonsvra. malls and radio. Arrived at
the Bat at fl:3:i a m.
Steamer TJomo «Nor>. Panle!sen. Prorreso March 13
and Campeclie 15. to Thebaud Bros, with tndaa. Ar
rived at the Bar at 7:30 a m.
Btaareat Stermuml »llr». Sohulft. Santos Feb 29
and I'.nrtiadtM March 14. to ranch, Eiiye & Co. with SO
passengers. malls and mdie. Arrived at the Bar at 11:47
p in {Xiiii.
Steamer Seminol*. Narinion. San Domingo city March
l>. to the Clyde Ss Co, with -1 cabin poasenssra, walla
and mdse. Arrived at th- Bar at ll:2t> p m.
Steamer Gowanburn •!!:■>. Nehone. New Caladonla No
amber 15, to the J C Seager Cbrnpuny. wlih mdaa.
Steamer Merlda. Robertson. V«ra Crus March 1!. to.
James X Ward It Co, with 13» passengers, mal!a and?
mdse. Arrived at tha Bar at 2a. m.
Steamer Main (Oer>. Yon M'.rell. Bremen March !». to
Oelrl. h & Co. with 145 cabin and 2 -lift steer*** paasansar*
and mUaa. Arrived at tn« liar at l> a. in.
Steamer Panama. C'orn.nK. Colon March 17 and Kings
1 ton ID. to the Panama Uallroad Ha Line, with US paa
s< neers. mal'.s and mrtse Arrived at th* Bar at 11 am.
I Steamer Wartentela (Or). Schmidt. Calcutta January
1 23. to Punch. Edy* & Co. with mdsa. Arrived at tho
Bar at • a m. - - > ■
Steamer Uller (Nor). l*r»en. Z>*merara March 13. to L,
WAP Armstrong. In ballaa* Arrived at the Bar at 2:10
p m.
Steamer City of Mucon. Burn. Savannah March SO. to
the Ocean Sa Co. with passengers aod mdsa. Passed la
Quarantine at «i* "• m.
Steamer Coman:ho. Watson. Jacksonville March 20 and
Charlsstoa 21. to th* Clyde F. Co. with passes i era and
mdae. Passed In Quarantine at 1:13 pm.
otaaaer Hamilton. B*a«, Norfolk and Nawaort ows,
to th* Old Dominion 9a Co. with »Miß«iti and ado*.
Faaiiad la Quarantine at 1:» P a.
Steamer Jamestown. Cathartna, Nor Pott sad mqui
News, to th« Old Dominion 8a CO. with ■■■■!— w aaw
md«e. Off HlKfc'anda at S:DI pm.
steamer Sacaml (80. Uttlehales. Calcutta January l->
to Norton * Son. with mdae: vessel to William II 'Pared
dell & Co. Left city Island at 3:40 p m ar.d anchored la
Quarantine at 6:30 x> m.
Eandy Jioc"*. X J, ilareli 23, 9JO p xor— east. CgTst
Winter Retorts.
Select Service Only
Aabury Park. N. J.
Open all the TNT.
Steam heated. ci _
Delightful Spring ard Winter location ea Oread 1 _ -
y Excellent cuisine. * A^
THE WESTMINSTER: On th* beach. Thrown -_
its doors for its du.iimer patronage on May l*L^
BRONXYIXLE ..... rVeeteheeter Co.. jr. w
15 miles Xroxn, N. T. Open all Hit y»ar. g.- ; ->»
booklet. J. J. LAXMXN CO.. Prsam
UAKDKN CITY - - - - - Luug Isssaa.
IS miles from New Tork. Open all the year. Ojsha
refined, eaclualve. Booklet. J. J. LANMN CO. VTwja
A— ANTLT furnished apartment. BrrvSSs kaav
* 11 dally; Including raeala one, $2 daUjri twe, li W
daily. ALABAMA. 13 East llta at.
MASSAt HI BaVl'im,
HKsTJUHUS inzxs.
Open Entire Tear.
ant wnxm
Water*, baths, hotels and soenary DeWoava eq-ucj^.
Bpeelal New Tort Ofilee*
where eaonrstea t'.:k«ta. Pullman reearrartsaa sal
eaecial Information mar t» satalna4
Modem, high elase hotel
allow* stop-over at Cevtnaton. Va, 03 t&rengh ttshsß)
to Cincinnati. Louiivtiie. Chicago. St. LotiU aad fas
West, for side trip to Virginia Hot •prtaga
Pullman compartment ear. via Waaolngtoa, tssssa
M T. c 53 P. St. irrtv-j C?rt=is •:» A. at. Bsetsm
time. Ezsnrsioa tickets and Pu!!maa rssai istluaa 1:
C A O. offlces. 883 Broadway tag MS fifth Awsasa
alen eOoee Penna. R. It and! oesneettaa linea
FRED STCRRT. ataaagor. Hot l*rtßgja. Vs.
Country Board,
Vf IMM MONTCLAIH, "• J.— J»ew beardtaa heasst
ezcallan: tab:*: large rooms, newly farttlaaadT LC^.
RAINS arms. «31 Valley fload. »"»*»«». *«*•
Parties sjsasas* esostt wfQ ta»*» Use aassasass eft ■ m ta*
m a>|laaiua Tew aa Us
Aast the 1H aal Wiisias at
with opportunities to retarn etther via Call laaa
City and Colorado. Alaska. The Taliosjslaaa taaaTeT
the Canadian Rocklee. Stop ever prtvtlasjee.
Passengers who destr* can make th* outward laa»>
coy with the party to arrival In California, waa a
railway ticks'. o-:y returning by eho!:* of roots* >
Send, for our Special Orani] CaSon Clrcalaa,
ocxiaaxTCL cur.ornAi; rousa
BaSwm? avad StasunakJp Ticket*) M all pasaaa>
Tel. •»»• Oraasere*.
New Tork 1 M Union •«.
Phl'.aJelphta. Boston. Pittsburgh. CMsege, eta>
For Sale. f
RS^T^CHANCa.— Uprighl pßaa*:" pewsrral. swats
tone; bargain: reeswood ptaao. 943. 2TO Willis am I
Steamers Pt Louts, for Southampton via TiiiiMalS) *-3
Cherbourg. Campania (Br>. Liverpool »t» Quaanayjem:
KOnlgin Luis* <Ger>. Nip>» en.l Genoa: Finland. AUl«ara
vta Dover; Patricia. Hani bora via Plymouth; GsleJcnia
(Br> Glasgow. G«rman!a IFV>. Naples; Baas!» >I»
Naples, etc. Perugia (Brt. Marseille*. »to; Berma«S»
»Brv Bermuda: NArra*anfett (Brt, I^doa • Sttreeaw*
Curacao, etc: Carolina. San Juan, eta: Tshoi '(•*<*»
Baltimore; Merro Cast!*, Havana; American fT*
Antwerp: Brunswick. Havara via Brunswlcatl «r»»
Norfolk and Newport News: Kaasea Cniy,S«MSSSSBS
Manna Data. Baltimore; t>ts» (awed). WllSH»a»a»
Sabine. Key West and GalTestoa.
FOREIGN FOKT3. - . -"■
<|ueenetown, March. 23, 2 j> in— Arrived, <**"''£
«Br). Watt, New Yoric for Liverpool (and IMWIBSHI
Buenos Ayres. March 21— Seeled. stsamar Harmoalostam
Page tfron» Rosarto). New Tarlt __,__w« rtA" '
Olsiiow. March 2»— Sailed, steamer C«te» *"• ,
Wadsworth. New Tork via Mo\ll.e, -^
Dover. March 23. I p Sailed, steams* KieaaiasS. sv
rud (from Antwerp). New Tors. . _ ._ 0-121
eagre*. March 22— Passed, steamer Aatonle IX?** *-—
Oliver New Tork for Cadiz, eta. .. ......JOeA,
Ponta do Am*!. March 23-P*as*l. ateamar XasßS/ j
Harrea»owttz. New Ycr* far Naples. .__. rai
Gibraltar. March 23-Pas**i. steamer Setessja Vl*V 1 *
Chubb. Yokohama, etc for New Yore, .j^
Prawle Point. March »-Passed. stsaaar Xtvn rmn
Ahlborn. New York for nremea. — _i«_a «•»«•»
Dn.net Head. March JSKZLa^aal
(Dan). Wuln*. New York for Chrtattan— a <\ sea L JV ~^
CopeS^M^h"^^^ «"»« H.W* «"^
Holat. Naw York. MMT **.*« C***
Rotterdam. March 21— Sailed. at«am«r »i»""" iw— '
Boycaen. New Tork. _...«_ cv»— » tt*>
Shield.. March 21 -Sailed, stsanwr * ldar »*«• **
(."urtia Urom Bremen). New Tor*. __..,,*.» e>ri»
Olaa»t>w. March 23— Sailad. steams* ExstMST ——
Oourtln, New Tork. ,-,, ma . >*■*
Para. March 22— Sailed. ste*»«r Horatta <■«. w** W
Kaplaa. March IT— Sallad. Btaamar i*** »•■• **~
KawTork. _ . 4J( >, «»r-
FlT»a. March aO-Arrtrw*. *MV »•■■
N«w Torn via NaU^-. ■_ .■■-■. 9 tß*a!«r '♦••
Ftymouth. March 89. T:1» » ST^SSS-rUI *""'-*'
Tort. Kc**rta. »w T«*»l ** Ctmbmwm •» •—
aaaatan tand procaatlan). „n«n •pa*'
CtaM*. March a-9aH*«. ataamer Mo-t-rtdao '*-
C»v-irHrt«- N»w Tub*. «.««* «tesa«T Hs*H 5 *' 8
Chrtetlaiwand. March 23. Xjaw— i NeW -I
OUv «Dan>. HaUt (from «»P«»5jSJ l i*i /SiaSa> *»»
XT^vre. March S3 st. n Sat***. «•«»« X* -— •
iteio^.t. JCO"* Tori*- - •■ ■..-

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