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f Urcs cf Itsrrcfemd stock to tho public at $1 a
'^TRA r>IVTPEXr> DECLARED.-The Finance
*• *iirv of rnilHde'.r.h'.* has declared the regular
JSJrly dividend of IU per cent and an extra
JZr Dnnsc-oail*. formerly with F. M. I^ckwooJ
TV- »ias been elected a member of t>e Consoll
,a 'stock Exchange. W. C. Pickard, who has
STrf-oelving teller of the Bank of the Mar.hat
rTfoiapany for trn years, and Charles M. Roscn
thal have also been admitted to membership.
Committee Approve* 105 Mining
and 31 Industrial Securities.
The renersl securities committee, which has had
**.«• of the arrangements for trading In secur-
ZfZrL Hm New York Produce Exchance. yester
'"'B announced a list of 3"5 mining and SI Indus
trial ■Bcortti'* •««* have met th« tests required
I v the mrrnr.tir.v and trading in which will begin
li anrll d The list of industrial!" follows:
rxS"»tlon C«nW of New York. l>anklin
„ '/ Company, preferred: Guanajuato Power and
riertric Comrin.x. Havana Tobacco Company, pre
ferred r ! U«bu:j-Wafiht»urn Flour Mills Company.
Oaakf'r t» sts Company, preferred: Standard Mill
ire Coniia-.i'. common end preferred stock and 5
, * eat first mortg^Be bonds: Barney & Smith Car
1-en.pany. I-ord & Taylor Company. Otis Klevator
rom*:.v. Royal Baking Powder Company. Her-
Company. United Bank Note
Company Eorden Condensed Milk Company. Hall
BiciTfil Company. Pratt * Whitney Company. Xa
ticn-1 Cfcsli Boxtotsr Company. Trenton Potteries
Company. Standard Oil Company. Union Tjrpe-
T-rl'er Company, common, first and second pre
ferred" ■U'atprbury Company. American Brass Com
*anv ' American Chicle Company. American Press
Association. American Typefounders. Safety Car
BfAUr-C as.d Uffhtln.: Company and Xlles-Bement
pond Company.
Among the mining Issues listed are:
Aia»ka-Ala«=ka Mexican Gold Min^inff Company,
Ai-ika freadwril Cold Minine Company and
V Sr^Artzona $2*"' Imperial Copper .and
Sto&Sowßwf Ltaitefl. and Portland Gold
Sllnir.g' Company.
Uo^tana-Butte Coalition Mining Company,
•Davis-DaJv Estate and i Hit -d Copper Company.
\e«£a-Cuml*-rland-Ely < "upper Company .islruus
Coa«olidai*d Mines Company and Nevada Consoli
*^!fr^': N>' -B-'^iV Daisy. Bullfrog Mining
-22 * M Syndicate. Homestake Consolidated
•^Srcompany and Montgomery Shoshone Con
fiSldMit'/v.^Sld Consolidated Mine.
C ?E\r":' d Consolidated Min
llh'l — Bt-lmot.t. Montana, Tonopah Min
jr.g Company of Nevada. Tonop-Ji Extension and
\\>st End Coalition. _
Utah— Horn Silver Mining Company and Ncw
fcouse Mines and Smelting Company.
Canada (British Columbia)— British Columbia Cop
per Con'pany and Dominion Copper Company.
Canada <Ontario>-Buffal» Mines. Limited; Foster
Cobalt Minlrjß Company. X: pissing Mines Company
end Silver Queen. Limited.
Mexico— Xl Hayo Mines Company. Esperanza.
Limited: Gr**ne Gold-Silver Company, common
and preferred, and Guanajuato Consolidated.
Trading; posts air to be erected at the south en«
ef «be Produce Exchange beard room, the space
occupied by the Now York Stock Exchange while
Its present building was In course of construction,
and there th" «>alirg in securities is to be carried
am. Th» rules resulatina: th» trading in securities
«re In general eixnilar to tnose of the Stock. K»
ensnge. Tlie governing body is the general rr>m
inlttee on securities, consisting of cleve-n members
cf the Produce Exchange.
Of this committee i>«v«ti members are to consti
tute ihe, listing committee^, to whom the general
committee Fhall refer for investigation and recom
mendation applications made by corporations for
tli*- admlFsiori of th^lr securities to th« class of
riih»r "listed securities" or "•unlisted securities."
.Another sub-committee, that on regularity of se
curities, consisting of five member,*, will deal with
all disputed questions us to the regularity «f stock
cmiflcates and bonds dealt In on the exchange.
The rates if commission for the purchase or sale
r-i Muck* are to be: On stocks selling under 20
c«sta a share. Ut cents a hundred shares; selling at
or ever 20 cents and under %l, SI a hundred lares;
telling at «r over fl nnd under KU a share. 1 per
cent of the money involved, »nd on stocks selling
*t $<>25 or upward a share. $6 20 a hundred shares.
The rates for members are to be one-half the
regular rates. On bonds the rate is to be $12 50 for
each $10,000 par value.
Bids and offer*, unless otherwise specified, «re to
tn» in beard lets, as fellows: One thousand shares
when the market price SI from I Orni to 20 cents
a fhare, &*• shares when the market price is from
5* to 40 cer.ts. 2flu phases wh«»n it is from ¥> cents
to $1. aoi 100 f hares when it is over $1.
The pamphlet report of the Michigan Central
JUilroad Company for the. fiscal year ended De
cember H last has bern issued. The Income ac
anißt follows :
_B»riUngs— jjA5 1356 Changes.
JV-«Srtit 516.C^».250 ?lfi.r.VJ.4St 1nct2.5J«4.749
«ae=ger i>2%.«7« i.m.rM Inc. 7f18.: I.'
JSsrets Sul 415 *7» 2*5 De«. 71>7'»
■Wi 4.~«4 r.:'4 «-<.:>',-. Inc. i..-..;
JW-ls 24. fsfi 72..V.2 I"-. 47.7'5J
SV»:ianer.ua 515,«13 3f3,«i* it,<. . 12. US
Total* .. $a6275.5M f23.253.5CS lne.s2.«
..tia. *■»> tr erf .*'4»»1«» (3.415.749 Inc. »70.44!>
«ata. equipment.... f.542.57* 4.R«.02T Jnc. J.|6».«.j
gWftef irxr.rp'o J2.141.721 H>.*.1»«,814 Ire. 1.422.007
-tffßal »».jxi •• . . . &.%6.77«» 541,423 Jnc. |5.541
'*->■ t2i,7a»,2«« *«.m.j.; it; .9S.aM.SM
ifVSOJaoi... . •«- ..4 $4.41T.58S In-. 1ir7.:.72
oiaar iu~-u,- 4'«.« hi* 3JS.»>IS Inc. *«,ls»_
Jettl Jr..r '-•.. . $4.M7.334 $4.753 754 $213..VJ4
m First ch«rg»s —
*»*•*«. Tun!>« <!«M »2.«75.8.v. $2.<U5.32Q In". |S*.B3n
»»»tals leun) li:i»» W«.?,l<t Ml 303 Inc. IM
_!___,••. ■ 1 "'1 74! M 2.003 Inc. C9.73S
•""•St. loam, mtrs
•■* bah payable. Sl7,r.M 221.7W lac. *.">,«14
aSS.^.iabiW* 3-'3 -'* 9 - 5*5 * ,*^«"-= is »«•.«».«»
tfrV^r* , $S«>2S f»73,4.M In-. Si 4 374
-1h2 !u * .. f-Vi.»2« f 223.934 I*-- f173.00fl
*"**■» «cr>... V7.K6 Inc. :.7>7«J
'taal»urr:j» *HS>C4* "~t2_3^04 Dec^ »75,15 i
■^■sss surplus ... . K.OM.lir »».<»»».22r. Inc. ITI.ISI
'*«*< an 4 I?)**
■"•*■ 13.012.9C1 aa.oji.Mj Inc. fMMN
Pftsider.t •*• H. Newman. In his report to the
•**bs»o«-f!, says tl.at the funded debt outstand
•"t «i Pec,, BJ lVi. »» B SS,r&;,oo«t. which was
• *»sed in ISO 6 liy the purclmse and cancellation
* ».C3» Michigan Central-Jackson. I^uislrig &
••glnaw Sti f ,. r ,^ nt RO d boads of Ml ay th<i
trustees "f t».. j3!lllj 3!lll grant j ur ,4 of the j ac ksor.,
**»<sii»r &. Baglnaw Hallroad Company. The re-
V°n ftites mat the <ort of road all( equipment
«maia lint) on Doseasbar 21. IMK, was J23.5C3.825.
*Urti was ■irrssost during the year by JIM.SBI,
"*"._• the premijm received on Michigan Central
*'•* Per «at gold bonds of 1C".I.1 C ".I. credited to con
t{niaion acojunt. leaving the. Mat «ost of road
■"« *sulptn»nr on Pnuausiiet 51. 39%. $35. 213,::::.
p»"» rej»esentfi r- r mile. owii«-<! <^0.«7 inlle?^ r.30,
** condensed general balance sheet, as of De
*••»•* SI last, compares as follows:
oifTiT. I*o6 IMA. Chances.
•SjJEJf &•'.;:-! P. -s4f'4J#tCW $4fM1721 TV--. »tt.S2l
gi_?_? "***!•• ■■ 1!'.W3.238 T.IU.SUS Inc. 3.647.M3
'wrprouen): »*.V.7 r.1«J.72* \<~:. M7l
'■^h l£d *»«*•... 2,11».72T. 1.r.74.452 In.-. 645.303
«2L- „ 57*.«K1 LMS.ill l>ec. «90 1«2
tS? *«"• r * c - • J»4.»<VJ i.4.V,.43i> t>ec. 2.100,400
fcSi *•"»•«•? 2.V13.74* 2.ftM.ICT Inc. 30,r*n
™«7 accounts col. 1,2Q0.«71 a,ou>*6 lac. ZEt.va
SSJ.JV »6T.71*,«» Sfif,l«l,«» 111c.51.C3f..150
f££!_J u «>t • •SI«.W«.«W» SIR.TSM.OOO .
jJSFt 1 .**» af..*--V<t<jf> 25.&&.KM Dec. r»O.OiM
pavaiiia <i.». («jr» 4.480.U00 Inc. l.«»'iitiw>
j^^asiioyabi,... 3.n_t>.<Kis 5,207.« M Inc. 6C2.34*
gJ^S WftlAui ,•<-•(• a. 3t;rr>*7 34«.f*s inc. JJI.TJia
HL * W 3K2TS S».2CS Inc. tr.7]<li*
I_s_"__Wl!^ >I.»T 342.1131 Inc. l<-4.i-:u
*3E2Si!!?' r '^ # tm.m» *5,175 Jnc 7*5.45|
<Vsli li, £ yill!h< 473,34* 2SO.KS3 Inc. 192.414
■si*''' ••• 584.2 M Inc. 254.23H
•sSaS/TST**— »•'•«•» «.«».t«l liee.asl4.2SS
>asaiacs m>l_.l«l fc.504.157 Inc. 145.8 M
77 * * ••••• VS7.Tj».(K9 tSS.ie3.tst9 :ne.11,e35.iw
->-.*'**• *• 8.. April J. -Steps toward diverting
k4««i, ths West Indian trad* from the United
'Wfl «s &1 " M! * bars U«n tafcsn by the St. John
to V« ii \2?*' whlcn *•*• «Pl'o!nte4 a committee
«S^rZ riL. VSJfrU UturUrr wnon he roaches this
*m it may on his way to England, sir Wilfrid
:,, |f , ( ,7' l *° bring up th» rr.aiter of a prefer
tu^ tU ** «*tw«en '"anada and ,ih« West In
itJi -ftf \ Uit> C"****! t •otiffrt-i.ee In Ix»ndon.
-> o» rP_ ' " •. **■&*' from H. B. Schoneld
iaa«4i«n Ito^rd of Tra<l« del.-
''"■* t^U°|l ** " rt *»"H«*. Much of the Went In-
I '"* with th* rnltori Hiai^n. but it
HEaT cli a ".' I*"**1 *"** r 4 lr\*n<l* hare decided to
L*pi^eS4Stt^» J-<J -< tb ? 11 prefertnc«
- ■- .
I have n:any time; explained to the public how difficult it is to find a new, good copper
How next to impossible it is for one man to find many such in his .lifetime search.
1 have told the public of Trinity, as I told them of Butte at 2, Tri-Mountain and Copper
Range at 10, all three of which went to 130 and 105, respectively. Trinity has doubled in
price since I told the public its story— later it will double and double again. Another new
good property is now ready to have its story told.
I refer to Balaklala, the property situated next to Trinity-rthe property I have watched
grow from the grass to its present great state, when its first 1,000-ton smelter is about
finished, and its second i.ooo-ton one coming along — the property with which Trinity has
entered into a ten years' contract to smelt its ores.
Owing to -my being overloaded with affairs on the eve of my departure to shape up
copper affairs of import, I cannot tell the Balaklala story here, nor is it necessary. Any
intending .buyrr can have the Balaklala story from any New York or Boston Stock
Exchange ; house.
The purport of this advertisement is: I advise all my following who hold Trinity to
buy Balaklala. Its stock is about it It should advance first to 35, then to over 5a It»
affairs have just been passed upo« by the Boston Stock Exchange— it has been listed
to-day and will be traded in to-morrow, and later will be traded in on the New York
Stock Exchange. My only interest in the stock is a number of thousands of shares I have
just purchased for personal investment at the same price the public may buy for. I have no
ofncir.l connection with the company, but from my knowledge of the people who have
created it, and who are now in control, and my knowledge of its past, I think I am qualified
to speak of it by the card.
For general and for special reason?, which I will set forth later at length, I wish to see
every Trinity stockholder a holder of Balaklala.
The market for outside securities showed Ir
regularity almost from the opening, with th-? prin
cipal trading concentrated in less than half a.
dozen of the mining shares. Nipissing. Nevada-
Utah and Balakalala were conspicuously strong
under fairly active speculation. United Copper
was somewhat easier, while Trinity was heavy.
Greene shares were dull and decidedly easier. Ha
vana Tobacco and Marine were firm, while Chi
cago Subway and Waterbury developed weakness.
Bonds were dull and slightly easier.
Shares! I Open- J High- I Low- j Last
sold. I I Ing. I eat. j eat. 1 sale..
SaO'Atn Tobacco ; 325 | 525 1 300 I 308
125 Havana Tobacco.. I 14 , 14 : 14 j 14
100 ' do pref 22 j 22 | 22 2-*
1.000 Inter Mar Mar.... 7>J 1% 7-4, 7S
lof> co pref ! 224 22H 22|«i 22'»
.V». Mar-hat Transit.. 8»»; S% »'», •"• >
601N V* Cuba MBS »*'» 2»>4 36 ; » t-;~»
12b Standard Oil ; WO 805 803 Ji 600
I; .'.<»■• Wat^rfury C 0.... K'i I«V MH M .
iot»;w>it 1. * art* Co. s*»j 55 1 * 1»•1 »• f« l »
2.000 1 Western Ice C 0. .. 1 27>»t . 27"», 2«3S ! 2«> »
Shares I I Open- ] High- I Low- I iAat
told. I I ing. | eat. I eat. : sale.
3,GOO;CMear» Subway..; 20 ] 20 ! l* ; . WH
, __ — i
Eharesl Toi»n- I High- ! tow- ] Last
sold. 1 I ing. I eat. I e«t. | sale.
3,loo'Alacka Mines Il*'I I *' IS IV IS
«K»Anrewlt- Cobalt.. % » Hi *»
S.MO nalalcAlala, 10 HVI 10 10 ■
17n!Bln_*fcm Mary...- 1 _ »_. »-,
noo!lsat<n.ilas «H, I •% V%
WXi'Bonacra Belt 5 »;* J' J>'a
:tOf» 'R<«ton Osposr.". 24 ' 24*. 24 , 34\
5.500 ♦Rran -ft MM& Mi 1« 20 •• , ■ lg .
1.515 Britiab «'■>: Op.. •» M '_• J: v »
i.2fn Butt« roalition... M 27 »*» 27
l,iOf> Butte Exemption. l'k II 1 * 1 ! « ,'"»
SOOt *<• t- *a M Co.. •'•■' •'•■' OS M
W»CWq«lt» f »%[ » : * «•'• :■'•
M.OOO tOcbalt Central...! 42 « 4! 4
»oo tr-.-.halt rvnita«...l »-l«; »-l« »; 16 , *;l«; l «
400rolontal Kilver.. .1 * * | •»,. ) 2u.
. .W.Voius* I^>n B«t. 2H 2% 2H ' 2J»
Wintnrn King pref. 2;»! •'• -.■ -»
I.onsirumberiana-By .. v\ *\ V* »H
♦fiOl Davis Daly F>late 141. 14 S; IK 1 * IJJ*
Sno Dolores Utnlt'd . »» i »H ». I *JJ
I.4Oo' Dominion «"opper. _»%! -;V iS ii' 2
MB'DouglMCoppsr... 1" I IS f » IJH
l.l«slElr «-on IS ];* »2 i?
i.^^r cn^rki,:::: S|in3 * «•&•
l.fl.'<»: Furnace ric Or- . I IN J > *_• J >
Mrtifilllies Silver M.. H S HI *»
MX* Gtro»« , # JS B% JH I**
l.CSfi-OoliJfletd Con ... I »7S j •> SIS I i •
2.000 ooid inn *j* :5 .r* ' ,1
»..>. ,; rM .,.-.-» I: ar-a . 1«H 1«S J»*
tOOrefne Con <'op.. 24 Sj 24 S J4 j 24
»O0 Gre»n«Ool<J-Klver: 1\ \** »*» **
lOOOreene Oold IV IS IS IS
lOii Guanajuato Con... 4 1 *) 4'») *'* j «i
4<V> «u«enh»lra Xx C* 235 212 , 2!V» 2W
ion King Edward I ljaj JJ* '.• \* ,
2.M*- MrKinlej-Darragh IV IS *"* ( Is! '
1.190 Ulemad Ooia Jjj <H }H 4H
MA Mines Os of Asa.. 1H . I* ; »* j '«
Mit. hell .... 4, 1 * *■♦ .*- i i
S.4KH) Mootenuna of rII 2% ■• --* jW
=^s ?>? > »s
W«»:sipli..lra-M '•'„.. •!* »%j M "
««»'♦ North Bullfrog... 4. «T | « « v
Kccth Butt* Ext«a 2% -|» ( *„ -*
l.iiio Oil Hundred J'« .Vi I i 1
fur. Portias «7»rper.. ' 'I* _ i
StDJ.ltcd Peak _ ; ,J „
!>«-» Stewart * s : •? v' %
S.au<» Bvsajnsios Mine*.. ' * * -i* .^«
ISO Tooopah BrtnMOt. <S **•, •• "
V*> 1 „r:0,.,h K»ten . - 3S . * 3 • -■*
I.4un Trampa Con l» » ost »■' 2. l 2/4
4i|f»-Trl -Bullion JjJ* .?•, *» £2
•SOltTrtntty Copper... 2fl'*; 2»^» Z»*i
.•UK. t'nion Bxploratlon: t» "» «j» '^
J.CJOrnlted tapper...- 69 1 g* S* W*
2_<oo vtdt*4 S n vat.. as " «j. aw
% ! tWf?t <>)lambua..i 10 I ><> I lo ' 10
• ; " ' Open- ] High"- I I>»w- I I^st
C.,... | [ | est. { e,t. 1 sale.
t^,aV.'vnr^elJS - lut._ : 2__gJ_W^l «l M*
'~ sooi lots. -Sells cents per sliar*. |P*OtoMoS.
<Furn:sb»4 by William E. Nichols * Co.. No. 15 Wall st)
Rid Aaked I Bid. Asked.
4 nr.«. 14S iflD '■ Houston Oil pf . . . 35 45
Ara f'!*JL 175 \m ! Inter Elevating.. «3 70
'•"» c . hiTh iT \m 1» Inter Palt 16 ltf
I'MpEci 15 20 do 6s M» 65
■*"? «a 73 »r» n Steamboat.. l«i . —
A^ 00 PprSs-A».o:o|P p rSs-A».o:o| i«f -» d »^r n SH r.
A^%. P ii'cf"2O 23 Safety CH * 1.. 260 270
•* •S4 •» 1 Securities Co 45. . «2V» *8H
„t,J,- 135 140 Simp Craw Co. .27 40
C-iJ^hroMh ' 42S 4SO 1 Stand Mill C 0... « 10
c2Tn b ub 1 T1V4.» «H do pr.f 25 au
5. C » pf A WIVi Trenton Pottery.. 10 15
?_y-_ST ** :: is' Trtw-Dlreiiorri.S «
So Erf:::::::iio 8 un B«k n c on >. » s
■■Sw^'-tt « t^Vp^Ur:::^ S
SSSTcmf.::: 8 : 8 TVoruTi-ump pf.iw us
CToml.be4 by William M. Klcbols * Co.. No. 15 W all st)
nid Asked. I I"'"- Asked.
«.« Tobacco atO STO O«« B * Cl)n aoW - ly *
tto^f «nr..- »• ,J M . Scons % %
r "',t' go S3 Otis Elf»ator.....GO U
K^-ttL Vehicle 5 • l«Tnlted <-opper... 4»* 4»S
Orccae Con Ccp. as% a«s; d » »*« *^ •»
Oold UlUCcp... • ; -...
Boston, April 3. 1(107.
(Reported by Clinton Gilbert, No. a Wall strettt
Bid. Asked. I Bid. Asked.
America 800 823 Liberty 800 510
Am Exchange. 2*l 248 Lincoln 1.100 —
Astor National 7.V) — Manhattan Co.. 800 810
.'.:tna National 215 225 Market A Ful.. S»» 268
Bk of Discount ifO 100 Metropolis 890 —
Battery Park.. 120 130 Mechanics' .... 230 240
Bowery 320 SJO Mech * Trad.. 175 180
Butch 4 Drov. 155 165 Mercantile — 260
Coal * i Nat. 230 UN) j Metropolitan ... 1«» J72H
Consolidated . . 155 165 Merchants' . ... IBS lfi»
Century ISO — Merchants' X*. I*O 190
Chase 290 — Mount Morris.. 240 —
Chatham 310 320 Mutual — *"*
Chemical 390 410 Nassau 105 200
fit Cent Nat.. — 145 New Am Nat.. — 210
City 250 255 NVNBA 2JIO 808
Chelsea Excb. 105 - |N T County. . .1.200 —
Commerce 102 168 Nineteenth Wd. WO —
Colonial 700 — I Night & Pay... 400 410
Columbia 600 625 I North America. 2»« 275
Corn Exchange 265 806 I Northern Nat.. 173 1«2
East River 150 160 Oriental 2M 273
Fidelity Ifts — Pacific 230 V**
First National. «25 650 Park 440 4f>s
Fifth National 340 — People's «Oi> —
Fifth Avenue. 3.9oo 4.200 'rt.i.li %M 1«3
Fourth Nat... 185 1:« Plata 670 — "
Fourteenth ». 225 800 Ifitvium nxch.. 1W 175
Gellatln X,O 870 ' Rrversida 2SO 2*o
Garfleld IV>«> 625 Seaboard 8-V> 170
Ormtn-Am .. 14.'. 155 • (V'-nrid 700 —
German E*rh. 433 — 'State 850 —
Oermanla 600 — [Thirty-fourth 8t 230 —
Greenwich .... 2"O 293 Twelfth Ward.. 4"» —
Hamilton .... 2.'-« — I Twenty- third W 100 —
Hanover MM 810 fr.ion Ki^ 220 24"
Imp * Trad... MO 673 13 B Exchange. 122V4 13»'i
Ir.tertorough . W» WO ' Washington Hts 225 —
Irving Nat Ex. 17.'i IPO ' VTeet Side «00 —
Jtffereon 200 213 ITorkVfm 4W 423
(Fuml-hfi br v.ir.s * O» . No. 43 Esehatica Place )
Bid. ASMS. Btd. Asked.
BuiTalo ano 2.P0 , Silver Qu**n. l.V* 1 B."V
Foster 1 .'•<> 1 '"■«» Trethewer ... 12S 183
MrKln Par . l.Srt IW I'nlvertlty ... »<*» 9.M
Kerr Lake... 4.00 4 .*'» Green Meehan *> SA
'Petenwin L.. .•'>'» M ' Ama.lrs.malel. .70 .75
Red nock... .70 .75 Central 4^ .43
Eliver Leaf.. IS .11 Klpiaatna- ....13S7'» 1960
(Furnished by R. U. Par * Co.. No. 9 N «>•«:. street.)
Apr. 2 Apr 3. Apr. 2. Apr. 3.
]!.,■! & Albany.. 23oV» »1 Osl *• Msds M..MA »40
Boston Kiev 143 141 Centennial Mia.. Ssli 81
Fltchbur- pref..ia» 1»» I Copper KaSfS M.«NI 71»4
NYNII i- 11- .174 174 V Kr.r.kltn Shi.... lUV, 17',
Old C0t0ny7.... 1«9 1W Oeanby Mln — »130
West End ft Ry » •> Mats Con Mln... 6»i M
a' rref ... .lav, lOOHJ Mohawk Mb «<> it
Mais >::<■<-. Cos. . 17 17 INo Butt* »0», N>
do iiref ... «O *• lOsceola Mm ISO 185
Am Tel &' Tel.. .1194 1H»>1 Old Dom M1n.... 63>4 64U
New Eag T51...1H U7 Tarrot Kin M 21'»
W T«l 4.- T Co. •'•'^ BHlQtttncT Mln U-0 —
do nr«f .70 7" .Tamarack, M1n... 110 10*
T-r ah"* VaVh.. .".» '•* Wolverine Mln...lrtO 160
dopr*f7 ... 27 ITH \V H »ni.;t«ra Co. 63U M
Aroadlan Mln... 7H 7 do prer 44H 4Vi
Atlantic Mir..... 14*5 14!rsOll 10 10
Shannon M1n.... 19 IS4 Mm. Gas W+ M
Rlnrham Mln... l»'i l"» ; i *> »r-f M M
Boston Cons.... 23 S4t*SCUh 83 «l
BM. Art<«"l ' Bt4. AaJc?«.
A Booth * OS . M •''7', ItrßrH/ pf. M M
do BMt . 1"« 108 MS* W I El.. .. 23 M
American Can.. r><4 * do pr«f «l ««
<j o prer BO'i 61'i, National Biscuit. 78* 77'»
Am Radiator.. — 132 ,ref 111*1 113
do pref — 12* . National Carbon. 71 7»
Am 6hlp prer. .10« 1"7 ! flo ->ref 10» 110
Canal * Dock. . IS 63 ! Nor Ch!o St Ry.. 42 60
Cnlo City R/. ..160 170 Nor Wast El — 23
<"hl<ago Efllscn.l4.V4 147 | do pr*f — 60
Chic * O V El. 4 Quaker Oats I.W 140
do pref 14 1.1 I do pref M>4. K*i
Chic rneu Tool. 40 43 'St W Btahla CV. 2*i« 20V*
Chic Title A- Tr.102'4 I°* do Pref 05 07
Chlo rnlon Tr. . t>^i « Subway 119 11»H
do prer 17 1% Hwift * C» 108 MsV
Chic Telephone. 1»» — ' 1 i. ftoxnoard « P 1% lfc
Diamond Match. l22U 123*, do pref 11 ll'l
i:lli:o)i nri<-k... BO 11 Western 8t0ne.... 23 2*
KCHy* M... — tVi W Chlo St Rv... 33 S3
Consum am* Bs. 101 — I North El 45.... 88 T | 00
Chic Pneu T C«. 78^4 *" iFSOpIS'i ru- .1M", jol
1. St E Ist mill- l»l'» Bo Sid* El 4Ha.. DO «'i,
Met Oold 4*.... — 00 I West Chic Ist Bs. S3 *!>
do Exten 45... SO 82 I do Cons fii — 78
l(tO7 l»0«. 1008.
Number c-f miles 2.4W 2.420 2.3»
Fourth week In March. *716.0"O tfi«7.2l! t597.fi0«
July Ito March 31... 20.440.02S 18.776.5%7 19,106.253
(All lines.)
Month of February 4—4 — ~_
Gross earnings 53.750.64K $9.6 M.419 f2.718.080
Operating expenses ... :i.o:;;».t<>s 2.873.672 2.58J.651
Net earnings »711.:17 $761,747 |1<J0.31>9
July 1 to Feb. 29— m
Ori-ss earnings $34.901. M0 fM.CBC.MS $29,842,427*
derating expenses 25,263.382 24.023.6t0 21.780,3*2
Net earnings 8 mos.. 80.639.469 $9,673,182 $f,033.053
Month or February — _
Number of miles 4.280 4.WW 9.897
OfOSS earnlno $8,726,113 $3.432 1»» $3.774 310
Operating expenses.... 2,860.813 2.nit».23S 1,929,741
Net earnings $803,523 ~~5913.7J4 $844.7<»
Gro«i y ear01«».'.^TT...351.7en.012 $».2«.17» $25,010,139
Operating expanses . . . . 23.1«J2.847 l».t»88.B43 17.438.330
•Net earnings 8 mo». . $8,801,063 $8.37<».636 $8,471,800
Gr^e^tn^. 1 ?!"^. $2>43»,70<l 92.W1.84S «}.T41.872
Expenses and taxes 1.870.2U l,K».B0O 1.168.808
Net earnings ~~ $868,464 $»13.n4S *_£!•?",
Charges ...y v . 847.640 317.173
fiurplus -'"- ■ ■ ~ $365,805 $2<*.lttl
Jarnlng».. 28 ~T...520.<>(8.720 $18,496,084 $13,422,280
E»pens a and taxes... 12.623.800 11.007.770 9.372.3.8
Net earnings 8 mos. $7,444,880 57.488.29J S«.O}».W6
Charges -■■ - 2,707.235 - 2.413.116
Surplus — $4,780,089 $3,608,783
Month of February — _ __. „_
Gross earnings $22«.10» 9*»*»l •SIS?
nxpenses and taxes... 172.607 167.949 • 153.0U
Net earning. $53,002 $36,513 $17,802
a£Sf l£tos- ?7... 12.001.4e2 11.87*43) nmigt
Eapenscs and taxes.... 1.431.143 1.30t>.853 1.151.594
Surplu* 8 mos 5570.820 $5«3.!H3 $378,703
Uonth ef rabruary— l'J_ ; _l_ „ ., ~<j ...«,
Gross earnings 545.T08 $13,078 $» 7SJ
Net earnings 18.281 M.W9 I*.'"
Surplus ."::::::: 8.77» 4.623 1.360
aixijsssr:. «»•. *&> «*•»•
Net earnings 165.«82 172.504 160.308
Other Income H. 414 ».*» «.7c,1?
Surplus 51,»4» 80.628 20.833
toi^bdo. rr. lOITI3 & western.
G^°, n :ar^,^.T:. 9307.584 SBl2-SM |St.lM
< tSs^..rrJT.rf mm m.m »».o-
Nctssxslngs 155.718 175.277 $10,110
Fin on rial.
Other Income «... 8,244 C3l ■
Tttal Income 569.M3 $79.6:3
July 1 to Feb. 28—
Gross earnings $2,?T5.79» $2,822,006 $*B3*.«K>
Operating expenses and ___
taiM 2.030.255 2.159.705 1.033.502
MM •arnlnrs $7*B M 4 $662,801 |N*7.9»17
OtXtr Income 26.02? 15.257 — —
Tetal laeem* ..." •778.541 •677.538
Follows Increase in Dividend — Wall
Street Criticises.
The directors of the Atehison. Topeka * Santa
F« Railway Company declared a dividend yester
day on the common stock of 2 per cent, payable on
June 1. an Increase of 4 per cent over the
dividend of six months ago. This dividend Is
to be paid out of the net earnings tor the last six
months, and. It Is understood, means that the stock
I* now on a 6 per cent basis, although It was not
specifically described as a semi-annual dividend. It
was said after the meeting; by a prominent Interest
In the company that the dividend would not have
been increased If the directors had not felt certain
that the higher rate could be maintained unless
unfavorable conditions, of which no indications
were at present seen, should develop.
The action of the board, although not unexpected,
was rather severely criticised In Wall Street, the
prevailing opinion being that a more conservative
course should have been followed. In view of the
high cost of labor and materials, the agitation for
Jow*r freight and passenger rates, the uncertainty
as to the crop outlook and the disturbed state of
the markets for money and securities, which latter
condition had made it necessary for the Atchlson'a
management to postpone the projected Issue of
$25,000,000 common stock or convertible bonds, which
according to the original intention was to have
been offered to the shareholders soon after they
approved the latest increase ta the capitalization.
In January.
Six month* ago the common stock was advanced
from a 4 to a 5 per cent basis, a dividend of »'-» per
cent for the hair year being declared. At that time
there were rumors that 3 per crnt was to be paid,
and It was understood that the 2Vj per cent d«el«le d
upon waa in the nature of a compromise. The
declaration of the 3 per cent dividend yesterday
was followed by h drop of 2 points in the price of
the stock, which Inter recovered most of this loss,
closing at T ». a net decline of % per cent for th«
day. The payment of 6 per cent a year on the
present common stock will call for the disburse
ment of S6.IU.Md, or $1,027,599 more than required
for paving 5 per cent. Bat the « per cent dividend
amounts to considerably less than half of the esti
mated surplus for the common stock In the current
fiscal year.
The trustees of the land grant mortgage- of the
Detroit. Macktnac ft Marquette Railroad Company
bave issued a statement of receipts and disburse
ments from February. IS^. to January 1. W7, as
Kumbar of acres in lan 4 grant from stats «f
Michigan I.SSS.etW
Consideration for arr»e sold or &—3*4. 51.915.407
Amount unpaid on outstanding land and timber
contract. U. 573
On contracts and tfi». in cash or band 51. 887.679
Timber aales. cash and bills recslvabl* 1.971. 9TS
Interest on contracts, etc 413.WS
Discounts and premiums on bonds purchased... 1,174 303
Mining leases, 'to 60.409
Total •S.SOS.OeI
Paid I.*nd Department $704 468
Paid treasury D. M. & M. R. R , 9 Sfu'siS
Interest on land grant bonds l!l69 000
Dills receivable payable on demand, taxes, eta. 32<\.77
Total , $3,003,001
The land department of the D. M. & M. R. It.
reports receipts and expenditures as follows:
Received from trustees as above) gnu 468
Disbursements: »•-».-»»
Expenses, etc a $280,403
Road building , etc „ 274*888
I^uid examination 166,113
Miscellaneous 64*064
■ T84.46S
For the calendar year 1009 the trustees of the
land grant mortgage report total receipts and ex
penditures of $ii 9.459, and the land department of
the Detroit. Macklnac & Marquett« Railroad re
ceipts and expenditures of $21,412.
Land grant mortgage bonds outstanding- amount
to $1.48?.000 of an original Issue of $4,540,000. of
which $3,128,000 have been cancelled.
Finance Committee Authorizes Plant to Cost
15,000,000 to $3,000,000.
The finance committee of ths United State* Steel
Corporation, It was announced yesterday, at a
special meeting on Monday received and approved
the report of a sub-committee which had had In
charge the question of ths advisability of estab
lishing a steel manufacturing plant at Duluth, and
which had recently visited ths proposed sits of ths
works and authorised the construction at Duluth
of a plant the cost of which is expected to be be
tween $5,000,000 and $6,000,000. Work Is to begin st
once on the new plant, which will Include a blast
furnace and flvs or six open hearth furnaces, and
the cost of which will be met out of ths Steel Cor
poration's surplus. Steel rails, structural shapes
and bars ars to be the principal products turned
out by ths Duluth plant.
In constructing a manufacturing plant at Duluth
which Is at the head of Lake Superior, ths United
States Steel Corporation will effect an important
saving In freight on Iron ores which it obtains from
the great ore beds of Minnesota and also on ths
finished product, which will find its market in the
West, where ths consumption of steel la showing
heavy increases.
Court Strikes Out 350 of 1.903 Counts "Upon
"Which Standard Indictments Stand.
Chicago, April 3.— As a result of nineteen motions
for dismissal of counts In the Indictments against
the Standard Oil Company of Indiana, charged with
accepting illegal rates on shipments of eIL Judge
Landls. In the United States District Court, to
day ordered that 350 of the counts be stricken out
because of defects in drawing them. In most of
the Instances where the motions for dismissal were
upheld, attorneys for the government admitted tint
Trust Companies. j
1 (The crust i£om^Mi\ uf Amrrtra
OAKLEIGH THORNE. Pint JOHN E. BORNE. Chairman Kiss. Coxa.
TV7T T* , /^
Morton Trust Company
Capital ... - $2,000,000.00
Surplus and In divided Profits $8,034,087.97
Acts as Trustee, Guardian, Executor, Administrator, Assignee, Receiver, Registrar and
Transfer Agent. Takes charge of Real and Ter?onal Property.
Deposits received subject to cheque, or on certificate. Interest allowed on daily balances.
Travellers' Letters of Credit issued. Foreign Exchange.
LEVI P. MORTON, President.
THOMAS P. RYAN, Vic*- President. CHARLES H. ALLEN. Viee- President.
JAMES K. CORD! i.RE, Vice- President. H. M. FRANCIS, Secretary.
John Jacob Aster. James B. Duke. A. IX JuMlarrj. Samuel Rea.
Charles H. Allen. Henry M. Flasler. Joseph Larocque. Wlnthrop Rutherford
George P. Baker. Daniel Guggenheim, D. O. Mills. - Thomas F. Ryan.
Edward J. Berwind. G. O. Haven. L.evl P. Morton. Jacob H. Schiff.
Paul D. Cravatb, James N. Jarvte, Richard A. McCurdy. Valentine P. Snyder,
Frederic Cromwell. Walter S. Johnston. W. G. Oakman. Harry "Payne Whitney.
there had been, either a mistake In the Indictment
or that there was something lacking In the^ evidence.
The government attorneys «"*P reasPd l little concern
at the dismissal of the 350 counts, saying that there
are mill 1.550 counts on which the indictment* can
i :—: —
Suit for Track Depression Damages
Leads $6,000,000 Claims.
William Waldorf Astor has made twelve claims
against ths Changs of Grade Commission of the
3Sd and Sith wards to compel the city to pay him
sboiit $880,000 In damages alleged to have been done
to his property as a result of the depression of
railroad tracks. Stephen CVBrten and Terence
Farley, assistant corporation counsels, appeared in
ths Bupreme Court yesterday to ask that the city
be made a party to Mr. Astor'a suit, which has
been accepted as a test case. the. total number of
claims filed by various property owners for liks
damages being nearly $6,000,000.
McCarthy & Baldwin, attorneys for Mr. Astor.
opposed ths motion, saying that the Chang* of
Grade Commission was created by ths Legislature
In ISSG to provide for ascertaining and paying the
amount of damages to lands and buildings In the
two wards, and was therefore the rightful defend
ant. Justice Blschoff reserved his decision.
The Corporation Counsel's office ssserta that as
the city must pay damages awarded It >hould be
made the defendant. Mr. O'Brien said that tho
act of 1593 creating ths commission had bean
amended in ISM, the words "depression of railroad
tracks" being omitted from It; that Sir. Aster's
claims, which were filed as ths result of an act
passed by the Legislature in 1906 giving property
owners sixty days for that purpose, could hays
been filed with e-jual right In 1«M. and were, there
fore. In bad faith and should not be considered,
and tbat the Changs of Grade Commission had al
ready dismissed his claims, as ths property owned
by him was In the Cromwell watershed, through
which the Bpuyten Duyvil branch of the New York
Central Railway runs, ths tracks of which had
not been InterfcroA with. Mr. O'Brien said fur
Th* filing of these claims and various others is
not done in good faith, but is an attempt to force
a construction of this act that was not Intended
by its framers. This is auito clear, and to prove
It it Is only necessary to say that If the position
of the claims p.t is good to-day It was good la
1891. and yet he allowed the time to go by without
filing a claim, ami never as muck us considered
himself within the purview of the act. It what
he contends . to-day is true. It was equally tru«»
thirteen years ago. and the fact that a claimant
such us Mr. Astnr. with untold wealth and the
best legal minds in, the city to advise him, did not
consider he bad a claim in ISM shows that ha
should not be heard at this lato day."
The Controller of the Currency has Issued the
following abstract of reports showing the condition
of national banks In the city of New York at the
close of business on Friday, March 22. 1907:
Loans and discounts ie 35.703.072
Overdrafts . . SSITtMI
United B:at-s bonds to secure circulation 82.3W..V»
United States bonds to secur» V. S. deposits.. 4. 911.000
Other bonds to secure United States deposits. 11 <"■"«*.! r.:»i
United States bonds un haivi 1.05&.330
Premiums on United States bonds 1.132.659
Bonds, tecurltl*a. etc 133.7-5.247
Banking house, furniture, etc 23.177.353
Other r«al estate owr.el 2.K5A.537
Due, from nattornl banks 4> ( >7->"
Due from state banis .md ''ankers l* 704 737
Checks and other cash Items «.245.<£5
Radiances for (Searing 1 Hous« 182rt.T3 4V7
Bills of other natlcnal banks I'v&l'ftvi
Fractional paper currency, nickels and cents.. ' 7,i!«5<l
ffecl« and legal tenders rc^.7»Vi.«irr.
Fire per cent re-lemptlon fund 2 61».'47»
Due from United Statea Treasurer 1.91ZJ70
Total 11.3.5Z1 en
Capital stock paid In fll2.»X>00O
Surplus fund id 5.559.200
Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes.... 2!* D-.t «*7
National bank note* outstanding 6l!si27si
Ptate, bank notes outstanding-. 1A.528
Dua to other national banks *7" "'"-*• 4*7
Due to atata banks and bankers s>o >;:» 4 ivt
Duo to trust companies and savings banks... 15C42A.930
Dividends unpaid l"t> "514
Individual deposit* s,7»> .-.in
United States .lepoatta j4j 4 :;-;.'iisa
Dapoalta of United States disbursing; officers. . 327 094
Bonds borrowed 18.34«>,ni
Votes and bills redlircunte.J \, t ,**)
Fills parable 4O».C(it>
Itenerved for taxes 2Sfl RSrt
Liabilities other than Above sf.ilctJ
Total f1.3JC.135.1i2
Number of banks, . . s7
Percentage of legal reserves to deports 28.30
Percentage to deposits of cash on hand. re
demption fund and due from reserve agent* 20.30
Cleveland, April S.~ "Ths Iron Trado Review"
will say to-morrow:
Ths opening of ths second quarter o # tf, w year
finds the Iron market In a thoroughly sound con ■
dltlon. The ons fear which has boen enttrrilnrrt
to some extent was that the railroads might cur
tail buying. Cancellations of contracts by rail
road Interests have been few. Indications are that.
buying will be resumed on an extensive scale. Th»>
United States Steel Corporation, brins in need of
cars on a number of Its railroads, expressed Its
wlilingnesSi to have Its name entered In the places
of any companies which might cancel contracts
for rolling stock, and this action has been an im
portant factor In causing a more confident feeling
and perhaps In checking cancellations. The Wabash
Railroad, which recently ceased operation on new
Improvements In the Ptttsburg district, has re
sumed work.
While complete returns are not yet available, it
is known that In spite of the heavy handicap im
posed by floods in ths Pittsburg district the
Steel Corporation broke numerous individual rec
ords during March— particularly thos* plants most
favorably located— and In all lines the aggregate
output was near the highest existing figure*. The
corporation furnaces turned out In the neighbor
hood of 1,000.000 tons, the record being only about
8,000 tons above this figure. At present only live
corporation furnaces are out of blast, giving a pro
ducing percentage of about 96 per cent. One new
Carrie furnace Is to be blown in soon after May 1.
snd several of those now being repaired will soon
bs ready for ths torch. October will be ths next
month suited for a trial at record breaking.
Agricultural Implement manufacturers have ap
parently ab doned all hope of obtaining the de
sired con> iion on steel bars, and some of them
have ent 1 ths market, contracting for only six
months stead of for the year, as they have done
in the ist. The demand for hoops and bands
has lr roved. Increased orders are reported fur
atructi -tl shapes In nearly all centres. Merchant
pipe and boiler tubes are selling in large tonnages.
•The Iron Age" says:
In Its ultimata analysis ths financial situation
dominates ths future of ths Iron trade for th« sec
ond half. By far ths greatest part of ths orders
Trust Companies.
in «
Bowling Green Trust Co.,
Capital, $1,000,000. Surplus, $3,000,000
______ OXTZCEESs
EDWIN GOULD *™? C^ < . . . Presides.
WILLIAM H. TAYLOR - Ist Vice-PresHent
CHAS. P. ABMSTBONO . 23 Vice-Presides.
JOHN A. HILTON - - 3d V.-Pres. & Tim
Charles P. Armstrong, John A. Hilton,
Frank Brainard, Myron I. Herrick,
Harry Bronner, Edward T. Jef cry,
Iranklin Q. Brows, Window S. Pieres,
Robert C. Clowry, Morton F. Plant, ,
Edmund C. Converse, Dick S. Banuay,
Wm. Nelson Cromwell, Frederick B. ffrhmMJT.
Greaville H. Dodge, Andrew Squire,
A. Goepel, William H. Taylor,
Edwin Gould, Edward E. Thomas, ,
Frank J. Gould, John P. TroesdeD, \
George J. Gonld, E. P. C. You*
now en the books, notably those coming from Us?
railroads, were? financed long 1 ago. and will pa
through; but the troubling question is what re«
quirements will come up when the work in hand
Is delivered. The trade will welcome some glacis*
•nine, bat Is really nervous over the danger that
th" demand may , sink below the normal. Tin
hysterics of -the railroads should be discounted:
on the other hand, the flatfo©t<»d denials that there
have been no cancellations and no withholding oi
•Pacifications should be accepted with reserve.
Pig Iron has been rather quiet In all t*-.e prin
cipal markets, art! there are some Indications
of easirsr prices. Buyers are a*aln beginning to
o« nighty critical of quality, which is usually em
of the earliest indications of a desire to claim ad
gj m
Amalgamated Society at Last Car*
ties Out Strike Declaration.
•me strtite or trie Amalgamated winters' society
and the Brotherhood of Painters In Manhattan
and Th* Bronx, at flr3t a fizzle, went Into effect
in earnest yesterday. The reason for delay was
that the Brotherhood of Painter*, under th» arbi
tration agreement, was so much afraid of violating
it that it opposed the strike. ": '.' '
The decision to carry out the strike declaration
was made at a meeting of the joint strike commit
tees of the two unions, beginning about mutnight
on Tuesday and ending early yesterday morning.
The walking delegates several hours later met at
59th street and Fifth avenue, where they wera
assigned by Victor Buhr and Charles D. Drayer,
representing the two unions, to demand ths new
wacre scale in the various districts of tha city. Th»
strike committee reported last evening that strike*
for the : ew wage scale had been ordered on build
ings nt the following places:
Central Park West and. «Sth street. 170 th street
and Manhattan avenue, l&th street and Seventh
avenue. liOth, street and Wilkins avenue. 133 th
street and Seventh avenue, 163 d street and Thin*
avenue. No. sS Maiden f«in<*. No. 2 Maiden Laos.
StriKes were also ordered at the .Postal Telegrapls
Building, the Hudson Theatre and several othsr
buildings, which are being repainted Inside.
A demand will be marts to-day for the new seal*
at the Plaza Hotel. The general contractor* ar*
the Georee A. Fuller Company. It was said that
one of the strlk ordered yesterday was In vio
lation of the arbitration agreement. A meeting of
the Master Painters' Association will be held la »
few days.
\ ■ 1
Newport, R. 1.. April 3.— The building; and m*»
chanical trades of this city were, almost completely
tied up to-day a* the result of a strike of about
M carpenters, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, finish
ers and other mechanics. The men struck because,
their employers refused to gra.:it them a Saturday
half holiday. The only local union not affected Is
that of the masons, a* they wer» given the half
holiday some time ago.
Biverhead, L»ng Island, Voters Gire 9sb>
stantial Majority for Liquor License.
If there is any ore in ths town of Riverhs*\
Lori? Island, who does not believe that the Us*.
William A. Wasaon waa d!r«ctly responsible for
the switching of the town from a nominal Sahara
of "dryiuss" to a legalized "wet" town, hs kept
well out of sight after the announcement waa mad*
ysatsaday that BssaM bad w.n by a substantial
Riverhead still votes In the old town meeting
fashion, that Is to say— the population gathers la
one place and votes. This was done on Tuesday,
when four propositions were laid before the voters.
The prop<<sal to license saloons had a majority of
110 in its favor. There was a majority of 13* la
favor of licensing hotels. The licensing of stores,
no liquor to be drunk on the premises, was ap
proved by a majority of 74. and a majority of 99
favored the granting of liquor licenses to drut;
Mr. Was*on frankly acknowledged that he was
well pleased with the result of the election.
that the licena* question is settled." he said. "I
hops that the Anti-Saloon League, the women of
the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and all
law-abiding citizens will co-operate in enforcing!
the law."
"There will be another fight against ths salaam
in thin town two years from now." said Mrs.
Gcorse F. StacKpole. head of ths Woman's Chris.
tlan Temperance Union.
Badly Battered, but Appears Against. Bug*
lan He Caught. H
Despite the fact that he captured two real bur*»
lars, broke an arm and a rib and captured a man
who was not a burglar, John Clausen, tho Janitor
of the nuthouse at No. 9 West 23th street, appeared
In Jefferson Market court yesterday mornlas to
prosecute the men whose undotss co had causa d.
When George Albertson, oas of ths pilau— was
being arraigned Clausen sprang on him and struck
him several times. It took th» efforts 0; ssve-al of
the court officers to drag the enraged Janitor away.
He had som* consolation, however, tn vtewta— tho
iujuri.-s of the other prisoner. George Fuller, whoso
hands were cut to tho bone In sliding down tho
rope of flhe dumb waiter to escape the poUco> T»a.
prisoners were held in IB.ON ban each by v.*4'
fatrats W^itsan for trial in Genera! Stations.

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