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tive btrx ix ti:xi;mj:xt.
■Mir end Four Children Die in
Blaze in Patsaic. i
Ptssate. K. J.. April «.— A mother and her four
•jfatldren wer» burred to death in a tenement house
£ro here) this morning. The dead:
«At,TTr*O. Mrs. Phllomena. twenty-six year* old.
sVALTTO. Mary, sevea years old
■ALVPO. Liblrato. five years o'.d.
•ALT'PO. Antonio, three and a half years.
MU'PO. Joseph, seven mcriths.
The hunted tenement was at Voa. 21 and 23 Mon
roe street, and win occupied by eleven Italian and
Hungarian families. Many women and children
were taken down ladders from the upper etories by
the. firemen, but the Salupo family, who occupied
rooms on the third floor, are thougnt .to have been
ruffocated before the flames reached them. Michael
Balupo. th" husband and father of the victims. Is
employed in Melon's mill, two blocks away. Me
arrived earl*- and n^hed Into the house. He was
bedlr burned, and the firemen had to hold him to
%ecp him from entering the building again.
•onrieeeS 42 Sun nets 27 ! Moon rises 12 :0fl Moon's age 21
% M.— Sandy Honk — iOov. Itlsnd 11 He.II Gate t:4» '
U -FafidvHook 12:<WOov. Island (Hell Gate j
'»»..; From. Line.
*Zulla . ""uracao. March 25 Red D
•Baltic .Queeastowa, Warch 28. ...White Star
■Samia Kingston, March 27 Hamb-Am
•K«en Cecllle Bermuda. April 1 ... Ilamb-Am
Comaarne Jacksonville, Marrh 31 Clyde
*Uiguria Gibraltar. February 27 Italian
Weimar Bremen. Marrh 20 N. G. Lloy£
Ce'lc „ Liverpool. March 23 White Star
El Monte Galveston. March 27 So Pacific
Horatio Para. March 22 Booth
City of Macon Savannah. April 1 Savannah
Huron Jacksonville. April 1 Clydu
'Merles Havana. April 2 ...Ward
•VeMlvta . . Ina«ua. Marrh 81 . ...Hamb-Am
•their Bremen. Marrh 24 ... . N G Lloyd
rufior Prince . . . Shield*. March 21 Prince
Ci at New Orleans. March 81. ...50 Pacific
•Utnbtia Liverpool. Marrh 30 Canard
•Kew Vnrk Southampton. March 3© . American
♦LeToijratne Havre. March 80 Fi-nch
•Manna St Oats. April 1 Quebec
Breflau.. Bremen. March 25 ....... .N Q Lloyd
Tornri'r. Hull. March 23 Wilson
fsatn'tma - Gibraltar. March 23 Barber
Lampasas Galvetton. March 31 Mallory
El Die. Oalveston. March 31 So Pacific
amttsVT. APRIL 7.
•X A Victoria ... ...Hamburg. March 30 Harnb-Am
Minneapolis London.. March 28 Atlantic-Trans
1r0qu0!«. ....' Jacksonville, April 4. Clyde.
El Fijtlt. Gajveatoa. April 1 So Paoßßc
•Brlnre man.
Vet«el For. Line Mail closes. sails.
La Lorraine, Hs^•T«. Frervh 7:Of»am 10:00 am
Esperarza Havana. Ward 0:00 am 12:00 m
Arlbstan. Argentine.. Norton 0-flfi a m 11:00 am
Grosser Kurfurrt. men. N G Lloyd. 10:00 a m
Kansas <"Itv. Sa\*mnnah. Savannah . 3:00 pm
SJcnroe. Norfolk. Old alien - — - 3:00 pm
El Monte. Oa,!vesinti. So Pacific. «,.... 3:00 pm
Vignarris. Nassau. 'vTard 12:00 ra 3:00 pm
Print Slgieniund. Jamaica. Hamb-Am 11:80 a m 2:Oopm
6el»don Argeri'lne. Am Rio Plata 12:00 m 3:00 pm
Hubert. Para. Booth 12<»m S:oopm
TkemUll. Pernaraburo. Brazilian l:iiOpm B:oi>pi:i
Comanche. Jacksonville, Clyde . 3:00 pm
Jamestown. Norfolk, Old Dominion . 8:00 pn.
X/sranla. Liverpool, Cunard 7:SO-am 11:00 a m
OeJUc. Southampton. American 6:3oam 12:00 m
Krronland. Ant wen-. Red Star.. 0:30 am UjMbb
Newton. Argent Lamp & Holt ... 4:oi<am »:3'<am
Berrr.udlsn. Bermuda, Quebec *:'>»aro I":'") an-.
Z'Jlla. Cwaeaa. Red V 8 3<»am 12:00 m
Coamo. sax. Juan. N V 4 P F ... f):00am 12:00 m
Honortus. ArgnrUae. Houston . . S :00 am 10:30 am
Korro certle. Havana. Wart 10:00 am 1:00 pm
fiarnla. Jamaica. Ha Tib At. 11:00 a m 2:00 pm
Blonlg Albert. Naples. M G Llryd ... 11:00 am
allnnetor.ka. LonrK.n. Atltntlc-Trans. . — 12:00 m
Graf VaMenee. Hamburg-. Hamb-Axn. 12:00 m
Le Bretacnfi Havre. French 10:00 am
Columbia. Gisagow Anrhor 2:uopm
El D!a. Qalve*ton. he Ptcjfip 3:oojm
El Rio. New Orteana. So Patifie . ... 3:(iO p m
Huron. Jprknonvlile Cijraa . 3:00 p aa
City of M»or.!». Savannah, Bavajm*b.. 3:00 ;m
Hamilton. Norfolk. Old Dominion. . . . 8:00 prr.
DaaOtvl a' d (*e»*<sr. Cifee tn New Tor*
Japan. '"'-Tea. CMaa, «nd FfciHpjia-.e i»i
- and* »vij, Seattle;— Vremout .Aprils. 6:00 pr:.
Hawaii. Japar. Core*. rklaa and Ph-l
ippine Ulaods 'via, San naactsoei-
H'.T.gki.r.g Mi v . .- .April 6. 12.30 a a
Jar i.n lee •:• pA.^-e.»-pt*t —I lisa.
Coca. China and Thlilpplna Islands
ivia Vancouver and '."Irtorla. S. U.I —
Eirj.-es< of Japan ..... *.pri: 10. 4:00 9 m
Japan.- dorm and Cfatoa »re-!a:i..- ad
•ivt-i only), (vis, Bea«'.e>— Shlnair
Han April 10, 6:00 prr.
Tahiti tri<l KarqueaM i;.ar..:s ;»•!» Ban
Francisco)— April 11, 12 30 a m
Japan. Cor* a, China and PMllrplne
■ Wlands 'via Tacoir.a)— Cyclop* .April 11. «:OO pin
Hat-all (via Fan r*rsnileie> tissaeie April 16. 12:30 am
Hawaii, laaata. Cnrea. China and Phil
ippine I*lan4> (vi» Pan Francisco) —
Korea April 1». 12:80 a m
Aurtralla 'except WertJ. Fiji I«lsr.as
and New Caledonia (specially ad
dressed mail for New Zealand *it* Sa
inaan laiamli. ■•■.a Vanrcuver acd Vic
toria. B. C.I April 30. «:00ptr.
Port of Hew York. Wednesday, April 3, 1907
Steamer Friedrlrj, der Grusce <Ger). Bleel;er. Naples
Bfa*'h 22 *nd RUmttsr 25. to O»lrichs & Co. with I*7
eahir and IMB saarraas) r>ase'-n»:eri> and m«i--» i-ri\
a !i ' Bar at 12:.'>0 » m.
Sfamai camnii ißrj, Pritrhard. Liverpool March 2r,
«*id Vu»en«own 27. Is the Cunard fs Co. Ltd, with 4Ti*
Cabin and 1.P.*3 «»<"»ia|r» paen-ngers and md»o. Arrived
at the Bat 11 l 13 r m
P"-»rrr Kaiser \Vj>,«!m li <<->!•>. Oupr>er». Premen
ana f-outhsmr'fr. March 27 sn<! Cherbourg 2S. to Oelrich*
• ' r . with «0* rtfcln and 743 steers** t.a««.-ne»t» mails
end mfl». Arrivrd at the Bar at .'• a m.
Steamer Hem, Olav iDsai. B«M. Oip»nhaa»n March
n. Inlanla 22 and Christ lenaaad 23. to -.-r.cr. Edye
*/"•/ "• »'l* IF2 cabin ar.d 1.183 Hteera*e t>SKS«-ng>ni and
mdM-. Arrived at th» Bar at 1:30 a m
Steamer Purley iRr.. Parker. narry Marrh 10 xn<l
T)e:««are Breakwater April 2. to Howard H Binei R wat
* c,. in ballact. Arrived at the Bo- at »M a m
Steamer Thehna «Nor). Kaeniprjord. Klpe Hay March
i/.v" i° hn BB 1V«1 V « with cedar * rA mahr^ar.-. Arrival
at Mrs Bar »• 1:18 a it).
f-teemer r«ir .i»r ( . dark*. Liverpool March 23. ♦<» the
':,''* Pur *•■''"■ with md »* Arrived at the Bar ; .t
Wl*£ H T F "• . - - -
S«e»n»r Biienr,* Aires BSJSbM. Ai<lamlr. Vem Cru r |
aisrrh » and Havana 2ft. to the r p»r.!« TraMt- I
lantjra. »i,i, K3 ci M n and **, steerage pamenge and
Wd«e Arr!\e»l at the Bar a? 7:4?> am.
■ Ft»amer Kronprlnr-iertn Orill. <G«>rt. Ruarh. Bermuda
Apnri, to the Hamburg- American Line, with 21S rahln
ra»<T.cerp. Arrived at th- Bar at 10:10 a m.
Steamer Rotterdam <Dutf:hi. Iloy»»eri. Rotterdam March
81;- to Philip Ruprecht. in halla*« Arrived at the Bar
at i'»;3*> a m.
Steamer .l*fTer»<-,n. Dsea Newport N»wr and Norfolk to
the Old I>omtnlon Stramnhln Co with ri^'-nt'rj and
mdcc Vess...i lr r> n dy Hook at 2.40 | m.
St*itrn»T Kan Jarintn. F.van*. Oelv^ton Man* f. and
Key tt«-*t 80. to the Mallory Meamehlp Co. with •. ) s:-.--i a -
e»rs and md»». Passed in Quarantine r.t 7 2.'. a m
*=»e«nier Pawnee. Rich. Philadelphia, to the Clyde
Btjam»hip IV with mdse. Passed in O^arontin- 6 t
••...I p n>. ■ ■
►'"»™t <arili. Inirram. Oorfretrwn. S C March 26
and Wilmington, N c. 3ft. to the Clyde ?. Co." with mdj-e
Is <^iaren':i:'- at *;52 r m.
J*'ean: Seneca. rt'Keefe. Newport News sad Norfolk
"* .the i>ld Dnmlnlnn Ps Co with rau'er.ST* and mil*e
In Quarantine at B:M p rr. '
Steamer I»lnnamare <Ital>. P»rtc«. Messina Fehruarv 22
Plfsan March I. Catania 4. M-mtna 7 and Pa'-eroo 1«. to
HlrtH. F.lttrann &■ Or, with mds*. Arrived at th» Bar at
G r« m.
Steamer <v»*-*n '«" lBr». Marr. Guantanamo M*rch
2U «n«1 Kantiag.. tStk. to W D Munson. with ndse
Arrj\-»-<l m the IJar tt.l:M n m.
Sanity Hock. N. .1. April 3. !>:Wi p. m -Wind couth-
Mr v < lire»«e; clear.
■An :
FWamer* finance. Colon: Wells City <Rr.. Ilrl«;ol- Ten
r»on «Ur«. BahU. Rio Janeiro, etc; Roma <Tri Vai->»: ;
Vumuri U'ubati*. ••aantar.amo. Santiag-.. etr. Hamilton
Norfolk end Newj.ort News-. Baa Mar. is (ialvntnn'
Norrdum <t>utrbt. Rotti-r.iam via Boulogne; Teutonic
<Br». IJverr-K.I via Quwnitoirn: Astoria inn. Glasgow
Fan L *' Pbilad-lpbia snd RTfton; Ask (iMrj Bars— a;
•take, iCrfrt. iv>rt Antonio; Llesri'r. Pert Ai-thur- l-r»
t»ur. New «ir:<«r!i.-. «'onraelo <ni». Hull; Yumuri <c'ub-n>
Guantanomo. Santiago, M. ; El None. Galveston- *l«r>n
<l«jin, ci.i,:-.«.ii-r. anj Jacksonville; l*orto Rico. Paltimor*.
Usard. April 3, Paw>»d. steamer La Provence <Fr.
A!t«. New Tork t"T Havre.
Q»*easjageii. April 2. » p m— Arrived, steamer c y- Tlet
K»n IDaai Thomsen. New York via Chrlntian»and
IU^V, A p^ri^n. ni Ne t w-^* d - " W ~ r '* G "" ) « ne
Q«eeas*.o«n. April J. 4«t a m— Arrived, steamer Oceanic
fl^Ostnew.. Kew Y ° rk for Liverpool^ndT 7-"'
Alcoa Uay. April I— Arrived, steamer Clan Madntrra
. 4JJr). Wr,}s»» Tork tit cape Town. -»««-««r»
lUecr.. Ajirtl 3~Arrtv*d rf.revlous: . steamer **-*
K^iV etc*"" 1 - - N ' W T ° rk VU Aden - ««WoriY hSS
Australian fort. April S— Arrived r*evi3U»ly at,.-,.. »_
veran «nn. Marshall. New Vofk »£ * V,n"nT C v"
for Mellx«im». Sydney, etc "*"■ *- • ■
Adelaide. April a— Arrived, «teamer Invertar n*ri »«■«*.
•"^^^i^SSe/** 11^ *»— ■* ■«.
•^^^•^^^^Sar^^^-,^ »^-
J O rfl-N^w V y 1 orl?. te ' mer "-•— • <Ger
B e "«erTsSu* Sl— Arrived, steamer Statla. <Br). niads.
"""'JH. fttl, - 8 P a-^ArrlTea. rteamers Kronnriaz
Z. i *'l}2 <Cr - r i- nfc*"- **« Tork vu PlyiSon^rand
QjSl»iaT; 84, « a tn. Chemnitz <Ocr). Sachartaa,
Lcri «.. Aairt^B— Arrttead. etftaaer Mlraehaha CBr). Itci
r*ra. 2— Eall-a. %£* ***"""■" COr). Casey.
New York. April 3. 1907.
Beans. whit*, bbls.. ««2: Grease, plcgs 254
Flour bbls... 4.5f«>! Hutter. pkgs 5.158
Flour, sack. 33.555. Cheese, pkgs 808
Cornmea). hbls 200; Erg*, cases 25.308
Cornmeal. bags 3.*X>;Dres»e.l poultry, pkgs 3.003
Wheat, bush 21.0 0 Live poultry crates. . 255
Com bush SS.yoO Oranges <Cal> cases.. - 800
Oats' hash. 63,000; Apple*, bbls. 6.650
Peas bush 800; Potatoes, bh!s 9.825
Buckwheat, I bush .... 015 Onions. pkg» 2,T«0
Barley, bush... n.2"1»K.-i^. bbls 1M
Malt h.u*h 'X"! Tar. bbls.. - £•&
Rice' ki. ■:::: ■ ? X.v*> Ollake. pfces 2.2-'iO
Hay tons ... .... 2.010 Ollmcal. bag ««3
! Straw ton".;!.; *>' Oleo stock, pkgs 756
i Mlllfeed. tons 213 ; Peanuts, bags 1.4,5
i Hops bale* 137 j Tobacco, hhds 175
I f:»«»h. bush . S.OUO Tobacco, tierces 75
Beef canned) cases. AW Tobacco, pkgs 1.025
I Pork. bHs 2«5 ' Whiskey bbl. 274
Hams 1 k£s ... 24 latle. bales o^- 1
! „*"'• *^, «vtton. bale* B,7'>"
cst mci ts pkg!. •*• rottoneaed oil. bbls... 420
Tongues, bbl. 5 ! Copper pieces 0.625
Lard. tier-es Lead, pica -£*■
Lard k<gs ■■ 4.060 Hides, bdls 'W
Tallow /kg. : .... Wine <Cal>. bbls 875
Soap «ock. pkg..-.. •
TTheet hush ■ 7* 21« 'Reflne.l pet. gals... 545.f140
?o^ 8t bu b .h* h :::::.: iks7»Naphth». gai. 44.«£
Oats hush 8.4.V) Gasolene pals 2.000
Peas bu«h 30! Cottonseed oil. gals. 91800
Heann. i...sh I!::::. *►> Lubrlcatln, oil. gals 514.450
Flour, tb's 5.065 Pork, bbls 245
Flour, sac*. 22 44.-. Bret l.bls M
Commeal. bb15..,.. Beef. tea. ,-• £5
Bran, ft 8.«M0 Bacon, H. I< *l»m
Grass seed. bags. . • }« " at " s - J" 1 , S.«m
Hay. bales IN UN. n> l,l»*4.zrH»
H?ri bale. lO4!S.earlne. Th 12>».'iO'>
oiimeai ha rb": ::::::: mi»T.no». Ib 75.000
Oilcake, It.: 3.131. ; Crease, lb 370 000
Spirits turp gals.. 17.170 Butter. Th 1.000
Rosin, bbls 40! Cheese. rb 48.820
Iron Nor Me) 1 fi3y.s3s 75 | Cotton, n-.lddling ... 10.95
iron! 80. No 2 soft . . 21 M • Coffee. No 7 Ri0. . ... 7
Steel rails 2S O0 'Sugar, granulated . 4. <«»
Tin SB 7* I Molasses. OK. prime 45
Exchange lead . .... 0 « ' r.eef. faml.y $14 75
Like copper Ingots. . 24 7. > 1 Reef hams 25 0"
Spelter <"> W> iTallow. prime C.\
Wheat No 2 red ... W-i Perk, mess .. 17 f"H
Corn Vo 2 miK«d.. 51\ H..— . dr»fspd, IfiO n>. »V,
Oats 26 to 32 Hi 4<l I Lard, prime 925
Flo'ir. Mils. r»tents 435 i
New York. April 3. 1007-
COFFEE coffee market continued stcadv to
day and prices worked a little h'gher on a moderate
demand in the absence or important offerings. The open-
Ing was steady at an advance of 5 prints. Prices rul-d
about unchanged to 5 points higher during the middle
ees^ion. but stiffened up before the. close, which was
quiet at a net advance of 6010 point! Sales for the
day were report or 30.289 bays. There was no spe.-'a:
news to accattAt for the advancing tendency of the
market, which many trader* are therefore Inclined to
think marks the practical completion of Wall Street
liquidation and the covering of scattering shorts. There
was some switching during the day. which suggested
evening up of the May opt en, but the advantage was ,
entirely with the nearby long Interest, who got the I
later month* at a slight discount, and If there is any I
weak long Interest in May the fact that that position
commands a premium does not look like It. On the i
other hand. If there were a large unprotected short In- .
terest !t wculd seem pretty nearly lime, for the fact to |
show In the dally operations, as the Brat May notice day I
1s at the end of the current month, and the deduction :
would seem to he. that the outstanding May Interest is ;
between large operators who may perhaps Intend stand- •
irir on their -position. Private cab'es from Havre said J
that an Increase of 2T5.00i> bags hi th« world's visible
supply of coffee for th« month of March had been dl»- 1
counted, and the French market was *i franc higher.
Of the Brazilian markets. Ki-> was unchanged and Santos .
was BO re!s lower Receipts continued on about the
recent scale. The market for spot coffee was quiet, with I
quotations on the basis of Ie for Rio No 7
The large of contract prices in the local market to-day j
was as follows: ,
. Opening. High. Low. Close. d»y.
April ... . — — — S.fOff.VW 5.75 .
May . ... SSO 5.&5 BSO O.SOgfi S5 575
June ' — — — 5.7055 75 5«5
July — — — 5.7.>©5.75 *.«B
\ugust :.*... — — — •-70*5.711 fittO
f*»ptemher ... . ". 5.70 5.70 570 n.70<?5.75 5.«0
October 575 5.75 5.75 5.7005.78 S.<s» .
November — - — 6.70W5.7S 6.«
December 5.75 5.75 5.70 5 7005 75 5.65'
January - - - »■»?»» B.W
February . — — — 5.7505 W 5.0;
March ... .V«> 5.50 5.R0 B.aOtJS-tO 6.75:
COTTON— Aftor * very quiet tnd comparatively feat
i all as early se^s!. n. he cotton market became much '
firmer late ta-day and advanced quite sharply on an ;
Increased demani. The close was firm at a net advance
of 11 to IS points. Sales f<r the day were estimated at
73 ftOO bales, the bulk of the buslneas being In the last
-cur. The opening was stead* at 'jnchan«e.d prices to an ,
id' tnc» of 2 point*, which was about In Hn-> with feature- |
>-<i rabies. Tb«ra •»•-• report! •' frost in the. Eastern 1
b«!t. but the low temperatures seemed to arouse no appre- i
iiinslon 04 to th« prospect for the n»w crop and warmer !
TnathfT m predicted frr the following day Receipts •
••ie runntnjr smaller, however, ar.d the etendlness shown .
by the market In the face of a beailsh construction of
new crop news started som* covering b> scattering shirts, '
■«hlch held the market about steady during toe early lies- 1
*lon. Hepcrtß that govern rr.fnt experiments with seed .
bad resulted in showing that the seed used for the present j
crop was lefts fertile than that of the previous year may '
hay* helped the market o some extent. b>it fear of bull I
manipulation, now • that receipts ar> falllnir batoer last ;
year* rirures. seemed a more general cause of 'the ad- I
.n.» The buying nf»r the cloi>e. which sent 1 rices to |
"> n«r advance of 11 to I*l p->int« caiiie through » promt- 1
r.ent Ire house. mi was,heile%ad, to be. toy a Urge St. j
I-ou:s concern. The last irlr*» wf-r« at practically trie :
•<st of -vie saswtoa — Southern spot markets were -in .
rnattg*4 to He lower and generaj'j quiet liverpool van
JoM »!>rut as expecteii and private cablet reported a
practically f#eture!eas market. Further reports were re :
reived tending to snow that the drouth In the So-ithwe.«» 1
had b«en thoroughly broken, but one" travelling man
rote his firm that the precipitation hod really accom ;
pushed lltt!« good.
The rang- of contract price* to the local market to-lay I
was as follows: _ .. ;,. - •
Tatter '
Open High. Low. Close. on- :
April — ~ ._■ o 3i« A..13 024 i
May 9.2<j 083 ft 87 ' „ , 2: , 0.33 ft ,;u
"«u« — ' — — 8 raj 57 «.41 '
July 9.44 9.60 r>. 43 9 st»a 9 *Vi 9*4'
4 ue;u»t - _ _ »<.-J5J»64 ».4JI '
September '.<'-2 0.64 •.32 i> »»»^ '.» 67. ft. 53 ,
October ... 0 V. U Hi \> T2 »• *^c 8 87 9 74
November ,'. — — ' — ■ •.•-«;/ •> 01 H7?
December . ?S3 • '■' ■> CM- <t Mia u94 »»2 •
January . t>.M 1011 0 i«7 in l«j'.j 1" 11 V •.'» !
February . — . _— — 10 14S10 lfi 1003 \
March . — — — _$. lO.Oi '.
The local market for spot cotton was steady.
with prices 5 points higher, st 105.5 for middling up
land and 11 20?" for middling O«M Southern spot mar
ket, were telegraphed as . follows: Mobile nominal, un
changed to 10-* c; tales. SO bales. Savannah quiet ','•.
;.»v»ei at 10Uc; sales. 444 balea. Charleston firm, un
changed at 10'« c. Norfolk dull, unchanged at lie; aalee. !
SCO l*les. Baltimore nominal, lac lower at 10 7 *'- fVttle
ltock quiet. •„■ lower at 10V =t. Louis dull, an I
chang^■i at 10^c; sales. 21* bales. Galveston firm, an '
changed at 10 1* lHo; sales. 100 balet). New Orleans I
steady, hanged at 10Vkc; sales. 1.U50 bales VTHmtng
tcn steady, unchanged at loHc. Memphis steady,' j
uncharged. a' 10'ic, sales. 1.800 baUs. Hous- ;
ton rtcady. unchanged st li>\<~: sates. 20 bales. Esti- \
mated receipts of cotton «t leading points for Thursday:
At Hourton. k.'ix* to 4,500 bales, asainst 3.120 bales last I
week an.: IJJBI bales lan year; at fialveston. 4.000 tc» i
tUKXi bales, against 12 1«2 balsa last week and 4.25R bales '
iasi year, anj at New Orleans. 2,M\ to 9.500 bal<-s, against
i.ltt ales last week and 4.4:0 balea laet year.
Cotton Kxchange . special Liverpool cables— spot cotton
quiet and unchanged: sales. fi.tiOi) bales; specutatloa and
export. 50ft; American, ft.<««»: receipts, 4W.UHO; American.
M.<MO; middling upland. .VUOi; futures opened quiet, l.i
lower on near, and 2d lower r.n far: cloned quiet at a j
net decline of V<M? points March. 5.54' id; March- April.
UN; April-May. !i.52 l 4d: Ma>-.iune and June July, !
I.HM; July-August. rtV.S«Hrd; August -fSeptember, 5.4!td; I
Septe"mli»-r-Octol«-r. .*> 4Hrt . November and Novem
ber-December, 5.47 Wd: IJ<v^«mber-J<iniiary. S4!'Vl. Janu
ary-February. !t.W/~'i. Manchester — Yarns move slowly; 1
cioths o'jjet and un<hanc«d. ■" ' ;
FLOIR A.M. MDAI^-There was a moderate trade In
flour to-day, consisting , icily of fancy and country spring |
patents. Kansas flnara and w'nter low grades. No change ■
In quotatirns. Rjre flour also In fair demand at steady
price?. Th» following are pricea quoted on the New York
Produce Exchange: spring patents. $4 10354{15; winter !
straights. ISaSCfSSO; winter patents. «:•, .!(».;is.l sr. . spring •
dear*. *3 3o«is.'< 70: extra No 1 winter. t2t*o9S3; extra
So 2 winter. *2 t'J SK». RYE FLOUR— Steady. Quoted: I
Fair to goad PC4KIW; choice to fa nc>-. $305014 2". '
i*>RNMBAIi Quoted: Kin dried. $2 Ci<?s2 75. as '.
to brer.d. BAQMEALr-Quiei. Quoted: Fine white and '
yel'.ow. *1 SO; coarse. $1 4M#fl 111. FEED— AVestfrn dull. I
city stead) (tuoied: Western spring. $23 30; standard mid- ,
dltng. $2-1 25: fliur do, $2400; red dog. B2BM. all prompt
kbiptnent; city bran. «-.'2 r«<> bulk $24 nO9«2i sacks; mla- I
.lling. si 1 :; :j.-(j*lt. red dog. • $2U: hominy chop. $2175 |
bulk. 12208 •!• U. ollmeal. tS»
GRAIN — WHEAT— In face of numerous bullish reports
from the South It was found rather difficult to suKtain :
wheat prices to-<; a owing largely to liquidation c,f May. .
under which that option broke i^ff.% r r ft«. r the opening. '■
1 The demand for May from shorts' was supplied by com- I
; .nlsislon horses, who In the afternoon c< id on predictions j
, for rain in parts of the Southwest, »her.- It has be«n very J
1 dry in the last few days, with high wlr.ds. The character '
•f the .-r. -;, advices was very similar to that which has
prevailed for the last few neck*. .Hugs were reported «a
far north es <> ntral Kansas, ard In some, of the largest ■
producing f€ unties in that state were said to be doing
i.u.-h damage In addition there were complaints of win
•t killing from Ohio Valley states, nulls a'so mads
claims that «<■•. ding In the Northwest would be from two ,
to three weeks late thla spring. A feature of Interest
early was the OhH state rei-rt. giving April condition es 1
*7 against !M in I>cember and 101 a year ago. Th« .juan ■
lily 111 farm nan's was reported to be «.500 000 bush corn- •
pared with 15.000.000 by the government In March.
There was not much change in foreign markets outside
of an advance of 22 l«cl «c per bush In April wheat at Buda- '
pest, said to be Influenced by fears of light receipts, owing
to the peasant uprising llroomliall also csb'i-d that Rus
sian weather was favorable for eprlnr s.ei«ng but that
arrivals nt ports were very small and storks decreasing.
Report* from M;me«To:is. I rsld-s net ng a »roo-l .!e;nand
for ca*h wheat, said the rate on flour ehlpments to the
rjulf WCQId l»- refuel at the end of the month, tending to
help alias. In fact. sorr.« reports Intimated that «!rendy
'.he flour business 110 there waa better than the trade had
b«en l«l to believe. After holding fairly steady rno*t of
the day. new crop positions In the last hc«ir ' eased off
with May. «nd at the Ho*., the who* market here wan
«»S*»c net lower. The casli mark*! In K«w York closed
a* follows: No 2 red «!'.c elevati r ard S3 We fob afloat:
No I Northern '?"'«'"• *»» l»'-.l »'-. and No 2 bard winter. Kt%e
f o,b afloat. CORN— market for corn was similar to
*-heat in that May showed relative weakness alt day. be
in* at the close here He under the previous tilrht' whereas
July mas >,c hither. In the -*"e»t the conditions were
much the same. lat« month* petting vupnort from bu'l In
terests who were selling the May. While recrlpte nt Chi •
• ago d'd not n'ec t expectatl r*. the Interior figures being
nsrtly fcr two «•>■». - koked large, and estlmatea for Thu->
day we.-. Hheral. Uverpoo] was up »»d m fears of con
tinued llrtt Dan uhlan sl-.ipmer.U. Acer Ming to th* Ohio
State report the condition cT corn in crib* Is 0.1. against
96 last year. rxT»rters took !•> loads. The cash market
we» steidy. cloning as follows: No 2 corn. Me elevaUr and
M»*e fob afloat; No 2 white. 54Hc. and No 2 yellow.
B2c fob afloif. OATS— Onenlnc "4e higher at 42T»c.
May oat* In Chicago declined to 42<*e under liquidation,
whereas July sold only He under the close of Monday,
while September at one time w%<« He higher, rash oats In
SVS V 1.7" CJ? < * d .V fo »°*«: Mixed. »to S3 Tb. 4«c: natu-
If 1 4SBS*\s? to M *'V*9e. and clipped white. 38 to 40
>b. 4KvS2V]<>.
Wheat: Opening. Ilirt. ly,^. c«se. Y "*rt'v~
M "r' :::::::;: sa 8?? '£ h - S' 4 Rs«i
July-. «— SSvi.. CTiti . i 3 SOY
September ... 11-16 S* 11-18 S8 »-T« 88H S6H
Com— .. . _ _ - 63% *■ ■'_„.
July — - - 54 53%
METALS— TIN— The London tin market was very weak.
with spot closing at £183 and futures at £181. or about
£2 15" lower. The local market was weak In conse
quence, with spot quoted at 39.30&40 c. COPPER was
apparently demoralized In the London market, under
what was supposed to be liquidation by speculative hold
ers and second hands. Spot closed at £81 15s. or £5 Bs
lower, and futures declined {5 10s. to £93 10s. Locally
the market was unsettled and nominally lower, with lake
quoted at 24.50f325c. electrolytic at 24®24.50c and casting
at 23023.50 c. It Is said that the large producers are not
meeting the decline. LEAD closed at £19 12» fid In Lon
don and was a little easier In the local market, at 69
6.20 c. SPELTER was unchanged at £2« In London, but
declined to o.7S#fi.N»e locally IRON was higher abroad,
with standard foundry quoted at Ms "J and Cleveland
warrants at 53s 74d. Locally the market was un
changed. No 2 foundry Northern Is quoted at $24 It®
$25 75. The market for p'g Iron certificates at the Pro
duce Exchange wai> dull and featureless at unchanged
prices. No sale*. Standard foundry grades are quoted
as follows: Cash. $22 26. April. f22 and $21 SO. all bid;
June. $22; July, $21 50. and October. $21, asked.
MOLASSES AN!) SYRUPS — Bnrtne*! for the day was
moderately active In both molasses and syrups, with the
market, however, firm. Quotations follow: MOLASSES.
New Orleans, centrifugal, common. ir>®2oc; fair. 210*3°;
good. 27<U29e; prime. 30053 c; New Orleans, open kettle.
S794*c; SYR ITS. common. 13£fHc: fair, [email protected]; good.
[email protected]; prime. [email protected]?: fancy. 24C28&
OIL* — I'ottonaeM oil »i- firm ami generally higher to
day on export demand, small local stocks and limited of
fering*. Trading was more active, i Sales: 1.000 bbls
April 44*.c: 200 May. 44>.«@44%c; I.(XX» July. 43 L ««
43'ic: 300 September. 42'i{?-53c: 1.000 October. 3a •*«.-.
There wa> a switch of 900 bbla May to July at lc dif
ference. Refined petroleum was unchanged. I.lnseed ol»
continues In steady demand at recent jrlrrs We quote:
PETROLEUM, jtar.dard white, bbls. B.2i">c. bulk 4.7..c:
Philadelphia, S 15c bulk 4-TBc; refined esses. New York.
1O.«5c: Philadelphia. 10. We; water white, New York.
bhls. laSOe bulk t.TSe; Philadelphia, 10.15 c. bulk «.70c:
water white caaea. New York. l*.«Wc; Philadelphia.
IS.«Oc COTTONSEED Oily— Prime crude, fob mills.
Me nomlnnl: prime summer yellow, spot, 4r» l ie: Arrll.
4Mt4«c; Hay 44^iJ4Si»: July. 43Vi«44c; September. 4319
43'tc: October. r.it'iXi'?,- ; December 33 '4 (g 30 Vic; off rum
mer yellow. April. 42C43c: jrcod off summer yellow. 44 a
@»4c; prime white. r.ftjlf.2c: prim* winter yellow. DM,
LINSEED Oll^— American seed, city raw. 42».43c: or
town raw «I«J4Sc: Calcutta raw. We: lard nil. 77« '«•>■■
PROVISIONS— The market for provisions operie.l
steady but soon came under prfr^iiro from commlsfioti
houses and small packers. This forced price* down from
.'. to IS points an.l the market closed barely steady SI
a slight advance from lowest point. Chicago rr * ce^' 5
were 23.0w> hogs, and the yard market 5 a 10c hicner.
estimated for Thursday. 27.0'i0; Kansas City "£?»»*
13.U0U and Omaha. 5.000: the West Retting <>7,<Hit».
PORK quiet; quoted- Mess. $17 Bo<Btlß 2.'.; family $I.';
short clear. $17 754M19 25. REEF steady; quoted: Mess,
*».V>©|lo; family. [email protected]; packet. $10 ( l$ll: extra
India me.*. »30«»21. BEEF HAMS steady: quoted. $.4
«*2« DRESSED HOGS firm, quoted: HacOns, «%c; IN>
lb ■ ttc; lfi<> lb. "'•''. 140 ft. »'ic; plus. »%Bi»*c. UT
MEATS— Pickled bellies quiet: quoted: Sm to;. 11 i«
12e in Tb lie; 12 lb. 10%«10%e; 14 «>. lOHc Pickled
ram» qul« qu.ted. ll'[email protected] TALLOW dull; city.
<&"; country. SH«To LARD dull: quoted: Middle West
ern prime. 0 20^9. 30c: city bird steady; < l , t t l L M \o_ r ,t"
fine. Tlar.l steady: quoted: South America. 10 25c; '•"''-
Sen? 9 00c: Brazil kegs. 11.26 c; compound steady.
quoted s^-.i< r -». STBARINE steady; quoted: Oleo. OV4
ir c .»">c- city lard stearl.ne. 10'tc.
nicß— A firm undertone was Cotcd at home and pri
mary markets, with good distribution and rather mod
erate offerings. Quotations follow: Domestic. screenings.
2%eSWc; second heads. :{'»«.'».■: choice heads. 4>»«jc.
fancy heads &4©S%c; extra fancy heads. 6««<4e; Japan
domotlc, 3=W«4\c; Patna 3*©s*c; . Java. 4^aov,c;
Rangoon In bond '.>. >lljc.1 I jc. ■
gIOAIt -Although (he market for refined sugar
was firm, business was quiet and prices unchanged.
The following arc- list prices, subject to a rebate of
10 uointo and a discount of 1 per cent for rash. seven
days- Crystal dominoes. 0.0.1 c; Eagle tablets, 6.»0c;
cut loaf and crushed. :. 40c; mould A. ».05c: cube*.
Eagle .'-tb bags powdered and Eagle confectioner*
granulated. 4l>sc; XXXX powdered. 4.85 c; powdered,
coarse • powdered and fruit powdered and Eagle
coarse and extra fine granulated 4 SOc: Eagle '--ro
cartons of fine granulated. 4.00 c; 2-tb bags do.
•c 3H"-Tb bags do, 4.»5c; 5-tb bags do. 4f»oc;
10-Tb bags do. 4.5.1C-. Eagle fine or standard
granulated and diamond A. 4.70 c; 25 and .lOrb
ba«r» of fine granulated. 4.75 c: confectioners' a
and No 1. 4.50 c; Nos 2 and 3. 4 «."■<•. No 4. 440 c; No
5. 4.35e: No 6. 4.30 c; No 7. 4 2.V . No «. 4 20,-; No ».
4 1.',.- No 10. 4.05 c: No 11. 4c. No 12. 3.00 c; No 13.
:ii.,-. Nos 14. 15 and 10. 3.«5c. The London market
for e-jtrar beets was fat and lower at 0s 2'« d for
April Hrid May. Owing to moderate offerlnßS. the
local market waa firm for raws, although refiners were
not urgently In need of supplies, as their recent pur
chases gave them considerable stick for nearby melt-
Ings. Duty paid prices were as follows: Centrifugal.
f»ts test. :»01c: muscavado, 89 teat, 1.1103.MC, and
molasses sugar, Ml» test. 2.8A02.ft1c Meitlngn at United
Btatea ports for the week are 34.000 tons, contrasted
with 40.000 week before and 53.000 last year. Total
stock Is Jf.2.3:il tons, compared with 237. CM week
before and 24«,31* last year. Receipts were 3H.705
tons, against 33.125 week before and 6*.1 4 same time
last year.
Nfw York. April 3. 1907.
BEJANS AND PEAS— Trade ras continued very HkM
*n,: market weak, though holders r;»v»- b*en reluctant to
-Mire selling prices as II va> n^t though' demaad wou'4
bo rtlmuinTr i to any f*t«nt. Strictly cfcoiCS marrow ore
he:<i at $2tj}2<>s rat- holler* asking more than iuot»d
for medium pea have ea«e<i off to $1 42'.siHl ■••"■ with. -one
Ml* down to fl 4'). Very little Intercut In white kidney]
chore hell etealv H lac it turtle soup and yellow "•>•
dull and weak ''allfornia lima also 'a^k strength. RM
kliney have, had » v«ry light export business. and. while
strictly ••hoi'-* Generally held at $2 20, one sale reported
at ar..->ut (2 13. Scotch peas continue .car.* and firm.
We quota: BEANS, marrow, choice, per bath $23?2W;
■1 ; ' common to pood SI .waft 00; flo medium. choice.
II 45: da i'«. choice. SI 42 1 **??! 43: do white kldn^v.
#2 7r.3J2«f.. lo rel kWnev, ti'Jo da M»rk turtle «ojp.
$2: Jo yellow eve, «1 M 1O1 O lima. California. 9*. <»KFK.N
PEAS. Scotch. ISO*. $1 TO^»1 "5.
BUTTER — Receipts to-<!ay. S.IM skga Fine to fancy
frc*ta creamery I* during up sstlsfact rll> et st«a.ty
prlcea Srnie sun of defective jron3». sSirtory holds
firm, with a inotterat* demand. Rexovated la not active,
but receipts »t-- light and price* are full* «•;»•. i ■: 1.
We quote: Creamery, extra*. per Ib 50'? 931 c (Slercan
til» Exchange, official luotatlon. extras. *>ci; ttj flrr,t».
;*tT.n<v rtn f»cc.tl«. 2«©2Tc; <«o thirls. 12324-. do held
exlr»». :;■>•. .••,, firsts. 27<T3S< do aeconda. 230H do
•>-fr.i!« 21'iU."'-: ftarif- dairy Mi?.. fresh. fln>-»t. 28929 c;
do good to prone, Mfl«; lo common to fair. 21R24<-;
Western Im tai'.on creamery, »itra». 2<;t?2Tc: do fir«?«.
2.VJC4r renovated, extra?. 2.V; do Jlr»t». 22f124<v .< 1
■afondk iMfiOc. <16 tMrila. l(;9lTc ; Wntl m factoryj
rr«t». 2140; do neror.ds. »> L sfj2lc. do third*. 10991 .
1.a.-»in« stock. ■ No 2. li»*|au do No 3. 17519 c;
<'Hl-;ESK — lUcerM* t'.-day. .".'»« ooxe! The current re
ceipt* continue light and while Mailing I* moderate, at til
atom as much 'iriinK as could naturally be expected In
view of the compafmtlv^ty light ramainlns at ati nrsd !lrm
views of hrldrra. A few factorl«s have "t.-irted up In
boom section* many will be«in operations by the l&th
Bmail acatterlng teta of n»»- che«-»e will com* forward In
th« near future. i>u> no quantlry expected far i :nonth or
•ix week* to name, itnd It will be longer titan that before
fitiahty will shew attractive enough to Interfeie with the
<!?:r.and for !)!«• "!'l cheee*. F^x.vrt deimnd !-. still lim
it Mby the rlrmnees of hnlier* Uve.rpool caMe: Finest
<"arn<Uan. fl"s fer i ■:''. and 68e for white. We <iui>t^-
Ptute, 'ill cr:«m. colored and white. »mall, Beptembe>t
f.ir.cy.' 13c; do October, beat, 14314 v »c; .1 , «.k..i to prime,
185ri3'»c: do winter vi*' 1 '- «v i iff beat l- ; ir. An itirse.
Beptpmbrr. faiicj IT.c; do October, he»< itiiUV do » .»l
to prlrr.*. 12VO13'»c; do Inferior, llH©l2Hc; llatit »klnia,
Jl^c; half Pklms, beet l«V»eK»'4e: do part fjtlmr. prime.
HViOlic: do fair to f.rx-d. Tw»c; do common, 4 ■.•■:<•■■'.••■ do
full "klms. 24J3c.
r: >O8 — Receipts t'•^-<la\. 25 30S rj«.-i Arrival* eontln
ued ver>' heavy nrd there la a large surplus. Really fine
good*, fairly well to closely grided rre held firmly, and
the surplus of these Is going to »tora««: rlit tr- and lower
qualltie* are urs>-ntly offered nn«J r>rl<-«i show wile range
We qucte: State, Pennsylvania ani nearby, selected]
white, fr.ncy, Me: do choloa, lKOls^c; do brown an.l
mixed extra. ISOXSHe do flrrts to extra firsts. I'iSir
17Vic; Western selected. eteraf* packing, ifc; do regu
lar packings, extra firsts, l7^J7Hc: d o firsts. l«^jffir,*«c
lorlli-liil quotation for fresh slithered firsts HiSliiV , do
Western.- seconds, ISHt^ifc; Kentucky and Tennessee,
irraded. ftnert. ifiUJJUJ'-r' 1 , do «'■ •!•;»*» it!iti» packings.
lflr: do Sentnem. poor to fair. UHtflSHt; dirties, u-f
ir..-. chock.-. lO(f?14f; duck ftx*. ISOJSc cooea egfa. 4i>»
60e. '
FRUITS — FRF.Kll— Apples m fp.lr demand at former
prices. Cranberries held steady, .-st/awt^erries hl(lier for
be»t grades. Oranges In actl.c demand and ttrm. rine ■
applea st>ady. We quote: APPLES, Borne Beauty, pet
doublehead bbl. ti!>o4M; do Bpltzenbers Klnjj and
Noithein Ppy, |2BOOSB 50; dr. <Jan./. $2 Bo f«H7S; do ItaM
win. $2iffJ3; do Pen Uavte. $2if|J 73: do i'ii-~-n.ng Jsafl
PSO; do common. HOIS; CRANBERRIES, Cape Cod
per bbl. I3OSS; do per crate. $1 7(»^<2; do Jersey, per bill,
MttVSi do per crate. TBe#sl 30; BTRAWHERRIUH
«'harlesti>n. refrlcerators, per quart, I.'VS-V.V- do Klond*
refn^eraUr. per quart. r.<?l3c; do open crates, p«r <|i.att'
3#lßc; ORANGES. Indian River, per box S22sAtfi do
other Florida, $1 238(200; do Porto Rico. *1 .M:^is;: .),,
(aUfornla. $1 SOfrN 50; GRAPEFRUIT, Florida. t er box
$1 R«»ass: I^BMONS. <.'allfor:ila per box t3<H»9|3: PINB
Ar'l'f.KS. Florida, per crate. 12094.00; do <'üban. $^Ct4
HOl'S*— Off ?r!fna;s continue liberal on the Pacific Coast,
mil! there Is still «-on»ld.'rabl» quantities untold In nr»t
hands In Oregon, Washington and rallforata Mail m!
vtrea continue to report weather favorable tor C"<"1 erupt
the aiming season. In this state trading has ■< ■:i ve;y
llsrlH. an) very little is doing In th" |, H al market We
quote: Btat-! IS«« choice, per rb. n«l«c; do midmm to
prime. lS^l^c: •:■> f>'-. 7«Wtc; IM-l'i Coast.. ;!». „,,,;,...
iS<|l4c: do pilme, f.'diif. do madlum. 10c; do ••>!.•.. HSIUc'
, H>i;i,TßY— AUVK— Receipts to day. 10 cars by fiel^ht
and about 1 car scattering lots by express. Only S7 cars
by freight have been unloaded so far this week, which
quant ly has hardly heen sutiirlenc ff.r the w&nts of the
second Hebrew Passover holl.**ys, and. with an active
demand, stocks have cleaned up promptly on arrival. A
good many cars, however, expected to reach here in time
for the holidays, have been delayed In trans t, and b m ■
12 or 13 cars more are expected during the balance of
the week, for which the outlook Is uncertain, as buyers
will want to secure the bulk of their holiday stock to
day. We quote: FOWLS, per IT). l«c; ROOSTERS young
per tt>. 12c; ■;.> old. 10c; Tt'RRETS, per Iti. 13c; DUCKS
per Ib. lfic; GEESE! Western, per It>, 111-; do Southern
and Southwestern, poor. 8c; GUINEA FOWLS, per pair
«•< •; PIGEONS, per pair. HOC. DRESSED— Wean killed
fowls continue in very light supply, md. with Stock! of
frozen t*c>mlng scarcer, a stronger feeing ha» de
veloped, and prices fully lie higher on medium weights
of Iced fowls, r/ut heavy fnwlH continue ' slow and show
little if any Improvement. Old roosters sell slowly. Very
little other desirable fresh killed poultry arriving. Bquabi
In moderate supply and steady. Frcxen broilers and
roast nir chlrkers In good demand, but mostly In small
lots for current use. Fowls have * fair Inquiry, but
stocks available here are befotDlne. warre. Frnxen tii'kevs.
ducks, ge<'S<" and 1-apors rail slowly. We quote: KRi:»H
Kl'.lea— lCED — TI'RKF.VS. hens, average . beat per :?.
ITh-; do Western. tome, 14c; do fair to goo!. l2(|lSe So
'nferlor. 10«llc; FOWLS, Phllad. lphla. ( '.r>- picked, per
n.. U<iH'TC do Western, dry plcki-d, fancy, medium
weights, bb's 14c; do heavy, 13c; do poor to medluti
l«Ql2i-; do Ohio and Mlchlsan. scalded. ISOt'tc: do other
Western, scalded. 10«14c; COCKS.: old. i.ry picked and
rralded. per tb, ftHdOc; (ir.KSK. sprlni.-. Western SO
!0c; TJt'CKS. spring. Western K«Fl2c: PQUAUS. prime,
large, white, per <1o»fn. f'^i; tl 75: do mixed, $2; do dark
fl 75; do cull*. B«#76c. FROZKN— TI'RKEYS. !irr.-» and
t'ims. No 1. IT<MSc: t.n No 2. 13lfil4o: <•<> o'd toms, :; o 1
We; nROIL.FR« «"rv picked, per lb, l<t«T£sc; .',.. >c?Jded
l^S2«c; CHICKENS, ;oa»tlng. dry ricked, 14fr1».-. d"i
No 2. 1OR12.~: FOWLS: dry picked. lOQUc; DUCKS, per
rb. Mil*- GEESE, per It.. MfU
POTATOES AND TOGETAr.I.O"- OM potato** jln
heavy supply and weak; new and second. crop selling well;
first car of Florida new arrived to-day. Sweet ];ot»t t
«lu'i. Old onions in liberal supply and weak; many show
very i -5. r quality; now selling fairly, (ill rsbna ei neg
lected: new firm ani higher." Asparagus steady for ehotoa,
C»:<ry poor ar.J lower. Cucumbers at<aiy. Kale and
■plnach active and higher. Lettuce firm for fancy. Paaa
marly all poor. Etrlnir beans steady. Tomatoes In lib
eral supply, but acl'ln? well. Other vegetables as quoted
Wo quote: POTATOES, nrrmuda. new. per bbl. la*
IK 50: do second crop. $.-.«?$« 50 : do Cuban. 14«57 do
Florida, new. per I.M. Ultt<\ SO: do Southern, late crop.
*1 -.oes3; in old potatoea. per tihl or ban, (I aOjfSl 75-
SWEKT POT ATOMS. per bbl. $2<lr}3 75. VEOETAHT.EB ---
ASI'ARAGI'S, Charleston per dozen bunches. SO 50
do r-allfomla. green. 12-^CJIO; do white, $!©*«; AltTl
«r°^S*- tSiSSPS- pry lU> '"1" 1 ■»«••> -': *• Fr.ni,.
SI Coe«2; ANISIC. New Orleans, per Lbl. £3SSf; BEETS
South Carolina. per^KO bunches. $2351; do Florida, per
bush crate. JlOfl SB; do Bermuda, per crate. 75c«Hl 25-
SLr>r e ,W-,Orl^*^?«s£L>, W -, Orl^*^?«s£L> - «•»: Ari <*<*• per bblor bar!
75cSJi;; : CARROTS. South Carolina, per 100 bunches
ssr visa §:r: r *'«««
old. white. Danish seed. per jton. **»* v CAU W"^W"
i ERS French, per doien. $3©s4 50; CELERT. . *»«*»
per standard case. 73c«$l 75: do per medium ■»»»^J*
75cfi$160- do per small case. 75c«51 25; do California.
pe^case. Sies4l CCCVMBERS. Florida, P" taaket or
crat- *2es3 50: CHICORY. New Orleans, per »>W. ?(8$o:
; do French? per dozen. $1 60«52: ESCAR6IB, O£
• lean* ncr hhl, J4<rs«; do French, per dozen. $1 EOCi-.
'■ EXDivE. r Belgian, per to. 12315 c: EGGPLANTS .Florida,
per box *2el ! <25; do Cubaa $2«53: HORSERADISH.
r»r large hhl. «.'•«s«. <"<» lUltlmore. $3 «*rs3 T5;
•RABI New Orleans, per V*> bunches. t3-g»4; KALE.
Southern. ' per bbl. «: LETTTr'E. Florida and South
Carolina, per basket. »1««S: do North Cnrollna. SlO
$2 5A co Norfolk, per basket. 81«S2: ONIOVS. Bermuda.
■ per crate $3 40»53 50: do Cuban. $3 ZUm 60; do Tex»s.
i vellovT per crate «2 75; LEEKS and SHALLOTS. New
Orleans, per 100 bunches. $2013; do green. North C»ro
! Una per berry crate. $2992 30; do Maryland. $2053: <*<>
! Baltimore. 7-V«$l: ONIONS. Orange County, yellow, per
' hug fl !WW-S2!V)- do red. 7.V«sl M; da «tat« and West
: crn ' white, par crate. BOefm 50; do yellow, per bbl or
bag 81M3: do red. TBc«Sz3O- OKRA. Florlla. per car
' rier' $I<S«2 5O: do Cuban. $l©t2: OYSTER PLANTS, per
1 100 bunches. $3«stt: PEAS. Savannah and South Caro
' l!n» per basket $1»$2: do Florida. 75c«t$l 73; PEP
: PERS Fl^rl.la. per carrier. $1 2S((r*l 75; do Cuban^l©
i $17.".- PAR?LET. New Orleans, curly per oh. t-«r«4:
!do plain. 820*300; do Bermuda. p?r box. 73c051:
i PARSNIPS, nearby, per bbl. $1 50©$2; do Baltimore.
!$1 T**m\ 75: RADISHES. Norfolk, per basket. ?l 500
»->.'.<) do other Southern. 50e««: ROMAINS. Southern,
per basket, $1«$1 75; do New Orleans. p*r bbl. *SSsl: do
; Bermuda, per l -.x 7Bc««l 50; SPINACH. Norfo'.k. per
hi.! $1 50; STRINO BEANS. Florida, green and wax.
I per' basket or crate. *2'irs.V SQUASH. Florida, white.
1 per hex *' ."oe«2 5O; Jo yellow, cr.iokneck. $1952; do
Cuban, white. $lffs2 23: TOMATOES. Florida, per car
1 rier *1 200*328; do Cohan, $1 S99B2SA; TrTtNIPS. Can-
I ada rutabaga, per bbl. Jl: do Jersey and I>»n« Islan-1.
1 rutabaga, 7."SnOc; do nearby, white. II f-OtlSl "•»: do
Baltini re, white, $1 CO- do Now Orleans, white. $3984:
' WATERCRESS, per 100 bunches. $1 00S$2 50.
! HOTHOUSE PRODrCT?— Mushrooms firmer. Cucum
bers s'eady. Lettuce nrtn Mint s-arce^Radlshes in
' light supply. Rhubarb firm We quote: BEET OUEENS,
: per bush box. $1»$1 25 CrciTMBEHS. p'r dozen. 50c«
i *1 .-57- do culls per box. *2(frs3; LCTTUCK. per doxen.
BOcCJl: MUSHROOMS, white, large, per lb. !»«■:«■■: Jo
brown, large. .-We-Wc; do buttoaa, IMT23e: MINT per
dozen bunches 50c; RADISHES, rer 100 bunches. *3«54;
RHUBARB. per 100 bunches. $34T$A; TOMATOES, per Ib,
HAT AND STRAW— If AT— t.lberaf arrivals give buy
er" rather more independence; still the market hold*
firmly for all g-od grades. with Noa 1 and 2 specially
free sellers at late prices. Prime I" not abundant enough
to decline. STRAW steady hut .low at 75«SOc for good
tn best long rye Receipts of hay and straw. In tons, to
day 1 Hudson River Railroad. 480; Erie Ral.road. 410;
Pennsylvania Railroad. «>: He »w»r» La-kawanna *
Western Uallrosd. 10; LeMgh v..l>y naUn.nl. Slo.lU
timore «• Ohio Railroad. 10: New York. Ontario A West
ern ' Ral'road BO; Central Railroad of New Jersey. ISO:
river boats " SO; total. 2.110 tons. Receipts Ol straw. 80
tors. ,
Toledo Ar.ril a — CIOVFPSFrr«— Cash and April.
$»35; October «6 55. TIMOTHY. $2 20. ALPIKB. $7 43.
MILK AND CREAM— The exchange price of milk
remains at 3 '4c a quart net to the shipper In the
" The receipts of milk and cream in 40-quart cane
for the week ended March 30 were as follows:
Milk. Cream.
Frj , SVfttM 1.732
Susquehanna :::::: !i-I'?S £5
West Shore 1« .» » «•
Lackawanna 4lSl i i.4in
New York Central (long haul) . . 45.3!.« 2.17.1
New York Central (Harlem) 11.211 215
Ontario ■*»• 2.820
I.ehigh Valley 22..vm ess
Homer Ramsdeli Use 4.200 100
New Haven 7.9.10
Other source: . - «.S3O 500
Totals ...... 252.660 10.861
, • .
» New York. April S. 1007.
BEEVES — Receipts were 70 cars, or 1..122 head, includ-
Ing 5 cars for export alive. SS cars for slaughterers, and
3i» -ars for the market, of which 21 cars were at Jersey
City; but 3 cars did not reach the yards in season ti> be
•old this morning With limited offerings and the Hebrew
butchers In a hurry to get th*lr cattle to the slaughter
houses for to day's killing there was a brisk early mar
ket. with steers selling firm and averaging about 10c
higher: bulls. a so medium and common cows, were firm
to a fraction higher, and fit cows Improved lOWISc. All
the cattle yarded In the morning were closed out. Good
to choice steers snid at $5 MQIB »■ per 100 fb. bulls at
83804184V0 ani cowl it' $1 «iff J4 40. Dressed beef In
fair demand at steady prices, or at 760 c per Xt> for native
sides. Liverpool and London cables unchanged. Sh'p
ments to-day Included »■•> cattle. 637 sheep and 3. son
quarters of beef on the OeoTBiC. for Liverpool; 2. KM
quarters on the Teutonic, to the same port. «rd 100
cattle on the Consuelo. to Hull. No exports from this
port try-morrow.
Rales - -New too * Co. : 20 Ohio steers. 1375 Tb avenge.
at *«<« per I"<> !b; 20 do. USB rt> at $«05; 2* d->. S MO
rb. at $8 Of; 20 do: 1320 Tb. at $6 06; 16 do. 1335 tb. at
».-. 08 4 do. 1227 Ib, at $«: 10 Pennsylvania do. 132« Tb.
at $fl. less $5 on the lot; 24 do. 1170 Th at 85 75: 20 do.
1140 TV at $5*3; IS do. 1104 Th at $5 33; 20 West Vir
ginia do, 1230 lb. at $5 «5: 1 Pennsylvania bull. 1400 n>.
at «4 hi 1 Weal Virgin!* do 14*0 rt\ at $4 40: 2 Penn
sylvania cows 1073 it. at »3rv> 1 d ■>. wo lb. a? $175.
HcPheraon * Co: '?> Oho steers. 141<> rb. a* $« 25. 1«
do, I2fli n at $« 12>» « Pennsylvania do. 1200 Tb. at
$.173; 2 bulls. 1140 ft, at $4: 3 <".?> lino Tb. at $3 06: 7
soars lisa Th at $4 40; II do. 1100 Ib at $4 «0; 1 do. 1100
n>. at $4 20 IS do. ]075 To. at $3 M); 8 do. (H4 Th. at $3 .'•().
1» A*. 025 lb. at $3 40: 5 do «54 tb. at $3 25; 13 do. «M
lt>. at $3 20; 1 do. 71W lb. at KB; 2 do. MO n». at $2 75;
I do 811 m, at $2 90. 4 do. 7*7 Th. at $2 20; 3 do. 7C7 tb.
at $2 15; 12 do. •<« rb. at $1 SO.
? Ra inters' » prnn«y' v anla steers. 1272 Th. at $8 35;
ID rows. ::4.-. lb. at 14 v>. 1 <i\ i<«» tb. at $3 SO.
; K»rr.» (V.mtululon Company: 21 stable fed Pennsylva
: nia steers, 1 <"■)•:. tt>, at $ft ftii
! 8 J>.«*3 * ■"■■ : 2 bulls. <**"> Tb. at 83 M. 1 cow. MO
! tb. lit 1.. 2 50.. 775 tb. at $1 75.
J. G Curtis * Bos 4 bulls. 13T.7 Th. at $4 10; 23 da.
! '1««« Tb. at $1: 4 <Jo. ,«"* rt>. «• 88 SB; l» dot, e>M Th, ■»»
: $.17!; 1 do 7.'><> Tb, at $3 90; 2 heifers. 10CH> tb. at $4 30;
: 1 d«. w •V at $3: 3 oow». 1043 rt>. at $4 30;. 8 do. »33
I Th. »• II; 2 do, 100 rr- at $,1.-i0: 12 do, 942 tb. at $3 35.
4 <•<■> W. r . Tb. at $3. 2 do. •*:-' tb. at $2 73: 2 do. «25 Tb. at
i«»; 5 flo. SlO Tr- *» $2. 3 do. 63 ;irb. at $1 73. 4 do. «75
i rt>. at $1 70 . .
A r.<lr«vr Mullen: : bull. 1230 tb. at $4 10; « do. MS Tb.
1 at UN; 1 cow. o>> rb, at 88 75; 4 do. *!"» lb. at $335;
1 do >„.. tt. at S3 7ft. f> do. 843 Th. at $1 «5
John P. Nelson; 2 bulls, 1175 IT. «• $4: 1 <*.o. K3O
T»i. at $3 79 1 do. TOO rb. at $3 .V); 1 cow. 300 tb.
at $3 23: Id-.. 7<V> n-. at $3; 2 do. «40 rb. at «2 75;
1 do. 7tx> rt. at $2; 5 do. 7BS Ib, at $1 73; 1 heifer. MO
rh. at *'*
John Ducey 1 bait 1300 tb. ar $4; 1 cow. 1170 •». at
S3 21 1 do. 1080 tb. at $2flO; 1 do. ««<1 IT), at $2 50; 1
in. ;po tb. at $1 75.
MILCII COW*- Receipt* were 86 head. Incluitng «l
for suburban dealer* and 2" for the market. f'rices were
full steady nnf all the stock was arantad Common to
good cows, calf Included, hoi.i at $23ft$.')3 a head.
Bale*- Louis Heilbrunn: to rows and calves, at $40
rjr* per heal.
J. a Curtis * £in: 5 rom« ml calves, at $27 So<Jsr>2.
A. MfCabe: 3 cows and calves, at $2*oß*o
CALVES— Receipts ware I.MI head. Including 223
for butchers an". 1.342 for the market, moat of which
were «■ .ale lit the «Oth street yard». On light sup
! pli»» th« market jumped COcQsl. and all the stock was
. cleaned up early poor t. prime veals sold at $r.sfs:» SO
per 100 Tb, a few selected calves at »• 7." Dressed
calves were firm at 8f)18e t'er Ib for city dressed veals,
and ssim< for country dressed.
Sales — .Mltffe. Wright * Co.: 14 veals. 148 tb IW.
Kg* at $9 30 per 1<" tb; 153 do, I- " tb. a $i»; 47 do. 113
lb. at $8 50; I do. ot Ib, at *•■•
T. <;. Curtl. A Pon: 17 \--\\*. 144 m. at ?0 50: 78 d*.
120 Ib, at $9 25; 1«1 do, 125 tb. a' $:»: 2** 112 to.
1 nt $8 50: 42 do, lltj Ib, at $.H; 7 <ln. 112 Ib. at $7 50;
3 do, 100 Tb. at $7. 3 do, »7 tb. at $8 80. « do. 11l To. at
\ *•'.. 12 dA, 88 Ib, •* $3 CO; 10 An. Ml rb, at $5.
W. P. Hume: 4 veala. 124 rb. at $&23; 19 do. ll«
Til. at $!>. S d". 113 I»>. at $7 SO; 2 do, 100 Th. at $3.
Andrew Mullen «• veals 135 Th. at $3 73. 1 do. 132
th. at |«23: 7 do. !<.!• n>. at $» *o. 12 do, »3 tb. at $«;
1 do, 76 Ib. Nt $3
B. W. ('tis 4 Co: 07 veals. 137 rh. at $9 25 less
; $3 on the lot.
B -liiM * Co.: 63 reals. 133 TV nt $3 30; 40 do.
I 124 tt.. at 88 40; 7 do. 145 Th. at $(!
B. Sanders: ■ Rl» veMls. 12* rt>. at $s 50; 123 do, 107
Tb. Nt $7.10. 5 do. 103 m. at $8; « do. »7 Tb. at $.1
McPheraon * Co : 3 veals. 120 rb. at $«. 1 fed
calf. 380 tb. Nt SI 23.
IBHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts were 27 cars, or
6.561 head. Including half .1 car for export alive. 21
for slaughterer* ami .-.'? for the mirket. Sheep were
j nominal, but feeling steady. Limbs wer» active and
1 steady, nn<l everythlnn was cleaned up Oood to
prim" lambs sold at tKS&^fSgO per limi n>; .1 deck
of Maryland spring lambs nt $8 per head, a few
New York State lambs at $7 .".ft each. Dressed mut
ton was steady, at H4#lo< t c per tb. Drvsjed lamb«
nt 12014 c Country Pressed sr>r!n«; lambs were
lowrr, «t S.t«sa .v. r>T carcass
Kales— -Kerns Commission Company : ad Buffalo
lambs. 7" Hi average, at $"* 84 per too tb: "24 do 77
IK .it $H«O; '.'«s ,:,. 70 rh. at $« 40; '."47 do «7 tb" at
$S 40: 1 <:irli:ir 100 Th. at $8 .*«.
fs. Banders 58 state lambs 7C Th. at $» 2.">
McPheraon A- Co.: 118 Maryland spring lambs at
f« per heoil.
J. G. Curtis A Son: « state spring lambs at $7 BO
j each.
MOOS— Receipts were 27' i cars, or 5.573 head In
cluding a carload for the market. Marker firm an.l
.-„• hlnber -.r.,1 medium weight an.l !t*ht .tat* and
Pennsylvania horn Bold at $7 M OS7 30 per 100 Tb
Country «Ir<-«>«c<l hogs dull, at SSjfliOHc i*er tti
I Bjlea W. It Home: 77 stite hum. 144 tb average
, at $t3O per 100 A; 23 do •_•!:« IT., at $7 20 7 roughs"
I :;rt tb. at Sn-10: 3 stags. 333 n> at $» J|llli
ygS^!fftf£-X5i l " m - at $730; 7 rr ' BB -
East Buffalo. Apr I 3.— CATTLE firm; prime steers
IS Wig** 10; butchers'. *4 S0«f8 8& : .takers and fredera.
$.lSofisiPO. VEALP— Receipt* 173 head- act'Ce •%
higher. J4 :.'.«s». HOOS— Receipts. 2.1 head- active^
llOlOq hljrher; hear». $7 l'.T/$7 20: mixed and -'Yorkers'
$7 15: pig*. $7 10-«'s7 13; ii;.:t». SCO S« 2.-, ; „» K s. 517.-,« i
%{,&. HHKEP AND L.AMUS Receipts, 4.00 i) head: l.rAvv
she p stow; others active; t«n;he. SRo higher; l:«mb» l»i
$3 75: yearlings. ?7 r,o.f{s7 75- w»th«r«. $B iiffta 73-- owes
MtSOtOS: rbeep, mixed. »::; r Ji: •_•.-, . '<•••. ewes.
Cincinnati, April 3.— HORH st<-<\ly; tutcnera' am ••» d
pers. tfltilwt«W>: common. *-..'(>■/» i CO. CATTLn »teadir
fair to g'KHI slilprer*. *4 $5 30 ; c-.mir.on $•» 'fw»l.l "5*
SHEKP strong, $2 7T.<S$«. L-\MHS strong. $3«f ss 2.V
Chicago. April 3.— CATTLE— Recelpta, about liJi-)>
head; market for b«>st strung te l(.v hlKner: oth'-rs steady
cwiirain ti» pUma sUeta V4tfS7; cowi-. $:l 23«53- hrlfera'
$3«53 23; bulls. $:i4W.<s4i.O; talves. $2 75«17 so stokers
and f^ede:s. $3<tis4tUl. Hi •>". - '-!'>ce|uts about 2a.UU>
bead; market strong to SJJIOc higher, choice heavy shlo
j»rrs. MHOwteKB; light batches 1 . 88 .-••*s'» 8S; C iioc«
light, $;;«!•»,♦••• la. kins. JiiiVjjowi. bu'.k i f tales
$b73iß?tlW>. SllKEP— lleoelpui. »i<ul 13.000 head- mar
ket. BaiOc higher: sheep, Ji 2.*oSt'i JO; >eaxllngs. '$3 2518)
Kansas City, April 3.— CATTLE — Receipts. 0 000
bead, Including 400 Southerns: market steady- to 'lue
higher. Choice export and tlreasi-d beef steers 85 4OM
$030: fair to good. $4 :.ir,i ■«.-. .1.1: Western f«<| steer?
M-^C9n»S: stockers and iVe.hrs. 8.1 759 53: Siutb«rn
ste-ra. *3«54 SO: native mire. WitS4: n*tl»e heifers
$_• ii-»'«¥ 4 (»; bulls. $:: .O»s4 2S; calves »4«t7 ••?
HOOS— Receipts. 11.030 head; market steady to "He
lower. Top. $0 60; bulk of ■ sales. Irt4s«s«.v>u •
heavy. $0 4". « J(l SO : packers. $« 42 ', «J a 3.-. ; piVi ami
lights, $r. •-•5 «l $0 00. BHESP— Kec-ipts. 3.50 » head
market strong to 10c higher. Lambs. $7 40017 ay
•wes and yearling*. *5 233 $4: Western tea yearllnWa!
f^SK'? " llee?> l3eso: itocker ' ®
Union Stock Yards. Plttsburg. April a ! CATTLE
Supply light; market steady. Choice. isß.i«s«
prime. •&•»»$& 73 SHEBr-— Supply llrht: nwrklt
strong. Prime » ethers. *•» 2->OSS Sri. cilia inrt^eo™
mon. »:it,si: lairds. M«iIMJ veal calvli. STa'ISV
HOOS— Receipts light: market higher Prime heavier
•7 10: mediums and heavy yorkeis. $f 20 lUht volt
•r» and pl 5 $7 10; roughs, 53 7595«25.' k l ror "
Spring Resort*.
/ft/Low Rates X^J\
/^>/Caiifornia\ < A
1 U Fro« SEW YORK, rkolpr of RontM. * I
\ \ Bist Root? for Comfert'bla Travel / /
\ >fA. and Pisiuresqje Scsaery / /
\^ 34 j or 1 rlri»adwny K^o /
Spring and Summer
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Canadian Pacific
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Where Voa raw Catch Treat
Located In the roeonoe. nimfcra hotel, 2H hours from
New Tor*. Booklet. W. J. ft 11. D. PRICE. P. O.
ian»f>n«U. Pa.. Cresco MB.. Lackawanna R. R.
GREENWICH INN. Sound Eeaeh. Coen.— Forty mla
vJT utes front New York: rates to June 13.
b: KKSHiKE ni1.13.
Open Entire Tear.
Virginia Hot Springs
2,300 foot elrntloa. Open all the year.
Waters, bath*, hotel* and scenery nowhere equalled
.v. v • 243 FIFTH AVENUE.
where excursion tickets. Pullman reservation! and
special Information may be obtained.
NEW HOMESTEAD. Modern High-Class Hotel.
The Chesapeake & Ohio Railway
allows stop-orer at Corlngton. Va . on through tickets
to Cincinnati. Louisville. . Chicago. St. Louis, and th«
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Pullman compartment car. via Washington. learea
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tiro*. Excursion tickets and Pullman reservations
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31 J FuHoaj St.. Brooklyn. V V.
City Hotels.
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For Both Sexes— Ctty.
nir nrni.TTZ school or uixguages.
- Madison Rquare <1112 Broadway).
HARLEM BRANCH Lenox aye.. ear. IJith et.
NEWARK BRANCH , Scheuer Building
Over SOS branch** ta Teaming eltloa
School .lzevnj.
sapplles Piofessora. Teachere. Tutors. Ouvarneaaee. et*.
««. \-nllege«. Sch»'»ie and Kamllles Apply to
afro M 1 TOITNO-rtTLTON. SS iVina Rque.ro
Liverpool. April 3. -Closing: WHEAT — Spot — Xo.
2 red Western winter steady, »l» SIM; No 1 Califor
nia, quiet. Os Mi futures quiet; May. As 4 *d July.
6s 2Hd. CORN Spot — American mixed, new. quiet.
4* I VI . ''». old. quiet. 4s 7*.1: futures steady. May.
4s .'.d. July. 4a 3Hd; September. 4a 3d. PEAS
Canadian steady, As m>-,<l Kl.ori:— St. Louis fancy
winter dull, 7s 04. HOPS In T.or.d>n « Pacific Coast)
quiet. {2 lAi'tl.i lOs. HREF — Extra India mess
steady. S«» 3d. PORK— Prime mesa Western quiet.
Mi M HAMS- Short cut. 14 to 10 In. steady. 63s fl.!.
HACOV— Cumberland cut. 2rt to 30 Th. dull. 4«b; short
rib, lit to 24 Th. easy. .Me: long clear middle*, light.
SI to 34 Th. dull. 30s (M; do. heavy. 33 to 40 Ib. dull.
4!>s Ad; short dear backs. It", to 20 rb. dull. 4*s Ad;
clear bellies. 14 to Id Th. dull. AOe. STJOI'LDErtS —
Square. It to 13 Tl>. quiet. 33a 0(1. LARD— Prim*
Western in tierces firm. 47a: American refined In
palls firm. 47s 31. ni'TTEß— Nominal. CHEESE-
Canadian finest white steady. Ms; do colored, steady,
(17s. TALLOW- -Prime city weak and Inactive: nomi
nally 335. TURPEVTIN'E SPIRITS— Steady. 52a.
— Common firm 10s 7 V,!!. PKTHOLEt'M
lUAned quiet. OHil T.IXSEBD OIL— 23a 3d
lEy Telegraph to The Tribune. J
Chicago. April 3.— Little attention waa paid to
pessimistic reports from Oklahoma to-day, al
though many dispatches told of serious damage
being don? to growing; wheat. May wheat closed
l-!6c lower than it left off on Monday. May corn
was weak and %c lower In the end. but July left
off without change. May oats - closed %c to %c
down and July lost '»<* to Vie. Provisions had a
sharp decline, with hogs - apparently strong-.
Wheat waa quiet but firm from ths start. Heavy
receipts and the prediction of rain for the greater
part of the wheat belt before to-morrow save fur
ther courage to the bearish operators and led to
the loss inside of the first hour of %v advance
with which trading started. May wheat closed at
78c to 7«Sc. compared with 78V* to 7S%c on Mon
day. July at the close was 78% cto 78\c. un
Corn was rather weak after a slow opening at
about the prices current at the end of Monday's
session. Receipts here were 455 cars, against m
the same day last year, and shipments hence since
Monday were M7.OM bushels. Trade was light and
the demand for shipment poor. The ' estimate .or
to-morrow's > receipts Is 481 ears. May corn closed
at 4t*%c, compared with . -ttTie on Monday. July
closed at 43T;e, a sain of fee-
The -d*man.l '.for oats 'at", the opening-, »■*, good
Spring Resorts.
flDariborouyb -
The ead!na> of Lent this year coincides with tt v > b*.
Cinnlns of April, the gayest and most distisjii.'.-j.i
month in Atlantic City's famous spring sessoa. d';.-.
Inc this month more eminent visitors and **sl(%
people" are to be found in the great hotels tliaa 'a
any other month of the year, and the absence ot tkT
Easter Sunday "INTEKICrrTION" enables guest* (I
completely enjoy all the attractions of climate sat
artificial entertainment of this festive season with -i.
tire satisfaction.
The hotel claims distinction for Its location. ' as
ample public space devoted to Its euesta. Its hle)i-cia>i
mv.li.- every nlsht throu«;hout the year, bat parUcala:,
!y attractive with sol» sinser^ at th« we*k-enda esstas
the spring season, and Its ownership management.
All the four dining rooms 'two American pkav TSsa
the excellent cookin* heretofore $.■ popular, satf res
a la carte with separate kitchens and French coots*,
have white service throughout, and in one sftss
American rooms, caller! the ••American Palm ■oasV*
and In the & In carte rooms smoking is penalty
They are particularly attractive ocean end suites. w!tm
large rooms. 2-1 by 30 feet, and a private bath (an.
piled with both sea water and fresh water and sK
running Ice water* is with, every alternate room fc»t£«
Marlborough and with every room In the BlasJMks,
which In construction is reputed to be the most eas>
pletely fireproof hotel in the world. Oolf prlvEe;*
One of the newest prick, stone and steel buildings,
with every comfort. Always open, always reads,
always busy '- '
Atlantic City, N. J.
sbnd fob urntaTtmrn.
Occupies one- half square of unoostructsd
beach front.
Directly on Beach: American and Eoroy»an plus: ess
ocean tl«w roc- ma: 100 suites, with private sea water
■atria: phones in rooms: orchestra., weakly social f •»'.-:«;
capacity I.CCO; «i,-«ctal esrlcg rates.
*" CKA& R. MYERS. Otmss.
Vlrsiaia Aye.. near Beach. Atlaatle City. N. J.-Opas all
Use year Fine Table: Suttee with private bath. Haas.
aeawiy furnlahed. Perfect sanitary arrangement* IBS»
Tator to all floor*. Special Rates tor Winter. Capacity 3a
MRS. !t R. NAMES. Owner and Proprl^r.
on THE OCEAN front.
A aaacalflooat ten-story nre-proof addition Has s^-J
adMadL —-••«— this famous hostelry th* newest andT es*«
UO-to^dSte of Beach Front Hotels. Bedrooms averagtsa
Iftfeet square, and every room with an ocean »»«»i**\i
attached, sea and fresh water. Telephones and Off*.
glass. Music spacious solarium. Co»t privileges. »• ""
l»r Illustrated Bocklst. -.»_,-,»-. wev rvt m 3
x n e c z. a n bso o s £rj z ±fzi
Vlrrfafa A»». and Itaacb. Attaatle Cttr-j^.
i«\k r:\voop. H. 3.
A. J. MCRPHT. Slaaassr.
V. FKANK F. SHUTS. MlsalSfc-
Beta hotels ha»« t*«a eateaslveiy »**r«^* a -'S
k*M nasan. lael dtag ta» additlost aunieroiM ]
hath.. »nd are favorably known for their staa # Viz"
•icelleneo aad patroaag* ataco ta* l»c»»tioa ot U«^
«e«dl •» a raenrt. '->
warn Temsv
BBONXVILLK Hf«i>— « *^£j
15 mile* tram .X. T. Oin all **•***?* S^,,»
booklet. J. J. UkXNIS r^S-^
v. \i.i>f. n i iii - - - - - **•• •* ; ., st.
It mU«» Irssa .yew lorts. Open •"**•- Ugf ?-»'»*
reaaea. exclusive. Rookie*. J. J. US»»«»«^
— -rf.
JL. vat. both, $1 dally; tocluains- meals. ""^
.1«l!»: iwol 8.1 Brt a«Uy. ALABAMA. titn "^
at a trir.D over the closing price of Monday- **J|
receipts were liberal and shipment* h«ity.
number of ears inspected being Mln « cess **_
year and the shipments amounting to vw+ ■
bush*!*. The estimate of to-morrow"a reesipt*..-
S» cars. Final figures Is* May were «V»c *=» ( ( *.
July 3TVic. Resting prices on Monday were: JUJ'
«%c to «%c. and July. 37% cto sn,c :; ■'-
The provision market showed remarkab> *"^
ness. Orders to sell bird at the opening wer» I"*"
tlful and were thought to be largely lon ■for*!P
account. The estimate off to-morroWs local •"£
was ».«• nead. May port closed at »»*• * I^
of Me; May lard ' cloaed at 18 03. comra« ■ * |
»CC^ on Monday, and Ma rtb3 etosed at »*
decline oi 15<s from Monday's prtca- •

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