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There is nothing to compare with this Victoria<-phaeton for elegance of
style and finish, comfort, simplicity of operation and radius of reliable action.
It has been sought after by the most discriminating buyers since it was first
produced in 1905. and our 1907 improvements, a lengthened wheel base and an
even more commodious body, has made the recognition of its leadership uni
Its dependableness and the ease with which it is operated make it the
IdMl carriage for women to use, and it is a great favorite with physicians. A
fMii cm operate it with perfect safety.
It It capable of greater speed and greater mileage on each charge than
any other electric in its class.
Ready for Demonstration and Immediate Delivery.
184-136-138 Waat 89th Bt, n*ar Broadway.
Factory i Hartford, Conn.
Fa«r Demand for Parcel* Along Proposed Subway. Routes— Larger
Number of Bronx Sales Reported.
m isa over r-a.ooo.o» *a* «P*nt In 2f*J7 C IVI
work In Manhattan and The Bronx. That U the
largest cum spent In one year for building In those
boroughs. It was the year In which the subway
was opened, and aa the subway mad© many of the
tipper sections of the city more accessible to the
City Hall It was only natural that scores of build
ers hastened to the upper districts to become Iden
tified there with vast projects for transforming
large areas of vacant land Into modern flathcusa
and apartment house property. They built, how
ever, too many flathouses which were quickly
put up. Even with ordinary wear and tear most of
the house* In question cannot last the average time
of the ©3d law flathouses hich were built twenty
years ago. Nor are they going Just at present to
tempt many families living In the crowded down
town sections to move to the upper sections. There
are many such poorly constructed houses In the
Dyckman and in the Fort Washington sections
and in certain par's of The Bronx, and 'heir own
er* will probably have to trade them for suburban
lota many miles away from City Hall. Manhattan.
tf they want to be rid of the realty burdens they.
are now earning. The majority of these builders
thought they »-ere almost certain to find a quick
market for their buildings, no matter how badly
the structures were built, so long as they were
erected according to the building laws. These
builders also thought that owing to the natural
charms of the sections in which the buildings were,
families would rush to become occupants of them,
and In their eagerness to do so would overlook all
tha defects of the premises. These defects might
have been overlooked had the number of new and
poorly erected structures been restricted so that
when they were ready for occupancy the supply
of new buildings waa much less than the demand.
When the houses were opened the number of flat
tiouaas was much greater than the demand, and
at th* present rate of Increase of population of
Van*'***"" and The Bronx It will be several years
si least before the flathouee demand equals the
«srjsy. • - .■. ■ '
The builders In the upper sections of the city
who erected houses of poor construction have al
raady learned a severe lesson, and many building
operators who helped them erect such buildings
ara Bat likely to be unusually prominent again as
buyers fa the real estate market for a long time.
Ttskt It the reason that It is such a difficult task
to tafl buyer* for many new flathouses In the
aapar aactlons of the city.
Tfrfr orersupply of flathoueea should have little
«C ao effect on trading on Manhattan Island south
«C Usth street. There Is no reason for there being
any dull sections south of the Harlem River, for
la tha downtown and In the mldtowa districts a
Mg reconstruction movement la well under way.
AM m th* avenue* to which It It. proposed to ex
taad the awbway system operators and speculators
ara by do means idle. In the rapidly growing flat
ama* &s3 business districts of The Bronx there la
*. such better market for parcel* of various
ktadf than acme month* ago.
Oa* of the leading transactions last week was
th* purchase by E. H. Harrlman for $850,000 of a
atsCwlth a frontage of 50 feet In the avenue and
cl HO mat la the street at the northeast corner
Of Cd street and Fifth avenue. He will build a
aaua* for hi* own occupancy on the plot. He
has occupied for some month* the premises No. 11
Bast Cd street. John N. Goldlng was the broker
m th* transaction and Frederick G. Bourne the
saner of th* parcel.
The tit* to be Improved was formerly a part of
the Hotel Langham property, which had a frontage
af MS feat In the avenue and 130 feet In the street.
The its! property was bought In l»04 by W. D.
. Humphreys' Seventy-
Seven Cures Grip and
\^\niP «L» [|s.ff wj
The early use of "Seventy-seven" stops
a Cold at the beginning and its continued
use breaks up Stubborn Colds that hang
on and nave' not yielded to other treat
, While Grip may be en the wane, Spring
Colds are now prevalent, and the best
, work of "Seventy-seven" is dene en Com
mon Co:-.;-.
. at - i a—llls 23 eaat* or asalle*.
Humphrey** Uotac* Xediaia* Co.. Cor. wmiwx. •.-.«
*- i -. b'.r*e'.i> v *v- Tort.
Sloane and TV. K. VanderWlt to preserve the resi
dential character of the street.
They sold in 1304 the corner plot, SOxISO feet, to
J. Henry Smith, who died last week.
Mr. Smith was planning to erect a house on tha
plot for his own use when he bought the W. C.
Whitney house at €Bth street and Fifth avenue.
Mr. Smith sold the corner parcel to Mr. Bourne
about two years ago for $600,000. the buyer agree
ing to pay the brokerage commission of 16,000. Mr.
Bourne abandoned his plans for Improving the
site with a house for his own occupancy after the
excavation work for the building was completed.
Opposite the tite are the homes of W. D. Sloane,
W. K. Vanderbllt and V. K. Vanderbllt. Jr., and
at the southeast corner of S2d street and Fifth
avenue is the home of Morton F. Plant.
A well known real estate operator recently of
fered to buy the site of St. Thomas's Episcopal
Church, at C3d street and Fifth avenue, for
12,600.000. and that offer would probably have been
accepted if the rector, wardens and vestrymen of
the church could have bought a plot 115 by 230 feet
at the northeast corner of 62d street and Fifth
avenue. The church could have bought the parcel
which was purchased by Mr. Harrlman yesterday,
but It could not get an adjoining plot owned by
the Goelet estate. Under the terms of the Goelet
will the estate cannot sell its holdings.
Payson McL. Merrill sold for the Charter Realty
Company No. 861 to 865 Park aye.. three four story
store and nathouses. on plot 51.2x100 feet, at the
northeast corner of 77th *t. The buyer Is the Co
operative Building Construction Company, which
will erect on the site a twelve story apartment
building to contain six duplex and twelve single
floor apartments. • .
Horace 6. Ely & Co. and M. & L. Hess sold for
David W. Bishop No. 744 Broadway, southeast cor
ner of Astor Place, a four story building on a plot
41.4x75x73.4x96.9 feet, to the O. B. Potter Trust.
With this purchase the buyer controls the block
front on the south side of Aster" Place, between
Broadway and Lafayette st.
Simon Frankel took title yesterday from the
George Kemp Real Estate Company to a plot, M.ox
100 feet, at the southwest corner of 47th st. and sth
aye.. on which he Is erecting a business building.
He has mortgaged the property to Mrs Russell
Bage for $1,000,0* for five years at 4H per cent.
Mrs. Mary E. Blodgett bought No. 7 Bast 62d St.,
a four story and basement stone front dwelling
house, on a lot 25xli-t.5 feet. She owns and occupies
the dwelling house No. 6. adjoining.
L. J. Phillips & Co. sold for James P. Lee No. 344
4th aye. and for the Fourth Avenue Realty Com
pany No. 245. adjoining, two four story buildings,
on a plot 39.6x75 feet, at the northwest corner of
25th st. The buyer Is the Provident Loan Society.
wlach intends to erect a structure for its own use
on the site in about a year.
John £. Olsen bought from E. R. Haight Nos. 115
and 118 Wooster St.. a plot. 50x100 feet, between
Spring and Prince sts. He Intends to < rect a seven
story office building on the site.
Horace S. Kly & Co. sold for the White estate
No. 331 to 836 West 23d st., three four story build
ings, on a plot 58x142.6 feet, and also No. 316 West
Zid st., a four story building, on a lot 20.10x98.9 feet.
The Wall and Broad Street Realty Company sold
for Mrs. Lena Adler to Simon H«y man a live story
double flathouse, on a lot ,26.11x100 feet, at the
northwest corner of 106 th at. and Central Park
West. • : .-:■
Benjamin Florshelm sold the Larchtnont. a six
story apartment house, with stores. Nos. 2031 and
2033 7th aye., on a plot 37.10x100 feet, to Gustavo
Busch; also sold the southwest corner of 121 st st.
and 2d aye., a five story triple flathouse, with three
stores, on lot about 2axSo feet. .-■■•;.. . •
The McVickar-Qaillard Realty Company leased
for Marcus M. Marks to a client, for a l^ng term
of years, at an aggregate rental of about $50,000,
two five story and basement brownntone apartment
houses. Nos. 6 and 8 East 97th St.. on lot 37.6x100
feet. The lessee will continue the use of the houses
for living purposes.
Slawson & Hobbe sold for Zacharlah Zacharias
to a client as an investment the six story elevator
apartment house Nos. 338 and 340 West £sth St., 50:;
102.2 feet.
Herbert A. Sherman sold for Marmaduke THden
to William Lane a seven story elevator apartment
house, on a lot 24x80 feet, at the southwest corner
of a&th at. and Lexington aye. He built it and
traded It for the old United States Hotel property.
He now buys It hack for all cash.
The Cabot Real Estate Company -old to an In
vestor the five story apartment houses Nos. 152 and
154 West 84th St. on a, plot 66.8x102.2 feet.
F .5 -,. Woo i~* °°- "old for John F. Hitchcock
No. 115 West 80th St.. a four story high stoop brown
stone front private dwelling house, on a lot 18x102.2
feet, to a client for occupancy.
Lowenstein. Papae ft Co. sold for a client to
Lo , ul . s J^-,^*, nI BOn flv * " tor double flmthouse. on
a lot 25x100 feet, at the northeast corner of 117 th st.
and Morntngsldeav^ In part payment Mr. Henry
son gives No. 540 Fax St., a five story new law
house, on a plot 40x115 feet *
The Henry Morgenthau Company sold to James
P. Meehan a plot. 170x105 feet, on the weal T tide of
Tiffany St.. 100 feet south of Dongan st and a
parcel. 170x110 f~t. on the east eid« , of TMTsn? St .
ICO feet south of Dongan st. Mr. Meehan will erect
ten four story apartment housee on the site There
will be two families on each floor. Each suite will
have six rooms and a bath. The houses will be
built from plans drawn by Charles Kreymborr the
architect. They will cost about £=O.Cto. and the
total project will represent an Investment c: about
Senator Thomas C. Platt sold, through Richard
Collins to Daniel B. Freed man. No. Wl Lexington
•ye.. a five story apartment house, with stores, on
a lot 25x100 feet, between 51st and 52d sts. air
Freedman resold to an investor No*. 4MB Lexington
aye.. a five stcry business building, on a tot JBxIOO
A. H. Matthews aoM for Charles A. King to St
Mark'B Ho^uitnl :,'0v240 East lirh nt. a four story
fstona front bulWiner, on a lot :;.2x73 f-et Tb«) prop
er forms an "W with the hospital **•*-*
to csed by the nurses. • '
; Peasa .v E!!!s:sa scid iorl^ Qrand 1* Benedict
7S~^ SOP tells about a man who could
/-fp4 g* ve a skillful imitation of the
± M — J nightingale. One man refused
to listen because, as he said, "I have heard
a real nightingale." Nobody ever learned
much about the Edison Phonograph by
reading about it. Until you have heard the
Edison you do not know the possibilities
of a singing, playing, talking machine.
It may be because the Phonograph is Mr. Edison's favorite inTentJon
and because it still has his personal attention that it is so good. Anyway
ther* is more real amusement in an Edison Phonograph than in any ether
device for making the hours pass quickly and pleasantly.
There's a dealer in this town who d be delighted to prove this to you.
National 'Phonograph Company
75 Lakeside Aye, Orange N. J.
honographs is
•very town not covered.
Art Exhibitions and Sale*. Art Exhibitions and Sale;
W^V^ Day 9to 6 i^fia3sß^V vcnin E8t09:30E 8to9:30 "^1 \
ON FREE VIEW $? Beginning To-Morrow (Monday)
Old and Modern Paintings
Water Colors and Drawings
Exclusively the Property of the Estate of the Late
Stanford White
C? Foreign Artists ' .
Reynolds, Romney. Beechy. Reinagle. Tintoretto, Moro, Moroni, De Miranda,
Coello, Amberger, Allori. Mignard, Kneller, Etty. Van Sorrel, Boulanger, Do
mingo. Boldini, Gerome, Pokitonow, Courbet Monticelli, and others.
American Artists
Inness, Martin (Homer), Chase, Brush, Bunce, Tryon, Metcalf, Ryder (A. P.).
Dewing. Hassam. Simmons. Steichen, Cox, Curran. Davies, Sewril, Coleman (C.
C), Robinson (T.), Whittredge.
To Bz Sold at Unrestricted Public Sale
At Mendelssohn Hall
(Admission by card, to be had free of the managers)
On THURSDAY and FRIDAY Evenings Next ;
April 11th and 12th, at 8:15 o'Clock
The American Art Association, Managers
6 East 23d Street, Madison Square South.
No. 126 East 66th st., a five story American base
ment dwelling house, on a lot 20xin<) feet.
Bernard Smyth 4 Sons sold for George Noake*
to Frederick Hack the plot. 8U123.5x irregular, on
the east side of Riverside Drive, about "25 (eel
north of ll«th st.
A real estate deal Involving property in Brooklyn
valued at $2,000,000 was reported last week by the
Leonard Moody Real Estate Company.
The deal was an exchange of tho Phenlx Insur
ance Company Building and the Continental Build
ing. Court and Montague sts.. Brooklyn, for prop
erty in the suburbs.
The buildings were owned tby Vennotte F. Pel
letreau and ex-S*-nstor Charles Cooper. Their value
was placed at t1.250.060. In exchange for them.
Stokes * Knowlt-s. the real estate developers, gave
1.000 acres at South Port Jefferson, valued at $203.
400; seventy acres at Franklin Square, on the
Hempstead and Jamaica Turnpike, valued at $210.
000; 210 acres at Coram. on the road to Patohogue.
valued at 550.000, and 100 lots at Lombardy st. and
Varlck aye., Brooklyn.
The Erneatua Gultck Company sold to Felix
Isman. of Philadelphia, a tract of about 8.000 lots
in Hillside aye.. Jamaica, Long Island, which was
owned by -Kdward C. M. Fitzgerald, of the Mr-
Nutty & Fitzgerald Company, and his associates.
The consideration was $1,500.0C0. Thin is one of
the largest parcels of lot* ever sold at private sale
in this city. Major Gulick is Interested with Mr.
Isman In this purchase.
The McNulty & Fitzgerald Company uold the
tract of 14 acres of land at Mineola. Long Island,
formerly known as thf Nichol« and Mary Luhrs
farm, having a frontage of 4,000 feet on the Long
Island Railroad, lying between the railroad and
Jericho Turnpike, adjoining Mineola Park. The
price was $275,000. The property Is purchased by
a syndicate which proposes to install modern Im
provements end place the property In the market
for dwelling sites. . .
Montgomery * Belts have sold No. 138 East 60th
St., southwest corner of 60th st. and Lexington
aye.. a five story flathouse, with seven stores, en
lot 35x100.5 feet, being 100.5 feet in Lexington aye.
and taking in half the block front from 59; h to
«oth st. The buyer Is an Investor.
A $5#50,000 LEASE.
Henry Corn to Control Urunswick
CHlsey. Havemeyer & Jenney have leased for the
Brunswick Site Company to Henry Corn and tne
Improved Property Holding Company, through
Frederick Bouthack and Alwyn Ball, jr., the Bruns
wick Building, a twelve story fireproof office and
store building, occupying* the block front on the
easterly side of Fifth aye., extending from Madison
Square north to 27th st. The plot has 197.6 feet
frontage on Fifth aye. by 157.6 feet in depth on
each street.
The lease la for a term of twenty-one years, be
•Jnnln* May 1. 1907. at a total rental for the term
ofJ6,i rr.©'jo.r r.©'jo.
Thw w4l add another to the already large number
Of oft* building* controlled by Mr. Corn along
fifth aye. from Madison Square to 34th st.
Building operations for March in thirty-three of
port* to "Construction News." for XO.W buildings,
involving a total expenditure of 144.327.072, against
».M. oosUng t*.Hi.~2l. for the 8a::.
rr...,.i -.-ear am. ar. :n-r*ase of ■ , .
a d*tr*M* w cost ot^UJtffl.O*.
Of tu* thirty atlas enumerated there war* gains
Antiques that
are really old.
James Fay's
at 43 & 45 West 42d Street
The sale will b* held on
April 15th
in seventeen and tonnes In thirteen. Th* most sig
nificant feature of the month was the phenomenal
gain in Bra of the cities of moderate dimensions.
The most conspicuous increase* were In Salt Lak*
City. 3!fi per cent; Mobile. 235; Topeka. IS3; In
dianapolis. 149: HirmiiiKham, 111; Allegheny, »$;
Paterson. N. J.. 57; St. Louis. 53: Buffalo, 46; Chi
cago, 38; Brooklyn, 32. and St. Paul. 30. Of the
losses there was a falling: off In New York of 38 per
cent; Philadelphia, 31; Plttsburg. S: Kansas City,
18; Denver, IS; Newark, 32; Louisville, 3: Omaha!
23 and Duluth. 62. It will be seen that the centres
or activity are aa widely scattered as are tho sec
tions in which there Is lees building than there warn
a year ago.
It is apparent that New York still feel* the effect
of overbuilding and the tight money market but
there are now Indications of an easier condition
Brooklyn, however, shows an increase but the
buildings at the latter place are not nearly of the
same magnitude .13 those in the metropolis For
cxumple. in Brooklyn permits were granted for 888
buildings, ag aln»t 293 buildings in New York In
cluding the Borough of The Bronx and Manhattan
In Chicago permits were taken out for the con
struction of 1.083 buildings. Involving a total In
vestment of J5.906.400, against 926 buildings anre
gating In cost 54.367.650. for the corresponding month
a year ago. The figures In both Instances Illustrate
that this is the era of small building and dwelling
bouse construction, as against huge structures of
the recent past.
The situation seems to be thoroughly healthy la
every direction, and builders complain very grsatlv
of the difficulty In securing prompt deliveries. Tha
demand for material Is strong and building news
comes In at about a normal rate. In eomoartaon
with preceding periods.
Alfrad E. Schermerhorn has made tha following
rentals at Southampton. Long Island, for tha com
ing season: For Elihu Root, his cottage at Cow
and Pond lanes, to W. H. Walker; Dr. H. Hotbrook
tha leading cities show a decrease of t par cent in
comparison with tha corresponding period & jaaj
Auction Sales of Real Estate.
JOSEPH P. DAY, Auctioneer.
In the History of the World
there has never been offered at Public Auction
> - : > "■ About Forty City Blocks of R.ea.l Estate
Wilbur Larrimore, Esq., Referee.
t Comprising
1500 c»v LOTS
Ogden Estate
Suitable for
Residence, Business or Manufacturing purposes,
including Water Front Lots with excellent
railroad facilities.
Depot Place. ' Ilarlem Elver Water F--.nr TTaJi* Arame.'
EedevrJck Arena*. West 168 th Street. Baaeaaal Arena*. '
Urn* Avenue. _West 170 th Street. West MMfc Jo^j,
Kelson Avenge tm*mtVm Avenue. Went I7lat Stre*.
»..hln|l..n Bridge T'*rk. Commerce AT*a—. ><*.<■.> .\»-nn*
Wajiarati* Park.
Wednesday. April 24— Thursday. April 25
At 9 o'Clock A. M. Sharp,
Exchange Salesroom, 14 and 16 Vesey Street-
DANIEL SEYMOUR.. Esq.. 29 Wall Street. N. Y. City. \ Attorney,
RICHARD L. SWEEZY. Esq.. 62 William St.. N. Y. C. J" for Plain
&& Nassau Street. New York City. Attorneys lor Defendant*
AUCTIONEER'S NOTE— This sal?, which is absolute, without reserve, being a Sut-ts*
Court partition sale, opens up a part of the Bronx whic:i for years has been kept intact by th*
Ogden Estate Trustees.
Send for Booklet.
Policies of Title Insurance of the Lawyers' Title Insurance & Trust Co. will be Issued to per- /
chasers free of charge.
70% may remain on bond and mortgage for one or two years at 5 per cent.
Will also sell at auction
To close Estate of Henry Kuhlke. I>e«*<J,
Northwest Corner 6th Avenue and 25th Street.
(Km, 41 1 flth ava. and 101 Weat 23th st. > - ■ .
Four-story and basement brick Buildings, with atores; siza of lot. 20, more or lasa. by «S.
Henry W. Bookstarer. E»<i .. R*farea. To cto»» Estate or Charles Hetes,
t Block front and _„, .djolnln, ) thft# •* BBd •* €«*» ?*.. near Worth St.- Ml*
(Block front and plot adjoining) thrM BBd fouMtory and b aseraeßt brtck t. mt g^,.
S. S. East Wist St Oerard and Walton ATtaoes. «ns». J»th stores, and «>«*•-•««» brick ' bnlWlass . *
.... — . +m* <••.._ -~ «.»_-• rear: sue or plot, 3t.9xvo.iox irrey.. ana
Julius Hetderm«n. Esq.. Atty.. »S3 Elton »v. Bronx w A<tort> - lii| Island.
291 and 28S Seventh At*.. Stslaway ATe. and ltth At».
.... -ft*, ■« • tan.atnrv Pr-nroof !oft BulldlnT' SISO d 3*O to 3-^4 Steinway »Ti. two tw<vstßry aid
f• r jJLiiS ' inmtSnv l pfi "Leh atwrners? «0 ■»»"•>< framo prlyate Dwelllnss oa Steinway at;.
wall « N*w York St? FILLER, attorneys. «O of n24x90; tw.-.tory Bars oa Hti
Wsll «. New Tora K\xy. „ vt) . sue of plot. 100*100. HENRT WEXDT. En.
tT and 173 W«*l Mtta St.. attorney. »» Nassau St.. N. T. C.
Two 3H-story brick double Flats and stores; sia* of EXECCTOR'S «ALK%
each lot. 23x100.5. Eatat* of Jacob Merer (deceased)
,_ —^^ -- tU „. by ordar of GEORGE McANERN'T * AAAH.iJi
BH-tory br.ck sln.le Flat; site of lot. 24x100.3. g nrnnr „,„..„., At*, ■-« !
• H-story brick sin.X. Flat; akH of lot. 24HML fe w r^vLlT^M A»a,
S3« and 310 Wee* l»h St.. four-story brick Building: ■**■ of plot. 23.9x99. met*
Two 8-stor>- and basement brick private Dwellings: or »•«• 55 HH ° a *s? ox * FULLER, attorneys. «3 Watt
■lie of plot. 57.«xM.3. I st New Tor * <*» ■'•'*' .
SlO. «S aad «1 W.tl3th St. <_■ --'*
473 »th Are., bet. M«h and 3"th Sta. Three S-atory and b»sem*nt 'brick aad isnwaw
4-atory brick Bullrtlns;. with store; six* of lot. 23x100. ! Flats; size of each lot. 23x100.11.
Maps and booklets or any further information of above sales, apply to
JOSEPH P. DAY. Auctioneer. o * Fr i T^?l ; cf Ar
will sell at auction
at 12 o'clock noon, st the Eschanc* Salesroom. 14-1« Tessy St.. !*aw Tara City.
■ . TRUSTEES of th» ,
Estate of SAMUEL E. LYON, deceased
so lots onxr
- The proper t» Is nan- rip* for Immrdlate Imp mr cm rot. It fan be tt*chtd b r tile .■ > ab<r»r »n& 'or ti»
Thlra nnrt f r*ond Avenoe latratrd Ko.nl*, al*o bj tho Southern Boulevard nriac* Una (paA^inr tie prop
erty) and IIm» IMHh street Croastewa ear line. . ,
Th» aew Lexts*t«i and Third A»enne Subway Uaa* (the csatract for the former mm* Bsa*c »<Jt»»«
tlse.) wUI have a station at 14Sta St. Proposed Kaptd Traaatt route Sax 19. ISSth St. am. Illttm B-.a!^
van! It tracks), pastas th» snpi||. The rreat sts-traek New Have* slsstrts re&d — ■_*>* New Tack
C'onnmln'' Hallway (foaaacftaa the PewaarlTaala. New Ilavea Mi i.or>c I lisa i Bemw»> wta bo la tke kw
mediate Tlrtatty. «] f
80 PER CENT, may remain on mortsraro I,twt year* at the sarlsa off the purchaser, at 9 asr -rat
Interest, or 70 PER CENT. tt 4V. per cent. artiiiss. Pnrcliasw ta pay tiriiax— taa af *» at 1 aar cm.
3-story and basement high stoop brownstone haases, Lots 16.8x70 each ■-\
beta-era 135! baa. tSCth Ma.
All titles cnaraateed ay the .'"■•" TlUe lasaiaar* and Traat Col. and aatMsa of ttda-fcurcmore
win bt> Isswfw fro* to purcbager?.
Map* from THOMAS K. niIINELAXDER. Attarasy. M WOltaas St. er HCTBEKT A. *hls«av Aae
tlsassr. • Ptae St.. & MS 3th Aye.. cor. nth St. .
Bryan L. Kennelly, Auc*r,
will sell st auction
Wednesday, April 17, 1907,
at 13 o'clock noon, at the Exchange Salesroom.
14-1* Vesey Btre«t.
Executors' Sale
Estate of
Gustav Salomon, Dec'd,
By order of Paulina Salomon, Sot. C. Salomon, and
B. T. Einstein. Executors.
968 to 976 Sixth Aye.,
76 & 78 West 55th St.,
Southeast Corner,
the lira four-story brick Apartments, with IS store*.
B!se ot plot 100.3 feet on 6th Ava. xU feat on street.
160 Water St.,
N. W. Corner Fletcher St..
the four-story brick business building. ■ Bia* of let
144 Water St.,
Near Maiden Lane.
the flve-story brick business building. Six* of tot
10.5x53.6x lira*\
126 Ch.rry St..
Near Catharine St..
the, nve.story brick tenement. Stxa of lot 23.1x103.
Q. B. Townsend. Esq.. Attorney,
Map*, ate., with attorney or at auctioneer's offlcas.
7 Pine Street. ■;.,.;• : ,
Bryan L. Kennelly, Auc'r.
will sell at auction.
Wednesday, April 17. 1907
at 13 o'clock noon, at the Exchange Salesroom.
l-t-10 V«5-y St.,
. 68 West 82d Street,
the four story, basement and cellar brown stone Dwell
ing. with two story extension: else of lot. 18x102.3.
Ezekiel Flxman, Esq., Att'y.
103 Broadway.
Map*, a*., with Attorney, or at Auctioneer's office*.
Bryan L. Kenneliy, Auct'r,
..'..' ' will' sail at auction
Wednesday, April 17, 1007,
at 12 o'clock noon, at the Exchange. Salesroom.
11-18 Vesey . it..
Valuable Water Front .
North Side East 120 th St.,
with frontage on
Harlem River,
'•"': ■'.'■['.' Harlem Hospital Sit«. . ■*..
This abates water front, coasstttaf of absat 14 lots.
Is 347. teat en Bast UMa st. by 11-.7 feet on .Harlem
Hirer, to the osatr* line of the block, end used by the
city tor ferry entrance to Randall's Island.
Terms Liberal. .
•■ ■ Maps. *c . at auctioneer"* efiees. .1. Pice it. •
a«o. In the month Just closed permits were talc*n
out In 'thirty-three cities, according to cSlclaJ r«-
Curt!»'s -liampton -Court to Alexander M Whit*,'
Auction Sales of Real Estate.
BRYAN L. KENNELLY. Auctioneer,
•» I'l asnat a—Boa
Wednesday, April 10, 1907,
at 13 o'clock noes, at the Triiaa— . salssnai. sV*l
Vesey at.
Executor's Sale
Estate off ■'': *":'
Wm. I» TienholTTt. P-v'a,
312 W. 73d St.
Opposite Schwab Maaston.
Th* msiminceiit B»e story and basement rre*s«<i . ir-«
and stone Dwelling: aiactrlo paas«eser elevator; six (*%*»
threa driest rooms): trimmed In hard wood>: bssaßSjay
decorated by Hay den * Co.. Bth a» . arid window* X"
(any. House built to order by Harvey Jltxrdook aM «*■
signed by Charles P. H. Gl'.t-rt. Ms* of *lo> ■?'*■■'" l
Perpetual aid* Hist on th* west.
BBtrssi * CRAWFORD. Att'r*.
Map*, *«.. with attorneys or at milWwiw'i atssl r
Pine st. •
will azxi* at ArcrtoK
Tuesday. April 30, 1907,
At 13 o'clock noon, at th Exchange Sal— ■■'*» ." -
14-19 VESET ST..
315 Riverside Drive
The very desirable are story As*ar«caß *a— ss— i Ma*»
stone, bay wtn4»w front dwelling, haadsomslT «B«alawl
la hart woods, with perpetual right or way to IWtSi »S** f
to rear. The most desirable location oa Rtv«rs«» J**™
Terms Very Easy
■tea*, etc.. at Aaetlens— *a Oasse. T *'■■ - Str**^,
«nd Mr. Scherxnerhorn's K*d Houa* to Ber.rr ft
M :■! ! ; «,v : • .
: Th* newest and most elaborate thoofa. p-ra*p*
not the tersest, clubhouse on Ltag IsJawi Is to : ? *
th* home of the Bail* T*rr* Club. It is la th* ■-'••-
tr* of th* Bell* Terre Estates, end treats •» *•"
Jefferson Harbor, ISO feet above Use we**.
The Initiate?, which w desired by IDrb> **S
tit * Green, I* or. th* qoalnt early •*■*?»* trr*
broken by. Innumerable sabte* and balconies. • - • •
Each room baa hot cad «oat water.. alaatt - U^
electric curUaB 1 Irons, loar distance •••a*'" 1 «
every possible convenience. tiV
Th* furniture, which includes cor? taa-n ap
usual number of pieces, la of btrdssya n»pJ» J
mahosany. la the basement, welch opens «"rocj
on 'the la^Tu'-1.-V'larsre'axauaement room. ** r
shop, billiard room and eafa. Th* ••?*•■*" "Sfl
a detached oulMta* Tha eiufc.ataM* ami **"*
are jnlendldly buiU. The a™** *?*£? cat ,■
Charles W. LaaTitt, Jr. There are Xonr '•"
cairns nad a bowiinsrcreen. ■; ■ _, . >, ( .i > )s«d
Keneral-- charge of the clnb.arran^crri-n.s .vi. •
the- p<Tsor.^l direction ct Dean" Alvord. iaf^<^?
pres'ilehc ■ ;• - • ' *'

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