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• Controller Gives Pittsburg Firm Time to Get
Security— of Conspiracy.
Th« Thomas McNally Company, of Plttsburir,
Which has the contract for build the first section
•f the aqueduct which i 3 to drain the Catskllis to
furnish water supply for this city. !s having troubla
la cettinjr bonding companies fcr the jyjO.MO bond
required by the city. This is due. it was said, at
ih_ Controller's office yesterday, to the exorbitant
premiums demanded by the surety companies. Con
troller Metz intimated that the hlg companies were
bandin? together In a manner that savored or
•*trusf r m«-tho<iß. On account of this knowledge
ha save the McNally firm until Tuesday to get us
i txma filed. . —- -
Agents of Timothy D. Sullivan were acour.ng the
«lty yeeterday to get companies to £« on the DOn«,
and this fact was taken as a confirmation of .h*
rumor that the er-Congrcssman is Interested in
the MrNally company. According to a r«'-ns n "•
Controller Met*, no bond can be furnished by one
company alone, and In the case of a bond i'»r Hair
a million It must be furnished by five companies.
This rule waa mafic to orcak up a combination
«f the bipger companies, which, he saM. were
charging ••outrageous rate-" ;to the contractors
for bond-. This was empnn»ize_l at th« time the
firm of Ryan & Parker pot the «™itr_ctfpr the
2Janh_tt«n Uridge. One corapany^ltwM said, de
jmended *1&".*>«" for writing the bond. The firm
would not pay euch a sum. and later got : a bond
B fwh*re. The Controller said the only wa> out
-ias for the city to go into the bonding- bus.ness.
and that It would pay in the end.
The Rlekert-Flnlay Realty Company has sold to
David T. Laxvlor a plot. 60xlt<) feet, on the west side
of IBth at.; to Frederick Schoenebaum. a plot. 40x
}00 feet, on Has west side of ISth St.. and to James
! McGonigle a plot. COxIOO feet, on th« east «Jde of
19th M., Broadway- Flushing.
Also to Dr. Victor N'eesen. a plot. 130x100 feet, on
the west sM« of the West Drive: to Caroline M.
- P»thrid#e. a plot. «oxloo feet, on the south side of
Manor Road, and to L. H. Semper, a plot* 80x100
j feet, on the south side of Ken mure Road, Douglas
; The'comDanv has also scld In Westmoreland, to
I Harry D. Paulson, a plot, COxIOO feet, on the west
«ld« of Bay view aye.: to Charles L. Van Fossen. a
' plot. 80x109 feet, on the southeast corner of Bay
view and Westmoreland aye.-..; to J. Andrew Ha-
Vr'y. a plot, 40-lOU feet, on the east tide of I.ay
vlev? :iv. . and to Bertha Bennett, a plot. 40x100
Je*t. on the west side, of Eayview aye.
Work bee=n last week on the most extensive.
■ewer system in Queens. It comprises €.700 feet
of mains? extending from Flushing Creek along
(Li? «" to Cypress aye.. from which point two
*rrnJr e'ewers will run up ISth and 23d sts.. through
nroadwav-Fluplilnff. A private sewer already runs
SrouKh the 4me property in 2<th Ft. from Mitchell
«ye "to Broadway, built by the Rl rt-Finlay
.Ilealty Company, owners of the property.
, New York. April «. 1307.
■EEVFP- USeSsStS were IS cars, or 220 head, all for
Slaughterers direct. None oflereJ for sale. Feeling dull
J___WT_i— it^ Incorporated.
t_« Fourth Avenue, between -Sth ana a«th
«ts.. New York
Iwpr-rter and dealer In Fine OH Paintlr.-.
Hare Ola 2'ortralts and Gems by the Old
Casters Old Jewels. Silver. Ancieat Arms
tTi Armor. Works of Art.
Appraiseinenis lor Insurances, Surrogate.
42d St.. near « th ave.— AnU«ues. curios.
clfl it wels. silverware, rare fans, i-ajnung-.
miniatures and weapons. Oil so.d bought.
TTENRY V. WEIL buys, sells and ex
changes genuine antiques, furniture. i>or
•arlalii. Sheffield plate, old gold, silver and
jewel!)- «S8 LeJdttgtoa »■-< cor. S.th at.
A. ARMANDO, formerly at East 11th at.
arid af 4th ate- now at 161 East 324 at..
•apairtng artistic furniture.
"fiONOMA ActiQUe f-"hoi\ 1734 Broadway,
near 55th Painting*, brontes, trio-*
tjrac. runUturs. etc.. at auction prices.
ORAGO ANTIQUES CO.. 11« West 42d at.,
buys and sells ola mahogany, sUver. Jew
elry. Colonial china. |
JOHN PENNING. 428 sth aye . N. V.— Old
English. Irish ard Scotch silver, antique
furniture, rare portraits. English and Flem
|ati School porcelains, bronzes. Branch store.
17« Badaraa aye., Newport.
•THE ANTIQUE. Furniture Exchange, 132
164 W. Headquarters for genuine
Antiques; suites and odd pieces, every de
scription, al private aale, oa commiaMon
3TE OLDE FHOPP% . — Genuine antique fur
niture, brie-a-otac, curios, old ShefT.eM.
ate. 840 etfa aye. i
f !r> Insertions 5 cents per lino- rii
taan words, seven times consecutlvelf. il.
trblch entitles advertiser to Save rooms
•Btend for a pul«<l of fourteen days ia
»ne Xrlb-«»'« ■ t Directory of 'Dsslr«-l«
tmiiii Writ*' for etrvulAr.
Fail fnferros!lo!i'«oncern!ns; rheoa roonii
easy be h*t: free-** chArge, rt the Uptown
OfCc* of The Nsw-York Trtb-iue. IW4
B-oa 4 •<•»■,. between SClfe and S7th sts.
Elegant .)- furnished apartment, prlvat*
bath, fl dally; including mea'.e. one. $2 :
«ally: two. $3.& i» <_ily- Alabama. 15 E_*t .
11th st. i
73) PT.. 120 WEST (between "L" and \
subway express atations) — Peautlfal
rooms, with or without i.rivat» taths: ?a
pertor table; references given and required.
KTH ST.. £13 WEST.— Desirable l»rre end
small rooms; efuthern exro^ure; second
•no third floors; sapericr board; references
CONVENT AV_., «_7, Washington Hclithts.
— Pleasant, larre room. »-ith board; home
cooking; suitable for two; references.
«D FT- 154 — Desirable mcV room.
with N-ar^i: uhlt guests: references.
flßßft-la insertion* 6 rents par line. Ett-
Sjasa words, seven times consecutively. 11.
•jrhlcb entities advertiser to have rooms
entered for « period of fourteen days la
The Tribune's Directory of Desirable
aVirma Writ* (or circular.
Pull fxformat*on consern'na: these rooms
•nay be had. free of charge, at the Uptown
Office c* The New-York Tribute. 136*
■roadway, batsracs SCth and STih eta.
j_« i— - ■ . ■■_..—-—_—■>■—■ ~_— -^— - ■-—■^
FURNISHED ROOMS, with private
bathroom, hot and cold water, steam beat,
Oevator and hotel eervice; car» to all part*
€S the city; cannot be equalled for the
taoney. The r.oland. Pars uve. and tiißh st.
cold water; bath; all improvements; prl
va.te anil > ; no children; breakfast option
ed: Nth St.. near Fifth aye.; $4 per week;
rare opportunity. .1 It., Tribune Uptown
Office. ;::C4 Broadway.
OWNER v.; let 1-jxndsome bsck parlor to
physician or dentist: running water, good
Us:! •. usa cf front parlor for waiting room;
■•Dtral location Harlem: adjacent to "L"
fit subway. Owner. Kox »>. Tribune l'l>
ton Ofllcc 1364 Broadway
Gf? WEST 521> ST.— Peaytiful rooms; ccn
■acting baths; parlor floor fcr doctor;
convenient to "L" a: rubway statlcns.
~elephcne BWI Columbus.
J24T HST.. 79 WEST <Le_ox -Back
parlor. suitable two, 5."> weekly; a.so small
room, Kululile lady, |X-W; private fsmlly.
Hoi brook.
CIST ST., 11 WEST.— Front parlor; private
entrance: telephone, bay windows; large,
handsome, central, subway elevated. Uruck.
113 WEST USD ST.— Large front rcom.
suitable for t«r o young irentlemen; $5;
Jierfect lndepeadence ; ririxute houee. ;
Ul WEST 77T11 ST.— class rooms;
private house, aeiect neighborhood; refer
•Jßjeaa; genueoten unit.
CMTE-MSHEP uoosis wavteu.
*" ANTED.— An unfurnished back parlor,
by physician; between «X»th and 70th sts.,
west of Lrxinjrton aye. Address 11. G. N.
VCt East 4aXh at.
jcnvmxnMMM boom* id let.
MIOADWAT AW 10CT1I ST., fronting
Sctuylcr —For rent, three large un
;&ml-bed rooms, en suite; on* flight up
• SSaam heat; bath; ■■■iifild location: t.rms
moclerate; reffrrenct* n-qutru-i . Add- ess
yjoon l(X-3. —7 Broadway
MAjnTPACTCRERS of Millant and pool ta>
■ Mas; hieh- grade bowUag a:>>- buiiuers;
lowest price-* Marx tiros.. _4 Unlca Square.
JBCfIIUTI'I T Mrheat "prlre* paid for
: - a!lght!y u~ed ;«'«)•?• apparel, events? sad
■ t '.:•■( I towns bou_hi cad sold. Mme. P.O££.
am 4Kb eve, I'hoi:. . «_»7— 1403 liner.:.
inCIinST PRICE raid tor ladles'. _-»tle
■aan's a»d Uilldren's <U;carde4 rlcthlng,
flaw evening end r::-<t costumes. Jewelry,
»rtc-a-tra . furs. el Mr. cr Mrs. at.
J.'aftal. 7>S Cth a>e. Tel. CTO— Bryant.
nil. 3. <? I'BUKZ.'s-o'Bth'ave.' err." S2d";
aulU £19; t*-1.. I»4— Madlaon -I'rorhy
laettc Bridges a r;«f!a;ty; also general oec
« nr.E CXTINGUISIIKHS ana charr-*
• 2PIRI; BXrtMaUISIOr.S .mi lAaivi
Plre auppliea. Coanoinatkm Laddai
_f Cc- „ Z'zjTc Hsce, T«!. 6727 Cart.
feat stearty. Very little trading Jn firessed beef, but . prises
v.f -c just about steady. Latest Liverpool and London
guotedllv. cattle selling Il>4«1»c per »>. dn£.ed
wtehVihrtß and yearlings at UMUMiC. dressed weight;
refrigerator beef at »H«i%o per rt,. Exports to-day In
cluded 000 .yittie and 2.200 quarters of beef on tUe Mlnne
t-.nka tolfndon. 1.200 quarters of beef on the Celtic for
the London market, 1.640 quarter* on the t«c*nia to LI\
"rSMOMUi. and £0 sheep on the Bermudian to Ber
"'cVlvES— Receipts were SO head. making, with pre
vious arrivals S>7 on sale. Market weak. Common ana
JrSdlui Indiana ea??es and veals «o!d at $5 80«»7 50 per
100 Id So New York State or Pennsylvania calves of
fered "Pi I— l ii calve* weak to lower. City dressed veals
sold at 121 jo per lt>; cholco do at 13c; country dressed
''^e'^Kcrns Commission Co.: 77 Indiana veajs 134 »'
at «760 per 100 Ib; 2" mixed oaU«s. 163 It), at « 50.
PHEEP AND LAMBS— Receipts were 4 cars, or MW
heS aM for the mark?:. A single car of lamb, held over
vestr'-'av sold at steady price". No sheep In market.
un&r?n lamb. *o d at $8 60 per 100 rt,. > iVppc-.i do at
«' — pr-.»"d mutton quiet at B«i«l<»._.c per lt>. .!r»-ssed
larrbs »low at 12*14 c; country dressed spring lambs In
i^ •nand at $s©sß 5O per carcass; city dressed steady
*V*'^ $ - IO keni» Comrr.i-slon Company: 172 unshorn Buf
falo lamb* 7" Tr. average, at $8 «0 per 100 ft:' 107 clipped
do. 73 Th. at *7 £.'..
6-crial Party under ***** leaf* New York for a
' Splendid Tonr to the
And the Finest Kesorts of
With opportunities to return either via Salt Lake
City and Colorado. Alaska. Th« \ellowsto_e Park, or
the Canadian ISocUles. Stop over privileges.
Passengers who desire can make the outward Jour
ney with the party to arrival In California, with a
railway ticket only returning by choice of routes.
Bend for our Special Grand Canon Circular.
Railway and Steamship Tickets to all points.
Tel. 8900 Gramercy.
New York: 25 Union Sq.
Philadelphia. Boston. Flttnburgh. Chtcaso. etc.
All Tra\ piling and Hotel Expensca Included.
Di i'.inq July and august
FIX TOURS. 810 STHAMERS. »J75 TO 1333.
Hi Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. 1.
DKnSSJIAKER. of B. Altman & Co.; ex
cellent fitter: competent, experienced; re
duced rates this month, $1 f<o a day; re
mcKiellirn;. ASdress Dressmaker, 52$ Welt •
14th st.
MODEL DRESSES on hand: ladles 1 mate- I '
rial taken; cotton goods from $25 upward; '
cllks and woollen, with silk lining. $60 up- '
ward; short nutlce. Co Wert 40; St.
Fon BAIJB. ;
FOR SALE. — Genuine antique mahogany I ,
furniture; solid silver antique tea service. •
six pieces, chased in dragon pattern, with : . ■
Mn-n.old plate tray. Address Box 102, Mur- i '
fretsbcro. Term. • (
MICROSCOPES, runs, mathematical sur- i ■
gical an! curvey.ng instruments; unre- !
deeu.ed pledges a r^eclaity. NKTKLIN'S i
OLD CCBIObITT BHOP. 163 l'a:k Row.
DESKS, rolltops; partitions, railings, tables, ', '
«aits. letter presses, counters, shel vines, j .
wall mirror fixtures; stores, offices fitted. | ,
Finn Broa.. 2^-32 Centre et. ■ '
norsECLrAxixo Bl -REAL'S. !
METROPOLITAN House • ".earing Bureau:
all appertaining; to house cleaning. Offices .
Sli« W. 27th ft. T'! 3130 flialaaa No. 11*31 i I
Hrondway. Tel WHO Col. j
. .j
m »Tl'''lTTf> r 130 Orange St.. New- :
-j.l-iJ.IA.'.'.J.^J.U Portland Ladder Co.. '
ark; tel. BeEt rolling store ladders in world, ;
Star Gas and Giso-ine EEtrincs
Reliable and economical; direct from th*
manufacturers. Writ* for descriptive
J. it S. HOMAN. St* West Broadway.
OIU GAS and GASOLINE engines; vac
uu?n pumps; pattern and millwright vrork.
Welsh Machine Works. 270 West St.. New
BAUNDETRS No. 2 Improved pipe machine,
capacity ■%" to 2" pipe; one new Loew
: Victor hand pipe machine, capacity to 4"
! bolt cutters; tapping machines, drills.
! jireeses. lath**. p:_neif, shapers and ma
chine tools of all kin.is. Wlckes Brothers,
! 139 Liberty it.
I ENGINES; stationary and marine 1H to
: 10» h.p. Aug. Mletz. 12H Mo<t .t.. N. Y.
! wood and Iron morking machines; fully
guaranteed; machinery bought and ex
ihniif* i^n R T)ny. ?;««< UadUon »t
AN up-to-date vcrk that calculates the
weights, measures and moneys of the world
and makes you the master of figures.
"GRACE'S HANDY BOOK." All stationers
and 120 Fron; et.. N. Y.
filling- thiit defy detection; apodal di
ploma awarded foe the latest approved
methods of Prosthetic Dentistry; gold crown
and brtdce work. Dr. C. H. De Laroater,
l.ictiti; ?ivciai:st. 7H4 I> xlngton aye., n. w.
cor. Cist st. 'Phone. 3304— Plaza.
WE PRI'.'T everythinr. publications, irag
azines. catalogues; Tew prises; get esti
mate. Colonial Printing Co.. lu2 West
100 th st
•THE R. R. HAVENS CO.. Publishers .
Bonktellers »nd Importers. 153 \v»«» S3d
at.. N. — We desire to purchase becks.
libraries or small parcels.
UP-TO-DATE nfflw partitions and railings,
general woodworkers. N Y. OFFI<"F
PARTITION CO.. Cabinet Maker* and Car
rer.Tern. 405 n'e»<k»r rt. Tel. 4C97 Chelsea.
j ■ALP-TONE and line wok: catalogues and
color work: excellent results; low prices
HAOr.PIAN roMI-ANT. 3 Great Jones nt. "
EDGAR D. BRINK F.RHOFF. r> r tlfle<l
Public Accountant <SUte of N. V ) 32
Broadway. Room 012. Telephones 3112
I.r.»i er.d 3«a7-W. Melrt-e
taken at hotels or clubs; country residences
photographed: write for pries. C a.
pv\t.\P. 1274 Hma.iway. "
PRINTING.— Letter beads, billheads. carJa.
etc.. low prices; visiting cards, fio cents a
hundred. Oak Pr».». ?.\\ West 47th st.
PHOTOGRAPHIC " enlargements, printing
developing, lantern elides; pbotctrra_hc
taken if interiors, exteriors, croups etc
"v^t l-th'sL 0 ' *£■ R J " Ha * Un « iT . to
TTPEWP.ITE«S— All makes told. "r.nt*i
repaired. *-chan ( ed; rellat>U aervica.
SUITS to order, from $12 up; perfect fit as
sured. Call or send postal and renre
tentative will call and take metuiJ??
New Yo* BUCk - ° Ul *'"'•' *•*?** ■« '-
bARTENS (late of Bartens -Trace*"
.» . iei ch **- Plair.nnds. clous Stones. «1
1« John st. Telephone a.533-Coi^laadtT
: H.T. Carpet Cleaning works
Oldest. Larr«st. Mow Modem
437 ANI> 43» WEST 45TH «
: -J.S.J.W.WiLUA»S3 "
_ __*_ ___ _ Kutablish.^ 1875,
Cleans by oomj,res«e4 air. aiaai. band
r or on floor. ISM Broadway «S1 Eait
St. cos * soa-nutT M' w4SS, 1 -"
Columbus (9th) ay., 8 1st to 82d st.
81st St. "L" Station at th* door.
Accommodations for 500 Guests.
Beautifully sum y furnished Suites of two or
more rooms and bath, overlooking: Manhattan
Square. Single Rooms, with or without bath.
All modern appointments. Hotel and Restau
rant service of the highest New York standard.
Rentals at moderate rates for transient or sea
son guests.
Our Pictorial Guide to New York, sent free on
request, gives much valuable Information.
$1 50 per day and up.
KUUWa J2.00 per day and up.
Open until 12 P. M. Music.
• vate bnth. $1 daily, inclurtlnr meals, one. $"J dally;
two. »3..V> dally. AUBAMA. I* East 11th st.
In the Famous
Broadway and 33d St.
Trom 5:30 to 9 P. M.
In the Ladie» f Restaurant.
Special Prepared Dishes. Ala carte. Music
ADVERTISING— WanteJ. advertiiing ran
vassar for real estate medium, good
efaaaca; Falarj" and eommiaalOß; must know
the trade well; references required Ad
dree* Ccmpetent, Box -«. care Trlbun* vi ,
Bee. *' ' __
BRIGHT OFFICE BOY In the office of a
manufacturli.K concern; use about"!,
must live with parents; Protestant; a gooa.
permanent position assured for right PP r "
Address in handwriting of applicant, stat
ing age. wages expected, etc. L.. ■»». ->■•
l'ribune Office.
3ROOM and occasional driver want ; .
found; single. un.ler 40; recent reference.
Seslrable. permanent job for deslrabl- ser
vant: no other. Write details to Atlas Co.,
IS Broadway. '■'"•■
MEN. light work and ilitl* money m !^.
you to Europe: return transportation,
Sally sailing". Bostun Shipping Co.. 11
Norfolk et ;
Three years' experience: wishes position
Rlth rood opportunity: Al references. Ad
3resi« J. 8. U. 48 Broadway. Brooklyn.
USEFUL MAN. — Car* of cow, chickens
garden; near city, references. Apply M
M Nicholas aye. (113 th st). Monday morn
ing. 1O to 12. :-.■■■'.'
WANTED.— Boy. 10 years of age. to make
himself useful In factory. Louis t.
Ralchlen, 2T>5 Greenwich at.
WANTED.— Bright young men. 17 to 20
years of age; steady work »nd opportunity
for advancement. Apply by letter. T. T.
Crowell 4 Co.. publishers. 428 West Broad
way. .^
WANTED.— Man as ctachman and useful
man; married; no children: on* who un
derstands garder.lng and willing to help in
small farm In winter; nice cottage and
usual supplies furnished; only those having
the best of references need apply: gooa
p!ace frr the right man. L. M. S., -»«i
Hfth aye., N. Y. City.
WANTED.— Offl^a boy. by a !>rr« manu
facturing company; state age. nationality,
experience, If any. salary expected and ref
erences. Address J. I- J.. P. O. box -37.
New York City.
In a managerial capacity.
Ac-dr**s O. k.. 312 South Broad
way. Yorkers, for Interview.
AN EXCEPTIONAL opportunity occurs for
a refined and educated lady of good ap
pearance and established character; must
be capable of dealing with questions relat
ing to the education and upbringing of
children; salary $100 per month. A. 8..
Box 176. Tribune Office.
COLORED GIRL to work few hours through
the week or few hours daily; no Bunduy
work. Smith. 207 West «lst St.
WANTED.— for general housework; no
washing. Mrs. Vernon Smith. Cottage
Home Grounds. 183 d st. and Third aye.
WAITRESS, $23} nurse. $26; cook. $30;
laun^rfsn. $»; hous.-worker. $23 to $30;
positions waiting. Mrs. coaler's. 122 TV est
_3d St. _^^_^___^^^«^— ■____— _
ACCOUNTANT.— Books written up, closed.
trial glance, balance sheets, etc.. by putt
llc accountant: raasonah'e: references. Ac
'ountant, 16 Waverley Place.
AMBITIOUS young man. not afraid •'
wor_. neither drinks nor smokes, will dc
anything to help employer; beat reference*,
Farrelly. 444 West £>?th st.
A —Middle aged business man In ladles and
rents' department stoVe as cashier or col
lector; Al references and security, Stein
man. 820 East 21st st.
BOOKKEEPER, stenographer, expert, seeks
position where Integrity and ambition v. 11
be appreciated; best of references. Addrew
G.. 211 Columbus aye.
enced young man; permanent position
G. H. S.. 237 10th St., Brooklyn^
young roan. 21; and driver: two years
experience. A. Hurkhart. -17 East 66th st.
CARPENTER, builder, wishes work from
estates, landlords or private; alterations,
stores offices. Jobbing; reatonable prices;
prompt attention. .Satisfaction guaranteed,
estimates. Bass. 2600 3d aye.
CARPENTER wishes Jobbing: or steady by
month. Phlpps. 1:07 Went 60th st.
neat, sober and competent young man;
highest reference; moderate wages; country
preferred. Address* Kill. Tribune Uptown
Office. 1864 Broadway.
exp*ri«nce<l German. 22: licensed. Ad
dress Karl Ziegenbalg. 112H East B.'td st.
CHAUFFRUR; wishes position with re
sponsible party; can drive any America!
car; good references; willing to go any
where. W. P. McEwen. 132 Kast 24th kt.
CHAUFEFUR; careful driver; ecod me
chanic; with private family; sober; goo*
appearance; go anywhere: English: speak*
Preach: good references. Bournon. iXi
West lStn st.
CHAUI'FBI'R: mechanic (23). German
sober; handle any gasolene, electric cars
good repairer; private famllv or shop; re
pairing work. Addrew Chauffeur, Box 173
Tribune Uptown Office. 13C4 P.roadwuy.
CHAUFFEUR: .lectrtc; married man will
one child; wife willing to assist with flu.
laundry work If necesrary: 8 years' refer
er.ee. Rellly. 411 West Scth St.
CHAiJFFRUR (39). marrltd. with goo<
family; expert mechanic; careful driver
absolutely sober, reliable; - .speaks Fi*nch
English; wag<s moderate. V. C. ICtB Is
aye. . . •»..'.
CHAUFFEUR; young foreigner; two years
experience; fine, mechanic, com:
driver and repairman; with private tarolli
Osacst L*«_ara. «0 Wast Otta au
('it// II (-it is.
WORK want go.
CHAUFFEUR.— youcir man. 24; city or
country: five years' exper'enca foreign
and American cars; neat, sober and careful
driver; recommendations from former em
ployer: salary moderate. If steady posi
tion. Ray. 117 West «S.i st.
CHAUFFEUR — Two years' road experi
ence; do own repairs. Address M. L.,
care of Larking. 235 East 67th st.
CIIAI tTI.UR.-By single German; compe
tent driver and good repairman several
makes of ipiiolene cars; wlllimt and handy;
good rararanuaa <• s. no East uth st.
ENGINEER; understands laundry machin
ery; work rlty or country. Krglneer. 263
« est i_.>th st.
EM.INKKit- By a licensed marine and
stationary engineer; a:*,, hoi .is pi'ot's li
cense; understands gasolene engines, own
too.s; city or country. Engineer. 4»> Hud
son st.
FUR NAILER and beater: 14 ve»r»- expe
rience; reference; 8 years' experience In
photography. Louis YedllcltA. SO7 Ka»t
•»d st.
GENTLEMAK, y ,ung. educated: sreaka
French and Italian well, good references
and certificates. Bok P., 39 West Mth st.
JAPANESE STEWARD; withes situation
on board ya.-ht; long experience un 1 h»a
best references. Japan»t«-. 27 Washington
Square, north.
MAN wishes steady position In wholeaaja
house ur factory. <;hiion. 103 Macduu
gal st.
MKLTKR and cupola tender; eiperl»nced
la years '""' ''"*" " n: not afriM of hard
work In foundry; boot of references. P. O.
Box 235. Buff»m. N. V
PORTER .oJore.l). elevator, office build
ing, factory «>r who e» U i« boaaa; refer
nces. Aihby. care Roach, 180 East usth
PAINTER, flrrt r!.i« ataa 'y position wnv
TumbuU. 346 Waal 12;h at.
PAINTER. decorator, wishes Inside or out
side work from eslatt-s. landlord* or prt
va:e ; re_»onaL.!« pricee, prompt attentl<>n:
satisfaction guaranteed; estimates fur
nished, Bass. 7J680 3d aye.
work for landlord*. H. Muller. 1470 Am
sterdam ay».
6TKAMFITTER; steady position: familiar
with engine; does all repair,, also plumb-
Ing; h.,tel preferred. Perm-jient 365 West
4_'l St.
SAIJ-1.-MAN, Btc-By spun. m.n. 24. stn
g!e: epeaks German, Pollan. English and
rrench; as Instda saiesmiin or any o ;h>-r
employment. Adtlre^a A B , 233 Cherry st
YOUNG MAN. 2»; In office, or outside
c.« r ?i : 66 t rr h e .; !enc i! **««-«. 27*
TOUNO MAN. RuMian; acquainted with
En* l»h. German French; assistant book-
< t r B?o n _dw°_y? r ° mCO ™*- •-•-"-•
CAPABLE youriß lady: good pianist; --ma
knowledge of bookkeeping and CorresPond
™'±£ a : k , ln muilc hou " 9'9 ' "• Brass*.
Old r-Pfli l tin fit.
COMPANION.— By young lady to trnaus!
for summer; small compensation. Stu
dent, alvertlrlng office, lryjrt s^ ax «.
COMPETENT young lady as companion for
lady o r child rolng abroad; sew and
pack well; speak French. German; highest
city references. Call 0 East «sth st
GOVERNESS— Young French (Parisian)
womnn, having relatives In Chicago
would like to take a situation there In an
American family as nursery governess or
tench ft child French; several years' -el
!f. nt re , '''" from New York's best fam-
Illes. Addrms Ml'e. M. M.. care Mrs. Rob
inson, 313 West 27th St.
GOVERNESS; or nursery governesa: wom
an of refinement and education desires
enicairfment ; excellent German French;
mnaic: Knull^h prlmnry branches; best ref
erences. F.. M's» FltzGerald's Bureau. 603
6th avo.. corner 42-1 st.
G1K1..8 of all nationalities for all kinds of
work; excellent references. Ulnotn's Bu
reau. 747 Lexington aye.. near r.iith st.
RK7TNED, cultured lady desires position
accompanying IlO rty to Bumj,». this Fum
mer; excellent traveller; fluent French.
German. Knx'tah; highest city references.
Jordan. 172 Went 81st st.
SECRETARY. *c. —By highly cultured
young lady; aa secretary, correspondent
or as teacher; rnnrnir.g* only; highest city
references. Mademoiselle, care of Jordan
172 West Hint St.
ed woman; experienced seamstress and
hairdresser; go',<l traveller. Address Luise
124 Kat>t 10th st.
YOUNG LADY, German. Enrllsh. little
knowledge . f bookkeeping, as office as
sistant; chance of advancement preferred
to hlgn salary. Manhelms, 1089 Lexington
German and Swedes; tall and good ap
pearance; ' good city reference. \Vlnthr>p
Bureau. 65 West 3Sth st. 'Phone 1002—
BUTLER. VALET, 29: thoroughly experi
enced; In small private family; city or
country; brut references. Address Charles
137 East 2C\h ct.
BI.TLKR or VALBT rr BOTH— Fnnch;
married; honest, aober. capalde- uagea
*♦«»; m!eep homo. P. Devtenne, «6 West
S3i st.
BUTLER.— Swe.ie; competent; excellent
references: American family; city or
countrj'. G. TJ., 211 East 33d st.
Bl TLKR or FOOTMAN.— By tall young
Englishman; first class; references from
■rat class city and Newport houses. Win
throp llureau, C 5 West 3Mh si. 'Phone
— 3HUI. ■
! ADVERTISEMENTS and subscriptions for
' The TrlL-une received st their Uptown
' Offl , ct i^ 0 ' 13fi4 1!r ' »•'»•»•• between S6th
[and 3.th «ts.. until it o'clock p. in. Adver
| tisements received at the following branch
| ettlces at regular office rates until 8 o'clock
| P- m., m.: 254 Bth ava.. s. c. cor. 23d St.:
i 2£? r> av *.i cor - 12th st - : *2 E « st m " ■«•:
SI Wast 42 i " between 7th and Bth a- -a.
-3 Waat 12»th »_: UN $4 SSL.
m:>l>"K'= i s "CHAyCK--*.
TVlt-PHONB 1 2409 CORTUXNDT. "o*.
futl parUcuTar, We work airtctly on comm
ission basis. A-- '■■'.
t4S SUO. Particular* at McDonald vn_.«»
Co.. 257 Broadway. __
PBivTivr. PLANT, this city: can be
bought very reasonable; good pay Ing
trade Apply McDonald Co.. 257
Broadway. .
requires general manager; , $25.000^tnir
merit; thorough Investigation. Apply to
McDonald-Wiggins Co.. 257 Broadway.
A LARGE. HIGH CLASS manufacturing
concern. close to New York n City, re
quires a limited amount of working C »P*^"
Apply McDonald-Wiggins Co.. 25. Broad
way. '•-_ .
FOR -High class business; P^uct
in large demand: other Interests. Apply
to McDonald- Wiggins Co.. 25. Broadway.
PATENTS for most practical household
articles op the market: pHce.S3O.OOO
Apply to McDonald- Wiggins Co.. 351
Broadway. '
AN OPPORTUNITY to purchase a hotel
property for less than the cost of build
ings; best summer location; *© rooms:
water frontage: large grounds: «**•»••
sacrificing to close estate. McDonald-W Ig
glns Co., 257 Broadway.
BAUGERTIES. N. T— lo3 a<-re» of ground;
8 room house antl S room hemse. outbutl*.-
Ings. etc.; all kln.ls of farming luirjo
ments price. 130.000. Particulars at Mo-
Donald-Wlgglns Co.. 257 Broa<lway.
plant completely equipped with michn
ery, tool*, dies, etc.: price, $20.<Xi0. Inclin!-
Inc valuable patents. Apply tt> MoDonalU-
Wlgglns Cn.. 357 Broadway.
A LARGE wholesale beef concern, situated
close to New York City, desires to rataa
about $2."UHX>; strictest Investigation In
vited. McDonald-Wiggins Co., 257 Broad
autriir.atlf scale ar^l machine company;
rary liberal iir"pnsltlnn offered Partlculara
at M.-l>onal<l-WlEglna Co., 287 Broeuivtay.
RESIDENCE al Westarialsjh, Ptaten Isl
an<l; l.'> rooms, two hath rooms anl nil
eenren'encaa: plot fmnts 7.1 feet on Bcu!e
varil- f1.'.. 000 '-nnh ne<-es»ary. EliU par
tlculara at McDonald Wlgstssi On., 257
fr»m depot at Stamford. <vmn.: plot 7i>t
RfH>; muft be i.een to he spj>re.!ate.i. Mo-
Donald-Wtgstaa cr... 257 Broadway.
producing, offers limited amount of stock
at BAc per share; par value. SI: over
$300,000 expended In developing this prop
erty. McDonald-Wiggins Co.. 257 Broad
LIMITKD amount of stock for **'.* at Jl
per (ihftre; c»nip«nv owns patented p^rta
ble radiator; this heater stanla alon* In
its line; larg« dividends assure-l. McD'>n
aM-Wlggtna i-0.. 257 Broadway.
Plopo. nrookHn; l Ijth c'a«a r.u'r>na«e;
price, on'y J1.21W. McDonald Wiggins Oa.,
257 Broadway.
ACTIVE PARTNER wanted with $1,000 to
t7> 000 in poultry farm ; large profits as
sured. McDonald-Wiggins Co.. 237 UroaO
13.000 TO fo.OOO required In a salt manu
facturlns; concern: good position to In
vestor. McDonald- Wlfjlns Co.. 207 Broad
MEAT MARKET, In Newark N. J.; sale*
$4<X) weekly, a bargain at SI.BOQ. Mo-
Donald-WUCgtai Co.. '~>~: Broadway.
house. » acres, In Jefferannrllla: prlca
$».".ik> would exchange for Bronx rr«p»rty.
Address McDonald-Wlsßins Co , 257 BfwasV
- on south shore Staten
lilar.d- I r'.rr $10,000. Particulars at Mc-
Donald Wiggins CO., VI Broadway.
MANICURING, and BlropooM parlor,
downtown; tZ.**<f> profits yearly: -s'ah
llKhed II! years: i,rl^*» f2.<XX>. McDonaU-
Wlgglns Co.. 237 Hr..ad»ay.
BEAUTIFUL all year resident*, little over
on« hour out. three minutes from 'ler<ot:
21 a.-res land-rape, gardening, abundance
< f fruit anl »hade tram, greenhouse, barn.
hTinerT. with Incubators, etc. : hrms* con
tain* all modem conveniences, billiard par
lor bowllnit alley, etc ; will sacrifice. Ar
jly at McDonald -Wiggins Co.. 237 Brcad
RESTAURANT, best location New York
City; ondet present manag-m»pt 80
years. $25.0i>0 net profit* annually: or>
porlurtty. Details at Mcl_>ona'._. Wiggins
Co.. 257 Broadway.
PARTY WANTED with 125.000; good pr<*i
ti n offered to rlirht party; cencern owns
plant worth $M.<»o: located In Penn->vl
van's. Apply McDonald Wiggins Co.. 207
CAFE close to Borough Hall, Brooklyn;
r-'-'ipts Jtoo dally: rrice jsi^i Apply
to McDonald Wiggins Co.. 257 Broadway.
$1 .v<t STOCK for »ale; larce engiinaiUlg
and construction company, this city; t v .'.«
|« v p.. <1 Investment Full .let-i!'g at Mc-
Wlggii i Co., Broadway.
LOAN Of $.I.'> l| > r»Ti!red by r«rr.v of high
Kt.indlnff; Investment Is abc lutslv pro
tected an I will earn « per cent, with a
bonus of ?"*": very hlthest r»f»rMir*> fur
nlsh»d. Al'fly at Donald Wiggins Co..
257 Broadway.
PLOT 7rixl"o; mo«t de»lrabl» location.
P»llsa1». N. J.-. rrl'-e. f>nly ?^..'.iv). m,-.
Dona!<l-Wl(rrlns Co.. 237 Broadway.
location, this city: receipt* $112 m-cekly;
death compels snl«: prlca only $2,000. I'ar-
ttculara at McDonald -Wiggins Co., 257
ROCKAWAY. N. J Very d«lrable busi
ness property, -aylns; about 2« per cent
nnnually; rrl<-« 18.600; ni.rt^age |3.o<X>
Details at McDonald Co.. 257
LIMITKD B-mrvnt or stock In e-f«M!«h<-d
banana groweis" and transportation com
pany, having Urße. j.lant«t)on la c>Mtr.-«t
America, Details at McDonald -Wlggtna
<"'o . 257 Broadway.
LUNCH ROOM, best location. Brooklyn
receipts $IK) dally and steadily In. rea.-.'-
Ing; prlca $." .V«. Apply at McDonald-
WlirKlns i'o. 257 Broadway.
ESTABLISHED electric lamp manufactur
ing concern, close t.> New York City re
quires *r>.(x«>. Apply McDonald-Wiggins
Co. VI Hrmdway.
A LIMITED AMOUNT <~,t stock Is offered
by a hlrh class embroidery manufacturing
concern, having largn plant In New York
City, valued at $UX),000; capital required
to extend the bttgnveaa; references. McDon
ald-Wiggins <"0.. 257 Broadway.
FOIIKHT HILL. N. J— Ten room house,
with all modern conveniences; most de
sirable location; price, $15,000. Apply to
Mcl>onald-Wlgglna Co., 267 Broadway.
PLTMHINO BUBINEBB located down Ix>ng
Islanii; price. $650| doing big business
McDonald-Wiggins Co.. 267 Broadway.
A PARTY WANTED for pleasure steam
boat line: $7,500 required: good opportu
nity for big money this summer. For par
ticulars apply McDonald-Wiggins Co., 257
A PARTY with $2,000; manufacturing busi
ness; substitute for eggs In powder form-
Wg future In this. Apply to McDonald-
Wiggins Co.. 257 Broadway.
THKKH ADJOINING boarding houses in
Huil.-m. Income. $1.500 monthly excep
tional bargain ut $4,600. McDona!d-Wla>
glns Co.. 257 Broadway.
PARTY WANTED with $<1.000 In construe
tlon concern having large contracts on
hand: third Interest to Investor; very high
est references furnished: thorough Investi
gation Invited. Particulars at McDonald-
WiKgins Co.. 257 Broadway.
FOR SALE.— Tailoring and gents' furnish
ing business; well known place In fast
growing section of Greater New York'
$.'•.0(10. Me Donald- Wiggins Co.. 257 Broad
DENTAL PARLOR, nicely equipped In
large office building: $3.<*M> r>rnftts vaarlv
Price. $1,500. McDonald-Wlgglna Co 257
KUTHKHFORD— 3O minutes out; 1Q room
house: all Improvements; iirar depot
price, $7,500. KtcDonald-Wlgglns Co., 257
PARTY WANTED, with $5.500. | n high
class manufacturing buMness; $150 month
ly to Investor. McDonald-Wiggins ct>., 257
lIREWSTER, N. V.— Very desirable farm
located close to railroad depot; iw> acres
of land with 17 romn house, outbuildings,
etc., prlct, $30,000. Description at McDon
uM Wiggins Co., 257 Broadway.
FARM: 140 acres or ground; fine 12 room
house, several outbuildings, etc: situated
close to depot at Rrewster N. V. ; price
$25.(lT<>. Particulars at McDonald- Wiggins
Co.. 257 I.roadway.
RESTAURANT In the moat prominent city
of New Jeney; good paying place; can be
bought at $3,500. Particulara at McDonald-
Wiggins Co.. 257 Broadway.
PARTY WANTED with about $40,000; Join
builder in large building operation. Par
ticulars at McDonald-Wiggins . Co., »I
Ercaawv, __ _
ESTABLISHED business, •M* lll «.' -ft ?J2» *
• $70,000. with prospects of earning _$iw [
000; stock consists of furniture, wall PfP ßl^ ;
draperies, etc.; located In Southern city of
about BGO.COo population; price. S~U.y<*>-
Apply at McDonald-Wlgsjlna Co.. 2»T
Broadway. ';■;■ '
$35,000 buys high class >«» l ml( ; 1 I SJ r ! n *
J B.OOO net profits annually; thorough In
vestigation Invited. McDonald-W Co..
237 Broadway. _____•
HOTEL: 43 rooms; large dl lll room: **"
years business amounted to $34,000. loca
tion most prominent town close to Eaaton.
Pann.; price. $55,000: *2 5 - 50 2_, c 1 5L / ,J- <
dress McDonald Co.. 23* Broadway.
AUTOMOBILE GARAGE In a very proml_
nent town In New Jersey, near Easton.
Perm.; equipped with tools, etc. ; V™?
$2,600. McDonald-Wiggins Co.. 267 Broad
way. ____^ _______ — — •- »
Mnle. .„ i
CARETAKER.— American eoupla. no chil
dren, as caretaker of residence;^ years
city references. Address Johns. 153 otn aye.
CARETAKER; man and wife: no children;
man employed; 10 years' city references.
Kramer, 310 East 27th st. - ■ -
CARETAKER. — By responsible married
couple: Dutch: care of private residence
for summer; best city references, van Son.
643 West 49th St.
CARETAKER.— By experienced couple; no
children; take care of vacant house for
■ale or rent; references, J. White, *"•
Last 84th st.
CARETAKER.— man and wife, to tako
care of house during summer months.
Halloran. 444 West 4«th »t^_
CHEF.— French-Italian; good European ref
erences; Just arrived in America. Win
throp Bureau. 06 West S»th. 'Phono 100- —
38th. __________
COOK.— By German: speaks little English:
cook for about 12 years; willing to- do
cleaning; city or country. Bclrwerthoffer. ,
12« East 104 th St. [
COOK— GARDENER.— with little !
girl; permanent place; woman as cook or ■
he us. worker; man gardener, lawns, ate. ,
Martin. 527 West Ic3d at. |
COACHMAN.— By neat, tidy young Swede; |
takes best care horses, harness, carriages.
etc.; careful driver; useful; excellent ref
erence. Charles, carpenter's Bureau. 154
6th aye. <
COACHMAN. — Thoroughly reliable: alt
branches; several years' city reference;
late employer can be interviewed. J.. 43U>
4th aye. 1
man; strictly sober: best references; also i
coachman, single; city or country. Fla
herty's Bureau, 453 Columbus aye. Tel.
741 River.
COACHMAN.— SingIe: reliable: thoroughly
experienced with horse*, carriages, etc.:
sober, honest, willing, obliging: capable of
filling active place anywhere-: personal ref
erences. Willing. Tribune Uptown Office,
1384 Broadway.
COACHMAN, English; married, no ch'.ld
ren; good city references, written an.l
personal; Just disengaged. Address G.
Ware. Tribune Uptown Office. 1364 B'way.
sober and competent young man: highest j
reference; moderate wages: country pre
ferred. Address C. G.. Tribune Uptown
Offlce. 1364 Broadway.
COACHMAN, single; thoroughly under
stands care horses, harness, carriages;
willing, obliging; best references. Address
Robertson. 587 ad avo.
single man; thoroughly understands his
duties; middle aged; strictly sober; beat
references written and personal. A. 8..
Tribune Uptown Office. 1364 Broadway.
COACHMAN. — By neat, clean, sober man:
understands horses thoroujhly; very best
of references: $s<> a month. Call Swedish,
Exchange. M>4 3d aye.. or Tel. 433 33th.
COACHMAN. — By young married man; ro
family; strictly temperate; 7 years' writ
ten of personal reference from last em
ployer, who can bo seen; an expert city
driver; leave* on account of family selling
Inn sis Chrystl*. 2U« West 7«th St.
marrl<*d; three children, aged 0 to 4: un
derstands all machinery; good dairyman:
vied to separator; successful with poultry
Incubator, brooders, etc.; we.l recomiut-nded.
ls»nj_mln. Carpenter's Bureau. 134 Bth ay*
FAIUIBR (Foreman). — American, married:
ono t; r wTi daughter; g*x*l worker; served j
years at the business: experienced In all
work, horses, cattle and pigs, all stock,
machinery; excellent herdsman; used to
boarding and handling help; successful with
poultry; strictly sober: best references.
William, at Carpenter's Bureau. 154 6th
GARDKNKR. somewhat Of a landscapes
married, small family, to take charge of
private plac*. Andy, care W. Elilott *
Sons. 201 Fulton St.
GARDENER, married, small family, open
for ii engagement; expectations moder
at- Mac. car* W. Elliott A Sons, 2UI
Fultou st.
■.NET.'— Englishman: sing*; expert
erioe.l In America; fire vegetnbie grower;
hothouse, glass frames, fruits, flowers. Uwn
and general work; neat and tidy; well rec
ommended. Oscar, at Carpenter's Bureau.
134 6th aye.
GARDENER —By Herman: married: two
small children; fine v.-<etabi» grower,
hothouse, glass framer. fruits, flowers, lawn
and general work; »ants cottage; well rec
ommemtad. Waiter, at Carpenter's Bureau.
134 6th aye.
GARDENER. 30. with both foreign and
domestic experience; thoroughly compe
tent In all It* branches; best references.
Address Gardener. P. O. Bex 302. Great
Mack, Long Island. >
GARDENER.— Hmd: English. 40; married.
BO children; on lady or gentleman's place:
life experience In all branches of the pro
fusion; best reference*. E. J. IS.. Buz SO.
t.l-n Ctove. Long Island.
GARDENER tllead). — Scotch, married: two
children ; practical In all branches under
glass an.l outside; good references. I>. R.,
Box 1. Tribune Office.
GARDENER (Head).— English. single;
practically experienced In all branches of
the profession; graperies, orchids, foliage
plants, ornamental bidding, roses, carna
tions, lawns, roads, formation and care;
vegetables and fruit. Address Gardener.
10 Spring nara. Mtmlatowii. N. J. '
(sAJRDnNBM and rT>OßlST.— Scotchman,
single; thoroughly understands the busl
neis In every department : first class refer
en •>.■«. Address H. It., 234 4th aye.
GAKDENER.— German, single: care pri
vate place; lowers, vegetables, lawns,
drives; can milk, etc.; sober and reliable:
moderate wages. Gardener. Box S. Tribune
GARDENER, competent; nr.arried man:
understands horses thoroughly; first class
driver; understands farming and gardening;
not afraid of work; can furnish best ref
erence; no drinker: hanly at anything:
good man for right party. Raphael. 328
East cyth at. i
GARDENER.— German. 06. well recom
mended, would like to work on private
place: fc_/i!mmw only. A. Laretacker,
717 East T.lst st.
GARDENER; Bwed». married: ran furnish
best references. Box 22, Port Cheater.
N. Y.
GARDENER.— EngJIsh; married: life ex
perience with vegetables, lawns and
shrubs, and under glass, etc. Austin, cars
Vaughan seed store, 14 Barclay St.
GARDENER — EnelUh. 44; Ufa experience
in Mil departments of the business: good
references. A. 8.. Box 41. Tribune OtSc*.
GARDENER.— single: thoroughly
acquainted with th* business; with last
employer eighteen years. 11. Horn. Box
Sift, North-jort, Long. Island.
HANDY MAN .married, gardener and flor
ist by trade; carpenter, plumber, roofer,
painter, plasterer, paperhanger, cementing;
*o«il references; own tools. John Haydn.
1336 3d ava.
JAPANESE VALBT— High character: good
education- thoroughly experienced; fluent
English: absolutely sober, honest, trust
worthy; for gentleman or family; boat ref
erences. Danna, tH East 183 d at.
JAPANESE, excellent cook; city or coun
try or on yacht; steward, cook; best ref
erence. Joy, 107 Cherry at.
JAPANESE (young), valet: sober. honest
experienced: entirely satisfactory In ovary
way; can take entire charge of bachelor's
apartment; best refarencea. bhjmlxu, 11
JANITOR.— By respectable German: capa
ble; one or two houaaa; hot water and
steam heat. Janitor. 17 West 84th at.
— German-American couple- no
children; no basement. Koran. 03 But
NURBS. ATTENDANT, or care of elderly
gentleman; patients' and physicians' ref
erence; can give massage If required. Fita
gorald. 400 East 67th st? -«"•«»* ru»-
NURSQ (mala), disengaged: good refer
ences, patients and doctors: good trav
eller; cheerful disposition. Jud. 1085 Dean
at.. Brooklyn; telephone lull— Project.
NURSE. ATTENDANT to invalid gentle
man. mental or physical; shaves, mas
sage, valet: travels; patients and physi
cians references; present employer can be
seen: long experience. Nurse. Box 110.
Tribune Uptown Offlce. ICQ I Broadway.
USEFUL MAN.— By young Irishman. 22:
private family. Call Monday and Tues
day. P. L "* car* d X\Uton. 16T _nu«r
—id ay*. - - ........
Miss r::zgeraid's E
503 STH AYE., com - ;
NrßSE—Entlre charge Infant; ISO.
COOK— Ftnt class; A I references; $SP
PARLORMAID— Swedish: $2S-S3O.
. — - 1
WAITRESS— salads, etc.; $23.
— Capable; $30. . !
LAUNDRESS— Understands laces, linen,
etc. ; $30. •
LADTS MAlD— English: $20.
Employment Bureau,
23 West 39th St
•Phooee 2«*. UX>— Brymat.
Employment Bureau, '
Bat. 3th and 6th Avenues. Se I York.
■Phone 1082— 3Sth.
Competent servants always en hand.
STEWARD on yacht; long Ttpa preferred. j
Leop. Van Dyck. care Kill. 132 West ;
lOSfth at. ;.',- |
USEFUL MAN; understands the care of
horses and lawn: wIP- : ig and obliging: '
written and personal riterence. Address
O. C. Tribune Uptown Office. 1364 Broad
way. _______
USEFUL MAN — En* single, mid
dle aged, lw year*' reference; work on :
lady's or gentleman -• small country place;
thoroughly under*:. .' care of horse, cow ;
and poultry; also r*rden. lawns, etc.; wl'.l
go any distance rom the city, and' can :
open up place ;or employer If desired:
wages $35 per rr nth. Address Hope, care ,
of Gilbert Tv.-6< .ie. 612 West 42d st.
USEFUL M.*:>.— By good all around man;
honest. w>>;ing; handy with tools; willing;
to work at anything; can handle horses. '
Miller. 96«: East 135 th St. ■ ;
VALET. 'J5 years, speaking French. Ger- j
man »'.d English, with gentleman or pri- ;
vate f*.-Uly. R. X.. 6W «th aye. ;
VALET and COURIER.— German. 29.
*•>» .Klrg English ard French. with
knowledge or some other languages; best
ref-rences. Address A. Fallender. P. O.
Bex 362. Great Neck. Long Island.
VALET, attendant to an invalid; experi
enced, educated, gentlemanly; accus- ;
tomed to travel: N« w York references. era
ham. «> Lexington aye. j
VALET— FOOTMAN.— Employer, about to!
sail IB* Europe, wishes to obtain a «;oo<l .
place for excellent valet: also footman; ,
highest references wt:i be given. Address
2.. Box 4. Tribune Office.
ATTENDANT to Invalid, with some hos
pital training: good references. W i nt hror |
Bureau. 65 West MM St. Phone 10PJ— j
ATTENDANT to elderly lady; or nurse and
companion to Invalid; very patient, best
of references; city or country. Mrs. Col
lier's Agency. 122 West 33d st. ,
CARETAKER or pr'vato residence, by I
American couple: no children, refe.ences. j
Write E. V. D.. 254 bth aye. » j
CARETAKER.— Capable woman will taka |
charge of house fur summer; cook break- j
fast for gertlemen; do light laundry work:
excellent reference: will take charge **" !
cant house. N.. Miss Fitzgerald s Bur* aa. :
BUS sth aye.. corner 42d st. j
CARETAKER.— By respectable couple, for
the summer; no children; strict:>- sober, i
Call or address Mrs. Goldlng. 657 10th ava. j
CARETAKER. —By respectable woman; j
care of gentleman's residence for sum
mer- would like place where washing Is
sent* home or without Rellly. 504 10th avew
CARETAKER.— woman will take
charge of house ft* summer: cook break
fast for gentlemen: do light laundry work:
excellent reference: will take charge vacant
house. N.. Miss FltzGerald's Bureau. 603
6th aye.. comer 42d st.
COMPANION.— By young lady: speaks four
languages. Address E. v. B-. care/ Mrs.
Becke/t. 70 West 12« th st.
COOK.— First class: wages 125 t<> $»; flrst
' class references; city or country. Fla
herty Bureau. *<> Columbus aye.. near »3d |
It. Tel. 741 River ,
COOK, colored: In private family: or
bachelor apartment; references. Write
Advertiser. 65 Crovl st. j
COOK.— By neat American woman; good j
pialn cook- no washing; email family or
adults- wages. $20; n.> others need answer. j
Address A C 10» 3d aye.. advertisement |
office. I
COOK 7s»cond).~!n hotel; willing to go t.> i
wuntry: not under $3* A - st " care of:
Mrs. Hermann. 411 East Slst st.
COOK— USBFL'L- MAN.— By young German !
coupio; best references; man generally
useful: woman aa cot*, chambermaid; city
or country- Haas's Employment Bureau.
IC3J Ud aye. Tel. Ul-lMa«a.
COOK. English woman: excellent refer
\ncea: city or near city; 125-13* H. Hof
inayer's Bureau. 153 West 23d st. Tele
phone 1864— Chelsea. _.
COOK 4kc— Scotch Protestant; first class
cook; has friend, kltchenma'.a. good laun
dress- city or country: private or public.
Morrows Bureau. 721 Lexington aye.. cor
ner SSth st. ;-.--,■*:■:•
COOK. — Exrerlence<l: about 35: aMe to
take entire charge with best family enn
bake etc.: reference*. IMnxarro's Liberty
Hell ' Bureau. 565 «th aye. Tel. 1215 —
Bryant. ■£
Two young, competent, wllllne; girls; best
references: small .iotel or private family
M.. Oottoc hall's Employment Bureau. l-»»
Atlantic aye.. Brooklyn. Tel. lit*— Main.
COOK— USEFUL SAN.— Couple: woman
ccok and laundress, da housework: man
gardener, useful all around; no objections
country: private, public. Morrow's Bu
reau. T2l Lexington aye.. comer 38th St.
COOK and CHAMBERMAID.— Two young
Swedish girls: very be*t references: city
or country: together or separate. ("all B.
Lenander's Employment Office. 896 4th
aye.. or Tel. 2576 Madison Square.
COOK. — Young German woman: first class
city references; wages $3»>. Wlnthrop
Bureau. 63 West SSth st. Phone lol>2—
COOKS. $25 to $00; excellent references.
Bloom's Bureau. 747 Lexington aye., near
rath at.
COOK: particular, neat, thorough,: under
stands all branches of plain and family
cooking; excellent references; city or coun
try. Mrs. Collier's Agency. 122 West 23d st. -
COOK: German: understands French and
American cooking; neat, tidy: wages $3O:
best references. Flaherty's Bureau. 483
Columbus ava.. near £3d st. Tel. 741 River.
COOK. — First class; Irish woman: beat
references: wages $23: city or country.
Flaherty's Bureau. 433 Columbus ava.. near
b3d st. Tel. 741-Rtver.
COOK. — ernan woman: day work; in
restaurant or saloon. Schnalke. 442 West
134 th at.
young Irish girl; beat references; wages.
$20; city or country. Flaherty's Bureau.
•IS.I Columbus ava.. near 83d at. Tel. 741
neat Irish girl: will assist butler; excel
lent personal city reference. Wlnthrop Bu
reau. 68 West 3»th at. Phono 1083— SSth.
clean Swedish girl: best references; city
or country; about $23 per month, •'all E.
Lenander's Employment Bureau, 330 4th
aye.. or Tel. 2370 Madison Square.
make salads: very best references; no ob
jections to country or nearby town. Pln»
zarro's Liberty Bell Bureau. 865 ttth aye.i
near 4Wh st. Tat ISlS— Bryant.
CHAMBERMAID.— By respectable young
woman: In hotel: best reference. 2181
3d aye.. ring Janitor's belL
DAY'S WORK.— By colored woman: refer
ence. Rosalia Thomas. 802 West 90th at.
DAY'S 'WORK.— By colored woman, or do
washing; at home, or as Janltress; good
reference. Crump. 237 West Cist st.
DAY'S WORK. — By young woman- wash
Iron, dean, by day or week; good city
reference. Rosa McDonald. 40i> West Slch.
DAY'S WORK.— By excellent —undress, or
taka washing home: open air drying city
references. Kelly. 123 West 50th st. *
stress; can taka full charge of Infant
from birth; best of references; city or coun
try. Mrs. Collier- Agency. 122 West 23d at,
GERMAN-AMERICAN woman, day work
wasting and Ironing-, Call or write all
xv««jc to M:». -Kesal. 20Ti AUantla ate..
Hrcoliljn; tcj> floor, !&£b . .* .
Employment 'Bureau
Telephone 33U— JSth, ~
t inxp waktsd.
LADT'S MAlD— Capable; «TT tML .
CSEFm. MAID— Must sew; ajr> «*
•V'RSE. for city; $33. ;; — — .
WAITRESS— Competent; V». """"" *
COOK. $43. — - —.' '
LAUNDRESS— Shirts, cellars, esrrir^p
WW dr.»^,
NURSERT GOVERNia»i:» fcl»;"|ft
supplied; aK> managinil '
matron*, governesses, tutors. etcT^^ 9 **
SWEDISB9 EWtMJ?es7~ ;:
eat 8d a«e. T>L 4^ll^
AT CARPENTER' • l*i»alojm.JT*~~ — •
134 «ttt aye. EsUbltafjtS U47V"t;^
B«»t coachmen, gardeners, ■iinii ■«,*!!
couple*, farm foremen, faria ___<& "1
ration*. well recommended. "-•*-■• • M
PARK U SLOPC Emp. Bui-an « Tth „7
Brooklyn-First class help on!,; in •. ll
«nee» Investigated; satisfaction fDMn
MISS GERARD Employment Aseaty 'Jj.
c*.*** — Grarnercy.
—>—-—--— — ~-~~+
Mrs. Dickinson's
Employment Bureau.
131 Madison aye. T»l. 273; — S3;h. M
pile* high class houaehold servants. ~i+
and female: references personally Ict«.-j
'gated; governesses, companions. houaeaMS>
era. all natlon&litlesw opening, ckwssm
-i-intns bouses, fall ana ssrla;; BSM
ca.ed fur during summer.
HOUSEWORK, in apartment, by reapecb
able colored girl In amal; private far.!:;-.
Address Browne. 334 Hudson aye.. Broe&!jv
HOISEWORK. — Cook and ehambersaU
and waitress: German;, very best refer
ences; separately or together; city or eoa*.
try. Wagner's Bureau. -t'Z'-i 4th aye.. ass*
2t»th at. Tel. 243*1— Madison.
HOUSEKEEPER— to take <■>
tire charge: catering, marketing, etc.: •;
as Tlaltlns house manager for some besja
each day. Miss W.. care of Vlss.Flts-
Gerald' Bureau. 508 Sth aye. ' . .
JANITRES-9.— wishes one or
■tore, houses; no small children; huseasj)
carpenter; uptown preferred. Jaaltrio..
115 south Bth St.. Brooklyn.
JANITRES3.— Jewish widow with Mil mH
as janitress; beat references. 421 .*
19th st . ,-oom 11-
LAttrS MAID— By reßned youns; Xora
German Protestant woman; good trMe),
ler: or competent attendant; best ufs>
encea. Care of Smith. 1» West «Oth St. •
UDI'S MAID.— By young Swedish was.
an. or as companion; would like to Irani
M. Whltbeck. S>/I "Wast 33th St. J
LADT'S MAlD.— Neat seamstress; deSK
and capable: best references; $23. Call
Swedish Exchange. 394 3d aye.. near 3Ha
St.. or Tel. IK6— 3!»th. ;
LADY — Competent; French: iesas>
stresa, hairdresser; can make. herself
ful; city c* country. Marie. 280 Wet)
89th at.
LAUNDRESS waet9 day's work. Slondajt
or Tuesdays; wages SI .*•'• a day: areas*
tomed to very fine work: will also tSBB
washing home. Widow. 343 East 73th, »;.
LAUNDRESS. — First class laundress or
hou»*worker. with child: in private fas.
!!y; first .-lass reference* Mrs. MMann.
1273 2d aye.
UNDRESS, first c!a»s. t<* do print'
family washing at home. Stndllnsjsr.
1430 3d aye.
LAUNDRESS. — Kxc-Uent family laundress;
understands her business thoroughly, best
references; $25 per month. Call Swedlsli
Rjtchange. sJrt 3d aye.. near 39th st.. «r
Tel. 4--O SSth.
LAUNDRESS. *<".— By neat young air!;
first class laundress; shirts, collars, cults;'
fine a.«"». also housemaid; good *'»avstres»t
llk<»<» chlM'en: city or country. Morrow's
Bureau. 721 Lexington »v» corner 68th St.
LAUNDRESS. — Competent Finnish wemasi
excellent on shirts, collars. Sne linen;
best reference. Jusaila Bureau. 680 Lts
tngton aye.
LAUNDRESS. — By thoroughly competssi
young girl; private family: uri'lerstaadi
collars and euffa, mil E. Lavand«r*s Em
ployment Office. 386 4th ay«, or T-. 2379—
Sin tlson Square.
L.\UNDREPSES. $»►. »2R anj *30. ew»J
lent reference*. Bloom's Bureau. Tsl_
Lexington aye.. near 6»th st. - r
LAUNDRESS: neat and refined; willing t»
aaslst chambermaid; g-o.i home prefewai
to high wages; good references; city or
country. Sirs, collier's Agency. 122 West 2M.
LAUNDRESS, first class: would Ilka wash
'.ng an<l Ironing hum*; 73 ants a 'laasa;
shirtwaists. 15 cents: open air drytajs.
Mr*, Carney. 425 *>'—* 4!»ih v.
LAUNPRE**.— Family washing. Iroelr?.
by day. week or Jnieru or out by day;
ex&ert all descriptions; will furnish, beji
of references; known party. 33U East St.
By young woman: experience travel
ler' speaks Krench. German. English: saM
reader, sews well: excellent references. BY
S.. Mi«s Fitzgerald's Bureau. M Sta ate.
corr.r 4-d st.
XL'RSEV.- Neat, tlly. young Irish girl: «rf
best personal references; wages i~; «"».
cr country. Flaherty's Bureau. -ISO folca*"
bus aye. Tel. 741-River. —^*
NUKSE »lnvaUd and Infant >. by r<mm
Oerman; hospital trained: best Europssa> <
and American references. Miss *e»'i Oar
nee. » East 41' d St. j*!
German-American: speaks French: ' «|^-
Ing to travel;^good seamstresa: has Biejaj
competent ccok. Morrows Bureau. T3
Lexlngtcn aye.. corner f^th st.
NURSE.— By elderly woman to take el»S*fSj
of one child and do li*bt house wcra. »
Schnabel. 211 Eaat tCd st _.-
NURSE- to Invalid lady or mild nerv«»»
case country preferred. Address!, a wan
44U West l«»th «t. Phone liH— Au.lubon-_
NURSE. — By respectable woma-i. to att»t
lady after «-oriflnement. or do ho"******
by the day: Is a good ccok. Mr*. M*' •"••
54 North Oxford St.. Brooklyn. -3;-
neat: b*»t of refereno-.; city 'orevßi^---
M. H.. Mrs. Colliers Agency. 122 WW»,
SE.\i:STUESS. &c — Brother andststtr;-
French: sister competent seamstress. «£
eellent chambermaid: brother butler .. vg.
fu 1- willing, oblljnne: city or coubW-
Morrow 5 , BuVeau. 7a Lexington are., ok-.
ner 68th st. ■ - !
SEWINO.— By mWdla aged w«man: ■• cV
jectlon to the country. ' Eastburn. H. •
Park avew * --
tu-asiiinq at hoin»: respectaWt Genap
woman! Mrs. Schultw. 61 Mlddleton St.
: Brooklyn. __- ' -
WASHING.— Woman to do "» h^*!'jr
ln«"nd cleaning. Mondays and TuasdSlfS,
Mrs, Bobyak. 406 East 74th st. ___,
■WASHINO.— K-Uabie. respectablai eel»^ \
woman; hotel or apartment te*les«l.
famlly washing; bom^or out: rsst
reasonable price. Address Mra. B. TU^-..;
2231 sth »ye. __^^_ "--
WAITRESS.— class: neat. ttdy. TC«?»
Irish girl: baa* »«»»«'««ri # > _S
$28; city or country. ■ »2* ! *££ • Baii :."-?
455 Columbus *va. Tel. .41-Rlvar. i\-.
WANTED.-A position of truat: oassjgjgi
for invalid or ased c*nw»; *^
present employer. • 101 PWS3*rt *-. _
Orange. N. J- -
WASHINU-By raas) t ctsba»wMsaai:o^j?
th» day or take home. Jin. DoM..-".^
West CCta st. —
WAITRESS. Protestant: ttiiWW"?*;
stands h«r duties; Terjr b***'?™ X zt
country- A. St.. airs. ColUsr** St'HCT-
West 3»d st. . . ■ ■___■_:.. . —''
WASHINC.-A reapartsbl* siibibj^J»»;^
taw nice family waahlaga L**"**- »*
air drying; references. C»B Mrs. a.. % „
West 60th at.. aU waafc '-_!
TOI'NO WOMAN *y ts« LfgjJJ^'^* V:'
ironing or cle&atng. WMSSBf* saavj^
West SOU* at. ' • ' '— I
WASHINO-TOWIK ■Sim ■■ -t» d»_Uon**J
work or cleai»ta« 4o» • *? " *
Apply by letter. JaeX*oo. ♦-■» '-«' 05 . ,-"*

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