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-^-Magistrate Onunen Sees No Danger in
Having; Both Car Gates Open.
Ex-Magistrate. Omnien issued a statement lact
nigh' in which he took ex**eption to the plan
of Manager Oren Root, of the Metropolitan
Street Railway <r, m r'any. to have repea'ed the
ordinance requiring the opening of both the
rear cates on Broadway car*, while they are
travelling het\v<H«n r>Oih and 120 th streets.
Hr. Ominen says that in that section of Broad
way, where there are parkways on each block
I^>tvt, the uptown and downtown tracks,
thousands* upon thousands of persons have
boarded cars from these parkways in safety
since the ordinance i .tiring? that both rear
jrates be opened was put into effect, a little over
a ■■trth "ic<-. Mr. Ommtm then goes on to at
tack severely the courtesy of both the motor
tti«»:i and > 'ivlu.-tors on the Ptreetcars of this
dty. How refreshing ii is." he says, "to New
Torken to leel orlth f he jjentle manner of street
railway employos when he visits other cities."
A rn*»tins or Urn Connolidated Board of Rusi
n* 31 ' Aseatc va« held yesterday in Orolis Hal!.
«Co. 147 Bm* TtS/i f?treet. to consider the ques
tion Pf <•••!■!- a rynipathetir strike of the
■(her isafles in rapport of tho Brotherhood of
Painters, bOM members ar© on strike for
higher trace* and are rulocl out of the arbi
trati--!-. rlar..
It r.a« anaonnc«d at the office of the Brook
!yn Barid Transit Company yesterday that a
T.v* system of transfer*, modell^rl on tho on*
sotr \n uso M the Manhattan lines, would be
pat la <-.rvration about May 1. The system pro
-.irtos for Transfer Flips of various < ..lore. ani
It is said, prevent a pass*»nser from riding
cs v.w than tnr<v? lijiei for the same fare. The
<v-:n; -.any mntlnue to grant transfers at all
fstcaMcUac i>oisits.
y:\i.\Trr.i: ALMANAC.
*■ r. >•• r.:i"!.Svn - - •'■ 40 Moon sets 11:2.'. Moon's ere 5
X 51.— Wrei" llf-n« 10:4.'. <lov. Island U«:4S He!l .-at. U 41
P.M.— Pan-lv llook 11.-00 <Joy. Island 11 • i?. :. Gal i\iv£
Th> Oceatdc r. hlcli teppti'i to - MMMgeJ at R 9 ■
■Mterfiur. srhta I."S inilr-F raM r.f Xantucket South 6boal«
LlShts^!!■ | . la cipected to <io<-!; abirut «p. jrc.. to— !ay.
Ye»«»; From. Ur.e
•^ratifr:** Para. March » .Booth
•;»l»'-a<-albo 1j» Guayra. April •> Red I>
•JTinre X Triertrich. Jamaica. Arm l'» . Hamb Am
•( armsnla Liverp.iol. April » Cunar4
•(>rear.lc- Liverpool. April 10 Whit*. «st*r
•SihiHs «"aitliapeni». April iO Hamb-Am
•*i;iaiisa ..- ' TI. Apr:; 50 Psnam.-v
SrcafiMc Naj.i<-s:. Aprli S White Star
F.**ir.a St. .■■-is, Apri". 7 .
<>rty.. Gibraltar. April 1 Austrian
Ccncho Galveston. A' rll 10 Mall'jry
ni'im Oarrvnon, April 10 So Pacific
BatvkSW iian;'uirK. April 8 Hamb-Am
El Alba GaKeaton, Ajril 11 So I'arlnc
\n noN TratT
KM" I will sell this day. at lo:3o a. m..
at 2.W. T44 I'ldridge ft., the ■ . ■;.•»]!■* .ie
ftrtbej diatt"!*: 22 Plne/T Flngle needle
inaciiir.cs. 4 double nee<ile maohlr.es. 2 Ns
tlons l.utt.inhnle machines. 1 heeler &
Wl!#-in tuik marhine, 1 standard l>utton
•e»rin» i.-.a'Mne. l Vrodtnc •-tßOrs*j(oe»e*
gas enxin". and all shafting;, helting. pui
le;» and tc«i!e. Hy tinier of Char!.-» I>»f.
St'pmey for mortgagee. Ix»jis Weil auc
UY VIRTI'F of an execution for the tim .
cli^urc "f a lien. I. r,er:ist*-ln. auctioneer
will s*U to-day, at 10 a. m.. Nt SSI Grand
St. Manhattan, one Han »sfe. ytyle 2f>s.
Byoi'l" of Alfred Freeman. Marshal.
AT P. EDUCED Fr.ICEs -too second band
*■-■"<'. and iron * orfcjiu,- machines: fully
gi-s.rat.teed. machinery bought sad ex
cfcantW CEO. W T-riY. 80S Madison st
VTITHOI'T doubt the b!jrie« price p*U-l tor
o ! kinds of precises stones, old Jewelry.
rrii an<J silver; perfectl) reliable. Charles
I .■•■•■ Weft .11th Ft.
K.Y. Carpet Cleaning works
Oldest. Larireat. Mnet Modern
«ST AND *?.{4 WEST 4r.Tlf ST
Tel. «ai2-4«»3 Bryant. EMsWished is«,t
SBS V. 54T1 ST.Co^m^s.
Qaiti'i r CLEANING. Established :s7*.
Geans t y compressed a!r. steam, hand or
ca floor. ISS4 Hroadway. 421 : act 4Mh st.
CCiX I BRANDT. T*l. 132— 3»th.
■aiJABD AND root. «■" sTT
IIANt'KACTUP.ERS of billiard and pool ta
blet; '.;,-'. grade bowling a::ey builders:
lc*t»t rricca Marx Bros.. g4 Union Square.
Tr*t\VKITEU6-AJI tnakes^soid* rested
<».*.!:• '. exchanged : r«"'.lsn"» service.
It:.. ».-. -,it xeaaa« st. Telebfecne 2749—
IUCVVC /■ ■ '.v No. fl, |30; Fmith-PreTnler. I
P ilart'ord. Hammond. I><-n«>more, I.lick*
™■""■■ * : fA Pay. 1525 Madison aye.
2 __. _ tOST w .„,
I**T or BTOLCX.^-BasktoOk No. M 7.510
cf tl.e Oerman Ravings ISank in the City j
■ I.'** Vort-. corner 4th aye. ar.il 14th ft . '
Swu'J to X.-'l Kesselrcsnn. All rer*one are
CfcutlMte4 negotiatlna: the came. If
.ret n-turTwfl t*» the hank on trie £M day of
M*<l. IXT. a duplicate will be Issued.
I***"'.— Bar.kUnk No. 441.341 of the Union
Vimt Savings Institution is missing. Any
gaassa hs- Inn a « latm to It ie hereby called
vp^n to present the same within ten days
or eutn.lt to having tald passbook cancelled
ara 1 wy .me i«su«d.
10FT -nar,i.hr«k No. 477.*:* cf the Union
"*"' Kavir-«r» Inmitut«on is miming. Any
"■•en baying a claim to it ls hereby called
•jpon to present the some within ten days
.If*™ 1 " to having «ald passbook cancelled
*^_?_ne» one Ibwu,^
_ MEl* WAin*,
A»Tj INTELLIGENT person may #am a
gooo Income corre*i>*mding for news
*s|»rf. experience unnecessary . send for
**«icu'.ar*. rre*s Syndicate. Lockport. N. T.
BOY— Reliable, energetic, ambitious boy
M.Trl i ' v * »rowlng advertlsiug agency;
»n!!nilt»(! unities; salary (4 So per
•••■*• Advertising. rV.« JWt. Tribune Offlc*.
I* '• iTJERK -«m«> registered In New
Jersey; staadl i-«itl<m to relisbU man.
•JWe •«- 'syirlaius. references and salary
j^rrrk XK > j ddrew*i * w * **■ D# 45 ° Br °* d *-
i** t)K • r'o-<wcr ' 0 - <wc In five year. In the mall
order bu«tr*s»; b«gan with J5; any one
«ao ASA S Ike work * l hOBM> in •*«'• time;
••na for free booklet; tells bow to get
•^ted atan*rer. Box 870. LocVport. ». T.
*■*. Mnt work sin dttls wicker taa»
_J«« *° Europe; return transjsrtattesi:
Keraa* S:tIICIL "** toß Shipping Oa.. U
Tnr> — A ***«»» young man for cler-
Hal »•<*; must write a good hand and
"•Wick at figures Apply by letter. T. Y.
••••ejl « cjwr.pariy. 4& West Broadway.
A * TEI ' ♦'>• a large <3rygooda conunls
•j* bouce, a brlrht young- tmn, IS or 16
•2J2', 0 ' *«• 'OeBtlle;. of good family; * x
■«">• -ruuice to learn business; must have
cnoa references. Address P. O. box 1.605.
0 * — Experience* railroad ticket
f-Jlr^ to take csu|c of larfls now union
■st; give rsrersdess and state salary ex
**"*»• K. ■.. Boa 49, Tribune OS«.
A J^ V aljout SO to nil rasponslble posl
»m*; one who is s«ergetie an4«laotful may
2«un*n<l •Ktcller.t aaiary wlUi old *«tat>
sgjc fcou««. Tactful. Hot 411. Tribune
:l * I4GENT »*ERSOM »nay earn a
l*-« 2 '"""■" eoTrespoudlii* f&r news
i?^". «*l*rlence unnccceaatTl aeM tor
i^rucni,,. press fjyndlcate. Lockport. X. T.
Ct^S. chambermstcs, waUrrases and gen
J* h " u&e »"»'i«e'«; CooJ pla/*s waltin*:
' gL*^*"'"^*. vn * »«tteiiailt>-. Haas**
■2?* 1«» 8d «v*., near Cln at.
mi .■ „ , , a , m l _
sb!lT E £! A «««r*Mmt acanwtreas and
Ur'J. «•« te « jiiioc to avi to tiia eour
*li.'^-V» rutaa»i xtZtmau. rfrjisrcJ.
Ch^".!V. NapWs. April 5 N G Lloyd
fhemnitr Bremen, April 7 NO Lloyd
city of Atlanta Savannah. April 15 Savannah
•M-rifla Havana, April 36 Ward
\«r.etta Hayti. April 4 Hamb-Am
tt urla Naples. A^rll C Italian
N<u 11:1 '-S» MlcnsJu. April 9 Fabre
Zli^i Marcos Oalvestom. April 13 Maltory
t.l Norte «alveston. April 13 So Tactile
•Philadelphia Southampton. April 13 American
F-tniria Liverpool, April 13 Cunarrt
Am«rlka...-.%. Hamburg, April 11 Hamb-Am
♦I.i Proven, c Havre, April 13 French
M"""*" Naples. April 3 Hamh-Am
Frames, a Gibraltar. April « Austrian
•Crlnss mail.
Veaart For Line. Mai! clow*. sails.
Majestic. Liverpool. White Star B:3o am lO:O!iim
Alleghany. Inagua. Hamb-Am 11:00 a 111 1:06 pra
Panama. Colon. I'anama 11:30 am I .-00 pm
Manna. Bart.a.ios Quebec 12:30 pin 3:00 i' in
Potsdam. Rotterdam Holland-Am. 8:00 am
aardta. Naples Italian
Proteu, New (Mean*. *> Pacific 12:OOm
Huron. Jacksonville. Clyde 3:00 pm
Alamo. <;alveston. Mallory I:o6pm
Jamestown. Norfolk. Old Dominion !:oUpm
La BaxeSe, Havre. French 7KM am lo:Hi>ara
MasMerey. Havana. Ward I) : 00 am 12*0 m
X Ait Victoria. Hamburg. Hamb-Am s:3>>aru IHAOam
Santiago. Tarapico. Ward J:l»p«
Cisy of Mgvcoa. Savannah. Savannah.. s^ttpra
B«ia\ia. Ffasnhurg. Htmb Am 8:00 am
D Bad, Galreston, so Paclnc - - ' aiPOym
r 1 Frtrdrieh. Colon, I lamb Am 11 :30 am 2.<V»p:n
Siegmund Argentine Ploman 11:3uam 2:<>«»pm
S*euranca. Nassau. Ward 12:01) in :i:«'Mipm
<•::!. Ltverpooi. White Star WMWara
Apache, Jark»rnvillo. rM>de 1:00pm
r,.!ra!. Brunswick. Mallory 3:00 pm
JefTei-son. Norfolk. Old Worn 3:<V>pm
Destination an; Steamer. Close In N. T.
Hawaii, Japan. Corea. China an.l Phil
ippine lsiur.-if (via San Francisco)
Korea April 19. 12:03 a in
Austial'.a *except West). Fiji Islands
and New Caledonia (specially ad
t!r-»«"d mall for New Zealand and Sa
rr.>an Islands), (via Vancouver and
Victoria. B. llonna April 20. 6:00 p.
Japan. Corca. China and Philippine Isl
ands (via Seattle*— Kan April 24. 6:00 p ra
Hawaii, Japan, corea. China and Phil
ippine islands (via Fan Francisco) —
America Maru .... April 29, 12:30 ara
Hawaii Guam and Philippine Islands
tvia S«n Franc!sco> — United States
transport May 2. 12:90 am
Port of New York, Tuesday, April 16. 1907.
Steamer Mlnnahahs i Hr . Robinson. London April
6. to the Atlantic Transport Line, with 40 cabin pa.'
sengers am! rn'ise. Arriv^-ii at the Bar at 7 'JO a m.
Steamer Kronprtn: Wllhelm (Oeri, Rlchter. Bremen
April !> ;iri. Southampton ami Cherbourg 10. to <>e|
rlcha *■ i To. with .IS.*, rahln and 640 steerage passen-
Rrrt. alls ar.d mdv Arrived at the Bai at S m i. m
Steamer Jacob Bright iHr'. lint,:' Ctfrifiiegoß
March SI, f'orto Padre April « and Nipo n-i S tn
M . D. Murson. with sugar. Arrived at the Bar at
.". .3" a m.
Steamer Bristol City inr>, Barclay. Bristol March 2«.
to .lamed Arkel! c. Co with mdse. Arrived at the H.ir
at 1 a m
Stoamn- Finland. Apfold. Antwerp and Dover April
■ to the Red Star l.ir.e, with 174 cabin and 1.353
storage passenfter* an.l mrtse. Arrived at the Bir at
1:.V) « m.
Steam»: Ask iXerr. Hanson. Baracoa April 10. to
the Atlantic Fruit Company, with fruit. Arrived at
the Har nt « ''.'• ,i Hi
Steamer Maranh»n«> (Br 1 . ""'asey. Manaos March
27. Para April 2 an.l Barbados 7. to Booth .1 Co. «ith
4!' passengers, mails anil m'ls*. Arrived at 'lie B.ir
at 7 » m.
au*.. Lucas. H ::d «.. BrookJyn.
AITOMOBILffI By ymiag num. as
.leaner, day or night i.isn.
X E Brandes. iI»W B9th st . Brooklyn.
BOOKKKEPER: cashier: experienced your*
man; permanent position. 0 M. ■„ 237
ICth Bt.. Brooklyn.
BOOKKEEPER, experienced, desires extra
work evenings; terms reasonable Haiti
lln, 1M 2d aye.
BOY. 17. wisrves to learn trade. A. Will
iams. 43» K«ri aye.
BOY. 20. six months in country. w»nts po
»ltt"n In rrivate family. James Orologa.
7.'<. 24 aye.
DOT. l»i. poaittai at f-trlnttr.st ; acquainted
with Universal presses. Joseph Becak.
*>»> Vmbi 71st st
BoY. IS. »<« helper, In Harlem. James
Murrey. 2221 *Th aye
HOY. — Employment evenings by a brtg-ni
willing boy, 1«: gorni penman: h«iur<> fri>r«i
6to 11. Edward Kvans. XXi West I.lth *t.
BOY. 17: -.'■»] ti In ofHr<» ■■' raomwrdal or
downtown ho>i»"; rw«t wftrentcs i.osa
ler. ?.W\ <Jrand st.
CREDIT MAN.— Hv ».-ntlem«n havtag a
Wide acquaintance with the hardware.
lumber and general store tra«ie throughout
New York Ftste. New, Jersey. Connecticut
and Ml—irillUftll" familiar with . r^4't«.
collections end cr>rresp<-.r!<J<-ncc; 2<l \ cars'
«-)tj*rletfe with two New IVult <-•■ enr
j.oiatlons; higliop* referem^** Address High
•Jrade. Boa 2!*. care Tribune Office.
CARPENTER. cabinetmaker. varnlsher.
Preach polisher. doing all kinds of iw
palrs, wishes steady place; S*«lss: sober.
gr«>l workman. Favre, TTJL East 25th ft.
CARPENTER.— <Jood all round mechanic:
pteady p°»ltlon: office building. fe«'t ■ r
e*tat*- William Ciewert. 445 Kast Hr.th St.
CARPENTER — Experienced: a!t»ratl^ns or
new work Doherty. 3*7 East »4th st.
CARPENTER. appearance; cspaWe,
hcne»t: steady p<"»ltion In firm doing good
class of work; «-xperten«>.l en pubUc work;
references. L. A Ketonen, «i 0 cherry st
Work in factory: has tools; can make, nil
kinds if repairs; references. Fruwlrth. 4"f<
lii^t H2d St.
CCTTER and taii/>r Practical; roraen
tlemen's garments: understands ladles'
work; flrrt class fitter: sr.le. to take charge
<-f store. Mtll>r. 401 West 149 th St.
COMPOSITOR— First class Jobber, ad. an<J
makeup hanii; up tn date, sober and
thoroughly reliable. Compositor, 2<13 West
125 th st.
CHAfFFEfR.— By married man. 24; make
own r«"j-alrs ; a refill driver; willing to go
where; l>e«t ief*-reri< <». Charles V.'eh
meyer. 413 West 4<)th St.
CHAT'FFEt'R.— White steamer; American.
28; Mrtctly temperate and careful driver;
private family preferred, reference from
last employer; shop, city and road experi
ence: do own repairing. Address P. F.
Park. Chatham. N. Y.
CHAt.'FFEtR First class mechanic, thor
oughly familiar with Stevens Duryea,
Clement Bayard, Pope-Toledo, Pope-Trib
une. Locter. Maxwell. Cadillac; first class
references. Address Bus 3iy. Soutbport.
CHAtVFKCR. — Competent driver snd ma
chinist; doee all repairs; will go any
where. <r- Oraap. 208 Eaat ft2d St.
CHAfFFEt'R.— ljt^enved: city or country:
private family preferred, good references,
make own repair* ; rtrlctly sober. Address
P. J. O . 907 East 12& th st.
• •HAI'FFEI'R - -German; speaks Engllßh;
do own repairs; driving any four cylinder
gasolene car: evenings or Sunday; or
steady; reference. Wolter. 74 Forsyth St.
CHAfFFEm — Catholic mechanic. J.
Miller. 774 Park aye.. Brooklyn.
CHAVFFEirR -<Jentleman havlruc sold his
car desire* to recommend his c.lmuffeur to
any on* desl'ing a r;s» class man. Address
A. O n . Bok 14. Tribune Office
CHAI'FFEI'R Itsllan: mechanic; good,
careful driver, sober and reliable: can
drl»* and repair car; best references from
last employer, who may bo seen. Tony
Vlscon. 408 2a aye.
<^IAUFFEfR. — Oerman. 2*. single: ma
chinist: can drive and repair any car;
has travelled with Mercedes all over
Europe and parts of I'nltad States; first
class reference. j<rtvate family; city or
country. Wetsel. 104 Bast 62d st.
CHAUFFEUR, machinist and electrician;
able to repair any gasolene car, city or
country: sober and reliable. Dixon. care of
Austin. 43 West 106 th St.
CHAUFFBCR.— city or country;
private family preferred; best references;
make own repairs. Sprong. 289 7th st..
rHAI.TFaTfB.~Uy Englishman. 24; careful
uriver; good references; strictly sober,
honest and willing, go anywhere. Woods.
1«M Madison aye.
CHAUFFEUR.— WUI «o anywhere. Address
A. Hergeahau. 76 Washington St.. Ho
boken. N. J.
CHAUFFEUR — Experienced oa foreign aad
American cars; oareful driver; best refer
ence; do own repairs; cltv or country. 11.
Bockbclt. 1010 A Atlantic aye.. Brooklyn.
CHAVrrEVR. *•; rood neehanlc: travelled
ail Europe and here; speaks little. Eng
lish, good German. rr»neh. Italian. Bus
stea; references. K. Mayer. 731 L«xlacton
COMPANION or TUTOR, to boys gftlnf
•broad during summer months, by roltage
man; references. Address Yale, Tribune
COt'RUBIt: valet; linguUt wishes »■» r> t«
I^rotK with party or gentleman; with
The. CeffV &. Eon 4 years. Wlnthrep Vi
r»*a. «5 W««t SDt^J '^Ofts, 1063-iStX _^
Steamer United States fDan). Wulff, coperftiagen April
4. Crirlstlanla 0 and Christ iannand 6. to Futich. Edy«e &
< o. with ISO cabin and 1.133 steerage passengers and
™ - Arrived at the Bar at 9:30 a m.
Steamer La Gascogne (Fr). Toumier. Havre. April 7. to
o ! * ' om Pagniß General* Transatlantique. w&'h 1 caVln
ann 1.481 steerage passengers and mdse. Arrived at the
r»ar at 11:43 a m.
Steamer Nieuw Amsterdam (Dutch). Bong«r. Hotter
.• i 'Vna £ nd R""' 0*?""0 *?"" 7. to the Holland-America Line.
with 302 cabin and 2.300 steerage passengers and mdse.
Arrived at the Bar at 2:45 p m
—„ a .^ er o° alIi -'' "" I*r»1 * r »- ""Hoc. Marseilles March 10. ri
ii /'• ras 2 and Madeira April ■!. to jsftnee WK\
well &- i o. with 4 <-abin and f»SJ> steerage passengers and
indse. Arrived at the i: ; , r at 5p m.
b'ear.ijjr '■* ' t«cicnjbacli, Kay. CtaUacosUros March
t, .;,;., r'nV'n;"!?^^ 1 ;: ,^ artorn * * mm - Wtth ■*"
Steamer Maracalbo. Perry, Pnnce. etc, to rViuftnn. Tills*
ft I:-- 11 - .with passengers, malls and mds«. Anchored
off Quarantine at B;1B p m.
Steamer Sihirla (Gcr). Rnl.lt. Kingston, etc. to the
Hamburg-American Une with raßSf-npers. mails an.l
m.lw-. Pasted i,, Bandy HrK>k at 10 pni
■u-n ! mPr .-ant.. ln ram, c^orgetoivn. a C, April 11. and
Wilmington, x C. i,- . t.. the Clyde Steamship Company,
with mdse i'awd in Qoarantlne at «:34 am.
v V"1!T'' : " • lan " >! "' 1 «'" Catherine. Newport News and.
-■VTfoik. to the Old Dominion Steamshio Company, with
passengers and da» Pa.so ) In Qu.iranine at 2:58 p -.r>
steamer i» Mnrro castl-. Downs, Havana April 13. in
James v Ward * Co.. with lr.'s passengers, mails and
a^•* A t7 Iv " 1 at the Bar at *:" P m.
Camt? Hook. April 1«. 5»:35 p tn— Wind south-southiwrt.
modrrate breeze; cloudy.
Steamers Ereslau (Ocr). Bretaen; vandaUa fO*r),
Singapore. Manila, etc; Matanzas. Havana; A»»nlana
(BT», Newport News; Titian OS:.. Manchester; Horatio
i- r iV Fara an.l Manaos: Armenia l (Er), Liverpr«.l; El
\allc. Galveston; Kansas city. Savannah: Brooklyn. Pan
Juan; Comanrne, (Carles ton and Jacksonville.
Dover. April It;. .-.:2."> a m— Arrived, steamer Kxoonland.
Doxrud, New York lor Antwerp land proceeded).
Plymouth. April 1«. ion.', a m— Sailed, steamtr Patricia.
«'jeri. Magin (from Hamburg and Boulogne*. Now
i ork.
• herbourg, April 1«. .'. a m— Arrive.! steamer Kajvrr
Wilh-.m II Oer>, Cuppers. New York via Plymouth
for Bremen 'ana proceeded).
Gibraltar. April 16. l t » m— Sailed, steamer BarbaKsasa
tper>, reuter (from Genoa aim Nai>!es. New
■ ■ i
Bouthampton. April 15— Arrived, steamer Celtic (Br>,
Hanson, New York via Plymouth.
Antwerp, April 15— Arrived. gteamera St \rd-on- (Br)
Fltigerald. New York via London; Krooalnnd, Dei-.
rud. New York vi.i Dover.
Havre, April 15, [0 p m— Arrived, steamer La 3re!agTj^
vli). Verlynde. New York.
London. April 10— Arrived, ateamre Minnetanka (Rn,
l.aylan.:. New York
Easenada, April 10— Arrived, steamer Pllar de Larrtnfega
<Hn. Harrison. \-,. torn •;., Montevideo.
»wan*aa. April 13— Sailed - it earner lndra wad! (80, Hill,
Ne-.v tora
Bhlelds. April 14— Sailed, ftnm»r Nr\rra»;ar.«"ett ißr), Scott
(from London), New York.
Bremen. April 1.. 8., m Arrived, steamer Grosser Kur
nirst (Ger). Prehn. New York via Plymouth an.l Cher
rioiirg; sailed, steamer Main (Oert. Yon BcreH, New
: oik.
Leghorn, April 10— Sailed, steamer Fert (Itali. Glarmonl
i from Gen. ■ New York.
Barcelona. April 13— Bailed, steamer L«on XIII (?ran).
Deschamps ifrom Naples), New York.
Isle of Wight. April 10— Passed, steamer vVurrburg (Oar)
< Halt. rff. New York for Bremen
Cape Town. April ll— Arrive.!, steamer Rtitherslen >H;i.
Barns. N. « York via Norfolk.
Naples, April ll— Arrived, steamers Braille (Itali Al«vari
New }„■!,. Sofia Ilohenberg (Austt. Stunaricli New
•°*: 12th. steamer Indiana iltah. Voltolm New
>/>rk: sailed, steamer Uennaala ißr>, Sagoto. New
Barbados. April 15— Arrived previously, steamer irube.-t
<nr». VTotton, New York foi l'»r».
Trieste April Arrived, steamer Eugenia (Aust). Bar
tollch. New York ■ la Naplex.
Aalborg. April 13— Arrived, steamer Amstel .i*itch>
1 ras'-r. New York vis |>nghopo and Aarhuus.
Hleto. April U— Arrived. Hteamer Indramayo tßr) Cra-
V 'ham"-i >W ' " rk V " *■*•■■ " nd Manila for 'vni,,-.
."IngaimrV .April 15- Arrived, steamer Rlverdala .Hrt.
Hay. New York via St Vincent. C V an.l Hurtia./
TA'b^ f April II Balled. steamer Arta (Qer) for N ,.
Pa!-:, r-" April 1»-Salled. .tc.m.r v:> rk ! •««»"» (Hal),
from Genoa an.l N.ipi,,, for N>w . Yorky ork d "'
««.?•» pm jrrlTed. «mmm- On»nla
ceededr N"« rort f " r UvVrpooj iaj . PfO-
n(IRK \\ IN TED.
I'F'.lVnn, te.— By young -nan: vaad driver:
or at an. thing- Br-mklyn preferred;
i*.r>ff n'T drink Or snv*e: jj 1 "-"' reference.
Jcft^h Horriaey, 154 :^>th »t.. Prvmklyn.
DRIVER.— Aged a understands »hfrr |n
an-i delivering: reference, if required.
<"!iarW Anderson, 421 •■ a.- roth ft.
DRIVEB By young ra ! pfrald
hi> Kenney, 2337 l«t aye.
DIUYEJt— ny }-our.ir man. as driver: or
anything. Cn»tell... 211 Eist l«4tl Kt.
M»clian!< al: ten months' training; Ameri
can. 22: Jl2: steady poHltlon: reference
fr<-"n last employer. C. It. <lood. 417 West
22d st.
CHAUFFEUR.— RngIhIh mechanic; 7 years'
exp^ri»>ne; a<itomot>'les. motor t»,at«. ex
cellent references; abstsiaer; smart «pp<ar
anre: Mercedes and Renault last cars F.
Taylor 810 Kast .I«th st.
CHAUFFEUR— Married. :••. with B~V
family; expert repairer and cnr»ful driver
.will ero to country; *p*ak* French an! Bug
Us) Address H. v <•.. i<r. Ist aye.
DRAFTSMAN. —By \r.,,h man; lti en
gtiteer's i fflce ; prrii'tti'al and theoretiral
eiperlrnc«; r*st reff-ren'os. •; W. I;., Box
24. Trfbuns Offlce.
ENfSINEErv. — L'ndemands absorption and
direct sspanaton |c« machine, dynamos
and ,-r,ff!r»s; position where he can make
his licesse. Erißlneer. JOT 2-1 -• . Hoii<-ken.
KN'iINEER. chief; AI; guarantees raving
2.1 per rent In running expenses of any
rhnt; American, 4'» <; W. l. M West
lOtith st
ELEVATOR RUNNER, -xperlenced: or
anything s*ee; votmg man. 12. William
Pchnal. 320 East 73d St.
FIRFMAK —By mechanical man any
klr.d; hard a::d Illlng worker; good ref
erences. A. I. Schlltzer. r.LM West 14.".th st.
FORHMAK. — By rellajrte young man; rr.ar
r<e>l; small manufacturing concern; can
repair machinery: ha* own tools William
A. KaeUn. 178 Onderdonk aye.. Brooklyn
OBNTLEMAN pllchtiy crippled, fine lln
truift. broadly «-<!ucate<j, for rftnun<>rs
t!nn will read aloud plays, dmrnm, poems,
ttnrlf-s to small circles and Invalid* at resi
dences. O. II Oraves, 169 Knrt 34th St.
GERMAN. 2f>. good education, in busin»»-.
or private, to tearh German: can secure
bend. F. Yoa. Ileyden. care cf Marx 247
East «2d st.
HANDY MAN. in hotel, „» upholsterer,
painter and all around handy man; ref
erences. <J'^>rs;i> Nai>h. J#ifi Bth aye.
MACHINIST By Swede, SO; experienced
on turret machine; steady position. Carl
son. 622 State st.. Brooklyn.
MACHINIST, expert mechanic, takes ex
perimental work, models, tools, dies or
any Intricate woTk reasonable. 233 43a
st., Brooklyn.
MACHINIST Young n»rman would like to
do mechanical drawing In the evening at
home Psull. 109 Hank sit.
MODELLER. — Architectural decoration:
llK'.ires and ornamental models: sketches
and scales. Apply studio. 709 3<> 32 East
20th st.
MAN— Married: 22: steady work at any
thing. Max Vetter. 514 East 76th st.
MAN wlsh«i worK of any kind; handy with
tofiln; fast nail»r. U 1- . 74Z 3d aye.
OFFT'B WORK By reona; man; (rood ref
erence. Address John J. Sweeney, 12M!
2d aye.
OFFICE WORK. By American boy. l«;
willing and obliging; public school gradu
ate; salary f.%. John Braun. .22.1 North
Henry St.. Brooklyn.
PAINTER— First class, respectable man
competent to do all kinds of work, wants
steady position. Petersen. 122 Norman
aye . Brooklyn.
PAIKTER.— By first class home ralnter;
steady work. William Turnbull. 316 West
12th st.
PAINTER. — 9* '"r'rman; perfect in plain
graining. kalsomlnfnK. poiThanglng snd
fresco palnttnc: private work by the day
Address Ernst. 141 Kast 103 dat
PAIN'TKR. par*Thanger. kalaominer and
d^ orator; landlords, private. rcfererjc<
prlces moderate. Ph. l^aznlsky, 2075 ad
PAINTKH —First claws decorator, paper
hanger, hardwood finisher, tapestry silk
hanger desires work by day or Job; land
lords, estates; reasonable; references
r>ecorator, 16* East Ofith St.
PORTER, or any anything, hy tlerman, 35;
some English; steady plaoe; four years'
references. Fox. 6SO Eaat 14th st.
PORTER.— By middle sjred man. as time
keeper, freight porter and checker; day
watchman or porter; for some good house:
first class references from last place. Call
or address D.. 071 40th St.. Brooklyn.
POL'LTRYMAN.— American. Elngle. 36;
good habits; no liquor or tobacco; under
stands Incubators, brooding: references. Ad
dress T. F. tlalone. l«o Bleecker st.
at once; experienced in label. monumantaJ
and advertising work. (>. L. M , jr.. Ci
Dey st.
STEWARD.— By first doss yacht steward
■ finest references. E. J.. 6iu Hunterdon
St.. Newark. N. J.
SHEPHERD.— By a man who thoroughly
understand* the business; good references,
j. Wlcksen. Bhelburnc Farms. Shelburne.
Smith- Premier: 212 1 years' experience.
M. L.. 00 Garrison st , Marpeth, i,>ng m
SALESMAN.— By v«un» mar. 21: speaks
two languages; familiar with automobile
part* and •applies; tiro yean" references,
XCCiua A, I.^ its Kt»ti«a *i. \|.
Kit. -By C.erman: In work-hop. \{iir.->*
64th sC*' onlj - Km " Otetrklc. 3ll*Ea«
WATCHMAN Bj sober, reliable elderly
/nan. In small V.-. :or% ■
WAN" schoolboy s posjtlon. c. v T
Japanese Mission. 330 fcjmt r,7th „r~. '
V(>T ; |Vnn»< -Ivania la« y.r five ""years'
PTiCtlcr locating In New York. .!*,lr'es
V, "' " n . wUh lllve or rea!ty firm. Address
i'o* -J»i Brooklyn.
Vr .\i; N ' ; AN ' "*• <s««««_posltton at any-
Brookl n * rwic * Zfnkl ♦ >t) I'-'i'l^U* »t .
TOtTNQ MAN. 22. wlsaea peattton; v :
r.-»w-" P r ' r " rTra - referenofc K. liicom'r.eld.
■•-' Gates avi iklrn.
V "V» V ' : MAN; JJ * rt •' >«urt«: knc-wl
_.'.;''"■ •; ;■•-■•«*' ■-»">■•' speaks five lan-
Tr!' '' : * ■
VOI \<; ' >IAN ' - O; eipeHem-ed In •olldtlni
real .-fcr ß t<» and ■dvertlslng ■ best refer
ences '' "" Energetic, i;ox m. Tribune
,!• i AX ' 2I: ln r '«i*<lf«; or mercan
~.ViT« ! T'i ''*r>' > r|eTic^ . and acquainted
with financial district; references Addrese
J T (, . ...-> 40 Tribune <»fflce.
V ."," MAN. 24, sober." reliable. as >lee
.h/ v,.', n>> "* r w " h wntractor or rep.ii r
I :
rOL'NO MAN. l» vMm, to (earn plumbing
or electrlrtan s trade; nntr >t afraid of work
J. naaua. V.> Attorney "
V-.i N<; MAN, 21; in offlc
Hart Iran. 17 Mewart st.. Itnv/kivn.
YOI'NO MAN. IR. wishes „ learn trade"!
stea.lv and willing. Lew-la Goldstein. 5^2
l-.ap^ Houston st.
to learn a trade; haa *,mo knowledge of
ter work Neison. 2117 Ma.il-
A LADY would give services a exchange
r.r room and b<-«r4; understands all
household duties; „,„-,,,, F< , a mstreys; com
panlonable; experienced with children
(ompanion, Tribune Uptown Office. 13«4
COMPANION to a lady or young girl gnlng
to Europe this summer by experienced
traveller; fluent French and English; the
best of references. Companion. Box :>.
Tribune Office.
CHAPERON.— Middle aged lady, artist,
speaking five languages, accustomed trav
eller, would chaperon party for 'touts
America or Europe. Addroia licrghaaßel,
40« Park aye . Baltimore, aid.
DESIGNER Experienced; or. shirt waists.
Address L. B. Box 20. Tribune, Iptown
Office. 13C4 Broadway.
GOVERNESS young French woman.
as companion nr vl.tttins governess 'lur-
Ing summer months; excellent referent es.
Governess. Box 8, Tribune Office.
or will accompany them; will engage ser
vants and Investigate references. X.. Miss
Fitzgerald's Bureau. 303 6th nve.. comer
42d st.
Threr years' experience; nwlft and accu
rate; bi'st refer»Tu»>; Falar> fl2. Kathryn
Uny. 4<«4 8d aye.
STENOGRAPHER. — Thoroughly capable,
experienced; possesses tact, common sense
and executive ability; raj.id, accurate; «IS.
Mlsa M.. care Batz, 687 Putnam aye..
SECRETARY.— CoIIege woman, under
standing RtenoßTaphy. deiilres permanent
salaried position: fin $12 weekly start: ref
erences required. Box 3, n.>uf» 10, Hope
»'•!! Junction. N. Y.
lady as switchboard operator: on» year's
experience: best of reference. Address A.
M.. 835 I^exlngton aye.. Brooklyn.
YOI'NC! LADY, residing with parents, <Je
sire* orn>*i with place, with chance for
advancement; has knowledge of stenog
raphy and typewriting. Address (S. M.
Smith. 632 East IMtth st.
VOTNC, LADY as clerk, office ee*l*rant or
bookkeeper. Mao B. Connaughton. 617
Baltic St.. Brooklyn.
ADVERTISEMENTS and subscriptions for
The Trlbun* received at their fptown
Office. No. 1364 Broadway, between 36th
and 97th sts.. until ft o'clock d. m. Adver
tisements received at the following branch
oftVes at regular office rates until 8 o'clock
r m . vis.: 264 Sth aye.. s. c. cor. 28d st. ;
1M «th aye.. cor. 12th St. : 02 East 14th st. •
ATTENDANT to gentleman, by young man
speaks English and German, would travel.
John Kuhn. cam Maurcr. 114 King St.
ATTOiNDANT to Invalid gentleman, by
younr man; references: honest and reli
able. Rued. 222 East llSth st.
ATTENDANT, companion to an Invalid;
experienced; educated; gentlemanly; New
York references. Graham. Ctt Lexington
ADVERTISEMENTS and subscriptions for
The Tribune received at their Uptown
Office. No. 1384 Broadway, between B«Ua
and 37th stß.. until 9 o'clock p. m. Adver
tisements received at the following branch
afllces at regular office rates until 8 o'clock
p. m.. viz.: 254 Bth * v «-. •• «• cor. S3d St.;
ITS 6th aye.. cor. 12th St.; 93 East 14th st. ■
257 West 43d at., between 7th and Sth aye«. ;
2«3 West 125 th st . ; 18SS 3d aye.. between
76th and 77th sts.; 1086 Si aye . near «lst
Kt.: 17CS lit aye., near SSth «t.; 157 Ea.s
Bt/TLnP.S an.i SECOND MEN; French.
German arl Swedes; tall ana k-0.1 nr>
pearance; gO cltv reference. Wlnthrop
Bureau. 6.'. West 38th st: -phone. HJ92—
Bt TLER. first class; understands h*e bust
ness and has best city references; J«<>.
&? 99 ° r country. Call Swedish Kxchange.
694 3d aye.. or tel. 485— 3Sth.
BUTLRR.— By Swede; competent; excellent
,nn e nt^. enC : in Anwrican family, city or
country. "■• care of Winter*. ICJ Baal
COOK.— Goori dinner cook: all around
carver raw m?at cutter; no Sunday
Br^nx Rloken. 1352 Prospect aye.. The
<I<'.K Svv: *' Krenot ?- ~^ : Prtvate family;
I.la ln French cooking and pastry; does
not drink nor moke : country prefer led;
Tuxedo and B »tor refereri-e"<. V. ■•
Tribune. Uptown Office. 1:1*1 Broadway. '
COOK-1-SeFiTl" MAN- By young Ger
eraiiv useful: woman as cook, chamber
maid: ctly or country, Hase's Employment
Bureau. IOCS 3d aye. Tel. i:i— „;.,,-,;
CARETAKER.— Married couple; no incum
bram-e; care of house for summer; best
city referonpe. A. Pearson. .'•!<•> 3d aye
CARETAKER Ry "man and wife; take
cnarge of house fn r summer: no children;
30 years J city references. Inquire I. V.
h teheed. l"<ft Oth aye
rARKTAK-R.-ny man and Wife for pri
vate residence; lan employed weekdays:
B a n^ f KW3d-ave^ ddreM ArROW - i:<Tt - m
CO A CH M A N.^-COOK-^-Couple; tegHsli
Protestant-.; man flrst class coftihman;
trifr» cook; neat and refined: excellent ref
erences; city or country. T. P.. Mrs. Co!
lier's Agency, 12*.' West 23d at.
COACHMAN; neat. -• I- young Scotchman;
takes be=t care hcrses, harness carr ac< •<
etc.; careful driver; useful; excellent „ f
erence. Kenneth, Carpenter's Bureau 134
6th aye.
COACHMAN: married, no famllv; with
cottage; excellent references; moderate
vy«g^s: city or country. R. N.. Mrs. Col
lier ■ Agency. 122 West 2M st
COA< ReUable, thoroughly X p-r;
emed around horses, carriages, etc • n"t
afraM of work; capabta „f n,iinK acttva
!>.ai<>; temperate, obiising; anywhere
tVlMing. Tribune Uptown OtSi-». 13ti4
COACHMAN English; aged 33; married.
no rain!',\ . nr v experience; city or
der, driver; undersUnds I
-is. Bteeplechase horses. Charles care ot
Btathan, il'i Baa) SS
COACHMAN.— SingIe; thoroushly compe
tent with horses, care carriage*, harnewi.
furnace .'in,: lawi . generally isefu! coun
try pis ■ careful drlvr, sober, reliable:
j;i>od i*r«rnal reference. (-Va'-hinar:. 20
North William st.
COACHMAN and I'SEFlfl. MAX.— German!
single. mi-ldl» ap»>.l; thoroughly experi
enced; careful driver; understands Harden-
In*, lawn, poultry; s-.,her. Industrious f,(,od
referen-es. Rellahje. i» North William st.
COACHMAN, married; city, country; city
reference P. U. C, 413 West 5.J.1 st.
L"OA«IIMAN By Canadian married: no
Addr. » a F m \\. - :.-.ij
COACHMAX.— By eklerry sirg]* man; first
da*s priviri; careful dry driver; sober
.irui obliging; care furnace; generally use^
nil; l>*«t personal refercno-'S. Coachman.
.■^ii Henry st Brooklyn.

' rv - ■ • :; \ 1^:1 \\ set
COACHMAN.— SingIe, 32; medium size:
K0.,,1 appearan.-e; thoroughly understand*
n!s business; best r^fer-nces; jc^xi rider
an.! driver. A'Mrtfs M'.rrt«. ZK East 4<!lii
ft . stable.
O.'AiII.MAX. — Ycun?. sln<le man: wlrh
private family; elty or con:. try: good city
and personul referenree, rail or a.l!r*s<
two .lays. .!. It , 1070 34 aye.
COACHMAN. .-!.%: not afraid of hard w^rk
or \a<r hours; heln !riv!,t<.. outstrle; fin*
rl.ier. driver; seven years !a«t plac; wife
E 0.,,-t b»w.-: will .!-> w«.<hin<. Care\. IH4T
3,\ aye.
COACHMAN— SingIe; thoroughly umler-
Mniids c«r^ h< rses, harness. i-arrlaßes:
wililric. <Tb!isirK: hest references; city cr
oiuntry. .\.i,ir«-s<» J. It . ,"Vi7 3d aye.
COACHMAN, In country: good referer.ces.
Car.a\:in. 11H W<-st 101 st st.
COACHMAN.— EnntUh; thoroughly experi
eno*<l in all stable dutiee 1 also car« hunt
era Hn.l p«iK> ponies; ko'«'l reference; atr^d
27. »el(r».t 128 pounds. J. C. cur* Petti-
B.>w. 132 West 60th »t.
COACHSCAN.— Thoroughly r-liabl. In all
branches; several >^.ir» - city reference;
lr»t.« i-mployt-r can be Interviewed. J.. 4.;»
4th mv.
COACHMAN."— 6cotrh; sincie; ce r K i.l city
n>fer»ncr .s<o. William, liofroayer's Hu
reau. l.Vt W^st 23 1 Ft. Tel. aft^r 1", 1 >*;-( -
COACHMAN.— Married. SS; nt» rhiM: *
years' references; thoroughly und«-r*tarid.«
the business ; !■<« employer ca n b» seen;
city nr country. Fitzpatrick. 151 Kast
f4th rt.
COACHMAN Fr-rlidri; married, no chil
dren: flri«t clat-s city r^ferenies. wrltfn
an. l personal; Just dl»enir»Ked. Address G.
".ire. Nya.'k P. 0.. N. V.
COACHMAN."— Married, no children: tr
country; understands ht? duttes; lit years*
written and persmal references. Address
Sh.a. oia \V.-st r±i St.
Pintle man; thoroughly undorstanils his
duties; middle aged; strictly sober: best
refeiences, written and personal. A B-.
Trtl.une Uptown Office, ISM Broadway.
no children; rl •• -..■:.[■, understands care
of horses: solx>r an.l trust wort! best ref
erences; country preferred. Address M M
MB) Sd at.. South 'th .-. N. J.
COACHMAN Married: has » years' city
reference; last employer can N» sei-n.
Call or address John. 118 East 7.".m si
COACHMAN.— First class; undent
horses, harness. carriages and ateetrta au
tomobl bt-*t ref^renie; last employer
. ,i". r* seen. Address Coachman, tare, of
Fnrrell, 413 Amsterdam aye.
COACHMAN class: sin*!..: thor
oughly experienced; cars hi>rf*-H. carriages
harness; careful driver: city or country;
generally useful; <itv references Address
Competent. H»x 30, Trll une Upttwn Oillcc
1304 Broadway.
COOK. — Lady going abroad wants place for
her cook. e<nml to any chef; $fi<>; pi any
place. Miss Shea's Bureau 8 Bust 42d st.
DISHWASHER. Experienced. MuM.r 49
Bast 1001 1 St., top tl^ii>r.
FARMER and GARDENER.— American";
married; three, children, aged » to 4: un
derstands all machinery; good dairyman;
used to separator: successful with poultry
Incubator, brooder*, etc ; well r«>cnnviieiiiit?d.
Benjamin. Carpenter" ■ Bureau, 104 6th aye.
FARMER (Foreman). — American; married:
on« grown daughter: good worker; served
years at the business; experienced In all
work, homes, cattle and pigs; all stock,
machinery: excellent herdsman; used to
boarding and handling help: successful with
poultry; strictly sober; best references.
William, at Carpenter's Bureau. 154 6th.
GROOM, *■■ R> roang Irishman; or X"
with gentleman to learn automobtti
ber. honeet. ohllr«nK Apply McMahon. Slfl
Vanderbllt h\c . Brooklyn.
GARDENER- Middle aged; to take care
of horses, drive anil do general work; beat
reference John <:.. 812 Washington st.
GARDENER.— Head; EagUab, •»; marriAt;
no children: on lady's or gentleman's
place; life experience in all branches of th»
profession: best references. Xv J. 8.. Box
84.1. Glen Cove. I/Onfc Inland.
GARDENER- — Single; experienced; cars el
prlvatH place: flowers, vegetables, lawns,
drives, etc. . can milk an.l be generally
useful; moderate wax**. Gardener, Bra 4.
Tribune- Office.
GARDENER. — By married man: under-
Stands Bowers; outdoor and under «l.is»;
good vegetable grower; understands lawns.
roailn. etc.; also care and management of
cattle: no objection to small farm with gar
den; can takH full charge of gentleman's
place; good reference. A. 8., Box SO. Trib
une Office.
OARDENER. Hy (ierman: married: two
small children; fine vegetable Krower. hot
house, glass Crasser, iruits. flowers, lawn
and general work, wants intlags. well rec
ommended. Walter, at Carpenter's Bureau
1.14 6th aye.
OARDKNER. —Englishman; simtle; experi
enced In America; rtne vegftuMe Krowcr;
hothouse, glans frames, fruits, flowers, iawri
and neneral work; neat an.l tHy. wvll rec
ommended. Oscar, at Carpenter's Bureau.
154 6th aye.
GARDENER. — English: married. 2 children;
wishes permanent place; private; practi
cal in greenhouse and outdoor gardening;
first class references. Address George
Wralfht. 1282 «d » v '-
GARDENER- — German; single; thoroughly
acquainted with the business: with last
employer eighteen years. B. Horn. Box
BIA, North-jort. Long Island.
LANt>S«APK (URDKSER. -Highly ex
perienced: to do private ganlen work ai
reasonablo price; city or cuntry. AtMreas
Alex. Boda. S3 Kant Mst et.
JANITOR- — By German couple; thoroughly
competent; employed at present; wishes to
change May 1. long experience; understands
siearu pumps, elevators and ordinary repair
ing; strictly sober, ;ollta and obllstas. D.,
ilil Zl »YK .^ -,
GARDENER.— German, elderly man: good
worker, well recommended. Sillier. 49
New Chambers st.
JAPANESE, two weeks In New York from
Salt Lake City, wants position of any
kin.l of housework In family or hotel; as
cook or butler's help, chamberwerk or to
watt on table. Address Japanese. Box 3.
Tribune Office.
JAPANESE desires position as cook: «x-
P?ri'iii t-il in work; clean, honeet. frujml;
gocd. permanent country place preferred:
waxes &'.'» in- Otto. 17 Concord. St..
JAPAN"?!!: steward wh>hes situation on
board yacht; loms esperlence and best
reference! Japanese, S7 Washington
Squars North.
JANITOR. —By v>:irj Swedish couple; no
children; tak» car* of private house: good
references. Janitor, 211 East 15th m
JANITOR.— By German couple, s. MJha
lek. s()i* East 7-lth St., third floor.
JANITOR ENGINEER. American, wants
Brat class apart: ient noM*: 15 years' ♦*-
perience: plumbing, steam fitting and elec
trtcol work; rlrsr class reference*. W. H.
' ' 21ZS3 Amsterdam aye.
USEFUL MAN". — Private family; under
stands all house and garden work and can
milk. GeJaenhof. ClS> M aye. near 34th St.,
USEFUL MAN r.r. gentleman's place; un
derstands the care el horses and lawn;
wilting an.l obliging; 11 years' written and
personal reference Address W. X.. Trib
une Uptowa Office, 1304 Broadway.
VAUET, attendant to an Invalid: experi
enced: educated; New York references-
Graham. ti'J Lexington aye.
■ .\.!'/L and COACHMAN.— By young G»r
ir.an. city or country. L. Mlesko. 338
East 40th st.. second floor.
VALET; American; si«aks English. French.
mat, Italian: travelled over Vnltt-
Ptates. England. Italy. France, etc.; «
years' referer.ee from last employer. W.
S.. Miss FRzUera!d*s Bureau. SOS Stb aye..
cor. 4J.i .-'.
ATTEXDA::t to invalid flrlsh Catholic,.
with some hosi'itat training;^ood refer
ences. \\.:ithrop Bureau. (J5 West 38th St.
I'houo ioa2— sstn.
CARETAKER for gentleman's private
houso during summer months, by capable.
experienced woman, best references. Mulr.
IL'I West S3,i st.
COI'PLE; wife, cook; man. butler; first
class references city or country M..
sl!ss FltzGerald'H Bureau MS Bta aye.,
cor. 42d st.
CARETAKER —By I young. married wom
an, as caretaker for private hous» for
summer; II years' reference. Call two days.
Jnhnson. Lit Bast -tth st.
worthy scotch woman, two young chil
dren; husband empl' y»d an painter; refer
ences. Mrs F.. 1214 Ist aye.. between «th
v.n<\ tWth sts.. t-->p floor, rear.
COOK— WAITRESS, 4c-T«n Swedish
girls; like place 1 igether; one first class
cork: other parlor maid and waltr-ss: $»
an! $"i". Swnliih Exchange, •'*» 3d aye..
or Te!. 4S3— 3Bth,
ci>. .X. — C.i rman: I•■-■I •■-■ Haas; good baker;
has friend bermatd and waitress.
together or veparat--. Tel. li»2S— Plaza.
Morrow's Bureau, Tl'l Lexington aye.. cor.
COOK.— A lady leaving for Europe sjlaase
t,f highly r^cotnmni'l her excellent co«k.
who baa been with her for *>ra» lime and
la ia erery reipeel thor^mnly •liable.
May to ;<~n t»-day and Thursday, between
2 ani A. at 721 .'■'■■ aye.
COOKING.— PIain washing; Welsh Protes
ttint woman; city, country; peisonal city
reference; no cards. (}l<> ad aye.. Ist fl»>r
COOS —By English woman; plain and
fancy cooking: $22 J25. W. Hofmayer's
Bureau. 133 West ■Sid st. Tel. after »
a. in. ISB+— Ciiets^a.
COOK.— By Scotch woman; plain cooking:
excellent long references; «2<Vs23. A..
Hofmaycr*a Bureaa. 133 West 23d st. Tel.
after li>. IMJ4— Cti-»ls<?a.
COOKS, chambermaids and waitresses.'
r;ihl reference*; »(ti or country. Call i
American lntelliK-n..-,* OnVe. 211 East 80th [
*t.. in-ar 3d aye. •
iXXTrC. — First class: understands French j .
and Knis['-">h dishes: very rest reference*; I •
\\n^.-!« *^."> to 5.!0; city or country. Flaher- • ,
t>* tiure:iu. 4*5 Columbus aye. Tel. 741— i ,
Klver. I >
COOKS |28 to $»■"• excellent references. IJ
liiuum 1 * Bunau. 747 Lexlmtien aye.. near I .
ruth it __ U
COOK.— By younc Danish woman, place
with kitchen maid; would go anywhere;
first class city references. Wtnthmp Bt»- I
rtau. OT. West 3Sth St. Phone 1092— 38 th. ;
COOK.— English Protestant; strictly first i
class' excellent manager and caterer: .
wages (33 to |40; g-xxi references; city er
country. Jlrs. Co!!i»r's Agency, 122 West I
'-•3.1 St.
COOK.— Nrat, obliging ynv.ng woman; un
a«:-stan.W p!«in un-1 fan.-y ■■•loktng. rxcrl -
Wai r»-ffrenc»>s; city or country. E. '•. Mrs-
Colilcr'a V «-ncy. 122 West S3J »t.
COOK — YouniE fi'rmin woman; flr»t rlasa
cttj nterracrm; nee* $80. WJnthrop
Bureau, CJ West SSth »t. Vhone :u»2—
COOK. —By younsj wnmar. . experienced;!
tt-)'').i baker: assist with washing; per
man-nt place in country. -14 West 27th
st.. om.< filtht. front. i
CHAMBERMAID. Protestant; an excel- |
• lent seamstress. M.- Cuny'a Bureau. 2% j
West 42i1 »?. .
t'HAMIU'.HMXIO. *c — I-ady desires to j
place an exceptionally g-v-d girl, either as |
.•ha:i!t:errrat.i and assistant traitress or as j
parlormaid; can be ready 22.1 Inst. A<l- ;
dreea E W. C. P. O. Box 1346. New York:
City. j
c»ptin« washing, irnning. unless plain, ;
light colored girl Mies Allo- Bronx. 230 j
West 41st «t.. care, BrantUy. j
CHAMBERMAID, 3EWXXO.— B» neat. tMy. [
smart young Swedish Rlrl: very best ref
erer.cts- assist waiting: $20-f22. Flaherty's
Bureau. 4*5 Columbus aye. Tel. 741— River.
PAY'S WORK.— Washing, cleaning, sewing
or ire of business or private apartment: '
Enicllsh woman: good worker; splendid ref
erence. Mrs. Maher. 421> 2d aye.
lilKl.s •<( all nat!onalltl.-.« for all kinds of
■lent references. Bloom's Bu
reau, T4T l>>\ln«t. n ave., near 89th St.
QENEOtAL lIoISKWiIRK. — By good,
strong «*rl; car "Wk; small family pre
ferred verj beat ieftrences; city or country.
Bchult'x Bnployßieal Hureau, W3 East lOtlth
ai 3d aye
nip ,i German woman: small, plain family.
Address W. S . 2ti2 Kast M)th st.
HOUSEKEEPER. — Take entlr** charge, i>rl
vata house or hotel; any number ser- <
vants; thoroughly experienced in catering. j
marketing ...courting, every detail; city
references. Business. Tribune Uptown Of
fice, 1304 Broadway.
Hi ilSi:M.\!l> By competent person; four j
•>:iis' 1» st • Ity referen.es, can take
maid's r'.'" •< if ie«|UUed. Address F. 8..
Boa 24, Tribune fptown Office. 1364 Broad
HOUSEKEEPER.- to take en
tire charge; catering, marketing, etc.; or
as visiting house manager for some hours
each day. VHs W.. care of Miss Flta-
Gerald's Bureau. 503 Bth aye.
HOUSEWORK —Cook and chambermaid and
waitress- German: very best references;
separately or together; «ity or country.
\\lin, r'l Bureau. *Ji 4th aye.. near »th at.
Tel lla.llson.
UrVDY'S MAID.- A lady wlshea to recom*
iiifn.i an excellent maid; good seamstress,
hairdresser, packer, traveller; English: 840.
M. W.. Miss r'ltztlerald's Bureau. 503 sth
aye.. cor. 42cl st.
neat tidy young girl, very best city ref
-rences city or country; «2& call Swedish
exchange. :•:>* 3d » v «-- near 3Sth •«•• or
Tel. 48*— 3Sth.
LADIES' MAID By colore.l nianic-uriati
hairdresser; with actress; office maid: or
theatres: willing to travel; thoroughly com
petent; referrnv-. Fields. 669 3d aye.
LADY'S MAID.— By North of Ireland
l>TL>testant: hairdresser and good seam
stress: tall and neat; eight years' city ref
erence. Wlnthrop Bureau. tin West 3Sth.
•Phone 1002— 3Sth. .
LADY'S MAID.— By refined German; city
r«ferenc*s. 312 East 63d at.
UAI'Y to heir, with housework and children;
roiii homo preferred to high wages; beat
references. L. Avis. b72 East latth st.
UMTSDREB9-— Flm clas^: family wash
ins lo do monthly In her heme: first class
retinae*. i»>T Kuat 74th st . Kelly's bell.
LAUNDRESSES. *». •» and $30; eicel
lrnt ri'ferences. Bloom's Bureau. ?4T
Lexington aye., near 59th St.
LAl'NOKESS.— PTotestant: will assist
chambermaid; very nest; best of refer
ences; city »r country. J. L». Mrs. CW
l:eis Agency. I^2 West 3d St.
LAUNDKEBB.— FWI class; for private
family; understands her business thor
oughly: best references: »30; city or coun
try. Swedish Exchange. 594 3d aye.. near
3ttth St.. or Tel. 4»— 3Sth.
M«>THHR'S HELPER. -By young lady
having clerical position; accustomed to
children. B. *". Tribune I'ptowa Offlo*.
13»M Broadwny.
MAIL 1 be— By ■•olnreil girl; In any kind of
carter . or washing at home, or out by Uie
atass sft^m
Sir jebsey OE^IIiAL.
Time wiewn below is tram liberty St. Sta
tion. Leave West 234 St. 10 minutes eaxu*»
*f£spt as noted by designating marks*
riU3i tf.3o. mi.co. 0*5.00. a.** *aca
I*lo.oo. •lifts. 11.30. a*I2.GUI 1«l.0»>.
1.30. «2.«>. «3.00. M0l». 1*5.00. 4.30.
m*«.oo, •7 00. »8.00. »»00. p10.30 P. M..
_J»12.15 mdt.
•a.OO. i*io.a>. ?«i2.00, •2-00. «•«-«»•
. t*»e». -res.
»4» A M.. xl.oo. 1.30. 13.4). d*.l3. »•<»
.P. M.. Tf1.15. Sunday i. *30. ».*> A. M.
ATLANTIC CITY— A. M. al Ou. »3.4»
C.ROVB (Sundays, No. Asbury ParkjH
s4.«ol R.3U. lift* A. M.. exl2.*». 1-2*
fA«, 6.B£>. «.SO. J12.81. Sundays, except
Ocean Grove. iAOO. »v« A. M . *•«». »■*»
P. It
Time tabled giving trains to BA9TW,
WILLIAUSPORT and all other points cas
be obtained at the following offlc»s: tit
erty St. «West 23d St. Te! 31*4 Chelsea)
• Astor House. 24* 434. 13UO. 1354 Broaa
•ay. 182 Mb At.. SSI sth At.. 25 V nioa
■ Square West. 27*3 3d Ay.. 109 West ISStf
Bt.. 248 Columbus At.. New York: 4 Court
St.. 343. 844 Fulton St.. 479 Sojitrand AT..
Brooklyn: 580 Broadway. WUllaawburs
New York Transfer Co. calls for and eagles
baggage to destination. .
•Dally. tDaily. except Sunday. pSundays.
tParlor cars only. mt)lnir.g car. cc * ;rt
Condays. xSaturdays only. zLiberty St.
e«ly. JDining car Sundays. lUining car
daily From West Twenty-third street—
e»2:2(> P. M.. g4-3O P. M. lU-SO P. M..
k3L» P. M. d3.SO F. M. _„_
Ylce-ITes. & lien. Mar Gen. Pass-r Agent.
"E»err other hour on the even hour v
Leave New York City 2Sd St. Lib y «
•WASHINGTON, Sl'pers, 11 50 pm »»i
•WASHINGTON. Diner. 7SO am *»•»
•WASHINGTON. Diner. Sl3o am o ,*"
•WASHINGTON. Diner. 11.00 am I*°»°»
•WASHINGTON. Buffet. l.SOpn* 2-«Jf«
•"ROYAL LTD. " Diner. TO pm 4.«» 11 ™
•WASHINGTON. Diner. sSOpiu 6 . pm
•WASHINGTON. Buffet «.50pm .00 pm
•Dally _
Through Dally Trains to the west.
I#ave New York City. 23d St. LID y «•
CHICAGO. Frrr3BCRO. 7 s»as» ,*■*»»}»
CHICAGO. COLCMBL'S. 11 Ri> am 12.'»nn
PITTSBi'RO. CLEVKL-D. 350 pm J-^pm
••PITTSBL'RQMMITD," «50 pa» f»»pa»
riN.st TjonstLornr.. n.sopm ,J ss * am
CIN.. ST. LOUIS. LOriSV ».loara 10 •»• aal
CIX ST 'IS.LOfISV . 5.50 pm <» pm
Offices 245. 434. 130© Broadway. 6 A»tor
House. 108 Greenwich St.. 25 Union Square
W. 301 Grand St . N. V : 343 Fulton St .
Brooklyn; West 2.1.1 St. and Lir»r»y 9t.
After a T>. m. Sleeping Car Reservation*
ana full Information regarding trains, etc..
can be. obtained at Bureau of Information.
B. * O R. rt.. SM St. Terminal. VisMM
No. CTielsesv Sl4*.
: Lackawanna Railroad.
! Leave N. Y-. Barclay Christopher. W. '.'3l
; ♦9.00 A. M— Binghamton ar.rl Elmira.
1 *10.0vA. M.— For Buffalo. Chicago and St.
Lou la I
; •1.40 P. M.— For Buffalo and Chicago.
i t4W«». M — For Pcrenton and Plymouth.
I «•«. 15 P. M.—For Buffalo an.l Chicago.
•»».45 P. M.— For Buffalo. Syractwej. ltha*?a.
•2.C0 A. M. — Sleepers open ft.39
i P M.
Tickets at 14». 42». US'. 1434 Broadway.
IN. V ; XC9 Fulton St.. Brooklyn. 'Dally.
i tExcept Sunda.*- zLeaves Christopher St.
j 6.10 P. M weekdays.
! N. T.. N. H. & HARTFORD R. ?t
s Trains depart from Grand Central Station.
I 424 St. ani 4th Aye.. as follow* for
I Boston via New London & Prov. — {•*«•«>.
♦t 10:00. »x 10 OS A. M . tli:l:*>.
•x' 1:i>1. »i 3:«l>. tt!'3:o(>. •*:;3:02.
•1tl:f» P. M : via wmimantle— tTß:ol A. !
M. »20* P. M.; rta Spfd.— A. M..
tl 1 12:00. •: 4:00. •11:00 P. M.
Wor'nter A Fit' 1 ) . via Putnam. 13:3S T. M.
| Lakevllle A Nor..— A. M.: UU P. M.
i Gt. Barrtngton. stock bridge. Lenox. Pitt*,
He1d— 14.34 t3:49 A. M. and *3:31 P. M
Ticket offices at cGrand Centra! Station
! and cl29th St.. *'.*■ at c2«V l2fM>. 1 ■&*
' B'way. «-25 Union Square. cIS2 Fifth Am,
I c 243 Columbus Aye.. c«4!> Madison Are..
! cir.l W. 123 th St.. 2798 Third Aye. la
Brooklyn, c.4 Court St,. 479 Nostrand Aye..
SBO B'way.
•Dally. tExcept Sundays. «Stori» at 123 th
St. xStops at 12f>th St. S"-.'ays only.
[ tParlor Cur Limited. ! Has dining car.
I eParlor and Sleeping Car tickets also.
i L£»IGSi MILS?.
! Feotnf W. A*A:CortlaaitaadUeebro«seeSt*.S«
i «I>»tl j Sunday: »7.a. baoa. e7 48. d» V>. aval xS.n.
i"~ ; p.v>i.Y .A.L«SY..B
I Buffalo F.xpresa. , '....I**'! *> \ » •-' SO « «
Butsio Expresn I •b» a) m « 'Ql* ..Ml % »
: SLACK DIAMOND EXP.. *11 51 m «• '\i 00 »'•
1 C^rtc. * Toronto Ve»t. Kxp..j*Bs.4tJ Ml'iS.4o f> 12
fMS WrrTAtO tkain . 1 '7 Si r Mi < j.ou»m
"V.cteiOCces: Ko'aad Broadway. '
; i k,cbt raws _ I
Lv Pier 32. N. R-. ft. Canal St.. week |;
days only. 8 P. M. connecting at
Albany with trains for ALL POINTS :.'
North. East and West
CITIZSNS I! 8 P» #B «»H Steamers
i 1i 11 '"* 10 ONTEORA and
LINE If 1 ma ji
Leave Pier 44 N. R . ft. West 10th St . If
1 week days (except Saturdays) and Sun- ' l
: days. 0 P. M. Sunday steamers ~uut.li
at Albany
Stater obis and Tickets at Wharf OAt ', '
also City Ticket Office. 290 Broadway. ■
It) (1% (f> IT If! 111 ar " l Point- In New Ens>
©93 © U (3 M land. Reduced Rates.
FALL. RIVER LINE, via Newport an.l Fall
River Fare* reduced to all points — Boston.
$2.«»- Newport Fall River, 12.00; Provi
dence*. |2 30. Leave Pier 19. N. R.. ft. War
ren St. week days and Sundays. »:3© p. M.
Strs PrtsvlUa and fTovlJenc". Orchestra.
NORWICH LINE via New London. Leave
Pier 40 N. R-. toot Clarason St.. week day*
only. a P. M. Steamers Chester W. Cha
pln and Maine.
NEW HAVEN LINK f->r New Haven and
North. L*«»»« Pier 20. E. R. week day*
only. 4:00 P. M. Steamer Richard Peck.
(Besitbai liosissi Lie.
Newburgh. Pewahas and Rondout.
week days at 4 P M. : Newburgh at 5 P.M..
Sundays » A.M. From foot of Franklin St. ,
Leave Pier 43. X. R.. week-days. 6 P. M.
1 NI'RSERY GOVERNESS.— By a competent
North German Protestant woman, as
nursery governess or ma!d: age.l «i>. full
charge- good traveller, speaks several lan
guages: wages. $30 up: city or country;
excellent references. Please address .-r call.
W. X.. care of Janitor. 331 Madison aye.
■ | ■■! or MAID.— By a competent North
" German Protestant woman, to an invalid:
aged 40; excellent references. Pleas** call
address C. 8.. care of Janitor. 331 Madi
son aye.
NI'RBE competent Infant's; would like to
travel' a good sailor; has held a similar
position; doctor's references. Mrs. Dickin
son's Bureau. 331 Madison aye.
NVRSE-— By neat, tidy young Irish girl;
■00.1 references: wages *22*-5. city or
cointry. Flaherty's Bureau. 48* Columbus
aye" near Mst Tel. 741-Rlver.
I iTsrRV GOVERNESS.— German: excel
lent city references; *lU. L.. Hofmayers
Bu'eau. 153 West 23d St. Tel. after 10:30
a. m — Chelsea.
VTRBE. —German Protestant: ten years'
* reference in on* family: • hild from 3
years up; wagea 130. Miss Curry's Bureau.
iS West 42d »t.
KURSE-— By German Protestant, as in
fant' nurse; can take full charge from,
birth: Ore years' personal references; ex
cep*tonally neat. Mrs. Colliers Agency.
123 West 23d at.
OFFICE CLBANINO. — By trustworthy
woman; beat reference. Mrs. Blanchette.
30» East 324 at.
RE^PEOTABLE colored girl wishes work
In > flat; no washing: home night, call or
a-iircss 6. Power. 3* West 17th St., rear.
TP MNED NI'KSE and masseuse; will
tlve C are of invalid lady or will go to
Cr»l class sanitarium. M. D.. Miss Flti-
Gerald's Bureau. 503 3th aye.. cor. 42J st.
W\ITREBB-— A young Swedish girl: very
neat and clean: best MsMm; city or
aountry; $3* per month. Swedish Exchange.
££ 3d avT; or Tel. 456-38 th
vIWitRESS or PARU>RMAID. -liy S out g
irtsh girl; understanUa h^r .work thor
eushly G-. Hofmayers Bureau. 133 West
S3d st Tel. after 10 a. n-.. IS64— iTi.lsea.
WAITRESS. — By neat, tidy young Irish
gtrl- best references: wases $3»; city or
country, naherty's Bureau. 4tA Columbus
"•7 Tel. 741— River.
WASHING— By respectable woman: take
home good troner: or ajo out Wednesday,
Thursday and Saturday. 1. H.. 232 Eaat
Mth st.
WASHING- — Young woman to do washing
at horn* or go out by to* day. 313
Marcy «ive.. Brooklyn, first floor.
W'ASUINO,— By widow; take home. Sirs.
Miaiv. *4 !»>'4« am> at.
mm mmx UOYD
mm v Fa»t Express Service.
Kronprtiu.Apr 33. ooontK. Win. ll.. July »
* a >•*** May 7. to AM I Krenprlni.July 14
K.W.liMay li. 7:» AM Kaiser July 33
Kronprtna.May 21. am K. Wm. 11. Aug. •
■■*!** ■•■- Juno *. to AM Kronprlnz-Aue. 13
K. Wm. U.June 11. (JAM Ocelie Aug. 3»
Kr.ni June ls.lo.XM Kaiser . . Aug. 2*
Kaiser July 2 10 AM[K. W. 11. .Sept. •
Twin-Screw Passenger Service.
Braadenburg.Apr 13|»t:arbarossa June*
Mala May X; »Kurtuerst June 13
•kurtuerst May gi«Frl»<Jri.'h June V*
Rhein May 1« »P. Alice June 25
•Fri«STlch....M»y I*. •Bremen J"l» *
' •P. Alice May 23 : •Earbarossa. . July 11
•Bremen May 391 •Kurfuemt. ..July I*
' Chemnits. . . . .June •Krt^iri. . July 23
; •Cells at ymuii-ii anet Cherbourg.
Mediterranean Service.
. P. Irene Apr. 20 ]&. Albert Jun» 29
•N"eckar Apr 27: P. Irene July 13
Barbaross*. ...May •» •Nerkar July 30
K. Lulss. May UIK. Luise July 2?
K. Albert Kay IS X Albert Aug. »
P. Irene June I P. Irene Aug. IT
Neckar. June I K. Lalse. Aus. SI
K. Lui.«» June !."» K. Albert. Sept 7
•Omits Genoa.
From Bremen Piers. 3d A- 4th Sts.. Hobokea.
oelruks 4 CO. No 5 Broadway. N. T.
Louis K. Meyer. MM Walnut St.. Phtla.
Special Passenger Service.
Kaiserlrt ABr. l»!Btue<cher May •
Amerika Apr. 25iKaiserln May U»
Deutsrhland. .Apr. S»|An!erik» May 23
Ain.ir.af spex-jal leaturea cf ihese- vessel J
are: Uriil Room. O.v^nastum. Palm irlen.
Ritß-L"ar!ton Restaurant. Elevator. Klectrta
Twin Screw Passenger Service. -
*Batavia Apr. ISiWaiJersee .. May 1»
Pretoria. Apr. 2T : Penr.37 mm. May 2*
Patricia. „ Jliy 1 •Batavia ..June!
*Uambnnc uMrect.
Mediterranean Service.
t*Moltk« .Apr 23. May 29. July t
.tHamburg May 7 June 11. Aus;. 11
•Has Grill Room. tHas Gymnasium.
R. R. Ttrketa. hotel accommodations and
general Information about foreign travel.
Travellers' cheeks *•<■•<< an over th« world.
'Phone 190i> -tor. Piers. Hoboaen.
AMERICAN 1 ITT? satimg at » :S » a. m.
iii-^UUAI. JLinxi From Pler 13- N
ST. LOUIS tpr.au. May 1». Jn#.ls
THILADELPHLX .. .Apr.27. May 23. J*e.22
CELTIC l»a»l lons> May 4. 11 A3«
ST. PAIL June. 1. June 23
NEW YORK May 11. June*. July &
SSI> STAR LETS £°™ p £ r
FINLAND Apr.2o. li> 30 AM; May lS.Jun« IS
!£EEUXD.,\vr PM May 23. June 23
KROON LAN D.May 4.lo:::i».-\M: Jun» l.Jy IS
VAr>Frr.»\"L* '.;,-. it :: :;opm. JuneMulyw
WHITE STAR : I* v 2°- ""
MAJESTIC Apl. 17. 1O AM. i^v „ W%t
oc^fe:ia S p^ : Ua> * =»
?lu^Nfc:Mayi; «,***•' *~ «
ARABIC j^y *
BALTIC. . . May 8. I PM. June M; July It
pTlymoUt h-ch er- g-souYhampt'S. i
fRLTIC.May»II .v.M: r „, Pi«r NR.
♦ADRIATIC May 22. June 1*
TEUTONIC ...May 2». j, in . 3«
OCEANIC luce 3. July »
MAJESTIC . ... Jun« 12. July' 1*
tNew. 23.000 tons, has Elevator.
Gymnasium. Turkish Baths and Band. I
"BI.IC Apr a>. 1» A. M.
CRETIC May 9, Noon. June 20. Aug. 1
ROMANIC July 13. 3 P M
ROMANIC ..April 27. »:3O A. M. ; June •
CANOPIC May is. 2:3<> P. M : Jun« 5»
Freight Oflst*. Whitehall Bids , Battery ri.
us y^m mum
lyily/ 11 InlElitliKi !r#iliff!ilrlHyi
Passenger Steamships Batweea
Wee* service from loth ports.
THE IDEAL TRIP S' >1\ :•> and WIN
Connecting at New Orleans >\i:n Rail Lines
For All Point* .a
Louisiana. Texas. New a-.-: old Mexico,
Arizona. Califottita.
Inquire 34» or 1 BROADWAY. .\T YORK.
London k. Nortii-^ Sy,
Shortest and qolcirvsa nuto
UVZKFOOI, to I.. '\i">.v
Special train fr<-m Riverside Station,
alc-ngside steamer, reaching Euxtun Station
under 4 h-mrs.
Mail rout*, tjueenvtonn tt» London
ila Dublin.
Tourist r-sorts and all prfckctpa] lea nl
Bast ihold> chevhed New To--k V>
L«ndor. Fckiere. tlck-ta ar.d al! informa
A. G. WAND. Agent. 257 3th Aye.. N. T.
10.000 Ton Twln-Screw Pasvenger Steamer,
Norsrsy, S"v«ie-: nl beamark
Salting from New York at noon.
C. F. Tietgen.May .i United State*. June. «
Oscar II May ;• C. F. Tl. t sen. June 13
Belli* Olav... May 33, Oscar 11.... JuaJ 2»
Saloon. $HO an.i v ird: second cabin ISO
After May lt». Saloon $70 an.l up. 2<J cabin I.U
A. B. JOHNSON & CO.. 1 Broadway. X T.
From Piers 51-3£ North Rives *
CAMPANIA APR. 2i> it A w
CARMAMA APR. 23. N,,0«
Etrtiria .. . .April 27ir>ronia. . Slav T
LacaHsa May 4; rmbria .May ii. « ari
TO Kri'ME VIA I " 1 -
PANNONIA ..^.Msy 2. Noon; June 2*
CARPATHIA... {^^-ir.X.V^S**
SLAVOMA \: XV 3... r0 o" lS
VERNU.N H BROWS, iien'l \m>-nt
21-24 State St.. opposite the Battery.
Steamships of the RED "D" UNE —><•
sail from net 11, near Wall 5 Ferry
Broob! a. for San Juan direct as fallows- "
■ | ' RATA9 Sat.. April 27. noon
S. a ••liILADELPHIA..Sat.. May 11. noon.
ma freight or paasagM apply to>
(i«r.eral Managers. Hi Wall St. '
7>EL> 'I>- LINE
For La <;nay-a. Puerto '"abelir>. i >jr%
coa and Maracatbn. via Curacao, oaillaar
also at San Juan. P. R.:
S. S. CARACAS Sat.. April 27 neon
S. S. PHILADELPHIA.. Sat.. May 11. noes
For Ls Guayra. Curacao. MaracatbA.
S. > MARACAIBO Sat . April 20 noea
S. S. ZLLIA -»t May 4; nooa
These steamers have superior accommo*
<!atlon for passengers.
General Manager^. $2 Wall St.
Saltings Wednesday as per sailing- In*
Potsdam April 17; May 32: JuaT'as
New Amsterdam(Bew).Apr. 24; May 29- ]y %
Ptatendara May 1; June 5: j,,i .f,. f ,
Koordaaa May 8: June 13: July 17
Ryno*m ■ • .. May 19; June. ]»; j U ) v ji
Freight & Passenger Agency. 38 B*way. N.Y
OLID |oMßG§||!H re ySiE.
rev Old Point Comfort. Norfolk. Poet*.
mouth. Pinners Point, and Newport News.
Vs. connecting for Petersburg. Richmond.
Virginia Keach. WasMngton. D. c. and exw
tire South and West.
Freight and passenger stesmsrs sail from
Pier 28. N. R . foot of Beach 81. ever?
week day at 3 P. M.
W. L. WOOUPow. Trafflc Manager.
North. Cape. Round World, Japan, etc.
FRANK C. CI..VRK. 06 Broadway.
£E3©[Hl©o3 (Loli3EE a
niiAtnmf via LONrX>NDRRRY.
Caledonia. Apr 20. noon | Columbia. May 4. n00n
Ethiopia. Apr. 27. »pra!»"urnes»la.May 11. Sana
Cabin -«.'«>. M iiwn »3i, :U Class *ST.Si>
and wards, according to accommodation &
steamship. For terms and information apply
Tickets to Texas. Colorado. Mexico; New
Mexico. Arizona. California. O»orsjta. Flor-
Ida Alabama, etc. ALL OCEAN ROITB
TO MIAMI. I'ALM REACH. Vim., etc. ivia
Key \Vest>. Our booklet "Pocket Guide"
free. H. H. RAYMOND, Gen. M«r .. SO
South St.. N. T.
m J A VELOCE"— Italian Lines.
Salllac from Pis- •*. North Ktr«r.
ft. of S4th St.. (or Naples and Oesjsa.
Bolognasl. Hart fie Id X Co.. » Walt St.
»> this season. $IS«» to % 1.103.
Programs. THOS COOK & SON. JO «nd
»2flft Bway. t54» Madison At*. ?J. V-
EUROPE.— Mans Tour, only $17%
\r.ply at once. Other tours. *20A and ujk
Sty. L. Q- TEiITXJ:. VTawrtona. Vats,

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