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ihes JA^^3 ai>dams.
Who spoke at Peace Congress.
Six Thousand Boys and Girls Have
Day of Pure Delight.
People rifling on the subway or In the surface
cars in the direction of Madison avenue and £Sth
street earZy yesterday tifternqon found them
eelres engulfed In Bwartr.s of children. These were
; rows upon rows of little boys and long lines of
little girls, all Fhepherded by anxlou'3 puarcMans. .all
' Joyously happy and vociferously reminding each
: other that tStli street was where they got off. Am
bulances, automobiles and carriages were on their
! way to the came point, with loads of children too
little or perhaps too crippled to i..- trusted to the
cars. For it was Oryfaans* Day nt •!■ circus, the
day when Hafiison Square Garden is plven over to
the fatherless • an \ motherless who live in N< W
York's institutions, and all the members of
I Barnum & Bailey's b!g tronp, from the trained
j peals to the acrobats, perform for the orphans and
' for them alone.
Everybody had a. Fmile for them on the way
.there and a pair of arms at the service of the
'helpless ones. The subway guards for once forj^ot
ito say "Step lively!" At the Garden uniformed
| attendants were (raiting to help tho teachers and
'nurses who came with the children, and the streams
of boys and ?!rls. more than 0,000 of them all told.
;vere got through the big doors with remarkably
little confusion.
Those who arrived early bad time to see the fat
woman and the sword BWaUower and -all tho rest
of the freaks in the anteroom, but the real moment
cf excitement for each child came when they
reached the bis Faulted Inclosure where th© three
rings lay, one. beyond tho other. Once in there.
'vlth the fascinating smell of sawdust in their
•little noses, the children became exceedingly
Bolema, as children always are wh«-n they have
reached the Very eve of a treat they have looktd
forward to for weeks. The grown people who saw
them tclt a trifle grave, too, but for another rea
eon. Tiiere were so many varieties of deformity in
that audience of yesterday. Or.o little chap was
carried In strapped on a board, which the nursa
who was with him propped u;> in a seat. There
Were children with their heads in Fteel rests, :«nd
children who hopped along <>n liul<- crutches, and
many who bad to be carried. But one and all
they were eating ireanuts, for every child had re
ceived a bag at the door.
Th<- lirst round of applause was won by a bI;T
Jolicoinan, who executed an impromptu tumble on
the ring lie wixf. crossing, ju.~t before the per
formance, begun.
"Look at Barn urn's new down!" yelled one
email orphan, and the i.th<-rs laughed Joyously as
the "tup" pot u;> ;-:;<! <ju.*--t--.i bis UoustT.s. They
were still further entertained when he bumped
bis nose on a door which was slammed in his
face by a email mal* factor be was chasing. Hut
they grew solemn again, with th<- big-eyed solem
nity of mingl« U awe enjuyment, when the real
circus bes&n. and th*- gorgeous "pageant of the
nations** began to circk before then around the
The solemnity began to disappear, and there -was
a vasi clapping of small hands when the "high
vaulierh" dashed » and '--K.»n to jump over ". I<
phants. camels and other obstacles." One athMt-.
who <:!app«*d his feet together up in the air,
aroused special enthusiasm.
"He's winking with his fectl" gasped or.c fmall
But it w.is the riding that went to the hearts of
the children— that and the tricks f>f the performing
animals. The young military elephant -Who, wh«-n
the cannon was shot at him, limped to the front
wjth a white flag in bis trunk, won th«-ir regard
completely. So did the young elephants that
darned in a ring, "holding hands, " as one wee
orphan girl said— that is, each one oi,- )S -,irig its
neighbor's tail in its trunk. The beautiful dancing
liort'-s and the X'erfonning d"gs, as well as the
jnonk'-ys that went riding "dogback,** so to >111 1 • • :k .
set Uie children off into gales of delight. -<J «ig
files. Hut as for tho trained seals, and especially
tli^ pretematnrmUy wise one that rode horseback,
the children wondered nt them, but didn't love
thorn as they did the. dogs. Seals were almost too
Itr from their ken.
Faster and livelier grew the music and the fun.
Sometimes almost t«>o many things weTH happen-
Ing at once. "Clap, Bamray. dap-!**, whispered a
Jiurse to a little lad from Gouvemeur Hospital.
who was trying to ; ike in, with '<!>•■ small pair of
eyes, the sight of a clown washing a property
ljaby on «m«.- side of the arena, and the feats of a
«2oar little trick terrier, on the other, und the
Japanese jukkli rs, • th*> animated statues, and the
t'sht-ro;i« performers, who filled the three rings.
"There's ho many things goln'!" gasped the
Child. "Wr.ieh'i: 1 clap?"
When the breakneck races around the track be
jjan—ltomi-n chariots drawn by horses that looked
es If they Were goinj; to dash straight into the
fceats, but never did— that s.ime b'>y burst Into
tears of fiuro oxcitemont. But only for a moment;
and it Is safe to say that those ■ ■•• the only
tears slu-d by the orphans yesterday afternoon.
Ki::tv-eiglu different institutions and societies
r-acl>. contributed their <iuo:a of orphans to the
eu<iionee. 1-Yom the Darraeh Homo for Crippled
Children came twenty-five UttJe ones, who fi!ie<;
four N)X">s. The School for Infective Children sent
Mvvnteen. but the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian
Society and the Ho.'.rew Orphan Asylum capped
tho climax I': point of numbers witli rive hundred
Children ai4ere. +
rappled with the
j woodwork.
I a the
Ijr ap
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f■ _ 1
m, Besl Selection of Choice Furs in Smartest Styles.
Five Thousand Boys and Girls Vote
to Form Peace League.
The* young people's peace meeting at Carnegie
Hall yesterday afternoon was an occasion which
•will long be remembered by the flvo thousand chil
dren of the public and private schools of tho city
who attended it. The assembly did not break up
until 7 o'clock, and in the threo hours that the
children spent In the hall they made history at
a preat rate. First they voted to establish a
Peace Leapuo of Children and to Invite the chil
dren of other nations to establish similar leagues,
Tiion, at the suggestion of Baron d'Estournellea
de Constant, they sent a message to the ch^dren
of President Roosevelt as an expression of appre
ciation of the latter's services to peace. Finally they
listened to an appeal from \V. T. Stoad. who came
to thorn as a last resort to ask for help In or
ganlzing- a peace pilgrimage, which shall go from
capital to capital until It readies The Hague, In
time for the peace conference there. Mr. Stead
talked far beyond his time limit In outlining this
plan to the young people, and when the chair, I>r.
\Vm. 11. Maxwell, city Superintendent of schools,
called his attention to thia fact, he only said,
"I'm coins en."
A little later the chair again called time, and
Mr. Httad appealed to the bouse. "I want to finish,
what I am baying," he said, "but, if you Insist. I'll
obey the ch.iir."
M Ko, no!" cried the children, ami Mr. Stead went
on till he had finished, outlining the plan which
be has already t;ivcn publicity to.
"I've talked to eminent men In Euro] and
America, about it," ho said, "and they all ay it's
thoroughly practical, splendid, magnificent, but—
oil, that damnable word 'but'! But me no tuts.
und lot us £ct to action.
"They tell me that you couldn't pet the r»Kht
kind of people t-. go on fcuch a pilgrimage. They
are tcx» comfortable to «o, though they have plenty
of time to no tt» Europe when they want to. It
seems to me that faith has all but died out among 1
Americans, and instead of hearts they have nothing
but dUlars. They realize all that worst in human
nature. They have no interest but to add to th<>lr
piles. Hut these ire not the true Americans. The
true American Is befoi me, and to you I make my
appeal. 1 summon you to a crus-ide as holy us
that of Peter the If. ••'.lit. I want you to choose
twelve of your b<.-s>t men and women, and let them
>.'o Bret ♦» Washington. I- know enough of Presi
dent Roosevelt and Secretary Root to know how
they will lv re?fiv«d there. From there let them
so io London, where they will be Joined by twelve
of the twst men and women of that country and
presented to the sovereign, whose heart la sound
and pood. Thus they will po throng!) tho capitals
of Europe till the nations are aroused and x me
tiiinir will be dene. And I want you children not
only to lc;sd the crusade, but to pay for it- It will
cost fWO.fn.A"
Whm Mr. Stead had taken his Feot Pr. Mnxwoii
rnirrsised, on W-half of tho children, that when the
time for action came they would •« ready.
Baron rfc Constant made the hit of the after
noon with tho youthful audience. His message
tvas. Learn to speak foreign languages as a moans
of preventing mlrun<l«.Tstandlnßs« with foreigners,
and he le<i up to It by beginning to talk French.
Suddenly h" grouped: 'Est-ee qua vous ne com
prenez j>as?" he asked, as if surprised. Tho children
answ«-r<-d "Out," but when lie Iced If he should
continue in "Francals*' or "Anglais*. 1 they showed a
decided preference for "Anglais." The baron de
cide.l to speak "Angi*lK." and continued:
"What would wo do if I couldn't speak English?
With all mv good feelinps fur you and all your
pond feelings lor me and all our enthusiasm for
peace, there mißnt he an enormous misunderstand
ing. Some ono micht say to you, 'Baron <l» on
stant speaks in French v. ■! had thing's Of us"
That might b» the beginning of a war. Ton are
laughing, but that Is the way wars begin. People
don't understand each other.';
Another advantage Of his knowing English Baron
do Constant found li tho power it gars him to
know the children of the country In general and
th<> children <>f president Roosevelt In particular.
"He asked mo to conio. and see his children In
the nursery,** Baron de Constant said, "and I
found ih'-m as Kood and nice as my own children
ns good as the «nod children In the good country.
They played me triiks on me. I >n.> gave n»-
Hweets in an empty box, jind another put a guinea
pitf in my pocket. They v. re exactly like my chil
dren. It made a deep Impression on mo. I knew
n!i tho prer.t service your President had don» for
this country und the world, but one thing I did
not know. I had not Been Jilm surrounded by his
family. Now, I know the man. and I toll you he
is fine if the brut men that ever lived."
S<-fiorita Caroline Huldebro told about the Christ
of the Andes-rthe statue cant out of molten cannon
and ?»i upon the hitflitst accessible peak of the
Andes to h.ar witness to the treaty of perpetual
peace ■!.:■..■•. Argentina and Chili. Dr. Nathan C.
Prha<ff< r. State Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion for Pennsylvania, made a plea for the teach
in* of peace ideals, and Professor Henry Turner
Dalley. silent of the Massachusetts State Board of
Education for the Promote of Industrial Draw
ing, told how the path of military heroes had been
marked by the destruction of priceless works of
nrt. <'hiirles Bprague Smith. Rabbi Stephen S.
\YiR<- and I Jr. James J. Walsh also made ad
«lress»-s. On tho platform was a chorus of threw
hundred hoys and girls, who sang songs of peace
under the direction of Dr. Frank R. Rex.
Earnest Speeches bj/ Prominent
Delegates from Several States.
a great <i«-al of th.' responsibility for war was
upoaj the shoulilerß of women at the women's
i nt the Peace <"onKr<»ss Ht Carnegie Hall
yesterday morning
•'In tlt'-lr relation to war," sanl Mrs. Kllen 1L
Henrotin, "■romen have accepted ih«> rol<> of abet
: r. During thf Civil War th<' women on
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f upon the Liebip Company's B
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Public Notices.
i> Ninth Judicial District.
Section Number 1.
Pub.lc notice is hereby given that It Is the Intention of
the Corporation Counsel of the City of New York to maks
application to the Supreme Court of the State of New
York for the appointment of Commissioners of Appraisal
under Chapter 724 of the Laws of 1906 us amended. Such
application will lie made at a Special Term of the Su
preme Court to be held In and for the Ninth Judicial
District, at the Court House In tha Village of Whit*
Plain*. Weatches'ter County. N. V.. on Saturday, May
«th. 1907. at 10 o'clock *n the forenoon of thai day or n»
soon thereafter as Cau.ru' ?l can be heard. The rt,j.-ct of
such application Is t*g"M>ta!n an order of the Court ap
pointing three disinterested nn,l competent free,,.;,;.-.
cne cf whom shall reside In the. County of New York mid
at least one of whom nhall reside in the County where
the real estate hereinafter described la situated, to a", ns
commissioners of appraisal under said act and discharge
all the duties conferred by the said lnw and the acts
amendatory thereof upon »':• rrmmlpslcnrn of ap
praJaal, for the purpose of providing an additional supply
of pure »rd wholesome water 11 - th-» City of New Y.>rk.
The real estate sought to d» taken or alTected !• fltu
•ted In the City of Yonker*. In the County of Westche»ter
and Btate of New York.
The following i* a brief dfscrlrtl.m of the, real estate
sought to tie taken, a reference to the date an! place cf
fll! nit of the map:
All those, certain pieces r>r parcel! of r«--<l *>!«'-tte. •'•:
ated In the City of Yonkers. County of \Ve=t<-heM*r nnl
Etate of New York, shown on 1 map entitled "Southern
Aqueduct Pepartment Section No. I. Konrd of Water
Supply of The City if New York. Map of rr.-i! esta-..
situated In the city of Tonkers, County of Westrhea:or
and State of New York, to he; acquired lv The City of
Nenv Tork under the provisions of Chapter 734 of th»»
liaws of 190fi. as amended, for the construction nf 111'!
View Reservoir, and ai>i>urt«-nan.-es. north of McLean
Avenue between Central Park Avenue and Rtmba ' *. ■•■
rue." which map was fil-d In the orßce of the Rerlater
cf the County of Westche*!*., at White Plains, on ths
l«th day of February. 1907. and is U;i:n.!ed and de
•crl!*l ns follows:
Beginning at the fotithweat corner of parcel No. 1. Jn
the easterly llns of Central Park Avenue., and running
thence alons the westerly line if said parcel and th»
easterly line of Bald Avenue N. 40 decree* 21 minute* X
238.1 feet to the southwest corner of rarce! No. 2 ami
the westerly ilne of Jerome Avenue: thence alone th-i
westerly line if paid parcel N. An decrees 27 minute* X
10 feet: thence on a curve c-f 10i>r. feet radius to th» left
87 feet to the easterly line of Jerome Avenie and tha
most -re»f«rly point < f r"> r{ "' Nc 3: " <r - » itlll continu
ing along th* easterly fin* of Central Park Avenu* and
the sresterly lines of parcels No* 3 and '. on a curv-t of
100 ft feet radius to the left 3C43 C 4 feet, and N Ifl decree* 81
minutes R. rt 4T feet to the n'lrthw^st corner of parcel No.
B: theme* along the nrrtherly line «.f said parcel - i\
degrees 41 minute* F. IMI 7 feet. K. •■ rtccrf- 10 min
utes E. 2*i feet «nd 9 41 decree, »1 mini K. 178 f.»t
to th« northeast corner of ••.•.! thence aloni; th«»
easterly Hie of »anif! S. 48 decree. It minute* W. JOO fe-t
to the northwest corner of parcel No, S; thenc»» along the
northerly line of said rarcel H 41 degrees 41 mlnti!->t V..
9». feet to a point In th» westerly line of tiarrel No 34;
thence a|i :•>■ tha s*M westrrlv lino N. 4*i d>'»rr'-e< 19 min
utes E. 27* feet to th* eenrrs of IMrhm'ml Avenue;
thtn^e nlong the aam* anil th" i>onth lln« of pnrcfl No.
K4 N. 44 de-rreea 41 minutes w. 0 S feei 10 th« n<-i«orly
line or said parrel No M thence nlnnir the «un» Rn<l th»
wesierl line of farce, No. f.rt. N. 4.1 d"Krv»s l't in!nu>i
X 313 7 '.■•'!••■ nrrthnrjt comer of jjircel No. r.U
and th* southerly lln» of Cr.utant Avenue; thenr» alir.g
the mutherly line of sail Avenue an.l the rirther'v lines
•f par. • Nos CI. 54. 65. P4 and .'2. S 44 aegrees 41
minutes r 12to f<»t to th« sotith«-e«t rorner of th» t.»
fore mentioned O utnnt Avenue anl Klmbnlt renu*:
ther.co nlorir the westerly lint ■•' Klmt>d:i Aver.v- iird
wester.^ l: ■■••• if parrels Not 13 « «S. -"ft 22 nnd 4.
crossing Richmond 1 - i 1 War* Arenues th« following
Cfurge* and dlstnnres P. 4S d«-^rees If» minutes W 124 2
feet B. S* degrees 2S minutes \V. l?-4t» fe«t. H. 22 <!-•
sjeajsa .'»» mlnut>-> W '■.'■• = ?• degreea ?*( n.lm>n>4
W 122S f«et. -■ 42 decrees ;•■ rnlmites W HOB feet. 3.
24 decrees 12 minutes W i¥> 1 feel. P CO ■-,-'-.» 44
minutes V.' 400 •! feet. B 17 <*-Kre#s ri» mlnut»> W Hsu I
feet and I IS d«-cr»e» 33 minutes w. l.tps feet to th«
Southesj't corner of r ir r el No 4. th- j rt'*-# it! rr thf» P'juth
erly lln* of Mii p-»rce! thn fallowing r. \ir»«-s and isi»
tancee: N. 71 degree. 27 mlnti!*. V.V *f.'t tr*t N. ril d«
-frees ««« ■arnut«*J *5. M 4 fert and 5. "''• flegr*** 41 n-.ln
ate* W MM 2 feet In the iviu'henit c.-rner Of rsree] No 3:
thence sjotur th» aaotheT!*" i!n» of aald parcel B f» ( >
are-s 4! n;tn':Jes W. Gs.<l feet tn thf »r.ut»-.iS"t c.irnir <f
parcel No 2 in the easterly line of Jerome Av«-ni!»;
t»,en c croninc th« said Aveuce. nnd mr.r.lnit a'or.g th*
southerly I!r>'» <t sal-1 parcel No 2 an 1 jar. e| N«>. i_ N.
4» degrees S3 minutes W. 407.9 feet to the point or p!ar«
->f b»clnnlng.
The fee 1* to t>« «rf;.:lre^ lv The Cl;t rf New Tork In
a" the res.l e»*«t« -m-rels '- • «. 1 to M Inclusive, con
tained in th» abova description.
Reference Is hereby made :.i the mid m-ip. f!le<l as
aforei-aii. In th* offlc-* of the V.--;lster of tne bounty of
Westcheeter for a nv.re detailed description of to* real
estate to 1,, taken In fee. a« IM*I dvs rl*>ed.
Dated March 11th. U-07
Corporation CuuoseL
Offlce and P--st O*Tte# Address:
}< 1' rf Iterords.
Comer of <~Y*n<\*r+ nnd 'Vntre Ftrerts.
Bcrongh r.f Msnhsttan.
N-w Torh Otv.
both plrlos, In^t^nil of to.«trnln!r.p. urg«*il on the
men; In th« Auatrlnn-l'ru^slan and Krrinro-Prusslnn
wars th« same phenomenon was observed — as It
■was also In the Bout) African anil rtusstan-Jap
anfff want— [.li. slightly li«s In the Bpanlah-
American War "
Mis* .i.iii.- Addama attributed the absence <>f glory
and glamour In tho arts •>( peace to the f;i«-t that
thpy wire developed by women working in Isola
tion, while in- were <irlvr:i tnti> comradeship as
they developed the arts of war. It rents with
women now, she thinks, to put .«<>m<- poetry an<l
iome flavor of h-rolsm— somt'thlnir of tin- sumo si%n
tlni'-nt that Inheres In th>- beat of a <lnnn-it>t<» tlii>
arts <■( aM
•*W« nrr* suffering." she raid, "from a feel an'l
unsoctallsed Imagination. I" has been saM that if
a war Were even to shatter all the china In the
china closet of every woman In England, war
would cfaHo. and we may safely pay that if women
realised as keenly as th<>y would the smashing of
their china that n war was j-nlriu to result In the
killing of little children, war would c*a c."
Mrs. Mary E. Woolli president of Mount Hol
yoke College, also emphasized the part that Imagina
tion plays In the provocation of war and miii
tarism, and condemned on this ground the pro
posed naval and military display at the Jamestown
"Because of the Strength of its peal to the
Imagination," *ti" Bald, "such a display is capable
of accomplishing; great harm. Imitation entei into
the very fastnesses of character, and the Meals
held before the child determine to a great extont
what the. man will be. if we really wish to develop
the spirit of mercy rather than that of cruelty, to
exalt reason rather than violence, why not depict
tlm enticing splendors of peace Instead of the en
ticing splendors of war?"
Miss woolley also called attention to the prac
tical side of the movement. in which she found the
principles that govern all just and pure living
"How," she asked, "can we preach Justice to tho
nations when dealing unjustly with the representa
tives of those same nations In the tenement dis
tricts of our own city, or strive for world unity
when busy In erecting barriers between classes?
Oppression of a weaker nation, the crushing out of
Its Individuality, is not unlike the Industrial op
pression which for the sake of gain would force
little children Into the slavery of the cotton mills
and men and women Into labor which makes of
life a mere warfare for existence. Upon the worn
anhood of America rests the obligation of working
In a practical way for the principles for which the
peace movement .-tan. ls. for the rights of th- weak
whether they be little children In the factory or
defenceless people across the seas: for the rights of
the Individual, whether he be an Armenian In Tur
key or a Chinaman or negro in America."
Mrs. Frederick Nathan, president of the Con
sumorH 1 League, made a plea for the woman who
wanted garments free from the taint of cruelty
and who found the boundary of her Investigation* '
$FsffiifiSi£?%g2i% wllh th * »<-a!^r O f
In the face of the Intricate system of Internn
'.'T W "^ <h tre: »"«-"» have already l,i>on made •• s i lo
ahoiishmij among other things nleht work for
women. Would that our country Bad s«ed i
been made another European treaty has recently
been made forbidding the use of white or veilow
phosphorus In match making. The fumes of this
phosphorus are especially dangerous to the working
"!:;". l i 1 ". .TS men . c - inp!oyi -*' 1 in the nLnufactSre of
VA l«rhH ft varl . governments had long wished
to forbid its use. but were met by the manufactur
ers cry that their competitors in other lands used
It and would undersell them. So mutches Intended
to enlighten the world were made In the darkness
or cruelty and Inhumanity. Now. at last, seven
nations have combined, and It seems we arc to have
truly enlightened matches."
Mrs. I»ucia Ames Mead gave a history of the
peace movement, and William Archer, dramatic
critic of "The London Tribune," suggested a "flag
of peace" for the "United States of Europe." The
experience of the United States has to his mind
proved such a union practical.
"You have here," Mr. Archer said, "greater dis
tances than those which -separate the remotest
corners of Europe. You have all sorts of physical
and climatic differences, begetting differences
•C tam^eraraaß^ of manners, •of material in-
I*ttb!lc Notice. Is hereby given that It Is the lntcntloa
tt the Corporation Counsel of the City of New York to
make application to the Supreme Court cf the State of
New York for the appointment of Commissioners of Ap
praisal under Chapter 724 "i the Laws or 1909 as
amended. Such application will be made at a Special
Terra of th» Supreme Court to b« held In and for th*
Third Judicial District at the Court House In the City
cf Kingston, Oliter County. N. V . en April 20th. 1007.
at 10 o'clock In the forenoon of that day or as soon
thereafter as counsel can be heard. Th« object of such
application Is to obtain an order of the Court appoint
ing three disinterested and competent freeholders, on*
of whom shall reside in the County of New Yum. an*
at hast one of whom shall reside in the County where
the real estate hereinafter d^zcr'bei] Is situated, to act
aa commissioners of appraisal under said act and dl • —
charge ill the duties conferred by the old law and th*
acts amendatory thereof un<jn such commissioners bf
appraisal for th« purpose >f providing an additional
supply of pur« and wholesome water for the city of
New York. -
The real estate to be acquired herein Is situated In th*
Town of Olive .md la to be acquired In fee for the pur
pose of furnishing an additional supply of purs aad
wholesome »ate_- to i.i» City of New York.
The following Is a statement of the boundaries of th*
lands to be acquired herein with a inference to the date
and place of ni'.njr of the map. I
All the parcels here'n a«scrlbed «re to be acquire! la
fee and ar« cclor^l pink uu th» man faertlnafter re
l»rr«»d to
All the*" certain pieces or parrels of real estat?. slt
««ted In the Town of Qllve. County of V lnter, and Stat»
of New York, shown on a certain map entitled "Reser
voir Department. Section No. l Board or Water lup-
Uly of The City of New York. Map of real estate, sit- I
tiated in the. Town of Olive. County of L'lst-r. and State
•f New York, to be acquired by Th» City of New York
under th* provisions of Chapter 724 of th-> Laws of 1003,
as amended, for the construction . f Ashokan Reservoir,
and appurtenaaices. In the vicinity i Olive Bridie,"
which n.:iT> was Bled In the omeo of th» County Clerk at
the County of Ulster. at Kingston. Hn Y<.rk. on the
But day of January. 1U07: ana is bcurded and described
as follows:
Beginning at a pntru in th« Fouth property line of th*
Ulster & Delaware R«:lro«.l Company, übout 370 feet
south of a road leading from Olive r.rli(?e to Fhokan.
and running thence along the sal, railroad line the fol
lowing course* and distances: 8. *•' 3U' El 949 feet.
B. 10- M W. 3RR feet. B. 70* US' E. 2T« ft feet. N. »*
Bl* K. 873 feet and S. 73* 39' H. 012 4 feet to the north
fast corner of pare*) No. 41 t:>. nee along th» east line of
•aid parcel S. I.V SO' E. 402. » feet to the southeast
corner of said parcel ; thence ul^iir the auv th line of
sum* ■. 78' 02' W. 758.9 feet to a point In the east lln*
of parcel No. 40; thence along the «arr.e S. »* 81' W.
fJOJ feet to the north linn of parcel No. 31; thenc«
a lor. a -ho sauna th« fol!.jwln« courses and distance*:
N. ft* 4'i' Ti. 834. 3 feet. 9. 42 1 YE. .152 1 feet to th*
e<ntr# cf Cocns Road. leading from Olive Bridge to
Browns Station: thence alont; the name, and still con
tinuing alon* th« north line of parcel No. 31. N. 62* If
K. 418.1 feet K. 73" 41' E. 101.2 feet to the lu-r'hrast corner
of :ald parcel; tltcnc* along the eaat line of Fold parcel
8. 8' 63' W. 232.7 feet and 8. 1' 14' W. 7<W.7 feet to th*
fouthens: corner o? »a: l pirtel No. 31: thenre along th*
couth line or Bald pa:c#! St. 67* 3J»* W. 40.8 feet to th*
r >r:he«st corn.T of parcel No. 30; thence along the east
line uf said parcel the following courses and distance*:
P. 8' 47' V.'. ::"." feet S <« • •_: r Si feet. S 2* "V
W. "Sl» 3 feet and a 2* 01" W. 033. 1 feet to the north
east corner of parcel >; •.. "1: thcnc* i! :.<: .< the east !ln*
of said paicel S. 15* 40' ".V. 41H.2 feet to the northeast
correr of psj .: No. ."<»: thence aJong tho eaat line of said
parcel H. 15* Sir W. 27t>.« fe*t to the northeast corner
of parcel No. S3 on the north Bhrr.> line c* Riopus Creek:
|b*nc« b:ouk the mat lines of parcels Noa 33 and 83.
6. 80* U' W. 12*. «• feet to th* south »hort» line of Esnpua
«*re»k. thence along the ran. > s 70* '*l' X 252 4 feet.
6. fS" 1«' K. 1409 feet and S. TV 04" B Jll feet to the
northeast corner of parcel No !.'»; th"nee along the east
li ..- of aald parrel th» followlr.e courses and distances:
6. 16* 44' W. 227.8 fe*t. N. 00* 30' W. 20 1 feet, 8 30"
40- W. 68-2 (ft. S. 14* 34- W. 124.1 fee: 8 "V CV
W. 118 8 feet, 9. 3' 34 W. 214 feet 8. 6' *!' W.
40.3 1..t. 8 31* 31' W. :»7 4 last nnl >) 41* 47" H.
667 feet to the r utheaal ccrr.er of said i irc»l No. 20;
thence aloas the south line of said pare*] a. fT* 44'
W. I2*V« '••' to th.- east lln- of parcel No 19; thenc*
il.ir.g the ban.c and th« centro 't th* Tongorsj Road 8.
t»' 12' i' **'■'■> feet; thence along the east and soutn
lines of cald i arc. I No. l'.i tiie f^ll'iwlni; courses an I
distances: N. SO 1 fS' W, feet. 8. •.■ BS- W 257 1
teet. S. W ll' K. 132 feet P. £*• 2S W. >„•, feet S.
».. II- W. MS : feet. H. 41* SB' %•/ 151 » feet S B4" -»r
W. 101 B feet. B. M' R.V W. IS3 fen and S. "58- 4(V W.
ITiS.a feet to the «'utheu*t corner or par. No. 18: thene*
along the sotltll line of ml I pare I i *»■ 07' \V 141 feet
to the southeast ccrnei .f parcel No. 17; thence along the
south Unts cf parcels Nts. 17. 14 and (I. s 71* 08 - SO- W
f.»-4 f-et; th... itlll contlnulnt aloes th» south line
of parcel No. t». and running ;iloric th» south line of
;HX.e! No .>. 8. 71" 4O" W. 1.4.-: 9 »-et to the molt
southerly point of parcel No. 4; thei«c» *'or\ic th« west
erly Ur.* of laid par. el N 03* '.t .V. EO.l feet in th*
centra of a r.i! leading from Krumvlll. to Olive Bridge:
thence nlo.:s the ■ km* an.l the *'«t line of nald parcel
No. 4 the lollowlmt courses and dlstiaces: ft 1* & W.
fOS {•'■ N. In' *:.■ W. «2.» fe*«. N 22* 07' W 184.S
feet. N 20* 67' W. 27 »B feet. T.-.i .V. Sl* no/ W. 21"t
feet to a point In the southerly '!r..> of parcel No I;
-.hence al-: the sam« an.l th-> eentr» of eal.i roe,j N.
«4* 8»- W. 212 2 feet, N. .-" SS' \V. 227 1 feet NTIeT
ilS' W. 24U 3 feet to the southeast nil nsi of rarcel No.
2 then * «1. ix the southerly tin* c' said parcel an.l
the centre cf the before mentioned road. N. 6.* i.". W.
r?l (Mt to th« mest westerly point ,f parcel No. 2;
thence still ccntlnulnc a!on»; tho centre „t MM road ant
runiilu* n'.ont the southerly !lr.» i-f pjirce! No. S. N 60*
00' W. 118 2 feet t.i th« most ecsterly point of parcel
Mo I; thence ulon» l! '-* *a*terl> line 1! said parcel S.
84' IS' W. 1 -'" • '■ • ' to the »outhwuit crrner of said!
parcel No. 1; trc-nce ul ing th« south line of said pare*"
> 12- 33' W. 4W » l**t li: -' ! ■ 74' io' W. SII '.- t to
the southwest ccrr.er of said PKrerlj thence „: na th«»
wejt line of «riii><» N. I.T !«• W. |.10«. a net. N. 48* Bl"
1: 4^3 ■• feet and N. 44' i»v "*'. S«H.S feet; thence S.
70* SS' X 80-8 feet to tha foit 1 -* ccrner of parcel
No .1. thetire along th* west [In- of sail p^r.-el N 20' 80*
E. 751 3 f»et. M* M' E. 4<".'. 4 feet .ml N. 48' 21*
X tMV 3 feet to a point In th« w.-at lino of parcel No.
7- tt^n--» nlunK the H'»terlv and cortherlv lines of sail
rsrtel N •:* '.'- B 272.1 feet. N. 72' '7 V. Rosa feet
and 8 .•:• 43' - B. I feot to th> -•-; Itne of parrel
No 11 . : ««tnjf a ro»d leadlna> *r-:n rirumvlUa to Ol!«a
|.rl<1« •• thrnrn along th« westerly Srid northerly lln»»
1 f told parcel No. 11 t!'e for. >wlng course* crsd -tan ■ea-
V «... "j..- ( -^ «r,«N f^«t. N. BW* >H' \V. 32 feet n 11*
UK lU3-0 feet, N. »* Si/ E. 21 8 feet. N. »V ir B.
«:»« Uk\ N A*' IV B. 47 3 fe«t. N. M 03 B 144 7 feet
and B 77" 47' V. 10*.« feet to the centre o« Fountain
Kill; then-- along tbo ratne and still continuing al..n«
th« r.otthrrly snd westerly Itnea of tercel No. 11 N.
t-v* HT X 1i.13 f«<t. N ••4' fir n. H> feet. N. «• M - n
lo,'» feet. N •1* IS X •* teet : ; thence N 21- is- W.
I*j fe.t to the rer.tr* cf E-smsonvllle Rottd: th-nce along
the same S. IV «» /;, 74 ; '**• an! N. r.T on- c.
lie.6 fe^f thence V S*' 2« U. ;/-;•: then.-- N
tl- or k His '.-*t. n.;w w k 111 2 fee, an! •.
8* 4. ,: 'il'i 1 ' N ' to tb* eentr* of the be- th men-
Uon-J Fainsonvllle Itoad: thence along the centre of s*J<t
road. and still ccr.tlnulng along tli» westerly an a north
erly llre» of pa»»« lJ «■ N s - v »i »7 7 f^et aivl
N. M* M E. 901 ''■"• «" • P oln • in th» northerly line
«.f rarc^l No. 12; then** along th* Westerly «nd northerly
llnr« of »»!d pared. «n4 Still ontlnulnif alrng the centre
of th* titura BienWoned Mirn«onvltl« Hoa.l. .V. B3 l "(I'
fjft. fee 4«- 47' tK . P5 7 15 3 snd N *17« 27- r 4„, ,
'„. :■ <■ ' ■••»!.: N «7" IS- X iwi 4
feet to the cntre ot the Tcmgore v.otA. lend:nit fmm Brod
fc.ai to I>ivvls Ojroera: t>«i:ce alonir iha mm- and th*
fcr.t h»* •<! l^c\ Sa i'm 4S* 31' \S . IST* re* «n.| N.
47* Km- W. 13- >* f««t to the oertnwvat ccrner or p^rr-el
No 27- thence along »h« north line rf sal.* - ir -1 X fid*
14 KJ B*>l.fl f«-et to the went shore in» of fesupns Creek"
th»r..-. alone «h« .»■"« and th.. west tin. of parcel No.
22 N. 2:* C« V.V 130 « fert and N. 37* IT \V 139 2
«ret. tlitnee N. 61* ** MV3 fert t» th» centre of the
before tr.entl-nel lCsop -is Cr m th»nc- -ilor.« .-,» centre
Hie of raid cre-»k t.n.l the west linn nf 1 lr :■) \, •*»
" S7- M W. SI" 1 " '^«. "• 18* X- W. *; 4 fee, anl
Ii! 8* 02' r -■»'-' ftet to tlie nortnwe^t corner of the
lefore inentlon-d p«rc?-l No '-■' thence nloni; th» north
!lr.« of (Old r ireel 9 >■*■ 4«f >■• los 7 feet. N. •• 87' n.
IJH 4 feel »nd N 52" *V X S^ 4 » feet to the mc-it w»t
«r!y p.lnt ..f parcel No. 3i; »*-:nce aling the we-iterl7
and Krtherl* »"<■* T 'ai< ,'•"■; ■■' th e rolkmtng cuurse*
„,rt Ji» t , ,.,.»: V 42" •'■ fi 1*((1 '■*•! N" -!•• rjji- r.
162.6 feet. N. S3* ''">' X «! 1 fe^t N. .-i--' 37'" K. ista
f«. 1 si 1 B. «' Sl' * •*»■« fee' ta the west «l,l» o» -4
roai k:i<!liiK fr'm ')'.|ve Hrldß-. .to Ebokaa; thence 9
82* 8W 1: 223 2 ft»t to ttw suuthwest corner of parcel
No. a": thence along the w^» line ,r -■. I t>«r. «! N «•
23' K. 650.4 feet snl N. 7»* 30 n. 344 1 feet tj the point
ci pUci- of beittnnlnit.
Th« fe* !» i" '•■ « i'r»* 'vTV ■» °ltr I Ne-> York fs
all the teal *»tat> pai-ce|» No». 1 to 41. ia-.usiv» con
tiiir.. 1 In the atxive description.
n»ference Is hereby mad* to ti\« ml) mnp. fli,^ as
aforesaid, In the office of the County Clerk of the County
of I'lster. :<t •' morn detalle,; description of the real
aatite to t« taken I:, fee. as -1.-iv* dricrlheil.
ia cane any proserty aUiv» deaertbed v i.<e,i for any
publics purpose, suiti «-■• ■ 1 itrUwajr, etc.. «uch use shall
continue until rt.e « 'v c: Sew York shall hava legal
right to Ink 1 ' pot»«:»»l.iii of or Chan** the same.
Dated Unroll Ctb. IW/7.
Corporation CauaaeL
Offl'-e .tr.<l PoMt «-""<--• fid'ire.-n Hall of J!-"r.i-<.
Comer •' Cn.nil*rs and Centra s'.s . Ror nf Uanhattas.
N. V City
terests. You h:ivo such :i medley nf races
us tiavn never before N>en ':•■!;,.!••.! In ono
commonwealth, save, perhaps, the- Roman Em
pire. You have, in short, many principles of
disunion, of dissension, of stritv; while you nave
not as in tho Roman Empire aforesaid, as In the
Russian Empire. :is in •i... British Empire <>f Indln,
any i»'t' nt military organization creating :i s"rt
of mechanics] and superimposed unity. What have
you in •.!■"■ of 'Ms external hand which consti
tuted the Pax Romano, and constitutes, so far as
liitii.i in concerned, tho Pax Britanntca? You have
simply the senttme.nl ■■■ devotion to the national
Hag. the sentiment with which Americans regard
their national flag Is a noble and beautiful thing.
nnd full «>f hope, ns I now proceed to suggest, not
for the United States alone, but for tn« whole
With the Stars and Stripes n» a starting point,
Mr Archer suggested for the flaf of peace a star
of «»t:irs under whoso Influence the nations mi>;ht
move forward into .1 now world freed from th«
"pitiful stupidity of war."
Xirs Julia Ward Howe was oxpocf-d to '■ pi*.'s
ent' but was unable to keep her promise. Her
dauchter Mrs. Klorcnce Howe Hall, read a raes
.■■,■'-.• from her t.llinK' how shortly after she wrote
tiii- I'.atti- Hymn of the Republic ?>ho had tried
to „,•/..• a woman's peace conirress, but bad
failed because women had neither time nor money
of thefr own In those days, and could not ntt.-nd
S*xh" Daughters of th« American Revolution sent
ronirritulations and the Daughters of the Con
r.-, !.#■.■ v wera represented on the platform, Sirs.
Anna Garlin Spencer presided, and the seanlon
«.," d with the stnglng of Mendelsohn's "How
tVv.lv' \ro th- Messengers Thai Preach Us the
Gospel of Peace.' 1 by I iv Society Q " a
the Wfdnesdaj Morning Moving Club.
Discussion Over Investing Its Funds
in Railroad Securities.
Washington, April 16.— Them waa considerable
heat displayed In the sessions of ths Continental
Congress of the Daughters of tho American Involu
tion to day, fir?t over a delay In the presentation of
t l ; .. report ol Mrs.. M. E. a Davis, the treasnrsv
general and then over the report Its.-if.
Wli.ii Mrs. McLean, the president general, called
for the treasurer general's, report Mrs. Davis In
forme.l the congress that because of the delay by
the auditing committee she was unable- to get her
report out in time for reading, and that it was still
In the hands of the printers.
Immediately Mrs. McLean arose and, addressing
the treasurer general, said:
"You have no report when it Is called for by the
society? [a It possible that you have not a copy
of It?' 1
e*u $imßis*mm§mmkmwm+ 1 bbovirino no carriage to tub
ci*S <n* \ baTH'Housbs. bbisq directly
£m& \-& THE KAISERriOF -«*«
H. HaberUnd, Proprietor,
Public Notices.
3-KiiiK rireus — Doable Jlcna=rrtt>— Wnmnn Hlppo
dromr—Srniuitlonal Skl-Sallteß— Hip -I Death—AC
robutic No*elloa— Bicycle Twirl« — Riding Seals.
Doors open an hour earlier to afford ptafrona an oppor
tunity to visit the menagerie, and museums.
Admission to everything, including numbered seats. 23c.
and r>Oe. <2<">th and 27th Street entrances only). Re
served seats, 7.V . "tI.OO ami Jl •">•'. Children Half
Price (MaJlson Avenue entrance only). Bo*
seats, $•_' 00 and $2.50. Box office open dally from
•t A M to '.» P. M
No performances In Brooklyn. Jersey City. Newark
or Paterson this year.
STATE IJl'li-ATH'N BUILDING. State of New York.
The Capitol. Albany. April «. l'.«»T The Trustees of Public
BiilMlnKS hereby Invite written proposals for taking down
and removing the buildings and other structures upon the
slta of the new State duration nuildinrt. This Includes
all structures -m th.^ bU>ck bounded, by Washington Ave
nue Hawk. LaFayette and Swan Streets, and also all
the 'structures between the State Heating and Power Sta
lion an.l the Cathedral of All Saints in th- block bounded ;
by LaFayette Hawk. Klk an,'. Swan Streets. Th« buil'l- I
Inn in th.. tattrr block to be removal are designated by
gtreet numbers 33. 3R. 37. 39. 41. 43. 45. 47 and 48 on |
LiiFayette Street, and 38, 4f>. 4S and s"> on Elk Street.
The work may begin on the first day of May and must be
completed en the lirst .lay of August. 1901 All materials
removed will become the property of the contractor, and j
he will be expected to assume ill risks upon the same
from May 1. I9OT. Bidders will be r»o,iiired to deposit a
(•(•rtlried check for live thousand ($5,000) dollars to the
order of the Trustees of Public Buildings, which shall be ■
forfeited to the State In case the bidder la awarded the
contract &r.<l refuses or neglects to enter into a contract ,
with sati-jfajtory sureties to pfrform tb* work according
to his bid. The Trustees reserve the right to reject any [
or all bl :-■ BpecUteatli na may be obtained by addressing I
f, li ll»in.«. .-tate Architect. Albany. X. Y. Propositions
will be addrrssed to th.- undersiened and :.-.:: he received
tiQ to 1- o'clock coon. Wednesday. April 24. 1907.
Secretary to the Trustees of Public Buildings. Executive
I>norosALS for material* etc.
Government Printing Office.
Wash ton, I>. ('.. March 11. 1907.
?eale^ proposals trill »>« received at this office until
10 o'clock a. m.. TUESDAY. APRIL 23, lUO7. for fur- ;
nlslunK material, etc.. for the vis.' of th.- Government i
I'rlitinsr Office during tlie flacal year endlr.e June 30. j
1908 'hn right to reject any and all bids and to ,
waive defects It reserved Detailed sch«»dures of th*
material, ate.; required, accompanied by blank pro
posals, and etvln" the ■•filiations with which bidders
must comply, may be obtained by acJdresMlns this
0 «t; oe CHAS. A. STIUJNOS.
Public Printer.
Government Printing Offlr».
V.'ashlnßtnn. I». >'. .Marrh 11. lt)f>?.
Sf-xlfrt proposal will »><■ received at this r.(T!o<» until
2 o'clock I> m.. MONDAY. APRIL L'L'. 1907. for fur
nishlnc stationery, fuel. le*. hardware, plumbii - and
electric suri' ll *"**- lumber, etc . for th- dm of the Gov- j
ernmt-nt I'rintlnfr Office -lurlnsr the fiscal year ending
Juno 3>> 1!>OH. Th- rishl to reject any and all bids and
to waive defects U reserved. fWallea sehedule-l of th«
."tatloncry. fuel. l<*«>. etc.. required, accompanied by
Ma:ik proposals, and gtvlnir tha reßUlatlor.« with which
MiM«»rs must comply, may hf nhtalned by ad Iresalng
this office. CHAS. A. LUNGS.
Public Printer. :
SEALED PROPOSAL li dupl!oat». will t*> rec-lved at j
th# office of th« Chief Clerk, liopartment rf Com- I
mcrca an.l Uif'f>r. until _■ r- ■».. Monday, April B. 1007. !
un.l thfn ..p«n»<l, for furnishing the rvi^rtnwnt wtth ;
(tatloncry. carp -ts, coppxr plates for «-nsravir.|j an.l r'.pc- j
trotyplng, elet-trtcal suppll* 1 ". fcrage. fuel, furnitur-;.
hardware Ice. l!im!eum. lurnt^r, oils, paints. photoKraphlv: I
•ur-pltea, plmnbteg eujpli's. »t.-.: for rcmeviac s*he« un.l
iubMsh. cUanlnjj and laying eartMtS, w;ishin? towels, ami
th«- yurchas-^ of wasi* pap»r durlnie the tis.al year en<lin^
June :io. H 1 "-"*- Blank! to* rr->l'rsals. vlth ■pactOnUJoDS,
Will b* 1 furnished on application to th<- Cii!<>f rlerk. Ixs
t;irtm»-nt of CeoweWl and I^ihor. Washir.Ktun. l>. C.
culture. < >tt ! .. •■ of th«» Secretary, Washington. D. C.
Mnrrh *». lfl«7. — se.-iM BTopoaaJs will b« received at
thrt offlr*> of the Disbursing i'l>rk until - p. m . Mon
day. April --. IBOT. f'.r furnlshtnn »apr>lles during th* I
fiscal yar «-n.llnc June 3'». \:»>*. a?. f.>l!nws: Station
ary, labcratnry. lumber an.l parkin* boxes, fuel and
lr*. painters', plumbers*, furniture and map frames.
for:iK*", Oiir finals, etc.; brooms, brush*?*, etc.; floiver
pots; cl-snlni: cnr;'»-ts. washing towels, ar.l waste
paper: ele.-trlral suppllea flac<, insrrum^nts. tower-*.
;»;id lan:erns; printlmr and lithographing material.
Full Information furnished en application to tho Pis- |
bursins Clerk. Hkin must be s»ale<l an.l addressed to
the Secretary of AKri<-ultur<-. in aeeenrdaae* with in- |
Btrmtlons given on schrdules. JAMES WILSON', Sec
■! tc

liin.-ous Sups'lfes. —^i'ar Uept .. Washinn'on. D. C.
March. 11. 1!">T. — Sealed proposals, in duplicate, will
l.c received h»r« until 2 p. m . APRIL, S3, IW7. and
then opened, f^>r fnratabtng »rat!on»ry an«l misoelhi
nvoun supplies (brooms, brushes, soaps, towels, etc.)
for War L>ept. Harcuus and Offl«» durlns year ena
lng June :t». lfwis Information furnlsherl on applica
tion. I'ropnsais mun »>• In envelopes btdarsed ••fro
posala f<r Stationary ami "Proposals for Miscellaneous
Buppltea." respectively, uml addresseil M. R. THuKP.
Chivf of Supply Ply.
proposals, in ilut-Urate. wl'l »-c received here until
1U o'clock, noon. May 13. lUu7. f>r bulid!n< materials,
rlumbtnir mat«-rl.jl». tc^s and ste:ii:\ fittings, hardware..
j.alr.t». it!a*3 and other BllseeQaneoua store* siecirJed la
F.h«luie» to W had upon application. The risht is re
*. rved to rejeo: any or all propoaala, ol any p<«rt thereof.
Knclost profi^uls in tnvel <i«»<» marked •I'roposals fur
Military SuppU«s" anil ud.lresstu Quartermaster. West
Point. N. Y. ]
U'EST POINT. N. V.. Ami!. l.\ 1907.— SEAUCD
proposals. In trtv'K-ate. subject to tha usual eomU
tions. for famishing f»rajt« ditrlm; the fiscal ?>-ar ending
June ?*> I9OR, will be rt-celied » ere until V 2 M.. May l.">.
ltH>7; »u< h forane brlns requln-d for one year. Informa
tion rurnishrd upon appUcatUw. I". P. reserves th* rijj^-t
t<. r> t.ct or a seepl any CT all bids or any r.art thereof.
Envelope* c .ntair.lng prr>VKi*.il» shiuM be en.!or?ed "Pto
[,.;aU for Forage." addressed to t}. M . U. S. A.
April 15, I!V">7. —^<-.t>d prop-^als. m triplicate, upon
blank forms furnished r.y this er?i< «. only, will be received
h'-ro until 1 p in.. May IS. IV»'T. for rurntshtni diirtr.*
>ear ending June no. li«H. Smokeless J'uwder. Cloths.
Rope*' and Threads. Forage, St»el and ln>n. Seamlra*
ltrasa nn.j Oppet Tubing. Tin. Zinc. L<ead and Antimony,
Iron Castles. I'nrtrldire Metals. Hard « Plumbing,
flf.im Fitting und Electrical Supplies. Leather anil Belt
ln»t. Lumber. Fuel, Utilitin* and iviishinc Materials.
Clwnifc-als. »>i:s and Prtint*. Paper. StimwbO*rd and Chip
board. To.'!* and Miscellaneous Articles. For information
apply to Colon*] FRANK HBATH, com'<f«.
VIIMY nill.KlX'l. '.vi; ril! M.I. ST.. NEW YORK,
N. Y-. April 15. K«>7. -Seal.-d proposals, in triplicate,
will I* received here until 12 o'clock, noon. May 15.
10OT, f»r the manufacture ..f Siecl.i! Six* t'lotht^R. as re
qnlred bj th*> vir. Mr. iHTt. during the fiscal year ending
Jim.. ;n>. l.">**. ■ «nd blanks for bl.ldln? fur
r.Uh.U upon application. Proposals must b«> signe.i hy
buMer Inclosed In sealed envelope marked "PtopomhU f..r
Special Mzrt Clothlnß*.' and ■ddressed to W. il. MIL.Lj:K
Deputy yr Mr. General, f. t>. a., ivpot ijr Mr.
and Arsenal, 111; March I*. I9"l": Seated propo«al9.
In triplicate. will be received by the underslKne.l until -
o'clock P. M.. Thurs.'.ny. April 1!*. Iyo7. for furntshlr.*
7.t»K> B.id.!!e blank.-ts. R pounds each, nllve drab. Full
speculations, with form <.f Md. can I a had upon applica
tion. S. i: m.t N COtoatt. Otd. [*;■! , L". S. A.. Cora
mand Ins
Mrs. Davis replied with much animation that li^r
report was In the hands of the printer, but that
sho would see to it that it was presented when the
congress met after recess for luncheon. Foil wing
tip Tier statement, Mrs. Davis asked of the presi
dent general why r.o recommendations were made I
on her report last year, saying that It hail been left i
"up In the air."
Mrs. McLean replied: "That *••• ins ti» b* tho
condition of your report this your." This remark
created considerable excitement, and a number of
delegates tried to get recognition, one asking it" it
was not th* tirst time In the history of the con
gress that ii report was not ready on time.
Mrs. McLean soon restored order, and the con
vention resumed its business programme. The
reading of the report of the auditing committee
was postponed ponding the receipt of the treasurer's,
The facts regarding the "financial Investment." of
the society wen- brought OUI at the afternoon sea
sion, when the report of tho treasurer general ap
peared. The question of the investment of th.» so
ciety's funds in railroad bonds has been a bone of :
contention among so mo of the delegates, it being
charged by Mrs. Davis that the investments had
been made In "Insecure speculation." ■ ,
«ir.-at inter, st was manifested. Objection was
raised by one of the delegates to reading the
entire report, and Mrs. McLean upheld the objec
tion. The report showed that the society has a
total of $21,477 bonds. 110.150 in Baltimore & Ohio
and 80i326 In the Union Paelnc.
In her report Mrs. Davis «t!it«3 that she. was not
consulted about the pure •***> of these bonds, and
thai she paid out checks for the Investments on
the recommendation of the finance committee, of
which she is not ;i member, but of which she rec
ommends that she be made a member.
In reference to the depredation In tho price of
the bonds, the report points out that If the bonds
were sold now there would be lost £82, or a net
loss to April 11 of mL Mrs. Davis recommends
that only United States bonds he purchased. Mrs.
Ellen Spencer Muss.;., of this city, mated that
the bonds ha.d been purchased by the finance com
mtttee only after its members had sought the
advice of the most reliable financial <-x;i«ri» in
New York City. The report, was referred to the
proper committee for Its consideration.
Other reports read at to-day's session were those
of Mrs. McLean, as chairman of the national board
of management; Mrs. Charlotte K. Main, th*> vice
president general, in charge of organization of
Chapters; Mrs. Ti-uniH S. liamlln. the chaplain
general; Miss Elisabeth Pierce, the recording sec
retary general; Miss Virginia, Miller, tho corre
sponding secretary general: Mrs. J. S. Jamleson,
the register general:* the auditing committee, the
editor, Mrs. Elvoy M. A very, the business man
ager. Miss Lillian Lockwood, and the magazine
EtnrillE Ev< s . *.SO Mats. To-day ft Sat. Xltk
ETHEL BAenY^OßEFarcr ca^^
b I DLL Jri'ilH STiWP.
LYCEUM th , St * Ewajr Begins B:2a *"
LI VtUm Matinees Thurs. & Sat "15. -
ARNOLD DALY *%&££***;
ft 1 DnTPV TUE.-ITRE. 3^»> St. near BroadwlT
UAlitiitAEvgs *:<». Mats To-day 4 Sat! 2^'
WiVi. COLUEU^^^.^
HUDSON 44th St.. East of B'way. Evgs. a-isT
SIU 3J i> U « Matinee, To-day t Sat "15 U
CRITERION TIIKATRK Closed account of *T*
Money refunded until Sat. night on advance sal. f,'
Frank DtUllels in "The Tattooect Man." ■"•■■»
KM* hKKBIM KSR. Broadway and .-!* th •»♦»—"
Evenings S:ir.. Matinees To-day and Sat ">.i?
MAN t°h f e HOUR
The Boys of Company 6 ;
With FRANK MOILAN and 100 sing-r*.
' "*-»» , j. i <i^^^f^i^ l^^
I" BROADWAY 1 {« T I t[\ &")>?*% 1 J
j Show In I Ii VU \j (ri HELD
ÜBERTY ™- Sir. Maw. To-day and Sat * T
Every Night and Saturday Matinee.
WAI I ACK'S r ' wayani1 2(".h~?r~E7z*. «:3-r
II ALLilVll i Mats To-darASat ••«
"A HIT.-— HEICALD. ■ - *
DALY'S TllE Mi.^^:fe^^.^ ~
UAL I o >•««• ti^.iu.v. twst >^ ; ,,, j,.^^ 1 -
V^ k G&ELE ta Tt HH KEN
Seat«» Now on Sale. OUCII£SXBA.
ACAUtMV OF MfSIC. ~ 14th St. and Irving pi
Klaw -i Erlin-fer-s
week I BS &lv • rt U X
Prices - or. to •<! '•• Mats To-t!-iy A Sat .2 Ev 3 ■ 3har
NKXT georse fa. COHAN JU ..s,y-is£
Ext?. H. '.•.-..• — Jl.uO Dally Marx at 2. 25c— tl
Be-rt Features of WILD WEST
(-•r"-is. Sp-rtiict- and VV IL. U VV fcO I
Pioneer Days JZrJL
With Uernuuas and Gorgeous Ballet.
PRINCESS. Tel SB4S Mu.l. I7tksi»:3(| | Laa* i
ir-.vay and "'.> th. ■ Mats Thur and ?at..^:2i>. j TTeeks.'
fta?!Un ' Broadway an.l 39th St Tet lrtl'S Bryant
LHulitU Evks. S:l.". Matlnf. Sat.. 2:13.
lllll> MANN in "THE TOUTS HEN."
pLZ£,?£Z\i.*». EDDIE FQY in TbtMi
i vain 4J.1 St.. W-at of E'way. T-M. !«»« Bryant
LI nl v Evs* Mats. To-rlar anl Sat.. a is.
111 ITOTIfI Broadway and ."Llth. Tel .1300 CH»
hlm-JLuHU Evga »:ta Mat« To-lay ar.l Sat . 2:li
Dlimi Broadway and S0tl» St Evor.ir.g*. •'SI
DIJUU Mats To-day ><- Sat..
Frl.. Arri! 10— Sprctu! Mat . ' 'DOLL'S HOUSE."
0.-AH Ft XMMEHSTEIN -ji -.- •**"*
ll»\|l.lir at »:15-rtohm'S MAKTA. Mmci
Donatda. D« Cfanero.; MM. Bonci Arirn-ndl.
Otannn-CanetH. Musnoi Conductor. Max ker.dut
THVK>.. .%PK. 1!*. M H:l3— Elehth aprearanc. of
ravallo's i r \i.i l il Mmc ZeppUll: MM BassL
Ancona Rescblcltea. Venturing and Massenet*
Optra. I-\ n\v\i:k\i-i Mm-. Ca'.v-; M:!. Dat
rr.ores Altchevsky. «;illbert. Glar.cli-i^ailetiu Ari
mondl Pondnctor. Campaninl „,
riti fvf \vk ii> at "• — RBGt laßFkices

P.iiss. Severir.a. MM iM'.r.iores. -«-
Duet from l.rs. Dras«B» ««* *"*»**•
DuJt n "fro'm'' U t)'.nU-ui t -i' I>on^
erf Pc Ctanetw MM. Bonrt. ■sssi
P^lo^from R-t^i >ni»t.»ph»l».
i r-«aa#*
Serellhar Ventarlnl Conductor. *
CLEoroxTE cavi-anim- —
s\T M\r IV " <ABMKN. M:nes. Tvv"
■ ; C( *"
' N\r m. HT. \ri;
\n>\ • -5S— a,
-.' »«•
Nut S«-;i»«>u Snbacftptlon >«ii!i« >iiw<l»»
actor nn>n.l«-av and 4"th -<t. SNSS
ApriTwl gt^MtEgjj^ifjji. limrlctstg
„_ „ „.|r r. n Tr >niiA 4-,] st. B»ay Jfc 7th AT«
»5 .itK'. ! M.fon Keele r l\v. etc. j
IIIAI/CTT Jlattoeta Thar* £ s-u. at *■•"* j
j&jfjjn.gy.i.'?. Rose SUM aJU
InmnMiAi ws^st^sm
ir-.T-.rv RCrn TIIEATKE. Ever.in-fS. 3:l*
BELAS^W Mating TSur. &
Ins?. »cfft nun »*■
i tllfi^tsw^^l in I«£ 3Of VS. j
I Craad Central Palace 11
IkjH APR.IL 15 TO 27 "•
AW! GRANT .. . J^g
The Turf. j
Queens Co. Jockey % Ciflb
AQVED CC T. 1-1- jg&e
TO-DAY, « « *?&» **
and four other races. begteßliig •-£•»j...^.» j...^. &*>■
Train. l«»v* E. 34th Jt. »••»»
Mm, from FUtbu«h A^^V-ft p »
fcttt 1:09. IJa, l&K l:«k *«* iW J

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