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■T li EiS'v'O RL P °J
Berkeley Beats Tileing a Head
in the Union Stakes.
Dr. Gardner tried to lak* up 127 pounds and
concede big 1 wefjrht to his opponents in the han
dicap at seven furk>nps at Aqueduct yesterday
end Jailed. Led by Frank Farrell and Davy
Johnson, the Sullivan clan and most of the big
bettors accepted with confidence the short price
laid against his <hancrs. ami backed bin from
4t05t02 to B. Frank Parcel! seat in a par
ticularly blgr commission, as he. together with
many other >?ood judges, felt convinced that the
tig Bannockburn horse could not lose. The
borse was soundly beaten, however, by Athlete,
•nd Orphan I^ad. to which he was conceding
twenty-five and seven pound. 0 , respectively, ac
cording to the scale. It Is possible that Dr.
Gardner was fast short of that condition neces
sary for such a brulatn&r rawe. and while de
feated he will not lacli for friends in the Bxcel
•lor Handicap'on Friday, to v.lii.l, race he baa
fceen pointed.
Athlete, which won the nj.cning race at the
meeting:. had a pull la the weights yesterday,
and many shraxr<] liandJcapiK-rs backed him to
t»eat Dr. Gariiuer from Bto 1 to •> to 1. Orphan
I^ad was also in noiitw dataasai for the place,
Charley Cash takin? i:!! the .". m 2 he could find
tn the ring- D<>tfy Spanker and Hot Toddy
3ookcd hfrh In oe*h, and dIJ not attract the
support that will bo accorded them later on in
the same company.
Dr. Gardner was quick to settle in h!s stride
•when the barrier was released, and showed the
%-ay up the fc3eksiretch and around the turn.
iAthlete was never more than a length away,
however, and when straightened out for home
made Dr. Gardner stop, and came on to what
looked like ■■■ oasy victory at the last furlong*
pole. It did not prove to be so easy, however,
«s Orphan Lad closed witli a rash, and Hen-
Siessey had to drive Athlete out to win by a
short head. Dr. Gardner was third, two lengths
■ way. Hot Toddy showed rnoush speed for
half a mile to indicate that he will Ik? a hard
borso. to beat fre>ni now ou.
Those naee^oers who %re afflicted with Miller-
Jtls, nnd they M» not ■ few, are slowly but suit 1 -
Jy las; cured by heroic measures. Miller has
*>ot ridden a. winner in throe day.", and if he
3<eeps this reonrd up f<">r tbn i si fi>ur more days
there won't \,f a. siaja i! the dtaaaaa left, as
racegoers art proverbially fi< kle. The boy only
accepted three mounts yesterday, but was out
of <h« man«S* each time. He had the leg up on
lie].-:! B. in the last race, atnl this may have
been responsible hi part for the wild plunge
Which forced her price from ;: to 1 to 2 (• I.
J. W. Quit won the steeplechase with Dulctan,
■M closed ■ strong favorite at 4 to ■"• Mr.
Jnemey let him rate along in front from start
to finish, and while rosa '"05:111 raced within two
lengths of ban most of the way. Dulcian always
beld the race safe and won easily. He took
the Jumps in lit* stride and Aid not make a «in-
Ble mistake. The other three horses were ben ten
off. although Dick Snajw hung on well for a mile
and a half. For about the third time at the
meeting Arlno was heavily stayed, but each per
| formance has been worse than the last, and he
vili have to improve many pounds to win a race
throusrh tLe field this year.
Tileing nnd. Molesey divided the play In the
Union Stakes for three-year-olds, at seven fur
longs, the former gojng to the post a slight fa
vorite, Molesey cm:],] hardly raise a respectable
palJop. and v^s last all the way, while Tileinr
was beaten a head by Berkeley, one of th<» otit
sJiera; at 12 ti» 1. Garners handling of Tileing
was responsible for the colt's defeat. He al
lawad h;i to i t:n into a pocket at the bead of
th« rtretrtt from which h*» eoaM not extricate
him until the last sixteenth pole iraa reached
rr!fc?!ne then closed strong, feijt Garner did not
give him the help that might have been ex
pected, and Berfctfey, wiii.-l» had made all the
running, got home l>y a slx.rt head. Tim OToole
and Ctnipaipner r"" fair races to withjn a hun
dred yards of the finish where both hung slight
:y under pressure.
Poor Judgment on tli« part of R Smith prob
e.bly cost Cloistress the fifth race. He tried to
Jteep pace with Jaylnta In a liuium-scanim rush
1^ y :' ; four *W« f»rion» suit bir. w on^i ly . # Tim..
g^f; :.:^S^r^i-^^^-^^ *^I]S«ss£Se^
ipiPliHlillifte !!!H
?*" 10 IS r - -" « S McL«iittoi I. h v *■ a r *
| (Kreu.il 4 J. 71 nIVII i!i i^: 1 1 I 5 2
Br^l II gap IS I i g' 1
Pii^Si IS iliimilJ lilM
H^yaaßJaK>. Oiw. | PS?% t "| Ft. %'% , w Fin /, . ' ' f> -Hotting.' L
Teta < .*an. » «n«rk)| X j«« " r..^.?. "J * Mrrn«n»y. .. I 3 Or. ~4S"~1-. %
V 4r^ •*"*•*• <-oiot>Bi»nrktt .i s ua • h* ?•• -*. ?!! SI! l!F arnk » •••• «-» •• »5 i^ i"E
5 j i FJ^j&^i g g 5 «; k
i^B!»w«rf/g -t-'t- c<^, th ; w "cJ
— » «^ -tart B ooa. won drtvln ,.
ggg;.,^ u^^hJ^ l O|>n^^^^^^
p^-,. % V* 1 4 '■ fi I 1? =' &■■( , 5 .f jS" ; -s vs
tot To»ajr. 4 O^iKletnan r, ijijt 7 §, 5, $ J; «• |.\Vrfl»r M »» -£ ~ ~?
«H— * « «: « sr iSfflSlS^
0 -" «■«— ■ mar, WoB
lj|gj| |j * ' "** ■ . 'sj > ■■■■■■■ „, -^.-^_ _^
?.i o'T«h J. *J •» ■• :;= Henry Z ,? *:* 8 -* l-n
rirShS?^ ■ g^J^iß»,atfm^
-•.■.:;:::::; : ? !J! J f I 1I 1 ? « : ! "^^ v " ! ** V ,? ? «3
-BS^k-t^. «^ngaJLiJLaj i- ;. 7 •„ V iR,/**^ IS ft ss ' 4
jj.,,,. set] "T™ — ' ■ — ■ , ~ ' *"'
tB»^::r:::::::^ tl'-i l^^^^^
i^f^S f i 1 1 1 \os 1 I »Td
»i2^:-::::::::::^S; i « • « « &"' &::::• '. • " -' 4-« a-«
S^.:;HvES«SSsS 9.^ T f s£: Ils =2 "i 4 1
'>"** nvimm.,-,1 .t ,^ ,g ,5 ,){ ,» .«£"«•».... « S «> X •
»ur».t i«a«t«««. w^c-art « v :„ u ,k .v v.. «« y . Bl ™ m " — »*• b«.u h.i« b»« ,Ith „„;
around the turn, and the result was that Clois
tress had nothing left to finish with when Cinna.
challenged. The latter was a. tired horse, but
little Brunei managed to get him to the finish
in front.
Kerry and Berry Maid won the tr/o-year-old
races which began and ended the programme.
Each made the running In their respective races
and won easily. Kerry was a. lukewarm favor
ite in a cheap field, and his victory meant little
or nothing, but Berry Maid won In a way to in
dicate that she has some class. She is a well
turned filly, by Odd Fellow— Rubus. and she
came down through the long straight with a
flash of speed that made the others* look most
ordinary. Jack Joynex scratched Roeario and
started Bigot, and this son of George Kessler
was the only one to keep anywhere hear Berry
Maid. Helen B. was always outrun, in spite of
a fast trial and the fact that Miller was up.
Tickle Wins the Stake— Favorites
Do Xot Fare Well.
Baltimore. April 22.- Winning favorites were few
ati<] far between at the Ptmllco race track to-d«}y.
Tivltle, ill i. to '. won the Pjinlico Spring nulling
stakes at six furlongs in the good time of i:H. Th«
ntariea follow :
First rar« (one-half m!!e>— Etta I-oulf«». !ot> (U»yd),
S to 1. -.'■■■: . v«>»>. i»4 .<'.,.< -M.iro. 6 la 5 r>lar*> second;
Uillmm |f. U'vo. i-u; a.. Bmlthj, « to 1 «hr.w. tiitr.i.
Tin»\ <t:4!i'j. pi. .;, fJ(?s«. I'atrjciaji, H!»cK MJkli. I/i
*et»a. l.+ntn, Khitiryn. Kaj-anio. IVi Burp.. <j]ftiaiia and
L«<Wlq Ucn:«"\<» finished as H«»n-:
H-v..!..! i.ir.- (nii* inijf >- Bobbi« }v«an. 110 tl.loyd). .1
to 1. -n. 1.-'tii« Ra.t«>f, 11rt lAlex). no plaoo bettlnc ace
•<iid; t<i-nk«n4^'« ?(i«li«, 107 (J. .T«hn«on>. ii,. ahow bet tine
third. TiTno, |;4Vs. I'aly ihitd Marina.
Third i*rr .r. T1 * Ul \',o and »l«y } ari',s)-.fcayjf.r no <.T.
JoliHM.l,l. i; in 1, won: Ivanhn*, 110 <nißKlns> 4 to 1
rl»^-. MCm4; ["lavlgJly. t<» tli«nr.c<iey). X t.i R «ho«
. Timp. l:46'a. \V«!.j^;. guefn, Kunplili!!*. Het-y
UiMli.rd. T,et;as. Tavaimea and lvicnhoi- flnlshed a* nan.- i
l-ourtii ia.-s <!,le«ji]ei"has«; about tw« ml !<-»>— R.irk
Btornx 133 il". Jlc!ieiv, & in I. »tjoj l'ai.nlin. IS| (SalT«!i.
c\rn t«r rl-i«v. t.<r..!id; M.^krie. 180 (McCJaljl), even in
*ho». tlili.i. Time. B'JaV. Pir Tilstam, Kftaukst.
' i"! 1 * lllL^ ;iUt '"'"'• Sou«laUJ> Rn4 I)r«m*<tar' finished as
Firth re.-* (TlnUi-.. .«prjns- Selling Stakes: about Us
fjiM..r.Bt.»- •„.(.-.. I<»4 .J.»gi:-.s), «• T., 1. won: Mli,,e
Hruius. n. • lUitnardt, 3 lo I place, «<onn<J: Ooualn Kat«
l»i iilah<>iii. * t» I *>,««■. third Time. 1:14 Bella
.Stinn-..'. BcM-fetL iiulu.ii.... liHvoHa. Quadrille h»l!e of
JCFSHpjla* aaj Tu4or ■ ■»':»« as remei.
rai« nix furlnnaat KuFtlade. !»T f.Tohn Ilennei
i»> '. - i( . 1. \v..ii: l.alnt* Mhu.U>. its (Go] Isteln) 8 to 1
pl».r. won.J; J,!a ■:• Ir. ;i7 <!.. Knlth), 3to .'. »'■■■. tHM.
Tir.tr, l:H'i. *;f>:<3:inder. How About You. Suit and »p
fxr. Ari-uir.tj!ate, Itai-«raan. I.j.y Stroma and NlKht
Alarm OnUbed .-is r.anied.
The Misses Curtis the Only Americans to
Play for Great Britain's Title.
London, April Q The draw fur th« women's g»lf
championship tournament, which will begin at
Newcastle, Ireland, on May €, occurred la I<vmk.n
this afternoon. Out of in entries ssUy two af
Araer|ean«— the Misses Harriet S. and Margaret
< '.lvti^. of M.is.-.!i!r;^. |
Miss HarrtAt qurtia. the American champion, will
pUv Mrs \V. Kobinson. ami Mies Margaret Curtis
j*nl meet Miss Bobartam in the flr»t round
Nt-nh(.- of inn British players Unit done anythlnc
r*n»ar heretofore. Mrs. Kennyon the cham
pion ■■{ im, is now In India, and will not defend
FIRST HM "B Relttagj for mare? a>l p'M'nca thr.. rtara
aW a.i.j upward; |7rtii H .l4t^ MXM X fur!or«» "*
Mama Wt. i "Name ' «•.
P.'ibiu Hoo4 112 <'-.M»jiki!t .... ft?
Ttwr lia!O«ln*n 8m...... ..«..., '.i
MUla «'«o«a USil-'AMioar "' '*'* fir
Mt-lbourne N\<inlr.att 110 T»nan«r .. "'" 'A
*!*♦■ !.-•:- 1i» J.nlt Ijhi' S
•Doctor llniiis ... 405 R *
ward; ?Sf»» B<li3ed. i-Ax furlonc*.
Kincn Daußlittr iSsiCresslna lid
"v^rri „ IM i : wmrt,,^ ;::;■•. jj?
St. \alentlne ll»!sif Kdwa>4 " w?
Astoria Bdie KBlFbreinaat .. M
&::::::::r:itai^ r::::E:S
...u'i ..knii. .. ; JD*
ll«i- Wi.iter.oti. 104 Oha«..«l!n P ,M, M
i^'^i io-;»*i»r»iao n ..:;; - :: ' : n?
Xl < aradir I<V> | Lady AUfa. !|5
BIXTH !«»■ 1: ntr tM»f<i^ni. two wara fM i-m
mr fl . „; v , f . "J52
Apiie Twldy I.* lM \ wether " ' \?1,
fcM- ' • -wKntM*"^:::;;;;;;;; IS
•Ali»»r*nlic» all*»en«#.
Nozarro Beats Lancia and Others
in Jiig Road Race in Italy.
Felice Nazarro. driving- a Fiat car, won tha
Targo-Florlo road race in Italy on Sunday, ac
cording to dispatches received yesterday, with
Lancia second. Fabry third and Duray fourth.
The result was a long deferred and well da
served victory for n consistent driver, who hHh
erto has finished well up in the great road
races, finishing second in two of them, but
never before having scored a victory. Italy
captured the first three places, while Fiat cars
finished first and second.
N'azarro covered the 4.V) kilometers (279.45
miles) in S hours 17 minutes, which is at the
rate of ."<;'* miles an hour. Tlie meteoric but
luckless Lancia again Just missed a victory,
being beaten twelve miimtes. Fabry drove an
Halo, car and puray a Dc Dietrich machine.
Tli» Targo-Florio race must not be ■ unfounded
Keeler's Timely Single in Last In
ning Helps Defeat Boston.
II«iMon at »«■ Y«rk.
Chicago at ( !••» rlnml.
Matliluirton at rtillailolptila.
til. J..Mii- at llctrwit.
; New York. »; Hnatnn. 1.
l'lil!a.l.-li»lilii. X: « islihi;lon. 1.
Urtroll, »; I I.i.lanil. i.
v . „ W. I- J'^i W. I- T"--
N.'tv 1 ork !\ 2 .TM.rvtrolt 4 4 ..ViO
ruic**o . •; a ,W7 !-..,(«, an :■.:.-,
rjiJia^rlphla.... 6 3 .•'■:;.%; \\ « r- 1, trm tun .. - f. .¥*«
clc.f^iM -i T. .JfJlst. 1^u1a..... .a it S3
■? '"■ ■• ■•" jioMon at Airtrl an League Tark
y«-st«r<iny uftvr-.,.,.»ii th.- Yuiika*ii took the lead In
the (MiiHant race. The BOOr* mrnn ■ in 7. U WM %
e!o«c« carr>A from Mart l.» finish, with Jl-.n rttnilt In
doubt until the wfiiiiitiff run wa# reared in the last
JeW ti.u first iima this B»-.'i«.ri tim local #>nthu.
fci.-i^fH had « »;li:i:>lu of r««l ba»«l«!! wintrier, and an
exceedingly !hr«fc MiVi^uy . tuw«i turn*-.) Mil Th«
players IMij around the <l;*it.»t,.l |ik« •■.>!•.■. »i I
vrrrf. not ufrairl l.i M nut itier anna. MUpln.\a
and hita \wr* liberally iliii.-t. -I throtißhout the etl»
lira tim« ]:■•■»; Irani m.i.i» elavan Lit- T. •
Hitrhluutlern I.hil Sevan •ruiru charged anUMt
them ami Boston mam <!••>.•• up with fly«.
WUli the score nt 7 to 7. Kecfa, who had r»pUi-»>,i
Hughe* In fh»> h.>« In the utkih inning, w«nt to th*
bat in the l.tat Inning iit/l *"• t« tiki on four balls.
Hoffman advanced him to second with a nj.-rifW,
&:i<j thyn Willie !<..:.•! ended (he pni with 4
tlniHy «n«1 pretty ?lnrl>-.
«Hie of the i« » pl*ty« »*»n #mi thn «ii-ipior|(! thl-j
>'.ar Wft" U|»U§ Uv \YUll<uu« l'» ' .•; .»:■■ Juni'i*-
Ho was |u«l off second bn«*, *-iim Ifo*y kno.k".i
a fizzliiiK ("rounder Into •■-••a t»-irii»ry Will
l.'Mns uui aXU:r :■ 11 M «* ti.i'', .■ '• w ;.-ii It in with
one hiitul and tossed i* to Brut h.i«<> In time to get
tli«,- runner. H«a"h««. fu thfl ft?* tnninifH he pltch«<!
for Tii..- Hisl.l.uiUvi» v..- Ml *"••;> :.■•■ ■- ... ■* ami
I'.i^x-il three men. Hi« ihowlnr «m r«th^i riiNit|><
t»nln*<nß. Ivt-*-:'-. who •u»ie*<l»« him. *n* ti>urhe<|
uj> fur iili. l)ilf I') '!••: remaining four |O(UnK"- UUt
ha was coot nt all titnea an<i ):!'.■.) tiltn.orlf otit i>f
several bad holes. '1 li« sear* f"!U»w«;
at) r llifnii * .i!, r ;• • " a «
n^frif.!i ef..» 1 til 1 Bulllvan. aff...a 1 «• too
K-f-;tr, rf....5 l - m v O.Cuijina, |b....4 | l <• 2 «
tnbcrfcld, us. 4 <» 1' i S 2 »'n«!aub. 1b...4 1 !» T n 0
Ot.aif. 11. 4 -' •-: )U 1 1 H -v. if ♦ " a l «• 1
I-eporte. rh..3 I!Q-3}3 l Parent, rf ...« 3 S d O I
Villiam*. ->♦>.:« o 1 4 ft 1 llTarrls. Cb S 11 .1 •_■ 1
CoM';>. rf .4 i U a 'J liWajrnar, U....4 1. (» S l '-'
Tti.itian, C...4 III! OjArmbusW. c.l •• I * * <»
tlturhae. p.. I ii " <» it "Winter, p i* 1 t 8 I
•KJelnow . .1 it « <• <i 0 Harris, p... ! o ii it 2 o
K< i. ... .1 1 o ft A «>' ; —
— .-.! T*ui» . M 7 ins--, la r.
Tot nisi 83 •> 11 27-0 7|
"Hain-'.l for llujthas In tilth Inning. tOtia Mil »h»n
wlmilng run w:ui luajf.
N' • York oioi-janoi-n
b.iitfiti 2i«t»»i2oo— 7
TuupiK* hita. I.DkUuli i.i.l PCMM, Jhr<r )>.>«• lilt- ■
Par«nl Hits— Off ltiiK)«". •'• In 5 Inning* <.?{ Krefti. «
Jn « ißninr*. tiff Win<«r. !» In « ißfiilUta; «IT Harris, a In
2J-8 Innjnga, garrjftvß hil«— Uutfuiitn. \VIUUin«, Un
(fifnit.. li»'y. rni'ii' H|f l«- n btifK— Witllama. Thomas.
I>oubl«« playa— Elberfetd, Williams and < 'ha*«; Thnmaa
Williams and LapofU I<;f; >■:■ baari New Y..rk. 5;
l!<-aio;i. H. rirut baiie <.n b»ll«-Off |lUgji«a. 3; off Win
t>r. I; off Harrl». 2. Writ Viaa« on «rror»— New York. •;
Boston, .1. Struck out— By Hughes. 2; by Winter. .*.. by
Harris. 1. wild j.ltch— Hu*h»». Tune, 2:10. Umpire*—
Connolly and liuri«t.
-> .. ■ . ■■
A! Detroit: r II X
Detroit 2 1* 0 3 •> 0 ( 0 x— 9 11 -.
Cleveland 1 0 1 0 0 j. •. j I—4 ii> »
Uiitt^rles- Detroit, l<l)lian «I»U Schmidt; Cleve
land, Hh'»a<i<-s and Clarke.
At Philadelphia . i{ II we
PhiU<l*li'hi» •t**•» 01 « s l_t 11 a
Washington « 0 1 ft ii 1 4 l i> „ Hi
liutterli^H ■ J'hllailijli>liU. Plunk. l>>K«ilt .(ml
Schenclc; Washington, Smith 4nU ll«'Uw«; Graham
and Warner. Vnii»!r«»--Kvun*.
Dartmouth Plans Fast Game ami
Shuts Out Norwich Nine.
Hanover. N. W. April I'-'.—tjartmouUi Bljut out
Ngrwlcb University by a BCore, of 7 to 0 to-day by
sharp hitting and clever fleiaintr. The feature or
the. ranif was tln> batting of lU-hantson of Dart
mouth. Who »*«■ a slnmle. a three hamrer and a
'honift run »m four tlni<» nt l.at. The »core by in
ninpa fellow*;
Dartmouth 1 ft <• f> ft .1 i, ; ; ,_!t' 'Ji 'i
Norwich ■» 0 •> 0 0 it « 0 u~o 2 3
Batteries— Mi-Duffy ayj BChoppsjrly; Bead «u.j liajutn"
Waahingtoq. April 22:-<;*«rgatown defeated Trin
ity Coile**, of Purliara. fH. c. > n an interpstlnft
game to-day, by a «cor» of 4 to 1. Tlie pitchinr
of Devine, who aUow.-<l th» visitors gr |y MM "ill
•was the feature. TU* pwra follows:
Georgetown O ft n 4 0 0 0 0 sJi' *'" E
Trln,*y O 0010000 O-Ij 1 3
w%b l ; :rw;r >mwp - Pcvut< » n< * *•«<"! Trinity.
xi-W!!jlS^o.&a J^ "• '■«-
At Bruijsw-irk, Me.— MercersburK (Perm > Acan
en^. gg r SSS3Sfe.
end of eleven lnmngK 1 "■■■• Bl
At Lexington Va.— Washington and Lee Univer-
At Chlcfteo: ' __„
Chicago 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 il3»' iE ;
Clncl ™» a M • 0 0 0 0 o=2 I 1
Batterie9_ChJcago. Reulba^h T»r>i.<.- .
xt 6 t. P S BURQ ' 8J ST ' LOU^ 2,
SL ft BSSS :::.::::::::.:::3 2525 ! S 5 ". j
II -1 ».>T> «H, To-dar S-^B r. %i "I ' "" ' "—
ttrt. St. V. AiSfcaJS?. £.to£- Anml " a ***««•
Winner of 2TO-mll» Targa Florio race.
with the Florio Cup contest over the Brescia
course. The race for the Florin shield is an en
durance run over a difficult mountainous course,
and is limited to stock chassis fitted with racing;
bodies. The Brescia race is run in September,
and is a contest for racing cars. The winning
car was of 35 horsepower.
There were 54 entries— 27 Italians. 17 French
men, «5 Germans, 4 Swiss and 1 Belgian. Of
these forty-rive started, the most famous drivers
In Kurort! handling the cars. Among: the en
trants, besides the four who finished in the lead,
were Weillschott, Cagno. "Wagner, Henriot,
IJuray and Gabriel, all but one of whom hava
been contestants Jn the Vanderbllt Cup races
In this country.
Nazarro U one of the most consistent drivers
in the world. He was second in last year's
Grand Prix, and second in the Bennett Cud
race of the year before. in last year's Vander
bilt Cup race he finished sixth, completing nine
laps In 4 hours 54 minutes 58 seconds, which
showed an average of 54,76 miles an hour,
l ancla whs fourth in the VanderbMt CUP
race last year, and led all contestants most of
the way in the rac« of 1806 by a bi« margin in
record time, until a collision with Christie put
Uinj out Qf the running-. Fuhry finished four
teenth in the 1!H)« VanderMlt Cup race. In
which Duray, last year's Ardennes circuit win
ner, was third.
Pitches in Good Form and Shuts Out
the Botton Team.
»w York at H..»t.in.
I'tiilii.lrlpliU at Itnmklyn.
t'incinnatl ■! « hira«o.
IM 111 1 .burs at M. I.«ui».
»»v York. I ; IlnMnn. •
riillu.lcli.l.i i. a | Itrceklya, O.
Clilr«Kv. X; 4 in. liiiiail, 2.
IMtt.lMirs, »: tit. I.oul*. 3.
TV. i.. r r. I w i. » c
• ■hlraKft •' 1 aßlicuiclanat!.. .. 3' r, m
>; - s a :.t;n
H>.|a.!olphU.... .'. - .711,(1. U,j|, ,;j ,; ..^j
W«(»Hrw .. * .1 .M 0i Brooklyn i « ;; M .i
(fly T>l*fcr» P h tn The TriV,:nf 7
Boston, April 2*-!.— Mathewson pitched Ills first
Earn** of th.- Beaaoa to-day, and showed excellent
form, the <;iauts .lofrntlnf; Boeton by a seor«
Of 1 to O. Th* jfume was marked by a sensational
finish, aa the visitors made th^tr on« nn<J wln»
nlr ff run !n the last ltininp Brcsnah.an got a
***** on bal!«>. went t-> " ond when McOann
wai hit by a pitched ball and scored on Dahten'a
•lnale, %vhlrh rnme at Just the rfKht tlm^.
AltUotijjh four errors were charged against
(ha Jip;n« team, the fltMlnjf on both stf** was
excellent at critical times Mathewua Bttomil
only seven hits «i».i ntrtt«*k wit seven men. He
" " hart K1*"!K 1 *"! control, tirid B«»y snve on« ba««
on t>a!!.«. Flaherty, -.<.!.-. was In th.> box for
Boston, also j.ltrh-H a fine Rani*". Th« only
iilu>.»r oh either aide to mukt* two hits wms
Oooq atOfa an.l Uuwwa Uy Hr»Jn. IMhion and
Flaherty were the fli-Mm^ features. In the
fifth Wiiilni? thtt (il:ua» wen rulil>,-.i of *Q «x
rf lit nt i han.j. to stj.T^ l.y a f tt st «i-'uM« Dlajr.
Tt.ihlen. first up in this Inntns;, hit for two bases.
and Corcoran reached second when Bates missed
Ms long fly, Lmhlnn going to third Mathtwson
filed l " FJabprty, and the latter got the ban to
Brain In time t«, catch Dahten oft third Shan!
lv.it then striirk out. Ti.« • 1 .-.» re follows: '
Bhaa**. If .Va'* l ? I I „,.., rt •«• B\b7 • •
♦itrana. if... 4 «> 1 1 O 0 Taan»y, jV*! B O 11« Q 6
!'.uin, ->-••> i >; o Baaumont. Vf. ao*x 1l 2
wrym.mr. rf.. 401 3O O Rowaf* If. IoY IA ?
feSf^ i m it ¥&fc * « • 5
l>ahl«n. 88. . . 4 '» 15 2 1 <v«ruln. .•»,. !..'« Al■ IS
I „;.■.„»•, at*. 4 •• O I 4 OlOrpdor*. £,"£ .1 •• A 3 » ?
Malhewion. i l_»_oJ 8 ri-,a!..:.t •..,;.: a <, V I 2 I
Total, ....S3 1 «STII 1| [•...«!. 31 „ 7--;, T :
New \orlv •» ■ • • « • ft » i_?
Lf :* l>n , •• — ,•■•■ " •> •• «.(..,,,,, (► a
Beaumont bowMa i-lny- FJabertv «n,j jtr.iin. nrttt*M
on tatls-^ft riahartr. -I: t.ff Jn aßraina Brain 1 KlratbAM
r,, batui Ofl riah«*ty. S: o« Mati,;*».,n 1 im hy
Dtch^J bull-Mr.iam,. 'SWVC4I „,,. - H» Vlah.rty. 3 ; by
MuH.cwßon, 7. Tlm 9 of 4-4ine. 1 :X.'. Cmjilra— CnjalU.
Philadelphia Piles Up Eight Runs and
Brooklyn Fails to Score.
By hard hitting and perfect Oeldtnc Philadelphia
Bimt out Brooklyn «t Washington Purk ye«t«rU>y
by a ..!■• of Bto 0. Mclntyre pitched the first six
Innings for the Buper»>as. j^ « Vu four basea on
balls, v.1, 1i. eighl lilts were made ..!T lii.s deliver)
VVhitiriK tonU his place In u.f> Kev«.|itli inniit*; with
the (jam-: hoi.,.|,>sfy lost. He. too, Btiowrc] vow
form, an/l tJi« vtalturs « ( !<l,.i four rutm to th»-!r
accra in ii;o taat ltiniliK. a k«o I .st.. i. Mini throw
'■■■ I^wls. in the flftii Innlqß, of a hot liner by
Mparhß. wan thf! flfldinK feature. The neore fol-
i'nii.Ai>K!.fiM v [ BROOKLYN. i
«•> '• j». !•" a - 1 „♦, , ihpo a •
T*piii»«. c»..s I 1 1 II ttlfaatr. Sb . 4 i> II l> •» 1
<;!». .1,1.. 2i>..4 l i ii a •> Riiiii.in<v. <r...4 « ■> I I ,>
lCu.it.*-. if. ..4 2 I t<t Oflvumley, rf 4t»••i" ( > i
M.iK<-». 1f... .4 i 2:..> ii Jordan. it *....,° o „
lu.stis i,i. it. :. l l ■• i « ■ \ir.. i man si :i ■> .< i | •>
ioi:ui.ry. hhh I •» •_• i n i,,.«|.. -« « ,> I •• '. „
I>u..lim. m...4 li 1 li •_• ii | Hatch. If .1 ii 0 ji „ 0
.U.klilaiS. e.S I 1 H t, f. l(i(.p, ,• 3 „ . - , rt
B|»arka, p. . . .4 0 O 1 4 M! M li.tj re. . ....a •> „ 0 1 "
_ ' :\Vhltln«-. i> 1 ii il i, i 0
Tutal» . ...M 8 tfl in 01 ..„....,.
I'h!la4i>lphl* i. (i i» j ,>' •. f> ,7 " 4° h
llrmklyii n n ■• ,i „ „ ft „ „ „
TWO liii«» hit» Tboiuaa. Kiial'r. .Mnit-<>. 1(...,|in. ].„,„ -
l«y. •-' Hit, o,f M.lim.. .-. | D « iamiißP. on Whlti,,*.
« In rt Inning. fnoicn bamM nir'aat.7^ I»uo!ln Jack-
Ittsch, Kilter. l>. ii. i.- playa— Malonry and Jordan ",»
on tta*t»-.|-lilli«»rih4it. rt. Urnnistyn. #i |-„.; ba«- „,
►••lln-inr Mrlnlyr* 4; oft \VMtln». 3: nff KnarUii I
Plr«l bat ..n «-,r,.r«- |-!,lla.!H,.hiu. 1. i|«t?b^tS«i
BJy rtp«nhi>. I. Struck • til —H\ Mvlntyr*. ■> t.v \vhitm«
a; by spark*. -i Tlm#-a:» n.^irt Ws>r JSa
The ultimate test of
the value of a car is the
length of its running life.
If they do not give good
service neither shoes nor
automobiles are cheap
at any price. The Ber
liet has a perfect record
01 service and longevity.
Panhard & Levassor
Automobile Company
Broadway <$. 62d St. - ..- - New York City
The motor boat •• PANHARD" equipped with a motor of 135 H. P
has won the championship of the sea, covering 124 1-3 miles In 3 H*
33 M. 4 S., over 35 miles per hour, the most wonderful endurance record
ever made.
A motor working under such a power for nearly four hours without
having the slightest trouble demonstrates once more the superiority of
the products of the PANHARD a LEVASSOR COMPANY. * •
Orders taken now for prompt delivery of cars here or abroad.
Special arrangements have been made to have the cars- ordered meet our
patrons at the ports on arrival of steamers in Europe when desired.
Catalogues giving exact reproductions of cars as well as exhibit caa
be seen at
ISBI Broadway, New York
All cars guaranteed against all mechanical defects for one year ; "om
date of delivery.
*^Bqh m^vM. X \ ..^"
You get efficiency when you
buy the "iull-jewelcd" Corbin.
Its motor is noted in this re
spect—ask any expert. Built
with the trouble omitted—water,
tank, piping, radiator and extra
weight Best $2,500 value in
the market.
After Say Ist, I*M roadway.
Lamed and Wrenn Beat Wright
Brother* in Close Match.
Raymond D. Little and Karl H. Behr. jr.,
beat Edgar W. Leonard and Theodore Roose
velt Pell by a score of — 1. 7— «"» In the continu
ation of the round robin lawn tennis d*>ub!.-j
tournament at the St. Nicholas Rink yester
day. Hilly Lamed and George L. "Wrenn, Jr.,
a!3f» defeated Beats C. Wright and his brother,
TrrJng-. after three lively sets, by a score of
«-4. ? T. 9-2.
The prominence of ttie players and the fa
vtiaMl conditions attracted p. Urea aad. (ash
ionsblo gallery te the court*. Among tiM» most
interested spectators was Mtas May Button, who
declared that the necessarily swift play on th»
hard canvas surface provided the best practice
; ■•»!•> knew of for outdoor competition*. A,rnong
the yUivr ■■gttiMl v.ho crplam?Qd the good
tluHe end sipped t*a In the balcony boxes were
Mr* Lorillard Spencer. Jr.. Mrs. Lawrence
\\'at#r*niry. Mrs. S. C. Brown. Mr*. Norman Do
R. Whltehouse. Mis* Juliet Ade? and Ml?s Wet
Prom the opening »«rvlce of the first tnatch
Little and Behr Flayed masterful lawn tennis.
V f i the ground iUid PVerlusM their strokes kept
the ball Rolnß at a diuy pace. It was In the ral
lies at the net which Leunard and Pell sought
from their side that the veteran Prineetonlan
and the younger player from Yale came off
with flying color*, Little and Behr had the
Lost of the scoring In the first net up to %*— 1 on
pames. Pell, th« national indoor champion, had
the service In the following •»»•. So «'?everly
did Little and Behr handle their returns for
pauses down the alleys that Fell was faced with
l<iv«'4o on thy are score before bis side was
MkCO^aafol in making a stand.
iJy frequent change* from driving and volley -
Jnp to deep an 4 careful Jobbing Pell and Leon-
I aril wen successful In winning the game after
deuce had been en lied three times. They fol
lowed utth the next two games, an.l tried hard
to brine the games to deuce at i all. Behr was
in i* it 11 awing around hi* court, however, clip
pine back some u-llins drives for parses, so that
his side took the set at 6 — i.
The service proved all powerful In the second
•at, A.« each of the teams made splendid ef
forts to break through by fast rallying at th«
net Home slashing racket work was developed.
.Pell ili*tin£ui.«h«»il himself, but in many hard
fought points Leonard failed him. Both Little
and Behr played to th.i former Harvard cham
pion ut the critical periods, with the result that
the games touched deuce, but they won at 7—5.
The second defeat for th« Wright brothers
placed them out of all chance of winning a prize
In the present tournament. The opposing: pair.
Lamed and Wwtm, l*<l*them Into all manner of
pitfall* imd nutmanietivreti them frenerally.
Heals Wright was In better form Hum on Satur
day, but ins game appeared strong and weak
by turns. The most costly error on the Wright
hide of the Del was the constant playing of out
strokes by Irving Wright. Too often th.» cut
acted so that it brought the ball down before it
reached the net. and the lees of the ace proved
The weeaid net was won by the Wrights after
they had fallen behind. By .lint of persistent play
ing and concerted action la setting to the net Tor
some nmKhinf they brought the games to deuct»
at 5 all. despite the efforts of Lamed and
Wrenn to hold them on. Reals Wright took
things into his own hands for the nest two games.
His cross court shuts were brilliantly played
and he distinguished himself in the rallies, drop
ping the hall nt his opponents' feet so that he
took th. set at 7—5, Lamed and Wrenn easily
bcorcd the third set. «rt that the ftrnt prize He's
between them nnd Little aid Behjr. Frederick
W. Manslleld acted as referoe.
Automobile, and
Electric Carriage
n.y mol/se:.;34.w£st 3svsts>h-
Smart Little Victorian ~*"
DESPITE the Increased demand fir 0m ■■*
Electrle Vietorla-l'liaeton, wtieh se|^ ft*
$l.CCf>, «mr New York turn** mm b* «Mk t»«*
■ few more this wee& for !r)imedla^ ddNv.
Wiien tbese are r>uo we cannot pi^|Maiaßav>
diate delivery. b*mns« tb* season ts now at Z
b«»firtit and our ap»Bf!* and branch hauiu b M
parts of th»> owajtqi ac& callio? for "SQBgaVp
iiK'utx." Columbia ears are oi;tU« t» £:, t^ft *•■
mandii of mII Alisons, and this la tlk» cj«la* ci
the sc«s<iT\ for Vfcti>rta-Phafton^. "
It i* tU«> old story, A good tar, a^ a ... au< c
elet'trif. a«>iU itwif. o»r owa cualonien "■
really ou»- salesrnep for this t^liH?. Wia*
say to their friends does as more toiill
our advertising put «ug«tb«r. Jut *•«•*
who has a Columbia Ti<^«ria-i*fa«efc>a wh»t ->
think about it.
— — — — _^_^ •
Motor Enlarged Tils Tear.
TIE motor has l>v*'i} eul^rgetj ag4 tj« C^l«r
i of cells iU'Tvasul t<j iiu ia tfee cs^r cc3eL
Au tJiiJjL.- Stura;» tut; 14 4M3&4 tsta two
♦KlUiil MWtl and i>la<^d aver both nwnt and Mr
axles, equallnlns the wHjljt oft t!jt four irj^fls
and giving a very well bataaced «ad ammth
riding carrias^.
The elect ric motor. BplMj| o{ toUowhlg fgjj
mon practice and beinjc fastened on the jolting
frame, is attached to tho spring sustained body
and is r»li«r»<l of that in«*t;saut ▼ibrafttav -vbjt(h
so quickly wears out the best motors.
The new control makes it glide &wttj from the
still petition vita a t-oastan.t, ev^ acseteatloa
through Its four speeds that does not laajVN
the presence of the different pQtchjeg to thgago
pants of the car, thus making a long step tfptjd
comfort and econoqjj of w«ar. VTlib a £&£!"!
action of fifty miles, whlrh cnij be yjcrwgal fey
the lntellfgent driver t<> sixty mllfg on ,1 tta|h
charge, a speed of fifteen miles aa h£n/, K55 a
weight of only I.TOO pounds, this car !» t!»
fulfilment of the promise of an ideal car In the
field of the light c!*--
Our $3,000 Gas Car.
IF YOU want 1 24-2S-hors«povver car which
will seat tlv.» persons comfortably don't fail
t.» see the Columbia Mark LXVIII. Tfeb Is an
other one of our cars which is *e!!Iog Mttf.
It ffaa mm of the bits of thf» Madi^n Sq»w
Gatfatal show last January and it created sue!: a
sensation when we began denionstraflm wltll It
the nsult It our output is already nearly ex
hausted ami in » very short time you will cot
be able to g?t one, even at a prcsiitisj. If JQ3
know anything about the J907 uiotirl^ just cw
bMm Una following »>ighcrea point:* ami is* if
this bmcMm hi not v yenr ahead of' fc:: alfetr
?.*:.«•♦■«» car in the market of either forelgi «r
domestic automobile*:
Eighteen Points Ahead.
NO. I— Make and brake Ignition, >"% ?-^s^
1\ lectlve type transmission. No. 3— Plr^t
drive through universal joints. So. 4— Tbx&
points suspended motor an.l transmission. $9.
f> — Crank shaft cut from the solid slab. Xo. *»— '
Chrome nickel one-piece forged front ajle. !?«■
7— slake and brake hammer and anver wltji
platinum and indium points. No. ? — Hub. ca?
drive rear axle, floating type. No. o— CiavU?
pasoTene feed. No. Multiple jet economical
carburetor. No. It— Steering wheel motor con
trol independent of the turning wheel. N\>. IZ— .
Automatic -oiling system. No. I*— S«t <£
flanged foot pedals from which your feet cannot
slip. N\>. 14 — Houeycouib radiator at maato <*•
pacify. No. 15 — Leather faced spring retaforced
clutch that will start yonr car on high gear. >>•
I(J— Combioation fly wh*»l «C<s pimerfwl fttt-
No. 17— Extra long flexible wrings eusjenslon.
No. IS— Lightweight oar, mad* so by the hlgli
est tensile steel.
Our $4,500 Gas Car.
TUB bir IWT seven-seated t'ohtmbi* bWbW
touring car has already establish)?* !is?lf
M the best hilt ollmtier anij all aivimi tt» Tel "
Hug car i»rotlue*d in America this j«ar. If you
w«Bt a r«ir that will carry ser«n p«Bpi» — * * l
th* same time born up no xnor© Tfr#*» or i»soJW'
than a small touring car this is jotxr mwWne.
It Is fitted with the new Columbia multiple J e * %
carburetor, which is operate from the driving
wheel and which, is practically two carbureters
to one. The little one mixes Just «nousb •»»>
lene to drive the car at the rate of thirty ell«
an hour. The larger one burns enough to to*
It sixty wiles an hour. So whan you «• f**"*
thirty tulles an hour, as you usually «r» wP* B
touring, you are saving an immense amount •*
gasolene. Bnt when you are going ov«r a mooo
tain you can turn on the bis jet and *«* *«*« t
the power.
• A Few Second Hand Can.
JUST a few second hand cars, which we ha*»
recently taken In exchange, are offered by
the New York branch. There Is" a Columbia
Electric Runabout for $430. rraao tnm A* .
painting department and ii m foa« as ns^
There la also a 2-1-28 gasolene touring car M -
$2,2 C!). Tbla is also like new.
Other bargains are a 4»4i-horaaawwer a«aa»
lene touring car for $1,500 aod a 45-tcrsepo^er
gasolene touring car for $2,500.
Demonstrations may be had at any tlrae af
applying to the Electric VeMcle Con^^> >°
134 West SOth st- near Broadway. IMapboa«>

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