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\}- * r I «IVK*S CHANCES.
: / Establißhed 25 ' ears. If you require
capital or partner for your business. if
you desire to tell a bUFlness or manu
facturing plant, no matter where situated,
send us full particulars. We work strictly
<n commission SIS.
jv , ,„., v,;i.i. PURCHASE '-■ high grade
manufacturing busliuss, lncludinj? trade
rrißTk, j.&t«nt!i. maclUnery. tools, dil 3. stock,
*tc • T.lant t-ttiinat t,e lupll ste i for less
t» iao $15o.0(X>; nood rtasons given for sell
ing: this proposition must be Investigated
tc be arr>r«cUted. McDonald-Wiggins Co..
If; Broadway.
<£OVnriVII*LE. N. J.— Beautifui 14 room
reFidinre; all c nvenieaces; b'.ot 12Oxri<io;
I12.V00; sell on • '■- : .- terms. Address M —
Uor.ali-^'iPßi" 3 Co., 257 Broadway.
5200.000 EASY TERMS wIU purchase the
finest apartment housa In. Newark. N. J..
*#it'ja'.el on llroad St.; all modern con
veniences, elc-vatcr. •'■». Pull details at
SlclKinaM-^'iFC'r-s Cojk 257 Broadway.
VONTCLAIK. "• Xt — Heautlful 10 room
houf*. <-n earner jiiot. ;;'«ixir.o. $«..<vh>
cash peoulrea: banr'aln ■.•■:■- to McUi/n
«Id-vll?K ins <-""■> - 5 " Broadway.
Brooklyn: .'^•orth $2,r>(«<; can be bought at
11,900 McEiijnald-Wlgglns CO., 2fi7 Broad
iDDITII /. tl- CAPTTAL rcqulr.-.! liy large
ri'-ern: short
out. Apply McDunaid-Wigglns
O ~'” Broadway.
«r.f"«i BUYS l^sutiful rwiaence at West
erlelgrh, Etaten Island. fror.tlß#r on the
sfr»ulevan). Address McDonaM-'Wicglns
"to, 257 Broadway.
ford. Ccnn., close tn depot; a bargain at
4Il.(«0i».. Address McDonald-Wiggins Co.,
■2T.7 Hroaflway.
CSONCBRN owning plant wonh KBB.OOO
otTers good propnuition to party with
*C.*.,<niO: invest tea ■■ McDonald-Wiggins
Co.. 207 Broadway.
X/JAX Of $s,fß*V'reo,ulr<-a; flrst class se
«-ur!ty; liberal bonus and Interest offered.
•Apply McDonald-V.'iKglns Co., 257 Broad
'45.000 T!I"rK t^ilr^-'rip and Rent's furnish-
Inc busings; best known place in the
t>©r>u»rh. McDonald- Wljiglns Co., 257
Brnadv. a\i.
'SI3O.oof» BUYS WO acre farm. 17 room
»■•:»»> outtmHdtnir* etc., at Tfrcwster.
:N. V. *McDonald-Wlgßins Co.. 257 Broad
BQ ROOM HOTEt. at D Hi wun
• v lass t v .nn
1 ■ ay
ular weekly paper: 111 health compels
sale. Address ■McDonald-Wlcglns Co.. 587
modern evjulpDMJ plar.t: over
8a years; net vrorUs 525.000 ar.nually: price
fl?b/"Vi. Aidress McDonald-Wiggins Co..
jf.7 Broadway.
■e.oon ■■«'.'-. int<-rest in high class
1 saiyitotium. this city: absolutely Mfc ln
vefjMcr.t. McDonald-Wicgins Co.. 207 :
Brcaiwayi. ,
H'ifiH CLASS manufa. Turin? concern In ;
KfaJJlr.g. Ptnn.. ri<juires f.'jO.rOO: th"r-
i^estipaTion invited. Apply McU>on- j
*;<J-V,"ipcln s '""•, " s " UroaSway.
r/iLLKR SKATINi; RINK: in splendid
location. Greater Xew Ycrk: rrlce only
fcWi; r-TT-ecin. McDonald-Wiggins Co..
'io7 Brosdw-ay.
I -~" __^-_ '
HIGH ("i-.'.s? manufacturing concern of- ;
fTs «cejitlonaJ opportunttr for Invent- i
ner.t cf $20. '•*"'; investigation ir.vit»d. j
SlcDonsid-Wifrcir.s Co.. ir.7 Broadway.
tl3/«>0 r.:'V.- TEL, at Orf-an • ■ ■•". N.
J.; waterfttmt igupeity; death compels '.
sals Mcl>onsJd-Wifsir.s Co.. 257 l'.roa-i- \
fnv ■•.. autoin.hile touring compar.y.
i cspftajiied et $20,000. requlreF ST>/»in to I
;' tls.<Vir>; sfcfe tux <ipros-.ai»ie ijivestment ; '
J-.f*. ."■: referet es furnished. Address Me- |
btmaJd-W^ggins Co . 2T.7 Broadway.
rXOTS IC»X\3"""' at tir» -o 175 errh; locateil j
t st Egg Harbor, near Atla?jtic City. N. ,
■J. : 14eji! refi(!er;oe jroperty; sen for H-iok- i
:>t. McDcnali-^ifir^iJjs Co.. 257 nroadway. :
135.^0 to $:Ai-.co REXJCTRETJ '.» manufn't- i
ur« m'*t practical non-f.uncturablc- tire. I
pglns Co.. 267 Broadway.
!S&ttX>!£UTS l *=uf:f;l residence st Ton- I
kTS. N. V.; a:I modern convfn'.encs. i
■ Tartirii^ars r.t McDonald-Wiggins Co. SS7 j
- Broadway.
' CNK of tl-» tlr«-*t brick p:ar;t» America
can h* bought oa e*>»v tern.«: situated 1
rh^rt distance out. Applr MoD-naJd-Wlg- •
r-Es Co., 357 Broadway.
flii^, BCTS t,oo'. r-25'1-g: fif« Tocni 'tote. !
Ktt pr-porty, at ;'<i[!'.jr. X. .T.: this Is I
»n qipatasity Fe:d-.,-,i olered. McDunald- i
V.r?.r-« Co . 2Tj7 Irreadway
LAK'TS roretr-ct'.on ccrr.rany haviog con- •
trs^s antevntteg t« $4.««"6.<tf»0 offer op- ■
port^r.l'y to It?* a:;i s:na!l Investor*; :
thor~iph invo<=t:<atlo- Invited. AripU* Me- ,
Donali-'Wltreins <'„.. 257 Broadway.
3HAXC7ACTCRERS* K!te» : the be«t lrw-a- '
I tier, ta Philadelphia. I'ern ; railrra.!s run i
ttro-jeh this pro^rty; win *ut«3!vi.l«s. if I
<w!red; t*rru v*rj- reascnjt.'e. Full de— ■
•crlji:!"r; at McPo.-<alJ-Wlgs;ins Co.. 201 ;
Broadway. .
13.M0 BITB tncklns 1 r\«es in wbolosaJe ;
6r}?yAft district ; fe,QGO profits yearly- '
rtrtic-jlars at i!cDor.u.id-WlgKlr:s Co.. 257 j
Broadway. . I
CONCERN V- Ing »• ..---•: contract* !
•monnticg to >4*.rif«i requires loan of I
tUjBOO I^artic-j'^rs at McDonald-Wiggins I
00.. 257 Eroft^way. !
FIRST MORTGAGE loan -' » ■>-■) required; ;
high claw security: •-r of references I
tzraithfri. McDcßilJ-Wlggln* Co.. 'S>~ '
BET.'EX ACP.EJ;.- seven room house; elope \
to trolley *r ; d de) eJt Wlnnlpauk Conn. I
alcDonaM-Wl^lns Co., 257 Broadway.
BGEDTESS on Bth aye.. . ; :tat.!A for lady or I
gentleman- prl^e (3.000 Particulars at
XScDocald-Wlpgir.s Co.. 2SI r.r<*<3way.
CSno BTTB Btationerr, confectionery, eto.. I
■ere, Bth eve.; newspaper routt; een'eji
■tcastomen McDorjild-Wigtlns Co. 'S>7
f7.W) BUYS ver>- pular ardlng house
close to ATbacy. X. V., with valuaU«
f^'^ty havlrg producing sulphur e;>rlngs.
A'.'riis Met) . 1-Wlgglns Co.. 1i.'.7 liroid- I
t3£V) ETT<J established batter, egg end
fc^ 1 * dairy on per Broadway; $l,r/x>
Jjslri««s flc-ae moothfy: select trade. l»ar- '
tieujsrs at Dor.aJd-Wlg.glns Co.. 2P7 .
' JfcrtAflwsy.
-AYTOMOIiILT- psra^re <„ most popular t'l
mVS** 1 ! 6 ro ' JTS 1n X** Jersey; r rio« i
' •M»0. afoDonald-WlgaiM Co.. £37 Brc*i- •
■ * !0! 0 reCXJREa Int-reet In h!e-h c!ai«s '
' rr--.V!-« pj, n , d . .. .,,. thU cfty; in
'firSiSra' McDor:i:i - w :': '' rln " Co., 267 .
•1800 BUT? saloon; spleadld comer on M
•*•■: rece!;-. m - <!alIy: tow rent: Ion « 'i
STU..*^ fa •'' rarti<Ti:ars apply ilcDon
aia-ffifgin, Co.. 257 Broadway.
* 2^° 7° VlOtn r^rjxjjred m e*tabl!*h*a
' n*c-?ry":r' C aril construction concern; ,
-' «■"»• «vldf.^« *a*ra*t»i*J. McDonald- !
V-r?.ZB Co.. 2E 7 Broadway.
■TACK N. y —To rent far en« year. 12
moat <se«lrable locntlcn; I.W
?T>r'-I'rv, Fl i>;,' 1 ' : " r '^ 1 ' >n * l McDonald- :
yy 1"*1 "* <>>•. 2^7 Broadway.
-. •*•«». ACTn-R~7r~,!lrn t~pi rtner wanted !
» trSe- iS!« *«l"ri^e for Ia4!«e: high claas
■* s^V-i^-.M S lr *" t0 «^.ave.: lady or
s=?£^»!L'H r '^ tkU «» -r-optlonal op- :
K t^iOi ~7 Investment. SlcDonald-Wlg
*wl ">-t ~>l Broadway.
£mt<Fu?X r^ i P* vln f*uils>H re—
KcDoJLa l^!^"" Wm ' >nv«,Urw» this.
.^gw-Wlrglns Co.. 257 Broadway.
Ftrt^r. ..■V,? »anufa^turtn s concern.
« concern,
gracuw. at UclfOMjc-Wlggln. Qo.. 287
•«S»ofth?i? ana tfarisg on the market
( "*st( l T.." 1 " 81 valuable patents over in
' **■*£ *ith #S£ J nt '."«""' can b« fur
asenS»*"v-, ■ "' taJ: ' tv "giving to 1
torkr?tV Ci " ' ' "° • 26T Broadway. If aw
*122 r f^; C' I^JM—Beautlful IB room
■ r- ut^eT'rabiJ ~ r? 01275 : high ground; in i
K2?^toliS!S ! 77 e *i h«n<J*om» 20 room
>mt>« SS'i^ LJ" h*r<lwoM throughout;
-aatlr^ «rJ JT-T tO r " !Ir '>»^«: excellent
* Par»fr«u r "' flln «"i * 14 -«» will purchase}
" l M^«»»Ja-Wlggtn.^
J?' ' V "* ————___
""Mr a eJirifc llnF to 'nrest. with (■•
~r:trr"i % ,71 i r " ISBr -' 1 dollars, you keeping
*«*„. r,i h ,* mo »«J' yourself? A.. IJoYst!
I fc»»» (*Atrtt % — — —
•jn*lnr a .- V." * r ' >wlr '* business now
("way. a*Uu>M«!t Ms Greene are., Brook
> ]pi. •**-«>Mej. «3 Greene aye., Brook-
> •22 99 t ° vg-T- ' rom 112 op; perfect Ct as
f^- • > , ' Hi take mea»,r%.
K-Twi bii k ' «< J*t aye.. n«ir »4 St.
1 ■-.* • - *' "'
Male. '
ATTENTION'!— Swede, 2«: lately landed;
medical gymnant and physical culturlst.
etc.; graduated Stockholm; late assistant at
private -sanatorium: as attendant or com
panion; no objection to travelling; beat ref
erence. Stockholm, Box 2, Tribune Office.
AUDITOR, accountant. systeinatirer wishes
extra work afternoons; books written up
periodically; marled account* disentangled;
audit* made; balances prepared; reference!
P. O. Bos 2130. •
BOOKKEEPER: j • an open ar,d
■ i'jfac l;i,oks h!: 1 ta>.e off trial balance
and balana sheets: :• ■«■ hours evenings.
F. M.. i.i>j Hancock si . Brooklyn.
BOOKKBBPER and typewrite! Al; 10
srftl - :., ::: .... con* lentlous; ex
rellent reference Ralble. 1310 Boston Road
i: : >
BOT. 1«. nr ■ school; ofll
phi'ii, t,:art Immediately; some eipeii-
WCO. i.art Banuck, 801 li»-Ka!t, e.\c,
BOY. is. steamfltter or r!-_;nn*r f s helper.
M. M.. 102 Bast BOth st.
BOT. 17. In office ; good references. W
OoMman. 861 Kast flat st.
BUIUDINQ sri>r.lUNTKN'!>l- NT. of
* m I • :• ..'•:.. EngUsb; also
as foreman; . i K ;.-. years' experience. Ad-
PJick, SO K:ii e »t.
*<>. hlgbesi personal and bank reference.
A. 'OMSK \v 317 West HM et.
BUTCHER; U.'.; Steady; unc y»ar In muntt)';
permanent position; understands Hunga
rian I ah. Flohacsy 111 l
feumni.t b-K. . Jersey City Heights
CARPENTER, builder. . wish*» work from
landlords fr private; alterations, stores.
offices. Jobbing; nable prices; prompt
attenticw; s>atißfaction cuaranteed; esti
mates furnished. Bass 2660 3d aye.
with t.~,is. llafker. 1»3 Hopkins St.,
' CASHIER.— City, country. Feasiiore
mountain position, by thoroughly experi
\ <■!• ■■• 1 cashier, ntorekfeper. steward and
manager; 10 years' connection with promi
nent restaurants; will assist proprietor or
assume management of any undertaking
where Integrity, sobriety and stiict atten
tion are essential; J7.-. monthly; highest ref
erences. (.Tiarles Britton. 322 West 27th ft.
CHAUFFEUR. — Colored: tlncle: Just from
school, 307 West 4*th xt : tel. ■"■", Bryant.
Alex Morgan. .'•; Fleet Place, Brooklyn.
CHAI'FFKI i; Graduate keep any auto
mol.tle In good running order; *trlctly
ten;p«rate. reliable: go anywhere. Address
>:.. Room K>4. Mechanics' Beak Building.
Brooklyn. .
'■ CHAUFPKT'U. — Ai;r.l '.'4 six years' r«-pntr '
: shop ar.d driving ex:>erl»nre on ail kinds j
■ of machines; would like to change; refer- ■
! enaes Address August Vogt. care <;: is I
| man. South Airki, N. J. . I
; CHAUFFKni— City or country; willing to j
take care of horses; (ix years' references. !
•'■■ 11 Ln 124 East 78th ft.
CHAUFFEUR. —By F;r:Rir German, 23; '
graduate; careful driver; competent any
iraeolene car; po anywhere; pooj roffrence*;
sober, reliable. Robert Trelchel. 208 West
6.? d st.
<n?AUFIT-':iT<. — 7:>rrrrienced: ir.arrle.i. Sfl : j
first class reference from ... family;
careful driver; sober, honest, wiliinfr, oblig - I
ir.g. <1:a-jfTeur. 23!t EaFt BOth *t
CHAUFFBI R.— Colored; references; will
Ito anywhere; perfectly sober. l~ra,-i'.( Paj :
ton. ."i' West 130 th Bt.
CHAITPFECR.— White steamer and gn»(>- •
lene carf: <ia all r»-palrir.?: careful driver; I
htfi r<>f*r*T>e: temperate; fir*t c'a«s m<>
chanlc: r^ralr e':o-> o^p.-rienv". cliaurtfur. '
Box 17. Tribune Office.
CHAUFFETTir'rr- French; first c^ass me
chanic: tnoroughly unlerrtar.ds Ix.th f"r
elpn and domestic cars: city ,r rrjur.'ry:
h»»t references. cioorge I'au. 2.34 West
3Cth n.
CHAUFFEUR"— Private fi«r::!ly; tw n years'
factory experience and lv yea/s as
driver: references. Adored* W. L. Will
iams, M.M Sth a\e.
CHAUFFEUR.— By Swede: married three
years' ejijeile-nce on l-'anhari. Belgium
P!,"e, I^ofouT_*l!e; best references; privato
family: cltv or country. Address John
Erickeon, ,"i2R West f,2d St.
CHAI'FFEI '■ S:nc>. 2O ; honest. eoS»r;
caref-jl (irlver; does nil repairing; po ony
where J'ackarJ. Haynes, Tiion-as, Colum
bia and P.»o. Address A. J. Warhol. P. O.
Box 222, LlnoleumvUle, Staten Island.
CHAT-FFEUR. — . Hy young man: single;
Rood mechanic; caret driver; isinall eai
ary. A. Calaselbetla, 218 Chnstie Bt.
CHAUFFEtJR. — CJood persons reference;
•an operate ar.v gasolene car. D. Dough
trey.,care of Moore. 237 West r&d st.
CHAUFim-'R.— Mechanic; . Italian: 22.
single; exj-erienced on ' ■ .is ar.d do
mect'.c car*; '-sn furr.ifh b«-st referen.-»
from recei employer; in private family.
Anthony Pcu<:e!l£rl. ■40 Kast Hist >■■
CHAUFFEUR. — Co!</red; experienced with
French and Arr.eri'-an cars; with private
fprr.llv or duotor; city or country; has re!
erence. Isaac Martin. 341* West VJth st.
CHACFFStnt.— By yourp nun. 24. two
own r«-ralrH; **et refer T.i »<«: city or coun
try. Charles Wehmeyer, 413 V ■• 40th fit.
CHAt'FFBtTR.— By experienced mechanic;
private family ; .areful driver: r.ooii hab
its; reference". Address rimuJTieiir. 133
West ''717 1 . 1 . si 'Phone 6707 Columbus.
CHAUFFEUR. — Two years' experience re
pairing and driving all car»; uses neither
liquor nor tobacco; best refereuc.es. Rua
stil, care of Heath 6M 2d aye.
CHAUFFET.'R— City or country; private
family; pood mechanic; reliaMe; teven
years' experience; beet city refer*:, ces.
Laurence. 201 West C3d St.
CHAUFFEUB —Will rr.ake himself useful ;
t*r> yeaie' ex^eriec<-», good referaf) a;
moderate wages C. Kontkarien. 4b Colum
bus aye.. »nr» uf Kamberg.
CHAUFFEUR. — Good mechar.lo nnd driver;
has best of references from last employ
er; desires place with private party; go
anywhere. Address Michael J. Kunsxt, :6o
Kant t: : el
CHAUFFEUR.— By feat* man. 29; has
worked at auto blackemlth trade for 12
years; best references. Mike Fox. 122 Eher
13 st.
CHAUFFEUR.— ingle; gasolene cars; city
or country; does all repairs; license.
James Osllan, lit* Bay et., Btapleton. 8. I.
OOACHMAM-— Single; ex
perience In either line; thoroughly com
petent; understands proper earn of machine,
horiws. carriages, etc.; careful driver; ref
erence. T. L. V.. Tribune Uptown Ofllco.
ISC4 Uroadway.
CHAITTEL'n.-Dy German-American. 20;
careful driver; sober, honest sun 4 oblltr-
Ing Address A. H.. care of W. Plmpl. «48
West 4<Hh st.
CHAUFT*Et T R, — Ettf-erienred; New Yorlt
and New Jersey license. Address J.
7jakas. £1 Warwick st.. Newark, N. J.
CHAUFFEUR. Frenchman: experience: four
years In Europe; mechanic. *tx years In
•hop; In New York 7 months; Job reference
6 months; speaks five languages; able to do
own repairing; cars, I'anhard. Itenault,
ifors ijarracQ, Martini. Mercedes, I>e L»lon
iiouton (C G. V.). De I>l»trich «n«i Am«rl
>an cars; reference; city or country; Basso,
10l West Wkii st.
CHAUFFEUR.— 22; neat appearance;
thorough, practical knowledge of gasolene
'■fare; runabout or lltrht power car preferred;
city or country; will repair and take gen
eral core of car; one year's garage experi
ence; moderate salary; excellent reference*.
Address John Pallett. 1401 Avenue. A.
CIIAin-TDUR.— Bln^le,, 83; two years' shop
and road experience; foreign or American
cars; lfi years coachman In private family;
excellent reference: city or country. Ad
dreas I* P.. Tribune Uptown Office, 1304
CHAT.TTET'R: Americain, 28; roechunl'Ur.;
unmarried; non etnr«k<r, temperate hnhlts.
run any car; best reference. J. E Tomp
klr.s. core James Canfleld. Ift4 Wfst 4Cth tt.
CHAUFFEUR, expert: full knowledge of
mechanism of all machines; has had
factory and garage experience; careful
driver; soberi a-ofXl appearance; excellent
referent**. Address Cbauffour. P. 0.. Ro
selie. N. J.
CHA.TTITEUR: recommend good, practical
man to one desiring eervlces of first class
man. Adfireis Practical, Box 81. Tribune
CHAUFFEUR; steeply position; now em
plojel by Auto Transportation Company,
West 41st st ; ■willing to go abroad. Write
W. A. Q., care Williams. 428 West 424 st.
CHAXTfTKVII. — Colored; good mechanic;
understands care of horaes. lawns; all
around man ; go anywhere. liobcrt T., 433
West 624 st ., care Dlgr»-
Uy light coJoreil man; In first class fam
ily; best references. W. H. Bmltb, 360 7th
St.. Jersey City.
CHAUFFEUR; with private family: run
and repair any make gasolene car; good
reference; married; temperate! aged 8«
years; height 6 ft. 10 In. Kennedy, 20
Charles st.
CHAL'KFEUR. — By young man; experi
enced; French an 4 American cars; can
make own repairs; Ktrlctly temperate; well
recommended. Joseph Wollmer, 1076 Put
nam aye.. Brooklyn.
CHAUFFEUR.— By French-American; three
years' experience; city or country; h"»t
references bji to ability, imbriety and hon
esty. Edward Blot. WllJlamsbrldgs. New
York City.
CLERK. — Three years* business experience;
ir.»i<;«, outside ofnce: general offloe man
arar; typewriter: excellent references; }lkl
llfi. O. £. Homer, 260 £ut 7*>t!» st.
TTORK WANTED, \ '"- ?\f,
CLARIONET PLATER, beginner, wishes to
Join an amateur band. ■ Xdriresd J. p.,
Tribune Uptown Office, 1304 Broadway.
COLLEGIAN. 24, rcreigser. well conversant
with French, withes to go abroad with
party until October. Addrrai L T.. Bos 20,
Tribune Uptown Office, 1304 Broadway.
COLLECTOR or CASHIER.— man hold-
Ing responsible position; work pan of day
anl evening. Box 255, 1039 <Jatcs aye.
DRIVER.- Single: experlerced; reliable In
taking care of horses, hsirneng; good
FToom's reference from last place. A. F.,
203 East 4Sth si.
DRIVER. — Aged 22: with Rood firm. M.
Carney . 428 Jiast 71b: st.
ELECTRICIAN, Spanish, wants work In
i!s office, 4i Cherry st.
Kl.lv TBICIAN'B HELPER. first class.
Address i.estrr Wright, 2i>l
T'nlon St.. lirooklyn.
ENGINEER —With license; ail kinds of re
:.>; and electrical work. Joseph Qan
tefohr. KiSth St. Paul a-.e., Jersey City
11-lghtP. N. J.
BNOINEKR holding marine Rnd station
ary ii.(>:isf.«. capable <>f niilr.g any place
or. ',»-,.■, or water; .;i> or ci an try; net t0. ..15.
Engineer, 4.'ic llii'lson Bt.
FEEDEB, Job. and fair cylinder; $10 for
steady place. SO4 East 86th si
FIREMAN Understands his ln'.Rinf-'!!'
wishes steady U'.rk; i>est of re*
■ hutr.e. :!i:» l"th ki
HANDT MAN City or country; good hnr
nesß cleaner; careful driver; < n.-i mend
hariH'ss, help garden; sober; good refer
.•. c. Box s . Tribune Office.
JEWELRY STORE; clerk : clian ■■» to learn
n-iidt-; «!.c; merit, bard work bring
sucets; neat Industrious American; refei
ence bond Jewelry. IM I*** *6th st.
. > enci 141 West SBI
1,1'1.s CARO, Spanish piano ; '■ .
inlts some few more | :
lyn cr Ni-w forl ■' reslden es
from $1 up, hour Call or write, in Baal
KHjtn st.
1 MECHANIC; young German; experienced
on gasolene •.-■:■ . cood repairer, posi
■ tion In rep.i'rlns chop; in do all automo
1 la work. Paul, !•■«'< Avenue A. j.
MAN. with, experience on lithograph polish-
Ing • r Impression machln>f>; elso under-
Btaiids driil and prets machines. W'aMiicr,
2int East 43d Bt.
MACHINIST.— By elderly man; 20 years In
last place as engineer; llcht Jo!,. .1 \\ .
I'rsKps. 44«» (liestmit st.. Brooklyn.
; MANAGER.— Young n un of experience and
! nlillity would consider i>o«ition ,- . man-
I bkt of men ani details; executive work;
j thoroti^h tuiKireF!" training; Hrst class refer
[ enceji. ■ tearle.-, 368 Sumner me. Newark,
\lL± .
PAINTER.— First '.'!>». ■so decorator.
paperhanger, hardwood finisher, tapestry
! »!!k hanger; desires work by day "or Job;
!.-r landl.-rds or estates. Decorator, ltVj
; Kas: i>;th st.
: I'AIXTKK.- Hy Gorman; hotels, landlords
or real e.«tate; best work; price reasot
I ablo. Paint Store, n's Tompkins New
; York City, two blocks from r.rnrs.J st. feiry.
PAIN" decorator, wisheg work from
estates, landlords: or private; resaonaMo
prices, prompt attention; satisfaction
I raranteed. ■ "a : : or write for estlmatu.
; Hup?. 2<li>l 3.1 aye.
i PAINTER, rai» > ■ ... class; hotel,
landlord* cr i»:nte. Behrens, l'l2f» 3d aye.
! PAPEIiriAXGER: German; steady pisltlon.-
Kcwallk, 111 Kast 7th it door 14
BALESMAN, &C— Aged 40: furniture, car
P«-ts, oilcloth; or an collector or suy other
rood paying lus!n»»«: 20 years' rxi>erler.ce;
speaks «>'rrr.an; good referer.ces. George
It'.tzmann. 4nf< West Mth at
SALESMAN.— AbIe Ickllwl. SO; knowledge
of drug*: practical mechanic. Berber,
.•521» V.rst .... St.
FF.«"Rirr ARY. — Yoimif man, collegiate
graduate; willing n> tr-avi an secretary;
valet to an elderly Rfntlemnn: references
ex'hanpe<j. J. i- Morrow's Bureau. 721
Laexll . • «■ ■ , corner IlSth ?t.
TO ruHLl«Hnns.— Printer experienced In
the making <t bvks and inngazlm-s. '*'•
s!res position In publishing house, to look
r«f:«-r the manufacturing nnd be „:h. rwli—
ureful. ;■■■•.; IJ^.x 2. Tribune Ofllce.
HTAHLKMAN. -- Flm cla«^: un.'.-rsUtrj-.n
and crji treat nil di»eai!-« of hcrs»s
Doyie. K5 raciflc Ff., Brooklyn.
man. 10; wholesale or commission hr,im«;
r»>rfncef; ambitious. Julius Onstll, care
Asr-.fim, !<.'» St. Mark's I p lac».
I'.fe arid hotel expeil-nce; ><al»rj- t f 12. Ad
dress I). K. W2 i^)!u:nbi:s a\e.
Vl'!ilil.STE!!rat. -- WorkM for leaning
hf.uKu lr. New York; wUI work for \ri -
\atv fa.mllle» i"-.tr: Brack, care V. Vtvit «
tug. 19 St. Marks I"Jace. ) \j
VAJINISHKR, Ac —Hy young Iran. 20; "x
et any'.hlr.e. (ietrte Wtnkel, lbl Wyckoff
u»e , Brooklyn.
WAGON BLACTiPMITH: can do n,>:n»
wrwj- A -ork; steauly wwrk; roo-l pay. E. 1".
Arder?on. Summit, N. J.
10CNQ Pennsylvania lawyer five >•»"'
fractlct, locating In New York, d»«lre»
petition with law or r*alty Cr::i. Address
Uax HO2. Bro *lyn
V v -ii HAN 22. Italian-American; posi
tion with m*r<"ont!> house; char.cc fir
advancement ; •rate wa^es to start,
AcJre>!- Joerph Glacomo, "■Ci; Hit\ tve
care of horses and revs si.d under
all farm work: wife can do conking, want
ing or take care of children: wages 145 *
month. Ad !r»»t Jos-jf Ramescb, care of
M. Hembuigir. 164 Watt* st.
YOUNG MAN. 21. In shipping >**parfment,
wholesale ho'.i»e; experienced; references.
T. ICorrissey. W East K'.th St.
YOUNG MAN, 28, desires position, office
or outside, where energy at.lllty and
wllltngneF» to work ure required! ref.r
*nce. Address liv» 707. 1039 Qates avt.,
YOUKG van. 17. studying elnctrlclty,
wishes iHjl"itlrin to learn business '
OUgilly. Fuda. Knet 71st st.
YOUNG MAX. i.rtenflant to gentleman;
sj-«-ak4 English an] Oermhn; no ol
to lr.-.nlld. John Kuhn. care JJaurtr, 114
KJng st.
TOUXO MAX. 22. as office assistant. mall-
Ing clerk or snipping clerk Address A'- ■
curate. liox 20. Tribune Uptown Office, 1304
TOITNO MAN. colored, t take care >>r din
ing; room fot summer; tix»t refen
country; -'111 be 1 Call or «i'V:r«-..*
Joseph Allen, "':7 West 83d »t.
TOUNO MAN', 18. to work few hours Ut
night. A. Falter, 847 East Cist st.
YOUNG. MAN. SB: experience from New
York electrical trade scbi electrical
trade or laboratory. B. C'hristensen. 138'
Calyer at . Brook
young lady Miss AI. Lamake, ll»4 Trank
l!n st.
GIHU. Ifi. neal. In an office. Miss E. Dans,
1340 Wtbßter a,*., Tho Bronx.
GO^^^TN"KH9. educated German, tenrhine
muslr. h!*> primary branches English;
takee intlie charge of • hildn n A
Competent German Christian Home, lit
East «2d st
QOVERNBBS. Qerman govern ess or nui
tery guveiness of refinement, ex
Oerman. French, music, BngHsh. primary
■h- be^t references. Address «"om
petent. 231 West 24th at.
GOVERNESS, secretary, companion; prl
vate school teacher nine yeuru; summer
position; country. i>eashorr. travelling; un
exceptionable reference. Graham. 120 West
88d st.
man. In private family to take care '
young; chtlJr';n- PUuso Inqulm 13 East
69th st.
Toune American girl, speaks French, un
d>'rn'»>i3i< music: willing to travel: present
snployer seea Morrow's Bureau, 721 L*x
btKton uve.. oorner BBth st
I'RIVATB PECRETART.— Eleht yearn* ex
perience; high class professional and lit
erary Secretary Box 40, Tribune oilier.
RFFTNKD YOl.'Na Nt'ltSE to care grow
ing chl dren; $^<>; best reference. Miss
Rhta's Bureau, B Baat 42(1 tt.
BTENOORAPHER.— Business house; begftn
nr-- «p<-a»4« EnglUh and Italian, aithuuKli
Amrricun; mi.i.l. accurate. Addreim .1 ■>.
•ephlne BaJvatu. o^7 Flushing aye.. liruuk
6TF.NOORAPHEP.. tvr>ewrlter. asulstant
br^kkeeper; tliree year*' experience: with
rood house; reference; moderate salary.
Address 8., 57 2d aye.. book ii I
STENOaRAPHKR, typewrltist; young
girl- rapid neat, accurate; willing to
work 'hard If position offers advancement;
i.Hlary $6 to start. A. Quern, 1812 Brook
lyn aye.. Brooklyn ,
TEACHER- — Private instruction In Ger
man. English. French, Latin, mathemat
ics piano and violin: or as correspondent
or ' travelling companion . best references.
Alwln Beyermenn. Box 3.9. Suffolk. Va.
VIFITINO TEACHER — Able: college grad
uate higher and elementary branch**;
rmbllc school methods; highest reference* ;
coßchinJ a special. Address Ability. 233
%v»«t un mk^y- it / '.i-.i-i's
STENOGRAPHER and typist; young lady;
beginner; Brooklyn preferred. Steno 624
Coth st., Brooklyn.
IK years; •■Uefiboard; dewajtown. Miss
L. Reck, 9S Troutinan »t., Brooklyn.
y&UNd LADY: experienced at filing, in
dexing and general ..11l work. Willing.
1«72 Bergen St.. Brooklyn.
ATTENDANT, companion tr. Invalid: ri
perienced, educated, gentlemanly. Gra
. t^t . n ave,
si il r ari
■ J."". Kut
i ;.;••■.. n ' tffli •-. i:i'i4 Broadway.
I L.ER, valet; i\ : m mended «icr
. ■ ■ ■ i city or counti v; «**. » $ao.
Wlnthrop Bureau, 69 Wi ~ . phone,
1082 38Ui,
ERS and second men, nli nai
ties; tall and t | law I , i
• Bun s .. '1.-. Wi st
38th st. , 'phone, IWtt 38th
Ul'Tl.i.l. First class servant go J
• n • P., 162 \\ •s, 32d »t.
EUTLER."^-By young Frenchman; single;
excellent city reference; generally useful;
$."-'. Jt., Hofmayer's Bureau. 153 West 23d
st. Tel. after H>:3o a. m. lift*— Chelsea.
BUTLER.— A lady leaving for Europe de
slres to obtain v position for her very
valuable butler: he. can be seen at her res!
dence, 52 East .7.: tl.. any day during the
present week
r \kki; or JANITi >l: By n
Me colored man and wife, in private fu:-i
lly; oltj or t.tr\ , »;..o,i references, < u.\
UH' \\ esl TOt h «t.
CARETAKER. By middle aged man • -
fectly reliable, stead) and > '■■ i refei
• ' ■ the tx st, Charles T. Hudson, ■■■47
\\ esl 143 dit
'• i r« of prl during s'uni
mer; references. Dei :t:::> East .'ii-t st.
wife co>k

«i id r tfe; cltv v
g an 1 falrl;
' ■ ■ ■
• ■ . Address M •

1 "ARETAK ii; By i

Pie; no
■ ■ ■ . exp»rl
■■. M I
- -•
CARKT » :-. • 1: I - ■
28 Wi
<'.\niVrAKi;H.~-l:v man nnd wife; cure of
Private house: 15 years' city references.
.*rt<.r<-<js I. v. . Itehea .. li»i* Gth aye.
• CABDTAK,ER.^-Colored; for the summer or
ioi!K. r. high cia^s reference. Puilv 22 1
West Hod ?t.
• "AKirTAKKHS-. —Hy small. respectable
family: privute or apartment h«:se Iwst
reference. J. McSlanus, 2K» liu-t 2><th st.
CARETAKER.— By neTtl e*xperleri -'-d
I couple, to snk.- <«re of private hmis- for
summer. Address M. }; . IMB ;td aye.
COACHMAN.— SingIe, 32; competent and
re:iat>lc; elgfit years' reference from la»t
employer; strictly sober; diligent worker;
moderate expectation,. |». CalMn. lmj West
f>«lh n.
rK»d; r.n children; thoroughly understands
rare •>: i.orse*: sober an.l trustworthy; be«t
references; country preferred. A>!di<?ss M.
M.. ICB 3d Ft.. South Orange. N. J.
COACHMAN.^-WAITER. 4c— Two neat
>• ung men; one coachman; utlier second
man, good wulter, tiiilerst.inds sliver
thoroughly; good houseman; rlty, country.
Morrow's Bureau, 721 Lexington aye.; cor
ner 3m h st.
(■'■Aili.MAN-Twor.ty years' »»perienee in
:iiv:i:-. family; fir.it c -:o.«s references; li
vfars in ]A.«t place; n> objection in c"u::tiy.
O. }! . IV. i".a»t 7^th st
j gie Qerman; middle ose.l. thoroughly ex
perienced; understands giird-r.ltig. lawns;
trustworthy, sober, t.-ir^xt : personal infer
ences. Jiellabie. H.ix 7. Tribune urtlre.
(Y>A<"HM — Klr.gl-." »." tl,n"r'v.;K!ily!'tt
r»rienc»4; careful driver; city or country;
h^fit written and Dtrsanal i».'«rrrir.f; willing
and oClKlrg; strictly »oi^«r. Adjit-M I. I.
T.. 143 West U3.1 M.
<y'AjstLtf r AN -i Ttv vr country: rfod driver
unj caretaker ut Pis' rlnim stable. J.
Wo-^?w«ri. Cedarhurst, l.<t\t Island.
COACHWAX — Rnglish, .12; married, i.o
children; 15 years' niifrtfnc*. nvn years
In liittt P'.nce. itiKijv in^lti.ir.; tJty or coun
try. A. Wiilil^j-. -■* Uay ht.. J. r»cy City.
COACHMAN — Colored ; too-\ gro.>rn; handy
HUM; understand* iK!e vi iilie carriages
«r>l harness- all around itabljman; written
uiid perstnal re(errnc*s. J. Btockley, 147
Warburton air, Yonkers, N. Y.
COACHMAN, Orinan. married, no family;
careful driver und rller: mnuit utp>ar
• "■•'. thorough horseman; competent to take
full charge no caretaker where •- nd man
Is kept; wife, if required, as koJ plain
ci»Tit <.r butter maker: both reliable per
sons, hlgh'y iecon:nie.iiled. ('oacLman, care
Nlemyer, 488 l".a*t M»:h tt.
lied «»(«!«, ngej 89; one Chi hid; Shop an<t
road exi*:lf!)r<j, can drive and operate any
gas.;!eno car. also White steamer; <5.) own
repairs; »ro anywhere; l'l y»«r«" personal
references for sobriety, hone'*ty and ability.
Address B . J f >ll Sd l\«.
HMAN, CHAI K'-i- I: sing •• • ■
■ • ■
1 ,
■ ■ ■ ■ eferei F. F., Trll
• :M A S BT r ■•■ ■ ■
• Ugl
u- . f . Clgai St -c

, as 7:>2
CDAI HM.\ N Tl ighlj
<-un-rul driver; ■
ede I,
hlghi • reference! A<l
•1r«-Mf> C< .ii.tr . ptown • 'fit' ■
. lay.
COACHMAN 01 carriage groom; young
Bwed with good city reference; wages
$40. Wlnthrop Hureau. C". West 3Hth st.;
'phone, 1003— 38th.
fV)A<'IIMAN; n«-.M, tidy young Irishman;
takes Lest rui> of horses, iianns*. car
riages, etc.; careful driver; -. generally use-;
ful: excellent r>'f •Tern ■• Dudley, a: I 'at -
renter's Bureau, IS4 ■ •■■ aye.
COACHMAN Mug)*; thoroi-rhly im'.r -
Btßjidß tare (mo horses, iHrrlwifes, hur
iicfc, lawns, etc.; carerul driver; sober,
honest, willing, olillgltiR; jrftrences. Ad
dress J. •■ 104 East J-t cr» f t
COACHMAN; KeneralTjJ ureful; ».e«T~of
references: last employer an :-•> >itii.
i. . 1662 Broadway,
COACHMAN; middled ased man: S position
In prlvute family; city or country; ijn
d< n tands ran of horses; careful driver,
Jsmes Kennedy. TSS si Mark's aye . liklyn.
COACHMAN.— By mari man, s:>: one
Child; thoroughly und»-r(itand<« niHna«>
ment of large private stable and help will
glvu rldln« and driving lessons to chlldn n
sober an 1 liable; 16 years' personal city
references; go anywhere. Address Coach
man, 101 ! •:■: aye.
COACHMAN Gent plvltip up horsTs
wishes to secure a position for his coach
man. whom lie can hlghh recommend In
every way. Address Coulter, 221 East 74th
St.; tel., 1943— 71»th.
COACHMAN Lady wishes to aecutw posi
tion for. her coachman, who has been with
her for over sevan years 153 West 74th «t.
< ( 'i 'K. all aro nd ; restaurant, . h ■:■
].' years lasl ; lai ■ . j>
Eteffenauer, *■• Manhattan aye . Jersey nty.
i-< >LOR£D man . bouse n so cm ...
employment; willing. anu,\ 10.
Henry 3otu ■, 2s 6th aye.
COURIER, VAI.KT UniriilM wishes te go
to Europe v.v.'i party 01 gentleman; with
Cook « B d tour yean Wlnthrop
Hi.r.-au. 69 Wo«t 38th; 'phone lOSS BBth
GARDENER Good vegi table growei
<iulte ■ florist; t-:uai! greenhouse ui,.l the
likr; strict)] sober. K. at carpenter's Bu
i»a:i. UM 6th uve.
GARDENER. Useful man; all kind* male
help: excaller.t city ref,-rer.ci'». Rlonm
Bureau 747 Iyxlngton aye., near 51>th *t.
FARMER.— Foreman; English; married.
family; excellent worker; has served years
«t the business experienced In all work;
horses, caul*, sheep, poultry, etc.; under
stands garden work thoroughly excellent
references. A. P., Carpenter's Bureau. 154
6th aye.
FARMER— Foreman: North nf Ireland
I*role*>tant : nge<l 40; married, two chil
dren: life experience at home an.l In Amer
lea In general farming of all kinds; aw I to
fine cattle; uock of nil kind«; expert with
sheep and til work on place, poultry, en-.:
wife, expert butter maker; board h«lp; b**t
reference*. Q. 11., enter's Bureau. 10*
«u> aye. ■•-
Miss Fitzgerald's Employment Bureau
=;TH AVP mR - * 2X> ST > Seymour buildjno.
OW3jn AYE., , Telephone 39H-*9ta.
COOK, capable; good references; $30.
LAUNDRESS; shirts, collars, cuffs: $30.
NURSE; English : capable taking ent;i«
charge of infant; $35.
LADY'S MAID; English; gcod seamstress: i
BUTLER; English; good rtferer.cts; ?00.
Employment Bureau,
23 West 39th St.
'Phones 2134, 2433 — Bryant.
Brooklyn office: 34 kevins st.
"employment bureau.
211 East 42,1 Ft. -I'liKt class domestics ars
supplied; also managing housekeepers,
matrons, governesses, tutors, etc.
"Thelma" Employment Agency.
2010 FIFTH A\n". near lath St.
GARDENER — S'ngle; experli need;
private place; vei
drives etc ; can i ill t, and g<
ful H M . 4 Chatl an: r~ .

Bt refer.
g man;
••■ ■
• . 321 W< "< 44th si
tiKNTUKMAN, noble: single, -7; !
bj , tki tnglis :.. -■• lj better I
an I ital an; ■ U. 386 \\ ••»:
58th St.
GARDENER. — Understands greenhouses
an vegetables; Swiss; single. llana\iu
pel, C,.10 PHrk a •• .
,1: ••Ms —Two first clans English grooms,
Jus( landed, want positions in rl ling
aca.lemy. with pol-j ponies, cr anyUUnc to
to with saddie l:Orst-i; lightweights; go&J
1 de s: first class reference.. W. 8.. Gar
(Sen Cottaße. tfheepEhead ay. N. T.
GARDENER, heaJ; KrKil'h. 4»: married,
no <liiMr.n: on ady'i or gentleman*
rlH<-e- Ufa experience In all branrh.s of the
profession; b«t references. K. J. I*.. «"
Windsor Place, Brooklyn.
GROOM i and FOQTM AN.— Medium height;
gf..»l rkW; >>-*t <-uy references; g" any
where. A'Mn-i-s Coaehinan, i;>4 Hast 421 tt.
IIDAD WAITER Frenchman* 25; gond
appearance; tsll: good education; perfect
knowledge of d'nlns r'jcui Bervlce; c!u!i »r
private family; city or country, AoNirtss
R. A., Trlb-.ne I'ptown OiKce, 13C4 liroud
J Vl'.\NK>'r:. tall. Rßot.t t. se»'"r;a position as
useful man: arslst in auti-mi'bile Karatf;
with j-rl\ai« fa.nlly. reference as chauffeur;
city r.-ferenoe; moderate wages. Ohio, au«)
r.uat r.Tth tt.
JAPANESE, excellent cock, tn private fan»
lly. or on yacht; steward ttnn cook;
city' or country; tcovd references. Itikisuke,
I<j7 Cherry st.

int. 224 ' ■
JANITOR o( three r more
. • • good
UAN A OKI ■ ' -

exp«rl*nved; has travelled In Germany,
Austria Snl'z«r'.«nd and France.
Address It *«rt Kltrlhur. B<K» South Mh bt .
Newark, N. •'
ft-EFVL MAN. —Hy sing!" nißn of all
work; Scotch; 14 years' exi^rlence ; on
jentlenisn's country ilac»; reliable: srrlotly
tet:-iierate AdJreFS Mtlcolm H. Morrison,
ran Vaughan »»ed store. 14 liarc'ay st.
Ijl^ti, MAN.— Colored; under»tan<Ja cai«
ftf cuws la«n and housework; good refer
erce. (Julncy Wilson, H"'2 Myrtlu aye.;
l!r^ »'jn.
US EFT.* L MAN —Single; !i«ndy with tools;
caref\il drlvrr; thoroughly understands
household duti<!>. eltctrlolty. n«ea;ii v i-;it!iiK.
pumps, elevni'.rs litnni and drtTewaya; n
eellent private f:m:lly refer<-!u«-». Jumea
Taylor. ns7 3d aye.
fi-TFI'L MAN. -■ Understands i-aro n;
horses, lawn ar.d housework; willing an 1
ebllaing; written nr.d personal reference*.
Address N. R.. Tribune L'pttwn Ofllce. 13' i»
VALET. ATTENDANT t.> Invalid ur eiulr«
charge gentleman « »: artiiiciits: life »■»
nartei highest references; dlsengigeil
through deal liigllKh, 'M .'. ft s';, In ;
moderate wages. Dunnett. 211 '.Vest 22J ft.
VALET. —By yourg man; ur.lerstan.ls
pressing clothes; good references. K. F,
0., 14S Columbus aia.
VAI-I" young Swrde; understands mas
sage; cars for lnvailj or tiavellinit with
party: best ref rence. E. Olson, 228 l'u
ciflc st.. Brooklyn
VALET nd un to an i! valid: expert- ,
enced. ' edu.:at.-d. gentlemanly. Graham, ]
C:» Lexington tv« |
VALET *nd ATTENDANT for single K.-n •
tleman; understands ling: »i#aks k"'.l
Fng-11.-h; Ro.hl reference. Address 11. N.,
242 West BCtl -■
— j
ATTENDANT, nurse to Invalid or elderly
gentleman; graduated masseur, chlropo-^
diet; travels; siruka French, Ct-rmm. i:.w
llsh: liighrst city references, medical and
private Address Nurse, Tribune I ptowu
Office, i:iC4 liioadwsy.
ATTEXDANT.— Nurse tr> inrnlll lu<!y. by j
refined Swede; - «»l ••••tnfanlun; gra.Ju- |
ated in Sweden; highest references. Ad
dress Undstrom,'lV47 Park aye. Tel. 47«W--
ATTENDANT to Inval understands mns- '
Knee electricity; good *earostr*ss: e\.-«M-^
Unt "references. C. It.. M'"-< FluGeralUa
Ili.r«au, Wi3 Tlfth aye.. cor. 4 - lI -__
CARETAKKR — Reliable woman w!»^e»
car.) of cUaKe. li'iriiiK sumi:i-r; t»*t of
re fere me» Mn DnhrKop.343 East 31st »W
CAHKTAKKH— Hy experienced woman to
<-ir« for private houw for the summer;
first class reference. Address Uox 25. 203
Kust 48th st.
CARETAKER.— By n respectable woman as
car.'tak-r for vtivute .house for «*•:,», «-r:
ro children; can furnish l«-»t ct> re .<< ■
rm-e iik caretaker. Answer by mall only.
Mr«. Keegun, 133 Kant 52d st.
CARETAKER.— By a rcs;.fct.iii!« widow j
and Brown u V daughter, to take rar*:<>C
house for th« summer; private family;
tef.ren<.-e. Mrs. -.illy. 413 Kast^a4tt>^st.
CARETAKERIfor house; capable «..m.in.
with excellent references; will <-0..k t>r.-.ik
faata ai d ilo laundry work f'»r gentlemeh. ,
X . Miss Fltiaerald's Bureau. M I Fifth
uve.. cor. 42d. !
COOK and hOUMKSeper: iii | rivals fupiily:
i Etigllah woman; experienced: country/no
cards or triflei answered. r>. Sautter, .•••! :
Knickerbocker aye.. Krooklyn. i
COOK ti-st rlnss; Swedish: private famtly, i
where kit hei maid Is k>\*. best city ref ■ .
erence; wages |80: seashore preferred. Call
Anderson 231 Ortffltn st., Jersej City
COOK By Oermait, nr^t class; neat, tidy;
best references; waxes Sill to *•">. city or
count! » Bureau. 480 Columbus
:,•.,• Tel. I4J River.
COOK, first class; Protestant; • 1 ■ [lent m
t«riT ami manager; l*«t of references:
city or country. M. II . Mrs. Colliers
Agency, 1-- Weal 2.Td «t.
COOK and laundraaa; Competent: obliging ,
woman; good references; moderate «-ace«.
M s. Mrs. Collier's Agency, 122 West I
2Sd at. !
CO<">K. chambermaid ami wnltn-Fs. or laun- j
.ir..^;,- young Scandinavian gtrl. with bust .
of reference! Foreman's Bnp Bureau, 133 I
East COth m. Tel. 3WO— Plaxo. I
COOKS, $» to |70 excellent city refer
ences. 8100m 111 1 Bureau, "•»" Lexington
aye., near 50th st. i
CVOK, Swedish, first class, for private j
family: understands her business thur- !
oughl) . naiad", d<ssert«, etc.; no objection J
to the country: beel references: $C 0 per >
mrnth. Swedish Exchange, r.W Third aye., !
or tel , 4H5— 3Mh. |
COOK; German young woman: thoroughly [
competent; first clans rltv references; i
wnn«M $60. Mrs. Dickinson's Co-operative
Bureau. 331 Madison ,v.; tel.. 178*— «$th. j
COOK, CHAMBERMAID.— Two neat young '
girls; cook, competent, n od baker, excel
lent undress: other, chambermaid and
waitress: no t>t«.lecilr.ns large ramily; city or
jut Morrow's Bureau, 721 Lexington ay«.,
corner CSth st.
EMri.ovMnxT agencies.
NURSE for 14-months'-oM child: J3O.
COOK; for Cleveland; H>>.
LAUNDRESS; for country: $30.
WAITRESS; fo- city. $25.
CHAMBERMAID and seamstress; $25.
MM 3D AYE., nr. SSTH. TEL. 4SS—3STH.
iln\e always on hand the best help obtain^
aMe. with every reference personally in
vestlgtited; butlers, second men. gardi'ncrs,
co..ks, chambermaids, waitresses, gover
nesses. nurses, housekeepers an<l Reneral
houapworkera of all nationalities families
promptly Ktipplled with the best of help.
Employment Bureau,
Bet. r.ih an.l Gth Avenues. New Tork.
"I'hons 100S— S8th.
Competent servants always on hand.
AT CARPENTER'S Employment 'Use,
164 6th aye. Established 1*47 We have
be«t coachmen, gardeners, grooms, married
coupl»s. farm foremen, farm bands. All
nations. wtil recommended.
PARK -IS'TFi Emp. Bureau. «•< Ttri aye..
Brooklyn.— First 'as- help only ; all refer
'""'' "■•••■ "'.gn'.-i ; fatlsfactlon guaranteed.
COOK, flrat class; Swedish; written and
ptrscnal refervices; wagres $.;.'. with
kltchenmald. Jussila. Bureau, MB I/exing
t( n ave.
(T.OK- WAITRESS.— Two capable Finlan-l
girls: maid and chambermaid: beet ref
errnces. Jussila Bureau, • -<j Lexington
COOK. — A larly wishes •■< j-: ne her cook.
whom she thoroughly recommends; nine
years' city reference; wages *4."> Mrs.
liickinsor.'s Co-operative Uureau, 331 Madi
ion aye. ; tel.. 3734— 3Mh.
CCOK— WAI ■ Kir!.
1 Mi ;■ v 8 Hiir-.
- | |
X: :viiknma!D. Hungarian girl.
: • .. ■ friend,
r *■'■', :i:>.r.'. n > Bb
prl at« ■■: pul . ■ Tele
>w*i Burea „ 731
- " -
COOKS, first flasß; German. Swedish an
French: p'^d <" i r y references. Inthr'.p
Bureau, <■-"• W. 3Sth. Phone 10t©^-BSth..
cook.- -i:y well recommended young Irlnh
Bill, witli three ytars' city rcfurenres:
wishes tn «ro to Newport. Wintrrnp rtu
reau, 63 West .'i^h st. Phone 1003— SSth.
COOK —Middle aged: -.' excellent; tw^>
years' referenet-. V . I' !■!... ■.-■'■ Bu
ren'i. 153 \\>st>2M st. Tel., alter 10:.Trt
a. m.. ISC4— Chelsea^
■ ■ . eat. tidy; n'-v
i . - *•■>
$-■■ . . ■ " u.ibua
CHAMBERMAID. — Prr testant; y.-vunc, neat.
*r.lo:*nt; roost satisfactory reference*.
Mrg. c. K«rr.aghan'» Uurtau, removed to
112 West 4Sth »t. Th.me t>3-Ur>ant.
'niAMHEKMAir-WAITRia?S. — p.y un
tralnv! Klrl; n»at. tidy; quick to learn:
srr.ail wan'l to iwgin. Flaherty's Eure»u.
4*.r> Columbus aye. TeL 741 River.
iHAMItKKYiAID: Swedish; wllllnj to hep
other work; excellent reference. Jusaila.
H'lrcau. CBO I>eiirßtfn m».

' -■
« . . ■ r's 1


no 1
I'H V \!1 ' ;:\« \|l ..


<i Ml' VNII »
■ ■
■ .
i . • ■ .
\ . S I -
1 wll
r'. O. Box IN
■ > ■■ > : i:

Irv. M - . .
KAYS WORK: wusllnir or ironlnsr; re- I
sprrtable woman; reference. Address M. !
M.. 71! nilun at.
IiAV s WOKK: laundry, h"iisri-!ear.in^ or,
washimr to Mk.- home: colored woman. I
Tap Din, :!2S West a7th st.
HAYS Wi>KK -Wiisli-ns. Iroiilnc. cl.:in-'
Ing. Ml«>t Kate Murphy, 777 2.1 aye. |
HAYS WORK or clothes washing at h*m7; 1
colored Klrl. Wllliaius. -•:'.!» West i:2d »t. |
FKRNCM MAID and senF.istr. ssl~r~li~u rs^ i
to growing children; good recommend*- 1
ri.'i.*; -itv or country. ..... CoUer's
Agtncy, 122 West 2.1 d *t.
GERMAN: any k!n>l of work In house ..r '
-'garden; l.e^t ref.-rem-.s. inquire 13 East |
HOUSKKKKPKK. — I-ady. middle aKe-la K e-l and
reflneel, wishes full Charge In small fnm-
I v. where or.n or more servants are em
ployed; City or country; best referer.,es •
■ iKHlerate terms. Addreai* E. C... KM East;
14th st.
HOL'SEKEEPKR. nunarlng f».u;iyl ~r i
lailj - s traK'llliiß pompanlon: widow edu - J
• Bted, refined and experienced. Mars '
Tribune Uptown Office. 1364 Broadway. !
HOUSEKEEPER.— By wMd7rw~a»~7,^useT ■
k..-i'W In widower's or bachelor's home; I
excellent cook cid manager; l.t-si of reier- '
ence*. »'. H.. Itox I<»7. m fith aye.
HOt'Sl \ri hi ai
for I
ni-'iit ■ Wei's fnmil> . can
montl • Bun .i i >;s
;■ Tel. 1313 I Pi
HOi g s«ai young Aa ■
-• ■
Iper; no obje lion oount
bas friend, chambt n
HOI'SEWORK Toung girl to assist with
iceneral houwwork; Al
.1. referen es. Mra. L«ngen. OS We.«t lOT.th
HOUSEWORK —By Danish sir;, 20; doesn't
speak Ena°>>sh; small i.rivate family;
waees $12. i % a!l - -..!:■ v n.it.k^r.. 802 East
i:;.Mh st. (new No. 522).
HOITSEWORK. '•„.!{ anil laundress: r.n.l
: waluess; Oermaji
best ■ ■ v ately or t - ■
, iiv or country. Wagner" ■ Bureau, ri'i 4th
U 2Mh st. T< !. MM Madison
UOI'SEKEEPER. Oerman; g.i *\ !insui*t.
prefei family; understands n;:
• klnir. but prefers niariHKliia'
Industrial Association 13
West :;:uh st
; INFANT'S NURSE experienced; has!
friend, chambers ami seamstress- city .
I or country: former speak* German. French '
j and English. Morrows. llureau. 721 Lexing- '
j ton aye.. &Nth st.
J INFANTS KURSK Orman. experienced;
rive- years city reference; also other na
tionalities. Industrial Association. 13 West
RUth fit.
LADIES* MAlD— North Oerman Protes
tant; thoroughly experienced; mest ex- |
cellent references. Mm. C. Kernaghan's j
Bureau, removed to 112 West 48lb St.
Tel. 683— Bryfcju.
R.\rr RO\n*.
Time shown beluw is from Liberty St. Sta
tion. Leave West 23d St 10 minutes earlier
except as notes] by designating marks.
1*12.15. ti.3o, mi.iio. . i!i«b.oO. !< 30. •ft.OOt
t'l«.oa •11.00. 11 3i». m*l2.OW. VlA**.
1.30. *2.<-0. •3 00. MOO. ••5.00. 63U
m«tt.oa «7 iio. •S.OJ', •».»». pia3U P. IK.
3*1213 mat
•S.OO. •.•10.00; •,•12.00; *2.01>. I**4 ow.
•,•O.OO. *7.0 a
»»4o a. 11.. xIOO. 130. k3.40. d*ls. 5.00
P. M. x«. 15. Sundays, SO. 8.40 A. M.
ATLANTIC CITY— A. M.. iI.OO. k3-40
P. M.
GROVE (Sundays. No. Asbury Far>i>—
S4.W>. S.Ji v.so A M.. c*12.40. 1.20.
g4.45. 5.30. «3d. J12.01. Sundays, except
Ocean Q*S«« »4 0«. *.OO A. M.. 4.00. «!«>
Time table* giving trains to EASTOX.
WILLIAMSPORT and all other points ran
le obtained at the following offices; Lib
trfy at. (West 23d St. Tel., 3144 Chelsea).
6 Astor House, 245, 434. 13m). 1354 Br««d
way. ISS tlth Ay.. Ml Sth Ay . 25 l-u. a
Square West, SIM 3d Ay.. 105 West 12.1 th
St., 240 ( Rumbus At New York; 4 Court
St.. 343. 344 Fulton St.. 47» N- strand Ay..
Brooklyn; -Mil Broadway. Willlamsburg.
New Y>.rk Transfer Co. calls for and check*
fca«;gagM to destination.
*D«Uy. tl>ally, except Sunday. pSuniaya
trail. ,r cars only. iiil'tnl:;* car. except
Sundays. xiiaturdays only. sUberty St. i
only. jDinlng car sucdays *.Dinlng car
daily. From West Twenty-third street —
e1220 P. M.. g».30 P. M.. 111.50 P. 31..
k3.20 P. M d 3 "><> P. ii.
W. i-, BESLER, W. c. nor?:.
Vlce-Pres. i ■;- -i. M*-. Gen. Pass'r Agent
"Every other hour on the even hour."
Leave New fork City. 23<l St. Lib- > St.
•WASHINGTON, Sl>ers. 11.50pm 1»> ana
•WASHINGTON, Diner 7."." .nx - .IO am
•WASHINGTON. l>in«r. •JlOa.-ti lo.«» ani
•WASHINGTON. Diner. 11.90 ira 12.00 n'n
•WASHINGTON. Bu*Tet. IV>l :n 1.01 pm
••'ROYAL LTl'."' inner. 9:30 (.:n 4.tiO pra
•WASHINGTON, Diner. 6&>pin <• tH> pm
•WASHINGTON. BuS«t ti.6o i,m 7.oOpia
Through I'aJlv Trains to the West.
I^eave New York City. 23d St. LJt/y St.
CHIi'AGO, COLUMUUS. 11.90 am i:.unin
PITTSBI •:■. CLEVEL'D. 3 3l> i.m 4 C»> pm
••piTT.-WL'lia LIMIT'I>." « .'*) pin" 7.1X1 p:r.
CIN..ST.LOUIS.LOCISV., 11 .'.!• pni 1 ..'.!» am
CIN..ST.LOIIS LOUISV.. '■>.:*> am I<>.U> am
C]N..BT.LOtr]S.I/>UI9rV. .",..'.ll I m «.U)jm
Oitlccs: 215. 431. 1300 Droadway. <& Astoi
Huuse. i' - Greenwich St. 2j l.'nion SQuar*
W.. 391 Grand St.. v V. : 343 Fulton St..
Brooklyn; West 231 St an.l IJberty St.
After 6 p. n. K!eep;ns C^r Reservations
sr.'l full information regarding trains, etc..
can be obtained at Bureau of Information.
R. i- O. 1! R.. 23d £t. TetmlnaJ. 'I'hune
No. Chelsea SI *-».
X. V., N. H. * HARTFORD R. R.
Trains .l^pait from Grand Central Station.
♦2.) St. an.i 4th Aye.. as follows for
Boston via N*w London & Prov.— »J«:«).
it I: in «»> •x<-W:<rl A. M.. ti!'l:tn).
•x i 1:01. •■||3:00. tt! 13:00. •^il!V:«2.
•Tl2:o<. p. M. : via Willlmantlf t*S:Ol A.
M.. t2:0O p. M ; via Spfd ■ f»:14 A. M.
t|]l2.-4M>. • 4 •«• •U:tX> P. it
v. ■ r'ster & Pitch., via Putnam. t3:!53 P. M.
LakPville * Xcrt.— *S:49 A. M. . *'■ ■>.: P. M.
Gt. liarrlnctun. S;ockbrl<!(?c. I^no». I'ltt*
n»M -Mr.!, t-,.,1. A. M. ard i 3:.11 P. M.
Ticket oßltei at cGrand Or.trai Station
and el2sth St.. *]*-> at c2;rv. 1200, cir.l4
B'way. • -."> li.i r. Square. <!M" Fifth Aye..
< 248 rn'.umbu.i Aye.. .-«4V» Madison Aye..
cK."» W. 123 th Pt .. 271* Third Aye. In
Rniohlyn. e4 Court St.. 47a Noatrand Aye..
38U If way.
•Daily, t Except Sundays. •Ptnps at 12.Vh
St. xStopn at 12."> th St. Sun iv.« oniy.
JParlor far I.lmitfd. I! Has dining car.
rrl'arlor arnl l-l^-epirit Car tickets also.
lei " :tT
f'ootof W. IS'- 1 A-.t'ortlSßirandlieaijruMes »n.B»
faily. « .■ -.ir .: ■ ■ ►■s.a. e7 «*. •-:■ 4.*> n%.W.
" '' , ,iLv S.Y..A L'N \..8
BuTilo Fxj<re.s» ;. *t7 40 a > *e7 rxi *»J
DulTalo F.\:>reA» *fcj.4i» * ;.! # C 3V) » 4
BLacK DIAMoM) HXP. . *11 M•«• 'U ws'l
Tori'tnn Vest. Kip.. •»: ;• ] < > 'i 5.«: ru
K. !>!\- •• - - n >
• l' U
jut: itr»TAi.o tu-vin. 1 'in r m[ *j <\> I'M
ticket ufficcs : Soi Id 14b Uruadiraj.
ju> n n («> n w i>s rTTin ~'-\
ii i roLAajj g baija^ilSa lii
i' PEOPLES 7 ]] Steamer, I
T ~X- i C. W. MuKSE and
I Lv. Ti^r .".;. N. P... ft. Canal Si.. w»V,»
I days only. •• P. M.. connecting at
Albany «.ith train* for ALL ..»Td ',-.
i] Norch. F.a.-t ar.d \\>3t.
;i! rTTI7"K^'s ' : SpleotfU Steamers
VlV^ !'' ONTEORAand
! Leave Pier 41 N. R-. " West 10th St..
week days lexcept Saturdays) and Sun- I]
r!ay">. 6 ■■ M. Sunday tUamc.i touch I
at Albany.
l>i>tt ISat-B— X. Y. to Triy -. return. j^.r,t». [I
ttaterc^ins an.l Tk-k-ta at Whurf nces II
also City Ticket orr.ee. M 0 Broadway.
ra fp\ rr-ri and points in
L 23 Uy U v. J Dli NEW EXaLANTX
; PALL RIVER LIVE via Neftjvirt and Fsll
Hl^er Lye. T'l^r 19, N. I-, ft Warren S: ,
week -lays and Sundays, .*>:"<> P. M. Strs.
' I'rls Ilia ami Puritan. Orchestra o.n each.
NORWICH LINE via New London. I^a^e,
Pier 4" N. X.. tool ris»rk?on St.. weelc day*
f.nly t> i" M Chester W. Chat
'■ Tln«nd Vaire.
NBW HAVEN I.INF. fw New llav.n ar 1
iNi rt'i I-eive Tier '."'>. 't!. R-. wefli days
' only. IF. M ?t»amer Rtchtrd Peck.
"" ".
Xewburgb. Poughkeepsie and P.or.Jc>ut,
week Jays „t . I. M. : NewburKh at 5 P.M.,
Sur.da>» ;• A M. Fnm f.^: •■: Fr?.::k:in St.
' -t. - -i ■„■■ 4i. X. TV. week df»i-s. ■' '• M.
DOMESTIC -irr\r:n\-. WANTED.
lent seamstress: koou sailor; good ranker;
exi-.-lletn leffiencen. M.. Hofmayer's Uu
veau. 153 West 2:td »t.
LADIES' MA!DS. understand hairdrtssir.s
and dressmakicg; also R'-ivrrncfsis of ail
natloDaltUea; excellent references. Indus
trial Assoelatton. 13 Weal Sath st.
LADY'S MAID. — Excellent ErkUsb, French
anJ >:«?rinan; beat cttj references; w.iseJ
$3'i. Mrs. Dickinson's Co-operative f.u
rcau, ;t.!l Madison aye.; Tef, :!7H4-U'«trt st
LADY unl daughter will take entire chars*
if one or more »-hUdr*n in t!'*ir plea-«unt
hiiiiiL -In a healtht an. l attractive \ii:.is j
titar New York: s;>-<-iu! nntl experlenfed
care *ivm ti> child «( arrested mental il<.
velopmtnt. E. 1. M . Tribune «>ttk-e.
LADY'S COMPANION, &«•.—!!>• educated,
rtttned ladj ; or as housekeeper tt sov
err.ess f»*r nurswj ; sevtial lamsiia«t-»;
platio cuokir-s; references. RelldLle, 131S
»1 aye.
LAUNDRESS, thoroughly competent, wishes
to nmahi in the <in fur th« summer, sirsc
.-lass reference* Mrs. Dickinsons <i>-o{v>r
atlve Bureau. 331 Madison aye ; tel. 3734^ —
3(»th st.
LAUNDRESS. %.:> \'< *4i>. excellent city
retVren.'es. ftloonis Huteuu. 747 l^xlrc
t.in aye.. near M'th st.
LAUNDRESS^ Irish, with B<>od cltj rt-rer
en'e: «H>n>j>etent to to shins. c«"ars. roffa
mil fine lingerie: al.»o rtr»t anil seoond
launOrosses; » lih to c> ti'dther. Wlnthrop
Bureau, t1".t 1 ". W.-st 3."* th; 'phone IC»2-s.Sth.
LAUNDRESS. — Keltahle tSerman woman.
B'khl laundress, »i.«he» few intire day's
wt.rk In i>rivate hDU^ea; English preferred.
Bchalow, 211 East UT>th st.
LAI'XD.'IKFS- Ladies washing dene at
h'usfc . hy piece or ilo2en. HanJ>, 2'J»
West 40th ft.
LAI'XDRESS; cajpaMa ilressmakf r: ran »t>
shirt i. o.illarv; good city teferer.ee. Jus
ri!;\ Bureau. '•><* Ijexinst"ti aye.
NURSE.— WeII educated; Frenoh; - >m
pettnt. reliable. experienced; superior
baby or small children's nurae; take *iu!r«
chant*: understands all artMi-ial feedine:
invaluable r>r delicate child: devoted to her
duties; private ROOM only: highest personal
references. Address Superior, Tribune Up
town OffVe, 1394 Broadway.
XT R a prailuite; »tat>" reglstereij iii;r»e;
K^-ntlenian who niny re-juire my ser\lo.«
as an attendant: blad ler ra»e a specialty.
Kessler. l&Vt 2cl aye. ; tel.. Mt>2— 70th.
NITP.SS— f.v l>ar.lsfi Klrl. 10; henwst anj
true: fond of children; gro<l reference;
Tillllngr to go 1" country. al] or write
bollard. 1249 Mth st . near 13th aye .
NTKSi; — A yourg. c'.^an. honest girl for
nurse for smat.l eMU: rond of chtMrrn;
very best of references; n-> rbjectic-n to the
country. Call Park Plop*. Employment
Airency. «S 7th aye.. Brooklyn, or Tel.
1315 J — Prospect.
NI.'RSE: German IT..testant; neat. oMtc-
Ing girl; mvrierat* ulijh; cltv or coun
try. A. S.. Mrs. Collier's Agency, 122 W*st
ad st.
OFFICE CLEAN IN ar.d washing: by th»
day; steady position preferred. Mrs.
Murray. 34* West 24th st.
SEAMSTRESS: willing t.-» assist chamher
, work; very neat: thoroughly competent;
1 excellent references; city or country. H.
W.. Mrs. Collier's Ae.ra.ry. 122 West 234 st.
TWO NORSES desire place together in
•-nuniry. one trraonato
other for small children; (roe*) st>>arr.ji»"e»»;
personal references. Address Kre li. Box
*U, Tribune Uptown OS:«. 196* Broadway.
KOSTB .. v: ;. ■ LL9 a fß<)
Fast Express Service. '
Kaiser .May 7. l>> AM Krocprlr.i.July 14
X 11. May U. 7:30 AM Kaiser July £.»
Ktoniiriiii-ilay 21. M> AM K. Wm. Aug. «'
Kaiser . . . . June 4, in AMKror.prtaz.AU3. lay
KWm.UJur.e 11. «AM L'tt-Ui*. Aogi-aßi
Krocprluz.June 1 ■<,!•• AM Kaiser Aug. XT.
Kaiser July a, 10 AM K. ""Am. II Sept. 9
K. Wjn. ll. July ft, «J AM;Krocprini.Sept. Is|
Twin-Screw Passenger Service. \
Kurfucrat.May » 10 AM Vriedrtca.-Junei 2O ;
•Rhein...ilay 1«. 1" AM P. Alice. . .Jure- SS
Frleurlch.May IS. 10 AM Kre:n«-:. July 4
P. Alice. .May Z\ 1U AM; Barbarossa.Ju!y 1)
Bremen.. .May i.s. lit AM Kuriuerst..July Ii
•Main June «. ;•> Ail Fri«-,lr:-n. ..' 23
Harbarossa.June *.1O AM p. Alice.... Aug. 1
Kurfuerst.June 13.10 AM I Br«ai*a....A,ug. 4
•Bremen Ulrect.
Mediterranean Service.
K. Luis* May 11 IK, LuUe July 2T
K. A:i«»:rt May 1* K. Albeit Aug. 3
P. Irene .. Ju:;a 1 P. Irene Aug. IT
•Neckar June hiK. Lutes ...V:<. 31
K. l.vise Jun« 15; K. Albert Sept. 7
K. Albert.... June 2t»;»Neokar S*pt. 1*
P. Irene July 13 P. Irene Sept. 21
•Ne r. July 2O;K. LuiM . . Oct. •
•thuits Genua.
From Bremen Firs. 3d & 4th Sts.. Hobolcea,
OKI.!: 1 A CO.. No. '■ Broadway. N. T.
Louis Ii M.t.. »-r, lolrt Walnut St., Villa.
Plymouth- Oicrbonrg^rEamlrarj
•Bluecher..May l>. 3 FM| P"r.sy!v'a..May 23
•Kais«rin I*. » •t<t.tcnra..Mdy 3d
Wulders<-».May li. U AM, tßatavja...Juna X
•Amerlka..Ma>- 2.J. 2 J'M , •Uluecher. . Jun» 1
•Au - «p^>'?<il features o* ..-se vessel*
are: «jr»il Room, Gymnasium, Palm Oai*
den, Ritz-farlti n Hestaurant. Elevaton,.
Elcctrio Baths, tllamburg direct.
Medit^nranean Service.
♦Hamburg... May 7. U P.M.: Juna 11. Aug. IS
' t*M ItKt May 2S. 1O A.M.: July 2. SepC 8
•Has Grill Ro«a>. tllu Uymnaaium.
r<> tUe Norwegian Fjords, North I
«';i|>«'. Spitzbers<?n. Iceland and En- 1
ropenn stMsitle resorts. Send for
R. U. Ticketa, hotel accommc>dat!ons aaa •
i gfne-ral inffrniatlun about f:rei«n travdL |
Trav«rt>r!>' cJiecks g'">«d ail over tha woiiA
I 'Phi.ne lit«w> RectJr. Piers. Hobohea.
k ».T^:t; T.p t TJ T T*TZ - 1 Una at 6:30 A K.
i!i Pier 13, N H.
; NEW YORK May 11. Jure 8k j u ; y 4
ST. LOCIB May IS, June 13, July 13
PHII^\I>KLPHIA.May 2T>. June 22. July 2O
t=T. I'At'L . June 1 June 2l\ Aug. i
0-Jt.t. — _a^_ J4 M. p.
KROiXI.ANIi.Ma.- H. noon; Jure 1. July 13
VAr)Er.l.AXl).Mayll.3:a:PJl; June S,July •
FINI J .\NT'..May IS .s : rsi» AM: Jane, 15. July 27
ZBELANU .May 25.2:3«> PM:Jufle 22.July at
W>?TTW CTi'S TT?.r= From Pier
.. — . , sj_rtai _^..^. 4*. X. R.
BALTIC May s. S PM: Juna 14. July 11
MAJE.STIf.XIjy 15, in AM.
CEDRIC. .Slav 17. AM: Jui7^ 2i>. July IS
• ■XI.TIC.May 31, >«:3'» AM; Jur.e 27. July 23
ARABIC July 4. Au?. I
+AI-i:iATI>: May 22. 1 PM; me 19
TEiTONIe May 2.X 10 AM: Juno 2«
OCEANIC June 5. 2 PM; July 3"
MAJESTIC June li 1» AM; July ll>
♦ N--»-. Z^.Cf** tans: has Elevator.
: •flvnirjujran, Turkish baths and Band.*
I RES. '
— FR<"iM NK'.V YORK—
rr:ETr<^. . . .May ». noon: June 20. Aag 1 . tl
ROMANIC July 15. IP. M. 1
CAXnpTC May 1« 2 :»> P. M. : ISM 23
: ROMANIC Jurn. .*. d A. M.
Freight Office. Whitehall BK* . Eatery I L
©01 3SS.
1 From Piers 51-32. XdTth Rivar.
, CARON'IA May 7. noon
I rMPRIA May 11
J Carr.iAnla May lS:Etr>iria May 23
; Carniania. . . .May Ul.Lucania Juna 1
HL"^.•OARXA^:-A^^^.R^^\x shrvice.
r»rpi'm» as.-» at GENOA.
(Ar.PAiS.IA... j May „. w A M . July 4
; SLAVONIA May S;>, noon; July IS
i PANN"NIA Jane 2i>. neon: Aug. a
VERXO-N 11. BROWN, Gea I Agent.
21-I*4 Stale ?t . opt.oaita the Cattery.
; For did Point lt>mf^rt. Xorf-illt Ports—
Va.. coneettns fir P-ter»burs.-. Rict-.moni.
Virs'.nia Beach WastUa(toa. D. C. and en
; ttre South and West.
Fifteht and pasfcrr.ser stear?>ers sail fron
: Pi*r s*i N. R. :>»>t of Beach tt.. every
week <Jay at 3 P. M.
W. L. WOOUIIuW. Traffe Mana«-r.
.pLl> I LINE
! * F.^r La Guayra, Puerto CSbe!!o. ~:ra
. ia« anil Mara, ai I^. \ia Curacao, callinj
ipl»<> »: Saaßuan, P. R.:
S. S. PHIL.\I>t:LPHIA..Sat. May 11. noon
iS. S. CARACAS Saturday. May 25. noca
For La Oja>ra. Curaoai>. Maracaito
IS.'. S. MARACAIUi"> ... ..Sat . May IS noon
I 3. 8. TXVUk sa:.. Jane 1. nooa
Tfitse stt-antrr* hay» .su;'«riuf a-.-comnw
i ia:ion fir 1 assensor*.
! <Jf:.era! Mar.agtrs. ?2 Wai! at.
ffiE3SDC©DB OKj'ST""
j Fi3rne«s : a.M.»yll spn>|Astorrx.May 233 pta
Caledonia. May l>.n"n Cotaasbts^Jußa 1. n'a
I »"ab!n |st>. 2d v'abin IStk :»d Cla3s #27 £O
; ami upwards, acconiiiig t-i acir»>mmc«iattca .■«
1 sirsn's'np. l-'.ir t^r:r.>i ani information arr'ir
Ste.irnshirs of the RED "D" LINE will
; sail from Pier It. n.ir Wai! s»t. Ferry.
f Brooklyn, for Sun Juan »:!rec: as follows'
( S. a PHILADELPHIA.. Sat.. .Mar l» ntJen
I& S. CARACAS Saturricy. May 25. oco a
Kir freight or lassage arriy to
OcncnU Managers. Wall St.
?a!!fri:3 Wednesday, aa fer sailing its*.
Noorctam Miy >>; June 12; July IT
; Ryi-Jim >!:«>■ 15; Jurit- 10; July 24
I'otsJan> May 22: J;:re 2fi: Aug. 7
New Anister-lam (ne»>.May 2!»: Jy S; Ar.g 14
" statentlani Juis.- C>: July 10: Au* 21
Frele^t: & Passenger A^eri-;.-. 3» B'way. *• T.
HD H foi IT f.Jt*«K*3 TENTH A.V-
-«m. Tt> d.»y«. by srecial'.y
vhart»re.iS.S."Arar,i'-. 1 - l»t «Wt>toi>s. 30TOCR3 ■
FRANK. C CLARK T.ries P.ltis.NewYork.
'•L.\ VELOOE" Fas: Italian Use. '
P.rasil* (rrw Twin Screw ». . .May 6
»itta dl Torino May v : Jur.» 2O
E'.iropa mew Twin S-Tts •. .May -" July 3
ritta tii Mltan> June 11
NorJ America Jun* 13
Cabin, fjo up- Pinin< Rnom on rii lis
CO.. 2J» Wall st.
TicUets to Texas. Colorado, M«ilco. V«rw
Mexico Arizona. CUtfOfttta, Gei>rsia. l".or
ida Alabama, etc. ALL OCEAN" ROUTE
TC>' MIAMI. t'ALM BEACH. Fl3 . «R (via
K*y Wes'.». Our Nx^klet "Pocket Guiie'
free. H. H RAYMuMD. Urn. il«r.. »
South 6t.. N. Y.
&/ ihia seaacn. *15<> to *: 196
PrctrraiT'* THOS. COOK & SON. 2« 534
12iu B'way. C4U Ms.JU-on Aye. TT. T.
EUROPE. — Huny :nnn"s tour only $170.
Ai'lily at cnee. Other tours. tuo:» and up.
Rev. U I> TEMPLE. Wawttwn. %;-ijj.
I SEWIN'S in private families: $1 K> a «art
i neat wnrH; reference. trees Sewing;
i ItU sth ay«.
I ________^_^__________
i WAITRSS^. —By youn*. neat tidy Irlsi
! Blrl- l>«*t reference*: \atcj $20: city or
i country. Flaherty's Eureau. 455 Columbus
I a\e. T>l. 741— River.
WAITRESS an.l W'.n~S MA liv -By neat.
respectable German girl; ■"--Ist. an. no
objection to traveling. Iloniola. .-■» East
"M st.
WAITRESS, first class: thoroushlv under
stands her hu:*lrt**i>!»: can take a butler's
place: stood references: city or counrty. B.
1!.. Mrs. CWUer*a Agency. 12S West 33d at.
WAITRESS. flr!«t class, carable: rakai
chars*; l*st references. Jussaaa Bureau.
CSO Lexington aye.
WASHINO. — Family washing. Irontnr. bT
; week or dozrn: private house: open air
drvfur: known party; best references; or
out hy day. .132 East Til at.
"WASHINCS.— FamiIy washing; jt totae
preferred; hamper or <!oeen; srnta. col
! lars. culfa. chll'lren clothes: reajooabla.
| Laundress. 1«» East 33.) st
WASHING at home: 73 cents a •*«•■
lUzrl. -»'■ cf janitor, i"- West fflst st.
J ■
WASHtXO taken home; first class work.
Wright. 23t> West 17th st.
WASHING, (amilv: German wossan; tak*
2k>a«. a:a»:i,n. ZZ» Cast Jirti alb

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