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Nctcs and View* on Current Topics,
H£ Amateur and Professional.
\ *7he victory of Jay Gould, who is still in his
awns, over Bttsta • H. Miles in the challenge
a»und for the amateur court tennis tnpion-
Aip of Great Britain was the most imoortant
happening: in the sporting world last week.
jTouns Mr. Gould now has the distinction of
holding a double title, as he is also the national
champion. His quick rise to fame as a court
tennis player baa been little short of remark-
E.ble. Hardly more than a year ago be fur-
Silshed a surprise by coming up from Lakewrwl
md beating the strongest players here, and then
went abroad t.. meet defeat at the hands of
pUles. This f« he repeat his success in this
Dour.tr>-. and has now earned the highest honors
tn the sport. Interest la U c match on Saturday
In London was heightened by the action of
Wiles in deciding at the last moment to defend
lls title when he had previously announced that
le would scratch Some questioned the sports
tnar.shlp of this, and Gould Is reported to have
pressed Indignation at his change of front.
LA.9 a matter of facr, however, it was far more
nportsmanlike to defend hl« title against a wor
thy foe. and those ho know Iftilee say it was
Lhls that led him to change his mind. The cable
{reports of the match say that Miles played at
the top of his game, and that Gould was tho
better man in fnc hard fought sets. In view of
this the honors for the young American player
were fc'rc.:. than could otherwise have been tho
pase. There will be .-i number of International
.•competitions this year in various lines ot sport.
md the success of kMild Is a good omt-n ai:d
,*wlll go far toward offsetting defeats which may
rome later nt golf lawn tennis, cricket or track
and field athletics.
I This week will be an Important one ln the
sporting world, and there will b« no lack of in
teresting fixtures. The Metropolitan Handicap
will be decided at the opening of Belmont Park
>n Thursday; th. Giant.s will be at home at the
1 010 Grounds every da> : a number of important
college ba*.- games are scheduled, while th
polfers. lawn tennis players, track and field
athletes and oawmen will be busy also. The
varsity crews of Yale and Harvard" will be tried
put, as Yale will meet Annapolis to-day in t i ir
rac« postponed troni Saturday, while Columbia
rivlll take Issue with Harvard on the Charle3
lilver in Boston on Saturday.
With the approach of the intercollegiate track
hampionshlps the various dual meets take on
•articular significance as a basis for determin
ng- the chances of the various colleges in the big
onteft. Heavy tracks and raw, cold weather
worked against fast time on Saturday, and the
ecords made cannot U- considered aa criterions
* the ability of the athletes. Pennsylvania
>uried Columbia under a big pcnr«. Cornell had
lttle difficulty in defeating Princeton, Harvard
lad a comparatively easy time with Dartmouth
mA Williams defeated Brown handily. Dodga
•f Harvard, ran the 220-yard daab ln 22% eec
•nds. and E. Bonaack, of Pennsylvania, and
*amble, of Princeton, both did th< same di9
ance a fifth of a second slower. T);.-sc are
food performances considering the conditions.
Is was to be expected, Cornell showed up par
lcularly atrong In the distance rune. Magof
m, of Cornell, and Eisele, of Princeton, fought
l beautiful contest in the two-mil. raco, the
ormer winning In 9:55%. Thla was nearly a half
nlnute faster than time made in the other dual
neeta. Lewis, of Cornell, won the mil* In 4:41%.
Cornell finished one. two. three in the half mile,
*-b!ch goes to show that Mookley did not show
lis full hand at the Pennsylvania relay games,
ir.other good performance was ihat of Shaw, <>f
Dartmouth, who ran the high hurdles In 15%
seconds. There was nothing remarkable done
kf any of the colleges in the field events. L.
1. Talbott the young piant from Marcersburg.
established r world's record in th.-> Yale Inter-
Kbolastic games by heaving the 12-pound ham-
Bar 193 feet. His work with the shot was on
he same par, for be put the 12-pound sphere 49
eet 9% inches.
|J The Giants made an enviable record last ■week,
md their folk>w< ere jubilant. Th«y not Jy
s?on every game played, but took the lead n
the championship race, a position which the
TanE are hoping they wtH hold tin the last game
Is played In October. It begins to look as If the
|Oiants and the Chicago Colts would be the
ijXeams to Oght it out again this year, bat with a
fliffer ' result perhaps, as the N. v. York nine
Is better and ati .- .- r to al! appearances,
.Tommy Corcoran at s<-cond baw is earning the
reputation of being a pinch hitter and is cover
<ing his position well. While the mighty "Matty"
Is hir.is,-;f ajcali and that means much. Clii
iCago is playing good ball, and is equally as strong
ays it was jast yeiir. Pitteburg and Philadelphia
awe the only other teams which appear t<« have
;a fighting chance, an.l they do not* look particu
parly dangerous at this Iting. The Superbas,
,that hi-fstLTi the season with such bright pros
paeta. are playing under some rrightful hoodoo.
(Their record on Saturday night was one vlc
3.cry and fourteen defei They have n..\v lost
ten straight games, and are In ; :;,.. for tho
I>ooby prize. Of th< fourteen games lost at
Seast cne half might have been turned into vic
tories with a little luck. A number of games
have been lost by a Hnp!<- run, and the team has
auiov.n flashes of pennant-winning ball, but one
Joslng came has followed another with <il<
couraging monotony and hope has fled. Brook
lyn will probably be Ooundering in last place
for w(fk* to come, with a team deserving of
Letter thinrs.
The Highlanders nre making a good fight in
the American League They U»st two garnet
last week, but are right on the heels of the Chi
cago White Sox. wi'i.-ii are leading the van by
a narrow margin. The fight Is aure to be closer
tn this league than it was last year, as Phila
<«Selphia. Detroit. Cleveland and Boston are
ehoving strength. The followers of the High
landers are well contented with th'-ir ehowing
to date, nnd if they come home from their long
trip ln the same position th<y hold to-day flr.«t
place would be only a question of time. if Jack
Chesbro, who has decided to Dlay again, should
come back ln anything like his best form, tho
fans would consider the pennant as good as
'■ If Annapolis defeat* tii<^ Yalo 'varsity to-day
| \Y.q stock of the Navy crew will go up for the
I I)ig regatta at PoughWeepsie, where it will row
I tor the first time this yeai The Secretary of
| the Navy issued forma] orders last week for the
I crew to bo to Poughkeepsie. bo that nothing
yiow srtands in the way. This regatta will now
j{ 'become doubly important, for there Is an inter
t cst attached to the athletic competition of both
■the naval and military cadets which not cv* n a
KJbig university can arouse. The mlddi<*a have
a:"been cutting a wide swath in college rowing
g' during the last few years, and have victories
jf 'over Yale. Pennsylvania, Columbia and George
ff;town to their credit. Therefore there is no
1 reason to fear that they are getting beyond
Ik their depth by competing at Poughkeepsie.
h ; They have been able io hold their own In every
!| branch of athletics in which they have com
peted bo far, and are certain not to be dis
r. graced at Poughkeepsie. There have been a
t good tnzny predictions to the effect that the
[liclidies have an even chance to win on tne
•iHudscn. There Is really nothing on which to
4 vbase such a belief as this, however. Those who
I ; express it fail to consider the great difference
fa the conditions at PoughkeepsJe and on the
■ Eevern. where the Annapolis crews row. Tho
first handicap which the middles must over
come is the greater length of the Poughkeepsie
* course. They must row four mile* there
and they will f.r.d it totally different from tho
; two-mile spins which they have been accus
" toraed io at Annapolis.
1..- first d the. l>ig games to determine th«i
| '. to-ci.lled college championship were played iasi
L veok. Corneil aizd Princeton were victorious In
I '-'their, contests with Yalo and Pennsylvania, r-"»
i rpectlvely. Considering her past record. Cor
9fieS*« victory over Yale was not entirely ur.«=x>
} pected. EarM»r in the week the Ithacans vecu
>'. defeated by Pennsylvania State, sfter seventeen
Btanthgi of play, and on Friday Columbia proved
' a b!s surprise by beatirs Cornell. Casting out
t tho Columbia came, the Cornell record stands
afoot well in comr>ari«on with any other. Desh
r-'on's work last week stamps him one of the
■best college pitchers now in the game, if not tho
'beet. He won his own game against Yale in
the ninth inning with a home run. The- score—
T r2\ to I—was1 — was the same ono .by whirh Yale
> fceat Cornell a year ago. and the game v.-as won
■in the same — by heavy hitting in the last
> : snnlrjff. Princeton, as was predicted a areek
Sago, L« bow playing ln championship form.
r-. J • sylvania vent to pieces in this important
£! rame. and was b«-aten \>y tho Tigers by the
l.tcore of Zt to I. H«ylnger heli the Quakers to
three hJta, and the Philadelphia team helped to
t.':\nlng about Its own defeat with seven costly
:« errore. l'rlnceton'a victory over Holy Cross
Road Drivers' Parade Passing Reviewing Stand ca tfic Speedway Saturday.
earlier in the week Bhowed that tho Tigers aro
now playing fast ball. The Worcester players
made onlj one hit off Drewes. Harvard de
feated Holy Cross on Saturday in a ten-Inning
game by a score of 1 to 0 and won from Am
hersl on Wednesday by the score of - to 0. Tho
Crimson team, although not playing brilliant
ball. Is steady and reliable, and will win the
majority of its games. In the opinion of many
follow* of the game, Cornell, Yale, Princeton,
Pennsylvania and Harvard rank, thus far, in
the order named.
There wen two most remarkable games lust
week. Cornell whs defeated by Pennsylvania
State after seventeen Innings by the score of •"»
to 1. Both Deshon, for Cornell, nnd Vorhls, for
Pennsylvania State, pitched wonderful ball. The
former struck out sixteen men and allowed four
hits, while Vorhls fanned fourteen men and sl
lowed the same number of hits. markable
as this game was, it was overshadowed by a
nineteen Inning; contest between Dorchester and
Newt- high bchoola in which not a slnglo run
was made. Bpauldlng, the Dorch* I pitcher,
had twenty-nine strike-outs to his credit,
Coincident with the growing popularity of the
automobile has come the call for a rc-bulldinaf
ar.d general Improvement of the highways ln
this and other states. It may be readily under
stood that the future of the motor car Industry
is ndent, to a large extent, upon good roads,
and the call should not be In vain. There ap
pears to be a growing feeling la. favor of legis
lation to this end, and extensive lmprov<
can be looked for in the nexl few years. The
farm< are beginning to look with favor on
motor \ ehii les, and many persons who wcro
antagonistic to automoblllsts on general prin
ciples are changing their views and joining the
big army of those who, now that they have the
automobiles, want and demand good road The
desired end could be r«aehod quicker if the
motorists would only observe the lawe of th.»
highway and mako friends Instead of enemies
for the pastime. Good roads and tho automo
bile Industry must travel hand ii hand, and all
thonr interested Bhou'.d help, to the end that tho
highways In this country may be as Rood as
those In Europe. It begins to look aa if the
automobile had creat a ■ land for bettei
roads which < ould never have been secured in
any other way.
Th<» plan and scope committee of the Long
Island Motor Parkway !p still holding secret
.•-. ssion but me announc4 msnt cai he looked
for after the next meeting. M (torlsts have ex
pressed the fear thai all was not going smoothly,
but this is hardly probable, in view of the many
statements that part of the parkway at least
would be ready for thft Vanderbilt C\jp race in
the fall.
Charles T. Terry, chairman of the legislative
committee of tho American Automobile Associa
tion. say.« that there is little chance that any t>f
the automobile, bills before the State -' • pislature
■will be passed. This means that the same law
which has heen satisfactory to motorists for the
last two years will be in force. All hop< ha*
been abandoned of obtaining nioro nient toui
lr.g , iltlona in New Jersey, as tho Legislature
has adjourned until June. Mr. Terry believes
that uniform automobile laws In the various
states an only a question of time. Motorists
are hoping that the time will be hort.
Miss Sut ton to Play Charles Sands
at St. Nicholas Rink.
Button, the »-: ; r i lai expert, baa
. d a muti i; wu'.i < inarle c na
tional ex-champion at court tennis, it waa the
eagerness with which x),o young Ameri tan, ■
twe-nty years old, seeks t<i jn. "t worthy opponents
on the la." a t* r,nis courts tr.a: brought about the
contest v. Ich la b> heduled t > i» played at Bt.
las J;ii.k !-.<-xt U. Inesday afternoon
will j : the last mat< b which M:-t* Button
will play In tdi« country before *i:> Bails foi
land aboard it-- Cedric rn-xi Friday to
compete for ti.-- British national ti:!- at Wlml ;• -
don and other el amplonsl ips.
Blnce :■••! nnlval :ti this city from California
Ml.'-s Si:t!.,n h;u> »ou«iit matches with a number
f.f tho ranking men players. The majority have
given ■'* 'ii: excuse for not ■ the girl nr. the
net that they were i".> busily engaged In bu
or something of a Bimilar nature. Hm thono well
• • that it is th.-lr fear of lot
the kl rl . who hit« !.',•■ ball so powerfully and iw bo
Ive. that has r< ally cause d many
■ ig her def< M i of
■ ard In former b' :l-
Ulsa Button will continue to play in tho infnrm.-n
mixed doubli and to-morrow, and practise
against Theodore R*os*sv<*'t Pell !•• Kln^:.-v for the
m'.-tii^' i\it!i the former • ".irt tennis champion.
Praises Jaij Gould— -S aus He Lost
Because of Wait.
Ix>r.iion, May 6.— Eustace H. M!lo.=, who lopt the
• tennis championship to jay Oould yesterday,
practically fittrihiit"!" his defeat to having to wait
while Mr. GouM was suffering from cramps in tho
wrist. In a signed article In "The Daily Graph! "
this morning Mr. Kllei
It was th<r oiosf-st match, but ont , I over played.
Gould deserved to win and I nev< r folt less regret
at being beaten.
With reference to getting out of his swing- and
cold while his opponent s arm was being massaged
he says: •
It is on<» of my weaknesses that when I have
stooped ar.d grov«.:< cold I can hardly ever recover
my form. I made every effort, but I had lost my
Miles admits cne grievous weakness, that he
starts clow; he can last well, but cannot begin welL
He says he was fit for another set or two when
Gould was dor,« fcr. He thinks Gould's only dan
ger is ln overtaxing: his strength by such feats of
endurance, but says GouM 13 a master of nearly
th'- whole mechanism of tenni3. "It is tru«s his
back-hand stroke 15 still rather insecure and hia
tendency is to hit an easy service Into thr- n^t, but
111 ran are trivial faulte for one of his years." '
fßy Telegraph io TSe Tribune. 1
Annapolis, May 6.— There is great disappointment
at the Naval Academy over Yal<s cancelling the
boat rac» with the Navy, originally eet for Sat
urday, but postponed on account, of the winds
until to-morrow morning. Th« Yale management
6ia;»-d that they received a peremptory order from
the faculty to return to Now Haven, but it is t'tit
that the visitors were not so anxious for i\» race
a« were the midshipmen.
Th« Yal* oarsmen, under Coach Kennedy and
Manager Geymour. left Annapclis this afternoon
It Is believed that t^ere ■ i.l be no more races
on tha Severn tween Yale and tho Navy. The
Naval Academy contingent were partlcul-irly
anxious thst this season'! race should be rowed
as the serie3 stands four to four. '
A challrr.uf h;:s been issued by Charles Hartman.
eighteen years old. of No. liX'i First avenue, to
ewlm any amateur of hia ege a distance i>t from
one to ten miles. Hartman fa a uiemt>er of tlie
United States Volunteer ULwa.vinit Cuil>«*
Who n c<:\; ,1 Orst \ luc : I
Several Tournaments Offer Rival
Attractions This Week.
T: !s ■
In local ::.'-ever: :.'
ever i • , to be

Then there is the annual tournament of thn l*rod
uce Exchange Gc!( Club, to be hyld. as U3ual. on
th« link* of i^.e. Knollwood Country Club Thurs
day, May !«. A large entry haa already bn-n r«>
calved, and int. -rent i% especially keen becau«fl of
the expected rivalry between the members repr©>
S4>nt!iitf the old departments c;f the exchange and
Bniuu of tho new members, who havo t><'»ii recently
elected Among the- latter are Kolfirs who plan to
lriuk^ a strong bid fur th* prizek.
Tho trophies will conntiit ut a championship cup,
BtToud niid third prizes f'*r Class A. and flrai, n>c
ond and third prizt-H for Class I>. In addition tlier*
will Ikj cuj>b for four ball foursome* und so-called
•'kickers' " "-ups. Tne committee in chiirc" con
sists of Walter Moore, Frank M. Wilson and C. K.
Gottinn further away, ther* is the open tournn
ment <>f the Chevy Cliast- Club of Washington ">n
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, while up Boston
way th<> annual open tournament of ttie Wollimton
Golf Club will t;iU<? i>luce un the ki.iii.i dnt.-p.
I.ii... to-morrow nrnl lasting four days, t!if
champi tournament <>f the Ladl.-rV Golf
l"nlon of Great Britain will be played over tho
Newcastle links in Ireland. America will be well
represented by Miss Harriet Cunis and Mi Mar
garet Curl o? Boston. The former tvoii tho nn
tlonal title at J:r:.i\ Hum last fall und li<;r sister
iia<» b< en runner-up on two ocasions.
General interest ■- f>-lt hero ius to the- probable
showliiK of the two American players. To succeed
on th<> County Dow.-] link* straight play Is ii ne
cessity. Pooi shots, especially from tln< tee, arti
costly, nr.i In many Sr.staiiceH it in practically im
poeeibla to recover. The Hold that gathers will be
a. Etrong one. nnd «ri-at things ur« »»x[ie< ti-ii of Miss
May Hezlet, who will be on her Jioiim links.
The unusual auceea which has marked tho efforts
of Fred Herreshoff in open tournaments this a»»:L
son has K«t tlie golfers talking everywhere. After
•ninniiiK ot Plnehurst on tlie sand, tlio Mew Yorker
moved to Virginia Hot rings- and again went
Fuccesfully through his field. Tlie greens there
were covered with thick turf and si >>w.
It was Just the o;ii>o.s!to ut Lakewood, but for
all that tlw (iimltii City representative found a
way to eopo with the different conditions. He not
only led tho Itt-iii In tlw uuallfyin« round, but won
the tourriunifiit as well. At Atlantic City last week
Herreehoft continued 1 he same cnlibro of play.
He also proven himself a master at plaj out of
trouble. The sliced Bhot from tho bunker to the
ereer; goliiK to ti. ■• seventh hole while playing In
th* nn;il round on Saturday wae pronounced by
many pen ns in tlie gallery as the greatest they
had ever Heen. Herreshoff himself declared aftei
ward tliat ho considered it tho best fhot ho ever
The defeat of Jerome D fraver;* was in a
measure unexpected, following- so closely us It did
his success in the qualifying round Hut by close
observers it coul : be Be*»n that the Metropolitan
Golf Association champion was not at hU best,
lie frequently neglected chances to save strokes.
Throuf the tournament th»ro was a lack of
proper timing In hla drives, while bi.s mashie ap
proaches lacked their usual accuracy. A week's
play with Alec Fmith at Nassau Just now would
probably do Travere a world of good.
Several of t!;-- foremost professionals in the coun
try have entered for the open championship tourna
ment of Massachusetts, to l»> held at Urae Hum on
May 23 and 24. They Include Alec Floss, the title
holder; Gilbert Nlcholls, Alec Campbell and Donald
Floss. Entries of the leading amateurs of, the .state
are alno anticipated. Tho programme will bc>i-v
enty-two hol< thlrty-slx on each dny. Four prizes
have been announced, VI - $-10, tio and $10.
The Myopii Hunt Club has announced its open
golf tournament fixtures for tho ason. On Thurs
day, May 80, there will be a Class A medal play
scratch competition at thirty-six holes and a Class
B handicap at eighteen holes. There win be a
rrlzi* for the scratch contest and a best net prize
fn the handicap. Entries must be marked Class
A or B and any one may elect which class he
wishes to entei This same arrangement will ba
repeated on Saturday, September 28.
Tho oommittee havii charge of tho race to
Bermuda for Balling yachts under the flags of tha
Brooklyn, New Roo.lielle and Royal Bermuda
Yacht clubs havo accepted the following enures:
FIRST class.
Racing allow
l»rgtn. a nee.
Tarht, rl«r ar.d firrr.fr Feet. X M.
E«r\-l»;i. ■OBOOBcr, H. A. Mire* 83 Aliens.
Eulirah, schoor.^r. Henry poseh'r -.. hi 0:45
Axidtomad*. Bchoontr, F.. W. D'.xon 7:» 4.30
Ta.-nmany. »ehoon»r. W. C. T-ivreu 71 : i5
Wist, »ehoon«r, Harold Blnney 66 14:15
Hayon&ja, sloop. ITrederl S. lAfond »*4 IS^.T
Z'.r.lta, *lot->p Tl>-:nan Cohen <M 21:»3
Iio: . iloop, William E lUrer <J2 17:15
Hyserlon. yawj. Frank Malcr 4-5 Allorra]
Uli, yawl, Riihart D. PI • ■•■! 40 0:(O
Ze:;a. (loop, D. K. \V. Burrowi 2l) 9.,^
The Dervlah Is entered from tl.e Corinthian
Yacht Club of Itarblehead, the 2uhrah and Hy
perion from tne New Rochello. the Tammany the
Ula and the Zlnlta from the Brooklyn, the Sayo
nara from the Jamaica Bay, th«» Isolt from the St
Oeorge a.nd the Zena from tlie Koyal H^i-Hiudii.
Ynchl rriub.
The committee of tho New Roohelle Yacht Club
having charge of the Marblehead race have re
celved the entry of seven boats; the Irene the
EUId«. the Whew, th« Hopaleng, the ArK», the
Ted-o-San. nnd th« Sis. Four of the?« are n«»w
craft built espedally / for the race. The Whew and
the Pis wer" in last year's rare.
»A>KBAI.L, Polo OroiUMU. T.-duy 4 F. M. Oiwxu
ts. Brooklyn. Adm., 60c» •• * 8U
Many Entries Received for Harlem
River Ratting Regatta.
Not since training for th<^ Memorial Day rc
paft.i on the Harlem Rlvi r I egan have the nnrs
men had a better day than that furnished yes
terday by Old S"n!. After a long time of \v;Utlng
[fed 1 heir 1. avj i ■ i r>?r.-i l
■•:: with a seal It was an Ideal day
for rowing, and the river waa ;t!i\o with craft of
every desert]
Entries for the s>lr»:;.-> scull race furntehed the
chief ■ iplo for discussion imrt speculation. In
this race there will be more than a half dozen
of tho best oarsmen In local waters. If all the
entries aro found at th > start on Memorial
Day It will undoubtedly be one of the greatest
races ever seen on ti!>-. Speedway course. Among
thoso who have Kent In their entries are Orlando
Miller, of tlio Now York Athli Club; Fred
Shepheard, of the Seawanhaka Boat Club; Fred
Fueesel. of the Metropolitan Rowing Club;
Frank Budrlel. the Mrs l Bohemian Boat Club,
nnd Mehn.fi', of the Nassau lio.it Club. Jack
Nagle, of the Harlem Rowing Club, eived a
letter yesterday from Frank B. Greer, of Bos
ton, saying that he would compel o In this race.
Greer'a entry haa not yet been recei •••■:. how
V>'lth Prai A. Ammon, of the Mutual Row
ind Club of Uuffalo; Clement Muller, of tho Nas
sau Rowing Clui>; Harry B. Campl ell, of the
tame club, and Martin Monahan, of tho Albany
Hi'\\ Ing club, as the competitors In the race for
veterans, an Interesting contest i.s bure to de
Five crews Rt least will rat-,- in the- event for
junior eights. They nre Columbia University,
New York University, Atalanta Boat lub, F!r.^:
Bohemian Jioat Club and the Nonpareil How
ing dub. This Is expected to furnish one of
tho Quest races on the programme. Coach Ri<:e
Of Columbia has a fine eight, but the «-olU»«e
boya will have to row to the \Ur.it t.» beat the
representatives of tho Atulanta club. If no
more entries aro received the race will be rowed
in one i.eat.
Capttln Nagle of tb" Harlem Rowing Club
has cut down his B<-h<">lboy K^uad* unt'l n.«w
ho nan only sixteen boyi each fron »•■ Witt
Clinton and tho Hi^h School of Commenv. Tho
boys are now training In shells. Several
<'!iai)««-s wt-ro made lasi week In these crews.
V.y the •■■nil of this we.-k the final selection Will
have been made. I >•■ Witt Clinton.' In the opinion
of many, has developed faster thnn the other
cr»ws. .fuck Mulcahy, who has been conehltijc
the young oarsmen from Htuyvesant High
School, Is much pleased with th« ir rapid devel
opment, and will put the boys in .shells this u?
ttrno'.n. The candidates from Townsonfl Har
ris and Morris }ll«h aro t,'..in< in «.><«! -style.
These five crews should furnish a pretty race on
May 80.
Announcement was made yesterday that the
New Rochellc Rowing Club will have a. lunlor
four and a Junior double in tho Memorial Day
The Atalanta Boat Club celebrated yesterday
Its sixtieth birthday. This la tho oldest boat
club on th< river. Wterana of past years
gathered at the club nnd told of their work In
former years.
Tho annual meeting of '.-■ Middle Star.-s rte
jratta Association will he hold at the Harlem
Casino a '••. • >\i. from to-night, < ':!!■■■ -i-m will bo
elected and a place for ttie Labor Day regatta
will bo selected.
Chicago Loses and Is Now Only One
Game in the I Add.
New York at Philadelphia.
« l.nui .1! Chlraca.
Uelruil ut f<t. I.»ul».
jtiiMon ut \V:ihliinstun.
Oi-vrlumJ. 4; CnlraffO, 1.
St. Ix>uN-I>#trott (rain).
w. i.. p. ,-. : w i.. Prp r
.Til"a*f> I - II .<•.'•.: ; ( lowland .. . l» s «•»',
New Yo.k 11 •'■ .847 Boston ;. H 10 444
T'hilarifljitila ...1" V .BSK I Washington .. . n ii 3is
Detroit B B ., r .2!>.Ht. Uiuii B 13 .-'is
Chicago was th« ■ • tre of interest In professional
baseball yesterday" us both teams representing the
city in tho major lea^ui . played tliere. A bunch-
Ing of hits and battery errors • -..;... for
the Chicago American nine's defeat by Cleveland
The Chicago team has played one more me thaii
tha New York American nln»», and leads the Yan
k.-eH now >>y tin- nmall margin of only one game
in the rhamplor.ehlp race. The St. Louis and !>«•■
trolt game, tt»<> onl) other ore scheduled, waa post
poned on account of rnln.
< '!.KVIJ,.\M >. 4. CHICACW -. 1.
At 'hlcago: k. h. E
Cleveland 0 0 4 0 0 8 0 1 0- i » ■•
Chicago .100 o i» 0 0 0 o—i .-, a
Batteries— Cleveland. Joss nnd • •'.:■: ChicaßO
AHrr.ck and McFurUnd. I'mpires— O'LoughHn and
Chicago Defeats Pittsburg and Is
Tied with Giants.
Brooklyn at New York.
( liiruicu at Plttsbure.
__ I'alladelphU at Boston.
Chicago, 3; Plitsburjr, 1.
Cincinnati, 11; St. I.ouii, 3.
W. L. P. c.l W v P c
New York l."> 3 .*W»lRo«on 7 9 \ia
r-hica*o 15 8 I Cincinnati ...... R io 'Si
Ptttsbur* ft R .64StFt. I.ouls s 1« j^a
Philadelphia ... 0 6 .eo6| Brooklyn i a 4 m(i67
Chicago, by defeating Pittsburg yesterday In tho
National League, 19 now tied with the Giants for
ilrst place In th* championship race. Cincinnati
defeated St. Louis in the only other scheduled game
In the league.
At Chicago: J ':.-■' r, h. c.
Chicago 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o—3 6 1
Pittsburg 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o—l 6 l
Batteries— Chicago. Overall and Kttng; Pittsburg
Phillppl and Phelps. Umpire, O'Day.
At Cincinnati: r. h. E.
Cincinnati 1 4 2 0 0 0 0 4 x— 6 2
St. Ixjuia .....0 10010000— 3 io 2
Butteries— Cincinnati, Leary, Coaktey and SchhM;
St. I.iouiH. Brown, Hostettef and Noonan. Umpires
Curpeuter und Johnston.
Ida Highxcood Loses and Wins in
Brushes icith a Team.
An unexpectedly clos« contest between Ida Hlßh-
WOOd, 2.-00 U. In single harness, and Klngmond. 2^!9.
and A. J. D.. S4H4, hooked to pole, was the feature
of yesterday's eport on the Speedway. The team
was driven by Claus Bohlinsr. who recently bought
A. J. D. to mate his old horse Klngmond. and It
was the first real brush In which the pair had
No or.<\ not even their owner, had dreamed that
they could hold their own in double harness with
co fast a trottor as Nathan Strauss Speedway
champion, and horsemen were accordingly aston
ished when Ute three flyers hove In sight with the
pnlr on even terms with tho mare. Mr. Straus had
underrated the team, and had twice taken Id*
Highwood back to wait for thrm. when A. J. I>.
made a break nt tho utart. but he was driving her
with all his skill as thoy Beared the tlntsh, after
ho had come to realize that sho could not shake
them off. The clip grew faster and the contest
waxed closer and harder, until iliiHlly the mare
broke wildly when fifty feet from the finish, un
able longer to stand the strain. In the return trial
Mr. Straus drovo Ida Hißhwood from end to end.
For three furlongs or.rnoro the team trotted stride
for strldo with tho queen of tho road In aa pretty
a race ns ever was seen. Then, with one of h«»r
characteristic rushes, the mr»r<» liegui to forge
ahead t.y inches until she was leading by a neck
or more as they swept past the haJi'-nille post,
trotting at a 2:10 clip or faster.
After the brushes were over Mr. Straus snld he
had never seen a i»air that could trot llku A. J. D.
bnd Klncarond.
A. 11. Coeden, secretary of the Road Drivers' As
•ocladon, w.i* out behind another new Speedway
team, the chestnut trotters Georne M. 2:14 V;. and
Crown Prince, 2:l7V*. recently purchased by him In
Pennsylvania. Hoth horses gained their records
last lies son on half-mile tracks. They were not
started in any of tho brushes. Don Derby. 2:04>.«.
the champion of Speedway pacers since IW4, was
back on lli" road after a year's absence, James A.
Murphy, of Chicago, .Irlvln* him. W. .1. lark, of
Tonkers, drove a nr\v trotter of extreme Pi>«>ed.
having last week sold hia bay stallion Th» Banker
for export to Holland and replaced him by the
purchase "f Aline, a handsome bay mare, by Eaial
O. In h< r flr=t brunh fhe def*-atpil I>r. Joseph
Bemon'a Macs pactng mnr« Pace Estrella, and later
oattrotted Dr 11. D. (Mil's First Demand
In pthi r brushes Andrew Phllllps's Grand Circuit
trotter Norrl*, .' f.'\. defea Dick M. three times
In succession; X \V. Boynton'i bay trotter Crimson
Clover, 2:W<. won from William Scott's Kitty
Wilkes. 2 lov*. and al^o from Oeorgc 11. Huber's
brown pacer Bessie Pandit; Kitty wllkes In turn
took the measure of Harry Henman's brown pacer
fchorty: }'■ >«<;|« Pandit tit sit Andrew ("rrnrTord'a
Etfl« Shannon in the cioneat finish of th«« dny; th»
latter won easily in a latT brush with Mr. Huber's
bay pacer Lvthorn, and Wck M. defeated E. Dotel
do ■ brown trotter Ida.
Ttcenty Horses May Go to the Post
in Metropolitan Handicap.
Th» Metropolitan Handicap will be run and won
on Thursday. Th»- sixteenth running of th!s hl»
torio fixture will mark the opening day of tha first
s;irlnsr meeting of th» West si Racing A.«»o
ciation at Bebnont Park. The sport baa boon K°od
at Aqueduct and Jamaica, but racegoers will wf-1
coir.o tho changa to the so-called Newmarket of
America, whero the commercial end of racing is
made subsori'kct. so fur as appearaaeea go, to
ep irt for sport's «ak.;. The parkllke lnclosure, the
sumptuous clubhodsa, tho largo and commodious
grandstand, the broad Btretches. the well kept in
f.fld, tha picturesque eurro'indings -all tfnd to ln
creasa the r! < 'a-*"'r<» of a day's outing u:id lend a
glamour to the rf.rlng itself.
There waa a lime, and not *o long ago, that t'i<>
snrtnjc meeting of tie Weetchester Hacfnt: Assocla
t'frn marked the r«*nl ening of .the racing season
to hundreds of p«rson«. This is hardly the ca«*«
ni a, aa Aqutduct and Jamaica provide sport i*f
th.j host: "nut the opening of BHmor.t Park and th.i
runnlntc of the DOlltan still mark a turning
rwiint nnd ar« welcomed by raring folk. Borne ■ ! t:.e
best horses In trailers have been r*-»-*r\ - ed for the
rkh stake* to b« decided, and from now on the
Fturs of »h* thoroi!Shbr*-d world will <I'> battle.
Tht) Metropolitan Handicup of tw.OOO ta at one
mile, and eighty-four horses art tlisiMe for t*l»
ili'h prize, or this number twenty ore likely to X')
t" the post, BS ti!.- irel| hav«' be»-n so . l#verly
adjusted hv W. B Vusburgh. the etßeiul handl
capp«r. that at least twenty owners and aa mur.y
trsiln«rs bellere they hnve l-.orses capabl* if earn
inic »h.-« distinction which victory will brln*. The
pl'i>t,a'. . starters .try as follows:
Hcne. Af". \v«:*ht. , O*r.cr
I«osa**.n »> . l .'■♦ :-. c. Jofcn*on
l>r. <;<»r.l(i«r * iao — r. I>. PuUivaa
PiimieMon 5 11» F. H. t^lfc^..•"« •<
<:!"'ner B iiv» . . J. V. McCortnl.k
T».-.ya ... I 11m . Hiiry Pnyn* Whitney
1.-lshHMlla 3 IJU ■;••■;
Tnkalon tt 113 .. J. W. rtdlsr
Whlmaloal 4 11* swum. Htabls
• "alrr-itorm 0 . ...Hi. SyOan I'a«pt
Oxford a 111 j. M I.au«hlln
BUnfly 6 11l August l(«:mont
W H. Qut| 4. . . 110 .... n. F. ilirman
Tim - r»n:!i:m ...4 |0S . J. \V. FulJ*«r
I'.'ti JUcja i l.«| Auin.st Itxlmont
t»o ManJ 3..... .104 1". J. Kali:<>y
Superman s 108...... j»i,,.., R. X—
P^w^ll 8 100 BrowßMcb I"«rlc St.
<>k<-n!t« 8. . . W> ..August Utlmont
rhlUader S M> Junta It K^.-r.o
J ' CbT« 8 .Si N»t»,-84»tl» Stable
fe<ier»troii.« 3 h» It. W. Nelson
Accountant, the biggest money winner last y»ar,
will hardly fnce the atarter. Ho Is at top weight,
with I£B inda from whal th« ralibirds cay. ha
la not roudy for ft hard race aa yet. Of the proba
blo utarttrs. Dandelion hi the only one which has
not had a puK.lc trial for the race. The others
with i.r..> or two exceptions, have qualtned for the
great Btruggla in a -.\^.. convincing enough to In
sure each urn« ■. Ing .1 following. Rosel .-:i the
hero of tho Carter tumdlcap. in sptte of th*' fact
that he wua beat»«n by lilorinor, has been careful
pointed to the Metropolitan since then and his
w.,rk lins boen tlrelj satisfactory. The holder of
the American records for six and seven furlongs
will probably begone of the choices althouch tha
dtatsnea Is sllshtly itnsi him. He'workeda mile
at f*rave«e I I last Thursday In 1:41 easily and this
indicates that he t>- <r;iu- ready
Frank Weir, who U alng Iteeebeu, is alaa
handling Dr Gardner, winnei of the fcxcelstor
Handicap nnd Montacue Btakes, for T D. illlvan
und Imsical for the Btwanoy Stabie The last
nuuied. which had Iwo victories t.> her credit over
Accountant last year looked well enough last week
but ran i k lluU race in ncr Brat start. Dr. r.ardner
will be In strong demand ir h». goes as th» dis
tanco is exactly to his liking, and he Is as tit as
hands can make him. He will have to take up
c «ht pound*, however, over his original Impost or
1-, pounds snd Mr. Sulllvnn '« conadertes the ad
vi«abUlty of navinc him for the Brooklyn Handicap.
Bewell ran a brUltant race In defeating Tan^
1., m week, and he will bo ono of the choices on
rnurwflay, wnnilw nnil may Bhlire tl> po»t of favoritism
with Rosebcn. J. C. Coro has w.irk.'d a fast six
rurlongs since his *tart In tho Excelsior Handicap
und will bear watching, whilo Tanya, V. H. Carey
t.lorlflor nnd Superman ar« dangerous factors D*
Murul might win if he breaks In front but he la
in dlsKrace ai present. In a big field alow begin
ners, like T ' k ■'''"'■ Dlshabnie. First Premium and
PhUander. will be at a «ilsa.ivantago but with a
llttlo luck might be tlphtlnir m the van at tho "nc?
The spring meeting of tho Metropolitan Jookey
Club nt Jamaica will coitw to nn end on Wednes
day. It has been the best meeting in tho history
of the club in spite of the fact that the starting
has been below the standard and Miller and Radtke
were injured by faUa Much has been written and
■aid about the sum of the track and th" man?
turns, but It mnat be said in all fairness tha? the
two rails last weekwer* purely accidental and the
track wae In no way to blame. It would b* well
If it could bo : ilarged. however, and there ia a
good chance that It may be. '* a
An offlcial notice from O. R. Mewburn. hon
orable secretary Of tho English Lawn Tennis As
soctation, was received In this country yesterday
relative to the International challenge matches for
the Dwisht F. Davis cup. It officially states that
arrangements have been made to play the prelim
inary tie between America and Australasia at Wim
bledon on July 13. 15 ,-ir.d IS. and the challenge tla
with the winning nation against the English hold
♦* r a July «.' ' , J4ft1 1 ( 1 -i*i .
It also includes a statement that Norman E
Brookes and A F. Wilding, the Australasians, have
Issued a provisional challenge to meet a British
Isles team, whatever the result of the Davis cud
competition mi^ht be. The teams for this match
may b» Increased to six players for each side.
f By Telegraph to Th© Tribune. 1
Madison. Wis.. May s.— Athletics Is Ulrely to be
entirely abolished at the University of Wisconsin.
A committee appointed by the regents Is Investi
gating a plan to forbid all Intercollegiate contests
at the beginning of the next school year, and it Is
said that the committee Is practically unanimous
against athletics.
It was Intended to take the preliminary s:ens
secretly, but it beoame known that such an lnvestl
gation waa under way and the university circles
are greatly stirred. The next meeting of the board
of regents will receive a report on the subject of
athletics from this committee.
Albany, May s —The New York National easily
defeated the Albany State League, team here to
day by the score of 4 to 0. The score follows:
New York 00810000 0-^
Albany oftoo 00 0 0 0— 0 7 9
Butteries— Qalaskt. Reed and Millerlcke- Tavlor"
Ferguson, Bresnahan tuid FlUgerald.
Telephone 3100 Mad. gq >T
Ale. A la Carte. Tdh , Table d'hote din. j^. j.^aojj
DINNER $1.50.
c TO » P. 31. ,
Telephone 1260 Madison Bquir«.
lOcho w 7^
103 to 114 EAST 14TH ST. (Tel. Oramercv >
Cafe Lafayette Culfilne Francalaa.
Old Hotel Mart In. J Also s«rvic« a la carte.
University PI. anfl Oth St. « Music by Amalo Orch.
, Sixth Ay», 44th and 45th Sts.
f flf#» P|i|i|p< Srrond At*, and Tenth St.
Vale DOUIeV arU Hungarian MusJc and Spoclaltlsi.
music. CAVANAGH'S ala carte!
255-2 CO W, Bd. Restaurant. Orlll. Banquet Rooran
Ilinirll niAIIIft 12»th St. «n<l 7th Aye.
njifiLLlii UHUIIIU Metropolitan «P«a House
Orchestra Miss \l I" \ YOIO, Contralto Prtma Donna.
Dinner with wine. >1.00. A la Carte at all hours.
r uiiiifiufvi Brut
TABI.K d'HOTE OINNEK. *i.OO. with m»—
Jllanlnfl nfAOnlnulUnto 30 E. 30th. Restaurant
foi m.-n and women. Ale. A Tdh. Luncheon ar dinner.
Music t . THE NEW fiRAN'H Broadway
Ala Carte. * I«C I>C>> Ul\/inU and 31st St.
Herald Sqoarc Hotel, Bwar. a h c«rt«,
pvr.pi » C (HUP HOUSE- 6th At. * 83th St.
»-« i^l— • <J T'> remain open until Jur.« Ist.
Harltsorcttgii Hitteliiiler " m n .V",Sg.,.iiir'
88th St.. near nrondway. Music. Dinner, $1 50.
rulsln.< ala Francalso. A 'a Carte.
Ju.-l off Broadway, near City HaU.
Orcr.l Orchestra, noon and evenlnc
Slil » CD'C B'w«y * ParTt PI. s*-x CAFE
mlLbCll O and H.UII>KtI I.tK. A ha < art*.
MOTOR car runs.
Daltghtful drivps from town. recommead«<J. Rn-1
m«ps <t2). Autom Tours"; nearly 100 drives
(Illustrated 1 : luc. Booklets (irratts). Travellers* Co..
30 Eait 80th st. Tel. 510« Mad. 84.
nni!Rl 1? liiynU 12m - >"«h Shore L!«!» Keek
UUUlaLflOfilAßUnia.'l B a> - Besntlfol pri.ata park.
nnnnlopfnn I I " r ' r al! year. Td Ale.
LUJgldSlun, L. I. Hotel Aseeaamodatleaa Booklet.
Tho Fl TflM ttll y- S3 m - "Most attracttv* hotel
Ilia CLIUfI !n titrw England." B^st natural route to
W»»«-rbury. B?rk!>hir»s. also Sjm aNSIi route to
Conn. Hartford and all New England point*. *
innry liiy on hii»son. artsth St. n •waata. ay
fIODLI Infl A la Cane. TiMUMM Cuisine.
BAY VIEW HOTEL . :?: ?^ ;nw^ .^ lc City Islatid
Blossom Heath Inn, *C%r ß^/sJLsrchinent
BKKTTO.v Map Saw York to Whir* iloantains.
WOOI>S Anderson * Prlr». Bretton Hal.. N. T. City.
HATER'S ISUND INN, > WBaaaa*iUu l W'l t
HOTEL WINDSOR *££*^^Sfantio City
Pedeflous rjgr^^^s puihfieid. k. j.
rn:"vt I Infl Oatral et. Ntn t «r.,i }
Ravenhall o J l^ l i!^ €OsmxtiLAXO
♦iTAlir'H'^ CONEY VM». High f!asa
Olnuwu tJ » R.-tauran'. A la. Carte. Music
"where TO STOP."
Hotel* ttntl Resort* rrvnmmentletl by
TRAVEILKRS 1 (o. SO K»-.t 38th St., >". T.
Hsw Orleans i'/T^Kew St. Charles Hots!
DAQI <id Iltl - I>e *'ln«vers. LVL V ! X Ht: *R t
UHwIbU Alow corrrsponJir.r with lUti Hotala.
fiQlk'nCl WAI n iiotk L SfHOE»TEIJ«. F»m. Hon,L
lsn!nlJLi.if fli-'J E.i B . .v Araer. Patrona Ptns.fr.*.
IIITERI AIfFSI *■ ** et. «4
itl I CnLfltlUil Upp. Jung'.-au. de». Aip*H.
LllfEßPOOL'iir^c, w r^.r i i. ss^L"«a- St. George
LIVERPOOL #.?i!iT n S»aXZZ Htl. St. George
A lilt. ll \MK BECB in bottles only
At flrSt class hotels, liquor dealers' ar.J Rrocers'.
Sunday automobile club runs seem to be grow
inw popular. Two were held yesterday. More thai
■ dozen cars started in tho outlufr of the Lon»
Island Automobile Club from in front ef the club
house. No. 2.0 Cumberland street. Brooklyn, at IJ
o'clock in tha morning. The rua was to the Cort
landt'Housa ut Day Shore, where luncheon wu
a r.v.mber of cars started In the run of the
recently orgnnraed City and Country Motor CTt^.
which opened Its clubhouse at N\>. SOI West lODiri
strret on May 1. The run was. io Lake Mahopae.
New York, where the organization has a country
FIRST RACE— Selling: for tnatJens two yOWI o!J: JTOO
added. Itvi furlongs.
Name. \vt | Nune. wt
rivorcas io» Atracadabrm W
•?»nator Bfckham ... 104lTlr.ker B»U ..." .90
Enlist ... 102; pension P3
Ped! B re« i*> •Tllekllas M
tnak*i«roo<J *» • Helen B fri
Marbles , 9t> Art Critic . &*
Emma Carus WV •B«a Rosa M
Daljy Shine e»!
SECOND BACH ffanasCOj: fOr thr*»-v«ir-oVs and up
ward; JSOO ad Jed Fly* aad a half fur losis
Inquisitor 124:t>r. Hollis. . . " \M
Robin Hood 130 Berkaley 102
suckala r^::::::::::::::lig! Juilth ila^Br.di' '...'.. .XOO
THIRD RACE— Handicap, for thra^-yaar-^Us an! u»
ward; $800 added. On* and ona-slxte« B th n>.£»
W. H. Car «y 121 Athlata W
Flip Flap 113 <3ood Luck
Whimsical 110; Superman 10*
Tommy Wadde'.l 108 Samson .. . .'.". ICO
for three-ya»r-o!ds; $i..v>o add»l gt x f\j^n*s
Horac* E 112jA!etheuo . T.....104
Ora-ulnm lio' Re-.»moa-t ' . '.'. ' 100
Sar»ein«»ca 110 Ampe<*o . ' "'n»
Geor*» 8. Davis 106!Eusrblo "..'.. * ' . VT
Btrktley MtiOsllam Dan... l 1... 93
FIFTH RACD— Selllnjt: for two-year-cMs- 1700 a»li*S
Five furlongs. " *
BoB ou dlns Elk 109 -tvilliam n. Lycn V 9
Heedless 103!Tlnker 8*11..T7. »
rwsh •• 102iCu«rnaraca ... »
P»u> Pnr 9A 'Hand Ue Down.. M
SIXTH RACE— For maider.a thpe * years old. $700 adJ*i-
Six furlongs.
Vestaballa ". 107:Broml B a 101
Golden VI eat 101 Yankee 8eu0... 101
Mary Hall 101»Anna C . . i»
MEVF.NTH RACE— For maidens three \ears cli. SIU fu^-
iI!T% U2|CoM3nder -1»
HtKh Olasß miTratnp V»
,, Irnoch«1 rnoch « - 1121 Herman 1*»
il"-''' 1 10»!Ttro »- 100
Mtllston^ Claude Duval 109
Dan Bubrs 1W MamU Uori — *>•
•A*pr«nJl>;a allowance.

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