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V* LXVII N?' 22,142.
To-day. falr.
lo-morrpw, fair and warmer; wrst wlnd?.
livproied Conditiom?Strikcrs and
Trust Prepare for Struggle.
Preparatlona wero completed yesferday by the !
..?. terican Ic< C ny for breaking tho striko '
io?i wagon drivers and h< Ipera. \!i the
police protection to
allow tl ?; ? who had facilitiea for carrylng ice
btaln it.
A large number of pollcemen, including nri'' or
;wr n i'. Btood tT'iari nt th" depit at
and North Rivc-r. tho largeal on the
V>'*<=f Side. The dopot at 9th Btreet and Kast
RiTer. where the East Slde pots moat of Its ice.
? also well guarded. Thero waa Uttle or
hlng for tho polfce to do, however
over the ranke of the atrlklng
ra yesterday, but lt was that
t wl : ? ? d< b the Btorm. The leadera of
union lo^al* were bard at it perfect
Ing their plai the atruggle whlch is rx
l to-day.
At - i "brldgea." ny- >o*ta on whlch
thr (,-.- ded from tha bargea, and at all
f,????-- . i of tb? company i!l
e uncanny condltlona pre
? was nothlng to Indlcate
Ice traa In progresa unleas the head
>mpany. nt Broadway and 28th
nere rlaited or the office of Ita agents,
V uAdall ft "v1 ihon. ar No. 475 Weat Broadway,
kers arf hPirs: hoofcer] and
ers are being sworn in.
- four hundred and fi'ty men ans
????vffd by the rompany In
papers yeaterday. and th<
' Waddell & Mahon was crowded during the
and w?n on lnto tho eventng. Thla
ny, whlch does a lars-o employment
-1 ; b< weral of the larger cltlea of the
-. waa ready to flll tho vacancles ?
? qutttlng of the old employea of the ice
ny, and promlsed that ther? woold?be
eoougti men m hand by thla afternoon to enable
rho ci mpany to ? rrnttnne buainess as usual It
1p Intended to pt;ir? work &< 6 o'elock thla morn
ir>c wltb tho rrion already on hand.
agenta of the Ice company were careful
? ?-t only thopo who had a thormieh work
? T.e -?? ty, as well ar- aome ox
perience aa truok drlvera. Nearly throo hun
drad ? | and toJd to repoii to the tem
irtera whlch the rompany has nr
raaged for them The hlgheat rate of waajea
ttte otd emplosrea wlll be glven th
.? c Pffty-nlne of ?h^ men taken on r
day were gwoiu i il officorp.
.i e"-t--\i many called for Ice .?
ornlng nt the Eaal 9tl rtreel depot wlth
loae kinds, tTkine: it away In
ranglng from aeveraJ hundredwelght
. '?? to a doxen pounda But througbout the
loiwr part of New York and the greater i
.n rher? wer rge aectiona whlch
|ea Ev'T the ' tl
dealprs obtalned lesa than I . tal quantity,
as the latter were savlng up to obtaln new
CU?tonr?er*. A niinib^r of well-to-do people In
Manhntian. below 34th Btreet. comblned here
; j;torcs wfaich keep
ii^rl eitber a rery smaJ]
ed ;: entlrely.
i far as the s^nera! r.oi-ljtior.r were
. a ?T..i ilt ? .ilnt. Th I
tptauher of yeaterday fooght for the
? much longer than would have
aae hau H ?.!;iny of
the larger hotele turned entli to their own
plant^ for their them
? not pr i-. !io,] wlth means for mak
ina their own Ice foined the proceasion pf large
r tmumens own wagona to the
ii "brldges rer front for auch I <?
weather was
f**t. ''' Lhere lltl r no crowding any
'vhfc along the llne.
The Btrlking drtvera had a mas= m?
on at ?;3-'T!cr<- ? :. Bchermerhorn
a,-d Ri -. Brooklyn, at whlch Prealdent
Ice Wagon IJrivers" Cnioi
? ?-.'? "f tho atrikera who waa
was accuaed of returnlng to work. It app
r )iim that he waa not in tho hall. He
Wl - dfnouncod ? , uh language, and a
.? lution to the i '??'??' t that he be never allow< ?:
uni >:i hall r-^iin waa carrled by acclama
1 le chairmar. feld that Coney [aland
ba . d up tight ao far ns delivering i
eemed, and added: "'!" n are be
gb .iing to krfn the atrikers, and \<<- will get the
barge men out. We havo pulled '>ur ???.
nran in Newtown Creek and Baat New York,
?md oir-n tli^- mT: on the flat trolley cai
raavy Ice ar<- on atrlke I want to remlnd you
? tha Arnorican h'o Company la golng I i ) it
if breakera to-day under police protection,
m> *Uat is what we have to cope wlth "
? i".otb followed, and ;? waa declded that a
nu-?' i.r r,t the atrikera abould be d.tai.
ad anceagenta to p<> aionir th" routea ai I
thf cuatoaaera r.o; to get Ice from tha new men.
It was rr-portt d that there waa an ????
,-ha'ir'- of gatttng the barge men out In m I
the depota, and ? of the foremen who
ad Jolned in the atrlke had refuaed an offer ?:'
..n advance in wagea.
Work TiJl Doylight Stopping Leak
Bcforc Relieved bii Men
\V.y TtWraph "> Th'- TrtNun< ]
Denv;-. June 30 Mra. M j. Reed and the
??^p Kr.ight, Reed and McGill laat nlght pre
^"?^d the breaking of the dam <.r th. great
w^"'1 hryr"vr,]r- "'? :' h ho?da thr- targest
thtai?2a5larm,ng !'a; and te,ePhoned for
t|TiHe t-w^^J1 team ani vvent to the dam.
lr.to t'.o ortv^*"1 llay rvo othera packed it
Afttr ?hrowlBW??-*?'d ahovelled dlrt upon it.
ing like beaTera =2!* ,oadB ? ? hay and work
ttgvcd by men, who fld|1-v,,'s,u ,hf'y lvere T""
aveit'-d what would --^**ted ,!-': tf!';<'i's and
uttr ,rot-atiy have been a dis
TO* TEST C0L0RAB0~~J;"^~^
Eight Companies in That Stat* n
* oiaxe Begm Quo i
Warranto Pioecediags
(n>- T '>'???: \i t: ? i T . T-l! ?
naaiver, Jane 80.?Not content to
ifat declsion of tbt Btate Railway Coaaaata^
*?id fest the valkUty ol the new act'"Jn
uaoa! uay, ..lRnf fv,!.,radM rallroade havo filf.a
?u" warranto prooeedinga ;.? the distrkt oourt
agalr:K? :h.- Railway Commiaaion and the Kune
Ttajsurer. demandfng that the commiaaion i.e
ou>t?(i fr.,rri o?n.-.- .-,,,.] the lau dedared uncon
?ttttttlonal. None of the blg Eaatern pralrle
?5*4* Joincd in the suit. Tlio |aw i-? connid* n l
?^W^hy aomc of the most pxporienccd railroa.l
??^T^3[* ln the c?untr>', and the auit wlll l>e
? n wjth tatareal by the Eaatern roat
Ravar.a, Jan'- SO?Th? -i??
Mrtfc not havdnR r^5?, C'*a,rmak;-r" vvi " ;" ' !':I
BUBWAY AND BROOKL.YN BBIDGB. ?ST STREET. Entrance to the elevated statlon.
It has been accumulating eincf* the strike began. ShcwinK the ptlea of reekinpr parhagre left by the
m<?!?< hanta of "I'aildy's" market.
Coolcst in 76 Years in Washington
-Temperatures Low Ehewhere.
Waehington. June 30.?The Weather Bureau
announced to-night t'mt the month .iust
was tlir- rnoippi June of record in Washington
ln t!;o !a?t seventy-flve years, and that tli<?
Fume wns probably true of New England, the
^li.irjlo Atlantic E the Iower lake region.
In other parts of the Untted Statea the tem
res were also lower than usual.
Tlir bureau'a ofnWai atatemenl says in ex
in previoufl cold Junes tho dis
tribution of atmosphorl- pressure over the Can
litlme provincea an.J the North -v'
Jantlc was such as to rause a pred m nance of
wfnds in northeastern dlstricts, ami a
blockade of the rontinental lows either in th"
Ohio Valley or off the New England coast."
nty Commissioncr Stabbed to
D^nth by Treasurer.
Charlotte, N. C. June 30 \ dispatch from
B\ille, Mit< hell County. glves news of a
fatal encounter r^ar there Thursday, when
County Treasurer J. C Rai
inn Burleson i
death ket knif< . The K;';'r^ fo
n d!f=i>n*o nvor tax r- I
i badly beat<
Benat i ? lolph Burrendered.
Wcll Known Temperance Lecturer
Expires in Los Angcles.
temperance lecturer,
l''nc lllnesa :!!'?! gen r I
Francla M rphy araa born In "'? ?'? ?? . ?? |. I
on Api
education. He <?.: ?
and was married in hia twentleth yei
He Berved In the ...
organlzed U
of which he was th?> flrst presldent.
?.: began under hia dlrection ln
Plttaburg In 1876. mor
.'.. ? >,.l i lonn "
v, rre I.??!?!.
of hl
From PIt tsburg the a .
nut th- I'niti d Stal In the t:.
field h< a>M:
!.i i!ip (rtatisti ol :? i Izations, he
? . .1 fully twelv<
? ?
? ?
war wlth Bi aln. IV1 en th<
11 ?
50 Mr. Mur|
?. d that on ? ?
llndnesa h< vt 1 ild ?'?- ??????
llctation of hia autobli Rivlng
?? ? At that til
| lO !>?? ;il>l-'
t<. conttnue hia mlasior.ary lal
t.i come. bul
cal porwers.
s Murphy, la th<
1; ,v : n 1 ?" Peiuwylvonia.
Now Cottage of Superintendent cf Staten
Island Cotton Bocks Is Burned.
?;???. 1 hundred gueata at the Hotel Caatleton, al St.
. were arouaed from thelr aleep early yea
momlng by a nre whl h destroyed a two
ind attlc frame cottage .".t Hamlll
lyvesant I ,: the atn el fn
Th" (lam<s lighted up the ak> for mllea
around. The buildlng waa 1. bul waa
ii?inK renovated. It waa owned by n. )?:. Pouch.
Euperintendenl of th? American cotton docka al
Tompklnaville, at which there have been bo many
flrea. '
When the flremen arrived, twenty mlnutea aft?r
??,. alarm. they found there ?raa no a/ater to fight
the fiamea, and the bullding waa burned to the
ground. The loaa la placed nt $20,000.
Adver?e Air Current Carries Him Up a
Mile on His "Sky Cyclc."
Dolumbux, Oliio, Ji:r,'- 80.- Cromwell Dlxon, tour
teen yeara <<h'. made ; a aacent to-day ln his "sky
cycle" and waa carried up un'if- than n mlle by an
adverae air curreni The propeller of the airahlp
ir run by fool power and Dixon haa been able t'>
bandle 11 readily in a llwlit bre< z
To-day, after th- ahlp had aacended a ahort
.: \.. caught by :i atrong current ol 11 r
which whlrled ii rupidlj upward untll only the gaa
bag couM '? diacerned by the naked eye, After
betng up tii.tr an hour, Dixon landed aafely aeveral
Btttlea ii?'?'. i 1 he 1 ?:>? Ung p< Int.
President Probably Will Not Take Up the
O-uastion Before End of This Week.
Oyater Bay, Juna 80.?The rrpiRnation ,,f w. n.
Vi lllcox as poBtmaPtor of New York ( Ity, whi.li
haa beeniraeahrea at th. axecuUve offle*. bera trtU
'? ?W befora the Presidenl to-morrow, and wUl
be acoeptad at once.
tary ix.ei, ?u l().n!Kht thal PreaUeat
? II would not taka up the matter of a aue
to Mr. Wllksos befora th^ r-n<! 0f the week
;U l.-u'-t. '
- >-.?
New Btrvlca and tempUng ahort trlpa cffered bw
the Iludson Rlver Day Line.-Advu
In the StreeU of Tarrytown Satur
day- -Going West at Once.
Tt ia denied at Tarrytown that there is any
truth in tho report that Jobn D. Rockefeller is
at PittsfifM. Maas.. or anywhere clse, du'luini?
proceaa aervera. He was seen ln the str?
Tarrytown on Baturday, having come down from
Pocantico Hi'ls in his large car t>> meet a friend
at tho railroad Btation. He was also seen a day
or 5=o ago playlng err.lf on his private links with
Father Lennon. a Cathollc priest of th? Church
of Mary Maudalpnc.
?? ? ording to statementa made by his seri
Mr. Rockefeller is arranglng to leave Tarrytown
thia week for Cleveland. Although It Is
aaid Mr. Rockefeller f^firs nothtng. the pates nf
I - Pocantico Hilla estate are kepl loeked an-i
did roi venture out yeeterday
?;, j ;,, attei i services at tl
[ny Teli Brapl I' TlM Tt
^0 jUne ithorltiea of Chi
II ia underatood, realize the futlllty of ex
ng a lar^o sum of tnoney In nn eff
serve summona on John D. Rockefeller. nni
rore will depend on W. L David, |
cuting 1 ? Hanco< k 1 "ountj . to
>urt Mr. Rockefeller. it will
t< '.
? the Rtandard < <\\ < lompany it
< ihio. but was ei 'y nttenda i
? ?
ago autborities, it la
? id aummon M r.
mrt In
? rJh-era
end of the Ohio trlaL or
rould ? pera :m<l tak*> him to
their ea ?? fb*
ll 1 t"
thal thia
lid he woald i?o
?' ?
Mnn Wanted for Rud Elcvatcd
Wreek Founu in Smt Francisco.
? nber, 19 ??"?.
v :is arresti
and plai ? ?! ln |all, 1 N
York Kelly admltted hli
Kelly . a ' a w ell known
? baoi I
. 1 hoto
When plaa d und
he wa . ?ant< d He 1 as been I
tht yard.
f*aul Kel . ? ? l o
I." tr.-iin t" ;
53d atreet, on Sept< ml er II, 1803 1 n
w ??!?? kllled and foi ty-l
oualy Injured. Ii waa ? ? I ? levate?l i I
'? hlatory. and
n dreaded
? t., : . !...:? have b< ? n api reh< n
L'nited Stat<
The :?
town tralna of the ? Ixth av< nue
evel, In ordcr to leave the Ntntl ivenue line.
i! ia the ii.!'- for the Nixth aven
down In approachlng the curve, -
avenue tralna k" down the lncilne
Btreel ed
At Police Headquarters 1 " ?'?? s::1,1
arrangementa would be made to-day to
K< lly bac* to thia clty. If he a.mpanli
,,.,];,-.? -. on 1 apera he aho ild
within .1 i- ?
Not'.ce of Kelly'a arreat waa recelved at P
ii. adq iarti ra here in a telagi 1 algni d b
ol Polli e J, F Dlnan, of S kti Fran< laeo. Thero
I ;. rcwai l of $80f. 1 1
Ocoupants of Fourth Street House Flee
When House Settlea a Foot.
A two atory and atttc brlea ! ? 1 ?" No; " ^"oct
4Tii Btreel aettled almost a foot last 1 . .
reauli of the recent hea r- ' ? belleved.
Th.tupants of the bullding left it hun
fearing an accident aimllar to that of a week ago.
I No. 93 Walker ? treet fell, killing
aeven peraona and injuring aeveral otbera.
The houae In 4th I ?' '?> ;:'-'' Bureau
0t );.,,; mti ten porarily ahore 1 up
-, f( H ,,;.. ago. II la 1 Id ? ? ii"- Poli< ?? -
Mercer Btreel station have been watchlng i' for
?on* time Two patrolmen were atatloned near the
bullding to prevent peraona from >n that
Bide of the street.
Want $3 for Going: to Weddings and $1 or
Ovcr for Attending Bal! Games.
|i;>- Talegrapa to Tba Ttlbune.]
Warrea. Ohto, June 8a The poUce of thia clty
bave formed a unlon and adopted a acale of pay
menta for all ?ira duttea performed. They have i
tasued a proclainatlon Btating theae cbargea, and
although Chlef rtowera haa not approved
acUon. they declara "atfvaaced policJng" baa eoma ]
toF?r*work at the baaabail park the poUpemep wlU |
cbarge ?i for tha Bret bour and M eanta tot aach
?uoceading boor, For any day work outa*de thelr
n-Kuiar beata they damaad 18 for tigbt boura, l..o
brldegroom will hav- to pay 88 lf ka wtohja a j
pollceman at bla wedding. For attending wakea :
in an offlciat capactty a fee ..f $1 an bour will oa
exacted. Ctgara will no longer be aoc*pted aa l">-;.u
u.?l li^ttdc the l.i*hbali faii.Uvis. Advt.
Crew of Lattrr Rcscucd with Di/Ji
culty?Passengers Cahn.
Newport, R. I . Juna 3ft.?r>urint; very thlch
weather and a rmiah sea the Fall River Line
staamer Puritan, from New York for Newport
and Fall River, ran into and hadly damaged tho
schooner aflldred A. Pope, Captata W. D. Rot>
bina, r>ff Palkner'a laland, in the Bound just east
of New Haven late iast night. Thare waa no
loss of Ufe, althongb Captalo Rohbina of tho
achooner and two membera of his crew and the
mate'a wlfe were rescned by a boat'a crew from
th" Puritan with pront difnculty.
The schooner, whlch was bound east wlth a
load of Bpllea, waa atrnch betweer. the fore
and maOnmast. and la beiieved to be very f
rioualy damaged, atthough her booyant cargo
keepa her aftoat and makea it dlffk-ult to asrer
tain h> r exact oonditlon The forward flagstaff
of tha Puritan and the light woodwork about
her bow wero carrled away.
There waa no panic armng tho nassangers and
very Ilttle excltenoent, As aoon as tho veesela
colllalon tho soarohlIgrit3
brought Into play, a Ufeboat, fao charge of
Mate Bherraan, waa launched, and after a barolc
battle wlth heavy aeaa, al! those on tho schooner
? I the Puritan.
The Fall River l.h iteamer Beaton
waa h formed by a wireleaa meaaaga of tho accl
ilie achooner, whlch waa
??? in the path of narigatlon, untll a tug
eould be diapatched from New HaVen to tha
scene. The Bteamer HoratJn Hall, bound from
Portland to New York. whlch waa neaur by, also
offered her asslatance by wireleaa, but waa n-.t
Lnjuriea wero not aerioua. and
were ?? 1 force of workmen spn* from
here to Pall River.
Th.- Mildred A. Pope, is a reeae] of nlnety tona,
. Me? in ^<,.*>, .?.;-,! haillng from
Mu. hlaa, Me.
Haven, June I*.- Tho schooner Miidved
A. Poj In colllalon wlth th? Kall
Bound laat nlght, ??! Into this port storn
st and lying ! >w in the
by Andrew
pickej up
? ??*? . >ff Snj I
Unidentified Vessel Disappears in the Dark
ne.=5 in Vineyard Sound.
l to-day from Phlladelphia wlth i
of her ptatea dai
lialon tn Pollock Rl]
? night, ?Ith anotl er reaa L
? ? Biittah stea . i;. iperldea,
for New York.
? rkneaa uIthoul maklng
?xtent of her lnjuriea known.
_??? i ? nough to requlre
r Bfty paa~
Boom Thcrc for Him Jiay Hc Un
<!i rm ining Fairbanks ('arididacy.
stat. In favor ol Qovernor Hughea of New Tork
tbllc i a nomtnee for i"i. sidi i l !.
: he Fali banka d
longei ? ea to It. Thej do not belleve
attempl la maklng t.> take
tho Vlce-Prealdenl the indoraemeni >.f hla own
I !m from havlng a soltd delega
iii.ii >.:: the natlonal conventlon. Thejr recagnixe,
? growlng lentlmeni In favor of Hughc?
: md choice, and belleve that the Falrl
c i dldacy la bein ed by it becauaa it la
upon the aasumption that he cannol b. aon>
The men backl - '? ighea are trylng to
detach Congreasman Vt'ataon from th* Falrbanka
camp bj making hlm the candidate f.?r Governor.
Tii.-y underatand thal Mr. Falrbanka Ib aeekinf
harriioi Bth und 10th dlatrieta and wanta
ndldate for Governor to come from that
of the state, aaking In return delegatea
onal conventlon. The attempl to brtng
Mr. Watson Into ta t.> heep allve the
,.; poi Itlon iii i he t v ? > dial
_ii Natlonal Chalrman New is credlted wlth
helplng to create a Hughea aentlment, hla frlenda
la n< utral.
Continental and Commercial National Ex
pectei to Consolidats Soon.
Chlcago, July t "The Record-HerakT to-day
Bays thal the creatlon of tha largeat banklng iustl
tution In Chlcago is about to t.ik.- \ lace In the ci a
soiidatl ?? ("ontlnental Natlonal an.l th-^
Commercial Natlonal banka. Negotlatloaa t<. thla
<n.i have been under waj for some time, but wito
iiuiirf. i j untll recently.
Now it la beiieved tl- merger wlll come aboul in
ti.r the amalgamated Inatltutlon to take poa
n .it" the banktng Boora .>t the Commercial Na
,\ bulldlng, wiii.ii i.-i nearly flniahed.
The new bank wlll make the following sbowing:
T itaJ capitallxatlon, 83.000,000; total aurplua and on
d proflta, J8.aia.488; total depi Ita, n0S>CB4jn.
George I. Weyler May Have to JJndergo an
IHv Ttlegrapli toTba Trttuae.]
Newport, R .1 , Juae ia?Mldahlptnan ?icorpe L.
Weyler, attajched to t!.e emiaar olympla. w.aa
brought to Newpon to-nlghl on tfie aaonltor Fkartda
t.i \i<> traaaferred to the hoapltal al tha naval trato
irm staii.ai. SUdahipmaa Weyler was taken s!ck
yeaterdaj and thla afternoon was trunsferred to
tiie Florida, He wm* at once takeri to the hoapltal.
where after an eaamlnatkm the sarspon in
announced that an oparatkm would not he nec?a
s.<in t<.-ntcht. a.'i hla s'ekness appeared ta be light.
1!. v,ill probably l>e operatt-d on to-morrow.
Go and breathe the pure. cool air in the balsain
foreats of New HampBhire.-A . :
Capturc of Tzi-enty-nine on St. Paul's
Island bif the Perrif Reportcd.
San Fraacteco, June 90.?Tba ateaawr Homer,
<".iptain Donaldson, which arrlxed yesterday froni
the Pribyioff [afcutda, broughi word of the eapt
ore of twenty-Bine Japaaeaa s?ai r.r>achers at
St. Pauls Island. off tba Phlbyleff arrotip. by the
t'nited Ptates revenue cutter Perry.
Winning Boat's Owwew and His
Nepkiw Surpt Ovcrboard.
Brtetot, R, T., June 80t Poddoa squalls and
heavy scas made the ocean race of the Bristol
Yacht Clnh from Bristol to Montauk P'Mnt to
day a thrilling contest.
Of the eleven boats starting at 3 o'clork yes?
terday afternoon only six covererl the eighty
eight nautteal miles of the oourse; two were
disabled ard two oth^rs turned baek, while one
hoat. the Oindy, wlth five men on board, w?3
mlsaing !nte to-day, despite the efforts of the
raring oommittee to loeate her. The C'lndy ia
nwni>tl hy A. F. Lewis, of Provldence, and was
saiied by Captain HigRfns.
Pormer Cornmodore Tillinghast and James P.
THHnKhaat. his m-phew. who wmt on the Llttlo
Rhody. were swept o\-erboard when off Bren
ton's Heef hy a sudden squail. which alm^st
capatsed their oraft. but a?< saved by their
COtnrade* Endannted by their mishap. they
drove the Little Rhody with undiminished can
vas through the hlgh seas and sent her home
a wlnner.
Frrrrthoiike Emplnyex Carrif Kuntze
Out Intn the Street.
("hari*s Kuntze. who was etected ald^rrmn
last faH on the Municipal Ownershlp I^eague
ticket for th* 38?h Dtatrlct, atarted for re.ile<e
? yeaterday afternoon. Tba aldenaaa, who
llves at N'n. 736 East 140tfa atreet, reacbad the
New Tork and College Point ferry, at the foot
of East 191th atreet wlth his rhUdren, one of
whom Is twelve years old and the oth.er y^unger,
aboul a o'cloch. The fare to Oolleaje Potet Ba lo
rents for ell persoiu more th.an twerre years okl
and g half fare for chfldrea batweea rlve and
Alderman Kuatae banded the gate ke^per 20
eents. He waa aboul to paaa tbrooada the sate
when Bve ceata was demauaded at Mr. Kuatae
for the snialler child. He refuaed T>' pay aad
told Who be Waa, bul to n>> avail. He watted
f.ir tba n^xt boat and agaln tisaayed to ce: on
th>? Ttaatil Thia thae Cbarlaa K. Pattereen,
ferry auperlntendent, banded tba aldaiuaaa hia
?Ji> centa, It fell to tba ftoor and one of his ehtl
dren picked it up.
Then two ferry attachaa, it is aaid, plelud up
the alderman and CflUTtod him ootaMe to the
street. Knntae lelephoned to the Ataaaatdanr
areaue poUce atatton. So dW Bvperlnteadent
Patteraon, an<l Patrolmaud Geoage Ooaacft ?as
sent arouad. The aJdennan demaaded that Pbt
terson be arreated for orderiag him put out of
rhe ferry house The poUceUUUI Wgfll m ? quaa
dary. He Imrited both men t.> the poUce atatton.
There tba alderman reaewed his recjaeat that
Patteraon be arreated. Ueateaaat Murpby io
fuaed to comply witb his legaicat.
New Orleans Italians Orzanize?
Plan to Deport Criminah.
I Hy TMaarapa to Tk? Ti llmaa !
New Orleana, June 30.?T<-> r'd Louisiana and
the Soutfc Of the Blaek Hanil and other serret
itaiii'.ti brigandage is tka object of the Italian
Vigllance Commlttee, headed by Judga Philip
Patorno, an eaporter, and compoaed of tba bei.t
cJaaa ot Italtaoa ln N'"? < t:
a syatematic craaade baa ahready been atarted
The naunes of ftfty aoaplcloaa ItaHana at prea
ent livir.^ in New Orleana are in a blajeJl b?>\,
sealed .m<l locked Theae are i.>.>k->?l npoa as
bad charactera The recotda of tbaan aaaa will
he mvesUgated In Italy. and |f It is proxed that
any one of tbem baa eenred ? tena in prtaow
and it is belleved that nwny bave they will bo
deported under the laws of the I'nited States.
It is the intentl'in of the vipiiantes to solve the
Black Hand uutrasres wlth depewftatloa. E\ery
dangeroua eharaeter will be drtxen oat of the
country just as aooa as his Ideatlty is estab
Lands Right Side Up?Occupants Rescued
by a Launch?Two Injured.
Ortonvllle. Mlnn.. June Sb?An automoblle eon
tr.ming Cbartea anrl W'alter BuchoU anil a child
lo day ran full speed over a ahfvr embanknie.-.t of
forty feet tato Iuk Btoae lobe. landing right aaaa
up ln the twenty feet of watrr. Charles Bacbobj
was luternally hurt hy the BtaeilBfl wht-el and niay
daa Waiter Bnebeti is ln a serioua coiulitlon. but
bta aea, throe y ars old. escaped unhurt.
A gasolene launch madf a fast run to reacue
tba automobillsts from drowntng.
- ?-r
Five Assayfcrs Arrested et GoIdfleM?1.500
Pour.ds of Ore Recovered.
GoldfleM. Kei J'."'?> 30. ?Five asaayers were ar?
reated yeaterday and LBB* pounda of hi?;h Rrade ore.
l to have been stolen from th?- Uttle Florence
BBtaa aad v,ilued at 8SO,e0O, w?a recorered. The men
whe ai rn U v atobi tba rtab i re are aaid to be under
Mayor Fcars Fi Causc Dia
case If Strike Doesn't End Soon.
New Vork was a metropolts of evil odors yes
terday. ta* fhe i.an of nith phjuml upeai the eatf
by the strike of the drlvers of the S'reet Clean
I in?? Departments wagaaaj was stiil tn force. De
spite the efforts of Dr. Darlington of the Board
; of Hoalth. who ha? ?aken charge of the ciean
ing work, it appeared that the piles of ga:bags
and ashes continued to grow in size ail over
The danger from diseas~ impressed every ona
i Who had anvthing to do with the great task of
: reniova'. gfaypr MeGagBaa waa al his offlce all
yeatafday afteiaaiaay and had several confer
! encea with Ma dcaaeugh craven. Commisaioner
Street ?*leanine; Department. and wlth
Coaaaataloaer Darlinston. Alth<>ugh a few of
tiie Btrikera retatned to work and ?-ommissioner
Cravea had ontracl with a Phlladei
phla eanptoyiaaul agaauj to furnish him with
fifteen hundred aaan, the proapact of an immertl
ate and thorongh cteavaaaaaaj ad the clty aeemeol
?>r away.
M.f'.olian summerl up the situatiort
' af orS. ia! potel of vi?w when ha said. just
before leavtog bw offi.-e Ht ."? ovioek yoar<?rda*
afternoon: The weak dOBM to-day haa been
ratifying to nie. Ket aa much haa been
U I could wiah, bur in t'hinatown and tha
kywer Easl Sfdc ceaadattetM have been improved.
I am not a dactor, but the effeeta of this pilin*
up of refuse wili be eaceednaaglj bad for the chil
dren. Nobody douhts that. To tho *nd that tho
danger eaay be ajedckly eiiminated I have inalstedi
that the baada oi the departments intrusted witH
: the work of removal shall not stop work."
Many physiclans reatized the danger to thg?
I city. and among thopp who predtcted much dis
I ease unless conditions were remedied immedl
ately was Dr. Edward E. o'Donneil. of No. 49
\Yest 33d street. who is weS known as a spe
; fialisr on typhoid. He said that not only may
i typhoid foiiow from the t-ontaminatlon of water
: pipes. but that the odor of accumulated garbage*
' had a deprossins effect upon persons and placed
; them in a receptive rondition f?>r disease germs,
"There is a chance also." said Dr. CDonnell.
'? "that typhus fever. sometimes called "priaoa
fever." may become epidemio. There have been*
i sporadic cases of it. and about eighty years
ago New York suffered from an epidemic. the*
! typhna fever being nearly alwaya fatal. Streets
; fl'.'hy with decaying matter In hct weather
! form just the condition that priaon fever needa
1 :n whlch t-. ftVurtah. Why, I atmuldn't be sur
pris^d if Asiatic- thuaaaa and bubonlc plague)
; ahottM follow. for there are many forelgners in
: the orowded distri. ts. where the garbage situa*
; tion is at its worst. There wili be rler
stoinarh traibles. and it ia certain the death rata
wili imrease mightily unlesa the streeta are*
cleaned at onre."
Dr. L. A. Worrall Palmer. editor of "Tha
Hom.-eopathic Eye. Ear and Throat Journai.''
nredicted tonsili?is and bowel diseasea, atomach.
disordets and typhoid to follow the blowing
about of the dust from the drytnsf refuse. "The)
Bituation." he said. "is muon more aerious tharx
wa care to think. The pos>ibi!ities of an epi?
demic of one sort a* I ?* t
nutst say that we are lueky to have had com
- .^iy o-oi waatther. A cour>'? mt
manv pers?n". especially y.<un^
The strikera did no? gaaai their commltt^e to
confer with Compiisslon^r ^.'raven
Th? men who returned ta tho aaablea dH I
individua'.s and made na athjaaaatton as to troat
menl aaytng morely that they -waaatad a Job.
Tha atrlta waa aHII in force. as strongly as ever.
has bearun to look as if the men have>
? > be taaaaweawd by tha knowiedgo that
tha rules they have .eased to be mombers
'..partment. and hatvc ajaaaa auliaaaalh arh|
foot of the Civil Benrtea Hat.
Whlla the oripple.i fone waa do.ng to I
under the clrcurnstances. there were pleatyof;
; nd auggeatlons made to the offlctals. Tha>
, Nrnffeewawe Committee. made up of mem
bera of twentv-ftve clvi<- organizationa, preparedl
an appeal to tha Mayor that wffl be P>^nt**
to dav In effect the committee asks that ha>
clean tha streets wlthout regard to red tape OT;
;;? -edem. C~****? ? heard from othe?
!;ur,-. s that th? pottce hav, been too ????????
bandimc the xurbulent strikera who bave a?
saulted non-unlon drlvers.
Tha heavy rain of Saturday night had tha
effect of washing away Into the sewers parts of.
tha parbage heapa. but when New Yorkers.
;:::?;.,, ^-^.?.^.?^?????ft
m the East Ma the gutters were plled with,.
a maaa that reeked under the warm ?"???*;
goade the towa aaaadi Mke a aecuon of Barrej,
lahutd \U day long the carts, under poltca?,
guard, caxrled away the garbage. and by nlgnt-i
fall two hundred loads were to have been re
moved from tho lower East Side. lncludln|j;
t'hinatown. while one hundred more were takeaif
from other aectloaaa But the heapa looked al^:
noat undiminished. Seven carta were kept
?oina all morning in Chinatown. and a?ventaaea
were used in the thlckly populated sacttaaa o?
=;uffolk Norfolk. Rroome and Esaex streets.
An iuteresting feature of the situation la that
tha big hotels. restaurants and apartment
bonaea have organixed a aerviee of their own.
The P.n.adway and upper W'est Slde hotels were>
freed from the sufferings of other secttorta b*
tha MM of hhrad wagons. In aome cases tenants
of apartment housea clubbed together to hire <a
man to take away the refuse from their courV*
YVhile the police have been aharply crticia<?4
for failure to impress the strikera or arrest man*
? f tho rioting gangs. there were enough men ont
duty yesterday to make the atreet cleaning
stables look llke drill sheds. There were 4,tkM>
pc-licemen on reserve duty. and, as It happened.
there were m dlsturbances reported up to a lat?
hour last nieht. At Stable A. 17th atreet and,
Avenue C. where tw.> men were V>adiy ;.t l
In flghting on Saturday. Irt-.peotor Joseph Burna.
hea.iod .">?> uatrolmen. The section of the ..ity
fraaa 12th to llith streets east of Third aventta
was thoroughly poilced. and all day the fhtroi
men w.re going in and out of tha stable .s
eacorts. Evldently strike sympathiaers a
injpress^d. for the non-unlon men were able to *o
about their work wlthout the need of dod*ing
Another precaution taken in the dl>- i
whore the strikfrs are most nnmeroua waa tha
ilosing of the aaktocMi A polieeman was I I
. at tha front and side dkmr otf every rtrink
I ing place in the di?trict. The force at Stable -V
was drawn from elcven precbtcta. Stable I
In Haniiib ti street. was in the hoart of that part
oi tho East Si.lo which most needttd ehaaning.
Inspector Rurf<Ind made this hls hca.iqaar'.-ra,
and during the day there were thirty or more
policemen in the stable tq be ready for reacua
work should the police guarda who were out
wlth the drlvers report trouble.
Roth the Health and Street Cleaning depart?
ments made every effort yesterday to nuatee
workmen. Dr. Benael waa buay wirlng to Phll
adelphia to the contractor who had promlaed I
send three hundred men for work by and^^H
terday. Up to a late hour last nlg |
Purest Spiicg Water In the World. Park- i 1
ford. Acker. Merrall A Condit i">?.. FolaadiiaaaaaaH
Co.. 11? B.-oadway. N. T.-AdM.

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