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President Hopes tn BuM Cottages,
for After Care of Patients.
What to do with poor oonnumptlvea after they
leave the aanatorluina ls a problem whlch every
one Intereated m tb,o6e unfortunateg has had to
ind many tlmes to glve up. The whole coun
tty is mtereated, tberefore, ln a pian whlch Stony
Vt'oM Hfinatorium. at Lake Kushoqua, New York.
i:.t.-liiin to put Into operatton, perhaps this aummer.
dUary No. 10, of wblcb Mra. Walter
iaon la chalrman, has been nt work slnce
tba tadddle of last wtatar ralatna; funds to build a
near tbe sanatorlum for the famlly of a
llttle Klrl whlch it snpported whlle ehe was in the
1um and whlch it has new sont to The
pending tha comple-tton of thi cottage.
[a do reaaon arhy under proper condltlona
this litte gjrl ahould not grow up to be a perfectly
v.e'.i voman, but tboae condltlona aro not to be
found in ber clty home.
Ti-.- aame tblng migbt be said of all or most of
t ? otber ; tled by the sanatorlum, nnd
lts greeteat problem la to know what to do wlth
them. after they are dtocbarged. If they go back
to tbetr ..Id wqrk and. oid homea they aro almoat
relapae and all t!.j money apent ^:\'on them
by th.- aanatortum ia waeted, nnd to place them
a ? : tl ? ? can atill breatbe the nir of the Adlron
About the only poaitlona opeu
are tboae ? ' domeatlc m rvanta. For thla they are
wanted them.
G ? . no one wanta to employ a tubercutoua
peraou. rhere there are chiidren, but
of the aanatortum waa reeently i laced
He tbought tliat she
? l tn the care of her sputum
Uvlng generally that his cUldren
wfer wttb ritb one whoaa
t b ?'" ao well.
, ar.d there are many
ao the pi i Bldent of tbe
torlum, Kra. Jamea E N* wcomb, has eon
_ cottages in tbe nelgh
? rlum and removlng thlther,
urh< n i f ntllee of the patlenta. If
famlly they can be employed
q the farm. The ramen.
? and amall fruita for famlly
? ? ? . m or for a larger market.
so be tralned to ralee cblckena for the
. aro already betog taught flower
t the floa d only
great deal of lnterest,
- ; itlon are comlng from ail
The NatlonaJ Aa? datlon for the
dosla warmly conunenda lt.
a Cbarity Organlzatlon Bociety la dellgbted
? . getttng all tbese alck people out
be put into operatlon
mlng. but as yet
pw poae is about
luxlltary No. 1". Tlie houaes
? ?. ? rn Improvements,
requlred for famlUea they
? nta
It |a | ? ? Btony Wold wfll be a pl
- work for the after .are of consumptlves,
S matorium. ln Pennaylvanta.
terprlae in vlew. and the wlfe ol
ipertotendent is now taking a courae tn
en farming at Cornell ir. preparatloa for lt.
nda to have Ita farming done
n ol a '' rnell graduate.
. |fl nov fllled to lts utmoat
ted by dlacbarged
The number of young
p.r\ a] n to elghteen years of
i appallingly large, and when they cannot
be taken ln at '?? t-'-'ips nro
ee to f.:.-t that it la too late to Bave them
wh.-n a ve. ? f five who were
waltlng to be placed wlthln the paat two months.
f..ur went d wi so rapidly that they had to
the < Ity. Every avallable
? ? ayatem ?
? n it would be equlvalent to some
, for patlenta oould then be
now belng
..-....?? ?- ' -? it aeema aucb a pity
i k to the iiot clty.
tmong recent contrlbutlona to the sanatorlum
was a doUar blll. whlch came In a letter to tlie
? rlum a few daya ago. It waa the aeoond
!:tt!e Loretta, a former patlent. had aaved
'Tor the chiidren.'
f whora ? " had known. Bhe was a frall
auxlllary No. 15 of Brooklyn
..??! and wl en. a >?? ar later
I to her famlly they acax ely
- .? had grown ao tall and Btout.
Newcomb is i m ln bei camp at Lake
tlenta are prepartog for thelr
annual ( whlch K'1 to awetl the
. whlch are 1 ouaht all
tn, from horees to
I] s.
On Every Side It Is a Tale of Scarcity and
High Prices.
?Vora t wlll ? ... I lt< to the
Arhtoua 1 ipply the de
>, the tale of the
- ' Dtlful, have
bui tb< j are acarcer
i ( one up to 30
nd. Th<- trouble wlth blueflsh is that
er . There la so m i
I ' '??nt look at
lud with v I.!? b Osherraen try to
I ' ? All otber fleb o
? II .? dealera have not
a montb ag l
h r. I >nly two tblnga aro a llttle lower
aaa belng quoted at 15 centa a
; ; II l of at '
? 12.
. h .'.a ;t waa laat week. when
i la. Prlme rlba i
are 22 .nd. slrloin ateak 22 centa, porter- :
d ateak 20 centa.
nd d iwn every llttle whlle,
prlc4. namely, 2G centa for
and bS for foke
adquartera were quoted
Waabington Market.
.-..- remalned at (3 centa a
ttom iti tbe early
to 23 >?? nta. This is only
waa to be ezpeeted of egga at thla tlme <<f
? oproper for butter to he
omei and three centa hlgber
"lt is twenty-flve yeara alnee butter haa t.een
: ban K centa a pound lo i ummer. ' ?????
"No, I don'l know what is the cauae of lt.
They ? - . aa never better. '
taloupee, to oome back to that aubjeet, are
aeUJng, if tbey are wortfa ratlng, at $3 r.'> to i". 60 a
ought not to 'e more
'_', but tbe rery cheapeat thla year are 12 50,
and thoae are j.ot wortfa buylng. Tlie retail prtoo
ls from IS t i i.r, oonta apleee. The ^aJIfornia rtock
is pretty v.-'il out now, and the beat rrult i comlng
arlsona. Watermelona from Plorida are very
::id aeU at from SO to tt> centa apleee. Jeraey
?j?. and hcantlfnl. are ooming ln *it two
baakrla for a quarter. Baaplfiilra are good at 15
centa a haakrt. and buekleberrlea are falrly plentl
ful, but hiEii. at '?i oanto a quart. Blacfcberrlea are
ir, eenta a ajwart, and atrawberriea are aimost gone.
fjeorgla peacbea are t; centa for a tbree-quart
baatret, and ptoeapplea ar.; 30 centa aplace. The
nim-.rloaf pir.e. ratker long, and greenlab in ofdor,
- ted, as: tbe othera are apt t ? be
rott< n.
Most of tba frtiits and v getablaa aro at thi ir
l*et. tkougb hiRher In prlce tbaa tbey commonly
Aanaraajua is runnlng out, but
la attfl good, tbe wbtte rutety s.iiing at ^:, centa a
and tbe grean at & New cetery la comlng
: ? ? cents: for a large buneli. Tomat>.-? are
? from Jeraey almoat ut wtnter ?wtcea, ?0 ind
25 eenta ? pound. and it ls bard to flnd rlpe onea.
Oreea oern la atlll a luanry, to i?- cajoyed only by
en, a? a coata tl for a doaen aara. Caull
Oowera are ir, to 8 oanta aack; atrlng beana, arax
beana and peaa are N enl a quart, and Uma
are i". cents Bptaacb is P) centa a half peck
and ofcra li. centa a dnarn [?ettuce la large, aolid
arid cbeap al Bve centa a bead. ?
is a qualnt and mfst attractlve way of or
? :uv ?..ias:s wlndow f.isli'H with ferns. Occa
rtonally tba ktea is aeen carrled out to perfectton
ln aaane Cokmlal bouae of oMan daya, i><;t ;t is, be
gfimlnar to appear to the modara and more preten
tlou8 country bow leooratlon i.s naturally
done with ferba thal have bean preaaed, and tbe
aaah aaad i? of *mail ptecea of glaea, autroundtng
aa a Ix-lt tha lar^.-r panea. In fact, the ornamented
wlndow hat^h is plo.-.j bctween tbe panea proper
and tha woodea aaah of tba arlndow. The work >.f
gatbenag and preaalng farna ahould be doae most ',
carafully. lt is well wben on a colle<>tlng u ir to
take a flower preaa, thal the ferna may be placed
|a it before they baeoma arllted. The blotttng
paperfi betweaa whlch they are laid ahould be
ciianged untu no BMaature remalna and the ferna
tfc4tu.a-_.vea are Inn and dry. Eaoh Bpcciuien la
then placed between two i,ieces of slass, holdlng
lt closely ln place. A narrow Btrip of paper is
glued about the giaaaea, the maner of treatment
being tiie same as with a passepartout. \Vh"n
enough apeclmena have been arranged they are set
ln the window as an ornamental aaah. The effect
ls quito out of the ordlnary. In coUectlng for a
window aaah U is wiae to choose ferna wiilch nre
small and deUcate ln appearance rather than tho
coarse and beavy varietiea.
Many beautlful pedg.s may also bo twlned in
wlth the ferns. ln fact, a buttercup here and there
ls a wiae addition. For with the nction of time
th>? preaaed ferna and gn.ss.s turn t.. a yellowlah
tlnt wlth whlch the buttercup harmonizes
lt ls better to see clearly one or two things in
Ufe than to move confueed und biin.led in the dust
of an lmpotent uctivity.?Hamltlon W. Mabie.
Mlss Elsie Heller has sent her cheek for $5 as a
monthly oontrlbution for the crippled glrl; Krank
Mandevllle, $D. and Ashaway frlends. 1150, for tho
Best Home; Mrs. Cornell, $1 as July duea; Mrs.
LAicy M. Flower, ?f South Carollna, $:. for the
T. S. S. outlng fund; Mrs. O. F. Wlnter. Jl f..r the
Vlrglnla boy; lhirch.ase (N. Y.) branch, H for trol
ley ridc8 for children, and Mlss Annio (?. Bagley, $1
f..r expraaaage.
The openlng day of the T. S. S. Best Home for
working wmi. at Clark'a Falla, Conn., on July
17 was one of speclul delight in every particular.
When t!ie visiting menibers from New Have:-. and
N. w York anived lt was learned that the moat
hnspltable arrangements had been made for a gala
day, such as had not been known f."." yeara in the
<iulet little vlllap-e among tho Connecticut hilla.
The amount of work done in one waek ln the tinnl
arrangementa in and about tho house by Mrs. P,
A Oreene, presldent of tho Cbelaea branch, and
the. h.iuse mother, alded by the friendly handa of
the nelghbora, s.-emed almost Incredible. Mattlng
was laid throuphout the hmiso; the dinlng ro im
and .'.oven beda in tho aleeping rooma were all in
order, including thoso numberleaa little artlclesthat
make room? auraotive. Every Idtchen utenailwaa
ln its proper place, comfortable chairs and rockera
were every where, flowers in profueion decked aii
the rooms?roses, Ulies. nasturtlums and swc.etpeas,
while wild flowers and ferna grac^d the doorstops.
The children of the nelghborhood ran with willlng
feet. on all sorts of errands, and were especlally
actlve ln dcpletiug the family flower beds of their
treaaurea to add beauty to the home. Tho young
women. ln thelr pretty whlte and dlmlty fC>wns.
were attractlve waltresses. Everybody eeemed
Uled with the spirlt of Sunshlne helpfulneee. Even
scme of the tnon left tho haylng ilelds und volun
teered their servlces in strlnglng lanterns, brlnging
Ice and dolng some of tho beavler work.
T'nder a large awnlng In the yard tables were
gpranged for tho noonday refreahmenta, and here
tho culinary pkill of tho New Knerland h.usekeeper
was in evidence. All the nelghbors contribute.l to
the fcast of good thlnge. and they not only came
and pnrtook of them, but guvo unstlnted help in
all tho work of the day. It was a pleaslng sight
? > aee one oarrlage after another arrive from
Westerly. Hoptdnton ond Ashaway, Qlled wlth
people erho expreased the beartle8t good wiahea for
the suecess of tho home. Tho vlsltors were aat< n
Ished to aee bow much had been accompliahed with
little money. Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Doano and tl B
Misiies linar.e, T. S. S. meinh&rs of Clnetnr.atl. came
ln an automoblle from Watch Hill t? sn>' (iodspeed
t.i the work begun. They were accompanled by
Miea Hewitt, of Philadelphia.
When cvenlng came Japanese lanterns iighted all
about the giounds gave the latter a gala ap
pearanoe. Many ^f the younger people in netghbor
lng towns .lolned in the featival and gave llberal
patronnge to the Ice eream and caxe ?. ??
About two bundred people atten.bd the openlng
day exerMses. The Rev, Mr. Plgla, of Weeterly,
made a short address of welcome. and gave his
blesslng to the new v.-nture.
It was a matt.r of deepeat regret tiiat Mrs. Emma
S. Brcmley, presldent of the local T. S H. branch,
, 111 t.. be at the oponlng .>r the Ikhh", for
whlch sb ? l.ad earnestly worked and wa'.ted bo
Mra. B. B. BurrlH. of No. 101 Summer atreet,
Athol. Maaa., wlll celebrate her eightleth blrthday
on July 32, and this anniveraary can be made much
bappler if Sunshino greetingB rench her on that
The presldent of Aveaue A branch ls tryliuj to
get the children of her neighborbood ready to kj
on th. ir aanual outlng party t.< Fort (Veorge. As
usual, many ot these little onea of the tenementa
are without proper clothlng or slioes. Two tlny
glrls ii ..-. deetltute of anythlng suitai.lo
to wear, and if any one can help to make
children preaentable so that they ran have their
outlng the presldent will be grateful.
Expreps parkage-i of clothlng have been rccdved
from Mrs. Woodford, of New Hav.-n; Mrs. C. 1).
Allen, Jr., of Brooklyn, and Mrs Olover. of the
aame borough; a bag fllled wlth woola and stock
lngs came from "a Frtend"; n box of miscella
neoua artlcles from Mrs. Weatall, of Manhattanj
rendlnp metter from Mlss H. Whlte; souvenir po?.
tala from John Krell; bound booka, fr.uu Mrs. B.
Transferrible Embroidery Deslgn, 8 by 12
Inches. for 10 Cents.
This cut ls a Btnall reproductlon of a pattern 8
by 12 Inchee, which may be traneferred to any ma
terlal aultable for embroidery by atmply followlng
tlj.- directlona glveu below.
Th. dimenslons of same are 8 by 12 ln<-h.??>, and
the dealgn ls intended for white linen, but lf a
flner effect ls dealred, linen batisto may be chosen.
It may Im; worked wlth a comblnatlon of open
work and s..iid embroidery. whlch is preferable
for liti-ii batlate, whereaa t'>r beavy linen the en
tlrely aolkl embroidery la n...r.; suitabie. The em
brotdery cotton should be choaen ln accordance to
thickneaa "f materlal uaed. If dealred, thia deaign
ni.-iy also he work.-d t.? be effective on linen wlth
ooiored sllk^, uatng the aame atltchea as deacrlbed
The accompanylng wreatha aro intended to be
Uled with the Inltlafa, whlch may be uaed f..r
haadkerahlefa or all maiking purpoaea. Theae
wreatha may also be carried out In eitber soiid or
. ?.. 1.1 embroidery.
i;v. rything sh.iwn on the miniature cuts as we
prlnt th.-ni wlll appear on the large Bhoet.
Wh ii ai?i bave recelved the full slze workln.?
pattern noted above follow them directlona:
Lay the materlal on which the tranafer is to be
made on a hard, amooth aucface. Bponge the m.i
t. ri.:l wliu a ibimp cloth. The materinl ahould be
damp, not too wet, Lay the pattern face down on
tl.e materlal and preaa flrmly, ruiiblng from you
with :> crumpled handkerchlef The tranafer wlil
be aufdciently plain ln a few aeconda Do m.t let
the pattern alip. B^cfa pattern la good for aeveral
; ranafera.
'li, pattern wlll be aent t>. any addreaa on r
oMpi of i.nta. Addreaa Pattern Departnieati
New I'yrk Tribuna,
Wendeh Ask That Sister's Actions
Be Discontinucd.
Juatlce Hendrick, ln the Supreme Court, Special
Ternt, yesterday licard argnment on motlons to
diFcontinue actions involvlng more than $400,000 and
a lawyer'a feea of $30,000.
When John D. Wendel died in 1S75 he left real
eatate which la declared to-day to be worth about
tl0.000.000. In 1500 a son, John Q. Wendel, lt ls
alleged, dealrlng to have his slster, Georgiana G.
R. Wendel. declared Incompetent, kept her for
montha a prlaoner ln his home at Irvlngton. H.-r
counael, Wiiiiam i.. Bnyder, aoughi to procure h.-r
release. A aherifFa Jury was Impanelled and allenlata
examined, and the jury declared Mlaa Wendell in?
competent. Mr. Bnyder then applled for her dla
charge ln habeaa oorpua prooeedlngs, on tbe ground
that the law under whlch she was Incarcerated
wa.s unconatitutlonal. On thia ground Mis: Wen?
del waa diacharged by Juatlce Marean. She was
then |n the sanatorium at AmityvUle, Long Island.
In tho mean time a motion to con.'lrm the verdict
of the sherlfTs jury was denied on the ground
that there was n>> findlng of the jury that sh.' waa
Incompetent by reaeon of lunacy; ln other words,
that she was not adjudged Inaane. Mr. Bnyder In
1902 brought an actlon againal thoaa InstrumentaJ
In havltig h.-r placed ln an asylum to recover $60,000
for false imprta mment nnd for malicioua proaecu
tion. Her brother was one of the defendants. She
also asked Mr. Snyder to brlng an actlon for h.-r
share of her father's eatate, of whlch she waa an
executrix, an.l of which <stato there had n'evor
been an aocounting.
An Interlocutory decree waa made ln the ao?
counting BUtt dlrectlng the executors to account
t<? her for her dlatributlve share. nhout One-alxth,
of her father's .-state. between $t<?. and $500,000,
and a referee was appolnted.
Partition actions had been begun by Mlss Wendel
to sret control of her own property. As a reault of
this lltlgatlon, lt ls sold, the defendanta conveyed
to Mlss Wendel jiroperty worth 150.000. She went to
Ehirope ln 1903, and haa Hved there ever slnce. Bho
left wlth Mr. Bnyder a letter to her brother. John,
Inatructing hlm to aettle with Mr. Snyder for all
the servlces ho had rendered, to proceed wlth the
accountlng ln her ault under h.-r father's wlll, and
to close up all her buslness amlcably.
Owlng to Mlaa Wendel's al sence in Europe the
aulta eould not he proceeded with Tt is alleged
that her brother, John, never made any aettlement
wlth Mr. Snyder.
After a n. w referee had been appolnted, it Is
F.ii.i, John Q, Wendel had hla sist, r slgn a paper
requestlng Mr Snyder to dlscontlnue the auita.
Mr. Snyder says the paper was not sent to him,
but to Mr. WendeL Armed with this authorll
defendanta made motlons ln the Supreme Court
yis'- rday for an order to dlscontlnue the a.-tions.
These defendants Include, besidea John O. Wen?
del. hls sisters. Ella. Rebecca, Mary, Joaephlne and
Auguata. The motlons were made by Tlmmpson,
Koss .%? Warren, and were opposed by Alexander
Thain. counael for Mr Snyder, untll the amount
of his lien as an attorney had been aacertained and
hls feea pald. Declaion was reserved.
Herman Bernstein Run Over by
Auto at Monticello, X. V.
Montloello, N. Y.. July 19.?Herman Bernstein, a
short story wrlter and novellat, of New York City,
was run over by a large tourinir < ar ln thia place
last nlght and ls probably fatally lnjured. Mr.
Bernateln was rldtng a fractioua borae whlch
backed In fror.t of the automoblle and was -
tbrowlng the rider so that one wh.-.-l paa
rectly over bia back. Mr. Bernatein'a body nnd
face wi and ( iratched and he is prob?
ably lnternally lnjured. The dri-.-.-n
by Ernesi Klnney, a New YOrk man, arho la atay
l::g at Centre^ llle
Mr Bernateln is of Oennan Mrth. but waa edu
cated In Ruaala. comlna to this country ln :-?'.
when ho was aeventeen yeara old, Ha haa tratn
lated many Rubi i Into E gltal .
them <; n ky'a "F< i ma (; rdey< v '
playa of A:it<.n Chelchov. He ls alao thi r ol
aeveral Bhort storlea of Ruaslan-Jewl
of whlch have be< ntttUd
"In the lal lai ael": of a
trlte Hearta," ar:d of a vol ime of ]
rilght of T a
Boy. Tryingr to Get Note from Kite. Lost
BaJance and Fell Five Stories.
Wllliam Siegel, elght yeara old, fell fr..m the
roof of the flve-atory tenement house ln whlch
he llved, at No. :'.1<? Eaat 32d atreet, and waa
Instantly klli.d la.?t evening. The I
balance trylng to take a message from a kito.
Willlam and hla brother Frank, ti.
old, went to ti:" roof i . i .1. Frank went
down agaln and flew his kite In the large
in the rear of the house.
Tho boya* mother had forbidden them to ci
to the roof. Bhe -.? - ahopping when
tl.ey went Up. Willlam ralled down to hla
brother, asklng whether hla mother had r<
turned. and. as Frank eould not tnako himaelf
heard. he declded t.. aend the mesaage on the
kite. Mra. Slegel had returned
Wllliam walted until the kite. wlth Ita
aage, was almoat wlthin arm'a length, and then
reached for it. A puff of air drove It
and, as th.? kite again swayed toward him he
reached for lt. loat hia balance and fell Inl
yard. The older brother ran acreaming Into tho
houae. Th. lad'a mother falnted "ii h<
the newa. Patrolman Mooney, of the En--t nVitli
streel station, sent ln .a hurry call to Bellevue.
Dr, Conlay sald the boy had been Instantly
killed. Hls akull was fractured.
0'Brien Begins Action Against Central's
High Tension Equipment.
Commlaaloner .Toim H. O'Brlen ?>f tho Depart
ment <>f Water Bupply, Qaa and Electrlclty
wrote yesterday t.. the New Tork Central Rail
road ordering it to sh<...... cause why lt ahould
not be compelled to remove all of its high ten
alon aloctrlc wlrea with which its new system ls
equlppad between 42d atreet nnd The Bronx.
Tha company finiahed only recently the Installa
ti.m of the wlrea at the expense of about *.'!*>.
<Xx> a mlle. Commlaaloner O'Brlen aet a publlc
hearlng f..r July ".!?. at which time the company
will preaent its reaaona for buildlng ita system
as it ls.
Tho Central's wlree are on ateel towers, uiul
from the tlme that the flrst tower was put up
the Water I >.-pai t ment offlcials and the clvlo or
ganlzatlona ln The Bronx havo complalned of
the probable danger of the arrangement. Cor?
poratlon Counael Pendleton on Thuraday ad
vlsed tbe Water Commlaaloner that he had reeru
latlng authorlty In the caae, and acting la purau
ance of that authority the Coramhuiloner ln op
poslng tho contlnuance <.f the wlres in thelr
preaent faahion.
The company alleges that before lt begmn tho
lnatallation of the wlrea lt recelved verbal as
surancea trova Commiasloner Blllson that Its
plan ot' inatallatlon was unobjectlonable. There
is every prospect of a bltter flght over the affair,
aa tha company, lt is understood, has spent more
than $.'MM>,<>00 in arranging It.s high tension Wlrea
as they now are.
Plana hav< been Rled with Bulldlngs Superlntend
ent Murphy for a aeven atory dwelling iiouse t.i be
bullt for Mra. Jamea Rooaovelt at Noa. 17 and 19
Easl 65th Bl lt will havi a frontage of 36 feel and
a d.piii ol 77.9 feet. It will be -.f Colonial deaign,
with a ta.,;i.|i; of llmeatona at the iirst Btory and
ornamental Itii'-k above, with a central entrance
nnd a decoratlve cartouche ln the a ntre al the
fourth story. The Interlor wlll be modelled aa two
twlu dwelling bouaea, with a Breproof wall sepa
rating them, and having indlvidual entrance halla
and apartmenta of lik.- d< algn for each dwelling.
The buildlng la to coal H25.000 Charlea A. Platt la
tbe archlti ? i
The Brookiyn Leagui innounced yesterday thal
u would atarl mandamua proceedlnga next week i..
compel Controller Metz i" cancel ti;.- asaea m nt
fUi the aldenlns ol Uvlngaton Btreet, Brooklyn.
?|',.e proci wlll also i.. dlrectcd i i . >r.- Mi.
Meta to refund th< money alread) pald for the
wldening. The league will carry the caae to me
Court of Appeala. i neceaaary, The nr-jument wlll
probably be heard bj Juatlce Hendrick, ln ihe jju
bpmbc Court) Mauhui'.iui, uu Ifcursdajr.
Accomptice of Guldensuppe Mur
derer Out for Good Conduct.
Mrs. Auguatua Nack, who was sontenred to flf
teen years in Auhurn prlson after she lind pleaded
Kuilty to manalaughter ln the flrst degree ln con
nectlon with ih.- deatb of Wllliam (;tildensuppe.
was releaaed yeaterday mornlng. ThroiiRh good be
havlor flhe had aucceeded ln ctittlng off a thlrd of
the sentt-nro. Mrs. Nack started lmmedtat. ly for
Syracuse, where ahe took tlie Metropolltan Ex
preaa leavlng that rity for Now York at 10:68 a. m.
Tho pale woman. with a worrled look. who trled
to Btruggle away to obacurity from tho throng of
reportera atnl photograpbera whlch massed about
her 08 she made her way from tho tralnshed on
the arrtval of tho Metropolltan Ezpreaa at the
Grand Central Station yeaterday afternoon, denied
agaln nnd aj;;dn that ahe was the object of their
She protested that she was not Mrs. Nack, but
when one of hea eager Intervlewara aaked her if
ahe would not make a ahort statement to th<- pub?
llc, sho aaked In a volce ahrlll witii indlgnation,
? What ahall l aay? Sball l acream? Shall I
Bcream?" Wlth a solld revolvlng clrcle of m.-n
and women about her, the woman flnally made her
way acroaa tho street to the Orand Unlon llot.l
and look refuge In a hanaom, whi.-h was drlven
rnpldly down toward Fourth avenue, after she had
told the drlver that she would give hlm the .tosti
natlon on her way.
Dasplte her denlala the traln offlctala said thal the
woman was Mrs. Na. k and that she liad talked
freely enougb untll the vangnard of New York re?
portera had Bwooped down on tbe traln al Pough
keepale. The plaln black dreaa she wore was re
lleved only by .1 meaare amounl of cheap whlte
I , Over th.- aailor-ahaped gray hat trlmmed wltb
a small bunch of flowera she wore a dotted black
\. 11.
On the way down from Pougbkeepale the woman
protested agaln and agaln thal sho was not Mrs.
Nack, and begged to b. !et alone. Arrlved at the
station ahe was met by a woman frlend, wlth
whom. however. Bhe exchanged only a mere word
of recognltlon. In her baate t>> get away from tbe
r porters.
rhe woman who came In on tlie Metropolltan
yeaterday had cbanged conatderably in appearance
slnce Bhe was last tn New York Clty. That was in
January, 1896. Durlng her Imprtaonment ahe had
ich ln welght, and her face had a pallld look
and lacked the tone of defiant atottdtty whlch cl ar
acterlzed it durlng the trlal of heraelf and Martin
t .i the murder of tha Turkhdi batb rub
ber. Il.r black halr ls atreaked wltb gray, but tho
i v.-s are thoae of the woman whoae teatlmony aenl
Thom to the electrlc chalr. Hhe carrled two small
Ing baga and a small tln box. to wblcb she
had brought her luncheon from tho prlson.
Mra. Na. k apoke bltterly of the New york preaa
and t ia paxl irtera had i;i houndta
Into prlaon. She aald, once flndlng heraelf
i.( wavor, ahe raalgnad heraelf to the Inevltable and
aet out to bo a model prlaoner, to get ofr aa mucn
Ume aa sho could. For the preaant, sho said. ahe
would take refuge wlth frlenda ta New Jeraey
untll ahe could flnd employment aa a cook or a
houacki ?
Bo fnr as she know, sho Bald, ber huaband wns
....:!, but, even if ho wero Uvlng. ahe wanted noth?
ing to do wlth hlm. The woman wni evidently
when ahe aald ahe wanted no more newa
.-! wlahed to l?? forgottcn by tho
pul llc.
\\i!!i.?m >: *iu* murdered on June ?.
1897 ln a cottage at Woodalde. I.ong laland, to
M: - Nack He was a rub
i. r employed ln the Murray Hlll Batha, in West
4..1 atreet nnd llved wlth tho Nacka ln Mnth are
, .... where he had been lt. ";,> way of h.-ing a
"star boarder" untll Mrs. Na<k made the a<~
qualntance of Martin Thorn, r barber. For vart
o;-. reaaona the twaln found lt convenlent to get
. ut of the way, and wlth that pur
poae In vlew hlred the cottage ot Woodalde Thorn
?eur aa t..< waa paseing through a darh
Wlth Mrs Nack'a iu<*tstan?e ho dragged
? ? .. ?om.
then wanl away, but Thorn re
i the body to placea Tha aeat
day aha '"? i tha two took the dlamem
1 ared ' ody In aevei il i undlt ?
var' . ? Tha ;art^ of tl - b dy wei a
wrapi ? th.
With tha ea ? , tl n of tho head, whlch baa
. llea were 6
daya intn and identtfled. Mra N k'a reat led
to that of Thorn.
f her aounael, Emanuel Fi
tha woman turned atata'a ertdenc* Juat afti
.. ? i ?'? ? telllng of her atory one I the
lun ra w.a takni 111. iuiI a aerond trlnl wn* the ro
I i.'.iv, and Thorn wua
? '.;? ar.d Mra Na.-k to
Thorn'a lawyera ?i
n was arflrmed. anl Qovernot
Reformed Convict, Pardoned by President,
Rcleased and WU1 Enter Business.
Forl Leavenworth, K.ir... July 19.?Wllliam
January, allaa Charlea W Anderaon, pardoned
by Prealdent Rooaavalt, was releaaed from tha
federal prli ' day Andera >n retumed
to Kanaaj Clty, whera he will engaga In bual
n< s-.
Anderaon waa convlcted eleven yeara ago of
ng an Oklahoma poatofDca and aantenced
to the penltentlary for three yeara He ?
eara later and went t.. Kanaaa Clty, aa
tbe name of Anderaon and marrled. In
Aprtl of thla year an ex-convlct who had known
January ln tbe penltentlary Informed the war
,i..n of the man/a whereabouta, and be waa ar
reated and taken back to Leavenworth. Owlng
to the ? lemplary Hfe Anderaon had )ed In Kan?
aaa Clty, hla nelghbora atartad a movament for
hla releaae The newapapera to.,k up the cai e,
wlth th.- reault that a petltlon, whlch ls said to
have contalned the largeat number of algnaturea
ever appended t.> an appeal for a pardon, was
forwarded to Waahington. Prealdanl Roo
upon recommendatlon of Attorney Qeneral Bon
aparte, granted a pardon, effectlve at the ezplra
tlon of three montha from the tlme of hla re
arreat. January baa proved a model prlaoner.
He s.'.ys he wlll aeek t.. have ids cltlzenahlp re
atored, and, if aucceaaful, wlll then aak the courta
to change hla name to Anderaon for the protec
11.-ii of hla wlfe and chlld.
Magistrate Knows from Experience They
Are Marketable Merchandise.
ESgga for ball for an i-kk man were accepted
yeaterday by Maglatrata Cornell. Henry Roomer
was arraign.-d, charged wlth doing a bualneaa
in refrtgerated '?kk< under tho tirm name of
"Henry Sloane Company," at No. 21 Jay atreet,
wlthout having regiatered tha iiamo wlth tlto
County ciork. When lia was held In J.""1" ball
for Speciai Seaalona his frien.l Bamuel Rotten
borg Offared to K<> on hls hond.
"What'a your property?" aaked tho maglatrata,
"Merchandise," answcreil tho niercbunt. whoae
merchandtee conslste of "fresh, hrokcn nnd
frozen eggs." "Hut even rotton e>rjrs aro mer
chantablo merchandlee," ho explatned.
"I oan caslly bolleve that," said the tnnglstrate,
us ho acceiite.l the hond.
Offer of Aid Declined and Schooner Puts
Into Gloucester.
Qlouceater, Mass.. July llt.?The nmckerel
s. iiiinir achooner Arthur Jamea caino Into port
to-day In a badly dumagcd condltlon, and r<
ported that Kho waa run Into early yeaterday
mornlng, one hundred and flfty mllea off Hlgh
land Llght, by tho Brltlab fralght ateamer Baxo
lelne, bound from Newcaatn for Pblladelpluu,
The colUalon occurred durlng a thlck fog, Tbe
schooner was on the port ta. k when tha in>\\ of
the Bteamer auddenly appeared out of tlu> fog,
DOl more than one hundred nnd flfty feet dls
Accordlng m tho man on tho achooner, tha
ateamer aeemed to be niaintalninur a good i.?.k
out, and a.s pooa aa tho achooner was .sighted
an atterapt was made t.> aveii a coUiaion. The
whee] of tba ateamer waa thrown over, and th.
Saxolelne trled t.. clear the Jamea'a bow, inn
couM noi d.> ao, and atruck ber on the port atde,
just forward of the wlndlaaa blts The
acitoonar'a rall was carrled away, and she wis
cul down to tha waterilne. The Bteamer of
fi r.-d to tow tho achooner to Phlladelphla, bui
tbe offer waa declined. Temporar} repalra wate
uia.dc, and tho James headcd lor Qtoucaatar,
Public Xotits*.
Av Dtatiicu- WeatcuesMr County. i.
feectlcn No. 3. Nottca ut Appllcatlun for the APfJOtaunaat
ot . oiiiiiilsai.jiiurs uf Appral?I.
Fubllc notlca in hereby given tbat it ls th? lntention
of the Corporatlon Counael cf the <_ ity of New Tork t>
inaki- appUcatton t.< UW Snnrome Court o: the ~tate of
New York for the aj oolntment of < ?ommlaaluners of A-.'
pralsal under Chapter 724 of the Lawa at ll?oO aa
amended. Such appllcatlun wlil be ii.aJe at a
Te.im . f th- Sujjreriio Court to b>- hald ln <.n.l f. r tl *
Nintli Judiclal Dtatrict. at tha Court H.use ln tho VII
lage of Whlt" Platna, Weatcheater County, N. Y.. on Sat
urday. July 2i>th. 19<j7, at lo o'clock la th? foreaaoon of
that dav. or aj soon therea.'tar aa Counael cao b- ha:d.
Tho object of such sppttcatjaa la to o'otaln an ei.I-r al
ihe Court appointlng threa dlmntereste.i aji.i cotnpetent
freehoid-ra. one Of uhorn sl-.all resid* ln tha CounU of
N.w Y' rk and at lea*t one of wboaa shalj restda tn the
ivunty where the r? al estato hei.in.if:-! deaci
pltuated to act as COnimlasloners of AoDtalsal undaw tata
act and dxacharg* "" 'he duties conferred by th* ? iid Uw
an.l th ? a-u? amendat >ry thereof. ui-n su h eommlssl >n
era of appralaal. for the purpoae of provldlng an addl
llonal cupply of pure ar.d whulw. mo waur fur the Clty
or N.w York. _ .
The real eatate aought to b? tnken or affectcd la sit
aated !n the T v n of North Custle. in the County of
W ai Ueatei and state ..f New Tork.
The foUowtua ls a hrl-f d-r*nlr.tl..n of th^ real estate
aought to Vrt taken. wlrh t referene* to the date .ind
place o* flllne; of th" nta;>. . .
All thnae c.-riatn ptacea er parcrla of real estate attuatad
In the Town of North Caatle, county of W*
t?ta:? of New Y rlt. shvwn or. a rnap entitted "
Aqueduct Kepartnn nt. Bactton N??? 3 Board of Water
?uppl) of The il'v of NVw York. Man ol real eatate.
altuated in the Town of N.rth Caatlo. Couaty ? r w eat -
eheater and Btata of New Tork. t,. t.. acqutred teTM
Clty of New Y'ork. under the pr.vlsions of Chapter .-.* ...
the I.awa of 190.1, aa an.er.ded. for the eonatru. tl n ot ????
?Ico Resjervolr aml apnurter.ances, aoutta of Kenal " pam,
between tbe N T. C. & H. H. R R. Hartern Dlvlalon.
an i Valhaila Aveaue," whlch map waa Bled !' tbe omc?
of the Ilegiater of the Counfv of Weatcheater. al White
J'laln*. New Tork. on the 22d day of Aprll. l!?'i. aa Map
No 'Ti:i, and Is bounded and deacrlbed a-i followa:
IleRlnrlne; at the nor'.heaat c-orner of Par.el No. 1 i
ln the weaterly *l(!e of Broadway. ln th^ northerlv llne
.f Parre] No. 191. and runnlriK thence alons '
northeriy Um BOUtk X'V l.V east 21..1 feet to a I
t*e centro of Broalway; thenee alonjf th? centre lu ?? Ol
?al.? rond and the aasterly Une i f Pareel No 11" taa
rollowlna eouraea nr. ! dlatancee: Boutti ??' o4' '""t ??? ^
feet. aoutb 9' 22' <ast lo4 .'. feet, aoutb 7' OR eaat 14B 1
feet, ai'Utb ?" ta* east M'J feet, ? oth 12* ?? ???"? .- J
fe^t. ?,,uth 21' 4V eaat 104.1 feet, aoatb 21' 21 ea?t W >
feet an.' aoutb 2!? '??'?' eeat ?o 4 feet to t!.e i
r..rner "f riir. .-1 No '?'?*'? thewce --.'.?< tha eaat?rly lloj
or ?Ud pareel ar.d Btlll r-ntlnmna aloaa th- <;'"?''? ''
Breadway aouth 29' m' en?t 141> feet. nouth 2.. 3J< eaat
27 7 feet, aoutb 22' l.V eaat t'^.'. feet. aoutb l. 18 eaat
7'; feet ar.d e-uth. V ? east -.'.t 1 f-vt to a DOtnt In th*
northeriy Un? ot Pareel No is> tbence olong I
northeriy Mne aorth 7H-1 n*V ea->- XI 0 feel t-> the north v-ar
c-orner *,f Farrel No 1'iS; then ?? ajona the aortnei
of .-nid pareel oorth 78" .".".' eaat 127 4 feet to a po'r.t ."
tha ?-?t-rly llno of Pareel No l?8i theaca a'"n? taa
aaid weaterly llne north 4^? 2n' eaol I4.> feet. a
?.r.- east 2.1 fl feet and north 18* RU' ?.at 81 feel
aouthwasi ron.er ol Pareel No> Itfl < ' ?
weaterly lino if aaid pa: al north 13* ?'?!*' weat - 3 raei
nnl n..nh 26' 8>' ?est 112 feel to tha aoutbweat cornej
<f Pareel No. l?n. thenee alonc ihe weatei
p.ir^: DOrtfa 28* S^' weet >17 feet, aorth 2t' 42 ->
feet. rmrth 18 B8" w?: 9o 1 f-?t and aorth 1'
??_? a fe-t to th" aortaweet eomei ..f .?ni<! Pareel No ise;
thenee akma 'h" northeriy Itoa -t mm north l
east 1.1 feet to a p.-lnt In tho weaterl
aveaua anl t!:o northeriy llne of Pa
al'.nic the eald northeriy llne north ''?'?>* sT -"ast M f -'
and north 88* or e.i.Mt .'.1 2 feel ta ti
Of Pareel N'.. \^\ \n the easterly ilao of i
r.ue. th?r-o al n* the north-r'y "ln
88* or eaal ?? .". feet ar.d north *<2 18' <-.m' \\>>'i feet to
the northweat arcel n 181
northerlj :in? <.f aaid parcol nortb 88* 18" ? <'' -?
to a polnt in the aoutberly llne ol tkeaea
a tba aalJ lino ar.d ?:'. aa ,h'*
northeriy llne of l'ur?: NO, 180, nortb
1 1 feel an 1 north -lk SaT east 4h 7 raei to n
rolnt ir: the :. nherly llr,? ' -I '?' Wa
ln the weaterly llne Of Pee avenue. ther.c^ a! n< eai i
northeriy line north Mr 8H' east 23 3 feet and r.ont.h
M 28' er.st lt> fret to a polnt in ?!?? ? 1 of *** '
H.-e uvM.:e. t?:>!i e nr--, s?" ;.", .-n>- 'J7 - feet partly
ulon>f the northeriy iln?a ef i'?r "is Noa 188 ?
tbence atlll .nttnulna . 1 ?: tha northeriy Une ol i";r al
No. 1M aoatb $B 10" aeat 4:4 feet north 81* W eaat
41 \> feet and aouth M* 0!' east 49 1 feet t 1 the n.
oi.rner of aall pate- ; then ? llne ot
aame anj tho eaater.r !ln?a of 1'ar. e!s N a. 18T a- I IM
aoutb 8* 08' weet ?U feet 10 a polnt in the n
llne of Pareel No. 177 tn of fl 1
? \eni.e. tbence along the amld '.:-. '"
few to tha northeeat ??.rner .f Parcol No 177
? Lithweat eoraoi .f Cbambera nnd Valhalla a
ther.ee ai ns :he WaatBTly iir.e
ati tha aaaterly :<n<^ of Pareel* Noa 177
curva f ntis feet raii.a t. taa laft 177 feet 1
-t . -:n?r of Pareel No 17'. < ? >
raaterly llne ot ??!! pareel ,ini of Pareel N ' -
?ti 1 ( nttnulna *: ni the weaterly iir.e . ? Valha
l ft." eaat H4 >? f..-, 1 ? aoutbeaaa
of aaid Far-ei No. 1--I, t:.' Iir.e o*
al aoutfa B0' 08* weat 180 feet . -. at m the
aaaterly iir.e ol Pareel No 181; (haa e alotuj the aaid
aaatorry llna aoutb 84' 88* eaat 1887 feet to the ?
coraar of aauna: thei ? f aaid par?
eel aoul ^. ui :t fe> t to a polnt ln the 1
llne ol *, ;n the aaaterly ilae , '
No 188 thenee Uona the aail eaatei . . e .IV
weat 13.'u feel t,, the r.crti.aaet eoaaat ,.f I'arcel Ni
1-1H ln ih? w-aier'./ :tn>? of *al .
aall w.it.-r'.y Uae and ti-.e ea*'erly iln> i eal ! t *r "'?
an.l purtly al :ic tne east.r!\ .
? 278.8 t et ra.r, .n to the r'.u'.t I
atlll rontlnulrK alo:i(? rhe veeter'.y lli a 1 f Nel
avenue and Ihe aaaterly iir.e . : i',.r 'ei s .
the eus- : ; 1 .ir ela Noa. 180, M. 188, '
an.l 132. r ai 's:e avenua aouth l> 08" woal
4i?'^ 8 feet t. tha ^o-ith.^iat c rner of Pareel N> 'J.
? * ;--rly llne of an | ith 78"
17 ?>,: Ul 3 feet t> the noatbeaiet c - o| N ..
121; t.'.er. e al . ao .th
U* 14 Weet 288.8 feet ar.d aouth S' 23' we.?t .14.11 feet
to tha a^ ^-^.. ...: rner I ?u. '.
rlj llne f eama ?? atl 82* 47 \\-e: MM) fael to tba
; No. 130 h
01 ' r' ?
?rly lln? f e*l i pareel a .-.:. i-J 17 w ? - 4i 1 |
tba ? atbweet 1 rner of cui'. ; "-? tha
weaterly llna of eama and, th- weeterlj
tho fo;; .wtna, - ? and .'.'?-a-: -.
10*4 6 f?et. north 32' 64' weat 1114 feet. nortl
?e*t U? feet, north 12" 82' weat f."
wrt: 74 :, feet. Bortfe 0* 08' eaat ?.1 :? 1 4" IV.
eaat 270.1 feet to a, polnt :n :n? aeataerly
Pareel N ? 188; l ? tl.. aaid Itax tf W
weat 9 feet to the aouthw-at torner of sa: 1 ; ..
cel. ther.ee aloao the Weaterly ilr.i of ia
cor.tli.uli.g cl< :i? the weater.y iir.e .>. r
cr ??*:!:?,- Hlllandale >v<iu. north ??. 842.0
feet to the e< utheaet carner of Pareel No. ll?l
?>. njj | llne ol aa. 1 . . ei
aad dletaneaa; Nortb 71' la ereet 4''
north 71* i-"> weat e*. 1 feet. north 71' -
B rtb '?'?'?' 10' ?eat 1214 feet. aoutb BO0 a
feet ani aouth 88" 10' araarl 01 > feet to the t
cornar of Pareel No. UM ln Keaalco a
t'-e aovitherl-. Una f amlf i a.- ??
feet to *. i-'lnt In the weaterly Una f ????! I eni
eoutheait eornei of Pareel No lei . ^ :h*
aoutherly llna 'f aall BaTCOl n rth ;.>' 4^ ?>?-?: I
....wast .i.tr ..f aavld l-^r ei
: th* N V C A H It '?'-. I
1 runalna thenee alon*r ?he aaii
iraoterl] Una of aaid Pawaal n
n' a l5a and i?*l on a ourve .>f LW3 1 feel
i?f- '^41"' l*et ?o a polnt |r. th* *raol
mentloned >'>'! ? No 181; t.':?r..e a. . ,t ? h* ?
. Dtlr an* alooaj t.-.e aaOai ?
r ','i ?,- ,,t, llna oa .1 ? .r-.e .: l>? t :*? 1
left 424 S> t*'1 (" a P l:t '" *** *??*?*? ' " '
thenee adons tl ? .ei tr* f ?... ..
. ?,. m! I ,..s,: . rallroad ;r i.i'- a
Ihe llna between tr.e TOwna of ;
21' eaat '.! -J' '
eaat ?.?04 f*o?; thenee atlll coal - ? r.:re of
aaid -iver ui'J aaid town Un? ? '
aiatancea -' ^2 eaat I08.B feet, nortb -t
uas- nu f.-.-t ? at:. 7S- 80* eaat M 8
aaal BOO feet nortb aa* :47' ea-t 111 1 feet, north 71' 1.1'
eajl fjft.? feet, north 20" 10' e.ie- 62,4 I
east ???? S feet. n rth 04' 81 4o* 15'
eaat 80.0 feet !?> the a.iiit)-.weat rorner ot Pareel X :;-'.
thenee alona tha eraatorlj llna f ?.:! ; ai el t.orth 4;i' 13'
?att U i nel and r-rth 18 -? ? tba
aoutbweat eomea ol Parcol No Is..
weaterly ttne .( **\ I percel a:.d ttili . ntln'
? rl\ t ai, 1 a*
east M 1 f-et to the northweat cirr.fr of aaid pareel:
ti.e northeriy .!-.?
ea>-- 181 '.' feel lo tha ; Int o? ; aee ' .
The fee I- lo ba atfqulred >'y Tba .'11 f Noa ?
,^i!.< eoniulnad ln ti.e abov*
Roferenc* ls baaetty made !?? tba - :'!e' aa
aforeoeJd, tn the ofrl.e of the H-glstei- ol ?.:.? , . 1
Weatcheater, fo? a more detalatd Oaaettptloa of tba i>?i
eaute t,, ba takea
InclUded Wlthtn the foreaolna desertitl -n ?r.!
ei. tl e ::..i.. ?'. ???! as afOTeaald W r*rt*jB re.i! ?st
d.-\.rei !, hlfhwa) purpoeea, whleb said r>a; .
to be acqulrad In faa by Tba Cltj of New Tork ai
or: aaii pnap II > :?.. !ad wlthln tba plr.k Anr?.
There i--? ala *h era oa tba raud aaan :!??'. as .
other real eatate to be acqulreO tn fo.- by Th* Cltj f
New Tork, wni ti lt ta propoaad to aubatltute tn :
the hlahweya I ? le a,- ??:;:- l ln f?.> a? abov* m<
arl the perpetue] u.?.> ..f aucb real estate -
for the r.-.v blahwaya ia to b? allowed th>
rew r>iH ls r hhrbaaya raferred tu lu tlua i.otiee ?re
? : Mii . n ? .1 1 nai .
Datad J in* .1. 11107
1VH.I.IAM II. EI T.Tf.^N rorpo-nt! n i\.un?et.
Offloe an,'. Poat OIBca \1 !:.? Hall .f Rac
Cbambera and '"entre Streets. Ilerx>ua!i of Man' it-an
New Tork Oty
Lad, Awakening. Clutched at Pistol. Dis
chargingr It?Boy Dies Later.
One "f the y rangatera who have i?..-!i lolterfng
ur. and the a-atchraan'a ahanty of :i n.w buildlng
ut No 4:ts K;'st 118th streel w:is etiot nnd ktlled
by hl.s chum early yesterday niorntnat. Patrtck
Klsaane, fourteen yeara okj, of N.->. 3439 First
avenuo, and Prank Rellly, aixteon'yeara oW, f
No. 375 Plenaanl avenne, alept tiu'i-.> th.< nlsht
bef<>rt< wlth two watchrnon anii anothai t..iy
In the rnarning Rellly awoke ..n th>> planh on
whirh he waa lylns and aaw Ktarane aalecp on
a chatr and ^tttihk on hla hat. Reltty anya he
plcked np the rerohrer belondns lo l>u>ta, one <<t
lha watchmen, and awtvkenad Klaannai poklng
Ihe wenapon In hla face t.> ocare hlm. Tha boy.
he says. soiz.-.i the r.voiv.r rontrhly, "tinrtng 11
to ezplode. Tha bnllel want throntrh hla head.
The wonndad boy was harrtad to Barlem ll >-^
liititl, wbere \u> dtad a faw honra later.
Rellly was frrtaf atrlckan al his Mentfo floalh.
lle was arralpiuvl tlrst bofore Maslatrate Walsh]
who remanded hlm t.> tha eoroner. Be waa held
lM $:'-.' b?i'i fot tho Inttneet by Coroner Arrltelli
Man Killed When Returning, After Long
Absence, to Family.
(H-. Talearapb to Tba Trtbaaa]
Meriden, Conn., Jui> ia?Pntrlck Caaay waa
roturnlng t.? his nnaioua family ln Brlato] y.-s
terday after a lonc, unexplalned abaence, whon
ba waa overtakoa by ? tratn la Baai Brlatol
whii.. cToaalng a treatlo. He dropped between
tlea, nnd elung t . one of them onttl the cara
had pnaaerl ..\t-r hlm. He attemptod t.. draw ;
hlinself back "n t" tbe tracka, inn fell ta
tiv. feel t.. rocka below.
He u.is takea to iiis bome, abare ba .li.-.l i.i-t
evenlnc. 11?? uas tlfty-tbree yeara old,
hav.'s a wtfe and Bve chlldran. Th.- only ex
planatlon for his eTdaappearani 8 was u i>vtiy
y^uuiTvl Wlth u la-iKlibor.
13 laoi ?eX*eij.T?
"?>s.\:.S will Iw recelved ut ihi.i .ffl. * untll
:. :? ?? the i
?tl. ns an I i
formation may h" '.htitlm-d it ,.,.,m |.t. r>tv
HENRY H. F StA'Tvp. eS1*
f I.. WEST. JAY J MORROW. IW.."^!1*
? <~.
?;J ^ ">'? ' 31 ***
Chief Statistician of the United States
>I.\t;\Z|NK >ECTION,
Whlch wi'.l also cor.t-tlr. th" fnllimlag.
The Whlte Man CoaMa in a 31
tt tha RaJnhow*a Tlp
Prcbism of the Red
The Thlnhlng XIaehlne Da
On Hurricane Crssk
Sceptres in
Saratoga Trunks
Sh rtage. In Su| | *
I inlty to C
Prtncea ol
Counsel for Mrs. Eddy File Some Wm
Coaa ?'?!. N H.. July 19.? ritreeter A .Holda,
oc-ya for Mrs. M..r;. E*** fll*J
' wlth the clerk ol th '- ?** to-da*
prayar for apeedy ncttoaj la l f *??*?
before tha maatara, ohjacttona W t^.e taanaf
? rs and t . tha taraaaat WMM.
ksakm, and a auotfton thal tha a antaaB. con
alder. butend of tha qnaatlon stated by th*c0"?*
tho questlon of the ralldlty of the trual +*?5
. bv Mra Marj Bnker G. Eddy ob ^*?
Tbeaa objectiona are ln addltlon :i c"Tr
prevloualy ftled b> tl "ind6i , Ltrr
the court nnd no powea to oaaTea ?? ,n**?J
Into Mrs Eddy'a competencj -fot such ponja
I aa aani aaeag r.><**??"?t??
Qulrav" and they ?bject lo U? loraaa ol tha ?
>n on tbeaa grounda: ,ai??aaaa>
Flrat Thal the appolntaea ,?,St
t. rs are requlred to eaeeeta aaaa, juiw
tton and tegal dullaa of refeteeebi act*ma_ ^^j
? second tnat the repurt of aald app-mteea^una
,,M commlaalon will ln law ba V JuM*3
rluatva nading ol facta upon the is-ue ?**??
and t -rt ol a maatar acwwdta? ??
?a In e.iulty for tha Ir.formatlon and gaaaaw
of the chaacellor. aaaafi
Thlrd Thnt said appolntaea, under '?? yi^J
ronferred la aald ciimmhnann are a
,,.i to proceed aa la tha trkUofaav
ulred to beat teathnony of all w,,n**LI
,v be orT.r.d on alther atde, and not ???,
may i.?? ..rr.re.i on ,iu..-i *....-. ...... . ...^m aat
M.nrv accordlna to thelr dtacretloB toecnenj^
eompetenn ol aald Marj tmkee i*. Eddy m
,r Bnanctal eOatra .K.,i?ad ??
lummlaalnw autni"^rtaa
Irlenda to uppear and proaecute **?,#?
Ittlgant, lo tii.it axtead eaaa^raUaag ta* ??
? vitiLT. nuaadaa*
i-'.ftii That the determlnattoa ol tna <i _^^
i. o\ t-terred to tiie masters and tna .Lfaw. afl
authoriaad and renutred ba aald commw
not ajccordagj to tha couree of enutty.
Buffalo, July u?. -Fr.ink T. Hawley. ^^
prealdent of tl men'a Vnloa or ^^
Awerica. t.?-day made . a atatemnt d*B*~_4l a?
i the reported movemeat to^ jf#r
etgbt-bour day for railroad awltchnw^ ^ ^^
I uit.-.l Statt-3 fhtcb a movement na? ^rJje3t
tion of the orKantxation. he aaya^ana "^^io,
agrecmeutd with the rallroada wlll he P

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