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getdons t / Sub-Com mittees?Gcn.
porter Opposet BritisJt Motiotu
, . J u.v lf*?The abdlcattoa of the
? . ? ral toplc of eon
? - t" the Peace
? . rtty of then. Inclined
n if tbe Bmperor bad i.._-n
]'..] be conatden d _u_ iridlspcns
ajMa ' Ktvt the Japam so a free hand
: . .- n |_rn system for devoloping
th-- ; orea.
V: l ? Pren ler of Cor -.-., wbo ls
??.me infamy
_______ aoon wlll avenge."
- ? ___t__ary, who is ekeptioal about the
? : ?? uce, ol aenred, The
? < tho Emperor ls the only result yot
? ?' 1* being shown i__?a______.
ireas made by the conference,
the Brltlsfa delegatlon. whlch. by
? 6\vr\pss dlacussom
aot only to delsy the
"_?_?* but *' ' ??"i-d re_rogrr-38ic.il on most
pprovaj la expreesed by 'he delegatea
OcneraJ ii. race P rn Amer?
ica. sl the afternoon _________ when be demon
Ftratec that the adoptlon of . preposal by Lord
K<"1>'- neutral .essels for
nl.hinp pro\ision__ I Ulgerents i -ild be
oai',u* n the pUu ing of all neutral
n?er___ ? tba mercy of anv belligerent
Tho Panaman delegatlon to-day Informed
Presld*?nt ?: Ita desire to chnnge lts
?ote ; Julj 17 on the American proposal ro
E-U-ci;:!-- tl-.- of private property at
t-.-f- favorabl- to the proposition. Tlils actlon
?pprovee '.he motlon. by a vote of -_.' to 10.
__!OMM_TT---KS MAKE _______-*___,_*_ PJtOCRESS.
Two of the most In ib-committee of
tha r" ? -4__a_ to which va.. re
fcrred tbe l Ugattons of ne-u
trals on land and that dealli g wlth th<_- question
o_ prl*. ?held
pr___r___t___ meetinga to-day, but did not reach
any deflnite d< _.___& Tho first name.;
mltte. took up I ? Pnen< 1 propoaala that a neu
.te can only b" rec ponelble for the acts of
subjecta of arfafcfa n belligerent complalna if the
re -______nit_e_l on Its own terrltory; that, I
whlle a neutral Ft.te connot tolerate the forma
I a Ogbtlnc force i n Ita own terrltory. lts
BfbQfty is r.ot involvc _ hy the fact that
I i'._ Bubjeets take flen-Ice wlth a bellJger
r.t ? neutral state ls not bound to prevent i
__q rthsg <_rms and ammunltion for thr '?
Dtgarent, anc! that prlnonera .scaplng j
? e tt-rritr.ry nf tho belKgerettt whlch capt
Into neutral terrltory must be Uber
?fted Grr _t Brltaln, Germany and Belgium o_
1 thrmpclves wlth the prlnclple of the
- ,. j( v.,ir ri??it fl amendxoenta !n
All the (jucj-tlnna flr.ally were rc-ferrod
I Bunlttee.
oommtttee or. prlvate property at sea
d _sn the Belglan proposal that mercan
i _______ by a beliig-eront must b. ro
__ ? I at t*-e conduelon of a war, whlle dleTts
I D the Fren. h motlon abolishlng prtze
aad provldlng for tho in'r-mnlflcation of
of _c!zed property by the stat _ tn which
I ____? adjo-tmed _or a fcrrtnlpht. _\ono>
of tha deiegates" had lnstnictions or. this ques
Martena, of th? ITnaaliin deleo-atlon. moved
hOe the comrrritte.* recognlsed the. ge-ner*
C the proposal regarding tho lm
: of private property at pea, ln vlew of the
of oplnions. and c-speolally the want
-.c?. in the matter, the conferenc?
???-CTTt-as the wish that at the _>o_r__ning
wsr b-.U-_re.-ont irtates mlght doclare
tliey woold nenonnoe the practice of
jr.a__i.i-- prU_._. ln v_u.v o_ the hesltation wlth
resolutlot- was r&c_ivod M. M_rUO
I ?' aafon followed on th<. deflnftion of war
e_1; * but tUa questkm, toge-ther wlth th^ wholo
- of the committee, f.nally was ro
to an examlnh _r commit ?. of which
Rear Admirnl Charles B. Bperry. U. f_ X., Ib a
?r. L__i._i-.__ng the treatment ol* neutral
_"_r____a___-_g prcrrietons to belllK^rents,
? ifjr.it Brltaln) propoeed that they
i.ornl Horace Porter
PP- ..>d this propoagl. saylri,- that
?ijUon of such a measura would mean
te of ne_tra_._ would be ii_u''__ ted to
of a eubordlnate ofSoer, ar.d that it
v ild nepr. snt an eaorMtant extenslon of tho
_lf area I .
19.?Members of 1 ' h ?_.d Atn-r
ther here I iers was
arship. Sailora as
w- . ? nt <_Rioers preadded
. ? . .-.- avelt and
.:_.-- ' . -. i the
la after
? . '-.nients were siv?.n in
? of Aemfltus
known Bklpper, and president of
irned on the ba; to
... losion.
y_Tm, . w, waa bui
oal burned.
DOt ._- board the
?? ia reported that Beflor
'?. .. i ?'..? istsi ' - Hiatem
... .-?.-.-- to Bi-:id a war
f to i:iB_t him, In
(ournc. fr
..-??. i- ;* is aaid,
gettlng transportatlon
U-re lt your opportu
r.ity to leam some va!
.v cooking secrets
from twoof America's fin
t%t cr?o__s Janet M. Hill
aod A_ic_> Cary Watermftn.
T?.-so fatnoua e_p_rtB have
.- a !_t_____i atu-iy of
Dirn Siarch
a?< an aid in eve-v ?*v cooking
aa4 baking. Tke icatOtt of
their _xr___menti! are no- ohereu
to y<ni fo.-? ia ? vaiuable
Book ot *-*__??? ??*
_;.ich ws will aeud poitpaid on
leceipt of r-sn.c _n_ aildreas.
COQtaining a number
?.f ___qu ? a-.'! o igioal rectpeB
isamrirahlt book j?y*?
tuiro. of COOlrit-K hi"t-> and
-Mi'iii. lhat ______e____r
a:.f> imitora naany <ii*he..
Rtally n?. raa__rv' to beat
Rl ___. J o .- '.!' r- 'i'lC't.
- ?' i:'._?_ f UMt* '
., . deUdouB
BMMl v
Allgrooen la 11;^- pack
_kc? io oesta
New Vofk.
Explanatk>n of li'ife's Su'vide?
Testin P 'on.
i" the trial of
K. Hau, who is accused of Lhi er of hia
motber-in-law, Frau MoUtor, I den on
elsters iiii.' broth
. i. and
: . Bhe wrote Just bef< re takli - ? r
life, together wlth the statement mi
after ' la ln-t lntervlew wlth hli ' '. on
June 7, were r. I m
Lieutenant Mi.Iltir. Metz,
ewor.- he b ard of
irder of his mol i of '
: ? ?- nl :< '.' . . '-'? II
.it hla n.o:. .
tated by bad newa. Tl rn i . he lleved,
messagi ' ' ughter < >lg
rously 111, ln the 10 .- that lts rocelp! would
cause a stn ... Deacrl ilng his talks
wlth the late Mrs. Hau, I later, after .her return
london. the lleut int said his atoter'a flrst
theory was Lhat some enemy ef Hnu's had kllled
In oi der to ? ' ,r hus
band. It fell to the lieutenant to explaln to his
sh<Tcr all the clrci nstari ea ot tho cai polntlng
to The j:ul\ of he? hushand, and thla recitaJ, he
flnally convlnced her that Kari was the
murderer. I lown coropletely and grov
... __, .- Btrug -r eonvlction,
1 t flnally ylelded to tl.e evldence. W her re.-.u >st
the lieutenant sent n dlsi atch t.. ri ask
ing lf his eister'a pati m y ot $15,000 waa stlll 1n
tlie Union Tn^t Company. Th
oelved ? Irawn n!l this :.
?->. Hau aaid her huaband haa repei
aasured bar that this ;i 'i.l Intact
truet company.
_ ;- _? . .v .;-? -1 that her h'.iw- j
-...,.- waa >- llty, sha sent ?.. dlspi I - hus- j
band'a counsel ln Londoi saylng she v
able to roalntain his innocence.
The lieutenant next described hia trlj. to Ziirich
to tnk? possesfrlon of the papera left by his Fister
u'Tc- her su de Ho 1 ln hand
t)iig. and nr--\.:::<~ii that she had 1 - before
_____ Inl ... Iak<
addres-.v. to tl e pi iiee aayl '- ?r hor
easy to guess Her mothei
murdered and her huabi
above (Jl elae ir. the 1 to be the
murderer. "Death '.-. bitter." tha wrote, 1
??; ? ? ause "' my iirtle daughter."
It. T'le.,. ounael rcr Hau, then aaked the court
to read n letter whlch Mrs. H_u had writton him
from ZOrlofa rrgardlr.g h.-r last lntervlew with her ,
huaband, whlch took plr.ce in priaon on June 7.
Mra. Hau wrote tiai? lntervlew was rather un^i.t""
faetorv and axdtlng. "We were near to |
hysterlenl att-cka," Bhe said. She referred I
huaband e- a M*uk u.r.n. "Btand bj him."
ter rca^. "nnd hrlr.g preasure to b?I him."
At this polnt Huu arose from hia ? halr and
asked pannissloo of the ' :' 'me it
Bpeaklng alowly, ln a low voloa. the prtsoner aald
hla wlfe had told him at thia Intervte
Irrt-nded _. oommft bu1?tde beeause ahe wns unable
to i --ar all her famlly mattera dlacuaaed before the
pubUa He trted te pereuad* he*- from this purpose,
es lt wotilfl create an lmprenslon th_t be was
gullty. After ehs loft th* Jall he had a tel. phone
rr.es-ag? aant to Herr Weta, telling him I
atepa to pravent Mrs. Eau fi taking her 111
oo__postn__ or accused man.
Hau iiiadu thia Btatemant without a:;y show of .
emotion. and during the r*d_~ of hla wlfe's doath
his oompc.sure -.vaa coinplete.
Harr Dlet- then sr_- hn had telephoned to riarten- >
BnfleTi rnd tried every meats to eommunlcate *rlth I
L.ina Hau, but without sucoe_s. Mrs. Hau" had told j
him eonie Hmo before tbls that she was carry Ing j
p* lson, a?" IntjanC ;d to take hor life.
Laoulse MoUtor, a RlMeT of t.1na. who Uva? ln I
Mur_ch. taetlfled that 1A-*. after h'^r elopement
Wlth Kar. bad told her ln tJie atrtetast confldence ,
that ehe ar.d her huahund pU_?ned to commit aul- j
clde, It waa on this iii.derstandlng that Karl b'v.-t |
her, hut the ftit bullet waa not falai. Bl
ro.ioeKTed Karl to Tire another ahot, ut bia oour*
ag-? f_llel h'-n and he woul* not Bofon tha Bwtas
offlclaiB who _rfl-Bta_n_ed thla ooourrence, tho 8'.'it?r
tej^-'.-.lod, Llna Bwore that eho had shot h_r_elf. ? K!i^
dlfl this to aWeld her hushand frcin punlthmant.
L^ru!?e r-ce'.v'd a letter from Ldna wrltten from
n hotal ln LorO'Trr. aftav Karl had returned to the
Contic<_-.*. a_;.-l:_f ah? fe'.: here?lf BUrrounded by
aplos tuid wanted tc. p'lt e-*-_y from the hotel. L_na
l__ar_?d ber slatar tc burn the letter. V.Tten Ltna
1 returr.od to J3a_-;ii-Dade: ??te refused to believe l.fcr
b-Bbaad^raB gullty. but a rojit.-J of tl
Btanoc-s flnally oonvlnoed her.
Fannle MoUtor, another alster, teatifled rhat -'ti^
_eoompa__ed her mother to i>r!a. At r, -
breakfast ?.^?t^ n llvel. ??? arose conoern
Ing t-ye authorshlr of the mj rt
*Hau t'^k part In cj ft wholly dls
lr.terestf?; porson. F_nnte te?T.f>,,i th.at }.<-r fjpt
thought, on hearinir of the murdor of ii?r mother.
waa that Ki.r'. t.i.C oommltted tha crime. s;.?
pidd ahe. bad dlstrual I bta from the baginning of
her aoqualnl
r-T.Mi Kauenburg, of Llns. a frlend ?' I ?
family, testhSed that Karl Hau had rUrlted hertwo
^..Orf bafom ^he tragedy. He gf.r? the Impreaslon
of a nuiri Blck It ???? He waa
e-aKed, moody nnd used [?'???u''ir e_pr#
. ?
that I have been shot." Another ex
preaalon he used imi "1 feel thnt 1 um nt The
? ii,,- atrength."
Frau Nauanhurg said alao li:*". ha I i nnounoed
tiiiit he w;ir ti< :;.?? t.. rapresent 'h? Araerloan gov
a! .. b ll;i^"e ; ea. e coi
Tbe aftern sesalon i ?? fle ?? to i.-adriK
various flrltnessea who naw a man ?
beard ln Baden-1 of t am near tho
! MoUtoi home, wlthta an houi ? ' the tragedy. Two
; r,r t>-.ev- wlrneases swore that they t* .tr*.'.z*A Hau
ler, teatif! >d
. that he beard the fatal shot at 6:02 l
i wttneaa ?>a1<i he r-;m- s h heard
. on the s.eat. at '. '??<'' o'clock p. m., wh?re
; other flrltn-saea already h.^l teatifled to seel ?
? and that an hoi va thi same man I -
. park going at n haa
j <.f the MoUtor villa.
, elt-enst< ln. '.
the road taken by Frau .' Utor and o!ga Mr.iit-.r
ou their last *Afi.:k together, ewore ihat ahe v^-ut ?? it
t< Th.- letter box at :- SO o*olock and saw a men
: wlth a hla-:-. beard whom to-day she. reco?mlr.e<!
j :i?. Hau. r-flturnlng toward her villa sh< saw
I the MoUtors, hut a different mr,::, I avlng an lr..n
| gray henrd and belni tor ln atature
' D-.nn Huu. waa following ?
h'-r vllla r.T r o dock. Thla r.,l--s a new ;
ihe case, n Im said, and r! *a rlse to the >
.j, ,, >,-? the authorltli thal fau may hn\ ? ' ? ?
lt The net.
^.ant gM employed bj th
be answert
to Frau Molrtor that It waa
"lfa Mr. Haa.'' the wltnea - told Frau
A< the night Besaton .T?a ; tdmittfl roness
vo- |-_-_-nsteln '.:*? been correct ln eaylng ?^??
recognl-ed blm near tha Molltor vllla The judge
demanded an esplanatlon Hau'a purpose ln bo
Ing thero. Hau firmiy refuaod to glve this l:if..r
matlon. -ddl.jr. "1 realiaa '.he full cona-que
thlH refttB-l."
Beveral s;H--cT"nJi.?ts teatifled regardlng e\.i ilna
tlon o* Hau durlna hla ?
him sane. I >r. Dtets, counsel for Hau, sharj
- -? '
TM?i'ig ln th- tono of a preeecutlng attorney. Bbarp
^.nni'-- were then exchanged between the judge and
the latter threatened ? ???
from the casa
Tl>e eourt la worklng under pr an m
doavor to finlHh tbe eaae to-morrow nlghl
journment wa* taken ot VMO o'clock to-night, wltn
th*- courtroom etlll crowded.
Vlctor Grayson Keturned by a Small Ma
jority for a Yorkshire Division.
London, July 19.?The Sodallsta hi
a ootatoU vit tory ln tbe by-elo. tlon
ber ol Parliaroonl from the Colna Vailey Divl
alon Torkshk-, Weal J'.idir.g. to li'i tb
_____ racant by tbe ra-Btng of James Kltaon to
the poeraga Vlctor CkayBon. the BoclaOlBt can
/Udttte was returned at the head of the polL
Colne Vailey has gone L-beral for many years.
Th- votes of all th? candldates thla time
close tho Uberal beln ? w:"
ner wbOe the Unlon_-| cand-la-B was a good
third Mr Grayson, who la a Mancliest. r Jour
nallst and iecturer at Owens CoBega. Mun.hee
ter, waa largely supported hy the Laborit. s.
.?,? io _a fire was discovered to-day
^JT'the inSor JZ steamer Ethlopla, now
f?aM^t iVstarted ln the forepeak. The ves
i^tSSd ^ ds-nage. before tho fl-xnes wr,
Med Lcinal
^?*-____|t ' RS***
Dy __?pep__-_a
Gwnners of the Georgia Shut Off\
Comprcsscd Air Blast Too Soon.
. !.-.- I*.?By a procesa of elimlnation
the Naval Board which Investlgating the
accident whereby the men ln tiie turrt-t of th
*t th. lr livea h__ arrlve_l
? .on that a ' .-_<?_" caused thia
cataatrophe. In i thi verdlct la received
wlth _ distihct s. ? ae of rellef by naval offlcers, be?
cause it ahowa that thej had no
danger to contend with. Thej bad experienosd J
??flarebacks" lifforo nn.l thought that they kneW j
how to deal wlth thetn.
A "delayed flareback" la caused Uy clostng o(T ,
n the blaal of iompressed alr whlch l* sup- j
posed to expel from th. boi.f tho gun the un- \
burned Ing powd r
l< -? fi im ths laat dis- t
cl -ir(.o. An- r the terribla accident in th?
Bourt'a turret three yeara ago, resulting in thi
of o\-(,r thirty livea the experts havlng decldi l that
that accident was caused by the ignltlon ? ' ; -
new charge by the unh
Ing ci.rtii.lp. ? thi pre eding charge, the ,
of the gre ' guna nr. air ratua :
icalculated to -x;.'i v compreaeed alr any ;;.-r. or \
o!oth th.it might remaln ln t:.<? bore of the gun.
. '...- ?? 1 -Cii
no "flarebacka" since the devlce waa installad,
In the case ol the Q - rgia'a Mn-h r'in w'-at
happened waa this: . the gun waa
thrown open and the alr blaat turned ln nt i_ pn aa
ure o_ 100 pounda to thi square Inch. This l_ suf
flclent for all ordlnary pi r_ Bea, .v.*1-. ti.e
tant qualtflcation that if ahould be contlnued lot.g
enough to drlve the laat remnanl f
rrorn 'he gini hor.-. In t'..I_> caae tha ?;>*?-?-. or
smouldering cloth (whli ii ln nol known n< ??
drlven probably more ri._-.-i half way to the raus
_1? ol T:..* * i i Bl araa turned off.
-.-rci.. waa .- tesmlng --t ten knotp Inl ? I a
. :? I, whlch bleui Inl i I ? of the gun. Th
.; ? . were drlven I
thi hr?-r_o Into the ' ree . of Uio gun and out ur-.-n
the powder charge whl waa J about ba in
-.-?-?'.. Thi. explosion
". !in cause o* thlri accident, therefore, rtll, wlth
?vit doul '. ba set dov n to tl
r.-ri to r.:a_t-- a record praotlcs In polnt
? h i*=' been kept on foi
ln all prohah'.llty tha. acoident w. ild have
Thi ee ehots froi .._??.. ? -
ret !:i on<? minute, - r ten ah ts '?
a *uit. t in two mlnutes, ls rsoord praotlce, and
there i? reaa a to belleve
rich'a turret i rss
A full rai cted at the ICavy
Department lr-. a day i i I
Tev.th Fatality Due to Explosion on
the Georgia.
Boston, July 1*),?Mldahlpman John T.
at tha Chelsea Naval Hospltal to-rtay. Hla U tl a
tenth death dus to
ahip Georgia last BIoi lay, E_
1':..it:ip.s ? * U. fl. a. of Omaha, -??
<?',:. -v.-t.-n h-. died, u" were also the mldshl] i
mother. br_.t.._r
. u <. o-.-i hia party Btartsd for '..ashliiir
ton to-nlght, and the body of the m*.<. ?hlprpw. arill
j be fr:"war<l.?d at 9 o'clock to-morrow morning for
?i- . i-*v_ . ?:. .rs !:. tha osmstsry st
| Arllngtou. Mldsblpma "?". Brown, jr. ot
| tba ' ?? ????rf'.a, Wlll
to tl e body - -. i:.-i way to Waa gtor Brown
of Cruse aboard the battleahip.
tod Bl ' faval Hosplta
ie conditi.m
' '.- m 1 _? ?..-.-' r.i
bl? t!...!i ln the early part of th. I
ti- i or Boame . .'? I ? ?
John O. Ma P Thom i ? i
i. C*l lef Yeomaa _-l
U Roiftlbi rg--r an
swain'a Ma> Frank .-: lapp nr ?
? i, !.'?-. and lunner's .'..-. P*. Hai ial] ,111
out of danger.
Washington, July 19.?Major Cruse haa asked per
? .. Navy Dei artmenl l
ii_ T. S. L_>well, J. W. W. '"or.iriil i;1 and
King and '- ? - pa'l
at hla aon's funeral.
Th<? Navy Department haja rorarivfil from Amha_
aador Brycs ol Greal Bril -ir. an ezpresalon of -?????
j dolence on the r. cent accident on the Oeorgl
| arabaassdoi * dlspatch -?? k.-i s.-nt from Intsrvale,
i L....V is situated iur tae sum
and la as follo1 -
'*"'. .??? accept expresaio tfeej sympa iy ...ur
...? r.;' valua '. s. s. Georgia"
Turret Captain's Bo .y Buritd at \Vilmin?
ton, Bel.; Seaman"8 at Salcra. Ma_.s.
Wthnlngton, Del., July 19.?A aolemn requlern
waa celebrated ln Bt Paul'a Roman Catholic
?? - idy ><t Wllllam J.
her, the young turret captain of thi
[ .,.!?,'.?, ?? ; ? ? ?. - - oni ol the viQtima ..f tha ex?
ploslon v-\'. h ?-'. irred on -..r.i tbe -._._ .-..-c. Mon
Oay. A detail of sallora from ths League laland
j Nnvy Yiir.l acu-.l aa pcUU arera. The burial waa
li. Blvt r\P ?.. ' remetery.
Balem, Mai -. ie fui.J of Beaman
Edmund J. Walah, one of tlm vlettma of thi
n board the battleahip (Jeorgta last M
..??i.i here to-day. Following brief pri ite
- mother
ug] r to this clty ln a flafi
ch waa me! here by ti detail of marlnea
M. inea and i -?. orted to ti-..
. ;,,!>,.., ii Chur h. After a requiem
lebrat. d i y the curate, the Rev Davld
j Murphy. the burial took plaoi al Bt. Mary'a
Pemetery. Marlnea acte. .-__ .jallbearera
The church ?<<?&? flllod \- th flowsra many
nt 1 ? of I
.mong them were glfta from the seamen
Georgia, the Vermont. tiit- llliiioi_ and th_
Moinea, J *?.. i m..-=t .:r General Meyer and tha
Ladies' Veteran Navy Assoclation ot tliia dty.
l.urmg th. funeral tho llag of Posl _-. Q. A. R_,
wus at h:_f maat
? ,,?-.?, ,i,i 19 Mra. Josephlne J-eslle. v.
arrested al Newmarkst on July *. charged wlth de
fraudlng m* tnbsr i of well known _._nili.... and who
^"; ... M a frlend of J. Pierpom Sior
;.;;:..,.._ been commlttsd f-r trial at the Central
Cri-nina- Ctoort.
Washington. July _?. ': he Stmo l?.-i?.-irt,ii,..it t
._v ..,.,._,i a commtmloat-oa from frl-nds of
KTrll Blmon. of New York. atatlng that ho had
, .r- .tr.l in Gerroany for acoldontally kUlln^
l""?",m-_;. wl h n auto.n-_.lle. ____ _*tag the Ho
ti woman w?_n ?* lnt__restr.. No dntalls of
'f1'^; i"^ A_ln. Secretary Adee
**? :,f:r Iwed to A___baaaador Xwwsr. m Berlin,
^Sg'hl!iiti _ive ___ maCter hls ImmeCUte
attentlon. _
The name Emil Blmon does not apyear ln ar.y
t?w Yeek City __ractor_r.
Mr. Hawley Bcgins Argwments for
Haywood Pn iseeui io n.
. July IS.- Judge Wood announced ln the
n ??:<?:?>!! of tha Haywood trial to-day a
rullng afcriir.et -nost of Th.> lesthnony of the de?
fence and Bustainlng the story told bj Orchard
Mr, Hawley later opened the argumenta fo/ tha
. ad la not expected to finlsh untll to-morrow
_. Tha or?.:ii.jj a.l.lresa for the defen.:e wUI
be mad. by Mr. Rlchardson Mondaj morning i"
preaarve the i ? .rl Mr. Rlchardson again n
? Jury he Inatructed to return a
verdict of r.ot gullty, o the ground that Hay?
wood haa not '? >n connected by the evl
w'.Th the crime alleged. The motlon waa formally
made and formally denied.
Judge Wood announ ;ed early li the morning
that he would not ba prepared to an
aounce his rullng as to the admlaaiblllty of cer?
tain evldence untll afternoon, and adjournment
was taken untll 2 >?' -
rhe courtroom i i when the afternoon
an. Governor Qooding of Idaho was ;
? for the flrst ti n Haywood
In I;* found hla wlfe'a Invalid chalr ha.l beea ;
some sl . ?<? from him. lla took hold of it blm
aelf a:-..; wheeled It Intt a poaltlon unmedlately at
hia righi
g? wood. aa i ? "? hla piace
? the bt , begar read hla declslon aa to the
? u of certi Ha announced that
hla ??< lsl ?". waa oi Ij ry to tha lnstruo
tlona ;? a will give the Jury _t the end of the argu
? ledslon
_?__ 4 ie case all teatlxw ny leiati-ig
to the deportaiion of thi ? ? -"ippto
Craek and Tel irlda districta of Colorado In 'he
I ...?.-. ..:. .. ? : tha record .
r .... ..-.-, ? - ? iony relattag te
. Bttlbona told him of a trlp In whlch he bad
_ent "8 r Iai i ' ? K*t rld of claim Jumpera ta
T ..a ?? atu r, b? said had not :
?'?'?' d.
. .- i.exT lueatian auggeated hy thi court and
argued . ? .." *aid Judge Wood. "tnvolvea
evtdence Introduoed hy I
I ?m eerlen of deportattona of
. parsona and other aeta of vlo- ;
i of pi >perty belong
tba tVestern Federation of Minera ?
_, . . ,. ui _ r- . a a as ' ? the materlaUty
. . i show?
ing that tha Ptakeri :. l"-;. Uve Ag-acy haa
,.. iced lts detoetrvee In various tooal uni-na of aald
- lon of Minera.
rl sru*-.<aflte.i the immaterb-lty of this
.. . t r? ?.ncluaton of the sLato'* re
ai | advtaed oounael that argument would
,...,?. thereon before the toatructiona of the
thla teatlmony araa -U ad
-..? pi ..:?o and aaaurance of ooun-e]
tba propar oonn-etlon would t.? made ahow
. _t poi ..) al least of the rarloua aota of vlo
, ' . ,____, ..? r tho aitnasa, Orchard. ware
+\ L.v tlie witneaa. Orchard, or If co_>
.-?:. ina ;? -
eur#d ?, nimlt ? i rta of vtolence.
,,, ? ea waa proper and li
a _ .id bu sacun
__on or the oourt. ?> was _tiv
.- the defen. o even potating 'o or lr-ll
tifled to by
. :f aotual ted by any one. st
Lttad bv any othei peraon or pera
teaUflad to bv the I - nai ' Netther ls
any evlde - ? t0 or Ircnn
?? might be Inferred that any tadivtd-al or
anbtaaUon of peraone procured any other
t aal ta of vlolence, lf they
.? u.1. than _? teal ^\ '?'
.xt the fui - tee__oo-i tau
wouid or.lv furnloh a mott' - f"r ?OBB_
oommlt or prooui
. aeta of vtolence Inrolved which were
teatifled te ln behalf of the atate. ?
? Bul it la clear that Th- motl - alone. tn - thtra
to . jmratt -i effen. ? ror a U h a part
beraa tried. la not adimaaible in tha a_s_nca> of
? iony tn aom. ?- ? P*^
ln. to auch thlrd person aa the gutlty ? ut* ?*
witneaa Oro ard haa Baatlfled minutoly ???*???;
tall to the c-ronras-woea Invorvtag t_? VtadlMMr
wplealon: the ___4oeton at the ?^"~%*"
tcta and attemptad acts of vtolence ln
%?^-?_^tatroduced by the AataaaatATA,
>*?on to d< '-??'r7;ln*?It?rn FeK
, beronglng to the local union. of "''^ . ( \^'n
i . - Mh.era and tha varloua conflieta Decwean
. the union minera and thelr eymaathiz-r, and h?
_Une Ownera- Abr.. latlon and the mlUtia ,-..u. ^he
I varloua citlsenB' attlancea aoea not poh.t to any
_ ? tadlcate That any partlcular pemon
, the ?_ta of vtolence ,???.? ^m-d
V r oti.-ured Orohard to oommlt auch aeta of
-;' . - .,. S -fcaenca e< ??? -n,.?otmg
' ^_an-_ the oourt feela oompeUe. to take thla ovi
??,. u- inry and Instrucl them tetallj to
: : I.'eg-r. ta .xrtvTn. ..7 their verdict, The action
i elt t ls matter It- perhapa an unpleasant
butlVhi a responaiblllty tbal the court haano
' r'ght to abift from ttaelf to the Jury when called
: Son for a flnal oonald .raUbn of thia obso,
___j for the defence urgea tha lf thla teatt
monyTa wltltdrawn from the jury all evldence ta
i the Vtadlcator ? -ploalon. the Independe_ce
denot faxploalon and t?thei aeta of vtolence and at
terWted aeta of vlolence ln tha Btet? ot Colorado.
..i1.1,,, the wltness Orchard. ahould bewlth
/?.. jury. Thla evtdenee the oourt baa
no nower to wtthdraw from the Jury unlaea upon
Phe theory that the witneaa Orchard, belng an ac
.'.,.',,..., La 0 co-oou.plrator hto t_Btlmony m re
l__on thereto might ba found to ba enUrely wlth
.. ? corrob. ? _ttoa. ,, ,
-ile ha? teatifled, although an accompllce and a
iaplrator, to all of theae acts of vlolenoe, and
. . i efore or aftt-.- oonnect-d thla defend
erewlth. The court ls clearljr of the opinion
iliat there ls Bufllclenl oorroboratlon to neoeaattato
tho Biiln-ifsion of thla evldence to tho Jury. and
the aame rr-aone for wlthdrawUig tlds evl
. .-xUi aa to the evldenoe of dtporta
and i. ? ' sota "t wlolenoa ta the Crlpple
ek and TeUurlde country.
??The teatlmony of the atate. for whatever tt may
be worth wlth the ury. connecta the defendant on
dlrectly with the various acts of vtolence ln
, ,,. the evldence ot the Btate bo far as they
^ .-?.? lv to the mate of Colorado, whlle th? t?_tlm.my
' 0r the defence whloh wlll be wtthdrawa from the
; jury does nol point t, or mdi.-ato that any other
persons either comnutted such ach^of
,. .:,..' the con-nlaston thereot J-r
,.,.,,?,. the c )Ur1 flflll tnstruct the Jury when
,,,,,..,?,. al it: ver.M.-t to dlaregard all evldenoe ta
't -oduced by the defence, and upon rebuttal. relaUng
to deportationa of mlnem ard other persons from
,- ? , ,o e c.k Ud the vtetnlty of Tellurlde, ar.d all
evldenceTta rel Son to the conmcta ta tho same
iJoSu-i between the Western V* '-r ition of
Mlners and their Bympathlaei- on one side and the
?TV^ganlzatloi fl tectrves' asaoclatlona and
. .laUons and tadtviduala ta the
on the other. _.
,??, un eacoptton to the whole of
3K_*ly aftor tho court'* B_keh_on had been
e, io ur was caMed ta, and then the openlng
flled n,^/llr- \ . tl, wrl!, Sec-un by Jam?a II
." M n^bv h.ns been 111 for B week. and
j.L" ^...l tobal .'bv-i.-Hl cndlflon a, he ...--u. his
SnaS r"lU. ever heard 1.1 a co^jroom 1 here
wns no attempt at w**^106"*-,?6 8t ory
I told in a way that carrled oonvlotloi
However you spcnd the haii' holi?
day, we've the clothes.
Outing .siiits-? batiste, w.m_>1 crash,
Temiis clothes?-ducks and tennis
Bathing suits.
Tuxedo suits?tropical -.eight.
Closed _. 12 o'clock to-day.
Rck-ers, Pf.et __ Company.
Threa Broadway Stores.
258 842 1260
at at at
Warren st. 13th st. 32nd st.
l ; _jan ' ? __ ?.'-- . ' .
"Harry . hard loM hia story ln r.o spirit of
?; declared Hawley. "nor d!d be t--il
tt ln a spirit ? ' rt enge. l -mv ro you, gant
liu t Karry Orchard bag no more hopa in his
thal he has prM_ :n hi * past II. expecta no eart.-i
\\ rsward: ln the Ught of an awaksaed
scienca, be told the truth. with no deslrt. to .hl.1.1
blmeelf or aay one else "
Hr- Hawlej thal tha truth ? I
Instead or being ahaken was strsngthsnsd
i,-. the eroae-examlnatlofl of Mr. Richard* -n, of
fenos, a c-Tf.ea-.--i. unparalleled ia its
** and lo ,_r?h. Crlininal though be 's. Mr.
Hawley asestted, Orchard'a atory . u.o.. tha tsal of
*lr_ and left the impresslon of truth on all who
heard it.
?tate. Mr. Hawley sald. had e__robo_rr l
Important dstalls of Orohard'a testlm.?r.y. Tl
< ir. tha i_-f.in.-e rnr.'.o only from sttt
neaaaa who had baaa partips to tho confeased
iTiuios .r prov d paajlnrsra Ha espreaaed the h?
llef that Orchard'a story would brhag to JustkiS
"the werat sot of ? -. nsplratora that esrer b
tlon of the t i-.fta.-i Ftatoa."
Referrlag ?o ths lawa of <~onsplraoy. Hawley aaid
that If a combina .o:-. '.s thown to .-xist __rary r?*r
aoa '? innsoted wlth it ls _.i-_ally guilty wlth
othera tor every act, dead or utt?ra__ce growlng out
? inspiracy.
"As to tha m. th,o>- of '..r'napng Moyer, Ha_r_ f-i1
r.n'i p. ttlbone to idaho from Colorado." Mr Haw- |
lsy said. "the cours_ n.'...^ted waa th_ only cma
op?n to ths proeeoutlon. and bad been pa__s_d upon
by the hltjhest orurr of the lar.ri."
'ounsel for tbe d-f.n. .-> would flwefl or. ?__ trans
fsr ef priaon_r_?. ha aaid, but it would tr_*r_ly he
sn . (Tort to divert thn mlnda of ths Jarova from Th*
roal lss'.i* lnv_dved and to taetta puaaflbla Dl wffl
agataal the pri aa. iitloii or _m? member -f lt.
Under tha lawn of tha Pta-e of Idaho an aeoea
u murflar ls r_g.n_.il in th_ ?atn_ Mght as
th* murdarar hlmaalf. and if abssnt ir, body at
th* t!m_ of th*> .-'-r.in-.'.s .!..n of the crlr..?? ls re
gimlafl by ths law an prssfnt in apMt. The pr-**
enca or ths defendaats ln the Ftate of Idah
tlme of tho death o? former Governor Btaunsabarg
was aworn to by ths oounty atrorn-y ln t;.? ','^ht
of that ? . Mr. Hawley, ta_i_g _> tha srtmea
.-..nW sed ti unB, w,?nt flrst Into th _. de
tails ot tha blowtng up of fh . Bunker E
livan mln.. lt. Northern Idalio. in 189*, ? .- ? e
struotion -if $_,__) wi rth >-f property. No i ?
- :nio:i sv.r Uttered a word of cor.ionu.atior.
of that mob; ao word ->f - ?.'??: i v. ?-. .-_.- p
i>?ar^d In "TT.-? Mtnsraf Magaaiiie." Mr. Hawley
declared. H* was lnte-Tup__.i by Mr. Darrow, >-r
tl.* ___antr% who asserted that no aueh evtdenes
was in tiie rec?rd.
Thtar* waa a rap'.d oxeUunge of j>_rsonallties be
tw.-u Hawley, Rtehardao-i and D_uxow. durlng
wi.ioh Hawley aoeuaad Daitvw of hf.ving aaada
aSSSTtlona Ij: his opening _i.iU:--.._s t- ti.e jury whleh
bad aot beer. borne yut ln any partlcular In ths
Mr. Hawley gra I 'n denundattou of the
rs nkei Hill ? . -. He
aal I couna he _?? .'. 1 ? n loai >r i >
arouae aympath. for tha m^n put tn tr.o military
..ul; p.-n tuid i-i"ite hntr^-i I
? n,ia.i of thi
; ]_cc.l lu'tho stoc'?____'*. llawlay
them fortuaata 1 .'?---. .; a-l the
sctsd,** Bald Hawley, "that T.I" Davis,
?Blll* ABcmai ? '__ othara
- han* in grave erlm. wtml I
nd dany tha chsrgsa And in my haart,
ten, l oannot blams them ft r psajuilug th_m
f]\e*. It !b human nal ra a to save
lilmsel! -ii .?trou!u<(a:-..-e? l>avt?
i -. ri.. said h^? ?d_ not on the
train or _?*'.-? not at Wardner ti..? Aay ths Buaksa
Hill waa Mown up it -.-. ? ahsolutaly alasiiid. in
d here ad
Aftsr dweQtng oa tha Bunksot lltll out.-age *or
an hour, Hawley ?llsruiss'-i t wlth the
declaratton thal lt certalnl? could not l>e ohargod
to any personal mothrs on ths _..irt al Orvh_trd.
; Mlnsia ?^i.l ?___y :..<!
Western Fl Serattba >: M!ri_?rs, had the mothra ;i-'id
was respor.Bi.,':.,. I!? then x*Ma?>d on ta t:? Crlppls
.'re^k troubies. ')rchard's story Ri to ta* Vtadt
catOT ;.!..-i i-v;-;.-'-ir,. ln whirh McOormlck rvnd
! Be.-k \\cr--i killed, llawiey said, had beea r.rr-.yly
oorroborsted _VS_a*tO the uuagpsetsd testlri. ny of
: a witn-ss on rehttttol, -<xhn teatlf.ed te flndlng a
bomb ir. tha Vindioator coal bunkers. ar__wa
? irchard sal.l he r_nd Ownsy *arn. y fcad arraaged
to have lt placed. Hatwlsy s?id ths state ,iid not
':-,... srhal hn.i hecom_ of tlils bomb until th_ at
tomejra far the der?no_ aeotdeatally snd unwit
tlngly brought lt out iu th? ,-ror_8-exajr._.ati.-n of
i tlio man who a/:ted as powdarman ln the min?
As to ths theory of ths de_en__ that tha Vlmtl
eator SZP__af_D was an aceld_:-.t llawlay admltt?M
that thia waa true so fur aa P\.p->nnTsnd-nt Mc
Cormlck atul Shift Bobs T<?.-k were concBrn_d.
"Tha 1. _d.ra of the strlk_ dld r.ot ln_--_d to K.ll
two man." aaid tha attoraaiy. "TUelr talrtrrst
| off w._? not what they had plsnned. The bomb
! v.'iui pii"**d tht>re to blow Into etsrnlty eoms Sfty
[non-union nie.i who _ >-.r>. about t.. ba to work in
ti.?> li ... wheva tbe exploslon oceurisd.**
Tli.- defence could urss no personal motlve. on
the part ?:' Orchard ?? but tho Waatern
Federstion of Minera Mr. Hawley sa.d. _.. th. v
resorte to ths aUbtsrfuge of nn aceld.-nt. Th--"
only ulltiasw thej eonld i'.nd ro s'iv-* tost
q to ! ?'-ar out the theory v.-a.t Thoraai Wood.
u-:..-> bad been employed in the mlna only . day m.d
a half. Hawley deaounced Wood aa a _Jal__m_a who
dellberately iled to _.sai?i'. the defe-,.-*. Tho teBtl
monj lu rebuttal, he said. ahowsd thta eoaehialaaly
Hawley sidd ihat th- VhidJcator explostaa . !e?'
ly Bhowed tlui ro?pon__ibillty of Haywood and hls
s-ibordljiatoa for th? crlmo. "A_nd men.'" IUwl.v/
saasrisd. **who would cor.s; .re t.. rominlt Buch an
u." aa this, rhe would. lf tbey could, havo aant a
carload of uuprapared men to death, would not
hesltat* to murdas tho former Q__ranM_r of Idaho.
lf lt stiltrid th> ir purp-iee or assiate.l ln carryiug
out thelr plans. Ajnd. g.ntleuieu. a Juror who is
not ?-W_-__rl wtth aoch evtrtenee ?s wa hsv_ ad-*"*.!
for Uie V_____lcat__t _? looktng for an opi.ortunity to
rld hlmself of tha conBenuoni-SB of an unpk____int
verdtct, and ls not actuate.l by a deslro to serve
hl- country and hls state as an honest oltiaen."
Mr. Hawley euspended h_.rv and wlll r -_-um? when
court coiivejn>s to-morrow mornln_t.
Tangier. July Bk?Tha r_ports that CaM flr Harry
M.icLesn had succeede.1 ln escaplng from tha
hnn.is of Ralsull now app_ar to ba untrua. Th?
!atr-.-*t l.tt_r raaatvsd from thu caid lu dat^il July
13. It says. r?- ig other things, that a deep dltch
hiis be*-n dug around hls tent in onler to prevant
hls esoape.
J_indon. July 1'.. - "!'? di .r" I'.ilm.r. fhe Er_rllsh
puglUst, hnn baaa asntsntsd to iiv.- jaai-rf penal
Bervltuda for ha\ing caus?-.l tEe death of Robert
Cboat, ?. gashouse stoker. of I_sptfonl.
An ind'.ctmont for manslaughter waa r-turned
ajralnst I'ulm-T by the Onildford K'rand jury thre?
daya ago. on Aiirii 24 of tids year Palmer and
another man arera arres.e.i oa aaap-iiloa of havlng
caused the d.ath of Cboat Choat-i body was
found ln a rallroad car from Kp.om, after ths
r. I'almer ls alleged to ha... Btruch Choat aev?
eral blows becauae tne latter refuawd to atop alng
Ing when requ-sted.
Honolulu. July l9.-_Ioseph Gookim, a Hawallaa
Chinese. haa been awarded (1_.__> CMazlcan) for in
Jurlaa sustalned la tl_a pUlaglng of tb.* mls-iion at
-tlonday _w_n_-Dg we shall make ft
hit with the bovs.
2460 bovs' suits wiil be put on s*pc
cial sale, at our usual guiciaiu re
Dettib in Monday mm-niiigs
papeis, and no orders tx?ked until
Three Broadway Stores.
218 342 1260
opposite near opposite
City HalL Union Square. Greeiey Squara,
^^^^^^HeS ri. hair. Prs
wUI Nrvar Falla. to Rpatorr Gray
-."-_,- -? ' _jE"J tt. it- Youtaf.'i t'ol.ir.
__l*___i___:~":-i'fl__B -"_r?? a- - *^l* falli
_______r__T"^^l '-'<* "?;-'3 *! "' >*t t-'-ruajrlat*
________ 1 #_.-~
Water Coolers
Ice Crcaro Freezers
]|W1S &(?0NGE_t
tso * -*w we-t eaa ??__-. *t
i:tr? \V-_t __?t
Btreet. __?* I
*??- T_____. I
Fcrmer Cons_l General Here ________ _&_-_?_--__
for Leaving Diplomatic Serrice.
Paris. Ju'y _?.?Al. ._?' r FT^nch
r-onsul General at Kew Tork. haa r.:??-.?<* a long
?tvtaa tha :r'*nt froxn
the dlploruatlo aervtoa M. ? flrst ap
notnted by __. Pasaaaal a* Ctesa-l __-.:_-ral _t New
Ha wa* later ' '*" to
! ? r?_ *____
-, abandoned a ? *. . ' f" h* **lt
K_S?_d by th. 1
r,r.oo-<->rm_n e_ - * J?
red. (__rraany's aatagontam to _.
V... to tiro latt.Cs re-lgnation a, - For.
-iira AtTairs. Bt. KI
^v of mterssu. - ? ? -
tude to.vard ths ? ' r*B?"
Vw?'?____" _t__T-i''? ?? - r2S
aa a dlsgrace.
Peraaa Committee Heiuses to Sabirit ?ro
posals to Parli____ent.
Teh-r-n, Ju* JJl-**- a___=W _????'.? ."g
t?drb wi_srwS
SrS*^T^_aTo_ 5_____-?** I- ??**?* *??
LrX- - - -?3 .V.
rsr_?_?.?." _"::.^2i
riahta in tha matter of umiii aaalnwa ftor a n. "???*?
SKk! mtsPAttm aa__a___. wat-?rworl_e ____ eth__r
RTJY BAF_BOSA 0_T "C3T____-XS___-..*
- .
Brazilian Jurist Invited tt> Delivw Dodf*
Our.? of I>cttir?. at Yale.
_______ T.S -_____* B___-___. 1
\vn. lilngtei. July 1_.?Tale r__^r_tty n__?*_*e
tended. through the _B .reau of American Repub
lics, a <___*____ ________*?? to Ruy Barboaa. thai
Bra'_i'.lnn jurtet. and c._a_r_____ of th* Br__-____l
_ta_a____t___ to th. Hiu-ua _*??? _?mfer*no^ to>
.?,,...,_ ?*,_ Tv.,-g , aeenree ot !ecmr?>- n "Clt*'*m*
r -ly" t ert ?.______ Mi i? *he ._-? course gtven
^y R-,.r*tarv Root this >-*ar and s^ret .ry Taft
la-t year. ar.d lt ia tho flrst tlme a foretgner .?___?
been' lnvtteL Ruy Parbosa ia re_>.-?K--_-secl aa
over Lr.t.n _t_____er_Hi as one ot lts ab.es-t men ln
publlc Uf.. If he ooeepts thia Irvitatton hSB nt
teran.-As v,.l lapiaauat th? BM_> achrano___
thought af th- Lat-in A_n_r!c___ mpiA?-_a Othaar
Institutions and _??___-___-___-__-_. M Ruy par^?"*
cooaaa to Yaio. arlah a_so to lr.\dt* him to deUrrar
aflfli ni_i_a nndar th.tr aus_>'o*s.
It is aanouncad that Hat-'ard L'ntversi-y haa
un.ier iiiwi_-_-_-?iattn_i an t_______t___a to Li-is M.
I'rng. . tk* atatesman nnd scholar of th* Arg_r_
tin. Repuidle. author 0$ th* 1 >._.*?> lV.ctrl._i t___l
member of tho Argentlne del. sratlon _? The
Hague. te dellver a s.-ri-s of a*l.l'<*____s on Int*rw
national aftalrs. Xumerous other invitatione
al-?c> await him in this country lf ho ?___?_? hem.
So Said Ohio "Glft of Tongnes'* C02vert a_
He Shot TVo Stray Ones.
.: MBSk]
Alllan.-e. Ohio. July Ht?"They ar* rossess*d of
devfla ?md the ? n'y way to get nd . f th. m is to
ah,.ot"'em.*' I Nay.or. a "Otft ai Tor._r.es"
,,,-iv. rt. as h* en-.-tlc.' a .toubla __rr^
1 int.. two easss -hi-:-. had hrolcen
-.?_- thal were be'ng dnvea
by his :.--r.i ysatsrdac . _____________
"Vs .. ,! to th.-> ground
river .h anaad thaas, _______-___-a_d art*
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