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VOLLXVI.-.-X?- 22,162.
fCoprncht. 1807. by The Trlbune Asaoc^t.'-n-T
To-dar. p-irtlT < loudv.
lo-inorrou. falr: ^onllnvf-: ulnd?.
fwenty Machines Lost Between
pUtsburg and Bedford Springs.
BiV.- - nlntb day's
I rJsta from Prttsburg to thls
? , layed bavoc wlth
/ -np nvpr the
| itaina \v;us the most tedious the
I ? ; i to contend wlth so far.
I -two of the nfty-two
car? ? rnorning bave r?
; the othetl arf no one knows. ex
? y arf- sti-.iprphr.s along in the moun
- to-ila\ Plttsburg waa the Rreit?-st
? i )s a rcsu'it the perfect scot-? whicta
j- tata oed by that dty aince the beptn
? ? Ihe tour haa beea broken. Buffaio now
i a prftip of &si -1-5, whlle Plttsburg
it W7V4
Cron the aununlt of the Blue Ridse
?' Iford Bpringa la atrewn wlth auto
r -? ? f both the Gllddea and Hower l
<? A aumber of the cara are broken
t gi '.-? r ? . i othera are b<:ng towed In bs
i The mo . v.rp too oiuch fbr
I ifter the atrenuoua run >>i yeaterday into
I ?>?
- :.- ? tour aa It neared thls
! car of P. P. Jonea. of Plttaburg, wlth
; ruck a '???? P i"ut. and a aon of Mr.
?, Btrlklns on bla bead. A
Buick i " "??? ,r';-'? K" k- whew
ine UcaJ atteatfon waa alven to the young naan. H.
| b< rioiudy ~ _t: lat>'- Mr
? .- an attempt to arrlve bere on tlrae.
I?4 to do by 1 hnur and "2 minutea.
? waa penallxed '?? polnta, tbua j
t ; ?cor? of the Plttaburg club. ;
its ?111 ? at, and ? ? ly Mon
I run to Baltimore wlll be at
'1 manager of the Amerlcan
Manufacturera' Aasoclatlon, upon his
r v, after eoverlng
I ln oompeting cars, aald that th*
Aaaociatloti tour for the
I in pi igreea, waa the aevereat
, rlcazi tourlng cars had ever been
, ..-':-. ihc tour from a scenic ar.d
. ? - wlth the one
year, Mr. Beevea declarea
T . _ do l iore for the pastlme
; Ing throuph a thickly popu
; ? persona Interaeted ln
i. to I ny motor
lf ?v.-r, I am i n ? ' ed
N'f-iv York,
I - \ IndianapoUa and Plttaburg, 1"
t to whicb regulatlon tourlng oars
I ??? ' aaid Mr. Reevea. "This
; hedule requlred and the
- the touriata have to traveL
j | it Ohlo and Mlchlgan
( -:?.-?' th< lr blghwaya.
- ? lab a fast enough F(-hf>'1':1<>
I ;ara are raoelvlng the
Ar.y macblne ln the- oonteat of le.=s
l'o almoat :it Ita
; ? ? m ? the BChedttle and have
, ? thse to !:x (Jrea or make any minor
tna have reautted ln an abnormal
t^?t r.j - and nn exhausiive endurance tria!
| Irlrera as arell rf for the occupante of th?
*?. V..--n it didn't rain. 5<?nt hla hot
I ? touriata. nvwt of whoni discard- '
?; ordi.r to make hetter tlme on
I e ?
judsment. fnture <-ontest? of tlie Bort
ja- arftlr ;- patoa claaalflcatlon. ln
? ?_ or l^ss ahoidd b* re
r I rur; thoae aelling
| ' be aaked to mtike w>vfn
ihinea ee'lini? for
f ? ?? aaased for nlneteen mlle*
-ai?p. lr, t!-.!s oonnectlon. the work of
are, Uke tr:e Reo and Maxwell, baa
' v ? >.. r on the trip, they bawtng
. ? ln order to make the
? howa that motora ar<> nlmost
; a vcry few epark pIurh put
b r motor troublea of any
? lee bave be^-n ln run
: ularly in the mafter of sprlnjf?.
at thlrtjr of the cafs
?s. and
ring trouble."
Jllach Hand Thrcaicns Fathcr of
Dead Boy, Trial Judge and Officer*.
' be TrtbUM.]
Joly 20.?V' rdered wlth black
j r?Hsbones, a eec
ber waia delivered through
? r Lamana. father of
waa kldnapped and murdered.
r threateaa death to Peter Lamana,
: TOO, chairman of the Inalian
Jwlgf* Prentlss E. Edrlng
] at the Hahnvllle trial, and
jhomas Cappo, tvho ran down
The r<am?na famlly is terrorstrifkeo, Mr?.
L ? ieves it unsafe fur them lon^er to
t* ? .-.i in 2\"ew Orleans.
rflle, La, July 20.?A dozen milltlamen
faeed i taob <>f ot.e hundr^d would-be lyncher3
r!y to-day, and, wlthout flrlng a ahot,
?ent them peaoeably back to New Orleans.
mtrol ovar the mob waa sralned at a mo
ment wheo an unequal fit?ht threatened, by a
lemark drawfced in eoft Bouthern accent by a
ml!i? arr.?.r., who aaked: "Any of you fellows
fot a cigarette?"
A laugh breaced ovcr the crowd, and wlth thls
?teak \n the teneton. an uply eltuatlon cleared
?P. the would-be lynchera retracinK thelr steps.
The poasa had aniv?;d at Hahnvllle on a
relght tra'n. Rumors that a mob was camlng
nad OOeaakmed the placlng of extra aentrlea by
the m!!!?!a
Practicalh/ Means No Furthcr
BrcatJtitt Feud Prosecutions.
?andy Hook, Ky., July 20.?Judpe Moody ln
etructed the Jury thls mornlng in the caae of
Jameg Hargls, on trial for compllclty ln the as
**aa!nation of T,r. V. Cox, to acquit the prla
>ner. ili'.s ls the la*t caso aeainst Hargia for
?"?aed compllclty ln the Breathltt County
Jrtmtli' ar.d he walkod from the courtroom a
"ee mar.. The Judgo's Ig^tructlona followed the
*'ithdrav.u ,,f Messrs. Byrd and Jouett for the
Prosecution from the otse, the lawyers Btatlng
taat the state wa? unanle to prr>dune lts wit
^?e efTect of the dipmlssal ls practlcally to
? further prosecution of the Breathltt feud
?r^at Nfeck- ^'-K Island. July 19 (Speclal).?
aeeompaaytaa; the manager of the Grace
***?*? Vj the Iiosiyn depot yeeterday Kaiser,
*ald to be tl.e lurgeat Ituasian wolfiiound In
M world. Iropped d<:ad by tho roadeide. Kaiser
2? lt* 'jr?f'er'-y of former Mayor Grace, and
rau b*en ln the famlly more than flfteen year?J.
The dog had won nmny blue rlbbone at varloua
The hound v.hs three feet hlgh and eeven feet
irom nose to tlp of taii.
Vnfurpaaeed Day Llne OuUnga froro Desb. Bt., 8:40,
FourMen ReportedShot and United
Railway Barns Burning.
Pan Frandaco, July 20.?A rlot ls reported t.>
be ln progreaa at the United Railroads car barna
at l/jth and Mission streets>. Four men are re?
ported to have been shot. The barn is Baid to
be on fire and the Fire Department has gone to
the seene. All the police reservea have been
ealled out.
Fiftrcn Thousand Men Go Out in
Upper Supetior Region.
Dulutb, Mtnn., July 20.?Nearly flfteen thou?
sand men employed by the United Siatos Steel
[ Corporatlon and lndependent mine owners on
j tho Vermlllion and the Mesaba rangea went on
strlke to-day, paralyatng the entlre Iron ore In
duatry of the upper I.akr- Superior region.
Xinc Persons Hurt in Collision on
Palisade Line in Jersey.
A rear end colliaion between two cara of the
Pallaade iinr of the Public Service Corporatlon oc
curred at Cllffslde. N. J.. during the atorm last
nlght and caused the Injury <>f a number of peraona.
1 ira were I.id froni Fdrl Lee t.. the v7>eN
hawken ferry. and were runnlng on a headway of
flfteen minutes. A llghtning
fuaee of car No. 1828 to ow out. and atalled ir
In darkness. It ls aald tl at tl er< w: a - o red Ught
nt the rear end of v* , tr. aa I
1 een. '
IVhile the car was atalled tl e car ''< Ilowi: (?, N'n
1823, carae dashing along and crashed I
first car waa badly wre< kcd. lAir the one f<
waa not damaged. In the flret car the passengers
were thrown m the floor vlolently and a number
were hurt. The moat aeverely Injured
Ai.i.r.N, I.mIu. twclve jreara ?ld. Unloi
bruiw ]
BEBNDT, Mra M. Weat Hobokan, enntuctoni nj the
MeAI.LIfiTER. Jamea \v . Jersey Ctty knee ipralneJ
P'-HFHFrn. .T . Weat Hnhokfn. back bruls< i
BCHERER, Mm. J., ?ame addrwaa, hcad eut
BCHERER, Mi.?s. aama addio?*, hcad, lip ai ' noaa
ladly lacerated
RORG. Edward. W>?t Near Tork. ]cft k; *
BCHEMP, .1 . (507 W?at 4-1:1! ftr?t, N?w Y >rk Clty.
t>ack badly brulsed.
Jamea Donelaon, of 'W'ept Hoboken, motorman of
car No. 1828. recelved a sprnin'-d ankif
e'i;f-r peraona were leaa aeverely
The motorman of car No. 1823 n u J tnea Mc
V.. of Weat Hoboken, and thr- conductor waa
WIlMam Catn, of the ?r-i^i<- eity. Th< conductor of
ear No. !k2? waa Frederlck Flov. of Weat M
Says Prosperity WUl Continue Many
Vears?No Corey Resignation.
'By T*>Fvaph tf> The Trlbiir.e.]
Johnatown. Penn., July 20.?Charlea M.
Schwab, on a visit to this clty to-day. reit
erated hls prediction xhm th<* preeent prosj>erlty
of the conntry wlll oontlnne for many yeara to
rome. Optlmtstic over the oatlook, Mr. Schwab
aaya that there is not the sllghtest Indicatlon ><t
any aturm on the sea of Induatry.
Speaking of the rumor that W. I". Corey wlll
Fhortly be asked to resiKf. the presldency of the
1'nited Statej Ftc'-'. Corporatlon, Mr. Bchwab
lntimated that nothing of this nature would de
velop until the meetlng of tho board of dlrec
t^irs. and that thip ??? -rtainly COUld not toke
place until the return of Judge Gary nmi H. ?'.
Frlck from Kur<?:?.-.
Mr. Bchwab predJcted that the pre-emlnence
of Fittsburg as the Bteel centre of the world wlll
continue for many generatlona.
Body Found Near Home at South
fuid, x. y.
[By T?ara; h to 1 b? Tribone.!
Tuxedo Fitrlf; N. V., Juiy 20. The body of
John W. Kle.ster, postmaster and agenl of K.
H. Harrhiian's atore at Bouthfleld, N. Y., waa
found il.l.t afternoon In i:i" buahea about three
hundred yarda from Klester's home. ii
Bhot himeelf, and the t"'<iy had lain In the
- slnce IjIs mysterloua disappearan
the nipht of Junt- 27. The body v\a.s in un ad
vanced .^t:u,'o of decay, and the only meana of
tdentiflcatlun were a ring and a watch chalo,
Charlea Kenb-r, wiiile picking berrlea, diacov
ered tho body, which waa found face downward,
wlth a revolver ln the right band nnd ti bullet
liole Jn the temple.
Slnce ilie dlaappearance "f Kleater on June
L'T, Ht-arching pprtieK have been out almoat daily
ln the nearby wooda, and lakea have been thor
oughly dragged. It was tbought li? had l<-ft
this part of the atate. There waa a reward of
jioo for Informatlon leadlng to tii<; man'a dls
ctovery. Ehcpert accoontanta had gone over hla
books, which were found to be correot. It ls be
lieved that Kleater commltted auli Ide while tem
poraxily Inaane.
Inttrntdiunal Worlccrs Consider
lfralk-Out in All Trust Factories.
Loulsville, July 20. -The executive cominittee of
tho [nteraaittonal TObaeoo Workera fledded to-day
to leave to a vote of the union the queetlon whether
or not there ahall be a gcnernl attiko in all the
factorlea of the Amerlcan Tobacco Company. com
monly known aa the Tobacco Truat.
There are between 55,000 and Co.000 membera of the
ui.lon ln the United Statea and Canada
The committee hag been ln aeaalon here all week
conslderlng the questlon of calllng a atriko. and
haa alao been paaalng on tli? caaea of tobacco
factorlea accuaed of belng aurreptltlously ln league
wlth the Amerlcan Tobacco Company but ualng
the union lahel. The committee dedded to tako
the unlon labcl froni sotne aeventy of thcs.) fac?
, -
Llma, Peru. July 20.?The great pler at Callao
Burik thla afternoon, and, lt ls feared, wlll be a
total losa.
In 1905 the government arranged wlth a number
of capltallsts for the formatlon of a company wlth
a capital atock of $2,5u0.000 for the purpose of con
atructlng thiB pler and organlzing a Kteamboat
service for the coastinR traiie and the trade with
tBy TeleRraph to The Trlbume.J
Newport. R. L, July 20? Tho..gh nothing defl
nite can be learned from thoae lnterested, lt ls
belleved from Intlmatlona made to-day that the
contest over the wlll of Miss Emlly O. Gibhes.
who left the major portlon of her estate to Bar
nard College, of Sew York, will be settled out
of court.
Ollve Branch, Mlsa.. July 20.?Andrew Trlce,
a negro, accused of the murder of hla mlstress
wlth an axe, waa lynched here early to-day bv
thirty members of hls own raee. The negroea
took Trlce from offlcers who had arrested hlm, j
then killed liim and threw hia body lnto the i
Trying to Gct Jtid of Government
()w n er.ship In cu bus.
Lincoln, Neb., July 20.?Wllllam Jennings
Bryan to-day issued the followlng statement:
"Government ownershlp is not an immedlate
issue. A large majority of the people still hope
for effective regulatlon. Whlle they so hope, |
they will not eonslder government ownershlp. j
Whlle many Democrata believe, and Mr. Bryan
la one of them, that public dwnerahip of ratl
road8 is the ultimate solutlon of the problem,
still those who believe that the public wlll finally
in self-defence be diiven to ownershlp recog
nize that regulatlon must be tried under the
most favorable clrcumstances before the massea
will be ready to try a more radical remedy.
"Regulatlon cannot be sufnciently tried within
the next year. There is no desire anywbere to
make government ownershlp an issue ln 1908.
Mr. Bryan fully agreea wlth those who believe
that it would be unwi.se to turn attentlon from
regulation, on which the people are ready to act,
t<> government ownershlp, on which the people
are uot ready to act. To inject the government
ownershlp question into tho next campaign
would simply give representatlves of the rail
roada a chance to dodge the Issuea of regulation
and deceive the public.
"So far, the railroads have been successful in
preventing effective federal regulation, and Btate
regulation, aa a rule, haa been reatrained by the
i'i: ted States courts. It Is aboul twenty yeara
sinre the Interstate Cbmmerce Commission was
created. It required about ten yeara for the
oourta to find out that the powera conferred were
insuffh lent, and then it took about ten yeara to
procure an amendment. The railroada fought
the amendment at every step, and the Preaident
wa8 finally forced to compromise witb the rail?
roads' K- publii ans ln the Senate in order to
procure thelr aupport.
"Even tli.it amendment, obtained wflh tre
? ua effort, falla short of what it should be.
lr aima to atop passes and rebatee. The rali
profit pecuniarily by botb the atoppage of
s and the prohibition of passea, bul ex
tortlonate rates atill exist. State legialatlon for
? luction of rates baa resulted In an agi
? ? p rl of the railroada for legislation
which wlll deprive the atate of authorlty, and
lize all rate legislation ln Congreas.
"The Dem icratic party must meel the Issuea
presented; it must resiat the encroachmenta "ti
the authorlty of the atates. 11 muat Inaist on
the ? sen Ise of federal power f.>r the regulation
of interstate commerce, and lt must Insist upon
the exerclse of atate authorlty for the exerclae
of all of the power vested In the state. Thla
question has grown in Importance during the
last year, and its promlnence wlll b?* ln ?
if any attempt ia made to impalr Btate authorlty.
Impotent to regulate
the railroada as it ia to e: the truata
and to reform the tarlff.
"The Democratlc party has ln thr->o national
rampaigna d< manded effective rallroad regula?
tlon, whlle the Republican national platforma
have been allont "n the aubject. The Pn
has partly adopted the Democratlc vlew on thls
BUbJect, bul ? I far tho Republican leaders have
reaolutely opposed lt. The Preaident la heirin*
to educate the people up to the need of rallroad
regulatlon, but his party, under Ita praaanl lead
ership, is powerleaa to accompllab thls or a~:v
other Importanl reform. if th<- Democratlc
party -wlll . leariy an 1 unequivi eally demand,
first. the aacertaining of the valua
,is. aeeond, th? a of overcapltal
Izatlon, and, thlrd, the reductlon of rat^s to a
where they wlll yi.-M '>niy a reaaonable
return on the real valua "f the roada, it wlll
commend itaelf not only ti> Democrata, but to
thoae Republlcana who have been led to atudy
the rallroad question. The rallroad attuatlon
?s a vita! issue, and the l?isiie ahould be
so stated that every one can understand the
party'a posltion."
Man Killed by Blmc Thoughi to
Have Murdered Many.
[By Tclegrapb tfl Th? Trlbune 1
Philadelphta, July 20.-?At th<- coroner'a In
<inest to-day Into the death of Frank Lewia, who
wae killed by a blow from the flat of Robert J.
Walker, a n< Ighbor, on Juiy 15, It developed that
Walker had atruck the man ln self-defi ? e, and
be waa released under balL A auspiclon that
Lewia may have been aomething of a "Blue
beard" came out during the tnkii g of teatlmony.
It waa shown thal he had a bad reputatlon In
the neighborhood, and Anna McDerby, a next
door neighbor, aald that he had bad seven suc
cesslve houaekeepers, all of whom bad dis
appeared mysterloualy. She aald she knew of
one man?a aallor?whom Lewia had taken into
hla house, and who had never been aeen again.
The Investlgation was postponed whlle the
coroner, ofllciala and police began a search of
Lewla's premlaes, Excavatlona were made ln the
yard of the house late to-nlght, and a number
< t bonea were unearthed. Whefher they are the
bonea of human belnga ls not jret determined.
Charged with Fraud in Connection with
Mining Stock Transaction.
I By Tv>K:'ai?l> to Tha TrttHUM.!
Plttaburg, July 20.?Frederbk Volquarta an<l
W. P. Lemley, of Chappeau, Lemley & Miller.
local brokera and membera of the Plttsburg
Stock Exchange, were arreated to-day ln con?
nection wlth a mining stock transaction. E. W.
Curry accuaes Volquarta of falae pretence ln
offerlng to tranefer 1,200 aharea of Gold Bulllon
mining stock, which the broker la alleged not to
bave had. <'urry aaya he pald $348 on account
Volquarta was held for a hearlng on Wedneaday
before Alderman S. J. Toole In $1,500 ball.
joaepb H. Bulaner declarea that tho two men
tried to defraud him out of (1,97750 worth of
Oold Bulllon stock. and both brokera were held
ln $.r>ix> each on a conaplracy cliarge before Al?
derman Groetzinger.
? ?
Rochester Man Thinks Thomas Bell, Not
Heard from in Three Years, Is Dead.
[By TeieKraph to The Tril.ure. 1
Denver, July -0.?S. (J. Crunip, of Rochester, is
here huntlng for Thomas .Bell, the well known
botanlat, who, when last heard from three yeara
ago. was In ColoradO studying the flora of the
state. Mr. Crump bellevea Bell i3 dead, and ls
B.-aiHiliig tho mortuary records.
[By Teiegraph to Th? Trlbiuie.)
Newport, R. I.. July 20.?Quick work on the
part of thelr chauffeur ln putting on full apeed
baved the Mtsses Yoakum. daughters of Mr. and
Mrs. Benjamin F. Yoakum, from belng run Into
ln Bellevue avenue to-day by a dellvery wagon
which was being backed around the front of the
(By TfciegTaph to The Trlbune.]
Long Branrh, N. J., July 20.?A whale, forty
five feet long and weighing flfteen tons, was
atruck by a pasaing ateamer off (ialilee this
afternoon and killed. Captaia Xelson Lock
wood's crew of flshermen, headed by the cuy
UUA'a a^n, toweu the big u?h aanore* ,
ExcurtUm Train with Pere Mar
qucttc Employcs Ilit by Freight.
Palem, Mi.-h., July 20.?Thirty persons are
dead and more than seventy Injured. many of
them aerloualy, as the result of a head-on col
llsion to-day between this village and Plymouth.
A Pere Marquette excursion traln bound from
Ionia to Detroit crashed - lnto a weatbound
freight in a cut at a sharp curve, about a mlle
easr of here.
The dead are:
BR< 'All. Charlea.
CORWAX, Edward, brakeman.
C< iHNKI.I.. N. J
DOUSE, Fr,i!:k
DURL.ING. Edward.
EDDT, Mr.. Abraliam.
GRAMS, Wlll'.e, a boy.
GOTT, Wtlham.
HERBERT, Albert.
HESS, Herman.
HESS. I'aul.
II ESS, Charlea.
JOXES, Rtchard
KNOWLE3, ? -, fr'msn.
McCAl I.KV. i-iiHrlfs, sr.
RICHTftn, Mrs. Auauat.
R( KiEKS, Pon, Lowell. Mlch
R( IGERS. John.
STEIGER, WUUam, Kansaii Clty. worktng in Ionla.
BMI I M. Homar
BTAGER. WUUam, Kansas Clty, worktng in Ionia.
Tl! VUTWINE, Albert.
\ !/. w.v. Jamea.
Four unldamlfiad bedlaa at Innia.
Charlea, Herman and Paul Hess were brothers.
Jamea Vlzard waa a well known minor league
ballplayer. who had played in the Central League
?nd alao at (>maha. Willard Btager had come
io Ionia recently from Kansas City, where his
i now Uvea Edward C.allagher ls the son
of an ex-mayor of Ionia. Henry Keynolds was
a Pere Marquette englneer. bound for Detrolt
on the cxcrusion trahi to take out his regular
run. Al. Herbert, a machlnist in the Pere
Marquette ahops, had moved ko Ionia from
Traverse City only last Wedneaday to be near
hla wife'a mother.
The paaai nger train of eleven cars. carrying
the Pere Marquette shop amployea of Ionia and
their familiea to r>etr'>it for their annual ex
curaton, waa runnlng at a hlgh apeed, probably
ftfty milea an bour. down a ateep grade. It
atruck tbe llghter locomotive of the freight train
with auch force aa to turn the freight engine
completely around.
The wrecked loc imotives this afternoon lay
by aide, both beaded eaatward. Only a few
of the freight cara were amaahed and lt was
only a few houra" work to remove all traces
of them frona the scene. But bahind tho two
wrecked locomotlvea sis cara of the paaa
train laj pUed. Fo\ir of the paaaenger coachea
remained on the tra.k undamaged and were
uaed to convey the dead and Injured to Ionla.
oacfa ?as undamaged. but had lts forward
trucka off the ralis. Th.se were the rear five
< .iis. The two coachea next ahead of these were
.,,,,1. Th.- oext car forward stood almost
on end after tho wreck. its forward end restlng
on the roadbed and the reai end hlgh in th*
air upon the two totoaceped coachea that had
- 't. , .
Two coachea were thrown croaawioe of the
track and lay suapended from bank to bank of
the cu1 flv? or alx feel above the raita. Ol the
baggage car not enougta remained to ahow where
it had been toaaed. Portiona of the baggage car
and of tbe locomotive tander and freight cars
v. ;c piled in an Indeecribable maae of debria
Jamea B >".?-. " farmer, waa worktng In ? fleM
probably f"iir hundred feet away from the track
the two traina approached from oppoaita
din i tlona. The local fr.-:irht was moving alowly
up the heavy grade and had just reached the
curve when the paaaenger traln appeared run?
nlng at hlgh apeed. Boyle aaw th.- paaaenger
. ngineer ahul off hia ateam and apply the brakes
and s.iw the crewa of p..;h englnea jomp Jnst
before the craah He ran to the tracks, where
he found the unlnjured paasengera from the rear
coachea running forward and Jolned wlth them
in pulling out the Injured, who could be aeen oa
iv.- v h.u.d.
The dead were placed ln a row alongalde the
track and tlie injured were made as comfortable
aa posslble under the clrcumatancea and until
the arrlval of the wrecking traina from Detrolt,
Grand Rapida and Saglnaw, whlcb made lt poa
sii.le to aend them to l >nl i and Detrolt The
twenty-eighl dead b< dli a flr8t taken froni the
wreck were ahlpi ? d to Ionia and the injured
were placed on two traina, one of which beaded
for Detrolt and the other for Ionia. There were
about thlrty-ftve injured peraona on each train.
Later in the day the body of **Ed** Corwan, the
head brakeman of the paaaenger train. was taken
out of the wreck. Knowlea, the flreman, dled on
the relief traln <-n route to Detrolt
There te?a poaalbillty that moro bodiea may
be found ln the wreckage, and aevera) of the
injured wlll die, lt 1h feared.
Reaponsibility for the wreck la put aquarely
on the crew of the freight train by ofBciala of
tlie road. OfBciala who arrived nt th. acene of
the wreck aoon after the accldent got from the
crew of the freight tho ordera under which it
waa running. which clearly ahowed the poeition
of the paaaenger excursion train and that the
freight had encroacbed upon the other train'a
running ilm.. The apeclal traln waa due .it
Balem a( 9:10 a m. and at Plymouth at 9:20
a. in. lt paaaed Balem on tlme. The tlme card
of the apecial waa telegraphed to the freight
crew in the form of a traln order, and thla <?r
der, with the Bignaturea of the freight train
crew attached, was recovered by the ofBciala u'
the road. The freight crew left the acene early,
but railroad ofBciala aaid that they explained
almply that they had forgotten. The colllslon
occurred at 9:18 o'clock, and tho freight train
i ahould have reached Salem at 9:10 to be witbin
The excursion traln left Ionia, CTOWded with
men, women and chUdren, at <"? o'clock this
morning. lt was the annual excuraion of the
ahop men of the Pere Marquette Rallnay to
Detrolt. Every family had Ita luncfa basketa,
and many of them were eating when the two
. trains craahed together. Tho impact was ter
rlflc, and a number of paaaengera sitting near
the wlndowa <>f the rear, undamaged coacto were
thrown out of the wlndowa to tho ground.
There was a panlc in the uninjured coachea for
a i\ w momenta. Then, as tlie uninjured realised
j that they had not been hurt they ruahed from
i the cars to the rescue of their friends and rela
tlvea who were pinloned among the wreckage
Familiea were scattered among dlfferent cars.
and there were frenzled searches for missing
relatives. Mothers ran sereamlng up and down,
Bearching for their chUdren, while many of the
voung people were as frantically calling for their
parents. 8, Dennehy, a young man of Ionia.
was in the last coach, while Mis slster was iu
one of the middle eoaches and hls father and
mother were ln one of the moet seriouslv dam
: aged cars.
'W'e felt the jar when the alr brakes were ap
plled," sald Mr. Dennehy, "and then, before any
one had time to stand up or leave his seat. catne
the crash of the collislon. In the coafuatan ?f
the moment I did not reulize that the car I waa
J .""I ?oatiuued oa Kvoad paga* 'v. ^
Many Dead in Guatfaquil? Presi
dent's Bravery?Plot Betraycd.
Guayaqull, July 20.?The plot to ca .are or
kill General Eloy Alfaro. President of Ecuador.
waa cleverly concelved. but it failed of its pur
pose because at the last moment one of the con?
spirators betrayed lt to the government. and the
authoritles had time to change the offlcers and
men on guard ln the different barracks. TbxMW
who had been bribed to joln the conspirators in
overpowerlng the sleeplng soldiera were hastily
sent to other quarters. At a rocket signal at 4
o'clock Friday morning the barracks were at
tacked simultaneously by armed bands, each
about flfty strong, but these were recelved -wlth
a heavy flre and were unable to advance.
The conspirators. though taken by surprise.
fought bravely for twenty minutes, and then
broke and fled, hotly piuaued by the soldlers.
who captured many of them. The, flajht was
flercest at the poUce barracks ln the centre of
the city. where President Alfaro was restding.
Part of the corps at thla barracks was impli
cated in the eonsplracy and refused to obey
orders, firing on the offlcers and thelr loyal
comrades and killing many of them.
Tresldent Alfaro re< klessly exposed hlmself,
and reduced them to obedience. The doors and
walls of hls room were rtddled with bulleta. but
he was untouched, as was the ease In many pre
vlous flgtits.
The funeral yesterday of six government of
ficials, among whom were two colonels who had
Joined ^vith the conspirators. was held wlth
great cUaplay. It was largely attendcd by all
The caaualtlea ar* unknown, owing to the
fact that the great majority of the victims were
carrled away by frlends and hidden.
Loumana Cattlemen BUm Up
Strueture Endangering Stock.
rrty Te'earaph to The Trih>in?.!
Grand Chentar. La.. July 20.?Because the
dam bullt acrosa the Mermentau Rlver here by
the Louhnana Rloe Trrigating Aaaoctetloa to
keep ealt water out of the vasr rlce plantations
in Southwest I.ouisiana resulted In overflowlng
thetr pnstures and endangering their stock BMarfl
than one hundred masked cattlemen ovcr
powered tho twetve guarda on the atructura
shortly before sunrtae thls mnrr.ins. hound and
gagged them and wrecked 17" feet of the dam
wlrli a series of dynamite explostona tbal r"
qutred two hours" work.
The dam was simitarly deatroyed in October.
1905, and was recently rebuUt, at *a ?ost of
$2?0,00O. Wlth no obstruction In the rlver it la
| that the rapldly maturtng rlce erop will
be sertously damaged by the ir.flux of briny
Didn't BUm Up, bui Wm Pommrd
? Water Dept. Paijs Damages.
John McCauley, of Brn?n? Station. Oster
County. owr.lng a farm where the clty> engi
neers are husy on the Catsklll aqueduct. yester
day compaaaai the clty to pay a"K8D for a cow
which he aaya waa polsoned b> eating a stkk of
I dynamite. McCauley at flrsf dWhanded $42.1
i for the loss m the cm and the deatlULtlof) of
1 growing grain r.ear Ditve and Bishop's Kalls.
1 The CoatroUer lefeired the matter to th^ Water
, l-.. ard for audlting. and Carleton F.. I>avis. ,.f
I the englnrering stafT. was detailed to investt
"Thlm fieids was rolned by the engineers."
: aald McCauley, "an' the row was sur? killed by
atin' a Bthlck o* dynamite that one of the hiast
lng gang 1< ft in the pasture."
??Dynamite?" asked Mr. Davla
"Yea, dynamite," aald McCauley. "She t?>k
!t fur an ear of corrn or aomething, an' 1 <
-, that the whole townahlp araa
h].>W ? (1 up."
,-l>ld she explode?" asked tho tngineer
"No. ^he didn't, not quite. but the dlvll only
knowa what wu?l a happened if she had hap
pened to atc waa o< thlm aetttn'-off capa along
w!d the athlch of dynamite. If she had tuk
wan of thlm capa for aayaonln1 fur her lunch,
maybe 1 wouldn't be here :'skln' f<>r just !-.??>. As
it was, the stuff Jnet potaom d her, an 1 the htll
ls 9 125, more or leea"
The engbseer corps. oa further baquirj
mltted thnt they had mbwed a sttck or" dyna?
mite, but they dld not itnow that McCauley'a
cow had eaten lt. After a good deal ?
McCauley'a rlaim waa aettled f":- $13tt,
Another freak damage story comcs from the
aame auarter. It was reported yeal rday that
Nathan Gordon, a farmer at the alte of the
Aahokan reserrolr, wanta the clty I
rabblta and woodcoch on hla farm. Gordon
owna about sixty acrea, and hla estimated dam
faand and all Incraded, is aald i
(0.4O740. When asked what the crops heraised
' on his farm were be sai.l:
?v.'dl. I have ralaed elght chUdrec. 1 pasture
I about two thouaand rabblta yearly, and l alao
ruise a t>h; crop of woodcock." Mr. Gordon
I "reckoned" that the game was bia proper y
j whlle lt was on hls land, and he wanta the clty
to pay fur it.
Deposits Found Near Luederitz Bay?Region
DiffieuJt of Access.
Hcrlin. July "-'". The "l.?k;M Anzeige:'" has re
ceived a r* pc. t from Gennaa Bontbweal Afrlca
of the dlscovery, near the cist of Luederita
Bay, of rich deposits of i opper oae An ei
1 tlon will aoon leave Luederita to coatlnue proa
pecting. The newly found oaa lies fan a water
| leaa region. The coaal la wlthoul harbora, an-l
1 there are few placea where the ore could bo
transshlpped out to ateamera in bargea
One Man Killed, Several Wounded in At
tack at Karalissa.
Titlis. July 2<?.- Twenty robbera attacked a
train at Karalissa. a station on the Trans.au
casian Railway. with riftea, revolvera and bomba
to-day A guard was killed. and aeveral p. c
s.?ns were wounded, A eashler who was the
object Of the att.i -k was uninjured, but was
robbed of $5,000.
Boy's Horse Kilie" and Wagon Wrecked. but
He Escapes in Collision.
South Orange. N. J.. July C0 Opecla!) ?Frnest
' Powers. a boy who was drivimt a grocery wa^on
j at Dover to-day. saved hlmself from death in a
collision between hls wagon and a locomotive on
tlu> HiKh RridKc branch of the t'entral Railroad
1 of New Jersey by jumpins from the v, hid, to
the cowcatcher. to which he elung untll the tru.in
As he got on the trnek Powers saw the train
bearlng down on hlm. Instrad of going ahead, he
trted to turn the wagon around, but before he
could do so the englne struck the vehlele near the
front wheela and th:s garve Pow?rs a ehaaoa to
leap und he landed on tne cowcatcher of the en
Lgine. The borse was killed and. the wa&ta demol
uhtd, .- ? " rsai?^,
fi;j:\zied seoul hobs.
Rioier* Burn Houscs of Ministers?
The Consulatcx Guarded.
Tokio. July 21?Late advices from Seoul say
that the rioting is growing ln magnitude. At
tempts to burn the railway station and the
police buildlng were frustrated by prompt actlon
by the Japanese police and gendarmes.
The powder magazlne of the Corean govern
ment is strongly guarded by Japanese --fle
at the request of the Minister of War. Rioter?
ar? shooting wildly out of windows. Two Japan?
ese are reported to have been killed. Murderoua
assaults are frequent. and the city is vergtng
on a reign of t*>rror. BVHataaa is oompietely sua
fTomrt. July 2'\?A c oncerted effort waa made
at 2 p. m to-day t.. murder the entire Cablneu
After haransrues at th* TemDle- of Heaven a
mob <>f two thousand marched a mtle to the
hoaaa of I t\an Yung, which they saeked ani
br.rne.l. The same fate was then vislted on the
bomea of the Prime Minister and atbaiab
The same mob th^n went to the home of tho
Minister of AYar, n.,ir the oid palace, but here
they were m?f by Japanese guards, who re
polaed the rloters, killing and wounding many.
M^rquis Iro delayed hls arrival at tha Em
p.->ror's andleaca an hour. while the foreign con
suis g.-nern! arattaaf The marquia approached
in great stat^; with a hec>.\ y guard, especial pre
cauttoaa being taken while passing the palace,
v.hcre the Fuspeoted battallon of Corean impe
rial guards was o!os~ly lmerned in the barracka
of the gate. The number of. machlne guns waa
doubled. coveriaaj all the main approachea to
the palace. Desultory rlfle fire was heard dur
lng the afternoon. -^
Tr lopa are patroiling the main streets of the
city in the face of a mob inflamed to frenzy by
ta The ar.g. r of the Corean massea ap
BOW to b-=> dtrectad less against the Jap
C >rean mmisters. all of whom
they have vowad to ki'.l. The situation appears
to warrant the proelamatlon of martial law. but
Uarqala It-., deadroua of avoidlng interferer.r*
except to protect foreii?ners and the throne. is
exceedingly r.luctar.t to resort to rr.illtary rule.
Th? eavtroaa of the Amerioan and Brltish con
aulatea nr* goaidted oa accooat of their prox
imity to the
A pro.lamation was published at 3 oVTnek
this ??vening warning the people to reraain in
their h< .--?- At d ;.-k ma. hir.e guns were :n
trencbed bealnd breastw-orks built ta the s:reeta
- palace, in aa - of a
nis;ht attuck. Militia troofM are patroiling the
auboraa. There haa been desultory rifle flring
since an a't^mpt was mada to -ireeta
at aooa.
Japaaeaa troopa ara arrlrbafj here, but they
> few in nnmhai la rnake any atterr.pt to
di^arm the Corean aol Uers feasible. ar.d they are
r.ow eaaflaad to their bavrraekm
At the fonnal audienee this afternoon Marquia
Ito was tha first to be received. He had a con
loa with the former Emperor lastin? ter.
To.. aea a performing his dut!ea in
a puaaly per;"u;ict?>ry m<.nr.<?r. He is said to
?'..'?'. !t'!' atreagtb of chara.ier. and the out
look for his artmmtatraUoa of aabttc affairs is
ii"- promlaiag.
tenooa, b) ::'er of
it he
would Ieav<
out iaformajtlon nobs.
Oa a I ? ioan Con
i;?:.?:? i. fonaea Baaj arar*a
prlvate thotu ht rhat t<
rul< r siving
aa a i
. :>e or
a posa ?. ,-ver. that
slnce N ' | a >t
'*< ^ : rnlng.
elghty Ja
. the
formei :
afready b %
midnight and murder aB I
tkm. Marquia II
: i. n.r.il Ba -
The ? v'.nch
kght haM .'-:; h tt th^
mteaded daah ol at tha
ks for t!
General Hasegewa'a t:
tioned at all it. :
of the ni^rV
be the hest in the Corean
on aci
plolting to o.nte.i
coup d'etat. The st udi
are reported to ?
tary supplieson a hill overiooking th..
: anay is wadaty dhrtriti
coi.ntry. and is aot f
Teeterday'a dia ahaiau
foi .i distance of two aailea a sr tl r; :?
oa the c'h ? have
been K
An offlclal report t1
japaaeaa w< ? yaa>
terday'a rtottag.
haa not been reportedl
The Corean >'ai>;.iet baa formailv nottaaaa1 t.>
th.- Japanese goverament the al ^f the.
Emperor and the accaeaioa of the t'rown Prlnco.
During tbe algbl tho tnspertal denawttaa vtsited
tlie mauaoleama .?n>! ? aaaa announce
m-nt to the sp.iits of th. ir mmn -
Tbe aea v ist acenpy the Nirth
Bmperaai reanaiahni ln h:a
old refnge, adjoiataai tha American tad R-.
coaenJatea. The Cabmat <-oi tinues in oft:ce. but
. oont of th ? > n:en have in turn
| to i.'i-.'p! api ointment to the vacant po
toition of HoaaaboM Mlaawar,
Japanese Forces Inadequate?Fears
of a Massacre.
rta?T-YaJag. July aaV?AB the shopa hera ara>
close.l There is great excltement among th*
natives. who are unaware that abdlcatton baa
been accompllshed. The safety of Japaneae ree
idents ls pioblematlcal. as the depirture of a
w ii atrvagthca the Waaai aad (?t>nva!esceata
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