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Crescents and Freebooters in Hard
Fought Tie Game.
In preparation ."or th*» gamp with the Prince
ton University eleven at Bay Fiidp*- on Saturday,
the association football team of the Crescent
Athletic Club t-ncountered the Preebooters yes
t^-rday. and after a close and exciting stntgsle
<!ivi<l'-d tbe honors with the visitors. Each side
scored one goal in the opening half Neither
t^ain tal!ied thereafter. The FYe.-l><iot*>rs placed
the first point to their credit "tbrousb a fumble
of the Crescent poalkeeper, Foeaett, following
up and forcing the ball into the net. Tht-
Crescents worked hard to square the account
«nd succeeded ten minutes before the call of
time. O'Rourke made the shot that tied th«>
BOOM from outside right. For the mosi part
throughout the rest of the game tbe Crescents
kept the ball in the Freebooters' territory. The
d>f-riri- of ti 1 latter, however, was too sound to
be penetrated. Th»- line-up follow*;:
Cwc*-nts <1), Positions. PYeebooters <1|
Woorwc-rth G SaundT6
•W«pr.<r R B H. D. Catty
Andrews L.. B Boyl«
Gladney R. H. H Sparks
Ehr'-nshe-ser C. H. B Mutter
Parson* 1.. 11. B Benzinp
O'Rourke O. R Griffith
Lerper I. R Pietson
R*-id <" r Kossett
Baeß ... I. I J. W. Catty
Falter O. 1. Blodgett
Rcfere* — A. All«n, Ckwfeesl A. C. Linesman — C. Waji-
O«T. Ooala -Fossett. Fr*+i«nierK; O'Hourke. Crescents.
Tim* 1 — of ;;'•• misutss
In t).-- first of the series of interscholastlo
association football games for possession of the
Maxwell trophy, played at .-i)inet"ii Park, in
Brooklyn, yesterday, the eleven of the Morris
High School, holders of the championship, met
defeat in their simp with the Manual Training
High School of Brooklyn, the final score being
E goals to I in favor of the home team. For
the latter V. Dantelson bore the brunt of th<>
battle, and by dint of clever dodging and drlb
bHng scored four goals for his side. O'Dono
hue tallied the last goal of the game of the win-
Two other games of the Intel-scholastic series
v.ere contested yesterday. DeWitl Clinton win
ning from Townsend Harris Hall at Ontario
Field by tbe score of I goals to 0. while tbe
<'urtis High School, "f Staten Island, defeated
the Boys' High School, of Brooklyn, by 1 goal
to 0 at Sa:-.i:.ik::i Park, In Brooklyn. In the
former game Adams scored first for DeWltt
Clinton in the opening period.
Disaj pointment was in store for tbe Brook
lyns in their New York Amateur Association
Football League championship game with the
McGregors, of Yonkers, who won the game by
the score of 4 goals to 2. Owen, of the Brook
lyns. started the scoring, but the advantage was
quickly lost. Glbb. Crystal and Houston scored
for the home team in rapid succession, and the
■core stood at 3 to 1 in favor of the McGregors
at the end of the first half. Inglis shot another
goal for the McGregors and Hampson tallied the
final goal of the game for Brooklyn.
The "soccer" football team of the Lusitania
met the Btaten Island eleven at Livingston. S.
1., \vh'-re the sailors suffered a rather severe
•Tabbing by 12 goals to 1. L. Van Laar was
Invincible for the Islanders, and got no less than
7 goals, while w J. arks added 3 and
Humble and Bell 1 each. The Lusitania men.
from lack of practice together, played a ragged
game, but some of the men gave promise of
better things when they learn combination play.
'Varsity Will Have Two Additional
Prdi mhi a Races.
Although there is no permanent management in
charge of rowing at Columbia, plans for the fall,
fin<i especially for the spring crew work, are matur
ing rapidly. When the Columbia rrew enters the
Poughkeepsle i--s;atta next year it will in all prob
ability be the best seasoned crew that the Blue
and White has ever sent up th«* rivr. Coach
"Jim" Rice expects to have the crew row in at
least Lwo more preliminary races than has been
the custom*
I! the plans do iK.t miscarrj Columbia will prob
«bly row the Vale 'varsity crew and the Argonaut
riowing Club of Toronto's eiKiit. iti addition to the
race with Harvard, ar.d in the Harlem regatta. Ar
ransotnents are now betnc made with the Yale
rowing authorities to have a race between the
Columbia and Yule 'varsity eights on the same day
thHt the Columbia and Vale freshmen hold their
annual contest. The Argonauts. Rice's old club
are going to Fend a evew to the American Henley
at Philadelphia in May. and ther< Is every proba
bility that t>..--.- will break their journey here long
enough to have a try-out on the Harlem with
Btoe's Coiumbta i*ar»es- The race with H:irvanl
mi<y be h<--ld en the Harlem this >ear.
The fall regatta will be held on the Harlem on
October 26. In addition to the annual 'varaity
graduute race. Rice is arranging a novel contesi
between last year's freshman rrew and the Nassau
Boat Club's eight. The Kassau men. according to
the arrangements, will row in an "octopede,' while
the Columbia '10 men will use "sweeps " The
crews are very evenly matched, and it Is Rice's in
tention to discover whether the "octopede" <t the
"rweeps" crew has the greater power and speed
Contrary to Its annual custom Columbia will
not eend a crew to Annapolis next year. A man
who rowed on last year's crew Bald yesterday that
as tho two eights met at Poushkeepsie it would
be a useless expense to go down to the Severn, and
Bddtd that "a crew had to be a length or two brt
ter than Annapolis to beat then on their own
oourse. anyway."
Arcordinß to A. G. Southwortlv sol* New York
ejrer.t for all tl.e Pop« automobiles, the 190S Pope-
Hartford mode'-s -will b« the acme of perfection In
modern motor car construction. It was a Bcnerally
admin««fl fact that the Model L. rope-Hartford whs
«ne of the few really great cars of 15.77. .The ISM
Model M will retain all the features which gave Its
predecessor «uch wonderful speed and hill climb-
Ine; power, while the iocirer wre«l -base, larger
•wheels and longer Fprings will make It easier rid
ing and mor« roomy. It will frtlll he a four cylin
der car of 30-horßepower.
The Hartford Rubber Works Company, makers
of the Hartford Midsrley tread non-skl<l tire— the
tire with four colla of piano wire embedded right
in the tread— made ruch a complete success
thl» last year, announces that already orders are
becoming brisk for this particular tire, because
person* are getting their cars equipped for fall and
•winter use. It is the only tire on the market that
Incorporates richt into the tire lt*elf a non-skid
With the eeaaon of 1908 scarcely under way the
"Wayne company is already •hipping a considerable
number of its 1908 models. So far as the gen
eral appearance of the car is concerned, there is
little difference between the new model and the
Mbrif-1 N of a year aco.
However, there has been a general betterment of
the car wherever it waa possible to Improve on the
old model, and la addition to thia general lino of
improvement, seveiaJ features of more or less
prominence have been added. Principal among
these are the installing of an accelerator operated
by foot, an emergency scat in the tonncau, an
extra step covering the front end of the rear
eprinss at the door of the tonneau, and the placing
of the battery box on the running board.
The transcontinental Dragon, which was started
from San Francisco on September 4. with the in
tention oX being run through to New York under
the guidance of Charles A. D'Arcy. did not get
any further East than Omaha. A letter received
from D'Arcjr at that point states that the run was
made too late in the reason and a series of un
fortunate accidents had made it Impossible to go
forward with the car.
New York. October 12. l»07.
— Receipts were 76 cars, or 1,275 head, in
cluding 74 cars for claughterers and 2 for the market,
and 12 cara were held over yesterday. Nothing doing
to-day and feeling weak. Dressed beef In moderate
demand and prices stead/. Liverpool and London
cattle and beef market unchanged. Shipments from
this port to-day Included 6AO cattle and 1.000 quarters
•f beef on the afesaba to London and 3,(>00 quarters on
the Southampton, for London market also.
CALVES — Keceipt* were 297 head. Including 200 for
butchers and W7 for Uio market. Veals were nominal
•ad the feeling was no wore than steady. A bunch
of Canada calve* sold at (6 p«r 100 lb; a car of West
ern calves waa in the pens, but had not changed
hands up to a late hour. Dressed calves alow at «y>
I4e per Tb for city dressed veal* and 7<»l2Hc for
country dressed.
— Tobln tt Shannon: 85 Canada calve*. 210 lb
aye.rag«, at (5 per 100 lb
■KEEP AND LAMBS— Receipts were 14 Vi cars or
8.129 head. Including 14 cars direct to slaughterers
and hi car for the market, making with the stale
atoek « cars on sale. £heep were nominal In the
absence of any sales; lambs slow, with no good or
prime stock sold up to a late hour. Offerings were
tnaloly common and medium stock, which aold at
EMM»M pe.r 100 tp. No eal»:s of Canadian lambs
"Fully half the stook was unsold at 10 o'clock. Dressed
Tn'Jtton quiet at 7«6*c per tt> ; dressed lambs at
10 Q i3c
HOGS Receipts were 14 cars, or 2.653 head all
for slaughterers. Wothlng doing to-day In live hoars
Nominally steady for medium and heavy hogii- lower
for plge. A c * r of Ohio pips changed hands late
jeat«r2ay. Country dressed hogs steady at »V 4«
lOHc per lb. 7lw
Sales (late.. Friday) — Judd A Go.: 223 Obl» nin.
*»4i aw«ra«a»>a* ftftftd BMUOIs, ww * a>
New York. October 12, IBOTiI-
Beans. white, bbl*.. 6.J2 Kkkp. cases 7,363
Kiour. bbls 5.776 Dressed poultry, pkgp. 1.314
Klour. sa.cks. ... 12.M7 Live poultry, crate* W
Commeal. bbls 326 1 Prunes (Calj. pkRS... H"-"'
Cornmeal, i,;m< 1.477 1 Raisin* (Cal). pk»?s... >**>
Oatmea.l, bbl? 7U Ap[ ii p. bbls '".«'•>
Wheat, bush 240.700 Potatoes, bbls 23..*><»>
Corn, IMb 22.575, Onions pkgs *—''•'
Oatp. bufh 117. ■'■■• Cranbern.s. pkgs lw
Rye. liusl, " U751 Dried fruit, pkss.... -I'-.'
Harley. bush. 31. 1«»>! Rosin, bbls '--'r'
Malt, bush t).<M"X»i .-pints turp. bbls -;*'
Ric^. •Is l.'>o Oilcake, pkfis -■-?.
Ric*. pkta 1.-JiKi Oil. lub, bbls "'
Hay. tona 670| Oleo stock. l^S-- 1 JS
Straw, ton* i^» Peanuts, bain ~«S
Mlllfe^d. tons 44 1 Tobacco, tihds rx
Hops, balea . .. . 62 Tobacco, threes „„
H'-ef armed), rai.rn. 122 i Toba< pks*. •';»
llan:s. pkes 37| Whiskey, bbl* -;'-
Bacon, pksa 220 j Wool, t.alt-F •*>
''■■■ ni.-ats. pkiis l.UMiWool. sack* c /'"
Lard tlcrres . . ..'. . 23S <"otton. bales r.ihki
Lard, k-RF . 1.3361 Cottonseed oil. bbl*. 'I s
Lard, cas's . ... IHO '; Copper piece* B 'SSJJ
Tallow, j,kp» 3S| Copper matte, lass--- «B0
• ireas... j.kSTH 74 Lead, pigs ■ B^'
Butter, pics'* 4..134, Hides. bdl* •*"
Cheege. pkg;i 2.308 1 Wine (Cal.. bbls '•- >
Wh«at. Mi»h. 127.S5aiRoFin. bbls 1.83S
Com, bush 22.7501 Pitch, bbl» *»
Oats, bush I.SBO I Refined pet. Itals. . .2.354.480
Peas, bush 412! Naphtha. *als ■••• -■• ><*>
Beans, bush 7!.". Bensine, k.i » ••■ •■■-■.''•">
Klour. bbls 7.213 Cottonseed oil. Rals. l«.l' ttl
Flour sacks S..S«tt! Lubricating; oil, gall W s "■■"
Cornnieal. bb!s «ll!J'orl;. bbls '-■'
Bran. n> 25.S(Mi Be*f, bbls I"-
Orass s<»ed. bags.. . 128 P.eef. tcs ••'
Hay. bales l«8 Bacoi IT) Cf12.2,. r >
Hops, l.aks .... 663 Tallow, rb 4.000
Whiskey, ira 15 ...... l>lo Butter TT. s-°'"'s -°'"'
Oilcake, tt).. 1.5»1..V(ft| Cheese, rb ''•■""
Spirits turp. pai.« . 10. 690,
iror Nor. No 1 fdy. (2o 12141 Cotton', middling... 11.70
Steel rails . .28 oi> Coffee. No 7 Rio... '_>'■»
I^ake cc^.per ingots.. 14 00 Supar. granulated ••
Tin S22S Molasses OK. prime 45
Kxchaiute i.aJ ... 462% Be«f, family $U "J.'.
Spelter .', .10 | Bref hu.ms 2» 00
Wheat. No 2 red 1 18% , Tallow, j.rlm.> •>
«')rn. No 2 mixed.. 7Mi|Pork tnepg 17 37'j
Oat». U'"< to 32 tt> . 55Vi Hogs, dressed. ICO Kb. »'»
Flour. Mpls. patents ♦> 25 11-ird.1 1-ird. prime.. (*■»>'»
Npw v i-;. October 12. HK)7.
i.'OFFEE> Th* roffflee market was very OUlat to
liny, HaJcs for the half seaalon helng only some 5,000 baLga.
The opening: was steady at unchanged prlcea to an ail
vance of r> roints. which wu just alwut Ju<» on tha
showing of the French market, and the oloae i^is dull,
net uiichanßpd to 5 points tiiK!i There was some EJuro
pean t.uyiiic at the op»nlriK here, and of the total busl
iifes about half was done on the opening call.
Later boalneaa was very alow and seemed to be for scat
tering aor^'untf. Rrnzillan news in'ii'-;ii<»d no ■ hange In
th*> situation. Receipts continued under t*i<- flfruros of
t\. . yean a^o. and th»> BteadlneSS of thi» prlmar> mar
kets showed that fresh arrivals were finding an adequate
dorr.an'l from ejeportara or conaumen. Of th< Brazilian
r.nrkets, Rio was un.-lißnK"'i. nnd Santos advanced .".(>
re!s. with the excharg* r--.t- unchanged at IVid. Re-
'its at the two port: were 63.000 baps, against 65.000
baK« two years asr>. and Jnndlany r<- ilpis were 3r».OQ"
lmc«. igmlnst 88.000 lags two year? aRO. Th«- weather
was fln«- In nil sections of Sao Paulo. The tnark-i for
sjxit See was quiet with quotall"ns on the basis of
6Hc for Kio No 7.
The rane<" of contmct prices fn the local market to-day
was as follows: Teatei
Open. Mltfh. l/«r. Close. day.
Or-tnhrr.. .. B.«S fl.fl.'. .'' '■'■> 5.90^5.95 5.85
November — — — B.»5©«.00 8.95
Deoember <V 1« 8.10 6.10 B.«r»»rt.l<» rt "'•
January — — — •'. i...... IS 8.10
February — — — 6.15©« -'■ r>. 1.1
March 8.80 6.30 6.30 6.25©«.30 i; -jo
April — — — 6.3006.33 8.23
Msv 0.3.'. 6.38 e.rW 6.35®«.40 <; .T<
June — — — 6.85©<U0 «.35
t.,; v — — — «.40ri« 4:. '■• lO
A.i^u*t ::::::. v.v. .-. 4..,., ( r. 6.4<)
September ... ceo K.W 8.80 6.48©«.60 t. 4..
cotton — N«>w low records were tna<*.« for January «r.d
later months in the cotton market to-Juy. but later there
was a ia!ly as a rf-salt of frost apprehensions, ani th«
market closed steady at a net decline of only Hi" point?
Sales for the short session were estimated at 7."- 000 Uil<-s
The openinc was barely steady at a decline of 2®B
points in response to lower Uverpool caWea, and ln.«i.i<- of
the first half hour the market sold off to a. net decline
of 10gl4 points und'i ictive bear pressure and liquidation
which was promoted by reports of an easier spot situa
tion in some sections In the Soul Predictions for froata
more or ltss general in the Kastern belt oauaed a re
covery later on covering of aborts, but the buying seemed
to be* precautionary rather than the result of any ch-tn^-e
In sentiment. Private cables from Uverpo I reix.rted th;it
Southern K pot reports were eaaler an«i that there was more
hedgp eelllng, exptalnln* the small decline on the ground
that these offerings were rffsel by Russian buying, which
is Bupposed to connrm recent reports of a sl.ort HuFMl.in
crop. Advices were, received from various sectii.ns of Ihe
So'.ith dlcatlng an eaaler Ceeltnn in th« sooi department.
ar.d a pi ■•■ nent local operator now n Texaa. wluro he
has ini[iort:int connections. wire« friends here that the
• ion Is larger than ceuerally believed; that money is
tleht. and that bankers- are «howins little disposition to
H'sist a holding movement. More cautious traders, how
ever. belli thai It may be only a few of the weaker
holders who are w< akei li g an I that ai sikiii a? tln-ir sup
plies have been taken off tl* market it will be found that
the bulk <•{ holders ar- still linn In tholr views.
The range of contract prices in tti«j local markei to
day was as tollowa: vv _ tf ,
Opening. Hls'i- Low i - lrts.). <la_> .
October 1"7.'. 1075 10.75 10. 7.; 'u 1" 77 10.76
Vo\t-mber — - — 10.76© lOSB 10.70
December " ". . . .'..iv.M i«.» lt).8« lit.l»;{':ll<>.l»4 lO.Ott i
january 10.88 IO.«i 10.73 1U.K3&10.84 \»-^
Februarj 10.85 10. ha 10.81 1" Mijjl" "*' i"'^
March ". lOJlti 10.68 1».«1 l«.fc*a»H».ii'.i 10.U5 i
w, ril _- — — ju liMM 10.U6
-,' .. " 10.911 10.H5 i<»7 l«iCul'».»t l'>.iiS I
jure .".'. . . M>.»2 l".t<- 1" ■■'■ [email protected] io.uo i
Ju]v ■" . . avm:: l'j.l'7 1«»>7 19.V5010.tf7 il.ol I
August'^:. 1O.»3 10.78 10.7 M -U —
Tp« Uvvriiool weekly repi rt, ■■'•!■ comparlßons, 1«'1
luws '
This wf-ek. I^aat. week, l-'ist ear. IMKi
PiUs all kind* 5»,000 4i..<XMt 41.1«»» &J.UOJ
Bale« American ... eo:«wo 37.-00 30.000 47.i--«>
tales speculation.. *.<«"> l.«<i"» *■""'
Salos. eVpon 2.000 ! ,00 000 _'J.WJ
Korwaroed 85.0U0 75.0Q0 6»JM» il.oOi
imports, all kinds.. 43.000 36.000 I ' J -'"* 1 'i';]?,',
Actual - exports ■■■. ... 6,000 -■'■""' - J.o>n.' r..tx«>
export, . :..'■■-■ 0.000 2 '«•• ■•"">
Stock all kinds Ml.irti 555.W) 212,000 6.'>3,00.J
Stock! American. 445.0UH 4«O,tK» 144.000 r,T:t.i«u
Afloat.' an kind 5.'." ..224.000 174.000 IMtf.QO" 2ih.,.»hi
Afloat. American... IN'./«»I 101. own £.o.M-> 180.00.1
Cotton exchange spetial Uverpool cables— Spot cotton
qui'.-ter- sal<s. O.U«X> bales; speculation aJ>d export. .VK).
American. 6.000; recetpta. 27,000; American, 24.000 mid
dilnK upland, »1.54 d; Juturfs opened quiet, i points lower
on near and 3 lower on distant months; clr.xed steady, j
aa 1 -ii4 polnti lrm-i ron near and B^3 Vi points lower on ■
distant «itlons. October, 6.01 October-November, |
6.00V4d: NovembeivDeoember, 6.94Hd; i>e<emiie.i Jaim i
ary .". 02d: January-Ketiruarv and Pebruary-Marfh, •
r..»<*4<l; March-April and April-May, r...»M; May-June and
Jui • July. BSHd; Julj August. h.Xid-
FLiOUB AND MEALr— Flour wan In fair ■ mai d. i
with j. rices (Irmly maintained Hpring patents and
winter straights w»-rt» be«i sellera Ry< (lour qulel ;
at old prices Tr.c following are prices quoted on |
the New York Produi •■ Exchange Sj.rinK p-'it«-nt». ■
|A9(6 75: winter slraiKhts. |4 63054 V 0 winter pat- j
»-nts, $4 9604665; sprinjr clears. $4 7O^Jss 10; extra |
Nn ' 1 winter, M 25; extra No 2 -.vintt-r. $». RYE
FL.OUR firm: quoted Fair to good fTi r 4 $S •Ji: choice ,
t.. fancy. $:• '_•:. *r, ■'•0. CORN Ml'.ai. nrm: quoted:
Kiln dried. $3 (<f.'gt*4 O.V BAG MEAI, firm, quoted: ]
Fine white and yellow, |1 .V>«sl 55; coarse, |] 4"'3
$1 4. r >. FKEI> — Western firm: city firm; quoted: Weal ]
«m »prin«r $2R CO. October shipment; standard mid- j
dllnp. $29«r>; Bour do. $31 10; rrd .lo K . J3i.:n cits
bran. $27 bulk. $28 500529 sa'k«. middling (28 r»0 i
$31; red <lok, M 2; hominy chop, (29 bulk, (30 20
sacks; ollmeal. (81 BO (82
GHAIN — WHEAT — An opening break in rh« market I
to-day »-ncouraised short selling' on a liberal scale, the I
trade arfimlnK that rather disappointing Liverpool ■
cables would mean a check in tha export demand and '
consequently lower pricaa. Supporting order* lmrntt- |
dlately filled the market, however, and In t>litr» of the
decline expected there was a aenaationa] advance
which carried prices up almost a c«nt above the pre
vious hleh level of the season, December In N«w York
selling at (1 17*; and In Chicago at $1 00 -V with the
doss at practically top point of the day. An Important
influence on the advance was tt.e announcement that
pretty much everything offered to the other aide had
been accepted, the only check to a tramendous bualneaa
lielnjr the difficulty of «ettlnp wheat. Up to 1 o'clock
about 78 loads had been reported, but there was a
feeling In bull circles that an oven larger atnoui
would develop later. Outside buying wan on a big
scale In all markets, especially at Chicago, where the
Moiy about a fipht between two of the biggest inter
act* for control of the market was positively denied by
ihe party who was supposed to have the abort end of
th« deal. The strongest feature about cable* was th.- '
advance, of 10 to 40 points at Paris and another of IV
per bushel at Berlin. Liverpool was only '.»<! |.er :
bushn! net lower. Considerable attention was attracted
by Broomhall cables stating the possibility of i reduc
tion In duty In Italy and Austria-Hungary. While re
ports from the Argentine were somewhat conflicting.
there was.no Indication that the crop outlook th"-r«
had changed materially from its recent favorable
prospects. Seaboard clearances were again large. ag
grvgating 61H.000 bushels wheat and flour. At 1
o'clock December In the local market was quoted
(1 17% and May (1 JBV». No 2 red wheat closed (1 12*
elevator and (1 13*° i fob, afloat; No. 1 Northern.
Duluth, $1 27U, and No. 2 hard winter, (1 I" 1 fob.
afloat CORN — There was an advance of two cant* h
bushel in December wheat at New York to-day and
fully ai« much i:i Chicago, following the strength In
wheat, lighter receipts than expected and further talk
about the possibilities of frost damage owing to cold
weather In the West, although It was the general
opinion that most of the croo was pretty well beyond
the damage period. Shorts were heavy buyers In nil
markets, and commission houses had large orders from
the country. Private advices said that Ic* had formed
In Kansas on Frldav nlglit On the curb December
closed at 7.V«.c and May 72Hc. The cash market was
strong and higher, closing as follows: * No. 2 con 75"« c
elevator and 75^ic to arrive, fob, afloat: No. 2 whit*
76 He. and No 2 y«llow. 76\c, fob afloat. OATS—
There was an advance of about a cent a bushel in
the oats market, but leva activity owing to the (treat
Interest shown in other markets. Cash oats In New
York were firm, closing as follows: Mixed. 2fl to 82 lh
tiSHc: natural white. 32 to 31 Ib. 57V4«r«lr. . nd
clipped whlt» 82 to 40 lb. «2H«!170c. RYE — Market
firm: No 2 Western. JWc to arrive, fob. N«w York
BARIKY -Market firm; malting. $113'3512:{ r i f ;
New York.
Wheat: Opening. High. Uow. <lose H ay
r>ec« m ber (1 1« (1 1« 13-16 (1 IS 7-16 (1 I 6« $i |«L
May 117 itt\k 1 10'/» 1 17H 1.17<^
l>.-emoer 74S 74 1 * 74H I T4*« 71U
May 70»i 70% 70' i 7i>- 7,,.,,
Wheat .
December. 104 V 1 OfiH 1 O4'» 1 <>m; \ f>4«£
May 1 lOS 1 ll>4 I»S 111H 1 h)\
July 102% io:»«* 102 103 1 t>2\
December. «1% (t!U H\ 63 (I i;
Ma>- r,i!4 «3'» 61% 63% 6i»i
July 61% U3*s 61 63% 61H
December.. MH 65^4 B4H B5Vi 5414
May 68H 57U MH 67Vi 66%
July 30V 81H 50V 60T4 50H
Octot«r.... 922 —••IS »22 -9 23 »12
J«iii»ntw. too * 07 ttf *ut axe
OctobSr... - - _ B^7 802
January... 812 825 812 522 8 ••>
October.... 15 8» l«02 15 80 WOJ »■
January... 16 20 16 25 16 18 1« 35 lb -'
METALS— IRON— lion certiflcates at the Produce
Exchange were active and easier for regulars, but
qulel for standard foundry. There were no sales ol
Standard foundry. Sales of regulars Included 000 tons
of October at (1«, 500 tons of November at $19 and 000
tons of December at (18. Standard foundry grades are
quoted as follows: Cash. October and November.
$18 50 bid
MOL.ASSES AND SYRUPS — were offered
moderately and the market shows steadiness, while
molasse* was nrmly held and In good jobbing demand
at full prices. Quotations follow: New Orleans cen
trifugal, common, 16019 c; fair. 19QS2c; good, —
26c; prime. 26 i 83c. New Orleans open kettle, BTO
4>>c. BYHUPS— Common, 18@14c; fair. UM9l7c; good.
18 '-"• . prime, 20Ti23c; fancy, 24928 c
<">ILS— Cottonseed oil was moderately active to-day,
with price* ViOlHc lower under locaj professional
■elllng and bear pressure. Sales: 300 bbls October,
50 51c 400 November, 42% c; I.COO January at 39c;
liiO March at B*c and 1.400 May at StttVtfc ÜBMed
011 was unchanged. Refined petroleum was firm .it
yesterd mcc. We quote: PETROLEUM,
standard white, bbls 5.75 c, bulk f.c: Philadelphia. 8.70 c.
bulk *.95c R< ned asea, New York. 10.00 c; Phlladel
phia. 10.M".c. Water white. New York. bbls. 10.75 c,
bulk 7c Philadelphia. 10.70 c bulk 8.93 c; water white,
cases. New York. 13.80 c; Philadelphia. 1385 c. COT
TONSEED OIL — Prime crude, spot. 34c; prln summer
yellow, spot, 51c; October. x^soc; November. 4'J'i
<<i 43c; Decnmber. 406 40% c: January. 3S%»S3l'c;
March. 38»i '& 3t»c. and May, 3VHi'S9l4c; oil summer yel
low. October. ••-"<• *9c: «ood off summer yellow. 4.; t)
49c; prime white and prime winter yellow. 56®&Sc.
LINEBHD OIL. — American seed, city raw. 4&650 c; out
of-town raw, 48O«9c: Calcutta raw. 70c. LARD OLU
PROVISIONS -After an easier opening provisions
turned quite strong nnd advanced for the rent of t;ie
day. There was a pood cash demand for lard, and
outsiders bought freely, while packers were on both
sides of tho market. Live hogs were f.o lower. Chi
cago receipts 14.000 head, with 87,000 expected on
Monday, and 130.0 next week: Kansas City. -.000
and Omaha. 4.200. PORK steady; quoted: Mess $17
©»1T75; family. $1S r.o@sl!>: short eljavr. $16 .r.^
$17 7.-. BEEF tlnn. quoted: Mess. $ltiffslo 50; family.
$14<a$l»r.O; packet. $11 f>o<u)sl2; extra India mess.
$:U 50@|22. BEEP HAMS steady; quoted: ('-".*.
DRESSED HOGS steady; quoted: Baconn. 8?»c; ISO
Jt. ■!»,•■ |60 n> l' ,c; 140 lb. 10c; pigs. 10%®10r»c.
CUT MEATS — Pickled bellies steady; quoted: Smok
ing. 13®18Hc; 10 lb. 12\«®12*o: 12 lb, ll'«®ll^c:
14 tb 111 1 " ln\c; pickled hame steady; quoted: 11 "-;
OJ2V-C TALLOW quiet; city, 60: country. 3% "■''•*
L-\RD nrm; quoted: Middle Western prime. 9.40*
».00c; City lard firm: quoted: 9>jc; retlned lard
steads quoted South America, 10.50 c; Continent.
0 80c: Brazil ke»a, 11.75 c; compound firm; quoted:
SMjiflc: stearine firm, quoted: Oleo, B%Ol0c; city
lard etearine, lo«i4fllc. . . ,
RICE- Advices from the South noto a good demand
f,.r rice, with offerings taken up readily. Tl. local
market was steady to firm and unchanged. Quotations
follow: Screenings. 3>4@3'ic: ordinary, 4®4'!iC: fair.
4«i'if. >c: good ordinary, r>©6%c; i>rime. 3Hw5%0;
choice, C-Sjit)*4c: Japan domestic, S'A&a'AC; Patna
foreitrn. B T «®6%»c Rangoon and Basaeim. s@saic.
\H There la siill more or less delay in making
shipments of refined sugar, but there is no special
complaint on that score. The market hold* >teady
with islness moderate and prices unchanged. The
following are list prices subject to a ret, ate of 10
points and a dii-omit of 1 per cent for caah, seven
day* Crystal domlnos, 7.28 c; Eagle tablets. T.2Oc;
cut loaf \ru< crushed. .'.7(V. mould A. 6.35 c; cubes.
Eagle ■"• "• bag* dered and Eagle oonfectloners
granulated, 5.25 c; XNXX powdered. 3.16 c; powdered.
coarse powdered and fruit powdered and Eagle coarse
nnd .xtra fine granulated, B.lOc; Eagle 2-tt> carton*
of line granulated. 5 20c; 2-!b t wi do, S 80o; 3's-lb
bass d" .'. 25c- 5-Hi bagi do 6.20 c: 10-tT. bogs do.
8.15 c; 25 and 50 In bags do, 5.05 c; Eagle fine or
standard granulated and diamond A. 6c; confection
ers' A 1.90 No I. 4 80c; N«s 2 *ad 3, 4 75c; No
4. |.7O No .-. 4.65 c; No 6, 4.600; No 7. 4..V.c: No
S 4.80 - No :< 4.45 c: No 10. 4.8R0: No 11. 4.30 c; No
12 , ■•„,'• No |8 4 20c: Nos 14. IS and 16, 4.15 c. The
feature of the raw sugar market was the heavy break
of about 2V" d in the quoted price* at Lordon for
l.f-et siiKur. but Itter the market showed an im
provement In tono October and November were
nuotcd lit 9s 4i..d. The local market held Heady
at " !1.-.c for 'm\ test centrlfiißal. 8 4. r .c for si> test mus
covado and 3 10c for Sit test molaaaea sugar.
New York, October r. lf«t>7.
BEANS ANl> PEAS— Trade was quiet again to-day,
but nothing developed to change in any way the
Kciifral position 'it the market. There Is a reeling
of gome confidence on fine gonds and the. little I.uhl
ness accomplished was at full former rates. Cali
fornia lima rather «-asy. Scotch p«-a« blow. We quote:
BEANS— Marrow, choice, per bushel, (2 4<^s2 45; d'j
common t.. grood. $2 15&*a35; .i.> medium, choice,
t- :::-1i »_• in do pea. choice, $2 45052 60; do common
to good !>^liijisj 10; do white kidney, choice. *-' •"
„J'7;.- do r.-.i kidney, choici-. $2 40'k $2 4.'>; do com
mon to K'.od. *- 1041 $2 :<5; do blnck tuitl" soup, choice.
SI GS&SI 70; <lo >pllow tyc. choice f^a'liJ'-25; iio
limn. Cii'.ifornlu, $;i 70; I'KAS. green. ot< h, 1807,
choice, ( ! "0. , ,
HTTTKR- —Receipts to-day. 4.r.:t4 pkKS Ihe Influ
ence of accuiuulatod stocks, rather dull trade and
w.-ak advices from other distributing points were
shown in ;i lieclino here this morning of fully ' 3 c In
the hlKhoHt grades of creamery muter, both fresh and
h*ld. At the reduced ligurei buyers ilmwri very little
Interest, most i>f them were sm-p'.ed for t):« motn.'nt
atid Brined dlspos.-d to hul.l off and teal thf Mtuatloii
more fully. Rmovat.d. factory and packing *to ( k
ar- al.so quieter, but «hn» no change In price We
quote: Creamery, *pociaii«. per n>. 30c; do .•vrrns.
L'Jt'-c; do tirsts. 2Rtf29c: <lo seconds. 2HO27Hc: 110
thirds 24® 25c; creamery held, spfeui». SOc: do «-xtra*.
•-•-.•'•i J!t'-'- ; do Urns. 27'- .1 -•S' ; c: »ia" dairy tubn.
fresh, finest, 2NH«f29c: do good to choice. 26H<*28c;
do common to fair. "~'U -''•■'■ process specials, 'Jrt'jc;
do extras. 2.* li ©2flc; do first*. 2:'.ii -4c: do seconds,
•Jl'n'JJc. do thlr<!s. !!>'./ 2'»>-; W.s?. m fu>'tory. tlrstjt.
23>,#f24i.-; do necirnds. 22#2.'tc: do thirds. 20C21c;
do packing stock. No 1, 'J3c; •!•» No 2, 22^22Viic: do
No T.. ' - '.j 2<> 1, c.
« JIKI^K- R.vflpts today. 2..T0S boxes; exports, SS>
boxes. Trading l« raiin'r uuiet t.> day. mt comparatively
little fresh cheese Is available. The market continues In
strong p*i.*lll«>n. with ***»i»*'«"i:*. 11>* attrßcdve colored fit'l
cream not obtainable below l« but that a|.|.«Bi» to be
the •xtremr at th< moment, nnd some very nlre cn< <•■>.•.
though lianlly suitable for lnont particular buyers us«,
at.- übtalnable a ihade cheaper. Country prlcei continue
hiKli nnil hoMera f.-^l Confldent In th» situation, Skim
In enmparatively moderatt supply aad firmly held. *w\*>
ilally the tin-r trades. Lt\en>'>ol enlilo: l-nneit <"S»ti;i
dlan ne-.v. O.'in «'l f>»r colond and «2s 6d f^r white. W»
qm.te: Htkte. full cream. mi colored nnd white. H. |v
tember.' nr.o. i«t.-: do good to prin.e. 1B"«O1B%c; do com
mon to fiilr. i:tffl.V; di. lurK». coiore-1, Hepij-mber. line.
Ifir- do whit*. lo a 4<-; 00 romnun to prime. lSifl.'Vtc; d.j
skini". m-rb specials. 13©13"4e; do : i..- HVrtll"*o; do
fair to pood. SKQIOho; Uu common. t'.'aT'.c.; do full
EGGS— Receipts to-day, T. 566 cases. Ftrlctly fancy.
fresh gathered are im;^.| about steady, but the trade is
not active, and dealer* are having leu trouble In supply
ing their nc-t-'.s. The medium and lower qualltle* ar«
still In lartre accumulation Bnd urgently offered at very
irregular rricrs. but the aale* are In about th« ta:n<»
rnng- an lately quoted. Storage eggs are very urgently
offered, imfl prices rule weak and In buyers' favor. It
would br- Impossible to forcn any largn movem'-nt at
present ouotatlons. We quote: State, I'ennsylvanla nn.l
n(r.rl>v selected white, f«ncy. 344i3t5<;: do rood to eh •■• a,
SSilXic; do brown «nd mixed, fancy, 29032e; do firtts (o
extra firsts, 24927 c; do Western, extra drat*, 24f»2Hc; <io
first-- 22 | Jl2TWr; do second*. 19«21c: do thirds. 17'cjlV;
dlrtl'-v 14«17c; eherks, 12'a1.",i,0; r<frl«erator. early
packed 20©21 c: do summer packed, K.fili>'-.
FRUITS— FRESWI— Apples In ro.v! dmntii and firm
I'cirs selling well. Quinces steady for rhoic*. I'eaches
dull and weak l'lunih moving very slowl: <;rap-R linn
nnl sllghtlv higher. Cranberries I"" 1 steady, but d»
mand moderate. Muskmeloni drasdnr b( low figured
unless r.tnc% Watormelons n.-Kie.-t^i. <;r:u«<frult steady.
Plneappl** scarce. We quote: APPLES, per bbl. $l«r*3:
<'KAI< vl'lM.l small. p«r t>M. *4-* »; 4o large, J-J-H
$:«.'i<i: d» ld;iln> Jonathan, per bui.ii Nix. S2 7.%'iit:" "'•.
PEARS E>ckel. p.-r bbl. $S«S7; do Bartlett. |-r bbl,
Js©s«.V); do p--r t-n-h basket, fl~!i{".'-'. do l>er k. ii.
$;.'i/ >"-."•<> ■!'• H^iin« Bobp, per bM $4{rsU: do ll<Mirrf
• •lalre'-au SSSOOIKi do lU-nrre d'Anjou. $.'li|*4 .*.«); d.i
ghelflon $.ins." rto riemlsh Ikauty. JU^iSJ. •!•• l^wrenci
»::'.< >4 ■ '<\> Kelfer, K2C$3; do per twis-k-t. 75c© Jl 25: do
:a-r.(.te'r p.-r bid |2'<rV 29: ordlnarv < •■. klr.»r s.tts $1 .->••
<Sj:i QUIKCES. prime, per bbl. $:: ."-"n*.".: PEACHES
state t,.-r i: ill! carrier. $1 600(225; do i*r 2 basket .:ir
Her Jl-'ii«2- do P-r basket 50 9(1 do Pine lsliind. per
carrier (2<ji(2.V>: do i- basket. B0cOS12S; do Jersey.
per carrier. (1 75<252 60: do per hasl • 50cfl$l 2-%;
PT.l r M9 per H-rh basket 2S©4oc; GRAPES, up-river. Del
aware i'e.r ca."-e 00©75 c; do Niagara. CO®7sc; do black,
SoT ( ffc-ic • do Concord, r-'r 4-Tb basket, 9QlOc: do Worden.
v.,:i <1.» Delaware 12®14c; do SlHgara. 1 12c; black,
nor 20-lb basket, 4r.frr..'.c: do Niagara, In trays, per ton.
$.-.«>; |o I. lack. J4SCSSO: CRANBERRIES, .Cap. Cod.
pe-'l.ti $Mi*S: ■■■■ per cn.t.-. $1 75©52 l MUSKMKUINS,
Colorado and Oklahoma, per standard crate. 60c® $3; do
per pony crate, SOcfiSl BO: rto Jersey, per I i>x 2T>(&7sc:
•\li;[.< ins per carload, KS0©(100; CITRON prim-.
n.T bbl 75c®$l; GRAPEFRUIT. Fl< rlda per box, *tdsii.
do Porto Rico, per box. mi*.'; PINKAPIM>BS, Florida,
per rate *L"fis'l; do 'hihan. per cnite. $2*»s. r >.
ltOl'.~--Tr«'lliiK "ii the la Bl market continues quiet
and th« tor." a Jit tl— weaker on lOOfl wtivKs. t.ut verj fe«
ItHj7 hops hrr<- as yet. In the statr growers bn\e been
Incllmvl t., sell ■.. at 169.100 f obo b Ne« York, but
poorer grades very lull On the pacified Coaei all mar
kets continue falrlv live with growers hliov ih..i«
disposition to sell. Prlc.-s range from Si- te 10c In all sec
tions The hlngl n and Oregon rropi appear rntlu-r
dlsap'polnUng is flavor and condition are "■ 'up t<> n
jactations. W» quote: Ktat.-. 1907. choice. p.-r 11. "■"•
Ji , prime. H"/'.i>; rto mt-dlum. 11«1.1 . Pactflc Coast.
IJXI7 choir. i::'i l.: .■■ do prime, II ••■»<6PI2 l--»c;l --»c; ■■■■ medium
in -■it'- Oermann H«>7, prime to choice. _V».J.c; state,
1006, 1<)/J(12c; do Pacific (•■ ast Itoa choice. „-; do tne-
U fS>ULTRY— ALIVE — Trndlng liiih been ' slow this
week and with very heavy auppllea there Is an accu :
mutation of 17 curs In the mnrk«-t. Prices ari> nor
n unchanged in absence of Important business,
l.ut the outlook very uncertain We quote i HICK
ENR aprlng per Rm 13c: KOWL», P«r "■ I4i ; ROOS
TERS. younic and old. per tb, 10.-; TI'RKEYS, per
n> 18c; DI'CKLINOS. Long leland, full grown, per
Tb' 14c- DUCKH Western, per lb, lac: do Bouthern
and Southwestern, lie; OEF.SK, Weatern per n.i:tc:
do Pouthern and Southweatern, poor 11 ' c: Gl IM-.A
FDWI.K. per pair. 50c; PIOEONS. per pair 20c.
DRKSSED— Some further delayed lots enme In '■■ da'
but the acarcltj of fowls enabled receivers to .lea,,
up closely of deslrabti' grade* Spring chickens, how
ever, are sHUns ilowl) and .i few good chickens of
to-oay's arrl ar<- still unsold, while tl ■ re Is still
a c'niMlflera''ie accumulation of medium weight* which
continue dull Quite a good many 1.-.nif Island spring
ducks arrived 10-day, and with light trade tb* bulk
will have to b# carried over Old turkey* scarce
Bprlfig turkey* nnd spring ducks* generally poor, and
of irregular " value. Large squab* «ell fairly, but
smaller blrda dull and IrreguUi We quote Fresh
kiiicii T.--.I TCRKEYB old hens and toms, average
best ISaiftc: d.. fnlr to good. 13«14c do Inferior
lOfiTV- •pring 4 to il Tb earh, meaty. per lb. 22 1? 25c:
Ac, far to good. 15920 c; CHICKENS, sprlns. hroll.-r:<
Philadelphia. 3 to 4 Th to pair, per TT>. 22924 c; do
PennsylvnniH •"• to 4 Tb. 18*J2Oc; do poorer grades.
144T16T <1o Western, dry picked, l-"'il«c; do scalded.
l^lST.'.c- spring, roaatlng r'hniid.-ii'hui. fancy, 22024 c;
do Pennsylvania. 14918 c; do Western, dry picked.
12016 c: do Obl" an<l Ml<"l«tgnn. mix<-«! weight" I.-i-i
Ilk- .>,, other Western, acalded, IHiI.V: POWOJS.
Western dry picked. 12014 do scil.led. I21*14«-:
do Bouthwestern, 12*14. OI.P COCKS, drj picked
and scalded '■>' ■ •■ DUCKS, spring. Long Island and
K«st»rn. 17c; do Pennsylvania, I6«M6Uc; do Virginia.
1 ."> %i & 1 flc ; do Western. 1o©13c; GEESE, spring. East
ern, white, 20021 c: do dark. ITO18c: SQl'Ans. nrlme,
Inrge. white, per dozen, $1 750(4: do mixed. (1 7BW
(2 do dark. $t 25; do culls. 50e
OAMF-- Prime fToaen domestic nnd foreign fresh
contlntie In good demand nnd firm, hul scarcely any
fre«h domestic available. We quote PLOVER, Kolden.
frozen, per dozen, $4 50 4* 84 7.": da blnck and <raß«.
(3 sOiSs.l 75: SNIPE. Enarllah. vr dosen. (2 25«52 TS:
WOOT/COCK, per pair. (1A(126: OROI'SK. per pair.
$3f?s3 5O; PARTRIDGES, n-r pair, $2 7T>( S 1 f.\: DITCKS.
wild, canvan. per pair. *3«i*4: do redbead*. *2<frs3;
do ruddy. 75c^*l 25; do teal, bluewlng. 75c© $l 10;
do greenwlng, «o®7sc: df> common, 20«J40o; VENI
PON. whole deer, per tb, 2(!@3oc; do saddles, per Tb,
85«3«c: RABBITS, cnttnntnll*. per pair. 40@50c.
POTATOES AND VEGETAnLER— potatoes plenty
and weak Sweet potatoes In liberal supply and lower.
Onions selllns; falrlv. Celery steady. (Cabbages plenty
and weak. Cucumbers dull, Cauliflowers steady. Egg
plants slo^-. lettuce generally poor. I«!ma beans weak.
Mushrooms dull. Peppers firm. Peas weaker. String
beans lower. Tomatoes movlnr slowly. Other vegetables
as quote. We quote: POTATOES, Maine, per aaok. $4 23
05225; do JUocc .IclaM, per tabl. i^ietiCAi do auu*. la
bulk, per ISO Th. $1 75<g;2 12: do Pennsylvania, in bulk.
r<>r ISO TT>, SI 7.">ff*l' 25; do Jersey, round, per bbl. $1 "5
MS IS: do per sack, $2'SI2 1»>: <i« l.mg. per bbl, $1 75®
$2- ilo per Rack. $1 90«T*2; SWEET POTATOES. Jersey,
per bbl. ns|29o; do p«r basket. r>tc®sl 12; do Southern.
per bbl. tl 756*2. Veßetables— BRUSSELS SPROUTS,
per quart «Wil.">c; BEETS, nearby, per 100 bunches. $1®
*1 25; CARROTS, nearby .per 100 bunches. ( fsl 25: do
per bbl or ba<r. $I@*l 50; CEIJSRY, per doz^n stalk".
io@4sc; CABBAGES, per ton. J7esli>: do per bbl. 75c'3*l.
do red. per bbl. $I<S>sl 2S; CUCITMBERS. Shelter Island,
per bbl. $2S$3: do I.»>np Island and Jersey. flaf- T5.
CUCUMBER PICKLES, nearby, per bbl. $lfis3; do state.
per bush basket. J2-?js.'l 50; CAULIFLOWERS. Long Isl
and. short cut, per bbl, |20f590; do long cut. $iysl SO:
do per crate. 7.V : do state, per bbl. $1 2.Vii't2; d.-> pW
bush basket. 50^75c; CORN, per 10<>. sOcosl 50 t:>'.< \
PLiANTS, Jersey, per bbl. 75c<a$l: ,<o per basket. MO
flOe; do FlorMa, per carrl- r. $1 50®$l 7.". HORSE
RADISH, per bbl. $3@s7: LETTUCE, state, per basket.
IOC091; do Buffalo. per box, 15q\W- do other
state. per box. lOcOil: LIMA BEANS. Jersey,
potato, per basket. Tsc<9s] 25; do Lou Island and
Jersey, potato, per bas. «0.-^sl 25; do Jersey, flat,
per basket. S0«75o ; do Lonir Island an 1 Jers. y, rlat. per
bag, 40Q75c; MT'SHROOMS. hothouse per lb 10©7.V
ONIONS, white pickle, per basket. $igs2 00; do Jersey.
white, per basket. 7.Vfisl 25; do yellow and red 7Bc«J
$1; do Connecticut, white, per bbl. S2SOOS4; do state,
white, per basket. Jliijl *iO; do state and Western white.
p.-r crate. Jl-ijl 25; do yellow, per ban. $1 25«*1 80; do
< >ra::K.- County, red and yellow. per bag $1 25g$l 50:
OKRA. Jersey. r^r 100. $1 .WJ,i;;. do EHorida, i>er basket.
fl sTi9s2; OYSTER PLANTS, per 100 bunches 14«$o;
PUMPKINS, per bbl. 75c/a*l; PEPPERS. Jersey Veen!
p»r lar&e bbl. $1 50^$2: do per small bbl $I©*l n0
PKAS. Southern, per basket. $lgsl r.O RADISHES,
n»arb> - per 100 bun.-ho«. 7.V"'rsl ; RHfBARB. nearby.
per 101) bunchen. $1 Mk9s2; STRINCJ BRANS Virginia,
irreen. per basket, 60990 c; do wax, 25cf?$l: do Baltimore,
Kreen. .'.rlS^Oc: do Jersey, (tree.n. p<r basket 50978 c do
wax. 29c951; do Lontr Island and Jersey, creen. per hug.
r.0,,-,-. do wax. 25(^76c: SQUASH, marrow per bbl. Tse;
do whltß, 75c@$l r,o. do yellow crookne^k. 76c«*l 25
PPINACH. per bbl. 50975 c; TOMATOES. .Jer«ey per box.
i'.'S'Sc: do pel small basket. 30940 c; TURNIPS Canada,
n;t:io;i«ca. r( . r bhl. $t 28911 .17: do Jersey and T^r.R I>l
and. rutabagn. Jl', ( sl 25; ,i . whit*. JI 75*042 28 WATER
CRESS, per 100 bunches. 75c95l 2S
Chicapo. Oct. 12— CATTLD— Receipts. 1 000 head: mar.
ket weak: beeves. 149(735: cows, *1 fiO«gsr» 40; Tflxans.
$3So<jist {R>; ralves, |5 sOesß Westerners, $4tfsrt 15;
etockers «ri<l feeders. $2 604J54 .s."i. HOGS Receipts, 14.
000 head; market 5 to 10c lower: light $(1 3>^J6 "JO;
mixed, *«25fi$ttl)r,: heavy. t«OR9|B9O; roush i<\>:<ri>
$6 30; pigs, S3 409*6 <K>; bulk of sales. I*s ut*tsH 70.
SHEKP Uecelpt* 2.000 head; market steady: native.
$3995 60; Western. $3915 »W>: yearllncs. $6 50<g $tj 25;
lua.bs. 56957 35; Western. $.v.i57 -to.
East I'.uffnlo. Oct. 12.— CATTLE— Receipts. 400 head;
mark"' steady. VEAI M I: celp ■ 300 head; acttve an.l
2r>c lower, at SS9SH7S I1O(»S — Receipt*, 6.500 head;
10 to auc low. ■ actl • on good slow on common; heavy,
$718917 23; mixed. $7 -J", .-•:•'.<' Yorkers. $7 10® $7 25;
piKB, $o£s©J«3<>. roughs. $5 7."ifisß 25; dairies. $6500
$7 10. SHEET AND LAMBS— elpts. T.OOO hea she«ji
active and steady: laroba dull and 29c lower; lamb 3. $...n
$7 5O; yearllniTß. $."i 75958.
Cln-innatl. Oct 12.— HOGS — Mark»r *low; butchers'
and shippers', $7957 15: itnmon, .v"..i.«r. 45. CATTLB
— Steady to strong; fair to Rood snippers'. S3®sSßft;
common, $2053. SHEEP— Steady, at KS25&$5; lambs
easy and Blow. $KirS7 25,
Kansns <lty. Oct. 12. — -Receipts, 10.000
head, Including 3.000 Southern; market steady: eholee
export and dressed beef steer*, $6G$7: fair to gooJ,
$4 80ft (5 75; Western steers, $3 755>5565; atockera and
feeders. $3<tfs4 8n ; Southern steers, (3 '.■'. iJI 80; South
ern cows. S2 25-&S4 2S: nativn cows, $225ii54 '0;
native heifers. $3«55: bulls. $3 75; calves, $:i .'."•/
$7: receipts for the week. 81.200 bead HOOS—Re
ceipts, 2.000 bead; market steady to f>e lowei top.
J6 52H; bulk of s:.|es. $6 30&56 45; heavy, $6 20« i
JSS.I; packers. $62595845; piga and liphts. $tt 2"
Cns7 47H: receipts for the week. 41.000 head. SHEEP
— Receipts, 1.000 head; market steady; lamt'S. $•'.-■"■ t
$7 40; ewes nn>l vearlltißi". J4 7.' '■;s.*> : Westeri year
lings. (5 25«i$a«0; Western sheep, $4 .'.Ofr $.'..'.(); ■■ 1
ewes, (3 r.i Ji 25; receipt* for the week. .'>7..MM> head.
Liverpool. Oct 12.— • •!:.».': WHEAT— Spot nominal;
future stea.l- : December, Bs (IT»<1: March. ,-v 7Vj<l: May.
8s ♦S'iid. CORN— Spot firm; prime mixed Amcrl as,
.".a 10** d; futures quiet; Oci b*r, .'*< i"' »'t; Januar> - .
5a TVi. PEAS Canadian whi ■ no *tock. FLOUR —
Winter patents strong;. «ls f>J. ROSIN — Common nrm.
10a 9d. HOPS — In London (Pacific Coast), steady, £2 10*
<i)l3 lo*. BEEF— Qctra Ir.iia rr.»'«s steady. B?s6d. >XX
— Prime mess Western gut.u -t. 7s7 s * '■» 1 HAMS — Short cut.
14 to ia tb. st ng Sis '•! BACO.N Cumberland cut,
i''J t.. B0 rt>. strong 56* (1,1. short rib. 16 to "4 tt., ntron»;.
OS3; li-ng cloar Diddles, lltjht. ;> to -'-i rf». strong.
.V.« fti: lone cic.ar middles, heavy, M t.-» 40 n>. •trtmjr.
R4«; Rhort clear backs I<> to so n strong; ... clear
bel!l««. 14 to IS lb, ctea.iy. ■■!<. SHOULDKRS— S<iuar*. 11
t.. I.T lt>. linn, «7s Sd. LAUlv— Prime Western, lit tierces,
strong. 475: American refined. In pal!«. n'runn. 47h 64
CIIEESB — Canadian finest wblte, new. mrcng. 82a «<r. «."a
ria.limi finest colored, new, ftron*. (J3.-4 6d. TAU/)\V —
Prime city dull '-■>» M: Australian, in London. »tca.ly.
:n* 4'».1. T' RPKNTIN'H steadr. 36a Bd. In
TROLEUM— Refined firm. 7'«J 1.1N.-i,i. OIU- Firm,
r«:« 3<t COTTONSEED OIL-Hull r«-line.l. spot. dull.
-\ ■ .
> -
;.i i
To I.ef for Business Purposes.
?»TH if AYE." CORNER stove -I-M »t., leasehold, xuital.le
♦ ) f..r !llHinr»>.
VI>VKr.TISi:MKNTS anil subscrtltlons tor The Tribune
. \ received at their Tptown Otflre, No 1364 Broadway,
between S«Jth ar >l :iTth sta . nil 1 ;♦ o'clock p. m Adver
tisements received at th» folUiwln^ branch ortV.-n at
r^Kttlur office is-?.— uuni - : • ■. k j> in., via.: "."»« >>: .
aye. » c cor. Zliti »t.: IT." 4th aif . cr TJth >t.: UJ P^*t
HtU hi. Z'.~ We*l 4il bt . l.fU.-:-. Tth snxl Ml ayes.;
:>;:» West liT.th »t . ixi^ a.i avo; between 78th and 77th
*!». ; 1U26 ."!<1 me . near 61»l ; 170* Ist aye.; li'-ar teUiii
«t.; 1.'.7 Kaal 125 th »t : 7.'* i Treraonl aye.; 690 3d aye.
Country Property for Sale.
1 »KArTIWI. W'ATl'n FKi >N" <.n North Miore. Iw-i
I"> i>un el*, eoasistins of 30 mi-l N> h.-rv.*; gnind oppor
tunity for investors or speculator. IIKNRY LOCKWOOD,
WO FlatbUßh are.; Brooklyn.
Unfurnished Apartments to Let.
\. ■•!,:>• i M VACANT.
• 3"ft iXmvenl "%•• . corner ll'ith -« ; beautifully
,le.-..rat!-.! ai artm-tit. i-v-n rooms and battt; ail hardwood
• V,,, „*..!t i. nallv h^h'. every modern \ Improvement :
r e»r.:" v-. ■nl POCHKR, •-' U". Mth *t

I;.".I»KKKi:riU Th.t.'iiklil> <iu«!i:-.! \
It.. Box 4. Tribune OfnVe.
CASHIER -Klri-t c;a>«- references; e\|."rl
ence.l Mitch.-!;. 1«7« l>-xiiigt»-n :»v<-.
bßlVEß.—Touns 'I-"- -' „"" , ,',!, rl '.r,i"
■Inrle or .it.uM*-: *'j y»r* n!t!i '-n't ""
ploy"?! !•. Prebert. •;:• Oarfi'M IMa.-r
IiI.IVKK. »'-.- By younc mnn; or nt nnv
thlin: i'hiirl"« Siegfried. "1 Hretnen f t.
Hro. klyn,
KCItOI'KAN UITYBR A Kli'd" roung
man of •■!». >villi t- ii "l^r' 1 ""^*; *"
biivw lii ot f the larsmu wholesole hou^s
In U,- count rv. havlni! JUSI retwrm.i fronj
Kumw iind hi- .•..iiiin.-m. la desirous <>.
conn^tlnß°wlth an old estobll*h«l house,
and offers for >"»r «-"»»»lderHtU.n^o_gO|to
any Kurot*an i"r' ■»• buyer for six montns
"f.i,.: ve-.r onexpenw only; having gain*!
your ccnii.iencf and having proved.my sln
.-.•in-.. Integrity and ahlllty.iwe ■hall.then
i>e in a sttion '■■ dlscusa futur- business
„,nn.ct|.»n.-< liiv-ttuatc AiMr-" .»'>hn >.
RtKhunnan. 17--' riyi • »t.. Urm.lilyn.
KN.;iNKi:i: an-i MMIUNI.^T I'liM cl.i f H
llcen»» and r-f-r.ii.es; thoroughly undei
stim.is Ice machines. Corliss engine*. dyn«
Jnoa-Vran do .11 repairing. 2H« Italtlc si..
r\,;ivii:i: i .i.-ii.l.-.! experlenc« In re
* frii!»T-itii,n. (team ;uvi clrctrlcal iri-.-n
plants and appurtenant *s; mechanic; tem
pVrai marrlcil :ir.. .Imj. •' " Sheridan.
i-j.i Fran! |tti hvo.* Mrooklyn.
KN<;iNK.i:i:> assistant.— No l«ens»;
tour >e;iis" , rlem-e In lnrK>- plants;
understand' enttlne* dynamos. lc« ina
ct.ln.-^ hydraulic and rtectrlc elevators;
u0...| ...I-,. l:m: l» «t references; uk« 18.
Btlgberg. 130 KnM ll»th Kt.
i-Ni;im:i:k — Rellsbl« and sober; firm class
references; Spanish licvibe; would loc*
nfter machinery or act a* oiler If nothing
••I^*-; hands huui l*nca» Bilbao, IS Stats
St.. Brooklyn
ENUINEEh —B> Swede. 3*>; no license;
good machinist; under tandi •teamfltttna;:
nlllitiK to •!.. tiling. Aug. Nelson, car.- of
S. A. Trlres, North Hav««i, Conn.
ELECTRICIAN'S 11H5I.PKH — Two years'
uxperlenc own toolt . Krai.k S.-liloes^er.
f,2H Columbus aye.
ELEVATOR RUNNER Olncf building I
passenger. freUfht; low pressure boiler;
g. m] references, George Myers. rare Smith.
l«7 West Slst st.
FIREMAN experienced: with good r»f*l
etiCf. 540 Wesl sHth st.. Oarnklrn.
FIREMAN. exi>erlenced; with good refer
ence .',45 West f.iMh St.. Scon venn.
FIREMAN. Bi Oarman, oiler; knows his
business: reference. i;hrlt,h rare Wels,
214 l-asl I'-'i'.th st.
FIREMAN, engineer's assistant, .lier or
small plant, own firing; steady position;
references. Orahn. b2 Kast loth si.
GRADUATE NUKSK wishes posit lon to
travel abroad with patient. IV o Boi
644. Cincinnati. Ohio
F:\iierlenced cateier; wife as ho«js)skaspar:
open for enisagenient In club, homl or First
clans apartnwnt bouse; best references: out
of town or rlty. Address or call A. C. J..
412 West 23d st.
LAWYER of experience desire* place with
estate Interest; references. Address a.
8.. Box 8. Tribune Office.
MACHrNIST. — Well up In all kinds of au
tomobile work; first class reference from
last •mriloyer. Tlaynes. 4fl Prospect st..
MACHINIST an.s toolmaker. At; can fur
nish first ciaiia references.' JLddjeM
l_iiiU Tim — *". «M TliUcii •*•>
Autumn Resorts.
YORK- »*w_iOK*. ■'
A beautiful hotel with every modern ronvenlenc*. Built for warmth and cow for- heat •*
For West Point and Mewburgh.
Leaves FBANKLIN bT.. bUNOAYa. » A. ii . MTJwR
j«oTii st 9:30 A. M.
ReturninK. l#ave» NEWBURGH O P. M.
Round Trip 90c. Dinner served on board. 50e.
OK4M.K L.\KE I'AKK open for the summer A
heaut'lfui lJik«. situated six miles from Newbursa.
Klvlnic excursionists a (l-li«htful trolley rld« throuirh
"he country All amusements In th« Park. Trips
ivSry?en minutes. Excursion tlr-ket. New York to
Orantee V« k€> «1 10 Ticket* sold on steamer
Special ratea and ticket a.-riin«-ement»
Pally Round Trip Tick'ts ONLY $l«.a"
Ct 14th— Brooklyn Day Tour o.M. 3rt.ort
Oct" Slsi Combination Old South Tour ONLY 57...0
Descriptive ' Ircular nailed free. Address or 'phon*
343 Fulton St.. or 125» Broadway. Brooklyn.
Dslly texc-pt .Sunday) by Palace Iron Day Lln«
«teanier» "Hendrlck Hudson." "New York." and
"Albany." B'k!yn. Fulton St 'by Annex). 8. Destro»»e»
fit.. 8:40. W. 4.M St.. 9:00. and W 12»th St.. 9 20 A M.
Rtturnlnit on down boat. .lii»> 42d St.. 5 30 P. M
O by the Board Water Supply at the office of
the Becretarr, -• ' Broa.lway. New Y"-k City. Room,
•.ill Ninth floor, until 'J P. M on Tues.lay. October -'■».
1007, at which time and place the Mil* will *M pub
licly openeil and read. the award of th« contract, tf
awarded, tn t.e made as soon thereafter a« practicable,
for tii<- construction of a two story aa attic orflc<»
building to be located near Hich Falls. Marbletown
township, Ulster County, New York Pamphlet con
tain Information for bidders, specifications, etc..
and a pamphlet of contract drawing* can bo" obtained
at Uoorn 1515 at the Hbov« address by depoatttaa the
•urn of tive dollars ,s;,.iin f.,r each pamphlat. For
further particulars see City R-cord.
.1 EDWARD SIMMONS. President.
H i'l of Water Sjpp!y.
.1 WAI. Imi SMITH. Chief Kn*:nf«T
X Uwpartniiriit. Office of the CDnatructlns yuartrr
master, N'-w London. I'cnn., October 11. ISWl Sealed
liroposa'a for furnishing all .-• rial am! labor necessary
an'l king a aIX-iBCb tubular well at Fort Terry. New
Y'oik. »r.l t.e received here Itll ll:3O A. 11.. November
11. 1907 anJ then ci)rn»-ii. Information furr.lsr.ed on
application. Envslo^ea vt.nialninK ;.rcpt«ala si; uiil Im
etiJorieii. ■■f > t'»i«»al» for Sinking a \v>ll al Fort Terry,
N. v.- and ssMrsased wujjam E. HORTOX.
C^apt.. Q. M.
Public Notion.
i\ District Westcht-ster — CATSKIU AQfE
•,!,■- SECTION NO. 1 —In th* matter of the application
and r^titt.m of J i: lwar.l Slninums. <-har!es A. Shaw an.!
Charles N. Chadwlek. conaUttttlng th« b. ard or Water
Su'i.ilv of the Cttjr "f New Tork. »0 a^ulr- n>-i! estato
r.r and on h-half of the City uf New York under «'harv
•. • T2* of th" t^-.ws of ISU6 and th^ acts ainen.lat..ry
(ti^ r ».,f. in the T"»"» "f lorktowa an! Cfartlaadt U"e->t
c!iei-!"r County. New Y"rk. for Uu {.ur^oae of rroviilns
un aJ.lltlnnal supply of j.are ml »hu!.»-.!a« water tot the
is r th. »'lt> Of N»w V.irk
H<T«r»ie Report of Ki»ar.| O Whltaker. William C. Kel
Ihkk in.l Art hut W I.H»r>nr». who were a;.po;nrcd Com
nlml..r\u» of Apurals-il In the above mtitl^.l b .tr» r by
■it order of this Court made .- a SdocUi Term thereof,
hel.l at t!..? <'o'irt l!nu»» »t Whf.- l'lalns. '.Veitchest.-r
Count) N V • Jsnuarj IDih. lim>;. «aa ttl«| tn the
office "or the Clerk of the Ccunty ol WestcbesUr on th»
ISth <la>- >.f Feptnntwr. '.'."iT. unl ulTttis I'aiwli Num
l.'.-r.i Forty- seven *47i. Korty-t.li UK>. anl Forty -risht
jl>) shown on th. map In iliia rr»K-ce!in«
SOTICB IS KURTHER GIVEN that an app'.toatlon will
b* rriH at » Special T.-rm ol the Supreme Orart of tho
*;tatf of New York, to »•*■ h«1.3 In and for the Nintn
Ju'll-I>l District, at th" Ju!»tl'-e"s I'lami^rs In the C::y
i>r N.-w Rochelle. \Ve**che«t« County, New York, on th«
iSth day of October. l'J-'T. at lt> o'clock in th* forenoon
of that "l.iV or a.* urnii Utereaftei *-• counsel nu> t«
beard, fur »n • >rU«T coaAmlntl cilil re^rt acj for su.h
rth^r anil further leilrf aa Day b-» Jast.
lu'i... N«.-w York. S<pte-i!« .'iith. \'.»>i.
Corn ration Counsel
.li of Records,
New York ■ ltr
Country Hoard.




I ' A I N T I N I I

. st
1 ll\ i
• I

■ . . , Mori B
: ! i-..
r \l\ i t.i- I'APKRH \N«;K!:. DECORATOR
Ilkh gradn work; hotels, estates, prl
vate houses; oily or country; largest Jobs,
lowevt prl-es c rator, ■'■<>- vv.st 4.".iti st
p. 'it hi or JANITOR.— CoIored; han.i\
■AI-! tooljt. William Patrick, 135 Prince
M.. Hr<K.kl>j>.
PORTKR "r DISHWASHER.— Bj .ol":e,i
man, -."• ulKbi or -'•••■ strmig, willing;
gnnd, permanenl position. Nicholas, 7— t
Kultnn >t . KrOf4clyD
PORTKtt.— Strlctly.sober man: hi^h. si ref
.TMi.cs i:,iv ii i I •..» id. 301 ■■-' i>:.th
St.", care Mrs. Ifc-unelly.
PORT in fuctory or store l:.ili''f
Blonda. 171 K.ist Kltth st.
MAN.-- Bj young colored man; int.lll
gent, Illln ! und ohli<lng: excellent i»-f«-r
encea, 1.,.! Kast loth at:, oar.- Janltrras.
Sl"i:riAl. OFFI»*EH wishes p'»lUon; bank,
theatre or any prlv.»t<- concern*; refer
ences; can glv.i bonils if desir.-,!; sobai and
Industrious J. Uenfelder. car« sll^.■^. t*
Wili.-tt »l
SECRETARY Colleic* gradual
real ability; three years' e<i.erirn.-. ;
ervnee* Vddro s r \. . li..\ I7J,
w . itw l. \ J
STENOGRAPHER, typewriter; 3 years'
experience; good refer#n<-.s; salarj $12.
A.1.1..-.— K. 8., lt»4 liast 14th sr
s \< \l'Hi:ic B*cll l.ci I- nn«
year ■ ex;M»rleiic.-; will t*> • iuml trnst •
worthy and otillglnu. personal refernnve.
Advertiser. 109 \\«.-t 1051 s:.
SIIIPPIN«J CLERI -impoit and domestic;
eight rears' »-»perienc»; married' not
afraid of hard work or lat.. hours; can
handle large *bipßi«nta Barenti. 4im7 .-^
aye.. Utooklyn.
STRWARP, *• —By Oermaa man and
wife: In club; man aa steward; wlf.- good
cook and housekeeper; .''\ or country; man
IB years In hotel and re«ti<uront business
[• j Jlennann. 121 E>ist 25th St.
TINNKR.— < -..pTi.-i tinning ami blacksmith'
stradv work P. Marpe. 3-t.i i; r ,>\.- st '
TYPIST (competent) desires ropy to tran-
BCrtb* at home; English or Spanish- ser
mons. MS3., f< -n> letters, etc.; ntrtctlv pri
vate; ■atlsfuctlon guaranteed: terms* very
• monable. A. 11. C., Rox 14, Tribune Of
TUTOR, ivdurnhla student will take
obarg* of an 1 tutor children i>i prepara
tory school subjects durlnij afternoona nr
evenings. Address Student. Tribune) Ud
town Office. 1364 Broadway. *^
ladles; one as tutor in German lanaraam
or governers. the other aa travelling- com
panton or helper. Address Mlsn B NVuen
dorff. 24 S Ten Kyck st.. Watertown N V
WATCHMAN— By young man. 28: serious.
honest: be« references as night watch-1
man; hotel, factory, building, etc Dn*ck*i
BRONXVII.I.E. We<tchester C«.. V y
Th» mnit delightful h»-iltb ard pleasure reson
New York. N« and modern; <-.mplete In sverydJSJ
of servli-a and eq'iipm«>nt: 2r!O rooms- i->n - T**—
baths I^rgre piazzas enclosed la class for mt? U
Refined and exclusive patronage. w wtar.
30 mln. from Grand • entral via Harlera IM, v ■«. "1
80 trains daliy. Send for booklet. ■■• <»
J. J. LANNIN CO.. Proprt.tora
A magnificent kagtl class modern HoUL la th»
garden spot or Lons Island: refined, quiet, exctaatML
Ltasg distance telephone in every room. New . " £
carto restaurant Only 13 miles from, N. Y.
j. J LAN NIN CO. Proprietors.
—^-^— —^^—^^^_^__
4 DALENA. 53 AND 17 .s..pi,TH BP.GADWAY. TOS
■«■'*- rwr:t:.-. — Newly de<orat»-d rooms; nrnelisni taksi
trolley ta Kingsbrio,.*. subway; rates. (7 to t'J.
Dry mountain air. ur.surpasa«<l for invalids and crul
.!ren; sho-.ting. rt.2lnff. drlvirs, fishing: »:aii: boiue aap.
ties specialty.
All modern improvements. Shooting In seajon.
Eooklet W. J. ft M. D TRICE. iila—ls Pa.
Cr*sc\ D . L Ji W. TJirea hours from N»w York.
youne Irlsiunun: st«>a.l> John Browne 1 ,
l>th a»e .mrf Rutherford »'la.-c. Hath
Itrarh, far* 1 Mrr-, Sin-j'-.-n.
BirrLEß.— Thoroughly experienced; Just
r.'turn.-.l from Washington Oliver S.
\' »lker. 7*2 Pulton «'.. itnxwHn. car-Jen
nie p*ors,
man. »>. In hcf»l or club: refer
«nce; intelligent, raptibl . »i. r:« Ail
dress H. Bos llrt. Wappir.cer I-"ai:s. N. T.
•-1 .\.: man. outdoors* at anything. (X.
V . *:'l l).-an«' !«t . Hr>v>klvn
Y<»l"N<; MAN: #t»-a.l> ai:J willing; *'rk at
anythiiiK where there I* chance 1 for ad-
vHiicin. i:t. wages *12. Oswald Rood si
Concord st.. Brooklyn
rni'xo MAN. j, sto.k cterk in retail
stoic. department st.>re or wholesale
»'"i>'. or as ..utsiile nalesman. A. vv.-in
(tfin. It: tiunn-r aye.. Brooklyn
TOUNO MAN', coined. t.e.«t. willii and
obliging, wishes tp inak-' it changt- In. his
I-«'Mtl->n; a! pi*wnt mi'il.nM by nn* of the
t.jrge^i Jewelry hotwes in the country: hlen
fsi rvfrrpnrc from pmrm etnpleycTa; »lsi>
from iaw tirm nnd re.i! nttftt* deaW. AU
.h.sK \V. liunnovlUe, •_--■".» West C»d si
( ; MAN, ;M, »« driver. J. Jetter.
142 Central Parti Weet.
VOI'NC". MAN. ttslinn; s; oaks Kr. nch anl
little Kjirli.-!i: experienced 'n liq'ior ant
wlnr buslnrss: "■>rk at ar> thing. 8.. l~>x
II i.iT West "7th st
VOIINII >! \.N 2V ».>ekt> i»i-«iiion where
Intelligence, trustworthiness and ambition
i«i» •-scntlal: Prst city r«fertn'»>!«: In •or
oul of tnwn ' i.:aiii>. 112 Eldridge »t
TOUJCG MAN. t;4: speaks Gorman; p».sltlon
\»lti. adv. i iu . -111^111 ; ai references; knowi-
Mlge of biM.kk.eplng. »*. W. L.. 049 Uu»h
uhk aye., Brooklyn.
'i"i \i; MAN. wltk aaxM-riene* with pub
ll.-hl:., house, collect e.lucation. desires
position arher. capable work will b^ appre
lated Address Jrnnlnga, MOB \\ . m uoth st.
YOr.Nt; MAN. --Ueneraliy useful fou hours
morn . istx .laysi; $."> weekly. R. i»..
can? Schmidt. T.Srt Columbua ay.
COMPANION. *c— By ret".ned. educated
lady, of Northern birth, of go»>d business
i-upni'lty. as i oanpanl m. or hue-: position
of trust; excellent references. AdJresa
B. l». C. 1717 I:, kens ft.. Columbia. a C.
CCLTURED I.Al>l of middle I if.- would
i. ike i-hargo of yung jrlrl. «r siii-.llar po
. ti, ii. not in«-iih»l; referenrea e.xchangetl.
n H.. •--.» Stanw..od Road. East <leve!and.
KREM'II LESSONS by Varislan yowaa
iHdy; dipla s. t >!ect pupl!» only. Mils
lie H . 138 \\.->t 14th <t.
(3OWRNISS —By experienced Fren.h
lady: resident or visiting: four languages;
best nf***fi*B. liox llit» Tribune OiHce.
OOVERNEBB. — A la.l> wishes to peace her
experienced l-v»-n-h governess; wllllne to
take fuli charge of children; H years' beat
reference*. Address Mile.. 2i> HaiTtsoa
aye., M..nte!a!r. N. J. 'Phone 594 J
OPERATOR .>n prhraU . switchboard by
ro«Bg Im.lv >-«t reference %n< i experi
ence. S-chr<W«r. ::i>7 -r.-s.ent st . Hklvn.
ADVERTISEMENTS and aub*crlptlnn for
Th« Tribune received at their Uptown
Office. No. lai'.t Broadway, between ."tith
and 37th sts.. until » o'clock p. m. \d
vertlaements received at tha following'
branch offices at regular office rates until
8 o'clock p. m.. vlx. 28-j Hth a\-e.. a *
cor. -•■"..I st.: i;.n (hh aye.. cor. 12th at • 8"
Kast 14th St.; 237 West V.M st.. hetneon
7th and Sth avea.; JtU W«st 125 th St.; 13;ts
Sd aye., between 76th and 77th ata.; lC"a
3d aye., near 61st et.: 170S Ist »v».. neat
80th St.; 137 East I'JSta «M 75S Tnunont
Autumn Resort*.
Now Open.
D. P. SIMPSON. A»st. Jl*».
Hotel ar : Sanatorium- ' •
Atlantic City.
Eleirar.r stone, brick i.n.'. steel buildlar
Always oj>en. Always Ready.
Alwsvi Busy.
UN fSSI rlvvutii>o. Open nil tho year.
\Mttn. Eaths. More and Scenery nowhere cqiuiitd
bPECiAL nku YORK ornrii
«h»r» •»ct.r«.: ticke-n. Pu'.lrcan rvservattoss sill
•p- l.»: !nfornuitlon n:ay b« obtained.
m IlO«t?>TE.\D. ifodern HlgM-cias* Hot»l
The Chesapeake & Ohi* Railway
allows «top-<iver at Covtnston. Va,. on throuxn.'bck»ta
to Cincinnati. l»eails»Hls. Chics***. St. Lou.» aad O»
Wtn lor s*d« trip to Virgtsla Hot fprlnca.
Pullma:: coir.partra-nt car. via Waahingion. '«•«••
N. V 4..V> p. m.. arrU-» Springs 8:35 a. in.. Eastern
tt.T.r Kxcursloc tickets and Pullman --.4:los*
•t C * O. uAUea. 3CJ BrcaJway and S*3 PltU A»»
au«. also aO< lvn::a. R. K. and concerting Unea
FKt;i> STCRKV. MaiugiT. Hj! 3*j*t*SJßj Va.
I'.KTAKY —By a tturoughly r»:i»bl»
j Rentleworm:i ••* siirtMsriil experience a
! toawlk cowans and th- training a» chil
dren; ihf .-:ire of a ■ttaw'l housefc vi cr
', ,ilic* as companion an', secretary to . Nc.'
i invalid. laiij ef ser.tlenwn of litKVT
! tHSt--s: nicest tn.!^rw?.nents. Mrs. H- K«rtu
7 Montagu* Terra, c. Brooklyn.
STENOGRAPHER. Knjl'.sh: also Frenca*
high s<.-!iool education. rxr*n ■•r?rKT\\.ir.
refined, ob.is'ng: **•« references. Jll»»
Lowcnkron. 140 Ha\em#y?r »t.. Brooklyn.
STENOGRAPHER.— \T«D educated CSrl»
tlan voun? lariy desire* trustworthy ps
sition, four years" experience: rapid and *»
rur.»te; eie»":>ni refersnce*. Miss Hill. »•
Mst St.. Brooklyn.
STENOGRAPHER.— CsW as stenograph
beginner; willing to work. Ad<ir*s» 43T
New Jersey avc . Krcii»lyn
STENOGRAPHER, typewriter, knowls«s»
■'f bonickeepir.n; good references ••
last place: salary $-i to Ji>. Kraft. *■»
Hancock St.. Urooklyn.
STENOGRAPHER. Remlmctoa operator!
thoroughly comr-eter.t an.i experience*
•Vslres ilowatnwn position: best refarencM.
salary. $10. G.. 152 South Elliott Plac*
' Brooklyn.
STKSOOKAPHER. — Brlgftt. mttamik
well sdwravted woman, possessing » tbor
ottEh knowledge of the English langra*».
r.nnbin.d with fly» years" experience
st^iv'Kra'.'hor and typewrttist in eltctrf:*>
work, manufacture of *heet n «Tal gooc*.
etc.. destr*-* responsible, taai it:v» I»
sttton. . ■t!:»tr. 140 A L«x.:ißtoo ai*W
.•onipetent: ft •."«' experience: aceur»t*
neat; tt'vxl appearance; wall educated. *•
Mahlyttdt. N Van Buren St.. Brv>lclya- _.
BUOKKKLTKH. — ye*r»* e-ipeiH***
in vatrnt law correspondence, looklaz aft*»
record and account books and afllaa iaUA
mork P.. ."■!>» L«-ni>x »v». ~
STENOGRAPHER — By youn*T tody; tw»
years' business expeiiene*: position ws*f*
there Is Kocd opportunity for *Jvanc*n>*t
hithest references from present ecsploy»f»»
wanes *12 to start. E. il.. Box 30k lllu*""
Qglce. ■
STENOGRAPHER. tyrewrtter. ss*B»»»*
bookkeeper; wood penman: accurate. •■?
l>«-rten-ed; referen.es; SlO. Reynold* *■»
Charles st. , . _
By younc rlrl: s!x months' •xpar'«a^«
salary $.1. Miss BerghauMr. 80S Ralp* ••
Hroi'kljn. — .■
Tl'TOR.— An experienced publlo *****
teai-her. visiting tutor, morning "°T"y
elemental, advanced Kr.icltsh, matt»*inSJ*»»»
literature, college preparatory; high—* T«
erencea. Address Successful. 1360 3-i aT *T
TEACHER.— By North German cessaj
Braduate Hanover. Parla); fluent Fl^^
and German; Kngllsh branches; f**" rri
■Ie: hlshest reference* from »Ch<J<''»_i?"
families. Address Successful Teaci«r. vn»
une> I'ptown O:!lc. 13*4 Broadway. __^
VISITING GOVERNESS.— Afternoons :<*&
petent. experienced: French. o r^TT
music: excellent city references: ■»•••■■■»
3H.-! West I2sth st. __' i j_
ADVERTISEMENTS and ■üb^rlpaojj**
Th« Tribune received at their *-"':!;.
Ofßce. No. 13M Broadway, between SB«
and 37th ata.. untU » o'clock p. ■»■ JJv,
vert!sements received at ta« a^^g»
branch oißcea at regular ofHca raws «»»••■
8 o'clock p m . rll. : 264 Sth «•?■• *: gf
cor. 23d St.: 153 6th aye.. cor. I2th .«••":
Ka»« l*th St.; -JS? West 43d «t-. tttv CZ*
7th and Mh ayes.; 2«3 W«a* UMk St.; J^J
3d aye.. betwe«u 76th and TTia »«*■- JT.
Sd aye.. near 6lst st.: »W Ut A'^r^JJT-
B»th st.; 137 E*»t 12»th «l; 734 »•■■"
KM C6O M »»» '

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