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whit\!-:y \ras points.
Hearing on Democratic Convention
Muddle Goes on in Boston.
Boston, Oct. 12.— The "Whitney faction won two
favorable rulings from the Ballot Law Commis
sion, which Is engaged In the ta*=k of adjudicat
ing the contest In the # Democratic ranks ocoa-
Floned by tho turbulent convention last Satur
day at Springfield in the course of William S.
McNary*s continued testimony shortly after the
bearing opened to-day. The Brst of these rul
inga brushed arfde the objections raised by coun
sel for Mr. Uartlett to having the witness de
clare in lisjtliiisij that he knew the convention
sttcers were Bartl?tt supporters.
Ti •• second ruling came on a question put to
Mr McNary as to what was customary in past
years in selecting convention offlriais. when,
despite stron* protest from the Bartlett counsel,
he cited a contest for the Governorship nomina
tion several years ago between William A. Gas
ton and 1 hsxles F. Hamlin, when the commit
tee on credentials was then made up of mem
bers of both factions.
Mr. Parker, counsel for Mr. Whitney, In mak
ing a plea to the commission when the Brst ob
feetion was raised, maintained that it was nec
ssamry to show •rbether Mr. Klley. as chairman
of the committee appointed to selecl a list of
«onvention oAclals, acted in »ood faith In look
ln after both aides or In bad faith by being pav
tisan in his choloa. .
Mr. M.-Nsry told of aeveral conferences wnloii
he had bad v.ith Jolm P. Feeney and Daniel J.
Kiley. of the state committee, previous to th<»
convention, and bow strongly he had urged
them to arrange for convention officers who
woald bs acceptable to both the Whitney and
Bartlett supporters. None of these conferences,
Mr. IfcKary said, resulted in any compromise,
and Mr. Kil<\v tsisted on betas temporary ehalr
man of tlio invention.
Mr. McNary then related his eKpwrlence« In
trying to obtain admission t.. the theatre. Two
tickets wen Issued tn exchange for his creden
tial, a pink mr for admisaton and a blue one for
voting purposes. When once Inside he found
the orchestra partly Oiled, and he recognized .1
numb of sa*e« froi 1 Boston, naif of whom,
he ftdcicd, appeared to him to be second class
pugilists. He then told of Chairman Feeney's
call to order and Mr. Keliiher's announcement
that there- were still a number of delegates in
lin# outside.
Mi HeKarj said that lie nominated Mr. Conry
;is temporary chairman, but that Cliairmun
Feeney recognized another man who proposed
the *anie name. Kiley's name was then pre
sontod as a substitute and Mr. McNary de
manded a ballot. Mr. Feeney. he added, was
looldag al him at the time, but refused to rec
• ijrnize him and called i<ir a volco vote. He
put the ■ , y, >•.•■ but, declared the witness, did
not |.;,i the "noes."' .Mr. McNary doubted the
V'it<>. and ngaln demanded a roll call, but the
chairman icnored the protest and declared Mr.
Kiley elected.
Mr. McNary said he then went back up tlie
aisl<>. and, mounting a seat, addressed the dele
) cates about him. declaring they were not getting 1
! fair treatment, and calling upon them to take ,
! some action.
j Nomination papers were taken out at the of- j
: fice of the Secretary of State to-day by repre- I
| sentatlves of General Barrett. ' It is under- I
J etood that In case the Ballot Commission should I
j decide that the ticlcet htaded by Henry M.
; Whitney Is a rr-jjular Democratic ticket General
! Bartlett and those nominated with him for other
; rtato offices will run on nomination papers. It
[ls expected that the Whitney supporters will
' take similar action.
Do you want to have a voice in the selection '
lof a Republican candidate for President? You
cannot vote at the Presidential primaries in the :
I spring unless you register and enroll as a Re
publican this fa!!. Register! Register to- j
May Review Record of Candidate for Gov
ernor on Day After Election.
Chief Justice Gumniere, in the Bnprams Court
Circuit in Kewark. S. J.. yesterday ilcned an or
'-. <ser directing William Rikt-r. the Supreme Court
<-!erk, to show cause why a writ of mandamua
; should not issue empowerirg Alden Freeman, of
j Kr.st Orange, to inspect the records of that court
with reference to the disbarment proceedings
brought in 588 C against John Franklin Fort, ex
; Supreme Court justice and Republican candidate
; for lovernor, an<! Joseph A. Beecher. of Kewark.
Tiie order la retarnable on November 6. the day
nfter election.
Harry Campton. of Mewark, aa counsel for Mr.
Freeman, made, tii- application. He was opposed
. by Attorney General Bobert H. McCarter, who had
I sj#afsei tna Buprams Obort clerk not to allow
the East Oranpe man to see the court records.
j>rorc Mr. Fort became the nominee for Gov
ernor Itr. Freeman attacked Chandler \V. Riker.
who was mertltir.ed as a 'andidate for the an me
; ffP.i-f. Mr. Freeman aociw.] Mr. Riker of having
faftwl as Vrosecutor of the Pleas in Essex County,
: in produce In court evidence upon which trolley
rompany ofliciala were Ik- 1 responsible for the
: i'lifton avenue trolley crash, which cost the livoa
;of nine school children in IKQ. Mr. Freeman failed
: Ir an effort tr> ? aye the minute* o* the prai.d Jury.
! *>f whieb i» •«■»?= a Kember, inaiie pubtte. He then
' directed att*r.t!r;n to the disbarment proceedings
of Mr. Fort and Mr. nrnchrr. and ma-ie appllca
; lion to the Bu] '"me Court clerk for the records to
! ]'■••• the Mserttons he had made.
: Clerk Hlkt-r declined to produce the "records, and
< Hie Attorney General later authorized him to re-
J 1 te an uMpeetioai ■>* the books. Mr. Freeman is
I <halrman of the county committee of the Citizens'
i Independent party of Essex County, end aa such.
' appeared in court yesterday.
; Judges Edward T. Bartlett anl Willard Bartlett
» will receive formal notification of their nominations
• for the Court of Appeals by the Republican State
1 Committee n Albany at 11:30 o'clock to-morrow
, morning. Tiie committee of notification will be
j headed by Senator Alfred R. Page. Reuben R. Lyon
■ and John T. McDonough, the candidate of the
j Independence League for das Court of Appeals
[bench. vri:i be. officially informed of their nomina
tion in this city some day this week. The exact
'time and place have not been determined.
j Ex-Assexablyman Louis Abrams lias been named
>«v Change of Grade Commissioner by Mayor McClel
lan, at $3,000 a year. He takes the place of Com
jmis«loner Bailey, who died. Mr. Abrams haa op
tjo?cd, successively. Isaac A. Hopper. Peter A. Hen
oltieka and William Wrigl.t for the leadership of
'the Zlst Assembly District. He was defeated each
• time, but the appointment ls believed to be a re
«rard for loyalty to the Mayor.
• Local Independence League nominees called on
: "William R. Hearst at his home, on Lexington ave
ttua> yesterday afternoon. Remarks were made by
Melvln G. Paillaer. Nathan Vidaver and others. Mr.
i Hearst said he was greatly Interested In the buc
ceas of the ticket and would personally do all he
•could to Insure victory at the polls. He eald he
>*rould make as many speeches as his time would
»yennlt and devoto much time to the management
*>f the Independence League campaign.
Water-town, M. V.. Oct. Stowell, of
Cape Vincent, has been named for member of As
sembly tn the Xat Assembly District of Jefferaon
ICounty. to yl*c«, of Jolm M. Fitzgerald, declined.
Repjbi.cans! Don't think because this ia an
••off year" your vote won't b« needed. Judges
•iiemblymcn, aldermen— ah deeply concerned
in the mak.ng of geed or bad gnv.rnment-.,,
to be elected. Do you v.ont good government?
Then don't fail to rtgnUr to-morrow. i t i.
General Sessions Candidate to Speak
Throughout County.
It waa announced yesterday that diaries S. Whit
man, Republican and Independence League candi
date for the General Sessions bench, v/ould make a
"rattling" campaign throughout every district in
the county. The Republican campaign committee
is also arranging to have the other Republican can
dldatea for the bench, with the exception of Justice
Bruce, apeak at meetings in all the districts. .Her
bert Parsons, president of the County Committee,
will not apeak from the public platform on account
of his official position.
In speaking of Judg* "Whitman's candidacy for
the Court of G?m-ral Sessions, District Attorney
Jerome naid last night: "Every decent citizen
should register and vote for Judge Whitman, If he
votes for no one else. This is a plain duty. If
Judge Whitman is not elected we will be deprived
of the services of a very upright and efficient pub
lic servant and a real public wrong will be done.
It Is true that he has been on the bench of the
General Sessions only three months, but In that
ahort time he has demonstrated clearly the wisdom
of Governor Hughes in selecting him."
William M. Ivins yesterday gave out a statement
in which he urged every foe of Tammany Hall to
t;et out and register. He said that a strong Re
publican majority should be returned to the As
sembly to assist Governor Hughes in his work of
reform and to work for the passage of many Im
portant measures that would come up at Albany
next atoter. Mr. Ivtna eald. among other things:
For a man to sulk at this time and throw sway
the Dossibilitv of voting, and thus produce comii
tlons whereby the Tammany representation wouia
le Increased, would be a great miafortune. We
know perfcfTlv well who controls the Tammany
<iele tior.. We kn..w perfectly well tha tha dele
gation acts practically as a unit in behalf of .ie
mubters of finance, whether Democratic or Rppub
s^^r^r iiifi
President Parsons spent most of yesterday di
recting the leaders In their efforts to get out the
registration. He said that all of the leaders with
the coeption of a few who had right along been
opposed to his administration were working with
a will for the success of the ticket.
Prank Moss sent a long letter to Mr. Parsons
yesterday In which he rather severely criticised
tho head of the county committee for making pub
lic the circumstances of tho talk Mr. Moss had
about ills possible candidacy for a place on the
General Sessions bench. Referring to his talk with
Mr. Parsons on the day before the convention Mr.
Moss wrote:
The City >'ourt waa not mentioned between us—
and not cue word was *aiil on tl."t 1 ." Question of
fusion Indeed, after I left you 1 doubted tho
truth of the rumor that you were entertaining
the protect — flrst, hwanso of ray admiration of
ludgroent and your s.'nst.> <<{ fitness, a;i<i, ■-■■<-
•c you bad good reason to know that I
v.:-.v ].« : -„i,;t nor. Kr;it;i to Mr. Henrsi Your ct>r
<M;ii consideration >•' my poßsihlo candidacy aeemi .i
tn rr.e inco s'stent with any tiosigi- t.> make •*■
fueion. In *uur portion as county chairman you
had occa«i«*o to know how bard 1 worked imci
spoka agairit ilr. Hearst in tha Kubernatnn.- ;
and how l labored to bring the BfcKltiley
to U*a front. It never entered ray mliul as
a poastbilitity thai tlie Independence League would
me as 11 candidate, and when you assured
me that you were considering carefully my candi
dacy I felt certain that fusion was not to be.
Scouts Report His Organization Exchanges
Indorsements for Money.
Bela TokaJl waa out yesterday looking for the
candidates of the Republican and Democratic r ar "
ties who had charged him and hla organisation
with exchanging Indorsements for money. He <iu
dared that hia non-partisan Municipal Ownership
League was the Simon-pure political reform niove
ment of Brooklyn, and that be and bis followers
were Inexpressibly shocked to think that any per*
Bon should alt. nipt to suggest that they would
dicker for candidates.
Tokajl yesterday filed a complaint with the Hoard
of Elections and the Secretary of State against the
j.'.titlon filed. by the Flaherty Municipal Ownership
League, which Indorsed the Republican ticket. He
lias discovered that the league is not incorporated
and objects to It using "Municipal Ownership
League" for Its name.
Democrats Fail to Nominate Candidate for
Mayor in Syracuse.
Syracuse, Oct. 32.— After casting seventy-four bal
lots with the f-;iuie result— twenty for J. 11. Chrya>
tal and twenty for F. K. Cullcn for Mayor the
Democratic city convention at Oswego adjourned
last night at 12 o'clock without making a nomina
tion. The time for fiiinp oertMeates of nomina
tions by parties having expired, there will be r.o
candidate for Mayor under th<» Democratio emblerii.
It Is said that i>i« factlona will run candidates
nominated by petition.
Fulton, X. V., Oct. IZ.— Both the Republicans and
the Democrats nominated ti-ket* last night for the
approaching city election. John Hunter v was named
for Mayor by the Republicans and Orrln 8. Bo
cardus by the Democrats.
Oswego. N\ V.. Oct. U.— The Pn.hibltlr.nlete of
Oswego last night rinminnted Alden W. Young for
You did not register yesterday? You meant
to do so, but forgot it. Well, there will be one
more chance. The books will be open to-mor
row from 7a.m.t010 p. m. If they close with
out your name you wil! have lost your chance to
vote. Register to-morrow!
University of ' North Carolina Celebrates
114 th Anniversary.
Chapel Hill, N. C, Oct. Thr> lUth anniversary
of the University Of North Carolina was celebrated
to-day In accordance with a long established
custom, the. day being observed aa a holiday. . The
students, 7GO strong, assembled in front of Alumni
Hall, and, headed by tho faculty and the univer
sity band marched to Memorial Hall, where
President Venabie made a short address. St. ("lair
McKelway, of Brooklyn, was tho principal speaker.
His subject was the present relations between the
North and South. It was one In which all uni
versity students aro greatly interested, and his
address was considered one of the best ever deliv
ered In Memorial Hall. Mr. McKelway spent yes
terday In Raleigh, visiting educational institutions,
and delivered two addresses to students.
• t
The Democratic County Committee Of Querns
met In I»ng Inland City yesterday and reorgan
ized. Joseph Bermel was elected president, A.
Vaughan secretary, M. J. Goldner treasurer and
Cornelius Burke. P. G. Mara. A- C. Hanklns and
J. R. Cronln campaign committee.

One Insane man threw himself Into the sea and
several others were ueized with the deadly berl
bfrt on the bark Foohng Suey, which arrived here
yesterday from the Hawaiian Islands. The suicide
was Charles Dyer, a seaman. He jumped overboard
on July 29. His body was not recovered. Tho
seven elck men were landed nt San Juan on Sep
tember 13. New men wero shipped In their places
and the Foohng Suey continued on her voyage,
stopping at the Delaware breakwater before com
ing to New York.
Louis P. Kooken, who said he was a real estate
operator and that he lived at No. 2113 North Park
avenub. Philadelphia, was arrested at the Fifth
Avenue Hotel yesterday afternoon by County De
tectives Flood and Fltzsimmons, of Mr. Jerome's
office. The charge . was that he had forged an ln
dorsement to a check for $25 on August 9. Kooken
will be arraigned in the Tombs court. He was a
partner of Ira J. Dutton, a lawyer at No. 220
Broadway. Dutton waa a passenger on the Brew
ater'a express which was wrecked on February 16.
He discovered yesterday that the check In ques
tion had been indorsed in his name. Dutton then
made the complaint. The extent of othar aileged
tucgena* not be«a 4aardad» - - - - - ;
Third Day of Registration Better
for Republicans.
The total registration in the city for the third
day yesterday was 48.130. a decrease of 10,676
from the third day ,i 1906. The total for three
days in the city ls 439.192, a decrease of 72,965
from the 1900 figures.
The registration In Manhattan and The Bronx
yesterday was 79.360, as compared with 84.6TS on
the corresponding day last year, a decrease Of 5.115.
The total for three days is 240.905, a decrease of
46,891 from the. 190$ finrures. For the most part the
Republican districts made a good showing, as com
pared wtth the, sharp slump in the first two days
this year. The 17th District, of which Abraham
Griujer Is leader, showed an inrrease of two over
the 19f>6 figures, making the totnl decrease for
three days 2,986. The lfitb, another strong Re-
I publican district, on behalf of which Senator Mar
• tin Saxe made such a strong protest against fusion
| nt the Republican convention. Bhowed a decrease of
I 1.460 yesterday and of a total decrease of 2.875 for
the three days. The 21st, another Republican dis
trict, of which Moses M. McKee Is leader, showed
an Increase of 10 and total decrease of three days
I of 1,933.
Th" largest Increase was In the 2Sd District, of
' which Colin H. 'Woodward is tlie Republican
i leader Tt was 453. Tha total decrease here for
i three days Is only 527. Other Republican districts
I stand ns follows: 19th. decreases of 101 and 1,434 for
] third day and three days; 27th, decreases of 490 and
! 2.S!*>: 2.", th. decreases of 173 and 2.186; 29th, decreases
' of liil> nnd 1.% i; 3lst. decreases at 240 and 1,380.
Some of the Tammany districts showed slight ln
: creases. but most of the*n showed decreases aver
: aging 200.
In Brooklyn the result of the third day was more
satisfactory, in so much as tha decreases from 19OJ
were not so large proportionately as they had been
lln the I'.rst two days. One. Republican district—
the 12th— actually showed an increase of 34 over
I 1h« third day in 1906. Them was a slump of Su4 In
; the 17th— a strong Republican district. The 11th—
Senator P. 11. McCarrrn's district— decreased 233.
Other decreases in Democratic districts were:
, Seventh, 178; Bth, 277; 13th. 218.
The Independence League tjavo out a statement
last nlglit saying that several mombors of the or
1 pnnization had received postal cards from th« Tar
n! many precinct captains addressed to householders
j who are not known at the places to which the cards
i were addressed.
Cards signed by Tammany captains have been
' sent men who have not lived in the places ad
dressed for at least the last twelve years.
The cards have been given to Hie authorities of
tha lu<letM>ndenco League, and agents of that or
ganisation promlso to investigate and, if possible,
trace what they assert Is fraudulent registration.
The registration for the third day and f'>r tn:ee
1 days compared with 1500 Is:
. _ r- Three day? -,
: A. D. lpiii 1907. 1906. . lt«>7.
'1 •" . 2.001 t.W.* 8,803 .".Ml
i - 2.170 2.1« 7.01S «l.i«M
I " 3,2t8 2,622 N.2-W 1.651
* - LBOO 1.002 S,SBU 4.tit.2
•' 2.sos 2.:\:>u 8.393 r..n<i
''■ 1.720 I .DM «:"71 C,tl>>
1 2.446 lUMS 7.771* 0,918
■ 1.781 i.'Vl'.i 8.M.1 4.IKJTV
■' 2.2« a 1.1<47 i.Mb 6.5»i4
I 1 (> 1.020 1.74fl (i.7tM 8.11.T
I' i'..'«m L 1L 1 ;I7H 5.).1» lilM!
12 2.3 M 2.151 7.74H H.R44
. II 2,1*0 1.786 •i.(K>7 r. t«.".t
'•* 2,400 "J. 1.4 7,S7S> »i.4!'7
I 3- r> 2.69T 2,137 >..^".'i ' ■••■
i« •.■•7.« 1.014 ll?M -■-••
j 17 2.422 •.■4^>4 10.271 7. < J'*.->
1» 2.148 "'>";: 7.10S 8.47S
U> 2,«l<i 2.606 PT.7I M.17
I 20 2.051 i.Ri.h 7,232 C 377
; -I 2.639 2.509 !• 741 T!l»fl
. 22 2.212 j.^ir. ti.eri n.1172
' '-"■ LM<*-i .-! t:;« ll.OSt? 10.49(1
-4 1.707 1 .111 r..»)7.i 4.74't
55 •.•.«:.,. •-•.^•77 61.08 e.JH;»
-"<! ... 2.1« 2.117 .'C. 6.H5
-"7 If7.'i I.7MS >• 4it« 5.81.1
28 1 tail 1 818 ft, 41.; 4 ''■•»
S8 2.421 Z254 !..l/t'l T.UI7
80 5.4«» a 188 11,723 w :•.< •
SI u.c«i 441 P. 042 T.eaa
82 4.52S 4MO 18.281 J2.8i".»
&l 2.4 X! 2.502 7,a%) 7 i<>7
£4 5.047 3.rt47 «i»7» t.i2>'.
■'■■' H.(:M 2.540 4>.351 fc.775 j
Tot«lt M.037 70.6«> 297 7SB iftXSOB
.-Thr»» (Uiri.-t
AD MM. 11(07. JIXKJI 1907
1 -.414 oca ua «,825
- 2.4«2 2.17s 7 +"4 « 27.". j
•': - -M<>»* i.mk 06<if» c.*:*
* -.''"< 2.WS T.BS* «!.7rti
2 2.*3r 2.352 ».(»'.3 7.724
• i'.':ii. <i7> 7.2M1 6 L'iVl
■ 2.2 M 2.100 C.7IX 5.X.V1
s - ~.-<n 1 f*4 H.f.ir. ncn^
V» - •■"•I 2,901 n 2>\l 7.t)»r.
111 2.45S 2.804 g -■:■■ 7 <11H
, I' 2 ">"«♦ 2.241 H.t.2> 7.227
|- 2.812 2.648 H.aM S.4SS
' J- 1 2.188 £004 6.480 i.7oa j
i '•» 2.168 I.ola ti.iiw r. m»o
«5 -'.421 2.203 7KS >l «O7
I }'.' 2.871 - ■■':•■' 5.fi.".7 S.U4>»
1 ' 1.47« 2. 11*4 » 030 7 i.V,
}| ->7( 2.7 M R. 710 R. 034 '
1 '•' 2.188 2.06S B.SCI ft aoi I
I-" 2.7W " 2.M1 7.882 >>74
*1 I.B*l 1.014 5.2.VJ 4 41T.
j 7,'- *-"- «•'" 12.77 V! 12.227
23 8.200 ■ill? 9,123 n.::>;7
Total. .89.12T M.452 182^21; 1«0.32S
' A D inofl. 1007. \y.\\ " 'i> :
.', 7| T '-.?.ir. 1 •.■•-! aj|
-' ... a.81« 2.113 «171> .-, 701
5 3.037 a.ißß •; -•.: 7.983
♦ 2.993 •- > .7.';'> r!4M 7.14J
Totali 11.074 10.871 2«>M? 21,481
1 "78r» 3.7«>7 11.178 10.533
Beroocha. iuo3. litoi. 1808 i»i"*<i 1007
Mamiattan an<l
Th« Rroas.. 254.7« a nc7..i4i 277.16 ft 2S7.7ftrt 24i»f"r.
PriM.k'j-i 170,033 20r..f14() 179.132 182.211 I«ft'a2»
Uue<in» 13.2i0 l>.:nr, 28.4U 28.888 L' 7 4.U
Richmond i'\G44 12,220 11.0l»T 11.882 10.63.1
Totai» 4K«.«7S r.73.r.2r» 498.881 812. 187 43ft. IM
BB'APrmiATH p.\ YV*\\ TlflßD DAT.
Borouch. it«>;) IlK^ |ao6 IBM 1007
Manhattan A Hron*.l«>H. 1(18 7'.».H17 X.1.71:: M rt7H 78 6*o
lirooklyn 85.012 4*>.nt>i 54.652 DO.IM r. 1 (•'■•
Qu^iib 0.730 7.281 D.150 11.148 |01871
Ill.hiriond 4.5-"l> 2.888 3.750 3.7K8 3^767
Total* 182.489 18S.TSS 1.'.1.281 ÜB.BOB 148.180
Kingston. N V.. Oct. Two day*' registration
hero shows a big falling off. The total Is B.OU, <-i>m
pared to S.WVS la«t year. B.SBJ In lf>OG and 4 716 In
Byracuse, Oct. 12.— Th« firpt two daysr r^gistrn
tion in Bjrracuae is 15,353, compared with 16,923 In
1006 and 14,400 in IMS.
Albany. Oct. -The total /ftßlstratlon for tha
first two days of this year for this city is 15.413. Tn
1906 It was 15,370 and 1ft.6«2 in IP<>s. tho lnst municipal
Troy, .v V.. Oct. 12.-The total regtstrattoa In
the city of Troy for the flist two flays Is 9.79,1 as
against 10.6W la«t year and 12.244 In 1005. About
half the vote of the city h.-yt been registered.
Cornerstone Laid with Exercises by Chil
dren and the Founder.
Residents of old Chelsea turned out yesterday to
witness tlie ceremony of laying the cornerstone <•■•
the new Hudson Guild Rouse Settlement on tha
south elde of 27th rtreet. between Ninth and Tenth
avenues. There were speeches by prominent sym
pathizers and nui>i)<>rterß of the guild. Twenty
children from ti>.e kindergarten class of tho guild
under Mles Wolff, sang, and a band rendered sev
eral musical selections.
in the cornerstone, which was laid by Tiioinns
Splaln. a brother of the baseball player, records
of the societies and publications of the guild wen*
deposited. The new building will he a tivo story
fireproof structure «nd will cost $12"..00o. The Hud
son Guild Houfi is now at No. 252 West 20th street.
The place was darted thirteen years ago by Dr.
John Lovejoy Klliott, its prosenl head worker, and
has now a membership of 1.600. Dr. Elliott made a
speech. He said:
"Usually the people have been called upon to act
in time of excitement, In time of war. to destroy
something. We are trying to create a neighbor
hood organization that shall call forth the better
instincts, the better Ideas, the neighborly feelings
of those who live here."
I _.
San Francisco, Oct. 12.— A federal grand Jury re
ported to Judge De Haven, of the United States
District Court, yesterday, three additional indict
ments against the Southern Pacific Company and
two agatnst the Pacific Mall Steamship Company
for the alleged carrying of freight for less than
tha legal rate between Kobe, Japan, and \'ariou^
cities in the United States. The indictment* ar«
supplewrctai to tlvwa CU«d l«*t w««a>, M " : " l < >
g Three jp A ■ Star
1 Whiskey 1
I It seems high in *
price until you £
see its quality, *
Gives Up Headquarters at Rhode
Island State House.
Providence. Oct. 12.— 1 a a letter sent to Lieu
tenant Governor Frederick H. Jackson, dated
October 3. and given out to-day by the Repub
lican candidate for Governor at the coming elec
tion. General Charles R. Brayton, the Republican
national commltteeman. states that he will not
occupy the sheriff's office at the state house as
his headquarters during the sessions of the Leg
islature, nor U!«e that office for the purpose of
transacting any legislative or political business.
Ho also atatea to the Lieutenant Governor that
ho will not attempt to assurhe control of tho Re
publican campaign.
General Brayton has been recognized as A
power in Republican politics for many years, and
In tho last state campaign all alleged influence
was one of the prominent Issues. For years he
had occupied desk room in the sheriff's office,
but he gave up hla quarters there a few months
ago. , ,
The announcement of General Brayton s in
tentions came as a surprise to political leaders
of both parties. Governor Hlggins. of Pawtucket.
a Democrat, who was elected last year, had
expressed his intention of driving General Bray
ton from the State Capitol, and during the legis
lative session made several attempts to get the
general out of the office of Sheriff White, but
the general persistently refused to go. The
Governor commanded Sheriff White not to allow
Brayton to u«e his office, referring to Brayton as
"a notorious lobbyist," but the Sheriff. In re
plying to tho Governor, refused to oust General
Brayton and accused the Governor of attempt-
Ing to make political capital.
In his letter General Brayton comments on the
attempts to displace him as follows:
During the campaign of 1908 tha TK>Tr.r>,-ratic
candidate for Governor pledged himself to drive
me out of the State House if he was elected. T
I did no» believe that he had either the right ™r
the power to •!<> this, and I therefore went there
as frequently as I could, and often at consfder
able iconvenlence to myself during last winter's
aaasion, for the purpose of demonstrating thut
he could not carry his threat into execution.
The l»ttf>r continues:
I am now. told ti'ii many good Republicans
yourse!i among them— think that my continued
presence in th< Sheriffs oITUe langen th<?
buccesa of the part) In the approaching election,
because it gives our opponents something to
talk about and affords an excuse to some who
have recently opposed the candidates of tho
party while professing to approve Its principles.
1 " : - firm »t all a Republican, and l earn< stly
•■ Ish for the i ompli sue eaa of the Republican
party now and always, because I think that the
welfare of the country demands It. If my pres
ence at any particular place is thought by any
oonslderable number of Republii to be an
obstacle to Republicai SUCCMfI I intend tn keep
away rrona that pla<«\ And I th refore assure
you that I shall not occupy the Sheriffs otAce at
the State House as my >„ idqu in during th«
■••■loi of the Legislature, nor urn thai offlco
for the purpose of transacting any legislative or
political business.
r ha\*c also heard It Intimated that >'°v hes
itate to acc«pt a Republican nomination for
Governor becauM you Pear that I may attempt
to assume ; troi ol the Republican campaign
and thus alienate from you tin- support of those
who nr« personally opposed to me, I therefore
further xs*\it-' you that i Bhall do nothing of the
kind and thafwhila as a good Republican T shall
earnestly hope for your success, I «hall respect
your wishes if y.-> i are chosen as tho standard
l>*arer of the party and In no -, , lv seek to con
trol Of mterfera with your eaavass.
The retirement of General Brayton from Rhode
Island politics tnarlu the passing of one of the
•tut'-'n most picturesque figure.". Although blind
for many years the General had a large follow-
Ing and liis personality was a forceful element
In th»> Republican policies In the state
Arrival* for the St. Louis Competition on
La Touraine — British Sanguine.
The four representative* of the Arro Club of
Pranoa who will iompptn In tlie contest <>f th«
International Aeronautic Club nt St. Loulb on
Ootn».»«r 7\ anlve-1 on La Touraine yesterday.
Charles I^v.-«. and E. M. Mix. Alfred I.c Wane and
Rene Qasniar will pilot the, balle isi« a> France
and Anjou. They will leave for Bt. I-ouls to-morrow.
Th« pilots of th« British balloon, Lotiai 11. wttl
b* Hon. dauda Brabaaon and Qrtfßth Brewer. Th#
two Krißliyhmen l?f: for St. Louis yesterday with
J. C. McCoy, owner of Urn America, and Captain
Charles Chandler, August Post and Alan R. Haw
ley. owners of the St. Louis. Th»» balloons have
been shipped In advaaos and will be tested this
weak. Maurice Mullet, a balloon manufacturer, who
was expected to arrive on La Touraine, will not
Join the aeronauts until the iiny set for the con
teal Lieutenant Frank B. Lahm, who won the in
ternatloQal aeronautical trophy In France last year.
Is recovering from a serious Illness In Paris. He
will not take part In tho coming test
Tlie most enthusiastic among tho aeronauts are
the members of tin> British team. The. linn. Clande
Brabaaon declared that he will d«» In aeronautics
what Sir I bomaa Upton failed to do in ruarine sail
ing, and that is to win the trophy. The balloons
of the French contestants ar© of 80.<X>0 cubic feet
F. J. 1). WesthUl, an TCnglishman who arrlv«>d
h« re three waaka ago as v steerage paaaainai on
one of the transatlantic liners, •was raJeased from
Mills Island a few day* ago by the assistance of
Congressman TV. S. Pennst and the British Con
Westhilt said lie wos n rich lawyer of London
and decided to come to America on buslaass at tha
last moment, nnd went Into tha HtecraK« because
ha was told both cabins of ihe ship \s.-re nn,.<i.
Ke rharga waa made against htm al Kills Island.
lie was held to Inquire into his sanity. a« soon an
ha wai r leased he started for New Mexico, where
ha said he nad large Interest! in alfalfa Reids.
Jefferson City, Mo.. Oct, •; Attorney General
h.hl'.'v filed In the Supreme Court to-day a reply
in the answers of th« Missouri Paclllc, Wabash
and li-< . : i Mountain railroads, t!ie Paolflc Express
Company and the American Refrigerator Transit
tv.mi>nn\ to the oustai suits rastltated against
them by him. Ills reply is a dental t' 1 ill new
nmtters alleged in tlie defendants' aaswera,
San Juan, P, X.. Oct. 12.— Frank Feutlle, Attor
ney General of Porto Rico, has tendered his resij;
nation to the Attorney General at Washington. He
will accept the post of assistant to Colonel K. H.
Crowder. in charge of the Department of Justice
at Havana.
Tho following statement was issued yesterday
by the Standard Oil Company of N*w York:
Referring- to the statement tn this morning's
papers about "advanca In the price, of oil for ex
port." t would state that there has be*n no change
in the price, of oil Blnce June 6. 1907. Tho changn
which ha* taken place is in tlie price o( the empty
barrel*, which was advanced yctterday from 5.45
cents a gallon to 3.75 cents v gallon. This ia
equivalent to an advance In the price of barrels
of i;. . cents each, and was occasioned by tha in
creased i-uat of cooperage.
i". O, ASCIi tx import Saies StppartsumV
Paris Soiree Gowns
Also our Own Productions in
Street and Calling Suits
Irish Crochet Laces and Neckwear
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r* A \Vr. nna fn.T Special attention i 3 directed to a re-
Gowns and Wraps tor J nt importatlon of Paris Soiree and
Evening and Calling. Evening Gowns and "Wraps; also, to a
number of Street and Calling Suits, especially attractive Models,
produced in our own workrooms, which will be exhibited during
the week in our Salon de Eobes.
French Broadcloths. Large range of superior quality Chiffon
Broadcloths in new and rich tones for Street and Evening Wear,
including Purple, Plum, Bordeaux. Chestnut and Havana Brown,
Mode. Smoke. Peacock, Champagne,
Biscuit, Leather, &c. *l-50 to $3.50 yard
T vnnq Velours Lyons Chiffon Velvets and Velours in qualities
J.vons eiours. colorg aatcWng aU shades of cloths; Lyras
Black Silk Velvets for Costumes and Trimmings; Novelty Velvets
of unusual designs confined exclusively to Arnold, Constable & Co.
Trv.r»«T.f*»rl "Tlr-p** Silks Lata shipment of Bordered Mousse-
Imported .Uress Miks. lineg als * Crepea n handsoma deaigM|
Colored Chiffon Dress Taffetas in the rich colorings.
NOVELTY DRESS SILKS. Fancy Taffetas, Print Warps, Satins.
Damasks, Stripes, Plaids and Checks, yard 1.50
COLORED CREPE DE CHINE, Satin and plain finish.
24 inch. yard 1.25, 1.50. 1.75, 2.00
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Sultana Dress Silks
Our Exclusive Brand, manufactured for us by
C. J. Bonnet & Cie, Lyons, France.
White Silks and Satins for Wedding Gowns
Novelties for Bridesmaids' Dresses
Upholstery Fabrics
F.*V*clnlhj selected Jsj|g« for the furnishing of Pri<nt* Ow'THng*.
Club*, llotrls. St'am*hipti. etc.. for ichich aM are prepared to submit upon
reqveti original studies end unique decorative schemes.
NEW IMPORTATIONS of Silk Damasks. Brocades, Tapestries.
Velvet and Velours for wall covering, draperies and furniture
LACE CURTAINS, in Italian Filet, Cluny. Marie Antoinette, Arabian.
Brussels and Irish Point. Also Swiss Lace and Tamboured Muslin
Curtains. Special sizes and designs to order from a selection of
fine Laces, Motifs, Embroideries, Etamine and Fancy Nets.
Scotch, Holland. Painted Opaque and French Festooned Silk Window
Sent from St. Louis to Bochester Alone with
Tag Around Neck.
Rochester. Oct. 12. -When West Shore 'ra'.r. No.
4 from the \\>st. pu!l-fl into the N»w York Central
Station early to-day the conductor ssjeorted a «Irl.
apparently fly« yearn oM. Into tho wattmg r«»m
and fcave her Into the care of Mr?. Watson, »h»
la stationed at th« Central av.-nue station by tho
Youag Women's Ctotottaa Association.
Around tli»> child's neck was a. cord, to which
va» attached a small card. On the card «n rla»n
letters appeared the name Mn Harmon Grandy."
Hnd beneatb wan a message that Ibs parssa named
on UM card would call tor thr ic'ri. Mrs. Grandy
was not at Urn station to n-.eet the train. an<l nn
examination of the city directory failed t* show
any such person living In llochester.
The young traveller, who in fairly well dressed,
conies from St. Loula Mrs. WattM will rare for
tier at the Centra! avenue station until she U
callad for by Mrs. Grandy.
Attempts to Buy League's Indorsement in
Brooklyn Are Charged.
Many rumors of bribery nnd traftV In imiors"
ments and nominations nrc OoatlnK around th* 2M
t>nd Bd Assembly districts in Brooklyn. Thes*
two districts cover the major i-art of the 7th
Municipal Court District, as weii as threw alder
mania districts. It is lUnte.l that criminal pro
eaadtaSJl niay b#> instituted In a few days la as
certain the truth.
In the 23d District (Jeorge Chaster. nominee of
the 1n.1.-pri'.lrnce I>;aguo for alderman, onenlv «le
scribed an attempt by the Democratic organization,
cf which rafrlck F. Lynch Is leader, to purchaso
the indorsement of the learue for the Democratic
onndidates for aldermen and Assemblymen. Mr.
Chester said It was intimated to him that B«
could name «ny figure, but hU r*ply was that the.
lciyu-'s Indorsement .were not for sale. A year
ago Republican laadtfa charged that the Inde
pandtnc« I>«*aßv.«» indorsement was purchased by
the Domocratlc organization for Mooney, who was
then .1 candidate for the Assembly, although it is
said Mooney knew nothing of tho transaction.
Another charge Involving UM nomination for one.
of the munietpal court judjre3hips is also k«>!;i< the
rounds In the 2M nnd 23d districts. It la said the
Indorsement al one of Urn Independent orstatiiza-
Uons was parefaaavg nt a prioc aattanadad by agsaa
Ht O.M and by others as high hk fIO.OCO.
Several politicians are planning to start a .ludl
cial iiivfstluation. lit which the District Attorney
will be represented, with tho hope of clearing up
IBS disturbing rumors.
Albany. Oct. 12. — The new State Probation Com
misalon announces that it intends to BBCVS tlu»<!«i>
monthly reports from probation office™ throughout
tlie state the, number of persons who ar« put on
probation In New York Stat»» each year. The coni
r:i : si>n says thnt Masnachu«e,tts. where the system
has h.-.-n successfully employed for many year*.
particularly .with non-support cases and other first
offenders, last year placed 10.120 on probation.
The new Venetian garden which has recently
been added to Kalll's restaurant, at No. 14 to IS
Park Place, was opened to the public last night.
An opening dinner was served at iO:» o'clock. A
Venetian Btrlng orchestra and several singers
dressed In the costumes of ancient Romans pro
vided the music.
The parden ts covered with growing plants and
vices, and the keeping of these plants In bloom
during the winter is to be v feature of th« place.
An extensive rathskeller and several Oriental
smoking rooms have also been established. In
stead of closing at 9 p. m. as heretofore, the place
wlii *yrqatn c«mu oaUl I a. nv - ...
The Value of
La Qrecque
Belt Corset
far •(•at and medium Bgurea
lies in the unusual support and shapeliness it
gives to larsrcst figures. Xot the ordinary
corset support nor the ordinary corset llM*
but a support that gives you erect buoyant
poise, that cures the too prominent hips tai
abdomen— and a shapeliness that i 3 individcal.
st>lit>li, distinctive, showing grace and bsjsjaV
in every line.
Brit Model. $5.5» I >
Lti W. 8M St.. Now York
X year's cuarante*. all maVei: sa!«. Sls tip: rtitaa^Sl
up; nuppUen. repair*. THE TYPBYVKITKR EXCU» C »—
la BartUy *t Tcleitione OartlaniL
Mrs. Josrphino Peck, the wife of the Broadway
clothier who advertised 1:1 the Paris papers tß**
h© would not pay for the gowns his wife bad or
dered, arrived hero yesterday on the Hasal"**'
American liner Amerlka. Mrs. Peck wu met a*
tho pier by her attorney. Sha saM she contem
plated bringing legal proceedings, but declined •>
aay what they would be. She also declined X»*9
how largo a wardrobe she had brought with be*
Fresh flab ia the lateat addition to the coaafsrt ef
travellers on a transatlantic liner. The Afner.ka.
which arrived in port yesterday from HaB»B8»»>
had on her boat deck four fish tanks. Tbeee w«r*
put on at Hamburg t}Med wtth trout and carp.
George L. Erlwcln. of Hamburg, had the t3« «
keeping tha fish in cood condition. About five be
dred trout and » huccireJ and flTty c*rp were BSM
on th* vo/aa»

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