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DATTMTC numuttm mm "'
HM I LIM la iihiiimi..
Ir— report at to PatenuMiity. :■■.•'. Gatdi Baah,
i.. ! li.: "I Invention* Wanted, Kilt free
EVA.NH UII.KKNH .V <<»-. « AMIIIN4 I ON, 11. 4.
HEW V"XX hkh.km, it: NAi-iAI -lIIIIT, ar* lots, N ».
Our 3>>ooa< f r I air a i tin nallad on racrlpkor r, 11. ataaapa
R.S 4 A. B.LACEY. Washington, O.C. Eslab. 1869.
NTANMiKU)'! Select, inel 11 iyti i -rea,
i tuna. Peru NfaSM, Malay, rt< jml album <„
I -..lift in. i Borneo, Labuan, Comore la \k<-
UV.I <.'>< Bop list „t :.-. Vf,, Packet] and
ti o worth Coupon Fra« We Kay Stamp*
the I I. Schuster Co, I-,- M, m I IHo
y^ .«JKibib> mi «•» # _ Hor more than half a cm
• mmm4mm4r AY Mmm^mV 4tm^T MM lal^^aal <m. W* <aWaT^ tIIIV we have been Hulk in.;
**___. _..^F- »^-^— w W^ W M Out i.»> 7 catalogue* are
m^ m^^ m^ m^ m^ m^ mm^ mmmm * a^ m ™'*''**^*mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^m^^ r a , ly for il Ist rl l >ll t ion . Srtlll
W^-. __ .. for a coot. When writing. state whether
•^B^aL^^.a^f you ; " '" luterestcil iv Ii cOl Roller Skater.
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Ten days on the ocean and sixteen days touring the beautiful island ol Jamaica by either automobile
or carnage, including a rafting trip and many other ink-resting side excursions, with several days at
the " litchheld," ihe most modem and well equipped hotel in ihe West Indies.
All expenses included. $190 Automobile Tour or $150 Carriage Tour
Other tours to Isthmus oi Panama, Trinidad, Barbados and the Windward Islands
Route card* and illuttrated booklrtt will b* sent on request
S«ntler»o4 Sou. dcucrnl \;cii!v 11 Malt M.. V» Wk; foster ltebt>oise. !'».*•<■ mrr Ktent. Hmiron Hldf . New \.>rk
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< *** ».■•■,.. . Snlß\|MWMi
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"■' ! ■■'I- investments Mi mualhs subscription 10 en.i
descriptive nia t ;..rn,c "lancMuiV ..,,,,1, - FBBBt
a nati m's salvation. In this lighl he I • ■•• i
to gigantic proportions, and seemed po
of Titanic power. Oblivious to the others in
the room, ha restless eyes gleamed an Ipi bed
those ol his friend
" I'aul," he said in an oddly constran
voice, dropping back to the boyhood phrase.
"1 can make >;.xkl. 1 ':■■'. at my country's
service, and I've made BO mistake in what I
said." He swung sharply round to the "
and his clenched hands swept the air m a >'.:d
<ien frenxy of determination. He was the en
thusiast once more, daring, dreaming, positive,
and sanguine.
"Sena me the two best engineers in the r.avy
a:: i the two best supply men to-ra mttow mom
ins 111 tell them what we need and they can
tell me h>w soon they can dettvei - .t when I
want it I'll wan* ir.. i :■.'.::•■• and apparatus
supplies and assistants. M «ey and men f
Honey and men! They can't l>eat us' They
can't beat us!"
His hand came bat kto his sides. He I 4ded
the preci'ius pieces "f metal tnt.« then C 'Wr
\:\^ whi'.f the other-, stood silently by. and.
a> it abashed by Ins own outburst, bade them
a . -irt "Good night. " and walked from the
room The others, with the burden ol
reti. nee upon them. filed after him one
by .Tie. contemplating the fctiauge change
whit h might be wrought by this nights
work and wended their wav t.> their
hi nines
The fog settled down >' set and impartially
spread itseU over the river, the White House,
and the patrolman OB his l>eat but until the.
dawn came stealthily peering over it all the
President wrapped in thought, sat at his desk.
and in imagination saw invincible ships of
war • nd out to certain Victory. And au h:
hope was founded on a war for peace
IKE * nnimals afraid ol the light, and ••■■'<-
*-* ing the covet of darknt-s,. a SCOR ■: ?iu
mist .listinguished men ol the United States
occupying its most responsible positi ms, and
bearing the burden ■: govemmenti came to
the White House, which 1 warned massive and
apparently on tenanted They came singly,
obeying the instructions given them, left then
conveyances at a distance, and walked un
attended to the dark portal, which opened
and closed 1-ehind them. AH were aware •:
the portentous reason for their visit, aad the
importance >■! the utmost secrecy. Observant
indeed would have been the foreign spy wfa >
could have surmised that they were gathering
t.> discuss a plan involving the defense ol the
nation , or the acceptance ol a challenge
to war
There were only tw.> vi^it.>rs who came to
gether, the inventor and his daughter, and
they were the last to enter the r mm, where
those who preceded them were divided int..
group-, round four cancers .>t the navy, who
were answering questions, (rooting t:g - :rr.. and
volunteering details which were ntn >t written
The men at the head ••: the nation were pre
paring to plunge headlong into what under less
immediate menace woulu have seemed a sea
of lolly ready to submerge them and their
The entrance of Korma waa the signal I t
an abrupt halt in the conversation, and some
of those who were not entirely familiar with
the part which she played in her father's work
looked at her >h lapprov wg l v
He, interpreting these glances, introduced
her as his assistant, and concluded t.v saying
"I can't do anything without her She knows
more about my work than 1 do myself, and as
tar as I know she's the only woman living
•ho can keep her mouth shut '
They smiled at his manner and cynicism,
while the President tendered her a seat at his
side and waited lor the other, to resume their
chair •
"Allot you are familiar now with the p ■
sibiluie- .•! the in vent i ottered by Doctor
And his daughter Norma." interjected the
The President accepted the alteration and
continued without .i halt,- 'and have gone
over the reports ■>; the four most c\(H-rt men in
the United States navy, who have passed the
da) with the inventor and his daughter in
their laboratory, are convinced •! the merit
and practicability ot the discovery, and
have prepared statements .•! what sup
plies would be needed, the time m which
they could be obtained, and their approxi
mate cost."
There was a look of acquiescence, and the
Secretary ol the Navy, who had been paying
no heed whatever to the chief executive's re
marks, rustled the reports m his hand as he
turned another page to scan its contents
The room became still again, and the speaker
went on
"Doctor Roberts tails us that he don not
regard him as beyond the experimental
stage but further experiments cannot decrease
known values, and may perhaps add to them
Tins invention as it .stands, in the opinion of
the font men who have passed the day in
testing it, i.s sufficient to enable us within
three months to combat successfully any nation
which might K'gin hostilities "
Norm.i looked at her lather admiringly;
but he seemed oblivious to all those round
him. and sat absorbed in thought his eyes
fixed m a blank stare ot concentration into
space, and the thumbs of hi. clasped hands
revolving round each other aimlessly The
President reached over to a mass ot papers
before him. referred to some ol them in quest
of data, and then looked very grave and earnest
as he continued in a lower voice
" Kxtraordinarv times demand extraordinary
measures. We are without precedent, and are
confronting an emergency of such immense
:::i;>-'rt that *': ■•■ >: n ' I i.ere hi
nijjht believe :t is 'i time I - •-. %&!,.
I .•:::■■. and r'"^':'..tr neUl • I I Ml war
in tthilt •■! quick accompli i We hay»
no time in whi h t . • :propß,
tsoos; but must take :*. op to ler.
up->n the various !••.: bjet ■••" re now ope
:>r the considerable •::-.. my ;.
j>r actuta this wade.*'
< >ne or tw>;, wfa ■ ■ - . . tte armi;
and had not heard the • .. ussiae
. • i at each otbcf -a" . -.t^tioo. i;
was hard to drop routine .-■■ . dip into t!k
nation's treasury or. a .--raboc
The high dignity of the pr- i bag rficer. bow
ever. forbade any fart — ■ he ins
on ui-.vhaliengeti
'The absolute jc en ' ur 3enr
: r ■gniitil by aE a- i •. • • :•>•. jadt.
obviate all leakages the ::. I the ar=
and navy board jj '. • -'< be or
ried on m one of the an " '•■'. of Ike
Florida keys »>n this ::-. •■••• • ■la etw
a p'.ant adequate t> c^t . • rt'ect ti.
metal OB which we • leper. i. a- rapidly i.
possible apply it to the v. a caw
which will l>e .-.er.t then a prepm
t: >n« v in be made I « then i
Natma, who had o A been b rmed of th.
part ot the project, pfBI I >f protest
foreseeing that she too wuuld mto shar*
m this iwJrtkwi an i exile cati
the experiments wen- seta . Her fati«
timed a questiaciittfj loot i her. .c.
tnen re.uheii own ■■■'■ '■ pat) r hand ~
svrnpatliv The IVt^: lent '.'■ . ::'.>' sU2
m:nij op the stfl '
"The Navy Departs I ,:teni
pur.. :i.i^:::^ -•.:;>•■'.:•. :• UUUJWA
crude metals acccssarj '■ * I fiol *ori
while Doctoe Roberts wfll : . rdmfca
• • : . KB I I to Hi
t ■:.:cr IVn itHCOt « : ' - r. Xhtr.
T.i tht pot. The i ' .rtw
mpaxi? her. aad ••■ - ■?*
!«• experimented upon is ; . • I with the
new plates. Re »r A ••: • " wdl ■
assigned t i hn preset.
These two ships will ti Vo*h»
l-'T. t fgeth - ■•■ ■ ■ ih-.ch*-
carry ract eng I l ■ < as t"'
Navy Department • .• w^.' :
t':;s bnportaace ■• *^ *
:r. .i:::Ta!neil t>v mch : .. .' • N * s *
A it:;:r. t ; Brocki I Ittd 1 orf «?
j>;-.<-^ win be desp • m»<
icqaire i It is nee 11ms t■ »; I MJ*
experimenta] work, the I putt
and the gtntxal supeiria thiojwJ
be uv.. ier the direction "i D ****
And his assistant." then .:r::ns^
iei retaxy I the :- B» *•!
«estioa frocn the chair, tea ; . ■ W %:
figures, explaintnf then i .ni cx^
ciu.itiik; with .in uaojuaßnc :::."t
the plan. >>• mfe f. ■: ■ ' «»*•
asm and confidence, that J .: ■•
had hesitated at the imgd the pr.
cedure found themselTes • - • t* 1 ? 1
with complete wßantmtt]) ml r'-er '- e w " t ;
was t ■ b*^»!!w lespunstbilit ■' -^ •
thus was {he JTTWJ jv ■ : '
The early hoars 4 the :.. rj ~?-<~
thtm .i- they diapeised ■ f* l2 '
back :n the cocnea 4 tbe cab ■ COB SC
her homeward, did not share I • n df hr
father, who was atveadj buil wtah«|P
condnctiai new expenmeni p«PP^j
.v naw Vcster -iv she ha I ■ : ■"** :
to confiding . . • :. M b uixewP
t'.uv Htllier. for in t r.th. «h«
she and her lather bad been *r ing J° '•-'
yen rerge ■>: a .^re.it discos unksji^
fields. >he had r. I mtn - t " e '"'
w>rk it their prospects, plat 1 .: 1 .::: . I ■ *B*i**.
and now, by the n^.i en - . I ™*S
tliru^t opon her, lier ilreani l I . mttd '
her the prodoctioa ol th:^ ra ■ ' JR
had meant a goal butnow.th.it ■ v.^reac..*
and she'was anxi >us to satisfy i I haaff
kba had been pven aaothes : . . «: - Wii : ,'
Bnder£D more silence and repi >« ■**;
anothet laese ol work in a ■ .-r-u** •:
test tubes and ret..rt>. a ilave I • tbe Ump»
sciencc and her father*:! success • I .^crit
knowVedcjß that the was sacrificing lu-rselt *
the altar ol duty to C «ntl tecti*
and welfare were burden thai -"^
palliated the bittWliesa : hoi ::• -■ I ye - ll>> "
And in this Bgjht the triumpha I BHHIi"f
seemed hoOow and tb - i i*»*f
There were no BD I - ' : ; '-". '..
those who conspired 1 n ' ■ ?^' w '
it was ,i ,-. .■:•.' ol temtk ikctivity, and reDr
arv was yet pocmg when then- kikd »*<
lr..in New Y,-rk harbo* one night • gatt""*
a collier, and .. small transjx.rt, « ' ■ •-<•" d^ v^.
ti..ns were unknown, and whkh tt W*™2
1:1 •. >riii^s m sttence and pa :: ' ±c , '
with scarcely a 9 «nd to a '-' ir
i>ii board the gunbont wete men accastuu* 1
to unquestioning trtw^fa'y, and « l^ e !r „ .
p..rt w.us a little arm) of skilled mechanics *"
engineers aim hi bscn called tr «R rUS "*
occupation by iiii{kt >: ocders and rt "l Ut 7"" .
to tell none but their tammea iS
might be ab.-H.-nt t.-r several months. **^j
was not a man aboard -my ■•'■ the c*» •
who had not taken a pledge •: **■■"■
mini. ifA
ThecoDier. black and massiw, was loa^j
almost beyond her carryinc capacity. a " - I IL.
on her decks were pile. I !umU-r and |£"j
sheets ot corrugated ir..n !«-..n»!! evu.eni ,h>
full holds below. And all this *V> h-ia *»
lu-.t,.ry ..t rushed work behind it. *Si
pieces' el machinery, sections of S^
pomillll dynamos, and unheard A 'P^ 1 " j
were stowed away with cases of chemicals.
the mines of the North, the West. -» na o^.
South hid contributed crude met •• r"

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