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tially smeked ores ■ • the ..... Driven
by expert mil . : Imastei of executive work,
... ai men in different walk- of life had
given their ingenuity and effort toward some
thing "! which they knew not, and then th<
... <•:' tht*ir labors had poured oul upon .;
■a':...t: been swallowed up by the cavernous
hold- i : .: collier, and were now being carried
out into the broad reaches oi tin- Atlant
with lestination unknown
A n<-:!-r.i! order had been i .■ I and i
public, that, inasmuch a '■■■ p ■ ■■ . I üban
fishermen on American £:■■•:::.■: round lower
Florida and th>- keys demanded attention, the
gunboat Penobscot bad :«••■!. ■:• t.-.ilr.i v. patrol
tho •• waters. In Ti.t United ... at
... :.■■ attention; but ti'.-- swarthy fisher'
:::■ : : the tropics t'—k warning .>•'■■•■ :i" longer
steered their -in 6i6 i i. I the i rrbi ■ . I*-r i water
shrugging their boulder ::: .....
Rumor :..^l :t t:.. s t th< Tr.::; port wa
ryiiif; mechanics laborers v ■ tin- i
pint--, where a new drydock was to :■•
... u:^: the collier was generally suj>
posed by in«-r. ■•: .... be lad<-i.
with :;..:!• r:... Irr t:.: work And so, despite
the momentous significance oi the sailing ■■:
these ti.r.-<- ... world remained in igi
paid little heed, <>r forg I
Those voyagers who were in the • rei
looked forward with eager™ to the ta ktx
■ •• them, realizing to tin- full that •>n iii>::.
depended much And A the ■ was Norma
wh< ■ leaned over the stem rail of the Pen
a ii dropped down t:.< harbor, watched th«
•;■ • ! the city grow ■::::; in th< distanoi
the great, 1j ♦ - r . t Mutw of Liberty rear i 1 • I
again t the sky, and felt th< first ree swell lift
ami sway t;i< ■:••• t. beneath h<-r feet. Her de
parture bad !!■ t <.*-•■'., pleasant
There on the land behind wai tl»<- man
whnir, •:-■ seemed •'.■> >n;<-.; forevei t'. h
arm >:.;•••> She had parted from him with
th<- a?.- inoement that .... wa
pelled to p.. south for a time and had in 1 ted
on her accompanying bins For b ■•■• longr
Ah. that <■••. . • it conjecture; perhap un
two or three moiil Via be ill ; '• not
exactly; but he wa going ..■■■.. and •■■ led
her re she would writ* asionally from
Miami. Florida; .... because her
i-harj;*-- would demand her titn<- And »,
answcniij; and evading, filled with yearning,
and yet debarred from giving confidence, she
had bidden him good by and come to this:
sailing away in the night with all the furtive
:.• and mystery which en hrouded pirate
of old bent on plun ler and rajur.<'
The <i.iv- of the voyage were much alike:
filled with work Down in the cabin the t-n-
Kiii»-,-r and machini t drew hasty plan oi
buildings, then marked pot where ma bine
were to have fl or space, drew diagrams for
tran mi ion oi p wer, and consulted chart
showing the depths of water round their
prospective shipyard. They bad not even
ti:;i<- to watch the devious course in and out
among the islands which marked their entry
to the scene oi toil. Wnen the pulsations of
:■• crew stopped and the hip ceased her
vibrations, they were still at their several
ta . and were disturbed when the anchor
tii %ve:;t rumbling thi igh their hawser
Like an ...... and .■> chi I
warmed out upon tii- land, the tapper
( h aring the way the i arpenter donning theii
api :. , and gra ping their tool while piles ul
lumber, kegs of bolt and nails, and mountain
oi iron beathing ao umulated upon the beai h
And then, as tin- ringing oi a multitude oi bam
mer and the steady biting song oi the aw
filled the air with sounds of industry, great
ca ■ oi machinery swung up from the hold
floated dizzily to the bulwarks, and went
slowly down to the lighters. A city of tent
sprang up as by necromancy, with gutters to
tarry ofl the rains, and sewer to prevent dis
ease. Camp surgeons accu tomea to sanita
tion superintended these outposts paying as
much attention to the spreading oi a mosquito
net to keep away the dread Stygomia, as to
tautening the canvai roofs and clearing the
All available mean- of a resourreful nation
had been gathered together as an expert driver
. :/e the reins of a in-hand an guides hi-,
horses along a known road to a given de tina
tion, and all with the regularity which would
distinguish the work had it been the must un
important action of every day industry.
Norma, having no part in this task <>i 00H
strui turn, wandered idly up and down the
decks or round the clearing throughout the
day; and as she watched she saw the birth <<f
.. miniature city saw the heaps of material on
the beach dissipated, saw tall steel smoke
stack) poke their summits upward supported
by spider like i able . saw shining, corrugated
r> »,i-. spread themselves protectingly over
Boon whereon machinery was already being
placed, and wondered at the accomplishment
The sun went down, losing it-elf among the
keys and waters of the farther we I before
a bu^le gave a quick imperative summon- and
the toiler- dropped their ton!- for the evening
meal Many <•: the officers, some of them
grimy and stained with work, their linen no
longer immaculate, and their hair unkempt.
...•:.. aboard the gunboat for dinner. They
ate hurriedly like men in the field, and one by
one with scant apology to their fellow diner-.
disappeared. Norma was almost the last to
leavn the cabin ami appear on deck, which to
;,< r urprise was vacant. Even as she glanced
alonjj it- deserted length there came a whistle
from the shore.
Darkness had descended abruptly and piled
its bla.kne-' ovef the islatlds and seas of the
tropics. The palm tree^ and shrubl>erv out to
the we t wei silhouetted against the last faint
Kghi d day. and from the swamps of the inland
came the .Ties, ■■! nighi fowl, the whir and chir
ruping noise of insect lite, and the monotonuu-
"^ I AND right here for a min
ute- at this man's elbow-
Watch him.
"He is one of the inspectors
in this department, where every
7(r~£.<;taAX movement must pass, when assembled, for the
most rigid, searching examination.
"Nothing escapes them. Every point must bear their
scrutiny- Notl ■ ■ I be :'"> loos* — not!
allowed to be too tight.
"Their one duty - I see th.it even buyei oi a
7/r..&£iayuk watch secures a movement in perfect running
order, one which is abs .ht. "
We spend $30,000 a year
on the inspection alone of
7feiJ£/4s&ZM£ watches.
This i; but (jiic more reason why we call the
"The Watch for the Great American People. "
$2 to $36
Every step taken in making a PZt~££c£zA£. :i a
straight stride coward s<>li<: value — ever) pro
cess adds dciinre worth. The kiJßLo&** v 1C
on medium priced watch \\i - h both case and
movement made under one roof t-jch to exactly nY
the other. Look inside for the ironclad guarantee.
Ask your jeweler to show you 7/t^&Litasi£.
Wat( he . I' he (.iocs not keep them, send us
his name am! address, and vve*v sen,: you a
free co] of the most beautiful book ever
attempted by any watch manufacturer — our
splendid new caMiog of watches for men and
women. We will Bee that you get through your
dealer any watch that you want. Write us to
day and remember to give us your jeweler's name.
liB Dover Street Waterbury, Conn.
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