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tm x coon-.
Q'Neill-Adams Co.
Established forty Years.
Two Blocks en
Slxt_ Avenue
i- - Mth gtreet
to -- Street.
In A<?arr.s Bnildirc Only.
Thousands of Women Await with interest and Take Advantage of ) % . /f\f\
Oil SBt-HiqUL SUE IF SHOES ©ft 1 1 •00
Last year wa-= the - at record breaker — poM mor>- Shoes in a week than we believe had ever been sold before on this
avenue or indeed hi Nov. \ork City. We intend to beat that record and to that end we have for months been taking the fullest
advantage of niarkei conditions, with the result that -we will place on sale to-day
Over 25,000 Pairs of Shoes for Worne.!, Boys and Girls at SI. OO a Pair
p~ : j That Sell Regularly at $2.50, $2.00, $2.50, * j " < |
For Women j _ have ,S3, S3 - 00 arid »* i For Bovs&Qirls ,
bare organized rcauy a great sale of Shoes at $1.00 a pair in ; A XJI ■^'ww r «** — "^
Patent Colt, years pone by, but never before have we collected such a splendid lot ;
, as we have here now to sell at that price. The quantity involved, the • Patent Colt
j V!ci Kid, White fin& values offered and the many varieties to select from* far surpass all ■ ww , i
I _ -. -i « /-• prwions offerincrs of o;ir own or any other house. In fact, you will | n/>rirrnla ?^irl«Vsn I
ft CoJOred Can- hare" to see the Shoes to fully appreciate what you can buy 'to-morrow j VVUgVId. r.iu»jvju t ,
I ' vn« Rltss 0 ! r -■ f ' r ' a V air — a^ tne poprfar Styles in the most wanted materials. ' Russets and
>„._, *\l-j3-»w_., Makers and jobbers who were disappointed with the season's bast- ; J '
Demi Glace 1 nf>?:? aye contributed to this great event. They unloaded their surplus Canvas
~" "J" J y J " I stocks to us at tremendous price sacrifices, and the result is an offering •
Leather i °f bright, snappy, well made Shoes such as the women of I\ew York have {
i never read of before. :
j(? * f*^ ,fy< j In the lot for women are included about 3,500 pairs of guest Sample ; 3*l /_t\/| l\ '
J •v j| |j |\;j 1 Shoes and Ties, as well as the best known branded $3.00 and $3.59 Shoes, j ' || I |l\l I ■
13L' Lr l Here Are Full Particulars of the Various Styles ! a - P-VM ;
j! ! and Leathers: | J
I TTo^S-l'S K!d end Patent CoM f soles . patent Colt leather uppers; f WwBIC&^S Patent Colt and Fancy I some 53.00 and 13.56 samples.
vdt toni and CexiWe sole Sho-s i }'' C. D and E widths; sizes 2tol Sl , p ress siippers^-J52.0d to ' L, izes = x = to >- C ; T> a lld SLOO
11jV.4 $3-00 and some $3.50 : ; : , disilnc t §1.00 j $3.50 values; ail sizt . s; some = widths; special at .. *««vv
1 Shoes; -naay of them the best ?" v B*oes; special at «i»-.vv. ( .., 10r .. a _. am 5U!) ,.,. r .. ; »| *w| ' «, ___ , n1
j^« id-hv^ize« A, B. C. D ar.d C^ ess Bray, mode and white! special a $- = Colt Shoes. Welts and Turns;
si -^«i_ lo< »ti ,rt.,'> wOJHCB3 srav. mode mnd white cott Shoes. Welts and Tarns;
'-■ «St' -t * ' . M'TO j lir.cn $2.50 and $3.00 Gibson Ties I£;sse:' Kid Skin and Colt Skin | also heavy extension sole School
*',~ ! —some embroidered fronts; B.C. | Welt Oxford Tics ->■■-> and i also heavy extension sole School
; WC—£li S Patent Colt Skin Welt ; D and E widths: tdsefl t? *M : -.. -, FOr t s finest : feather; sizes ! value 51.50, 52.00, $2.50; «^ fan
Sole Ties and Oifcsons— Ribbon ;-to 5; special at * «• yyjg to ' :1 a d 12 to 2. P>. C. D < special at »p_.*j'U'
; Laces. A to D -widths, CV_ to T ; WCIIIW CIII£ ~' S T d Li ,, M gol _ s and E widths; special <£ ti (ffjA '
i ? plain toe^r tip; and ; Ki^:^ SSSSKffi T^s !at .p...... p . . . . . $11 .W, BCJS' Sa tin Calf Box Calf and
53.00 Tics, special $1.00 j and. Pumps-also Gibsons: sixes i_ . ,cv 1 Patent leather Shoes; sizes 9to
at n; to T. Ato E widths, ten , SCllOdl SCOSS— For bier girl? and 111 and 12 to 2, also 3to B%;
"WlSaeaiS Louis XV. Kid Ccv- i styles: $2.00 and $3.00 «| A A j young women, school heel. $2.00 j values $1.50, $2.06 and «!} (QQ
; erecl Hf"l Dr»>ss Ties— turn ! Ties; special at O - .lo"l>. l o"l> | and 52.50 Shoes and Ties, also I 52.50; special at •"
Ea rViditifMi to the Above There Are Positively No C. O. D. Orders
. rjm_ii sad Oattea- Bhoea, or pur, Udskia Whtts . or course ther^ vill be crowds here to-morrow, and to insure
- c- and Ties for girls. Women'- Bouse and Street proper fitting and prompt attention we have devot-d extra S pao.
, • -Thing you m isonable toot- on the third fl«- O r and have provided plenty o, additton-J «-ieo
| people to wait on you
Hemmed White fluslin Sheets
Below Present Wholesale
Size I^-t: l^ yards; standard Q-i-ility:
regtrifr SSC- at .' rVC
Sire Ir^x"^ yards; iitnt iliri quality; _._.
regular ::c at ~ /c
Size 2z3^_ yards; with centre s;am; _„
- - " - _- °^ C
— --•■ •
Sire iVi-ir '-.. yards; with centre Man . _. .
r-_ru!ar €?c. at «^4C
fxnacE rcßumnaß a?ct> ol^ his-
Tomexu blue chin- a. .&>!*■
FOURTH AVT. Armo> Boosts INC
273 «th aye.. near 28th Et. xriU «1! m
ZOOC-O aafl •SVedr-^iiy, Fetmary 11 awl
S 5 2 o'clock p. m.. tr crder cf B.
_srs-r.avi_s. cf PhMa-ielptla. Pa., about wOa
Mi "* erti-jT:* Cuuiltuue and o.i fc'.srcrica;
ii"~_. -o'lect'M! by hire frrm oi3 S>->uthern
v~ t .- al-o a rmr=b~- of rare pl-ces^frcra
7-,- "iJat-ersby homestead. Valley - c"
s^ : al^ve ccr-CJts in part c ;^ye Z?P'
rosier i^ndscrr.ely rjs.r-.-~-- !our-rc*i If-
ri^i-i^ iwfcoy". i«™aus. chircU-p.
,CV-c c» ..^.,-,. ci-3£b<3aril!. extension
;;_r^ ei2e CabW. eir'ne rtxra chairs.
t = fa^'Kcases. tttrwr tables. «**■
■ ■
5-Srat tables, fofi-e. Wr-xo SJt**L**!|
i_; —t-re; c ock«. mawl ard bedroora
iWt 10» Pieces old historical

,wt-iEe-s lo- c«::iE*- aru- table, sma.,
— . - plat. ;-•■■ w -■ ■ «
. .... ■ 'that V- a ■-•< - '" • tl«r.
- - •« kav :■". be«D r< v
rartmsee-ftrteiwe; cat* E and fimtwfnan

— j. .-Beriions 3 cents per l^' e '?T ■
n^^.erss^^^v; 6 ™*«? s i
. JrS3s&.«Jt|J r S35&.«Jt|
Vri-.e lor drcuUtf. . |
Fb2 lr.'orn-.aUcn ctmceralr? • J ?* s * T - r^£ j
SttVr.* Xr*-Totk Tribune. 13*
BKadvar. bfl»ecjj Cfith ea3 S7t:< ft*. _ _
7"T> FT '- ' U"EPT.
t----.^. -LT" s-a FUDTiy express «3tlo=«:
Sau^l rW«" table; itArenea <
f.Xfr. E3l r^«sU*Te^- '
477-' i-T.. V» EA?T.- l>ar?« and ftt^l
f-m .
„ —. ,^ T -=-r _v»tt ch~rfu 1 . room: |
rr:-ct» bs-h: hc-iss a=i uzijsu^.y
cetirib:*; reftrecceiu .
•-■ate fktnUy: for on« r-r two
bpa-3 ijrriwwv r^rcretres excbaiiS-.-d . tele
Eft*), iaser^ S -«n«JP« to«. »V
Vttc lar circular.
Brtadsray. twee S6tn and 37th tru?. ,
riK:L.T or tiro tare room to *?*;*; **}; '■
H« bot« ::t i r^Lent
< ft HcScaa Aru:i. C:»ta «'■ *•-"-'' M-J^'-"'-- ;
F'"nvi'-'Hnt» rJOJi to rent; lew TS^re. 3»> •
Ea« 4>th . t. ,
vanhattax aye- s^-- llig f^. c '" 1<:1 < :
«. v >.. <-.. rr '_ r v.c-d raoe:: h*at. trater: rri
«tte bosat: naw Slcrslrs.Kle l'=rk: re-er
t;«.i. ,
*4 V.XST «TH £T..Sd s?£lS^'sbSs
•** cesttaau* private CMBflr: Mjh-^C
rßllilill ic^caUt^r! unsurr^sted. near s-->
>>■■ an-j P.i^crt:<ie: rrtcnvn«-^». __^__^
•" r :-"X”^ r-r:Err.^r -r:Err.^ of bliliarrt is<! p"J *»
tlee; hlrl". ftm4m !*»■«■< t sl£^ P f SSSI»!
scsiycsa CHANCES.
tneATBiCAi. erocsc can t« ywrjrg*
C:ti: ■*•-:) tnc«rr, s-rtirfj; certain ? U(^;-;'
a**ar^d up-"-) lr.Toticatlor.; Sr.Ou"> ral - tc '
3am wr-.te: either active «
rIW *T7l*e>it. I*. »•. H-. TriM»n< f '-'"- ~
' ir:rF.T heamv;
k.tTcZs?et cleaihks wohss
Oi6e*t. Lar^tst. Most Modern.
4^7 *5m 4ii. V.EiT -iSTH ST
pi 4BC-MJU3 Lvyait. Esta'jlls^d I_ -..
fiuig CAHPET qjc-jnyq CO.—
«eat 3oy c«r.?rt*s?d air. rtesn".. band et
•t 2<w. ;554 Urcafiaaj. 4?1 Caat 4Stn st.
«t4I;!.A:,IjT T*t ir!-3Mh_
A3VE2TISEi:ENT* «rl ■il»sji.lt****«* fo '
Tl* Trluw rewlvfcd et th^ir I P-"^°
:<o. 15C4 Broadway, between 35th
<ai SJtu et,.. um i: 5 o'clock l»- Jt\- Aa "
"^rutea^tEt* rmoeH-ed at »>•« '- '•'"«
•:-.-• at i«>-l«i " _-_"_!_
*■ » clock p. m .v : «17 6th •»« • *.« th
■a*. *. - cor 2*l St.: »^3 «Hh ne. cor.
l^tfcr?-: VI Et«t J«ttj *t.: ST V.e*t 42J^ «-.
hemo UkS tth »•«.: t^J T« '^
'* ; "£25 M sr« l»»»i^*r. 7tt fc . ■J™ *'
r«rj IKtT- *-.«' tear Clft it.: :" * _J
*^- snrcii rt.; ,C 7 Zist ISitii «*^ '-«
>*=2SI a-,*.: CSO Si five., nd all -i^f^;
■J^s^Cr^t Itierr*p= effe** ttn-^^- ;
i Special Sale of )
100 Dozen Women's - 25c
75c -"Josiery '
> All new roods ard desirable styles, two
tone effects, lace boots, plain black, with
high colored fancy uppers, and fancy high ;
I colored lace boots with plain black uppers, i
j perfect quality, a brand which we can roc- !
j cmm?nd and style? that all first class houses •
I have been selling at 75c per pair. <-j g "_ j
■Special sale price _&»v^i-
The most nygieric laced from hip reduc
!t:e ccrset nia.de; ore that :.-..-:. are rec
omrr-enciicg. ab it rives heart and lurfs ab
eolule freedom. Bo6ton HypietUo corset
Co.. 3 West S4ta st_. New York.
DREESHAKEa% of B. Altaian .•_ Co.; ex
ce'l^r.t fitter designer, princess -■..■? --
nodctttn_r: cut by dcv cr harae: moderate.
Aidrcss Dressmaker. 526 T.'r ; £-. : Ma Et.
: " ; M.-.KKP. — E-v-ener-- drcrsmaker;
make? HyHall IBRI frcm $7 upward;
reasonable prices on chil_r-?n's dresses: po
c.'.t by (lav. SI 25. Mi£3 Riypel. MX Mor
ris eve
AS>\ tii'liSSatE-NTS tnfll pcbT^rlpticcs for
* ___ ' •■■.jut-- received at tl?eir Uptown
Office. No. 1354 Broadtrej ttetaeeu 2<sta
and 7th sts.. urttl ".' o'clock p. m. Ad
vertise.m^?r!ts lejeSved at the following
branch cSices at regu'.ar office rates until
t. a'clodc p. m.. viz.: 2&; fcth ai^.. •. *-
cor. Z3d at. 153 6th aw. cor. 12th •: . 82
i^st 14U st.: 257 West 42-.: St.. between
7th and Btn area. : 20 West 12T.th at.' I.TW
Sd a:e.. between 7-*-. cr. : nth irta.: lUSt
id aye. n«-sr €lst «t.; 170S Ist ay«.. near
f9th st.: I." _u_ 125 th (■• 7>. Tremont
»ye. ; '•■ 3d aye. _oi any American Distrltl
Telearraph efSce.
31 - iC£
In treat variety
cr '.;-.* aaJ
T. O.
It: j-c.'-.-.a St.
LOfcT OR STOLEN.— Bankbook No. 257.75*
Of t^.e Oerman .Savirujs Banii ia the «.'ily
of SciT York, comer 4th avt. and l^th Bt..
lssue-1 to carciir.e llau?. In trust for
A<io.j-h PBSC&. All persons are cauti-wd
airaltia; BegOtiaMßg tf.<: sarat. If not ro
tunvru ti the ttznv. tra the _d day at ilarjh,
I!'<*s a dup.ica'.e will b« issutil.
n— t ro.

LOST or STOLEN.— Bankbt oic No. 470. 35S
of tb« Em.'Krar.t Industrial Pavings Bank.
Pajtacnt ttepp^t!. I'i'ase return I oak to
Li'i.k, No. vl Chambers st.
AT"VERTT?rMENT^ »rvl Bakacrlpttaaa ft»
Th^ Tribune received at th-»!r Uptnws
Ofltee >.:>. 13<V» FJroadway. between ?Cth
and 37th ets.. until S* o'clock p. r.j. Ad
vfTtlsements received at tha eoliuallia
branch c_T:ce- at rec-lar -<Hca rates until
t o'c'ook p. m.. viz. ■ 2»H Mil r-v«.. 3. c.
cor SM et.: 253 Cth ?vi-.. cor. lath St.: 93
East I4tn St.: 2.'.? West 42d st.. between
7th Blld Sth ayes.; _<3 Wcbt 125 th ■_; I"! 1 *
Si i»ve.. botwec-rj 7fith r.nd 77th ets. ; 1628
~<i aye near alal «t.; "T'i- Ist aye.. near
f-Sth «.; 13? East I_sih _*_: ..'.'. Trraunl
,Vt-.;, Vt -.; €.V) 3d B~a and any American District
T» ! e t—a ■ :■ «•?".■-«■
AT REDUCED PRICES — S"> »i.lbu< haaid
■Kocxi t=d iron worklr.e marhires; ru'.ly
ruaran'eed: mactiintry bou«;bt and «
ehaac«d fieorge B. E-Jdy. 393 Madison st.
old (.old iMi -ji.m ;:
OLD GOI.U. eiive' and precJoue etcnei
t'CTfct It highest market \alue; trade
f'to IVw articles or exchctKe *% uew J * W "
♦'fry or Jar-a-^se coods. at M. F. Tepper's
factory. 41 ' v • ft ?Xth at.
ri ." «VRrnEKS — Al« makes cold. rented.
i«--al-ed exchanxed: reliable rervice.
Oorni«:;. 79 Nassau •!- Telephone 2T«>—
tV.rlMf *■
Are You
Looking for
The New-York Tribane's
Information Bureau, at its
Uptown Office, 1364 Broad
way, ha* on file all the bet
ter class Boarding Houses
acd Rrvom Houses: FREE
in*o*-ni2tiou as to prices
and localities
New Cotton Dress Fabrics
at Cut Prices
25. fancy ar.d plain colored Voiles, at, -1 ,\ _
yard " J }C
I".\ Printed Eatiste, <2tu.ity Dew print- r\ r
ings, at. yard iXJ *-
12*^c. Dress Ginghams, 50 new pat- q
terns, at, yard **
25c. Plaid Cotton Suitings, 32 inches ■* A r
wide, at, yard d c
23c. Silk and Cotton Fabrics, printed 30
effects, at, yard JCL>
ISc. White India Linon, 40 inches <t -5 _
wide. at. yard - 1 *•*
IJDA A. SiELf-iss.
ErnpJoyment Bureau.
23 West 39th St.
•phoae BaHi 2435 — Bryant.
BROOKLYN OFFICE: 134 St. -.ark's AT.
72 Lexington Aye.,
S. E. Co- BOa St. 'I'hono 192S Plara.
First Class Kelp of All Nationalities.
ADVERTISEMENTS and Fut-«crlpt!~r.? for
The Trlboae received at their '■ pto~»n
OfHce No. 1304 Broadway, between 36th
and S7:h st!.. until 0 o'clock p. m. A-i
rertis«_aesta received at the followlns
brsncfa offices at regular o&Ve rates until
••> o'clock p. m.. viz.: 204 Bth »'■'»., a. c.
rcr. 2-.d Et. : ■■:;■■ . cor. I2tn St.; 82
East 141 st.: 257 West 42d St.. between
7th and tth ayes.; 2«i G'eat 125 th St.; IS3B
2d aye. botween 76th s.rA 77th -■- . l_M
ad aye.. near Klai st ; 17oS Ist a.-' . near
£&th Ft.: 157 East I2sth rt. ; :•'■ Tremont
ay«.; CSO Cd sAe. -■-. any American District
Telegraph o_Sce.
CHEMIST OR DRUGGIST, cot older than
30, who can compose pood bnsiness let
ten and tj-pt-write them rapidly: good per
niEnerit position. Bji IS, O-rabrlig« C.
Boston. Has:;".
CLERKS. — l:ank;nsr and building aumocia^
tion wants g-rneral clerk of some experi
ence In this line. KBM oirr.nr-ssion •■<<■"■
ciiP-nt!? want le-isrer derK familiar v.ith card
cystem. JTsLi-Stoo: rr.anufacturer^ of paints
a "rj.» rarnlßbea rant order" clt-rk familiar
with blllinx Bif-rchar.dise ar.d running type
writer. $824. lla;ir(XKis, 307 Broadway.
PIANIST.— Main; cue that cm Bins; must
travel: state full particulars as salary
exßected. a I*o mention reference*. Address
IC. li. .Smith. 15 I'alr View Place. Brooklyn
Ar>VEP.TISFJIENTS ar.J ■ t TfptU-M for
Th» Tribune received at th«lr Uptown
CTice Xo IM4 Broad' between S'ith
and ?.7th sts.. mull a o'r'.xrk i>. ra. Ad
vertlsem«nU receive i at tha fo!loTrlr,K
branch office* at re^ul^r office ratt3 f.ntll
8 o'clock p. m.; vi_.: ?'A 6tn aye.. c. a.
m- _uw at.: 153 6to aye. •.121 st: «2
East 140 St.: 257 Weal 43d et.. between
-,;, and Btn ayes.; ME .. fst 125 th it.; I'■ >
3>l aye. between 7tith and 77Ui sis.; 3620
M aye! r.r-:ir «UFt st.: 1708 1-- aye., rear
-.• St.: 1T.7 Ka« 12T.th St.: 7C> Tremont
a.\f.. 850 3d ri; c. and any American District
lelegrapb offlce.
A ]?:■"■•. CLASS MAN' cf ability, exteuslva
experiences, practical, executive arul thor
ough business nan, desires to secure perma
nent poattloa as n__t__ser, chief aanlWant
or repreawntauve or estabUsoed or new
basire»s, preferably Ner.' York; no objpciton
Co travt-iiir.jj or Icicniins elsewhere: splendid
connection s; has travelled extensively in
North. .Soutli and treatral America. Weal
Icdtes, Xnaia or Ifa--aii ar.d Europe; ccn
vert-int with foreign country currency.
m*:tho<i3. reti'-irenjentt ; t.export. 1:—
cuctrial; highest references as to ir.t??!l r -y.
ablLtQr; raoderate salary. Ar.Eio-as__on. liax
102. Tri&uos Office.
ad v p; . ■ .- v T::rnr..— i-^c ex

■.■ ■ . :
- ■
tan i. ; :-
ASSISTANT to h_ta cr faetnrv. firm cr cor
poration, by m^n of •■■; la ••sperience.
tl>l*r..:ld education, practical knowledee:
capit)!(? of taking full charge In abgpr.ee or
pronriotur: liiKhiy recomnieaded. Moderate.
803 14HU Tribon* OfTice.
BOOKKEEPER. c-T^rt: executive; thor
ougn aecjuutiint: all branrhet; f-xceiLrnt
corrr-sjiond^nt : reliable, crir'-i t ~ ! e effirn man
appr; wry hiptiost credential*, honaaty.
p,i ; ;'ty Mart Jl" 1 - 1 weekly, ri f y. violnlty;
*_•« el«ewbere. 11. A. Wood. 883 Union .-;■- .
Drooklyn. ■
T 2OY rver 10 years. in "Sice: fairly •_•-
-catad: ha^ lewreßee*. E „.;n-:^: Hello. 40
Ka.it II- Bt. _^______
C'iP.PEXTEn. — Tour.p man; Irish; T.-nrk at
*cn'vih':nß: vn&eaxaa&* prfwnWnir; rno.>r
nte s'tlary. Advertiser. C 3) ilar.hat:a:i ave-.,
C'IAUFFEI'R - 1 «"U!d Uka position with
V-i\ate rxmlty: am Etr;ctly temperate
an.l .... also Oa«S to city ami
Bertattrt IWU; mm ■ - I
peppt&r. 15 • 'bar 11 «t.. New RocbeU*.^
ADVERTISEMENT!* end «ut!«crW.on« for
The '! rfi.'J.'.t recHv»il at th«!r Uptown
Office. Nj 1564 Hnsadway. betwwn 3«Oj
an<s 37th «».. until • o'clock p. at. Ad-
V«rtlaecunti received at the fi>'Jowln«
branch i<fflc«a at re*ru!ar office rate* ••■HI
s o'clocij ij. ra.. viz.: Ml »th »v».. a. t.
rot 33J v.: 155 «th iv» , <rcr. 12tb »i- : OT
r«Et '•.. St.: 227 W««t 4il «t- b*t^?en
_ 7t.*>. ecd SC. a.a« . 2t!3 Wtat 12BS> «.; I M
rHALTFECH. Good tnechaa::; tta ran ■ 8^ «v« . twtw«*a 7<lth and nth ica.; I(K3
*»y K'Si'-er'-* «** ar - l^2Ke repairs ; ex- Kd aye.. stir 61»t »t.: 1703 Ut »••••.. n««
eerteaeeS ccac^mis; beat itferencej: cci- i,-_£ «t. : IST EUit ISfit.-. ft.: !M Traaiost
c^a! "L" L .• rwy r^it. !:_ » c;-kss. 2 Zii- i*• fc- CSO £i *-■• a*fi any «-^nrt£AX Oiictct
CHAUKFEI'R-- <;oloreil: -xp-rt. «olnr.
,- v. <J l . V.intcc. Ix'zler. kaici«r, Lo^am.j
hl!e ;n private famliy. refercatx-. A. liurdt.
an East 12;^ tt.
Sixth Aven.e's
I Greatest Store
Carries* Entrances *
cr: -Ist Street.
CIIACFFEUR.— Erper!ence<3 chauffeur and
mechanic; reference as to character and
ability (no auto school knowledge); have
had repair sbop experience. Address R.
tcnaaf, 84 Tracer aye.. Newark. K. J.
COLLECTOR. — Tonne gentleman;: writes.
reads. speak? Italian, English: reliable,
trustworthy; Brooklyn bouse preferred; can
furnish bond. Liary. 32 Raymond Et..
COMPOSITOR Al Jobber, makeup, stone;
30 years old: union: wishes permanent
place: employer's Ir.tt-rt=st my own; best ref
erences. Room 21, 63 4th aye.
CORPESPONDENT. — Italian. English;
comf-^tent; tmporttna; or fxportlnj? hous?;
week or part time: be»t r'-ferencea: mod
erate salary. v. Lucchesi. 452 12th et..
DRAFTSMAN. — Well <-^r*rif in pipe
work; can handle large power plart ptens,
also estimate; moderate salary. A, Novlch.
G5 Delmonioo Place. Brooklyn.
DRAFTSMAN". — Graduate mecharica? bb-
Ktneer: American: erven years' factory
»>iperl»nf-*; open for short or longr drafting
or engineering er.pajrerneEts. L.. 3.. Room
1.201. 1122 Broadway.
DRAFTSMAN. Tracing, etc; good lettcrer;
can show samples. Grevillot. 956 Whlt
lock aye.. The Bronx,
DRIVER, tc. — Married man as driver or
wl]ttn_ to de anything: references. O. M.
P.. 370 Mb aye.
DRUGGIST (redatered i- humTft)
desires ;.lec« hi drt-R p' ira In Sew York;
bert at references as to character and abil
ity. 2064 3th aye.
DECOGIST' (junior clerk); thorough::- ex
perienced acnlor FtuJ^nt wishes place
thr*-e cr four day 3 a wptk: best retereßcea;
moderate salary. Kaln.anov. 33 llumboldt
St., Brooklyc-
ENGINEER. — First class llcer.se ard ref
erence: city cr country; hotel or Tactory;
strictly t?mp*rate. Engineer. 113 Nassau
St., care of Janitor.
EXGCJEgR. — InapeOOt of Italian sus^r
fabrics and refineries for tw-nty-gei. en
years. under«tar.dinK English, French and
German, peeks a. fcrxyi steady placa In
America. Schrappapletra Settiralo. Oeaot.
ENOIXKER and BCZiliWniG-rr.— Acena
torcwd to eoiißtrm tlon Itna i inn -
piat t • no ol leettafi to p ■ ■
ESd Johnaon. 181 A Dtamoad at. BrtMJklyu.
EINGINEER. — By youse man, i|-acttca!. in
office b-tldlßt or faotory; pood refer
ences. Be -.:-., -.'O2 West 146 th at.
ENGLISHMAN, fair educationt a?r,uaintej
witii power, h.eatin»r. boilers and handy
■nit*: tool*; abOOt us " .[■■■-■' t- es;
■ ;•• or ■•■;; . Wait« i'-..;.; •. -51 West
_-<sth at.
FIREMAN" (licensed), as fireman 01 ril^r:
ab!« bodied. w!i:ine: aobcr and oblißlrg;
not afraid o£ hard work: car. clve first (U«s
reference*. P. Cheno, 35 llth et., Collega
FIREALAN ftrrt c'.a»i«. aged 26, married.
with ■ r- dis? r^f-r^ncea. dfgiris \<o?',-
Hoe. A. 7l!om_e. 181 Bast 28th ft.
FOREMAN' ■-' MANAGER.- In fatter",
plant: or contractor: and«rsiaii Ig th«
niunap"mcrit cf hf!p and machinery: refer
encps and t»curi:y. W. C. Baont-r. :'l Mi '.
di<"ton st.. Brooklyn.
GENTLJ3MAX, with he^t business '-' tn -
eacea. Bpeakins; a:i<l wrtUsg fluently «',er
man. nch, Italian ami .Eagllah. vants
posidoa; t '-at.- salarj. A. M. . Bo^ 1-,
Tribune Office.
• vrorSc In stable. G!o. T'eclllo. 715
Liberty av-.. Brook:
MACHINIST. 22; rial, lathe, p_ati or
chape hand: » : 'i years' .;.er:tuce. A.
Tamm, S0&-3U East J»sth si
MACHINIST, tool and dl* mtlrer, 12 years'
fsperiencc. 10 years' «-_:p*ri»ncs M stfam
and electrical engineer, dts'.res position.
anywhf.'p. Plttaer. "21 East 12tk st.
GENT— X* tAH. •••'■Its'- praduat* (M. A.),
dcslre3 :... atiur.a! opening; highest r-'
erancca; BnoMastul !n teaching and admin
istration- smalts Spanlah an i German f!u
ently, Addr_a= Educator. Boa M, Tribute
jus .•:. in of. « of factor^": N*w V rh or
Jersey City- MacNatr. 213 a- i_m a.
MAN. 25 wlahej 1 ia-.- in nffice: ypeak.»
Bcwtiah; J8 to etart. 131 West 127 th St..
care- of Vogeler.
MAX — Intelligent: experienced packer;
ffixxl miirkw; .irlve: ban lv In *hippinc
deriirtment: I.1 '. y*-nrs' l>?st refermt-e. A<S
drr^s A>lvertl*'r, 17 !»th u\-.. «(>r^.
MASSELTR wants mor^ patients; visit!
residence; diploma. Ta_B_nyt 352 East
esth st. .
MASSEUR. — Athletic young: professional,
highly rscorrmenJed by promlrect clua
man, d<_brea {i\v more gTS-r.--.ii for treat
ment at their own residences. Address
Expert. :•■>;■_ DiiMnaiy. ■
OFFICE MANAGER'S cr superintendent's
i assistant, receiving. MltppKC, tallying
clerk: rapid, accurate; el lent correspond
ent r wide fs,»r..-nc»; silt e^ged refwrei
S $18 weekly. Punctual. Box MR, Tribune
! Office.
' OFFICE ASSISTANT, any business: expe
rienc»d. rapid., accurate; fio weekly. A
A. Evelyn. b2l L'r.io.i £t.. BrooMyn. |
1 PROOFREADER — -Bmai Paris »".l-
I tlon London Dally Hail: I lick, accurate;
*p^aks French; salary mail-gat-l Apply
j 0 Dwyer. lUO7 ___tb aye.
READER and COMPANION.— By man of
rof;nem»-r:t and education; baa travel!**"
extensively: highest rtferences. Rugby.
Tribune Uptown Office. OH Broadway.
Reliable t»-Klnnftr: gratliatc of Woo-3's
Business School. Charles J. Nielsen. 159 •
Charles si. i
Knowledge of t okkcapiac card indexes. ]
etc.; salary reasonable. L., b?2 Pul__ra j
I aye.. Brooklyn. I
i STENOGRAPHER, expert operator, ac- ;
countant, thoroughly conversant with of
fice routine; —»»»_*-_ ability: understands i
advertising, fellow op systems: handle en- ;
tire - •rreapondence ; be»i reiVrer.-ei. X. A.
I\. Bex 14. Tribune Office. I
ftdentui or detective work. I.". E. S.. ■
535 East 84th b-. i ;
TYPEWRITER sfßea M-Mautt. with MM
knowtedse of stenography: tlv» years" ex
perience: can furnish excellent references.
: W. c . 32*3 xa St., fc-rn. |
i WATCHMAN, doorman or special service;
seven year- experience In ia;i'-r; Ameri
' can. 6— ; -tror.s. active, sober ar.l reliable;
I twenty-six years' reference. John Palmer, |
! 101 West g-.t.i st. ;
WATCHMAN. — Sober, reliable rna_- |
I or day. Cuill-i I MLau.hliii. :• East i
[•tttaat. . I
: WATCHMAN, porter or any place of trust;
English: short time in country; distance
no lection; good Miweseai E. J.. 48
( Hill St.. Brooklyn. I
I TOUNG MAN. __. at. any kind of clerical
work: aaud per man: accurate at flcures;
i Brat class references. Address F. W. D.. |
j Bex 21. Trttane Office. j
i YOUNG MAN, 3.*. colored, to private fam- '
Jly: useful: attend fires, tlrivo ami wait;
The Bronx preferred. C. Pulley, ICO East :
224 th it. i
I YOUNG British army man wishes position ;
i gentleman'? boose, sob*>r. honest, smart. .
Intelligent. where he could eventually be
j come butler. Henry ilcMahon. 60S Trinity |
j"— Bronx. . |
! TOTING MAN fßcoteh) desires plaea In ho- j
tel, with opportunity to learn 111111.11 nap j
■ lEg. G. A. Cooper, IC4 Weat -Set st.
TOUNG MAN. i K . in office, or as stock '
clerk or piano salesman in store; any
■BOd petition. F. De Vita, HO Bleecker st. ,
YOUNG MAN. 30: M years' experience as
freieht aseart 34 years aa stenographer
; In prlntinr office: .00.1 references. Address
1 H. E. Brown. 242 West 11th st. I
! XOT*N"G MAN. 19. -lll lull, honest and
trifling to work at anytbtns: ha? experi
ence es stock clerk. Alfr«J Bono. 60
Watts st. j
YOVN"<~- Cr>l__lGE MAN. refined, will act ;
as companion 01 tutor In private family;
of a pleasing personality an.l well educated;
win travel. A. C. C. -SB Bowtloln st.,
Dorchester. Mass. j
TOUNG MAN. 17. as driver's helper or
cry position: be»: references: denartment j
•tore experience. -ttna-i 206H Chauncey ,
st.. Brooklyn. I
TOU^.'G MAN. colored: In o*Bce b— Rdlns •
dc~ atswn. J. T. Gresn. 38 West 67th et.
Female. j
: ECCPERISNCED put!:- school teacher; ,
\-Ultirg tutor and at her residence; ele- •
! mentary advanced English, mathematics. ,
! literature, compoalt-on. Miss Bi-iHI, 13 i
j East 77th st.
GOVERNESS, correspondent, translator or ;
I Interpreter, by refined, experienced teacher
■ of Spas-all and Enit'ish: willing to travel. .
. A<idr€S3 Colon. 3*4 East 57th st, |
i GOVERNESS.—R efined German vls!tta?r ;
go-.--— less teaches her pupils German arel
j Ft— ocn by conversation and games; •__- I
rnentary music: highest references. Ger- ;
i man. 52 West S2d £*-
• GOVERNESS. — for re— jo— c
gentleman, or to act as caretaker for
! apartment or country estate, by thoroughly
competent middle aged Protestant lady of
' refinement and social -taadlns; highest ref
> erences. . Address A. M., Bex 11, Tribune
j Ofllt-e. - '
i _Ar>T six y*ars experience la ba~ aaai .
world, a." stenographer, assistant book-
Iteere 1 - 1 laiarlßatiAff w-orker: salary $20
1 weekly. K. K. F.. 417 West 22d at
j — ;
LADY would like to a-aist In mail order ■
office cculd make baraetf useful in ever— 1
way. M. A.. Tribune Uptown Offlce. 1364 |
1 Broadway. _ j
STENOGRAPHER, trpewlHer. bookkeeper: ,
beginner; Hefßy"s School «rad_ate; young
American girl: al3o speaks, read?. writes ,
i German: excellent references. K. P., .33
: Marcy aye. Brooklyn.
nulimri with Chan" of advancement:
salary no object. Margaret Selter. 14
! Cedar St.. Corona. I- I.
1 ETHNOGRAPHER-— eight years' j
experience: speedy, accurate, neat. Intel-
Ilsrent conscientious worker: Brat class ref- •
1 _••<>,;.-.-. V.'orth, Tribune Office. ;
years' experience: capable of handling
- correspon ; wishes permanent and re— :
FT-onsibte place. S. 8.. 257 Chauncey St.. :
Prooklyn. < I
lajy, _o: thoroughly competent; a.so ci
i rerieficefl in ofllce work. M. EtnxoeJ. l*i
1 South Ith at.. Brooklyn.
: YOUNG LADY, -tte-diß* school, wishes an ;
Rfternocn of ever.lng place. Address B. j
! M.. MB Columbus aye.
I ADVERTISEMENT? 1 r:d Iptlc-M •__
Ti<e Tribune receive! at their Uptown
' Offle< No. 13*54 Broad- between u<".t:-i ■
( h:'.-' Tlth Bts.. until 9 lock p. m. Al
rerUsementa recdwkJ at the following
. branca oflces a: reirular o—lca rates until
iS o'cloci: p. ™-* -. i— : ■-■•.» J ' h RV> * . s. J_i
err ■■- ■ st.; IS. «'.th are.; cor. 12th st. : »2
Eas-"l4th St.: 237 Wai 43d St.. betw-aa
1 7th and aias ;MS W. 12oth s;.; _l
'3d aye between 7Uth anl f7t_ sts. ; l»>-t»
: ?.J a- •■ near Cist si : 1708 Ist iv , near
I BStn St.: 157 Eaal I-Btl ■_: 7M Tremont
! ay...: H^t 3d ere. and any American District
• T •"* rr - '"'" ' i-.fScp.
I " "
- - ' - -■-- - ' !
' ASSISTANT JAXITOR.— By yoaag -Ban. as '
' assist-— t Janitor; s^rocl vr oisv-e bullJ
1 me- experienced; gwi refwrences; also
! butler elevator rmuMW. u=efni men, pert
! er«. etc. MumlKijslif Bureau, acts M est
j 113 th rt.
j isCTUSK.— la private family: capable, win- ;
i ILg and neat: best ref.rt-iii-r?: c,tv. cour— .
tr tttwr 110 East «st « . Hylaad'i j
j bell . i
• F.f'TLKP. AND VALET .—Kirs'' class: •■-,-v- ■
i oughly coiapetent; strictly siter. capable
> man: tall. s»3d appearanco; has yesrs of
' refertnee- Osterborß'a Bureau. 10 I_n i
| iuston aye. Tei. Hw— Plaza. :
! Bi'TLI'R French; hor.esf, sob^r. re!lal>>;
j bj private f_m'.ly; very p*>l references.
! Jules, sa.TOrt 24t_ st. ;
t-CARETA._~K. *'itl> tools: onderstaniii
i -Wrr.,' tot V~« beat an.i low pressure,
i cewVral rsrairs: steatnOtter; city reference.
i _" Led:s. .->l4 East 14C'th ft.. Bran-
I ■'•\":"T ■• ke':. ic. — M_m and wife, very
; ■*"••.' as .^aretauers or janitor's
i Dare- b' ct °* references: han.lv with tools
and paint: Americas- Frwl Pietzard. 410
] I0:h aye
; ' rOACHMEX, fc-on'n. wwond and u«<-fu!
! men. co-jp!?!. PhoW) I?2S— Placa. Mor
i rcw"^ Bureau. 721 Lexington aye., corner
| CSth^t.
i COACHMAN. Hn class: a'^o xmttaH and
•-cond mar.; test tvferenopa. Mn-.R.
MatttevaOß'a Sanaa, » : t», aye.. bctwara
46th iinl 47th a - 3 __^ e __?"!il_ lr>^? t :
■ COACHMAI?.— Expetioaeedf; thoroue'iiy un
'. derstandj hii busing* in tvtry tranc!:;
eo&i Civ ■ r-rem Andrew, care of .
I SUxeli 177 Writ OCRh
I CO ACIIM AN. — North of Ireland Protestant:
" tliorouKh!'.' eowpetWlt; with private fam
. ily; cober. willing. oi!'.sir:^; test rrf.'rencM.
Co^ciiiruin. 4li (.'oney Island axe.. Brcokly—.
COACHMAN. Scotch; city, country; strict
ly teniivjrate; written* i>r personal n*ler
enc^-s. S C, 1- i llishland »vc, Jersey
! COOK lx " JJl~r,ese; «-xo»-l!pr.t couk: in
__£_( or — 11 family: work when
wanted aslJe Dram tow s".-h'«;I hour*; b»-tt
r«t>ren'.:o. AW. lJ3*t 57th st. I
; COVPIXS (several > for difft-rent work;
English, l"r«nch, SwedJah, •■g«naan; ref- |
er»cce«. _Ime B_a»h«— aun'i Bureau, *22
fith aye.. Ixtween i^'j^aai 47th its. Tel j
! 37S— Bryant- '
FARII-rt tfOTtmsn): Araerlca_; B-Wrtad |
-o tttlireo; s^S wortan *;v?rai y»ar» |
■ at -he bn>— ira; *Xi*rteiweJ w aU machm- i
1 •-- txetOßßt her^jraan; u«e4 lo bo— r£_r.g |
i aa4 riWsdUn* J>a!p: rjcosaaiui — ' iyi p_2liry; j
I strictly sol_r; best ra-snaeai Corpentsr i
■ BveH. IT* (a* *?*.
FAKilEß.— Foreman or iaacaKCr; married, i
one child; understands aD kinds of work;
to take full '.har-f; first -!a.->.» references: '
■tat« erases offered. C. 41.. Bod «H. Hast t
I slip. Long Island. . j
GATtDEXER. — SutrrlntendTit; capablf: !
g-Liss. Sowsrs. fruits, vr?»tab:e«. larvi- j
! -p.- .nr. fannins. load building. br»*<J!iw. I
rparinir • I stock; f.-'l! rers In all details j
of CT.ticman'* esate; best refsrenc*s. B x >
1, 240 East *sth «t- - ■'■';*- j
GAF.DEXER fhead) desires place; !n<ius- {
rrf ■■■.!« capable prr>w«T of flower-, fr-ilu. ;
v»-geta.b:»^. under slurs, outside; EnPlish; j
sißfle: tirrt cla s « reforences. Charles New- ;
ten. Glen Cove, -' a_ Island. {
GOOD COOK and luccfcir.a-:; good pastry ,
baker; moderate nras?s. V!: . Ren*.
care of Sttfehn. -fWO 2d B-%
HEAD GARPEXEU. — Gentleman* plac«:
competent in ail branches: lanf!*-ap«-
Trork, '-are ■-<•-: and sTmntiouses-.
a sod ; ■-■ married, two grown ehlMren: host
of references. B. W.. cars of |__na_fl &
iy>.. 146 West 23d st.
JANITOR. Handy with tools: n-uoa. flre- .
man; ■Gristly sol>er; no basement for _-- |
Ins rooms. K. Schmidt. 522 West t»th eu '
JAPANESE nisties place as butler in pri
vate family; ■xp*ri* 1 --"i. competent;
hlshly reroramer.aed; p«rson«J rtf*renc«a.
Jakj-. 323 West fOta st. I
JAVANESE wishes place as tachelor"* }
valet- has food experience as automoti.*
chauffeur; city or country. O. 0.. 11«
Sands st.. Brooklyn- * >
j\p\Ni>?n yours tr.ar.. £_■ coolt and ex- I
"rxrienc^d batter, waaai aHaallun In sma!l •
family: speaks Enziifh fluently; best reter- ;
enccs. Hataraki, TiM M =•"■ j
JAPANESE, experienced boy. desires situa- j
... as general hou?^«-orker or pooU: j
■pamka Boon ii;gllsli. ■•■■». IT Concont i
st., PimJilill I
NT'RSE attendant, companion; t- rcSned. |
thoroughly experienced man; 20 i-ears' ;
personal city r«fer«!ce«: tro^ld travel, j
Kobert Fetzsch. 330 BaM **■ St. j
CSKPTTIi MAX. — Cars of Invalid, steam ;
I heat. cf)k. wash dishes, ciean. etc.: r-f- j
l erencea. A. D. Uiit. lv Gcuverneur Place, j
! 5!:- I L l_- g ! j
USEFUL. MAN*. — City or country: Swedish; j
; speaks English: Rood worker: small •
waties. Call Swedish ExchanKO, 139 East •
3Cth it Te'. 455-; — Madison 8~. I
USEFUL. MAN.— By sod. -troai your.-: \
I Swede; competent and ■vrillinff: speaK* |
i English: city or country: wages. .«_:"« ;
Osterbers's Bureau. 719 Lexington aye. Tel. |
j 10^o — Plaza. I
: V\LET.— V-niriK Spaniard, of good __■*■- j
tion and excellent rl-.aracter. deair?s po
«!tlon as a vat« de cIU-aUi*. geperal
Iv. uaeworker or butler; references. A«i- [
: _—«■ Bam Si S'itn-,'t-r a-.--.. BrocKlyn. ,
' V.U.ET. — Swiss wishes a few more pen- j
' rr.tr. to BttaM as vlsitlni; valet; j
steady reliable; can take clothe* borne;
rest city references. Mlch«). 454 East .
! 6sth at. j
VALET (ttalUas>. F-CRlish. for bacb°if>r !
aaaztmeat or steady plac« with the right \
I party; can furnish three Brat class refer
! ences; employed three years last placa. A. [
i Williams. 703 »:h aye.
; _ . •
VALET.— Strictly refined youn^ man; as !
valet or useful man; in aflksa; honest.
sober and obilfrfng; reference may be had
tram last emplcytr. 11. Davis, t"l West i
53d Bt. I
i VALET. MASSnUß.— Vlsltlnr: AmerJcan j
college graduate: kind attendant: pleas-}
ant. reliable. «ober: to attend several more >
penile— ier.; best city references. Lee. 122 j
■West 63d. it.
I V \LET. masseur, god r'jr«"; thoroughly I
r-T"n»t«-nt in all duties, seeks a few more
customer-: best city references. Address
Valet. 34 Cast sSth st. ■
i V*LET. S-c— Neat colored Jamaican as !
1 valet. ' haKrnan or elevator co-dact-r; !
good references. V/I'.scn. 140 West SSth St.
i VISITING VALET, colored, would like to ;
! have a few more gentlemen, cr will ac
• east posltirn as bouse va'.t-t for hotel; es
p«rieace. Riiey. Zi West 45tn st.
I WAITER — Experienced; la hotel or Club.
I Th. Stre_li. -4274 3d a^e.. cars of Mr.
1 Welnstela. __________
1 V/A.ITER. — Xsy yoi— mar.: Venetian; m
"■ aarata-da Er.glisi; would take a place
■ Witt pood family. C. Blanciy. 13« Ealam
at.. Boston. Mm:. '
: ~ ' — '
i cH*arßEHMAir> and w-jraaaam first
i class; young Irish girl; city apart—
only; 20. Call Swedish B-cbasw 1_» East
! 30th at. Tel. Madison.
: English French. German. Sw edisft; excel
lent ci'y references; some _c to country.
MaUsewson Bureau. 522 «th aye.. Mil ITln
sts. Tel. 378 — Bryant.
Scotch girl; inexperienced; Sib. G.. Ho.
' roarer's bureau. IKS 'West -3J St. Tele
phone after 10 a. m ISG4 — Chelsea.
• CHAMBKRMATD — Swedish; ■_■< class;
I rood seamstress; has friend waitress or
parlormaid: best cf references; wages. 5-2.
Call Ostert*>rs*s Bureau. 718 _e_lnsxoa ay«.
Tel. 1955— Plaza.
i ' —
: CHAMBER'W'bP.K an * waiting.—
Irish girl: M«- I- • Hcfmayer's Bureau.
j 153 West ZM at. Telephone after l'J a. m.
j I*64— Chelsea.
On nun girl. good references; can speak
! English. Jusslla Bureau. M 6 Lexington aye.
CH VMBERWORK. — By competent colored
•Voman; .:. boarding house; or day's work.
Samuel. 400 West BSd st.
celient Swedish girl: best of references;
has f:_end chambermaid and laundress: city
I ct country. Osterberg'e Bureau, 716 Lex
j lr.r-on aye. Tel. IOCS— Plaza.
willing. obiislos girl: not afraid of »_*;
country preferred: no objection to longdis
tance. M. X.. Mrs. Collier's AaaaCT. a
i West 23d st.
i COOKS— Naat. first class; prod references;
' S3O f35 and $4i>. .Miss Kroeho!k-». 1225
2d a-, . near 70th st. Tel. L'»:6»)—
COOK. f*imrt_ti woman: dinners, luncheons
and day's rooking:: price moderate; per
manent. .Address _. Ancltrson, MS East
; »_th st.
COOK.- First !laa»; in private family: ■■>
derstan.l? all kinds of cooking; take full
charge «: kitchen; best ref^encts; city or
country: no carif*: wae^s *-"> to Jr.O. Mrs.
; M. Dol-n, P. O. Box 85 HI ton. N. J.
I v,. ;•.. Bra das*; neat, tidy your.ff wrmen:
very best of references : unierstands funry
an-! plain cooking; w age*, -. ■ to _».
Flaherty's Bureau. *88 —boa aye. Tel.
741— River.
COOK.— LAUNDRESS.— T-o Norsvsriart
girls: competent cook; ether laundress;
first class in every respeot; would po to
country. Morrow's Bureau, 721 Loxlngton
: aw, corner SB_9 st.
j COOK.— PARLORMAID, - " -Two ewe-Jlsh
: girls; Brat class cook; other parlormaid
ja- waitress, sood seamstress; city at
! country. Morrow's Bureau. 721 «x_t_ton
! aye.. corner 881 ct. 'Phone V- v Plaza.
Three sirls; cook: wait and par.or
mnld- laundress; ali competent; city or
country; together or separate. M«r— >w*«
Hureau. 721 Lexington aye.. corner 0.-th st.
! Two young Finnish Kirl^: b>.k>J refer
ences; •'.;-.• or country. Juaalla Bureau, tisy
; Lexington aye. -^
; .-,-h-i; _?••-<■•■.- • --- roo<l cook an.l
' bake'- ha« frier. chamiwrnnalj an 1 walt
' tvv S - bent of referrnces; city cr cc-ur.cry;
men ?3O an,; J22. Osterber». ; 8 Uureau.
TW I/exir.^;i?n aye. TeL 1053 — lj:-:t_.l j :-:t_ .
' COOK Crst --■ Swedish: city or couri
rrv exr*el!est reference: US fall Swed
ish chart -. 13-» East 30th St. T'j 1 .. 4364 —
■ Madison Sq. "'
COOKS.— S2O to $73: all nat-ons; also
cooka and lauiidn-aw S«^t fe-eju-ea.
Mr,' Mathewson's Bureau, 622 ttb ay«..
bet. 41th and 47:h sts. Tel. 37&— Bryant.
ptrl» to ?•■> logrt_Br: city only: one Pwed
_h cool 922 "■■"- Finnish rhaatt-naM
and wai-res*. *->'■■ l*« r':fere_ce-<. STvedi-is
Ex'-r.anKi-. 120 East SOt* tt. Tel. 4^4—
Ma.!ison. _____________________
COOK.— Seou-h Ptofstar.t; ver>' rieat; tM3r
ouphly unde— stands all branrhfs: pl-iin
and fancy cooking: *
a; Mrs. '"'.'■■ AstXKj.'iSS ______ st.
COOK.— First class; understands all
b-anch^a of plain and fancy cocking;
very neaf zi>3'i references; t!!y er ccur—
try. \v 11. Mrs. ColUer** Agency. . I
West B- st
.-■-- goo.l plain rook: in
«t-- $20 M-. Uofnayer'a Bunau. li 3
\V>«t '2M st - TttepJMne after 1" a. m.
I>>g4— Chelsea. '
D*Y'S WOHK.— By vouns Finnish woman;

aiitj Ka.'Uela.. care of F. «•- Kcfnan, ZU
Kam 121 th st.
CENEIIA. HOt'SEWOKK or upstairs
work ty a Kixj'l smart young Irish sir!;
3 months In country: quick t> W-arn: wilN
ln e and akUgtßC- Ft-hertjr s Dure-u. 4S^
Colamboa aye. Tel. 741— Hl~r.
■ ADVERTISEMENTS 0r.3 sut'crlptlonn for
The Trir*nr rr<-eived Rt :be!r 1 : ,to-tn
' OfSi'-e No "13** Br -*» ay. between Mtk
•tsd 37th «t3\ until 0 o'clock p. m Ad
-•rtia-mrau rtc<slvea at th« fa.iowias
: branch efflce* at resular mca rate* until
• H o'clock p. St.; vix.: 264 etb aye.. «■ *•
«cr "3d st : IJ3 6ta aye.. ccr. US «_J 92
F^it"l4th it.; 237 We*t 423 St.. De'.wwn
7th __" *'fc » v< " s . -*" V.'sst ISth St.; I *
__ a— l batimn T6t6 acd 77ta us.. \i?S
i Id aye.. near «il« it . I7CS is'- •__ n*a_
i satis. «t-; 157 BMt l~iUi *t.: t;* Treaoat
1 av«.;Ca S_»»«. *-%i «ST A-.-ri£a_ _ii_-.ci
Ttie«r3i_ ;<B»;«
» -m - r '. f*'"" * ' *"
—0 50 7 &>, BiSSI M* V.60. H>.sO. 11.3 ft.
UJO ■ m.. 12.^>. 1.20. LSO. 2.5 V. X."iC. 4 - '
4 CO 5.80 «.5O 7 .'v. ».30. U-3O p. m. Mia
fiavi WB\ iM, ».3t>. 10.5<> 11.50 «. rx.
irW i-i. 55 "« .-,--■.." ts<> - 1 J^.
nfia 'lasui. nsop. B>-
Lv !. biatTT BT.S—tJft .-30. TO. «.•*>
»>2«>"»(-O iv) 11 <«•. 11..T0 «. n>.. l^i«
noon. 100 1.30. coo. 3 •• 4.a». <..tv. s.oo.
•CO 7 00. SCO D.OO p. m.. *- . " mldnixbl
«iirday» l-3f>. "'•W'. 9tT.. 10.< O. 11. CO a. nv.
IS w noon. I .»' -' '. 3-W. 4.»» O. s.<«>. t(/\
T fr» ft 00 t>.l*A IW.9* P. "1-. 12." tnianisht.
Lv V." S3D ST. T.SO. V s*'. ll.So a. in..
1 ri) S.bf>. r>.st», «SJi> p. m. dally.
"l-r LtBERTy ST.:— I.BO. ».««. 10.CO a. rr...
••• (.*> noes —<w 4.«.0. «.'j«. 7.0W p. m. only.
"FOR ATLANTIC riTV. Lv. V.'. :3T>
ST ■— '.» .V a. m.. fl-H Sata en.-' 3.3*
p. m. Sundays. "■> a. in.. Z. 30 p. ok.
Lv LIBKHTY ST.;— li> Co a. m.. (t 00
Eats. only). 3.4.0 p. £3. Suntiiys. lO.WJ a. m..
Lv W 23D ST.:— ?»-&> a. m.. (12.2<> -■> ».
ocjV) I.^? 3 20. 3 30. 4.50 (B.S) j-ar». only)
p in' Sanrfay* «.*J. sit> a- m.. t2» p. m.
L- UIEKRTY ST.: — I.W. !«.•*» «. tn..
11.00 Eat». cr.:>i. 1-3 U. 3.4tt. 4. «0. S.OO (i. «
fata. on!>> P. m. iuci»y»- S.3i>. ittWa. m..
2.99 p. jn.
Tim« tab** nsar be obtain*^ at follow*' t
cSc«f Üb<M7 ™C .W*« 2M it. Tel. 3144
Cfc'lsca). I ASt«r H«o^. .- ■. 434. !.Ti*K
1334 Bmadway. ■- Firth At., CSI Hft&
Ay.. » Unira Square W««. 273-J TSirJ Ay..
HX» West I2»th St.. :4T. Cotuc-.btts Ay.. N>w
York: 4 Court St.. 3«. 044 Fultra St.. 4.i
N'aatnurf •■:. Hlym; r.r*< Broadway.
WJl'lirßsbcnt New Ten Transfer Co. ca!»#
for »nii drtdim bac^aga U
■!>ER W. C ff^l*E
V!r*-Pres. A Gen. Mr-. Gen. Pas»"r U^«L
"Ever ct^er l.c-ir on tr 1 .-* mfs hour-
Direct Connectlorai In New Union Station,
Washington, with all Lines Sooth.
. Lrave New Tor* Dally, aI St IJ__J M
Washington. srpera. UJtm iar»am
WASHINGTON. Diner. T.SOam Ha»__a
WASHINGTON. Diner. » M :. - 10 W> am
WASHINGTON. Diner. !!.!".«> am i:/« n'n
WASIIINCSTHN. Puffet. ?."•> r-m ~ m P~
"ROTAI. LTD." P'.nir. 3..Wp— 4<»)p->
WASHINGTON. Diner. a.SO t>— i « ■" jm
WASHIXGTOX. Buffet. «.s»> ;>m 7•» pa
T>ri«isr! I>ai!y Trains tn t«« W*— t.
rHT<*AGO COU7MHCS. Jl.M&m 12 no v. n
PITTSRI'Rf.. C_~VK_'t>. -'.*-i 400 •)— I
••PIT ~ SBfKO LIMITFI>." •'.."O pni - f»» pm
CIN STLiI'!?.I/)n.'V..ll.Mpm IJ»_n
CIV"«T LOT'l^.LrttnsV.. ».*,<> am ir>f^>am
CIN'?T LOT-IS. CI3V. s.W:tii &•»»■
CSics: 2V-. 434. 1-iflO 3r^.lway. C Astor
Hou«« IW S Greeawicri St.. ~ T'nion Sruai-
W^ttl Gr-- St.. N. T. : 34"! Fulton i "...
Brooklyn: Weal =M =t an! ut>ert y st -.
After 6 p. m. Sleer-in* Car Reservations
and full nation r«rar<am* Brain; etc..
ran be obtained '■ Bureau of Informatics.
F _ O _. R-. _hl -'«• Terminal. *Paoc»
Number. Chelsea— 3l44.
V V N. ft: & HAPTon© R. R.
Trains depart fiom Grand Central StatlM. j
4*J St. and 4th Aye.. as foP ,ih for
Eotton via New London i P ?*^r- t ;', l 2: *
•i 10-02 A M.. *T t:**. # x 1 03, »x .1:0 ft,
tt 7 •, „„ •« %-ftz. ••12-0O P. M.: via Wi'll
■Mßtle—t|»:«i /-. M.. t2:01 P. M.; via
«£fd •».!! A. M.. •..UJ:0O. -i!4^». 'I!.*
Mlnii * Nort.-tt9:oO A M tS VP M.
G_ Earrinstcn. S«oeahrld_a. IM, Pitts- ,
ISeH— l*:s4. ♦•»:«> A. M. t?.:2S P. M.
Ticket offices at cGd- Cert. Efn an 3
r!-»sth ?t also at cSCi. 121-0 C 1354 B'wir.
C 25 Union S<,.. cIS3 Cth Aye.. c 2« CoJ-
A" e563 Sth Ay».. c 649 Mad. At«.. c! 0»
vr.i2T.th St.. B«j 3d A.- In ETklya. c 4
Court St.. 479 KM-nw-l we. 380 6 *» -
•Dally. tExcept Sundays. '.Stops at 12St»
rt xStops at 123 th St. Sundays only.
JPail"r Car Lirr.lted. !Haa (Slnlnc car.
c Parlor and Sleepier Car tickets ai»o.
: I ALLS .
Foot o; W. 23d A Cortlaß* and _>?sbrp«>i»s
Sts. B. 'Dally. Hue Jay: aTJB, M A it-*
cT?43. n5^25. XQ.4.V -
~" V. A I.- N. I. &
Buffalo Esrres3 !-a 7.40 AM I -e7.S'> AM
• 9-Chlrago Exp. -K> 40 AM • '.•
; Th.» ti^ffa!o Tr-iir. 1 T-->FM ♦S.OO PM
1 Ticket O.'f.ce^: ■V-*. :tr.i !'•»' Broadway.
EEDL'TD iSOi.ijd if. £5
N«»p<irt aid Fall River, »-. i'rav %a-n>.<
J2.30. Low Fares to All Mail Eas:.
L«_v- Pier 10. North River, foot Warr-n
ct.. week days and Bm_U~~i 9 O P. M.
fteaniers PLYMOUTH mew) aa-1 PP.OVI
DENCE. Orchestra on eaco.
NORWICH LINE, fcr N-w London at;l
East. Lv Pier 40. North River, ft- CUrk
«o' St.. week days only. 5 p. m.: Pier TO.
E. R-. ft. E. 22d St.. 6:30 p. at £tra.
Maine and Chester W. CtapLa.
NEW HAVES LINE, lor New Haven aav
NortK Lye. Pier 20. E. P. . «Ml <1»>»
OP.Ty. 3^X> p. m- Steamer Richard Peck.
HOUSEKEEPEK. — Ey wrman or r-_l=e
mer.' caa take full charge; also B jC< l
sewer; retoiaooe if dt sired, .'i. 3.. Trioura
Uptown Otßca, 1364 Bnadwag^
HOUSEKEEPER- — Protfstar.t. excellent
caterer and macaser; can taka ctargs c?
large private estabh-hroerit. schocl. ir^stitu
ticn or club; highest references. Mr_. Col
lier's ACeacr, 1— Wes: -3«i st.
EcS. — Wiilias to be usefal; excellest rel
araaeaa L. St., Box !•>->. Hempste-t^ N. Y.
WAITRESS. — =eat. cbll^trs young wom
an; excellent personal city re "erezces. H.
D.. Mrs. Collier's Agency, 122 West -3d -t.
HOCSEWOItXER or fUTCimjraiAlP.--
By young Swedish Sir!: experle-JC^I;
speaks Er?l!sh; good reccrriEr.T.datir>n. <?all
at Osterber^'s Bureau. 71« Leiliistoa avts.
Tel. 1065 Plaza.
of ■. '. ~
ability t^-i - ''-'- J.rn:=n
IIOUSEKEIIPETt. —By ■■- ed American
Christian woman: In small household
where ewvant is k?rt; thoroughly cempe
tent to take t-atir» cfcarge: absolutely trast
w<jrthy. E. X-, Tribuna Uptown Ot2ce, 13*1
I -"KEEPER By edurat<s! lady -• r-
f.n*m<-nt and exporter..-?: aa fcouseka«p<"r,
companion or governess. Answer, cax« X.,
:;i4 West yStii it., ur co.ll iJ-ciiy or Tues
day till 1.
UOCP-'.VOKK.-By neat roaa_; ir-rt; seal
cook; can bake: excellent laundress:
friend nurse. go--d seamstress ; city or coun
try. Morrow's Bureau, 721 Lexington _.#..
corr.fr £«h st.
LAST'S MAIL*.— Eip»rienced In takir.?
parties acroad; sp«ru.k3 English. Frer:cn.
German. Itaiian: gooi packer, haircresaft-;
excellent reference. V.".. Miss Fitzg_ra_>l'»
Bureau. 5C3 sih a.c.. correr 42Z st.
LADVS MAID.— EI M-nprtast; ytxKl
pacl;:r and traveller: ir:im?:r-ss; e.-{-»:
lent referrnce from last en'ji'Oyr. P.. Mi3s
Ftt_s?era!i's Bureau, 503 st-( aye.. corner
__] st.
fiiwi Ncrwfsriin s.ri: speaks Ewglisti.
French £_&d Gertiian; t-oi st«iT.jtr»-! t3t 3 and
embroiderer: b^st d r»comm»niiatiocs. rr a "i
Osterberg"s Bureau. 716 I> -. .- a a •-'. Tel.
1055 — Plaza.
L_\t"Nt>KnSo -wishes farcUr waaiiag aci
ir'-.r.in? by the moatb. vrepk or uozor::
rrivate hoase: oji^i a!r tlryirio; test refsr
encta- HSU E-vat 724 si.
waal -

■_, 348
itSXTSSXEOSaa. first ciasa; toes shirts, cel
lars ar..l cuCs. wQItDS t > ttfea country
Flaherty's bureau. <■■ Columbus aye. TeL
7.2— lUrer.
shirt?, enfffe coV.3*«: ■— lit '.-ha3ie«rwv>ric; ;
best city reference?; wa;'s. S-"«. Os:er- ;
berg's liarr«ia. 7i6 L«:rtrtcra avy. Tel- l'-Vo j
LAVNORES--- — Geriran: Krst <-lass; w»sS
lr-s. tran:ns. oltar.tcg: tak- waabtßS
horuo. Sophia Polercekr. 31<> Ea?'. 02J at.
LAUJfDBESS. — F:rst cla^s: ta.k« fcom«
wxifcl:.s; fine Frenc!-. '..^serli ar-i U'e
wprk ■pecfaltr; a'-r dQ'IBCI •a pyar2r.i»fJ.
Call all week. Nag:. 130 Vl' eat 100 th st.
UACXDHESS. — Cocrpetent: neat. r.fjieU.
capable jroosc »<wn»a; E3«<i ntmam;
city or ccun'.rr. J. L-. lira. ColUer's
AgeoeT, 1~ %\eat inj «t.
LACNDHE.-^ aaJ I'LEAN'EII.— E7 r*llab!^
MBts, be<!t reJ-.recc»s. Urs. Fi3t&«r.
IJ2S Avenue A.
. -
outdoor dry Ins. la tn:au ptlwito
fcflsw; city r*f*r«:'.re. Mr*. Saitii. ltt»
East C2lth St.. WllMarusbrtdge.
LAUNDRESS, it- By y.nox Spaalsi
w •■.i.i. w was.-., tr^-i: !!..«■. or n*i.f-
Trork; out or home; reffrenoes. Address
O Surapter *t.. liro^Ulya.
LAUXDRES3. — By rearftibie woman.^by
tl-.e dii-: nr»t cUitm »ui»er; sckjU r«*«tr
toc«». S«S) Ka«t «iM St.
LAUNDRESS, flrit l*s. »t!rt»: tf:ok.
French, cordon tUu: :«Uy'* maid, dreitara
hilr. exitli^nt »-ara'irr«. French: re:i iy
for places lv !aa;l*i. J--.; ik.'» Banu
Oi2 Ctb a'-e.
LAL'XPUEiJ. — First class; by the iay or
take work bcxae; oyvn «tr firyicfr. l*so*
Park aye.
MAID tn doctor's efilc«. by neat coi^:«vt
till: can »cswer t«l»phoc« and open dcor.
or do <2ea=tns few id'-rs dally; or ' ' « a «•>
errands. Xiiry I- Xa:n:FS3a. :*2 V\"t«
S7Ci »r
SCCB9S <* V.;tr. t-SM—'x'tr;'*: clr«. l\ y»irs
clj; well r*conin*aie-3: «SJP>3yer*s rete*>
j 'r=."» deslrei p:aa*« call jiter 10 s. «w
1 £„ Hcfrrarer'B Bnrrs.^- '.52 Wat !'-. ••.
>:■: ■ v OES§i#.sS LL6?9.
Fast Express Service.
IV A. il.
CeetHe mewj.Feb. ISJK. ~Tn_ II Acr. 2*
Kat«. Win. il.Ujr. Si Ka;;»r d. Or. ..Hay *
Ocl.'ie i3#w).Mar. I7iC*cli:e n>ew)..M-7 • a
K'priai Wi».ilar. 24,tK-prl:» Wai.. Mar 1*
Kai-. V.n:. ll. Mar 21? Kats. VTn_ n.May :*
Ka!**r A Or. .Apr. 7; Eabfr -. Or.Jo» 2
C*clUc <ne— )_~Apr. HTH> — » .: -:-e »
K'pcinzWm..Apr. tliK'prloz V."m — lum I*
Tvin-Scrcvr Passenger S»nrfc<?.
m a. m
•r_rbar,>«aa. r-b. 11, Slain Hay ♦
•r.S«tn P. & Tl| Bart**— —B_... Mar 21
•s>>d:::= ;:ar. 12! rtretrr. . . May r*
•Bn*B. Mar. s*!' •Nerfcar May 3»
•riarr-— •«*».. Afcr. »! I*!a>» Jaa« 4>
•Seydiita: Apr. -3 _-»— t. . . Jn__» •_
Lti-tsow. ...Apr. 3«; firemen. -...-» •*
•Knrti»m...y«y 7 .'rMuricb lv» -•
•3— •— a-n dl— >«T. x
?.f»»d!t«rrt»npan Service.
ciir_TAf^-NAr_ns— fisrioA. «t v A.2Z
•N~?kar F»!>. '.;i«\v!nr "ir. 21
P. l—n» F-b. TJ' K. <h-rt. . .¥• ■
Fr!r-lrf.rh Var. 7 ! F. I— tw Apr. ■»
K. Lois* Mar. liFriedrieb Apr. I
•Omits '"•»».
F— m n—-ier> -..••■ -
CHECK." GOOD AJ.I.OVKT? TTr~~rott_.l>.
OELRrCIIS ft CO.. No. S BrowiJwajr. X. T.
Louis H. 31—— r. 1016 Walnut St.. PhSa.
--.. T -...- " j ,
iatx-tuocs. stkad:e_t L_r»t.xTi__'a-
London — Paris — Hamburg
5. 5. Kaisenn Acg.
LEAVING If. T. rEB. _■ 4 T. 35
;-•... TON-;. 7O> FZ-T -ONCX
Havirur •;-elt«1 Ktta-Caritoa a >*__■__*
restaarant. .-._»!_— •!«-__» aaaa.
r»>»'— ■ r ]»n ele— ator.
Ka!serta...Fe!>. VZ. 4 p m'A2j»rtk*....2£'»r- T
•ITetorl_.Feb.29.3_'>pm P. Adalbert. __-u-. ■•
*i_i;;« to ninioui; direct.
G ibraltax— Naples Ge_o»
5. 5. Mar^burg
<*»» TON?. 3Art_' ~~8. 13-
C^ntalcs excellent actrnnrno«lft_3_».
"very sa_— -ss and luxury.
Kar3i'ir.Mar.3l.l» anif.Uolt-* •" • ■*_* *__
Oceana-Aprll 2. 11 an»jl_ta*_. -lay 3
vn. 8001-Isss laartr fir trtga up as*
N .« to _.o_or. A— -_tn. ate.. Bar
Service the H__bur; --.- A__t-A—-
Xlia Co.
TRAV_i_.En>s- UIUU t_3ir_r-x
HA-dpURG-AiIERICAN ;.I-V2X 37 Br~-_
way. :.". T.
c) Luu ti bli h U Ini tLD (I §) S
t?5: S, ©GB-E&S3&
APRIL, i 1303. FROM J.TSW TCMOC- - '
_Mdn l9day»H<»>-inai»LlA.]gl_r>
- ■-- tr ■- - 2__. ■• paplc*
_:'■ .:• .- ■----■» Tnp^lGc^oa.
33-37 broad-Wat, .V. T.
AHS? _ TK^From Pi«r t5. N". **
.-• Paul Feb. 13 R, L.m:» Fa_w 9
New York. . F»tj__2 Pii! .Jtar. T
REE S7AS. LETB From Pier 14, N. B, «
Fl=la=d .Fet-. li 1« AM Ze-Und.. His. C»
Va<*er!and.Feb.l!>, IP AM KroofHaT-t Jar. V
W*?TT"3 CTi'S I TRT_: Frota Pit
. O OiAJt -J_l£ 4a, N. R.
•Baittc.Feb. 30 800- ■Battle.. .Mar. 1*
•Celtic.. Mar. 5. nooni'Cedrtc Mar. a*
••^cea=ic Feb. 12. 3 m • Majestic. Mar. «
•tAdnat2c.Feb.2«.l2:3oPMCOc9aiU=.ai-_-. l\
tNew. 25.0** tons, ha» E>vmor.
Gymnasium. Turkish Batb* and •Orchestra.
NEW TORK & i-A*._ •£ ggVyg
BOSTON TO I-A—i t. _-.«_-. i.
Via Azcrea. Madeira. Gl-raiow. AJstera.
*cb:...: SSJ f-3. 15. 10 a. v
•CANOPIC ... Febw 22. 2P. M.; AprS *
•REPUBLIC March 7. coca: April 1%
•ROMANIC... March 14. & A. M-: Apra 3»
•CHETIC Marca 2^. coon: May •
Freight OCce. ■»__!! Bids-. Eatery F-,
From Piers Sl-52-^4. North River.
382.50 AND 'UPWARD
2ND CLASS. »*:.. >• Asa CTTrAKX*.
SKD CXJ-aai *2a.70 A.ND CPWARXJ.
I LCCANIA FEB. 13. 7 A. m:
: ETSLTUA FEB. 22. 9 A- M.
CARMAN IA-.Fei. 2fi. JlAL'he:rA-\XA.Mar.7
CAMPANIA. Fee. - UX-SU-.-Jh 14
I Matiretaiiia :. .Mar. 7
L;isiumia •- .ilar. Zl
i___-_,=»t. Faa_e3t, Flcest in the Wor-C
SLAVOXIA Mar. 12. Apr. 20. J'Jaa li
PAXX(XfIA.Mar. 26. May 14. July 2. Au?.S»
C.VfIPATHIA Acr. a May S3fc Juiy lt»
Caroma : ..., H 10OS -f alsxa-vdbia_
1 \"EKNON EL BROWN". Ce=-ral l_iir.
21-24 Stite at., -pfceita cue Battery.
T>ED "D" line.
For La G-jajrra. Puerto instil
Curacao and Ma— icalbo. via Curacao. naif—
ing a.'.*o -»t Juan. P. R. :
S.d. ii > HiLAEI>LPHIA..Sat.. Feb. 13. 2DC— .
Si ••■•...- -i --. Fet» 2S». noca.
Far La Guajrra. Curacao. M-irc-ratio.
ss. MARACAIBU. .SaturtUy. Feb. 22. ana-.
Ss-. ZL'iLA .Satiirtljy. torn. 1. ceoa
Thfst- steamers cave superrcr ac~)i~~o-»
liatlons fcr paajen^ers.
bo__~ok. bliss & da___tt.
Genera) Managers, ;2 Wall _t_
Fo[p (P®(fQ(d[S3(S(3)
Steamships of tha RED • _>" LINK win
sail frcra Pier 11. near 'Wall St. F»rry.
Ki-.^iklvn. for »an Joan direct as fallows:
SS, PHILADE_PHIA. .Sal.. Feb. 15, oooa
S5. CARACAS -:_y. -?eD. 23. _»__•
Kor freia-hr or ?a*sag« apply to
» >CLTON. ••.--■ IJALLETT.
General Managers. g_ Wall St.
W«K:ne».ijrj id per sailinsr list.
Twin-Strew • i— •■— -: 12.5<X>-:*.l7l>TocaL
ST\TEXDAM.Krt. 12. iaa.m: Mar ta.Apr.Hi
RTNDAM...F#b. X. noes; Mar 31 May »
XOORDAM.IIar. 11. noon; Apr. 13. Z13.7 2B
N*Er".V AM>TKRDAM.Mar.2S. 10 a.ov i.\prJS»
P- i?.-DAJI. . Arr. * lt> a.m. : Mar 13 Junetf
most ccmpr»tecslvi» and attractive erer ■'-
ftrcd F. C. CLARK. --nos Btdg.. Si T.
"T A VELOCE**— Fast Italian Una
■*--.- trim Pier «4. N.- - Riv«E,
ft. ef 34th St.. far Nap!a« «n<J Genoa.
narrteU. Solari A OF . 3- T.'all 3
An l3c!u»J«» Egypt. Uocklet.
THOiS. COOK & SOX. 215 and 13» p*i*ay«
Kj-.t MiHanß are. -%G3 sth aye.. NTT.
>rL"B=K or mKB 5 HELPER — Cir*
t>:e Wet Indian piri; *e»» .w*!l; - at r»f
1 esces; dry «.r country. Z.. il^» Fit23»r
aSds Burwcu. 3UJ st!j *ye.. corner •Ci »t.
XTTR?E an* S^nAitSTKKSs.— Pretestast;
wi:t!ns to aM'st ciiamberworlc ; orat. »•-.
Crcd roucjc wiiao: -■•• ---:; me^
i #rat? »3s*s. H. £•-. lira. OalUirs As«scy.
! ici w^t r^ st ; -.
: KtTBSS a-.d tfHAJISTRrS3 to «r Is-raGd <rr
car.ta'.-?»-er!t: Prot»itar>t; refrr-ace. :.'-.t«.
142 V.'est ts.>il «fc. Potter's b«U ;
I NT-R?F.nY lO V KitVICSS Ne-ri G«rm*a:
Frencfc. Esgtiii. =ssa*C. li. V . IL& E*~t
: »'th at.
, wjyjmmsaai Hov3zicF.s.rEiL pref«r
ab'y where Ital ar-s cUlMren. by your>x
' rroman ±t rrftneinect. .cr.<"ix» mad «btS—
i ity rtrfi-r«n.~»-9 .■xc* - »!^>i. a-^lt's Ai B.
1 C. E-^x :. Tribune O^lcc.
■ VTAITHSW !n rriv**^. tz.—l'.y «r fcnariJlr*
hou»». ci:y cr iviin'rr; R«n-ra3 ho«9«w3»Sc
' In firiMr of (»i- r--ar<^"t*?>:e 0.-r-j z~'.
! Irene Ga-iU-r. C^".> TV>3t W.t, «t.
! VT.UTRK-'S-rxnLOllXAir'. first .-!2.*s: un
ii^rstan.!d wlr"**. »'! ssijj.-i; ta s ?^ %lltlll*»
ri'^'-f. wiir^. *25: rff.»r*nees. r*-r*>r=il arnl
: a-.-*. Te!. 7*l— Hiver.
:t?T*l wctran; B'^U cm k an^ l".'^n i ir«3a:
| r«it anj ->=n; r.io t T-t*r*rr+*. VA^rxy*
' Barcao. -tSS Onlttr-htn «»«. T*L 741— nr»er.
' troßircca »ot:?i:KnEPEit. — ny «!;>?»!»
) Amftiriß »ora*n. in a »rr..»:i lj.:u;!v;
! *t«'»l c-'ii. ws^Sct- iisJ tr"C>r. Call er ad—
i divaa ■"•:<" BQ »v« . war 3uth *£. Riat Mm
! suirt'a Neil- >
1 aPVIUITISEMENTj ami •■atwrrTpttoßß to»
\ *-rfc» Trliauna r*i-i**J at ta*-J- U»to«ra
j CtSce. ?■<». 13U» BroaJssy. between s«stli
!' and 37th »ts.. untli ft o'clock p. m. ,\*
: vext!«vcienca recviveti at m- fot^pvli^c
! tniach a ••• at regular oSScj -.•.;:» VSXII
{ » o'einek p m . vir. : -** vi a-»» . a. »
; cor. -ii «t.: US <(tb »«♦. cor. l^h St.: 93
i i.a*t l»fh st . S" XV«« *Zi «.. between
, ;•_", *3i Stli *rrs.: . '3 West 123tb «t.; I3SS
I id ate., fc*t««ci. "eta on' 7>tft ata.z,1229
I 3ti aye. cear it»t »t-. irQ^ Ut a.»«^. .scar .;
1' CM* «t.; 137 East i^ti at. 73«* rra^cas
a-.c : eso 3d aye. ir i srr A_«:o*a Di»srl«i

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