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Beats Champion Dogs of All Breeds
at the Garden Shore.
Winthrop Rutherfurds little smooth coated
fox terrier is the best of all the two thousand
<ic*B st the thirty-second annual bench show of
the Westminster Kennel Club, at Madison
Square Garden. That was the decision yester
day of the congress 01 judges called to pass on
the champions of all breeds of any age or sex.
It was the second triumph for Warrens Rem
edy, as she won the same honor a year ago.
When the was crowned queen of all dogs the
crowd gathered around the judging pen ex
pressed its satisfaction with some applause,
as even the casual visitors could not but ad
xr.ire the sprightly, clean limbed little miss which
took cuch a proud place and earned such hign
honors in opposition to the blue blooded aristo
crats of all other breeds, from Shelton Brown
Elf, xhe champion Pomeranian of two countries
and the strongest representative in the toy
breeds, to champion Imperial Panther 11. Miss
Amy L. Bonham's bloodhound, which got the
reserve and which v.as the strongest represen
tative of the larger breeds.
The victory of Warren's Remedy came in class
SI of the specials, for the Spratts trophy and
$50 in gold. The eight Judging rings in the
centre of the Garden had been thrown into one
and dogs representing twenty odd breeds passed
in review before the judges. It was a novel
tight to see them all together, from the huge,
kindly St. Bernard to the tiny, mincing Pom
eranian, and every eye in the Garden turned
to watch the work of the judges. After care
ful study and some deliberation the big field
•was weeded Mat until only right dogs remained,
end then after much consultation the judges
for the second year in succession picked out,
to the expressed delight of the fox terrier fan
ciers. Mr. Rutherfurds Warren's Remedy as
being truest to type. A year ago Deodora
Prince, an English setter, got the reserve, but
this year he was beaten in the winner's class
of his own breed, and the honor fell to a blood
Warren's Remedy is tan marked, with strong
head, kern expression, pood outline and grand
ribs. She was in line coat also, and showed to
such good advantage that many of the experts
who lined the rail picked her out as the prob
able -winner some time before the judges reached
their decision. A number of newcomers had
been crowned in their respective breeds during
the present show, and for that mill Mr. Ruth
erf urd had looked for some strong opposition.
This opposition was there, but Warren's Remedy
•was equal to the demand.
The 1 .-sr amphitheatre was again th mecca
for dog owners and dog fanciers, and a big
crowd -was in attendance in spite of the storm.
The aisles were not so crowded as on Lincoln's
Birthday, but this was an advantage to those
who visited the Garden, as It was possible to
■walk from bench to bench and Ftudy the prize
winners with some degree of comfort. There was
the same incessant barking and yelpinp. and,
strange to say. the terriers had not lost voice in
spite cf the fact that they have been busy for
three days expressing their indignation at betas
chained up to be admired and petted by a lot of
Police Commissioner Bingham and Deputy Com
missioner Wood were among those who saw the
first public exhibition of the new acquired police
dogs In the ring last: night. Four of the five were
recently imported from Belgium.
While Lieutenant George K. Wakefloia, of the
Parkville station, and five of his patrolmen stood
at the ringside the animals one by on* pursued and
attacked two improvised burglars in the person of
■Roy F. Bchoonmaker. stenographer to Commis
sioner Bingham. and Herman B. Wilson, who is a
brother-in-law of Lieutenant Wak-fi. Id and a law
Student at New York University.
At 9 o'clock dM live patrolmen entered the rinz
*iti. the dogs on strong hashes. They stood at the
rast side of th» ring while the "hoboes" were brine
i^crcted in a big wooden rage. The first of the
animal? to do "stunts" was Donna, a Belgian sheep
dog Si' walked around the ring until she came
to the box. when the door was thrown open an.l
Fchoor.maker emerged. Donna jumped at him as
he made for the policeman, and during the struggle.
*he ran between Schoonmaker's legs ■■« threw him
several times. Donna, as w. 11 as all Ihc other nogs,
•was muzzled.
No?i ■ black Gruendael, was shown next. la
trolman Nicholson took l^r over to the box - an
«s ssea as Wilson came nut Nogl knocked him ill
ever - ... ring. Lady, ■ Him ii do*, in charge of
Patrolman atsenaaa. was tried, and as Scbe**
.-...,- jumped out of the box she attacked him so
fierce^- T.iat he was unable to run. Max also per
formed liis new duties well.
Jim. the only Yankee in the ban who hi an
American bora Airedale terrier, pave the wash to
his companions, for he earned all the applause off
the audience and the first prize, to boot. Jim threw
Pchoonmaker to the floor m many thnes that it
was Impossible for him to maintain his footing.
Every time that Schoonmaker mado an effort to
pet up Jim hooked bin under the less and knocked
him ov.r. Lady and Donna got the second and
third prizes, respectively.
Lieutenant WtfkefieM is one of the exhibitors in
the show. His pointer. leas of Kent, took two cups
*nJ a medal, and was adjudged the ! "' M pointer
bit«h in the exhibition.
R»d Brook Rufus. a French poodle owned by
th" Red Brook Kennels, won the Ballyhoo Bey
challenge cup for the best American bred dog or
bitch of any breed bred and owned by a mem
ber of the Ladks* Kennel Association of Amer
ica. It was an honor yeoond only, perhaps, to
that won by Warren's madly. Mrs. R. T. Har
rison's ffniniii. ■ Japan^o spaniel, got the re
A. Henry Hisginson, of Boston, also shared in
th. honors of the day by v. inning the Harry
Payne Whitney cup for the largest and best
exhibit of any one breed owned and exhibited by
ono person or konnH with his pack <>{ English
foxhounds. Mr. Higginson is the master of the
Middlesex Hunt and a well known amateur
rid- Opposed U* the foxhounds were Old
English sheep dops, collies, cocker spaniels,
beagle Russian wolfhounds, Pomeranians, Irish
water spaniels and fox terriers, and between
flxty and Kiiatj dogs were In the ring at
the sara« time.
Mr Tyler Horse made a good entry into the
dog show world with her newly acquired Old
English sheepdogs. She made a clean sweep la
the open and winners' classes of both sexes with
Handsome Boy and Dame Doris, recently im
ported from England, where both won many
jirizes. Handsome Boy was poor in coat and in
rather bad condition for showing, but he won on
Ills quality. Mrs. Morse won greater honors in
the specials, when Handsome Boy, Dame I 1":I 1 ": -
and two others carried off the president's cup,
offered by R. i!. Williams for the be« team of
any braai entered in the regular tee clasps.
This team ••■ opposed to strong teams from
various breeds, including fox terriers, French
poodles, setters, foxhounds, poteten beagles,
bloodhounds «'ii<' cocker ppaaaeta. Dr. Knos'ii
bloodhound s. Magician, Ripple Hector, Knox"s
Kindness and Darkwood Tarquin, got the re
•♦■!-< <• ,
Pol the vice-president's cup, offered by Center
Hitchcock for tho bfSt brace of any breed en
tered in i :.<: .< regular brace • ■'.. —• - 1! .•:>•■: Boy
and Dane Doris had to fcxnv to Wlnthrop Ruth
criurd's wordtrfully smooth coated fox terriers.
Warren's Remedy art<i Warren Blue Blood. The
Old Englifh sheepdogs got the r< «• v however,
-,- many prominent wfmera of other broods.
The Ffcrmboltce Kennels. ■ • v."l by HIM H.
Enarfcwood and *-- Pea Hooper, of Ston
*"**tcp, mm an.d Mrs. H. J. Foote/ of New Ro
chelle, N. V.. carried off the honors in the French
bulldog: classes In the absence of Mr. and Mrs.
R. H. Hunt's champion Sarah and champion
Richelieu, which were not Bhown in the regular
classes. The Farmholme Kennels' champion
Paulus II won in the open class for dogs, twen
ty-two pounds and over, and again in the win
ners' class. lie was practically true to type, and
the award met with general approval. In the
opposite sex Mrs. H. T. Footes Odette earned
the coveted blue in the open class for bitches
bred in the United States or Canada, and was
placed over champion Malgache, owned by the
Kurmholme Kennels, which won in the open
class for dogs twenty-two pounds and over, in
the vinners" class. Odette is a white dog with
fawn marking on tho head, and she made a
good impression with lior big, bat cars, fine
head and good spread.
Mr. and Mrs. Hunt, who show their sports
manship by keeping champion Sarah and Riche
lieu out of Use regular class, where they carried
nil before them for several scesTs. had the satis
faction of \vinnlner the brace class with this
brilliant pair. The French bulldogs as a whole
were a particularly goud lot this year, but the
old winner!? held th^ir place in the fore, in strik
ing mntrafit t<> many other breeds, where new
comers carried of the chief honors.
Mrs. R.<y a. Rainoy got a biue with her cham
pion Nelicote Fanfan in the open class for dogs
under twenty-two pounds, and Dr. and Mrs. J.
Lee Murrill won with Ninon de la Mare in the
same class of the opposite sex.
The chow chows, considered 8 table delicacy
in China, were a fairly good lot. Mrs. Franklyn
Lb Hutton won most of the blues with Ackum
and Chinese Yehonala. both of which were good
representatives of the breed.
A number of persons who looked 1 the collies
over yesterday expressed some surprise that
Walter R. Mine's sable and white collie Sailor
King did not have any decoration at the back
of his bench, as lie was a fine looking specimen
of the breed and has won many first prizes at
various shows. He was not quite himself, how
ever, when shown, and acted in such a nervous
manner that the handicap was too much to
The judges had almost completed their labors
by 8 o'clock last night, and the show will come
to an end to-day. The feature of this after
noon will be the Judging of the foxhounds and
beagle packs, when the masters and servants
will appear In hunt livery. The Westminster
Kennel Club offers $150 or plate to the best
pack of English foxhounds, and the same pre
mium to the best pack of American foxhounds,
and the competition is likely to be keener than
usual, as a number of good packs are entered.
Class MB (Span: <J«s»: blaciO-First. Red Brook Kennels'
Onyx: second. lied Rrook Kennels' Orchard Samson,
third. Dalmore Kennels' Shappat.
<*la»s :?.*i (open: dogs; other than black)— First. Bea
Brook. P.urup: second. Sarto; third. The Miller; all Red
B oa' t K »7 e <~w-snnerß; docs)— First, Onyx; reserve. Red
V «S'«wt-« bitche6)-Flrst. Red Brock Enter
prise; reserve. Nasturtium.
Class 2T.1 fesea: dog* and bitches,- First. Bay Vl^r
Kennels- Champion Bay View Pride: Fecond . Miss A. B.
ibis's Champion Lansdowr.o lwlyat Rosalie; third. Bay
View Kennels' Champion Bay View Beauty. « h , r i PV
CUm 252 (winners: docs and bitches)— First, fchiney
Dixie- reserve. Champion Bay View Pride.
Claps 283 (open; do * »rd bitches) R. C . Van
derbilf* Sandy Point Rags; limai, Mrs H. .\ Ben>
man-e Kenyll Blinkers; third, Mrs. W. C. Euiitas Lord
°Ctaa?S»i (opes: dcgs)-First ! Mrs.' Tyler Morse's Hand
t™eßoy;S.t ™eBoy;S. B. C VaSertiUfa t^andy Point Rags;
°^jil»^Z^£sF^&3^ «-; re
fri:^^^«lU^h H )-Flr«. Mrß. Tyler ■££•
love; third. Mrs. EusUs 1 Ch. I^y ftunrpie.
Class 289 (winners; bitches)— First, Dame r>orl3. sec
cud. Ch. Lady Stump!?.
Class 30S (open: .lops and bitches: bred in the
Cnlted States or Canada)— First. Rod Idol.
Star of \h- Orient; third. Blue Dragon Kennels The
"cui/swHopen: Jogs.— First. Mrs. Hutton's Ackum :
second. HiJdevvell Ad Hok; third. Eltam Kennels
I>a <-?a S9 310 (winners; dogs)— First. Ackum; reserve,
H Vts7:m A< ?open*- bitches > — First, Chinese Yehonala;
second. Pi-Ku-Lla: third. Krakatoa. -»--i.«
Class :>l4 <wlnners: bitches)— First. Chinese Teno
nala; reserve. PWOrf^,,^
Class ?,20 «op»n; does and bitches bred In th» t"nit»d
BUt« or Canada. -First. Howard WlllettS-a (>»dney I- arm
Surprise; second. Rockliffe Kennel's RcKkliffe. Lady
Florine; third. Pickpocket. ...■»-
Class 321 <op«=n; dogs)— First. Champion Rockliff. Run
sway; second, G"dney Farm Surprise; third. 11. Roberts
Wittko'.vsiky's Buster. : do^,-Fir s t. Champion Rockllff.
Class SB fwinnera; d«p*— Flnrt. Champion Rr«-kl.ff«
Runaway; second, the Misses Towle'a Dolly ii a en;
third Howard Willets's G«dn» y Farm Dreadnought 11.
CIMB 32rt (open: bitches)— First. Klllearn Kennel
Champion pearlette. second. Iyjngwood Kennel's Cham
pion Queen Belle; third. C.edney Farm Choice
Class ::2T (winners; bitches)— First, P,arlette; reserve,
Qac< ■ Belle.
Class 330 (oprn: dogs and bitches) — First. Argenteati
Kennels' <"h. ] I,- Wltte of Arpenteau; second, same own
er's Northern Princess of Arßenteau.
Class ;;!'."> (o;>«n. dogs under twenty-two pounds)— First.
Mrs H \. Ralney'e Ch. Xelloote Fanfan. second. Brack
*-nsi<se Kennels' Endcliffe I'iccolo; third, Farnhuim« Ken
nels* Blaise.
<"lass 3J<ts (open; dogs twenty-two pounds and over) —
First. r'arnhol.ne Kennela* Paulus II; second, same own
er's Keau Fils Cadet: third, same owner's Bonhorama 11.
Class ::P7 (open; dogs bred in the United states or
Canada)— First, Gugusse, Jr.; aaoSßi, Balzac; third. Ton
Clats 3P« (winners; dogs)— First. Paulus II; reserve,
N'elknte Fanfan.
Class 401' (open; bitches; under twenty-two rounds) —
First. Dr. J. Lee Murriil's Ninon De I>a Mere, second.
Brackenslde Kennels' ITladi IHTe Charlotte: third, Saida.
class 4'« (open; bitches; twenty-two pounds and over)
First. Famholir.e Kennels' Champion Malßache; second.
Victor H. Schoolherr's Champion Nellcote Lovette; third,
Mlrette I >•• la Mere
Class 404 <open: bitches: bred in the T'nited Stales or
Canada)— First. Mrs. H. T. Foote's Odette, second. Dr.
MorrlU'c Ninon De La Mere; third. A. P. Bender's OMB
tC CIaKS 405 (winners: bitches)— First. O3et!e; reserve,
Class 40r. (winners; bitches)— First. Odetie; resene,
Malaan ha.
flans 467 (open dope, bred in the United Ptates or
Canada)— First. L. •L. BrOokss Iroquois Spalpeen:
second Iroquois Uenoher's Boy; third, W. Fchuyler
Smith's Blarney Ginger .-^nap
CIaSH 4<lS (open: d«sa) — J. R. Thorndike s
Thomcroft Sportsman: second, New ry Kennels' Crow
«;ill Phil: third. John G. Bates's champion, Duncrag
rin Ptraiphl Tip.
Class 409 (winners; do^rsi — First, Thorncroft Pports
man: reserve. Crow Gill Phil.
<"las« 474 (open; bitches bred in the United States fir
Canada)— First. J. R. Th rn'ilk" Thorncroft Magnlto;
MCODd. John O. Bates's Courtlandt Sally; third, L. L.
Brooks'a Iroquois Bencher's Lass.
Class 4T."> (open; — First. J. <;. Bate's Blarney
Itessie; at i ad, George B. Thomas's Endcliffe Flyette;.
third. v.-v. rv Kennels' N'ewry Myra.
Class *'>'' <winnej»: bitches) — First, Blarney Bessie; re
serve. Bnd< U«« Fl>ette.
• hiss 4*2 (open; dog* and bitches bred In the United
States or Canada* First. J. F. McFadd^n's Xosegay
Rosebud; second. Hazelcroft Kcaada* Hazelcroft Blrkle;
third. A. T.oyesen's Piper's Model.
Class 4--:'. (open: doEP)— First. A. Boyesen's Erchless
Piper; secoad. Walesoatl Kennels' Walescott Crusader;
third. I. F. McFadden's Nosegay Rosebud.
'".«(■; 4M (winners: dc.gf)— First. Erchlesg Piper; re
serve. Walescott Crusader
Class 4hH (open; bitches) — First, Newcastle Kennels'
Castle Natty; second, Algernon Boyesen's Champion Clon
m*] Topsr: third. Waleacott Bess. ,
("lass 4-«1» (winners; bltches.i — First. Newcastle Natty;
r«"«er\e. c"lonmel Topsy.
Class 4IC («pam; dugs and bitches)— Fir.M. Mrs. J. .«?arl<»
Barclay's Glen Is Mm-: second. nil" owner's peter the
Great; third. Urafton Kennels' Grafton the Gift.
Three Pairs Earn Their Places in Semi-Final
Bound of Tourney.
Three pairs won places in the semi-final round
of the New York Athletic Club doubles hand ten
nis handicap tournament yesterday In the big
gymnasium of the clubhouse. Sixth avenue and
Central Park South. The champions of last year,
Samuel T. Shaw and W. D. Lyon, playing from
scratch, won their opening match, but tiny will
not meet Jerry T. Uaboney and 11. M. V. Con
nelly, 10 aces, for the top semi-final bracket until
to-morrow. SlJtteeiv pairs have entered for the
tournament this season and all dM matches thus
far played have produced good sport.
The best competition " of the day was that in
which Dr. George H. Mall<tt and Dr. W. J. Pul
ley, 7 a«.-«-s, won their .•■•. iiii-.'inal perch in the upper
half of the draw, where ii is expected they will
jr.eet Shaw and Lyon for the final. in this match
Hi. >• rn«:t J. B. Naethlng and F. W. Kroehle,
whoso handicap mark placed both of the teams
on cvr-n terms. This brought about three lively
sets before, the two doctors won by the score,
-j- 22, IS — Zh and 25 — 14. The summary of the sec
ond round follows:
Second round— Dr. Gecr«e H. Mallett and Dr. W. J.
Tulle;.. 7 *<<<• defeated .1 n Naethlnn and F. V:
Krc-«hl«. 7 are*. 21— B, 15— 2.1. 2S-14: \V. A. Hints and
John J. K'liej. 5 a.Ctm. defeated W. D. Bourne ana T. R.
Pvrch. 2 »cer 2.%— 24. ZS — 17; W. H. CMk »n<i Dr. W.
G. Cor.kiing. 8 ai« defeated V.'. A McKenaa. ii.d H.
Olaeo, S axes. 23—21. 25— 26. Si— 4.
(Photographs by C. J. Ross.)
Aero Club Wants the Event if Ger
man if Can't Supphf Gas.
The Aero Club of America, through its president,
Cortland Field Bishop, pent a im-ssage to the Aero
Club of Germany yesterday that if the German
club cannot procure gajj enough — 2.000.000 cubic ff-et
—for the international halloon race next fall, that
the American club would he glad to have the race
here again. The Bennett Aeronautical Cup is a
challenge trophy, to be held against all contestants.
in the aeronautical federation by the winning club.
It was won last year by Germany.
Frank S. Lahm, father of Lieutenant hahm, who
won the cup in th<» Hist race for America, sailed
for Europe yesterday on La I^orraine, bearing the
message of the American club.
New York A. C. Team Takes Lead
in Championship Race.
The New York Athletic Club team secured a de
cided lead in the Athletic Bowling League cham
pionship race last night by defeating the Newark
Bay Club five three straight games on the local
alleys. In direct contrast to this the Elizabeth
Club team last the odd game at home to the Co
lumbia Club quintet. As it now stand.". New York
has won twenty-one games and lost nine, while
Elizabeth has won nineteen and lost eleven. A
feature of tho evening was the 1,045 total rolled
by New York in the second game, breaking the
high ocaore of the season by ten pins. The home
team also had the remarkable average of 1,000 for
the series.
The first New York-Newark Bay game was fair
ly well contested for a few frames. New York
totalled 96 in the first box, or only three pins more
than the visiting five. The advantage was In
creased at each footing, however, and with 482 at
the half-way mark the local combination led by
sixty pins. New York had two holes and the
same number of missed spares. Newark Bay had
one hole and eight errors, and, under the circum
stances, was lucky to get 883. New York had 961.
Clute leading with 214. :
From a New York standpoint, the second game
was a beauty, not an error being recorded. In
fact, the only break in the monotony of strikes
and spares were two splits, botfi of which came
in the second half. The homo team showed that
It meant business by Retting 116 in the first frame.
This proved thirty-four pins too many for the
Bayonne quintet, which could not help losing
ground with each succeeding frame. At the fifth
New Yorw had BS. Un eleven hundred pace.
When the opposing sides started down the tenth
all Interest centred in the efforts of New York to
beat Its high score of 1.835, made early in tho sea
son. Sherwood got a split, but Adams wound tip
with 28. and as the others got credits the record
BOOM was passed. • ■
In the last game Newark Bay started 11k* a win
ner, with 112 pins la tiie. first frame. w New York
had 107. With 334 in the third. Newark Bay led by
BS pins, and with "10 in the seventh the Bayonne
five still showed the \v;ty by a solitary pin. After
that it was all New York.
Arnold began a string of strikes in the fourth
frame, and never stopped until he got l"04. His
average for the evening was 222.2. New York's SOS
won by nearly fifty pins. The scores were as fol
Breen 100 192 214 Vrceland 183 199 I«2
fchrrwood ...is>> 1W» 1»» l'erry 165 IST l"vi»
AdaniH 192 231 172 Dwyer 147 ir>fl 215
Arnold 179 -:*•"> 2.".4| Griffith KiO I'm) i*s
Clute 2M 107 KM. Jaeger 100 150 IGS
Totals OCI 1043 i)'M\ Totals SS3 895 950
Columbia averaged 919.2 against Elizabeth, but
slumped in the second game, which the home
team won by nearly one hundred pins. Rohden
burg averaged an even 200 for the evening. The
scores were aa follows:
Clauss liS ITS lTllHohdt-nburjj ...207 172 221
Nolte 157 217 I«S| Usslnjt ISO ISO 14.9
A. West lift) mi 1!O Applenate 1»H 1M 202
R. West l.'-9 ltil 182 SchultK IMI 173 217
Pope 171 187 lOSlllartzel I'M l.">» I!K>
Totals (574 034 #*>*\ Totals 8.(4 847 »78
Won. Lost. 11. 8.
New York -1 » I.IMR
Elizabeth It i.'l 1,031
Hom-ville IS 12 1,0.<!>
Newark nay Hi U .nor,
Jersey City 16 14 .:k;s
Columbia n 19 .MS
Montelnlr 1" M .HSU
raMsnli- • D 21 1,013
The annual games of the United Spanish War
Veterans will be held at tlu:'22d Bstjinirnt armory
on Saturday evening,- February 29. Th« athletic
committee is working hard to make the games a
success, as usual, Fur the first prize In the Indi
vidual events, It-karsi gold medals, or prizes or
equal value, •rill ho offered, while 14-karat goi.i
medals will be Klven to the second men and 10
karat gold aWdalS to the. third men. For th*> win
ners of the three relay races on the programme, 14"-
U.irat gold mfdals will be awarded to each member
of the team which comes in first, while 10-karat
gold medals will be awarded to the members of the
team finishing second-
American 'Machine in the Van in
Race to Paris.
Amsterdam, X. V.. Kcb. 13.— The De Dion French
car in the New York to Paris automobile race,
driven by St. Chaftrey, arrived here shortly befors
7 o'clock to-night. St. <'haffrey will remain here
until to-morrow. Immediately after tho De Dion
camo the American and Italian cars and proceeded
on to Fonda, eleven miles to the west, where they
will stop for the niglit.
The automobillsts are following the towpath of
the canal. This route waj decided upon by the
drivers after leaving Schenectady in order to avoid
tho soft snowbanks on the roads in the Mohawk
Valley- The towpath is believed to be ciear of
■now to Tonawanda, and the cars will follow it to
the end.
Albany, Feb. 13.— Three of the six automobiles
in the New York to Pans race by the way of
Alaska passed through here to-day on their way
"West, after meeting with many difficulties on ac
count of the bad condition of the roads. Two of
the machines had to make a detour of sixty miles
between here and Hudson.
of tho other three, the Protos is said to be somp
where between Hudson and this city, while word
comes that the Moto-Bloc, on? of the French cars.
has reaehf'd Hudson and will stay there for tho
night The third French car is stalled at Peeks
kill, having broken down. It will be repaired as
quickly as possible, and M. lons, the driver, has
wired that he hopes to eet under way again to
morrow and expects to catch up with the other
tars by the time they reach Chic ana.
Philadelphia, Feb. 13.— Eugene Lo Louvier, Mau
rice Dreighe and Max Hohnman. the French auto
mobilista. who left New York on Tuesday on a
nelf-conducted 22.000-mile trip from New York to
Paris, by way of Bering: Strait, wre delayed
shortly aftrr leaving this city to-day, and will not
be able to resume the trip until to-morrow. Their
machine was not working properly, and they were
compelled to return to the hotel. The automobil
lsts intend to ro across Pennsylvania by way of
York, Gettysburg and Pittsburg.
Motor Pmrkway Gets Right of Way
Through Town of Islip.
Mineola, I^ons Island, Feb. 13.— Tho Highway
(""ininissioners of the Town of Islip have granted
the Long Island Motor Parkway Company the right
to build its road through the township of Isllp.
From. the time of Its beginning the progress of the
speedway has been watched with the keenest in
terest by residents of Long Island who are desir
ous of concentrating motoring interests in this sec
tion. Now that the necessary grants have been
secured and the right of way has been arranged
from Garden City through the towns of Hemp
stead and Oyster Bay, in Nassau County, and of
Babylon and Ifllin, In Suffolk, the work can be
The route of the speedway is from Garden City
to n»'lTu>aja_f and then along the northerly side of
thfi Long Island Railroad's main line to Lake Ron
konkoma. Here It enters Islip Township, at Brent
wood, and terminates at Ronkonkoma for this
ye;.r. The permanent terminus will be at River
B. P. Ilorton, of White Plains. w«Q known as
the TV< stchester agpnt for sewal years of the
Premier, Maxwell and Ford cars, will hereafter be
Identified with the Mora Interests in tho same ter
ritory. Mr. Horton lias been more than success
ful in the Wefteht'Ster field, selling tlfty-two cars
last session, which would have been a' fcood show-
Ing even for the metropolitan district. He Is excep
tionaily keen on tht* six-cylinder type of motor, and
the many features of the Nora "Six" decided
him in favor of this line for the coming season.
His headquarters will be with the Mora Now York
blanch, at Broadway and 52d street. \V. W. Burke,
the general manager, is well pleased with this ad
dition to his Staff.
ramlllll St. K. C. Feb. 13.— Keen play ruled
throughout all the divisions of the fourth annual
St. Valentine's golf tournament, played her© to
day, interest centring in a twenty-hole match be
tween A. E. Lard, of the Columbia Golf Club,
Washington, and Wither C Johnson, of the Canoe
Brook Club, New York, Mr. Lard winning:.
Of extra hole matches there wore nix In the
various divisions, and the home green and seven
teenth hole saw the end of a large number of hard
fought battles. The summary of the first division
President's cup (first round)-J. C. Parrlsh, Jr..
Shinnecock Hills, beat U. M. Hamllun. "Wykagyl.
4 and L': L. K. "Ward well. Meguntlcook, Me., beat
S. V. Farrelly, Morrlstown, 1 up; O. X. Morgan.
Oakmont, beat C. C. Worthtngten, Manwalamlnk.
3 and -: i,. I). Pierce. Woodland, heat N 8. Hard,
rittsburg Country, 3 and 2; P. S. MaclougHUn,
Scarsdale. beat J. D. Foote. Apawamts. 3 and 2;
Allen Lard, Columbia, heal W. C. Johnson, Canoe
Rrook. 1 up (2 holes); A C. Travis. New York.
beat E. A Freeman. Fox Hills. 2 and 1: J. E. Por
ter. Allegheny Country, beat R. L. U*cl<ety, Wa
verly, Ore., . ana 1.
.■ * .
Mail of American Kennel Club Has
Been Tampered With.
The annual meetin* of the American Kennel
Club at tho headquarters of the club. No. IS Lib
erty street, Yesterday afternoon, was quickly ad
journed. A meeting was necessary in order to
comply with the constitution, and the reason for
the brevity of the session was that in view of th.:
recent controversy between the club proper and
the Ashland House committee the usual business
could not with propriety be transacted until after
the referendum committee had made its report.
It is said that the referendum committee by a
' mail vote has decided almost unanimously In
i favor of reincorporation. In the absence of
August Belmont, H. H. Hunnewell. the vice-presi
dent, presided at yesterday's meeting.
Immediately following the adjourned meeting the.
board of directors went into session. Mr. Hunne
well again presided. Twenty-five persons were are
ent. The report of A. F. Vrcdenburgh. the secre
tary, showed the club to have a bajance on hand
of CO 640 24 an increase of $614 over the balance
a year ago. There ar# about 130 regular mem
bers and between six and seven hundred asso
ciate members. ■■ ■■■•••?" ','■•
Odd as it may seem, as the volume of business in
creases the profits become less. In 1905, when the
expenses were $20,000, the organization showed a
profit of $1,800. while in 1006 the receipts overbal
anced the disbursements to the extent of only $-«.
This state of affairs is explained by the fact that
the club Elves away a great deal at less than cost.
For instance, the cost of publishing the "1907
Stud Book" amounted to $3,100, yet If the entire edi
tion had been sold the receipts would have amount
ed to only $1,350- This stud book, which sells for
$3, formerly contained 300 pages. The 1907 edition
contained 2,600 pag«s, but the price was not in
creased. It Is expected that this year's book will
contain 3,000 pages. It is also a fact that the as
sociate subscriber not only receives the *>tud book
and "The Gazette" free, but two registration fee 3
as well. There were about ten thousand paid regis
trations last year. ,
A question that occasioned considerable discus
sion at the directors' meeting was the miscarrying
of money through the mails. Mr. Vredinburg
stated that about the middle of November he be
gan missing letters. From that time on he gen
erally received several reports a day of persons
who had sent registration fees which had. gone
astray. Th<! matter was reported to ■ the Post
master, while the secretary of the kennel club, as
an additional precaution, secured a postoffice box
and a leather mail bag. The latter is row locked
before it is taken from the postofflce and can only
be opened by a. key which is kept In the safe at
the kennel club's office.
Despite this, complaints continued to arrive
every day, and as a matter of protection for the
members the latter have been urged to send their
fees in future by registered letter. It is said that
in some Instances where checks have been sent the
latter must have been destroyed, as they were
never presented for collection at the banks.
There Is to be a meeting of the sub-committee of
the referendum committee this afternoon. The
work of the former is to offer suggestions regard
ing the future conduct of the American Kennel
Club. It was stated yesterday that nothing had as
yet been accomplished by the sub-committee.
Dates Allotted to Marj/Jand Jockey
Club for Txco Meetings.
Officials for the spring meetings of the Queens
County a.nd Metropolitan Jockey clubs, at Aque
duct and Jamaica, respectively, were appointed
yesterday at a meeting of the stewards of the
Jockey Club In the- "Wfndsor Arcade, as follows:
"W. S Vosburg, handlcapper; Mars Cassldy,
starter; Clarence McDowell and C. B. Pettingili,
Judges' C. Cornehl.sen, clerk of the scales; J. I*
Hall, patrol Judge: 11. C. lloman, starting judge,
and W. H. Barretto. timer.
The appointment of the following officials for the
summer meeting of the Buffalo Racing Association
was also approved:
Joseph A. Murphy, judce. and handicapper; A. P.
Dade. starter; E. W. HaHs, tim.r; H. McP.i i^>.
starting judge, and W. H. Lerch, clerk of the
course and scales.
The stewards granted tho Maryland Jockey Club
dates for a race meeting from Thursday. April :_:.
to Saturday, May 9. inclusive, and from Saturday,
October £1, to Saturday, November 7, inclusive.
and on motion, duly seconded, th« appointment cf
the following: officials wa.s approved:
A. B. Dade, starter l-'runk J. Bryan and W. P.
Riggs, judges; Joseph A. Murphy, handicapper; Ben
Ht-llen, clerk of the course and scales ; Frank W.
Howard, patrol Judge.
The following stewards were present at the meet-
Ing : James R Keene. F. K. SturgK J. H. Brad
ford. If. K. Knapp and Andrew Miller. The vice
chairman, James Ti. Kteue. presided.
FIRST RACE— Selling. Three furlongs.
Name Wt. i Name. Vl't.
Kitty Fisher ÜB)T3asta 105
l>ady Chilton 112 Guard Alcen 105
Kvitlc 112 Borage „ 105
Nora McKenna..... 1«9 Gaea 105
Manora 109' Miss Hapsburg l'»>
Swiftly 10n 'Miss Snack 100
Nellie Free , lOB| "K.-mnare Queen ....lUO
Yoseka 100!
SECOND RACE — Six furlongs.
Variety 100 • Feast . . WO
Lotus Brandt 105 ! Inauguration 100
Male Fletcher 103
THIRD RACE— Selling. One and one-sixteenth miles.
Jennie's Beau 110 Busy Boy 102
Water Cooler - 110 Mosey Mead I<>2
Abrupt 110 Alcalde 102
Bulkhead ~ 107 •Dlxwell 102
McCrackln 105; 'Sylvia G Ms
Flora Rlley 105 •Calvin 100
Tim Kelly 105 'Masson »7
John A. Cooke 102 1
FOURTH RACE— Selling. Six furlongs.
Eficutchfon 11l Firebrand 10.1
Hannibal Bey 108 Belle Scott Ml
Poxhall 10S Morales 102
Oraculum 107 Miss Stronie 101
Ben Trovato 107 ! Posing lot
Maelstrom H>T ; Bal«BB«d I :r.»
I.ucy Youne 10J:»No Quarter 99
Come On Sam ,103
FIFTH RACE— celling. Or:« and three-sixteenths mil's.
Donna 11l Louisa MacFarlan 101
John 9miilskl HO Laity Allc-ia MS
Trlhea Hill 10*5 *Savatr Faire ft«
Delphi* 105 •Fl.ivißny AS
BjMMM Cake 103 'Safety Light 8s
Bright Buy 102
SIXTH RAf'B— Selling. One and one-sixteenth miles
Ft. Noel 107 Kalserhof 102
First Mason 107 'Daring mi
Abe. Meyer 10.1 "George Vivian oh
Spinning Star 1081*Laqraoa us
Dapple Gold 103 "I'adre ' «■
Elfall 102 Kin* Brush ' J>;
•Deshon 102
SEVENTH RACE — Selling. One and one-sixteenth miles
lUsh Bear 110 St. BWlane 108
The Clansman 110 Canoplan .» „ '..'.'.VKX
Grenade H» I "Hooray *. *""iir»
Jack Witt 107 «DeniKf(» ii»i
Klntr Cole MM *Dry Dollar ; as
Telegrapher 10»: .[ l>. Dunn gj
I>eliuor* I"."",
•Apprentice allowance. j
Guaranteed Pure Whiskey Under National Pure Food L»<w
Serial Number 2163
Bottlad EtrluaWel? by
H. B. KIRK & CO., New York, N. Y.
wherTto DINE.
TRAVELI.FRS* CO.. 3* E \WT *»rtt VT.
Telephone 5319 Mad. S(J-
Ale.. A la Carte. Tdh.. Table d'Hotn If.v. L. Ltmea,
HOTEL SAVOY' i iV Ay Tfr, >^
\ 108 to 111 EAST ItTH ST. (Tel. 14-«0 Stnyresaatl
: CafeTafayette } Caltlna Francis- 3
Ofd.HotH M-rtlß. -. 1 -\\ 1*»1 *» ,, m *r rle » • ,U, U / slrt5 lrt '■
University PL and Oth Sr. I M^.lo by Arr.ato Orci
CAFE 18 A R T I H pi.vNui. »i Jo B (tU' 9t.
VBIC EUUICVaIU n un *arUn Music and Sp«dalti«*.
VBIC DOUiCVof U Hin<arlas sfssai saal 3p«ci«:r^,
music CAVANAGH'S aia cart*
259-250 West Z.',<\. ' Restaurant. Grill. Banquet Roo=r».
HARLEM CASINO rm■-•-'r m■-•-'" n■-•-'n■-•-'n ■-•-' "•" io^
liNIILLIfI UMUIIIU and on* v. ( ,»v»t f,.,,
Dinner <6-S). "'"■ Sat, and Sund.. 81. Ale, >■; all h,an.
Famoa-i sinew 1849. I "WELSH RAREBITS
«I We»* 36th St. I BETTER THAN EVER.-
Herald Square Hotel, B^aT/tTS?
A Masaet THE HEW fiDillll ' *■'»•'
A la ' arf^ | fIC llCIf wHiimi »r.d 313t at.
Cafe de L'Elyses ""•'^' in \ z?*^
Mariborough Rathskeller ?d? d r y a £"•,«*, '. :
From N. T. .1007" tillastrated. 100 drU»». ICcJI
MOTOR CAB HI N-. recommend-d; Road Maps.
Travellers' Co .. 30 E. 30th. New York. T»I. «oO— M*eV
STAI ICH'^ CONEY ISL.%>D. H!«!i O.maa
j m *"*«-» wll J, Restaurant. A la. Cart*. Moala.
Amrrlcaa anil European
Hotel* ..•■ ..mii..-Md~i by
Hew Orleans. IV .;-■;' New St. (Met
sTRASIIfsTnST O/ Frankfurter-Hot
rIUIJIIirUnI /M/ M First class. Central location.
MADEIRA }'-r Whirs Star .-•-=>---( fltJlU 5 llUllW
UllDi EC Bertollnis Palarc. Most luxurious, Open
nHrLbW all year. Unrivalled view. Rescaajvaac
yam re *anta h:cl\ hotel. *
|| aHI CC Parker's Hotel. Th- largest hotel with
HArLCd fl3 'l panorama. All apt^ with batha,
ROME TThite HeiLWi
Financier, Xotter Up, Disqualified
After 'inning Second Race.
New Orleans, Feb. 13.— Financier was disqualified
for foulinp: after finishing tir3t in the second rac«
at the Fair Grounds to-day. In the stretch Notur.
on Financier, pulled across and threw Risk, the
favorite, into the fence. Before this foul the race
appeared to bo between the favorite and Financier,
but the foul caused Risk to drop back outside the
Jack Atkin, carrying 133 pounds, won the six fur
lons handicap by two lengths, with something is
reserve. The summaries follow:
First race (selling: th.re* — Irri«ator, 10* »L*»>.
4 to 1. won. Hdwln L., 107 (Koerner>. ft to 1. second;
Trappe. 10T» (fwavsSS*, 15 to 1. third. Tim». 0:37 *.
Servloer.ee. -Warden. Puddln'. Tyler. Mlqu^ O'Brien. Pre
tix. Eustacian. swing, Figgy illller and Exceisis also ran.
Second race (selllns: six rur'ong:s>— Taskmaster. 91
<Her.r> >. 4 to 1. wen; Bobbin' Around. 104 tPo-wors). S to
1. second: Dick aaaaa, 95 .Delaby), 3i> to 1. third. Time.
1-17=4 Financier finished Sr3t. Mit was dlsriiiaJ^flM.
i:isk Padrone. Rifle Ranre. Prince Boning. King's PUt»,
Florida Glen, Orfano, MHo and Sir Maurice also ran.
Third race <flv<» furlongs) — Ti~c Bear. 103 (McDasla!). •
la I won- Toy Boy, H*i (Xotter>. « to 5. second: E. T.
Hhlp'p. M < Murphy*. l.*> to 1. third. Time. 1:(CH- Pla
toon. The Thorn and Fryesbush also ran.
Fourth ra<?e (handicap; six furlongsi — Atkin. 13S
(Nlcoli. even, wen; iA-n?. I<* (Nottcr). IS to 5. second;
Hyperion 11. 113 (Uei. 3 la 1. third. Time. 1:13. sir
Tod.iington and Pasadena also ran.
Mfth race issuing. seven fUr!onß?» — D«v!zer. 99
(Mulcahey). 13 to 1. won: Royal Onyx l'« .I.— 5 w 1.
second; Mr. P*abody ST .McCaheyl. IS to T. third. T«m».
1 •'"**» Comedienne. Meadowbreaze. Pc Reszke. Tiroilnl.
Pinstlcker. Flowaway and Fred Mulhollaatl also ran.
Sixth race r^llin?:: one mil* «lrf • W ?J^^*Z^ B s
saw PG i<omt<-r) 3 to 1. won: Apt. 92 <ilolesworth>. 19
t,> t". second? Melange. 94 <Flynn>. « to 1. third. Tim-,
1-4S*. Pedlsree Pat Orous, Goldquest. Arrowswift.
Rural BoV/Jwie Toddy. George H. White. Ethel .^rr
and Thomas Calhoun also ran.
ceventh race (sellins: one mile and a slx«ertth>— Ladr
F'hel £r T,ltcGee>. 7 to 1. won: llazonia. -02 . Booker* 33
ol sVconrt: Umon <;irl. KM .Powere>. 7 ta 1. ttod.
Time 1 -V. 1 - Sister For... Oir Lady. Oakland, Wassa*
Qowa. isrsaol Pink. Athena. TyrolUn. Ferronie™ »M
Etta M. also ran.
Want the Government to Remove Obstruc
tions in Bronx Kills.
The Colonial Yacht Club ha 3 appointed a commit
tee to agitate the project of removing obstruction*
from las Bronx Kills, which have given yachts
men considerable difficulty. At low tide, Ins boat
men say. it is impossible for an amateur yachts
man is work Ids way through these waters, sal
an attempt to go through IJttle Hell Gate Is a
hazardous undertaking-
The committee la composed of Charles A. Frank
lin, chairman: Vice-Commodore Totten. W. 3. Gran
bery. t>sds H. Strau?e and Dr. A. H. Dourne. TT.sT
will * meet with other committees from various
yacht clubs anal start a movement looking to an
appropriation from tat government to remove fj|
Th© Anglers* Club, of Waaj York, has named
Ii Kirk. Robert l>. Lawrence and BarsM G. Hen
derson as * pollution committee to take steps look
ing to the prevention of a pollution of same *•
waters by mill waste, sawdust ami sewage. T&8
rwnt decision of Supreme Court Justice spenc?'.
of Johnstown, upholding the fish and K-une !»•■
prohibitins th*> ■ atytag of sawdust into rivers
streams will affect more than five hundred saw
mills throughout the state, it hi said, and ■■»•'•
K lers* Club hopes to brin}: about further protection
to fish in the rivers and streams of the state.

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