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roirr B ro REINSTATE.
What President Ask, fromjCon'gfcss
for Innocent .V fro Soldiers.
Ifrcn Ttse T;itur- Bir»au I
TTasr.ir.gten. March !1.-Th. rreMrtcnt sent to
th* ii-naie te-day a *:-">al messmse aJling stt«
tiiri to th- PU!^en-»ton or his r.rde.r of December i.
IMS. <iir»^iTjg vhe acrrpxanc** of application:; from
former ssaai of the Stb lnf."-ntry for re-cn!irt
ment. ,»»;<=■» r,-- r<.ni-. erldaaoe ... to dear Uw
applicant of complicity In the "yhooMng-cj»" of
BrfwrtsviUe. whon tii" ?t«atr myegtlgatioa na« be
run. and recommenoi=p that- now .-.enatr eom
r-;itt-« had found the facts on which he acted puh
l*V-ii;at«i by the e\"!deTic«. be be authorised l»
rei^tEta'e. at any tiru« within one year, any man
•--ho cculJ }-roy- b.t3 innocence. 5-Jch authority
from Congress bean* now necessary a "* er the law.
Thi* message «-a* read -n the Senate ■■* im
ir.cd3as<?!y Uierearter tb*> m^l r-ports from the
CMasdttee m Military ATtairs wei- submitted; one
--.-.- by Per.ator Foraker alone. **-
Fertirt tn- Innocence of tho discharged soldiers:
*»E» Fipned S-na-tors Scoit. Fontker. Hemenw^y
tid Bulk"ler. de-iaJine: -that the «ni»lt or the n<>
p-~=s bad not t**-n prowl, sn-1 a third, the .-om
_ .... a report, siened by nine out of thirteen
r^TnVrr. fl-clarlne that in ih« opinion of «h»
oonanittf* tb- BhnoUmC was don- by soldiers b—
loosing to th- :sth lniuitry: thai tb- testimony
fa-ils t« ld«ltify the individuals who did the shoot-
Iti£. that there is rio evidence whatever on which
10 b&E« th« clajm that th-% Uag waa don- by
er*i«=r than the ne^ro^s: that there is ampin evl-
to prov«* the Fhoourie mmm done by the
r.-rroe.*: that the bullets taken from th- streets
»-.o houses cf ... could not have seen
fred frr>n any weapons except th«» government
lea Issued to the Sth Infantry; that the attack
m Brotm?%-lll» *as rr»-cf>n<-erted «nd probably dp
lib*rairlv planned and executed, and that "it la
Tr^or.aily'rTtai'i that soldiers who did net par
., r1r% .,. ,n, n it)* attack must have known of it sad
*t<j^d taHa e^jraped in ft in procuring their ins*
and ammunition and In concealinc their Identity
■K-ht--> th*T returned."
.... committee »port is a recom-
TnendatJon. slimed by four Republican members.
X>«rs. "Warren. Lodge. WarnT Dv Pont, that
pWL be t«fswil J:a<:h a 5 azkei for by the Pie>
♦d*nt In ,i-= m"«aaaaii isasMßßr with th« draft of
»uch Ml- Thf appendix dAclar^s that often in th"
r<s^t th« country has had reason to be proud of
t . p colored poMlers and the restoration of th« in
r-^ect would b» only Justice, as the action of
fioc» I. Hi uls who participated in the outrage or
h-ippd to conceaJ the Identity of the sciaatiatera
<-"r?=tit:;ted -» prievcus wrong to their colored
-nrnrafies in t>ie army vhope cood name and fame
ti should have t>"en their duty to sustain -
FcE , 3Tr , r TTarner will introduce the committee bill
■ndj Senator V.'arren will report it favorably as
«en as the committee has had an opportunity to
r^F* upon It.
T^» rwtag in tl»e text or the President's m"s-
1o the .^naf: On Dfcrmfer 12. VSFX. th« s- •--
tarr of War. by my direcUon. issued the following
'•APpH^tionF to re-enlist from former members?
el cSwpuaSea B. C and D. Sth Infantry, who were
<»-=charged under provisions of special orders
No 2* VVar .-.--.- November 9. --'. must
Y.& made In - -• - . a.nd be accompanied by such
rvid^nce. a.lso In writing, as the applicant may <Je
rire to submit to show that he was neither imp:!
rated in the raid on Brown«\ille, Tex., on the night
of AnrnaX 12. ISOS. nor withheld any evidence that
'•r.cht lead to the discovery of the perpetrators
; .-f-roof*.** .
l—c>™*c<iir,z* were be^un und/-r this order: but
Fbortly thereafter an irsvestiEration was directed by
::'• Senate, and the proceedings under the order
Tv.re stopr-ed. The Senate Committee intrusted
w-tth the work ha.s now completed its investigation.
p-,d Snds that the facts upon which my order of
, i-'-harE«= of Vovember 9. 1906 wan based are anb
•'.;:-.: iated by Th«» evidence. Th- testimony secured
by the ccminitTee If therefore now available, arid
* desire tn revive the order of December 12. 1906.
■'-<i to have jt carried out in whatever shape may
■-. .-. .<..-: achieve the purpose therein set
forth: any additional evidence beine taken which
may He of aid in the ascertainment of the truth.
Tbr tiir." Hmlt durine: which it was possible to re
instate any Individual soldier in accordance with
i\.- terms "of this order ha.s. however, expired. I
• rr-commend the passage t.f a law extend-
Snz this tinrs l:mit, so far as the soldiers concerned
a— afW-t^d. until a. year after the p:is.*a.:re of the
la-a. and permitting: reinstatement by direction of
t te President of any man who in his judgment shall
arr'far not to be within tl*e class whose '•■arse
was dewocd n*-r-essary In order to maintain the dii§
• • ;2nd m ° raW ° f THEODu 3 RKR X nOOSEVKLT.
Tv White House. March 11, I>JB.
" r " •■ rrariir.p of the President's message ana the
.-•-r<-ra] reports called for the undivided attention
t<T tie Senate. On both sides of the chamber there
wj birse attendance and no Senator left his scat
<^ur:r;r the fy.chnr,s^ of words that took place con
cerains the reports.

■■ ■
store t
- - ■ ■ '
;■ - -
. ■
r ■ ■ ■
»r1 ■ "

■ • ' ■
•- . . - ■
. ■ ■
Mr. Fcr&ker said h« wanted to kn^» «h«t r!,r
wnunttt*- rro^ot^l to Ho. Iwcause he mieht hav<»
• k:.! to pu» ir. himself.
Mr. Warrea said he thought thr mrrtmiu^ b-i!
' B-ry! ;''? irestwr* »'• rtehts. with p*y to ("-sin 4r4 r thr
User r* ir- r»> enllsmi«*nt.
• -.6-' »•-« tr. »»,^r." Ksi*? Mr Foralcer "Maj " "
«■.-••■ '-• b*- l^-rod'!"**! - f an parly dayT*
■ »
r . -
Trt n nann-fIV Bitray <-rr':Trrft In th<= m^ht of
Aat.'p 15-14. ' I<i * The BT«r Department conducted
■ terSftS 'n'.^rt'.FS'l-o '.f »h e rhooting. 3p3 p a
■^n^nrr hooor nf T^- ■ — <»inp«nw ot nejern
•Lr,:^.^.»*. : vn # * *"erf- th*Ti *-<->rr Brown
'Sn^-iv Fn^V«r, boos after *"or.pr'-. c > convened, in
lieorober. ;&•»;. Tvif+n a question as to the Fresi
-i_ . rtjiY.* ~-i «ii < ='*ha''E>> the mar. ■ «»■■ biv*stl
ga293 r-. * v ' Commtttee on MlUtary Affairs wns
ciflet^a ~r>.+ ctjnnnltte* 1 bepan takintr tecrimen-i
F»r -^sjy • ISOC. and ror.cluded on M»«->-h 16 1308,
U'hrn your food does not
<;»rm to Jiive you strength.
■lap esttinp promiscuously
tor « !e«v days, take ■ dish
of OrApe-Nuts »nd cream for
breakfast* cat slowly and
not*: the way you can work
«il the forenoon without that
•■ f«int ** feeling.
Qrape-Nul?. made from
wheat and hariey. contain*
the phosphates which the
miller oJ white flour throws
out for that part make*
dark flour, but these pnos
rliates are necessary to Hie

r^buildinj; «>* brain and nerve
ccl!s. :oii?cl Nature's 1»» »J.
not drugs, in a}aj«-Not?.
- There"* m. Rens<ir.-"
bbSjsjm the* it ratify the pending «sajaa treaty
providing Tor pecral arbitration by the addition
of a proviso ri-pt all fcsaaea to be arbitrated must
be ""separately submitted to the Senate. Favorable
reports ten ordered on the treaties respecting
rules *>f war on land and prohihltinc projectile;!
from balloons
Inquiry Directed btf President in
Regard to Federal Po- t ,rr.
fFrotv. Th- T-Ibunf Bureau 1
Washington. March 11.— The President has
.- red -a bill presented to him by die New
York Merchants' Association, providing for th«
abolition of bucket chops. tocothor with a num
ber of recommendation? lOUUeiUtog stock gam
blins. to the CommiFsionpr of Corporations
Herbert Knox Smith, with instructions to Mr.
Smith -.. mkt * thorough Investigation of all
the facts, the extent to which gambling of this
character. etc.. can be controlled or prohibited
by the federal government, and to submit to th"
Secretary of Commerce «nd Labor a rnmpr°
hen^ive report on the subject.
The President doe* not regard th* abolition
Of bucket shops as the really serious: phase of
tbi<s question . .•.,!,-•■ they ar«» e^nTally reCOg
ni7.«Hi as an evil, ami be believes that little dif
ficulty will be encountered in putting them out
of i.ii;m--s The larger question, thai of stoc^
s:*mblinsr. however. th*> Executive regards a?
presenting BOine serious difficulties and as in
volving crave problems. In this connection h°
has told Mr Smith that if it peems feasible for
the federal povornm^nt to check this evil he
would like to have him prepare the draft of *
bill, hut he has warned the Commissioner that
be does not care for any 111-considered measur
or for a llMimilli so drastic that it would prove
I— nil— llii ii of enforcement and would thus he
come a dead letter and a travesty on law
It is not believed that the Commissioner will
be able to complete so thorough an Investiga
tion as the President calls for in course of thi=
session or Confess, but it Is more likely,
should some practical method of control be
found, that the recommendation will form *
part of the President's next annual miUl|« to
Con cress.
In M far as th- views of th* President 3'»
concerned, they were clearly set forth m his
last important message to Concfress. and he
has seen no reason to change th«rr» since that
Commander Key Concludes Testi-
-Dangerous Hoists.
Washington, March 11. — When Comman<3»r A
I. Key. Conner naval aid to the President, re
sumed" hip testimony before the Senate Naval
Affairs Committee to day. Chairman Hal* can
tioned him that he could proceed only under th«
rules of the committee, adding:
"Ton may make statements from your oth
knowledge and observation. It is not ■ part of
the conditions laid down by this committee for
one witness to take up the testimony of another
witness and criticise testimony he believes to be
Commander Key ■creed to comply with this
ruling He then proceeded to compare Ameri
can ships constructed since 18M with British
shirs built In the same period. His diagrams
tended to show that American vessels are over
draft to a greater depree than the English ships
lie agreed with Admiral Bemey and Captain * in
■low that ships should carry full bunkers of coal
whan they go into action, and he said that not to
do so would be "preposterous." His observa
tions m regard to the draft of vessels were that
the decision of the Walker board of May 18.
1596 that "a battleship's normal draft should be
her fighting draft, not her maximum draft with
full stores on board." had been disregarded by
the naval constructors.
"Bow are we to remedy these alleged viola
tions of the law?" asked Mr. Tillman. who also
wanted to know what guarantee Congress has
that jrood fiKhtlng ships would be built with the
mom: appropriated. This led to a general dis
cussion, and Commander Key suggested that the
peneral boards, which are not responsible under
the law have too much authority. This state
ment provoked such difference of opinion that
Chairman Hale steered the debate into other
° Commander Key explained in preai detail his
reasons for believing that It was not necessary to
extend the armor ■-■••••■• below
the -actual" waterline. and the advisability o^
havinc The remainder of the armor above the
waterline. He criticised a number of the Ameri
can ships on the ground that the freeboard w
Insufficient in heavy seas, the effect being that
■ •
also in the turrets and ammunition hoists,
commander Key said that the African navy, is
■ ■
room from the puti:=.
Mr Tfllman was arxieus to know who wms re
snonsib'e for this fact, and ;^ko.l how long the
American navy haO persisted in keeping this type.
-= IX yonrs since the dansers of this hoist be
came primely known." -swiM the witness. "In that
time II has cosi fifteen lives."
••Sis repeated Mr. Tillman. "That is wif
year lew" than Mr! Roosevelt has been President,
and he canie from the Navy DepartJiieni and is
Rupposed to know about these fault*/;
ComtMßdeir Key raid thai the fifteen lives were
.., ;rp .,^-c-.ritv sacrifice.!." but th- . in-f of cM
nanre h^s ....... r«r more than -..-..- , n
order to rnn-fct she defects in the holstF
■ n concluding hi" 1 testimony the commander paid
3 creat ..... to th* Ainfrican nan', and e*p*
r-.mUv :hr eim::-!' "It is a rin«- thine.- hr -aid.
-that a i-o""E mii eye»n fmtn a t.-»rtn in th«
,^ . ct „,- m. ♦-, k.-ii on 3 ship now and d-in-d en
that <n rhr^e months h* .■anm^, hit with on,
°Th- committee decided in executHe session not
- ■
to rak- rurther «estimon> concemins: th» <-ntt.'ism=
ma '<]*"'nf Ftructurai matt«srs and to decide at .^n
othrr meethip -^b1"b 1 " °ther matterp will r" tak"" up
v aihington March 11 -1 Roosevelt to
day officially received Wu Tine-fane, the newty
-oo^inted Minister. Minister VTu was
brought to th- White House In the carriage of
peorctarr- Ro«. "h" accompanied him The &ec
r^tarWund itti '-h4? of th<= 9»«tion sl:-o were
present fh«" reception^ all being arrayed in me
naffve coEtum-i ... rank Th- presentation
t~Mc Place in the blu- parlor, which is the state
room of th» executive ... -, „c n « «-*> made
hv the PresidfTit and by Minister Wu. While the
pzchan'ge " f complnnenti between the President
and* the- j Minister was BtricJly «n ..... with
pT * F^rib»d rorni the «arrn««=t cordiality »a.= »m
t~r^)it,j in th<~- words of aaeh
7l«shlneton; March U -Presideni Roosevelt is
Hsk^ by what authority of law h" has ex^..t"d
the functions of government in the Panama
Canal Z-mo since the date of the expiration of the
tMh Congress in a resolution Introduced in the
House to-day by Mr. Harrison, of New York.
Birmingham. Ala.. March lL^Arranewnent* were
rr-i'- ber« to-day for tho transportation of Mrs.
Tn^«lore Itoosev'-lt an! a parry of friends over
,h- AwlKuna Groat Southern on March 27. 1.-forrna
tio- received here is to the effect bat the party
-rtU reach iCuattanoojra on the cveninc of March
-■ and wili pa.^« throußh Birmingham ■hortly after
roi4nigni T" 1:o deßtlnilt i. o> ? fa thotlj:h ' to b " Vlrlc *-
i(I.Ji (I .J wh'iv'i' is ui.'J.T."Mod the Preaident-B yacht
trina^ait th.ir arrival.

Steps To Be Taken to Fir Responsi
bility — Burtholdf* Statement.
[From Th» Tribune Bureau.]
Washington, March 11.— The so-called Bieber land
scandal constituted the chief topic of conversation
among Senators to-day, and there was considerable
searching of the records to make sure that no Sen
ator could be held responsible tor the enactments
whereby Mr. Bteber secured the perfection of titles,
which Senator Carter describes as "fraudulent.**
At the House end there was a disposition to avoid
the subject, although there were many whispered
conversations among members.
The search of the records reveals the fact that
the last enactment went through the House in the
form of a clause of the public buildings bill. Rep
resentative Bartholdt reported this bill, and on
February 23. 190 T. asked its passage under a sus
pension Of the rules. The clause provides that:
The Secretary of War be. and hereby is. author
ized and directed to convey to the purchaser from
the rnit*-d States of Square 1131, and in- south
part of Square HIT. an the Squares south of
Squares 1123. 1148 and 1149. in the city of Washing
ton all Th*. interest of the United States in the
laud Kins sbuth'.of the Squares so purchased and
between them and the channel of the rAnacostia
Ki%er upon the payment by such purchaser into
tl><- Treasury of the United States of Mi<-h sum of
money as the said Secretary of War. upon consid
eration '»f all the circumstances, shall determine
proper t« ho paid f"r sai.i ■■■;-■
Representative Barthold) when time was cramrl
by the Speaker In which to explain the bill 3ald:
Mr Speaker, this bill merely corrects a number
„• f-rrurs which occurred In the legislation ha<i •'
the l«st session. It unkcs no appropriation. and ali
tit.- ."hnii£r<='.« provi<ie<i for in this nil! ai " to !'•■
made within the limits of the copl heretoforenxed."
This«tatemeiii appears to have satisfied th«mem
hr.-= „f tlio House, -<t\fi th" measure »a passed hy
.1 two-thirds vote.
it is too early to say what coursr will be pur
c.i^ri in the House with rej-ard to fixing the re-
Fponsibiltty for tbe frauds .-.•-... on th«> z
irnnient and with .1 view to recoy*>rinK land pr"
viously deeded to Bieber. but there was some talk
in th* Senat- to-day "f appomtlnß a committee to
Investigate '" case the Hon.« failed to do so. and
precedent's Were cited for the Bummoning of mem
bers ..... h-^uf«= by ■ Senate committee snd re
quiring them ' ■■• testify.
An effort was made ii some quarters to-day to
beUtUe the. force " Senator Carters exposure and
-.....•. Taft'i? caution by th" allegation that
much of th« report of the S»n^t«= District Com
mittee was taken from a brie* prepar»d by an
attorney for the Pennsylvania Railroad. While
certain fa ti were taken from such brief the mat
ter ■•am- to rh« attention of Senator Carter while
he was chairman of ■ sub-committee charged with
the duty of devising ram method of dlspoein? of
a -..- c track which thai company now main
tains to ..... yard, and only incidentally was
h« led to ask '" th» brief In question, and all
tr fact? he used he verified by reference to the
re-ords before ptepartag his reporT.
A' the War Department it waa learned to-day
,„, M soon at the bill was passed Secretary Taft
nought =om<> method of avoiding the direction it
contained until further action could be tak»n by
Cone-res? To this end the matter was twice re
fam>d ~ trt • ... judc« advocate cer.'ral of th» army,
who first decided that the act was mandatory, then
that it would b« contrary to law to fix a proMbi
t,ve price on th,- land. It ■: 3 then referrr.i to the
... officer in charge, and he reported on the
value of the land, but thi3 also led to the dis
cl-.-rir.» of the fact that '"" United States had al
ready expended $300,000 to improve the Ana.-ostU
Riven including O»e very land to which -Mr. Bieber
Bought title, and that the plans to the improve^
„..., = . of thr Anacostia River contemplated the ex
pendlture of lar K e additional sums.
On . ,rnu, these fact,-, the Secretary, »•• -■'
, «ort referred th^ measure to the Department of
„.' u.'e to ascertain if he was compelled to part
withlthe laud ai ..... valuation. Th. D.
irtmeht of Jusucc had not reported on i.. >n»*
when Senatar Carter discovered the Ucts and
made them public.
Th( . re is some hope that the titles to
SSSinii to Bieber may prove invalid, in
On v-,: ;^ directed the Secretary of War 10
' v Ihe tr.:.- and that they were actually .-on
; vefedjbv the A^i^t Sccrctar, :..- "Actlßg Sec
' r7r 7t Lsonly just to Representative Bartholdt to >..>
! "iSiend are convine^ that he did not
! reaiire ita. purport of th, rn-^ure Le -*' :tJ th.
Henry Clay and
Bock & Co., Ltd.
Havana, Cuba
15 cents per package
Also packed in 50's and 100's
Houw to pass, and that h< i ■•■ te estab
■ an Investigation ia undertaken.
■.. . ot not, ii is
: by some Senators that an eff-jrt will be
made in the Senate to find a method to quasi
the titles wh h Mr Bieber already enjoys.
As an Instance of I rtive value ■
kind to whirl! Bieber baa almost obtained title. It
1? declared that it amounts to nut l^s than twenty
and thai for that portion over which now
■ t'<iokH of the Pennsylvania Railway C'om
pair. Bieber asks iin annual rerital of six cents *.
wiuare foot, which Ls •-.jua'. to a rental of X.67." *)
an acre. AI the present time much of thia land
ia under water whenever the tulv rises, but when
■-. the improvements now
under way this wfll no loi ger be the ••a>c. and die
will constitute some of
th«- : - ■ " tge in the eny.
Representative Bartholdt dictated the following
statement this evening:
The matter le absolute ■- v aa :nr as the
i immittee on Pu Buil ■ ■•._
i re of that. I have
■ remembrance of the details of
tbe :-• Mi • >re the com
mittee at tin. time ana ex] proj
fully. The action tali I committei
■mended by the War Department.
I do not know wl thei I - •■ ommendation whs
over Secretary Taft's signature or not. The legis
wats started some years ago, perhaps be
rne chairman of the committee
Prepared to Attend Hearing' on Interstate
Motor Vehicle Bill.
Washington. M.urh 11.— Representatives of the
American Automobile v ©elation met here to
nlsrht preliminary to the inns which the House
Committee on the .lii.llrt;ii-y will give trem to
morrow in behalf of the pendhisr bill providing for
thr regulation, ••■-•■ Moil of
motor vehicles engaged ii interstate travel There
were present representatives of automobile associa
tions of twelve states — New York, N«=w Jersey, Con
necticut. Illinois. Pennsylvania. -Maryland. Dela
ware. Massachusetts. Ohio. Vlr?ina. West Virginia.
and Michigan. In addition Representatives Cox.
of New Tork. author of the measure; Moon, of
Philadelphia, and Maltby and Alexander, of N-w
York. of whom -ire members of Th- Judiciary
Committee, were tn .-jn^ndanre and made remarks
3= to th<~ sentiment in •""onerest; m regard to the bill.
Opportunity will be given each delegate to be beard
before the committee^ but th^ principal advocates
of the measure will be William HotrhkiM presi
dent of the association, and Charles T. Terry, of
New York, chairman of the legislative baa
The American Automobile Association, ii Is stag
ed, has ■ membership of upwards of eighteen
thousand. with rw*nr! twi rtat« Mfffwriationa aad
175 clubs
Washington, March Senator Heybura to-day
introduced a resolution requesting- th« Attorney
General to inform the Senate whether the Northern
Pacific Railroad Company has ceased to perform
the' functions for which it was created and if so
whether there exists any reason why its federal
charter should not be repealed. The Northern Pa-
c j ftc •- now operatinc under reorganization by
the name of Northern Pacific Railway Company,
which is not chartered by the groveniment. The
land erants received by th* company under the
federal charter are said to have been surrendered
to the new company. It Is in reearo to th«« lard.i
thai Information is sought.
j Amplified in the House by Increases Amount
ing to $1,225,000.
I Washington. Jlarcli U .--Determined and pemi*t :
j em assaults on the Postofflre ai-proprintion Mil in
I the House to-day resulted in »he amplification of
I the nva.sure in many important particulars, despite
! the protest of Chairman Overstreet and his cc.m
; mitte* The letter carriers finally won then- long
■ iiu-lit for ItJOO salaries when an amendment ny Mr.
\ Ooebel of Ohio, granting the sam« was adopted
Tb»" : House •'!>■ allowed an additional C • for
rlerkn in the third class ofßcea where the salaries
I of the postmasters ranee from JI.O"Q to x!.ji»'. and
I 515.000 additional for contract stations.
! I hf , prohibitionists atao had their binings when.
j throupii an amendment by Mr. Houston, of Tenaes
' see ..... was incorporated in the bill a. provision
prohibiting the transmiMlon rough the tnaJla of
Intoxicating liquor:, which was later modified «o
■a* to iiiclu<]«- cocaine and its derivatives. Alto
' j;e<'' p r the appropriations carried '••■ the bill wer«
j increased io th« extern of ?i.— ••' Consideration
! () f the meanuro had not been concluded vhen th«
[*!louM adjourned.
arc pleased to announce that they
arc now placing on the American
market two brands of fine Cuban
cigarettes. <
The "Hcnrtj Clay" Cigarette—
rolled in brown Spanish Pectoral
paper with cork tip.
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Horace White Says It Takes Aziay
All Soft Monet/ Cushion*.
Washington. Mar... 11- — Representative Fowler,
chairman of the House Committee on Banking and
Currency and author of the Fowler bill, has re
ceived the following letter irom Horace White con
cerning currency legislation:
When this session of Congress began I considered
it unwise to attempt to amend our currency system
by a single comprehensive measure. I did not
then think that the public mind was ripe for it,
although the discussion i.as been going on. in a
limited circle, for nearly fifteen years. So. for the
sake of brevity. 1 preferred the bill proposed by
the American Bankers' Association, except that I
did not favor a special tax on a particular par*.
of the circulation.
Ii however, the people are prepared, as they
now *en to be. to take into serious consideration
a root-and-branch measure of reform like that of
House bill No 12.577 [the Fowler bill!. I shal: con
tribute such aid to Its passage as I can.
It is a gnat merit that the bill reaffirms the
principle that geld, not government debt, i* lbs
true basis of a proper currency It proposes to
take away all soft money cushions and false props
of our monetary system which n.:-c tail ■in a
time of trouble. . .
When the Civil War came >>:-. a lar^e part M our
currency, aasfd upon state bonds, fell to a dis
count ■anqing from 10 to 50 per cent. Before the
war ended our eminent bonds and greenbacks
fell to a still lower price, and the greenback.- re
mained below par for more than sixteen years.
Why should we "continue to expose ours*-:- - to
such chances, even though the risk of war or in
ternal convulsion now seem? to be slight? If it
is worth while to build a great navy in anticipation
of conflict with . reign powers, id it not the part
of prudence to put our government rinances and.
currency on a ?ijr^ foundation, especially when if
can be" done without expense?
The plan proposed in your bill is feasible and
will accomplish the end sought, without any di."»
turbance or contract] ■ whatever. Moreover, the
gold needed is within easy reach.
Th» next mo.«r important f»a.tur* of tbe bill is
that which provides for central redemption ngon
,-!•.= and a wiper vision of the banks by each other, j
Moitt iiank failures are caused by speculation with ,
th*- funds of the bank by improvident loan« to rh
ofti«-ers and their friends and ••• -••••- in violation
of law Put a atop to mrl loans and you pram- ;
•■ally in!="re the depositor?, noteholders and share
holders against low
I hear that the banks of Chicago. 81 Louis *nd
Kan=«P Ctty are takmtr Ft»ps voluntarily tor ?u<-h
mutual examination and lasjervtaloii This Is *
wise extension of the powers of »he clearing noii=«
associations Far b-tfr is frequent examination
by ones peishbori" and rival? in busine?? than a •
diagnosis by the Controller after disease ha? set in . ..
With this practV-e eetaWlshed by law. the mut-i^i
Insurance of bo« deposits, and '•ircjlarion b-. I
means or a common sruaran fund deposited in
th" Treasury will be a very simple raati-r. Bwh |
coinsurance cannot be considered either r.at?ma! ;
Ism or socialism The government does not.nine
but hold th« money contrltated by rh- banka ;
th em =6!vo!= and pay It to those entitled to r »- [
' e Th* small banks mn set put on an squalttj with |
tho large ones is regards capital or earning capar f
ltv b'if "th«tr liability --■ failure is minimized, ar.d !
this his advantage to the whole, banking frat#r- ;
ni'r" ; - and to society in general be wel «• add. «
Tn avoid ambiguity it would-be- w»n to add zo
th i eeventeenth section of the bill a proviso that
the government shall not Incur any '.lability in re
-pect of the guarantee fund, except for Hi safe
W»eni"nK aid disbursement according to la-"-.
- ,v- th- a B C of banking srienee that elrcn
i,ti^r notes and deposits are alike potential dc
mands on the bank ease reserve and that the
banker "-annot determine which of dM two forma
hi«" liabilities shall assume, and that It Is a matter ;
o* n>renc« to him which for^i they do assum»
tr i* most ....... however, to th» community
—ii-v h» mm that his customer* c h al! have th»
orivileKe Of exercising their right to draw upon
th- bank in the forr which they prefer A con- j
siderable argument might be wrttt-n en this text. |
*"' concurin general -lth th- reasri si th- ■» j
chants ■ Association of m - Tom Is lave, of yo.ir .
Mill dated F*bruery a lim :
Washington. March »- ■»■■«■■ Cawas of Ar
t,an=as to-day ■ads a »p— ch in th« sksjeHS op
posing ' both the Aldrich nsrrsacy bill and tfe
Galley bill, on the ground that there should be no
currency l-eisinfion until ther« roaM b* an m
vestlKatkm a? to the cau?- of the r.c-nt ftnancml
Voting on the Aldrich bill 111 th* ■mats h« b**n
farther delayed by notices glv*n to-day of speectie.i
In be mad- or» that BMSMWrS n-xt WOSSL ■LNSil'ir
Ttllmaii informed the Senat- that as would «übmtt
remarks on .Monday and that Senator La faasne
would ■peak on Tuesday.
Georc- b Wade, the English sculptor, who has
been In this country for several months, sailed for
Southampton yesterday on las steamship Oceanic
io mend lbs unveiling of the statue of Queen
Alexandra m I-ondon. which is to b- erected at
Bombay. Mr. Wats said that there were many
artUts of great ability la America and Hal lon
trary to his cxpactatioas be psaai the arttati
temperament highly developed ben Us sai.l it
was now tnuf. for America to assert her arti^ti<:
»adlviduallty and thro* olf the influence of th*
I'rencU «ch<H>U.
Bill to Create Then- Her
[ From The TTtoun* Bure*u. 1
Washington. March 11— in response to the Presi
dent's request that citlzer-ship be fSSjatal to th«
residents of Porto Rico, the House Committee on
Insular Affairs has reported a bill to that e£>et
with a strong plea that it be enacted into law.
This action, in the minds of those who have helped
as further the interests of the Porto ■■ ■
*-ires the passage of the bill through :he House at
I ■ present session, as it la* known that only a tm
member.-, wtli care to oppose such a measure. .*«
were they inclined to do so.
In making the report of the committee. Represen
tative Cooper, or Wisconsin, says:
Po-to Rico has nearly a million inhabitant".
- .... oeoole «re ".aw abiding and mdustriou*.
many" of them of hi«h intelligence and culture, and.
in the opinion of your committee, are a* much «
titled to h- rv-'-'gr.iaed a.-« rl::zen9 of tne Lawea
s ,a t ;, a , u-e ii- >a» thar two hundred tnousan*
ed^epresentttlves to the Chamber of^Depu'le* and
S^^^efg^ -d S^, h wST^. of ouc,
value to the United States because ■*tV» Island m
large busine«s Interests a-nd posslbiUtiea .and it«
m^rtant and rapidly Incr^jizig t«dej«h ttg
porntrv Coneress has treated the Island as Ul~
wer'^irfady a part of the Called States. All
tariff barriers have b*»n thrown dowr and trad*
1, 're- between the Inlands and the mainland. In
his annual messages to CWM P^ td * nt . 0 !?'
velt has more than once recommended that to th»
People of I'orto Rico b« accorded American dU
MTM Th c 9 Vor?KOin? facts cl-arly in<iinit» that cur
r-ople have already decided that Porto Rico i»
forever to remain a part of th* United Btaui, asd.
»iid- from the-* considerations, your i.—lliltrsa i*
nnrlv of the opinion that. witi; th© completion of
th-Fanajr^ Canal. Porto Rico will bsromoof eac t%
?tratedc importance *s to precJnd-* all, doubt con
rcrnms i r: " permanent r*tectlon ov tJWiWws*
m-"t Your committee b-liev» that * p«opJ» «•
worthr are clearly entitled. %■ » matter of ""*
to have arcord«d tr» them th- rrrfll»K« s=d wsn<?r
of American ritawaabip. and th»r*ror^ urasasi
that the bill do p3.«*
Tli- bill provid-s that all inhabitant* co»ttasia»
to reside in Porto ■(• -who were* them on vpr"'
11. 1S». and th-tr chfldretu shall. tcsatSer wtth th*
rttizens of --. rjattsd Ftat-s wh9 reside in Psrta
Ri'-.?. be rrndA -•'iß»nii of th« rnlt«4 State*.
T>*f»ti^dTit in Divorce Suit Say? H* If All*
" Cnntrinptible.**
in aaaaei " '"' m easwpai of rrM'mAzct naxi»
hy -— husband. Charles A- Asklund, <***<» ♦«
=uinz be* for divorce. Mrs Lillian B. Aaktand •«*•
t»rdav declared that her husband »a» a --?rs*^np
tlbi* monycodd!-" »h'»rri she would hswe |ksfv
killed long ago Mrs. Asklmd appeared *s^* a
Justice ran* in '- • Puyieuia CoTjrt. ▼eaCsrdssP'
•wh-n h-r attorr.er. -«••*. E. Flsk-. Mats aasaV
cation for alimertv and eesssss] '*•■
Th- couple w*r» mam»<i on De^emb-r -^ as.
, n j-rs-y City. The .--■--- hl» wi;« with
impr"p-r conduct Th- -••*- alleges that -v-
sine their rriarnag' h»r husband has bsa *
drunkard. sabisevlai n»r t« rr^!*i and "•*»•»■■■
tr<-rftm (l nt.
Frinkfort. X' MMd IL-NUht rasa* t«irr»~l
th« tobacco trar-houses; of John Garv-v. *■ N-«-
Ls>sslj and 'Day»" gn-U. •=-•- O«<snton. «trl>r to
day Th- (om>r contain-d i"**» pounds «f pr»»-«
tobacco and the latt-r •"-''•'■*• pounds of loos^ prod-
Hi all belonging to md?pend-nt buyrr!>. C.rrutt
Judin Camra^h to-day tapwrtW * ***?**} «rr-»-1
jury 10 tnr-i'tigate th* d«ttrortk»n of th- war—
Itooses The omn-rs of warehouses rmttmrat ""
pool-d tobucco have -nsag-d 6t»rda t» pretset
them until th* -jcttrm-nt subside!'.
If you wish to borrow on
real estate, bring your ap
plication to us now. Good
loans on Improved property
In New York City can b«
handled promptly.
!m© trust c?
Giptui snd ■uipil, - SI24KXMM9
I7«»roeswey. ■rwT-*.
ABO Fttltßß •» #iMWB»

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