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New Yark. March 2*5. _■
r> a -- «<i*«- -'->■- Butter, pkg* ■ -4.2-O
rt_-- W«N - :v. <~~,^- ,-„=- fW
]Vt; r. -_ck* -* •"'• ■:«« ■■=•- - -1.1.M
, v.m_.":__ ••— 6*-_ — i H.tiO«'ir*r«_-e_ poultry, pkirs. 1.6*
''•'tatnu-!. S»Ms UWJUvt jwultrr. crate*.. ««*.
ftmt bsrt ... t_,<-«>i{C-_«C-i «Ou!>. c»»e«.. 1-."«<K>
:.' a-» .V. : «m . t.l»~ ' I>cmora «■_.!». cases.. ;:25
'<••_.' br.sh "..«•■»; Atp!«f. bliiv . -Tft-T.
'."♦ :-O?h _.»_». Pr_t.-w_. I,!::.- «S.l7_
••*V«S, __*_ B.«"*»!ObIob«. b_U-~.: i.:«»>
tJS~* r*ii i.iT-vpit«i mat. r-u«= •"•"■♦
'li»'/ »' ««■ 9«*jn— *_, "Otic . . -.133
if!W. U«S i-i T " r r fcS ' ? '»'■•
:yn^««l. ton.- S.^U-ar. __ls .... *■«•>
fire*. t*""*' 773 Moiawea. b_!s •••»
rt-r-. U*s l-M^lca*... r*-» »■«_•
4_-r :<- .- Rajbii, m*. iii.<F ..... s»»
Stcff' (caimeCi. uat«^. 1.71 - ;01-3 «tcck. j_._^ -*"
_I_mi- T>'_r« >'»■ TV-ariUt.-. hwr* . 1.1--»
Ki-v-". » k _* l«WlT«*__C_. lih-is 173
■>t'mrali ;.Ks^ B*_jTo_a_or». p*-** ;k! ''
I_--4 ti-rce* I.«6J\n»WaEF. 3W
(»-■! "i.cc* 3._3t {Cfettoo. bale* 1.. l*<>-!
T_-ir_ c_w* _'»:CotT<-:_.f~<3 .41. b_l»... L-33
7_.lln_-, %Mm<- 5*5 spelter. «iali- I.C-i
Crease, ?'"»_' - M! '
v;t*-z\ __*_ __,<»- tO-tt___r_a oi'.. p..;.-. -* >"^
CWB _-*h 4.'«"" __-nca'i_s «11. s»!s 4»)VIsH»
v>_f. -_s itWße-f. tc* _ «J>
Vi__r. sacks S.s44'fia-on. T*> -"—?-«
UpTf- *>-£* W.«W»iHMML Tb *3£S
v.V-'-:-_ sa'.f 12" UaM. IT. K9.TW
PiffrttS tW, S»IJ-.. l._'<Q.Gr-as». ft *"•*"•
T»- :r. !H« 2» Batter. Th ■- *'"'
ErtJ-W- r""*. catt.-S.2T2.ns3 'iTims--, T_ ♦>».<>»'•
NST*f!;:a. sals I'"},
l-;s N-r. No 1 f«r-SIS-0 IC-tton, mlddltej T>..*o
l_St No _ reft".. 17 25 I Coffee. No 7 Ri<j . r «
-:~-- rK' ll^ - ._*<«> !__P_T". craAu'.»ie_. •. . -.*"
:._.., corf-er. in*ro_.. i-.ir-jM^a^o^K. $14 ♦>•
I -
' > -.arrV i-_i- . - * _-*sf**e_r hamj" 2700
FT 4 »r. !Ta;iow. primr *- l .
\ neat No" *2 rod "... J "-^ **•**. ct_? i 4 7'
r"iNo • trixed . 0 Hobs. _— __e_, •••■ tb. .'4
«'i_--. 2H to „7b s " '1— «1. rrim*- 6 &
Fkmr, Mpl*-. patcr.t? s_o i
New York. Uareta 'J«>. 130?
I 41l I I"! The co" 1 * xuMflui - « fairlr active to
< • sales betas reported of 50.754 bajs. A consider*
_»le n_n <-r the buatateM v.a* in March. lf«>1». a='i rart
o: StV_i m tbe "-T ••? <-x<".iar ; e« frcm rt-ar to Utfl
_m_«a Pi~«- rui-! «ea«ly. ctosta; l_a_y. n«t un-
t" .". po:n:J l-ish-T. The markt-t opened steady
U ____*—! prtoea U> =n auv»;« of « points, ia r»
ntowM *o hipli'-r E«~«pe*a rrark.ny. Th<r.> wen; no
cables' fri.m Pr»a'. (•■■i-'ic to '.be holiday the prevfawa
„ .-,^r« fetmr-J to b« no s-,>.-<Ma! daw* in th«
•'ark';' Canines* «a 6at least T>artl> for European
- Vou-it ft 's thong** br «o«ae tnar Eurooe is shift
jj r _:.,!E dies from 3ia.y 10 Decrrnber and March. Others
IT ' mosi at V.i* d»-njar.d for May \\n* came
froS ;<H'— *f- orts - *rt«U« t-umpe fa srlling- heists in
t-i-"later month*. Th«»re serzv.ad to 1..- a !it!i.- Wail
•x^^j.j busir.' fr and th«=re v. A.i als-o some ;h-j> ins by
7nn3e inieref.s. On the who'--, and as irjdic<>.te<i by the
i/a— owness at Doctazttaßa, orders w«ra pretty well di
1 (d-d. aod t:!T~ *ecm<*<l to b" no rani. -alar diajir* In
~-T-ra! »»nlini'»Pt. Ilnvr^ cl«sc«i :i: i franc to *r frau^
]::?h>-r KTi<i Ilatnl^arp was :4: 4 pf^nnisr to \ j^f^nr.i^
:.:phcr. N«w York warehouse deliveries ocntinu*- liN
prai. rctichias w.SJ.w ha«¥ for th*; .nrst thr»e da>.- <>f
tjM mark. *rr»i:i»it r.l.'.H}~ tfr I'te *am.» thr'-e d«; s !«si
"■—- \ Testendar** m*r»hwaae delhnerlea reported wers
19.€7] !;g;. _■•■■'- !ast ; car. The market foi
vpi.t coffe* w a* fct<?ai2y, with cuotatious 0:1 th-- bafis
Dt «c for Uio >To 7.
TT_ imagw <'f i-OTtract r"^"^s in the !o-:a! market to-day
•pai d.-^ foUcwe:
Operirs. HitK Uow. ,_ O. gf_ day.
':~r::' ............ — 5.70(jj.73 r..7<»
Ma.;- i.T". i.7.". B.7SeS>4 ."..TO
-.n» — — — :<",rq ."..>« R.7<>
- .-..«.<(*;."■.<.■) r. ~t,
Aucwt — — — 5.<->'; i." .s". S.HJ
f'Tomixs" — — — 5.5305.90 S-"«»
„ . t*-r j.<- 5.53 S.SS r..^.«i. -..:•<• ».M
. ..-f— n-- .. .r^s."; s.!C 5.85 ajKaw.ow •"•-*'
ja__— •-.'... — — 5.«3tt«.00 r. .:•"
!v:-ua-v " — — — f..<*«ij'i.u-"i .">.:C
1 liTTOV — Tfc« «x»tton riarket wa* 'r.!Sli«-r during _l"«
«-M.-' s*»<.'»ri. t :it lost t!.« eair: ar.il < lose<i barely
► ■•sc'v !i«r 1 potnt lowr to 2 points hipher. Saios tar
tbs ti«r w«re estiTuat-d. at 3M.00U '^ai«-s T:ie ?ar!y
»ifl\ im^ -aji« a'trihut»M3 to steady cablrs and firmer
1 i- i . ■«*« tr—m Urns t~ouTa rfjrarc:ias «pot eaatfftl one, bat
!:.»• -n-iiilMr tjs t:\-vl .n^r th^ b*lt. d*rnar.'j iJi'J not
! rtkaden mi nr tjiorr top j-iap ••sp-x-ted by rp'-»»nt buy
rrs f-.~ a r»d'j.-tif'n. (n<i ihe market f.-.s<*d .-.fr darlag
I < later trartins un<i»*r **;iir.c by eauly buyers «nJ
wmf- s< 3?<~riiur 5<T«-»Ksr»' frr^Tii b<-irisl. sooreea. Thn
„-.--- ,:c «^> «»?dy <«t au a-iv»nc» of 2'd • points, and
rur:*-.= tb« «»ari: «»s.«ion March sold at a act s»ir. <>'
jj points on rflvoriv.f by a f"«- belated fhorrr. while
:■• r moatl— wr» «i to 3 puin's tirt 'ni^?<T. witli rear
..... ■• :...-.: r-i!ii>'i:' li— n 2? th* la'- month* «*re h-M
: tck bj tb» £Om2 «eather. The buyinc seemotl to l.«
...^•.:y i>. K*all (Street sbwts, !"-'♦ '■'»< >T ri tradmn trai!« > '3
-- •- smS^voo*'. t—:r:e ew-twiajted dwubOesn by st<-ad..
■ ' *::d riTTn epoj sJv>« v, i*n tb«s covyrlag
f rat :»-trr"3 out arpuad mjAday. ti;*" Tijark-t
■"•uk -~—.i 'czi'ler ','.i<- iea'.'.z:r.z oi prcfemionala, v.ho
lid bc'Ufctit fw a p--aip <?a: 'i'sr !a tlw sesaioi and th-»
■is -*•—■ cloi«e to th* Ion «»« for tV-«» »»sf">n.
: e— «r— u irtrea w»re r»>eerred freni the PontS report
•- 1 - 3 i-tt^r *if*na!;'j for rp^t ration from Etsr-.p* 1
.'•--..- ■.. Fplaoera and fiH^nirc view b amoric interior
I Mtiem Soot&«rn spot T?:arket? »fß.:iall:.- reporto.J
..w -jr- Siaaced ;--• '.'■ hither. Private <-»bi«» ft— ai
1,,- «r~"i' r»pon<"! < ■■t.' "read' piari^t a:i«i state;
Lhat bM*Aj. taaii. — er« worUin? Into strons b»nd».
T *^.r. r "w^'ath^y tnap Ebowctd in Thf* Sout.i
,-,j ■r-rnr*-rKti;r#s —ere ■•■aoiiaiW*'. r-ut r»aders cf th
map Kay :huf a c«<d nevt is forming: m tr<- North
■ «-r >*h;r:. prorii;s^* to -a ork "ir>«Ti lnt« The h«lt
t>» r«r;» eT contrxi prices :rs ?! » locbl niarl:<-: ("-<!«!"
-« i, roSo— ■:
g. Hit
••.--■., .. .w.«w f> <jr. ''."ii' «r.l»'»r.:: 9.50
..... "o 7« r» 7»> a ♦'m K<W«*.67 0.67
- . . tunea.tz. »._»
•»« «4 «r» s .-« i*«2a».tv." «*.•«»
■ ■
-.'.' - ' » r.i 0*" 9«s i».4«et>.4" « i;
„— v.v- ''-:: !».« P.*Se9.«a !».<8
Jasnarr .-.*:; ■--,-*« 1# :i ;< - 4 ~* ~
Tr,^ lw_l market roc :p- ■ cotloa ?»s quiet a'i'i un
-■_, i-'-; :3: 3 - i" '*'- for mirt'^irjr uflwnd end I*.«3c fT
- .<■-' - - ii_f Sul.-^. 5.400 tiles, t—atlitxn s-p<-\ niar
. r^ ",\. s .' c t«i»prjrhe<l a? foliou?: VobUe i-t**'jv. un
■ts*d »* ]-< :«f: «f esiea. 10<t bai<;'. >a-.ar,riali qui<=t, i»c
■ .-• . ■ «• i:i^- Miles. T.4'*l bal's. C_ul*«ton 1u!!.
•""=-=-: si I"" Nortellt aeadv. onr_rae?d a' 10V;
■ :■-. hi'»> B»1-!M!» Dfimtaal . 'inoMir=«»-l a* W -••'
• -^ r t*a^- . S-. tals&er. al H'i-. fa!e^. '^.b bai-s.
.-"•.— Cull tracha I& E«l at !<»f»r. '^Ivstfti s;^',.iv.
— , . -„. it 1<1V; sa:i-. »« b^'- - N< *^" °-lpar
w*dj uiichttr.gei a* iWrt: b_«*. - : -" TJausi. n
„.,,.; ... ■ '-i-c*j a' H'V -: sak^. i>l9 bal<*. _emphia
cea<*y! _M_»need at 10?»c; ?*i*t. :>'.?-v» ba:"s. I_«le
F-i-:" w— nr -• '•^'-tartß'^! at T^H--. E.-=tirriate< r-x^'.mn
■t h«e_c 4>ouit4 for r-:iay: At Hob-<— - .-.'•»' W ■"■ : s < -"
nafet r,-a:nst l.!C^ to«t *««* an-! -.7^ : tast-ywrj
„ -.-• . i.OOO ■■- '■""' »»—«*. M-I—rt .■•--- 'a"' ~**J
•nd I"->v, (as -■-„-. _ul at K«— •■'I'-ar./. S^OO t^» ..<><•>
aa -t Ara-'ii-t J..Vi:» last wee* and r. .">:r. laft y#. a r.
• '•- - E___c«e s-r^-.ia! Li^^rr.orl «^b!n!=: COttWf
. . -V .'->,• c sa>- 7-'>> ri '.ai-~; F;*culatl.-n «nd »>
»rt.s« AHwrfe-n. «.«•».' 7— «ptß. 5.««» bale*: A__r*am.
»■•¥.- -jrUtnd. .".Til. Future* opened st-aJ;-.
t j.n— j . — .f. T r.\- n'ii.r ard •» r-^:nt* op or !a'» mentni*.
-^^iV .»"»:. "s" sr «*dv «» a TT>t advance -• sff*H po;;*' 1 :
Kara aM Mardj-Aprfl. s_ld: April- May. r. yo^d Mar
tee. Z.Zli: Tu-*-Ju!---. .-..T'-ird. .luly-AuffusT. -^S*?"
*TJc-jr*-':-r-' > Tiibe!. S : •-"■
'i--\-.«T^- 5 itM STovesat>er-D«cerßber. •• .1.-.-2 J. x>*—
KmbtzsTaanarr r..33i: larßaTT-Febrcary. .-..12^-1. Maa
- p_er— Yaraa <— I: etoa» tell and ■ier^f**'^
rr.OtK _>"» SlE__— Tbew wa* a lUfht. w»tt«_l
bada la door to-c«y. com— — as r ' K»~ ra^ -• mte- and
?- fc T-.K_ ftraight* a-.l el-are. Frieze -«X «nc_ug»«
H»ar T_ed *«_ atf «M pricea. Th- f oliowirg^ ar~ r^-
-IK.-: o t, t_l New York ProftoC* Ei.rhar.ef-: i-—^inc _Jt
rSwJ:, ww**4M." ■^ ar - 4< - s *. ? "^:.fV:' t
!«• - «I«*r R«C(4C: extri N-, = winter. *V^«^.
. i, .rse ll* ■
- I ■
r-:- : -£ «Ssdb»~): w« d^- temrtny chop.
•n":on :r. .\e* York ltd. with ay ad-.ance °*-**«JJ2
N-heL _d a further upturn « J »-. t!l ' T tf ".1;°,
Tr.t. .-.d "« wvra! ccrs?:^f ira<!» Mr«v.c e.-orts j
- • ■- ■ ■
"^.-^r^^^ w:^^>^-n^rJd^h!:^^-

■•vc •;,..,.; f h O ,jr ra? a re*uit of 'his technical po*i
i.-:. 'rr.-.T« rhaa -a outcome •;■< any particular!:.- bu.-iFS
HELP MAyjKX> : __^
BVTcafS -a- anted.— <-•«. who £-***-
sa__ ra__ Uutchor fcut:-es a »<■ t..«
•«. • • must be «•« ar.d cuni^ weil «*
- .
... irton; »
j-i'_,^.£, 3(17 liraa«iw»y.
tt> NT-I^Oaruej^r-cr-c^n-.ar.; J «^
aad c<jc.---:*m bi-e'-c mas. '•-^ -^
usrful _, driver ioiu, bors*> •**»»
J_r._n. :«.vr. ==d bout*, and to mU,—^
f^r*. :cr ni~. - «riaaa—Bl P-»«;
S^» j— 1 -r „ isne_rt furn:st«l part »-
S*.^.e: w_?:-s iCT _n<l _rd. Address Ct.
M.. y,i,x Jh. Trlb_ia OS«- I
*" ■"AN— E_>— Do>, aijout 17 or I . yan». IW
c«-ier_ iftaV-n: murt U* rood wrltor.
»*ar p v+aranc<s. r-iil'te w-tth parents.
*'icre-t «*^m- fcaiirv ci.r*«e<l. - '"•'"" i
tf> T>;bus> O^ce. NffW *^ t? - j
*.— ?>rrVATE AGI^NT - na MOW tar- bY
yoa-i? rrj_ <*?): «;«— » ts^'T "^T I ',^?.
t Qte — *oomir_ ■» ..•■:: '• cf .jsw.'
t»_o»rrta y cSce teflKUai » -**"■ »•__•
fc&e_K» frc_ ,-r<^e^t iaaala#ir; _wg fur
e.£- . .' re: -U, 306 Ea»
t**ti > ■
*_RB_S-— ~^«t c^-is: German: rnldd!«
■«»■» hotel. «hOD fXTWsri«— e"t »rrana««.
*i- rr.ar— l «*f •%•?: totura «>;:•. tk.-ha-far.
t( r*ct ISUt «t.
feOGiC_aK l 'SiH. _rperJencsd doefci' en
try. '.<>■»_! da lr_ a*.v. detire* ■>•__]
t*-r.:?.p(. j2; r - v.': k«>3 « r~_l a»i *•» j
••iV'v. Rice I^4 E—Ct S3 *t- . j
CSEPE«_— Or a**i»tam; yours man '
CC*: -ccartse ana re!!al>!p: ttres yean*
*^*erj«_s. r. P*raJ:i. SSI ~*at iUC] *t.
I rTE»T__ — r=u=« ~-»= : re*o'
mM t— ratßb— G. 6.. 300 -«- »*••
to-'/^KJEnPEire A_fcI_TAKT fl?): t"- s * l "
r-•r -• •efeaot gr_-^— — » :x saon— «' eicperl
_<ot r ..< »«a_. Ui»b«a. IT<_> L_Cu»-
M a»_ *
netvs. Much, ut i!i«» «ar!v buying: was en unfavsrnb'e
wcatlicr conditions in t&4 Boathtrcati toKetliT \v:th
spring -a-heat ■ <-. . tp> a tf crJ:.- I*3 c»ro. airainst *I« cars
last year, r.nd in advance cf %C f> '.j.l at Liver;»>>ol_
it mam still .Iry in Kacsa*. wtjle lnstfail of the rains
RXDeeted Jower tenu>eratar.>« threatened tb« pnti r c
r.-heat belt. Ir.gcct stories were mori numerous :i~ni...
stlt'.iuucli tb« trail» wma stOJ uawtnias to a«lm!t that
•■: ere.tt damaco hail : -' be«u matt in id from t!ils
f«i*:. Commission houses ... buyrs early Ir.
th« day. whii» th« Southwest sold after midila.;
Kroomhall .»«tim^i-l tiiat \rjre— Un«? <:-iiri">»"ri'^ wouM
h" arounU u.00i>.0,)0 Tiushels. compared with 0 ;-. ■• „.-.'.
the previous <r«*Jc 1n,.. :,.,■■■- from Eorlln quoted
t'«« market !'.»<• Bet lower, and B-:dar»'« closfvl ■". a
':c lower. Seaboard clfaranoen agprp p^tp. l 133.000
lmshfls. anij J!)o inicr!or :uo\ pri'iu r>f .".7 ■» iii>l Lualirls
was only about lialf as \-j.rvr as tho corr<»»Tjoiidir.t: day
t««t \f»r. At Minn^an-ills tuera was i.n increase cf
200.000 baahela in tan last ti\> days. B ot i, ». xnor t and
jniilins demand for . _«_ «„. „ ; was nuit^ slow again;
no saJfS Wine reported on toe former ncru'J-u <"as!>
v.iieat In th» lo^al n *rkat <v;i» quoted -s felio-nn- y,
- '■••• MOl • elevator and $1 92% r „ x, aSuat ■ \o
J,^'?, rUI ; rr '- r>uhlt!l - *: 14;,. aad Xo 2 hard wtater
St !'_'» f o t>; afloat. i'ORX — Th« corn m.irkft was
- ■ - nr,.! tor tins •: ... • ■ utter «f.
1 thfjgh to ;V la« ■■•■ it stea.die.l- tip 1 a jj tt | 4
with v.-heat and rios^.! »t» t - n »t higher at New York
Tli<» l,ivrrr>oo! market was '. d lower and qth« s
■-■••- , ■ -■■:■ the afternoon en the os*i
inat<« cf ~r,r. i-ar? for lay's rei^lpts at Cr.iruro Th»
; ;nr»rior movement was ai>out !«!.••■ bnabols . omaner
than the c»rres!>«n<lir!i(r day i a . r year No 2 com in
; M«w York eio*»d at 7«"m; elfwtav, and «»<- nominai
; f r> 1< a" •« afloal , ■■: i<r crarlrs ncmir.al. OATS— O'l
! <-niiiTO!Ryion „»..- and rather li^ht off»rin«-s
: th.- mm rfcet for o ; >?« was quit«« steady all da? clo^in»
without macta n»-t chance. Th» "> • ■•■> VorJ ."ash niar"-
Vf-t closed .- fol'.owF: Mixed. 3* to C 2 !h ."7r- natural
white. -■ to Cm '- | M and • Ipp. : whitp. Z2 to 40
! ',h Hrt^.-.;;i-r. r.TE — Market dul No 2 Western >;*.■
I dosilo i*l. fob v.-.. Tork. BARLEY- aiark"t nombial.
• TeftT
tHi Or-n. His*i. Low. I l«p». «]j»v
iitiy M «?~- Jl "•"■ ■■ *1 ". : . $10?.*, Sin-.",
Jrly 97** 97 15-16 07\ 07 15-16 37'«
t~ora :
Ma 3 75 ="* TC?s - V>\ 7K 1 . T«>'i
July •■ - — — :.".'i jn',
Or«"n. Hiirh. !/■■ Close. .!h>\
May »4^» :C« W. !V>> 4 r»4S
.in;-.- «.r> 7 « r»;'« s'.>' f !>n sn' t
S«pt 87! i 87S» ST» 61* i S6ta
:\Jav . . . • T C7'-« «»>'« ■;• : » mr i
July MS «4 l ; «4 K*H »U' t
S«Tt «J*s <^i ■:» C ' , tv;"» 031*
May ••« . .-,4 J i s»'« ".4' . ."i4 i
July .... i}~, ;S\ CJH 4S ! : 4S?a
May S7:tT S^ ir, 57^7 M 12 ?7 02
Juiy .--". I3t - 35 »28 Si'- 813
>I-v « ?."• «f!7 i S". H IC. <". 77
JttJy . .. 7 IS 7.7 7 12 7 „' 7 .'.T
I'orl. :
May ... .T2<:>' isan 12 •» i_-r<i 12 47
Julj- .... 12 37 II GO 1C 97 1330 12 tni
■KTAIJS — London tin :,,arkot l-.a.i a.
.-harp br-ak. with spot closing .^ £14+ an-i future? at
IIIZ. I* ally the n_ik«,t was quiet, but lower. In :;ym-
I'aihy with the i}o?iinr abroad, quotations ranging frora
3_*«c to G2'-. COPPER was higher fan the London mar
!:f-t. »lt'i qjoted at £«1 ard futures at £«1 7s 6d.
Locally ih» marktt -r.as .--■■■ oacbangßd. witli la'.e
qaoted at l^siir. aiectrorjrtle at 1391A.]2He and oa^-»
sn?; at _-7i«l_67Hc. ___) d».;lin»! tr- tl» 7s Sd in
I UoadOTL The local market was unehanst-o at .'!.'*»; !•'.
1 SPEI/Tx—t was 2k ivl lower jt ill ii> the London market.
l>»-aiiy tl-.^ market was >'vi! and ucchangM at [email protected]
! 4.70 i IRON— Th^ Knx!U!i rrmrk«t for iron waa higher.
J v . i;h stand_vl foundry quoted at Ms fid anJ Cleveland
warrpTirs at -- '*-•*.. The loial market v..;i;j um-banii-^i,
with Nu 2 fouitdl'y Northern quoted at 17.75e015.2jc Tii«
market for pl^ iron ccrtiflcatea at ihe Produce Ex
chaase was dull, wltli askoi prji-es [own*. No ?Hies.
M^ncar.l foundry grades are quoted as follow?: CB&h,
1159516: M.::cli. April, May od June (15 ."iiraSl<; _
>i<>? %•*•*_>< AM) ■»VKfl*> — T!ip rr.;irk«'t for syrups
was giiirt but I with mor!f'rate oSeriney and
fairiv f.iiMi demar.fl. Molass'-i was flr Quotations
t.jilov.:_ MOLASSES— N>w Orleans, centrifugal, coni-
T'lcri, 151/7 r.io; fair. ■---. prime. :.'.'!
IrSdc; Nev Orleans, open U<mti<», 25^420. SSTRUPS — ■
Common. l5Gl«c: fair. 14^2Uc; s.ioJ, i:)'</^2c: prim*.
*J1 6 -~» : _f;in.y. "7 6 .'!•;<-.
<HLl»— <-ottnn«»e<3 oil was flrm and (fenfra.'ly ', •• to
!i« higher on covering of short-, commirsion lious<> buy
iiiC lisht offering? of eru If oil _vj Ia sympathy wnM
FTenph of hoc 7im<in<-ts. Tie^'tT'ts wore moderate. Sal**:
109 bti?« of Mari-h at o^'ic. HiiO baltn Of April at 3S\4o, J.'_:»t
b&'^s of May 1 ai :::>§3o : -»o. «<i<> bbls «f July at [email protected]>40*ie and
NVi bb> of o«»pteiub*a at <0* 4 <{41c. L!ni=r-c.i oil was un
diaased. R("tin»-<1 prtml<>iitii was reported in satisfactory
den_n>s for bota p.iport and ti'>;r(^st^.• af"oun». and prid':!
ar* Brmrc h*id. We quo'f: PKTROL.KT7M, standard whit*.
bbif. bulk. :«-; Philadelphia.. «.7»c: bis!k. 4.»5c; re
flned, cases. New York. ia»V : Philadelphia, I't.S.V: water
while. \'tw York. bH3. 10.70 c; bulk. 7^: Philadelphia,
lO.Trtc; hulk. 's!is>-. wat<-r white, caso. New York. lLi.'."*-:
Pl!laJe;phia. 10.83 c gOTTONSEKTi Oll^— Prim* cru«i«%
30*S<: pri:r>^ sT]intn»-r yr!ta*w, Fpot, .TOr: March. "7c: April.
'.'■j'ar.Uf, May. . !it 1 «'O':.-: July. [email protected]*6c; Septtanber,
4l*?4! '<'•. and O^tob*>r. Ci7V d.'Ktc: off miminer yellow.
March. 37fi3!)c; gcxxl .jfr FUmmer yellow. :;7'-2Sir:»r: rrima
whit-. 40^44,.; prim* » Inter yellow. [email protected] LIXSEED
«'»TL — Ani«ri.-an «e»-.i. city ruw" 4.:i!44' ; on' -of-tutin raw.
4r'i4^<-; «a1(-.;iia raw. 7(.»-. LARD OIL. ... -
PHO\ I-ION- — Th«'r'> Tt a .~ a sharp advance in thi
provision market, especially on pvrk. Parkers wov aoo :
bnvers of !»otVi !a-'l 3D'l rit«s. the movement waa very
i'irti ana prv-j aci riTir<*^ o-cuned in li".p hop?. Cliira^'".
rscelpta wer» cnl- 2".<><»> hoeF. with 20.000 expected on
Prl(_x. _aa_u: City had 11,<W». Omaha s.;^;' and t!"
iven O6."f»«. r""-nk— Firm. Quoted: Mess. fUSOSSL~;
fanllr. flsjofr*lß2s: short .-!r;ir. *1." LTifiSlS .".•». BEEV
- Pit— I i Qcoted: Mest. tllSlll OO: _m>!y. fl4 TTinJl.".;
parkoT. Jir'cJ«l2 -Vi; .xtra India m»?s. <:-•-. BEEK
HAMS— Firm. C:iot<"i: SJtka?^. TiRESiKD HOGS -
str-'riff. Quoted: T?H-~>r:e. <:'••■■: IJ»> ~>. 7c: I<V* Ib. 7'* 1':1 ':
IJ<» lt>. 7r»-;7 r »-; piss. 77 75?7 5 ?f A 5 ;i *o. CUT MEATS— Pie_e4
hellfes >«liv,. Quut^: Smoking. *r; '■ T^. 7*»-~; 12 tl
""-• : 14 Ib, 7'«-- ricklci iiaius qu:--t. Quoted: Sc TAL -
I^:>W — Steady; rtt» ."•'«<■: .-ouEtr;-. [email protected] I.ARP —
S^trons. 'iuot.J: Middle Western .Jjrinie. S.IO^S.2O^. City
lard firm. Qaoted: 7 T ,c. Ti^-Stj*-.!: i_>l _M.ro»e. Ouowd:
?out>i America, 3-_<i."C_ntJceist. b-Stc: Brazil, ketre.
lO.Vlc. Comt>ouud Kt~a.lv. Qiiot^-i: 6 T 4ST**c STEAR
r?fE—Finn. ; Qaote<l: Ol?.>. T^i'gSc: city lard it-artti".
?■§•?"*'-. ... -
un Tli" inai'k»t Va* irni *' al! pornta and quit*
a.'tlv. Quotations follow ;-."«»ereeriinpa, Z%^3%c: or
rfitia'",'. 4 : «'^i i »'-: fii>-: a ** t -"♦■: (rood ordinary ."■•«■*
S*4c: prime, J ! :'i3 : < c: choice, <inti'-r. .(apnti <lorn<'^
tic. ■1. ar :. '. <-: Patn-i f«!-"i?7i. BH9<Hc; Rangoon H»d
Ea*«' j :n. ."> '2 5 ; 4♦-"•4 ♦-"•
PrCAR-— The markft f"i r--'1"«] .visr*" "as flrrt'. but
qut e t tLr.ii uncnanp^'i Th^ following ar» list pricea. mib-
J«ct to n. rebate of I>> poiri:'. anH a .iii><:>iir' of 1 per cent
for east] sevn days: <"i-stal doodaoa, 7.7-">": iCaslc- k»b
>ts. 7.70<-r cot l<iaf. Bl3oc: .cru«h»d. a.lOc: motUd A. 5.73 c;
<-üb*>s. T<.*iZrc : XXXX pc'w-ifre' 1 ,. -J.5.V; Eacl» 5-Hj baes
powdered ard Eaplf err. feti ;oners' granulated. .YtiV; pow
dered, coarse powdexftll _ul fruit powdered anr! )-;a?l r
'■'Bn* ari 6-:tra riiie <j:-3:!u!ated. 5.20 c: Ea^le - -Hi car
t.->nv of fin" pranu!r.tr:4. j.ijo^; 2-Tb bag" .10. .">.7<t.' ; "'^_">
has? d->. 5.65*"; 3-Ib bat < 4 ". •"'■'>'"": 10-lb Laps J. ■"...".■•■.
1L". ;"!a .V> Tl) haz= 'i*. 3.45 c; Eagle finp rr standard
irr^T:u!a ; *a ar:.l diai":'-.i'l A. 5.40 c: ... A,
."•^•'••'. No ! *..<*•; No« » ami 3 r. 1.i.--. No 4. 5.10 c; No
T. s<i.V No <! .V- Xo 7. 4»■ ; Xo b. *.90c; No '■>. 4.55 c:
No 1" 4.7.'k-; No 11. 4.70--: No U. 4«530; No 13, 4 50c:
N"s 14. I! a.n<s 16. *.5r,0 Th<-. local raw ?ugar market
v. as flrxa -wiiii sai.s of A.urnf ha? 3 rort^> Rico <-er.trlfugal
;«; t»«:T at 4 36. basis W te«t, c 1 f. loss Ilrhteraße, to
the Am-rlcan Mior Hefini-s- <"onipany. The market
e :^««d -vitij ijutv paid pricea quotwi a= follows: Centrlfu-;
Kai. "6 test. < "•6r. musco\'ad<9, $S test. .'!. ■»!>••. ard mo
lassr^ *uear. - ■ t*" 1 -. at 3.61 c. and cost and freight at
3«- '•<■•■'■ London market for b*ct sugar
•wa? ii!ichacc<»d to -"i-l hi^i»r. and March and April w«r»
qTiot^i at llß*'-:'i T.ormon cables tha — orld'a visible
aorply of sugar at ~.4«f>.o<»> tons.
N»w T^rk Man h C« I'Jfl?
Kf EVEf R«c*iDti w*re 7"'i <-;<rr;. or 1.153 head, al!
'•ensisr.'^d direct to slaushtereru. Fe-?ltrg nomlna'.lr
firn: for al! of bMtvea ajul tat strnrk. Dres«i beef
Strong* &' ■''sio'-;c per R- for naTfre FiJes. Xo later <rak\r
a.i-Ut-« Cr_a l_t;ion or Liverpool Shipments trotr.
th:s port ■ ... l.T.j" nuart-rs of b^f on tli«
<«, !r «- tt I_?^f-rpoo1 : noni" to-monww.
CALVES — n<=<-»:p'.s wera I3S head. iri'luJins 1-2 for
the'n_rk.t. -jiiiic;r.s. with a <—c s'3]>- calTe».'l«7 on
K3J« F^ciins stcsi--. No.ptinje "ais offered; liclK
Pemnrrlvania. ■ veaia n«M at v> 7% r-r W> Ib. Dressed
r_v_ siCbe**: d*7 dres«»3 vcais s<lHi.j at S^loc per
Th- rovntry <*r"s?er: at 7^ll^
g.lf»_S. .Tudd 4- Co.: 12 Frr.rsylvania **!;<, 113 Tj
averaxa. at $<? 7i p-r 100 Jb.
-HfcFP -_M> LAMBS— Receipts ware . cars or
4 .,..«; ,0,,5 including I- rars tor slaughterers an.3 «-.
for tte markft ?li»ep almost nominal and firm: ]arar>s
Krone to a. fraction hijher: cne car waircarrled o\-er.
> fft-v ordlniry p ; o:-! at ,: ,-■■«,•*- ;-om^.or. fa
pr:s<» lamV.« at $7*t^: clipped lambs at $. «. Pj**™
SSSob"S- atrJOeiio per tt: dre__J _mb.*atcl*«
15 : i<-. <:ountrj' ...■■..- mbbb at t*W per
CJ e2e£-_eri_ Co-mission Csmpany: 309 WMtern tote,
JO., Th ay c ,_« at p i;er X«) Tt.; 300 do 101 rb. a- $?
rw Ohio i: ,mb, ter^.t $812^ 4«» m. •* *?.»j
W R I'u!-i".: 'J4^ s_te lambs. .S It., at *>..->. -'•
ooTaO ». ;-">7 S «tat« flieep. 100 18. at $3; 42 clipped
St TlOG a^-Rece:pts were 7 cars, or 1.300 head, all con-
HOGS 7 ear* «r LSM Head =5.. con
„ 1 „-M Mil. 1^ II I 'I*
BOOKKEEPEII. -Bright younj; man. 2".
M | ■•■';• ci«Tic«.l work In hotel: will
so out of lawn no axtnejes. MOraa* E.
"«*.. 130 Cambridge aye . Jersey City. X. J.
By young man. IS: steady . lac<! w;th re
!tab> 'firm where there are chance* for ad
var.ien-.er.t- two years' «xp*-rl«n.?e : A.I ref-
Brenco. Eamoel Hertzfeld. 3M Sat 121»t gt.
COMPANION Refined. <ruirur«f; Va.
"gent: travel or at home. Address \a-
Gfcr<U*-xnan. Busby. Va.
COLLECTOR. — Toung man. 2H steady, re
liable aJ-J trustworthy: as cashier or col
lector" or take charge of collections, with
k tlrro o«'r:sK opportunities for adrance
ment; <ayh security or bonds MrnUh«l.
with «xcel!er.t roc pea. W. R. R.. Jiax
2. Tribur-e pace.
clian m«cha.nU-; not afraid of an^hlnir:
r. Tory preferred; city or country; 2*-* 1 "
j?fienc*r w«'a moderate Pohlak. 221 East
123 th M : _____
CIIALTFTCE. _ o-rrian-Anierican : *«*<S
»-■ Illicit; also oml«mtaa<« prd'ner-s
xpert 55ii and lawn; goad r..T f .n-nc*-«.
rrv or country. Ctarlm Braunlnj;, «3 «ft
■■a, _^^ —
CHAUF~Et:R— Aa Grtver and exp<-rlecced
■BMt Arthur county wltl, and
Pfferetice. Arthur Zerrenntr. 138 th et. ana
:.*i«-s:c a--e
CIIArFrE-R.— Colored: erp«r!encr<4 : r.ri
:-;»«: fani:!^; on«lerßtands al! iraen.-.m
ca.rs». or win — lt« a job overhaulinj; L,* o w
reliable man. .. ■.. rvfarancaa. A. P.. -41
West Z.Z& et.
marrt_t: i«* 88. nv« r«ara JaJ.t place;
r«~f-l <lrtver: tborourtily ■?*_«•»•!
Tron_s c>rs prfcferrt-d. ■■ ... --.. /> wii-
Haai * • W>.»« PUli— , !*• T. _____
CHAUFFEUR,— CoIored, 24; expert m*
ch—Die or-erate forelrn and domestic
cars; careful driver- r>e«t aa_aaaaa_ m.
Clary. _» Wat 27tli ■«
7 ft..— o_<-:_aji: »ob«r and fcer.est;
" !&_&« ~*o HtUi erperteac*. and per
fect m w—r_: Mat wrfaraaoaa C_ l -S*- r .
_IT tMt fiM at.
*'%:\~<l direct to slmjshterc.r*. VVr-lir.ir nomleal'.y »tea3y.
0.-uniry drecscd hoss firm at 5-I*7 %ic pat :i>. ' f
Ci3.-l.>tia;!. llarch Si— HOGS— Active. l-VJSr nl;hcr;
bctchera* anU shippers, -:. o0: common. *4 t^i.'i 13 CA'i -
TLK-^tromr: fair to good shipper" »R 25©H » : common.
J2 SUt^H- S'HEEl*— Strong, $53f»i75. lamb* strong. IBM
W*7 **
: Kast Buffaln. March 3*. — Steady : prime
i>!-.:n«. f«jfi>i 75. VEALS— Receipt*. I.V) ht-ad: actlv-i
::n,-5 rteady. — Bsceipta. l.Tou heart; actiye and
IDSKip hi^-h»r: heavy. $3 6=«|3 73 : _ix"d arM Tortara,
J5 7.".fc*5 >,%; pigs. Wso#»ii2i; rousha. »3*H5 S»- dairi«».
Ss_«sS«o blSt-* AND -Receipt* ♦•**_*?•_•
activ u an,; steady: lamb?. |[email protected]»: y«arltnp, $...<»«»
7 9<i: wether?. i(j 73jj$7 2-'<: ewes. IISIP -0; elu-ep,
'"V-ansjfif^nt^" TJarclt M -- -T>,-;-. -.Ml
head, 1: luding 800 SouUierns: market steady to i_c
Iow«~ choke export and <Jr^sst><! 1-jef stepr*. *1', NI «
« T _-, : 'air to *oo<i. $s^>€«S5 ri : "»r»str-rn ite^r., •<•■"_!■.:
M..,kers anc fw., ir -.. $44*5 7l>. Pintthern steerj. *» ...'<!>
a* 25- Southern cow-. X; r.O:,j ■■ : bitllf. «___*_ 3 "■■ oaw.
name heifers. F450#9«44; boCs. _i TOSS? ::.-.- a.v.^
.«:: ."UVaS'; ' Z -.-.., ll» -.-•* lj't s . tl.00" bead: maxkflt H*
ir»^ higher; <-:ose<i 20f:ioc. Wgher: by. $6 37' . wjCi or
Milrs. JO 10<5-i-. »n; h^avy. Xi _v« Sr. ::7'i ;.'■ •■;- and
l"itrt,prs. ?.-. i<-»SS3SO. liKtotS, $3«» 30: rlf_ •'«554..0.
PHEEP— Receipts, 4 000 h'afi: market lasdy to strong;
fprintr lan-.»,5. "jr.; ami JoSO&SS: .Tvcs and jearlliics.
KSo§|6>3: ■ Western jre__cs». »»» 35«7 gJ_rW«tern
siiwu $.-, •.:.7>t; 7.". stocker= an. f»«d«ra, $3 .k)!S'*J "0.
.•Liialo. ilar.-i; 2-i. -<'ATTLi: — F«-.,-«jV^. estimate*
.... head; Htwwly; steers, >3Jij(i, •••>: eowa, ***«
<?.«;> .V'; beifera. «n 4iv65."i 70: buns. s.-^fiS*: raiv« >..■*!
J^: Btodkera and f.-.i-rs. S3 _VS4S ■". UOOS— Becetpt*.
e«rimHti»d. abouf • ■ 00"> ' t-ad — —T'set loiii.ic _rJFh»r:
.-hoi^ heAty ....,< sft". bnteh«ra_i »«•*»=
light mlxe-. S33S«$5 4.0: eliote* ::s .' *„ 40»J-j 50; paclw
ln*. S4*««f*r43: i-Igs. $43*r. 20: nut. of salt;*. *.. 4O^l
fr, 4.-. SHEEI tleccwts. es:iiriat<"l. abcit l'.'.o<*> heft.l;
market steady an<3 a llttla higher; sneer. $4^»J<s"si; BUBDa,
L Tofetlo. Jrfarph )» W.— CLOVER SEED— Ta_h. *1.: 23:
March $!.".•_'.".- vpril $1- Pr>: October, $7 7-".. TIMOTUT
— Prime. 52 121 AT_SIKB- Prime. $12 40.
Plttshurr. March ■J«.-C.VTTLE-ei)3ply Hglit. steady;
choice. fi~s3&s»i SO prim*?, V. I"-/, si; •_•.-. _ SHEEP — Sup
ply lig'it. eady: prim-; wethers. $•> "■'_*; common.
S.'»-»?^4: larr.bF. W91575 veal ealveg. STli*7 _•- HOC^—
Receipts light- a<tlvp. higher: prftn« hearten. *•.•■• me
dlun.s nnd bear? Vorlißra. >■. SO: liijlit Vnrkers. *:• SBfJ
?:. 7."; p, Z f. J313«?3=3; roufflif. ?4 «K».3sl <••■
Liverpool. March 2* — Clo&in',': WHEAT— Spot
steady: No 2 r»ri Western winter. 7a l^d; futures
steady: March nominal: May, «i >iri: July. '■ l%<t
CORN — Spot steady: prtaK mixed Americar. new. ■
4-. 'I. prime m!xe<J .Vmiirican. old. Si 7' future*
steady Marrh nominal; >lar. r.s «d. PEAS — Canadian
steady. 7= ><J Fl.Orn — \\"int»r patents «|ut«. '.':« 'M.
HOPS in London (Pacific Coast), dulL £1 10s<S£_ i"s
BEEF — Evtr;t India mnsa quirt, 93a. PORK — Prime
mess V.'esTeni easj-. 07a «d HAMS— Short cot, 1» to IS
Ib. rim, ".Ms Sd BACON — OHmberiand cut. 28 to TtO
Ib. firm. 9a •;,. short rib. I«» to 34 Hi firm, 3sa; lane
clear mirid'":" li£lit. 2S to "■! Ib, dm. :;:»s. Ion; clear
middlos. heavy. :;r. to 40 rb. firm, ST«; short clear
backs 16 to 2« Ib. Prm. .",7* 6d: clear bellies, 14 to
10 Ib, rinn, :::is. SHOULDERS — 11 to 13 Ib,
strariy. 3ls. LARD— Prime Western. in tierc_. steady.
.;■.(; !'il : American rrtineil. in palls, steady. 405 3d
FITTER — rafted States du!l. BSa#o4a. CHEESE
— American finest •(vhite. firm. Cla; ft iiimi li an finest
colored «— r, •>>!: <";ir.adian "ursi white, firm. (3a
Sd Canadian finest colored, flrm. ■•»« rtd. TALLOW —
Prim.- Itj dull 26a I'd. TTTILPEXTtNJB — Bairtta. Brm
40s. RO8T? — <~oinruon steady. _a 7'-i>i. PETROI.Et'M
— Keflnf<i quiet. G-'iiJ. LIXSJSEI* OIL — Weak, 32a Sd.
Loniicn, March tti. — Tup aJfertsaa at th<? wool auction
s-al^? to-day amounted to 11. HI bates. fine ?ra.. wcr.-
In fair demand, but prices were weak, and the following
M per c«m . .
merteos. 15 per cenl tine crosfbr-id?. 10 per cent: m«
r!i::rr. <•ros^b^<-<l!=. 15 per •nr. Inferior crdsabredß. 20028
per cm; <'^lp« of Good Hop« and Xatal. scoured l'Vtrlj
per cent; i"ape of (^oo<j Hops and Natal, jr/easy ■,!..
ir.ss. [email protected]*s per ent; < ii"= of Good Hop*, and Natal.
g--.is>y ciotiiins:. '''.; 'jj per cent Am.'ricnsi! bench' a * ■■••*■
lots of li«f>>t sr^asy crDn^hr^dt. .-■■:- a.r^ toe scales
in detail: N»w r-outh Wal*-r. 2.W<| bates scoured, 7'u'3i*
IsS*sd: rreasy, 4 '— .i-gl -■-'•■! Qwenabuid. I. .'.'»> bales;
Rcomred. l«2d®lsl0d; i~ar/. 7«lld. Victoria, i.7Of>
halps; s.'our^<i, [email protected]^d; greasy. 4*idlils 2Hd South
Australia. Mi hal-!-: asy. ."i'dimd. West Australia.
r.O !.a';es.. crearv. ;:<ij.i':;ii. Taamanta, I*B hales: grfasy,
-. ■■- New Zealand, • «V> bate* n»ur«d. ls_a#ls<td:
irrßasy. 3t<301» 2%d. <- a p<: of «too.l Hopo ai:d Natal.
KOI tiaior; sconr-d. I3<[email protected]<l: greasy. _ 1 : <rr>'- _
Chicago, March ->'. — Tho .••■!• market was
strong: to-day, twins' to buying by shorts, which
<«n.-<orj an advance of lc from the low point of the
fMy. At th*» cZnxo. M. ■ delivery was CD 7.'7 .' 'or
was *-\ shade lnw<?r. « tats were off 'ic. Provt
sions were l'>c. to IT l^ to 42 ! ii_- higher.
Sentiment ir< the wheat pit was bullisli almost
th<; day.' although tlio market experiw»c«Ml
an occasional setback ecause of prolit-takins
riai«;s. T!ie most, prenouiVsed decline occulted dur
iny the iin.<l hour, but liv reaction was at short
duration and waa followed by a. i *p rally, which
carried prices to .i new •if- po!o( for the day.
Tho market closed strong at almost the tcp not-'!i.
Flrnj ciW*!-, small receiuts in thf. Northwest and
tiv .■onf.iiiu' ; 'ti absfnr^ <■? rai'i In Kansas ■•!■•' •
chief strengthening hrftuences The fin-.-tpal de
mar.cl came fro:n shorts, alihousrh commission
bouses were also active ■■-■-■•■••,• day.
M.iy np^Tipr! i»<- to %c grher at. "'"••• to ?s'%c. sold
oft to f'-itv io ?-i"*r and then advanced to "•• 1 4 i ".
... it. closed. ...... ft of beat and flour
were eaual to 135^000 bushels. Prlma— ,- receipts
were ."72,'i<.'0 bushels, compared wit] 702.000 busbela
a year y?o. Ulnneapdlisi. Dulut.h and Cbicagt) re
jh rted receipts of 2U7 cars, against 33- cars last
\vppk and 6"1 cars a year aso.
Business ii the corn pit Iced •'!- snap tha.t has
characterizeci tradias for fcoree time pasr and s**mi
ilment "Hb Inclined to i>o bearisji. B'j'l ley^l^r*
apoarently made no attempt to support, ihe- nuir
ket, nnd throughotrt The entire day there waa
more or !f;s.s Etflling by local and ~o\uside longs
Tho market -TiHtiifestoil n little iirrnness a ■ ■■■
start, owing to the strength of wheat, and ass
ivar the oioso prices advanced In ... ...
''.<■ la f • ■- upturii in wheat. Country acceptances
were aorriiii light and demand lor 035b Krain was
slow. Tho '.nn.rk.ct rh-xert ptt-aily. Ma; opened '>.<*
to '4^ higlier at fi"c to '17V- *'~'l'l OH •■. -.^\. ;,-,.!
■ les-'d ;<t. tW s 4<~ (•> 6<JTsc. l^c; 1 ! le'-^jpts were 17U
cars, with ."■ of contract gradr
Trade in <:ats v^s very <iui- <■ and prices moved
over in extremely narrow range. Comiuission
bouses were moderate buy«ra and longa wer*} th^
chief pelleT«». May opened I nc hislier at .">i l »^, Hd
vanced t» "-i^e antl clos-id it ".4'4C. Local receipts
were 17X cart.
Provisions were strong ;i'l day on an active in
vestment demand and brisk buying by shorts.
There was !ibi-ral realizinpr a.< tiirif?, but ■-■'. olTer
liigE were readily absorbed. A. 1 '•<■ to '"<; advance
in live ho?a was : airily accountable for the
strength. Pork waa in especially good dTna-nd nni
showed the gr*_t< I strer.gtli. ■:•• May delivery ut
the close beinir 4- l ac higher at Sl2 30. Lard was
2Gc higher at $S l- : ;. Ribs were !."•■ to 17 1 ;-: higher
at S6 95.
Estimated - -•'- pta for to-morrow: Wheat, 20
cars; col?:, 255 cars; oats. ISo cars. bogs, CO. 1 "; 1 ."
tFmataUi by Van Schaink ft Co . Ma, 7 Wall sum* >
Bid. Asked i Bid. Aak*€.
Unite-] Rail— ay. Hi-* n«i|Cotton Duck S vz
<ir. tacomea ■ '•'„ 50 ; do incomes . IS —
do 4s >X aoi^ Vnrr Ry .< L 03. 85 «S
G B & S V T... 4 » j Liclit _; P pr^f . . — •'>
do —corpes.. .'. "•*-. 17! ; j .Jo -HH 2£2 £ 8B M
do lats . »■■ , i> : » Chaa City Rv 8a.103 I<lh
f-eapcard . .... -"> <&\i -a* Can Ciec 5s 91 --v.
do Ist pref 20 4-> ,Cont Trust I.V) 17«
do -d pref l A ; ll*£ ' lon Trust . — M
do 4*- 48i.s iy-j'Tlnrri Nat Bar.;.. 1 .1 ,,-jr.. r .
do 10-year .".-. 71)'* -' | Fidelity 4 Dep. 11« 13*
Consol On — : ■'■ [Maryland Trust.. — .M)
do 6a 102*4 103 |Ncr Cent By . ■ M
■i ir__lied ana '■one^H daily by Stew art & Ix>ckivood,
No. *;> EXchacre Place.)
Bid. Asked, j Bid. Ask«d
Bnffala $1 .10 S-i>«> !NipisEin 5 .$7 <v» $7 — ,
Cobalt Cent . 9 2-S I Nova. Scotia.... 1» 21-.
Cobalt Lake.. '1 1.1 , Peterson Lake. 12 [4
Foster . 58 « ) Silver Leaf S4 j>i;
Ceniaaaa 3»> (N (Silver Queen M 104
Grass Meehaa 13 18 i Maw Temiskarn 31 '"■
Kerr Lake 254 27" (Red Rock . . ■ 13
McKlaley ... 6S 75 1 Trethewey . 5.s «•_•
CHAUFFEUR. — htber; careful driver: da
own n»pairs; private place; on any
ipne car. ci:y or country: sfood references.
! ii Macnuaon. 138 East atta St.. care of
CIIAUKKEUR- — Colored. 23: In prlvata
-. ■... strictly BOber. wlOJas and oblls
ln«r can make repairs: careful driver: good
—!•'.-••:.> Address :-4 Fleet Place, Brook
CHAUFFEUR (White Steamer); 24; sis
years' exponent-" in repair chop and driv
ing steam and gasolene cars; competent and
thorough mechanic and driver: be*t rej>r
enc«°». Address O. V.. Postaffice Lox i"'i-
Hlcksvllie, Long U!and.
CB \UFFEi:R— five years' experience; hay«
demonstrated In this city and can rlvb
thi« brst of racomroendatioM from last «n»
plover II- <-'. Butcher. ■>:■- Macon tt..
I Brookirß. Telephone -T7C J Bodford.
I CIAUFFEUR.— By yount? man. 22. Amer
ican' Ucaaaed thorough mechanic; can
{ operate and repair an, car. besr refer
rZcet: city or country. F. ••• 19* jut-—
Daaaaa^ at, aaaaatya.
aI UK or assistant bookkeeper; younr
man referents. B. J.. I*<J Trlburo Cp
tuwn ORice. !.!•;« Broad «~iy.
CLUB gTEWAHD. — Experienced; wife
pr«ctl!2il cook and housekeeper; M ir.aji
acc country clubhouse, or would Join party
In summer btiaxdimr bualn Address. till
April 13. M. H. Box I. TlMwa Ofllce.
COMPOSITOH. AI two-thlrder; years" ex
perience; careful distributer; f «d atooa
hand; run pre*s; $12. Addres:* G. X. r 410
E:arhor-e •: . . Brooklyn.
COOK. '•rat ~-"** Jaaaaaai; la anaM fam
ily »r apartin'-r.T . do j.i housework: good
references T. **"*■ *». 41 East lath «t
t\'i;iNElCß Inspector or ■' •'■• sugar
fatties nut rvflacttai for twenty-teven
jt&T*. und<rr«'andliiir English French and
German. e«Us • (food steady place ia
America, iciirrptspletra. Settlmlo. rjnvnm,
Lj^Cl-nTJIt. T lunaal beit referenren;
Unic laaajlaaM repairlnir and economically
rusoliig electric, '.vflraui'. . and ref rteerat- ,
las pi_xM. Mrti 1 44» Wa»t *Sd st.
ENGINEER. — Thoro-Ehly practical nt-im
and electrical engineer; entire repairs of
plaut; references from former employer!
Kester. 5-3 East 72d st.
EXPERT POULTRY MAX. gardener and
florist; six years wita last employer. C
3., XtfiH> 6— Nicholas aye.
EXBCCTXVE MAN* cf ability: capnblo
handling help: 17 gears' experience sev
eral lines business; basics o*fic» :x>sitlon:
best of referencoß. — iaiber. 61a Tor's.
Flace. Brooklyn.
FOREMAN'. — By American: married: on«
grown daughter , pood worker: t»-r\ • 1
years at the business; experienced In a!l
machinery: excellent herdsman; used • .
boarding and handling help: uuceessfui with
poultry- strictly sober: best reference. Car—
penter's Bureau. 154 6th avg.
GENTI-EMA!* of 45 years, whom the late
unpleasant financial '-listnrr.ance ret!r-d
from a position of trust, held for many
years, desires any employment of refln« d
surroundings, best ct r^fer-ncea as to
character an 4 feneral aMliry Address
A. C. W . Box 209. TenaCv. V. J.
HANDY MAN.— By colored man. S<V Treat
Indian; 17 years carpenter, ooat builder;
handy man anywhere; highest r«fereiices.
Toppln. 16 West 134 th st.
MACHINIST — llc«i*Bd marine engineer.
23 years' exporter. •»■ In Ills trade: work
:n shop or <u.£ine room. Machinist. 00 St!i
MAN*— MMtfto apej; mechanic—; experience:
c._ care machine*; able to work on rock
drill machines; handy with dynamite; four
years' experience about railroads and shops;
speaks bar languages. Shop, 00 Mfc — .
_ CECHAVIC — Young man Oil. married :
trood all-around; employment of any kind:
ttrk-Uy tempera!? Any member or K. .4
k. M. knowing „f a DO— l— kindly advise
if. D.. Trlbuiiß Uptown Office. 1364 Broad -
MIDDLE ACEU3 bu»ln««B mail. iu«h«»t
character reference, s-~:p*rtntendency of
atartnwnt building, or position wher« rell
a.bl!lty. sobrtaty strict att*nUoa ii» »leUll
U required: compet-nt book^*«p*f. Vala
aL.a. Bax US. Xrlbuaa OS**.
I Male .
! MACHINIST. -«. as •aajsßJCr'l nssintant: ;
nmlerstan«la and willing to do a" Kind of j
repair ivcrk and l«arn more eas—Merfoc-
J. L.. SCO East 7__ «-
MILLWRIGHT.— KIrat .-ia«?; tw— ire years' !
experience on vhaftlnc;. machinery. abap
work: desires foreman's berth. A. V. C.
143 Linden st.. Fall Ktvrr. Ma—.
NEWSPAPKIt MAN. of awanior eri_r_
..-,, eaae owner of newsparwr and ir.b
printloir pTant, po««ses^lnir thomugh knowl
edge of newspaper wort fmlltinsr. report- [
Ins, proofreading, mechanical. ta— • ■ fair
Vpo printer good »' compoaitai a__e-up>, ;
I of excellent __e-ntl«- ahility. no dreamer, |
I -r,.--. indnatriooa. with hlirheat recom- i
mendation? rrom pr^rat an.l all fornv-r
employers, ruitalile man to act for sl.ent
: —r^»r of » newspaper or any other pobft- ;
! cation seeks e_c_corr;ent thai will a;Tord j
I him and family p^rinanect. iisreeable r'«l- ]
d«-n<*e. (n or outside Hew Tor* wherein
h«s -bllitfes way be titil*r»«l. Address •• ! |
arei a. —ait l--t'Ea_t Uwth st. I
OfFICH MANAGER.— Thorough knowleds^
! or eAca work, books _] tot. credits", aya
i t«,i!_ti_iriir: IS years' ■r.\r--rl-n'-»: l-est i«f
ereute. A. _*rrouJ3a, ■»- Prospect Flues,
I>rook!> a. :
OFFICE MAN. i si— -. ; : around: 14
years' experience with buaa corporation- ;
1 A-dreas T J. __.. '"•ll Mocroo st Erock- ,
lya j
FLCMBER.— AI man: s_tisfi*d wlt_ flew I
da>V work. 81.1 Ar__t-r<?ar_ are., paper!
■ ■ . : !
PArNTTNC i«aueiliaiallii> decorating; par
_— refj-.iirinsr services of tirst .lass, re
ssjectfnl ,r. i-. :.":•- contract or d_3 - : city
or ccuctr:-. Petersen, 122 awl rasssl awe
Brooklyn. " '
trentleman desires position of- .^>n__entla"
nature- fluent EB— Uah. French and German. ;
•■3dr»ss Hubart T. Holeany. 215 East Mart- |
ison st.. ; ;,--.■ Pear.. _^ j
SAL£SMAN. -Crati or specialties: worked j
as s._!f_rr..in and manager for sraln firm. .
I fourteen years: rood references: finale; j
I temperate: 37 years old T. G.. I^3 BJam- |
1 sen st . CO— oas. N. V j
! STUDENT. — Ena— — »er; "anptoy—l ■ but too |
i much leisim-. would Uko tsrhr.lcal wwnc !
I between 10 a. m. _d 1 p ni. Address .
|C. 1. W.. Tribune Uptown Office ; ;''•! j
i Broadwas
! —. • i
• STENOGRAPHER typewriter, swrn; ■'- j
i ri re assistant. 20 ; over Uirre year." c;s- :
I rerience: b*sl references. Address A. T. 1
I Baffa 238 nichmon.J st.. Brooklyn^ !
■ STKNO-RATHEP.— By roans, man 22: 3. j
wir»" experience. Remington operator;
e » c .,»j O ".-« reference*: willing w««*ar: sal
ary" XX L. Grimes. 201 McDousa: St.. j
3rc'ok!rn- ;
-•'""> ■ •■■;n.'. ■'•'": and tyrisnriter. thor- j
" o_ff! - competent. d*sirea permanent 1
position flrst-daas r»feren<-cs; salary. .*'•■- {
Sl7. Munater. Castle ii ill aye.. Untonport. j
New York Oitr. j
i <T-WAR_~r READ WAT -CH:h. |
i hotel or PMtaorai : cftv or coutitrr, dls- )
I taace no object. 215 We«t t_Ot_ M
. ______ ■ j
STOCKMAN. —B; f!r«t clhst n^rmnn. r-> !
take care of horses and hare. GraulL
108 East 13th ft. ;
_TE WA RD- V\^v:Kß. a«a 47: [ona »X- •
nert«! i '-"■ ■' -.-"latis ■ U ]l s and hot^-ia; ■•sn j
show results: best personal referon.-es. f^r- ■
iner aad present employers. Wlendiftck. |
i:,r. East IMh Ft. . 1
STEWARD or manager of aolf or .-oun- [
try _t__; long exvT'eii.'C: Hilary, or at ;
cunrias. :■ A- Kerr, nidgr-wood, N. •'■ ;
BUPERVI-ItNG EN-INEKR would __ die
manufacturing or .-<>nrractin»j busi!-,"E*. 1
e!<?.rrji«l {HJt'eiTeu: motierate salary : * '
atari Energy. 1.",4 East 4_.j -' i
•■• It— l \K . and machinist: Al man; ;
tlr«t--'.ass; wlahea stead?- p->slt!o_: good I
man en drawir:u di^". A idreai 11. G., 80? \
Drisgs aye.. Brooklyn.
WATCHMAN.- -By single man as watch- j
man or caretaker on r»ntlanian"s place; ;
la— « emplojer c_n be seen. J. J., sit 3_ \
are. ,
TOUNO MAN. 22. at ar.y Mad of _____ ;
work: rood penman; accurate at .litur»s; ;
flrr? class referFnce-. A_ar«_ F- W. D.. i
Bex 21. Tiltliait Office. ;
TOCNC MAN. 31; _panish: experl<--n.~<-d as .
Diachislrt; iilao as Spanish translator; \
steady p!_ce: rtty or country, r^forrjr.c^s. ;
Artlle*. 209 T«t 14th it. ■
TOL'NC MAN '"-I* ilernuin. etr.in_. n-ar.;=
position a' anything. Kracalc 5M nth st. ;
TOT~-:g MAS, IS; at anything. Pttehler. j
54 HTfeir.ier P!acp. Brooklyn.
jTOITNG MAN wishes po«'.:ion at any'hir-^; (
! willing ard 0b1 : .3r!r.-; ref«-nces T» p., i
Tribure CptO— a Office. 1364 Broadway.
TOUNi OEItMAN. c-Jleit- grad-ate, r^r j
I .... „. epfni t.ip»-n.riiir.e an.l a!! ,
i re- . R.i offlr. work, v.ants p'*i:i< 11 at orjoe. j
I _ teinruck. 144 Baal S3d St.
TOC-TG MAN. marr;"_. o?i private place, j
— it_ .-cttric: >tord refere_c_». B. PP p r>- |
; port ."!'_' Cakwotxl aye.: Whit, Plains. N. V. j
TOT'N'J MAN wishes place on farm.
"ti^aks very Uttte Enclish. P. T_r_S-k_,
s Maple «t Ansonla, Conn
i ATTRACTIVE yotmz E-Tgiish ■w-orr-an. re
rinori. -UItUT-d, with -i ! a position j
[abroad: has travellerl * ffear deal. (i^9ii~s j
sx_;?;'->n us .-ompanion. iilshsst r^f-^r^ni.' 0 ?.
( M A , Box 14. Tribur.t om<rt.
AT SIGHT.— KogUsh Into French: French
into Enfr!i_h; dtct-ted, If deaifd. to own j
stenographer; Spanish. Italian inui Ene- j
lish. Apph- Translator, .4 East 'JSth st. !
I Telephone So. H'2."; Madison.
I _ .^
' RiinEK™PFl? -n r assistant .<soub!» «•«
: try*: a graduate from buKiaess vchooL !
! Mia- L- . 2MJT Brt;?s are.
un.r. CLJSRK. c"titlon; tno yfars 1
expert jrr»"' avot-1 jn'la Man
frede, 411 West «St_ si.
CO_I_»ANION. ATTENDANT— ■n'illin^ to j
frav-l: =>spn-rlpnce_. highest reference; 1
ch-erful an.J obli_ln_: good packer. Ad- j
j dreys £•» Witt, 301 Weyt KnA aye. •
COMPANION. — Vounar woman; with Invalid i
or elderly la4v: reference. Care Lind- I
bora;. 120 East s::_ Bt.
COMPANION. Lady of refinement, with j
high Lchool education; references ci- |
i change-:. A<-Mr<«:s Mi.'s Ciara Frampton, ,
Box Si. Royal Oak. lid.
i 'iJBLs 17: experienced. B-»id recommenda - |
'io.n3: willing to have light «■•' - Knows j
how to -:• letters. Frida SiegelhonT. .".- r .4 j
West 47' I h ft. :
SECRETARY or VAN \<~, ■ : -Capable j
woman of executive ability; at present ;
holding responsible position desires to I
; makfl _ change; competent to tak* .har_» I
of Urge aff_irs. £•. L... ."> TTesi JH.»b si.
STENOGRAPHER. -Capab— .ccuratn: five,
years' experience: *viil:n;r to utajt with •
moderatft s.iiarj-; Al reference*. Heten !
Bat«w— kf, X East UOOi st.
• ■-- foe ■ business, professional, literary .
men. by hour, or for longer periods; steady
work at special rate*; business get__s lit
erature and facsimile letters a specialty.
Address •'Call Typist." Timta Building.
SIENOGRAPHFIR, 7 years' experience
flrni requiring practical, conscientious, •
capable business woman, any typewriter, j
wQUns to pay $12 to ?15. __s May. 2_t
! Classon aye.. Brooklyn.
STENOGRAPH-^. --Typewriter, aaßea as
sistant: knowledge of boo__eepins: two
years' c—perienc* 1 : best reference. 1 ?: aala~
SlO>-Sl_. May V. Rose, East _ ',%•:. St..
Wlllia— _sbridge.
j T'-.una; lady. 19; first _ _ rcferen.ps:
I wU_ to start at $8. Anna M. Richard-
I non, 4: D— ■ atoT at., Brooklyn.
BT_NO__ an! TYPEW_IITEr_ —
v- Spanish ■ saa_ man. who understands
English md some Spanish stenography and
typewriting: moderate salary to start.
Ruiz. 532 Lex — icton aye.
I Pealni'ier: wil!!n<r to Stan at low sa.i_xy: j
i excellent references. 3_arS— rat Kerrie, 33 !
Griffin st . TompUinsville. _tat.m I— _ _ .
TwiTCHBOARD OPERATORS, «a!e_l__l»a. !
eip_rierc_d nurse_. special cooks, nurse
girls, waitresses, cbaaiberma!--. cookie
lam idreatM-a. B»ii< housworkera. Morn- :
icg-l'le Employment Bureau. 313 Weat 119t_
a*. Tei. 2226 — M. rninicslde. •
TYPIST. — With reliable firm; permanent; ;
copying form letters, carbon walk, etc : j
r.eat. accurate, rapid, ■oed penman; two
i years" experience. MS West 43th st.
TOITNG LADY desires position as office a«
«!_tant: kaowie— aje of bookkeeping: ex- :
perienced. __ aj A lie- Plncott. 603 Pal- j
metto St.. Brooklyn.
YOUNG WOMAN, expert telegrapher and 1
competent -ten_£r_pher. desires position
with brokerage or commercial house: lons
experience; bo— l reasreaoa, AJ_ri:a U. ;
C. P.. Hox "o. Tribune Office
B_Tl__R9. TAX— »e<-oni and useful j
men, C-a__man. BRMaaa, gardeners, hou-e—
men. married couples: all natlanalitles. etc
Industrial Association 0* Ai— ■rioa. lac, "J
Baal 424 at
BUTLER. — Japanefe.; tr_ at~— rtt or, saaart
enc-d: aUo w!lli_s to do valeting; Kpeaka
good En-ll>h: b«_t prrnon-l refcjvnee.
Kaahla. 47 Pre*pect Place.
BUILDER and CONTRACTOR.— By younir ;
man, 21 «— Ma; ChHat__; l_b had 2 j
years' college. _ years' construction, rt i
month- Burveylng. Free— isn. _0 West
Ulsl ».t
: DUTLEII and 7AUBT - Lady wanu to j
I place her butler. Frfnehrnau. M; ther- '
O-Khljr competent, industrious. —*er, obllK- j
Jn_; city or country; teat referent*!. Je»a, i
1 (-1 V.'e-t B 4— at.
\ - ■- •.
| DOMESTIC siTrATiojrs wanted.
i _._ I — -' ■ --•■ |
! BI.7TLKR. COOK. cfc.--T"»inf German '
couple; rcan butler; wire cook and iaun
ilrens; reffrences; . -vera ] other casjaaaj for
<lttT«r«nt v-ork. Mi M as—a » _-jr«4ii, -_- I
bth _vc.. 47th St. TeL .17!) — Bryant. j
■ ;
BT'TTJTB COOK.— ay French conpie; '
sued refbaaam P. R. -*l West M *t. . :
EL'TLKRS. SECONt/ and useful men. gar- ;
deners and coachmen; numbers of com- ;
petent am sd '»•':. with best racwaaajsaala-
I tions. • pwotb's Bureau. 71C Lexington I
jm- ■ Te!. lOoT— - P7_-a.
CARKTAKBR&, e_amt«rraa__ #oarnstx»ss,
■ aaraa, coachman, chef first class; aaraaws.
, all around __>n. useful maids; references
► irictly Imu'attEatadl; laundress, elevator
runner, central Park Agency, 141 West,
:>s,h at. .— ;
CARETAKEIi.— By jreaa_ French couple, •
■■ mi children huaosmd employed; Cret ••Mas) .
I r*frrf-nc<-s. Alin* Frelin. 6« Am-terdaai •
___ : i
famtly: besi references. r.o chtl-ren. C t
R.. On SO. XMasass L T ptO'*n O_lce. 12-4, j
Kroa_way. >
COOK. BI'TLER.— Man and «st*; tn sum- !
iner nome. th« full season until -lose. ]
; v •!■ first C— — i cooh: man first class asttttr: J
: give satiafacticn. IX '-p.. Id W. s»d ?t. J
I cook — 1 •■.->■ ebass; Japan««"!; ai xreatl ,
I family or ■pi ■: sot; do all bou*'- • - ,
1 jpvkl references. F. Uamad». 41 East
I l&th »t.
COOK. — French cook: private family. ■■ t " t>
or yacht: couiMry preferred. C. t-, l'X">
St. Nicholas ay?. ',
COACHMAX. — Experl?r.ccd. uclor»:an<la
automobiles: wishes -tp_dy ptsca, A. O.
Stewart, 141 East 223 d st . WilllamsbridK*.
I - — ■ :
COACHMAN.— EngIish. 35. roarrt-d: rne
diuni sire: with p_t*wM family: country |
preferred : disencajied April 1: personal city I
j referents. SpendloV-. _ ■ I_ast 4<ith at.
COA<:HMAN.— <_e_tleman wishes situation ;
for first class coachman: • teht years _• !
his employment, aiarrlerl. no tamily; vary j
best references. J. A. M.. 1*64 Broadway, i
J Tel. 1711— Columbus. I
; n-?at. tMy m_ l married; one child; ;
I fiv« jrears' refere— last place. C_rpen- ;
• ter's Bureau. in «ith »v». [
I COACHMAN. — >':.«'<■. K»nera!ly —■_ j
: thorouzlily unrierstandj car- horses, -ar- |
i ani -arri.ig»s. lawns, central work about ■
i prirato place- .-• fme ■; cmiatry only, j
I W".. Tribaa- Uptown OSce. t_ H Braaalw—r. ■
I rO.VHMAN.- We ww* to pa-- coach
! man, with ten years' reference: dlscn-
I -a-M Apri! IT>. Apply Piaia. _:_;rloymest
I Bui-^-au. CS> West _Sti-. at.
I COACHMAN. _,(•.— COOK, _ By CBlarei
couple; mnn _3 coachman or gardener;
! w if« flist class cocK or lanndr?ag; country
I prefert-d. Fiircliaj--. -3 Grove -.. care ■
j llama . :
I COACHMAN. — Scotch: unmarried: aaajd
•_•<•.• Utfly _I-eß_a_e4: be«t city refer
1 en-S*. AiJdress T. C, Box 9 Tribur.o Up
i town^OCce, __64 Proadway. j
! COACHMAN.-B y yOUBS married man :^ do
family: iu«t _is»r.E:ase<i; hrghest ranPT;
! encfl £rbm last employer; over sarea years
) reference rrora present empl~-»r. km cxm
i \# «ecM any time: '-.v al.so rtin a locomo
bile Ad-resa C. V. It, ft lisas* Uptown
I OSi'-e. i;i>>i Broadway. .
[ COAoiiilAN-CHATJFFKrR. — Good ri-ler I
and driver: on<; yeax'a f_reri-ncc on b»- 1
i romcUlea; sirj;ls. 2H. Apply •;. VS.. 1-.
I TVe_t. Urn ft- )
: CO\rnMAN. -Swadi »-- a ■»*» l n .'_ l |
; -A jgg^. i y _j;^T&_^ '
- >y«t —** «*
! COACHMAS — S'insit: thoroughly com
n'<--^nT- tirst cla_3 referenc-s: _ renn
driver: honest: strictly sob«r: f-illlnj nrd
! r_,ll«i_s; coußtry ore-MTed. 11.. Tribune
I Uptown OrS'-e. 1364 Cr-__w_y. • j
i L'OM'MMAX.- Married: do <-hi!_ren: ♦ !
iVyear-' peraoaa] reTerenees: last employer
I can b- se->-.. H art, »_T. 7- _T--iaaJ 1
: 011-h!'- uiniersrar;.'.! 1 his bustti«-^s; will b«
I found wining aivi obllsing on gentlemans I
j cour.try piare. reference-. K_i, M ulvj- >
1 .-ion st.
j — I
CO.V'I-MAN. -Engllsn: mirrieij; no .-hil- i
■■ dren: ttfteen veai-s ■-•-• l_Ctl_UC», ,'
.-an drtre tandem or f_u_-»n--__d if m- i
I qulreil. Roberts. H<> West HI sr ;
! COACHMAN. — By first .lass ams!*- tn_n, I
thoroughly erpertenced in care 01 torsos. !
■ h_m<-ss. earefal driver: city or
I country; i?»ner_i)y useful : t.^-w ref«re!>ce_.
Addr**- Corapetent, T:.._ «3. ISH4 Itrcarf^ay.
I COACHiIA-T.— Reliable man. married; no. !
fdiiii'v: nnde-rstandn husiness thorous:h!y. i
1 rwelvo "v^ars" b**«t reft_T_f_?B from one- • m |
i'" A-'l-^sa ('(artrnan. Boa ": Tril-'iiw I
I Uptown Office, l-«> 4 Eroa.l^va; . i
' •"'CACIIMAN. -By jour? man «rtt_aaj t<> I
take care ot four horses and en-'proent; .
'> cood rarici worker: emptover .-_n ■-.- pe^- :
I ;-ona!!r lutenlewed rexardlutr r-liability. H ,
_, Triban- Uptown OSice. :>:: >: - Broadway .
COAC-MAX.^— Strtctly tart lisas' t;ood t
hnrs-man; rar«ful driver, sfrictly te_ i
,i<. r< t^ honest h-A Indus trloua; raarrled; i
no i\mi\ : : <*. H.. • m Braadwar ;
I CX>ACH_IA_T.— Two gona rr en: EnsHsh and I
Svif-""; excellent city r«f^renc«: alai sec
ond man (English); o-ii?t-«; i:ity or c»:n- 1
fry. Slathew-on'a Bnr__a, ... . I
47th «it. T_L STS—Bryant i
COACHMAX.— Married, nc childreß; strii-'
lv tempf-rat*: _"od. caref-l driver; 'i« 1
der^rands auiiraoMlss; would t»K* _ pla^« .
in country. V. i:ii__j, Its __st .-- ; - st..
i beli 12. "
! ,■•'■'. medium slz*: 'hor
o;.Kh _or_en__n: eoononiiral manager;
l '!!sh!y re-.-cunmen.lftd; understands automo- 1
1 h!|^<- city or cSuntry. whmai Box 31. '
j 151.-. 3_ ay ;
I COOK and STEWARD —Japanese; expert- j
enced; gentleman** apartment, corpora- ■
tion or club: entir» charr-;: has best i at— i !
p_c»; city or country; distance do objw;.
! Addre-sa G. Kuro. lt>4 rsinds s'— Broouirn I
! COUPLE. — German Protestants: wife first j
eia_d cock and housekeeper, m+n butler :
! and va!et; best of rec_int--__atl__». M.. 1
■ Mr?. Collier's Agvncy. I— West _M sr. |
! FARM HANDS. — -cveral goal Swedish.
German and Polish farm -workers: under- j
stanJ care cows, horses, etc.. exj.eri-'n-ed. j
! Mathe— son'a Burea_. 522 att) acv« 47' 1 : st. [
i Tel. -7S— Bryant. '
■ I
. FLOEIST AND GARDENER. '•" clas«. '
mar:ied. no JU MIu ; city or - •:<•:-. z
! Fabiai!. _41 7th st
! FARMER — ThorouK 1 :•■ understands farni
= >ns i- all brar.ohes. lac of fariuiry m_- :
i chlnery, rare o' cattle and _-r_P_; married;
jom 'n family: permanent place. M. 11.. !
■ 402 West 4_.l >r. ;
I GARDENER.— As bh _ _ acr on ss>_ a t aa aaTa !
ri^'^e. under-tajoda the boa— in <-.:'■ Its j
branches \ddr-ss J. .S , P. O. Box S3. 1
Rid?»nelQ Park. N. J.
I -.._.. — B/ ■ Scotchn>-n: married;
i t— Tea call— tine vegetable grower; I
I hothouse, - ua traiaaa fruits, flomers ac--J j
j seoeral work: flr.-> --a ■ lefererte from !
, last piaca. Carpenter* Bur*--. litHri av-.
'■ GARDENER.— By 4 TOO— f Swede: sinacle.
_n« vegetable grower: liQthou*-. irlaaa
frame?, fruits, flowers •.. ■■; ; oaaal work: ,
good reference. Carpenter's Bureau. 1-4 B't»
•.. ■ I
! GARDENER (head). Orman. 49 married: '
no family; Protestant: fall charsa of
J gentleni_B's place by April 1; highest r*f ■
; erences. F. Foerster. Hewlett. Lona< Island. |
: GARDENER (head*, superintendent or ',
manner: familiar with natural ■■—i of [
plantinz aatataa and ci»vf»!opin_ saM on ,
up-io-__re metbodi «»as". dratna?».
; roads, ••:■- . aood <■«*«! of fruit, flowers.
: Tas.atii!ital etc. both under glass and out
! door: a hustler: a—bar, rrarri-d: D<> chil
dren; referencea. Address Horticulturist. ;
Fairaeld. Conn. |
! GARDENER.— Married: Ossra— aat> practi- '
cal w-orklrjj man. eaasß— aaaaa] in •_"*»
-epartment, both outdoor and under tcUss;
best of references. Address Frank Kgar..
; Tarn' town. N. Y. _____ I
ried, small family; sail res position by !
I April 1; industrious, sober: experienced in
vegetable, outdoor or _ — ala*!i and
! flowers; cow, _ors« and poultry- Add—ss j
W. .- Trimpe>. care, 7.. H. OolarhaT, Kir- .
ball « ■>• . I«— — N. T. \
o ssert In mai— ueatleraec's ««u_try
' eatatei hustler: lifetime experience; gar
! den farm, poultry, stock, forcing frulta.
eowe-ins *nd ornamental plaxts v:oinmei— j
i dally private use; landscaping, crnato
! planting reix-vatlnit: lawns, roads; rs.id.ll^ •
i aged; single; rcferesc-s. 3 E. R.. 112
j West 89tb ■*.
OARC iBRSR. — »>•: temperate. ther- j
ouß^ily : ipetant; cara of aiaaahooaa, ;
vegetable ami flower a— rdans. laMraa I
saruba and oaral oar« of prrnjta estate: [
1 excellent ralaraaca. W. L-» . _■ _— •
" st 4 i
I O\R_ES-tt ■Uea_>: twenty years' practl- ;
cai experience In the cultivation of fruit?.
flowers and veßttablrs. __lai el.-ns arU ;
outdoors; general landscape an.l the mar - (
aireir.ent of * oriv-.u estate. G«-_rz» !
Htarder. Tankera. N. T. __^ j
. VR.DENER. With no family Is ot>«n for ;
*_n ■.nmsement after May 1: thoroughly
convers_nt with th« ear* of _ private pl_c*.
Donald, are Elliott'*. ,01 Fulton st.
GARI R — Married, two children: thnr
ougrly familiar with rare of a privan*
plate: expectation moderat*. Malcolm, ;
Elliott's aad -tore. 3)1 Fulton st. 1
GARDFN-R and »up<»rlntendent, *>. s_ i
Bia; — fi e_p-r;en«i« at cro«tn« all klada
fruit." flowers, pssnta and ve«et_-les In
(.Teechmiwiss and r^ruen; also trees, shrub- .
bery, awna, r*tt!e and stack; well up In
I l_nii»c-p- work; 20 years manairrr of gf.n
tlfir.an'a place nualt— ed In ahiic help;
repairs and inatteru of general utility,
i written an.l personal reference-. Paull. 153
j East -l_th »t. ____________ '
. GARDENER.—^7 Swele, rcarrted. In pri
vate family; b-*t of refer«ncn»; wif« ■-. i '
. on« chl._. t. U.. P. O. Box 23. Port i
1 _*—__■ i Y. *
j -
I GARDENER.— By yanna- ____. -7: Daaiah; :
af«r April I. A-dresa »__ -.all) Joraeft
asn. _■ Baa aye.. The Bronx.
! Vnc-d fn a'? branch—, of work on a *«t>
! tl»man> estate: export jrrow»r of ««~"
tabin fniltsi. etc.; 'amlHar wltfc all Una
; crops: understands car- of horse*, ratti*
' and ail kind? maehtn-ry: American; roar
n«J- or.» grown <laj«;htar b»«t of r»fer
■ «<•.'>. •; i. Coif. 207 William St.. Port
I waawx, ■ V.
•; t-RIi'JNilR — Head: lnduatrtana. capable
_TO»e.r of Rowers. -. ta. vegetables. nn~
.) r class. outside: hlß^eg- i#fanatM Ex*
liKh: «in;!e. rharles Newton. 12 Prwp-ct
Place. __■ 41 ->t at.
i .— Taataurhrv expertecced In
i«r..:»c.ipe. flow—s . lawns. v»<r-table»;
!-«i_(rl<» men. *fwipl_»: frr«- class ■ '•■«•"■
' Hat ■»,,.• ■ Bureau. 82; «t_ »■•••.. 47th «t.
; T-:!. STa-Drraat^
• GARDICNER. -OliaM; small ?en«len_in>
place: c__er3f3n<_i -11 aNTi- __rde n and
1 lire«tac_ C. IV. Box 3-2, Ha- -tlnaa aa
ira(_*in. .V. T.
j GARUr_N'ER.— B7 a sinzl* German: fhar-
I nuxtxly rHrfj; screcnhoine hi prtva'^
! family: -w-aies MS to tW wirh hoard. Ad
j dr»ss" Pfeila. 203 E 3M »t.. caw lfisii.
I GARDENERS. inrtlers. esa_B_waaa. «.-•
f r_a__waß. farrr txsefnj *n~n. uauufa:
I ■> -•• i- 1 nigs—: s— a) r-f*r«n.«. M-th*_
■ son's '-;.•■••:, ST Cth a •. 47t_ st. IH >
I a_f_ Brrsnt.
GAftPtPTKR. — Private: flcaaaa-Aasa ■
flfte«_ years' eTprrtenf»: expert m_b-
I mom iiTOwer; '-an ban___ 3»-w*vk. conn—
i •-■. .-I-; ■. Frank SicfceL Tjocnst, Js«n aa-_
I South a*aa___l S r s-. Bro«kt;n.
HANDT MAN- -COOK.— By man Msl wLf-;
pook: __tire ~crt of ceatleman's plar«;
; —.in handy with all Mads of. tool*: alas
cars <»f horses, saw, ale : bntlar and, «_w«;
: raoootatEa only. Miss Cm. 144 V>_t
; T»th st. ' .
i HOUSEMAN.— By K*r»r.ehman. 29: -peaks
Endtsh: serious; wtmaat to wcjk: hi prt
■ Ita family: bsa< city n»ferance?. E.tm.>nd. 1
j 234 Waal — »• ** j
I J.xNITOn. Murrle-i; to aaaaaaaaaaaaaa; j
«--iN»r rourtcoiis, rellabT«; fir ssßeaa j
; *»bo_j or .-isßre-h: •_r-rl«mc»*J: references. •
■ •;_n> Irvine. _■ East THth st. |
1 JXNlTOß.—^w«li_h; m_chin:.<if : ran nm j
! any kind af staaan plant, dotrg- all kinds .
!of repairs. _sssasaa. 521 Baal 14(>th st. I
; KITCHEN MAN. or ail arrnmi good <-tx>k; j
; t-o!or«4 man: ;•■>!'« _sp*rl_O-»; city or ,
I c«untr»; $"_ .-- month and mm. Ad- ,
' d— «^ R. li. Ko'.ph. -•- a Shen>*hca4 Bay '
Road. Oaaay Island. ;
MAN AND TVrFE. an cnok. housework-r; 1
man useful, aaal all vs r-rn,tr -rn,t aa a_u- . j
■ wtiliuj:: o&llsinsf: small waire*: city or (
rosatnr: beat references. BUTt-EU. li- }
Ka.»t :»th st. i
; USEF-L. MAN.— German. stnato; middle, |
I «;«•: ho St. sober; understands garden— .
ice: hacd^ at _ny kind of -york: b*at "** j
er-_i.-es- Address Berber. _■ Baa] IJth _t. '
, C-EFL'L MAN.— By n-.i.Ml« a?-<! German: I
: in private family : thcronehiy ror__et»nt '
:n «v«ry wan beat lagaaaarai ! total*. 4_S >
West MM »_ »
—__—_. _______________^-^™—^— -^.^™—^— .—■ *
TA-CT. — FJrat -'a** barber _ad ladles" I
hairdresser: «ober *n<l tuwMit: like, to
travel. H.r.ry Ua»en_wei!r. MS «th ht«. ;
I YOUNG MAN.— Jast _i_en«a»ed. .Irlvo s
te_m or do *!;;• . understands ■»•"•
: of !awn». AaMwai Usasvaaa *-d »i».
' BL'TLER — COOK.— By aaajaj __■_■*>
Freocn: n.*ii butler: wt_i cook: *4t>. V..
Hofmayer's Puiuau. 133 ■'■■-»■ 23.1 st. Tel
ephone, after M a. ax. !">*+ -• aawaa,
I" A RETAKES By Scotch Prate-tan? «*— l- :
an. Id prtrat* r^aiJence, for »umn»e.r. for ,
family yoing to Europe or country; best
, city !_hrta Tale. 401 sal ■ . sf.
I ZTAKHR. — MW rrtsd woman x«-o_l_ Uk«
try take r_r» "< private residence; city ■ r .
{ rountry; would Uk_ to tak- <:are o* laun- j
J _ry -ii.HO dartaa summer reason, Mrs. P. H.
h-Hecker. 407 We*t Mat st.
, : ..m::":f:mai . • — Neat, tidy young iri»u ,
etrt will assist tn pantry or do llttla «ew- j
ma"; TTUhn^ and ob.tgmi?: b_sf city rsfrrr- j
j enres; n-ages $_»•: city or ... }
' flattest} liureau. -«»."■ Cbhuataa ava. T»»- j
! Til rtiver.
j CHAIIBEItMAID.— By *«ry nice Nonv^;l_a
' _irt; IS) out of pc.sit!on; wtniac to *
j as*— t with oth«r work; excellent references. »
I Osterberg's Bureau. 71S baxtaaaaa aye. 1
i Tel. 1055-- Plaaa. - j
<:H.\:.tBEa_I.MD. first-, rasa. _r..1 good I
! plain lauii-ir-s*; country: year round pr«- ,
' ferrM: good lafsis K>yes. _M West '
I 149 th st. I
! CHAMBERMAID, taundr - -waitresa and i
: rook; t_"» _crail—M eirls. di»-?as«* ? 'l on
I April 1; personal r*fer«-n.'-<w: i_ay gtxmz tIJ
' Europe. M. T. Mrs. CcKJer'a A__KT. B
| "VVeet _M St..
oomp»t«nt. willing, ililsjlm younsr woni- ;
: an: _ood r*f*r?_c<=-. (.ity or country. A. ;
: O . lira. Comer** Agency. 122 iv»»t 23.1 st. i
I CHAMBERMAID.— North Of Ire!— ld jrirl;
: ■aaiai ■»!"'• walftiaj »xp»-rl»n'ed. c*.-»! -
; tent Ms-wacoa 231 East 76ih »t
■ CHAMBERJIAir.'. WATTI__Sa —By neat
awasuaij srlr!; e__«!lent city ref?ren.»;
■ et_er near girl* of riifr*~nt natiooaiitie*.
! 3fath*waont Burwi. *__ 6t!i ay«. near
j 47-- st. tW. 37«^-Bryant.
1 COOK- — Accustomed to pT>fe«sian_l work; {
fir*' ——as w<t_e ; . $_)> r.> irji>: in prtv_t- j
f_mtly. Call *S E_rt frtth at., cara of ,
■ Pauly. !
COOKS, charahemial-s, waitress-.. r«»r?--r -'
matds. ladies' m_i_a, waiusfr"*?*?, .hll
i **■—'■ nun and Infants' nurse-., laun -
- dresses, kitchen ni^kis. Iridustr!_l A_3O-__
. t!-.rf> of America. Inc., t> East 42d sf.
, COOK.— by * b_m elaai vo_C« German
woman; good l«tk*r: city or country. Vent •
! irf«rep.-e S :~ ■ sai OB M" rail a« T.ar.p (
• & Boecherer Co. Bureau. 4i-4_-4» v. est
i ad at. .
I COOK. -Flist i saaa: Protastant: nry
i country; best rf_?re_ce: no wasistng. 11..
I 290 Baal •".«? «' __________
' COOK, or <laj-'.i work: c-!ore_ woman: |
-•— -, home: ; >-; r---f ■ - »,".. 344 j
j West 523 st__ ,
> COOK Bt T_T> nfc-» g_gteh KirT. corn
' patent" 4nJ wltltm;: e^.-^i!er!» -■"!••.# : j
I has frisad c'aaratiermai-l > Scotch^; toserhe- .
; or m an Ostrrl»erg'a BnrntQ, TIB T.^x- J
•n_ton avfr. T<>i. IC_s— Plaz:-*- >
■ COOK7~f-tr\3-BERMAID _ -"AITKKS? j
By • tt-o Tery nice Norwegian jfirji. '
aßaaateas and -ii!mg; -_-:elleri» r*>rerenc?»- ,
1 Osterbi - ■ B:ir?au. 7IS Lexinffton a«. J
! T»l. 1036— Plaza. f
i COOE.-Sw'-!'. 1 -.: ttf-l class tr: all r-^pe^:..
! manager: nit-asant ani ohlisr
ins ««r_ best of recomm- 'ndatioas: «a_"s. 1
' ?_T* oiterr-er;;'* Eftire_-J. 71 _ Lexitii'ori !
a»<». T-'U 1»:55— P_i3.
COOK.— Swedish- Finn; v«— y good ,-ook;
I Till . .- -- laundry w»rk: •- -• ■' Cttyr_f-
I r -r-c-e-: -*_i?e*. *-3- Osterbers> Bureau,
i 716 Lexington aic. Tet. !"_-— Plaza. j
GCOK.— First <-U_ North of !i-ianrt Pr>f- j
e»t_i:t yottßS wnraan. very good plain an-t !
fancy cook; wlilic? to take eoontry pbet:
I waaj^s. $2« to $30 _««t ref_renccs. Flaherty .
BurVau. _« Columbus m.-c. T»!. 7*l Hirer.
I __— — — — — — ■ — ■ ■ ' — ■ — ■
, COOK. — v very asai aa«a«_*i an zo-*i
I baker: *■"■■<•: ref c— Trees , also o'her cook?; j
dt2»reut nation* •• Math*— _c_a B'»
. reau 822 •»!» ay©.. near 47t_ st. Tel. 3.S
; Bry_- _ '
—Two excellent your.sr weaaet : will -to
i the work of small f__.Uy: city or country.
:.r R., Mrs. C oilier A_ency. '.-- •
_M ai • I
; COOK.— Strictly first -»- : j>_rticuUrly *
neat- excellent references; -'" or crnin
j tn'- - ED. Mrs. CoUler*s Agency. I_2 .f. f
! W"<_it 23d st. < , j
• DATS WORK— Washtrr*. tron!n«. clean- 1
ins; by reliablei wocnaa. 234 East li'.Mx j
st.. Mr Andrew's feast '
I DAT? WORK.— By Prot*st_.nt woman: by
___ ,- week: saaMss, rtaaaaaa or w_»!i
' sain" anaal refer,., •• I_ a. KB Waal 42d
tt. . st.>r». i
I F -MILT WAOaTOMI and bra aln^r: by !
i iuoctli wee* or aaaan; prtrais house:
; open air doing: mill far—Ma aaal refer- ■
I etices. 332 East 72th st.
n*_t tidy young atari 3 y«ars ... tt:a
country- aoed plain cook: with good ref»r
i enr»a Fiabertr. Bureau. 455 Cohimbus
I a»e. Ta;. 741 River.
—oroan. rnt«l'_!»-aif : plain cook anrf
; laundress: city references: ta partioeat.
« :tn on« or two _d_lt«. G. H *€» Oth a»a,
IIOCS-HVORK.— Neat G«rr__n: boo! ,-«.*
i and laundress: city r»f^r«nc^s. other neat
1 tlrla of ilfferent nationalities Va'iiew
: ■« Bureau. 123 6t_ arc. aear 47th _v
I T*l. 37S— Bryant.
.WORK. — By an exceptionally n«a:.
youns American woman; aaad m«at _n.l
1 pastry cuolt: light washing; r.rst «■!_»» re»
: crer.ca* Ir*iu BuTtau. 77 West lUh »t.
' nrii;sEWOßKETl_— Y»ure. neat: «004 _p
; -.earanoe. with' city f\mliv. Pleas* call
after io a. n_. X.. Hafm_.yer'3 l:_r<'»_. 133
West 3d »t.
JANITOR. — Kaaatlßßßta* rellaWe; no cßir-
Jren huabaiKt etigmrar. 3*l l 3-J M
. wuholt
' LADTS MAlD— Swedish: fi4d a«_ros.tre»*.
I packer, traveller; can •**• m_»s.ts_; •__
ce!>nt n fir«Ti<e, O»t^rt»«r»'» Boro-ii. 71-
Lrxln^ton »r«. Tel. 1063 — l't_£_.
1 LAUNDRESS.— Swedish «!r»; " maabtr
•■ompttent. careful an-l reliable. it_a
frlenu ___B*aTßja_l; aaaaa— M r»f*ret«"««.
Ostcrbe.re's Bureau. 710 l_-_ir.ston an.
Tel. 10-5— ..
j LACTNDHESP — Very Mat; t^or•^u^^^:y coav
' petent all branches of fin* washing- _n4
I trail Inf. «.»>d referenc*s: city or country.
. J. a . atra. Culltar'a Agency, 125 ~"«rt |
t ptbuc "MmrE*.
I xirw YortK srp_i_rn fx?rnr.
FiRfT jtroiciAt. r*tsni:<rr.
{ Xottc<» In tWvaaa af ■ that it '• •*»
fnt»ntjon of tfw Cnraonttlon •'••Cli • ••
Tho «'liy cf N»-» T<»rk. nr«»nt ««> tSI»
pr.ivi.«iorrs of <-tV»pt»r ♦ «f th- fj»w» O*
t_H an. ':.- a" »■>■*! <ititutei» anu-.kdMrorS
ta«^of _>-: mitinuntil ttwr^fo. {•> «•__*
•»;■;!*<• aOOB to ill* !*3BMBM ' «a*t of I^W
State of NVw York, af a SjxtUl T»— A
Part 111.. riwwi.f t» h- bef«J in and f<M
tb« County of N«w Tork. a- tin CoontJ
• ;-njrt How la thi* Rormsch c* Manhat_n, i
•»tr of N<"<r TorX. —1 th« Kth <_y oC 3aat •_
150*. at the ofninc "f «»•• foari <ct tft*»
day. or ma —on thtroaft^r as ■*aa_*) ••»•
»j*t heard, fiir th»« aopotntmrnt nt thri^ 'fl»
lnt>-rest»t! fr»ehof«l*rs. r»»l<i»ntj» «f T»«
t'lty of ?f«>w Tot*. »* «'.«r.S!imiir.n— 3 rA
* rr"~""' N aa«-»r»ai-: and ■ alas lflt
rompmriitlon to r-- mi*<if to tb<» <3^ a^t*
mi<l all jvrww int"-»«t»^ In the '»i
prnvrty. rtcht». frarx-hi-^". •«»»Tii«T.t« •»
prtvll«'SPß wraxht tf. hr f»K<»n or ar^tiir-4
l>y Th» City of S»-w To.-k. r.r wfiirh ma|
h- »r»ct»ii "or laaaaji 1v - 'hi* t-r ir*«!iivc
The Cli of N— r York, by this prrve-^lar.
»•»*» •'■> ar<ju^r» aa »s_t» in f<^' »t»Tif>l»
in •>«rta»n r»»l B« V 'P*''* V ' ft*rr«ik«ft-r A^~
a» Hl— ■! *it<l a p— Mi>»n« an j>rrxrt-ial
•iTwVraro.MKl rtsht. ra?»m»nt ar.<l rtfcb* o*
war. a:»r .< temporary rfgfit or Ma»
m*»it tn r»r?at?j ofh'r r<»»l cr»>p*rty h*r«"
Iriafter diricltbc-t for ti» cou«rr'w f '!'ri,
i •»-.»• »a«i «p»r*'!.»n In p»Tp*tutt»
of a -»B*d tranaft - 1 raa In < I •— naa
wjth tf;«» irjitea arfipt"! tr/ the Bnar-1 oi
Rtp*«l "Transit >»»>' ->m* < :»i»m_a»f>oe t»
I—sciatica on th<? _<Ii *x>- tt !£*?. t*^ s .
and appr*r<-4 by tb- An*r<l of E»ttnwt»
r urni AP3orflonm»nt «f Th» Otj of S>~
I T'*t or* the Ut> *»v of July. tsar.
appr— -<1 br tt*- M^yor of Th» City "I
N*w V rk on tt»K i«th -iav of July. _■•_
3n«l cwis^ctwl to by an oM»r of th^ \rn "!
lat<» Dtvi>«)oa of »n^ «'">«rf. Flr«»
. .ri'ii.-:.i. Pf.aai lint nt. miiK an* *a»»riw| ••>•
j or <bo«it tb*- ICth <f*y of March. W.
i ■"rftK* ..... »a firrh^r •T<^'r*b^t ra 'I*
c»;.rtr»ct for th* »r.natn>rtloii ■rajaf m»<«
•y Th» Cl'T Of N'-— T<— !«. •■•"IPX •■»■•
Bba »M B"«rU of R-»r-!<! Transit T_!ti— *l
«~rDsmfsalon*r<» «ltt» »h<> Br*<H<-y •"-intra'-t
tsgr C'«JipaT»r. «taf^ Jmw 17. li*»X. »B»
■ sibway or sut»wa' - fo» saH r»tTn»4 t» t*
conatructrji *'i^t.i.-.:: » v v as »hT»n i.i «aii
c?>atract »b>l ud*3 tb* aaaaa or r* l3 '
adople4 by th» Public BMtiua Comtniastori
I fir i- rvnt rtstrirt »f in» .^t»r» a' y**
! T«ni on tt. 4f?» -fay of starch, m*.
i Th- Bsmaaaaa tn "rblrtj •» Wat in ••
j aimrl* 13 t-» b»- ar<jnir»»l in t^!-. prnci^iflrn
, *ra two p«r<-»ls of. lan* bmrtr 4r« - «1
I «< Ma*«a
! Tfi« Orst r— rc#l i-on»aif* of certain lanl«
I r>r parc«:s of lind rf^mcaatiM upon tr<«
I »ai.l maps b^wm br 'li<» Public i-^rvtc«
j • ocruntssion for *ft" no D_»r-i.-t n? th»
,^tiit«> of N<«r Tor* <— t!w »th d»" «!
; Man-h. !»» *« f»es !Caa 2» an<l 2>. ■
1 "tt»».-k <■"!. •»fl^<•^ totm. taWrr. tr— ■th'-r. f->m
i a BBPN of I»n<? »iruaT»<f at th^ iw>^h-*ess
' <«■» »r nf D"t»it^»«" — I »^t»3!«ton »»$
j • ■•- Bcw«rr . with a fronta«« or »h« »S_M
1 »r!v MH" of th» ffifi Ij •xtevdna about
1 C."» f<»t 2** inrftos ncrtlwrty from r!w> north «
t »r!y tide «f IWJaa.-'T «tr»*t *4
( with a frc-ctac? <"i» thw nortJwrfy sM" «f
j I__p-- »tr«*t »-»:erj»:on «it»Tid!riK at»^:S
! :•>• f^t 1I*« in.-he» *^st«r'j- frwi tb«
{ »-«st«ty «_e 4f :h^ Bo»«rr. nlii r_t No-
b»ia? also <Jesisaat«»l np^r. «a!<J raa«*
I as No. 17' I E»«W). *™t ail T^»t No. 2^
' >.e!njr a:.»o .te»iana:?'l tjon siM maps %■
Na IT* Bawery.
5 Th» womd p»rr»f <--— srsts of r^rfaal
j '.ots or parceN of lar.i >J»»tma*«t npffl "»*!t
rn.-pr» adopted by »h«» PiiMiir i«*-tJ<-» Coro-*
' mtsMon for th» Ftrrt DHtrti-t of fti* Staf»
1 rf N<— r Torlt on tf»^ «tfl <_r or Marrh.
I \<M*. a*" I_aa Ma ■•» an-t 3_ in BJo* l^
' 4"i". wtii'-h I<W3. 'atc-n tax*th*r. firvn ♦
I i-arr+l of Und sltuare.i a' tn» «fiUfhw^S
I >n.»r ,t IV-Un-^Y »tr~-t est^nston an-1
I •: a Hw»«rv. with a fr'>nta^» tIM r»«-«t
rrly ■•}•»< of :>• IVro r»ry •i-'-n.Jinc aho-st l»
f»«t 5:» iiyhw •v»ih*rly from the aourh
•r!jr nli!<> of rK*lan<-^jr sar«""T ntnoiMi an-l
with a frontace v" ti^ ioj;t^«-r!y »ld« of t>»»
!ano»— «tr"*t «xt»rsior »x:*ivltns aNmt ■»
'».^ S% inch<»3 w>-<it<";!y fr-.ru rhr »«.>-ti>r!r
I pM, yf »h<» Row^ry. cp! Ui? !0» -t. h^inr
niso fj»^ttnatmj npon <ai.f ir-.aoa a.« .Vo<. 17<>
ar<l t7»'j Rc-n^T. tn;l saui I^)t No.
>>»ir? afc«» •^••■jr ■♦•■::■• 'h* .^aid rnar>-»
ss No. IKS Ro*"?". <•'! tf f^"» tVronarb ■
Mari^3r»an. in The Or>- if N(^r T-->rfc.
Th* pr^wiis*- t, l» v:bj«-r to Brt p»r-«
I maaaat apd pwm ■adt*snN_d r!?hf.
••as^mfnt and right «f way. an.! al*> to>
: <m<-h t*»nipcrar^ rrtrh; •>? ai *""*_ sw»
prrtiwi* of t»o T*rccls of lan.J brt»fiy de
l »rrlK.<l a<> follo-ws:
I Th» first nanvl tn wWen ■art r^rr nantst
an.l "trpnrsry »aw— ihit.-j ar» :.-> he a>TJlre<t
<-.::^tjt.» of t portion of <«"r~ain Inw or
rari-e!» of '.an.' <lp«l<jia:*».l ;:p^n tfca *a«-I
, aaaaa aaaats »»' 'b« fan!!n S*»-w''-^ Om ■
{ rr.isfion for the Fi— t Diatrt. t of the Star<»
jof Ne— Tor on the *"!i !av of March.
} rf**«. ai Lets Now. 11 ami 1:: in BJocfc tT*.
j ThU-h lots. _k«>T> toK»ther fr>ni » p»rr--l
' or lac.J .-<iri_f»'l »t the Tj»rthea-«t«rlv cornf
I rr* Ew.!,rv»T >tr«* >» r \ r^ mf »n anrt K:!_i^>^:?»
, str»*r. with • fr^^tt*" ■-.»» »h» mirtb»rlr
• t..r!e of Deia.nc»> str'-'t <>jl«w.-n »xf^ndina
1 about W» f*^t *• tort t»«tert!» from «h*
1 <»a»t<>rly skie of Eil_b»th <;r»**. an.J wit:»
1 a fr- ntaat- or. Hn.antlaiTl s"'1» of Klizab»-!t
ntn«( rxlT.<l\r.g aNvjt ll* fed lrt T » in.-h»<
; nertbertr from 'Ji^ r>Tthrr*y »M^ of t"
} tsiv^y strert Ttecton. !«a:J T^it N". It
>»'n; a!.so '■•sisnateri upon •wi'l rr>n^> a.»
I XskvKß EUl»jib<*T:i »'r»»t. ,n.J .«ai<l I».t
* So 12 beitiff al«o <J'^ie T 7a"<l on sait m.^p
aj No. IC4 Kl:2ar#th WlWf.
TB« »f«'TTd parcel in wbfefi wart p»r
rnanent sttd t"Biporar-" wn»n»mt» <»r» "»
> h» a/^mTfJ consists of .i portion of >-»rtn!n
I !ot? r parcels of to sd itealKnafail up--"*
1 tlw !<ai*t maps arforr-r! Nir 'h«-r*uMu- r»rvlr-*
i rnmralww* Sir tho First Distrirt •< th*
! Stat^ of >— T.-rk. .->!•--'■<« 4tJl da\- •-!»
i March. I?»CS. a» Zota No?. * «»r..i » in Bio^fc
i 47. t»h!ch tots t*iert M«»th#r for:n »
D3T- •! af lanrt *lt-^at-d on th<> tatß i»aat
«.-iy corner ni Delaacvj »tre*t extenaVxi
akd EJizabrtn sir~r. wltfi ■ frintaz* »i
th*- »ou:h»rly *i.>« .f D'fatK-c;- •frwt »x -
indoß exten.t.nx about U» fact 4 T » irvh*«
-asterfv from t!i« f^-f.ir'.^ BMf ef Kij»-
N«th ■to—l aiM «ith a frrnt»«» on »h»
n_t«ty sf* of raizati"* ■ir—or *xt?r:.i;i'«
»tiout 3ft ff"*'. nvor» or les«. snurhirT*
. f- nrrt ♦•»*> <^>»:rh<*-!y «id» tf rv>lartr^r »tr»»t
! exlfvatoa. sai.l "3t N» * *«*»■ •!■■ "•■«*«.
! ra»»yl upon smi.l m*r •» No. I">* S.lU?v
! «r«--^t. and <ai-! I^t No ?» b«>lner aiso>
! uf.'ii «:■! map »* No I.l* -
I b»-h gtie*t.i_l tn CTi» Rormzh of Stia
, riar'an. fr« Tbf CItJ of N<«w T^rk.
* full** iUteiuent !<»:'>nf: fortß f h»
lo^»:l.!r and brunrtari^s ..f :>.<• ser-rar
tota and narc»l.~ of Ur-i. -»nd r.srifr. tr*a~
.-1-ijw.b #«.«»m-ir< or r r;\ i>z;»« ,-iUirhr »•>
f— t»k— < or ■«T««ie<l. »rvt » hri^f «»ar»>m-ni
■ ■« t« »»r?« of !wi-1 I-'ts or pirre!!* of :!••
i tul». iot^rmf. rights. M»iii«M t»rr>i.-< or
! r r tvi>»~ th«>r»iii -r «rP'- r t"nart thotvt'a
souKhf »o be ai-~ ;:r--»f h-r T*>» Tfr of X#»
Tork '» »imn«! *n »a>-h -f rhr~» «!in-:i;ar»
ruaps a<J— >t»<i hx- "r» r-it»P- iVTtf. • «~o— -
mission t»r 'b^ rir^T Trt«fr».-T of rh« S<t3f*
of N»— Tork ■ n H»a 4rh la" "f KlHll.
!0»V« »Mrh mar* »»r.» f"»«i. "•:• >n
fh* orn<— af tl.* Pr->«»'f— it at 'h* Bor.insh
1 of Manhattan, •'ity of N»w Y-rt. ..r> fh-»
! ftth day rrf Min-h. !!*>« „,,- i n tTj*- offl^-»
; „» rh^ r*!,(»n<- ><>t—t.-o inftt'Slon for f!-.^
~ !— » rv*?rtct of ih-» >t»J- «»^ N-- T-^rt;.
»» >.> 154 %«•»!! >tr-»f. F--r«>:ah of Man -
Mtt*n. ''Itr .<■ N<^v T-rV. on _» »rh ■!»''
• ■■• ITa'^"''. '"'"•• ar ' 'f* ' in *"• n^?<^ "f
i tha rt.-si*'"' of rh» O»n*f •>;* N»-v Tor*.
! m. fh- l?>tn *W «* »»"*. Ttw
PT..\N''P K. PSNt'Ct-TOT?
•'.ii^wrrariot »'"im?»!
Hat! of R~-(-rls - 1 ->f .>n-- j»Tt
1 '-hjinbe— ■ strwta. EcwiSh "t M.- ■•••■».
V»— T-rk fjfy — —
noitEsnc "ITI '_________*
UAtTXDBESR fti— ■•'»=* »••*>:
.«« n«f*r»a.». *»jC-~. *-""- "»»»*r r*«
!«'iu.ire»*'» ai<— •'" 3I " ! »Uth"»««*j* ! *-
r-au. 822 *?S a-"- «" r ™ i( Te! - 3TV "
tr»sa «ifii»: v-ry ,-oropft»nt -'■ ■*«!»
-^^ r^frimewK ■• •bJartJoa t_ -"^aatry;
wa__» S3 n__-rtr. B^ireao. ISO C^iuiu
b-i3 a— T»f. HI BtTT. _^
JMRPJEI- COC-__— Wl«« fcowhj^f.
hl^n-!»3s _partm«>nf bo_M> or rub: i-_
t»r-n< if r»«i>ilr«!: r»f»r»"n»^».<.
j. "..Urit. 247 Wei ifOth g».
hot«.l _T U_y- »iperlirr.<»d : r-ejf'of r»f
er-nc?-. A-tdrew M- D- fV "Jft _cher_er
horn St.. BrookSyn^
N'l R- — En<!J*h. »!sn»« -_r- of nv^t-r-ai.
nrrv— is cr aliirht mental .-as^. lady 02
c*rtl-_»n: ahw»iuf» mr» nn>l «f«vorio?*
irii-»n- __4.-#tlent rr-f-T»nt *>?< ; •vo.-i.i fake airr
1 -ally u*rful p-isltloo. K. W., Box mm.
«17 «t!i are.
NI'RSEI- — Far rhiUf—n; 1-y -.rry nicw aw w4 -
i*h <rr'.; w«_ trained; ..*ip*tent _n.t
r»;tahl» >«"t be»t -<f rr<-orarri«nij_fj<*s;
city or co'intr>. <">st^rt>»ri'« Bureau. 7 «
Le_!_«t-n avo. T^l. lOK-- ria_».
3CCSSBKI OV.XRXi..-. 1 * - Hv Nort:> t>r
man Btt chll.J over three; rCfe*-_C_. S3
10th ay«. * ~
Nt.'Ri'E. — To l_Ta'.l»» la_y or «cnt;("rr.an;
>-o»i>i • eiperient-w: doctortf ar..l patlrntV
r»f,i"renc*s: f^xxl aean»»trr»»; wlilla^ ti> g_
to oo_atry. .- r__rk_on »:.
NVTRSE. — AmcHraa; to c_r»» for <*p^ or Kwa
childr-n; j^--h_.« K:*r_;h: rour.trv: gnod
fc.w_«: moderate w_si-s- .00 < hrlstopfetr
•t.. -tore.
N'TRSK. — North G»rm»a aM «eaaa* a»n_
__gi!»h. «om* French; icoou — aaia»r«»»;
:_'.c- r>l_o_ _»_>•'• maUi; r»r»r«n<-»9: etty or
ciuatry. Mataowaoa ■ '•'■ itsshv S3 *:. an..
♦7t_ ai Toi. 37*— Bryant.
TWO OXRIA t» aap»« laaal - ocw **
plain c«ol«. oth»r *j i-ha:nh»m_tlil or
«_tt:<_a. city or country; r*far» Kco
n«_r. lift i*** v *-
TWO C!I!_---. toaataai ssm _• '.wnaasa
m_i<l or p_rlormaul; ■'..•■ ■»altr->_i; rtrst
,*:_._< rrfrrriu-e-'. T. 3 ■_■ M_«_s*r»f
.mtia'a Ensplcywit •» .-.'•-•
WAITSIZU_S.— By We** x Pm»«-itiUit- r*r»
neat: can take butt»r'» pla.-»; •■vcetiont
r»f>r~w:e»: rlty or cfiuntry- E T. . Mrs.
Cai»»r'a AKancy. 1-2 W«at '' »f.
"WAITRESS By competent S«»««<1!»» j!rt:
u_itar«tA_<!» wtaa* «_U4s». • of cs«
<rMn* aati —It^t: w«as» mn&'Mif: «ti>-l
tent irf«r««nc««. n_t*Tb_r*< Bureau. 7H
I^-Ttnston »»» T.i law P_»».
W ,ITRa- J -r*r«t .-»aas. t»» •:. Mdy your»«
woman. < !«rataixts -<_•* *ad <aj'_a» in 1
th* car« or <Ut«t: «•■*• $w; b«^t .-ity ref
iianuaa ST*ljrrt» Bureau. 435 <-ih>raa»w)
ay«. T«l »*1 rt'.T".
VArTIb — ■*•> hours'. ■•!«aa'ia_ •*«•»
tlav. v L 70. »• rail «!*•_ at.
WOtUCTSC K^CSni-KErsn.— PrM»»tan?:
ta pfh*t« f*rnilr *brra <»ta«r *?r*-n?»
a^ _cot: un'l'»r» ! t_r«J«t c»trrln»: t*™*i r*f
.-ratira. 4 B. 331 « ••-— I •— • at.. "M""
"***"-*- ' ... ■ . __J

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