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Similar Accident in 1903 Killed 160
Union Pacific Coal Miners.
jjauna. Wyom.. March 28 — This camp -was vis
ited by another accident to-day, and twenty
ncn were killed by an explosion of gas In Mine
So. 1 of the Union Pacific Coal Company. The
ad include Alexander Briggs. superintendent
of the mine. AH the victims are married and
leave families. Special trains are arriving from
nearby raining towns with crews of miners and
£j-e fighters to assist in the work of rescue.
A fire has been raging below the tenth level
girce last. Saturday, and the force of two hun
dred miners had been laid off for the day. Su
perintendent Briggs. with three foremen and a
crew of sixteen or seventeen gam men and fire
fighters, went into the workings early this morn
le to fight the fire, which was rapidly eating
its way through the workings.
At ■"■ o'clock this morning the men above the
workings •*■■ startled by the port of a heavy
explosion which shook the earth and caused the
shaft building to totter. It was soon discovered
that both entries had caved in. mine timbers
having been blown completely out of the mine.
Although scores of miners are working heroi
re ; to open the shaft, no hope is entertained
that any of the men will be rescued alive. In
fact, it I" feared that the bodies of the victims
cannot be reached for many days. A similar
explosion in this mine in June, 1903. caused the
,-. .. of one hundred and sixty men.
(-fj^yrnir 5 . Wyo., Mar 2S. — A special from
Ha^.r.a says that a second explosion occurred
at the Hanna mine at 1O:>» o'clock this even
teg .when from thirty to fifty rescuers ivere in
.v.- mine, and it is feared that all -were killed.
£•■•_•- .• c State Mine Inspector D. M. Eiias, of
Eock Springs, who a.= engaged with the rescu
tnp party.
Gas Tank Bloxcs Up at South Deer
ficld. Mass.
South Deerfield. Mass.. March — A gas tank
fc the rear of th«» Warren House exploded to
y.-j.V'. ' ::.'.:r.tr two men and injuring two others.
The -.- : - men are John H. Ochington. rr.anac-r
r' th« gras plant, and Nelson Beaman. of Sun
The most seriou«r injured is Janies Stoddard.
irho -;« ernplo:.*efi a? a laborer at the gas plant.
TTilliam Driscoll. of this villsge. was rendered
Er.re-r.Fclruif. and ruffered severely from bruise! ,
but his injuries are not thought to be serious.
gtoddard was attended by physicians here, and
■was later f-ent to the Franklin County Hospital,
In Greenfield. Kis condition is regarded as very
critical- Driscoll was taken to his home.
The force of the explosion is said to have
been felt fcr a distance of miles, and although
so great property «2axaac« was caused, all the
buildings In the vilag* were shaken and hun
dreds of pases of glass were Ehattered. A small
building, occupied as a barber shop and pool
roosi. near the tank was completely demolished.
Fisherman Probably Fatally Injured
and Boat Sinks.
An explosion occurred on the gasolene launch
Bsrflett in the Marin« Basin. U!m«»r Park, res
t«rtey morning, and Frank Burkhardt. one of
- the party of three that Captain Joseph Smalley
,*** aitout to take to the Fishing Banks, was
I severely burned. He was taken in a dying con-
I <?:*:"-. to the Kings County Hospital. The
i leunch took fire and sank.
Lee Voorhees lighted a match in the cabin to
I observe the barometer, and the fumes from the
gasolene tank became Ignited. Burkhardt was
. eie*plng near t.he tank, and his clothing caught
Baa. He lives at Mill Road and Harway avenue.
L'lrr^r Park. Captain Emalley owned the
Natives of That County Meet at
Dinner and Elect Officers.
The formal announcement ef the organization
«>f the Society of the Onondapas »as made last
richt at a dinner at Hal Hotel Manhattan, at
■*hlch were present about 115 sons of Onondaga
County. Of course Syracuse had the largest rep
§ assaatatftsa but Baldwinsville, Fayettesvllle and
■ £ka::e.aTe3»s also had ("Ome sons there.
One of the feature* of this first dinner of the
society was the tribute paid to .Tudpe Andrews,
<"f toe Court of Appeals. Collln Armstrong.
president of the OnondagaF, introduced the jurist
*- the Bret citizen of Onondaga County. When
the latter had finished til* brief speech hi« fel
■Mr countrymen elect*d him th» first honorary
* a»ir.t«r of th* ?oc:»ty. The ex-judK«s in his
* rpe«-,->- dwelt on the sterling qualities of the
I Bmi tettlers of Onondajja. who. he said, had left
I their impress on the future jrerieraTions of Onon
( sscasa.
The laaisu. was iri- r. in evidence. He appeared
. on the menu and on .>-.<• table In the form of
trrez- haste; and he was there, too. in the nesh
tatf blood, in the person of Chief aTah-7ea-3S4hr-
Ba> brought '•«;*- ia:!y down from the reservation
; fcr the occasion. He »or» the full regalia of hi*
I tribe and rank— feather head dress and Ban shai
*r.-- •v»n carried a pipe Of peace He pufT-d at
j tfci*. and then passed it to the diners at the
i *i*i'k*Tf' table, viho did the came. Then the chief
I «S*livc-re<2 I ■-• lines hi hoi own Language:
"Hbli: Hail! now this day! Nov. th*- »mok»
I rt»»j .-'•; .- • '--:• to th« sky, that everybody may
L*** it. U'liat is th- purpose of the saBOSSS?
IToirto. March ».— Th»» Circuit Court to-day *'■
•~«-.- the decision „f the lower court in the r.-.«e«
"' T' twenty itromlnent lumbermen of Toledo
*ho last July srere sentenced to the workhouse for
**- "■■ ' • - under the Valentine anti-trust law.
t*»s>as«eaM i sari having decided In th<>.l<-e Trust
'*'■''■ that imiirit-onsnent must I*- i:: the county
A: instead of the workhouse, th» lumbermen were
••nt '' the :cr*er court for resentence.
'•• mandate will not be pressed Tor a few days,
asti n'.., v » for the lumbermen will try to rind
I* 'loophole by which •'.- <•«'•*« may be taken to
**>• Supreme Court.
■.The defendants comprise FOme of the wealthiest
■»d !<«<S!ne men <5f Toledo. The lower court can
■■■•se any new sentence within the limitations
■ ■•. Valentine law. which is a fine of from J-'»
to 9tMO or imprisonment of from six months to
•* year, or both.
Fat Woman's Troubles.
y. If yon try to get the fat off with the »-v rci.'
>?;i me. jilf-am; where* <■!>■ going to find the
cat? ] haven't any faith In it. anyway as a
r ?*due<rr. It hurts the fat person's weakest spot
I —the heart. As for dieting, that i- out of th«
3ueslion. altogether. Better '.«• fat than have
aar.c*.; of the stomach.
The eafc-st and <juick«»t way to reduce excels
-*' '* «.Ibo the cheapest arid «aKlest. Go to th»?
j - 2r arjfl« and get > v oun-.<- Marmola. »- ounce
:-'■*"; Jto'd Extract r»n .•!-.■■ Aromatic ami 3^i oum «-a
syrup Simplex. They cost but a trine, Tak
"-»'«. htirnp. >.'iiik' ':.■ :n ' ■■-•• ' ■• ' •'■'■ <* bo tile, an.l
**< * tras-jjoonful after inea'* and i?t l>-dtii..
£ ~ SOU tiro not losing a half to a pound "t fat a
■ ** in»tde of a li.-.nth. y«ur cafe -a ill be one In
L » hundred Try it— make* you fed better all
h- »«t. ■ - ■ :
Gives Out Statement Reflecting on
Conduct When Governor.
Congressman Herbert Parsons, president of the
»w York county .ommitteo. hi a statement last
nieht attacked ex-Governor Odeirs attempt to ob
tain control of the Republican organization, and
pointed out that his opposition to Odelfs plans was
based solely upon the ex-Governor's record as
Btssa chairman and his connection with the
malodorous Ambler bill.
Mr. Parsons, after referring to OdtrU'n "policy"
toward hospitals and asylums, took up Odell's
claim ■gala* the Mercantile Trust Company and
the Ambler Mil repealing th . charter of the trust
company. The county committee president made
extracts from the insurance report draw- by Mr.
Hughes referring to Odell's influence in the Mer
cantile Trust affairs.
After giving out the statement Congressman
Parsons refused to make any comment, other than
that "the man who was attacked in that report,
from which 1 have quoted now claims that he
favors the nomination of the man who made the
report and whose investigations made it possible."
President Parson's statement follows:
The antagonisms aroused by Mr. ode]! within the
organisation when hf> was state chairman, and his
less of public confidence when Governor of the
state, «re matters that would make his restoration
to leadership an extremely dincorous experiment
Tor the party. Mr. OdelTs desertion of ex -Governor
Frank S. Btacfc In the contest for the Tinted States
Senator-ship was bitterly resented at the time by
many of the m««t taSuentla] men in the organiza
tion. Nor has this resentment subsided.
Mr. Odeii in hi« first term as Governor offended
a very lurce and important .lass of citizens inter
ested in charitable work. During his administra
tion he was constantly In conflict with these peo
ple. His policy toward the hospitals and asylums
was severely criticised by leading citizen? through
out the suite. Nor has lie since regained their
The settlement of Governor Odell's claim against
the Mercantile Trust Company growing out of his
pardnsine bariHn of the United States Ship Build
ing Company an-1 die Introduction of the notorious
Ambler i .ill rep-al'nir th« charter of the Mercantile
Trust Company were matters which lost him the
confidence of thousands of business m»n and on
which Governor Od^ll was examined before the
Insurance Investigating Committee by Mr. Hughes.
Mr Parsons then quoted frcn the report of
the investigating committee, t -s drawn by Mr.
Hvfjhea. hi which it was said that it was pub
licly charged that the object of the Ambler bill
was "to force the tru<=t company to settle a
claim of B. B. Odell. jr.. the Governor of the
state, which had arisen through his purchase of
bends of the United States Shipbuilding Com
pany, of which the Mercantile Trust Company
■ as trustee."
Mr. Hughes's report added that a settlement
was reached soon after, hut that Mr. Odell denied
that it had been brought about by threats. The
introduction of the bill, however, the report says,
may have been sufficient to induce a settlement.
Former Staten Island Tax Commit
sioner Comments on Removal.
Niche-las Muller. forms- Democratic leader of
Staten Island, who was removed from the office
of Tax Commissioner by Mayor McClellan on Mon
day for not paying his taxes, through his official
organ. "The Staten Island Star." issu*d yesterday;
answered the Mayor's letter and attacked Mm
vigorously. Muller pays McCleUan's lest election
was due to him. He calls the Mayor nn ii^gr.T^
The article follows:
By removing Mr. Muller from th«» office of Tax
Commissioner, under the flimsy pretext — childish
to the verge of — that he had not paid his
taxes. Mayor McClellan has earned for himself the
ridicule and contempt of fair-minded. self-respect
lag citizens, and especially those who are at all
familiar with the real motive for ! Is action, which
Is in keepinc with the phenomenal Ingratitude and
Innate little of the. man. So far as concerns
the general public, which is only Interested l:. the
iKWMitt capable performance of their duties by pub
lic officials. It is sufficient to call attention to the
fact that no charge <>t Incapacity or neyleci of his
duties as Tax Commissioner is made against Mr.
In the far fetched end ridiculous reason :>*~:g::-cii
by the Mayor For his action. he has *»itli«T deliber
ately or ignorant ly stultified himself. For. while
be.-.iti;ic Mr. M iller fur no: using his Hilary to nay
his taxes. Mr. McOellan failed to mention th« fact
that a few months aco Mr. MiilJer paid into the
city HID" several thousands of dollars forjjack
*sjiee the very thing he Is now charged with not
The Mayor's assumption of civic virtue hs re
gards tax paying is supremely ridiculous, when his
record in that direction is compared with that of
Mr. Muller. The latter for nearly half a century
has owned property and paid taxes in old New-
York City and on Staten Island, where he has in
vested in real estate (luring the las! twenty-five
years more than 1200.000. On the other hand, any
part of the salai-y of $lo.<V>o which Mr. McClellan
receives as Mayor of BTeatei New York that is
expended for taxes is paid In Princeton, N. .1 . or
i- Dresden. Germany.
But. of course, all this talk about non-payment
of taxes is a fake and a fraud The removal of
Mr. slu!!er is the final act of treachery and In
gratitude on the part of the man who is Indebted
to him for his re-election as Mayor, and to whom
Mr. Muller has been loyal at all times and under
all conditions And Mr. McClHlan had goo.l cause
to be grateful. For at the election In 1905 while
he was given leas than live hundred plurality In
more than half a million votes in Manhattan.
Brooklyn. The Bronx and Queens, be received In
Richmond Borough a plurality of 3.140 In a total
vote of less than 14.000. which pave him the cour
age to claim his election, of which he has so much
doubt that he has reared to submit It to Judicial
But what the taxpayer* and citizens generally
would like to know is when will Mayor McCiellan
remove "Buffalo" O'Brien from his jab as Water
Commissioner for daring to appoint and retain as
his Deputy Commissioner the man who sold the
city rotten hose that caused death and preat de
sifuction of property and then failed to make *,''>.»»•■
his guarantee to the city?
i ■
Holds Final Conference at Fifth Avenue
Hotel Before Primaries.
Ex-Governor OdeH met the anti-Parsons district
leaders and others at the Fifth Avenue Hotel ye*
terday for a final conference before the primary
contest on Tuesday. Among those who talked
with Mr. Odell were William H. Ten Eyck. Edward
H Healy. Frank M. Bowers. Abraham Gruber.
William S. Germain. Frank Brookfield. Surau'l
Strasbourg!". Geoc«e R. Manchester. Captain Jo
,r,i, I). Dickey and Colonel Reuben I. Fox.
Stale Chairman Woodruff was at Republican
slate headquarters all the forenoon. The usual
number or callers dropped in to talk about organ
ization business.
Eenominations of . Congressman Dwight and
Senator Cassidy Also Favored.
Ithaca N V . March 2S.- After lauding the ad
ministration of Governor Hughes, the Republicans
of Tompkins County in convention here to-day In
structed the delegates to the state convention to
support him for President. Delegates were also
instructed to use their effort? toward the renomina
tion of Congressman John W. Uwight and State
Senator Owen L. Cassidy.
Representative Tells Commercial Travellers
That It Is 'Exceeding Authority.
Representative NMT criticised the Unite,! States
! .:.;..„,.. Court last night at the dinner of the New
York '"ouncil No. lU. Commercial Travellers of
<vme-ica at the Hotel Victoria. He had spoken of
his effort* to get a 2-cent fare bill passed by Con
rre-s and said that many state- bad paused such
bills, the Supreme Court of the United States de
claring them unconstitutional. ! .[:
•1 want to tell you that when the founders of
our government instituted the Supreme Court they
never had in mind that a hundred years later it
would practically take upon Itself the duties of
the legislative and executive branches as veil, and
.hi, 'is what it has practically done," said Mr. Sul
ler Th. best law that the best Congress can
i is utterly useless until th. court decides as to
It. " constitutionality. Surely there is wisdom
enough in Congress to make a law that will meet
the just dematrds of the people at large.
V I ■■ I ,i, March Si — Judge Thomas G.
Jo«r of m h7unl^ S! .^es court, held to-day that
jonts. oi ;,:,- r-iihoad laws are uncansti
tne Alabama hat Ih. S^it. brousht by the r«il
l^rL n • iii riotatlosi of the Eleventh Amend
m*,t not being suits against the state. Severn! of
S^miaor c;-.^ were ah* declared to" be uiv«]M.
Dr. Hartman has claimed for many yean that Perusa is en EXCELLENT
CATARRH REMEDY. Some of the doctor s critics have disputed the doctor?
claim as to the efficacy of Peruna.
Since the ingredients of Peruna are no longer a secret, what do the medi
cal authorities say concerning the remedies of which Peruna is composed?
Take, for instance, the ingredient HYDEASTIS CANADENSIS. OR
GOLDEN SrAX. i The United States Dispensatory says of this herbal remedy,
that it is largely employed in the treatment of depraved mucous membranes,
chronic rhinitis (nasal catarrh), atonic dyspepsia (catarrh of the stomach),
chronic intestinal catarrh, catarrhal jaundice (catp.rrh of the liver), and in
diseased mucous membranes of the pelvic organs. It is also recommended for
the treatment of various forms of diseases peculiar to v-oner..
Another ingredient of Peruna, COEYDALIS FOEKGSA, is classed in ths
United States Dispensatory as a tonic.
CEDBON SEEDS is another ingredient of Penma, an ezcellent drug that
has been very largely overlooked by tho medical profession for the past fifty
Ths United States Dispensatory cays of the action of codron that it is used as
a bitter tcnic and in the treatment cf dysentery, and in intermittent diseases
OIL OF COPAIBA, another ingredient of Peruna, is classed by the United
States Dispensatory as a mild stimulant and diuretic. It acts on the- stomach
and intestinal tract. It acts as a stimulant en the gsnito-urinary membranes.
Our Peruna Tablet
Is Peruna V/ith
Fluid Removed.
(catarrh of the mucous surfaces of the mouth), follicnlar pharyngitis (catarrh
of the pharynx , chronic coryza (catarrh of the head). This writer classes
hydrastis as a stomachic tonic, useful in atonic dyspepsia (chronic gastric
catarrh), catarrh of the duodenum, catarrh of the gall duct, catarrh of tbs
intestines, catarrh of the kidneys (chronic Brigiit's disease), catarrh of tha
bladder, and catarrh of other pelvic organs.
BAHTHOLOW REGARDS COFAIEA as an excellent remedy for chronic
catarrh of the bladder, chronic.bronchitis (catarrh of the bronchial tubes).
BARTHOLOW STATES TEAT CUBEB, an ingredient of Peruna, pro
motes the appetite and digestion, increases the circulation of the bbod. "use
ful in chronic nasal catarrh, follicular pharyngitis (catarrh of the pharynx
increasing the tonicity of the mucous membranes of the throat. It also re
lieves hoarseness. Useful in atonic dyspepsia (catarrh of the stomach), and in
chronic catarrh of the color and rectum, catarrh of the bladder, prostatorrhe?,,
and chronic bronchial affections.
MILLSPAUGH, MEDICINAL PLANTS, one of the most authoritative
works on medicinal herbs in the English language, in commenting upon
COLLIKSONIA CANADENSIS, says that it acts on the pneumogastric and
vaso motor nerves. It increases the secretions of the mucous membranes in
general. In the mountains of Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Carolina,
collinsonia canadensis is considered a panacea for many disorders, including
headache, colic, cramp, dropsy and indigestion. DR. SCUDDER regards it
highly as a remedy in chronic diseases of the lungs, heart disease and asthma.
These citation* ought to be sufficient to show to any candid mind that Pe
runa is a catarrh remedy. Surely, such herbal remedies, that command the
enthusiastic confidence of the highest authorities obtainable, brought together
in proper combination, ought to make a catarrh remedy of the highest efficacy.
This is our claim, and we are able to substantiate thi3 claim by ampld
Treasury X<nc Has All the Silver It
[From Th< Tribum I!.ir«iu.]
Washington. March 28 — Coin collectors ajid
business men who nave »-<•-!; looking lor thf
new Saint-Gaudens 12 50 and $5 i^old piece will
look in vain for the- bright yellow tokens until
Congress finally settles th*» "In God We Trust"
problem Frank A Leach. Director of the Mint
announced to-day thai none of the coins would
be made until aitei the law making body »!-•.'
reach* d its decision nn the mntter. The Hous>
• .- passed a resolution to restore the motto to
the coin*, and as the Senate Is quite likely to
follow rait. Director Leach Is unwilling to- put
the government to the ex;"-nse of making two
Fets of dies. as one v. Hi have to be d( v ir' y<-,| ,i«
i-oon a 1 * the time honored phrase is ordered, ..>
it may be. repiared on the money.
"But as there i- no gr at demand for the %'■
and 12 50 pieces, no one is suffering because
we are not coining them." said Mr. Leach
to-day. "The mints ar.> all running m their
capacity on silver arid the larger go!.] pieces,
and as far as I know the demands of business
are bclruc met. The new $r» and J2 50 pier* will
be design facsimiles of the Saint Qaudena $■.".
coin — that If. with the Hying eagle. The $10 piece
ha* the standing eagle, and. to my mind. is th
better design, although it has he^n unmerciful!
attacked by artists and others who claim to be
judges of beauty. I understand that Saint -
Gaudeus obtained the Ides in the rlrst place for
the standing paKl« from an old Roman coin
Director Leach also announced to-day that tht»
mint would not buy- an} more silver bullion this
fiscal year. Enough has l"--en purchased to run
the mints until July 1. The last. purchased about
a week ago, was at a fraction over 3f. cents an
ounce. About a year and a half ago the Treas-
ury was paying 71 cents an ounce for its silver
The low mark of recent yean was reached on
December is last, when the price paid was 52.712
Aged Dartmouth Instructors Pro
vided for in Dr. Ordrondujc's Will.
Mlneola, Long Island, March ;«.— Tile will of Dr.
John Ordronaux. who died at Glen Head, Long
Island, on January st. was admitted to probate to
day in the surrogate's court here. The estate Is
valued at a million dollars. The bequests include
the following:
To the trustees of Dartmouth College. Hanover,
N. H.. IVMai in trust as a. permanent beneficiary
fund, to be known as the Good Samaritan Purse.
The interest is to be distributed wholly or in part
among any professors who have served continuous
ly for forty years, preference to be given to those
who are broken in health or who have received tile
smallest salaries. To the trustees of Mary Hitch
cock Hospital, Hanover, N. H., f«i<soi). for a free
bed. preference to be given to a professor or an
indigent student. To the trustees of the estate of
the Protestant Episcopal Diocese «.f Long Island.
$10,000. as a trust fund for the hem-fit Of the Church
Charity Foundation of Brooklyn.
To the Temporary Horn" for Children, Mineola,
Long Island. $3,000 is bequeathed; the New Amster
dam Bye anl Ear Hospital. New York City., gets
$6,o>;i>: the Home for Aged of the Little mat of
the Poor. New York. Si.'"''; Norton Hospital. Taun
too, Mass.. $6,000; Nassau Hospital, Mlneola. $6,000;
Flushing Hospital. Flashing, nag Island, M,*M;
Jamaica Hospital, Jamaica. Lone Inland. $6,000:
Society for the Relief of the Destitute Blind, New
York, li.IHX. 1 : George Washington University; Wash
ington. $3,000; Trinity College, Hartford. Conn..
$10,000, and the University of Vermont. $10,000.
The testator's sister. Florine J. Krlngues, of
Baltimore., receives the Income from $10,000 for life.
There aro many bequests to nephews and nieces.
Boise. Idaho. March 28. — Harry Orchard, con
fessed murderer of former Governor Frank Ste.un
■gahStg, refused to apply to the board of pardons
for remission of the death Hentence. His attorney
will see th*t the application hi 'made, the law
n't requiring personal application from the con
demned man.
\ Fairmont, WWa.. March 23.— 1n a Jail deli\ery
here *.-irly to-(i:iy six prisoners escaped. The au
thorities discovered the flight six hours later, and
about the time Wood hounds and a posse were
etirted on the trail of the fugitives one of the
prisoners returned to serve out his sentence. It
is thought outside assistance was furnUUed the
primer- .. ;•:-'• •• .'■•
Useful in chronic cystitis, chronic dys
entery and diarrhea, and some chronic
diseases of the liver and kidneys.
These opinions as to the ingredients
of Perur.a sre held by nil writers cv
the subject, including Barthoiow and
SAYS it is applicable to stomatitis
At your 6tatlon»r'». or n>nt direct on
receipt ot prlc.
Jill I DiPy 9 Tft ■Unnularturen..
• ULLn[l»n Ik wU.« »> -^ B-.ii.im,
135 «ire-nwl<»i St V'« York. N. V.
Th«re i« no more suitable or accept*t'!e gift
Photogravure of th= old or modern masters, a
fac-simHe or a fine art book. A selection of one
of these also stamps the giver as a person of
good taste. We have a large assortment of sub
jects appropriate for Easter. An insDection is
respec*fii'ly invited at our galleries.
Our prices, ranging from $1.50 upward, maks
it possible for almost every one to select desir
able East-r prei=n*s at a moderate cost.
114 I itth \ve., V V., near I7th St.
Man He Was Attempting to Arrest as Sus
picious Character Escapes.
Sew Haven, March 9 Henry Hives, a poUce>
man. wr.r .'hot in the btp to-nhjhi by a man he was
attempting to arre« aa ■ suspicious character.
Bines was taken to it Raphaels Hospital where.
it was said there ».-.« danger of blood j>ois.»n:ng
developing from the wounds
The assailant escaped. A general i!arm has been
cent out by the police.
'gambling raid over police heads.
Deputy Commissioner Baker'j Order Results
in Capture of Twenty-one Prisoners.
Inspector Flood and detectives from I'olice Head
! quarters raided an alleged gambling house at No.
j 190 f Scherrnerhorri street. Brooklyn, shortly after 9
, o'clock last night, and took twrnty-oti° prisoners to
! the Adams street police station. The raid was
I made over the beads of the captain of that pi"
cinct and the tth District police in«rertor, and was
the result of evidence obtained lv Robert H. Elder,
Assistant district Attorney of Kings County. Dep
uty Police Commissioner Baker. it is said, ordered
the raid.
i The pine, raided was known as the Equate Club.
! Only a few of those present escaped through a bach
! entrance. A gambling outfit was seteed. Valentine
! Trombour. who said he was a contra, tor and lived
' at No. 2>5 Throon avenue. was president of the
club; He was arrested with Joseph Bell, the vice
president. a real estate broker, livin-j at the club
' Justice Patrick Kendy. of the Court of Special
I Sessions, held court in the Brooklyn Police Head
i quart, last night to dispose of the arrests made
■ in the raid. He paroled the twenty-one prisoners
I until Monday and heM Bell and Trombour In Jl.OuO
I bail each for th.-ir appearance to-morrow. The
! bail was furnished by friends.
I Hv Telegraph to The Tribune.]
Galveston, March "S. - John Phillips, who headed
' the expedition In search of tl.200.»» in KOld lost off
I the coast of Manzanillo. Mexico, when the Pacific
■ Mail steamer Odds* Gate was burned, has been
i killed by natives, who suspected he had found the
I treasure and was returning to America with part
; of the gi Id
[By Telegraph to The Tribune.]
Boston. March a r ■ the '■*** of those who
i have witnessed the development of Louis Yott.
'• ten years old. who is In the kindergarten depart
! merit of the Perkins Institution for the Blind, that
: a rival has beer. foun. to Miss Helen Keller. Like
Miss Keller, the boy is deaf, dumb and blind, and
he is still further afflicted with a strange skin
disease which so far has baffled the skill of special
ists. While physically unattractive, his mentality
Is considered wonderful. In two years, from a
condition of mental blankness. he has been taught
to talk with his fingers,, to distinguish words in
lip language and to differentiate emotions. r v '•»'"'■.'
Trenton, N. J. March 28.— Governor Fort to-day
signed 'he canal bills that permit the construction
of canals "SO feet wide. The- bills pave the way for
a ship canal across New Jersey from the Atlantic
I Ocean to tne Ueiaware River-
B'way at 34th Street
Extraordinary Special Opening Sale — Monday, March 30th
Ready-to-wear Dresses for Women
Taffeta, Pongee and Rajah Silk or Lingerie Models
After weeks of preparation, we will place on special sale eighteen entirely .-;_;.
new models of women s ready-to-wear dresses, reproduction* of the most -
advanced foreigrn styles, at one-quarter the cost of the vri^nal models, • -^
And at about half the price at which copies are generally sold.
At $5.90 At $22.50
Lingerie Dresses— two Princess Semi-Princess — model of striped
models, laco-t rimmed; of white, pink or taffeta «lk in light colors, frith embroid
light blue soft finished batiste. j cred yoke and laoe juniper waist.
Value .SIO.OO * allie fatal
At $12.90 i At $35.00
Lingerie Dresses -!•„„.„. |C j Lingerie Princess Dresses -of
. . , • i , ,- • sheer white mull witn iml rii-mea waist
elaborately trimmed with A alenciennes t , , . - - . „ ■!--!« -..«„„*»=
, . - , i - ■ , -, • i i- ,i » and skirt trimming of tine \ alenciennes
lace, and fine tucking, in white, pinu. htrht !* °
blue or chamjiaene. ..., , -„ are> Vilue-fiOno
Value. $22.50 \an:esOiM»j
At $15.75 At $39.50
, . . T> . , , . Semi-Princess Dress of real pongee
Lingerie Dresses -Princess model of - Ik with lape jlimper . fane} jumper dress
white, pink or tight blue batiste, eiabo- of taffeU m , i?ht colors , virh full rjffled
rately trimmed with wide and narrow Valeneienne;s lace jumper, three Empire
A alen.-iennes laces. Princess models in plain colored taffeta.
Value ,*29.50. Values .*.V».00 to $65.00
At $16.50 At $48.50
Two Princess models and two Semi-Princess Dress of plain taffeta;
Jumper Princess models of taffeta silk in derm-Empire model; also two models in
plain colors and fancy stripes. rajah silk; assorted colors.
Value $25.00;. \alue $.3.00
Taffeta Slips. Value 510.50. At $6.90
Batiste^ Slips. Value $5.30. At 3.50
Correct Princess model in pink, white, lisrht blue,
corn or heliotrope; full lace trimmed "flounce and body Sfelf
Important Special Sale— Monday, March 30th
Tailored Spring Suits for Women
At $19.00 At $25.00
•JOO Suits in a rarietv of new Spring mod- Three entirely new models of Walking
els and materials; assorted plain colors. Suit? in a variety of fancy light or dark
stripes, checks and mixture?. stripes.
Regularly $2»J*, .535.00 and $39.50 Regularly So-j.^J
At $29.50
251 Tailored Suit? of plain and fancy Spring fabrics in assorted fashionable color
ings; seven entirely new and very recent models. Regularly $45 and $45.00
iln each of the above, a full ran of large, medium and small sizes.)
Unusual Offerings in
Taffeta Silk & Net Blouses for Women
New Spring Models
. Value $5.95, at $2.98 Value $8.50, at $4.95
Taffeta Silk Blouses Hair-line Taffeta Blouses,
in lar-e or small checks and hairline in white and black or white and bb#.
stripes! tailored model, with open front j daintily piped with Persian siu; he
and lon- sleeves: made with pleated frill ; model is a tailored effect, with jo«e side
and silk covered buttons. I pleats and pleated frilL
Net Blouses, Value $7.50. At $3.95
Over T p Silk in ecru and white; one model is elaborately trimmed with lace and
enibM net; also the Merry Widow" model of net. prettily tucked and elaborated
with insertions of filet lace, back, front and sleeves; -new collar and jabot.
Monday, March 30th, Special Sale of
Suits for Misses & Small Women
(14 to IS yrs.; 22 to 36 BBSS]
Tailored Suits 1 j Fancy Tailored Suits
of rough -Manchuria" silk in I of navy and Copenhagen blue - 29.50
rose. navy. Copenhagen, eham- t /S.UU serge or fancy light stripes.
nacrne brown or leather. j Value $45.00 • .
1 Value MO.OOJ ' „," .
Three-Piece Tailored! ■ Washable Jumper , hi!e } .
Value $30.Q0 J \ alue $.u?J->
Infants' Wear— Special
Russian Dressy : \t S^o', 52.08 ,V $3.95
of pique; hand emb d. [ L P"-""l
Short Hand-made Dresses, bishop and yoke models.
$1.45, $1.98, $2,98, $3.95
.n , f Value *3.."A $4.00. $3.00. $6.00 ;
Pique Afghans J $ 2 .50, .08, $3.95, $4.95
hand made and emb d. [ «■ -— • ...
We direct attention to our line of nainsook and cambric undergarments
for misses and children-prices ranging .HI 1 to age.
• VWFRS 25c to 08" SKIRTS Me to $4.50
oo^s ::::::::: ::::: «*»**> covers •••-:- o - 50c c^ 3c
French Hand-made Drawers, hand emb "d scalloped mfHe. 59= to 98c
X ICIIV.II A*. __^^^_^_^^^^^^^^^^
• = — — NONE BETTER.
tifUl P °S3O Ove r'oats lineTwUh silk g u-r.,nt«ed two years.
Nashville Term.. March 18 -The Supreme Court
to-day reversed the lower court in the case of Dr.
J He-man "eHt. chared with the murder of Mrs.
M Maagrssa. The lower court found Feist
guilty of murder in the first degree and sentenced
h,. to be hanged. Mrs. Mangrum disappeared
from her home in thi.- city on December 14 I^.
a, . her body Las found floating in the Ohio Rlver
near Cairo about forty days later. Dr. Feist was
convicted on circumstantial evidence.
!!V- Teleirraph to The Tribune.]
Austin. Tex., March 2S.— Daniel Wulnn. chairman
of the reorganized hepublican party of Texas,
issued a call to-day for a state con\ention at Waco
on May 26 to el? « delegates to the national conveu
»inn and nmniiMl* 'residential elector*. Jt v»Ui ia-
Which do you want, an advisory >t:er that Jlv^«
, rood conservative counsel oa which money can .- mac#
and 'rethink, provided that th.- SSSsasgjSS has cosssssa
.ens* of hi* own. or « l.tt.r which hi filled with hot air
I and boa«ln« and pretencm of fabulous proflt. U« «"
impossibU.-ori the advUe- Eiv«? We will ma.eh our
l"t^?"ai l any other for the past four weeks cr t^»
past four month*, whatever the price. We "* »"t>~;rtb - ;
ir, in at the bottom cf the present movement, whtea
you know. If you i-ad >"• ■"'"" at the- I^in,r •»* taey
I are •till l'.-r.« of ■-'»'•• other stock*, o. -' *■■> other
stock, W have counseled prn*» t-Win«. for N-ar »n mini
that there i.* a time to .ell «» well •• time to bu>. .
! Three to. four weeks if when »c were w 0ulll»n.
. ant bull Our Pail. '''■' now ™p**r.** M.
rampant bull. Our pally letter, mailed at *^<>J'- M
™str»s per Month. We win B' «■ oar opinion Moa-Jar
on Tukon Geld. .
•tract for Fairbanks Qumn- claims the ■ «***■•>
iaers have^a lar'-r ■ voting; . strength la lew* taag
tlie re«uUr» le»l by v«di Woa.

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