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2"-S,S* W!Kf«. m «
S^t £?t i^-sS g nuoa * <^ *& bbl »- « 14
os«. bc*h.. Ole< > •««*. tl«ces.... 120
Barter fresh. 7.300 Butter. pVg. COIS
** bni-h I.P*O cim«m. fkta. jk»
J^«J f - '«*•'; - 4 - 50rt i «*. jpkgs 14.515
/J*^a». obis «. 464 1 I>re»se4 poultry, pkrs. 1.685
r.axseed. bass 25 / km ;v , paltry, crates.. 83
Si-pa. bs_e* KTiCoUon. bales I.P.V)
■■ ton*. _ tl« Wl», bal** 525
F'.-am. tcr.s 100 Apples. _b".« *».125
nesjc bbl» 6.865: Potatoes, bbis ».BTiO
nesjr. «ack» .20.103 C_lo_s, bbl* •>«■■)
• tvnmeau. t>blsi ... 800 Li-led prune*, pkge. . . 2.000
< orr.raea.. sacks sV«eV Oranges «Fi«>. boxes. 130
MllKee*. tea* 120 Peanuts, sacks 1775
*"»n_e*:. bfcis M Rice, sacks 3.8.10
3lataa. p_gs 4 Lead. pigs XA
Ont meata. pkgs «8 ' Rosin, bbls 1.875
I«rt. times 410. SririU turp. bbls.... ' 23
1-rd. _««s a,2rtr> Hides. Mis 273
Peat tier0— i. ........ 10 Tobacco, hhds . . S«
T«- <-«-. pkgs — . . Tobacco, tierces 25
r- —•••«. rivg» •<> Tobacco, pkga 1 lU>
•Ufieat. b=»_ 153,229 Crude pet. gals 504,103
<Vt*. bosh- 1.E75 Refine* pet. (•_■... 2.979 932
3»»a«. tousa.. 827 Naphtha, gala. MUM
pf * SK>^'* 1 **1 Cottonseed oil, gals. 82.250
Lggfa:::":: =* SO Luhricatins; ot. gala 1.8.150
r-ioar. sack* -4,147 Perk. bbU...!:.:... »47
r-rr.=«*l. bale 40 i>,r _b!s. 22
Sraa. » «P ■"*•«■■ | Be*f. tea. .... '."'. S3
«ar bales. 220 Bacon. n> i!. . ! MO7OO
K-pf baies „ 419 Hams. 11 300
Alcohol, gals . 11,475 Lard. Tb 1.039 000
•xvuk-y.g-is - 2,«40 Lard oil. gajt l.'lOO
O—fce.. «> 559.400J Etc«rlae, 7i> 00000
rr - ' ■■■■rr. gals . 100: Grease, Ib l<v> Si>o
r.wi_, hbl» -.. 2P2 ; Bauer. ?_....._,.... 10.000
tttA VOM 20iChe«M. " — - •'I'-.,
X-es, Kor, No 1 fdr.flTTS Isnotton. midd:!=g. . 11 no
Iron. So. No 2 soft... 16 25 CixTm, No 7 Rio. .. 6«t
H:eel raCa. »*> ?ugar. granulated . 6.50
:*• -rpex. t_r>ts. 12 70 Molasses OK. prime 40
T_t ---• -8° *2't» Beef, family »1« 73
__=_«=xe }f*& 425 Beef haras." 27 00
to*::':- 460 i Tallow, prime 3>i
Vteat. No 2 red... lOS Pork, mess up.)
Or_. No 2 mir«d.._ 74 Hogs, dreeeed. 160 Tb. 7^,
O»~r 2* to I; Ti> . . M Lard. p- ;— . 840
y^cr, _ >p<*. pe'er.te 830 J »
New Tork, May Is, ISVK
COrTXE — The co!Te« market was lower to-day
t»i=r "■" eelli=-c by European iic^saa and Importers In
it* ' v "--~- of important rapport. Po«a«ibly the larre.
jir«x^.tr •>»-■»-;■■-» cay bave £*£ Km* ir-fiuenre, but th«
ton! business here wae hardly large enough to indicate
«ty change is several sentiment. The market closed ea»v
m: a rrr decline c' S©lO rotate ana sale* were reported
d 8.7.V bars. The European markets reported cc=pam
t.~»Lv little cha.njre, Havre being hare!y steady at &a ad
*aaoe of 14 franc following she «tarp break of the
p«rric-» -.1; while Hampers m net enchanted. Both
cf the Brazilian markets w«re 'owe-, but only trlflln»iy
ri. Kso reporter a decline of 25 rels. u-fclle Santos mi
•»•< r» ; lower. S#oe!nu at th« two Brazilian dots were
2,(00 ban. Mtalnst 88.000 la*t year aid IS, OOO two years
aro. S*o Pa;i^> receipt* were C.COO ta.tr.'. a£a!nst "S.S<*)
:« •-«.-» e«t>. and Jundl&hr receljna were 6.000 I*B.=.
«*ai=F- ro=» lan year* a«-s>. No corsfirmaOoo h««
V«: iwiv«ri as yet c* the private c** la or a. Jew
iijs ar • reportir* that harve«Uss operat;n^» had b»<n
• ape2d»J ftwtrg t* ii« unripe b«rrle», and lars» trad*
Jnierests eipe^t tie ssoresieat of th« new crop to bo
aiwut t!:» ncrmai Th«y point out, cer*rthtlea». that »W-
Mb «Jrr..« in S€rt*rab*T hay« been aajailer thaa dv:r:-s
Slay- a* a — -:•. CurlEr r»o«=t year*. It j« ta« steady
rr ■<-!»!*:• rurplles a* a re»uJt 01 light receipt*
«-.! a •>:■»:• bet persistent denials cpoa port stock*
tttt ruralste* tte BcataJnlrjr la.ctcr In th« current rr.ar
j k»t. The rr.arict lor "pot ct>rT»* wag et'jaJ- «rttb cuoia
tMOi OB tb« ha«« or 6V: for Rio No T.
TSe rsxs;» « oortract ptlMi la v.» local aerket to-day
»»§ 8* ;r:!o»-«:
_ I>Et<er-
OpervT-c. 31**.. Lew. Clo»». toy.
: K«y - €.15 «.:& «15 *.&i€^-13 cts
i Jap»_ „ _. — — — «.Od#«.lS «.1S
i •■i!r _ &15 « .]» 6.15 €.ioe+i I.'. 6:.-.
>or»- • - _ — — — 6.«[email protected]>.l(> 6.13
bramber— — €.13 615 6.10 eO&MlO 6IS
£«*«" - ■•- — — — f D606w10 «.1K
>.rt=^r — _ -_ _ «or.&«.:o a.™
2»3»~t«r ._ €.75 €15 €.10 €.65«6.10 6.13
»_»raar>-.. _ _ _ «.06f&i0 «.is
Pslraary — — — «.«is«]n *.is
>^»^^ €.10 «.;0 6.10 « fif,*^ 70 613
>»•""•• — — — &tt>s6.ls 415
COTTON— TVTi!ie th» «etton market »howed ' con
• •;—<=-«■ ■2-—rou»r!^w and lrreEnlarity fi-nrtn* to-«ay'»
«... - a« centra] •..--,;.- y w%» ■urward. and tha close.
*Mh 1 »^e f-rr Bras Ika beat. »a* v»ry f^<a: - at *
r-t «Svacc* c* 11 to 3T. poinu. Sales lor tt« <i»y were
• -.a--.- at -!rs.i«no bales Th* market opes«d steady, at
U «,-. s-^ ef « to 12 roisu In rt-»po2»» to better Liver
j^-"i .--. ISMS »zT>-ct-;. lo»Bfl lars* Enylish »pet
m>s ani" bulUfh *-~v-^ S 4 • - -e» Tfc«r% cossldera.
*• • he^itaiioa and irre^-ularity. «lth hrn traders selllrr
•''n rh- •« arable weather map and report* d short tirr.«
!a Tni;is u«Jcs Am»riran cotton in Ma_iche«»- bat It
»*s iiitiad - a- B tMa :stt»-r factor tic rot e2ectlTe In
the Liverpool tr.arket It thouM barflbr have mucli inSu
t-» ln«Uy. and --.-•.-». Jclr r , : * -_- r t» S.7IQ.
nrrjpar-d wlti 3^5»-, th« Icts- point of Tirunday. and
''» *' tl» <-:j*e la« tlrM. v««- crop laoctfci wen*
••*-.:-.»>■ *■■--.» «rd at tlrn»i! tba tendencr *v Tcic«r<
» r*cu<rrior In rh« July premium, •wtlca fluctuated be
w««Mj 5S *"« 49 point* Tl-.T 1 -.- clwe was a. few points off
Troin "■■• b»rt •".;••■ >aalMac The week-end 2ffar»«
•-cwea ajMMMaa Tak:asa (a be 1.000 bales In exoeaa of
... ..£_. *cr ta<» we«k. wh!] th« lsto-*!isrht ttb* w#:i
ad"" airr j-^ar'e. th» r»«u:t beirjr a decree** in th«
»•«■:£> i«iWe Fupr : v (if American r-^ton cf 145.553
c kate. against 183. bales for th« ■»— • week last year.
r-ik-^ the pre»»nt •»-««; > i!« *arpiy of J.-r.mr I '-an 2.41"5.»<1S
♦*»< api'r^- S.'*»S.lS4 hales Just yesr. Th« bl* spot
*«>» :•_ the Harlieb market -'-« or* at th« rcort prr»ml—
MB! feaiur-s. amountlns to I2«W bmtea, at an advance
rf 1 s points. K-port» connerr.lrar SoutLem »pet coodiUona
cesdßneC b"iHt?h. and - **era« that the llsht stocks
•-ail&bie '?<* cellrery on ooctrart 1-. the rarloii» Sutures
r-^rkf». ofimbfc'S with ftreaicth la the South, fcralsh
Ka r«a: Vatl* for the • -»r.t finr.Eew 'Weather rejxirts
, «• » -f:-.-_—< farerab> la (ha — » - tut had little
•r^fcrerr !ii".u«ry-» in th« mark»t.
% r«rg« of <-??:trart pr!c«» In •»■- l^cal market -- hi -
Oaaaiag Iliyh. ia» i iaaa «a^■.
Xir J».%-» S.*5T PSO P.67?3«9 »43
.•.-• . ... . — -- — 8.9Rff9.70 ♦".
«':r »60 Ji.TI !».'.« P6r*gP.T'> P*e'
>voj-. S.DS J>fi-' P.SI f»««ffP47 *>
M . — _ 9.2* 5* 2*J J> 16 RS*e«.4O *.15
O«ob-r a.2-3 P.S7 9 19 S.B3£S.SS 8.13
rwiu ■ I — — — P.sae* P. 32
-- er . I.l* J».2» »I« P. 2538.2« J»11
.*ar.i«r>- _.fi.:7 ».25 P. IS ».26«*2r P. 13
-•-„- — — — 9S«©l»3» J> IS
i- 5.15 9.24 PIS MNUI 817
T** Uvtrpocil w«*", . v report, with comparifosi. follows:
IU week. L«i>t w*»k. L*« year. ISX'^.
falta. a^ Id&fla lf-9.r<>o ?»7 <vn 4ZOOO 71.0"0
f*ie». a -•• - :*r..<^«» t«».«et> jt«.nr>o ••. MS
mm epe'-uitioa.. S 000 iOO'i 1.000 ? or*,
Can* Jbr export.... R.WO - <**> LOOT 7,0"0
• .; — .«•-. w:<v«, B'.^<<y» *r7»oni>
■■ana. a:: V?nd».. m.«m -.con.. S2.fK*> 48,</>'J
Jiporj, American. 57 ... -i..v». 20/ < 00 W.OOO
>^a»:, 'iTort^ ;!"-•• 15/**» WjWi 7 i"«ri
ftagc. aS k-;i« ... B3S «'*» P42.«0n 1^13.«M aa.«oo
f 4 sck. Araencar.... +.'*,<■: ;:2f«.i 1.0R3.0r.> Sfio..«o
>*»• a;i kJcaa . «w.>»r» 218.00K iss^ww us. 000
«»t. erica.'.. £7.<r-'» ■EjMt 121.000 74 'J00
CMtoB Baaaaaaa »p*clal L.iverpocl cable*: Spot cottwi.
+■-*' borilMi i^n'T save*. 12<y>0 balas: ep^culation and
«e*r ; ••• ba:eE; American. 11.000 bales; receipt*. S.UOJ
**j«»: A^.encar.. 4,(«0 baiey. Mldd:ia«; upland 6.2^1.
3t"rres rpeaed Zzzn. S point* h!g-her on near ar«j 3 points
£|S*t DC OcXaSt posiltocx. C2o*e/d Irregular, net 3 points
IUMt .--■- •- 4 '•-.. on near and Ito 3 pol-t? lower
"- :••-• -. '.— . i po'.nt* ■ » er .:. : sar a d a poi: ••
■JC-- ■ «■»— poa;ltoßi>. Cioee^ lrt«fu:ar. Bet 3 ro- : -'^
•- aoint . »«t -- near aai 1 to I pr>:r.:« loever
« U.s» c-.T:Tt«. May. r 'W'l Mi-.-J:r» C <!Ti. June-July.
*tt'-i«: Jail' = -.«-:*• 5.«0'-jd: Aorus^Sept-mber. 5.41 d;
— • . 8253; Octpb»r-Nrrv»mW=r. S IM; So
•■•■- naber. .•■t*i: Pi iinaai -ft— ft. >■— a. Jan-
•'■' '■ H«allr.g Salve, cures all akin
«>**••. SOc " -•» r- - circular. Mey
«•» fttmtrr. Z4*. Tlrtl «ye.. ?>'ew Tcrk
r ■ rir*n "** > M. E»
AUcmej- a=4 E*r*rt d Patent CauM*.
_ ?r.tur.» Fui.l'.sg N>w Tcrk
teTOPrIVjK Fresch Millinery: also ladies*
-: »e_*j»---.»r.> Te'it and straw hate S*
JT S«»cr:r^or renovated, c^sent-d. blocked i
gtatw. rnmca It-Haery Co.. 10S vvw
VSIEH 1 ANr. GENTLEMEN'S ..at bleach
*rj.—ii_ u • &ri««, bloc_*d ana reshaped.
£w»»hnar.. +U *•>-, «v».. 423 •-
_ MX»IU \
Ti gl^P jEKSENBEP.O. caker cl t»B»
. **1 «St-es. correc-ag a... defects Cf loeo
• ■ » •' 7. e«' *,"y. St
el «^•l < 4 VI) COINS.
COINS, —'•to. -t paper njoo«y. bought, ,
_"" Tt~ i, L. E c-t Z3 E. 23d »*. N. T.
" — ■ »— -» !
_- FOR t«A--
l» TYFZVriHTTZS -•.!•<:
*tMrse»4» »r %■ ■;■ _,«*» ;
J?** 1 UMs. Tic a. Etephaa. 1% .
_ _ j
*^fCOrES. gtraa r_at_ema_cal. »cr
t4-^i *tc *«r>«\-.s:|t '.n-tniTrer.tai: uar*- |
«^; :Wfw * epedalty. Kid_ia's Old j
- * ' : -«t ;-h.rk t» -m
r7^r^"'*" >- — _ _-_ _-_, -i_ -i_ -i_ ■_ ■ — —
t iStt l^ 1^ an! Decorating Co.. 144
«St tirw K8"K 8 " work at most reasoa
ttai^Jr? : "rflsfood Cr.:iher» estlnutcs
_..-»». ft*. Tt[ soia— Harlem. •
"!"* ""—
a-aj^f- large ana email. fran»sd. Un-
r = 22*l v |» ■!■■■■■■
•fiL •aft"/ **?** « "* manuraet
nl*"- to ££1* ** »c«puon in Urge ra
eS*»«SMu«r^-, _T?"-, f-»pa:r;ng ooa*.
■^^^—^l_ll_ fc -'i 78 NaatAu st.
rtfflai"^ — un * board, ««slr
2j^ -'• '"■ " | . " ■ - ntra ' Dt - J
***rij #7 ci ii .. ■_ "
i^T** 2s« •C? T-T -~E«~ E«E «' k rarlor; «Isr>
i^ 111 * **«; wi__iL Inil1 nil " r rr>oia ': X«ier
- • ■ -■ ~ "
oary-rVbruary, B. 013; J>bru*rr-M»reh. COM; March-
April. S.OlHd.
v IT' 017 ? 1 AS P MEAi— Busings In flnur wa» on a
s-nt scale to-day, with quotations unchanged and about
«««Jy. Rr» flour was dull and unchanged. The follow-
U?f -".'t, 1311 , **. quoted on the N»w York Produce Exchange
. Uli.~ Sprlns patent*, »5 2r.esS2s; winter straights,
li*^Sfi^ : ****** Went*. »4f>off»4Rn; sprint- clear*.
•4 20**4 W;extr». No 1 winter. »3 K*SU 10; extra No i
t 1i *!/££*?*£, RTE FLOUR-Qulet Queued: Fair
tncpod. J4 rx«&s4Po; choioe to fancy. $4 W.<3*s 15. CORN
*tthT St '£ <1 £ Quoted: Kiln dried. S3 ST.. BAG MEAL
Fi^r^-r-i?^??- •' fine white acd yellow. $1 60: coarse,
ii_T F^ED—^*«tem and city firm- quoted: ■Western.
£^** 2S -,«t*f<s*rt mi«!taC. $2S; Sour d«. $29 50; red
f£&nf£. : «^^S. n^ $275 ° ln bulk - «2S6o<ffs29 m sacks;
S, I £,l"£^- vv * 2S ;^ 30 V IV I^ 1 d0 *- S 3l - »" May shipment
*31 to 7 C * * a la bulk - '-* 2° ln •**»: oilsaeal. $319
n,Sf^ X trHEAT ~ '"" ■ wail a ver narrow move-
S*V«t Tn^i!" r?r ?r * IS-^V •** *• exception of May
an« XL2< uT which covered" a range of l\ per bush
and closed Ho over the previous night, against ?ic net
*?<«•* °T •" £™ Mo ?*-c At 1 o'clock May was Quoted
mo£jr * li^?.', e8C D t S *"* mb< M' <»*•«. The. news was
mostly bearish and brought about considerable liquida
tion of *£ new crop positions by commission houses and
others, for which thtre was very little demand, except
> S?^"' 1 fhortg -, Wlth clearing- weather throughout
';.*•■• c f°n»/'« w « Improved to «ruch an extent that ex
~ .en., an tlcijfcuis; lower prices, held off. and there was
...™»» only a light trad* on milling account. The
Liverpool market came HSHd lower a£d Berlin was I*
iiTTi r va * pcs t on lh « other hani closed VffSe
net hlrher. Heavier Northwest receipts bnrurht the total
«-r*/iS n II^ TT * n2cnt "» to 70 - 01^ bueh. compared with
«31.000 bush a year a«o. Seaboard wheat and flour
n^i- arsrresatea 873.000 bush. Th» private advices
Tnm Northwest points «e«rdln» crop conditions were
C-.te as favorahle as those from the winter wheat belt,
and .here earned to be some reason for bellevinir that the
movement In that quarter would show an Increase next
v*^s" T^ 67 * ■""*■ an lrre ll^ cash market In New York.
No «. red ciortns; $1 W nominal elevator and 1 Jl OR nominal
2 x- a..0a.. whll» No I Northern r>uluth was $1 13 ' a
and No 2 hard winter *1 IIS fob afloat. CORN—
iii t * r . * v pom< ? !ll ' MU!!r ci>«nlnsr. In which prices de-
Jl l^ about „,° . from the previous nljrht. com rapidly
Improved taitn at th« clow the July contract was fully
,**??' I*'1 *' lOW o 'ol' 01 and «»o over the previous nieht
whll« Mar wm up %c Commieslon houses were Rood
buyers at tne advance on predictions that present favor
■Ma weather la , the belt was llkelv to be followed by
K22**? "i $un&*v- The movement at Chicago waj. a
i.ttie uncer the estimate, but ail Interior points had 21.000
hceh more than on the corresponding day last year The
Liverpool market was Id net lower. It was unde"nrtood
from private dispatch^ that farmers would net nell corn
at «ny concession, and this news had some effect In ad
vaaciiyr the market. No 2 corn here was quoted TCo
elevator and Me asked fob afioat. OATS— The Im
proved weather In "Western state* had Its effect lr. an
easier market at the opening:, but later to the day there
* a «ty>d 'c? jlor .. of Peptember O aU by commlsrton
revises, which, with the etrewrth of corn, save the mar
ket quite a firm close Th* local cash prices were as
?<:cvs: MlT*d. 26 to = Ib. We: natural white, 26 to 32
Vb^ST+Gtec. and clipped wtilte, 82 to 40 Ib. 5SH««*c
P-TE— Market dull No 2 I\-e«tern. Pie, fob New Tork.
BARLEY — nominal. lorn
"WTieat: Opener. Hlich. Ixv-w CSone. day"
May »1«H *1 "T\i *IORH *lov-» $i m '
July M f>Sa-16 97 i J>s. }>ss4
September »♦ 64 1-16 ©3"» {13-4 w^i
Mar — _ __ C »i " 76 * i
July M« 74H 74 74 74' i
6ept«r:beT — — — 73 73
May «V*t Jim> W> 51 on $1 (V>S
July *•'* K.H fS-4 R«", w^i
September M's 86% K% 85j4 S6U
S^y - 74Vi UK 74U 74% 74U
July !".'..'.".".'" fi.' 3*3 * <;« «r."* tS *S
September 631% '63X 6--. 1 * 63« i 63%
Kay - R4\i MH B4 64 B4U
July ...'_!...!" 4S*» 47 4<i%i 47 47H
Be r t >.'ih#r ...... 37'« 37% 37*» S7^4 57 vs.
July .' $H 40 js 40 $1" J^ 40 t«i4o
Sep;einier ...... 557 857 653 ?57 557 •
July 7 23 727 7 22 7 27 .25
6epte=Ser 7 47 7 47 7 45 7 47 747
July . . 13 40 3" 42 ISJS 33 42 13 40
September IS 65 13 67 IS 60 13 65 13 65
MOLASSES AXI> SYBCPS — The market for syrups
ruled steady, as refiners were offering moderately. Mo
laaKea ruled firm, with quite good Jobbing demand. Quo
tatlou follow: KOUuSOIIK) — Orlesaa centrifugal,
ecnsE-a lS^liV:; £alr. 19giac; yood, 2i&->>--; prime. 23-3
»<>■ NVw Orleans, open kettle, 25642". STBDPS—
mon. IK4JI7c; fair. l«><S-20c; good, 19322 c; prime, 21581"k:,
f^ncj-, 27g30c.
lU7TAJLS — market for pir Iron certificates at
the iToduca Excharge w-as firm ana a trifle higher. No
sales were recorc«a. ReKuiar grades ari quoted, as fal
lows: Cash. Jl4 2&2315 10; Hay, $14 2?gsl4 S3: June,
$14 25611*70; July. Jl4 25<5514 SO; >i:^c?.t, $14 25g514 V..
and herAcmber, October, November «id December, fit 23
6Jlo 10.
OH> — rottonseed oil wan stror.jr «nd hlcher nn bull
l«h sttlsttca. lipht pit efferings, demand from shorts ar.rl
In - ;j-.v with (■T«T.|rth of cotton. Siiw: 800 bbla of
July at 44^545c. 800 bK« cf ember at 4.". »546c ar.-i
200 bbis of October at 43Vic. Ewltcb: VO bbls of May
to July at iic Unseed oil Is firm In tone, with city raw
q-ieied" at 44c In lots rf 5 bbls or more. Refined petroleum
was uachacsed. We <;uot»: PETROLEUM, standard
whit*. bb!s. 9.7.V- bulk, 6c; Philadelphia. 8.70 c; bulk.
4 96c; refined, <**«•*. New Tork. lO.&Oc; Philadelphia.
10.?5c; water white, Nmr Ynrk, bbta. 10.75 c; bulk. 7c;
Philadelphia. 10.70 c; bulk. 6.56 c; water white, esses. New
York. 13.90 c; Philadelphia. 13.«5c COTTONSEED OIL—
Prime crude, 36-356 : *c; prime summer yellow, spot. 45^:
Mi}-, 44 i i *5 l «C. June, 44**©-45'-jc; July. 45^45%»c; Aug
ust. 4t!U&(S%c; September. 46®46Uc. and October, 43 L -i
€43^c. off summer yellow. May. 41«>44e: good off rum
mer yellow. 41543"i4C; prime white. 4fi'»34Sc; prims
w;r.>r yellow. 49S4Pr LINSEED OlL American f«1.
city raw «4^4Sc; cut-of-totra raw, 4*3'4lc; Calcutta raw,
Tf>. I*ARI> OIL— «SS7Oc
PROVISIONS Rather liberal selling of r!bs by pack
ers caused a sllsrht openics; decline In the market, which
was later recovered on the etrene-th of corn. Chlcaeo
receipts were 10,000 hogs; estimated for Monday. 44.000,
and next week. 160,000. Kansas- City had 8.000 rjffr*.
Omaha 4,000 and the VT-st about 46.000. PORK— Quiet
Quoted: Mess, $14 509*15 50; family, [email protected] 50; *hort
c»"ar. *15 75©517. BEEF— Steady. Quoted: Mess, fl3 50
•$14; family. H»8O0tI7: packet Jl4 503J13: extra India
mesa. 5248(2f. BEEF" HAM?- Steady. Quoted at $263
$2S. DRESSED HOG? — Steady. Quoted: Bacon. 7Hc;
IM It t%e; 160 r>. 7T*c; 140 Tb. SHe: pis*. fS(g^ »c
CUT MEATS — Pickled be:'.:*-* — Quiet. Quoted: Smoking.
»^3loc; 10 Tb. 9"-» c; 12 ?b. Siis: 14 Ib. 9c Pickled hama
- Steady. Quoted at Me TAXXOW— Quoted:
(■•\- BUe: country. s'gsHe. LARD — Steady. Quoted:
Middle Western. •".'■?• . 4.": City lard— Quiet. Quoted
at Be. P.»rined lard — Steady. Quoted: South America,
£ 60c; Continent 8.900. Braslh kege, 10.K5C. COMPOUND
—Firm. Quoted at 7^»S* 1»'1 »' ETSULKTKB —
Quoted: Oleo. lie: city lard rteartne. Me,
KICK — Th« market presented a tteaJy undertone
here, with wires from the South reporting firm markets
end quite grot business and light otTer:nps. Quotations
f";:ow: Bexcentaaa, B%#S%c; ordinary. 4-tt?4 5Ti-':5 Ti-': fair,
4**850; rood crdinary. oHfe.'iSc; prime. [email protected]%c; choice,
M(f*ti Patrta foreisn, s"*'g*> B tc; Rangoon and Basseln.
S-r&AJS — reflnsS sugar market wan steady but
q-i'."l ar.d enchacrsa. The following: are prices subject
to a rebate cf 10 point* and a discount of 1 per cent for
caoh .7 days): Crrstal comir.os, 7. We: Ea^le tablets.
7.80o; cat loaf. 6.80 c; crushed. 6.20". mould -V 5S5c;
cub»s, Eagle 5 Ib bags powdered and Eag> conToctloners
rrir.u^ted. 575:. XXXX powdered. 6.65 c; powdered.
coarse powdered ana fruit powdered and Eagle coarse and
extra £ne granulated, 6.6(x5: Eagle 2 Ib cartons of fine
granulated. 5.70 c; 2 tb bags do, fi.SOo; 3Va tb ba^s do.
.'. 38 slb bags do. C.7oc; 10 Ib bags do, 5.65 c; 25 and
60 a bars da, 5.55 c: Eagle flu* or standard granulated
and diamond A. f...V»r: confectioners' A. 6.30 c; No 1,
6.30 c: Nos 2 and S, 8.25 c; No 4. B. 20«: No 6. 6.15 c: No
6 3 10c- No 7. B.OBc; No S, «>c; No 9. 4.95 c: No 10, 4.55 c:
No 11. 4.SOc; No 12, 4.75 c; No 13, 4.70 c; Nos 14, 15 a»i
* Tim LioniJor. market ■* beet sugar was %d to 3 '-si
hla-her and May and Jure were quoted at 11 5 «d- The
local raw sugar market ruled steady, but quiet and -:n
cha'-sr«d with ttßty paid rates Quote/1 ac follows: C»n
tri:usal.'96 test. 4 36c; muscovado. P» test, 3.*>6c, and mo
lafses eur»r, &9 test 8.61 c.
i A«"HENTi= .— ?:<» rac_t_!y. exports y«l<V
rcen a- : women taking portrait orders.
country -•*-.. Veiled State*. Canada.
Eurojy;; independent workers paid 60r. to
120 an — : experience unnecessary: all
nationalities employed. Write Stevenson's,
21 S sth at Now T«ri«.
_ FCltMSIffiP. BOOMS _TO_LKT ;^^
« -•t WEST END AYE.. onrr.er fiTth «+..
n*ar mil— and Broadway. -Cheerful.
' clean rooms; well crtiered h«;s«rioM. with
breakfast. M-;e. Z»*cK.
opposite Waahlnaton Square: large ani
small rooms; •*■«■■•*» ftii ■Mhilf ; g«"_tle
men; reference*.
■>• t. ST 20 EAST (Mac-son Square South).
- . :e. two room*, bathroom; by month;
3 c T '~'frr~ ~rT~ WEST.— Large, handsome
rows*: two or three people; reasonable;
flay or week. -. •."-
I«TH ST.. 305 EAST.— Lars-, neatly fur
_lsW room; hot and coU water; private
lIOUE*. _____ —
! 6TH AYE . 25 ilCth Refined eurrour.d
i to!»- beactirol. large front room. second
j floor, runn'.r.s; water; bath.
MVVrrATTURER? of billiard and poo! t_-
MwjSt'rrlcS. «*" Bro. •24 Uclon Square
'~ _Jill£?___t_s__ — ~ —
_ -. ClrcMtlan Walnut Dr»»««r.
r™. with cedar lined drawer 50
/t' * < |MM leather b«- «aai <lir.-
** i -*i ■ n__rV*low price- thr'jurf.'.ut
I — . '- * 'co Wholesale and R *— ''•
f in i ■"-■' ' 42-44 East 20th it..
I '* b< . t . B'way ar.3 4th ay. _
inpi Bank, fayment stopped. Kindly
return to bank. _^ ,
L._tf.BMAKIV« AND Million
DnESSMAKER.-Formerly cf Ll^*"'' l^
, ould co out by d*y; Ilnrerie and Umr
wat«t» a .j.*c_l»v rttjr or o^ntry. *.£>«•
Mre. P. flMn ■•■ W»ait Jfrth et.
_DV_»TISE_f_.VTB ■«-! B-t-crlpUon. for
The Tribune received at tneir Uptown
Offlce No. IM4 H«*d»*y. between -&»
»rd 27U, 1... until « oVlocV p. ni; .Ad
iiiTiwii^i re<.*lve4 «t th • __2L 10 2__5
branch office, at regular offif* rat*. until
8 oclork p. m.. vli.: £<M Mil aye .. _•- __
55 at.: JM E-*t • I ■« A_vrican E»l»
,v« ; «,0 Cd sve.. «nd nay Anerfcaa m
— .
„__,_, »■"■*>«■ »*r« New York. May 18, 1908.
BEEVES— Receipt* wer« 87 cars, or 1.499 heaj all
direct to alaughterera. reeling nominal iy steadr. Dres.^i
beef slow, but steady, at 10e>13V»o per It) for native B lde ß .
with «orn« aalea of chotoe handy weight at 119»c No
later cab.c advice* from Uvsrpool or London. Export*
to-da r were 630 cattle, or 4.000 Quarters of beef all to
/•t£ J V I ; T£:S T" RR * oe , !rts w * re !3S ' a< ' ad ' «ncludlng lAS
direct to a local slaughterer and 28 for the market. The
i? c £ n « was steady. Good Pennsylvania veals sold at
*. 25 per 100 Ib. Dressed calves In fair demand and
steady. City dre*s~l veai* BeUllle at ftglic per Ib; coun
try dressed at 6i}loVse.
Sfeles — Tobin ft Siannon: 28 P*ansylTanla veaJs 163 Ib
average, at $7 25 per 100 Ib.
-*§? E^ AX ? T'AMrjW*— Receipt, were 10%' cars, or
-.438 head, Including & cars direct to butchers and 1H
for the i_arke.t. making, with ta« stale stock. » cars on
sale a.l at Jersey City. Sheep wera dull at 25c lower
lambs moved more freely, but at a decline of IOOIKc:
'«" good erring lambs, but inferior grades are not want
ed; about _ cars of stock unsold: a few unshorn »h*>«-p
sold at $4 1 53 58 per 100 Ib; prime clipped do at $5 28
fair to prime- clipped lambs at J6 2.V£j675; no sales of
spring lambs. Dressed mutton dull at &j?llc per Ib;
dressed lambs lower at I_^lS%c; a few at 14c; dty
dressed spring lambs In a l!tt:e better demand at $5647
per carcass: country do at JBSJB 60.
Bal<-s— Kerns Commission Company i 270 dipped Bvrf
falo lambs. 80 Ib average, at $6 78 per 100 Ib; 281 do.
«S ft. at Jb2>; (late yeiterd&y) 261 clipped Buffalo lambs,
6. lb. at ?8 25; 2SO do. 67 Tb. at $6 25; 29& do, 66 Ib at
$6; 27 unshorn do. ©6 Ib. at 17 50 '
»»l!? 5 & Shannon: 240 clipped Ohio sheep, M ID at
Jo 25; 6 unshorn do. 92 Ib, at $0: 80 do, 98 IK at $4 75.
Shippers' Commission Oomp.inv (late yesterday*' IS2
clipped state Jamba, 88 Ib, at $9 60. _5_
llOCS— Receipts were Ifl cara. or _.800 head, nil
w^!k "* direct to elacghtcrera. Feeling nominally
Ib S^t 9 $a at * yesterday): B. Jud4 & Co.: a state bogs. 123
id, at $o.
Tobln & Shannon: 2 state hogs, 175 Ib, at »5 90.
Chicago. May CATTLE— Receipts about 300 head:
market steady; be*ve«. $4 [email protected] 25; Texana. 54 65©» 60;
Westerners. $4 60©«6; stockers and feeders, $3 6<>^6 55;
cows asda s d heifers, $2 4O£SG4O; calve«, $4 7&gja 25.
HOGS — Receipt^ about 10.COO head; market steady: lier-.t.
» 15g5j424: mixed. $5 I&©ss 45; heavy. J5 [email protected]*3 4_i4 ; I
rough. S5 10®«6 25; pigs, *4 £5«45 15: good to choice
heavy, »SSe»42H; bulk of Bales, |5 35® JS 40. SHEEP
— Receipts about 2,000 bead; itiirket steady; native. $4* :
M5; Western, 540J6; yearlings, 563« 66; lambf, $5 25©
$7 50; "Western, to 25©57 55
East Buffalo. May 16.— CATTLE— Receipts. 100 head;
Eteady. VELVLS— Receipts, 300 head; slow and ISc lower- j
*sgs7. HOGS — Receipts. 4.3-jO Ijead; slow; heavy. $:> CO
©45 05; mixed, $0 60; Yorker*. $5 40#$5 65; pigs, $4 2,Vg> :
$5 15; roogtts, $4 5<.^44 73; dairies. $0 25<S$5 60. SKEEP :
AND LAMBS Receipts. 5,600 head; slow; sheep steady; i
lambs, 15c lower; lambs, $5®48 75.
Clndnnati, Mar 16. — HOGS — Strong: higher: butchers r
and shippers, $5 [email protected]>$fi flO, ccmir.on, $4 233*5 25. CAT- j
TL.E — Slow; fair to Rood shippers, $5 25#$t>_5; common, I
*2 75(S'S3 25. SHEEP— Steady. $3^.sG. LAMBS — Steady.
$5 25&57.
Pittsburg. May 16. — — Supply light, steady;
choice. 573^7 '-•: prime. S3 7Og>s6 90. 6HESP — Supply
light; steady: primo wethers, $.1 3CKSSS 55; culls and com- i
mon, $2 [email protected] 25; lambs, S4'T*ti SO; veal calves, JOigJtJ 75. !
— Receipts light; active; steady; prime heavies, i
5 70S $5 75; mediums and teavy Yorkers, $0 75; light I
Yorkers. $0 40S$5 50; pies, $0; roughs. $4 502 1 ?-! 75.
Liverpool. May 16. — Closing: WHEJLT Spot steady:
No 2 red Western winter, 7s tJd; No 1 California, 7s 7 ! ; d
on quays and 73 SHe In store; futures barely steady;
May, 7e *?4d.; July. 7s 6d: September, 7s 2Vsd; December. j
7s Hid. CORN Spot quiet; new American kiln dried, i
Be s<;<l; old American, mixed. *s lOd; futures quiet; May, I
Be M. FLOUR— Winter patents quiet, 29s to. PDAS —
Canadian steady, 7s 7hd. COTTONSEED OlL— Hull re~ |
flmd. epot dull. 23s rtd. liOPS At London (Pacific j
Coast), steady. £1 l[jnfl>f~ ss. BEEF Etctra India mess. !
firm at 102s 6d. PORK — mess Western, firm at
72s &i. — Short cat, 14 to 18 Ib, steady, 43s «d.
— Cumberland cut. 26 to 30 lb. steady, 41s r,i;
short rib. 16 to 24 Ib, Quiet, 4U3 6d; long clear middles,
light, 28 to 34 Tb. quiet. 419 6*T lorgr clear middles, heavy,
35 to 40 It), steady. 40e: shcrt clear backs, 16 to 20 Ib,
steady, 3!>s: clear bellies, 14 to 16 It», steady, 41s.
SHOULDERS Square, 11 to 13 Ib, quiet, 295. LARD — ■
Prime Western, in tierces, steady. 42s 3d; American re
fined, In pails, steady. 43s $&. — Canadian finest
white, old, steady. <_c; Canadian finest colored, old, i
Eteady, 62s fid. TALLOW — Prlm« dty easy 23b: Aus- \
tralian, in London, easy. 25>s 10 : -: d. TURPENTINE: ! .
.«plrirs steady. 34» 64. LINBI_EI> Oll^— Steady. 23». PE- ■ :
TF,OT.EU3iI Quiet, 6^td. HOSIN — Common steady. '
£2 4 ":•:. ! :
fß«?orteJ by Clinton Gilbert, Ko. 2 Wall street.)
Bid. Asked. Bid. Ae'**d.
America ' 4a«i 510 Liberty 455 4R5
Am Exchange. 220 225 Lincoln 478 625
National 17'> — Manhattan Co. . 275 21-".2 1 -".
Bronx Borough SOO — Market <*■ Ful.. "+•> —
Battery Park.. 118 125 Metropolis 373
Bowery C2O 835 Mechanics' 21." £25
Butch <& I'rov. i.v) 153 Mercantile .... IK 14.*.
Coal & I Nat. 2*V> 306 Metropolitan ... IW 170
Consolidated .. 115 120 Merchants' . . 152 Vi 157&
Century 170 185 | Merc-nants* Vt. 165 170
Chase 2.'4 c ~ Mount Morris.. 230 286,
Chatham :*>7^ 8124 Mutual 2M«i —
Chemical 4<X> 410 Nassau .. 300 207
Cit Cent Nat.. iin — Nat Copper 1811 200
Ctty -.. 292' i 29Ty New Xetherland 200 220
Chelsea Exch.. 200 — I N V B A.... 280 290
Commerce „..**l«s 170 N V County.. .1.200 —
Colonial ? iV i — I Nineteenth Wd. s'» —
Columbia •00 6«) I Night* Da y... — 525
Corn Exchaxg* 3"> Rl2'i Northern Nat... -- Ifirt
East River.... l:« 14.'. Pacific 230 250
Fidelity I*o 165 Park 4-v» —
First National. »v.o — People's 800 —
Fifth NatlcnaL 30.» 550 Phenix 140 143
Fifth Avenue— 3. 8,750 Plaza .'.75 —
Fourth Nat... 17714 188 j Producs Exch- 140 145
Fourteenth s*t. 175 ISS E:v»r<'^ 200 —
Gal'atln _.... 315 525 I Sherman ._...,. 135 —
Garfleld - — R25 1 Seaboard „.... 840 350
German-Am .. 125 132^4 »S*co_d 330 —
German Exch. 475 800 State 325 —
Germaaia SOO — , Twelfth Ward .. — 300
Greenwich .... 250 — ' Twenty-third W 1» —
Hanover 4 fir. 4155 Union Exchange 175 —
Imp & Trad... 620 p. 30 Washington Ht_ 230 —
Irving Nat Ex 173 HO West 5ide...... 500 —
Jefferson 170 ISO I Yorkvill* 400 425
"Mew stock.
For Both Sexes— City.
MADISON SQUARE (1122 Broadivav)
HARLEM BRANCH: 343 Lenox Aye.. near 127 th St.
BROOKLYN '■ To Court St
Teachers sent to places within hundred miles.
Fifth Avenue, near Grand.
Teachers sent to all points of Jersey Coast
Hours for the Summer School may be reserved" now.
writlnar. 1.'.4 Naraau st (Tribune Building) near
Brooklyn Bridge. Early Night School. Instruction glv»n
any 2 hours from .'. P. M. to 9P. If. Individual Instruc
tion only. Positions Guaranteed. Call, writ* for catalog
Jleawd Pools. Prof. Dalton. 23 West 44th.
supplies Professors, Teachers, Tutors. Governesses, etc.
to Colleges. School and Families. Apply to
Mrs M J YOUNG-FULTON. 23 Union Square.
lease arid furnishing! of - targe rooming
house, complete; 4S rooms; vicinity of i™
Perm. R. E. d^r"t; suitable for mechanics
boarding and sine; house; price SCSO.
McDona!d-Wl spins Co.. 207 Broadway.
YOUNG MAN. technical Bra^Tuate pre
ferred, to purchase part interest in estab
lished business; good salaried I (Bee position
to right part: experience not essential.
1". C B . box 41. Tribune Office.
RIGHT MAN Or woman, with moderate
capital, can secure, part interest in estab
lished bn«iness and permanent salaried ■'.-
Boa position. C. 8., Box 80. Tribune Of
MANSION* HOUBH and 190 acres for sale;
24 miles from Red Bank. N. J. : all im
provements- 40 acres woodland: 1.500 apple
and pear tree*. McDonald-Wiggins Co..
257 BroaJway.
$5,000 STOCK for sale; $10 per share; up
to-date bath, barber and manicure com
pany small investors don't answer. Sic-
Donald-Wlgslns Co., 267 Broadway.
00.000 PREFERRED 7 per cent stock for
sate; capital to be expended in valuable
paten? ; sample at our office. McDonald
>**i*gi3s Co.. 257 Broadway. -
$10,000 BUT? patented railroad switch:
T"n!te<J States jiatent: something new;
nothing like it on the market; good open-
Ing. Apply McDonald-Wlrsias Co.. 257
*A I itiiN IS TILL 7;30 P. 11.
Patent Attorney and Cofigu'.tlrg Engineer.
AN* INVESTMENT of $1,000 pays $1,000
yearly; safety absolutely proven. Con
servative, 874 Alexander aye.
SALOON.— Downtown. produce <11«tnct;
" profits. »100 weekly: leaving city; sacri
fice $1 200; patents cold. or on royalty; 20
years' experience. Rau * Co.. Tribune
Building. ,
INCORPORATION. »S3. Includes DBrttflcjUM
ever-tMr.c corporation manual frt-e.
_*w>-erT & Bankers." Corporation. Tribucs
Banding. - -
Advance ™«Jl» 1561 Broadway.
Blvd.. CTilr— "■
7.^ #-.»«« and $10 per month will buy a
JlO CASH f" aa f y r^ vinevaiiJ. the Income
•"" I h «X .aSielint to tftake you
frsm whi-h will !^ (> » u^ an( , Jon . # . pamphlet.
SS&rtKwffir rn I proven s ent <>.. K.
tiOOla, Mo. -'■'■■-• ,
__W> UUv -. ...
School Agencies.
iikt.p w*NT>:r>
noted Broadway star; prefer a party that
wiFhes to lesjn the theatrical business;
state security you can give and references
In first letter; fine engagement to right
party. Particulars or. interview r.nly. Ad
dress C I?.. Box 1.033, Anbury Park N. J.
WANTEX). — Eight hoboes or tramps; pood
pay to right parties. Apply stage drjor.
Fifth Avenue Theatre, Monday, 9 a. m.
WANTED. —A good general h r >u*«>Tvr. r i c as
sistant; SO miles from New Tork. Call
17 "VTest 21st sf.. Monday, between 10 and 4.
AMERICAN* WIDOW of social standing
and executive ability seeks position as
useful personage; city or country; highest
credentials. Address T. B . Box 9. Trlaua*
DRAFTSMAN. — Architectural; technical
graduate; lady. M. A.. Bpx 8, Tribune
GRADUATE JfCRSE.— Care cf Invalid
chid or adult, o smaJ! home; city or
country- Phatbe Holmes. 485 Went 22d st.
ION. — By a h!ghely educated young wom
an; speaks English. French, German; ex
cellent references; preferably to young lady.
B , m East P33 it.
BOOKKEEPER- — Aged SO; thorough ; good
penman; she years la«t place; wants
steady work with reliable firm; highest ref
erences. William Otto, 124 East 3d et.
CHAUFFEUR. — Eipert driver and me
chanic: eight years' experience; first
rial's references lrom former employers;
«ir«;e - aged 27; tola! abstainer: will over
haul machine If MMMr/. Richard J.
Nelson. 78 14th at., Brooklyn.
CHAUFFEUR— Experienced on hUh pow
ered cars: BOber, honest and reliable; can
furnish references. John S-.-hular. 7» Betts
eve., Woodßlde, L. I.
CHAUFFEUI-— German (25); ten years In
- : !'.op two and a half year* drlTlns: goo.j
r«-ferenres ; city or country. Karl BlaU
» Went :54th St.
AIiV-KTISKMENTS and _uh«crlptlor.M for
The TrlUuna received at their Uptown
Oiler No. ism Br—tdway. l»t»»»!: 3i>tli
... ! (Til. •_.. until ft oVlock p. m. A<l
f"rti"<-n)ent.« received at fh« fDllowlr:.?
brunch offices at rcßUlar offlr. rate, until
I; ovio.-k p. m.. viz.: 264 hth aye.. a. ».
.or 23d ,t. 153 «th are., cor. LBt_ e<.: M
r_«t I4th it.; 28" West 4M «t .. between !
7th and ft h *"'""• ;M3 W ** 125 th * : : 133H
VI aye,. between 70th —ad 77tb «t» -. MHM
M iv« near «Ift M.: 170S 1«f _■•■*•. near
2<>»h ft.! ir.T R_M IJWD fit.: 7.V» Tremont I
,Ye - MO ?d aye.. and an/ Aiu«ric«a t ( la->
trWt" T»l««Tap_ c _•._», - — ■ - __._
._ Mai*.
CHAHTErR and BUTLER.— By light
colored Eouth American; useful man; do
own repair*; city or country; moderate sal
ary; licensed. Qeorgo Gay, 164 West 74tn
CHAUFFETJR.— Young American: skilful
and careful driver; handle any machine;
do«e all repairing; Al reference fr*>ni iait
employer. H.. Fair Ground, Long; Island.
years' experience; thoroughly under
stands all make car.; factory and garag*
experience; careful driver. Hart. 233
Grove St., Brooklyn.
CHAUFFEUR, — Can op«raU and take care
of gasolene and electric machines: best
referenoii; also good driver. Hogan. 250
West SOth et.. garage.
CHAUFFEUR.— Sober, careful driver; un
derstanj. all makes of gasolene cars:
can do ail repairs; In private family; city
or country: first class references. C. Mag
nuson, care WaUln. 138 East 2Sth st.
CHAUFFEUR. — Careful driver: strictly
aober and reliable; own repairing; han^y
with tools; best reference; in private fam
ily; city or country. Erie, 235 Flatbush
ava., Brooklyn.
CHAUFFEXTR.— Late coachman; graduate
this spring of T. M. C. A, automobile
school; Scotchman; aged 29. W. Grant.
821 Madison aye.
CHAirFFEUR. — Registered: graduate of N.
Y. S. A. E. ; any gasolene automobile;
mechanic; private or otherwise; generally
useful in p^rage or repair shop: or porter
In salesroom. K. W. Jackson. 2 Hamilton
•t., 9tanletea. Staten Island.
CHAUFFEUR. 22; experienced on foreign
and American cars; makes own repairs;
best of references. A. E. Ehbel. 17 East
Falrmount aye.. Newark. N. J.
CHAUFFEUR. — Dane; aged 28;
wants steady work; strictly sober; care
ful driver; first class repair man; highly
recommended: city or country. Jerp, 227
Wast 14'Ul st
CHAUFFEUR. CoIored; In private fam
ily or with doctor; has best of reference
from last place; five years' experience; on
all gasolene cars; can speak English and
German; aged 26: 5 feet 6 inch's; weighs
145. Address 61-63 "West 135 th st , care of
Lomax; R. Lewis.
CHAUFFDUR.— By an experienced repair
man, 38; Al reference; first class all
around; machinist by tra^«. <~harles S.
Young. 937 Bedford ay«.. Brooklyn.
no children; German: good mechanic;
careful driver: good reference; start on
moderate wages. John NeveL 441 West
53d St.
COLLECTOR.— By mlddle-agPil man; ex
perienced in real estate and Insurance;
ca.i furnish security and first-class refer
ence. H. Fisher. 875 Bedford ay«,. Brook
DRAFTSMAN. — Architectural; technical
education; American and European expe
rience. L. L.. Box 7, Tribune Office.
GENTLEMAN. 80; »peaks, writes English.
French, Italian. Greek. Egyptian, little
German; high instruction; commercial ex
perience; best references; can travel. Jules.
Box 25). Tribune Office.
GENTLEMAN, e'lu-at^. !ate> arrlvel
from France, speaking French, Italian
an i somn Eng-lUU. desires position of any
sort: w::!Lncr even to act as porf-r; refer
encea. C. John, Sl9 W«*t 40ttt «t-
HANDT MAN around gentleman's boat
house with oars, paints and tools; good
experience; first clas* poultry raiser. Ap
ply Advertiser, 277 Nassau aye., Brooklyn.
HEAD WAITER. — By colored man; cl'ib
preferred; will ko anywhere; married. L.
Srin_ley, SB Futon St.. Brooklyn.
MACHINIST. lathe hand, wishes a stead 7
place on small or exparir
Curt Wolf. »06 Wlliow aye.. Hoboken. N. J.
stABSACHI.— By young rnii'hnun; to rer
tleroen; any time. Charles t-idrey. 182
PAINTER. ?.0; experienced 1 In hot»1 deco
rating, kalaomlnlng. paperhanglrig. var
nishing, polishing, enamellinir; nteady posi
tion. Zimmermann, 76_ German Place.
PORTER, &c. — By young ooTo.-rt man. b«
■ rter or driver for doctw, or «levat"r
runner la «fß<-« bullying- Call or write C
F. ••ook. 67 West 99th ?t.
PRIVATE AGENT ml Pecretary. — By
young man, 30; thoroughly experienced
in the economical management of flat«.
tenement, or office buildings; seven year*
with the Townseud estate; references and
security. 11. J. Ferris. SC>6 East SOta st.
FJ_ST.\ T.TRANT MAN. thnrou^hly erp«rl
encerT cashier, steward, head waiter and
manager; city or country; hiKhest city ref
erences; moderate salary. Chss. Mason, 319
West 21 st Bt.
SALESMAN. — Toucg Irishman, 21: or at
->r -.-Thing; best reference; so^er; $9.
Stephen Keohane, 854 Baltic ex., Brooklyn.
SUMMER WORK. — Gentleman; hirh school
teacher; aged 30; work of any kind dur
ing summer vacation; tutoring ma.thematl<~«
cr biology or hotel clerking preferred. B.
.T., Box 2, Tribune Office.
Offlc<? position; several years' experience;
rood reference*. Address Esp-rience. Box
.*-'. Tribune Office
ETENOGHAP-IER. — Ten years* experi
ence: caps "■- of taking foil charge if
correspondence; best reference. P.. G. C,
Box 8. Tribune Office.
WATCHMAN.— first class reference
from last plats. M. Phelaa, 601 West
57th St.
WATCHMAN". — By man. as private watrh
man; refersnees. T. Tracy. 515 Ist aye.,
care of T. BCnrpby
TOtTNa MAN. Aged 20; »ober and am
bitious: outdoor work preferred; can '■ --
nish ranee and security William I_
Brown. 542 Graham aye., Brooklyn.
TOtTNG MAN. 18, brisrht. desires position
with advancement, having three years"
experience in gentlemen's furnishings.
kr.ow!edp« of window dressingr. BtnJ.
Rosenthal. l r» McKibbla st., Brooklyn.
TOUNG MAN. — In private family; city or
country; understands caring of automo
biles; willing to do anything desired; hon
est, sober and obliging; beat of, references.
Address T. 8.. «1 East 79th st.
HOUSEKEEPER- — American widow; in
bachelor's or widower's apartment: rater
ences; experienced. Mrs. Klssum, 168
afornlngatde aye.
rroman wants re— engagement ; or as
chaperon, supervising housekeeper; posi
tion of trust: refined surroundings; city or
country; highest credentials. Address Abil
ity. Box 21, Tribune Uptowa Office. 1364
EMBROIDERING and sewinc. by young.
educated jrirl; by day or week; experl
tnoe<i; artistic embroideries. Miss A. Role,
418 East "fith st.
EMBROFDER. — Poor woman -*ar:ts initials
to embroider. Grateful. Tr:t>t;r.e Uptown
Office, 1364 Broadway.
TOL'NO LADT.- For clerical work; «".•
lent i."ard (rood penman; referencea
M. Palm, 4u4 Broadway, I«o:ig Isiai.d City.
TOUNG GUtL. bufiiress education, desires
any office place. Steco.. 67 Orand st.
an American Protestant; aged 5o; 5 feet
7 inches, weight. 135 pounds. F. A. 8.,
Tribune, Uptown Office. 1364 Broadway.
ATTENDANT, nurse, masseur; competent,
experienced: highest references: with in
valid gentleman; city, country or travell
ing; terms mL«iarate. Address E. G.. 353
East 136 th st.
AMERICAN MAN and wife: Steward or
manager a nd cook; country club or hotel;
moderate wages. Forester. 343 W. 35th st.
BUTLER or VALET. — By a Belgian; first
clasa; a«ed -i; tall: thoroughly compe
tent; In private family, or as va!«t with a
young or single gentleman; beet references.
Address J. P.. care Madame Burnett. Bti9
Wast 36th st. .
BUTLER- — TonBC man as working butler
in private family; city reference. Rob
erts. 400 West |ota st.
EUTTJ3E. — by colored man: with private
family; city cr country; thoroughly un
derstands his business; highest reference;
aged SI. Daniel Fraser. 148 West S3d «t-
BUTLER. VALET.— 29: first class
servant; speaks several lan^uaees; best
persoa— l reference*. Jules. 222 W. 84th »_
BUTLER or VALET. — French; married; In
prlvata family; 8 years last place; per
sona! reference. Dupraz, 249 Welt -Gth st.
i!a_'». thoroughly competent all brunches;
long experience. prlvato family; highest
references. B. 9.. Tribune Uptown OSes,
1364 Broad way.
CHEF. — French; references, Louis Sherry,
Windsor Hotel (Montreal), Chateau Fron
tenac (Quebec), W. D. Sloans, McK.
Twombly. Ogdtn Goblet, F. J. _t_ckay, Karl
Of Rer..;.ri;.u .. Addrecs 11. .lathleu. 41
South Washington E iuare.
CA RETAKER. —By respectable married
couple, aa caretaker of house; country
preferred; able to miLke repair*, etc.; Al
references. Lynch. ££ Maodouga. l St., base
; CARiTTAKERfi. — Marrlerl coupln (colored),
to l.iic» cur* of private rejldrnce for the.
! ■umnjer; be»t dty reference. T. B..Bo»
I 40. Tribune Uptown OISm. 1594 Broadway.
| CARETAKERS. — By a respectable man and
I wif*; nan care houne and cock for
gentleman: best referea.a. ilia* ba*a I
JUMik * MJua, *i» «,
COACHMAN. — Emgle: with private family;
written and personal recommendation* ;
young man; sober, honest, ©bilging; neat
appearance: cartful driver: city or country;
wag«s moderate. Holloran. »84 eta a- -. .
COACHMAN. — Married. 28; one child: nine
years* reference: ride or drive tandem or
four— ln— or a_ yt— lntr: city or conn try;
last employer cum ate—. Address Box
14. Locust, N. J.
COACHMAN. Single; can be hlghlr recon>
mended ; last employer can be seen, J. I.
814 3d aye.
COACHMAN. — no family. Scotch.
age 80; city or country; good personal or
written references: wife would assist In
house, DAVID CHRISTIE. 217 W. 88th st.
COACHMAN. English: married, no fam
ily; thorough horseman; light weight.
John Wcotoough. RiM« Place, South
Orange. TeL 3— W.
COACHMAN. — Thoroughly competent;
strictly sober and honest: first class ref
erence. J. H.. Tribona Uptown Office. 13*4
COACHMAN.— Married, one child: dty or
country, rear rrura; eLjrht years' beet
references. Address A. M.. 353 W. 47tb st.
COACIIMAN. Usesfal Man. Farmer.— By
young Irish couple, on* child (infant) ;
wife boarrl help; best reference. Carpenter,
154 6th aye.
MAN. — young Englishman; single:
Bs?ed 30; sober, rellatle: can millc; best of
recommendations; wages, $25-S3O. Oster
b*rg'» Bureau. 718 Lexlngfton are. Tel.
1055 Plaza.
COACHMAN — COOK- — Br man and wttK
or man alone; city or country; best ref -
erences. Address A. S. MacJLaKe, 615 9th
COACHMAN and CHAU final. X. — errantry:
wife good, cook. Thomas Selk. 829 West
44th St.
COACHMAN.— Single; aged SO; medium
height, smooth face; good driver; excel
lent man for the country; reference Investi
gated- Carpenter Bureau, 154 6th aye.
bermaid, waitress; young Scotch couple,
married, no children; handy with tools;
w.-;i reoommeiiiiel. Carpenter's Bureau.
154 6th aye.
(?">ACTrMAN— Englishman; single; aged
8S: best city and country reference: nine
v»ars In last place. T. C. 384 Woodwortb.
aye , Tonkers. N. Y.
COACHMAN. — iAdy desires to recommend:
has lived in service of family number of
years; obliging, trustworthy; city or coun
try. Sullivan, 27 Weat 13« th st.
COACHMAN. — Oentleman wishes situation
for his coachman; seven years in his em
ployment; stylish and excellent driver. Call
or address H. M-. S West 4(3th St.
Swedish: any distance la the coo— try;
$20-$4 O. American Domestic Ex
change. 139 East 80th •_ TeL 45«4—Madi
son Square.
GARDENER. — middle aged married mar.:
n.-> children; an expert In vegetables ani
Towers; under class and outdoors. Address
W. M., 63 Railroad are. White Plains.
N. T.
FUL MAN. — By young Swede; stead}',
sober: good driver: willing, obliging; ex
cellent references: wage*, $30. Osterbenr's
Bureau, 719 Lexington aye. Tel. 1083 —
GARDENER. — By a middle aged German:
fruit, flowers and general work; goo*
vegetable grower: best reference. Car
penter's Bureau, 134 Bta aye. »
GARDENER.— SingIe, 82; private place;
e_perlence> In greenhouses, cut Cawen.
slants; frulta. vegetables, gardea. lawn.
Henry Bauer. 1553 Avenue A.
GARDENER. Toung: single; thorougM.7
understands growing ves»tabl<»e, outside
flowers, pruning, cold frames, -general
■*-ork: private i.la^»: strictly bonnst. sot»r.
Ini'istriou*: caa be seen; references. F.,
2171 bth ay».
GARDKNER.—^_ft«r!I«h: thoroflifrhly w»TI
versed In all bran^fte. of ImhUwJlsbw;
MgrhPst ref-rmces. II . P x 22, Tribune
GROOM. Cr--"** muTi aroiin-l >ors<»« »n<
harn^?». Dawkins. care Ctcm, 33» Ft.
A mi' 3.x*.
HOTJSEIIAN.— In private family; srber.
willing and obHrms"; reffr»ac9. Jnr^g>h
fonroy. 2345 Si are.
JANITOR. — German. in on* or two fci_ie_;
good rofsrences; understands st»am and
hot water. Janitor. 305 West 143 d et.
JANITOR — Plumbers understands all re
pairs. *team heat, etc., thoroughly: ex
o«Ueat raferenc*. M. Murphy, care of Mur
ray, £00 West 64th St.
MAN* and WIFE.— aged; to take
charge dob, hotel or boarding house; ex
perienced; not afraid to work: best refer
ence. W. J. Gogir. $14 6pringa«l4 aye..
Newark. N. .X.
USEFUL MAN (Outdoor). — By German-
Swiss; vegetable, gar»J»ri!iig. care '">"•?.
lawns and general utility work Indoor*:
flat class reference. Irwia's Bureau, 77
V e«t 11th st.
TJSEFITL MAX. — GenenU (tarien work;
understands flowers, etc. care, of horses.
cows; beat references; willing and obliging-.
MathewßOßfa Bureau, 522 6th a-»e. Tel. 578
— Bryant. ;
USEFUL MA.N. — Colored; small family. or
care of two* gentlemen; good reference:
can press clothes. Address. G. A.. Box 50.
Tribune Uptown Office. 1364 Broadway.
USEFUL MAN. — COOK.— Competent
colored maa and wife, together: wlf« all
around cook; husband good useful man or
waiter; city or country; boarding house or
private. Lodge, 62 Waahi-ston Place, car*
of Murray.
USEFUL MAN. — — Teung Ger
man rouple; man outside w»>rk, under
stand- waiting: wife good cook and laun
dross, or houseworker: best references. sla—
thewson'S Bureau. 23 6th aye.. near 47th
st. Tel. 37S — Bryant.
USEFUL MAX. Understand* house and
srart-'n work: city or country. Gardener.
309 East 34th ■_
USEFUL MAN. 28. Englishman: very will
ing and obliging: -cod gardener, care
taker and lr«r: some knowledge of
hones: references from la't employer; sal
ary $1S a month. C. F. R-, Box 40. Tr:i>
un» Office.
USEFUL MAN. Ac. — — Man and
wife; for country: man useful, cart of
horses, driving; wife plain cook. Whit
man, 241 West 13th st.
USEFUL MAN- — Experienced: on prlT»t»
place; as houseman; or In private fam
ily. Edward Eonn-r. 447 4th aye.
USEFUL — Aged ir>; for^rrlvaH
house; or waiter. J. Cam*. 251 East
60th st.
USEFUL MA.V and trlfe. for <?on_try or
city; Rood references; _ family. Henry
King. 304 West 35Ui st.
ABSOLUTELY first class help at Miss
Morrow's Bureau. 721 Lexington aye.,
corner CBt_. Vacancies In private and pub
lic establishments filled en short not: >.•«.
Accommodation workers and housekeepers
especially. Tel.' 192S — Plaza.
AMERICAN" WOMAN as lady's maid and
seamstress, useful companion; willing to
as si at In management of house or cars of
ekferly or invalid lady; $20 per month. A*
dress Useful. Tribune> Uptown Ofllc©. 13*4
ADVANTAGES for employers at Miss Mor
roWs Bureau. 721 Lexington aye.. corner
CSth St., for filling their establishments with
efficient and superior help In all capacities.
Tel. 192&— Plaza.
COMPANION. — Reliable. refliwd. con
genial widow, with Al reference, would
go to Europe as nurse and companion:
elderly party prelerrei. 8.. Box 25. Trib
une Office.
COMPANION.—L ady of exo^lent adtica
tlon and aocTjstor;.ed to travel, as com
panion, reader and secretary to elderly lady.
L. E-. Box 12. Tribune OSes.
CARETAKER. — reliable man
and wlf* to take chart* of gentleman'
home during th« summer or linger. Address
Reliable, Box 70. Tribune OfSce.
CARETAKER. — and brother; seven
years' city references: care of private
dwelling. Calhoun. 229 East 63d it.
CHAMBERMAID. — Competent Ew«_!*_ 8 trl:
beet references; good neaiastress; wllllne;
to help other work. Juaslla Bureau. 680
Lexington aye.
CHAMBERMAID.— Swedish girl; willing to
assist with other work; Rood newer: Tit*
friend first class lady's maid, halnlr*mlna;.
manicuring, etc. OBt^rberr"s Bureau. ',19
I>e_lncton a.ye. TeL 1063 — Plaza.
CHAMBERMAID.— By colored woman.
Florence M— nniar. care of Ranton, 113
East lGuth ft.
CHAMBERMAID and aeamatress or maid
to arowln*- children; Protestant: neat and
raCned; srood references; city or country.
A. M.. Mrs. Collier's Agency. 122 W. 2ST.
obllglDK girl; pood rerere_res; jn«l9r_t«
withes: city or country. N. C. Mr» Cot
tUr*« A«en_T. 122 West 23d st.
CHAMBERMAID.— By youns; girl. Apply
at ICO £ast C3d St.. •tor..
Irish Pr:>tentant; good reference*: neat.
Btronjf. milling. S.. tlofmaver'a Bureau.
1533 West a3d it. Telephone after 10 a m
IStU— Che!«»a.
Japane>4 youth, henaat; permanent place,
Iptik \r"*lenc«; In nm«ll family; country
jrif'tT'rt; fc_» p«r>on*l r«:-:«-Bem O^ukata,
a* -*vat i«tßjJ. . -^ ___^
Miss Fitzgerald's Employment Bureail
OVJ 51 n AVt., Telephone 3911- 38ti.
NTJRSE. — Excellent reference* $3T>
COOK.— AI references _ $35
CHAMBERMAID. — City or country S3
BUTLERS.— AI refcreaca. . ... .«40-*4_
WA ITRES3. — references «22
25 Weit 42d Street. Near sth Avenue
COOK.— Swedish ...: 949 :
PLTLER3 sf*y%#>
Industrial Association of America
9 East 42nd St. -phone saw-asm. (Inc.)
VESTI_AT__>. - U
LADIES' MAID 3; English Protestant . .S3O
GOVERNESSES; French. German and
English - - *30
— — , — - 1
NURSES; excellent references $25
COOKS - »2» to »40 !
Reliable help- 483 Col-osibus ay%.
Tel. T4l River.
CENTRAL RIT-'mp.oyTr.ect Agencrr.
8317 J— River. Competent servants always
on hand. M. B. JONES.
THE WEST SEE E.-n3lannent B-reaa
613 Columbus aye. 'Phone 9433 —
Select help of all natlo-alttlaa.
SERVANTS. _,^.__
MRS. d. ABR-\HAMdON*3 E_C?lXrr-
13t> ESist 30ta st . . .
Tel. — Madison Square.
R. T. HX.TCHINSOVB b'ireau for doromrtl*
help, male and female. 870 dtb. aye.. near
•sth st. TeL Bs«— Plaxa.
EELECT Swedish and Finnish servants, a*
cooks, chambermaids, housework girls,
etc.. for New York. Brooklyn or country.
at Ostroac's Reliable Employment Bureau.
4214 Bth aye.. near 42d St.. Brooklyn.
No. 11 East 33d st. High claae domestic po
sitions; male and female. TeL 1390 MiitsMSJ
reau for select help; Bohemian girl. •
specialty; cocks, chambermaids, launaresees,
nurses etc -34 Park aye.. corner. 74th. St.
TeL 821&— 79 th.
FDR FIRST CLASS servants an>ly •■ Uni
versal Employ' t Bureau, 28 East 23d. _.-.
Madison S-i. Park.
KNICKERBOCKER Employment Exchange*
6»l 6th are. Tel. 1738 Bryant. -Male mx.4
ferrui!« help furnished, reftreoce. Investi
West 3*l st. — First class servants for prl
vats fainiliea. Telephone 511-513— 3St_ st.
AT CARPPTNTER'S EtaplcyTaent Hooea.
194 «th ay«. E«tabl!!th».i 1847. We have
best coachmen, gax^eoers, grooms, married
couples, farm foremen, farm nenrti All
nations, well recommended.
M.VDISON Employment O«cb «f Martha
Warden — Select help all aatfcmalUiea.
42" 4th ay- . near 29ta st.
COOKS, butlers, second man. waitresses,
laundresses, chambermaids, klti'BsiiisjeWsv
ladies' maids, cooks who launder. gs_ •ral
houseworker— Jussila Z__;loy_iea: Bu
rean. 6SC Lexington aye.
noJCESTic i»rrr.%iioNs wanted.
Mrs. Dickinson's
Employment Bureau
"1 Madison aye. TeL 8734— 8St!_ Ptr?
pll«s high class household servants, male
ami female: references personally lni^sti
| sated; iov;rr. esses, compa—lons. housekeep
ers, all nationalities; opening, c.oeictr.
•-leanlr; houses, fall and E^r^r.g; houses
tare- for duri_g surr.m«r.
COOK. — French; Brat class: as working
housekeeper in small family: good maa
airer; beat city refereocea. E. L.. 369 Wart
36th st., middle bell.
COOK-LAUNDRES3. —Very good plain
cook and laundress: la cotmtry all year
round; willing and okoatsK very gaol ref
erence*, Flaherty's Bureau. 4 Si Coluza^us
aye. TeL 741 Rirer.
| COOK, — First class, Swedish: with or :
without kitche_n_Cd; very cap— worn— ,
I an: best refer— lees. Jusslla Bureau. <SSO '
I Lexington aye.
COOK, assist launiiW; yrrtins; neat ; good
cook: excellent rei-r*aces. 8.. Hofmay
er"s Bureau. 153 West 23d St. T»ieptona> j
after 10 a. m. Ib64 Chelsea.
! COOK. Excellent references; nnderstaadt
soups, meats, ices, bread; otrjntry pre
ferred. R. T-. Miss Fltigerald'a B-r«ao. i
503 sth aye.. corner 42d.
COOK. — Swedish; first class; can ta_« re
sponsibility dinner anct luaclwon. partlse;
excellent cook In all respects; written and |
personal references, wages HO. Oster
berg'B Bureau. 713 Lex ia gtoa *▼•. T«_
105&— FL-za.
COOK.— Very alee Swedish girl; exce_e_t '
cook; take full charga kitchen, with or '
without kltchen_iald: best recomroanda- •
ttoTjs; $30. Osterberg'e Bur-aa. Tl« Lex- [
ington aye. Phone 1053 — Plaza.
COOK. — young Danish girl; very good
cook and baker, etc: best r«f»r»r-»s:
wages $25; friend <__unb«rma l_; wages 1 22.
Osterberg's Bureau. 718 Loxi__ton aye. TeL
1065 — Plaza.
COOK— USEFUL MAN.— Cbupla ; crwfc and
lauaj!r:sa: will Co _oosewor_; maa use
. ... understand cotes, horses, (rood gar
dener; also first class laundress: city, coun
try. Morrow's Bureau. 721 Laxtc*raa aye.,
corner 38th. TeL — Plaza.
COOK. — First class; German: gty*l taker;
has Mead chai— her— said and trees or
parlorm— id: no objections country; b^st ref
erence*. Tel. I .«_■> — P_u, Morrows Bu
reau. 721 Lexington are., corner 64th.
COOK. — E_j_sh Protestant; thoroughly ua
derataala all branches of plain ax_t fancy
cooking; car. taka charge of larg« estab
lishment: sood reference*. 9.. Mrs. Cot-
Hera Agency. 122 West 23d st.
COOK and LAUNDRESS. — Excellent baker
and good family cook; very beat refer
ences; city or country. M. G-. Mrs. Col
lier's Agency. 122 West 2-_ st.
COOK. — Btrfctry flrat ciaas); very neat.
clean, economical; hlgheat r«comtiMnd&
tlons; city or country. A. H.. Mrs. CoU
llers Agency. 122 'West 23d st.
COOK — BLTLEB. — Couple, Oerrcan Pmt
estants: wife first class cook and i ■swsn
man b - :tler and vaiet. ex»;ei>r.t reccun
mer.dations; dty or country. H.. Mrs. Co.
::tr» Agency. 122 West 23d m.
COOK. — First class; E— _!isa woman; •«_»
drrsta_ds plain and f-oer cookirg. good
pastry and bread" maker: also a:: frozen
<3ee»<»rts: good referencea: wair'S $23 to *.*x
Flaherty's Bureau. 453 Columbus av-. TeL
Two girls; excellent r«fereac«s: win do
work of boua« in country cook wants
daughter. « years, with her A V., Miss
Fltzserald's Bureau. 603 Bt_ aye., corner
42d St.
COOK — CHAMBERMAID. — Two r.-eit youns;
c;!r'.s; ->n» cook and lasadress; good
baker; pther ch_tab"rniald and waitress;
likes children; do «_tlr« work: city, coun
iry. Morrow's Bureau. 721 Lext_;:oa s>ve. ,
cor. Mfc Tel. 1028— P___.
COOK.— First ■*■» Mlaa Agnes Gawron
aid. 207 East 32a St.
Would -stlst with eewtns or waiUrs;;
good long r*ferenc«_- E.. Hufrnarvr*a Bu
reau. 153 West — '■■■' at. Talepnone after It)
a. m. 1364 — Caeke-.
FIRST CLAW cook*. Wmtra—eo. wait
ress**, parlor- taMs. chambermaids and
housemaids on h— net; m ostl7 Bcandlaawtaa
and Oermaa help, reference* atrlctly ta>
vr.tljated. leamflnavtan E»;.. Bureau.
747 Le-l__to_ ava.. b«t»'<*sa leta and Ma
«t.i. Tel. 4*B7— Plaxa.
HOL'-ETI'ORKEII. — Goocf. Km| Tonne
«iri. ooa. waah. Iron; _as friend 1 now*.
Infant or grown, «peaiui Oerman. Freacb,
I— 3cll>h: aood aeamatresa; city, country
>ti>r:«» a Burean, 721 I^rloarum are.. cor-
Bar Ulh. TeL IOCS — Plata.
rh* ■>..-""-:«•. cest color*! w«mu. r%-'«
___*■ -^- B ***'_. na . i g_*v _
, HELP WASTO. , fc
COOS-^Clty -.. >a*-*e»*.
NUP-?E. — cJsi:a ... — . ......... — &$
CHAMBSmiAXTX— Ccsstrr —.. — C<
LAUNDREgS Shirts. co.mr*. cng»....<B»J
«£__• "WANTET*.
COOKS - -~ *»-<--
L.\tTNDR_SS — — —*39
NURSe .. *3»
HOl'»BWi .. — -*3et
■itcationi WANTED— ; f
LAUNDRESSES: shirts, collar* sad *
cuf£s t3H
SITXTATION3 wanted— ma lb.
3I7TLEP.3; Al -. _..»4a V» I*9
COACITMEV -. .....is'? to wJ|
722 Lexington Aye.* i
B. E. Cor iStii St. 'P-OC* 1931 FU-aa
establisb_:d 20 TXAAA
Tint Oasa Hals or All Vei imia ttTss^ *
EV:?L3 V M=J!T BVaiA'J
Bet. S7t_ aoa Mia sts. TeL lOCS— Flata«
Select first class domeetlo h«!p. Scan- •
Alaaviacs >— d nanlsh a sa-rin'ty. •
WTN'3 BtTlEAtr, 77 WEST '. TH ="" 29"
ENGLI3H. French. i_aa a_4 6we£!srH
male and fJ>ma.e aelp; private faiantes^l
references strictly laTestJg-t^l. Maxljssje
son's Bureau. 623 *-i »■»»., a«ra anU »rta
sta Tel. Bryant.
help; male and female; reference* ccc-»
•onally laTestigat»2. 123 West 23d st.
SCANDINAVIAN E_sptoT_ient Hill Mil. Msf
Lexington are., bet. C9ta a_i 90th eta.-*
T»i . Fe_-« X>epa»tmßnt. e.*>7— y«sai
Mai<» Depart-fnt. 3287 Ptassv Ba*_rea-ssl
Investigated. Wa^frtd Bloom. - t
ansg «^TA'g emp. Btr_X-*.r-. No. » r**i
42d at. TeL tO 2 — S3—- Ftrst elas- be!?,
male and female, both tor city aad con-try*
always on hard!
MIPS FROERLKE. eooe—sor t» Homin***,'
Old E«tab!tah«Kj E_:ploym«in« Bnreewi- *
Select G-naan help a epeciairr: ln-UvldcaJ
references. 1223 84 aye.. «j— r JOt_ st.
Tel. 26M —
MrF3 KOFM-TEK'3 E_xp_nrr__at Bar**--.
M West 234 st. — Sours 10 1. B. '.) I
p. m. Telnphor;* 18«4—- <*^»is«a. 4
-^ -~ -4
valid :adT or s^n_«ma_; by Oi«llisj I
! woaan; hlgbeat referen'-fle. Address) T. K^
iBl4 Pac-!'? St.. Brooklyn.
i IVF"AXr3 — Competent; ■»«•*'
$.35 to «40. Call at formar •mploysr'a.
■;:> East «Oth St.
KITCKEX_CAIT>. — Tmmg Swedish girl; ba»
«_sertenc» and good r9?erenc»; also r»-
*rat hooa#w»>r_«r. Ju»«:'A Eursao. **%
I.».:r.iton ava
KITCBC-XMAXD. — Stroc* youna; Swedish
girt; speaics Es?_ sh: nnderetanda air»
r'yrliing; very g^od -•'--•••"•* w*g«si $1*"
*2<X O«t»riMrg'i» B-reau. TH Lexiagtoa
»•. > Tel. ICS3 — Plan.
1 ' KTrdEE—TMATD. — A lady wishes to plac«
f .- summer a competent kitchen maid; %
Finnish woman. sp^aktns; some Etj#;i:s*i
1 Caa be seen at pr»«eat pl_c4, 01 West TSt^
st.. Thursday and Friday. between 14
a-3 13. -
; ; LAr-xr>KES3.— reflaetf. oblljrfc*
young Protestant wot— aa: assist chain
' rjexworlr; goo- n»fer«nc»»: city or eonrtryl
i J. L.. Mrs. Collier's a genry. 122 W. S3d st.
; LAUN'DnESS.— Lady wmUt Ok* to ft**
siraaticn for har lau_dre«», w_ora absj
can hljrily recommend. Apply Monday and
Tuesday at 101 East 70Q» st
LJPI-NDREoS. — Bwadlsa girl: first elan m'
any kind of I— "airy work; czcolleat re*.
i erence*; wii^j $30: friend i:__ ;b«r— «M -)■>
second iir.dree»: wages t22. O»Mr'>«r«'\
I Bureau. 714 Laxlagtca aye. T«L 10_S-»!
' P'.az^.
LATJNDRSSS and CHA__3_l_s_A_r>--Brt
young, nice, neat girt: umiutsm aaeV
' rery wiping; undcrstaada watting a'j«o{|
wagea J23. Ostart>>»rg*s Bnieeiii. ll* _-x-»
lsgtoa ay*. Tel. IC65— -Plaza .
{ LADIES" MAID.— Maoasje. hs_nlr«a__i»B
tatelll gvzz Swedish girl; speaks a artiaj
Ecg'.lsh ; wxges co object, but with. «_»
A-iericaa fa_il!y: dty or short iCataae* <mm
la country. S»*ns£-A3u»rtcai> Disthsu*
E__i__S<» 139 East 2Cta st. Tat 4S«4~S
Madison Square. *
_ ADTT3 MAID. — Personai refam.Lisja'
knc.w'.edg«» if >.alMresslr!g. Car* of CaW
lanan. 363 3d ays. t
M-CP-RIED COITPLG to do «_tlr» worle ■at
_oui«; wife> excellent cook. laar..l-»«»<
xaaa - . ..*: aa<J g_3era_7 asefaL __Sn_cr_Ji
j Asa* a of America (lac,). 9 East i_d «*.
1 MAIIX — 7rs-ca P-9t«sta_t: r-__«d: «peak«|
Esglls-, German; tialnTlusaiil . p_c_n«,
' c«e<_arwc— ia a; l_v_ !_»._:» to right -•.-'yi
' person— l raferepoee. A. 8.. 234 East fed s*k
MAID. — Experl*ac»l rravelilng sssUaif
. speaks Esgllsh. Frssch. Gers__ it wits
j family going abroad; reference from Lvr?
plMce. Address Sophia Bag-^ana. car* ->§
Mrs. Van Antwerp. Te_a_y. X. i.
MAID. — Parisian; thoroughly cooip«t«ots
with Chris" 12: good dreaas_L_«r. half
dre<>s*r. packer; aocaatsfaaat to tr%n»it
wages. toO; dty ra£sraaoes. Pariaiaa. aßel
Wast S4ta St.
XXTR3E. — lafaat's _nrs*. by _ yoaas; mom
aa: threw years la last olac*; 123; eso,
try praterred. Miss Shea's Bureau. • Eaa#
4il St.
NUF-3-. ExeaCaat city rafßrsoeaai ta_«
entire 'are or on* or two atilldNß; eono—
try preferred, wags* KS. K. B. Ji:*_
Fltzgerali? a Bureau. SOB st_ »v»., cor. O_ ,
XURSE- — Ttaaci rrail-aU; any liiisjiUi
X3O mocthly. Mrs. Ifisjia 341 Waai
XURSE — Very neat, tidy yoca« girt -*
nurse to grown e&Udrsa; good aaazy*
«tre_i; no ob'ectioo to uttl« rtlaiwbsiwoi %t
■rery good referencea); olty or country*
F-<Lh«rty'« Bureau. 480 ColS=-CS ew«. T*L
741— RlT«r.
NTTRSE. — Nor_» Germaa girt: s7*aJE> 9tf>
lisa; to chtldren; or lady's iMlpor; a.se)
takes Ml charx* artr house hold; cr>nv>
~ter._ Reference. Zl7 Ea_t 9tA m.
VXSITIXO. useful or lady's maid: capabl*
your.* *«mv wtu tail* eha rz* of .*.ly"»
warir.jr» or do c_ — s:b«rworlc ; good ahov
j«r. packer. etc 8.. Ml» Fltzgeralafs)
Bureau, 603 3th a**., comer *CJ st.
rery alo* younr Norwesnaa girl, cor_r»
teat. wu:ts»r; best references. «if»i J2X
Oater»»nr's Bureau. 71* Lexington a-re. T«t.
loß6— Plus.
WAITRkJ.-s -Ktrat eiass). three y*a__ '.as*
place- r*lnaish girl; b«at referanc— . Jus—
alia Bursau. <SM Loington a»*. jis*^
IrlKh Protestant. $22-4— J: <o»l r«far^nc««.
M . Ucrmuycr's Bureau. IAS West 33<1 St.
Telephone a/Mr 10 a. m. 1.-i-k — __«!.•<•*.
WArTREE-. — Ftrst elut; neat. tidy j n !■■
wonsa a; uadoretaoda sanrtas; ilueei aa4
ssv!_il making; takee rood car* of at:r«- aa<_
china: beat r«fereac«it. FTaaerty'a Thir— ■_
*■<, COl-dbos are. Tat Til — River.
WAITRESS or PARLOJUCATO . — •»«.!: •&*
city or country; caa t._t-» a bctler's ?iac««
— mlKnt ii faioinjea; tH> Itfl 9w«<iuiv-*
Amertoaa Domeatle Ejctußju. 138 £_sa
»Oth at. T»l. 40>t lll«l»B «»J— i >.
iroMU.vo KOUS_a_E£TPE__— By _ j*uai
C-thotto wwn; ta_-» full cfaa c]
household; last employer' a five) years; best
city rttsraac«. «0 Cast Slat at.
WASIII.VCJ.— TTIdow.to do faraflT — - fti-f /
JO.;, do»m «pr»r» - if -, McCkrt&y. «29
Wat 10th »t.
WAfflrx.'. — 'Tarefly wintny. U— tn«. Im>
csi!.*. »e«* cr -ft>»»n: prfxats S«tt
rtwn aYr 4.^ -.« tat r«r»r»aji* Hlm|
CT i

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