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Receivership for abash -Pitt
Rumored if It Defaults.
'. Tre*ta" ss . in th Oojld stocks yesterday, most
TrC nOUTI in Missouri Pacific, which suffered an
eitre=>« Mediae of SKi points and closed at 62, a n*»t
joss of ■ points, was ascribed principally to the
—port thai the semi-annual interest of 2 per cent.
& v? June 1. on the- KS.SOO.OOI first mortgage. 4 per
ctzl bond* of the Wabashrittsbunr, Terminal Rail
v^ y Company, amounting to IW.non. would not be
and that receivership proceedings would Tol
- joy lii" default.
Men jdentiSed with the Gould system wer* disin
clined to ■•■■ any statement concerning th« posi
tion of the Wahash-riitsbur* Terminal, but It was
ttji in quarters which should be. well Informed on
-jje subject that the rumor was probably true, aJ
" tbouth there was a possibility that funds might be
- . [iMiin '"I to nieet the interest obligations. It
»-s5 commonly known that the \VHba>h-Pittsbur«T
Ccra?* l3^ ■■■ not earning its fixed charges, but
H was eaid with some positiveneEs a few w*>eks
- ax-, tr!«t arrangement* would be made for helping
oat the company. In the fiscal year ended on
Jane m. >'" the company had a deficit of H56.617.
2nd its earnings in the current fiscal year have
keen less favorable than last year.
jh* Wabash-Pittsburg: Terminal Railway, which
extends from a connection with the Wheeling &.
Lake Brie, near Jewett. Ohio, eastward to Pltts
lutt. iwns the eaatam end of the Wabash sys
t«rr TTs entire capital stock of 510.000,000 is owned
fry the T\"abash Railroad Company. It has an
aphorized issue of $.VM>:X>,OV) first mortgage 4 per
cent bonds, of which $».50ft,0i>0 are outstanding, the.
imerert on which, as noted, may not be met when
j«yable nest Monday, and CO.-XJC'.OriO second mort
gape 4 ]• oent Income bonds, the interest on
vfcich Will from June 1. MA, become a fixed charge.
The e-ecurity for both classes of the bonds ln
ducks the company's holdings of Wheeling &
Lake Erie stock— SH.STO.O'O common. 5C.423.500
second preferred and t&BJBM first preferred— which
represent a controlling interest, and In case of
foreclosure the control of the Wheeling & Lake
Erie, which extends from a connection with the
Vassal at Toledo to the Ohio River near Wheel
ing, might be lost to the GouiJs. The Wheeling
4 Lake Erie has itself J,\O<V),<XO three-year 5 per
<■«- notes till Ilia, on august 1. Since the first
c ' this year two of the tioulds roads, the Inter
national £■ Great Northern and the Western
■arylana. have bern placed in the '. hands off re
It was after strong opposition from th« Penn
sylvania Railroad four or live years ago that th*»
Gould system obtained its entrance into Pitts
fcu'P. '-•>■• business awaited it in , the form of
25 per cenu of the westward tonnage of the Car
ter-* Steel Company, the contract for the hand
ling: cf which by the Wabash-Pittsburg Terminal
Company has still seventeen years to run. This
traffic was estimated to be worth $3,000,000} a year
In gross earnings to the Wabash-Pittsburgr and
tJEiiated companies.
The Wa bash-Pittsburg first mortgage bonds
were Ftcady in yesterday's market, closing at 43.
Bgainst A.y~2 on Tuesday: while the second mort
f2pe Income^, which had closed on the preceding
day st 11 s *. roEe to a arid reacted to 11H at the
New Tcrk. May Z~. 1906.
T -- bhtS 6.MojLive poultry, crates.. 660
T'.:-: tacke 23.5.'^ I Orar.eres (Cal». caees.. 6.K'>o
Corr-mea:. bblt . ... 50 j Lemons (Call, casts.. 325
Conuae&L bag 5 ...... 2.547 Cton'itM (Gall, baaaa. 6.s<v>
mkatt baata 12* 000 : Prunes (Cal). pkca. . . 1.500
Cora, bush f-.«7.". Apples, ti>l« 1.232
Otxs. bosh-.. M,O>o| Potatoes, bble 6.925
P%ti bush l.fiTT I Onions, bbls 6. 000
£ar:«r. bush. 14.4001 Dried fruit, pkgs LJM
■■ft. baaa „.. v . al.—tJßoata. bbl« t.4tO
ILce pkta 4.MX) I Spirits lurp. bbis 675
yjt.y, 1&.-.& Wo 1 Oilcake, pkps 8,750
f'-rsxr. tons. 40 Oilmen.!. b«ps 833
3i. :;►«;. toss allou lab. bbls 141
. Ep;«. tal« SOTOtoo stock, pk«a *<<
— Beer. tc« Ht r«aiinn. bap* KM
Beef <cacne.fi.». cases. 1,780 Tobacco, bboa 473
■ -Pork, bbl* MO Tobacco rkgr 650
Karnt pKg* f.62 Wawan j. bblf 75
Bacon. pk«» 1 46 [W001, bales... -.. 275
Cut maatb. pks» S>22' 'Wool, packs £25
Lerf. tiercea. PSrtlstJe. bales TOO
1-a.ri. keps 30. 730] Cotton, hale* 4 050
Lard cawe Dapper, ineot» 11.775
T* ' '-tt, r«F» BT I Copper, t>ars „.. 8.125
t_ ■ 'B-se. pkpm 167j Spelter, niabe 1.500
"• •■•Butter. rkp> 10.&43 Lead, pig* . L 650
Cbe«pe pass 3.137 Hld«», bales «.V>
Err? r«»e« J8.4«» H'.<Je« Mis 1.275
; - «.<; poultry. pkE» 1.6191 "Wine a ;,. bbls ♦&'.»
- • bush . «S.JO 4: Crude pat. pals 4^6.567
Corr. hush M.oQSJ Refined pet. pals. ..3.953.410
Os.:* Vush .. . 12,l<v>iGaeo>ne. pals S,<WB
p«a« boas 30 1 Cottonseed oil. gals. .*iU 4(«>
-Bt*ns !-.i:sa •'-" lAibrtcatir.g all, KaU - ' "'"
•Rx, btri« 4.585 Pork, bMs - ••
Hour, packe .... i.-. <■'?; ' Beef. bbia 101
Corr ■::».- r> 1.636 } ; .fpf tcs 230
Br«- ft,. 26.10c • Bacon. n> ■ 620.
Eav bfi.>s am h«j ■ n> O.6C>
Ben r-- B2 L«nJ m — 1.072.KW
Mcoh'! ra]f 11.350 Wearing. n> 40,<;«» | )
■Wfcl.key pals 250 Tallow. IT) 13C<.«:<0
•Oita^aj" Tb •4.800 Grease. Th K.«Xti)
Oiicaie. Tb . . :,3».iw! Butter. I»> I.KW
FjL-iu ftnj», pals.. 10.-42i»iCh«-se. n> 24.JHJ0
Borte. bb!» 2.310,
:— Ncr No 1 r-:y.jlT2. r . I Cotton, mMcUnc 11..V)
Ina. So. No tMft.. 16 00 Co(he.K»7Mi . 6H
ft« r £ 1 « .- . 2-% «t\ Pupar (mutilated . . . . f>4"
Ltie cxnnjer irrots. 12 8» Molaates. OK. prim 4^»
Jan . ' .2S 25 Bfef. ra77iil> $!«> 7.%
•Exctar-E* I'es.a . 435 Be*r hams 27 €>'
!•:■•'- ••ml Tallow, prime *^»
■R'h«t. Sfl 2 red. . . I ni*»i Pork, mew . 13 f*»
'.-- No 5 Tr.lx^d... 74« Her», dr*«»e(l. 1«"' "■ r%
Qatr 26 to S3 I* •• Lard, prime F ••<>
Hour, y^:e, j*ter.tß 650 |
New York, May 27. ■•*■
COFFEE— The coffee market wae very Quiet to-day.
•». t«iT^ reported cf only .'■'•'•■ bags. The market
•Pe*^ ur haugod and closed quiet, net unchanged to 5
' poi=u h^ber. Tbere nt nothlc»r of Importance, In the
iareipr sassl <y the European markets Havre Tvas un
«*=•»! to » franc and Hamburg unchanged to H pfen
-'■l iower. Of the prlniarv markets Rio »&» unchariK»'J
Wi£ BssMi «•«« .V» rels hipher. Receipts »ere moierate.
Ba t*'o port* rettlr.K IS 000 l*if«. SRalr.st 63.000 bags la«
?*ar c- : 22. 0dd two y«-ars ago. Jundlahy receipts were
MOO fcegi. against S.^ OOf lata i**- yeir and 5.000 two
>«a.-s *$■'. — •► market Is certainly attracting: very little.
n*Ciiative £-•»■:■.- Possibly uncertainty re«axdin« th»
«-tcoz.e of t'r.« Kovernment auction Baiea scbedulta for
'*»:•■ as» it Hamburg and Rotterdam is Increasing th*
t«££»r.cy xo await (3eve!or>ments. Meanwhi:© DO further
iTTrni niJujj a;r*ars to be reaching the trade concerning
tte he-- . c* the new crop or th« profcabta volume.
•f th< »i- . rnfnemer.t. Cold -weather was reported In
M c.f ct Sao Paulo to-day, but temperatures •»««•
ta le»- enough to axrue damare to trees at this season
~'J£* ■ -,- — ' «- market for i?l>ot col Tee was steady, with
MKhn <-- thi basis r.f *5Vc lor Rio No 7.
"Ie rar.f« of contract price* In the local market to-day
•**a»ro:.c»«; r«al
r^ie-> Hirh Lot. ct»«. day.
Kir. _" — <U05«.15 fl.lo
Juae _ . _ fi.ioe«.]s «-10
Jtfy.. _ _ 6.105»5.15 *-»•
•♦-srsrt... 7 '■".'"* 10 6.10 610 6.1W5«1« «•**
**I>e.~l«r «.10 c.l« 6.10 6.10g<V15 IS
Cctc»-» r _I «.05£*UO 6.05
tk Dbsr — — — «.<C.«?6.10 «- *
£*«*«.*.."."" €.05 M. M. M£>* «-05
I>fcruarv _ _ «06<3<>.JO « fl3
SStr-fc ■"■" _ _ — 6 l<v§6lS «1°
*prj.... .;;■"'■ _ _ — e.ios«s is *>i w
■Co!V* cafe*: Rio— Market steady; No 7 Uio ss6nO;
'JtUrr*. :JS-3V- j«»ipts ».«•»■•••; shipments for *•
g»W {■•-.-■» B.«M baa*: fhlpments for Euro?*. 2.«»
r"* 1 . «or*. a..'«. bags. Santos— Market quiet. No <
S 2Sif<.. receipts, S.ftOO bays: stock. >.o<*> bas«.
«f=barr~i!ar^et cpenM *-r-i. at 2 : v. was net
22*« Ml tn !i r ,i*nni« lower; at 6 p m was r-t un-
Sf I*^1 *^ «• : « pfenrig lo^er; «a!-5. 8.000 r*rs. Havre—
J^-:**t BMMt rarely steady. !, . frar.c hlfher: at 12 m
"■ttata : » rrar.'-- it 'Bpa unchar.e* 1 ! f» } « franc l o *"^*
•£?>t rr.. unrhintrei; total fa>s, 0000 bas>
, l«rH)\_T^ cotton market wa« less active to
£• b^r. w T^. n riar"e ly ■ ssional. wi.ii" fluctua
te* ■«.; irreruiar with j.ri'-ee In the lat- trading
!?**** 8 <!eVi«ie£ly easier te:.der,. v The close was
•JT at ar. C'-clin* of 6to l« point. Sales were re.
■ • ot aoOXMO' !nn The market op*ned firm at an
sfe» « ♦* '■ 12 points on belter cables ■.•>•-■ and
*■«».' cr< ., 2 j^jj^j. There. »as no bull aappon In *■•■■
■a touner 'ajvl .... • ■•■ r«*> minut- Ihe
•Jaaß »«-ec off to a n-t decline cf I to • point. t.'.e
.'• <"P holdmr ... steady. This was followed
I* »l!y led by tb. new < rop r^dtioß. which tarried
J«?sarjiet io a s'ct advance or 3 to J2 points, but prices
4 ****<J «n:n in th- late tradlnK. .',!.« to the I9WML
J »» f ti( tan m Urns N>w r>rleani! market and liquidation
2; «-.- ■ ;o->n buyers w«--r« .►mlsl in toe late lost.
NHt lwu-4 *ar)y in ... Indicated a de
;/**• af ■ ;.f> over 1 per r»-nt in area aim » condition
••tea, T»i rrVnt. A report i^ued by a prominent
*«- ftrwn ;.,,.j.. i aVr jr, T he day and ba*M on re-
S»ftega Bis BOBtbem r©rren>onOnl» Indl.aied »n In -
HH*T « 2 j- tent in fWC and an •**«*«« ;;
I? 4 *"•""'• The roDJlUon last year was 70.5 per
r*^ *Cfl lie t,.,.,, a r *v<r»ce wa* *2.3 per <-«it. r>«m-
I* f . "Ports Vre " hrj-. r re—ived from «>«f*rn sections
■£<*'■* rr-^, th. ri^nt flood*, but condition., rtw now
"^ • saort JaUorWrlt. and r«lns in the Eastern brjt »^r«
$%£§ sr S? b« - ►••;•'
.. •„ the lr. ai market 'o
' •"••■• ■-■ Ye,-,
openfer. Hirh. L-i». iaJo
• -:'• " _ |A Ht#lo.3v 1032 ■
... HU KUftt-M »jj
' . . .o Jo<« I04VI« - lAJ7 ;
&■•»- %f« o^) »M 8422 944 04*
;V*rr.t*r *" _ - ft l«>g »1« » 2*
r. : - :* 55 s^ :»:i - 2 ' 1
****■ '■ '■■■'■'.'.'.'.'.".'"9 23 t»23 *2« ■ pag •> M "M |
t3* >^! -.-•,■ cotton •«» ' ! ;" <1^ l a -5^ :
2F2SRS *« U SOc fcr ir.i^dllnr op'and and 13 . 5e
"* WfeßUaj c^' Ealei l^Ofl baJe*. Soutaern «pot
Barken wer* telegraphed •• follow*.: Mobile steady,
unchanged at lie:. Savannah steady. r unchanged at
11 He. sales. 276 bales; Norfolk firm, unchanged" at
n*ic: sales. 76S bales; Baltimore nominal, unchanged
51 HV 1 ": Augusta firm, unchanged at ll\c; sales,
883 rale*; St. Louis firm, unchanged at 11 Vie: sales.
10 bales; Little, Rock steady, unchanged at lie: Gal
veston steady, unchanged at HSc; sales. 593 bales:
New Orleans steady, unchanged at 11 He; sales. 1,750
bales. Charleston firm, unchanged at li>*c. Wilming
ton quiet, >»c higher, at ll>jc; Houston steady, un
changed at ll«*c; sales. 259 bales: Memphis steady,
unchanged at 11 He: sales. 2.800 bales. Estimated re
ceipts at leading points for Thursday: At Houston.
1.000 to 1.500 bales, against 2.449 last week and 1.971
last year; at Galveston. 500 to 1.000 bales, against
1.£33 last week and L 690 last year, arid at New Or
leans. 3.000 to S.BOO bales, against 4.102 last week
and 3.356 last year.
Cotton Exchange, special Liverpool cables:. Spot cot
ton, a fair business doing: sales, 8.000 bales: specula
tion and export. 1.00; American, 7.000; receipts. 5,000.
••11 American: middling upland, f1.63d. Futures opened
steady. 14 points ofT on near and 3 points lower on
late months. Closed feverish, with prices net un
changed to 4>id higher on near and Id to 4d lower on
late months. May. 6.99\id: May-June. 6.94Hd: June-
July, li.R'^d: July-August, 5.82% d; August-September.
5.57 d: September-October. 6.30>4d: October-November.
o.]6d; November- December. 5.09»id: December-Janu
ary, 5.04 d: January-February. February-March and
March-April. Old. Manchester— Tarns, fair business
doing; cloths hardening.
FLOUR AND MEAL — Flour traders report an im
proved demand for some- grades, notably spring patents
and bakers. There were . good sales of th« former re
corded to-day. Prices were somewhat unsettled, but
generally held firm. Rye. flour was quiet and unchanged.
The. following are prices quoted on th« New York Prod
uce Exchange: FI>OUR — Spring patents. $5 2.*>656 35;
•Inter straights, $4 30@$4 50; winter patent.-. $4 VVgs4 £0;
spring clears, $4 20@$4 60; extra .No 1 winter. $3 Ss<9
4 10; extra No .2 winter. $3 6"<g*3 *¥>. RYE FLOUR
firm. Quoted: Fair to pood. $4 s<vgs4 90; choice to fancy.
$4 95§*5 15. CORN MEAL firm. Quoted: Kiln dried.
$3 85. BAG MEAL firm. Quoted: Fine white and yel
low. «1 «rt©sl 6.V coarse. $1 50g$l 55. FEET>- Western
quiet; city quiet Quoted: Western spring. $26 »tO; stand
ard middling. $26 BO; flour do, $2»: red dog. $30 35: city
ran. $26 50 bulk. $27 sO@s2S sacks; middling. $27 50®
$29 60; red dog, $30 50. all May shipment; hominy chop.
25 bulk. $26 2rt sacks; oilrr.eal, $31^*3160.
GRAIN- WHEAT — On the idea that crop conditions
In the Western belt were not so bad as bulls were
willing to have, the trade believe on Tuesday, the
wheat market broke a cent per bushel to-day and
closed a little shove th» lowest point. Efforts were.
made to work up a little bull enthusiasm over com
plaints of too much rain In Southern Kansas and
Missouri, a* well as in parts of the Northwest, but
he mood of traders was more bearish in view of the
fact that short transactions were pretty well reduced
on Tuesday, leaving the market supplied with a rather
liberal long account. Not only did domestic crop
news have a. better trend, but more favorable reports
ere also received from the Danube districts, where
good rains have fallen, and from France. Germany
an.l the Argentine The Liverpool market was af
fected by these satisfactory foreign reports and made
practically rio response to the advance on this side
Tuepday. closing but i» 'a \ d net higher. In the way
of statistics conditions were pretty well balanced, as
while Northwest receipts were light and the Minne
apolis stock lost 300.000 bush In th« last four days,
the world's visible supply reduction as reported by
Pradstreet's. was only 2.303.000 bush, compared
with a decrease last year of fi.2R."i,000 bush. Seaboard
clearances were much larger, acerbating 545,000
bush of wheat and flour. As a part of the bearish
gossip from St Louis It was pointed out that In the
last nine days that market has received 499.000 bush
of wheat, compared with 122.000 bush In the corre
sponding time last year. The export business con
sisted of six loads In New York cash wheat was
rather easy, closing or. the basis of $1 04 for No 2
red In elevator and $1 01*; fob afloat; No 1 North
ern Duluth. $1 19. and No 2 hard winter, $1 12H fob
afloat. CORN — The bull leaders maintained their grip
on May corn at Chicago, which sold at Sic. thereby
establishing a new high record. In sympathy, the
July contract advanced Sc and September a similar
amount, followed near the close by a sharp reaction,
which left these positions practically unchanged from
the previous night, while May closed li»c net higher.
The outstanding short Interest in May was believed
to be large enough to make possible almost any price,
for that delivery, although It was thought probable
that the bull leaders would not attempt to bring about
any sensationally high figures There was a fair
movement nt Chicago and predictions for large ar
rivals on Thursday, but It seemed to make no Im
pression on May. which ruled strong all day up to
th» last few minutes. At all interior points the ar
rivals Mere 2fiO.flO<l bUFh ahead of last year. Reports
of large settlements by shorts were current, but could
rot b« confirmed. As a result of more, favorable
weather It was said that planting was quite, general
in Illinois, and active farm work was In progress
Hsewh»r«>. No. 2 corn here was quoted 7&c nominal
In elevator and 74\4c nominal fob afloat. OATS —
Th» renewal of green bug stories, with commission
ri"U»e buying, cave the oats market a firm tone
throughout the day nnJ prices closed generally higher
than the previous night. Cash oats here also ad
vanced, closing as follows: Mixed. 26 to 32 Ib. .*>4c;
natural white. 26 to 31 Th. SS@T'9He, an.l c]l-ne<3
whit-, 32 to 40 Tb. SR*«4Hc Market firm:
No 2 Western, flic fob New York. BARLEY — Mar
ket nominal.
Wheat: Opening. Hich. !/<«■. Close. day.
May $107 $1 <>7 $1 <«>Vs $1 n«s*i $1 07H
July- I<*>~% miH lno ."i 18 1 oo», loi
September 96% I>7H M\k . 96% 97H
May 7RV4 7«4 7R14 7R14 .
July 76 77 '» 71 77 l i 77
September — — — 7.'» 74 H
I May $1 O4 $I<v,h $104 110*14 $1 "»"i
July 92*4 J>2"» 01 ' i J>2 PC 1 !
September K>** 8954 6SH 69 <>y-,
May 79 SI 79 W» 78%
July fit 4 6> 67« i 6<- l i r.v«
September 6<V» 67 67S W% 66 »«
May K5Si TAH 65*4 r.fi»» N>»i
£«'r 47>4 4R'4 47% 4N^ 47"« .
September SSS 39 38% 39 38%
July $55 fi.'.Z 8 52 8 57 655
September j, 72 73 b 70 6 72 6 70
July 7 42 7 4.1 7 40 7 4.1 7 42
September 7 65 7 67 7 62 7 87 7 65
£"" l y 13 75 13 77 13 6S 13 77 13 75
beptember 14 00 14 02 13 95 14 02 14 00
♦ v' T V' ■ TIN "~~ Th was quite a sharp decline In
the London tin market, with spot closing at £12S .Is and
futures at £127 2s Cd. The local market was weak and
lower in consequence, with quotations ranging from 2SB>
-.tv.ouc. COPPER— copper closed at £06 17s 6d in
London and futures at £57 l(>s. Locally the market was
weak, with lake quoted at 12. 7891 2. 87 He electrolytic at
12.50g12.75c and casting: at 12.37 H ©12. 60c LEAD was
unchanged, Si £12 IS, in London and at 4.35@>4 "7 . • '
locally. SPELTER was a.so unchanged in both markets
being quoted at £19 12s in London and at 4 &5<?<4.60c
locally. IRON was unchanged, with Cleveland warrants
quoted at Ms In London. The local market was steady,
with Kg 2 foundry Northern quoted at $16<g$16 75. The.
market for pig iron certificates was quiet and unchanged.
Regulars are quoted a-« follows: Ca*h and May. $14 TiO#
$].'. 50; June, $14 sv^jir, 75: July. $14 856*15 75; August.
(16C915 70; September. $15if$15 1*""»: 1 October. $15@i16;
November. S 15@516 15: December. $ If.©? 16 25.
MOLASSES AM) SVRII'S- The market was steady.
rut quiet and unchanged. Quotations follow: MOLAPSBS.
New Orleans, centrifugal, common. 1-Vsll>r fair. lsKa22c
r»d 22<J2^- ; prime, 23«30c; New Orleans, open kettle.
2*S?42c: SYRUPS, eammon. 15517 c; fair, 16®20c. rood,
1&322 C- prime. 21@2, r ic; fancy. 2733f>c.
OII^S CottOMea ••■.: -was in rather poor demand to
day, with prices barely steady. No new features were
in r-vlijence. K<?r.t!ment still inclin»l to the bull side.
Sales. 400 July. 4*>'z i <2-4Sh t c; 900 September, 49\lil'.< : ; .
and 300 October, 45 ; 2 c. Refined petroleum wa» reported
in good demand, with prices unchanged. Unwed oil
was steady at recent prices. We quote: PETROLEUM.
standard white. bbls, 5.75 c; bulk, &c; Philadelphia. K.7oc;
bulk. 4.»5c; refined, cases. New York. 10.9« c: Philadel
phia. 10.65 c; -water white. New York. bbls. 10.75 c; Phila
delphia. 10 70>-: bulk, C«.95c: water white, cases, New
York. 13.90 c; Philadelphia. 13.85 c COTTONSEED OIL—
Prim« crude. 3*> : '»@39c; prim* summer yellow, spot. 4<*c;
May. 47S?4S Jic: June, 47i?4Sc; July. 4?S4BV«c; August,
4Miif49>«c: Beptember. 49if4f<"*c. and October. 4.1<545 1 4c;
off summer yellow. May. 42f?4<V; good off summer yel
low, 43®47c: prime white. 47^j6.V>c; prime winter yellow,
sv4#Soe. LINSEED OlL— American seed, city raw, 44
©45c- out-of-town raw, 43544 c; Calcutta raw, 70c
PROVISIONS— Within a narrow rant* the provision
market was quite Steady all day with corn and on
buying of lard and ribs by packers. Chicago receipts
»ere 19,000 hogs; estimate* for to-morrow. 26.000; Kan
sas <*ity ha.-! 14.000. Omaha 10.000 and the West 78,000.
PORK— Firm. Quoted: Mess. $14 75S'-sls 25; family, $17
6$18; short clear. $15 753117 25 BEEF— Steady. Quoted:
Mess fISSOOfI4; family. $16MV?$17: packet, $14 5095! 5.
extra India mess. $24^2.', BEEF HAMS— Firm; $26 50
0$" £0 DRESSED HOGS— Easy. Quoted: P.ac.-.n. 7 io;
M Us. 7«tic: l«0 Ib. 7%c: 140 Th. 7;»c; pigs. B^pSo.
CUT MEATS — bellies quiet. Quoted: Smoking.
9's'@loc- 10 It), at 94c; 12 n>. 99 1»c;1 »c; 14 Tb. Be. Pickled
harrs stead--. 9*igloc. TALLOW— Steady: city. 3»ic;
country. r.V^'-V' LARD— Quiet. Quoted: Middle West
ern R.450M.55c; city lard quiet, h'.ic; reaped lard steady;
quoted: South America., 9.60 c; Contii.ent, 9c; Brazil,
keg* lO.Sk'.c; compound steady. 7 T »^K'*<-. STEAIUNE—
Quiet. Quoted: Oleo. lie: city lard stearlne. 10c
RICK — There was a steady market for rice, with
business fairly active. Quotations follow: Screenings,
3S33V'- ordinary. 4Us?4"ic: fair. 4 i@sc; good ordi
nary D^^.'.H prime. f.Var.V. choice, oar-HS; Patna.
foremen, 5 7 ,g<5Hc; Rangoon and DM— tn. «*«Sc.
|K|"<;AR — Business in refined sugar was slow, with
the rr.*rket steady and prices unchanged. The following
are list prices, subject to a rebate of 10 point? and a
discount of 1 per cent for cash, seven -Jays: Crystal domi
nos 7 75c: Eagle tablets, 7.70 c; cut loaf. « 20c; crushed,
« J<ic mould A. .'..7.V-; cubes. Eagle .">-IT> bags powdered
and Eagle confectioners' granulated. 6.65 c; XXXX pow
dered, 5.55 c: powdered, coarse powdered and fruit pow
dered and Eagle coarse and extra fine frranulatcd. 5.50 c;
Earl* 2 rh cartons Of Bne granulated. 5.60 c; 2 Tb bags
do S.7OC- 3^-lt> bags do 5 6.V. T. IT. bags do, .'. «0c; 10-!t>
bags do 'S.VK-; 25 and 50 IT) bags do, 5.4.V; Eagle fine.
or standard granulated and diamond A. .V4oe: confec
tioners' A. 5.20 c; No 1. 5.20r; Ncs 2 end 3, 5.18e: No 4.
V'lV. \v,'.' 8.05 c: No 8, sc; So 7. «.«sc; No S. 4 90-;
v 9' 4He No in - * "•"■ No "■ 470r ; No 12 - tmc ' No
13 4 ,-r, Nos 14 15 and 16. 4.55 c. For raw sugar there
«i« a flrmVr market, with sale* of 7.400 hags Cuba cen
rrlfug»l. June shipment, at 2 31-32- basis *« te.-t. cost
Ii frelcht terms. This made a duty paid range as fol
wS2.^VWrtfu«al W test. «•»•♦•*: muscovado.
te-t ».77«853<- and molaas»« sugar. 80 test, at S-«2«
\ .., The London market for best sugar was \d
hlVher and Us l^d for - M v and June. The statistical
£o«i!ion -f raw sugar at American ports shows the fol -
fo» ing" R-cTipts for the weea 42.3^ tons, against 62.901
ST^weefc 33 369 last y^«r and 35.120 two yean ago;
t n« 41 '-■■ tons. atPlnst same »mount last week.
|T« vV?r and -wo years ago Total stock Is 331.145 tons.
""',r', V* 7V* the w.ek l^fore 372.^20 ■ year ago and
;?"«.« ,^v r.«« tater: 5.fK«) bags ruba eentrlfe
«l*lnV"rtfnd 5 00., bad afloat at 2 IS Oc basis. 96 test.
J!qual «-o 4 27c duty paid.
New York. May 27. If**
ni-'tvw AVI) rn*S— Receipts to-day. 24 sacks beans.
« \a. ,1,, 'iirmfitic rrtelpts there was a steamer In
«m JrtUl 12.150 bag. b.an,. Wry
£, ;7h of this foreign stock had been sold to arrive, and
™, „ - "..,. ,- 1,. « busiaeas '-' about former rates.
Vr7r> in domestic varieties continues quiet, and the |en
J,al market Is unchanged. Lima beam., however. are.
r 1 Vmer with »oine holders asking more than t. •
• 'V, e£S*' pS» are sparingly offered and In sellers'
# «/ We ouote: BEANS, marrow, choice. r*r bushel.
l"V. ,-,,,,..,- to rood. S2X>eS2«>: do medium.
ra ,A^', choi.-e do. II ««W1 «5 ; do j
\1 V^J *1 «5-a*l .Choice 3 $2 turtle soup, choice, $1 ."IT
, . ,1 , e •". choice $2 36«s)2«0; Urns, California.
choke, t £ W-Sf 3 4rt. PEAS. Scctrh. ba F s, per bushel.
•^IPt— T-B MoaiOta to-day, KKV4H pkg* The market
PtltTTrs a ftisdy pojition -n choice and fancy grades
in // I J.»n'n with demand fair, but there is no
of '.:f-u ,0 trade Boni tock Is rolng Into *!ora*e.
activity to » 'M* ,»i-e iperuJative. operator* are holding
52^ °Hr, to -curV further advantage. Th. medium
«j-ad»s of crl2m«ry ax. * little a 110" - « there are w*
These bonds are a portion of an issue of $400,000 First Mortgage bonds ($50,000 having been sold for
$50,000, net to the Company, at private sale), all of which are Secured by First Mortgage on the Brevoort Build
ing, located at the corners of Fulton Street, Bedford Avenue and Brevoort Place, City of New York, Borough of
Brooklyn, said corner being one of the Most Prominent and Valuable Business Properties in the City of Brooklyn,
with its 1,500,000 population, and valued at exceeding $600,000. with improvements. The bonds are issued by the
BROOKLYN-BREVOORT COMPANY, a corporation under New York State laws, with capital of $250,000, fully paid.
These bonds are offered as an unshrinkable income-bearing investment.
The Brevoort Building is a massive, well constructed Business and Apartment
Hotel Property, located at the corner of Fulton Street (the most prominent Business
Street in Brooklyn), Bedford Avenge, (the most important Driveway— the Fifth
Avenue" of Brooklyn) and Brevoort Place (one of the Most Exclusive residence
places). The building covers an area of about 11,000 sq. ft. and contains ten stones,
including basement and sub-basement. The lower floors are to be used for restaurant
and business purposes: the six upper floors contain 53 apartments. With some im
provement it will produce in rentals an income of more than double the interest
charts on the bonds. The bonds are issued to retire ■ loan, improve the property
(with the probable further addition of two more stories and a roof garden), at a cost
of $100,000, and supply working capital to operate high-class restaurant, etc. The
bonds are issued in denominations of $100 and $1,000 each are coupon bonds. £*
interest, payable eemi-annually from June Ist, 1908, and are Tax Exempt by New York
State law. They may be registered if desired.
BECAUSE each bond Is a 6% Negotiable T>oan secured by First Mortgage on most
fS'S^^lifaTS^S^SSSSi the loan. I. worth 60% mo« than
th^l^^c^££^lt™^£^< «* income for » year,, at
Wh ' BFrAI-K igffi o^u^weTSou^ 'fir,t mortga*. band, usually make, £.
readily salable at par: therefore, these bond** bearing 6% Interest, should soon advance
ln than one BecurM "~ *«*<**
Bm*\ KPtato— th« most prominent buslneM corner in th* hoart of BronkUn Borough
BECAUSE^ tavLtor ha, non. of the riVtails of looking: after hii IjiHltMWt. W
ceivS «% annually, and, by New York State law. Is exempted from returning the bond S
for taxation. •
All bids should state what denomination of born?* are de-
Tender the following conditions: -„_,, fred otherwise the Company will use its own judgment in fill-
Bids most be received by the Company at its office by 11 subscription. Bids for one $100 or one 51,000 bond.
A. M. Monday. June 1. 1908. at which time bids will be closed &nd up tQ the €ntlre offering will be accepted at the highest
and bonds Allotted to the Highest Bidders. prices bid. •».'»«». *„-„<„* <„ f,,it
If no allotment is made the deposit will be returned In run.
Bids must be submitted under the following terms: « only a portion of the amount applied for be allotted.
(1) Certified check. New York Draft or Money Order, for the balance of deposit will be appropriated on amount due on
five per cent. (5%) of the amount of bid must accompany Did. a j lotment . Failure to pay balance upon tender of bond will
when the bid is sent direct to the Company; or. render previous payment liable to forfeiture. The Company
(2) Full amount of bid may be deposited in any National or reserves the right to pro-rate bids in event of oversubscription
State Bank or Trust Company, to be held by such bank until at the same price bid. . ■
June 15th said deposit being subject to sight draft, with bond Temporary receipts for payment on accepted bids will be
100^2 • it bid is 00 it will be counted 90Vi. for bonds.
May 21st, 1908
!so many of them. Process steady but quiet. P^ctory
and packing stock are doing- a little better. We Quote.
Creamery, special, per lb. 23c; do extras 22% c: do firsts.
2144,22 c; do seconds. 20® 21c; do thirds. I*s IJK.. slats
dairy tubs, fr^si.. finest, 28c: do good to choice,
2iV-c do common to fair, l8«20c; process. «=r> ce * la s * Sg
to «rtras. 20©2O*c; do firsts, 18619 c; do seconds, MJ
do second*. 17c; do thirds, u-iri;: . i-acklngr stock. No. l.
'^•n/Ar-Hec^pts^to-d^ "^boxe.. Old full
cream .-*« continues to sell fairly in peddling lots, an,
feell g i- Mei.Jy to - or. desirable grades. New full
ream fair iXp.iv and only moderately active. Home
trade dealers 'are Wined W ope£t« """'""■'•.j**
have m™re or 1m« surplus, though prices are unchanged.
F Tse nTwM» in moderate supply though there Is a
large quantity of average skims which «regr«itly neg
lected Liverpool cable: Finest Canadian, 62s 6d for col
ored and 6"s for white. We quote: Full cream, old -pe
dals 15c; state, full cream, old. small, white fanc>,
14»i.c- do large and Email, colored, fancy. 14^ic: do fair
?sc. do fa?r t" good. 3'. /.t :.',-■. do common. 2©Be; lull
■"SglJl^HK. to-day. 26.449 cases. The market is
10c- do Food to choice, ltai°« c - a ? iT«mr- Westerm
a? third.* 1 kfolW-irti". «•«*
Ch^ S OT?-FR E SH-App'es pl.n,ir«d Sgfc&ft
portant receipt. of. £»£<£ Ror rr P '™ m any blackberries
liravy supply ana about U. v,!, k meions firm for fancy,
or huckleberries arriving. M m ] Ji^^ Watermelon.
but .or stock dragelnß «J£* , a liv , demand, but
increasing In .apply- -JS^iSS^ Northern Spy. P«r
100 SSo«saO; PINEAPPLES. Florida, per crate |1 60S
WTO: do Cuban. $1 2&S$2 65; do Porto Rico. $I«s2.
HOPS- local market continues firm, with »*"™»
in "mall compos and holders unwllline to accept prices
nnVrari In New York State the market continues weak,
and Tn absence of orders growers would have to ask con
cessions On the Pacific Coast market continues firm
£ an sections, but business limited owing to firmness of
holders We quote: State. 1807, choice, per Ib. &B>loc. do
prime. T©Bc; .do medium. &3>6c; do Paclflo Coa.t. 100..
choice. 80« c: do prime. «©Tc; do medium. 6c: do O-r
mans l!>07. prime to choice. 2*OS7c; dc state. 1906. 6S«c.
do Pacific Coast. 1906, 306 c.
HAY AND STRAW— The market is rather quiet on
all grades of hay. The receipts ar« of slightly better
average quality, and the top grades are in a little heavier
supply and for this reason easier. Straw continues flrrn^
We quote: HAY. timothy. prime, large bales, per 100
Ib D6c do No 3 to No 1. 78992^c; do shipping. <0c;
<lo packing. B6c; clover and clover mixed, 6.V35uc;
STRAW", long rye, 75056 c: do short and tangled rye.
60S .Vie; do oat and wheat. 45(5 Me.
rOIXTRV— AI.IVK— ReceipUi to-day. S4 cars by
freight and a few scattering coops by express. There is
a fair demand to-day, but buyers riving preference to
lightweight fowls, and such cleaning up fairly well, but
heavy fowls continue to drag, and in large accumulation.
Supplies not considered excessive, and holders steady. We
quote: CHICKENS, spring, per It), 30c: FOWLS, per n>.
lS'.ic- ROOSTERS, young and old. per Ib, 8c; TURKEYS,
prime per It' lie; DUCKS, Western, per tt>. 12c; do
Southern and Southwestern, lie; GEESE, prime Western.
per Ib Sc- do poor Western. Southern and Southwestern.
7e: GUINEA FOWLS, per pair. 50c; PIGEONS, per pair,
POULTRY — DRESSED — Market continues in very un
favorable shape for dressed fowls. Fancy Northern Ind
iana and Illinois selected lots are held at 13c. but that
figure extreme, and average best Western not salable
above- lSVsc. and speculative buyers have picked up con
siderable quantities at that figure, and even less. Old
roosters selling slowly, and pries lower. Broilers work-
Ing out at about quotations. Squabs plenty and slow.
Frozen poultry quiet. Fancy grades of turkeys, roasting
chickens and fowls are scarre and firm. Broilers are
moving a trifle belter. Ducks and geese neglected. We
quote: Iced— TURKEYS, hens, average best. 16@17c: do
torn* average best. l.">c: do common to fair. liK?l4c;
CHICKENS, s{*rlr.R. broilers. Philadelphia. 3 to 4 Ib to
pair per ft 86640 c; do Pennsylvania. 30#35c; do West
ern 'dry picked. 30^32r; do ircalded. 3s«>2Bc: FOWLS, dry
packed. Western, dry picked, fancy, medium Fize. boxes,
13 HOI do heavy. 18c; do Northern Indiana and North
ern* Illinois, dry picked, fancy. medium size, barrels. 13c:
do other Western, dry picked, average best, barrels. 12"-ic:
do Southwestern. 12'j<-: do Southern, average host. >12g>
I2Hc do Western, dry picked, p<v>r to fair. ll'jfll L 4<": do
Western, scalded. 11©>12V4c; do li»avy fowls. 12*i124c;
COCKS old dry picked nd f-calded. ftc; DUCKLINGS.
lying Island ' and Eastern, spring. 17c; do stats and Penn
sylvania 1<V5164c; BQUABB, prime, large, white. Pr
dozen $1 T>(*H%* 2S: do mixed. $12.1: do dark. $I©sl 2T>:
do culls BO««Oe Frozen— TURKEYS, hens. No 1, 2ft. ;
da torn*' No I. 21 ©22c: do No 2. 12eiBe; do old tarns. No
1 lf>S2Oc: BROILERS, dry picked. 2i>ff23c: CHICKENS.
roa-tlng. dry risked. 17021 c; do scalded. 17^1»c; do No
'• 12«13c: FOWLS, dry picked. 110Ue: DUCKS. 10#14c;
GEESE, 5911 c.
nearly all out of condition to-day and pries low ana
Irregular though choice Stock rated steady. Old potatoes
dull and weak Onion* weak and lower Asparagus plen
ty and low. Cabhaces dragging at low figures. Beets
and carrot* steady. On umbers higher for best rr»d«w,
but poor stock unimproved. Green corn generally poor.
Lettuce dragging. Mushrooms neglected. Peppers steady
Pens mor» plenty and lower String be.an» higher for best
grade*, but poor stock Knowing no Improvement. Radlfhf*
and rhubarb In excessive supply. Squash weak. To
matoes plenty and dragging. Other vegetables range
about as quoted. W- quote: POTATOES, Bermuda, new.
per bbl $3*ll*. do North Carolina, white. No 1, |a2S
<9s:t- do red, J2f?12.'.0. do South Carolina, Georgia and
Florida, whit-. No 1. |2 2T><JtS3 2ff ; do red. $2052 7.1; do
Southern seconds, *1 f>rt a fl 75; do mils, $1 25991 60; <"o
Maine per sack, $2 2.MrS2tV>; co *tate and Western, In
bulk r* r '•" Ib. J2 37@$2<<2: do per sack. $2 25fi1250;
SWEET POTATOES, Jersey, per basket. $1 75@52 2."i;
APPAR\OI"H ; per dozen bunches. 6<V-gs2 IS, ARTT
fHOKES California. p»r drum, |2,Wp?3W. BEETTS.
Bouthern per ion bunch**. $I##>: CARROTS. Southern.
p , too hunches. Jl1»li'. do New '">rie^ns |Swt4: do Ber ;
mud* per crate. |IMI 26. do old, par double head bbl.
$1 '■' a l \ ■•" do per bag, 50e#(l; CABBAGES Eastern
t^hor* per bbl or crate. B<>BtV>.-; do Vlrelnla. p»r crate.
3O.fl«nic; do per bbl. 2MS.W:. do North Carolina, per crate.
■MBOe do Southern. r«d. per crate. JIOJI 7, CUCUM
BER?. Norfolk, cold frame, per basket, $12V3$lfiO; /1 '
jaaVaaaah and Charleston, 831 Mi, 4o Fiorld*. per
basket. 25c@$l 25; do l>er crate t 2Kc€sl: do hothouse.
No 1. per box. $2 50<3t3 50; do No 2. *1 25« «2; CAULI
FLOWERS. Norfolk, per basket. 50c: EGGPLANTS.
Florida, per box. »1 25512; GKBHN* cOKN.FIor d^ per
crate. $1 25Q52 50; do New Orleans, per 100 ** 30«55 .
HORSERADISH. "Western, per bbl. $3 50^*4 50. an Jer
«ey per bbl. $2 50®*3 50; KALE, nearby, per bbl. 30
(SCOc; LETTUCE, nearby, per bbl, * £6*130. do Pjr
basket. 25»65c; MINT, per lou bunches. 60c651 ; Ml Jf"-
ROOMS. hothouse, per Tb. 10^50c; ONIONS. Texas, white,
per crate. 60cQ-$l do yellow. 50ca$l 25 j do Bermuda.
per crate. $1 2O«»l 30; do Cuban. per .-"^"leiScl"
JISSI 25: do E&>vtian. per bag. |2 40«»2 60. LEEKS,
nearby per 100 bunches. 60c©»l; SHALLOTS, nearby,
per 100 bunches. $18113; OKRA, Southern, per carrier
Jl 50"0*3 00; PEPPERS. Florida, per carrier *1«*1 00.
I'E\S Man-land. Telephone, per basket. $1 >S@U 25,
do other kinds. $16*1 25; do Baltimore per basket «5c
«*1; do Eastern Shore, per basket, 50oS|l; do Norfolk.
Telephone, 50cQ$l: do other kinds Ss®7sc; PARS
New Orleans, curly, per bbl. 12«53. do plahv. ?- »>£
*3; RAI>ISHBS. nearby, per 100 bunches. 2X^fIcRHT -
BARB nearby, per 100 bunches. SMC*: STRING ELANS
Norfolk, wax. per basket. »3 25«*3 75; do Kreen. $3 ISO
etS: do North Carolina, wax. per third basket, .oc®
*1 75- do round green, per third basket. 75c@$lS0; do
Sat rreen 76c«9125: &i Lake City, green, per basket.
75cfi$125: do other South Carolina, green and wax. per
basket 10c®*l; do Georcia, green and wax. IVSTSe:
do Florida, green and wax. per basket or crate 10e@
Jl- do New Orleans, green, per basket, isc@*l. ol INAIH.
nekrby, per bbl. 60®75c; SQUASH, marrow, per bbl
crate *i 2.Vg*l 60; do white, per bbl. 75c<3$l 23; do
r>er box 40(M0c: do yellow crookneck. per bbl crate, ?1!8>
$1 BO do per box. B0©TOc; TURNIPS. Canada.. rutabaga,
per bbl. $1 50®$ 1 73%: do other rutabaga, per bbl or bag.
$1 2r/nsl 50' do white, per bbl or bbl crate, 50«T5c; TO
MATOES. Florida, per carrier. JlSs3 25; WATERCRESS,
per 10rt bunches. $I@sl 25.
ToleAo. May 27.— CLOVERSEED— October, 55; De
cember, $~ 65.
BEEVES — Receipts were 74 cars, or 1.526 head, In
cluding 54 cars direct to slaughterers and 20 cars f<y th*
market, making, with the previous arrivals. 28 cars on
sale of which 10 cars were, at Jersey city and 9 cars at
16th st. The whole market was extremely show; choice
steers Just about steady: others dull to 10c lower; good
to choice bulls and fat cows were dragglsh. at Monday's
cloning prices; common and medium cows and bologna
bulls lie lower. Some sales of common cows 15<i?:!5c
lower. A number of cars of cattle were carried over.
Good to choice native ateers sold at *.'. 90<g-*« 90 per 100
It) oxen at $4 Bof£*s 15: bulls at $3 6o<as4 65: an extra,
bull or two at *5 253*5 60; common to choice cows, *1 73
@>J4 60. Dressed beef continued dull at steady prices.
London and Liverpool cattle and beef markets unchanged.
Exports from this port to-day were 2.700 quarters of
beef To-morrow the Arabic, to Liverpool, will take out
1.200 quarters of beef for the Swift Be«f Company and
1.100 quarters for the Morris Beef Company.
MTL.CH COWS — Receipts were 112 head, including
72 for suburban dealers and 50 for the market All at
60th street. Trade was slow and prices S3SJ*S lower
for all except real choice cows. The offerings were
closed out. Common to choice milkers, calf include.l
sold at *20@*50 a head. An extra cow or two at $«)
@$87 60.
CALVES— Receipts were 4,«?0 head. Including 05«
direct to local butcher* and 3.724 for the market of
which 2.91S were at 16th street and 806 at Jersey City.
Trade opened slow and 25c lower for all except strictly
prime and choice veals, closing 25c to 00c lower • at the
upper yards on common and medium grades. Buttermilks
were In very light supply and weak to a faction lower
About 200 calves were unsold. Common to choice veals
sold at $4 503*7 per 100 rb; general top price. $6 »3; a
few selected lots noil early at $7 25: bulls and throw-outs
at S4imso- buttermilks, at 13 60S$4. City dressed veals
.low at 8«10Hc per It. a few choice carcasses at llo;
country dressed almost nominal at 6<3*c.
SHFIEP AND LAMBS— Receipts were 26H cars, or
« 776 head, including 18 cars for slaughterers and 8H
cars for the. market, making with the stale stock 11 cars
on sale all at Jersey City, with the exception of less
Than half a car. Pheep and yearlings were slow and 15^F
2.V lower except for choice and prime handy weights;
lambs were in light supply and steady: choice grades
firm. About two cars of stock were unsold at the
close. Good to prime sheep sold at «4 50®«5 per 100
Tb- yearlings at *6 5<>34«: Inferior to choice Indiana and
Maryland lamb, at S8 75<S?S37W. Dressed 1 mutton slow
at &3>loe per Th; dresned yearlings at 11©>1.V; a few at
13 We; dressed lambs steady at 14315 c. a few choice car
casses at 16c.
Receipts were 44 4 car*, or ••494 head. In
cluding about 14 cars for the market. The feeling was
steady for hogs; pigs weak. New York State and Penn
sylvania hogs are quoted at So 90«56 10 per 100 Ib; pigs
at 15 259*5 Ml
Chicago, May 27. CATTLE — Receipts, estimated.
Lbout 12,000 head; market steady; steers. $59*7 30;
cows, *3 75®55 75. heifers. *3 50^*6 25; bulls, $4(8)
$5 75; calves. $"50018 50; stockers and feeders. $3 25
955 40. HOGS — Receipts, estimated, about 22.000
head; market steady to strong: choice heavy shipping.
$.'> 40955 45; butcher*. $5 40 '<?*.") 50; light mixed. $5 30
615 35; choice light. *5 35? 55 45; packing. $4 00 31
$5 35; pigs. *4 15&5550; bulk of sales. $5 30<5*5 40.
SHEEP — Receipts, estimated, about 16,000 head; mar
ket weak; sheep. $4®ss; lambs, *5 25®56 60; year
lings. $4 50 3*5 25.
Cincinnati, May 27 — HOGS— Steady; butchers and
shippers, $5 60; common, *4 85^*5 40. CATTLE —
Slow and steady: fair to good shippers, $5 25@53 25;
common. $2 50 a* $3 75. SHEEP— Steady. «2 50©54.10:
lambs steady: 10S>23c lower; *3 503*7; clipped, *4 25
IS $5 SO.
East Buffalo. Mary 27. — CATTLE — Steady: prime,
steers. *8 50® $7. VEALS — Receipts. 600 head: active
and strong; *sfJ*B 75: a few at $7. HOGS— Receipts.
2.600 head; slow. 31?l0r lower: heavy and mixed.
$5 75!?5550: Yorkers. *5 80^*5 75; plg». $4S$5;
roughs $4 50«54 75; stags. »3 sO'gt4. dairies. $5 50*9
$5 70. SHEEP AND LAMBS— Receipts. 4.200 head:
active, sheep steady: lamb. 10c higher, lambs. $5®
$6 35: yearlings. $5 MO«S 50; wethers. •>#$»»; ewes.
$4 25tf*4 76; sheep, mixed. $2ffsß.
Kansas City. May 27. — CATTLE — Receipts. 5.000
head. Including 800 Southerns:- market steady to 10.
higher; top. *7 25 : choice export and dressed beef
steers. »fl4O«T*7 25; fair to good. $5 25«J56 25: Western
Hteers, J4;S3sfl"fi; etockers and feeders, $3 50®$5 25.
Southern steers. $3 253 $6 25; Southern cows, *2 50©
$4 2.'.; native cows, $3«55 tO; native heifers. $3C$6 10.
bulls. $3 40^*5, calves. J4f?s«2s HOGS- Receipts.
1.'i.000 head; market strong to Be higher, top. *.'. 50.
bulk of sales.. $5 259*5 4.-.; heavy. $5 40^$3S0; pack
ers an,«. butchers. $.% 30 55 45. light. $310© $5 40. pig..
**"«*.<• 4.". SHEEP — Receipts. 6.000 head, lamb* steady:
Texan* 10'iJ20>- higher; lamb.. $5 338 $6 S3; ewes and
yearlings. $4 ft s4 50; Texas v.«nings. *4 75<ff$5nn;
Texas cheep. $3 7S'?s4 3.'.. stm-kers «nd feeders. •-.-!?
$3 7-.
PiHsbvrg. May "JT. — CATTLE— Supply light, steady;
choice *i»7:.557. prime j^4O.fj*rtf,% SHEEP— Supply
light, 'dull; prime wethers. *4«>51F4 90. culls an-! com
mon. $2ffs3; lambs. »4tW* VEAL CALVES. fti.Vv.3J7.
HOGS — Receipts light, loner prime heavier, mediums and
heavy yorkere. $5 70; light yorkers, »5 353*0 :->O. pigs.
«5, roughs, $*CO?si7s.
Liverpool May 27.— Closing: "WHEAT— Spot firm: No
2 red Western winter. 7s 6d; No 1 California, 7s 9>*d;
futures quiet: July. 7s « *d; September. 7» 3d; Decem
ber. 7s 2V»d- CORN — Spot firm; new American, kiln
dried 6s ll^d; old American, mixed. 6s: futures dull;
May nominal. TEAS — Canadian firm. 73 9d. FLOUR—
Winter patents steady, 2»s 9d. HOPS— London Pa
cific Coast steady. £1 15s^£2 10s. BEEF— Extra India
mess firm. 103s M. PORK— Prime mesa, est ) e^ i - firm.
73s M. HAMS— Short cut. 14 to I<J R.. flrm 4B».
— Cumberland cut. 26 to 30 Ib. firm. 4-» 64;
short rib. 16 to 24 Tb. steady. 41s 6d; long clear m d
dles, light. 28 to 34 rt>. steady. 42b 6d; lone clear mid
dles heavy. 35 to 4O 16, steady. 4Os 64; short clear
backs. 16 to 20 Ib. steady. 40s; clear bellies, 14 to^lß to.
steady, 425; shoulders, rquare. 11 to 13 rb *'*&• 30 » -
I.A.RD Prime Weetern. in- tierces, steadj", 4-a m: amtn -
Tteadv 62s (M TAUjOW- Prime city easy. 255 . TUR
PENTiN^-Splrits steady. 34* 84. ROStN-Ootnmoo
steady. hT^ PETROLEUM— Refined, ouiet. «%d- LIN
SEED OlL— Firm. 23» 3d.
Chicago May 27.— The grain markets on the local
exchange' were Irregular to-day, the May delivery
being strong and more distant options weak. A
new high record mark for the present May option
in corn was made at 81. At the close May corn was
lHc higher, with July unchanged. heat for July
delivery was off »jc. oats were *C higher. Pro
visions were 2ijc higher.
The wheat market opened weak, because of the
failure of European markets to respond to yester
day's advance here. Shorts In th. May delivery
took advantage of the small decline, and began to
cover freely which caused th« price of that option
to advance from $1 04 to $1 06 within the first fifteen
minute?. Other deliveries, however, were affected
but slightly during the first half of the day by the
strength of May. Later the market became
strong, because of the bulge In com for May. At
the close the May option was strong and other
deliveries about steady. July opened V* to * 8 c
lower at 92.c to 92^c. sold at S>:*»c. and then de
clined to 914 c. Th* close was at S2c. May »old
between $104 and $106^, and closed at the high
point Clearances of wheat and flour were equal
to 646.300 bushels. The world's visible supply, as
shown by Bradstreefs. decreased C.300.000 busheiS.
Primary receipts were 412,000 bushels, agaln3t &*.
000 bushels on the same day last year. Minne
apolis. Duluth and Chicago reported receipts of
199 cars, against 149 cars last week and 238 cars a.
year ago.
Corn was weak early In the day on selling by
longs, but later rallied sharply on active covering
by short* The market in the latter half of the
day was governed mainly by the congestion In
the May delivery, which resulted in an advance of
that option to Sic a new high price for the year.
A forecast of more rain in the corn belt was re
sponsible for the strength. The market closed
strong. July opened Vie and %c to l ie and He
lower, at 6Sc to 68»*c. sold off to 67» 4 c. and then ad
vanced to 69c and CH-jc The close was at to\n
and 68^»c. May opened He higher, at 79c, sold up
to Sic. and closed at 80.'. Local receipts were 381
cars, with 318 of contract grade.
Oats were weak at the opening, in sympathy with
other grain, but rallied on "green bug" reports In
Illinois and Indiana. July opened He lower, at
47^c sold at 47* 4 c and then advanced to 4S^c.
The close was at 48%,.-. May sold between 6&» 4 c
and 56i.,c. and closed at 56V Local receipts wens
Provisions were easy early in the day. but rallied
later along with grain. At the close July por<
was up y-sc at $13 7%- Lard and ribs were, each
up 2i a c at $8 571* and $7*5. respectively.
Estimated receipts for to-morrow: Wheat, 23
cars; corn, 457 cars; oats. 120 cars; hogs. 26.000 head.
Bid. A*ked. ! - Bid. Asked.
km T» m, Tr 104"» 1O5V ; •Jackson Gas ss. 85 92
do rrff 03U 9* «Kan City G 5«. 9O »3
Bal? con 6s loVj 1«>»«% Lafay Gas Ist «s 43 N>
.Bingha^S »• If ' I 0 1? L, ft W C Ist f» 35 30
•Blnrham A6s 93 M i «Mad (W» Ist «• 101 104
SESLSLa..™ ** * Mutual 140 155
d" £+ ' 5« M *N Am Q Ist ss. « 84^
•Cen t. ? nG 5i .93 M »N T* E R ss. 97^ —
t^i^ron l«t Ssi.joa 104 -do con 5s S6 8O
C PG*c con «. 112 — Ohio & In<l G 6s. 2R 32
."Ch tTg ref »J lOHt 104 ' Paterson &PG. (M 70
Cor Gas N J 5.. 77 S3 ! 'Pitts Con G 6s. 90 87
Denver Gas TO* Wi Standard 6j> 75
•do fin *» 93 do pr»f 80 —
•do pr lien ss. 07 90 do Ist 5. 100 104
•Fa Ist con 58.102 105H 'St J Gas to. SO M
Fort vV Ist 65.. 43 60 i 'St PC c m 6.100 U"«
IN G*O 5* S4 SO St Lt ft Tr 55... 75 85
IN* I G Ist 6s 16 20 St Paul Gas 55.. 90 83
Indianapolis Gas 40 46 "Syr* G Ist 5s . 96* M
•do Ist 5s .... 93 9* Byra Lt ft P 5... 72 7*
•And Interest
I ■ S
(Furnished by R. I* Day ft Co.. No. 87 'Wall street. >
May 2ft May 27. | May 2* May 27.
B^st A Albany 2031^ 203H Boston Cons 11 11
Bostr-n Elev 135 133 1 Cal * HecU M..6<» **•,
cJltft VI S V.1 4-% 145 I Centennial Mln 22ti 22>i
Fttchburg pref 127 123*, Copper Rang* M. 6t>V 70
NYN H * H..13* »134 V, Franklin Mtn &£ 8»,
Old Colony I*2 I*2 I Granby Mm P2 »1
West End Bi Rv *;<<* S3 j Mass Con Mln... 3 3*,
do prrf 101 101 1 Mohawk Mln ... M 82
Mass Elec Caa 9', »'i No Butte H2V, 63
do pref 44 44 | O».-eo!a Mln ... «7 07
Am T«! *T Co 117* imJOM Dem Mln "?4i; MM
New Eng Te1.. '112 'Ill's, Parrot Mln . . 2Oi, M
\V Tel * T Co. «*» •« Qulncy Mln ... S2S »2
do pref •« *67 Tamarack Mm. 37 »7
Un Shoe Mach.. 53', St\ Wolverine Mln.. 133 »1M
do rr»f 2V% 27'»: V 3 Smelters Co. 37 37
Arcadian Mln 3*, 3'» do pref 4(v\ 41 l t
Am Pneumatic. T*t "i» V S Oil ... 23 23
do pref U\ I' 1 * Mass Ga« 341, ,V>
Atlantic Mln . I*^» l«l do pref M *4
Shannon Mln... 13 13>4 Utah 4A4 v .
Blnitham M1n.. ..75 .75 I United Fruit 134 13a
•jUk*4. " "-
"• ' '^" '^' City Hotel*. "'•'• . >
•. . V\. Boston. "."" ;
r>lat! aguish *d for it* clientage. ap?olnta«nta «ad
location. Equally attractive to permanent »aJ
trasst«3t i,«t'i Perfect quiet.
Summer Hotel. YEW PROFILE HOCS3.
- Whit* SCoontatam.
liVL Stars of New York, by •-• grace of '3o«l. tnm * a
Independent. — To Mary Mediation. Margaret Wiltsaa.
Gaorge Harrington. Juli* Mclvars. Arthur E=<Uad.
Robert Efcgland. G"*>r»;a England. Margaret Ber.cett.
Blanch* McMahon. Dorothy McMahmi. Marl* llsilahon.
Hubert Howard. Charles McMaaon. Charles EngUad.
Charlotte r. Somya. Mary Ell»n <'">imming». William J.
McMaaon. Mab»l E. Blootgirxl. Johft Morrow. Grcvor.
Winiarsa, Mary Crawford. Edward Wtlilams. Samuel
Williams. "William William*. Jam-» Harry*. Nerw Tor*
Finance Company. Mary E. Morrow, and to ail persons
Interested In the Estate -' William M-Ma&cm. lar* of ■•
County of New Tor*. deceased. •» creditors, legatees.
naxt of kin or otherwise. send »-•»•-«
Ton anl each of you ar* h»r<*y dte<l ami iat|Ulra4
partonally to b« and appear before <^ir s<>rrogat« of th»
County of »w Tork. at th» Surrogates' Court it said
County. heM at th» Hall of R»<»rcl» tn tin* County of
N«w York on ta« Tta d»y of July. IHOB. at ha!f-pa« t«a
o'clock In th» forenoon of that day. M and tier* t»
attend a Jadlrtal »«tl»m»p.t of ••» *ee««nt of m ulna*
of Mary McMahon. John Mulligan Hit ■■llB»«n Mi.-.
h»lrr.»r. a* trti»t»«« of th« pnn'-ij>*l an.i tr.com- fund* <>t
th« trusts created tn and by th» tait'inil and Testa
ment of tald deceased, and ■!.'-- of you as »'* ••"^T
cited, as ar» under the age of tw«nty-en* years. ax»
required to appear by your r«r<ltan. 1* you hay* «•».
or if yo-i h*T« -oc«. to appear and apply for on« to few
appointed, or In the event of your neglect or failur* to
do s<v a guardian will t*» appointed by th« S':rrofj»t» t»
represent and act for you In the proceeding.
In Testimony Wh»reof. W<» hav<» caused th« Seat of
th« Surrogates' f>«rt of th» said County it
[L» 51 New Tork. to be hereunto afl*e<i. Witness.
Hon. Abner C Thetnas. a. Surrogate of our saW
County, at th# County of New Tork. the I»tS day of Jtvy.
In the year of cur Lor*! on* thousand nine hundred and
DANIEL J. r^wr>vrr,
Clerk of the Surrogates' Court.
■WETHE3IHOICJ 4 LINK. Attorneys for Trustee*, .-*•
„ Broadway. NT City.
X ♦h» gracs of God free and Independent, to Mary L.
Barbey. Mir; L Seton. Ethel B. Norrie. Helen C. 4a>
Pourtales. Eva de Neufllze. Rita Barbey. Pierre L. Bar
bey. Henry G. Barbey. William Barb-jr. Emllie Fatlo.
Eugenia de Ronl^t. Helena de Bud». Henry Freymond. M.
Gordon Smith. American Episcopal Church. Helen d»
Morsler, Victor Bourgeois. Marguerite fßasMr. Mau<!a L.
da Moriier. William Freeth. Ecgeoa Martin. St. Luka'»
Hospital In New Yirk. Domestic and Fcr»lgn illssionary
Bodety of the. Protestant Episcopal Church. Society of th»
New York Hospital. American Bible Society. Horce for
Incurables. St. Luke's Hospital for Indigent Christian
Females (now St. Luke's Home for Aged Women). Louisa
Leroy. Edmond Fatlo, Albert -1* B"uTet. Edith Coventry,
Beeckman Lorillard, Kate Beeckman LorUUrd. Mary D.
Seton, Helen Seton. Henry Seton. Maria M da Neufltaj.
Jeanne Q. it Neufllse, Alia de Poiirtales, Irene 'la
Pourtalet. Jaequelin (ia Pourtales. Lanfear B. Norria.
Emily K. Norrie. Valeric Norri* and £".err» 'L. Barbey.
Jr., and to all person* interested in the Estata of Heunr
I. Barbey. late of the County of New York. deceased. a»
creditors, legatees, next of kin or otherwise. »end greet
ing: You and each, of you are hereby tlted and require*
personally to be and appear before our Surrogate of th»
County of New York, at th» Surrogated 1 Court of said
County, held at the Hall -if Records, In the County of
New York. on. tha fifth day of June. 1908. at hatf-pa»t
ten o'clock in, the forenoon of that day, then and then*
to attend a Judicial settlement of th* arccunt of pro
ceedings of Adrian Is«Hn. Jr.. A. Lanfear Norria and
Henry O. Barbey. a.« Executors of fta Last Will and
Testament of said deceased; and such of you as ara>
hereby cited as are under tha ag» of tw»nty-on» years ar«>
required to appear by your guardian, if you have one.
or if you have non«. to appear and apply for or* : ■> ba>
appointed, or In the event of your -neglect or failure to
do so. a guardian will be appointed by the Surrogate to
represent and act for you in the proceeding.
In testimony whereof. We have caused the Seal of th*
Surrogates' Court of the said County of New
York to b« hereunto affixed- Witness. Hon.
[L. S.I Charles H. B»ckett. a Surrogate of our said
. - County, at the County of New Tori, the ISta
day of April, in tha year of our Lord on*
thousand nine hundred and eight.
Clark of the Surrogates' Court.
JL tha grace of God free and Independent, to Mary E.
Err-' 1 - .^eorgianra Crorrut. J. Parkman Crosby. Ellea
■Warren Fannie Warren. Mary Warren. John Warren.
Matilda Muzzy Harriet Stevens. Nellia Crosby L*rel.
Homer Hlne Thomas D. Hire. Bertha Sfnulthmp Flack.
Emma Somna. EUzabeth Sanford. Henry Moulthrop.
Susan Moulthrop Leslla Moulthrop. Bradley Croffut.
Ellen Broga. Mary Wilson. Sana Augur. Emily Augur.
Mi.-v R. S. Gilbert. Maria Barnes. Ellen Phelps. Clara M-
Tuttle. Howard tram Myra L. Matthews, Bridget Cross.
Emily May H!ne. Eliza C. Wllklns. Lilly Warren. Elisa
beth T. Watson. Margaret-a W. Crr«by. Thomas D.
Cro2ut. Charles T. Oof Tut. Frederick W. CrofTur, Lewis ,
R. Croffut. The Proprietors of the New Ha»« City
Burial Ground. Brooklyn Trust Company. Carolina Louisa)
Drew Frederick M. Drew. John W. Drew. Charles W.
Morris sr.. Charles W. Morris. Jr.. Edward E. Morris and
Charles W. Hine and to all persona interested in that
estate of Margaret:* B. Warren, late of the City of New
Tork deceased, as creditors. legatees, next or kin or
otherwise. lead greeting: Tou and eacn of yon ar«
hereby cited and required personally to be and appear be
fore our Surrogate of th» County of New Tork. at ti«
Surrogates' Court of said County, held «' the Hall ef
Records, in the County .'f N«w York, on tJM 30th fay of
June. 1906, at half-past ten o'clock in the forenoon of
that day. then and there to attend a Judicial settlement of
executor under the last Will and Testament of Margarert* - -
B. Warren. deceased; and such of you as are hare-by cited.
as are under the age of twenty on* years, are required t»
appear by your guardian, if you have one. or 1" you h»v»
none, to appear and apply for ooe to b» appointed, or la
th« neglect or fatlura to do so. a guardian will b<» ap
pointed by th« Surrogate to represent and act for you la
the proceeding. In testimony whereof, wa have cauae4
the seal of the Surrogates' Court of the said County of
New York to be hereunto affixed. Witness. Hon. Abner
(" Thomas, a Surrogate of our said County a:
[L. S. j the Oounty of New York, th* 3th, day of May.
in the year of our I^>rd* on* thousand ulna
hundred and eight. DANIEL J. DOWDNET.
Clerk of th» Surrogate*' Court.
EDW. W. DAVIDSON. Attorney for Executor. Davllsoa
Bldg.. 45-4S Lawton Street. New Rochella). N. T.
_L the grace of God fpe* and Independent, to Madam*
Criaxlottw Bergeret. Maria Pastariano. Jean B. V. V. B»r
geret Louise Yelller or Wetller, Daniel. Veillar or Wetl
ler. Simon Veiller or Welller. Leon V'eilier or Wai Her.
Alice. Veiller Sweeney (formerly Alien Veiller or 'Welller).
Albert Veiller or Weiller. Heariette Veilier or Weiller.
Augnstine Babette McNaaisriiton iformerly Veiller or
Weiller). Daniel Weliler. Carolina Metzser 1 formerly
Wetller). Llllle Siesbert (formerly 'W>tller>. Louis M.
Weiller (otherwise known as Lu-lwlsc Weiller). Blanch*
Lev! (formerly Welller». John Ahshar.j Wetller. Florence)
Metzser (formerly Weiller. otherwise formerly knirorii
as ••Leocore" Weiller). Helen Hellbroner ifonn«r!y Walt—
ler). Amy Well'er (otherwise known as Emma WelllerJ.
Alice Sweeney. 3amue: Jacquea Bergeret. Abraham Luclea
Bergeret, l>eorie Anna Berieret. Marcel Kens Morse Ber
ireret. MathtM* Henrietta Amel:« Ber?er«t. A. lee Char
lott<» Bergeret. Marth» Esther Berseret. Robert '"ieor»e»
Bergeret. Henri Baron Bergeret. Yvonn- Mirl> Beryeret.
Dorothy Metzit»r. Mildred Weiller. Ruth ■feaJaaßi Lau
rence Levi. Rlcharci Met^ger and Ruth Metsger. send
greeting: You and- each of you are hereby cited and re
quired personally to b« and appear b»fors cur Surr«sat»
of th«» County of New Tork. at the Surrogate's Court of
said County, cell at tha County Court House in th» City
of N*e-A- York, on the »th day of June. 190*. at half past
ten o'clock In the forenoon o£ that day. then and there t<>
show cause why Daniel Weiller should not be appointed is
substituted trustee under the last will and testament of
John Ahsbahs. deceased. in the place and stead of Au
gusta Wetller. the trustee originally named therein, who>
is now deceased, anl such of you a* are. hereby cited, a*
are under the a*» of twenty-one years, axe required to
appear by your guardian. if you have one. or If you -1 <
none, to appear and apply for on» M he appointed, or ia
thn event of your neglect or failure to do sow a J7^arcllaa
will b« appointed by tha Surrogate to represent and act
for you in tee proceeding.
In testimony whereof, wa have caused the seal of tit*
Surrogate's Court o£ th« «a:1 Cmjnty of S«<m
Tork to b» hereunto a*.»»! Witness. Hon.
[Seal] Charles H. Beckett, a gurrosrat* of our
»aM County, at the County of New T t!c. th»
15th day of April, in th» year of our Lori on*
thousand nine> hundred an.: eight.
Clerk, of Surrogates' Court.
Attorneys f;r Pttlttoner. No. 170 Broadway, New York,
N. T.
X the grace of God. fre-» and Independent. To Kebecca-
Frledland*r. Individually and as trustee under tie last
will and testament of Louis Friedlander. deceased. Fran—
ilska Mittler. Hiram L. Friedlaader. Loul» M. Mittler.
Louis Friedlander (the \-ounier>, the) executors, adminis
trators or other legal representatives of Frt»<ler:ii.e Fr»n
kel. deceased, and her next of kin. all of whom and a!!
of whose name* and residences an* unknown, and th*
executors, administrators or other legal representative*
of Johana Bergman, deceased, and her next of kin. all of
whom and all of whose names and residences ar* un
known, and to al. persons lntere«e«l In -*".» estate of
Louis Frledlander. late of the City of New Tork. d#cea»ed.
and to all the persons who are entitled absolutely or
contingently by the terrns^of the will or by operation of
law. to share in the fund or In the proceeds of th« pro»
•rty held by Rebecca Frledlande* and J-«**>t«h C. T>ev'.. as
a part of their trust as. trustees under said ■»'.'.!. **M
greeting: Yon and each of you are hereby cited and re
quired personally to be and appear before our Surrogate
of the County of New Tork. a: th* Surrogates' Court of
said County, held at the Hall of Record*. in th« County
of New York, on the 23d day of Jure. 190*. at half -past ten
o'clock in the forenoon of that day. then and taere to attend
the Judicial settlement of the account of said Joseph C
Levi. as trustee under the last will and testament of
•aid Louis Fr»<!!ar.'-l-*r. deceased. And such, ot you a*
are hereby cited, as are under th* ag»» ■; tweaty-on*
years, *r« required to appear by your ■uardlan. If you
have one, or i« you have none, to appear and apply for
one to »>• appointed, or in the ma of your neglect or
failure- to do so. a guardian win be appointed by ta» Sur
rogate to represent and a- for you la the proceeding.
In testimony » h-reof . we have caused the seal of '>.•
Surrogates' Court ef the said County of New
York to be hereunto affixed Witness). Hon.
(I* 8. Charlea H. Beckett, a Stirror»t» of our said
County, at the County «i New Tori, the Sta
■as of April la the s ear of our Lori on*
thousand cine hundred and eight.
Cleric of the Surrogate** Court.
To Whom It Majt Concern.
AH persons are hereby notified that C»e ahir« cer
tificate B 13502 C. M ft St. P common his b«<ta
destroyed by ere and; duplicate applied for
Tor Both Sexe»— City.
Madison Bq«ar* 41123 Broadway.)
Rar'em Branca. 343 Lenox at*., near 127t1t St.
Brooklyn - 78 Court St.
Taachera sent to all place* wltMa hundred mile*.
School Agencies.
supplies Professor*. Teachers. Tutors. Gov«rn«aa«a. •t* a
to Colleges, School and VamUlec Apply to
_ ■ M.a. M, J. TOVXQ -IX'LIO-V. 23 Uaioa •««««• i

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