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Decorator Continues Testimony at
*. ?', Fischcr-Hanscn Trial.
'* ' ■' When the trial of Carl Fischer-Hanson. th« lawyer
1 charged -with extortl:is 515.000 from Joseph K.
" O'Brien, a Philadelphia decorator, was renumed yes
. terday morning only half of the scats In the
courtroom «•■■•■ occupied. Ky order of Justin Golt
no women or boys under nineteen years old were
Mr. O'Brm: resumed the witness Mand. and. ex
* trained by Mr. Smyth, the MMM District At
torney, told of his meetings -with Fischer-Hansen
and of paying money. He MM the lawyer showed
" him letters he had written to the Italian boy. An
tonio Macaluso. and that he had urped him to
pay $»."<*« to keep the facts from beromlriß public
"Are the letters and the affidavit of Macaluso in
existence new?" asked Mr. Smyth.
• No; after Mr. Hanson pave them to me I de
rtroyed thorn." answered the witness. "I am very
' •sorry; I wish they had been preserved."
The witness admitted that he had written to the
M*caJuso boy Informing him that the letters had
bee-, destroyed. -I wanted those letters because I
v ,- in constant terror lest they be made public
■M my name dragged into this awful rase." he
Mr. Pa3m«r. in the cross-examination, road a
letter to steoatass. and O'Brien, after exhibiting
"surprise that such ■ letter was in existence, identi
fied it as having been written "by him. The wit
ness insisted that there was n<nhinc in the letters
•which Fischer-Hansen turned over to him that
would have, reflected on him If they had been made
\ "Were y.. promised any immunity for testify
. ing ugaJiwt Mr. ■HMMIT' asked Mr Palmer.
"None whatever," O'Rrlen answered.
"'Tou say there was nothing: you feared in the.
letters. Was It Maealuso's affidavit— which you say
is « li«»-*hst terrorized y<-u?" asked Mr. Palmer.
O'Brien ieplie.l that everything connected with the
case had filled him with 'mortal terror."
John J. Buckley, who was O'Brien's counsel, Us
tified to efforts he had made in the office of Fiecher-
Hans»n to settle the <■«*•. and said that after
{in. mo had b*>en paid to Fischer-Hansen. Pi.HI more
■was demanded by him. and that finally *s.o<>n more
was paid and th* letters delivered to th» witness.
Mr Mclntyre cross-examined Mr. Buckley and
called his attention to his statement made before
the prand jury that Fischer-HanVen had said that
the witness had not paid the money over to his
client*. Mr. Buckley denned blackmail, and In
"reply to questions of Mr. Melntyre said he con
sidered the payments made to Fischer-Hansen
"And pet you. a? a lawyer, knowing this black-
Irell. went ahead and paid over the $5,0»?"
Tea •
* "Did you pet a receipt for the JS.OfiO?"
"No; Hanscn wouldn't gi\-e me one. I got the
releases and the letters."
I "How did you pay the money?"
"In bills."
"Don't you know you didn't pay but tZ,b**> and
pocketed the other 52,509?*
"I did not."
The witness admitted he had discussed O'Brien
with Fischer-Hanson.
Macaluso then told of his visit to Fischer-Hansen
and how, after hearing his story, me lawyer had
called O'Brien on the telephone and told him to
call or. him in N«w York
The case will be continued to-day.
Newton Stout's Home at Short Hills Robbed
of Articles Valued at .500.
Short Hills. !C. J.. June 15 (Special).— Pinkerton de
tectives: are workine on the robbery committed last
"Wednesday BISjM at the horrie of Newton Stout, in
Xnollwood Road, wh'-n rflverwar^ and other artl
<Jes valued at 51.500 were carried off. it is believed,
by profepsionals. Mr. Stout is a banker and broker
at No. M Broad street. New York. The loss was
reported to the New York Det«:tive Agency, bat
the local authorities learned of it for the first time
The burplars pained entrance by forcing a win
dow in the, dining room and carried the drawers
from the sideboard to the lawn, where they sotted
ever the Filverware. separating the solid from the
Animal Reaches Him in Time to Kelp Him
• - . Over the Fence.
Caldwell, N. .1.. June IS (Special).— Arthur W«?l<lon,
of Halifax, N. S., who has been apeodtas; a few
«-erke wi«h friends near this place, had an ex
citing experience this morning, when he was
ehaped by a bull, an on account of his bright red
necktie. .". . ;
"Weidon start* out to ro fishing, and took ■
short cut across Xhf farm of Jacob Van [lout< n.
Uhen he had r*-. ---i,«-i th*- midole of a large pasture
lot l<e heard a jingling bell. and. ■•■ ■■: ■■«-"• saw the.
animal making a bee line for Mm. W.-ld^n .Inn
out for the nearest fence, followed closely by the
- It «as a .-.<■>■ for life, m d as \V'l«ior. breathless
and exhausted, was climbing the pasture fence, the
bull reached him. SSSI bin horns into him and
h«*lp*-o him over. Fortunately, be was only ellghtly
lads Brought to Pasteur Institute for Treat
merit — Watching Other Animals.
JRy I>l»><rr»;il> t<> Th« TV! ir>
Rah»-ay. N. J. June BascsP Oppenhelmer and
Morris Hi; pa:: jr.. were hittrn by a strange dos
en Thursday night. TIM) animal was shot and its
head atsM to in* Pasteur Institute, from which
word wag received yesterday that unmistakable evi
dence of rabies had been found.
Mis. George Oppenheimer and Mrs. Morris Kippan
took thHr son« to th« Pasteur Institute yesterday.
and the boys were put under treatment at once,
Suspected dogs are t-*>!nsj shut up and watched.
■*'«'. hats. $1,047." is the item that figures in a
rctt that BHsc gailwlft. of No. ? W*>?t Mb street,
i has br«m£ht ae.i'n«t I>-r-»! O'RHIly. formerly of
counsel tor Harry K. Thaw. Th» term "hats" in
this case is perhaps a little indefinite, tor they
were not of the prosaic variety of headsear af
fected by men. "THaf" is a French milliner, and
v j-;i». some of th» h«>a<lp!»ces were just hats others
V rl > ■•creations." taal what the millinery as*
etfte'l sf <r in adsai ?par* cf .time the %l.di~ worth
of hatf were bought hap not appeared yet. But
Mis* Hartwis says in her SOU in the City Court
that Mr. •• ■!!>' owes her that amr.:tnt.
Dennis «■ Psiillnr. attorneys for th«« r-laintlff.
" moved before Chief Justice O'l>wyer. of the City
Court. yesterday, to have the oase. placed <-,n th*
Ehort cfiUfce calendar. The motion wap giantei.
Orange. X. J-. June ••" (Special).— Patrick Derr'R.
tnotorman of the car from which passengers jumped
In East Orange on Saturday night when he and the
conductor, Frank Nutty. deserted it, was released
•o-day in 12.5W hall M a charge of manslatifrht^r.
County Detective James Mason, who happened to
be on •h. car when the fure Mew out and the con
fuetcfi seesjnasl. resulting in Hm death of in->
wom«-n and th»- injury of four other persons, say«
l»errip .lump**! over the pates of the <\ur. I»:r,j;
-pays be was Mown from the car. hut '•!•• shows no
Don't Tire Easily
food is a regular part of your diet.
Made from Wheat and Barley which
fives natural *tr»nirtri and a clear brain.
"There's a Reason"
United Company 'Announces Exten
sive Diversion of Steamships.
[Br iMajaaaft la Th* Tribune.]
Baltimore. June 15.— The United Fruit Com
pany announced to-day that this port had been
selected as the central point for an extensive
expansion of the company's business. Steam
ships that have been operated from Charleston,
S. C. have been diverted and the company has
determined also to divert here from Boston,
New York and Philadelphia a fleet of passenger
and refrigerator ships. These will connect Bal
timore direct for passengers and freight with
Jamaica, Cuba. Hayti and Central American re
On all through business from points west of a
line drawn through Wheeling. W. Va.. and Pitts
burg to Buffalo there is a differential on all
rates In favor of Baltimore as compared with
Now York, averaging 3 cents a hundred pounds
on aH classes, and there is also a differential
from this territory in favor of Baltimore over
Interborough Engineer Says Semi-Bitumi
nous Coal Has To Be Used.
Testimony was given yesterday before Commis
sioner Eustls. of th« Public Service Commission. to
show that the Interborough Rapid Tnn<=it Com
pany had chanced from the use of anthracite to
semi-bituminous coal in its two large power houses.
This came out at a hearing on • a complaint
against the smoke nuisance maintained at the
power house at 59th street and the North River.
The complainant was Henry D. Hotchkiss. a law
yer, whose home is at No. 351 West "f.t'i street.
He said that the five big stacks of the Inter
borough's power house belched forth <i mass v€
smoke fit nil times and ruined the district as a
residence section.
Henry <i. Stott. superintendent of motive power
of the Interborough, said it had used anthracite
coal for two years Bfter the subway was opend,
when a change to semi-bituminous coal was made.
This was necessary, be said, because of the irreg
ularities in the tntal amount of power needed, due
to changes in load on different parts of the Hn*\
Seml-bitumlnous coal would produce additional heat
when needed more quickly than anthracite, he
"If a man commits suicide in the subway,** said
Mr Stc.tt. "a dozen or twenty trains may r-* 1
Stopped.. This means a sudden change in the load.
When these trains start up there is another change
In the load."
It cost the company $300 for each of its sixty
boilers to fit them for the change in coal. If they
should go hack to nnthracfte coal, he said, it
would mean a loss of ."V> per cent in the rush hour
capacity of the subway.
Dr. Mary K. Crawford Attacked in Brooklyn
L'r. Mary fcf. Crawford, surgeon at the Wi'liams
bttra; Hospital, had a hard time yesterday with ;in
Insane woman who was being taken to the Lee
avrnu" police station. The woman. Mrs. Hecki"
I^loch. of So. .'•" Cook street, driven insane by pri
vatlaas, was walking <iow n Broadway. Wflliams
hurg. when she became violent and attacked her
husband and two children.
Policemen went to their rescue, but it required
the effoiu of four of t..em to hold the woman untU
the arrival of the ambulance. In the ambulance
Mrs. Filoch freed herself from the police and before
they could prevent her had bitten Dr. Crawford !n
the arm. The wound was cauterized, s:id it Is not
thought that there will be any serious results. Mrs.
Bloch was later taken to the Flathush Hospital for
the Insane, and it was said that her case is hope
Delegation Fails to Exact Promise from
Dock Commissioner Spooner.
A delegation of fifty persons living in Stapleton.
Ftat»n Island, led by George Cromwell, Borough
President of Richmond, went- yesterday to the De
partment of Docks and Ferries and told Allen N.
flpooiMa'. the Dock Commissioner, a few things
about the failure to run a ferry to Stapkton.
The small regiment, drenched to the skin in t!ie
walk from the Staten Island ferry landing at the
Battery to Pier A. was in no pleasant humor, and
tbey bombarded the Commissioner with reasons why
he should spend about 125.000 to fix up the old boats
WVs'Nld and Middletown and give Stapleton a
ferry service of its own. With lames Feeney as
spokesman, they had the whole scheme figured out
to a penny.
The Commissioner said he had no funds, pleaded
that the St. Georgo service was run at a loss and
argued that he would not trust his own life on
either of the old boats. The men from Stnpleton
t«l<l him that 1200.000 could be found to build a new
I police station, but they got. no tangible promise
: from Mr. Spooner.
KnestviUe. Tcnn., June lo.— Chief of Police Chand
ler arrested a man to-day who Is believed to be
Pieauott Boynton. wanted in Manitowoc. Wis., for
grand larceny and f>mb«*zz'em«»iit of $in,oiii) in United
States bonds. Boynton is seventy-five years old,
lino because of his age Is being guarded at a hotel
instead of being confined in jail. The prisoner ad
mits that his name is Prase ott Boynton and that
he has b*>"n 11 Manitowoc. but denies that he Is
guilty of wrcmgdoitig.
Miss Edna Van Arsdale, convicted of using the
mails to defraud investors in Horace A. Blaekmur's
bi:eketshop business at No. 18 Broadway, escaped
yesterday a term in prison. Judge Hough sus
pended sentence.
John Lynott. the Brooklyn contractor, who was
Phot by his nephew early yesterday morning, died
In the afternoon In the Norwegian Hospital. Rob
ert, the nephew, is in the same hospital In a dying
condition, a victim of his own hand. Just before.
Lynott di«J he retained cOnPeioaaßesa and told Cap
tain David Evans of the Fort Hamilton station that
the shooting had been caused by Ms refusal to give
his nephew money The younger man was an In
mate of St. John's Home from the time he was six
yea's old until he became fourteen, when he went
to live with his uncle
Judg* I.acombe. in the Vnited Rtnten Circuit
court, denied yesterdny the application of AlberT
T Patrick, charged with the murder of William
Marsh Rice, for v writ nf habeas oorpus. Patrick
contended that hio conviction and sentence to death,
which waa commuted to life imprisonment, wae a
re.-ult of a conspiracy to plunder the Rice millions.
M:,l"fi««. N. "V . Jun« IS— While Krnest C <;ieason,
a lull to dsj farmer, and hi« two daughter* were
Fitting on the veranda of their home last evening,
during » fftorm, a salt of lightning knocked them
to the floor, gif son's left side was paralysed, an.l
he woo unconßcious for several hours, but to-day he
was reported to be recovering.
pouirlikeep«l«*, N V., June 15.- -Kvelyn Thaw again
visited h.r liusband in jail, here to-day, and took
< .ni.<r with him in Bheriff Chanlttr'e room in the
Moston, June ll> — Governor Guild resumed hi«
oiit'rb to day after nn nhnenee of more than three
I ?hs on account of illness.
Kntl«Htn» tfllin* nf ihr work of the »'ipnt.ll.-in
' vJilonal lomrntinn 1! Chlraco wIU >>(■ posted fit fre-
I <iu'ni "ntVrv.L In <•»»; mi the Tribune BuU<Ui.«,
1 be*.Lunitt» U*U i»»nua«-.
I Workers at Flower Mission Deplore
Falling Off in Contributions.
"We want everything we can get." ?ald on« of
the officer of the New York City Flower Mission
at its rooms, at No 104 East 20th street, yesterday.
"Tea, Jellies, condensed milk, fruit, vegetables, as
well as flowers. Nothing comes nmiss."
For some reason food delicacies and fruit are
being received in m^aicre supply. Mnny flowers are
sent in. but the mission line no trouble in disposing
j of them and could dispose of more If It had them.
Last Thursday the rooms were a bower. A hun
dred magnificent . roses came from J. Pierpont
Morgan's place and were sent to Gouvemcur Hos
pital. Four hundred roses were sent to Lincoln
Hospital in The Bronx. A hundred potted plants
came from a Sunday school in Orange. N. J.. and
were distributed among kindergartens nnd day
nurseries' and tenement shut-ins. Yesterday, also,
quantities of peonies, roses,' pansles and other
blossoms were received and were promptly carried
away by missionaries to the places where they
would do the most good.
"We need helpers to assist in unpacking the
flowers and arranging them for the missionaries."
said one of the workers. "Put. dear me, aren't
things contrary in this world? Not long ago we
published an appeal for helpers and the next day
six volunteers came in. But, of course, it just hap
pened that en that day there were hardly any flow
ers. We tried to assure, the ladies that generally we
nad many flowers nnd would be very glad of their
Wlp: but I'm afraid they didn't really believe it.
and only one of them ever came back.
"Missionaries say that th« sick in tenements he?
for Jellies so. Condensed milk is on* thing of
which we 11=0-1 to get a great deal, but for some
reason it isn't coming in now, and we miss it.
In some ways there is almost more suffering now
than there was last winter. Out of work people
who lived for a good whil« after the hard times
began on what they had saved up. or with the help
of relatives, are coming to the end of their re
sources now."
"I hope we'll get is many vegetables and fruits
this year as we did last." said another worker.
"Some of the wealthy people would have the
crates and ship us vegetables regularly, the crates
h«>ing carried back the next day by the express
com pan if?.
"I used to wonder why gifts at fruits and vege
table? from the same people would vary so year
by year. One year wed get splendid things from
some estate up the Hudson, cay, and the nest
{rear from that samo estate only skimpy offerings
or nothing at all. I concluded it was the garden
era. Probably the owners were away in Europe
and left orders with the gardeners to send us
things. If the gardener was generous we reaped
the benefit. If lie had an eye to the main chance
he probably sold the vegetables and kept the
money. Maybe that was one of his perquisite?."
In recent years the mission has purchased deli
cacies for the sick, but at present the treasury is
not very full, because many contributors have been
compelled to halve their checks or refrain from
Bending them at all. Still, the mission is going
on as it has gone since :t was founded, more than
thirty years ago.
The missionaries are chosen with great care,
and most of the people helped are found through
Settlements and schools:, so tho f e v.ho contribute
may be sure that their gifts are not wasted on
the wrong people. The mission rooms at No. 104
Kast 2"th street are open every Monday and
Thursday. Mies Frances Rufelt is the treasurer.
Hasn"t Thought of Resigning Chancellor
ship or Been Asked.
I.ake riacld, N. V.. June 15 (Special) —On his ar
rival at this Adirondack resort to-night Chancellor
James- X Day. head of Syracuse Vniverslty. de
clared th*re was r.o truth in the story that he is
to resign from the post he has held so long.
"Th;it was a pipe dream," he declared. "I have
Sever entertnlnod any idea of resigning, nor have
the trasteea asked me to resign. The report that
they have done so is a piece of spite work. It is a
regular Annniaß Job; there Is nothing to the story."
I>r. Day was met by a conveyance at the railroad
station and driven at once to his farmhouse, two
miles outside Lake Placid village, on the road to
John Brown's grave. He will spend some time there
la absolute rest, and will be joined later by his
The sight of a Confederate flag overlapping the
Stars and Stripes on the printing office of William
J. I'hysiac, in Main street. Ossining, yesterday, so
angered the citizens of that place, and especially
the members of Morell Post, O. A. R., that Com
mander Sumner A. Smith pulled down the flag and
carried it away with him to his home. Now Physlac
is cited to appear before the firand Army post.
William Rosen, of No. 831 Kast 80th street, was
nrraigned <n the Tombs police court yesterday,
charged with offering for snlo the questions to be
used in the Regents' examination, and held in $500
hail for examination to-morrow.
Charlea i^srtlett, an'elghty-four-year old offender,
whs arraigned yesterday before Judge Ros&lsky on
B forgery charge, and ph-aded guilty. He was sen
tenced to three years In state's prison. If tie com
pletes the term he will have served thirty years in
prison since I* ( VT.
Th<- forty-odd amusement proprietors arrpsteri at
Fort George on Sunday, charged with violating the
Sunday closing law, were discharged yesterday
when arraigned before Magistrate Kernochan, in
the Harlem police court.
Four men arrested as principals in a raid marla
on an alleged gambling house in West 41st street
on June 3 were discharged when arraigned last
night 1n Jefferson Market court
The commencement exercises of the New York
I>aw BCQOOI will be held at Carnegie Music Hall on
Thursday evening at R:ls o'clock. An address will
be delivered by Judge Charles M. Hough, of the
United Ftates District Court. There will be 165
Edgar T. Klnssley ha* sold for the Freehold
Construction Company (Nevins & Perelman) th»
southeast corner of Richmond Road and Margaret
St., .Graniteville. Borough of Richmond. It Is ,1
four story double ten«m«nt house, with store, on lot
25x100 feet. N%vins *■ Perelman purchased th»
property in April through the same broker.
Herbert A. Sherman has rented for Richard T.
Wainwright his brick house and stable in Stuy
v«sar.t aye.. Rye. N. T., to Bainbridge Colby for
the season. The property fronts on the Sound.
M. & L. Hess have leae^d for Charles Brogan
to th» Standard Novelty Company the eighth loft,
containing 5,000 square feet. In Nos. 3fi and 38 West
30th St.: for David Crystal to Ramherg & Scheyer
the eighth loft, containing s,o*V> square feet, in
Nos. 32 and 34 West Jfith St.; for Hyman Levy A Co.
to Louis Rothschild the eighth loft, containing
10,000 square feet, in No. IS to 22 West 30th St., ex
tending to No. 23 West 19th St.
The Fort Washington Syndicate is the buyer of
the six story apartment housn Nob. 73 and 76 Man
hattan fit., sold recently by the George A. Fisher
Company. The deal ir* part of a trride.. th« other
end of which Involved the sal« of th« block front
on the weßt side of Broadway, between 177 th and
17Sth at*., by the Fort Washington Syndicate to
Hi* Hrodle, Realty Company, of Which George A.
Fisher la president.
Goodwin &. Goodwin negotiated the Bale of No.
If.ol Madison ay«. to Harry L. Hosen and Its resale
to Anton Aiitosch.
B. Clienk<?n has leased foi the city to a client
fur one year the Hotel Comfort and Windsor Theatre
properties. No. 43 to 47 Bowery; also for the city
the plot, 200x150 feet, Hi the northeast corner of
Forsytb and Division streets, for market purposes.
1,. Tanenhaum, Strauss &. Co. negotiated the re
cent sal« of No. 25 Bond ht. for David and Harry
Lippmann to the Ktagloc Holding Company.
Hurrlll Brothers have sold the thtiee story and 1
baaetnrnt brownatone dwelling house No. 491 Ist
et., between 7th and Bth aver, Brooklyn, for th«
Realty Ansoelates 10 O. W. Tulmadge. After
Sinking f>;rennlv<3 itlteratiorii to th.- premltee the
buyer will occupy ma houMi. The houM v t*u *
lot 20*100 feet. — >
W. Sittenham Pays $450,000 for
Fifth Aye. House.
Many large realty transactions were reported
yesterday. Tucker, Speyera & Co. sold for Henry
Corn to an Investor NO. 22 to 28 West IM It, a
twelve story mercantile building, on a lot 100x93
feet. The purchase price was J7sO,ofv>. , i
Wilflnm Crulkshank's Sons have sold to Wlinem
Sittenham a six story dwelling house, of the, most
approved construction, with all modern Improve
ments, including elevators, etc., at th" southeast
corner of R^th Ft. and nth aye. It Is on a plot C7x
102.2 2-3 feet The property has been held at $150,000.
Slawfon & Hobbs have sold for the Eagan &
Hallecy Construction Company to a client for in
vestment the Ogden, a five story limestone and
brick apartment hcuse. No. 901 Ogden aye.. on a
plot 75xP5 feet. \
The Greene & Taylor Company has sold No. ..15
West R2d St.. 3 four etory and basement dwelling
house. 20x102.2 feet. The buyer v.-ill occupy the
A twelve story commercial building is to jbe
erected for Kcbert S. Finney on the property Nos.
149 and 151 West 3«th st. It is to be of brick, with
trimmings of limestone- and terra cotta. It will
cost (200.060. Mulliken & Moeller are the archi
John W. Right is going to build a block of toot
six story apartment houses in ICtfa st.; west of
I/.nox aye. They ore to be et orrwmental brick
and stone, three having suites rcr thirty families
and one with suites for twenty-eight families.
They are to cost HSO.OOt. The architects are Ne
ville A' Bagge.
Finns have been filed for r-mcdel!ing the second
stories of the row of six Btcry office and store
buildings. No, 572 to SS2 ?th iive.', which were re
cently made over frcm flathouses to business
structures for the' Columbus Circl? Arcad" Com
pany. The floors will be equipped with mezzanine
windows. Herman & Pclioen are the nrehitects.
The Manhattan plans for new buildings reporter!
yesterday include a one Story manufactory to be
built for the Christie Iron Works, in 11th aye..
north of 22d st., at a cost of $7,500.
One Vacant and Two Improved Par
cels Sold at Foreclosure.
Three foreclosure sales comprised the auction bud
get yesterday in the Real Estate Exchange Sales
rooms. Nos. 14 and 16 Vesey st The offering was
quickly disposed of. The results were as follows:
By D P Ingraham & Co: Jumej Plac*. m a. 241.8 ft n
of 167 th st. 125x100: vacant; C E Sands et a! ( trus - et^
■ai Rachel M>instein et al; Bowers & S, «ty»^c g
SfoWan ref: anw an* %V.>.\><* =•-': taxes. «te. *6SiSo.
a Metro .astro et al: Bowers sB, «**£*"£?£
dall. r«f; amt due. 1C45304; taxes, etc. $3,2 54. to jo
"X l^"v &?»» 2*s nuh-t. n « • *«.
avr' V7.xVM> 11, thrpp rt sty ft h; sheriffs pale of all rlpht.
title, etc. which Makran.-ky & Api«lbaum had on FeO
ruary 27. JWB. or since; Harris & F. »uys; to the plain
tiff "for $1"".
The auction offerings to-day will he as follows:
At 14 Vesey st -By Joseph P Day: 185 and 187 I>"\ 19
rt 818-«23E stb St. n cor. 18.10x114x »£«;;»« }hs
and stores; Michael Colenian ast Abraham Halpln et al.
Alexander & G. attys: W R CBughlan. nrf: a " I'l^'t1 ' I^'t
•3D.016U.: taxes, etc. **31 9 X; 1 ". 4;! and '' '.J 1 J ™;^ h t
kve. w s 283 ft n of 165tb st, 42.8x179 ft. 3 sty tea n
and' store; Caroline Wle^and et al afft lx.uisHa.ri son et
Bl Thomas (Jllleran. atty; J V Mclaughlin ref. amt
due. $18,28684; taxes, etc. $212 32: 213 «!>th St. n B.
164° ft w of Amsterdam are, 20.6x^00.3 ft, 2 sty <Iwlk
b;JS Lawsou apt C B Mucker: .1 s Lawsonjatty: R a
Trvor. ref; amt doe. 51.728JH; taxes, etc. $R4- 30. sub
to a mtse of 110.000; 44t; lrt-iri Bt. s f. 123 ft «■ ol Am
sterdam aye, 37.6x112.6 ft. 6 star Hat h: a V Holly act
Sißfrif-d Wittner et al; Kerriss & R. attys; F .1 Hen
ne=sv ref; amt due. $11.608 03; taxes, etc. $t,32«a0;.8Ub
to a" miKe of 136,500; W*a 3d aye. w s. 25 ft s Of li-.a
st. T5.4x95.4x75x95.1l ft: 2 sty dwlg h and vacant; VT<-ri
del Scheuermann apt Leopold Ehrmann et al; I,inßbeln
& L., attys: F T Kltzßerald. ref; amt due * 1( »- lt « ■-.
taxep etc HRM; Arthur avo. s w cor l«Sth St. M.Ox
112«x.V».llxll2.« vacant; F R Mlnrath aßt •' E M •■-
Bvov et al Hoadley. I- & .1. Htt\s; S I, II Ward l r*f:
amt due $4.m0 BK; taxes, etc. $1,245; 523 t o ."^.T .(tth st.
n 5 37.! ft »> of Aye A. 15^x100.4 ft; 1 sty stable and va
cant: Mutual Uf* Insurance Co ast C J Well et al;
T McKeen atty; M 1j Bruce, ref; amt due. J2R.O,S 11;
taxes etc. $1,415; 434 and 436 Hath st. s ». 320 ft ';
of Ist aye. 11.RxlOO.1O; « sty ten h and store: Realty
Mtße Co a (ft O I.ordi et al; H Swain, atty; C .1 Leslie,
r^f amt due, $23..'.fi4 !>t*, : taxes, etc. $r>72 4!>; 1171
Vyse aye, v c. .'OO ft n of l«7th st. -J.ixlOO; * ny Awe:
h; Rose Block a>st Samuel Horowitz et a:. A
A FllhtTl-erg. atty; M S Fievins. ref; amt due.
$2,323 82: taxed, etc. $415 15; sub to a prior mtjre of
$S000; 1427 (>n<l 1420 Madison avr>. «« F. .-><"> 1 1 ft * of
99th st. 50x100; 7 sty apt h: B Wasserman act E S
Jacobs ft al: Bamber^er * L. attys; T J Purdy. ref;
amt due. $22.139 64: sub to a first mtue of $70,000;
23C,r, 2d aye. w s. 45.11 ft n of 121 st st. 2OxSS.II; 3
sty ten h and store; Norwood aye. es. mo fs of
C,nn Hill rd. r.OxIOO to Wehster are; vacant: R Albert
tuft C Kornfeld et al; E Herrman, attr; C W Rld»-way,
ref: amt due. $4.3P0R«; taxes, etc. $454 30.
Dy Samuel Ooldstlcker: 13fith St. s s. 32" ft w of
Amsterdam me. 75x90.11; two (> sty fl iis Lillian
Phaff a(-t B C Clark et «1; action 1: Arnsteln & 1., !
attys: .1 C I.cvi, ref: amt due. $."..77." 2.".; taxes, etc.
$100 01: 136 th st. s f>. 2."0 ft w of Amsterdam aye,
75x30.11; two ft sty ft h«: action 2: same a*t fame;
same attys; 1., Steckler, ref: amt due, $5,775 25; taxes,
etc. $400 04.
The Kdenwald T.ar.il Companies have sold two
lots on Wright aye.. 13 feet north of Nelson aye.
to .Tohn .mil Noxsti Howard, and one lot at East
233 d st. and Poone aye. to Maurice Murphy.
Oeorge F. Pi'-kr-n has sold for Mary A. Me-
Cormaek No. 2,"1 West 133 d St., a three story dwell
ing house, on a K>t Is.Bz9ft.ll feet, and for H. C.
Mapes A Co. h dwelling house on a plot of six lots
on West Farms Ro.id. and a plot. 45x1(K> feet, on
Grand aye.. Van Nest. Also for Irving Kempner
No. Jill Rth inc., northwest corner of 139 th St.. a
five story flathouse, with store, on plot 32.5x100 feet.
.lames K. Holly hn* sold for a client to fv 1,.
P.-tkas No. 2297 7th :iv#., a three story dwelling
house, adjoining the southeast ciirner of 135 th St.,
on lot lfi.KxTS feet.
Harry 1.. Rosen has Bold No. &4 ilKth St.,
a five story double flathouse. on lot 25x1091.1l feet.
Charles W. South, of the offlcp of James K.
Holly, has sold for Dr. Walter .1 < "larke eighteen
lots on the block bounded by Morris an/1 Walton
jvw., ISSd and 184 th Pts.. including two corners.
T"nere are three dwelling houses on the property.
The American Real Estate Company, has s>oM an
other one of its twn family houses, 20x1"9 feet, on
Fade st., to Frank Oersten.
Hugo Wabst has sold the two three family houses
on plot 60x100 feet, on the east side of White Plains
Road. 175 feet north of Elizabeth St.; alsri a plot.
50x80 feet, on the south side of 174 th St., 25 feet east
of Eden aye.; also a plot of four lots on the west
side of Webster aye. or Bronx River Road, north
of Mile Fqunre Road.
Justice Guy. of the Supreme Court, yesterday
appointed Robert C. Ten Kyek receiver of the
rents of Nos. 313 and SIB Crlmmlns aye.. The Bronx,
two five story flathousep. in an action brought
by Louis Zuckerkandel against Max Helf stein and
others to foreclose a third mortgage of Jl.svt.
There are prior mortgages on the property
amounting to $31.<VW).
Commonwealth »ye, • c. 75 ft n of Merrill st,
25x100; Emily A Taber loan* Marie Kugel
mann ........ $4,500
After twenty years of mending th« clocks and
locks of the, Polleo Department. Policeman Charles
E. Brewer, sixty- four years old, attached to th«
Bureau of Repairs and Supplies at Police Head
quarters, died yesterday momlnK In hIH home. No.
67 West 138 th street, from nephritis. Hrewe.r was
also ruHtodlnn of the fla^B of th« Police Depart
ment. II" w»h appointed a patrolman on February
14. 1*74. Me whh a Civil War veteran, survtnfr under
Sherman In TrtmeaHee and on the march through,
Th« police bollove that Edward Winnette. of Bt:i
pleton, Staten Island, accused of aseuultlns nine
ycar-old a»ih-h O'Brien, also of Stapleton, is at
Chester, Perm. Detective Sergeant Smith learned
that Farley, the htrlke hreuk«-r, had a Job In that
City, and aH Wmn.-tt.- Ik said to b« one of his right*
hand mmi, h« believes that he has joined Farley. '
Furnished Apartments to Let
J. ftil »i»srtm*nt; 6 l»rea room*, corner 7TtJ» »t., Co
lumbus »vs. Ul.h. «4 W*«t 77U1 ••-
William Allen White
There is no more brilliant wTiter in the United Spates
than William Allen White. He always finds something
worth while to say, and he says it in a way that interests
people of all classes. Mr. White's series of articles oo
the 1904 convention stands as the highest illustration of
the art of descriptive and of human-interest writing.
You must read THE EVENING
MAIL if you want a// the news of
the Convention and the best
portrayal of men and incidents
to be found anywhere.
Unfurnished Apartments to Let. Unfurnished Apartments toJLet^
Nearly completed, the most superbly situated apart
ment house in the city, at
facing Manhattan Square and overlooking Central Park.
One large and beautifully decorated apartment on
each floor, with ideal southern exposure.
These apartments are first class in every respect; they
consist of 10 rooms and 3 baths, and contain every knovt
modern device and improvement for the comfort and con
venience of tenants.
Each tenant is supplied with an additional servants'
room on the top floor and a large individual fireproof stor
age room in the basement.
Each apartment possesses the privacy of a priv
dwelling and no expense his been spared in making them
the most attractive and comfortable n the city.
Leases commence on October Ist.
Must be seen to be appreciated.
Fc farther particulars apply to A. P. COBURN on premises.
Long Island Real Estate for Sale.
Only 45 minutes
from Roslyn Station to
New York City.
This is the present transit ser
vice offered to home-builders in
The improvements assured for
the future will reduce this time
We know of no property with
in commuting distance of New
York and Brooklyn which can
compare with Roslvn Estates in
natural beauty, in its picturesque
development, in social environ
ment and in its present and future
investment value at the prices
now asked. ■', * '
Dean Alvord Co.,
277 Broadway, New York.
An exclusive colony of country estatmt.
DEAN ALVOnD CO.. Mm.. 277 llroadway. N»w Tork.
I » mile ride through cjnrfim County In our automobile
aliHnlutely free. Write for ItukeLs. \V. C KK.KVra .V
CO. 1-1 l-^a»t "3il »t.. Manhattan.
To Let for Business Purposes.
Very Desirable Store and
1364 Broadway
Apply to Renting Agent
•10 Tribune Building,
164 Nassau «t.
Real Estate.
in passing Title to Real
Estate, incident to curing
bad Titles, can always be
avoided by insuring the
Titles with this Company
at the time of purchase.
Lawyers Title
Insurance and Trust
•SSSKM $9,500,000
81 Liberty Street. 89 Liberty St»*««»
18» M«itta.«u« »tr»et. Br-oklya.
la N«w Turk's most beautiful »üburt».
City Property for Sale.
t W'i»l.-4. f..r ■»!•. nnm "f «h- m "" t , J! p»^ sots*
n«r» downtown. Apply l» WJI. C. ftAUEBS ou
29'J Broadway. __— — *
Country Property for Sale.
'noirsALE^KAitit "fT.w.MuST in '^J^Hltu?
X Hillo; well »atem» »tlh spring* *£.!' *tts •***
en .mall Ink,. Apr!* to JAMK3 MAJtwßl*!* *»
farm »t . \V»t«rbury. t'opn. _^_»— — — **
OK>T!ON ; . -:h'lKl-I> PARK *?*J2is*
Real Estate Loans.
rCUItCT 86CONO MORTGAGE! <- « o:cl lLS»a»*2
X< »e»Ue*tlon« frnm principal _ .<*>!>;.__££;?'— _
E&ftiaTT. I*4 JK©*dw»y. T*L 35iW-3 Cart ilMfc i

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