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UfUgham Says Injunction Will X:ot
Bar Police from Acting.
tehe- legal fight the Coney Island Jockey Club
i parted to I fT the new anti-betUng law occu
2l Of* 1 of yesterday with mancruvrlns for Baal
*ff« Ajth^-iKi"' b*bbs of the betting men thought
*_ JTW , y ' unction *ibtain<^d by the club from
i*' 3 :6 c: -, ff restraining the pclloe from harry-
* S - cltise^ 8 woo gather together at the track was
** - o , v Commissioner Blngham and Assistant
* '„.. Attorney Elder of Kings said it could not
«tf the cnforc«E3ent of the new law. Mr. Elder
I thst on Friday he had a talk -with Governor
J^V^g over the '■"'!'•£ distance telephone, and that
Jfcjorer-.cr was "still stern."
*~j 'rl!le Collins, who was arrested at the Sheeps
\i "E*y track on Friday, was released yesterday
the custody c * Captain Barry, of the firm of
ties S*one & Auerbach. counsel for the Jockey
r^-b. ho obtained a writ of habeas corpus from
««ir« Biff > * i - of the Supreme Court, in Manhat-
j hP arrest bad been made on a warrant issued
*''vi^ ff ' ' Ti#fhc. on the application of Asslst
**• District Attorney Elder, who satisfied the mag
** ' c i 1i 1 it after an oral bet had been made set
*;" ' Dt sf tAme l " ' 3 taken place ax the track. Jus
l*" 3lsdtiDft then issued an order directing Sheriff
fta»i>v d Kings to appear before him with Collins.
IC^ain Barry said he did not wish to proceed
•h*» r ' fr '' of the District Attorney, and on his
" ... the rcse was adjourned until Monday. Af
virsrfi Captam irry paid the main point was as
whetiser .-. verbal bet. accompanied by the pass
- of PJOQ) ■ . constitutes a violation of the new
m- Collißf I* f: * s<i to have formerly been a bet
tar err.. s? - orier for Richard Croker.
la their attempt to find out Just how far the state
"... in r/.sking arrests, counsel for the Coney
W'-d Jockey Club made application yesterday to
vijr.stratps Tithe. Voorhees and Geismar for
•Jcta I 1^" wsrranl! to be served on men making
5-oepti-g oral bets. The magistrates consulted
j^B Mr. Ei««~. and then, on refusing: to grant
a-ajatn xr.^ae the following statement:
"The snakisg °f a - bet between two individuals
•s+es tfcere is r.o tranpfer of money Is not a viola
"of St-c'i o " S£l of the Penal, Code, nor is it a
tioi&ttois of ■" '' nn 16S of the Penal Code, and the
s'Clstrate pefaßßß •• Issue a warrant of arrest
ipes .v.,> presentation of the above facts."
Tie pjtsecotlajf attorney said that during his
rjaiWUßtion ■"'••h Governor Hughes the latter had
him «'"- al he thought would be the effect of
tit tqJaacttoL Mr. Elder's opinion Is that it will
-ot t* effective In preventing the police from dis
persing £ !••.:* when they have reason to believe
tetuair 16 going on. "Under the city charter," he
tt*J. "IJJ* P^'ic* have a licit to disperse any gratii
ctTf of people when they believe the group or
— 0* to riitmbers are comrinpUting a violation
d the law-**
Oonaalsskmer Eingham. after a conference with
jvft Deputy Police Commissioner Baker and Bom
e^ii Infjwetnr Flood of Brooklyn, sent them to
guZtr wiOi Corporation Counsel Pendleton for ln
iructior.s as to how far the police may go with
ta"i'lol2 T-:rsT -:rs the injunction. Then Commissioner
jvfjyus said, as he thumped Tils desk: "I would
■|HOe The law if ail the lawyers ana judges
nvf k.;;t.: C". and then we might have some jus
-fct Ccm.T.i££ior.cr told nineteen inspectors <*-' -
tf tie <s&y that they mast close all the poolrooms
their districts. He Intimated that he would hold
ttea icßponrHllr for any violations found.
•wo ,-.-.,■ men -were held for betting by Mag!?
taa &e:;.:r yesterday. They were PhiHr 1 Dona
iaard Joseph Louwey. and their cases xveni o\-«r
ite* - under $500 bail each. There was a re
pn correct yesterday that the Kin^s County
6i=i Jury may start an Investigation as to the
MftsAa cf holding races, but no on© seemed
tSsg to verify It.
£aist Followers Elect Officers and. Berate
Big Political Parties.
--• \>»- Jersey State Convention of the Inde
■BfwMe l^ar^e «raa held in Newark. last night.
st,er«- span abr.-_t ' • -y-f-ur deleg-ates and others
jresenl. Th^se officers were acted: John Roach,
lisex. chairman: Leonard Steininan. Bergen, sec-
JF.ary; Joseph Sonnabend and Martin Reinhardt,
jsslsiart secretaries: George T. Kenny. Hxidson.
p?r?ear:t-at-annß: a. B. Choyce. James B. Reyn
e3d!. R.urr*'rt D. Griffith, G«orge Learj-, Harry
CeuHer. "vrilllans Brer.nan and J. E. McMaOnn, as
A p!at;erra crtticifing both th* political parties
tad alleging a Ferret alliance betvreen them -was
tsopted. It :r.doT>^d the declarations of principles
adopted at the national conference of the league
c Chicago on J el rnarr 22.
tbi-siatj: stcems inttee ten.
Crest of tie Flood at St Louis— Dam
Gives Way, Killing Much Stock.
Prts'rvr .' m 20. — Reports from "vTestprn P«nn
rylxhr.: Eastern Ohio and West Virginia show
sar. -fit_cag« Ersjsaj severe storms last evening and
•*• to-day, •will amount to over 5200,000. About
Ha perso-s were injured, none fatally.
lit Victor Rubber Company's plant at Snyder-
Qi!. OiJ... u-as struck by lightning this morning
«i practical: y destroyed, witii a loss of $125,000.
St. Louis, Tom 20. — The flood fA" ot the Missis
's?! River, it Is believed, has reached its crest,
tic alter remaining stationary for a day, will
t'XKlj btgia to recede. The stage was 34.9 here
»4«y. *"he Eltuation at Venice, across from St.
IWb. 1* grave. Houses -west of Main street are In
"*Ktx awes feet deep.
%£*&. tOaho, sam 2a— The big Deep Creek dam,
Si* aT.es above Malad, broke yesterday, and a
fprenty f«ef higa pw*>pt down the valley, lnun
<BJ^ several rr.M*-s of farm lands, killing much
*&k ss<3 coins damage estimated at 550.000.
Was>ijrjrton. Perm.. June Over JSOO/O0 damage.
* > «Btbna.t«a. was done in Washington County
«jr * storm -which tor© a wi<J« swath through the
•We cr this county last night. Oil tanks w-re
*f4;rfi«l and their contents spread destruction
*•»§ growing crops. It will 'be w*ek.s before
*•» »swn can be cleaned up. Several persons are
*'W«ed to have been slightly hurt.
; 1 •
:: ■•;y years a priest.
*csagDor O'Connell, of Brooklyn, Begins
Skte-Bay Celebration of His Anniversary.
*KaiE»or Joseph P. O*Conne!l. rector of St.
*»T taw of th* Bea Church. Brooklyn, was fifty
; *■« a sxisat yesterday, and the parish began a
j :i **-£a.y c*>^ation by attending communion in a
' *■&■ yesteniay morning. To-morrow night there
•atti dinner In his honor at Dreamland. One
«£a persons are expected to attend, and cd
**■•• wIU be made by well known citizens of that
toro^di. Oa Tuesday evening there Trill be a
i ""■Wight i>r<x*6Bion, and on Wednesday the chll
| *■ to the schools will Five an entertainment.
**« celebration ■will close on Thursday night with
I**"*— exercises of th« schools attached U>
"•Qsurrr, C f St. Mary**..
*»slrtior O'Connell is seventy-five years old and
***• been pastor of St. Mary's for twenty years.
*»^s a. chaplain in the Confederate army during
*-« Civil War. He "sras educated at Home and or
'"*• in one of the private chapels of the VaU-
J^- H« rtoav-d the degree of Doctor of Divinity
j^*-t leaving Rome. plus X has sent a special
*"tag to Monslgnor O'Connell and his parlshlon
*■■«• The mocaugnor was celebrant of the anniver-
J*: a&st yesterday morning, which was attended
* « his flock.
feyertcm-n. Fenn.. June —Add! son Swoy«r. of
.* $**». swor* out a warrant to-day against Dr.
?*•* 3. E. Rh oa<Js# the owner of the opera house
" *&cb i:i personc lost their lives last January,
**-*? ; n« him with violating the factory laws and
"^-•-fcifijas a bJ.ldlng dangerous to public safety.
« fcwoyer lost his wife in the fire.
*tzlco City, June 20.— The Y&qui war has begun
***fi*r. *«54. American and Mexican troops «"•
pursuing the Indians. In a flpht at the town of
Burna Vista, near Canton del Nordeste. In the
Stat* of Chihuahua, four Indians -were killed yes
terday nnd several wounded. The soldiers had
one man wounded. The troops were aided in thelt
fight by the townspeople of Buena Vista.
3/r. Roosevelt on San Francisco
Graft Prosecutions.
San Francisco. June 20. — "The Call" to-day prints
a letter, dated June S. at the White House, from
President Roosevelt to Rudolph Spreckels, in which
he comments^ upon the local graft prosecutions
and urges the prosecutors to "keep up the fight"
The fallowing is a synopsis of the matter contained
in the letter:
nr* l^ 1 ** 1 " Mr - Spreckels: Kow and then you and
Mr. Heney and the others who are associated with
you must feel downhearted when you see men
guilty of atrocious crimes who for some cause or
°- „*" succeed in escaping punishment, and espe
cially when you see men of wealth, of high business
and. In a tense, of high social standing, banded to
gether against you.
My dear sir. I want you to feel that your ex
perience is simply the experience of all of us who
are engSLgesi^n this fight. There is no form of
slander «udi»*icke<l falsehood which will not as a
matter of course be employed against all men en
gaged in such a struggle.
Now, I do hope that you and your colleagues
■will treat all this bitterness with entire disregard.
It is of small consequence to you or to any of us
who are engaged in this work, whether men think
well or ill of us personally: but it is of great con
sequence that we should do the -work without flinch
ing, on the one hand. and. on the other hand,
without losing our good humor and common sense,
without becoming angered and irritated to a degree
that will in any way cause us to lose our heads.
It is just as bad to be ruled by a plutocracy
as by a mob. It is profoundly un-American, and.
in a social sense, profoundly immoral to stand
for or against a sriven man. not because he is or
is not a brave, upright and able man. but because
he does or does not belong to a labor union, or
<loes or does not represent the big business in
terests. In their essence, down at tjie foundation
of things. the ties that are all important -are
those that knit honest men. brave men. square
dealing men together, and it is a mighty poor
substitute If we replace, these ties by those that
bind men together, whether they are good or bad.
simply because they follow a particular business.
have a given social standing or belong to a par
tic»:J«r organization.
You have heart breaking difficulties with which
to contend. You have to fight not only the band
f>l powers of evil, but, alas, that it should be said.
thu supineness and Indifference of many pood
men. whose zealous support you had a right to
feel that you could rely upon. Do not be dis
couraged: don't flinch. You are in . a fight for
plain decency, for the plain democracy of the
people who believe in honesty and in fair dealing
as between man and man. Do not become dis
heartened. Keep up the fight. Very sincerely
Henry Clcus Tells Maine Bankers
9 of Its Provisions.
TVaterviile, Me.. June CO.— Henry Clews, of New
York, who addressed the Maine Bankers' Asso
ciation, at its annual banquet to-night on currency
legiaijfcor., the money power and the business out
look.'"^aid in part:
The} reA^r.t passage by Congress, at the eleventh
hour, of the emergency currency law was an event
at prime importance, notwithstanding its limited
wop* . It is avowedly Intended only to make pro
vision for the possible contingency of a panic. But
doing ?<o it already exerts a reassuring influence,
and Tiy the confidence it will inspire in times of
monetary disturbance and stringency it will tend
to prevtnt panics. It tints serves a double purpose.
Thes* local associations which will be formed will
form, in the azeregate, not only a great national
currency association. J>ut a sort of national fire,
brigade to extinguish the fires of panic whenever
ami wherever they appear: and there is every rea
son to suppose that, in co-operation with the Treas
ury Department, they will do their work -effectually
if called upon. This new currency is subject to a
retirement tax at the rate of a per cent for the first
two months, and to an additional tax of 1 per cent
a month thereafter till it reaches 10 per cent. This
rather heavy tax would be sure to cause the bank."
bo present whatever they had of the emergency
notes for redemption as soon as it ceased to be
profitable, that is. as soon as they found they were
unable to make loans at a higher rate of Interest
than they had to pay for the use of these notes.
Therein lies a safety valve against permanent in
flation of the currency as well as a needed clement
of elasticity.
A* to the business outlook there is good cause
for general encouragement- Crop prospect? are un
usually favorable in all sections, and bountiful har
vests of wheat, corn and the minor grain and other
crops seem, from existing conditions, to be almost
assured. Our banks, our trust companies, our in
surance companies, our railways, our great indus
trial trusts, together with all our manufacturing:,
mining and trading corporations, should be regu
lated by law for th«» protection of the people, and.
indeed, for their own good. Holding them legally
to a proper accountability prevents moral laxity on
their part. These interests represent an amount
of capital so Immense that it is practically in
calculable, and in connection with them we have
the vast wealth of many individual capitalists and
large financial and mercantile firms. These are
capable of forming a money combination that may
be powerful for either good or evil, according to the
right or wrong direction of Its forces.
Capital in this country has rapidly accumulated
in «uch immense masses as to be a great power for
evil as well as good, and its possessors are not al
ways conscientious and patriotic. Therefore they
stand more in need of government control than the
masses. Moreover, this money power is growing,
and will continue to grow with the growth of the
country, and it is already exerting, under the sur
face, great political power, and is boldly aiming.
by concentration of its forces, at the control of
the Presidency itself and the policy of the federal
government. I have no reason whatever to doubt
that the reforming policies of President Roosevelt
win continue to be a vital force for good long after
this generation of men has passed away. He is
the great apostle of "the square deal," and his
policies. be*:g sound and just, will stand the test
of time and be "sustained by the highest courts.
which are above both Congress and the Presidency
on all constitutional questions and the protecting
bulwarks against any invasion of the rights and
liberties of the people.
It is beyond question that much of the severity
of our last panic was due to th« efforts of the.
speculative capitalists fto whom I have referred) to
intensify disturbing conditions and hammer the
stock market to lower and lower depths, in order
that they might buy stocks back at prices as low
as possible.
Th» people are the greatest sufferers by panics,
and they should be protected by stringent laws,
■vigorously enforced, ■gainst the depredations and
slanders of those seeking to intensify them, profits
so made are Indeed ill gotten trains and represent
the worst kind of tainted money, It too often hap
pen* that the rich are made richer just as the poor
are made poorer by panics.
La Porte, Ind.. June 20.— The first positive evi
dence of the manner in which Mrs. Belle Gunness
killed the persons whose bodies were found at her
farm here was obtained to-day, when Dr. Walter
Haynep. of Rush Medical College. Chicago, re
ported to Coroner Mack that he -ail found traces
of arsenic and strychnine In the stomach of An
drew Heglein, of Aberdeen, S. D. Heglein's body
was the first to be dug up.
Fullerton. Cai.. June 2". -While going at a terrific
rate 0:1 a trial trip in an automobile, B. O. Minter,
thirty-five years old. was instantly kilted Dear here
yesterday by the overturning of his machine. Tt is
thought Minter was attacked by heart disease,
from which he suffered; and lost control of the ma
chlns. He came here- from Syracuse, X. Y.
Philadelphia. June —A travelling salesman reg
istered as Paul Roberts, of Manchester, N. H..
was found dead in a hotel here to-day, having com
mitted suicide by swallowing carbolic acid and turn
ing on the gas* Letters in his clothing indicated
that he had been Jilted by a woman in Amesbury.
Saratoga, N. V.. June 20.— Riding- on street sprink
ling carts and carrying banners inscribed "The
Water Wagon for Ojr»." Sunday school children
from Saratoga and Schenectady counties marched
this aft»^?oon in a parade which was the day's
feature of the Worlds Temperance Congress.
More than fifteen thousand persons attended yes- |
terday the thirty-first anniversary of the Royal,
Arcanum celebrated at Manhattan Park and;
Casino at Eighth avenue and 155 th street. Five
thousand dollars were realized, and it was decided ,
LZ n'ght that this sum should go to the Royal ;
Arcanum Hoslpital Bed Fund Association. Among
ihosl credent at the entertainment, composed of •
IthLtlc sports, vaudeville and dancing, were: Pat- !
SfS«>. Pre^lci^t of the Board of AiOOT- l
Zfr, Clovls H. Brown, supreme vice-regent. o*
rXiucket. R- I-; William F. McConnell. aupnjD*
I atvtucjiei. Tompktns. chairman Otf i
Tll^tt supreme grand orator; J. Y.
Blcknell. l^ Secretary, and Frank D. Westcot,
C rand ucasuret.
Large Number of Vacant Plots Also
To Be Offered This Week.
The budßfit of auction offerings this week In the
Real Estate Exchange salesroom. Nos. 14 and 16
Veaey st., includes many foreclosure parcels.
Among the sales to take place in the salesroom
r.rxt week are two which involve important cor
rers in a part of "Washington Heights that has
recently shown much activity. One of the parcels
is the northeast corner of Broadway and ISTth St..
a plot of three lots directly opposite St. Eliza
beth's Church and facing the last cross street
that runs east from Broadway until Dyckman st.
Is reached. The other parcel is at the southeast
corner of Amsterdam avo.. and ISSth st., where
there has been considerable high class development
work in the last three or four years. Both sales
will be conducted by Joseph P. Day.
The auction budget this week will be as follows:
By Joseph P Day: Intervale aye. W s. 3.;> ft * of
Home st. 2,-.x123.5)x2.Y vacant; \V B Sammis
agt W Wainwright et al : W E Sammls. a >'; .{p"
SolotarofT. ref; ami due, 1.764 76; taxes, etc. 51081.;
Home st. f 8. 91.8 ft w of Prospect aye. 40.1x1-0 3x
04. lx — vacant; J G Wentz agt Abelman Construction
Co et al; Boothby. B & H. attys: J A Koley, ref; ami
due. $13.050 50; Westchester aye. n f. lot 214. map or
Washington 50x100: Sheriffs sal" of all right,
title, etc. which Annie Thoma et al had on Aug U.
11*07. or since; E Archer, atty.
By L J Phillips & Co: 52 Washington st, w». 107.2
ft n of Morris st. 20x90x51.7x88.6, 1 and 2 Fty stable:
also 20 w«t Ft. c s. 120.6 ft n of Morris St. 29.10x«0x
15.3x59.3.. 3 sty store; I Goldsmith, cxr. etc, agt B
Tanenbaum et al: F H Levy, atty; F Hendrlck, ref.
amt due. $."(7,490 08; taxes, etc. $1 708.
By Joseph P Day: 174 th st, s s, 100 ft w of Audu
hon aye. 75x100, vacant; F Yonderlehr agt Webster
Realty Co «t al: A & H Block, attys; W Allen, ref,
amt due. <1:».H1OS7: taxes, etc. $1,050.
By Referee on premises: 231 st st. n 5. 205 ft c of
Barnes aye, ] 00x114: M A Medals agt Ada Bird et al;
G A Moses, atty; J P atorrissey, ref; partition.
By Joseph P. Day: 401 and 408 fiOth st. n c cor Ist
aye. S9.lxß'}. 0 Btjr ten h and store;. J S Marcus apt Ash
ford Co c*- al: Henry Fluegelman, atty; Max Stelnert, ref;
amt due. 12.887 14; taxes, etc, $359 45; sub to prior morts
aggregating (46.802 13; 447 16th st, n s. 204.4 ft c of
10th aye. 30x92. .'i sty ten h and store; Grace King agt
J H Tittjen ft al; W E Benjamin, atty; B L Rich, ref;
amt due. $5,981 11; taxes, etc. $27114; sub to a mort
of $16,000: fj.*> Ridge st. w a, 150 ft s of old line Delan
eey st. 25x100; also Interior parcel. 25.4x21.2. 5 sty ten
h and store and 5 sty loft bldg; Maiden Lane Savings
Bank agt Henry Eckhardt et al; Olcott. G B & McM,
attys; C ? Whitman, ref; amt due. $19,4r>1: taxes, etc,
*I.7iC.<>7: Broadway, n c cor lS7th st, 74. 1x105.11x71. Cx
66.9; vacant; Bolomon Moses et al. exrs. etc. agt M A
Franklin et al: Edwird Menoc3l. atty: T W Churchill,
rff : amt due, $21,668 17; taxes, etc. $287 2*; 2571 and
2373 2d nve. <■ v cor 122<1 st, 75x100; 2 « sty ten l:s and
Store*; Isidore Jackson ft al agt David Feigensohn et al;
A Stern, aity; T H Milkman, ref; amt due. ?4<"...".»'.2 10;
taxes, ft-. $1,598 7*: Xos 124 and 12« 47th st. s 6, 475
ft c of 7th aye, 37.*;x10">.6: n sty hotel; sheriffs sale of
all right, title, etc. which E *» V/eldemeyer had on March
SO. IPOS, or since; i* D Dnnohue. atty; 572 161 st St. s s,
172 ft c of Broadway. ]«.6x99.11, 3 sty dwg h; E 3
Kirtland agt M A Donnegan ft al; Michael Kirtland.
atty; \V J A Caffrcy, ref; amt due, $11,001 07; taxes,
etc, ?412 6<>.
By Samuel Marx: Southern Boulevard, s c cor 130 th st,
115x186x100x128, vacant: Mutual Life Ins Co ast Junc
tion Realty Co et al: James McKeen, atty; C S Brand,
ref: amt due, $25,00150; tax. s. etc. $2.48:: (M; 2572 7th
aye. m s. 24.11 ft s of 149 th st. 2.")xlOO: 5 sty ten h and
store; John Finkbetner et al agt irene Grace et al; action
1; F P Hummel, atty: Emanuel Tepper, ref; amt due,
$3.279 95; taxes, etc, $543 24; sub to a first mort of
$20,000. 2070 7th aye, w s. 40.11 ft s of 14!»th st, 25x100,
5 sty ten fa and store; same agt same; action 2; same,
atty; William Klein, rff; amt due, I&2&1 23; taxes, etc,
$543 24; sub to a first mort of $20,000.
By Hrvan 1.. Ker.tully: Whltlock ove. «• c. 20.6 ft n
of 144 th "st 35x131x35x138.6, vacant; Title Gear & Trust
<■. act New York Chartered Bond & Mortgage Co et al;
Harold Swain, atty: 0 M Sternfeld. r-f; amt due 51.-
T"S 51 uix»s etc. ?1P304; 412 to 41« 101 st st, »s. 300 ft
c'of Ist aye 122.6x100.11, three 6 sty ten hs and stores;
Van Norden Trust Co agt Henry Wilchlnsky et al;
Nicholas jUeinlkoff. atty: C B Ruakay, ref; amt due.
,- T4.n-> taxes, etc, $2. 4 53 42; sub to a mort of $31.-
3rtflSS:Vt . -■ «£ « .of Goerck
ft V 4vks 6x45x94.3. vacant; Corn Exchange Bank agt
M Fine Realty Co rtml; Bowers & S. attys; J P Brennaa.
ref; aint due, $17,073 18; taxes, etc, $03. 59.
nv To«eph P Day: Amsterdam aye. c s, .13.4 ft s
of IS-.ih *? "6 CxlOO; part of 6 sty fl h: also Amster
dam ave.te cor ISSth st. 2«.llxlOO part of 6 sty fl h;
HD Wolryche-Whitmore agt L Merya-ih e^t al. \an
Wyck & M. attys; J A Hodge ref; amt due. *-£■-'»* f~
taxes etc $2,998 »5 1 Amsterdam aye, c s. -«•«■» « ft 9
STmth st 26.6x100, part of « sty ft h; D'Boblnson
M hi trustee": agt L Meryaeh et al; Van Wyok & Si.
attys: C "f ■ Bliss, ref: amt due. $10,799 OS; taxes, etc
«*•««£ .19- °"02 to 2272 Creston aye, c s. 93 ft s of
183 d « 100x89.6. 6 2 sty brk dw hs: Eureka Realty
Co a*t Hillside Realty & Con Co et al; L X Brown,
atty M F Conry. ref; amt due. $10.830 56: taxes etc.
»«4854l sub to three prior mtgi a PK regaUng $29,000;
25 and "7 105 th st. n s, 300 ft 0 nf sth aye. 50x100.11.
0 sty fl h and store: A C Hough .*t H B Cahen et al;
C H Frledrich. atty< E B La. Fetrn ref; amt due.
$7 292 67: taxes, etc. $219; sub to a first find second
Tntc- aecresatlnc $80,000; 490 lS2d St.. 8 s. 84.3 ft c of
Wa«Wngton »v. lSx69 3x15.3x72.1l 3 sty t h: Eureka
Realty Co apt Hillside Realty and Con Co et al; action
1; L E Brown, atty: .1 Levy, ref; an'it due $*■>*> »2j
taxes etc $107 51. sub to a prior mtg of $B.ooo^ ,
182 dst 8 f. 120.3 ft « Of Washington aye. 18x61. 0x
IS x 65.4 3 sty ' h; same agt same: action 2; sarae
atty: G E Weller. ref: amt flue. $3.563 91; taxes, etc.
$196 41 sub to prior mtg of $7,000.
By Herbert A Sherman: 303 I"7th st, n s, 258 ft c
of Riverside Drive. 17x100.11 ft; 5 sty dwlg h; Tl F
Decker agi B B Dunn et a!, Rounds II D & D. a"}-,
A R Watson, ref: amt due. $22,361 43; taxes, etc $16.
By Hugh D Smyth: 63 1331 st. n s. 185 ft c of Lenox
aye 25x99.11 ft; 5 sty ten h; Eva Kramer et a! net
J E Simons et al; C W Bennett, atty. CD Donohue,
ref- amt due $21.4*9 76; taxes, etc. $464 69.
By James L W*lls: 212 26th st, f> •.»«•«'»*
arm. "«x9-9: 3 sty front and rear ten hs: C II Phflps
agt 3 a Delaney et al; J I' East, atty; J C Gulick. ref;
a^V d J-ePh°p'Da*: Freeman st. s a. 434.5 ft w* of West
, ls,er h as P c M.llxlOOx irreg: Lawyers' Title Ins & TCo
art M H Rogers et al; PS Peir.. atty. M J Sullivan,
ref; arr.T due. $4,294 SO; taxes, etc. $1,4.0 83.
About five bungalows, a drug store, bowling alley,
grocery store, power house, postoffice and three cot
tages are being razed at Long Beach. Long Island,
to make way for parked boulevards and heavy
macadam roads suitable for the use of automobiles.
Many houses are also being constructed at the
beach They are of a vastly different type from
those which are coming down. They are well
planned and are of concrete or stucco construction,
in Spanish and Italian styles of architecture, and
they are built for permanent occupancy at a cost
of from $15,000 to $30,000 each.
During a trip made by stockholders and others
on a special train last week to look over the prop
erties plots valued at over 530,000 were sold.
Plans arc now complete for the automobile inspec
tion trip of Hudson County. N. J.. by the New Jer
sey-New York Real Estate Exchange an.l news
paper representatives on next Wednesday. It was
originally intended to have about twenty-five auto
mobiles in line, but the affair grew so rapidly that
it is expected thai at least one hundred cars will be
needed to carry the visitors. Frank Stevens and
Thomas A. Ryer and the committee of thirty have
been tireless in their efforts to make the trip a
success, and all that is needed now is fine weather
on next Wednesday.
The City Hall in Jersey City will be decorated in
honor of the visitors, and Mayor H. Otto Wittpen
and the Mayors of the twelve Other cities and
towns in Hudson County will hold a reception there.
The trip will begin at 11 o'clock In the morning
with a vlf-it to the largest clock In the world, on
top of the factory of Colgate & Co. Each auto
mobile will be decorated with a banner bearing tho
words, "Hudson County to the Front."
r , lir Company has leased for S. Charles Welsh,
trustee the building No. 106 Barclay st. to M. J.
Sullivan who will use it for a restaurant and caff.
after extensive alterations. Also leased the store
< n No 29 Peck Slip for James Carrano to M.
Schwartz for a term of years.
Charles A Miller is the buyer of. No. 37 West
I2dst.. sold recently by Pease & Elliman for Emma
Ti Hendriclcs.
Frank Reynolds is the buyer of No. 9 Barrow st.
Rarnett & Co. have leased for Franklin Bartlett
the five story dwelling No. 2072 Fifth aye to
Charles Prewin for a term of years; also leased to
jonnShepberd the three story dwelling No 12*
v J! 121 st fit., and for Abraham Nevins the three
y dwelling No. 66 West ISM .... for a term of
Th following petition in bankruptcy was filed
with the clerk of the United States District Court
: , t? rifinrv barkeeper. No. 225 East 35th
street, a volunt ar> petition. his gives his llabili
etreet, \°, IU 2|Y/ md cays his assets in the ex
ties as * 4 - 0 '« 4 worth 175. He owes Peter Doeleer.
empt class » re d^j^ t avenue. $450 for goods fur
sSth street an 1 r and Bridget Woods. Xexington
nished ln - 1 ,.; n Bt r<-et. 1 400 for money loaned in
avenue and «™ss lr w ., M Company. No. 321 West
1 si', street. Is another creditor, with a claim of
* B =!hedules of Louis Schneider, in the m*:/8 fur-
Seheduies Delanrey street,
.tehing * sln^* f * 3 - 53595 and assets of 11.450
i.tter include stock worth 11.000 and fixtures
The Utter mo J«CO» BrQ(ikin No. is? Leonla
Ivenu* Brooklyn, is a creditor with a judgment
1640. obtained In the City Court on a not*.
ACTIVE PARTY wanted, with »23v9°° :
manufacturing concern, doing $400,000 to
5500.000 annually; Investigate. McDoaald-
Wiggins Co.. 257 Broadway.
A LIMITED AMOUNT of guaranteed 6 per
cent first mortgage gold bonds for snip;
good security. Full particulars apply Mc-
Donald'-Wlpglns Co., 257 Broadway.
WE ARE offering a guaranteed 7 per cent
cumulative preferred stock at $100 per
share; one share of common stock with
each share of preferred; large Jewelry
manufacturing concern. Apply at Mc-
DonnM-Wlggins Co., 27& Rroadway^
SALOON FOR BALE; finest c,orner 10th
aye.; $f>."i dally receipts; long lease; prloe
(3.090; thlp is bargain. Apply at Mc
r>onald-Wiggins Co., 257 B oadiray.
54. 1in0 LOAN WANTED; good 1 security: 8
per c^nt Interest: prlvilegfl of paying
$1,000 per year. Full particulars at Mc
r>.*ald Wiggins Co.. 2f>7 Broadway.
HOTEL FOR SALE at popular summer re
sort; $10,000 net profit la«t yar; stable
and gnrage connected; retiring cause. Mo-
Dorald Wiggins Co.. 257 Broadway.
OLD ESTABLISHED mill property Jot
sale; fully equipped; located near New
Tork City. McDonald-Wiggins Co.. 2f17
FOR SALE. --$5,000 8 per cent preferred
etock: old established 1 biiFlneet!. Apply at
McDonald Wiggins Co.. 2i>7 Broadway.
J20.000 7 PER CENT preferred stock for
sale; old established manufacturing com
nanv. Apply McDonald-Wiggins Co., 2f17
$25,000 HEi'T'P.ES valuable Interest ln high
clasa electrical concern; investment se
cured by stock. McDonald-Wiggins Co.,
287 Broadway.
AT BELMAR, N. J. — 50 room hotel, with
property; price $15,000; ill health cause
of selling. Full particulars at McDonald-
Wiggins Co.. 237 Broadway.
A MANUFACTURING concern, this city,
carrying Flock $60,000 of merchandise, re
quires Fhort loan of $5,000 to $10,000; lib
eral interest allowed; highest references
furnished. Particulars at McDonald-Wig
gins Co., 257 Broadway.
PARTY "vVITH $:..00<i wanted: contractinir
Fteam and electric plant; offlce man pre
ferred. J2."i weekly salary and commission
on investment. McDonald-Wiggins Co., 257
PATENTS oFf ie n open
t^H. 3 Cl^l J*3 TILL 7:30 P. M.
Patent Attorney and Consulting Engineer.
EAL/^ON. — Downtown. produce district;
profits, JIOO weekly: leaving city; sacri
fice $1 200- patents sold, or on royalty; 20
years' 'experience. Rau & Co., Trlbun*
INCOnrORATIOX. $SS. Includes certificates
everything; corporation manual froo.
Lawyeis &■ Bankers' Corporation. Trlbun*
IMPROVED. Milf-clcanlnß, germ-proof
stone tube filters. Link. "'Acorn." &
Advance Filter Co.. 1561 Broadway.
"WITH $S started a mail order business
making $1,000 a month: it's simple, easy;
will tell you how; ser\<t no niom>y. Ad
dress Warn. Pept. 202. t*33 V.aahinßton
Blvd.. Chicago.
510 CAPH and $10 per month will buy a
beautiful California vineyard, the Income
from Which will be sufficient to make you
lndepend.-nt for life; handsome pamphlet.
valuable information and contract free.
Bacrameata Valley Improvement Co., St.
Louis, HA,
MAIL ORDER business of your own; we
tell how to start; very small capital; re
tain present position; write for booklet.
Metropolitan Mall Order Co.. 713 Broadway.
New York.
WANTED. — Information resardine; good
business for sale; not particular about
character, size or location; prefer to deal
with owner. Give price and full descrip
tion. Address L. Dart>ysiiire, Rox 1902.
Rochester, N. T.
WANTED.— lnformation reßardinfr g;oo<l
patf-nt which would be money maker;
only inventor who wishes to sell outrlsln
or on royalty basis need answer. Give
l>rire an-i brief description. S. M.. Box 954,
Rochester, N. T.
FOR SALE. — First class hotel; 4 story
building. 30x100; dolns a tine business;
price *24,00O; only «I".'bio cash required;
including stock and fixtures. Addrebs 6C2
Broadway, Kingston, N. Y.
ADVERTISEMENTS and subscriptions for
The Tribune received nt their Uptown
Office, No. 13*54 Broadway, between 88th
and 37th sts., until 9 o'clock p. m. Ad
vertisements received at the following
branch offices at regular office rates until
8 o'clock p. m.. viz.- 2<M Sth aye.. s. e
cor. 23d Bt. : 153 6th aye., cor. 12th st. ; 93
East 14th St.; 257 West 42d et., between
7th and Sth area. ; 2rt3 West li.th St.; 1338
3d aye.. between 76th and 77th sts.; 1626
3d aye.. near »ilst St.; 1708 l?t aw, near
«Hh St.: 157 East 125 th St.; 75fl Tremor.t
aye. ; 6fiO 3d aye., and any American Dis
trict" Telegraph office.
Carpet Rug Cleansing
221-223 EAST 3»th STREET,
Te:ephones. 1531 38th — 1841 3ath.
Dust and Dirt Blown out. not from
Surface only.
S3 rears' experience in Fine Carpets & Ruga
Oldest. Largest. Must .Modern.
437 AND 439 WEST 4iTH BT.
re. 4ti»2— Bryant. Kutabllshed ml.
CARPET CLEANINQ. Established 1871
Cleans by compressed air, cteam. band or
•n ftcor. l.nfH Broadway. 421 Hast 4ftth M.
COE 4 BRANDT. Tel. 132-3Sth-
TRT A. H. KAI-JIAN"!' repajrinr. wash
cleaning. ptorln« of Oriental rugs. 410
4th aye. TeleDhona 10«l— Madison Sauare.
ADVETiTUiEMENTS and subFcrtptlons for
Tlie Tttlvne received at their Uptown
Office, No. XZ64 Broadway, between 36th
and 37th sts., until ft o'clock p. m. Ad
vortli«ementß received at ths following
brai h offices at regular offl.-o rates until
R O'clock p. m.. viz.: 2fi4 8(b aye., s. c.
cor. 23d st.- 1.'.3 fith aye., cor. 12th st 92
East 14th *t.: 257 West 42d St.. between
7th and Bth ayes. : 2tM West 128 th St.; 133S
3d avo.. between 76th and 77th sts.; Ifi2f!
3d aye.. r.tar 81st M .: 1708 l?t aye.. near
80th st : I-" East 125 th St.: TV! Tremor.t
ay«. : fIBO 3d av<* , and any American Dis
trict Telegraph office
VICTOR VISIBLE. 70 Nassau St.; cata
logue free; all makes taken part pay
ment; bargains In Underwoods. Remlag
tona. Olivers. Smiths.
FOR SALE. -Garage and fixtures; doing
c.vi.l business; one block from sth aye.
T?f>f.ifv Co.. t;to Mn.'l-on .t-i'.
70TH ST 238 W. Large front room; cool
and refined neigtiborinooa; near Broad
n-aj- and Riverside Drive. Superior home
and table; references.
4^TH ST 63 WEST — House Just opened;
rooms all »tz**. private bathe in large
rooms; front parlor; select patronage; sum
mer rates
20 EAST 23D ST. (Madison Square South)
" Suit». two rooms, bathroom; by month.
r^fei <>nces.
TIP ST , 23R WEST (opposite Ansonla).—
Large.' small rooms: well appointed hous»:
subway express; references.
MA.NUFACTtIREnS of billiard atuS pool ta
bles; nun trade bowling all*«r bull.Jer*.
;-.»•»(.• r>rtre» Man Hr..» ■ -.'4 frton K.-uar^.
BANKBOOK Wo. 570.W1 of the I'nlon nim«
Eavium Institution U miming Any per
son having a claim to It Is hereby called
upon to present th" fame within ten .Jay.",
or KTihmlt to hivini; sal. l passbook cancelled
and a new on» issued.
a<;knts WANTED.
AGENTS. — Grand opportunity; agents all
over the country ar« coining money; don't
lose time; our moving picture wind Igna
are all the ra«e. goofl men with references
ran have territory; we cover the United
States; don't ell cheap tr^i»h. TVrife quirk
or call for particular*. I national Wind
Sign Co.. I*lo Park aye.. near 115 th St.
MAIL. or:r>Eß BUSINESS— Before you
ttart, K<*t a copy of my largo Illuftrated
12u-pa«e book; tells how to advertise; buy
foods] exposes all iSUBIs; not ISSSSd in
Interest if any supply hr,u«e : over 30.000
copies told; satisfaction guaranteed; par
ticulars fr*»». A 3WETT. fi2o Royal In
surance Bids.. Chicago.
APVEItTIEKMKNTB and subscriptions for
The Tribune received at their Uptown
Office. No. 1384 Broadway, between 38th
and 37th eta., until 8 o'clock p. m. Ad
vertisements recelvfd at th« following
branch offices at r*-fful«r ofllc« ratei until
ii o'clock p. m.. viz.: 2<U Sth aye. a. a.
cor. 23d St.. 1.'.3 «th aye.. cor. l:.th »t. ; 93
Eaet nth st. . 257 UViit «d m betw n
7tb aiuJ Bth tv«i. : 2«3 Wa.it 12Mh «L : 1333
3d aye.. between 7Hth and 77th g^p.; 1C23
8d aye.. near «lst «t. : 1708 Ist ava_ near
fcytii «t., 157 East 123 th. it; ♦
ji_ i ■ iin ■■___.■■■ i «■■ » i ■' "in i■ -■ ~if
ENGINEER to take charge of laundry,
pumpin* and heating, boilers, and look
after plumbing a:: swam heating; pay '•">•''
per month and maintenance. Address Dr.
Glven's Sanatorium. Stamford". Conn.
OFFICE ASSISTANT; particularly flle«;
state age. education, experience If any.
salary; own handwriting. Opportunity, Box
20. Tribune Offlc*.
MANAGER WANTED.— Every section; ti>
appoint agents for New Improved Penny
Peanut Vending Machine; $«0 weekly
easily earned; flnifh beautiful; sanitary
throughout; sold on easy payments; thou
sands now in use: sample sent free; prop
osition will piear». you if we still have
opening in your section. Great Western
Scale Mfg. Works. Dept. 66, Chicago. 111.
CIVIL SERVICE employes are paid well
for easy work: examinations of all kin. is
soon: expert advice, sample questions and
Booklet 338, describing positions -and tell
ing easiest and quickest way to secure
them, free. Write now.
Washington Civil Service School.
Washington, D. C.
SALESMEN. — We have the best lot propo
sition on the market and want men -with
ability, good address and T , °PP <1 2- ranr '',. t ,' >
represent us. See Mr. Da Brul. Room 301,
45 West 34th Bt. _____«_«— -•
CHAUFFEUR-— Married, SO: Tr shop, s road
experience. G. Asreier. 449 East 78th st.
CHAUFFEUR.— CoIored; in country; can
take care of horses: three years' refer
ence. H. Price. 282 West 41st st.
FOREMAN' plater and P°"f t . er ."I^.."']
around metal worker, with execume
ability; firm class in all branches mix
own solutions : long experience; best.re.co.n
mendatlons; always sober: would tart ?!
moderate salary. Address Weber. 3-43
Boulevard, Jersey City. ■--'-■
MAN' 2.1, with working knowledge of book
keeping, shorthand and typewriting. «
periencel references. Write B. James .06
1.-xington aye., or telephone 192.— Plant.
MANAGER, hotel Or club with P™; tlra i
training, energetic and • nte SlD > 1
methods; city or country. H-. 'are o.
Moore 144 Stuyvesant aye., Brooklyn.
SUPERINTENDENT gentleman a country
seat; experienced, energetic practical to
manage all details: gardening. £"£5"
roads, general repairs, planting, masonry.
carpentry. Graves, 800 3d aye-
Tl'TOR.— Your.X man. colleße. graduate., ex
perienced teacher. AMrea to act as tutor
or guardian; city or country Tutor, Tlib
une I'ptown Office. 13>H Hroadway.
YOUNG SCULPTOR. 23. out .of ork '
wants any kind of light work: city cr
country or travelling: 8? er:lcs foreign to
guaßcs; low salary. W. ll»K. Grinnell a\e..
Corona, L. I. • *_
TOUNO (terman. honest, willing;, aa P^"
er porter, watchman or cn>thin K ; handy
man with tools; flrst class references. I'aul.
25 I»cust st.. Brooklyn.
YOUNG MAN. 2S. Christian; on gentle
man's country place; han<ly with car
penter work. Hammer. li 3d * la^ /
TOUNG MA'S', colored, as messenger or
valet- H> yars' reference. I^xiis B.
ronve r «. care of Klrby. 4:17 West s;.th at.
YOUNG MAN as helper on farm or In
store. A. Shasal. 838 East 14& th st.
YOUNG MAX. colored, understands driv
ing and care of horses: private family:
city or country. Call or address R. T. D..
12S West 1."»3d St.
COMPANION to elderly or invalid lady, by
" refined Christian woman; good reader;
pleasant home desired ; small salary. Ad
dress caro of Mrs. Wells, 27 W. I2sth st.
COMPANION.— WUva lady, well recom
mer .!-r. ppeafcUiß German. French, Span
ish, Bnslisb. has travelled extensively, as
companion, irsnalstor or secretary, with re
fined people. E. R. Tribune Lptown Of
fice. ISM Broadway. .
HAIR WORK, ventilator; understands dye
ine bloarhlrs; Rood all around worker.
J. Gavan. 233 Weal IWh st.
WOMAN intelligent, under 40. would like
position of any kind where experience 13
unnecessary; willing to give time free to
learn: best city refeier.cea. Oonley. 144
7th aye. .^
American Protestant; aged GO: 5 feet 7
Inches; 135 pounds; city and country refer
ences. Address L E. N.. Tribune- Uptown
Office. 1364 Broadway^
petent to take full charge: 19 years with
last employer; wher» faithful service is ap
nreclated: best personal, written references.
Eugene, care of ML Pncna, 130 E. ,*.9 th ft.
BI'TLER. — man; neat, honest, sober.
oblieine: private American family; three
years'' reference T. L . 264 Btfc aye.
BITTLER and VALET.— Japanese; city; as
perienced; well recommended: moderate
wages; go anyrrhere. Haru. 1603 Broad
way. '
BUTLER-VALET.— First class; Japanese;
younpr man: general housework; honest,
sober, very neat: has eieftllent personal
reference; wli liner to go anywhere. T.
Aiiawa. 107 Cherry st.
petent to take full charge: l<t years with
last employer: where faithful service Is ap
preciated; best personal, written references.
Eugene M. Fuchs. 139 East sfHh st.
COLORED MAX. recently from Sooth; with
private family; willing- to fro to country
or seashore, or a*» doorman or porter: very
hii?h<*st references. Call or address C.
Youn*. 187 West 134 th st.
COUFLE, colored; entire work private fam
ily: best references; friend. porter useful.
In or out doors: private, public. MorroWa
Bureau. 721 Lexington aye.. corner S*th-
CHINESE* well rec^mmend-i. cook or btrt
ler: references for both; land, water;
friend, Japanese, samp worK: go any dis
tance. Morrow's Bureau, 721 Lexington
a-.-e. sSth.
COOK.— Swedish; thoroughly competent:
extra Beat and good manager, wages I-t"
to .v.-j). country. Apartment 25, 14>2 Aye-
BUt A.
(."OOK. — Experienced on pastries, roasts,
etc.; city or country; In hotel or restau
rant; excellent references. M. Goldstein,
71 East 3d st.
COACHMAN.— SingIe; thoroughly experi
enced care fine horses, carriages, harness;
careful driver; g»n^r»lly useful; sober, re
liable; good references. Coachman. Box
108. 617 Bill aye.
COACHMAN.— Irish, 2fi; In country; will
ing and obliging; lod references. J. M.
Curley. car* of D mj -••■. WOT 2d aye.
COACHMAN*. GAIiDENER.— Neat, sober.
competent young man; highest personal
r of.. rPn i'.\ handy with tools; moderate
wages; country preferred. A. B. C. »Ha
UUI aye.
COACHMAN.— EngIish, -TV; life experience
rim. hs mi s». sari.lie horses, p<".|r>. hunt
ers; canrfti! and good rider, driver: take
season Job; excellent rster»nees. Cimcli
man. Tribune. Harlem Office. -S3 West
I3&UI at.
COACHMAN. — A gentleman wishes a posi
tion for his coachman; h« !s not afraid of
work; very satisfactory; reference; clnsla.
J. X.. 208 East 28Ui ft.
COACHMAN. — Understands Hie care of fine
horses; single and strictly sober: beaftns
erence. Peter Daly. 2193 Sth aye.
COACHMAN —By neat young Irishman;
takes best care horses, harness, carriages.
etc.; careful driver: generally u&eful; • «cel
len'.' reference. Carpenter's Bureau, 154 6th
COACHMAN — Slntfle; UKliiiMy exprl
cnc< 1 horseman; «••">■'. careful driver:
honest. sober, trustworthy: five years in
one place: anywhere. "'"" : ' "' ■ care of
Ua'.loran. :< c t «th aye.
COACHMAN .-:•-■ -' pood r'.Vr an.!
driver • persons! and written references
stand lnVeatl(taUan: moderate araga tnun
try r ,r=ferred. W. Me, care of Mrs.
Hamond, 119 West 96th st.
COACHMAN — Ssns-le, 30; medium belcht.
"inooth lac-*: excellent man for the coun
try: lirv'dstlfated reference. Carpenter's
Bureau, l.'-i •"•■ aye.
COOK Colored. man: private family;
single- "ill so away; write or call, A.
Hack •■■.*-: !-• n1 a aye -
■>( -j , ,; — Goc«l miriMT" Hungarian, docs
not i»aK English; worked on farm Ii
Pennsylvania. •fUtnoaa. 3-io K«st n.'Hh m.
FRENCH COiXPVE — Ov>!c. butler-usefal:
ha« friend parlormaid and wall • or
nurse- Mod ■■■■■Itl «— city, country; will
«narat< MorroW« Bureau. 721 Lexington
aY. ■ . SMh. Tel. IfCV-Plara.
FA.KMER or VP>V.VVI. MAX.-Gflot vege
*tat/le grower, house worV«-r or cook: by a
young Irish couple; no children: good ref
el r .^ r^ Carpsntsr'l Bureau. 154 tith ay.:.
ADVERTISEMENTS cji4 aubacrlptlnn* it"
The Tribune received at their Uptown
omcr No- 13*» Hroadway. between >:&
anil 37th eta., until » o'clock p. m A.l
vc-rtiseme.nts received at the follow mfc
branch offices at reirular office rat*« until
8 o'clock p. m. vli. : 204 Bth aye. a. c.
cor id Bt.- 153 «th aye.. cor. 12th «t. ; 02
rant 14th «t. : 217 TV.st 421 «t . between
7(h and Bth art..; 30 West OHM St.; !«■
■,1 aye.. between 76th and 77tJi ats.; 1*26
3d aye near Hist it.: K'"s lit -»•■• rear
mo, et.: 137 East lCSth »t. : 7frf? Tremont
a *ve ■ «W> M ay«» . and any American I>la
trlrt' T«l*«Taph offlce.
Miss Rtzger-:d's Employment Bureau
503 STM Aye., TstepHoae sj>u-osu».
bituations WANTED. 1 help wanted.
WAITRESS.-E.celienTreference,: «-*■ *™g% *»?£***-**• ■*""*
stands salads, wlnw.; can carve: *25-f»>- « snd w years. »w. .
BUTLER. references; »50-SgO. | NURSE. -On» child. » yea»; i*>.
NURSE-Infants; e»e>llfnt references^ »29. ATTENDANT -For Invalid; *»■
CHAMBERMAID. — Excellent references; LADY'S MAID; S*>. _v
* 25 - . , CHAMBERMAID.— For Msssarhusetf. $2X
tJ SSE?JSSi^!!^ t mr mm CUCS; I Tw^ Hi family; $»l *
25 West 42d Street, Near sth Avenue _
GOVERNESSES^ >28-»«t> COOK (Germa=> ...~ <■>
NURSE (Ens. Protestant. 7 yrs. ref>...|3O j USEFUL MAN (French> »25-»3a
ReHablß help. 485 Columbus «»»
Tel. 741 River.
«15 Columbus aye. -Phone »43S— Rlv-r.
Select help of all nationalities.
prSsidext of the EMPLOYMENT
H T HUTCHINSON'S bur?aa for <somest!o
help male ani female. 970 6th aye.. near
KSth st. Tel. 656— Plaza.
SELECT Swedish and Flnnl*b servants, a*
cocks, chambermaids. housework sirls.
etc." for New York. Brooklyn or country,
at Ostman'a Reliable. Employment Bureau.
4214 Sth aye.. near 42d st.. Brooklyn.
No. 11 East S3d rt. Hlsh class domemtic po
rt ticns;7cale and female. Tel. 1590 ■■!!»*
reau for select help: Bohemian Stria •
specialty: cooks, chambermaids. Uundre»»es.
■anas etc. 534 Park. aye.. cornar. 78th st.
Tel. 5218—
ENGLISH. French, oerman and f w *f 1 "^:
male and female help: private £'=»'=••
references strlctlv investigated. £*">•»
ion's Bureau. P22 6th aye.. 48th and 4.tn
sts. Tel. — Bryant.
FARMKR.-All srjnjM —g
JSL b A n *" g^S^«g .
GAP.DENKR.-By a ™ German. ,l»g£
fine V C fIJSSS and general wot*.
frames, fruits. ™"' ,enter' Bureau. »
good reference. Carpenters is
bth aye
1 nmns By •trteOfl t»mp*rat». will
llth st. . .
sS^»^^ :^^-wSSE
worker or cook. I° ■^ rentable grow
rr 3c3 c ; refer-ce. Carpenter Bureau. 15*
6tii aye. * ■
GROOM « nd m^f^ sl'cas I 'car 11 eIAoYe lA oY horeeVt
F i t za^raU s Bureao. «>^~
u oV I S I^:
;iS West 21st »*■ . .
,, FI . TI MAN. StaMJle man: Scotch; all
LSEFLL MA... '^ !rl^ naeuian ' 9 country
pe^Se. XS**"** «tt 3s sw*
- BeadMi; experienced: thoroughly
cilfent refertnees. James, care of Davl*.
420 I .irk aye. .
mafeur: physical tratninar: with
I?^i4 Broadway.
WAITER —Experienced: city or country;
cafe or restaurant; .a^t place of employ
mint or., v«ar. Leon. 832 3d are.
WATTKK.— Tbf«a JISIw SMWltiarw; city or
bokea, N. J.
,-i»vtaKER-Bv woman: for summer
n-M- can furnish K"Od references.
MrT Gooiibo-iy. 421 West 3*th »t.
.■mrnKER nursa to invalid or h^use
bauan st.. West Harlem.
„. I:.:'. lS G ?HoOaa?er/W«* 1"
tn - pre'erre.l. G. Hofmayer's T-ur^iu, 153
Wea«2M St. Telephone after M a. m.
l^ftl — Chelsea-
COOK.— MUM aged Am.Ti.an
K 0..l cook and ales nurse; entire c *"*»* :
references. 253 East »•»> St.. third !_! _
t-ruVK: t-i-^t claes: German. French and
lan^resi .-« any distance, private. P ul>it. .
££tow>B* reau. 721 Lexington aye.. --Jth.
Tel. 192^— Plaza. _______-_—
COOK.-Enßdsh girl l™"**™-*™?
baker; pleasant disposition: haa
chambermaid «^«r«^«rjr BW^ref
erer.ee*; waffes J23 and «=■-• -<?-££
Burpaiu 710 Lexington aye Tel.. 1' OS—
I'laxa. • .
COOK.— First class, neat. tidy youns wonv
„. ve r y ssod plain »n.i fane? noir. nrt
dAtkn.il" French and English flrtw.^
free.. frozen deserts; city or coimiry. Fla
herty's Office. 4Ki Columbus aye. Tel .41
COOK- niAMBERMAID.— Two German
sills- tii't class took, good bak*r excel
lent laundress; other chambermaid and
waitress: like. chUdYw city, country.
itorroW* Bujeaa. 721 Lex'.nstcn »»e.. SStU.
T^! 192S Pliiia.
mald.-Twc. young Finnish tfrls: wllllnff
Rs»:«t nltn Utird--;.-: cor-l referer.ee?. Ju»
slla Bureau, •'" Lwting lo " ate.
Swo<ii«h girt: very &**& written and prr
.oiial references; wages $22. Ortsrbwrs »
Bureau. Ti' - . Lexington aye. Tel.. HOB
CHAMBERMAID-— Experienced youns cot
oreti tjirl ■ In b<»rtlns h. »ue; sleep In.
Adtfren Stokes. BCB West ll?:h at-
CHAMBERMAID :I . — Ry colored
Itirl: a?"' - M first class ir' 1 -! hou*>.
fuxnl»*h*<l room hnusp; or caretaker «4
bachelor »parunent: ■ ■ Heat refeitnce.
CaMwelt, y"> Ea^t 121 th st
CBAMBB3i3fAII> or MAID— By Swed!-h
c!rl- K.-»i »ewer; rnunjrv preferre^t; llva
rean'*' refertnee*. C-» Harris '■" ■"■ -
bet»>. N. J.
dat*B WORK.— By colored ••■■■: •»*■
hoin* wash, or cleaatßC| <J; an ,^ w /' rli
t-st refereni-^._Hi:«|C»n«. _« J^Sth.?*:
FIRST ■>-•'.-> co«*a. »ilit— K wa'.t
««*. ch»mb«rmili. aiU
ho'us^ruaids on ham!; mostly sc^n^lnaviaa
in.l GeTTJIB 'I-. reference singly la
tettl-atett ■tSIISISIv«SS K^P- Pure*u.
HTUMM aye.. fc.-twss. K>i* aad U>ti
■is. Tel. 4-S7— Pt»«*-
_„.,-r , i aorSEWORK -Teona n
xnVFPTISKMEN'TS and «ut<scrlptio3» for
Th? Tribune received at their Uptow,
rv«? v" v " S» r.roadway. between Mft
SS^MuTstt until ;| o'clock v. m- **•
received at tfc» followtnr
and Sth aye..: =63 We.t 125 th St.: IMB
•51 at* between T.;--. sad nib Mf.; ltJ«
: id jive' tear Slat ft : ITM Ist aw neir
mih »i. : 1&7 Ea»t 1 -' llh it. • 7Mi Tremont
aye •Sa 34 » ye . and any American Dis
trict" Tels*r»nh offlce.
FMn-Of-vntNT Af;F.>'mai.
Be* S7th and 38th sts. TeL JOoß—Paaa,
Select first dam domestic help. Scan
dinavians and Finnish a specialty.
help: male and female: references pa** 1
•orally Investigated. 123 W— t XV. sC _j
SCANDINAVIAN 1 Employment B-ireau^
Lexington in., bet. B9th and «»»i» •**— }
T»L Femal* Depa«tment. 4.9.-C — P'.asas J
Male Department. 328T- Plaaa. R»fer«noaa
Investigated. Wa'frki Bloom. J
MISS SI'EA'3 CMP. BUREAU. No. 8 Saaf ,
42d st. Tel. 20S2— First class hf»l»,t
male and female both for city and country,* »
always en tar J. . \
MISS FKOEHLKE, successor to Homtnafm, j
Old Established Employment Bureau.-**
Select German help a specialty: ladlvldtiaj'
references. 123 3d *•»•.. war 70<_a at.
Tel. »««— 79th. ,i
MISS HOFHAYER'S Employment Bnr«»i^.
153 W<»t 23.1 st— Hours 10 a. m. to #
p. m. Telephone 186*— Chelsea. .
COOKS, butler*, second man. w<U rj ijea I
laundresses chambermaMs. ldteh«nß»nMj .
ladies' maids, cooks who launder. <uMral
houseworkers. Jusslla. ISnploTmsnt B»
reao. 6SC Lmtnrton »t«. • j
AT CARPFVTIERS Bmplcrjrment Hon«*. i
154 eth aye. Established '.+•" W» bar*
best coachmen. jr«rdeners. groom*. m*rrl*J
couples, farm foremen, farm tanas, AJ
cations. well recommended^ I
LANG * BOECHEREK CO.. 43. 43. tt'
West «W at.— First class s<-rrants for jrl
vat« fanilllea- Telephon* 611-81»— 39tn st. ,
MADISON Employment <X2c» off Martha) i
"Warden. — Select help all natlonalltla*. 1
425 4th aye.. near 29th at- _i
FOR FIRST CLAPS servant* apply to tTB>« '
: versal Enploy't Bureau. 28 Ea«t 2»a. na, ■
Madison Si- Park. J
691 6th aye. TeL 1738 Bryant. —Mai* in*
feT7ia!» help fuTr.lsi-.a-5 . rafer«oc«« tarestU
gated. J
Mrs. Dickinson's
Employment Bureau
331 Maul*jn aye. Te>l. 3734 — 88th. Strj>«i>j
pries htsh class housebolcr servants, mail 1
and female; references personally Hr»«sti- |
{rated; governesses, companions, booaekee^- ;
ers. all nationalities; openina;. closing. I
cleaning houses, fail and aprtnaj; boused
cared tor during summer.
Industrial Ass'n
of America incorporated.
Employment Bureau
Offices. 9 E. «Sl st. Telephone. 20©3— • ;
SSth. Select help. Mala and female. All '
nationalities. References personally in
vestigated. Ooverneanee. ladies maid?, In
fants' nurses, etc.
woman, with small child. AJ.!:- by
letter only. l.izsi^ Wilson. ."►+3 "W. li»th st.
youns sweaiss girl; very sroori references;
wages Hi: has friend, chambermaid, wait
ress; Swedish: excellent references; »is«e
$22. Osterb*r«-«i Bureau. 716 Lexington ay«.
Tel.. MSB Plaia.
HOrSEKEEPER- By Scotch woman, or
plain rook. In nice family: or any posi
tion: capable A. Mitt-hell. 351 W. 43th st-
I>K^■.- ; .-' Bjnos references. X.. Hotinay
.- . Bureau. I."-: West 23<i St. TelesaseM)
an ■ ■ i" a. m. SMI Chei«ea.
IIOI'SEWORKER. — Neat youna; s;lri; coolc. i
wash and Iron, can Sake; friend chan>»
ScrosM aad nun—; ■*ci*,-< $12; toucher. :
separate Jlorrowa Bureau. 721 Lexlngtoa •
are.. Saib. Tel. I&2> Piaza.
WORKER. — By Finnish girl; very neaS j
an i willing;. Jusslla Bureau. 6*o L«Tln«-» .
ton aye.
UrXPP.W. colored; clean washer, firs* >
ciajs ironer: ladies' (fenttemea '» or fanv- •
tij washing; hfnie or out ■> day; open air
. -ylsa*: reference. Dn Porte. 07 TV. 98*h st. j
LAUNDRESS. _oo<J. wants washing ami"?
Irnnins homo. Topit. 331 East 4«th sC.
top floor. .
LArXDRESS.— 6we<_Bh; first claae. ehfrt«V.
cuffs, collars; has friend, second latin-)
dress or chambermaid and laundress; gocxll
references. OMerb*r*'s Bureau. »li» Lejdns*'
ten aye. Tel.. 1060 — Plasa.
ored n-omaa. Miss Joe Man. ai6 W. oK
«t.. suite 3. j
LADT9 MAID - By refined German; nigl>*'
class dressmaker; IS years' ax^erienca; ,
rood hairdresser and packer: rrnsewortny; '
highest references. E. J. 133 otn a»«- ,
LADT'3 MA — By North i>r>wui Prot- j
estant: good traven<»r. neat sewer; oru l
coniL»u-"t «it;-Ti<!H..i; . best references. C^ara '
of Smtth. 154 West «th St.. near Bro*4» '
LADT*S MAID. — By retlabl* Pi i milt— I
ttrt colored: wt>! travel: eati its—eat 1
manicuring : l>rst references. Addreas cu»i
Of 5. B. Carter. 174 TT-«t. 139 th Bt.
LADY'S MAID.- Norwegian: good iiiukl
stress. hairdresser. manicure. packer, i
travp!>r; first claw in all re*pe«ts: races.. !
>*ni recommendations. «m(erber|ts Bureau,
71t> L<"xlDston *•.©. TTione>. ICCs Plaa^.
LADY'S I£AID. — German; aveaks Frwnd*
and Hntcllsh. acted as cornier maid: gno<t !
seamstress, packer; excellent personal rasV
erence». O»terh*rs"» Bureau, 7M T tiitnsj
ton aye. Fhon». — Plaxa. •
MOTHEF.'S K EI- P.— By lair: with nWllit
family: good h<>itNek.»p*r; capable aawes. ;
W. X.. Box 12. Tribune Office.
MME. JACQIIX. *>2 «th itv.. Tnylnp i '
mt'nt Bureiiu. supplies servants, mil ca— •
paritle-: •, rr :i:.-r-..e.t help wanted.
MAN and WIFE; city or country: cook or
natter; cfmn barmaid or waitress, c*
both; honest, asks*. rt-Uable. V. M. a. 20*
West 13ih St.. nun twice.
NTTISE or ♦■OMPANION. — I*<ty: millSiTltJ
French fiu«-nTly: In country. wh»r» aha
can take twehf y«T-oM ton. K. Wentzalj
12!.". 9te < Place. Brooklyn.
NL"!!.>!-iriT Gf)VERNES3. — To on* or two
cn.ldren: young woman; e?>o<l a«wer: will
ict aa mother' • help; excellent referenced.
Z. U.. Uiss FItZLK«i-a!-i'j Bureau. CO3 st_»
aye . cor. 42il St.
NJ'';SFTRV »>VF:nSKSS — North <".er-maS)
Protestant; rerine-1, pleasant «Ilxpositlon;
exi-ellent reference*. Ov.'rtwit"* FJureau.
71-* be«inston aye. Tel.. 1055 — PTaaa.
VI'TtSK f.->r Infant or rrwn .-ht!dr»n. by •
»>r»« cl«»» Ni-rth of \r«-lao>l *lrl: t*rr
tompet'nf and trustworthy; present ml**
tr»3<* will r^ p>a«*<i ti> r»«omii»iKt h*r;
cltv or country. Flaherty' ■ Bureau. 455
•""oiumbus aye. Tel. 7-*!- -River.
WOMAN with Uttle mm mtatm t»ia<-» near
cit>; no laundry. Martin, 441 Manhattan
WAITTIESS.— In country: Stool reference*,
Call present >mf!»i»t», 31 Ea»t 37th St.
WAIT!;::.'- — Ftrst clam: can take butler"*
r!a.'»: rrrv ir*M» woican: three year*
la« pi»r«»: '.*«t rtferenc*. JuMtia Bureau.
K.*o Leztnston »v».
• ;us worker: takes gnod car* of allver
tna «: >■■■. K'~-.! iaU<i maker: wages mod
erate; ,-lv or country- FlaJjerrfa rMir*au.
•45.1 imbut aye. Tel. 741— Blver.
WAITRESS or P.Afll-ORMAID .— yo«n*
prirl: sn-.all f;.m!'.y. reference. A(!v«rtla*r«
10»i West C3J m
*TOn» EOrgEKEETEß.— lntellljont,
reftn<M. experienced; In the country: «S*
far*, nt invalM La.ly. references. T. O. ■■■
14. £tM Haven. Ccna.

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