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tL&vership and Xcsb Bond Issue
Bcports Denied.
-^ continuance yesterday of the waßakne** which
T*Lp^ on Saturday In the securities or the Rock
tfl FJ T:tem pave rise to various rumors of a
JfS^T». fprt, -which, however, neemed to be without
T^-'lticn- One of these reports who that the
**"£ jyiand company was to be placed in the
ru>c . s of raosHsM*; another ascribed the Ftex-k
!*^_ipnt to the probability of a new bond issue.
m aac - other DBJSBBB assigned was the alleged
v,rv 1of» throtjph the floods in the Southwest
■U*a -.remmer.tly identified with the Rock Island
>a 'the stor>' °f threatened receivership, point
out that the Rock Island company had not only
jts fixed charges, but also had in the first
' j-ienths of Iks fiscal year earned enough to pay
' * fiividend of fc l ,i P* r cent on its holding* of C"hi
1 -o Bsdk Island & Pacific Railway stock, which
Ifcrlcfd J pr T^ e interest on the outstanding: col
tat?T«l tn:l Et bonds of the <"hicajto. Rock Island &
wciSr Railroad. Reports of a new bond Issue. were
i<e derlared to be inaccurate, and the flood dam-
JTaja« sajd not t» exceed |SW,<Wi for the Rock
l^aajil snfi the Trisco combined.
gin-.:^- wesknef=s. accompanied by similar ru
er». t «». ted the Rock Island (securities a few
souths api «nd now. as at that time, the selline;
. ,v,e?- F/»c-rities SI believed in Wall Street to
C rr!nc:pa':;y for account of a leading niem
cf x *,+ Rnrk Island proup. who only recently
rttsnwd trom Europe, the reported object being to
jr»aenc« 1«* Funeral market. There are two large
sott issue* of the St. Louis & San Francisco fall
lac^u* »'-*-■ the next year. and the depression
p, ,j,p securities of the Rock Island system is
gmM la ssbbs Quarters to reflect uneasiness con-
. r iY,«zri, in view of the poor showing of the.
jj,^ of ifl»e sv«em In the matter of earnings.
Oa b**bl transactions the first and second pre.
s^rri quicks nf the 'Frisco yesterday declined
"•Jiiilmiy **« and -"i points, and Rock Island
Jjsaon and preferred lost respectively 1 and 3
-.iTrc The collateral trust 4 per cent bonds of
JtTcMM^. »o-k If land & Pac-Sc Railroad Com
-Ejr closed tt «w*. a decline of IS points, as com
•~,, •rtt* Saturday's final price, and the collateral
53Tfc, a» swell sals*. Mi from «• at the opening
eOs; the close.
&-Judf« Will Jaw H. Moore is at his summer
yen? tn New Hasipsbire. and his brother. James
S^Msore. si in Wisconsin. At the attic* of D.
6 Reid It was said that he had spent little time
jv ere £ i=c* his arrival from Europe- last week.
Consolidated Railway. Lighting and
Refrigerating Co. in Trouble.
Eanfiolj't'. C. Barrett, « lawyer, of Newark. K. I ,
mt a-rcir-reiS temporary receiver yesterday of tie
Sjasjiiiii - 1 Railway, Lighting and Refrigerating
Ccaps-Ttr. a J*;.O00,OOO corpora ti«n, by Vicfe-Chan
«3cr H '<•■*•■::. in Newark, en an application made
li Frederick t. Faulke, actiqs for G. Louie Bols?e
rsir.. rt Newcastle, H. T . who aaias fifty shares
rftb» ftrn-k pf the ■naaael lasislwaat corporation, and
fcr Caarles S. Thome, of New York, holder of
»»W-flv^ *har«-s. Mr. Barrett took s^aa«SSifc>B
rmercsv of the af^ets <^ the company, consisting
tiiefy at capital stock of •:- Consolidated Rail
av. "E>ctric L3?btlnf and Equipment Company,
pr value approximately B«J«».«W. ar^ capital
r«Kk of the Railway and Stationary Refrigerating
tespsny v f an susiiilaaita par value «* $6,l?7.00O.
The Consolidated Railway. f-'lT'* l and BsaMe;-
BjMag Company is kne^r. a? cne >* Isaac I*
te»* creations, he being president, August Cr.
*rauth i-ice-president and I. L. Ws'pon *f-crexz.ry
J2 treasurer. The company began business at N<>.
'•ifsttu street phortly aft«>r Ita incorporation at
Snior.. N. J.. on March 27. BJBL but confined Its
rtiviuei.lt « a !i»e»w< in the bill. tf» th* owning
ma tMsaiac dt stock? and securities of other com
panies. It is allesred it never engaged in any of
ft" other buFinetses authorized by its certificate of
&?prpor*t!on, euch «• the V.er^in* of railway cars
by power derived from the operation of trains, and
the ventilation and cooling «f the atme?pher« of
tc!M!T!|rs. The bill further says it hi believed by
•i* coaositaSaaiitC that all cf the assets of the oosß
jarr. as disclosed Its recent Stall ISWnt. except
n^T shown as <-as=h in bank. ar«» grossly over
vilaeii. The company's assets ar* piven as con
ttrUsc of securities u»jlBt»l and patents at Boat.
tiSl.Wia: due from Consolidated Railway, Elec-
Me Lifchting and Equipment Company. $15,616 53;
•)o» from Railway Stationary Refrigerating Com-
t2C«5«e, and from European Railway Re-
Igcattne Company. 187. which, with ?73 57 cash
abar.k. tr,ak«»s a total of $21.392.440 58. The liabili
■ 6«f consist of capital stock. C2.000.00Q. less stock
| Wi by the Manhattan Trust Company, trustees.
| Ciie, lea-v-ing jn.115.535; accounts payable, »•,-
IT- other 'ems. Inclusive of accounts payable.
axes. *:<-.. i_:,'-;^?t.
T!» sfndavits of Bossevain and Thome allege
tax tbe idlary companies are in equally bad
Kidiior.. Vice-Chancellor Howell set June » for
B^wßfeadßßt company •• chow cause why the re
ifuiMp shculd not be mad* permanent.
j|pii Sam Many Disregarded
Stock Tax— Will Investigate.
Albarv. j-jn* 22. State Controller Martin H.
Crss announced to-day that he has sssun an in
•ar^j-- to compel corp<"-'"a tl '' ne lo ohey liifs law
sjt^ tit transfer of shares of capital stock. "The
bnttcufoo." saye a ctatement given out by Mr.
Una ":.a* been under -nay but ■ f - v - days, yet
»x result* deiaptirtrat* that there has been a
SsitMde c:srt^rar<l of this law on the part «i
Wsontior.f. with the stttnding loss " ■ large
'Tanue V: the Ktate."
«i«re trr about .....■■ thousand stock
••pa- la this state «rbich come under the pro
'f»W of I!,* Ftock transfer tax act. Tii« Con
*Si«r Kyf. i^at ht intends to enforce the collec
ts <^ bust due ... every slw* transfer made
•** J^:i<? :. I»0S. -wh^n the act went in", effect.
'*■ rewrv.mer.dation of tlie Controller the last
*4EsttofttarM xwi*-. provision whereby an additional
w«e o; inspectors r*ju3d be employed to carry on
**teTesti?ati<vi. The Controller* t-tatement says:
TV botikii of » large titimh*r of *tock companies
J%i «xam,n»-.j durine th*=- l»?t week, and in nu
!*»ttf Sristar:c*s it , M found that a* many as
"*** but)<jr-d iind four hundred pharos of stuck or
•* '■orporation had r^<»n transferred. and m
••»» r *b*« the entire capitalization of a company
**lt-^n U»j-d. without the payment Ma einri
2, r '~ '■■■■■ Xa each instance th* attention of the
2?* l« cf the corporation »«f called to the legal
3>lß--» fn- failure to pay the tax. and In
Wri- r,f non-compliance found th*-""- has been
S^KSfce th^t th» MOWBtT revenue (tamps will
JtWchfcsed at <.nr<>. A re-*xamin«tion will He
»M» «itn:n Uw next two weeks to wM that th«
i 2=" 1 * ha* t *^, Mied
I~*cffi'-UIK1 ~*cffi'-UIK of many corporation*: plead that th*v
2f>s* yj at s f*r tax is imposed only where
2* 1* bongbt and .old through brokers the
Jpia» Cf *i^rulatien. and sive that e*cuse ior
J*"«»^ 1 That F pnosiuea is entirely «TO
***■• Kv,r,- ,r fc n E ffr of ownership of «took .is
*;*« la ihe tn* and every tratiafcr tnaoe wltti-
S^meoi at the tax comr's wSthsn the operation
M* penalty jrovided tor aun-compliauce with
*>!!,■ relaxing in any decree the supervision Of
**«» to ■£ that the law is BbejreA the ißvasUi*-
corporamona will continue until 1h» J>o° k! ?
__f*J"- slor « paay Uiat cm be located wilt
►jl'fii examined and Foment teguired f«
s2? '« ■cr H'^k trjin£ferr«*d without the r«joi
5J?2«Wie stamps fluting &* last 1 >,?.-<■ yearn.
2*» *«*«■ the inspectors of the Controller a
agbeut r.':«" iMw«r to examine -11 books and
£?r* oec«,6«ry •„ deteimine whether all taxes
it'r!^^usaaaii ot dollars ■■■' <*■■■'■ mate may
>...,. the fact that a Urge number 01
*g.." non-^mpliatic* with the law have lv"«n
tw^- "■■ one matanoe. th« corporation had
»iwT rr * !l »*enty isarid shares of stock on
aZjrJJ'' t»> had been paid. Th* officials of tht«
u *Mtiori «- fr< . cnmpf lied to purchase and affix in
TL7 rttnr * Tf - i^,,,,. J4 , r , worth of ptamps
I J: A r i ' ti «* t i < »n »iU be a* thorough as >t possi
4t^l^ m *4*- «'>rporatioti*. both larce and
J^?*2 :i be in.'unn^ individually of th*- duty ini
e^"T th " Kt<K k transfer act. and will be in
iKfJ 7 of the Controller** <ie-
jiars)j iars) win pv«i opportunity to re
¥£££* «'*«• for any taxes due. hut for i£l -
'•m. rßl^r 81^ "> <3o so will be subjected la U*B full
Jr »mpo»f^. ,
IVestinghousc Time Limit Up—Offi
cials Hopeful of Plan, However.
It tvas the last day yesterday for receiving sub
scriptions to the SIO.QQO.OOO new assenting stock of.
the Westlnghouse Electric and Manufacturing Com
pany under the terms of merchandise creditors' re
sumption plan. It Is understood that between
15 and 30 per cent of the stock was ptill unsubscribed
for at the expiration of the time limit, but not
withstanding this it was said in pood quarters
that Mr. 'W'estinghouse and other officials of the
company had expressed themselves as very hopeful
of the final success of the plan.
Their optimism was reflected in the stock, which
advanced to 65^ and closed with a net gain of 4>4
points. The rise since last Thursday has been over
10 points, and this is looked upon in Wall -Street as
an Indication that the plan will go through.
A representative of the stockholders' commute*
said that he thought an extension of time would
be necessary in order to secure more subscriptions
before th*» plan could be declared operative, but
that it would not be known Just where they stood
until the various cnrnmlttees pot together and com
pared not These committees— the readjustment
committee, the merchandise creditors' committee
and the stockholders' committee— will meet this af
ternoon and decide what future steps will he taken.
It is paid that if an extension is granted It will be
only for a week, at the most.
A report from PJttsburg that a syndicate headed
by Henry Phipps would take up all the unsub
scribed stock was denied by a high official of the
company in this city.
The success of the merchandise creditors' plan
will place the company in a strong position to
carry on Its extensive business, as It provides for
about $32.5P«.ft00 of Quick assets, of which nearly
$13,000,000 will be in cash. It ib understood that,
following the ratification of the plan, some strong
banking interests will be. admitted to the board.
The report from Berlin that the Westinghouse
interests in Germany have formed a combination
with the Bergmann Electric Company was con
firmed by George 'Weistinghcmse personally, -who
said in effect that as a result of the visit of sev
eral German engineers and government officers to
this country about a year ago to inspect the trac
tion systems of the United States a report was
made by them extremely favorable to the West
inghouse single phase traction apparatus for
operation on standard electric railways.
This report excited great interest on the part
of German manufacturers, and the Bergmarm
company has taken advantage of the situation
and recently obtained an exclusive license for the
manufacture and use of the WesTinghouse appa
ratus for ten years on a royalty basis. .The Herr
mann company is now preparing to establish an
extensive plant for the manufacture of this class
of traction apparatus.
This opens # new field for the Westinghouse
system for trolley work. The arrangement now
entered Into will inure to the benefit of both
WeEtlnghouse electric manufacturers in America
and to the French WestinghousA Company, as
well as to the Italian Westinghouse Company.
which is controlled by the French company. In
this new arrangement the French Westinghouse
Company will become an important asset of the
Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Com
Mere Formality to Give oiling £$
Co. a Legal Title.
Among the securities to be Fold fit auction to
morrow at the Exchange Salesroom, _\"os 14 and 1«
Vesey street, will b» about $800,000 (present value) 5
per cent collateral trust notes of the Detroit, Toledo
& Ironton Railway Company. These notes are the
collateral to three promissory notes dated August
31, 1888. made- by Rudolph Kleybolte & Co. and
payable, to the T'nited States Mortgage and Trust
Several months ago this collateral was taken over
by H. B. Hollins & Co., who have a large interest
in the- Detroit, Toledo &■ Ironton company. The
notes are being offered at auction en that Hollins
A- Co. may obtain le?al title to them by bidding
them in. The sale is a mere formality.
The notes to be boM to-morrow are part of a
lljßMjaa mrae given in payment for the Ann Arbor
Railroad st the t!m» of Its consolidation with th»
Detroit. Toledo «*• Ironton. As these notes are se
cured by $3,102,400 preferred and $2.190.0iv> common
stock of the Ann Arbor road, which is about 72 per
cent of the entire capital etock. they carry control
of the latter
It is understood that the Ann Arbor interests are
anxious to wrregat? their road, which Is a good
paying property, from the Detroit. Toledo & Iron
trm, now that the latter Is in th* hands of a re-
Mtoer. and this Is said to be the reason why
H. B. Holliaa & Co. and their associates, who con
trol the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton. are buying up
the notes, it being understood to be their intention
to veto any proposition to separate the two prop
11 ties
The pa- value of the notes to be offered at auc
tion tomorrow is $1,200,000, which is far short of
a majority, but it is understood that the Detroit.
Toledo & Ironton interests, although not holding a
majority of the notes, have enough, in addition to
the above amount, to give them an important voice
in the affairs of the Ann Arbor.
Guggenheims Reducing Expenses, However,
It Is Said Here.
A report from Boston that there had been a
staalDe-up in the American Smelting and Refining
Company, in which seventy employes, many of
them high priced men. had been discharged from
the New York office, was said by a representative
of the company yesterday to have been inaccurate,
there having been no important changes in the
company's staff. He said the report probably re
ferred to the various Guggenheim properties and
pointed out that John Hays Hammond, A. Ches
ter Beany and S. W. Mudd, who were mentioned
iii the report as having been dropped, had not been
In the employ of the American Smelting and Re
rining Company, but had been Guggenheim en
Mr. Hammond, who was on« of the candidates
for the nomination fur Vice-President at the re
cent Republican convention, is said to have re
ceived a salary of I2TiO.<w> a year from the Uug
genheims. The Boston report *aid that the saving
to the smelting company of the salaries of Ham
mond and other high priced engineers, in addi
tion to the other economies effected, amounted to
about $1,000,000 a year.
Albany, June 22.— The State Trustees of Public
Building?, consisting of Governor Hughes. Ueuten
ant Governor Chanler and Speaker Wadsworth of
the Assembly, to-day opened nine bids for the con
tract to build the proposed state education build-
Ing to be erected almost opposite the Capitol, at a
cost of about $3,000,000. On motion of Speaker
Wadfworth. the Mas were referred to State Archi
tect Ware for tabulation. Unofficial tabulations
naaear to shoe* that the R. T. Ford Company, of
RocneMer. Is th« lowest bidder.
CF\irnith"t ty ChartH D. Barney & Co.. No. 25 Hros.il
*tre*t. New- York, and No. 122 Seata «tb street,
Bid. asked I Bid. Asked
*m Qsawat... ■ *-' 88 Lrhi«h vai RR. «i», flit
Am Ry e» ** «*H M»red»n IV4 ifc
« •■mh.TU* »is«l . . 30»i 81 I'hiUCo 3b',i ■»,
„< N j SB 88 , preJ . «8 MM
i-,-, « Is*t C»- HI 82 Perm 11 ii C 0.... •*. 88ia
t:>c- <v> cr Am. l«> e » 107, r«in Steal C 0... as «s
Valnuount Tnc. 8 10 «t» prel I«T »7%
1* Asphalt ... 3 8 Phl!a El-c 0 ... J.^ !>N
do prerT. .::.. M 23 I PhiU Kap Tr.... 13»i II
in- Co of N A. 21 21 Vi j BSJIUSSISSS Pow... s. 11
i^k» cup Corp. 4 8 Union Traction... 47 47*
UehUbKeV: m* m Welsbacta Co 20 20
PS 4- an • 80, te v LiHu 100
X j O«f ss\ i 1"- I"- 1 '- Foil* Co »s. .. 86 «'.*
feo pass Hv« ; N 97
San Francisco. June 22— The official closing quo
tation* for mining stocks to-day were as follow.:
04, Jn' la - °fl
Alpha ' ■""■ ••• OH Kentucky Con'.'.'.'.T.'J.'.'.'. ;il
£ T ,"',' ::;;: '. .» Mexican 4.%
J^ ! wiirhrr : 43 ri C H<lrntal Con :-::::::::: .1%
• " . osji n-»riiJn :: < r
•- ::: .'... <# >.<■ «• 2
* '"'•'j; r n 7.... Sr.iSaK lielrher M
« ontwencj ■■■■•■ ' ..V.Si^rta Nevada 17
as ht^ ; ■'■'■:: !-::,-V.;;;" :::::::::::: i
:«It«h»w j.** «
Hal* * Norero* • • ■">
ANDREW J. MrCORMACK. Auctioneer.
Wednesday, June 24th, 1908
at 12:30 o'ejock. at the
Terms of sale. No bid will be received from any person
who shall not first deposit with the Auctioneers the sum
at $15,000 in cash or by certified check on some Incor
porated bank or trust company at the City of New Tork.
made or Indorsed payable to the order of the Auctioneers
as a pledge that he will make good his bid In case of Its
Th« deposit received from any unsuccessful bidder will
be returned to him when the property shall be struck
off. The deposit received from the successful bidder will
be retained* as part payment of the purchase price of tha
property so sold.
Ten per cent. In addition to the $15,000 already de
posited will be required of the successful bidder in casn
or certified check at the time of sale and the balance of
the purchase price before 10 o'clock the next day. payable
to the Auctioneers at their office. No. 55 William Street,
in funds current at the New Tork Clearing House.
Other conditions as announced at time of rale.
The collateral to three certain promissory notes, datea
August 31st, 1806. made by the firm of Rudolph
Kleybolte & Company and payable to the United
States Mortgage & Trust Company, said collateral
consisting of all the right, title and Interest or
Rudolph Kleybolte & Company In and to the ur
pai-i underwritii** agreements, dated June lotn.
If*, between Rudolph Kleybolta & Company and
certain syndicate subscribers for th« &7o collateral
trust notes of the Detroit. Toledo & Ironton Rail
way Company, dated .Tun« 1. 1906. and in and to
the loan agreements, dated July 10th and July 13th,
1S»O5. between Rudolph Kleybolte & Company and
the United States Mortgage & Trust Company and
In and io the two notes payable to said Trust Com
pany, dated July 13th, l«0fi. given by said Rudolph
Kleybolte & Company as agents for the subscribers
of pjtid underwriting; agreements. and in and to the
collateral thereto. Further particulars at time of
$6,000 Consolidated Indiana Coal Co. Ist Mtge. 5 p. c.
Bds.. 1&35.. ...
4.000 Sloss Iron 4; ■ Steel Co. Gen'l Mtge. 4^4 p. c.
Bds . 1818.
27 she United States Steel Corp. Prefd.
M she. Graff, Washbourna & Dunn Co.
2 afas. Journeay & Burnham. Co.
25 Bhs. American Smelting Co. Prefd.
$5.n00 U. 6- Smelting Co- Ist Mtge.. « p. c. Bds.. IB —
$5,000 D B. Reduction & Refining Co. Ist Mtge. «p. c
Bds.. July. 1931. _,• -"■_:.;
$6,000 Northern I'nion Gas Co. of N. T. Ist Mtge. 5 p.
c Bds.. Nov.. 1927.
f 1.000 Public Service Corp. of New Jersey 5 p. c. Ba.
2 ihs. Herring-llsll-Msrvin Safe Co. and $>>0 ecrlp.
25 shs. National Lead Co. common. «.»,,♦
$8,000 Broadway & 7th Aye. R. R. Co. Ist Mt^e.
S p. c. Regst. Bonds.
2 *hs. H. C. * A- I- Piercy Contracting; Co.
11 fhs. Great Western Turnpike Road. CONCERN
JQ.OOO ans Tri-Metallic Mining. Smelting & Refining Co.
100 shs. Amalgamated Copper Co.
120 shs. General Electric. Co. ■
2,700 shs. New Je rser Terminal Dock & Improvement Co.
13,000 United Telephone. & Telegraph Co. Ist Mtge. R
p. c. Bds.. 1931. ,„„
$75,000 Stewart Sugar Co. 2d Mtge,. 7 p. c. Bds.. 1927.
60 Bhs. Kmrlre Keystone Improvement Co.
60 sha. M. Zimmerman Co.. «_«_»«« .
51.000.000 West Virginia Midland R- R- Co. Ist Mtge. 6
p. c. Bds.
100 sh«. Union Ferry Co-
185 Bhs. Brooklyn City R. R.
$5,000 New York * Hoboken Ferry Co. On 1 Mtge. 5
p. 8. Bds., 1546.
ffifi {»+> Florida Southern R. R. Ist Mtge. 4 p. c Bas.,
25 shs. Com Exchange Bank. _
28 sh». Commercial Trust Co. of N. T.
2O shs. Carnegie Trust Co.
S shs. As! or Trust Co.
80 sha J. G. White A Co.. inc., Prefd
12 shs. Beckett & Wilhelm Lithographing ft Printing
Co. common.
2" shs. Eaekett & Wilheim Lithographing & Printing
Co. Pref 3.
100 sha. Mechanic*' National Bank.
75 shs. New Amsterdam Nat"! Bank.
200 aha Mechanics * Traders' Bank.
.'..000 shs. Elrico Copper Mining Co.
25 Bhs American Exchange Nat'l Bank.
10 sh«. Gallatln Xat'l Bank.
88.000 Lehirt & New York R. R. 4 p. c 845-. 1945.
53,000 Oil Fields of Mexico Co. 6 p. c. Convt. Deb.
Bds., 1817. _ _
$1,000 Standard M"tor Construction Co. 6 p. c 6. F.
Bond. 1927.
100 hs Carl Steel Co. 2d Prefd.
10 Eh*. Nat' l Bank of Commerce.
5 Bhs. Columbia Trust Co.
100 shs. American Express Co.
60 ihs. Carnegie Trust Co.
8.750 shs. fan Oreaarie Mining * Railway Os
75 sr>3. Carnegie Trust Co.
« BBS. Lincoln National Bank.
10 shs. Nat. Copper Bank.
$15,000 Cuba Compy « p <•■ B~nds.
51 000 Houston a Tex. Cent R. R. Cons « p. c. Bonds.
52,000 Houston. Cast A West Tex. R. R. Ist mter. B
p. c. Bonds. WSJ
512, Havana Electric Ry Cor.s. sat| « p. c. -Gold
522.500 Missouri, Kan. & Tex. R. R. Ist mtg. OoM
Bonds 1990 .
85.000 Missouri. Kan. a Tex. R. T. 2-1 mtg. Gold
Bonds. 1990
$25.°00 Republl of Cuba 5 r c. Gold Fonda of 10114
,v» ln i Great Northern Iron Ore Certificates.
Z r i she. Texas & Pacific Coal Co.
The weekly statement of averages of the banks
of New -York City, Brooklyn, Jersey City, H^hnki-n
and Staten Island which are not members of the
New York Clearing House Association, but which
clear through pome of the members, is as follows:
me 20. Changes.
1 pap- discounts hive»tm*ntg.--586.g64.000 Inc. $101,400
Circulation ! 1.781.100 D* 32.000
Net deposits 1f13.093,500 Inc. : 1.280,000
Deposits with r>aring houM
agents 18.080.8W Inc. 806.000
Deposits with hanks and trust
companies ...... . 4.177.8<V» Inc. 49.900
L<?gal t"r.4»rs an hank notes... 7.1T7.000 Inc. k»I,WO
£peci<> 5.737.800 Inc. 355,400
Total . .. $33,183,300 1nc. 51.115. 300
Reserve retired 35.998.450 Inc. 320.000
Surplus $7,184,880 Inc. $795,300
1908. 1907 1908-
Second «•»•]< in .Tune.. $31 BS7 136.691
July 1 to June 14 1.556.547 2,086,071
Number of miles 030 WO „ »30
Second week in June.. $140. 45W ?l«Ub4 $1BO.«41
July Ito June 14... 7.718.2^ 8.577.106 8.411.720
Second wf-pk in June.. $27,620 45.655
July 1 to June 14 1.875.243 2.020,311
Second week in June.. $132,156 $134,824 —
Jan. 1 to June 14 2.888,647 2.883.554
Number of miles 395 898
Second week in June.. $82,883 $43,818
JUly 1 to June 14 2.086.347 2.171.
Fecond week in June.. $128,688 $114,407 $111,377
Jan. Ito June 14 2.583.496 2.888.883 8.288,172
Jlnnth of May— _
Number of miles 827 *-7 „ ~i.
■ Gross earnings $r,3fi.420 $S«.2m $«•>.•>,
Expenses an.! taxes .... ::;i.".1i»l 522,114 517.541
Net earning ■• $100,430 $347,115 £: 18,111
firof^eVrnin^- *.-.- $8,282,878 88.385.628 $7 ..*...:.! 1
Operetta* expenses 5.740.077 6,162.627 8.318.846
Net earnings 31 ■>«■ $2,642,586 $8,202,901 $1,771,088
Month of May— 1908 Chanpee.
Gross earnings "5.043 Pec. $81,071
Operating expenses 72,5 a» Inc. 8.888
j,, firit $37,4 Mi Inc. $66,368
i^-iSifis l^ *«7« 7 p«»?«.oa
Operating expenses 768.820 Inc. !»u,4iri
Net earnings 11 months $1&4.3U7 Dec. 1288.828
1808 10f»7.
Week ended June. 15 $242,432 00 $275.200 00
June 1 to June 18 608,46300 MB.S2S <>0
July It Jum IS 15.701.48253 12.7T8.817«9
Chicago, June 22.— The local wheat market was
irregular to-day, the July option being heavy and
the distant deliveries firm. At the close the July
delivery was unchanged. Corn was V»c to V* *
hlWher. Oats were unchanged. Provisions were
2V tf -> 7W: to 10c higher.
Tl ■*• wheat market was nervous all day, because
of bullish statistics on th« one hand and favorable
weather for harvesting on the other. The feature
of trade was the urgent .and for the September
delivery and the narrowing of the spread between
thai option and the July delivery. Several of the
leading commission house* were free Kellers or
July and active buyers of September. The ne.lllnß
pressure on the nearby months was caused by the
excellent weather for harvesting in the Southwest.
The principal bullish influences were advanced at
the leading European markets, Liverpool excepted.
n decrease of 7.000,000 bushels In the amount of
breadstuff* «n passage, a liberal falling off in the
•world's shipments and reports of email yields In
Kansas The market closed steady for July and
strong for September and December. July opened
, •«• to lie to v to Ho lower, at S&V«c to SSttc
Advance*! to £?'—'. and rlotsed at 86Vsc to K%c
riearancet of wheat and flour were equal to 290.800
li!iHhelf< Primary receipts were 460,000 bushels,
compared with 702,000 bushels the corresponding day
» year ago Minneapolis, Duluth and Chicago re
ported receipts of 151 car*, against 231 cars last
week and 189 cam a year ago.
The corn market was strong all day, because r,t
/•run damage reports and Fmallness of primary
recHntK There was considerable realising late in
the te6*ion which caused some re.-ess-ion in prices.
The 'ling ot September at a V premium oven
July was the feature of trading. The market
olosed firm. July opened uncharged to '„■■ to We
\nm*T at «9V4c. to 89% cto EH£6. advanced to TO%c.
ami closed at 68% C. Ixx-al receipts were 415 cars,
SJ&ASI^S&I- the day, la sympathy
with wheat and corn, but eased off later, owing
i i free selling by leading longs. Unfavorable crop
raiwirtl had a Btrengthenin« effect July opened
hirh^r at *'■.■. »old up to «Xc, and then .1. -
Hmed to 4S%c where It closed. Local receipts
W prV^ten« e 'were strong throughout the lewion
.' »i •<■ i-e eenera! demand, which was based
hi,, upon a 10c to 15" advance In live ho a
Vl ,he "jotS September pork was up ;uc. at 51 1 7 ..
iird , w»V. also .IP 2%C. at $3 12»J. Rib. were 7lso
"F^ma^'Ve^eiptfTnr to-morrow: Wheat 14
caY« -c0rn .430 cars; oats. 22 cars; hogs, 17.000 head.
S nxings Banks.
3! W. 34th St. bet. Sth & 6th Ayes.
Interest credited July Ist.
FOUR per-cent per Annum
on deposits from $5. to $3,000. Bank
open 10a. m. to.? p. m., Mondays 10 a. m.
to 7 p. n., Saturdays 10 s. tn. to 12 m.
Deposits made on or before July 10th
draw interest from July Ist.
Samuel D. Styles, President
Frederick N- Cheshire. Treasurer
Charles F. Turton, SecteUry
• 51 Chambers St., New York
The Board of Trustee* has declare!
a semi-annual dividend at the rate of
. per annum, on all deposits entitle,!
THOMAS M MULRY. President.
JOHN J. TULLEYN. Comptroller.
544.646 Broadway.
1 14 th Semi-Annual Dividend.
June Bth. 180*.
The Trnsteei. of this Institution have declared In
terest at the rate of
per annum on all sums not exceeding $3,000 remaining
on d^poFit durinp the three or six months --ndin| on
the 30th lust-, payable on an.l alter July **>"»• 1908. n
Deposits made on or before July 10th. 1908. will
draw interest from July Ist. 1908.
JOSEPH BIRD. President.
FRANK G. STILES. Secretary.
CONSTANT M. BIRD. Ass't Secretary-
>'. W. Cor. 14Jh Pt. and Bth Avenue.
The Trustees have declared a dividend for the six
months ending July 1. 1908. en all deposits entitled
thereto, under the by-laws, at the rate or
per annum, on all minis from
$5 TO $3,000.
Deposits made on or before July 10th will draw in
terest from July Ist. __ ■ ','■ '
B E Cor. 6th Aye. and 16th St.
A rjrl PER ANNUM will be credited depositors for the
*# 7U BIX MONTHS ENDING JUNE 30 on all sums
* from fS'to 53,000 entitled thereto under th» by
laws, payable July 20.
Deposits made on or before JULT 10 will draw Interest
from JULY 1, 1308.
\ JAMES QUINLAN. President.
J. HAMPDEN ROBB. ) Secretaries
FRANCIS M. BACON. Jr., j SecreUtrle »-
280 Broadway, N. Y.
declared at the rate, of four per cent
43 fYf per annum on all sums entitled
XlL^r) thereto. Payable after July 20,
■Tf" / 1908.
PICK S. RAMSAT. President.
CHAS. A. WHITNEY. Secretary.
Onion Dime Savings Institution,
Interest ZETOTTIR Per Cent *
Per Annum, from $■" to $8,000 Credited July Ist, pay
able July 16th or any time later.
CHARLES B. ?FRAGUB. President.
FRAN' M. T.KAKK. Treasurer.
WILLIAM G. ROSS, Secretary.
Trust Company Statements.
Metropolitan Trust Company of the City of New York
at the close of business on the 17th day of June. 190*.
Bonds and mortgage.* $860,10000
Stock and hond Investments, viz.:
Tubllc securities (book value, $3,013.6£U 00),
market value • 00
Other securities (book value, $2,888,837 12),
market value =- 6 2 9 ? ::rt 22
Loans 19,134.74823
Due from trust companies, banks and bank
e rs 8.703, •>» IS
Spec!, 1.231.557 10
Legal tender notes and notes of national _ _
banks 6,3<»»00
c^Tuem-- •.:.■..■.■.■..:: »m
Other assets, viz.
Payments in liquidation of Oriental Bank. 4.961, 7*
$38,492,426 77
capital stock $2,000.00000
Surplus, Including all undivided profits 7,254, -.3 95
Due trust companies, banks
and bankers $3,383,883 «7
Deposits (not preferred! £92,323 12
Certificates of deposit (not
preferred) 1. 153,347 22
Preferred deposits 2.806,778 20
Total deposits •■ ■ ■ 23,220.350 21
Reserved for taxes 86.000 00
Other liabilities, viz.:
Reserved for rent 4.500 00
Reserved for liquidation of Oriental Bank. 8.000,00000
Cash received in liquidation of Oriental
Hunk 2.507.513 60
888,4*2.428 77
State of New York, County of New York, as.:
Treeasurer, of The Metropolitan Trust Company of the City
of New York, located and doing bsttlnesa at No. 49 Wai!
Street, in the City of New York, in said county, being
duly sworn, each for himself, says the foregoing report
Is true and correct In all rejects, to the best of his
knowledge and belief, and they further say that the usual
business of said trust company has been transacted at
the location required by the Ranking Law (Chap. 689.
Laws of ISO— >. and not elsewhere: and that the above
report la mad" in cr>mpliarv-« with an official notice re
reived from the Superintendent of Banks, designating th«
17th -lay of June. 1908, sa the day of which such report
shall be made.
(Sgd.) BRATTON IVES. President.
<Sgd.) BERTRAM rRI'UER. Treasurer.
Bererally subscribed ant] sworn to by both deponents,
the 22<1 day of June. 1908, be! ••» me.
(Spd 1 A. E. VOGLER,
Notary Public. Kings County, N. T.
Certificate filed In New York County.
Liverpool, June 22 — Closing: WHEAT- Spot quiet; No
2 red Western winter, 7b Bd; No i California, 7s M;
futures qul*t; July, 7« lSd: September. «■ lOVid; De
cember •'•* IW. CORN Bpol firm; new. American, kiln
dried <5* M: "M. American. mixed. 6s Id; futures qul»-t;
July 5a 1 ■•»<!: September, fib Id TEAS— Canadian steady.
7* 10 FLXiVH — Winter patents easy, -Ss S<l. HOP? -
In London. Pariftc Coast quiet. £1 10s Six 8». BEEF—
Kxtra India mess steady, 102* 6d. PORK— Prim" men,
Vmtern steady 72s tid. HAMS — Short rut. 14 to 16 lt>.
fiteady 47b 3d". BACON — Cumberland cut. 26 to 80 Tb.
I -m ' i.v short Tibs. 16 to 24 ID. quiet. 41s; long cifar
middles light 28 to 34 It), quiet. 41» «-'. lon* clear mld
,,I M h«vv » to 40 It), quiet. •»'*• short cICRr backs.
18 to 20 n.' steady. 30* «M; clear bellies; 14 to 16 tb.
f,,"v *£■: ihouWers. square. 11 to 13 n>. dun. 29..
? iT»n!_Prlme Western, in tierces, firm. 445; American
rpfi£«d in S.»». firm. 45s 3d. CHEESE— Canadian fltie»t
«hll« "and colo-ed old. Bteaiy. 625. TALLOW— Prime
gas "to M TUBPENTINE—SpirIts steady. Sis M.
Sgfcr^cSnfin'Hi «ZSr, T lOHd. FBTROUSUM-lU
flned quiet. «**''' IJXSEEU OIL-Strcng. 2«s.
„__! inn. ■•■• — CATTLE Receipts, about 20.000
hP»S nu?^k« t «trr.nV- stsWr.. 8«W8« 26 : coWs. IS6-W.?',.
j'ffe'rs S4S-J7 ? - bulta JS6OOJSW): calvt-s, *2Bo«s«firt;
t^k7r'» *n<i feed* .. $3 2f.©J& ». HOOB- Reee»ts, about
MOM head; Market. 10f|lBc i.lrher. choice heavy ship-
J?mTttt*««ls butrher^. 8B98806; light mixed. $8 SJI
*•*«• cholr-J r'lllrtit. 88O8»08i packers .W[(SW : pig.. *4»
?- 'ji SHEEP Receipts, about IR.OOO head; market
*tead>; M ip7|4aßOß»»! lambs. *str»7; >*arline». J4M
*1-incinnati. June 22.— HOGS active and etrons»r. 60
hlrher- botcher* 1 and shippers , $h(>s. common. J4 .s<#
S"i Ci- VaTTLB dull and weak: fair to «ood shipper*".
86 869*1 «&: common. StßoOg>7B. SHEEP Steady, f 2 »
oJ4^>; lamhs «teady. H r.nff«7.
Ka»t '- .-ffal- June 22 — CATTLE— Receipts. 4.000 head:
heavy dry fed slow sad 10c lower- others active and
■trons to 10- higher; prim? it«er«. 17 J7 (»: •hipping.
$1. •J,"i'fl*7- liut.-hera', $.'.tj*ii IM); heifers. $4#a«25; cowa.
13 2...1*' SO; hulls, *( ,v>/iV>. storker* and feeders, 8880
iu*.-i; fciock heifers, ?:i 4'»«J3 7.">; fresh cows and springer*
steady. $:>"JM. VEALS— Receipts, 2.200 iies<i; active
and ••"■ liigher at j:>ißJ7 75. HOOS— Receipts. 13.000
head: sctlve an 1 2<>tf2nc higher; heavy and mixed, Pi 40©
f« Mi- yr.rkrr». 80 2308680; i>lg*. »4 7S '*s.%«». r<iugh». »5®
$:,•.'". dan *:; 7...fi SB: ilairi»», | |ft 40, SHEEP and
I.ASIHS— ReaeipU 4 '»>i> h«a.l; arttv« rearlins* -•'
hlfiher; Utnbj>, f."> •/*::.. 1. yearlir.KK. 8A7508838: weth
,., . $:.,i<. 2.%: ... ■ |4 .Vt *4 75; aheap, mixed, *'-a*4 7.">.
I'nion Stork Varda. Ptttaburs Jkioa 22.— CATTUB> -
Supply fair; lower; rholce 879*7 SB; prime, $rt «&eJt5 (V>.
BHEEP — Supply llgh' slow, lower; prim* wethers. $4 83
944 78; culls and common, ?2®s.'!; iambs, fß«f|6iw>, veal
calvea. $7*|s7M). HOGS— Receipts fair; aetfre, higher
prime heavies, mediums and heavy Yorker*. $8 2J>SJ* SO;
pigs. (3 80; rough*. «4 7^<^^^ 23
Trust Companjj^StaUmmts. j
a*. th« "lose of business on the 17th day of June. 190*.
RESOURCES. . M «iwvjwv
Binds and B*a»SjasM $32.000 00 ;
Stock and bond investments, viz. :
Public securities (book value. $1,928,971 *•). „.„
market value -••- I.BOT.SBB'eB'
Other secuiitiea (book value, $3,424,393 oO>. „„-_--'
market value a.oZl.Z6» '•>
Loans .:* .. ::::::::::::::::::::: 4 - 512 - 57 *S
Overdrafts *** '
Due from trust companies, banks and bank- _„_„,,. I
am . • • o, *!"■'.»*•**> i* *
sped, '::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.:. 4w.3i»m l
Le^al tender notes and not«*a of national „,«»«« '
banks 5 ? 0 ? ■
Cash item;. „... 6.-4 | >4» ■
Other assets, viz. :
Ac-rued Interest entered on books at date I
of this report as an asset 19,844 .3 •
Amount of subscription to loans by asso- |
clat-d trust companies 64,«V>00
Total $16,197.000 13 >
Capital stock $1,000.00000
Surplus. including all undivided profits 2.R85.19R15 i
Due trust companies, banks
and bankers $5.23*.f1fi? 52
Deposits (not preferred) 5.747.639 «S»
C'rtlflcat»s of deposit (not
pr»f^rred» 775.424 3»
Preferred deposits -. ... 750.330
Total deposits 12.524,233 13
Other liabilities, vli. :
Unpaid dividends »I{V>oo
Treasurers checks R9.S?t SS
Reserved for taxes 2*.C*»><h>
87.571 «
Total $l<5.13".O0O 12
Stat« of Wai York. County of New York, ss. :
■William B. Taylor. vic»-presHent. and John A. Hilton.
treasurer, of Bowllns; Green Trust Company. located an'!
doln? business at No. 2« Broadway. In th» City of N«w
Tork, In M.id county, being; duly sworn, each for him
self, says th«» for«Kt>tny report Is true and correct In all
r»!«pects. to th» boat of his know led*;* and belief, and
they further nay that th« usual business of aaU trust
company has h»>^n transacted at th» location required by
th» banking: law (Chap. 6S!>. Laws of ISBBX and not S*s»
wh»re; and that th» above report Is made In compliance
■with an official notice received from th" Superintendent
of Banks, designating the, l"th day of June, IMS, as the
day of which such report shall be made.
WILLIAM H. TAYLOR. V!c»-Prestdent.
S>v«"rally subscribed and sworn to by both deponents,
the 22d day of June, 1009. before me.
[Seal of Notary.] WSt. H. ERWIN.
Notary Public. New York County.
at rh» does of business on the 17th day of June, IPOS.
Bonds and mortgages $9,545,083 86
Stock and bond investments, viz :
Public securities (book value. $454.S(><>).
market value 463.575 00
Other securities (book value. $3,714.523 OS),
market value 3. 722.27* f*s
Loans 13.352.73*
Overdrafts 17.150 41
Real estate 1.997.88153
Due from trust companies, banks and. bank
er- . ft.SO2.s6S 4?
Specie '.'.".'.'.".".." 1.054.917 27
Legal tender notes, and sates of national
banks 6SW - 6 SIJ3?
Cash items 6.70903
Other assets, viz.: nnnnrt
Suspense I<yy> °°
Accrued Interest entered on books at date
of this report a* an asset V «i- . M
Premiums, examination and search fe-s. etc. 140.574 64
$37,624,202 52
.• aP .,a, stn,k LIABILITIES. ~ KM . M .
,-.,_,.-, . tnr) . $4.373,0™> 00
Surplus, including ail undivided profits . . . W. __._. 4.,
Due trust companies, banks and bankers.... '*-W9.J||s»
Deposits (not preferred* ■■■ \ riSYvirn
rertiflcates of deposit (not preferred) •SrSaS
Preferred deposits - ■ • - n _ •„. ■ 2. .344 88
Total deposits $23.807.8.> i S»>
Other liabilities, viz.: an«itt<
Accrued interest entered Si'nnftSi
Unpaid dividends aS'Su 34
Crtified check? S&'V^Titt
Tr-asur«r» checks 804.171 —
$•57,624,202 52
Amount of Investments h-ld as executor, ad
ministrator, guardian rsesrjer^Uiwwe,
committee, or as depositary of nion-y» de
posited on order of the court, for which th
trust company is liable b-caus« th» same
are not lepal for savings banks, nor per
mitted in and by the «w««"ve ,'nstru
ments or wor* creating or deflnlnc th*
ISaSS' T V^-Pre»ldeßt. and
Z% th b^e^
of said trust comply ha»bee n «a« f*^ of a9 2>.
rdVa^d' CIVkVcE H. KELSET. the Pr^ident. is
a^verallv übscrlb«l and in. t« by sett d-ponents.
thf =Sd i.V of^June MOB. before g.
[Seal of Notary! " Votary Public.
EOW «D O. STANLET. s— nd Vice-Presldent.
A. TERRY, Treasurer- _,
at the cl" S e of business on 17th day of June. 1- J».
RESOURCES. J3 775.579 04
Public securities (book *alue. k»»» «7"«8Ano
OaS?tJe-rtSS ' (bio. valu-.- 52, . .^^^
market value '.*."..'.- 28.523.P04 B8
I .nans * . .. 10.95055
Overdrafts 2.265.97230
TOta ' LABILITIES. $I= oo.ooo 00
lu»lus, '.ncluding all undivided
profti3 13 288,917 15
Due trust companies, banks and bankers.... £**!»£
Deposits (not preferred) > . . . ■■ -_ ; •• "V :.V.V. V! MjJj 37
Certificates cf deposit (not preferred) "055796 75
Preferred deposits // .. '$53 STs' 4C«>63
Total derxsits s».tf.o.i* «
Other liabilities, viz. : aar.4fflXßß
Accrued interest • "aims 87
Certified checks 4»5o5oO
Reserved for accrued expenses 3 - y>l .w "
Tot -1 $50,731.27103
\mounV of' investments held as executor, administrator.
enaSlan receive- trustee, committee, or as depositary
o? moneys 'dieted on Order of the court, for the
trust company Is liable because the same are not lesal
for binks. nor permitted In and by the respective.
instramenis or wards creating or defining the trudts.
State "of New York. County of New York, as.:
CH\RLFS H KEEP. President, and HARRIS A.
DUNN Secretary, of Knickerbocker Trust Company, lo
cateY and doing business at No. 8M Mfth Av-nu-. in
the City of New York. In said county, being duly sworn,
each for himself. says the foregoing report Is true and
correct in all respects, to the best of his knowledge and
belief and they further say that the usual business
of said trust company has been transacted at the location
required by the Banking Law <' bap 888, laws of l«r_>.
and not elsewhere; and that the above report Is made
In compliance with an official notice received from the
Superintendent of Banks, designating th* eeventeenth day
of June, 1008, as the day of which such report shall be
"' "'"'*" CHARLES H. KEEP, President.
HARRIS A. Dt'NN. Secretary.
Severally (subscribed • and sworn to by both d«-p.-»n-nts
the 22d day of June. 1888, before me.
[Seal of Notary.] PAUL H. HUDSON,
Notary Public. New York County.
Guaranty Trust Co. of N. Y.
at th« close of business on the :7th day of June, 100«:
Bonds and ni'.-tea»re« .. 8 1**). 000 00
Stock, and bond 1 Investments, viz.:
Puhllr necuritie* (book value.
Jll. 143.436.02). market value 11.214.M«
Other aecnritles (book value,
(11.519.055.92). saaraei value 11,55n,038 6S
Loans and bills purchase! 16.121. 76
Pue from trust companies, banks, and
bankers 14. 077. 81T 10
Specie 2.304.415 07
Laajal-tsssSef BOWS and notes of national
banks 23,973 00
Other assets, v\z. :
Accrued Interest entered on
books at date of thin report
as an asset 881.38838
Foreign exchange 1.325.94i»23
Commissions and accounts re
ceivable 102.279 »J
1.572.491 18
11.881 62
Capital Sti * .... • J2.000.0t0 00
Surplus, including all un«llvWe<f profits C.051.413 09
Dae truft companies, hanks, and bankers... . 4,'.tK6.««> 29
Deposits (not preferred). 54.3*4>620t
Certificates of deposit (not preferred) S.leZ.Oßß'n
I'referred deposits 4.7M.W2 21
Total deposits. J47.208.54i.27.
Other liabilities, viz. .
Accrued interest entered J .2.15 03
Certified checks 107.762 83
Reserve for tax's 42.000 00
131.007 34
*;«. 401.859 «J2
6t*t» rt New Tor V.. County at New Tork. as.:
JOHN W. CASTLES. Fr«si(J>nt. anil W. C. EDWARDS.
Treasurer, of the Guaranty Trust Co. of New York. 10~
ratM and doing; business at No. '-'« Nassau Street, in the
City of New York, 'n said county, being duly sworn, each
for himself, says th« for- going report I* tru« and correct
In all respects, to th« b»st of Ms kn«wle<!{r« an<J belief.
and they- further any that th» usual busiaes* of sail
trust company has been transacted at th* location re
quire, by the Ranking tA« tChap. «*. Laws of ISBCk.
and 11 •• elsewhere; anT that th» ahoy,- report Is made in
compliance with an SSBctal notice received from the
Superintendent of Hank«. de»lsruitinc the 17th <ia> ef
June. 19<^. as tho day of which such report shall be
JOHN W. CASTLES. President.
W. c KDWARP?. Treas
Severally «übsrrlh»<i and sworn to by both deponents,
the 22.1 dar of June. 1»O», hefure ssa
[Seal of Notary ) ' JAMES r> Htrßn.
' Notary Public.
"The Beet of Everything at the Best Time/*
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of security TalK.
and comfort » ■• ,
while travel- AlaSKa
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make a the .
trip peculiar Lurope, etc.
to Itself." '•L'UIOPC, CIC.
Through New York. New England and Canada.
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turning; on down boat duo «M St.. 5.30 P. M.
Leaves Franklin St. Pier 24. N. JL. <!aily. » A. M.. 1
P. M ; Sunday •. 9 AM. only far Highlands. Red Baak.
etc Eic. 60c. Trolley to Lose Branrh Aaburr Park-
For Young — Country.
CONNECTICUT, r^k»v!ll->.
The Taconfc School for Girls
Near beautiful lake la the Berkshire HlTls.
MISS LILIAN r>lX<">N. A. B. (W«!>ilw and Brv«
Mawr). MISS BERTHA BAILEY. B. 8. (Ualle»l»y).
JL entire year. 43 Laka St.. v.'hit» Plains.
For Both Sexes— City.
Madison tjQuars (1122 Broadway.> ■ «
Harlem Branch. &ii Lenox A.v&. itdi 137U» 3f
Brooklyn " 73 Court St.
Teacher* sent to all places wlCla hundred mile*.
For Both Sexes — Country.
Siarkey Seminary
On Feneca Lake, near WSBMI Opened! Sept. 1.
Boarding school for both «»x«». Prepares for best col
leges. Eleven teachers; specialist* Courses In art.
music, commerce.
M. SUMMERBELL. Pres.. Lakemont. X, T.
For Boys and Touns Men — Country.
lira. 8 J. LIFE. Tha Misses STOWB. Rye. New >*»"•
School Agencies.
supplies Profeaaors. Teachers. Tutors. Ooveraeaaes. ate,
to Colleges School and Families Apply to
lira M J TOUNOrL'LTOS 33 Union ITiiiia**
I ■as grace of God fre« and Independent, to Jims*
II Brooks, Harry R. Mar**... Wiliaxd Brooks, Harri
son Brooks. Margaret Spear Bensoe. oarah E. Omkense.
Ida Spear O'Neill and Nannette Spear Smock, the hair*
and next of kin of Eugene Munsell. late of toe Countr
of New York, deceased, send greeting: Wherea*. Harris:
A Muns«n. of the City of New York, has lately applied.
to th* *irrr>sat»'3 Court of our County of New Tarn.
to have a certain instrument In writing, bearing dat»
the 21st day of April. 19i)8. relating to both real and
personal property, duly proved as th» last will and
testament of Eugene Muns*ll. late of th* County of New
York, deceased, therefore, you and each of you are cltad
to appear before the Surrogate of our County of New
York, at his office In the County si New York, on th*>
15th day of July, one thousand nine hundred and eight.
at half past ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day.
then an.', there to attend th* probate of the said last
will and testament. And such of you aa are hereby cite*
as ara under the age- of twenty-one year» are required
to appear by your guardian. if you have on*, or If lap
have none, to appear and apply far one to t« appointed,
or tn the event of your neglect or failure to do so. a
guardian will be appointed by the Surrogate to repre
sent and act for you In Bss proceeding.
In testimony whereof, we have caused th* seal at
the Surrogate's Court of the said County of New York
to b« hereunto affixed. Witness. Bam Abner
[SeaL] C. Thomas, a Surrogate of our said Countr
of New York, at said county, IBS 20th dar
of May. in the year of our Lord on-» thousand nine huar«
dred and eight. DANIEL J. DOWDNEY.
Clerk of th* Surro«at«s Court.
J. the grace of God free anil independent:
Tb MILLICENT SMITH. if '.ivtng. »nd i«er husband, 12
any, and. If -lead, to her heirs at law and next of kin.
other than Floyd L. Smith, and the re*cective hu*baarl»
•nd wives. If any. of said heirs and next of kin of sail
Mii'.lcent Smith, said Mlllicent Smith. If 11-inj. tying oo«
of the heirs at law and Seat of kin of Loyal L. Smith, i-*
reasatd. and. If she be cot living. !^r heirs at law and
next of kin b«lng also heirs at law and n«it of km of
Loyal L. Smith, deceased, tht> names and pU.e<ia «t resi
dence of all such persons. 1! any, being unknown. mod
Tea an! each of you are hereby citM and re«jn!r»'l per
sonally to i« and appear before our gsaaeasSS asT th»
County of New Tork at th» Surrogate's Court tn sal 4
County, held at th« Hall C Records in the. Cwj of New
York on the 22nd day of July. 190*. at 10 30 o'clock ta
the forenoon of that day. then an,! there to attend th»
probate of the will of Loyal L. Smith, deceased, and to
ihov cause. If any there be. why th» decree heretofore
made In tha matter of the pmbate of th« will ot said
I /ivai T. Smith. seaeSflsa, en the, 20th day of February.
IS**. should not stand and Is effectual and why the <r»J
der.>-e and proceedings had on the application for suds
probate should not stand and I - effectual and why said.
.MUUcent Smith, If II ■ Is— . and her husband. If any. and
If aba '- not living, why her seen at law and sjssj sf
kin other than Floyd L. Smith, and Their respective hus
bands and wives. 1* any. should not b« bound by s«M
decree of February 30. iao«. admitting said wtu to pr»»bar«
In the urn* manner and with the bum force, and efpsct
and to all Intents and purposes as If she. tS* said Mir.i
real Smith. if living, and her husband. If any. and. If ah»
be deul. her heirs at law and ne*t of kin and IBBSI re
•jxctive husbands and wives. If any. iis*! been duly e!t«4
to attend the said original probate of said srill; and sue*
of you hereby cited as are under th« as* of tweoty-ojie
year*, are required to appear by your guardian. If Teas
have en». or. If you have none, to appear and apply for
one to be appointed, or In the event of your aeclect or
failure to do so. a guardlaa win b* appointed by th« Sur
rugate to represent and act for you In las proceeding.
In testimony whereof, we hay» caused the seal of the
Surrogate's Court of th* said County of New Toea to be
hereto affixed
Witness Hon. Abner C. Thoma». a Surr •«»»<• of our
sal<t county, nt the City and County o£ New York, ot»
he 23th Jay of May. lUQB.
[peal.l Clerk el (ha Burros;%te"a O>urt.
»^ Slocum. N. T. . June 3. 1908. — Sealed proposals, la
triplicate, wilt »a received here until 11 A. M.. Juno 34.
:.«■- tor furoUhlns metal window, door and tnn*jui
screens for Addition to Hospital at this Post. Irtormar
l\r>n aad sp*ciflrattnns furnished en application. En
velopes containing proposals to be endorsed "Proposals
for Scraens" and addressed to Constructing Q. M.
tngton. June 15. IMS. — Sealed prntraels will
b« received at this office until 12 o'clock, soon. Tues
day. June 30. IOCS. for laying Cement BiJewaMis tn the
District at Columbia. Blank forms of proposals an 4
•p«ciacation>. together with all necessary tntarmatt^n.
tnav be obtained at Room 43. District ButWtna.
JAY J. MORROW. Commisatoners. D. C.
4 DVERTISJCXIENT9 and »'ieserti)ttons (or The Trlbun*
A received at their Uptown Orr.c No. 1344 >rssi»>»a».
tlsements recetved at the fallow tn* branch oOre* at
between 36th and .TTth its., until » o'clock s> SB. Ad««r—
r-guUr o£ce rates until *. o'clork p. m viz : -•-. *ti
aye.. a. c. cor. 2.T.1 St.; 13a Sth .iff., car. ttth St. 83 Bast
14th at ; 23? West «2d at., b«tw««a 7th and Bth «m .
288 Want 138 th at. . ÜBS 34 aye.. between 78th and T7th I
ata : 1026 Sd aye . near 8l«t st.; 1708 Ist *■?•* . near Bst a
at ; 157 East 123 th St.: 7M Trtmont *▼•.; 880 3d are.,
ar asy Amexicaa District Teiejraph OiHca.

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