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IPiittpremi Activity in the Great Suburban Fields — Various
Vnits of J'alucs Throughout the Section.
• .- ■
ffitii -* best time cf the year for prospective
~ to «tu<Jy conditions affecting real property
tos t cuburban sections of the greater city. It is
- ££! because at this season of the year
-«Y*«r*l charms of the various places «re
ttC - Zen *™ their realty strength is therefore
!Ep e »aflj' gauged. As values. are usually based
■*"*_ ■ the home seeker will be able to get
°Vir ice'- of the market value of properties of
* i . s k-Tidf by '.earning the sums at which houses
% * leased for the summer or by th« year. Ac
*** •« data regarding vacant parcels are not so
2S£ obtainable. It Is only after a careful sur
oT ~ f . a ity conditions that the market value of
2ct rlcts can be determined.
= c. varied are prices for vacant land an« Improved
*" 5 Ties with frontages on the Atlantic Ocean
T-^the nearby bay* aTld rivers that many intend
•n v,uy<-rs r.re" likely to be perplexed at the marked
Mffe^-at-es in values. Many persons inexperienced
i -?i*l estate matters sometimes think that if a
cant lot in a town fifteen miles from New York
be bousfct for S.V*) a lot of similar size in .i
■n jone distance further from the city ous;ht not
be 'worth more than St) or 7 per cent of that
° values will not be revealed by using such
■system. Even a brief study of conditions in what
the Jamaica district and the adjoining
sections wiii quickly show the usclessncss of
tacb a rla^i of deiormining values.
In the principal thoroughfare* of Jamaica, es
• pjgjiy in The business sections, there are few
lots that can' lie purchased at less than $200 a front
*oot A mile south of Jamaica there are vast
irac^ts O f land which are being marketed at from
jjV> a lot up, and in many instances the purchase
crire of each acr<» would not buy a choice lot in the
j^a'rt cf the residential sections of the old town of
Jamaica.' Between Jamaica and the Atlantic Ocean
If a IC'Tig stretch of land the preater part of
trhi'h -is fraetiraily unimproved, which is look^i
upca *'}' ex;wrts as being in the line of immedi
ate development as a hish class residential district.
There are zones within zones in the great realty
fiejd cf This city, and <"ach zone has its units of
values for its business properties, and also other
units cf valu'-s for its residential districts. The
usit cf value which prevails in the business sec
tion of Jamaica or the unit of value which exists
la the residential section are useless in arriving
at values in the outlying sections. The adjoin
le£ region south of Jamaica, which comprises the
towts of St. Albans. Sprinjrfield anal other nearby
asd chanr.ir? places, is n-ally another zone, and
there tJ:e unit of value is. based or. the sales of
■vacant land or improved tracts, and also on proo
able future conditions ■which may enhance the
xti'jt of property iherr.
" Just a short distance south of that zone begins
th« seashore district, and there another unit of
value, much hiphi r than in the St. Albans section.
win be found. For iiu-tance, places like (>dar
fc-rst, Lawrr-nre and Far Rockaway have units
cf values whioli would surprise a student of prices
who had devoted himself almost exclusively to tne
easdnstions of values in the attractive vacant
iubarban sections n f tlie greater city. Cedarhurst
s^d Lawrence and tlie towns in the Rockaway sec
tion, many of. which possess some of the finest
ilretches 'of beach on the Atlantic Ocean, are
not the results of the efforts of energetic builders
in the last few years. Those place? have Ben pop
ular for years, particularly as ideal summer colo
rifs. Though tlieir growth lias been remarkable
arc their realty' strength is doubTy alluring at
the pres'Tit Time to many wide awake speculators
and investors, the upbuilding of the placts has
taker many years. There, too, various units of
value prevail.
The market value of property in Cedarhurst,
■which is a short distance from Far Rockaway.
car.net be used as a standard for glueing values
cf ary lot or improved property . fronting on the
Atlantic Ocean or in any. nearby or . any other
suburban zone. Each section has its standards
tby which values are determined. Of course. valu»
are almost always affected by general conditions. ■
In the choice residential section Of Amityvllle.
which is about thirty-tbree miles from this city
and which fronts on the waters of the Great
••■*■ Bay, th.re are few lots to be had at less
tfcan JoO a front foot. Vet in the district between
Amtyvilie and Jamaica, which is a distance of
over twenty mil^s. there are some acreage tracts
•uhich can lie jmrchased at about what a lot would
bring in the heart of Amity ville. litre the stu
dent cf values is confronted with the fact that
some acreage parcels much nearer to the city than
Anityville and ia a zone which could be trans
fcra;«?d by one or. more of the great construction
companies in a short time Into a high-class resl
dccti^J. sect inn is cheaper than a fine lot. Such
transfoixaations in the Township of Amityville
•however mean the expenditure of large sums of
noney hy men of many years' experience In realty
ttfiirs before a n«>w unit of value is reached and
qm which equals that prevailing In the ' sit of
Bach a flourishing j.lace as Amityville. "What has
b^«ii ssi<s about the determination of values in the
chinning s^acnast and inland suburban sections
Ol Lo:;et I^lar.d aisn applies to the rapidly growing
and attractive -residential districts of New Jersey
tna la the r^cion north of this city.
Th«re ere few more interesting studies than the
determination of land values. Many things enter
Into the rr.ake-up of the standards for gauging
values, and one of th»» most important factors is
distance from City Hall. Manhattan, another the
means of travelling to and from a place at all
. hours of the day and night and then comes its
tatural ari<3 artificial realty strength and Its proba
ble future rigor.
ilcst towns with frontages on the Atlantic Ocean
Which froi.ts on the westerly 6hor« of the Hudson Klver.
cr &«*rby rivers and Lays, where a spirit of prog
«*» has pr# •.),:,,; for some time, have many ad
**••** over Inland districts, end those realty
*«j appeal more strongly to many prospective
r****** k^ra than the realty vigor of the towns
~ra*.bered among the Inland places. The demand
«• homes along: the Atlantic Ocean or overlooking
Jf** * ale ™ has been growing at such a rapid
77* *• *° attract widespread attention in realty
~f^ er In othf-r words, 1; <> popularity of the older
""*■ r«sort districts near this city where ealt
tftT balhlnß and aquatic sports may be enjoyed
**' ho; •"■*■■ of the year is much greater now
• -Jt v.i.e t-me years ago, ar.d this Increased
■■'reauv I*'1 *' COUpk<d * uh letter transit facilities has
, '' te *' la ■ raarked upward tendency of prices,
i aa On !f. lor v*. ant plots, but Improved pror*-rti»s.
4^/ ojjf simulators and investors have not been
■ ffiiiep tij larse numbers of opportunities

for 6afe realty deals In these seashore districts, and
a goodly number of homeseekers have also followed
the leaders into tht'Re charming regions. So brisk
has been the demand for sestabore properties that
scores of shrewd realty operators are of the opinion
that the day is near when almost the entire avail
able vacant land fronting on the ocean or on the
waters near by will be either controlled by spec
ulators or residential owners. Owing to this out
look it Is not likely that lower prices will prevail
In the various seashore districts daring the present
generation of realty operators.
Throughout the great shore front suburban zones
ure n..iny signs 1 f widespread activity, and millions
are being spent in maKir.3 the places more accessi
ble and more attractive as cummer colonies and
also as places for alt-year homes, it has been re
pSAtedty said of '.ate that the future of Ix>ng
Branch, Asbury Park and many other popular
nearby Jersey places Is unusually bright, and that
assertion is wen founded. Long Branch is now, as
regards the running time of trains, moca nearer
this city. So is Asbury Park, and the same is also
tnM Of the beautiful town of Ocean Grove and all
the summer colonies, villages and settlements front
in?; • n the Atlantic Ocean, which are numbeied
aming the prosperous and popular places in the
great suburban zone of New Jersey. The strongest
fca;;:r< . : the New Jeraej suburban region to the
bomeseeker is that it is a difficult matter to become
identitied there with au unproiitable realty deal,
for even the highest asking prices for properties,
according to the ablest real estate experts, will
ii>' 'k comparatively small to market values there in
the near future. Most of the places, toe-, have not
only all city improvements, but are flourishing
ocean towns.
Som<- of the popular New Jersey places fronting
(ii or near the ocean, together with their distance
from this city, are Asbury Park. 51 miles; Allen
burst (Deal Beach), ft miles; Atlantic Highlands.
21 by ntrimrr ;md 40 by rail; Avon-by-the-Sea, .".3;
BeOeford. M; Beunar, 54; Bradley Beach, Deal
Beach, *'*: Etberon. 47; Highlands, 25 by steamer
nnd -4 by rail; ICeansburg. B; Koyport, 30; LJong
Branch, 15; ICatawac. 29; Monmouth Beach, 29;
indie-by-the-Sea. 2."»; oceanic, 'l»: ocean
Grove, ;.i. Ooeanport, 34; Pleasure Bay. i>4; Red
Bank. »; Scobeyvule, 3v Beanright, 4fi; Sea Girt,
57; Bewaren, l'«; South Amboy, .U; Spring I^ake, r,S.
and Villa i'ark. o^. T!:e resident population in the
winter months of As! ury Park Is about 7.i»X>, and
of I^ong Hran'-b about 15.6C8. In the warm months
of the year the population of thuse two places is
many times larger.
The realty charms of Lorg Branch are many, it
is located, it is said, on the highest point of land
alcng the Atlantic Coast, from Florida to Maine.
It Is bordered on the east by the ocean, on the
north by the Shrewsbury River, on the west by a
fertile farming region, and between the easterly
and winterly borders are a chain of lakes of great
attract! veneaa. It has well laid streets of great
v.:'ith. shaded by magnificent trees, which if Joined
to form one great avenue would extend over one
hundred miles. It has many miles of verdant, sym
metrical hedges. It has many thousands of acres of
iwns, with luxuriant shrubbery and flowers.
It baa a two-mile Muff walk, twenty feet wide, and
extending alongside Of it is a driveway sixty feet
■ride. It has a complete system of bulkheads and
jetties for tiie protection of tne beach and bluff.
It has many pavilions on the bluff which overlook
the Atlantic Ocean. It has an ocean bea<-h front
ex'onding many miles and sloping gently from the
biuff. It has great salt water pools near the beach,
where bathing may also be enjoyed It has many
dwelling houses costing many thousands each, and
some representing an Investment of one million
each. It has over one hundred and twenty miles of
roads especially attractive to automobilists. It has
a modern gas, electric light and water system, be
sides an ♦filcient police and fire department. It also
has a large echool system, and Its train service is
Asbury Park, which Is Just blx miles south of
Long Branch, is one of the most popular summer
resorts in New Jersey. * There also will be found
many opportunities for safe investments by prospec
tive homeseekers. Numbered among Its realty
charms are its vast modern improvements, Includ
ing well kepi streets, an excellent fire department
and police system, a public school system which
Is considered second to none in the state. Its fine
public library, and churches of various denomi
nations, its supply of pure artesian water, its many
mil<-* of beautiful dri\e». its large number of at
tractive villas and summer homes, Its charming
frontage of many mil'-* along the Atlantic Coast,
Us many beautiful lakes and its «plendld train ser
vice between the town and this city.
Vest euros of money have been spent by the New
York Central and the New Haven railroads in
changing the motive power of their trains from
steam to electricity throughout the suburban zones.
On the New Haven Railroad electric trains are
running as far as Stamford, which is a distance ol
about thirty-three miles from the Grand Central
Station, at 42d street nnd Fourth avenue. This
suburban region, traversed by the New Haven
Railroad. Is one of the most attractive and one of
the strongest from the p<int of view of the real
estate rxpert. Like all the other suburban zones,
it is much nearer to the city now as regards the
running time of trains, because of the great transit
projects which have been carried out in recent
years. Its natural charms quickly appeal to the
iiomeseeker. The majority of towns between
Stamford and this city are noted for their many
costly villas, owned and occupied by well known
professional or business men. They are also noted
for their fine stretches of shore front parcels, many
beautiful, roads, Invigorating atmosphere and the
care which has been exercised in preserving their
natural attractiveness. On nil Fides there is evi
dence of the work of leading landscape architects
in the beautifying of large tracts of land. Most
of the towns have large frontages on Long Island
Sound, and are not only popular summer resorts,
but as all-year home towns.
Rome of these flourishing towns are, together
with their distances from this city. New Rochelle.
IS miles; Larehmont Manor, IS: Mamaroneck, 20;
Harrison. 22: Rye. 24; Port Chester. 2.".; Greenwich,
28; Cos Cob, 30; Riverside, 30.4; Sound Beach, .'ii : be
yond Stamford, Gtenbrook, 35 miles. Sprihgdale, 38;
South Norwalk, 41; Darien, 4S. and East Norwalk.
42. The demand for home sites in Ideal places
near this city has also resulted in a large increase
In values throughout this entrancing residential
suburban zone of the greater city.
What the New York Central has done in im
proving its lines in recent years is well known, and
what it has planned to do in the future Is a
familiar topic in realty circles. The New York
Central has not been slow to add to the attractive
ness and thereby Increase the realty strength of the
beautiful suburban zone known* as the Hudson
River Valley section, which comprises all the land
on the easterly bank of the Hudson River from a
point north of Bpuyten Duyvll to a distance con
siderably beyond PeekakttL in this great suburban
region of the greater city there are fewer oppor
tunities for small home seekers to buy land, be
cause the greater part of the territory is owned by
large estates which have no intention, so far as
can be learned, of disposing of their property.
The larger part of the land not controlled by
estates is owned by several progressive develop
ment companies, and it Is those concerns which
have furnished avenues for the home seeker to ob
tain charming home sites in this beautiful terri
tory and on terms that are not only easy, but un
usually attractive. Some of the prosperous towns
In the Hudson River Valley region, together with
their distance from this city, are: Rlverdale, 12
miles; Mount St. Vincent, 12'-i; Ludlow, 13; look
ers, 14; Glenwood, 15; Greystone, IT; Hastlngß-on-
Hudsen. 18; Dobba Ferry. 20; Ardsley-on-Hudson,
21; Irvlngton, 22; Tarrytown, 24; PbiUipse Manor,
25; Scarborough, 28; Ossinlng, 30; Harmon, 32; Cro
ton-on-the-Hudson, 33; Oscawana, 35; Crugers, 36;
Montrose. 3S, and Peekskill, 40. Electric trains on
the Hudson Valley division of the New York Cen
tral are In operation as far as Yonkers, and In the
near future the electric system will be completed
to the northerly terminal at Croton-on-.the-Hudson.
Along the westerly bank of the Hudson Valley
region are also many towns which should appeal
Mrongly to prospective home seekers, as th»v are
all within easy reach of this city. Among i--"
popular places in this Hudson Valley zone are:
Tappan, 25 mllss; Piermbnt, 25; Grand View. 27;
South Nyack. 28, and Nyack, 29.
The Long Island zones with frontages on nearby
waters are th« section along Long Island Sound
and the region comprising all the towns and vil
lages on or near the Atlantic Ocean and the
waters of Gravesend Bay. In the northerly or
Top picture— On tho beach nt Asbury Park. '-'»•■ — ■*<
Centre Picture— Along the shore of Northport Harbor.
Bottom Picture— Tho Ostend section of Far Rockaway.
Sound region' are the beautiful towns of Flushing,
Whitestone, Baystae, Douglaston, Great Neck. Tort
Washington. Sea Cliff. Glen Cove. Oyster Bay and
many other places. In the southerly section or the
seacoast district are Rockaway T'nrk, Belle Harbor.
Far Rockaway, Ixmg Beach, Cedarhurst Lawrence
and many other popular towns, all of which are
within a short distance of this city.
Withdrawn from Savings Banks by
Cautious Investors.
The s>reat activity In real estate this spring, in
spite of the dulness so apparent in other lines, has
been ciused largely, In the opinion of some of the
best posted real estate men, by the fact that the
depositors in the savings banks have been with
drawing their funds to Invest In real estate. Wood,
Harmon & Co. say that their experience beurs
this oh*, their percentage of cash sales being large.
In the majority of instances a man comes in, putd
down a small initial deposit and then goes and
draws the remainder of the purchase price out of
the savings bunk and pays it over in cash within
a few 'lays.
The cashier of one of the largest savings banks
In Brooklyn said: "On account Of n>y position here
I do not wish to be quoted, but we have had an im
rpually larg*- number of withdrawals lately, and in
almost every instance the depositors hive said
they wre taking the money either to purchase
their own houses or to invest in lots. For either
purpose we do not care to interpose any obstacles.
but. of course, it has Interfered seriously with our
ability to buy mortgager."
A depositor ir. the bank at the time, who was
withdrawing several hundred dollars for this pur
pop-, when the teller at the window gave him the
usual cautioi of not risking iiis money, said: -1 I
am taking no chances by buying Brooklyn real es
tate. What with the subway lust completed over
there, another subway about to be begun and the
best bridge In the world fasi approaching comple
tion, and all going to Brooklyn, I fee] that M I gel
ever there first and buy my little parcel of lots all
I have to do is to sit down until other folks want
them and want them bad enough to pay my price."
Big Auction Sale of Lots To Be
Held There on Saturday.
The care which has been exercised in drawing
the restriction- is one of the chief reasons for
the great success thnt hns attended the develop
ment of Bflle Harbor, whore Joseph P. Day will
hold another auction Fa!.- of 230 lots on Saturday.
In the residential blocks, which are all close to
the Atlantic Ocean Jamaica Bay. trolley cars and
the railway station, the restrictions, running until
1936, forbid the erection of any building whatever
except strictly private dwellings, and these must
be not less than two stories in height, must cost
at least $3.000 each must occupy three or more
lots apiece, nnd must stand back not less
than fifteen feet from the front line i.f the prop
erty. fift.cn feet from the rear line and ten feet
from the side lines. Stables garages and board
ing houses are expressly prohibited, as well as all
business buildings.
In about one block In ten, on the other hand,
stores, boarding houses »nd business buildings
are permitted. With this arrangement, Belle Har
bor la growing up under Ideal circumstances into
a high >la-s city suburb. The lots to be sold on
July U are on Washington, Newport. Norfolk and
Essex avenues and Bayside Drive.
Mann Improvements Now Going On
—New Hotel Under Way.
A statement made by one of the officials of the |
Estates of Long Beach this week shows that dur
ing the first year of sales, which has just ended.
property amounting in value to $3,107,07160 was
sold. The Fourth of July witnesses the completion
Of the first two miles of the boardwalk, this four
and one-half miles of steel and concrete enterprise
representing a total expenditure of nearly $600,000
alone, being the -first structure of the kind ever
built. The foundations have been built for the
•astern end of the great new hotel to replace that
burned a year ago. and arrangements lor a second
large hotel, to be erected immediately, have been
practically completed.
The last sules statement issued foots up $100,000,
the purchasers for the week Just ended being as
George IfcCullen, one boardwalk lot. 60 feet from
Laurelton Boulevard; David Meyers, a residential
par..!, 100x40 feet, on Olive street. i:0 feet east of
Magnolia Boulevard; Mrs. S. G. Thompson, a resi
dential parcel, COxIOO feet, on the northwest corner
of Lafayette Boulevard and Walnut street; Ferdi
nand L. Haber. - residential parcel, 40x100 feet, on
Olive street. 100 feel west of Laurelton Boulevard;
Anthony Kennedy, • residential parcel on the
southwest corner of OHvo street and Neptune
Boulevard. 60x100 feet; Theodore Evans, a resi
dential parcel, 60x100 feet, on the northeast corner
of Neptune Boulevard and Olive street; Henry
Krouse. a residential parcel. 100x100 feet, on Broad
way. 200 feet euat of Magnolia Boulevard; Em
manuel" F. L»a Costa, a boardwalk lot, 320 feet west
of Laurelton Boulevard; John Bergonal, a board
walk lot, on the corner of Long Beach Boulevard.
20x150 feet; O. C. Cody, a boardwalk lot. 120 feet
west of Long Beach Boulevard; William Huuat. a
boardwalk lot. 20x150 feet. 240 feet from I«urSfMSI
Boulevard; C. E. Burn, three adjoining residential
parcels, 100x100 feet each, one 200 feet east of
Riverside Boulevarc, on Broadway. SBM <>n th»)
north side of Front street, 100 feet MKtJ N River
side Boulevard, and the other on the i.orth side of
Front stre.n. 300 feet east of Long Bea'-rt Boule
vard; Pasquale Nnrdl. a residential parcel, 80x100
feet, on the east side of I«uirelton Boriievat
feot south of Walnut street; CsstflCS Robinson, a
residential parcel. 100x100 feet, on the north side of
Front street, 200 feet east of LsssJ Beach Boulr
vard; sflißSl a Cassett and Cipriano, who intend
erecting a restaurant, a boardwulk site, 40x130 feet,
40 feet from Lafayette Boulevard; Dr. Irving C.
Burton, a residential parcel <m the northeast <orner
of Walnut street and MbSBTM Boulevard; William
11. Can. a residential site, 200 Tf^ct west of River
side Boulevard, on the north side, of Broadway;
Thomas Curlallo. a business lot on the north side
of Park strfot. 100 feet west of Long Beach Boule
vard, and William J. Spain. 100 feet on the board
Five Hundred Lots To Be Offered
'on July 25.
The auction sale of five hundred lots at Rock
away Park, to be held on Saturday, July by
Bryan L. Kennclly, auctioneer, marks another step
In the breaking up of the holdings of the Corbln
Banking Company, which failed some time ngn.
The late Austin Corbin took a great deal «f pride
In tho holdings of his company at Manhattan
Beach and Rockaway Park, and succeeded in
placing both among the leaders of the resorts on
the Atlantic Coast. The property to be sold In
Rockaway Park has particular advantages, and is
considered far superior to any other property ever
ofTered in this vicinity, appealing to those who
love the seaside, as the ocean is on one side and
Jamaica Bay on the otber, with a magnificent
beach extending along the entire front for about a
mile. There is also a one-mile new boardwalk ex
tending along the ocean front.
Besides th« thousands who go there for a aay a
re-reation. there Is a large number of private cot
tages, many of which are occupied the year round
by their owners. The company has built more than
Owned and developed by the McKnight Realty Company. _
two hundred cottages at the park, fifty-eight Of
which were built during the last year. There is
also the Park Inn. which was erected by the corn
pan v This Is a summer hotel, with every modern
convenience. Including a bathing pavilion with ac
commodations for two thousand.
The possibilities for recreatk-n at Rockaway Tark
are almost unlimited. Fishing and yacht clubs
abound, and there are fine, roads, leading to all
parts of the island, to attract the motorist.
The lots to be sold are In an extremely high class
neighborhood and are thoroughly restricted. They
Long Island Real Estate for Sale.
Build Your Bungalow in an Ideal Location
~°sT| "»risbtwatere" „£
sou ™ BAY I Bayshore Long Island :__
mCanS ' Th« first series ■£ cosey. convenient
Cottages, Chalets, Bungalows, Semi-Bungalows
Are read, for inaction. ,v,,n lite un-o.d on,, you-may ad your Weal home, or but* from your own
fmprove^ent,.' Tern,, -re arrayed to suit tie pur
chaser. _ • .- •
■{ l>e Lnxa ti...ii.:- • No. 1 ilatlfd t>n Rfqunrj
"Developer* of Chokes Properties and Butlers of : ■•»■ of Merit"
Has an Environment of Culture and Refinement.
For years the Wh-utlt-y Hills ol northern
Long Island have drawn to this heautiful re
gion scores of well-to-do New Yorkers, who
have built tine homes, and under whose patron
age excellent schools and churches have
and thrived.
In the heart ol this region Bn Koslvn Es
tates, immediately adjoining th%- }onn of Ros-
j vn — 300 acres ot" picturesque rolling woodland
developed as a residence park; an ideal loca
tion fOf an all year around home out of the city,
43 minutes' ride from New York.
277 Broadway. New York City.
are only thlrty-elgirt'ininates from V?*n street, bf
the Long Island Railroad— much nearer in point at"
time and distance than lots which have been sold
In th» vicinity -recently, as the Long Island Rail
road station is on the property; In fact. It Is neces
sary to go through Rockaway Park to get to th«
other places In the neighborhood. With the com
pletion of ten tunnel tubes, four bridges and thirty
two tracks, the present line facilities will be greatly
The terms of sale; are particularly easy, as SO
per cent may remain on mortgage for one or two
years at 5 per cent, title guaranteed, and title poli
cies will be delivered free of coat to purchasers.
The sale will take, place at 11 a. m. en the premie*.
In celebration of the success attendant upon th»
first year of the development and sale of the T.
B. Ackerson Company's latest acquisition at Bay
Shore. Long Island, known as Brlghtwaters, the
members of, th»- firm save a dinner for the sales
men, chief engineer and heads of their office force
at the CresOnt, Clut> s on the evening of July 1-
After the cofr«w,jind cigars T. B. Ackerson pre
sented to each guest a souvenir as a memento of
the occasion. Mr. Ackerson was toastmaster and
his replies were both witty and spontaneous, but
a serious vein predominated when he spoke of me
company's appreciation of the work of the various
members of the force. f >
.The salesmen !> speeches were: bubbling over with
enthusiasm for Bright waters, and many Instance*
of the ease and rapidity of making sales were re
cited. Mr. Ackerson announced the purchase or
a pair of zebus at the recent animal auction sale
of the Central Park collection. These are to be
added to the Zoological Gardens at waters.
The sale of an Additional fifty lots hi Bay«bS»
Flushing by the McKnight Realty Company t»
the Lawrence. Building Company, which Is con
structing twenty-five houses in that ■>■»■■■»
brings to light som* facts concerning th« bu.Kiirig
situation that should be of Interest to those con
templating operations of a similar nature^ Com
menting on the fact that a 10 per cent reduction
in the price of building material now prevails and
the fact that labor of a high grade Is now so e*«lly
procurable, owing to the fact that so many cat*
been without employment as a result of the recent
financial depression, J. D. Lawrence, head of th«
Lawrence Building Company, said:
•My recent organization of a. company to ceor
struct houses was an act which T had contem
plated for some time, and had about decided to
defer any action until next year. A brief study
of the conditions that prevail In the field of labor.
however, convinced ma that now was the ap
pointed time. . - . —
•The services of good mechanics of all trades
are belnj? offered to-day instead of being sougrit
fM as has been Usj history o' several years past
and which will be r-peated in the future. It there
fore behooves the individuals who may to take ad
vantage of the present situation, which does not
threaten repetition for some time to come.
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