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The Poxk'ei
of Reason
D- evening v/as not.
a its Etri ■ ■ ■ :.se. a success. True, the
d:;he= serv< . ■■" Miggs, a tall, lank, minis
terial steward. ■■'-.• quite beyond reproach; __ yet
it isiss far more i: ..:. successful dishes to make a
successful dinner.
PoliyThur:::..: ■ .. distinctly disappointed. She
had donned her a : fetching frock. — not with any
particular des:pr.. arse; but, if appreciative
people are not : ■*• :.". to observe one in her fetch
:ts frocks, then what in the name of Heaven is
the rse of one's tching frocks? Besides. Polly
cossessed imai:::. ..• i. and the bare thought of
Valda and the n ful castaway communing, en
'Jk-a-l&e, on a a : it deckj completely destroyed
the Saver of her - .;• — which, by the way, was a
zafk cold when she got it.
The placid Mi ward was still placid, but
cacoanartable. She did not approve of Onnond
<-nd Tracy. -.-.':. ■ :..:::."; -er. made the dinner
TLrtv oomplete be sure, there was pothing
t-tvi^: with Orni for he v.-as courteous,- refined
aadentetaininj a v.ay. — but that anyone of a
ceiicate tempera raid engage Tracy as private
secretary. T,as nd Aunt Mary's ideal of the
ftanal f.t:n-- Naturally, her nature
toe. h:L T 'r.'. ittired to admit of any outward
ad visible sign '• • - mal disfavor, and. though
ihe had never : •'■ in her dear old life played
pjker. still she : lied her features admirably.
Tracy desired ■ me conver-
andi . ; ite of Or
aoad'sbusy fcK«, iOrmond's
sr.arp elbow : •• . meaningly
sjo his ribs, secretary
achieved a :•■■ . ■:.-•■■'. obser
catioas which th ttened Aunt
Mar\-'s placid :■• •• of gambler.
f-*nncrnd. h r. rose to the
occasion, and ally talked
-racy dotm. taiked well,
too, of travel ite'rattire, and
werj day affai: it not once
rf hin:se::. tiß : Aunt Mary
JOS forced to in spite of
w*«nq>k>yee' th; • >miond was
• rcr.:lcrr.a:.
Pony listened ; . that is.
me Eaened «i •• ear. The
[tner v.as tra :. a port
bde just op] - seat, — a
pwthole deajp . < -me hate
:-.. fealf-wn:-- : „• '■ uilder who
radpkoed it too absurdly hijrh
'■fp ior the • : nience of a
fcaaative ( n ; .: . inquisitive)
poaag j^y
Therefore ■:.■ dinner dragged
c - and or., t: . FVdy di\"ined —
najastly^ihat i'alda had g;ven
orders of retardment to
«ealaeadysj • Miggs. But
Cj -te amwi ■ last, and v.-ts
;«saied. bet without the
partly, lazy art of sipping.
IS evtr ;-'---'- - ed in secret
and v.t:.- ,: . ( J e ck, where
ffley discovered Su i ( i-irard with
teacup, and, to all
last asleep.
B rT . G::.,.; WaS Mt
•v^ueep.- j Q .^ ( _^ (^ was
faZ 3 ?? 8 Possuna," an i.ccei>ted
•^ oi -lid deceit not heinous
™»Pi to asagn the soul of
M _. l r"^-ng hard, wondering
gj»Sof tne ca.tawav ; s degra
•'-•'"<£ c " v 'f s rr ' <jt un casv task :
B«S ? *' ly that - he muEt
U-v,!r s v «BOns to various
Mtt '«l«« v,ith their
"^ t;!t £ ' md nn ' Oit certainly
•ante^f^ • °P ri g ht young
4^° ** pit.
**•«. confided to Polly
Drawings by J. V. McFall
Mrratic Amei rdei
■■■■■•" Aunt Mai ' tfire to
..... . thout being bothered by the womei
■ - ■ - ' tructioi •
■ • ■ ■ I for New Yoi as were
tei- by telegi nt 1 nd Capi .......
• - ■ • ■ tug, \ .ad.i
■ • to sto] rmoi i V T alda that Morsoi istoi
• - - ■ ■ ■ - .... ...... „. \, rt:: and jo, when
... .... was more than ever convinced
• - • port 1 . ■
and Aunt Mary that Bruce Morson, owing to the
shock of pearly being drowned, was just a little
.... and would rest quietly till i ■■--..
This was doubtful. In his present state of mind.
Brace Morson would not rest quietly till [morning,
•.hough Valda's personal criticism of his morals
might prove a cause sufficient to unstring him.
However, an overexactness is times tedious.
To Ormond and Tracy she took occasion to
whisper thai the man, beyond a doubt, was George
C Brown, and by his manner showed suspicion of
the presence of dutiable goods on board the Spit
fire. Also, as first suggested, he was willing to
work his passage, which, in view of the fact that
the ordinary seamen were never allowed to approach
that part of the yacht containing the iron sale.
she thought it wise to permit. In conclusion, she
apologized to Ormond for her doubts of him; but
that man understood perfectly, and begged that she
banish the trifling matter from her mind. .
To Captain Joe she spoke with the authority ot
He Actually Seemed
to Take" a Pride in
Hi* Defradine Work !
i L stei F■- rafl " Keep your
• • : ■ : man; otherwise he will stir up
■ ■
i <:'.'... ■ nisterial si ward, she asked with
Migj lid the gentleman
:• : ■ ■
. . seen, in poini : '::.:■ cent decep
■ - ■ ■ . ■• ■ race was being con
[ucted n ad of m< >ral totx gai vi then, ■ f
• was thin • - i t" th< interests of
■ : ■..-..•■ She must fight, ai 6ghl unselfishly.
. • first, — firsi I Truth and
flutterin) i nd.
Ormond and his secretary mercifully retired
ng 1 men to chat ai i g
I ■ : ■ . ■ lid the
. . ... •. . •! the role of listener with
■ •■:•■ • She v till thinking, so hard
in fad to give a n i tion 1 er headache
• . • • ■ • •■ frazzled thread of con
• Bui ■ I not wish to talk; she wanted
to use her brain in reasoning out
the tanj i " happenings —
IT is curious how the human mind
I c led •■ i ondemn perfectly
• men ly by a logi< <A
train pei nal prejudice. Valda
tricii it on several individuals, and
rked beautifully.
If. she reasoned, the story of
. true, which was
lutel] : ■■ ' ' on Ihe very face
, • then Ormond and Tracy were
the biggest villains on the top of the
They had followed that young
the way iron; Egypt, or
had been apprised of his coming
through their secret agents. They
had marked his arrival and tracked
his hotel. By bribing the
they ha<i ascertained the
; his room. The I I
ip bj a ladder or a fire
nd atered tl room, at
■ . i ime vi( :im. Un-
I c slept. <
he had fought with them who
And it
o f 1 ■ disable '1 on< oi th< -;i
, ; - he <ii<i. Bit th< ■ ne had
brutally struck him on hi pooi head
with a hai I leprived his un
of ins bell . and es
( ape I into 1 it. The ;< I

■ :., 1 and < onferred
too familiar
with their wicked business t" at
tempt a flight to Am< ri< a on
lar ■ ■ ocr; for the *
: telegraph would surely
their bold designs. No, they
bad been 1 i ! for that. They
i,. ,i wired to Mi Girard and ar
on a pri\ ate Ja< ht.
Thi ' ' ■ "'■'"■'
woul . Hook, and
i,.l and hi • burgli -
: on the Jerse) coa I
tA night, then reach Manhattan
■ detection, and dispose of
the ■' ■' ! - '■ ' ms al leisure.
logic. It was ■
. ie, which . I
„:. to be the vei
be woi 1>! Bul hold on!
ted \ mak
. rime . and
i!,. : : : idi( i:l' >us ! 1 lad
it bei a •■;■ :.■■■• fathei the hue

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