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Whea s . recoil operated rifie, don't buy complication and
bulk. Win - 5e.:-Loaders are neither complicated nor cum
bersome. 7 . are the oniy rifles made which will shoot a series of
shots faster - . .- an ordinary repeater. Made in .32, .35 and .351
High Pow:- rs, they handle modern cartridges less costly
and less - --.an old-style ammunition no more powerful.
. ■- .•..-•-- SM Ft--'. VrmSogiMt.
Make a Motor Boat of
any Boat in 5 Minutes
a urtie 2 a. p. marine motor
{•iQ !Ls. complete). Attach
to ':.• tan post ol your boat
in 5 minutes, without any took.
Dn\'-; an ordinary row boat
7 miles pa hour. Runs 8
bocn on one gallon gasoline.
F»-ai i eed Carburrtor. Sirnpfet
nX ■ r '-...-> — Oft*-« not get out oi
ora-:. Caaios C iree.
"BT* *Uc rnakr CANOE MO
TORf b>. ! , 2. 3 ■. -: - cyKnden.
2 • i i-ru ■1 in Shipped
*' ■ Mkki haii> S u..-.. .— ■. bend fa Catalog K.
Waterman MAP I E motor co.
IS3 Fort St. We. Detroit. Mich.
b assured -■ in;
■ .^fni improve.
With the
:.. u:,r. «T !■» ■»— m
■ : -;';iders- l"c
" :-f Holders - 2D>
.. Lti'jr Burtons l()c
Ztr. 85. Waterfiury. Conn.
"ttTien a deal« offers you
a substitute for an aciver- :
teedartide.— ■>.% '-.m he says \
Je mbmi . is 'Nearly
*c same" :
If 1 us assume that the
*<*** is enteeJy truthful. |
J" 8 advertised tide must
** Pretty good 2 other man
"iadureis try to imitate it.
Bui suppose that the imi
latinc manufacturers imitate '
only without ;
waaAing the quality of the :
advertised artkJe ? '
advertised artscif has ■
_J^Uished value.
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. Yon find th:» guarantee in each box CI
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I SM »m Thus "HoJ«-proor Sox an'? Stockin(?n
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I mSt^mV Jay smoothly. They do not wrinkle
J W2H^ i:r.r.iif.im.:'. Tliey do not t-hrink nor
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Trademark, order direct trim as. State kiud. coiom. me
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131 1'ourth IL Mllwaiikf.-. Wls. » r ß«ci««™u*
Three Garments In One
Think cf the simplicity, economy—
saving of time dressing and undressing
children, when all necessary under
pannents are in one suit — undershirt,
drawers and underwaist. The
Union Suit
lor Boys and Girls
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old style ■cparatc
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Mimmcr— elastic, cool,
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50 Cents Upward
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luuutl' , >• ft hit mmr,
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I'm!**- l'n>krw«ar, Cnlon
Mill* aixi i«-iiiinit«- &ir
wpww. All Ryica for ail
K^W'illß. -llOrt illi't l"ll(?
kitef an«l aiiKit*
lagtb. Afe'tai t«i>;y«iiß.
Rmiscm* i Pi cmum Co..
US Hr«i,l-.,,
>.» Vur! X. I. 1i,,,|. 4
stocks and things, and it was this: To figure
out in one's own mind the most probable and
natural turn of the market, — to figure it out
carefully, till not a single, solitary doubt re
mained,'—and then do just the opposite.
Valda applied this splendid principle to the
case of her respected parent, and, figuratively
speaking, put the dear old gentleman in Jail
on six separate ami villainous charge?. — all ot
which conclusively proved his spotless inno
Perhaps this was logically wrong; but it
there be any to condemn our young woman s
line of argument, pray let them remember that
among the legal records of our free and glorious
land Mirs Valda Girard is supported by thirty
seven thousand nine hundred and eighty-one
tragic instances whi-re judicial guns have gone
off half-cock and peppered the wrong man.
Valda did not know this. It was merely
feminine intuition: but, equipped as she was
with this rare power of divination, she might
have sat with honor on a legal bench, or even
have lasted a few days in Wall Street.
At any rate, in exonerating Marcus Girard,
she was "forced to let Ormoi and Tracy out
also; but this, of course, could not be helped.
One earnest duty remained; — that of fixing the
responsibility,— -ami the simple process ol
elimination 'fitted a black and white striped
suit to the athletic figure of Morson-Brown.
The fact that the circumstances Iso pointed
strongly to his guilt caused friction with her
Wall ... scheme of reasoning; yet. on the
other hand, it evened up certain other circum
stances in connection with her father's conduct
that were hard to swallow. Thus justice was
done to all four implicated parties.
Be that as it may, the self appointe.l judge
had arrived at one firm decision. nether
M.jrs-.n was Brown or Brown was Morsoi he
had perjured himself on the honor of a South
ern gentleman, and, with either name, he was a
reprobate. Therefore, she swore an oath her;
self, on the honor of a Northern lady, that no
matter what might happen — r.o matter if he
proved himself to be a glittering angel on a
special visit from the Fan shore,— be
should work his passage to the end ul that
hateful voyage!
SO she got up early to see him tart in. It
would be rather humorous, too. to watch
this swollen aristocrat slinking about the deck
with his hat brim tilted forward to hide the
shame in his eyes. Yes, it made her laugh even
to think about and for the first time there
seemed to arise prospects of a very agreeable
voyage indeed. _ ..
But if her joy consisted in the ope 01 nn.nng
him in a state of mournfully collapsed pride,
-..,. was destined to disappointment. True,
his bailor hat was tilted, but not over ...
shamed ... It was tilted— rakishly— over
i one unshamed ear. Also he did wear the de
grading costume of a common seaman; but
Vald was forced to admit, even against the
powerful argument of a woman s rage, that
[ he was just about the best looking thing that.
!it had ever been her ■••:•■ set eyes
upon. This was humiliating!
The suit, like the other seamen s suits, was
of white .luck, trimmed with a narrow cording
of pale blue. The blouse was loosely cut. with
! a wide collar that ran into a deep , thus giving
a rfimpse of his strong brown throat above the
i plastron which bore a miniature of -the Spit
fire's pennant in embroidered silk. _ lhe
trousers were snugly fitting about the hips,—
-nug to the knee,— then flared away in con
ventional sailor style to his canvas shoes.
M, ■ n-Brown not only loosed well in it. he
looked splendidly in it. and seemed vastly
conscious of the fact. More irritating still, he
was polishing a brass rail with a dirty rag, and,
to ill outward appearances, took an actual
pride in the degrading work. It was positively
maddening! . _ ,
The mistress of the Spitfire passed him with
her nose in the air; that is to say, she almost
passed him, for he tossed his polishing rag
aside and called her name. Even then she <lid
not intend stopping; but was so taken aback
by his cool effrontery that she did his bidding
before she had time t-> 1 think.
•' Miss Girard." he -aid. " I want a word with
>O This was more in the nature of an order than
a polite ...... but Valda s sTare oi icy
reproof seemed not to disconcert him in the
least; for he smiled and went straight on:
I've been thinking matnrs over,— J mean,
from your point of view,— and wish to say that
you are entirely right in everything you ye
t -Valda -tared at him gain, this time in sheer
amazement. Was the man losing all his pride?
Did he now intend to grovel before her and
whine out palliations for his infamy? >„ u]i]
he drop his reckless pose and appeal for pity
at her, generous hands? Bui no, he scarcely
had that bcxiring.
•• You see," he explained, when things n.ip
rxn to our ownselves; even unusual things; we
never stop to think how improbable si they
might s.-.-m toother people. So 1 figured ! it out
last evening in a purely unbiased l-.ght and
received a jolt. It's this: If anybody had
come to m- and told me the van, that 1 told
you. I should say he was about the biggest liar
that ever went unhung. lhats all, Ml
Girard. Thank you very much.
He touched his sailor hat and turned to his
work on the rail, breathing on it from time to
time, and nibbing it till it fairly ghtten-d m
the rays erf the morning sun. And Valda stood
there and hated him. She wanted to tell him
what she thought of him; but somehow sn<
could not find the correctly discriminating
phraseology. Suddenly he turned to her again :
" oh ! I a!m< >st (• irgot. With y< >ur permiMion,
I should hke to ask a question— not about your
father's friends, but u\h,ul myself.
She .ii.i not cive permission; but he u»»t. it,
ane aiu n<,i j,i\ i -»
One Thing More
About Your Salary
" I've got my eye on you, young man.
because I think you have it in you to
become valuable to me; but you lack
training— the one thing thai is absolutely
essential to success. As soon as you
show me that you are qualified to
advance— up goes your salary."
Are you like this young man— got it
in you to advance, but lack training?
There's a sure way out of the difficulty.
The International Correspondence
Schools will show it to you, and advise
you, if you will mark the coupon.
The I. C. S. can make you an expert
in your chosen line of work, whether
you live in the city, village or on the
During March and April 573 students
voluntarily reported salary increases and
promotions secured wholly through
I. C. S. training.
Wouldn't you like to join them ?
Then, make your mark now foi a
bigger mark and a bigger salary later on.
Box --'-' . S-rutun, I'll. i
I P>»-» piT.luiu. without further ot.li^atiou on hit part, '
how I nan Muiilir.vfor»l»rg*r»»larTinll>eM uiilir.vfor»l»rg*r»»larTinll>e position before .
| wbi.fa 1 have martfl X •
! Mrnurrapbrr I Trlephane Kng'wr
id .. rmr.l Wrll-T Klw. L l«IHlll« -upl. ,
. Window Trimmer )»uiionarj Kunnrrr |
■ r ini'Hul L«« .I. II Engineer
Illuxtrutor ICutld'ic « ontruptor i
I Ctvll service arrhltM'l Urmn.o.»ii
I h.-mUt Architect .
I Textile Mill !»upt- structural Kngiortr I
r 1.-.-iH,-Ibi. Hanking
I Klw. Kniclnr«T Mlnlnc Engineer |
i ... I
Dune ___ _^ —
I «
ttml and No — — . '
' civ. n ti!-zr~z »
•"■«>>» v "HOW TO BEMEMBER'^
SJCC£si. '^—^ f»r. • imriit's business details itndiri. Ron-
Tertatlon- develops will, public spanking, per«ou»iity,
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busmen ami how '<> start an agency it
home Yourspaie time will begin e»mtn|
Big, new field, no capital
imili.l WesCTldtfracluatrshusincss. Wthm
today for irre potatera." Proof of Claims -
androonrr-malting plan. w.A.Shryrr.Prcs.
American Collection Service
53 si iir St.. Detroit, Mich.
BE AN ILLUSTRATOR L,«arn (•■ Draw. I
»f« w.litrlh T-m by ...a.l BCHOOL OK ILLI'MTHATHM, I
. r t ■ ,m.-r 40. Ml Wmb«.h !••-. I
,;'*„.,.,;.■, »uj jß|^^^^^ Liiun.l I
f ,. r , „1.-.1..c
rjto tearaKTOurialarTbY tochlng jro« Ac moil PyfitaWe^
t., „VM>, i>^... I.- '"»"•"■ ■ * »-
11..m.- siti.lv commercial coarse frer < : writa
The ONE perfect, non-lt-akable ink
pt-nctl ut a moderate price.
■ *f«rta
■ . > ■

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