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Have You a
Summer Stove ?
hea'innr the room. Ir you examine the
Wick Blue Flame Oil Cook-Stove
you frill see why this is so. The heat from the
chimney of the '"New Perfection" is concentrated
under the kettle and not dissipated through the room
by radiation. Thus it does the work of the coal
range without its discomfort. Ask your dealer about
this stove — if not with him, write our nearest agency.
h \R&ybLamp
▼^^^^ housefurnishinp; and gives
a clear, powerful light more agreeable than gas or
electricity. Safe everywhere and always. Made
of brass finely nickel plated — just the thing for the
living-room. It not with your dealer, write our
nearest agency.
Strong Arms
For 10c. in stamps or coin
I ■ . I, as long as ihej last, i
. i, .r: . . . '
linilil ii |» «lioiil<lfri. arms. loreariiiM
:iii<l liiiiiiU * ■■
•ith 30 half-tone
cuts. Regula
i 3 liarkerßldir.. 110 West 42d St.. N. V. City
X . 3o£.Bo«10c.
I VI l, „... 1.-^l. . - ... !...,.». 11,,1T, u .u.. 1, ..1 m,.,.,*,!!. .!.,.!.
All contributions to the Magazine Section
should he addressed to
52 East 19th Street,
New York City
Manuscripts must lie accompanied by
stamps it their return is desired.
JP Perfect as a Rose
1 smooth and velvety — with /
3 the healthful coloring of I'
1 youth is the complexion of 1
9 every woman who uses La
3 blache, the modern l«autiticr.
I li prevents blemishes, caused
B by sun and wind, absorbs perspi- '"■ ~*H
J5 ration ami overcomes that shiny i-' 1 ! sallow ■
■ appearance. It is the acme of purity —an ».
M everyday toilet necessity. y
hi Krfrur *u>,*titu>f: Thrymiybod.nftrrom. 11,-1., £!
14 While, Pink <>r Crrun, 80c. a buz, u( druggUU or bj 7
fl mail. .v>i / -„.,.. (»r ..,,„,,/,. H
I* BEN. LEVY CO.. French Perfumers Lj
L"'X t>t>l>t. Y. 125 Kingston Bt.. Boston. Mass. «$•
The stifling air of a
close kitchen is changed
to comfortable coolness
by installing a New Per
fection Wick Blue Flame
Oil Cook-Stove to do the
family cooking.
No kitchen furnishing
is so convenient as this
stove. Gives a working
heat at once, and main
t:;:n<; it until turned out
— that too, without over-
Standard OH Company ol New York
i Incorporated)
Dts flf-"fise-« i r»p
a r Ia a 1 a "ftJ wJ
••The Morley Phone"
A miniature Telephone
for the Far— invisible.
caul) •Mjusle-.landentire
ly comfortable. Makes
Imv Vi.ri i» .tr. : whisj^rS
plainly heard. CKerrifty
thousand S.-.IJ. givmj instant relict
from deafness an i heal noivrs
1 here are but few <•«»«•<• of .1. iln.—
I hut cannot ■><- 1.. ... -111. .!. Write ka
booklet auvi testmiouUU.
i>. i.t. «;.
Perr> Kulldini;. Idlh and Chestnut Streets. PhilaUelphiu
Darken Your Gray Hair
J& | % &Jje» r>»: "X' cray . el r« uk'-.l t>r fu.lr.l hair t<» its ual
?lV)KN'""s oral color, beauty and »oftne««. I'reTentt tb*»
J32&y hsir frora lal;i "« out i>r.,ii^,t.-» «t» growth.
CoTVhSn-o P«Tent» dandruff and (!l»e. the hair a ».(t.
. i'M ' „ pl°«By anil b»-nlthy arp»*ar&nce. IT WILL
V._>^s'^- dirty.conlain§no«n«ar«>l lead. nitrate iil*er.
'(S&iV S* coppf raa. or poisona of any kind, but it com-
nroil it p the most 1 '■• s u r i a 1. 1 trt*ißt*s (roni dry,ct>ftrio &nt] wiry
ts hi r. j*iiil hriu j? bftc k the color it originally watt be lure it t unit*!
(ray. hull ■!<• package ui-nt by mail, poatpaid. lvr2Sc«nta.
O/.AKK lIKKII CO., ISlockUO. St. Louis. Mo.
n n n ii n tKat smart «nd m pn
UUI 11 1 U L. r . Had Co.. >onkrr«. V> .
Send fir swore ■tatatnvnt f 1. .i»il> profit. KiocrisDC* una«ce»<
»«r> Outfit free. A Thomas Mf*. Co.. W1 P Ml, Dayton. O.
M ■
! Ih. lli^illn.l <■>.. ■!• Hr.H>.l«at. S. I.
f23EyE3S3IL^ :
Comb the grajmeis out of it,' comb back its youthful
: lor, gloss, and ttutre Or if the natural color of your
hail displease* you, if it ii streaked or tailed, comb
into ii any desired color and give it a beauty it nay j
never have had. Used like an ordinary comb
Guaranteed harmless Thousands in use. Not suM in
■ Ih. 11....L. ..I" Hi.- 11i.1r." t- pagcf of «mfaiaUa
Mots "ii thr an 1 .lrc«in X - ..r thr hair, »lv> de^rii.iu •
fully the uses of the Ideal Comb. Write today.
\ M. 1) COMB CO.. l>epl. 65. 35 W. 2|<t Si.. New York
Calendon Kidnapping Case
mv. revolver? Good . Telephone immediately
to Calendon to take the next train for Ant
werp, and meet me at the station. I don't
want to miss it." He threw himself into a
heavy overcoat, slipped the revolver^ into a
pocket, jammed on his hat. and was ott before
Valeska could question.
She waited in the studio, however, so ab
sorbed had she become in the mystery, so
much she feared that, when A-tr.j did return.
it would be with some dreadful news.
IT was late in the evening when a telegraph
A boy arrived with a message for her. Eagerly
she tore ... It read:
"Problem 201: White night to king's
fourth: black root to queen's bishop's third;
white king's rook's pawn U> seventh: check
black queen's bishop td king's knight: third
mate. Please file. /»•
Yaleska was never more e^a-perated in her
life. <>nly the solution to a 'knotty chess
YYTHi-N' Calendon alighted or. the platform
at Antwerp, at eight bjclock that even
ing, he was met in the shadow of the station
by ... a burly local constable.
" "■ Plenty of time and a clear field; I think."
said Astro, his eyes dancing with the anticipa
tion of peril imminent: "ami unless I'm
very much mistaken in my understanding.
Mr.' Calendon, I'll have s. -c pleasant news
for you before long."
"I hope to Heaven you I' said the old
man. "I can't stand thi-. n.uch longer. I've
sent Mrs. Calendon V> the hospital. Her
nerves have quite given way .....
I only hope that it we get the boy we'll find
the dastard that stole him a> well!" His look

"I;am afraid you won't get that oppor
... however." said the mystic, drawing
out his watch and pausing to inspect it under
a gas lam] "Mr. Stacey was 1> >m under an
evil planet and in an evil House of the Heav
ens. At the present moment he is under
arrest in the Beau Rivage Apartments. One
of his accomplices has just left here for New
York, where she will be met by the police.
Another will soon be taken [ have been
watting for one more of the gang who is en
g.iged in a shady bu.-ine-s hereabouts. We
need only him to solve the last shreds of
mystery in this affair. I've already seen him
in my crystals, dressed in black It remains
to find him on the material plane."
They walked rapidly through the outskirts
I of the village, past quite a stretch of open
' Jen lon. nervously excited, spoke only
once, to say. " There must l>e some change of
affairs, Astro: for so far as I can find the gang
didn't speculate to-day in the stocks I tipped
off in 'The Era.' I had a c:r. Ie of my friends
attempting to influence the market: but it
got away from them altogether. We simply
couldn't sell enough to make any effect. The
Fountainet Company common st.>ck jumped
seven {>oints. when I sold out. and I'm about
fifty thousand ahead of the game. If my son
is restored to me. I'll have good cause to be
happy to-night." He relapsed into silence.
r T": •I . were now approaching a 1 >nely house.
* back from the road, and in utter darkness.
Astro strode up to the fr. >Nt •'[•>. .r knocked.
There was no response. The constable un-
W-ked the door with a skeleton key. ar.d all
three men entered. A kerosene lamp was
found in the kitchen and lighted. Hardly
had it been brought into the ....
when Calendon stooped and picked up a
1 ■ i"» m v soxx s* x m sur*t? ' no •
in excitement "Harold! Harold!" he cried
aloud, and began a hasty search through, the
rooms. He was followed by Astro and the
constable; but. after a thorough inspection:
no living tiling was found except a canary,
which, awakened by the disturbance, warbled
shrilly in the sitting room.
The constable threw open the cellar, door.
Marvels of the Human Body
strengtrt. it nas oeen ... v tr.e
hairs of a blond could be plaited i:\t> a r. >jk-.
they would support a weight of eighty tons.
The hair on the head grows at the rate of
about one-fiftieth of an inch each. day. or about
seven inches a year. An eyelash grows much
faster, say about one-twentieth of an inch each
day. until it reaches a length ....... of
an inch, when it falls out. The life of an eye
lash is about one hundred and twenty days.
It just takes about the ;\i!::e length of time,
from one hundred and twenty to one hundred
and forty days! f<>r the fingernails td be entirely
renewed. The toenails grow m.'re -lowly, re
quiring from six months t • a year for theit
A Baby* Growth
'■pilK average length of a baby fifteen days
old 1- nineteen and one-hall inches. I>ur
ing the next fifteen d.iv- the baby grows an
inch and a half. l*y the end of its fir>t year of
life it h.is grown t<> U- twenty-eight and une
qual ter inches long. It the child went on
growing at this rate, by the end of its third
year of life it would have attained the height
of the average adult man. five feet nine inche-.
By the end of his filth year he would-be ten
feet seven inches tall. an. l by the time he
reached his tenth birthday he would be a
and. taking the lamp. >tß3ibferi &mi
narrow steps.
In another moment tivre came a sties
ciamatiort iroir. ;.>cl >v.\ ' -..•r.d'jadaslsdis
in terror.
•SUDDENLY, up stair-;, where AiO i
momentarily ren .■.•••-. there was is
the sound of luotstcp-. Then a gruf ~
broke out.
"I've got yon tellers now! Tvetoa
you for five days, ur..: :..-x. by hkier' -
make you pay for it . You'll never zz
another body."cur-e you!"
There wai a shufSin? of feet, and ir
\-oice rang steadily: Throw up yosr:i
and drop that gun ! V >v.'re a pretty dus
to call names: I think " -}"- -how ra^
when you're investigated! Constable JCi
come up here!" He kicked tariff «'
floor. „ .
"Byjover It'- the .. r r.,-r'"i&l «■
>tal)le. appearing in the d rwar:
"Is there a body here:" the uOTor
" "Yes— why?" N" •■"■•■■ ! ■•"■ -,: ■ <■"'
most puzzled an. t aL.r-v: lof all.
"It's al! right. Mr. Cakn.l :.. were« 3

Caleitdon tjr'>ar.ei:
~Bm your boy is safe td taanrtfla*
have suspected this a I ng time; tetj*
dare let you hope. N • roner, te2J
story." . -.
"Why." he began, tun ing Jm"**
the constable, "it- f::i- w.,v. }-JO- >\
comin" along the road last f* nday wo. :
outfit an' three of th.err. ; rnouje ■>
bodies. rTcnow. an' Kamed v the hat.
didn't break short ofi ab ut -. *&*?*:
o" here. I had tv walk clean ba« a
.Miller', house for a scantlia' to prop s?__
axle with, an" I was gone about tr.ree^a
of an h.»ur. When I , ' - : -
the cortins was gone. — '.'.-■■ ■'-"'■? ope.
it was. An' I see the axle had De«= •«
half through with a hat -t' v - **?
had laid fur me just to -: ■■ ■■■ tnat— „
"And will v,,u !>:—.-■•■■
suavely. "why v,>u were : -: '■■-. "• c:c .,
i©S ' :S
- -
day times." he said lame!; . .
■■ I think it had best b '■ '^^tZ,
stable. I can .-cc where : :r:.r.d the^
makes a very pretty litf-e bicotne baa
medical student.-, and ■! ■ "- ■• ' ■'« .^;
few burials occaswnaEy. But «^S*
Mr. Calm : : I had fa P^^^fa
was here. We mu-t hurr;-; • the ot-tf^
It's a mile away. We'll taV., v -ur r* (jv
while y,.u attend tv the remain* a^r**
THE three men hurried «doo».^j
1 constable drove at breakr^kg^
Wll?. g aVr there V.^^ £ Scdiaie^
the cor.stabie enterea. . . _n -
Calendon followed cl
Harold!" he called loudly . , • "
There was no reply; ' ■■- • ' ; '-^c
up stairs, and a pattering ' ■-■<',- ' -y
the door. There was still a ■-■■■-■ ■" r-=>;;;r -=>;;;
a tumbled bed showed where -^t^
lain. A boy's clothes were >*»«**?£#
the room, a few playthings were oo x-
Astro. who had followed oc «*^i
heels, made direcUy for a v'.^eu j-^.
wrenched it open. There .-at a ■-
his revi flannel nightgown^ c^ l^
glass jar of Uk. H« r .tied chubbj -^
were stained with strawberry. " t^y
Then, before h:s father . -••"d .^f^
in exultation, the child exctancea - ;,
- I don't care. I liked it. and I u»to«*
I eated it. and I don't care! 1 'VVtid^V
And after the frightfu! strain '<■ '■'■■'■ \,u.y. -}'
en the three men who gaze.! ■: >«n »-" I
they all broke into a hearty l-'-C'- '-■Jufli
It was Harold Calendon. and be «fj
Coi^r:.^-? fir?tt r- S"Y5 "Y 5
■ ■

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