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Open Air Gymnasium «*.i Lake
Placid— Governor Hughes
a.t &arainac.
I Lake Placid. N. V.. July ' 4.— Probably there
never was before such a gloomy Fourth in this
resort as this lias been. Though each of the big
hotels had its special menu to-day and special
displays of fireworks are set for this evening, the
general sorrow occasioned by the death of George
H. Dar.i«Js. the veteran railroad man, has not yet
passed. Mr. Daniels, as one of the first cottage
owners on Lake Placid, had during the many sea
son, he had passed here made many genuine
friends among the members of the summer colony
and the village people- The esteem in which he
■*■** held was perhaps best shown by the almost
breathless Interest with which the visitors to this
'.Adirondack resort and in other parts of the Adi
rondacks awaited the daily reports from his bed
-|a immediately preceding his death. Though
Mr. Daniels did not build his cottage on Signal
Hill until 1302. he early recognized the advantages
of Lake Placid as a summer resort, and purchased
the site of George A. Stevens, the owner of the
Stevens House, several years before. There he
and Mrs. Daniels, with their daughter, Miss Har
riett Daniels, visited annually, and there Mrs.
Daniels died three years ago this September.
I Principal among the arrivals in the Adirondacks
this week were Governor Hughes and family, -who
arrived st Saranac Inn. where they have taken
a cottage for the summer. Upton Sinclair, the
author of "The Jungle," arrived here in Lake
: -.id with Mrs. Sinclair and their son. David.
They have leased of P. E. Lewis for the season
Camp Kawadin, which is in a beautiful secluded
epot on the east shore of Lake Placid. There Mr.
Sinclair plans to put in a summer devoted to
f-ome literary work and mere rest. He "plans to
drimative "Prince Ha.r-n.' one of his earlier nov
els, which, singularly enough, was written many
: MSB ago at a little camp on Buck Island, in
Lake Placid, just across from the site of the camp
he is at present occupying. Mr. Sinclair says he
has no Intention of starting another literary col
ony in the Adirondack*, as he has had quite
enough of that sort of enterprise.
Campers «re arriving daily about the shores of
Lake Placid and the <UieT mountain takes. F. S.
Wait, who has opened Nitis Lodge, on the west
*-hore of Lake Placid, will be joined soon by
Mrs. Wait. Philo C. Fuller has opened his camp
on Hawk Island, where Bishop Henry Codman
Potter -formerly spent his summers. Everett War-
Jen has opened Caluaif t Lodsre. on Lake Placid, and
Mr and Mrs. J. G. Campbell are at the Leggctt
camp. The Rev. R. F. Norton, of Far Rockaway,
ha. opened his camp In Sunset Straits, and Mi.
and Mrs. T. Gustin Alter, of Brooklyn, have opened
their camp on Buck Island.
Lake Placid, NX V.. July 4.— One of the innova
tions of the ■majiiif i season in Lake Placid has
"been arranged for at this resort, where Thomas
Parkes. the proprietor, has established an open-air
{gymnasium in one of the most attractive portions
of Grand View Park. The young people who are
daily returning' to the Grand View are overjoyed
to find the pr«my, open rustic camp in the Grand
View Park in more attractive condition than ever
aaaM. Mi irs where they hold their jolly marsh
mallow ruasts. popcorn and watermelon parties,
Bad there is toe spot in Placid which is quite so
•BhW with them as the camp. Camp life, which
is also one erf the features of the summer at the
Grand View, has this summer been started early,
and daily th* —»■■ tents of the camper? are be
ginning to appear amid the trees in the park.
N. H. Startzman. of New York, is one who will
*pend the season in camp at the Grand View, and
W. C Kiniele. of Hl.|*<llHl. Staten Island, and his
brother havx- also made arrangements for a camp.
Amon? those who have taken quarters in Bache
lors' Hall are Joseph Lindpley. son of Colonel W. A.
Uaaatejr. and A. V. Ballia an artist, of New York.
William BSaar Philp." a tenor, at New York, who
is here with Mrs. Phila. has assisted at one or two
Informal musicals arranged by Mrs. Parkes.
Amongr the arrivals of the week were Mr. and
.Mrs. August P. Wacorner, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F.
McKeon, Mr and Mrs. H. P. Matthew and chil
dren. Mr. and Mrs. E. .1. Flaherty, Dr. K. Ellsworth
Williams and Mrs. Williams. Mr. and Mrs. E. W.
I Seymour and their niece. Miss Purdy; Dr. R. C
Fox, ajid the Rev. Dr. Remensnyder, of the Madi
son Avenue Lutheran Church, of New York. J. de
Pedro, of Havana, who has reserved apartments
for tbe season, also came this week. Mrs. R. B.
Mone^-penny and her mother, of New York, who
have reserved an • ntire suite of rooms for the sea
ton, will arrive on July 7. Miss Amy de Varona
and a party of five will spend two months of the
*eason at the Grand View.
Lake Placid. N. V.. Jjly 4.— Cottage people and
regular patrons of the hotel were among those
who can.c back to the Stevens House this week.
July 1 is the date annually chost-n by a number
of the patrons of tlie hotel for their return here,
and this season more of them came up on that
date than ie usually the case. Some of the cottage
rieople are already doing fcome entertaining. Mrs.
James Hardie. who has opened her cottage. Win
dyknovie, has with her her pnn, Allan Hardie,
Miss A. Robertson and Miss Violet Mars. Mits
The Summer Girl Compen
sates for the Toil of
Practice Cruise.
New London. Conn.. July With the return
yeiterday of the Olympia, the Chicago, the Arkan
sas, the Nevada and the schoolship Hartford, all
of which departed for their weekly practice cruise
on Monday morning, with the exception of the
Chicago, which did not start until her steering gear
•was repaired on Tuesday evening, and the presence
of 'Assistant Secretary Newberry. who came over
from Watch Hill to the Griswold with Mrs. New
berry. Miss Carol Newberry, and their twin sons,
Barnes and Phelps, to spend the week end. New
London Is to-day having the biggest Fourth of July
celebration of her career.
The boats of the practice squadron came in late
yesterday evening and anchored much further up
the channel than heretofore, and are now at a
pornt Just below the Gripwold. Many in the hotel
and cottage colony who have friends among the
officers and midshipmen have welcomed the inno
vation, which was brought about when it was
found that the middies lost much time going to
and from their respective vessels on the govern
ment launches to Eastern Point and the town.
After toundings were made early in the week, the
present location was selected as the most con
T.here wa< a treat display of fireworks on the
broad, sloping lawn of the Griswold by the Pain
fireworks people, of Neve York, to-night. A gran.i
military ball In the spacious ballroom of the hotel,
which had been beautifully decorate' with flags,
bunting, repes of greenery and palms for the oc
casion, followed. Invitation caids were Issued sev
eral days ago to the hotel guests and members of
the cottage colony, and it is expected that the
presence of the officers and middies from the fleet
in full dress uniform, as well as the Assistant Sc<v
retary Of the Navy and his family. Rear Admiwil
Philip Hlchborn and others, will add much to the
effectiveness of the scene, as well as to the pleas
ure of the guests, many of whom have entertained
at luncheon to-day for the "sailor boys." • • » .
In the town all the historic places of int«vrest are
decorated and the old fashioned firecracker, have
been the order of the day. ' ' '#/ :
Many have Joined the summer colony at Eastern
Point, both at the Griswold and in ib£ cottagee.
Judge John W. Ailing, of New Ha.yen. president
ef the New England Telephone Company, with
Mr.. Ailing and ills. Westbrook, vho have been at
Campers, Cottagers and Hotel Dwellers seen naironaacus
Alice McElroy. who arrived with her parents, Mr.
and Mrr. William. B. McElroy, and her brother,
John McElror. Nt Bide-a-Wee, the McElroy cot
tage on Signal Hill, near the hotel, is entertaining
Sllss May Oakley, dauchter of John T. Oakley,
former water commissioner of the City of New
Among those reaching the Steven* House this
week was A. I\ Sturges. ■ nephew of J. Pierpont
Mr. and Mr*. John B. Cozaens. of New York,
who are old-time patrons of the Stevens House,
came up with Mr. Cozzcns's mother. Mrs. L. EL
Coztens, and their three dauph'.ers. the Misses
Esters. Anna B. and Madeline Coazens. They
have reserved apartments here for .he season.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Keating were among the
New York patrons of the Stevens House returning
this week. W. J. McConvill, of the Crescent Ath
letic Club, who Is secretary of the Lake Placid
Golf Club and chairman of the house committee
of the Lake Placid Yacht Club, came up with his
mother. Mrs. Charity McConvill. The Misses
Ftaaai. who for many seasons have tpent the
summer at tne Stevens House, were also among
those returnir™ this week.
Mr. and Mr-=. Amado G. Suarez. of Havana,
were tiie guests over Sunday at the Stevens House
of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Suarez. also of Havana, who
have in their party Mrs. Charles Gauthier, Charles
Gauthier. jr.. Amado Suarez and Miss Josephine
Suarez. J. H. McGrasv. son of Mr. and Mrs. F. S.
McGraw. who have taken the McNeely Camp, near
the Stevens House, this season, received from the
makers his new automobile this week. The Rev.
and Mrs. J. J. Joyce Morse arrived with their
Bon at their cottage at the Stevens House this
Other recent arrivals Include Witmer Russell,
C. A. Ward, Mr. and Mrs. G. Nichols. G. P. Hall.
Mrs. O. H. P. Champttn. George Smith. James
Smith and Mrs Edward N. Bowlea, of New York.
Lake Placid. N. *.. July 4. -This has been a
week of experiences for the quests at the Ruis
seaumont. To begin with, an Inquisitive porcupine,
wandering down off the mountain side one night
early in the week, gave some of the cottage people
the "impression that Black Hand agents were on
their tracks, and then on Tuesday night the Ruls
seaumont launchhouse was destroyed hy fire,
burning with it two fine launches, one the prop
erty of C. 1. Dangler and the other owned by
Calvin Pardee, both of whom have been members
of the cottage colony at the Ruisseaumont for
many seasons.
L»e Arthur, the playwright, author of "The Auc
tioneer" and other productions, was among the
arrivals at the Ruisseaumont this week. Miss
Fannie Whalen. who came up early in the week,
will be joined by Miss Elizabeth Sherman, daugh
ter of General Sherman. Foster Milliken came up
an.i spent the week end with his family, who are
here for the season
Justice E. D. White, of the Vnited States Su
prtme Court, and Mrs. White, who have been at
the Ruisseaumont for some time, departed this
w.ek for Montreal, on the way to their camp in
,:nadian wilds. Bathing and boating have
become popular sports among the women at the
Ruisseaumont. Among the best of the oarswomen
htre this season are Miss Pearl Worden, Miss
Ethel Ramsdell and Mrs. Georpe \V. Kftcham.
Of the men swimmers, two who find sreat pleas
ure in the .port are Evan H. Patrick and Mr.
C. I. Dangler was joined this week by Mrs.
Danpler. who is accompanied by her mother, Mrs.
Henry Corwith. C. R. Corwith is also a member
of the Dangler party. R. L. Reade and his daugh
t'-r. Miss Reade. were among those who came
up on the first of the month. Mr. and Mrs. Walter
HL Capen. also of New York, arrived on the Ist.
and Miss Aii> c M. Dixon, of New York, came to
day. Other recent arrivals include Miss Minerva
Walton. A. J. Ogden, J. H. Kelly, O. S. Sullivan
and Miss Sue C. Brooks, of New York.
Lake Ptadd, N. V.. July 4.— One of the most pop
ular of the pastimes at the inn this season seems
to be riding, and it has been taken up by a num
ber of the young women guests here.
The beautiful weather, tempering the waters of
the lake, has also made bathing very popular with
the women :;t the inn. Among the best of the
women swimmers here this season are Mrs. HL L.
Chambers. Miss Jamieson. Mrs. E. H. Holbrook
and Mrs. S. J. Mover, of New York. Among the
men. E. C. Jamieson. E. 11. Holbrook and Har
rington Mills are good swimmers, and do not fall
to take a daily plunge.
The enjoyable series of informal card parties
■which are a feature of life at the inn have been
started and have, proved the source of much pleas
ure. Recently some of the guests here have taken
up mountain climbing and have made the ascent
of some of the lesser peaks in the vicinity. The
other day the Misses Droop climbed to the sum
mit of Mount Colburn, and they plan to climb
Mounts Whitney and Whiteface soon.
Mrs. James J. Belden, widow of ex-Congressman
Belden, was among those who came back to the
Inn for the season this week. She is accompanied
by Mrs. W. H. H. Geer, her sister-in-law. Mr.
and Mrs. A. J. Hamilton are among those recently
arrived from New York. They are accompanied by
Miss Hamilton and H. A. Whitlock. Mr. and Mrs.
George Arente. jr., of New York, who have taken
Camp Honnedaga for the season, came up this
week, and Miss M. E. Solari, accompanied by Miss
the Griswold since the opening, two weeks ago,
will remain until the middle of the month.
George W. Merrlbew, of New York, and his sis
ter. Miss C. P. Merrihew, have returned to the
Griswold. win-re they have been annual visitors for
a number of seasons.
Mr. and Mrs. V.*. B. Gould, of Newark, arrived at
the Griswuld on Thursday for a long sojourn.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Ogden Chisholm, of New York,
and their daughters, the Misses Nina. Winifred,
Dorothy, Margaret. Elizabeth and Prlscllla Chis
holm, are at the Griswold for the summer.
Colonel Thomas E. Addis, of New Haven, la
spending several weeks at the Griswold.
Mr. and Mr?. Joseph K. Orr, of New York, are
spending their honeymoon at the Griswold.
Mr. and Mr.-. Philip S. Hichborn, of Washington,
were guests of Rear Admiral and Mrs. Philip Hlch
born at the Griswold during the week.
Mrs. nischofT. wife of Justice Bischoff. of New
York, and her daughter. Miss Betty Collamore,
who are at the Griswold for the season, were
Joined by Miss M. Scott, of New York, during the
M.-b. M. C. Kopper and Miss Kopper are anjt)isg
the New Yorkers at the Griswold for a long »■>
Mr. ant*. Mrs. J. A. fiance, of New York, and
Miss Hance and Mrs. CL W. MrAllister arrived at
the Griswold on Tuesday to spend the month of
July, u.tl*t which they »ill go to the Thousand
Ulauda - - r ; l>
C. M. Stevens, came back to Camp Overbrook.
Alexander Gould, a relative of George Gould, has
reserved apartments at the Inn for himself and
Mrs. Gould for the month of August.
A. K. Michler, who takes an active interest in
golf at the inn and last season offered a golf
trophy, has repeated the Rift for this season. With
his family Mr. Michler came back for the season
this week.
H. C. Atkinson, with Mrs. Atkinson and their
son. Carroll, were among those who arived this
week. Other recent New York arrivals at the inn
include Mrs. Katherine Ellas and Henry F. Ellas,
Mrs. C. F. Bouton and her daughter. Miss M. A.
Bouton. Clarence L. Cullen, John E. Newell, F. T.
Billings, Samuel B. Dana, Harold W. Dana. A.
M. Higgins, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Perkins, E. H.
Paddock and family. Miss Vandegrift and friends,
A. W. Kelly and family. Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Niles
and daughter, Mrs. A. M. Shepard and party.
Lake Placid, N. V., July 4.— One of the interest
in'; occanions of the week was the banquet of the
High School Alumni which was held at the North
Wood.s Inn on Tuesday evening. Some of the ar
rivals at the inn this week are H. K. Heathfleld.
Dr. and Mrs. George Hawley and Helnrich Schrier.
A coaching party, which was formed of the
guests at Lake Placid Inn, drove to High Falls
one day this week and proved a great success.
Nathan Folk and I/. E. Buckbee were at the head
of the party, and proved most congenial hosts.
Work on the roads about the inn grounds has been
completed, and prove a great Improvement. A
number cf New York people have arrived at the
inn. among whom ft re C. B. Wlnn. Miss M. Metz
ger. S. W. Reed. Miss Jenkins, "W. J. Vaughn, H.
B. Center, H. C. Werner, L. C. Werner, W. E.
Bascom and John J. Oats.
C. S. Voorhees, a guest at the Belmont, who is
an enthusiastic fisherman, brought in a string of
fish this week of which he is justly proud. One
weighed five pounds and one four and a half.
Others who are staying at the Belmont are Mrs.
Frederick C. Zobel, Miss Lyd'a Diamond, Mrs. L.
Oreta and son. Miss M. J. Oreta, Mrs. A. E. Bate
man and son, Arthur E. Bateman; also her niece,
Miss Marguerite J. Neill; Miss A. E. Hall and
sister; also Miss Georgia Angell.
At the Homestead, where Mrs. Ix>uisa Coons is
the manager, many guests are arriving. Among
those recently arrived are Miss Nolan, the Misses
Warner and Francis Coon.
Fishing and tramping- for the daytime and music
for the evening occupy the Kuests at the Pines.
Mrs. Thomas P. Fowler, O. H. Thornton, D. A.
Belling and Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Wood arrived at
the Lakeside Inn this week. On Wednesday Mr.
and Mrs. Wood climbed Whiteface Mountain.
At Forest View there have been quite a number
of arrivals, including Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Valen
tine, Mr. and Mrs. A. Housel. A. Candldus. Mrs.
Charles Warton and daughter. Miss Gano and Mr.
The American House Is popular with sporting
men all over the country. Among the arrivals this
week are C. E. Brown, H. C. Price, George E.
Collins, L. J. Whitney, Charles EL Brown. Henry
Bush, W. N. Casey, Jamea Howard. M. L. Erly,
G. L. Pope, H. M. Cross, Lawrence Kelley. Walter
Kelley. Mary Kelley. S. H. Riker, George Slmpklns,
F. C. Buck, G. A. Lyman. E B. Daly. J. McKeefe,
H. S. Haynes and C. Fr«nk.
Paul Smith's. N. V., July 4. — Drawn by the i ow
erful electric locomotives ever Paul Smith's Rail
road, numbers of private cars of regular patrons
of the hotel and of the campers on the St. Regis
chain of lakes have been arriving at this resort'
this week.
Mrs. Morton F. riant, of Js'ew York, who Is ac
companied by her mother, Mrs. Capron. hns ar
rived at the Blanford House.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Smith, of Orange, X. J.. are
installed in. their villa for the season, and may
be seen out every day in their 30-horsepotver steam
White machine.
Dr. and Mrs. I-'. A. Lund, of New York, have
opened their cottage on the extreme end of East
ern Point.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Fischer and family, of New
York, entertain frequently at their summer home,
whlc h faces the Thames River.
E. W. Hooker, recently elected Mayor of Hart
ford, has taken a cottage fcr the season.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Miller, of New York,
and the Misses Madeline and May Miller, are at
their villa for the summer.
Mr. and .Mrs. J. It. Haßeriy, of Baltimore, and
family arrived pome time ngo. Miss Helen Hager
ty, who met with an accident while nut driving
the morning of the Yale-Harvard races, is con
The last of the large fleet of yachts which gath
ered here for the college regatta departed this
week, when William P. Kno's steam yacht, the
Aquilo, of the New York Yacht Club, which was
the judges" boat, sailed for Newport.
Max Fleisrhman's auxiliary schooner, the Haida,
of the New York Yacht Club, arrived here on
Tuesday with Its owner, Mrs. Flelsehman and a
party of friends, including Mr. and Mrs. Frederick
Lewisohn, of New York, aboard. The boat Is a
new one, named in honor cf an Alaskan tribe of
Mrs. Julius Flelsehman entertained a number of
the younger set on Tuesday afternoon aboard Mr.
Fleischman"s steam yacht, tiie There She Goes,
of the New York Yacht Club.
J. A. Hunee, who chartered the Amelia for the
month, entertained a party of frisnds, including
George W. Merrihew, on Wednesday afternoon.
The Fourth is being celebrated at Kisher'B Island,
and passing ships had a rare treat to-night, as
the island was practically ablaze, when the hotel
guests and cottagers Dfgan to celebrate as Boon
as dusk came on.
Two steamers now run between the Island and
New London, the Restless having been put in com
mission last Wednesday, in addition to the Munna
tawket, which ha* been running for gome time.
The golf links and the Casino in the vicinity ef
the Mansion House and the Mononotto Inn have
«»««n wall patronized by the guests already nwm-
J. F. Deems, general superintendent of motive
power for the New York Central Railroad, who
came up from New York in his private car, bring
ing with him a party of friends, has returned to
the city after spending a week in this famous old
resort. In Mr. Deems's party were Mrs. Deems.
Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Williams, of Dunkirk, N. T.;
H. C. Hequembourg, of New York, general pur
chasing agent for the American Locomotive Com
pany, and Mrs. Hequembourg; Mr. and Mrs. G.
W. Pearsall, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hopkins and
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Parker, of Chicago. During
their stay, the party had a jolly good time, and
caught many fine strings of fish.
With the opening of the season here the cottage
people are beginning to return in large numbers.
Dr. and Mrs. George Fales Baker, who are in
Hepburnwood, have their automobiles and saddle
end carriage hordes here. They expect several
guests next week, and will do much entertaining
throughout the season.
Dr. and Mrs. E. L. Trudeau. who came back to
their cottage at the hotel, have with them thai
senson Dr. A. M. Clark, nlso of New York.
Mr. nnd Mrs. P. C. Maffltt have opened th"tr
cottage here for the season. They have with them
their daughter. Miss Julia Maffltt.
W. C. Brown, first vice-president of the New
York Central Railroad, who had a cottage here
last season, is expected back about July 13. Mr.
Brown is an enthusiastic horseman, an-1 always
brings with him a fine string of saddle horses.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Millbank, who have long been
members of the cottage fraternity at Paul Smith's,
are expected hack for this season on July 8. Mrs.
P. C. Kellofrf: and Mrs. Lois Kellogg have an
other of the hotel cottages for the season, and
one other has been taken by Mr. and Mrs. Ord
Preston, of New York. Mrs. Preston has arrived
and her husband is expected Boon.
Among those who have made reservation, at the
hotel for the season, and who arrived thi3 week.
were Mrs. M. B. Flarbour, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Paine and Miss Tame. Mrs. Sherman Cowles. Mr.
and Mrs. H. H. Benedict, Mr. and Mrs. P. M.
Benedict. H. H. Benedict, jr., Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Hoe, Jr.. Miss Hunt and Mrs. T. H. Townsend, of
New York. P. S. Harrington, of the New York
Central Railroad, who has taken a cottage here for
bled for the season. Afternoon and evening con
certs are enjoyed by all, •while the younger set
finds greater diversion in the Informal hops and
the weekly ball, which is well attended by West
Point cadets, who are stationed at Fort Wright
for their summer training.
On Tuesday evening Dr. and Mtt M. R. Vin
cent, of New York, who have for a number of
years occupied one oj the Mansion House cot
tages, celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniver
sary. Their table in the hotel dining room was
tastefully decorated in commemoration of the
affair, and later In the evening a number cf friends
who assembled at their villa surprised them by
presenting a silver loving cup. The presentation
was made by the Rev. Dr. B. E. Warner, of New
Orleans, who also read an original poem composed
for the occasion. Among those present were Mrs.
V. H. Brown. Mra. A. H. Brown. Mr. and Mrs.
Dudley Irwln, Mrs. J. Stewart Bryan, Mrs. Ten
nant, J. McConnell Warner and the Misses Miller.
J. Stewart Bryan and family, of Richmond, are
at the Mansion House, as are also Dr. and Mrs.
M. R. Peck, of Cornwall-on-Hudson; Vernon H.
Brown, general agent of the Cunard Line, of New
York, and family; T. I* Mhssoii, of "Life," and
family, and other*.
1) ,
! the summer, la expected up mob with Mra. Har
' rington.
Many improvements about the hotel and Paul
Smith Park have been carried out this «eaaoo un
der the direction of Paul Smith. Jr., secretary of
the company. Something like $10,000 ha. been ex
pended by the town of Brighton In the improvement
of roads in the Immediate vicinity of the hotel.
Saranac Inn, N. T., July 4.-It would seem as If
the fTeater part of those who have planned to spend
the season at the inn deferred their coming until
after the arrival of the Governor, for they have
been flocking here in large numbers since th« Chief
Executive came on Monday night. Governor
Hughes came up from Albany in a special car on
the train arriving here at 8:10 p. m. With him
were Mrs. 'Hughes, their son, Charles E. Hughes.
Jr.; their daughters, the Misses Helen and Cathe
rine Hughes, and baby Elizabeth. The party also
included M. B. Sylvester, secretary to the Gov
ernor during his stay in the Adirondacks, and M. B.
Smith, his private messenger; Mrs. Hughes" maid
and a nurse. At the Saranac Inn station the party
was met by M. B. Marshall, manager of the Inn,
and escorted by private conveyance to Rustic
Cabin, which they have leased for the season. This
Is one of the several Saranac Inn camps, and the
Governor and his party will have adopted the cus
tom of the other cottage and camp people of rid
ding themselves of the trouble of housekeeping
during the summer months by taking their meals j
at the inn. The Governor has provided himself
with a guide and Is planning to take many fishing
expeditions and tramps through the mountains dur
ing his stay here. Much of the executive business
will also be attended to during the three months
the Governor is here, and the inn will be practical
ly the summer capital of the state.
Another state official who will spend the season
here Is William F. Fox, State Superintendent of
Forests, who came up on Friday with Mrs. Fox.
William L. Rich, of New York, who has spent
many seasons at the inn, returned for the season
on July 1. accompanied by Mrs. Rich and his son.
William L. Rich, Jr.
Sidney Colgate, of New York, the commodore of
the yacht club, is expected here soon.
Thomas Dickson and family, who have taken
Governor Lev! P. Morton's Eagle Island camp for
the season, will arrive there on July 10.
Mrs. John G. Agar, who. with her son. W. M.
Agar. has gone to New York for a few days, will
soon return to Camp Gricoq. Mrs. J. Campbell
Harris, who was among the arrivals of the week.
is accompanied by her son, T. Harris Powers.
Mrs». E. P. Swenson and her son. Randolph Swen
son, of New York, are in their camp on the I'pper
Saranao. Stanley W. Dexter and family, of New
York, who are among those arriving here this
week, have taken for the season the camp of
William Church Osborne. near the inn. Edward
P. M»rwln. of New York, who Is coming: up on
the 7th. has reserved apartments for the season.
Upper Bt. Regis. N. V.. July 4.— This week, in
cluding the Fourth, which is annually a fixed date
for the return of many of the campers to their
summer homes on this chain of lakes, and attended
also by the opening of the I'pper St. Regis post
office, has been a busy one, as activity ana. in the
seclusion of this mountain retreat. an<l really
marked the opening of tlie season in this beautiful
section of the Adirondacks.
Though it Is very early for entertaining, some of
those who have opened their camp? have with them
friends, and Robert Garrett has with him at Wood
mere, on the upper lake, a house party of fift-'-n <>r
sixteen young people, who have been having a
jolly goo.J time fishing, boating and taking long
tramps afield and up the mountains during the
last week.
Work on the exten.-ions and Improvements about
the Japanese camp of Mr. anil Mrs. Frederick W.
Vanderbllt on the Upper St. Regis Lake i.» being
rushed, that the camp may be in readiness fr>r Mr.
and Mrs. Vamlerbilt. who are expected on July Xo.
Some of the younger members of the family have
arrived at Birch Island, the L'pper St Resi? camp
of Anson Phelps Stokes, and Mr. ami Mrs. Stokes
are rxp<cted soon.
Payne Whitney, who has taken the camp of the
late Cbaiiea T. Uarney for the season, is expected
to arrive there about July \Z. The camn of Mra
Robert Hoe. on the upper lake. wi!l be opened soon
for the season. T. A. Gardiner, who last summer
luid the Stokes camp, on Pearl Islam!, h now at
the Meyer camp, on Spitfire Lake, which he has
taken for the season.
Mrs. Thomas Howard, who has the Pearl Isl
and camp this summer, has arrived, and Mrs. C.
G. Mitchell came early in the week to her camp
on th* upp.T St. Regis. Frederick S. Taylor and Ills
ulster. Miss Ellen R. Taylor, are at Camp Regmon 1
Miss Anna Lusk will this season open bet new
camp, which adjoins that of her brother. Professor
Graham Lusk, and Is one of the flne«t camps on
the Upper St. R*gis.
Algonquin, N. V., July 4.— The Fourth was ob
served in a quiet way at thN popular resort on
the Lake of the Clustered Stars. From the cities
to escape the noise, the patrons of the Algonquin
were not perhaps as demonstrative in their patriot-
Ism as they might have been, but tiiev had a very
pleasant day of It. The cottage people are begin
ning to return here. Robert G. Munroe and fami'y,
of New York, who have taken apirtmenta in the
Colonial cottage for the season, were among those
who arrived here to-day.
Robert W. Thedford and family, of New York,
who annually spend the season at the Algonquin,
are expected back again soon. Mr. Thedf rd and
his sons are enthusiastic fishermen.
Watkins. N. V.. July 4— The Glen Springs con
tinues its popularity as a stopping place for auto
mobile tourists, many parties making this resort
their headquarters while enjoying the fine roads and
beautiful scenery of the lake country Among its
other attractions the swimming pool is appreciated
after a day's rim.
Among those recently registered at the Glens
Springs are Mr. and Mrs. J. Townsend Russell, of
New York; Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Phelps R r..l Ml-*
Phelps, of Binghamton: Dr. Llewellyn F. Barker.
of Baltimore; J. Noble Hares, of New York: Mra.
Henry Marquand, of Bedford; Dean Bailey of Cor.
nelt University and the Misses Bailey. John V.
Van Pelt, of New York; Professor C. D. Vail, of
Geneva; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Lawton. of Syra
cuse; Mr. and Mrs. George F. Cnsgrove. of New
York; Mr. and Mrs. George W. Thomas, of
Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Crowley. of Elmlr*.
N. V. . Mlsa Conrad, of Baltimore; Mr. and Mrs
J. 8. RoOenoough, of Easton. Perm. and Mr m.i
Mrs. F P Potter, of Cleveland.
* ■ — ■■ —
'Season Now in Full String- -Ay&
mobiling a Favorite Paxtime.
Lake George. July 4.— The opening ci the *_.
William Henry Hotel marked the real .bejju^
of the Lake George season. A largo n:~b-r offc,
vltations were Issued, and alter a *.:--— & vjtaw
and dancing were enjoyed In the ballroom ?v
service Is tinder the control, of C. H. Booth, tv
treasurer of the Delaware £ Hudson Coapta*
who also directs the management -• •-, Hat*
Automoblling haw become so favorite a ■paatJa,
at Lake George that the prominent cottagM
headed by Edward M. Shepard. George Fetter p^
body. Herman Broesel and Le Grand Cramer, «,
raising a fund to police the main road to pm^
fast driving along the Lake Road, betwsea c»
Fort William Henry and the Sagamore hotel*'
Lieutenant Governor Chanler has bean the raa*
of State Senator James A. Emerson, of Warrsa*
burg, during the last week.
Among the recent New York arrivals at the g^,
amor* were Mr. and Mrs. S. 3. Ma:««. }£.-•. j
D. Koehl. George P. Slide. W. C. Sanderson,-*
H. Dougherty and W. L. "Waring and family, *%
came by automobile.
Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Graves, of New York. £«,
been spending a week at the Marlon House, JL-aast
th* other recent arrivals are Mr. and lira, a. \
Smith. John L. French, George Packard and %
Erman Lawrte. '~
H. M. Cummir.jrs and family, of New Tork. its*
Mrs. E. J. Marcelis and family, of Passatc, N. |
have opened their cottages near Silver Bay. _
Recent arrivals at Hague from New York m
Robert E. Henry. E. M. Adams. Mir. and lln. £
Sullivan, George E. Boggs, Miss Gertrude D*ltoß,
Miss Elizabeth Hearson, Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Schto.
fess and Mrs. M. A. Sullivan.
Spencer Trask is having a large bell cast, w&a
will be placed In a tower on Trlun* lalaad. 3Uta»
Doane. of Albany, has written an Inscription fir
the bell.
Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Kendrlck and Mr. and Jfci
Michael Joyce, of New York, are at the Eat«
Fourth Quietest Day of Summer-
No Fireworks Allowed. "'".
Saratoga Springs, July To-day has tea -i»
quietest day of the summer, because no 2rewarii
are allowed within village limits. Pleasure Mak
ers have therefore betaken themselves awiy V
various directions. Saratoga Lake was the u
traction to many, and the motor boat race tats
ested a large number. The lake boasts at a spMdy '
collection; and many favorites. Lovers of auto
mobile racing have gone to Glens Falls, waat
many machines have entered the contest.
The announcement of stakes by the racing as*
elation has relieved horsemen of all doubt as »
what to expect, and has shown the association to
be as liberal as possible. Saratogian3 will at
course hope that the meeting may be extend*
beyond the eleven days named. Saratoga is (pit»
alive to its new problem, and Is indeed looking*
a much greater Saratoga. The Business IWI
Association and Medical Society met in the 3arv
toga Club one evening this week and listened It
a paper by Dr. McFarlane. of Albany, on "Fore^a
Spas versus Saratoga Springs." Committees Mi
soon to be appointed to take the matter In hasd.
The Grand Union, the United States and Wad
sor have opened, and the Congress follows on Mr
9. The orchestra at the States will arrive •••«
the middle of the month an.l will be the -an» a
last year. A. Mausebach. of the Boston 3ymp6»*
Orchestra, with a company of soloists. wUI fa>
nish the music at both dances and concerts Ti»
advance bookings include man. prominent peopl*
from New York City. _*'
Cottagers continue to arrive. C. Wharton CL
ton of New York, has returned to his soaMT
home Mon Deaix, in Regent street. Mrs. Hear
B Hyde has arrived for the summer and is »
cupying the North Broadway cottage Mrs. V*
is the mother of James Hazen Hyde and aasbeei
a summer visitor here for many years.
AY S Lefler has rented his Union avenue ca
tage and has taken the Wilcox house, in Carats*
street J. Brandt Walker, the well knows WU 1
Street broker has rented the Lawrence cottar j
Wendover. In Excelsior Park. _ ...^
Colonel H. S. Clement Is seel to mate-* j
stay of the Hotelmens Mutual Benefit As** j
tion. which meet, here July IMB. attraction
every respect. 1
Stamford. N. V. July 4.-Altho.,»h «-»•»*
general celebration here to-day the ho.ldv m
active a. the new arrivals of the week taw t*
neLly all the available cottages in '-**» re-rtj
the rooms at the various houses *''*£*!?%■
taken by people who leave New York m *
heated season. i-Hnrehffi
Mrs. Arthur Root la occupying '"■ P. cnar=-«
C °Dr! and Mrs. Robinson, who have W-^jgl
seasons in Stamford, are again occupym* •■■
Utt cottage in Main street. Hrn „i«jr» m
Dr. and Mr F. J. Monaghan. of Br«>*. - „
again to be seen on the streets __.«-* ■*
V. C. Coleman. of New V rk i» spend!-*
summer at Westholm. .^j
The Rexmere. under its new managers. .•-
& Peck, is enjoying a successful seasoa .V^
the week nearly fifty guests arrived. *™»* ,
are Mr. and Mr,. A. O. Van Cleve. BroeUT^ %
and Mrs. G. K. Bourke. Mr. .nd Mrs 1<»
Ebbet 3 . Miss Beatrice Ebbets. X!» >ataHe w
Thomas A. Byorsen. V.. L Jackson »»
monte and family. Mrs. Elizabeth E. 0«» &
Mis* Jessie A. Guernsey, Mr. and Mrs. fertfw^
Jones. Mrs. E. Sturges and fam..y. • **
Greene and family and Mrs. George Fena£
family, of New York City: Manuel A. *"f%O
family. Miss Rosa M. Bustamente an*
Vigil, of Havana: E. S. Guntß« and ,^LaI
Gunther. Paris: Miss H. A. Wood and I *"
Tol.ey and brother. Philadelphia. „«,«*»
Some of the new arrivals at Churchill , ."^
week are Mrs. C. S. Cook. Syracus-. =- .M«
and wife. Havana; S. B. MoArtr.ur and «I^
Adair and wife. Mrs. B. R. Seaman _ and J™
A. E. Blrdsall. Edward S. Jcne* >«* Jf^
Mr. and Mrs. Burton W. Gibson aa.l c"- 1 j
lyn. . nffirsrl^
* Grey court Inn opened on July 1 wUt \^ w «i
twenty-five people booked for lhe .'-.■«. ••
Among them are Miss Ellis. Mrs. N - »ta» >v
W. Enonah Shannon. Miss M. L. * oun "* JaJßi
York City, and Mrs. Thomas ConnWy. of ■
Long Island. ,]»,}»■
Brooklyn Hall Is » newly built b^^^
bookings Indicate OHM Its first 3 «r wIU M
ful Simpson Terrace opened on July I- d *^"
William C. Quinn. Mrs. Charles Grace an f+
ter. bih] Hlgsms. New York city, "j*^
♦-.in,- Carr and sister: H. C. i; " ':", a*
Miss M. Murphy. Brooklyn: J. C. Muie» -^di*
New York City. a nd Miss M. S. Corned —
are at the Mount View House. OnA3 jx T#
Those who arrived this week at *«"*•",., *
include Mr. and Mrs. John E. ****?*^ **
Misses Farrell. of New York City. »• ■ _ #t
A. L. Severer. Brooklyn: Mi« tJ>
Rice Mr. and Mr,. William BlamJelt .n^
Mrs. John J. Cisco and son. New lor
Westholm already has many !»*»►•
This week's arrivals include H. ¥ t M
ward XT' Church. John Malta >• v;.
Mrs. and Miss Chamberlain. Mount ,JJJ«» yr
Mrs. Emerson Coleman and J- *-.
York City.
"What." asked th* man who had £,"*«*"• '^'l'
native town after an absence of many m
came of K.I Kericus. >n"" tfte 6** 1 V M
"K.J? Oh, he- dotn- one Ga t rua» tJl * &> «
stable anywheres around here and run- -^M
*?£&• M»; he had a y™»*«L*?}Tj2f «#■
•Yes. Lem. He never amounted^ ti« ?>; 1
poetry and painted picture*. I S»< mt *•*> % M
kind of disowned him. At least J* t^»«c*^ M
eral years ago. and I dunno whaie> m
him."— Chicago R«cord-Her«ld. X

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