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OceeLn Park Opened *t Long
Branch— Outdoor Sports
T>en|f Branch. N. J.. July 4-I»n« Branch busy
J£*ot> was ushered in to-day with the opening or
rvean Park and the Initial concert by Schmidt's
«. n(5 White and Gold. The two-mile bluffwalk.
.tarted three years ago. has also been opened up.
while a recreation pier. tSe contract for which will
iwarded on Monday, will complete the ocean
front Improvements. The creation pier will be
—.dv for use the latter part of the month. The
landlss used by the old pier casino can be utilized.
which will be a big saving to the city.
\Clth the automobile races at Elkwood Park.
•elf at Hollywood, tennis at Seabrlght, yachting
ft Monmouth Beach and polo at Rumson. the
■S-prth Jersey coast proved to be a lively place to
tev The busy season has opened auspiciously.
Ttcre was a rush of visitors to Long Branch to
<)», filling the -hotels, while the cottagers had
hoiine parties.
The Rum?on Polo Club has planned for a big
tournament, beginning July 28 and lasting till Au
«st 1- Th teams contesting will be Squadron A.
Rr-rkaway. Bryn Mawr and a team from the Es
ctx County Country Club. Silver cups will be of
fered *& trophies.
The cricket club held its opening dance of the
tfasoa at the Rumson Road clubhouse. It Is pro
posed to hold weekly receptions during the season.
The Beabright Beach Club la more popular than
evfr this season. The active and honorary list of
mentors is larger than evw. William A. Street
Is president of the club.
-— Monmouth Beach Country Club held another
of its Saturday night receptions to-night at the
clubhouse. It was b. patriotic dance. Flags were
to eriaence and there was a display of fireworks. .
The Hollywood Hotel held Its first garden party '
te-tilg^. Schwab's orchestra was in attendance.
Holly-rood's garden parties are never interfered
with on account of rain If stormy the big ball
room, inclosed In glass. Is utilized.
The West End cottages, which opened for the
iM<on this week, underwent many changes In
tit winter and spring month*. In all $30,000 was
nest In Improvements E. J. Hcndee Is the man
'if * "'" ' * * "
The Rev. Dr. David James Burrell. pastor of
•be Marble Collegiate Reformed Church, of New
Tork. will preach his initial sermon as the sum
mer pastor of the Elberon Memorial Church to
nsorrow. The late Moses Taylor built the edifice.
The Rev. Charles Frederick Hoffman, now de
cease! had the little Episcopal Church at Elberon
rebuilt' ten years ago. Since then until the present
rear 'no bequests were made by summer residents ;
"to churches The late William Everard Strong, of
New Tork. bequeathed $100,000 for a new Episcopal
church at Rumson to replace old St. George's,
Md it was consecrated a peek ago. The church.
free frcm debt, has been presented to the New ,
Jersey Diocese by Mrs. Strong.
The Long Branch Fair Association, which was
«janaed last fall, will give its initial show this
'tssaer. Its headquarters will be at Elkwood Park.
Tit Grand Circuit meet will be given in connection
V.th the fair. Mayor Charles O. McFaddln is presi
dent cf the fair association, and a number of sum-
C« residents, including Murray Guggenheim and
Brret Good, in Interested in Us success. The fair
committee has been at work since the first of the
y«r. A feature of farm products will be made. It Is
npttlti that the cottagers will figure con^plcu
csslr. BB many ■■' the country estates raise the
tern of vegetables.
Five of the summer orphanages in which sum
no: people are interested are open for the season.
Til* test to open was the Presbyterian Home, at
Erinthport. Mrs. Washington E. Connor, of Sea-
Mjrht. if interested in the success of the home.
Hr» Washington Wilson, who has a summer home
en Lincoln avenue, looks after the welfare of
Tvrljfct Manorial Home, one of the largest along
the coast. The Pennsylvania Orphanage, near El-
YKTon, founded by the late J. Edgar Thombson.
epnwl up last week. Miss Chiissie Thompson is
tt* superintendent. Mrs. Henry Goldman, of New
Tork. who has .lust completed a summer home at
Sooth Elberon at a cost of $100,009. is president of
ti« Crippled Children's Home, which is on Third
tnrmi». During the busy summer months cottagers
ar» frequently seen visiting the different homes
tnfl contributing their share toward making the
llt:)» folks happy. Entertainments are held during
th* rummer months.
There ■ already talk about the amateur circus,
although the time for holding the annual affair
II net due till The middle of August. Last year
Mtrly C.W 1 was cleared, the receipts being divided
»»"r< charitable organizations. The Monmouth
Memorial Hospital came In for one-third of the
Abfafly the directors of the horse show are
ts&Mcs an effort to have William H. Taft present
Curing the closing day of the show. Influence is
t*-',f. brought to bear by the directors, many of
*hem are well acquainted with Mr. Taft, to induce
th» Presidential nominee to visit Long Branch. Not
'■ ' s*. ten years ago, has the horse show been
honored by having either & Presidential candidate
W President present at its show. When Vice
hwdent Hobart was summering at Normanhurst,
Xonrood Park. In lts«i. both he and President Me
aJtl«y attended the Long Branch show.
Th? fifteenth rhow. while it is yet a little too
**k to prophesy, promises to eclipse any yet held.
»V tfty-six classes are filling, and there Is every
laflicaUon Is believe that last year's large list— six
kunered-will be outdone.
Rulug Blodgm returned this week from a trip
to tit eld home, in New Hampshire.
&-Senaior and Mrs. H. S. Terhune and ex-
J'JO«* US Mrs. J. w. Slocum will sail for Europe
*«1 »e«k.
&cry Hotel and Boarding House
Filled— Fort at the Grove.
*»bnry Park. July 4 (Special). -A typical Ameri
« holiday crowd is in possession of Asbury Park
««ht Every hotel and boarding house is filled
™ «* capacity with Fourth of July guests, and
**» unlortucates who neglected to book acccm
ia it ' 0I ' ln advanc€ are sleeping on cots put up
t- th * " t * -: parsor!! - Hundreds of tourists, unable
*ertT^ ""* * co^ "*"" obliged to Journey across
SSS Uk * 1 " Ocean Grove for a night's lodging.
»».,■ d *" U * and pavilions were fl'.led with merry
j^aader* and sithteec-rs until long after mid
, >• «rt the casinos of the big hotels were alive
J^ <^ t * rs - The hotel men «ay it is the largest
IJ' r»th«ir.r la the history of the resort.
• tjf wnlls *. *' the fishing pier on the beach.
to*,^!."** **&*¥• *-hich cost the city $],000. at
7j^* lar 5« throng.
* t,u Ur - vor »nd his American Band are now
Ux t ... alur * at «*•« Arcade. The organization
*W *fa i ,° f iKs cone*""* last Sunday afternoon.
tc m tt COali!iue lht »n. • . ■;>• afternoon and evening.
tsb * . ttid<J1 * vi September. This is Mr. Pryor's
•Uc toi~;^*-^ tea|l «n in Asbury Park. A patri-
t t j£!? taam * wa « rendered this evening.
fcey^"" 5 v-v -' r ' -f- th- streets of Asbury Park In
«g^T*'* tvn * •■ '■> I* I )roh:wted . providing the
•**!?' '' "*'"' '■■ «»"• Board of Aldermen this
r. ... ' by the jK>lk«\ The ofliclal ukase
la tt( '' * tnor to wear a bathing suit
n^'T* UntJ " r * !*" n3lt J- of $&. The ordi
te Grou d sOd5 Od ' dt " d at lhe i! stigatior. of the Pub
trt *i. atii l l < ; om!:;issi °n. which controls the beach
*i>>j-in- ,r* lor Th * Sinancial protection of the llrm
Tb,'. f '' bathing concession from the city.
l*r iry^ n> ' r "■'"•l ■■■■: the N. w Jersey Public
rt*t v ilb ,? aaiis * Ur n' which „i.»n.>,l Monday In the
ll * r «a<»t« C f brar >' Building, is being attended
** I* com '''"■ " var!ou « <"" at the country, and
*••*• «J 1??"* Un!U *•******. " lv 21. It Is in
**»»»«• -" SaraU 1J - Aakear. of Trenton, the
is t „ "" A - ? li<a <y« on :!ie lookout for
EE * Wf ' l »}'*rK Sw 8 * a " adwiflsiinim In the local
* iirmhi in? * iir!7 -' '' *"■ u > th « osrmr
£*« rt^ * ill '"»** hlB athletic nrld
a * J«r Do M op ■**"* »**« Xvw York City.
r * tl t ! .•**««« has miide an Bt^mpt lo
October t Uit ofr< -'' to lo rtraaln °? en
Theatrical stars affiliated with the Green Room
Club, of New York City, will be here on Saturday,
July is, for a three days' outing end frolic. The
programme of entertainment arranged by the. offi
cers of the club Includes a shore dinner on the banks
of Deal Lake at the Ross-Fenton Farm, owned
by Charles J. Ross and Mabel Fenton. and a
vaudeville entertainment In the Casino, when the
head'.lners In the theatrical profession will appear.
Governor John Franklin Fort of Now Jersey de
livered a patriotic oration In the Ocean Grove Au
ditorium this morning-. The building was filled with
an audience numbering eight thousand. Ex-Gov
ernor Edward C Stakes, another Jerseyman and
a member of the- Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Asso
ciation, presided, and William H. P.annard, member
of the Common Council, read the Declaration of In
dependence in the absence of Mayor T. Frank Ap
pleby. who was ill. Patriotic singing and oreni Stra
music completed the programme. The day was
ushered in at sunrise with a military salute fired by
General John C. Pattei>on, superintendent of the
Outdoor Sports and Indoor Com
fort in the Berkshire Hills
— Many House Parties.
I>enox. July L— There are as many as fifty house
parties in Lenox. Most of the villa owners are
entertaining for the holiday. Lunch'-ons, din
ners and afternoon entertainments have been fre
quent, and there are picnics and boating contests
for those here for the week-end. The Fourth of
July coming on Saturday has rnaile Lenox lively.
To-night there will be Interesting exhibitions of
fireworks at several of the lure*- estate*. Th?
homecoming of Mr. and Mrs. William Douglas
6k>ane to Ebn Court, after the early sunnier
abio.i.l. and ih<» presence of members of their Cam-
By will make nn occasion for s groat display of
fireworks to-night.
There has beea a long: list of arrivals at the Hotel
Asi-inwall this week. Including Sir Shirley and
Lady Ogilvie. of Montreal; Mrs. F. N. Thompson
and Miss Thompson, of Montreal; Colonel and Mrs.
H. S. Kearney. Miss Ellen Carey, Miss Rose Allen.
Miss Lucille Allen. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Car
penter. Benjamin P. Moulton, Mr. and Mrs. Bar
ton Sewell. Mr. and Mrs. W. B Bewell. Mr. and
Mrs. Wnihun K. Morris. Mr. and Mrs. 11. L. I >•_■
Forest. Colonel and Mis. S. W. Bowne and Mr. and
Mrs Samuel BL Austin.
Amontf the cottagers on the Hotel AsplnwaU prop
tie* are Dr. A. D. Cheney and Mr. and M:s. John
E. Heating, of New Haven. Mr. and Hrs. Franklin
FarrtJl and Mr. and Mrs. George C Bryant, of An
sonia, are to spend the season at the hotel. An
nouricum-nt was made this week thai Attorney
General and Mrs. Charles J. Bonaparte would ar
rive next week. The Attorney General is to t.nn*
his secretaries to Lenox and will spend the hot
■ll Willis at the Hotel Asptnm*alL
Cottagers who opened th<ir estates this week in
clude Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Payne Griswold. Mr.
and Mrs, James B. Ludlow and Spender P. Shotter.
The Misses Shotter arrived at the big Bhadowbrook
property the last of the week. brinsi"K with th^m
a house party of Savannah and Wilmington iN. C.)
guests. Miss Clementine Furniss also arrived tltis
Admiral and Miss Goodrich, of Washington, have
been guests this week of Mrs. George Griswold
Haven, at Bmmycraft Mr. and Mrs. Forsythe
Wickes are now with Mis. Haven.
H. Livingston l^e and other I/Cnox trapsmen
have organlz'-d a new gun club and established a
clubhouse and range on the line of the trolley
ne;ir Pittsfield.
The annual meetings of the Lenox Club and
I^ake Mahkeenac Boat Club were held to-day, fol
lowed by the annual luncheon of the club. Cap
taln John S. Barnes was re-elected president of
the Lenox Club.
Mr. and Mrs. Barclay Hazard, who have lx-en
In the hills for some time, have departed for New
York. They drove daily to various surrounding
Motor Boating c.nd Ba.ss Fish
ing Popular— Celebrating
the Fourth.
Delaware Water Gap, Perm.. July 4.— The cele
bration of the Fourth at Water Gap has been with
out noise and blare, but It has been with all the
spirit and sociability that have been such potent
factors in making this a mecca for* city people
who would escape the tisual celebration in the city.
The hotels h/ve been filled since the middle of the
week with a jolly crowd bent on having a gay
time during the holiday that Is afforded by the
Fourth. At all the hotels there have been special
dances and social features intended to entertain
the rush that came during the week. The motor
boats on the Delaware have had the first week
this summer when they have been unable to meet
the call for boating parties up and down the beau
tiful river. The baas fishermen have, been in their
element, for the sunny days have had the effect
of waking the bis fellows from the deep waters.
John Glackner and family, of New York City.
have arrived at the Water Gap House, where they
have engaged rooms until October 1. .
Mr. M. R. I'helps and Mrs. B. Wasserback are
Brooklynltes who will spend the next two months
eejojrtag the privileges afforded at the Water Gap
Oth»r Mew Yorkers who are staying at the Water
Gap House are Mr and Mrs. Henry Brewer, Mr.
and Mrs. Adolf Hchmenler, Mr. and Mrs. WiMi
M. Adams. J. Russell Mcsham, Mr. and Mrs. 11. 0.
Morris. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Klein, Miss Mar/ '.?.
Klein, Miss Muir. Miss 11. S. Mulr. Gcorg) 7i.
L^veriek, Edward Walter, James P. Raley, T. Rlcli
«rd Gross and Mrs. G. M. Spence.
Chester B. Fulmer and Mrs. A. J. Wtnchell, of
New York City, will spend several week* at tlie
KHtatlnuy. Mr. Fulmer has . brought with- bias
«is hunt aud trap, and is seen on the drives daily.
Mark Andrews, of New Tork City, gave the Ini
tial recital on the new Auditorium pips organ last
evening, when a fashionable audience composed of
cottagers and hotel guests from the adjacent re
sort enjoyed the performance. The new organ cost
over $40,000. It requires three electric motors to
operate it. A contention -of organists will be held
for ten days, beginning on Monday, August 3,
when the best known organists of America and
England will give recitals.
To-morrow will be observed In Ocean Grove as
Patriotic Sunday. The Rev. E. J. Kulp. a New Jer
sey Methodist, will occupy the pulpit. The Ocean
Grove Sunday School Assembly will begin a week's
session m the Temple next Saturday under the
leadership of Mrs. Mabel Farraday, of Arlington,
N. J.
Xew Yorkers spending the summer at Deal Beach
gathered at the Casino to-day and enjoyed the
patriotic concerts given by the orchestra employed
by the borough officials. These concerts will be con
tinued throughout tha summer. This morning a
series of aquatic sports In the new swimming pool.
towns and thoroughly explored all the beauty spots
in the hills.
A season of concerts was started on ThurHday.
Mrs. James R. Jesv.p heads the list of patronesse*
and the Lenox band has been engaged for a series
of concerts at Monument Gretn.
General and Mrs. Alexander S. Webb, who go to
Lenox for the early season with their daughter
and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. John E. Alexandre.
have returned to New York.
Mrs. Frank K. Bturgls gave the children of Trin
ity parish a pretty fete on the grounds cf the par
ish house this afternoon.
At tiie Maplewood Hotel, in Pittsfleld. there was
a most satisfactory June business. The house
opened early because of the demand for aecom
nxvi.iti his, and the Fourth of July finds it with a
large patronage. New York and Brooklyn guests
are many and tourists in the hills come and go
daily in motor?. To-night there was a pretty 11
lumlnatlon of the grounds and fountain with col
ored electric lights. The grounds, with ttyelr big
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Simpson, of New York, are
registered at the Kitta tinny for the season.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. A. Ilustace and Miss Prince, of
New York City, will occupy rooms at the Kitta
tinny for the remainder of the season. Other late
arrivals include Cnarles M. Albertson and family,
Sylvester D. Townsend. jr.. city treasurer of
"Wilmington: William J. Taylor. Howard D. Ross,
Anthony on I;. Mrs. L. M. Bickford, Nathaniel
Planter, Mrs. H. S. Higgins. Miss K. Williamson.
August Glsler, Mr. and Mrs. George I. Geer, Mrs.
H. 1.. Roosevelt, Miss Shipper and G. J. (leer, Jr.
Mrs. Nortet Frohllcb, Miss Julia Frohlich and
Charles Frohlich, of New York City, are again at
the GJeOWOOd. where they will spend the summer.
Mr. Frohlich is sketching for several of the popular
magazine's while staying at this resort.
Aiiionjf the New Yorkers who registered at the
Central House are Robert Young, Mrs. K. L, Gert
man, James J. Stettheimer, Curtis B. Anderson and
Augustus Siberson.
At toe Mountain Houm are Mr. end Mrs. R. J.
Martin, Mr. and Mi.s. Paul I,euh, Mr. and Mrs.
Matthew Schaller, Mr. and Mns. J. Maynard Kis
■am. Mr and Mrs. 1., p. Coleman uiul J<jhn Cot
ti ■•!•.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lowber, G. D. Stevens, Flor
ii..- Stevens and George K. Wright arc late ar
rivals from New York City at the Delaware House.
Mount Pocono, Perm., July 4.— For the last week
a long line <>f carriagea and automobiles baa
backed around the circle nt the station to meet
each train, and us the trains have pulled out the
line has separated to carry to the hotels scattered
ov?r tin- mountains the looked-for guests who will
spend '<■■'■ summer season in th<* mountains. The
rush to Pocono for the Fourth grows In volume
each rammer, It is at this season of the year that
thousands see most beauty In the mountains, be
cauF«i now the rhododendrons are at their best.
Th« Mount Pleasant House lias beta tilling with
guesu at ■ rapid rate, many of whoa will remain
until the and of the season. This evening the
house gave v special dance (or the newcomers, and.
which adjoins the Casino, furnished amusement for
Over on the links of the Deal Beach Golf Club
some three hundred players spent the day. The
club contest played was the Class A and B handi
cap, eighteen holes, medal pay, for the. Indepen
dence Day cups, the eight who qualified to finish
at match play.
Jfew York cottagers now at Deal Beach Include
William R. Coe, Philip J. Briti, H. E. Mandevllle,
Benjamin Wolfe, FVancls J. Arend, David T.
Ideally, Michael Blake, Clarence E. Smith and
John T. Keresey.
Resort Enjoys National Holiday —
31 any Hotel Arrivals.
Atlantic City. July 4— Nobody is lonely In At
lantic City to-day. Neither is any one suffering
with the blues because there is no noise or ex
elms and cool shade, were never more attractive
than now.
Late arrivals here, are Mr. and Mrs. John Hyatt
Brewer, of Brooklyn; Mrs. Joseph M. Bchenck and
G*orge E. Schenck. of New York; Mr. and Mrs
B. N. Jackson, of Mlddletown, Conn.; Mrs. T. C.
Sturgeon and Mr. and Mrs. Wilson I/. Smith, of
Philadelphia; Miss A. E. Denny, of Lisbon, N. H.;
Mr. and Mra. C. C. Bolton. jr. of Cleveland: Mr
and Mrs. N. E. Stowbel, of New York; Mr. and
Mrs. George P. Butler, of Yonkera; Edward Har
ris, of Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. W. C. W. Riddle
nnd Miss P. Riddle, of Washington; Mrs. Miljon B.
BeUlen, Miss Johnson and F. W. Belden. of New
York; Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Ogden. of Newark. N.
J. ; Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Stratton and Mr. and Mrs.
E. R. Strong, of Brooklyn; Mrs. M. K. Cookson,
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Nlchola and Joseph
Schenck, of New York; Mr. and Mrs. Edward D.
Clery and Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Gardener, of East
Orange, N. J.; Mr. and Mrs. George N. Chandler,
of Cleveland; Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Rice, Jr., of
the orchestra which will be attendant upon -the
wants of the Mount Pleasant people for the sum
mer was heard for the first time this year. Ail
records were broken at the Montanesca In cele
brating the Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Flash, of New York City,
are registered at the Montanesca for the summer
Other arrivals are Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Gllpln,
Fred G. Glasby. R. S. Cogswell, John E. Baird.
president of the Cambria Mining and Manufactur
ing Company, and his Bister; George Brewer, a
retired tobacco manufacturer; Ira W. Wood, mem
ber of Congress, from Trenton; Judge J. Willis
Martin, of Philadelphia, and O. T. Johnson, a re
tired coal operator, and a party of twelve friends.
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Marble, of New York city,
have arrived at the Pocono Mountain House for
an extended stay.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Best, of East Orange, are
making a short stay at the Pocono Mountain
House during the rhododendron season.
Mr. and Mrs. l>eo W. Merkel. of Brooklyn, will
spend the summer at the Mount Pleasant, other
arrivals* are W. F. Redmond. Mayor of Madison;
Mrs. Redmond, Mrs. John U. Blrdsall. Mr. and
Mrs. John 111-key, Judge Kr.-.l P. Rees and Mrs.
Reea and Mr. and Mrs.. Willlatn M. Nutt.
The OntWOOd has had a number of N«W York
arrivals this week, among whom are Miss I. Van
deaf. Miss B. Hoyt. Mr. and Mis. B. B. Sev
eros, Miss K. D. Ktesey, Miss m. Hartshorn and
Mr. nn<l Mrs. Charles M. Gray.
Among the arrivals of the week fit the Clalr
mont are Mr. and Mrs. Thomas PhlUpson, Hiss
Beatrice Bird, Miss Ruth S. Bird. Mr. and Mrs,
George D. Pond. Richard Cecil Pond and Paul and
Robert Pond, Mr. and Mrs. William W. Burgess
and Newton Morrison. 4
Belmont social affairs have taken on new life
with the arrival of Charles P. Cochran, William
L. Bnrnlinni, H. M. Cross. Dr. and Mrs. H. F.
Adams, who spend the remainder of the season,
and Mrs. E. M. Edwards.
To acid to the fc»«i\lUt» attending the Fourth at
dtement. In spite of the proclamation of the
police that there must be no fireworks, or some
thing like that, there Is noise enough to. make
one believe that a small battle Is being fought,
and there Is the usual number of youngsters run
ning about- the streets with their hands and faces
tied up as the result of powder burns. To-nlKht
there were fireworks displays at the Atlantic City
and the Ventnor Yacht club?, and everybody who
wanted to see them had the privilege. Town at
the Ventnor Yacht Club a series of motor boat
races was held this afternoon, as w*U as a series
of races between the mosquito boats of the Sea
side Yacht Club, at the Inlet.
Dr C II S. Lyttleton. of Philadelphia, has pur
chased the Hotel Wiltshire, in Virginia avenue.
formerly owned by Samuel S. Phcebuv
George L. Spence has leased the Mount Vernon
Hotel. Pacific and Michigan avenues, and opened
it for the season.
The Grand Atlantic Hotel I- ■ kind of headquar
ters for June brides and bridegrooms, and thrre
are not enough bridal suites to go 'round. Tnere
are eight bridal pairs there this week.
Kuehnle's Boardwalk Hotel, formerly the R!tz.
at the corner of Ocean avenue, has opened for
the season under the management of Louis
Kuehnle, Charles Former and David Holland. The
new company ha* taken a five years' lease on the
house. Charles L. Walton, formerly of the Hotel
Continental, Philadelphia, has been made manager.
It will be conducted on both American and Euro
pean plans. '■
Mrs. J. R. Tindle. daughter of United States
Senator Knox. of Pennsylvania, is spending a
couple of weeks at the shore. She is staying at
the Hotel Shelburne. She Is entertaining Miss A.
C. Mohler, of Valley Forge.
The Right Rev. H. S. Hoffman. Bishop of the
Reformed Episcopal Church, of Philadelphia, is
spending a couple of weeks at the Traymore. He
is accompanied by Mrs. Hoffman.
Edward Shaw, librarian in the office of the sur
geon general of the army, of Washington, is
spending a couple of weeks at the Hotel Cedar
Mr. and Mrs. Drumm. of New York; Mr. and
Mrs. Williams, of Shamokin, and Mr. and Mrs.
Reuhllng. of Philadelphia, are all spending their
honeymoons at the shore. They are staying at
La Fontaine.
Bridal pairs at the Continental Hotel Include
Mr and Mrs. G. A. Vassel. of Philadelphia: Mr.
and Mrs. Schwartz, of Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs
"William Thomas, of Wilkes-Barre. Perm.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Haggerty. of Clarksburg.
Va.. are spending their honeymoon at the shore.
They are staying at the Hotel Belmont.
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Van Rensselaer. of
Philadelphia, are spending a few days at the
Hotel Shelburne. They made the run to the
Schenectady. N. V.. and Mrs. F. O. Logan, of Chi
Heaton Hall in Stcckbridge is enjoying a season
of popularity. Here is gathered for the season a
moat congenial company. Registered at Heaton
ibC! are Mrs. F. W. Dennett. Mr. and Mrs C. Day,
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Stereset, 11. Brokaw. T. Sloane
and Mr. and Mrs. Evan Berlo, of New York.
At the' R«.-d Lion Inn there are many people who
have come up to old Stockbrldge for the holiday
and the quiet of the Berkshire town.
The presence of the British Ambassador and
Mra James Bryce In Stockbrldge this week was
of Interest. Miss Emily Tuckerman entertained
them at In^leslde Hall. Miss Tuckerman gave a
tea on Sunday evening for her guests, to which
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Choate. Mrs. William Dra
per and Miss Draper were invited.
Mrs. Frederic Crownlnshield gave the second of
her afternoon receptions at her villa on Ice Glen
Road this week. The Misses Sedgwick also gave
an afternoon entertainment.
the Fair View are the Misses Gilmer, Mr. and Mrs.
H. L. Hullflsh, Mrs. T. R. Davis. Miss E. Burtis.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Rauntln and Miss M. I.
Stroudsburg. July 4.— The centre for all the Mon
roe County resorts has beer. Immensely popular
this week. Arrivals have been coming in at all
the hotels In a way that bids fair to give them
full houses from this date until the end of the
season. Special preparations were made for the
rush for the Fourth, and the summer people find
the resort ready to give them a glorious welcome.
The Ijacka-Aanna and the Pennsylvania railroads
began running their special summer trains this
l.ife arrivals at the Fulmer. who will spend a
part of the summer, include Mr. and Mrs. Charles
R. Weiss, Mis. James Bowman, Fred J. Waterier.
John Kane Mills, T. Francis Moore. Mr. and Mrs.
R. T Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Field. Mr.
and Mrs. R. B. Johnston. A. B. Trainer and Mr
and Mrs George B. Robinson.
The Maplehurst Is filling with guest*, among
whos> ure Emll Dorsch, Jr.. George Schwelnfest.
jr., Mr. and Mrs. William W. Olmstead. the Ml«*es
Brown. Mrs. C. 1,. Weeks, Mrs. I.uke Fit* Gerald.
Miss Elizabeth Browne and William O. Neal.
New Yorkers to arrive at the Prospei-t IBS th«
summer months are Mr. nn.l Mrs. <J. M. Herrlng
ti :i. Ward IlcrritiKton, Miss ■» E. Haddenhorst,
Miss 11. E. Smith and C. C. I^eonares. Morris
Adler. of New York, spent Sunday with his family
at the Prospect
At Highland Dell are Mrs«. Wlllifim Chamberlain.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Campbell, Harry I. Bertly.
Miss Edith Burtis mid E. T. Garrison.
Enjoying the breezes and the comforts of High
land Inn are E. C Allen. XV. A. Phillips. J. E.
Zippel, Mrs. F. V. Ha\den, Mrs. Clayton Cooper
and Mr. and Mrs. Watkln*. of Brooklyn.
At Berwick Inn are Mrs. Hiiler. Miss Helen Hll
ler. Mrs E. I.c Bar and the Misses Barlow and
Ready, of New York City,
shore In their automobile. Mr and Mrs. Charles
Gllpln. of Philadelphia, have taken apartments at «
the Shelburne for the, remainder of the summer.^
Madam- de Cerbonl. of Florence. Italy, and Mm.
Thomas Peyton, of Rapldan, v 9v 9 . are sojourning
at the shore.* They are staying at the Hotel Penn
Mrs. J. Kilkenny ami Miss Catherine Kllkenay.
of New York, have taken apartments at the Hotel
Chet<voode for the month of July.
Miss Bessie Carter, of New York, and MIS*
Helen Cleveland, of Louisville, have come t»
the resort to spend the entire summer. They are
at the Hotel Irr>q«o*a,
J. J. Collins, a prominent tobacco manufacturer
of New York, has established himself comfort
ably at the Hotel Jackson, and will spend the rest
of the summer In Atlantic City.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Maxwell. Alexander Hoff.
Miss C. Hoff and Miss Hoff. of Tarrytown. N. T.
are visitors at the Marlborough-Blenhelm. They
came down In an automobile and are spending a
few da>» at the shore before continuing- their auto
Howard B. Senior, of New York, and a party off
friend.* motored to the shore last Saturday. They
spent the early part of the week at the Marl
borough- Blenheim. H29
Mr. and Mrs. J. .=: Auerback. of New York, are
spending a part of the season here. They hay»
apartments at the Hotel Rudolf.
A. E. Purchase, of New York. Is spending a few
days at the Hotel Raleigh a* the guest of his
sister. Mrs. Harry J. Dynes. Mrs. Dynes Is also
entertaining Miss Gertrude E. Garrison, of Brook
Mr. and Mrs. David Coulter and Miss Grace Hale,
of New York, are visitors at the Hotel St. Charlea.
Mr and Mrs. Ed. J. Perrin. of N*w York. are
spending their honeymoon at the Hotel Ostend.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W Flynn. of New York. have.
Joined the automobillng fraternity at the Osttead.
Man?/ Summer Visitors Arriving—
Series of Ball Games.
Richfield Springs. N. Y . July 4.-The Fourth is
being very quietly observed in Richfield to-day, the
only affair being the first ball game, starting th«
• series between Richfield and Cooperstown. Both
are college teams, and the summer people are in
terested In the outcome.
Richfield visitors are again taking their places at
the various houses. United States Commissioner
John A. Shields has rejoined his family at th«
Tunnicliffe cottage for a week, and others at this
house are Mrs. Anna E. Berry, of Garden City.
Long Island, who has spent a wore of seasons
here; Mrs. C. H. Crane, of Shelter Island, and Miss
I. McN. Caldwel!, of New York.
At the Cary cottages are Colonel and Mrs. Will
lam M. Griffith and son. of Jamaica, Long Island.
Colonel Griffith was at one time private secretary
to Congressman Sherman and a!so to Governor
Black, and has many interesting reminiscences of
the personality of the Vice-Presidential candidate.
At this house are also Mrs. C. Van Rensse'.aer
Berry and Miss Natalie Berry, of Washington.
Archdeacon Cope, of Kearney, Neb.. is at th»
Berkeley-Walontha for a few weeks and will
preach In St. John's Church to-morrow.
Miss Stirling, of Baltimore, Is the guest of her
sister, Mrs. J. Le«j Taller, at Bella Vista.
Mrs. George H. Taylor, of New York, is at th«
Earllngton for a week, accompanied by Mrs. An
toinette Renwlck. and will return in August tf>
open her summer home. Halfawn. Others at this
house who will remain through the season are
Mrs. A. Scott Cameron, of New York; Attorney-
Genera! and Mrs. S. W. Rosendale. of Albany;
Mrs. E. Friend, of Milwaukee, being one of their
A number of New Yorkers who come each year
are now at the Taller, among them being Mrs. J.
P. Tut tie, Miss March and E. G. March. Mrs. G.
Wessels. Miss Wessels and F. L. Wessels. Mrs.
Henry E. Hawley. Mrs. T. Halstead Myers. M!s»
Sarah L. Hawley and D Edwin Hawley; Mrs.
Bainbridge S. Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Drake*
Smith, of Englewood, and Miss M. E. Griffith, of
East Orange.
At the Kendallwood are Mrs. G. W. Dease. presi
dent general of the U. S. D. A.; Mrs. Mark E. Rob
inson, of Manhanset, and Miss Elizabeth Deming,
of New York. A number of automobile parties
have also been entertained at this house.
Manchester-in-the-Mountalns. Vt.. July 4.— Th»
influx of visitors to this resort for Independence
Day has been greater than ever this year. They
have been greeted by delightful weather and cool
breezes from Mount Equinox, whilo the -scenery
Is at its best, due to the abundance of rr»in during
the spring, which has made the proverbial green
ness of the mountains here more pronounced than
#ver. The Equinox House and the boarding cot
tages have a large number of arrivals for early
July, while the cottage colony has been Increased
by several families this wek.
Among the New York arrivals r.t the Equinox
House is Henry H. Vail, who has been attending
the commencement exercises at Middlebury Col
lege. Mr. Vail is a trustea of the college, and
subscribed JB.OOO to the T.nd b»;nj raised by thae
Automobllists arriving «t the Equinox House)
this week Included Dr and Mrs. David Orr Eddson,
of New York City, who are annual visitors here.
They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs J.
Mitchell Clark, of New York City, and w'U remain
several weeks.
James B. iitws and his mother. Mrs. John
Clews, of New York City, are at the Equinox
Houv« for their annual visit.
Among the Philadelphlans at the Equinox House
are Mr. and Mrs. H M. Sill, who come here each
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Strawbridge. of Philadelphia.
were Included in the tourists at the Equinox
House this week. They were en route to their
summer home in Camden. Me.
The continued hot weather, together with the
Fourth of July Jollifications, attracted an overflow
of guests to the Oriental and Manhattan Beacft
hotels during the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gould, with a party of
friends, arrived !n a large touring car early In :he
week and remained at the Oriental for several
days. With Mr. and Mrs. Gou'A were Mr. and
Mrs. N. A. Campbell and the Misses Helen and
Marlon Northup.
Miss Charlotte Thompson, the California play
wright and dramatist of Margaret Angllns latest
success, "The Awakening of Helena Ritchie." was
among the week-end visitors at the Oriental.
Austin Corbin. George 3 Edgell and Corbia
Edgell were among the week's visitors it the
Orient a!
Mr and Mrs C. D 3x henck. of Englewood. Mrs.
J B. Van Schatck and Mixs Mildred Van Bchalc«.
Mr and Mrs. Thomas Ma<-krr.*rra. Mr. and Mrs.
J. Van VWk, l^ee Agnew, Mr and Mrs. C. P.
Britton. F. K. Pendleton. Mr and Mrs. Jamea W.
I^estrada. W. H. Bennett. J. Baimont. George M.
Gales. Alexander McConnell, Mrs. J Martin and
',■•■ \! -ses Nilll and Ma<;xe Martin ar.d John B.
Sampson, all of New York, were among the guesta
visiting the beach during the week.
Shelter Island. N. V.. July 4.— The homecoming
week at the Manhanset House has proved a most
enjoyable innovation at this popular resort and tha
pleasures will be continued until Monday. The hotel
has been well filled with many of the old patron* of
the house, as well as many new one* who cam* in
trie automobile contest from Lens Island City ta
Shelter Inland,
The Fourth of July celebration this svsnlr.g
eclipsed any of the previous events op. the island.
Sixteen thousand lights were scattered around ta»
lawns to-day. Ther« was also a large dupiagr •<

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