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Season Opens September 16
and Deer are Prom
ised in Plenty.
Lake Placid. N. V.. Sept B.— The fact that the
hunting season in the Adirondack? opens on Sep
tember 16 has this week served to bring many
sportsmen into the woods. Golfers have also
been among those arriving this week, and they
have come prepared to take part In the annual
tournament of the Lake Placid Golf Club, which
OT v»n« on the links at the Stevens House in this
place- to-day. But the majority among the ar
tivnls were Hist) who came -simply for t the pleas
ure to be derived from being in the Adirondack*
in the month of September, when those wonder
ful changes of foliage for which this portion of
the country is famed take place. Already evi
dences of them are to be seen, and great patches
of gold are visible on the fides of the mountains
i^>n from the big hotels. The weather continue?
beautiful, and aM of the hotels and cottages con
tinue well filled, with every indication that they
v.UI remain M until the end of the month.
The mountain yacht dubs are just as active
as over Here in Lake Placid an Interesting
canoe race, in which ten young women took part,
under the auspices of the Lake Placid Yacht
Club, was won by the Misses Norton, of Brook
lyn. Last night there was a Jolly marshmallow
roast and dance, at the house of the Lake Placid
Yacht Club, and to-night the directors of the
club ■will give a dinner for Commodore Charles
M. Morgan, of New York.
So great has been the rush of summer visitors
to Lake Placid this season that there is now a
project afoot to erect another high class, up-to
date hotel.
Lake Placid. N. V., Sept. 5 — The ninth annual
Adirondack championship golf tournament, under
th* auspUes of the Lake Placid Golf Club, opened
Ml the links on the Stevens House this morning
and will oontinu- through to-day and Monday
and Tuesday of next week. Among the amateur
players who started in the qualifying round of
eighteen holes this morning were F. Paul £te
vpns, of the Lake Placid Golf Club, who was the
•winner of the Adirondack championship cup last
Hum A. W. Tllllnghast. of the Philadelphia
Cricket Club and captain of the team of United
States golf players -which last season made a
tour of Canada: W. J. McConvill. of the Dyker
MwKh m club. Brooklyn; George A. Stevens, of
the Lake Placid Golf Club; Otis L. Williams, of
the Richmond County Golf Club; Raymond V.
Stevens, of the Lake Placid Golf Club: Arthur
Kenedy, of the Wee Bum Golf Club; John S.
Xaylor. of the Philadelphia Cricket Club; S. H.
Keating, of the Englewood Golf Club; S. V. Beck
with, if the same club, and C. I. Martin. E. A.
Atkinson. W. B. McElroy. Dr. W. Magill and Al
lan R. Hardie. of New. York. Many other good
players took part, and the entry list was one of
the largest In years.
A. B. Hone was the winner of the McElroy cup
in the handicap event early in the -week, defeat
ing C. H. Wright in the finals 4 up and 3 to go.
Th<? wf-ri; preceding tournament week is al
i"ays a busy one socially at the Stevens House.
A "number of dinner parties have been given. At
ere of tfiese Mr. and Mrs. Stevens entertained
Bi--hop Coadjutor Richard H- Nelson, of the Al
hr..ry diocese of the Episcopal Church; Mrs
Wright, wife of Dr. J. Williston Wright, and her
*]:j-uc!-!tfr. Mrs H. E Payne, of New York. Later
In the xveek Mrs. Steven.- and her son. V. Paul
Stevftiip. took Bi?hcp Nelson to St. Hubert's Inn
and bnck In their automobile. At another dinner
pl\*>n l.y Hubert Stevens early in the week, those
present were his father and mother, Mr. and
iir& George A- Stevens; Mrs. William B. McEl
inr, Robert licEiroy. Miss Alice McElroy, Miss
Carroil. Miss Bradley. . Miss May Oakley. John
McHlroy. D. M. Lyons and Dr. Henry Hove. ■ Mr.
»:id Mrs. J. Wesley Durham entertained a party
«if friends at a dinner, and J. 8. Johnston, who
i- t.. marry next week. Just before his departure
*-• New York gave a jolly bachelor dinner on
Tuesday evening to a large party of friends.
irljr in the week A. W. Tllllnghast entertained
with a moonlight rid» on Lake Placid, charter
,[.c th» steamer- Doris for the occasion. Among
Iris guests were Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Keat
ing. Mr. and Mrs. John S. Naylor, Mrs. K. W.
Hankie, the Misses Kennedy. Mrs. Bryan, Miss
May Oakley, Miss McLochlin, Miss Bradley. Miss
Rittenhouse, Mrs. John Grote, Aubrey Kelly,
George Patterson. John T. Oakley. A. B. Hone.
I Robert Welmer. David Fleming, Jr.. Allan Mardie.
Robert ■TrlTlrrrr. J. T. Mahoney, A. Rodriguez
tind F. Paul Stevens.
Mrs. George W. Aldridge. wife of the ex-rail
road commissioner. Is among the recent arrivals
here. She is accompanied by her son, George
W. Aldridc-, jr.
Victor Herbert, who has been at Willow Grove.
Pern., returned this week to his Camp Joyland.
■ear the hotel. H*» is accompanied by Henry
Blossom, and they will devote the rest of the sea
son to collaboration on forthcoming productions.
Clifford Herbert left this week for the city to
prepare for his studies in Princeton
P. J. Tracey. supervisor of "The City Record
Commodore Plant with Mis
Folanda and the Goulds
in the Atalanta.
New London. Conn.. Sept. s.— The return of Com
modore Morton F. Plant last Saturday morning on
his new steam yacht lolande was the signal for
the arrival of many of his friends, who spent th*;
week-end at the Griswold. Colonel M. J. O'Brien,
president of the Southern Express Company and
an old friend, came up from Spring Lake with his
nephew. T. W. Leary, of Atlanta, on Friday, and
•was Joined by Franklin Q. Brown, J. J. Eldrldge.
Mr. and Mrs G. H. Tilley, Miss H. D. Taylor.
Mrs. C L Myers ajid Miss Myers en Saturday.
• ! Commodore Plant entertained at luncheon on
b^ard Saturday afternoon for his guests on the
maiden voyage, who were L/wd Athlurnney. C. W.
Myers, general manager of the Ocean and Occi
dental Steamship Company; Gilbert Elliott. A. Oli
ver Depree. Dr. G. M. M«-lville. XV. F. Harding,
Mr. and Mrs. W. Hamilton Busk. Mr. and Mrs.
F. fie C. Sullivan and Miss Mary Harding.
Mr. and Mrs. George Gould, Miss Marjorle Gould.'
Miss Vivian Gould and Jay and Kingdon Gould
have spent the greater portion of the week here,
ha~,r.g come down from Newport on Monday In
the Ataianta, which If anchored off the New York
Tacht Club station. They were the centre of In
terest at the dingy railroad station on Tuesday af
ternoon, when the whole family came up the
Thames in a launch to bid rood by to friends who
were going to New York, after helping to make
the morning gay celebrating the birthday anniver
sary of one of the children ' aboard the Atalanta,
which was decorated from stem to stern.
'R. C Rait bone, who recently celebrated his
eighty-third birthday anniversary at the QrUwold,
repaired a sllrer lcrvlng cup of unique design from
a number of the women patrons of the hotel on
Motkda-y aa a mark of appreciation for his willing
ness to stand sponsor for any number of bridge
parties at any and all times The cup was en
graved "To R. C. Rathbone. A Real Winner, from
His Friends and Admirers, August, 1908." ' Mr.
Rathbone gave a cup christening dinner on Tues
day evening, when Mrs. A. S. March and Miss C.
P. Merrlhew were the honor guests.
, Mrs. W. Prankard gave a bridge luncheon at her
villa en Friday afternoon, complimentary to Mrs.
Frederic A. JLuntf. who, with Mrs. Allan J.
Clark and Mrs. R. Van Vleck. -were the prize win
ners. The other players were Mrs. Bergh, Mrs.
Hartshorn, Mra Bumham, Miss Laldlaw, Miss
KuKsell. Mis* Merrihew. Mrs. Miler, Mrs. Vail
«ad Mrs. Cooper.
Mra. VVedarl* A. Laos' ealertalae* at a bridge
of New York." and Robert McElroy, have re
turned from a stay of o-. *r a week in a rough
camp on Mount Saddleback. Miss M Bannlgan.
Dr. John H Kins: and Miss Julia Boylan this
week joined t!ie party at Blde-a-Wee. the Mr-
Elroy cottage. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Coisens and
hi? daughtr-r. Miss Adelaide Coztens. also of
New York
Lake Placid. N T.. Sept. Thoroughly enjoyed
was the bam dane? in which many of the patrons
took part in grotesque costumes. As th*> "Gold
Dust Twins George Parsons, jr., and B. L. Hanne
man were simply irresistible, and Mrs. Hanneman
as "Sis Hopkins" - kept every one in "an uproar.
Miss Gerlach. of New York, who is the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Holbrook at their camp, made
a funny clown, and Howard Longstreth. who is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Supplee. made a
typical "hobo." C. Wilson McNccly appeared as
an old maid with hoopsklrts, glasses and poke
bonnet, and his sister. Miss Catherine McNeely.
and Miss Michler with masks on the backs of their
heads and imitation hair over their faces, kept all
guessing- which way they were going. Gordon
Michler and C P. Burr made a funny bride and
bridegroom. The stage of the Wigwam, in which
the dance took place, was decorated with corn,
pitchforks, ploughs and other 'farm implements,
and live chickens cackled an accompaniment to
the music of a "Rube" orchestra.
The last big tennis tournament of the season
has been in progress on the courts -at the inn this
week. The women entered included Mrs. J. A.
Kane. jr.. Miss A. H. Taylor. Mrs. S. S. Logan.
Miss E. H. Jewett. Miss Ruth L. Huggins. Mrs.
R. D. Kane. Miss Emily Ehret. Miss Frances
Jones. Miss I. R. Michler and Miss C. G. Kelly
Among 1 the men contestants were Gordon Michler,
L. P. neks, Sidney Kelly, jr.. C. L. Noyes. S.
Kelly. B. O. Booth. H. B. Gardiner. J. P. Gay.
S. V. Beckwith. J. G. Kane. jr.. E. S. Raynor, M.
B. Saul. S. J. Graham. R. D. Keen. C. M. Dimm.
George Parsons, jr.. R. G. Church. John Dickinson,
C. W. McNeely. R. Stewart. S. S. Logan. M. C.
Town and E. L. Hanneman.
Among the golf players who hnve taken part In
the congest for two cups offered this week by W.
L. Supplee. who was himself the winner of the
Michler cup, were S. V. Beckwith, Joseph Fitzell.
Robert Neilson. Frnnk Elliott. R. TV. Shaw. E. H.
Jewett. W. S. Perot and A. B. Huey. One of the
recent additions to the ranks of the golf players
at the inn is Francis I. Bennett, a well known
New Tork artist, who is here for the rest of the
The reservations made within the last week in
dicate that the inn will continue practically filled
throughout this month. Many of the patrons and
campers are doing much entertaining. Mr. and
Mrs. G. L. Huggins have had with them at Canrp
Colbum Miss Ethel Keen and F. B. Vanderhoef,
of New York. Francis W. Kemble has Joined the
party, being entertained by Mr. and Mrs. TV. L.
Supplee at Camp Theanograns. TV. J. Buttfleld Is
entertaining TV. G. Mixer, of New York, at his
camp on the lake shore near the Inn. Mr. and
Mr*. E. C. Atkinson are th« guest? of Mr. and
M r ?. H. C. Atkinson at Camp Green Top. One of
the enjoyable dinners of the week was that given
on Tuesday, at which J. A. Moir entertained a
number of frfends. Mr. and Mrs. J. Mackle, who
have for many seasons been active in promoting
th«» social activities at the inn, returned on
"Wednesday. Mlrabeau C. Towns, of Brooklyn, ar
rived at the inn early in the week, accompanied
by Samuel Graham, also of Brooklyn. Th« Rev.
Dr. and Mrs Ma<~Arthur were also among the
I^ak» Placid. N. V.. Sept. 5.— A lookinc hack
ward party was on* of the forms of entertainment
with which the young people at the Grand View
this week amused themselves. It took place on
Thursday evening at the hotel parlors. With gro
tesque, masks adorning the backs of their heads
and false" hair over their faces, the young people
had no end of fun guessing identities. Another
entertainment was a kimono party, at which even
the men were arrayed in the gay colored gar
ments. One of the most striking of all the cos
tumes worn was that of Miss Grace Fakes, of
New York, who appeared in a complete native
Japanese costume.
The Grand View cotillon, in which practically
all of the patrons took part, was one of the best
of the social events thus far this season in Lake
Placid. It was led by Miss Ethel Lockhart and
Dr. A. Davis, of New York, and many beautiful
costumes were worn by the women. On Wednesday
evening Mrs. George Fear England, of New York,
who Is spending the season here, entertained with
recitations and songs in the darky dialect In the
parlors of the hotel. At Mre. Parkes's weekly
bridge and euchre party seventeen prizes were
won, among the winners being Baron E. G. yon
Faulkenhausen, Mr?. J. H. Rivers, Mrs. B. J.
Dreyer and Arthur May, of New York.
One of the diversions of the week was a feast
at which Mrs. Farkes entertained Mr. and Mrs.
L. A. May. Dr. and Mrs. J. Baker Smith, Mrs. E.
H. Forsytlie. Brigadier General W. B. Hotchklns
and Mrs. Kotchkins, Mrs. B. J. Dreyer, Mrs. J. H.
Rivers. Dr. and Mrs. V. B. ( 'hapin, Mrs. George
Fear England. De Witt C. Smith and Baron E. G.
yon Faulkenhaufen. There was an enjoyable coi*
cert last evening at which Miss Beatrice Wain
wright, of New York, gave a number of vocal
«i — r
dinner on Tuesday evening complimentary to Miss
Minna Kopper. The guests are ' Mr. and Mrs.
Weaver. Mr. and Mrs. Dickie. Miss C. P. Merri
hew. George W. Merrlhew and Dr. Lund.
Philip I^a Montagnn. who came over from Narra
canc<"tt last Sunday in his automobile, entertained
at dinner at the Orlswold for Miss Audrey Town-
nd Badcett, Mrs. C It. Spcnce and E. S. Bruce
bring among the guests.
Mr. and Mrs. Robinson entertained at dinner on
Sunday evening for Miss Anna Ewlng Cockrell,
daughter of ex-SPnator Co«'kreU. and Miss Eleanor
T'Try. daughter of Rear Admiral Silas W. Terry,
at the Grlswold.
Colonel and Mrs. John T. Denny were hosts at a
big dinner party on -Wednesday evening for L. P.
Bayn<\ of New Tork. who will be their guest over
Labor Day. .
Mrs. De Forest Allsrood was the hostess at a din
ner party on Wednesday evening for Miss Beatrice
Wilson, of Philadelphia.
Mrs. Luke B. Wright, wife of the Secretary of
War, and a party of friends, including Mr. and
Mr*. John H. Watkins. of Memphis, who will Spend
lh< remainder of the season at the Grlswold, were
Hucaf at a dinner party given by Mr. and Mrs. F.
G. Jonts, of Memphis, on Wednesday evening.
The Army and Navy Club of Connecticut will
hold Its annual reunion at the Griswold on Tuesday
and Wednesday of next week, when a military ball
will l*> given in their honor.
lii the recent men's singles tennis tournament at
the Shennecofisett Country Club for the Bigelow
Cup, Charles Miller defeated Julius Flelsehmann by
a score of 4—6,4 — 6, 7—5,7 — 5, — 3.
Mies Mary Elliott entertained at luncheon at the
Grlswold for Miss Lillian Earl and Miss Laura
Clark on Saturday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Munn. of New York, were
I the week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. 8. March,
j who entertained at a dinner In their honor on Sun
1 day evening at the Orfswold.
Mr. and Mrs Barren O. Collier, of New Tork, are
1 the guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Jones. .
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Farrel, Jr., of Aneonla,
I .and Mr. and Mrs. Radnor Lewis are spending the
week-end win Mr and Mrs. D. Austin Brown, of
New York, at the Griswold.
Edwin Schenck. Jr.. of New York, has joined a
party of friends for the remainder of the season.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Kimball, of New York ; W.
Y. Klmbali. Alden Klmbal! and T. W. Fowler ar
rived at the Griswold on Monday.
Dr. Edgar F. Dv Bois. of New York, who is ac
companied by Delafield Dv Bols and W. C. Dv Bois,
1- at the Griswold for his annual -visit.
J. T. McCall and the Misses McCall, of New York,
spent a portion of the week at the Griswold.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Willcox and Mr. add Mrs.
. Marwtß On*, mi New T ors, art regent antrala,
th; foreground) Mrs. L. A. May. all of New York.
Carroll A. Werner and his sister. Miss Werner,
were among the many who came up from the city
this week and reserved apartments at the Grand
View for September. Mrs. H. J. Rellly. jr., who
was among" the week's arrivals from New York, is
an expert horsewoman and spends much of her
time in the saddle. M. C. Holman and Miss Hol
man were among the new arrivals.
Mr. and Mrs. George Lockhart, who arrived this
week, have Joined their daughter, Miss Ethel
Lockhart. who has been here some time. J. W.
Forsythe Joined Mrs. Forsythe. The advance en
gagements at the Grand View were never greater
for the month of September than at the present
time, and the indications are that the hotel will
\— . ' — — — -
Horseback riding at Lake Placid.
remain filled throughout the major portion of the
Lake Placid. N. V., Sept. 6.— M embers of the
Ruisseaumont cottage colony have for the most
part perfected their plans to remain here in Sep
tember and witness the beauties of the changing
foliage, which during this month and October con
verts the rustic Rulsseaumont surroundings into a
veritable enchanted bower. One party of young
women recently arrived hert who have reserved
a cottage for the rest of the season Includes the
Misses Emilie and Elizabeth Dicker, Miss Eleanor
House and Miss de Roulac. of New York. Another
party which is= occupying one of the hotel cottages
for the rest of the season here includes Mrs. J. C.
Burrows. Miss M T. McNelr. Miss Mac L. Clarke,
Mrs. George McNeir and Thomas S. McNelr, of
New York.
In front of the Griswold, in New London.
Manchester-in-the-Mouzitalns, Vt., Sept. B.—Sep
tember is always a delightful month lln the Green
Mountain!. The weather till* weak baa been es
pecially favorable for automobfliztfr, and this baa
been th« most popular paatlm*. The Ideal Tour
continues to Increase in popularity. Kaxt weak
the formal tournament season' on the ' EJkwauok
Country Club links will close with a three days"
competition. This will bo the ninth annual tourna
ment for the Equinox «a.ni Orvls cups, presented by
Edward C. Orvla, manager of the Equinox House.
The event will open on .Thursday morning with a
qualifying round of eighteen holes at medal play.
The wedding out process will be finished by Fri
day night, and the finis on Saturday . will be at
thirty-six holes. Three .*lxteens will compete, and
the losing eights in the first round Ct match play
will continue to play.
The Twentieth Century Club met on Monday at
Mrs. H. .P. Hoyt'B cottage. The poems' of Mlet
Barab N. ("leghorn were read, and th* Mjssea
Hoyt. of. New York, sang seversJ selections. L*«t
■eAarter matogawlflini Haft nM •> ■■•
Downer, Miss Brlnton and Miss Munn. of New
The handicap foursome on September 2 was won
by Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Bulkley and an Interesting
handicap four-ball match was won by Mrs. Plerson
and Mr. Bulkier, who had a total net score of 143,
their total gross* score being 183 and their handi
cap 30. , .
To-day there will be two sailing raccj whlcr
should prove interesting. One will take place In the
morning and one In the afternoon, as the regular
race scheduled for last Saturday proved a fluke.
There will be another race on- Monday for a cup
which was left over from last season. This after
noon Donald niflgdep and some of his young
friends will hold their fair for the benefit of the
Adirondack Cottage Sanatorium In the casino build
ing, and It Is expected that a large sum will be
realized. To-night n party of the young people
from the Inn will make merry at a masquerade
ball to be given at the Runkle camp near the Inn.
Among those who were members of Frank J.
Firth's large house party at the Birches this week
were Miss S. H. Dorsey. Mrs. Walker L. Clark.
Miss Bertha V. Clark. Miss Bertha R. James and
John E. Lloyd. George P. ChanSler Is the guest
of F. J. Winston at his cottage here and James
Bueil Munn, who has returned from a week in
rough camp, has joined hi* parents. Dr. and Mrs.
J. P. Munn. at their cottage. Miss Agnes I* Brown
and Miss Alida.B. Balrd are the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. G. R. .Packard. Othfr recent New York ar
rivals at the inn include Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kelly.
Mrs. W. Hass and children. Herbert McKenna. C.
W. Fairbanks, James Dunlop. Mrs. D^lafleld Dv-
Bois. Mrs. W. H. Joralemon, Miss Bertha V. Clark.
Miss Bertha R. James. H. H. Cookman.. G. H.
Lellens, Mrs. John M. Wilson. Joseph Matthews.
Miss A. Newman. Miss H. Newman. Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas L. Mlnton. W. J. Tucker. Mr. and Mrs. R.
E. Doollttle. Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Tuttle and
Mrs. F. 9. Freeman.
Wawbeek. N. Y. Sept. 5.-The annual tennis
tournament at the Wawbeek brought out a large
entry. The men's singles were won by 8. M-
Swenson, of New York, who defeated Dr. R. H.
Whltbeck. of New York. R. B. Douglas and Dr.
Whltbeck were the winners of the men's doubles,
defeating the Messrs. G. and B. Hellman. of New
York. In the finals. In the mixed doubles, the
winners were Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Hellman. who
defeated Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lehman. Mrs.
Lehman was the winner of the women's singles,
defeating Mrs. Edgar Hellman.
The annual tennis ball, which followed the tour
nament, was a great success. All of the New
York visitors who are spending the season her*
took part In this and were present at the Jolly
supper which followed. The Wawbe-k still
continues well filled with guests, the major
ity of whom have made their plans to re
main through this month. Among those recentl."
arrived from New York is Dr. B. Bryson Deiavan.
who has spent many seasons at the Wawbeek.
C. M Daniels, the champion swimmer, Is another
New York arrival. Others Include Mrs. L. S.
Glover. Mr.. George H. Chandler. Miss Marigold
Chandler. George Sailers, Mrs. Walter Hope. How
ard Carter. C. W. Fairbanks. James N. Dunlopw
Herbert McKlnnls and Howard A. Plummer.
Paul Smith's. N. T.. Sept. The visitors at
this resort this week were interested In the wed
ding, at the camp of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. White, on
Presort this Mrs. Whlte, f brother. Carl Moore,
at the camp of Mr. and Mrs. A. 8. White, on
nd Lake, of Mrs. White's brother, Carl Moore,
of New York, and Miss Edna Goodaell. of Brook
lyn. In addition to the good natored merrymaking 1
at their expense, the bride and bridegroom were
obliged, before starting on their honeymoon, to
undergo the trying ordeal of a parade about the
grounds of the hotel on their way to the train,
which was arranged for their benefit by their
friends. Several of the campers and cottage dwell
ers this week welcomed friends who will remain
with them through the rest of this month. Will
iam Maffltt, who was one of the new artvals. has
Joln«d his parents. Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Maffltt. at
their cottage. Mrs. Maffltt is entertaining Miss
Lemp. Mrs. W. B. Bterrett. of New York, who
arrived this week, has Joined the party at the
cottage of Milton Jones. F. B. Wheeler came up
from New York, spending the week end with his
family at his cottage on Oegood Laka. Hiram
Munger Is seriously ill at Camp Kamambl. the
camp of his daughter, Mrs. Clarence Brltton, on
the lower St. Regis Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Warren
Lynch, who were among the recent arrivals, have
taken cottage apartments here for the rest of
September. One New York party recently arrived
Includes Mrs. Arthur Totten. Miss Isabel Totten
and Miss Dorothy Stanbrough. I. I*. Harmon, of
New York, has taken apartments at the Casino,
A New York party recently arrived includes Julian
Hlnckley, Mrs. S. P. Hlnckley. Miss Rosalie
Hlnckley and C. W. Wlckersham. who have taken
a cottage for the rest of this month. Dr. W. J.
Seidler. of New York, has also recently reserved
cottage apartments. Among the other recent ar
rivals from New York are Morris Mordannt. Miss
E. M. Mordaunt. Miss M. E. Mordaunt. Mr. and
Mrs. G. L. Lloyd. William McDonough. Eilse P.
Smith. J. Avery Lamb. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Shaffer.
A. S. Atwood. Dr. R. E. Merwin, Miss Barry, Miss
Mildred Barry. Miss Hawley. Howard Carter.
Walter E. Hare, George E. Palmer. W. C. Calhoun.
John Fox. Jr.. Mr. and Mrs. George Stitt. George
F. Barclay. W. H. Woodln, Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
McManus and Mrs. Thomas McManus. Mr. and
Mrs. A. G. Cushman. A- H. Montgomery. Thomas
McMillan, Dr. Walter C. Doty and Joseph E.
Winters. '^^ '''--■ ~ ■ %: - : ,
Upper St. Regis. N. V.. Sept. The coming of
the cool September weather has prompted many
of the campers on the St. Regis chain of lakes to
make trips through the mountains to various
points of Interest. Various parties of campers have
made their way through the trails and water
routes radiating from this centre to the Upper
Saranac, the Lower Saranac and to Lake Placid.
Mr. and Mrs. Moses Taylor, Miss Dix and Thomas
Gardiner, of New York, made up a party, taking
the trip through the Seven Carries to the Upper
Saranac. Professor Graham- Lusk headed another
party, making much the same trip, which included
his guests. Dr. W. F. Porter, of Boston, and Mr.
and Mrs. Fred S. King, of Brooklyn. Miss
Nathalie Henderson and J. R. Swan, who Is the
guest of C. R. Henderson at the tatter's camp on
the Upper St. Regis, also made the trip to the
inn. Miss Henderson, who Is an expert yachts
_ - T.. . _ . woman, takes an active part In-the races under
Republican riCe-PrCSldential Catldi- the auspices of the St. Regis Yacht Club, and was
the winner of a recent special race for women
date Opens Welsh Eisteddfod. ! under the club management.
' Victor C. Mather has returned to the camp of
Richfield Springs, N. V.. Sept. 6.— The big day of George H. Earle on the Upper St. Regis . Lake,
the week here wag Wednesday, when the Republl- Walton Clark is also a visitor there. S. Joseph
can Vice-Presidential candidate. James S. Sherman. Drake. Jr.. who is among those recently arrived
attended the Welsh Eisteddfod, at the Earlington! from New York. Is the guest of his father. Simeon
where he made the opening address. This will be J. Drake, at his camp. Twin Pines, on Spitfire
memorable In the musical history of Richfield, as Lake.
there were choruses of a hundred men's voices and Mrs. Payne Whitney still remains at the Barney
others of fifty women's voices in competition for camp, on the upper lake. James Barney and Mrs.
the prizes of $800 and $100. Judge H. M. Edwards, H. G. Bull, who have been their guests, plan to
of Scranton, acted as conductor, and Dr. Daniel depart for the city in a few days. Mr. and Mrs.
Protherol. of Milwaukee, as adjudicator. Frederick W. Vanderbllt. who this week returned
John B. Jackson, United States Minister to ' from a trl P to New York - win I ™* lll here a short
Persia, has Joined his brother, Philip N. Jackson. ' tlme and then <*lo»e their camp for the season,
of Newark, at the Gary cottages. . ' txtp ATfinwmTTW
Commander W. Irving Chambers, of the Missis- THE ALGOJNUU.LN.
slppl, with Mrs. Chambers and their son, are also Algonquin, N. V.. Sept. s.— Keen interest has
at th« Cary cottages, having arrived on Tuesday been displayed in water sports at the Algonquin
night. this iouoii On Tuesday of this week the annual
Mr* Charias Child* entertained at brfcig* on r *°«* *° d regatta wen a«ld nnder th « auspices oX
Monday ni«ht at th* Waloota*, and Mrs. th * Motor Boat C*ufc. In CUm A. motor boats,
W. D«wmi Wood. oX St John Manor, antsrtalned 'th r *°* w »* won *** th * M **« own * 1 b * T ' a
at dinner th« pud* «v«nm». j Lattrell, with the Ruekabovit. owned by Carl Stool,
On Tuesday avenlng Ml.. Madeira Olandorf to "°° V^ A "I" 1 Wr * a - , i™* tr _ ***?*
gave a party at the Tunntcliffa cottag* la how* A W>l«yard. third. The winner In Class B. motor
Miss Laurie Cox. who has been at the Kendall bO * tß - W " tha Bl<Jn ' °™°* by H ° mer *****:
wood. Prizes were won by Miss West and by th * Wretl flntshtn « oond and the Scout ' own
David 8 Barry. Jr y , by B. H. Gray, third. /Mr. Gray's Scout was. how-
ProgreMive euchre, at the Kendall wood on Tues- ever ' th * wlnn " in th ° C 1 C r *°'' wtth the B1U °
day night resulted in the winning of prize, by Mrs atr «* k owned by lUy « übb « . ln cond lac«
vom Hofe. Mr. Timeson. Miss Cox. Anthony Saver' and tho Doroth T &' °*n<** '-> "• WJW J Steel - thlrd
Miss Weaver and Mrs. Heppenheimer. 'In this rac9 tho fleet Here's How. owned by
_. „~.- _ ~_v . L - n . W. Chauncey Floyd-Jones, was defeated. Almon
C.^b e have nn b er T" 1 ** T * ° f , the R ' Chflelt! Term1 ' Harding, son of John Hardlnc. the proprietor of
c lub hay been playing in a tournament for a cup the Algonquin, was the winner of th e rowing
wh Iv ,^?h fl , Wa l WOn ., LOUIB GG ° cS ' »ln«l«. ™* in the double, th* winning crew was
Tom !r ag C - Ran " "vln«.ton Rice and Nelson Davis. Almon Hard
' " • ing and his brother, Phelps Harding, were the
Dr. and Mrs. T. Halstad Myers, of New York, winners of the canoe doubles, and together they
hav<i£ust r*turn«d to Th« Tatter tram •> trjp to j iron Urn UlUa« matcli Homtr Evaaa, of Now
**—**■ — i X«rt^ wte* «hMb> «JW i*m« aW iPin— lim m tb*
Several members cf the cottage colony have
friends with them who will remain through Sep
tember Mr. and M.S. Calvin Pardee, at their cot
age, are entertaining Miss Caroline Scaly and Mlaa
Rebecca Scaly and Clifford D. Mallory, of New
York. J. D. Abeles has joined the house party at
the cottage of Mrs. Eleanor Glogau. of New York.
Miss Ha.«sel C. Whitelaw. of New York, arrived
this week, Joining her parents, Mr. and Mrs. White
law Justice and Mrs. John A. McAvoy, of New
York, who have spent some time at the Rulsseau
mont, ha^e b^-n occupying one of the hotel cot
X number of " automobile parties reached the
Rulsseaumont this week. One of them included
Mr. and Mrs. William Rockefeller, who drove over
from their camp at Bay Pond accompanied by Dr.
and Mrs. D. Huntfcr McAlpin and Master D. H.
McAlpin. 3d. Mr. and Mrs. Beeckman Lorillard, of
Newport, who are amonr the recent arrivals, are
accompanied by Mrs. A. B. Doyle, of New York
and Asheville. N. C. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bauseh
wore Joined early in the week !>y Mrs. William
Bauseh and her nephew, "Jack" Kurtz. C. L. Lomb
Joined Mrs. Lomb. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Bauseh are
the guests of Mr. pnd Mrs. William Dreacher at
their camp on the lakeshore near the hotel. The
Rev. John P. Chidwlck, who was chaplain of the
Maine, and his aunt. Mrs. Ellen Chidwlck, of
Brooklyn, visited friends here. The Rev. John
Burns, of New York, who is here with his father,
Bernard Burns, is an expert tennis player, and
each morning engages In a match with his father,
who «» aiso a good player. The clergyman Is good
naturedly standing tho chaffing of his friends on
the fact that the elder Burns has thus far won the
greater number of (tames.
Saranac Inn, N. V., Sept. s.— Out of a genuine
fclack-face Cakewalk which took place Monday
night here at the Inn the patrons extracted no end
of fun. The entertainment cleared about $200, for
the benefit of th* Adirondack Cottage Sanatorium,
founded by Dr. E. L. Trudeau. Among the women
who took a prominent part in making the affair a
success were Mrs. Russell Thayer. Mrs. F. D.
Lewis, Mrs. W. L. Landreth and Mra. Augustus
Blagden. Miss Ann Lewis and Edward Cady, Jr..
of New York, "took the cake," and second prise
was taken by Thomas Blagden, Jr., and H. H.
Blagden. The contestants in the "walk" had their
' faces blackened with burnt cork, wore grotesque
costumes and altogether presented a spectacle
which kept the audlencj in an uproar. The com
mittee of Judges Included W. P. Belknap, C. W.
Pierson, H. F. Harris, Frederick Gallattn, Jr., and
A. S. Hlggins, Jr.
Another pleasant event 01 the week here at the
Inn was the annual banqvet of the Golf Club on
Tuesday evening. At this tlma the tournament
cups, of which Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Pierson, of
New York, have won seven, M. B. Marshall two
and Miss Britton, A. S. Higglns and Henry Bartow,
of New York, one each, were formally presented to
the winners. Mr. Hlggins presided as toastmaster
and speeches were made by him. by C. W. Pierson,
M. B. Marshall, manager of the inn. and others.
This has been another week filled with Interesting
golf. The special prize In the women's handicap
was awarded to Mls6 Sophie Downer, of New York,
thcugh Mrs. Bulkley. who gave the prize, had the
lowest score. Among the women entered in this
contest were Mrs. C. W. Pierson, Mrs. E. M. Bulk
ley, Mrs. Frazer Harris. Miss J. Lindsay, Miss
nlngton to sing at the Mount Anthony Country
Many of the women of the hotel and cottage
contingent attended the reading in the parlors at
the Equinox House on Friday given by Mrs. Chit
tenden Bradford, of Burlington, under the auspices
of Mrs. Tilford Groeebeck. of Cincinnati. Dr. Clark
Burnham, of Brooklyn, has Joined his family at
Elm O'er, their handsome villa. Mrs. John B.
DeCoursey, of Philadelphia, poured at the tea at
the Country Club last Saturday.
Lower ■**-%-* wu tb* winner of t&« 138 nrim
»w!mmht| contest, and In the tub r»ci «%laa
was productive of much fun. the winner w%« 3^
Partly an an outcome of th» motor boat rtcn
there has been arranged, for Labor Da 7 a *p«r!ai
race between the Here's How and to* Dorotij i.
for a special prize. This la expected to b<i „
exciting race. Both boats »re capable of <I<»tw^.
Ing a speed of about eighteen miles an hour, aat
the race win take place over a course abost
twenty miles long. The usual . number of Jfyw
Yorkers have arrived to await the opening of th*
hunting: season. The Algonquin has for year* **..,
made a headquarters by numbers of the htn:erj
who annually come tip from the city.
Dinners and Luncheons Given by
Man if Hosts and Hostesses.
Bar Harbor. Me.. Sept. There is no <fteMMg
In the number and size of the entertaftananta
Every day since the horse sh->w closed. an— r»o
weeks ago. society has been busy giving «taam%
dances and luncheons, as If ea«er to make op tor
lost time-
The largest affair of the weeit was a lairh—
of seventy-five covers given on Tuesday nooa by
Mr. and Mrs. John I. Kane, of New York, at their
cottage on the shore. The grounds -were elaborat
ly decorated. Amos; those present were Mr. 4-4
Mrs. Dave Hennen Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Eraealo
G. Fabbri. Mr. and Mrs. William Jay Schlefetia,
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Ogden. Mr. and Mrs. Jfaa
ro, Mr. and Mrs. John S. Kennedy, Mrs. Elliott F.
Shepard. Mrs. Fabbri, sr.. Mrs. Warner M. LMda,
Mrs. Charles B. Wright. Miss Ogden. Mrs. Hear*
F. Dlmock and many others.
Mrs. William F. Sheehan was another of Toe*.
day's entertainers, with a large luncheon at CM*,
stone cottage.
Mrs. Thoraaa B. Musgrave gave a large races
tlon and tea at Eden Hall on Monday a_*ternpoa.
On Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs. R»*taa.l
De Koven gave a large dinner at the Malvm.
Another entertainer of "Wednesday ax the iam*
place was Mrs. Hunter Brown, of New Tort.
Mrs. B. Weir Mitchell, Mrs. John Harrison. Mis.
John C. Livingston and Mrs. Harry H!l! Thoraflka
were patronesses at a tea given by the woman's
auxiliary of St. Saviour's parish on the factory
grounds on FVlday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Draper entertained at
dinner at their cottage on Thursday evening. As
other entertainer on Thursday evening was Mra
William P. Draper, who gave a dinner in honor
of Mrs. Henry F. Dimoek. of New Tork. Mrs.
Rober* Endicott was another of Thursday's hort
esses. entertaining at the De CJregoire. Among
those present were the Misses Ogden, Belle Qur
nee. Helen Fiitli. Louise Frith. Grace Moore. Con
stance Pratt. Gladys Er.dicott. Katherlne Porter,
Anna. Perlew. Chariot's Delafleld. Ruth Lawrence,
Dorothy Watts and Eleanor Ervtng.
Dr. J. A. Furfey won the annual match at the
Keto Valley Club on Tnesday for the president's
cup. with J. L. Ketterllnus second.
The Misses Marie and Alice Scott gave a luncU.
eon for the younger set at the Swimming Club <m
Wednesday, Mrs. Livingston acting as chaperons.
Mrs. Sanford Blasell also entertained at iunchem
at the Swimming Club Wednesday noon, her guests
including Mrs. William V. Sheehan. Mrs. William
P. Draper. Mrs. Charles F. Ostrander. Mrs. Lswia
L. Del afield. Mrs. Motley, Mrs. C X- Hudson. Mrs.
W. W. Rutherford. Mrs. Hunt Slater. Mr* R. HaU
McCormick, Mrs. Hunter Brown and Mn. Frances
Mr. and Mrs. John Harrison entertained at din
ner at their cottage on Wednesday evening. Among
their guests were Mr. and Mra. T>. T. Wonien. Dr.
and Mrs. J. Madison Taylor, Mrs. Rant BlaXm,
Mrs. Plstt-Hunt, Frederick May and H. Kawa
Mrs. A. J. Davis entertained Witt an informal
tea and a bridge party at bar cottage on Tae«!aj
Casbnir de R. Moore entertained Thursday •»«»
Ing at Chalk's.
Mr*. C. K. Hudson entertained at luncheon at the
De Ocegotre on Thursday.
Mrs. John S. Kennedy g*y» a large tea at Xan
arden Lodge Wednesday afternoon. Another «*
tertainer on Wednesday wu Mrs. Frederick P«r*
son. who gave a luncheon of eighteen covers at her
cottage on the shore.
' Mrs. S. Weir Mitchell and Miss Daaon were
bruised In an automobile accident on Sunday The
carriage in which they were driving: meeting aa
automobile, the horses became frightened and
overturned the wagon, throwing its occupants oct
Mrs. Clarence Wadsworth gave . a dinner and
bridge party on Tuesday evening at the De On
Mrs. Raymond AdmlrsJl. of Hempstead. Leaf *
and. was the hostess on Saturday afternoon at *
luncheon at th© Kebo Valley Club. Covers -»rsr»
laid for twenty, among those present being Mis.
J. L. Ketterllnus". Mrs. "Jack" Llnsee, Mrs. Oliver
J. Wells, Mrs. Warner M. Leeds. Mrs. TumumnA
Mrs. Ogden. Mrs. William P. Draper. Mrs. Edwin
La Montague. Mrs. William P. Haravey, Mr*.
Harvey Inglis and Mrs. Hayell.
Mrs. Paul Morton entertained at dinner at &•»*
myr on Saturday evening:.
P. A. B. Wldener. of Philadelphia, gave a '.arfS
reception on Friday on his steam yacht JbssiMW
previous to sailing for the yacht's home port
Mrs. Miles B. Carpenter entertained at the «•♦•
tage. Hauterive. at luncheon on Friday.
Mrs. J. Howell Carroll was the hostess on >>»
day evening at the Swimming: - Club at a brMJ«
party and tea.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Keech gave a large Issoa*
eon at The Moorings on Monday. Cm 71 *****
eluding Baron and Baroness Hengehuflaer, **"•
Haymerl?. Count Torok, Mr. and Mm Sidney *•
Keith. Mr. and Mrs. Ttmothee AdamowsH Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Adamowskl. Mrs. Reginald D»
Koven. Miss Lord. Miss Townsend. Mrs. J. J*
Putnam. Charles Fry and Elisha Dyer Hubb&ni-
Mrs. Frederick Pearson. Mrs. Sauaderson «= a
Mrs. Sidney W. Keith were among Monday •*•**
Ing's hostesses.
Dr. Darlington's Fox Terrier Thrives &
Bumble Bees and Yellow Jackets.
Dr. Darlington, the Health Conimisslonsr, ~a*»
dog. a fox terrier. As an exhibit he °« tclaJ V^
anything in the numerous bureaus over wßlcn
Commissione • rules. To avoid the a * p * rO^
police, who are killing anything In the of -^
that has not a leash or a nual«, the doctor _t>
his pet to his camp near Foresters, 9u ~*|^
County. The dog kept the bears and dse^»^
ming birds, mosquitoes and other wild '•j'JJJ
away from the camp at night, and was as
In coed works In the daytime. One day. "jy
the doctor was busy hauling legs for a it *,' -^ r
was determined to build in th» Sullive* *-**»
wilderness, a fullßrowa bumble be*. of &* *^
Boaibus. got after him with «-Li earnestness _
gave the Commissioner some tine «xercto* . .
The fox terrier saw this exhibition. Wlta ■
on side he seemed to be betting on th* oa*
least he was thinking. When the doctor B .^
caped by plunging into a blackberry p**« l -• \^
went aftsr th«. bee to investigate. Tfc* :>ua *V^ai
resented this and the dog bowled, but I- r°
and by a luafcy »Rap gobbled the bMa^, 9^i
dog raouthed the furry batt *« fcr * ■■' *!%&■»'
It. He seeaied to like the taata of It. 1^
went on a still hunt for th« aharp-potatsa b"--^
Before nightfall he had eaton eltvea nw <<lf »
camp. He learned that they loved Co*«* • t „
why. of course, the dog did not * noW _ u
snapped them ■ the blossoms round al T* ys«
delight. T:.on lie captured two yellow i*^V
next day he continued his bee and * eI ~V Jt |
hunt and was especially active l> * for * Cj>a? .
seemed to give a «est la aH appetite, tor .^^
miasloner »ays that the dog eats more a- ,
ever before. . ,
Ml»s Azure Hose \ from Bostonj— I. T 0 * 2*2 * «*■
Alias Aaurs Hoae (frofO Boston)—" jv—
strong point dlagnosU? . . «• I~f u< ?2;it
Mrs. Jones irrom • Pallnvme)-^ Ajft^.^t
'taint. L**»twi3«, he don't b«*« »* „ - t
ittti«b.- »aiU«a«r» AmoioAJki

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