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lfr. Bonaparte Tell* What His De
partment Has Done. v
-.^jj^ea. Oct. : -Attorney General Bonaparte
tn^ms m**** r ub3ic his reply to a letter from Jo
rtTv - s paa** lß - '^airman of the Democratic press
****!«— at Chicago, asking for facts in regard
prosecutions by thn Department of Justice.
Attora py Gheners.l sayj> his department has
"^'Lfcaved & cases under the Sherman anti-trust
J***^^tate remmerce laws that have been
**^.. t» its attention from responsible sources.
tnS Vtli« (*<*• disclosed warranted such action.
■jJTleafr Jollows:
. .~^- have been Instituted durins: the adminis-
T£l o *{ president Roosevelt 22S proceeding:?,
?T *- 22 ' ■ and liTlllinil under these statutes. Of those
£??„ % been concluded successfully. 40 have been
*■* unsuccessfully and 115 are now pend
f*yl. f various fines imposed in criminal cares
•^^Jl.J 1 . j- the ajrgrepate. to $1.260,325. Under
]2^to"'- Rery^l' CKn administrations there were
? .('"-ted under these m "4 civil and criminal
'"feedings, of which 13 -were concluded success
~'"' . vere concluded unsuccessfully and 1 is
**r r ,- n Tiie amount of tines imposed in
'"^.VTder previous r>emocratic administrations
.Jf^ were instituted under tnese laws 50 pro
l^zii-.pc c;v:I and criminal, of which 14 ivere
!llii U^. su< cessfully. 35 were concluded unsuc
**f*«v- and lis now per.dine The fines im
2< tr these proceedinjrs amounted, in the ag
i~ts*t£. to 510.600. ' could not inform you how
!£»nr corporations, in the a??regate, have been
Siiadaots in thsse cases without an Inquiry
K|Vpu!il l«e attended with considerable
IJi.v The number is undoubtedly quite
"T--. c-nc*- in most of the civil proceedings there
hare~been numerous defendant? of this character,
r^r example, in the suit in equity against the
itandard Ofl Company of. Now Jersey and others
•there are some seventy corporations, as well as a
aV-raber of individuals, among the defendants,
it is ot course needless for me to say that the
•mere fart that a corporation or association is
called a "■trust" by John Moody in his "Manual"
docs BSt prove, or rven tend to prove, that the
crfaraation in question or its members have been
r~hv cf any violation of federal law; neither la
r-ch" punt s;:pgesteu by the fact that such or
«xuxa.t. may do a large and apparently prorit
«hjr business. The criminal provisions of the stat-
ces^TAl'.y knoß-n as the Sherman anti-trust law
i-ah- cr.!v to those who enter into contracts, com-
Sjilac consv'iracies in restraint of trade: and.
«iU:c-fh the statute provides that such contract.
rßCibiri-nti'iri or ccr.spiracy snail be none the less
eriE&al ber-a-jFe it take* the form of a trust, this
iits Sit, of course, .■-.-. of themselves,
' liace i have bM9 Attorney General this depart
juast has prosecuted, either civilly or crirriina'ly.
«n cases of aiiesed misconduct unJrr the statutes
jlkjt? mentioned w'lich have been brought to it.^
trtfr.tior! treni a responsible source, and in which
jjf i*«"'"lts at a careful inquiry by competent and
♦nrpartia'i officers disclosed the existence of such
fccts and of sur-n cbtainable le^al evidence to
TT«ve ti<^n as afforde<3 a reasonable hepe of suc
«ss :r. s- r '' prosecution. The policy of the dp
j^tmer.t •«■::! be the same daring the remainder
if zr.y term cf office.
Diss3t'sf:e3 stockholders cf the Lake Superior
Corpcnitior. ere to make an effort at the annual
rseet;^; nest inPFflay, it is understood, to
©Stain more information concerning the com
pKSf* a-airs than is disclosed in the nn
eus! r'port. recentl" issued. Tn the report
r»t eam:"?s s'r.ow ?n increase of J2IS,CC<O over
J361, but these stockholders say that If a fair
cjrciparison v-cre made a loss of about $:*0.900
rnrnSA be sO.o^-e. i:iFtead of a profit, since in IJ*7 no
jgmaaaast bounty was paid, -while in 1308 the'
rcnpar.y recrtved between JlW.O.v) and $300*00
bqSStXi Some or The subsidiary companies are op
fratc-4 a t ari annual deSclt. it is alleged, but under
tie -:ei-ent fenu cf cr.nual report of the Lake Su
perior Corporation it cannot be learned which of
On coTnpar.ip? yisid a profit and which a loss. It
is understood that a majority of the proxies for
Jse Et the annual e'.t-ct;on have been secured by
HA pres^r.t acmastm&sX of tl»e corporation.
Bcstcr.. Oct. s.— PresSfleat Lucius Tuttle of ths
Boston & M-in^ TW.road. in Fpeakir.sr of the jren
en] laatyumlMP cendittons of the country to
day, said:
TrisSo rcnditScr.s ar» ... to improve. Fin^e
Septeraber 1 theare has been aocnnnalatJiis *?vi<i<»r,ce
«f an improved business sif.jatlon. This improve
nvnt. of ca-^Ti». kz* not been, very pronounced,
but su£a«nt to niake us believe that ire have
struck bcttoni, a:iu we are . vki::g for this tm
prcvom^rjt to CT'ijtinu^.
BasTnn. dt*f. 2.— Carrying ■with him the necessary
r*Ti2:siil£n; papers z.ni a copy of a dust covered in-
Cictsxrit txrenty years old. Inspector Waitr. of the
Iocs! pcUce. Jeft here to-day for Colymbus, Ohio,
i-j rtclaia Jctn 11. Thorpe, who is Tvnjjted h?re for
b ~ur^bfr of -ircpnieF, alleged to hay** h^pn rom
Ei'ted in Iff?, bt property valued at several hun-

-' - -
Tb« petitions in bankruptcy Sled in tlis United,
£ts:»s Dis;rict Court yesterday were as follows:
rohnxtary, Ray D. Lillibridge. in business at
-0. ITS Eroad^ay. and living at Xo. 200 West
tl'h street: liabilities. 51.43123; assets. $327 f'3.
lauduutsr; petiticn. Ross rvloskeTrit=. shoe
fejtr, at No. S4 Lewis street, by Francis Weiss
«^3 ether? whose claims on unpaid notes amount
tt> liSflL Transfer and concealment of property
■na&tged la the petition. Roy M. Rnbinson was
■JMteted receiver
Frank J. Waideyer was appointed receiver for
•tio Zw:i2. oaf 4 '- K eeT>er at Nos. 1 and ?. Union
■Catre, with & bor.d of Jl.finn. The assets, con
fat c; stock wortii $l.00" and fixtures valued at
•»£•* a^d mcrtgi-ged for tb^C
' Max Jacote. a salesman, of > Z"S sth Btreet.
j^!tr;tary petition. Liabilities, S2,filS, unsecured.
5» assets.
Sch«du>s r,f Ella Connelly Waterho-jse, doing
ss E. Moore, dressrnsker. at No. 811-347
*"- »veaue, snew liabllitie? 511.%65 22. nr.se-
r ~" c c. ass*-i5 l?..*m 77. includir.s d«hts due on
«T« a«'M»is of 1i.:61 23.
rf Oeorges A. G!aer>zer & Co. give
•abi^tieg of $50,690 CR and a?Rfs of 534.452 41.
-^ r * A. C. B. Giaenzer is the chief creditor, her
c*!rw for money loaned aggregating $27,500.
t unatiimXaiT petition against the Curwell Com
55**; which trades in premiums and glass at Xo.
■■■iV.:i "E&sl 124 th Ptreet. hy Carsten II Kohrs
«no others, claiming J.=i<:s 4S. Transfer of prop-
if il-rr^o in the petition. W. H. ("re»>vey whs
JJW.nt^d receiver. The assets are given as
K.**tei>d the liabilities 12C.900.
Bottsleln. jev.eller. at No. 623 Eighth
«*.*r.'j* an ,j \-, r seventh aventif. voluntary.
"Wiatks. IS.Ofll 2*5: as^etF. $!,751 CO. Elii.u Uoot
«» >ppoliited receiver. •
imoiutrtary p«'Jtion against Hyman Ensler.
Z^^Z't :"■■■ — : :r. woollens, at No. ~Zi- fhi:n-!i
•_ r> -«. by the H. B. t'lafiin Company and otliers.
_•-' dais* a^r"g:iUr.g ?5«2 4n. Prefere-Uia!
552?*** *** ali«?g«d in the petitio-i. jorh V.
SJV, r ' "as n r •;*,'. :.ir-<l receiver, ivitl) a bond of
4i.r'of, r >. :( . uabmtj^ are raui to bo about 125.0V0
g,«*»«»ets. consisting of stack and accounts
•r^K J - ' '^'-- of No - 15i> liist faA street, "who
£.-,*»«• is a. foreman cf operator? of shirtwaists-.
-'i ;« cot fr.cated in any bu?:t»e>s. in a voluntary
Sf^L?**'** hts Uabiltties as J374 a*, wth no &*
c~~, r Tr. e schednles .-how that <;.»iiu o»»s the
j^ r ' ! s*d Ii»:ii; JC^t*lte Interes-ts. a corpciratior, at
r'^r **•■•• and Ist street, £22 SG for rent of a
BteM ~ McXafcoe was appointed reeelTer for
W.kx' Working Company, of I)e Pur
r? «rw r ,. ;t }. a lt ,i n(i ,f j;^. Tix- a=!«ets are
J,-" 1 * ffurtii $lA^. -md it is claimed that the
„■-■_•*. na enntracU for work partly completed
... «ganM be rrintinu«-d until Snirted.
g^-^ar! p. oicott was appoiiited receiver for
2;.^-er. a baker, with a bond of J.VJO. The
. « th^ alleged bankrupt ur<; stated to be
7rlit.o-.-T xi 000.
522 Str «'-ss. 2 but. !.er-f= clerk, of No. 7-i West
TZT> r - ;n a voluntary petition, gives liabilities
r-pM 1 "'-' '- Qvigtz. :• court attendant, fomyrly
S^2?*T*B«e and 167:h street, but now living at
siv.v- v - v >t :^c:!i Ktre^:. in a roluntary petition
Ui »~ vv ~:i~ :iv -^ am.iUJitin.^ to ?:.(»: St. and says !i-
SSJ? -' iiL — t.--. euve tiroperty exempted by law.
k*tL s "X"" X " creditors. H»* admlw li<? owes John
t J..tv ir -'- ' f No. IC." Droiidvay. Jl.:!;" <rj for mosey
L'ff^ -= •« 'iromiKS'jr'- i.oic ;\:i:rir. in 3S>jL a.nd
»r*Zr^ r - resiaetice imki:oH-n, i;Cc, 77 f«ir j-ersonal
•■vjtv purchased in lay.'.
ti»° I ' ra:ir "- < ". Oct. 2-Th«; ofli -ial closing quota
** ior Buains stocks to-<iay wcr ■ a» follows:
8L CM Justice ■"
*ao« - -«3i Kentucky <ou ««
S»S-. Wt. Viuh «;c<: V*
iw.T - Mexlcr.n 71
fiuftiop J * cc ' ct '* r c: Occidental (un »_>
r^ = ' <:<m «BJp«toel . W5
Y *Slt*r ' S v a?" "■'
•iT.'"'.. .*S\y*K l:e\.iir IK
BILKS' <rl « L - ui!! <c
-■ yrr> ' "7 rtan Con «*-
S»~ ■"■ r< -' *• .~S ' Vtiicw Jacket i^ ,
— — — I
Market Little Affected by Govern
ment He ports.
TVashington. Oct. C.-The cotton report sssi:ed hy
; tr.e Department of Agriculture to-day shows that
I the average condition of the crop on September 23
I m 69.7 per cent, of normal. atraSnst 76.1 on August
, 2... 67.7 on September 23. 1307; 71.6 on September 23.
; 1906. and 67.6. the average of the last ten years
on September S.
The census bureau report on cotton cinning
Fhotvs 2.582.65S bales, counting round as half bales,
ginned from piwth of 190S to September 23. com-
PM<Bd Wlth 1 - 53:: - for l£o7. 2.057.25 T. for 1906, and
, ;.S."-5,716 for 1305. The number of active ginneries
> this year is 23.630, compared with 15.121 for 1907,
ra.416 for 1306. and 21.359 for 1905.
Prices in the local cotton market advanced three
to five points yesterday en the publication of ti;e
government reports. The figures were not quite
M high as had been expected, but were so close
j to the general expectations of the trade as to have
very little effect on the market. The publication
of the census bureau's report, giving the number
i of bales ginned up to September 25 as 2,552,655.
j while the trade had looked for 5.000.C00, caused tome
speculative longs to attempt to sell, but they found
a poor demand, and bears took advantage of the
situation to hammer the market. Prices broke
about 10 points in the midafternoon, but rallied
several points In the last hour on covering by
shorts. Brokers said that the government's fig
ures indicated a crop of 12.500.000 bales with aver
age frost, and 13,000.000 if frost holds off until after
November 1.
Trunk Line Roads Report Increased Business
in Handling Cereal Crops.
A perceptible improvement in the volume of
traffic moving- on the trunk lines is reported by
the traffic officers of those roads. This is eaid to
be particularly true as regards cereal crops, but
business la iron. coal, steel and manufactured
goods la also picking up. the traffic men say.
On the Pennsylvania lines east and west of
Pittsburg the number of idle cars at the present
time is approximately 60.000, as against 97,000 at
the worst of the depression. Officers of the Penn
sylvania Railroad say, however, that their own
traffic has not improved in the same proportion as
the decrease in the number of their idle cars.
Their explanation is that their cars have gone to
other l:nes, the greatest demand coming from
Western roads.
! Precious Metals Corporation and J. R. Allen
Offer to Purchase Consolidated Arizona.
The Precious Metals Corporation and John R.
AJlen. cf Xo. •»"• Wall street, have made an offer
to the receiver of the Consolidated Arizona. Smelt
! ing Company for the purchase of all of the smelt
i ing company's properties and mining claims. The
I Consolidated Arizona, which has outstajidin?
I 516.0C0.000 stock, and the smelting plant and copper
j mining- claims of which are at Ilumboldt. Ariz.,
I went into receivership in November, l'«'T. with
J obligations of more than &OOO.0Q& The failure was
due mainly to the severe .decline of all metal
prices. The National Bank of North America at
j the time of its failure held a. quantity of Consoli
dated Arizona paper as collateral for loan?. Charles
j W. Morse was also heavily interested as a stock- i
j holder.
The Precious Metals Corporation for the last six
months h.is beon acquiring various properties, but
it has had no smelting facilities. In addition to an
offer to buy the whole property, Mr. Allen and the
, Precious Metals Corporation have made a second
proposition to buy one-half of the smelting com- j
I pany, the other half to be taken by large financial :
■ intereFtE in New Ycrk.
Judgment by default for $ol,C<o was entered
yesterday in the County Clerk's office against the
San L«uis Mining Company, a West Virginia cor-
I poration. in favor of George B. Agnew. The
! amount is alleged to be due on two notes made by
-the company on November 20 and December 1.
ISO*;, payable to Myra B. Martin eighteen months
after date. The notes were transferred to Mr. j
Agnew. iyra B. Martin was formerly treasurer j
and secretary of the company.
j The San Luis Mining Company was incorporated ;
j in "U'est Virginia in November, 1300, end owns about
1 twelve hundred acres of land, embracing sixty
t four groups of claims. in Durango, Mexico, and a
! ranch of about forty thousand acres of timber and ,
j crazin? lands. The ore is tow grade copper. with, .
: gold and silver values. 1
A report that complications had arisen in the
! negotiations for the new £15,000,C«jO coffee loan of
i the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, was said yesterday
I by interested bankers to be unfounded, although
; it has not been decided how soon the loan will be
j brought out. TII3 National City Bank of New
; York, it was said, will head a syndicate which will
] take £2.000.000 of the loan, the First National Bank I
I also having a part in the underwriting.
Dun's Review says:
Seasonable weather stimulated retail trade ma
terially, and tho better distribution to consumers
brought a larger movement in wholesale and job
hins departments, but in most leading industries
there is still hesitation. Low stocks of merchan
,j lp( * necessitate urgency in replenishment when
dealers find retail buying on a normal scale. as is
the case in many sections of the country, but
preparations for distant requirements proceed cau
tiously although expressions of confidence are
heard' <-m all rides. On the whole, there Is improve
ment in mercantile collections, yet in many lines,
especially at the East irregularity is noted- ,
Structural work under consideration will take a
large tonnage of sieel and much lumber hen con
tracts are placed, but there is a disposition to de
fer actual building until after ejection. Many fac
tories have iurther increased the number i>t .ads
at work, an.l the last fortnightly report showed a
.lo<~reas» of 60.000 in idl^ freight cars, leaving only
170,000 gainst 413.000 at the worf point five months
aeo' Railway earnings fnr September were only
}- 7 per cent les.- than in the same month last year,
whereas tlie comparison for April showed a loss
r r i~ t> r*> r c«=m. These two statements Hhow a
no.^wcrthy improvement for the last five months.
Foretell oommerre at this port alone f^r the latent
week showed losses of 573.536 in exports and
£+3>'Si>l in imports--, as compared with W7. Ease
In the money market continues. October dividend
disbursements of about Jl.>.(X»V*»'> <-aiising scarcely
a fluctuation In <ali rates, and securities rose mod
erately although Inactive. Hank exrhanges at
New York tor the vt.-«-k were n.7 per cent smaller
than a year ago. wlUle at other leading citirs the
d<-cre2se~ amounted to 2L2 per cent.
Bradstreet's says:
Cooler weather is the mainspring of the mod
erate improvement in retail a.nd Jobl ing trade re
ported at most cities this week. Fall retail trad"
in' heavy drygoods. clothing and other wearing ap
i.are! hiis *-n:arg*-d. and t!:e movement of crops,
notably wheat and cotton, to market has heiped
collection* which are more nearly normal than for
move than a year past. Additionally helpful feat
ures have bec-n th'^ numerous fairs and festivals,
which have enlarged distribution locally at many
points While there an- reports of holding of
crops notably at th« South, where prices are much
lower than a year ago, the crop movement is lib
eral- a- a whole, visible supplies cf grain are rap
iiily' increasing owing to unprec. <jerit.-rl receipts,
a:id export trade in this line i- expanding heavily.
Reports from the late crops are good, aa a whole,
though lisht frosts have caught 5 per «.-ent of the
corn crop, and deterioration is indicated in the
cotton plant during September. The corn plant is
dry and an early movement to market is- indicated,
stimulated by high prices. Tl.e crop la smaller, but
tba merchantable supply will be larger. Southern
cotfen ginf arc running nieht and dry, nd the m
creased sinning capacity is shown by the gain of
Cfi per cent over last season. Tli*>r*> lias not been
••licuch moistjrr- afforded for fall seeding, and
Uie uimer wheat acreage will b<- smaller. Money
Im easy atrJ in abundant simply, but close scrutiny
of commercial pacer is still noted, Reports from
Industries an- rather better, as a whole. Railway
tcmtajra '.3 heavier in volume and decreases are
i.ivrn>""l. net - 2.— C.u?iiß— WliriAT-fpnt strong: No !
•• r»-l Western winter. *v jOu: futurp« (neajy: ITpembwr.
- s ><»-.,]■ Marc)'. -- <ir*<*: Slay, "« O'tJ. COP.N — Ppr,t j
nui^t" American mfxf-d. 7s S<J; future a:>i*t: October. ,
',« iii'-if n-'fiiilx.-. -s *•'••! FUlL'H— Winter patcnU <
■i-a-iv " "••f .t.l HOPS ii' London <I'aii;ii- Coa.-t) atsady, ,
ri^lO««£2 •"<■ CEE3(«— £Mtl India n:ess firm. ito |
;'.;.- -v -r r - r ... n.".-sn .".-s TnVfctern «tro:>jr. Wj». HAM.-" — Short j
It 14 to 1C Tt. iir-n. r,7« OJ. UAOOX— CumbertMd our. ,
-it '.« -) -l f.r- T,*« Cd; shoit rih. 1« to 24 Ib. arm. Ma ,
Z . 1 ',-' U n\'.'.ii*«. U«*t. Ss to 3i n,. Rnn. Co. 64; .
„• tlrt Ir ' KKIWn Ik^.v. 83 to " tb. firm. 53i Sd; «l:ort ,
. r uto (
V.Tr" « : * !a.;i-l.i'F:i:«---sr^r.. ti to 12 n, r .^.

America '^""™ .- r .V,' e '„»«■. itcadr. «» "anadian r.n«t t
2?!72£SS£sTIK&-SpMt« steely. Sli v-i. UNSEED I
. . 7544 BOSHf_ i
% New York. October '- . MM.
I?uckwfc«at. bush 875 1 Cheese, j-kgs -'■•I
B*an». bbls J7o|He*», i>kgs '••--''
Grays fnd. sacks . . . 1.056 i Poultry (flreFsed), pk^s M<
Hops, bales !7:> Poultry (alive), era tea MB
Oilcake. Backs 1 .Sue. Cotton, bales .. .., , 1.030
Ollmeal. sacks ; 550JIstlP. tales *'">
Hay. tons 8501 Wool, balet 20(1
Straw, ton? on ■ Wool, sack* -.. »■
Cornmeal. bbls wo Almonds, sacks. . x ... '•'"■"■
Oornrneal. sacks 2 IH4; Apples, bbls 11.223
Millfee.l. tons 20 Potatoes bbls 24.000
Oatmeal, bbls &00JOnlnns. bbls MM
Whisker. l*la 7113 Cranberries. pan* . WO
Pork, bbls 619! Fruits (dried). pk*n 8,325
Hams, tierrfs .-. Prus ■ (dried), pkga . ■: 47."".
Hams. pkgi 56 • Peanuts, sacks ... IN
Bbc n. pktrs 1.023! Pecans, sacks 380
Lard, tierces 935 1 Rice, bbls l'">
Laid, kesrs 1 B.IWI Ric<». pkts 7.150
Lard, cases 34S : Orapes H.'al>. crates .. 12.325
Beef, ti»r<-es IMiOranges c "all. pkss 1.K23
B*ef. bbls 68 Oranges (Flai. pkga . 2.875
If. <rann-di. cases. 35« i Peachea (Tali, pkgs .. 11.700
Tallow, ; ,k(f9 |«8 pears (Cal). I*g« 1.T89
Grease, pkps 257 Plums fCajl). pkga LOW
Lubricating oil. bbla. 520|Copp*r. ban R. 050
Cottonsed oil, bbls... 44» 'Lead. pijss Mil
Oleo stock, tierces r>2o!=pe!ter. slabs 1.575
Wheat, bush n>2 f««' Pitch, bbls • ' 11
<'orn. bush 1.075; Rosin, bbls 2.175
Oats, bush 57.000 1 Spirits turpentine. toMe US
Parley, bush 3,600) Hid**, bundles 1 *•">"
Rye, bush 10.725! Honey, cases '. . . 300
Malt, bush Tobacco, hhds SO
Flaxse«>d. sacks 70.700) Tobacco, tierces l-">
Flour, bbl.c 13.RSM I Tobacro. pka* -... HT3
Flour, sa^ks 39.0321'W1ne iCal). bbls •"•"■">
Butter, pkps Mcl
TVh»at. bush 71.S7C>;Cru<ie ■■. eals 1.723.505
Corn, bush 1,130 i:»nne ; pet, Kjais.. .l.'-tSf.^cJO
Oat?, bulb 13.953 Naphtha, _.-..• 60,500
Rye. bush B.5<W: Benzine gals.: 3,000
Tras. bush 6«soK;asoleno galg I.P<W
i Reans, bush I.33s j Cottonseed uil. sal« 24.45<)
I Four, bi.ls 7.022 ! Lubricating oil. gals 182.180
; Flour, sacks 3».*94 : Pork, bbls 4fi7
i^onuneaL bbU. . . !<o4!Beef. bh!s i**
; Bran. IT- 18,360 Beef !?.- -!•"•
: Grass seed. bags... 1.057 i Bacr.n. rb OT.fiOil
'Hay, biles l^ari! fb ". Tt1.060
Whisker, pals 620 1 Tallow n> ... 8.090
Oilmeal. ft 07.500 i Grease 71) .' DO.OOO
Spirit^ turp. gals.. 28 s«V)| Butter. JT) '• l '""
Rosin ' Mils S2o!C"necs». Ib 4(i.USO
i Tar, bbls 8
Iron, Nor, No l My .Sl* S7SlCotton. middling ■-•"'
Iron. 80. No 1 16 ST^ij Coffee, No 7 Etl i 1 *
Bteel rails 3800 i?uRH.r. granulated.... 5.2'»
Lake copper. Inijots. 13 50 Jlolasfs OK, prime 4<>
Tin .29 60 Busf, tamily $17 12' i
Kxehansa lead 445 j Beef hams . SO 00
Spelter 475 | Tallow, prime '■
Wheat. No 2 red... 107'^ Pork, mess 17 25
Corn. No 2 mixed. . BTKIHoES. dressed. 160 Tt>. 9%
\ Oats. 38 to 32 tr... . 53 Uard, prime -10 "M)
I Floor, Mpls. patents .*■ 65 | I
New York. Octcber 2. 1908.
COFFEE — The (fee market snowed a ■Hgbtly
declintnif tendency during to-day's session arhti h was
probably due to !ok«t French cables anil reports of an
improved labor situati'-'n at t?amos. which v.ere acconv-
I'anied by a decided bulce in the Sao Paulo movement.
The market opened at an advance of •"> points on Janu
ary, but generally unchanged to 5 points lower, and closed
qutet, net. ■■.:;• hanged to lo points lower. Sales were re
ported of 11.256 bags.
Ther<* was some conflict of opinion regarding th» pan
to« strike iicnj. There were rumors that labor dif?:culties
ha.l L>een settled. People who -should b^ in a position to
know of any settlement at once claim that they had no
information en the subject. Pti!l other usually well
informed interests stated that their advices Indicated that
there had be<>n a partial settlenitnt uT labor difficulties,
ai."i that there had been some Improvement in the situa
tion, was certainly suggested by the fart that tlier* were
Sao Pau!o receipts cf 71.000 bags, Santos receipts fur
the .lay were 2"s.'«mi bags. making a total at th« two ports
of 41.000 bags, against &■<-" last year and 75,000 two
years ago. The French market was Uc to 'jo lower:
Hamburjr rlosed net unchanged to :i: i pfg lo*er. Neither of
the Brazilian markets reported any change. New York.
warehouse deliveries yesterday were 21^286 bags. * gainst
a.'JOl last year. Spot coffee quiet; Rio No 7. «'»c. A
fair business has undoubtedly brcn done in spo- coffee
recently. Tho world's visible supply statement indicated
a very small decrease for the month, owing to the tnter
!it"-d«n:Oven ' :h. Tlie visible supply as of" October 1 whs
i...14.>.»4.< bags. The rang" of contract prlcea in tho local
market to-day- was ■- fellows:
A, . Open Hish. Low. Ciofe. day.
w'ob«r .•;.«,, r , -fio ... :.i, ..;. .;. n.tjo
Ao\ ember — _ .-c-o-,,., r .~
tel** 5...) 8.60 555 tS&M B«i
;.., ™ - «-•*? «•
4. 6.45 „, ;::..-: ;:
yl T % U ::::•::: 5 — _— — 8.40ffi5.45 T..45
ifc :: ™ 5^ «•» IwS K:S
September:::::.;. - _ ~ s^^-^ ?■?*
bale 3 gtoneOj to September 25. against 1.552^ £• vetr
SStan?? Vs a Snin"! t » bulpe in pnces dur!n « ""> f»rlr
rear and .1.6 two years ago, the area und"r cottnii belne
pract.caliy the BE rne for all 'three years. This T statement
proved almost exactly in line with th» avrraV of U-eal
estimates. an«l it BWM .hat neither the census luYeau
nor tte conjitjon figures had any Influence whatever in
modifying previous views as to the crop Th* nlrk-t
SoTnr steady at a dCC:ne of i "» tat t(J an advancV of 1
point. kU 5C6 points net higher shortly after the . ensus
£«rh a if Ur "s issued, then weakened on good
weath-r. liquidation. Southern Belling and" taJk of easier
ntenor with the partial recovery from a r«
ion of oa, points toward the close, :
Ing by recent sellers, who were probably ev^nir? id for
oyer the week end. The weekly movement figures nt tbe
-N-.V lork <_3tton Exchange follow: Port recpipt- SSS.I22
baies ajrainst 20 27(
( ai:aii. '■°* bale?, against 3.623 last year; Soothern
r:.:.. takings (estimated). 25.000 bales, apainst 29.00) la-t
year; gain of stock at interior towns. 58,400 bale"
against 25 00 last year; brought Into sight for the week'
4rj.11l bale?, asrair.st 275.6»s i aEt year. Total cron
movement: Port receipts, 1.01&343 bales against XX.030
last year: overland to mi and Canada 18 577 hale«
a^amst llj-29 last rear; Southern mill tikinps. 120.000
bales, agalnat 121.000 last year; stock at interior towns
in excess of September 1. ' . :•:>:» baies. asalnst 7S o«7
last year: brongbi Into sig'.it thus far f.-.r season 1 310.'013
bales, against 656,42 last year. The total rr'op move
meat Is for thirty-two cays this season, against thirty—
four days last season.
The range of contract prices In the local market t j-dav
v i ■ as follows: .- *
Y,. s te r -
Opening. High. Lew. CJom day.
October S.BB *<.94 8.52 S.?4US..<.*. f-'*<*
I November — — _ [email protected]« 8.04
'December R.6rt 72 F.i 6.655S m 8.«-".
January 5.51 856 -44 8.49©&50 Ssl
February — . — — s 4S9S 50 8 ."1
March 8.51 8.5fl 545 8. 4?© 8. 49 S .•<
May 8.52 8.58 8. 45 B.4!>ffS..V> 8 .'.2
July 8.57 5.58 8.57 '•:.-. —
Th« local market for Epot cotton was quiet, with
rri'-es 5 points lower, at 9.2->o for middling; upland and
».50c for middlirj? Gulf. Sales: 50 bales for consumption
and 2.400 delivered on contract. Southern fpot markets
were telegraphed as follows: Mobile* easy, unchani;»<i at
fi 15-18 c. Savannah quiet and easy. 1-16,; lower at 88 7»'-"7 »'-"
sale-. .?.5?.5 bales Norfolk steady, ifcc lower at &c;
/ral-5. 21S bal°s. Baltimore nominal, unchanged <(•!>..
Augusta quiet, unchanged at ftr; sales. 1,402 bales. St.
Louis quiet. x ,ir. lower at i'\gr; sales. 200 bales. Little
Rn-k steady, unchnnged at 9c. Charleston Quiet, an
Chang"--'. at &%c Wilmington quiet. l-l«o lower at P T ic.
Memphis easy, unchanged at 9c: sales. 200 bales. Houston
easy. He lower at HSc: -ales. ILSBO bales. GaUeston
steady. un-har.g-'-'i a* »3-16 c; Bales. ::on hal?s. Xer.' Or
leans steady. 1-lfic lower at $ 15-lfic; 6ales. 2.550 bales.
Estimated receintjf at loadine points for to-morrow: At
Galveston. 1»5,.">ii0 to ls,&*) bales, asralnsi. 21JS3 last WfoJt
and .'1.303 last year; at New Orleans, S.CXXt to 4.50;'.
aaalnst 4.74 r » la;=t w»ek a«d 2.522 last year, ard at
Houston. 1.1.000 to 15.000, against )»5,32ti last week and
6.532 last year.
Cotton Exchange special Liverpo<sl cables: Spot cotton
quiet: sales, S.OOn bal.s; speculation and export. 200:
American. 4.000; receipts. 7.Ch». all American; mi.-Mlinjr
upland, 5. lod. Futures op?ned qulft. 2 points lower 011
near and 1 r""'!'-t lower on late months; close! steady, at
a net advance of :rg4''2 points; October. 4.824 d: Octiber-
November. 4.72 l vd: Xoveniber-Pecember. 4.fi7 : id: Decem
t*r-January. 487 ; January-February. 4.60& A: Kebruary-
March. 4.67 i id; March-April. 4.SSd: April-May. 4.<W^4d;
May-June and June-July. 4.60(1: July— An 4.fSH;-i. -
Mav:cliestFr — Yarns quiet an: linn; cloths quiet ani un
• omparative cm ion statement for the week ending Fri
day, October 2. UtO":
Net receipts at all United States porr> during
week 0."^.n«'31
Net receipts at all United States ports same week
last year 2K>.s!>l
Total receipts since September 1 I.OCIJSM
Total receipts to same ■.: ■■ laM ear 7.l I^l
Kxpons for the week 337,551
Bzpnrta f' r same week laft year 208,058
Total exports since September 1 «u.l.7<ii
Total exports" same t'-tn last year 47".™;«
Stock nt a!! Tnlte.i pta;es ports C>t>.B4ii
StM-k at :il! United Ptatf-s ports fame time last
year 431,055
Stock at 0!! interior towns 273.212
Stock at all Interior towns sir:ie time last year.. 160,734
Sto'-k at Liverpool «ime time last year 60S-.UUO
Slock of American afloat fcr Urcat Britain »am«
time last year 1.11,000
The following are the total net receipts of cotton at
all ports s.lnce Sept" mber 1:
Galveston .422,2»t. Boson "I
\>w Orleans l«.-*i0P Newport News 27'J
udbt^ ».045 Philadelphia 177
Ba.va.nnih 272.878;8»n Francisco :i.>»
tTarlrston •»' ' :< Brunswj . 21726
Wilmington ''''•'■ I I>ort T.»wnsend im>
N.v.-tolk .•■ 41.122 Pi naai n.T,4S
'Haltlmore ;■ ■ ■ ■ 64» JacksonvUto 3.010
jiavt \orli *| Minor, ports ÜBUB
Xo'a! 1,021,22s
FLOCK AMI Ml M — Flour -was barely steady to
clav. with a moderate trada II winter btraiphts and !uw
»cra.ii3 and spring paipnts. Quotations remain practically
unclianged. Bye ilcjr was <iulet at uocbanKed prlruH-
The f.iilowing are prices quoted on the New York Pr«l
ii'-e Exchange: futent". $5 4iyfc*ti s*>; winter
t-.raishn *4 25©54 46: winter patents. (4 4ini;H tw; sprmf:
.iiars 44 2»'y*4 Wi; extra No I winter. S3 65^(3 80; extra
2 winter. $.". 40fe$3 55. IWCKWHEAT FLOXXR—Mat
bet -tvady; quot'-il at $3 15'u$.'l 20. i»t U«j Ih sacks to
nnlve. RYE FLOUR— <Ju let. Quoted: Fair to R.iod. $4 2&0
$1 40; choice to fancy, ... UK COUNMfcIAL— Su-uiy.
gucte<l: Kiln dried. *» l.'> J'.ACMKAL— ;-;;»a!v. (ju 1. 1:
rtiie white u.fd yellow. ';..-■■ coarse. $1 C3OSS 7tt
pi^yn WVstem steady: city steady. Quoted: Wi-wern
t^rlns. t-* :s " : standard middling. $24 .%i), flour do. S2'.' 10;
rod dog *'■'- 15: city bran, '- 25 bulk. J24 100124 00
6aL Ke mldcilliiK. SXUSO re.l ci.>g. *:l Id. all October a.".lr—
nienf hon.iny chrp, *rjs()f?3O bulk, $M ~Q%tM. 'Ai sail.,,
oUni.vil. *."2 50«t*:«.
(,K \I — \vhe\t — Althuoirn considerable or the
!.->v.e was In their favor, bulls ft\H*aie<i ii^ have very
littkf <uumse to-da7, and the frbcat market HaK«'d uIT
»:• ajily. <lcs:ne 74c7 4 c net lower and ah iut Lotturti for the
day. "ilettfii-ts were again bra: tan. but. on t.'ie titlier
band, weekly clearances, as renorted by nradmreel'*.
amounted to C, 472.000 bush, making a new hljfh rc^ orrj
tat the lea&oa, aii there was aa export bu«la«se .v
mated at ■ loads. including reports of f.00.000 bush al
1 I'uluth. In addition, there was a good flour business at
j Minneapolis and a pretty fair cash demand for wheat lr.
[ the various Western market! but th»sp Influences mart*
very ■•;■' impression on the trade, which was apparently
1 discerns over the prospects for a continued liUeraJ
i movement. Several long lined at Ch'.caco were under
stood to have com* out during the day, and there was
quite active pmsure for abort account, partly due to pre
dictions fnr continued larse receipts at Winnipeg next
week and prospects for another goo.l iucroas*? in the visible
supply nn llonday. Both domestic and Argentine crap
news was quite favorable, except that rain -would be wet"
come in the Northwest. wh»re ploughing is being delayed.
The advance of •- . at Liverpool waf nut bo much as
expected, that market being influenced by ti-.e Argentine
news. Including shipments of 1,220.000 ».u.*li from that
country, or somewhat more than expect*'!. '"The Modern
Miller" report v.ti3 ahout a standoff. Total Western re
ceipts amounted to 1. 733.000 bush, compared with I»S3,UHJ
hush last year, and for the week were only about COO.OOiI
bush less than the previous wee-k. p at Minneapolis
Increased 2. 150.ii«>o hush for the week. On the late <-urb
December was \*c lower, selling at fl V&S- Cash pries
in the local market were quoted as follows: No 2 red,
$1 05H«W Of, elevator ad Si 0735 fob afloat; No 1
Northern Duluth. $111%. and No 2 hard winter. $1 OS-%
fob afloat. CORN — At the immediate openirg corn
showed a --:■• advance en steady cab>*. but soon de
veloped weakness, which became mere pronounced as th»
day progressed, until final prices were practically lc under
the previous nisrht. The depr»ssion was toPoencad partly
by wheat, and also by favorable crop advices, the frost
having done lLttie damage. Receipts for the day were
somewhat larger than expected, but Saturday's estimate
was only ll"» cars, ard the total interior ni'vemmt
amounted to bat 250.000 bush, compared with 525.000 bush
last year. Commission houses were quite active sellers
during the afternoon. It was reported that 7 loads of
corn had be»n worked for -export by way of the Gulf.
The cash market here closed on the basis of 98%. for No
2 cash in elevator and v? : 4 c, nominal, fob afloat to ar
rive. OATS — Near positions in oats were quite weil sus
tained throughout the day. and closed about res with
the previous night, but July showed considerable weak -
ness. Cash oats in the local market were without change.
closing as follows: \I-x.~. 28 to 32 tb, 53c; natural white,
23 to 32 Ib. .T3i s fiC--c, and cllppeo white. 32 to 4" Ib,
55 1 i«?61c. RYE— Market dull No 2 Western, M'*cf i)b
afloat. BARLEY— Market stPady. Malting. 60967 c 1 f
Buffalo, and feedlr.tr. lI.T-, 'n>>4 : c I f Ntw York. Wheat
(including: flour) exports Cor the week according to Brad
streefs. aggregated 6,473,823 bush, against 6.439,524 bush
last week and 4.731.950 bush last, year; since July I,
52.112.137 bush, against 48.450.523 boat) for the same
time last year. Corn exports for th« week. 18,813 bush,
against 68.982 bush last week and 408.874 bush last year:
Btaoe July 1, 645.294 buah, against 15.023.290 bush last
wheat: Opening. High. Low Clone. day.
Dumber ... .$1 00 .-_l6 $1 Oi> r-16 $1 08*4 $1 064 $1 i't>S
May 1 lOH 1 ID 1 *- 1 OO'.j 1 0!' i 1 li' 1 *
Corn :
December .... — — 71% 77 1: -
Hay — — — 73 7:; 7 i
December ..- 1 •*>'* i«ni, {my ■#% • 00%
May ... 1 08% 1 03% 1 02H 1 «'2 V. 1 or. S>
July 07 1)7 9«H S'-.H 07*»
December C>(\ x i 6H% 65* i 65¥ i fifi'i
May fi.-^ 65*4 «i4 5§5 § <"*\ fi-V-s
July 04*11 C4 J i U3 7 » &".!» 64 3*3 *
Oats :
"eoemlyr 4. 40*4, 40' 3 4!"' 49H
May r.li» M", M' : M!i Dl*»
July 18% 48% 4S 4$ —
October ... .JO 32 10 .TV ir> M 1" 7.2 10 27
January .. 1) S2 887 988 it S5 &77
October r> so »rr. ft s<» j>ks oso
January . . SBO sSO 875 - 75 872
October 1465 14 •■•: 14." 14 :.-. 14 55
January 10 " It; 81 18 80 1« SO lt> 75
METAL«— TIN — The London t!n market was a littl»
higher to-day, with spot quoted at £134 5s and futures at
£135 15» The local market was quiet at l!fi.37 ! »<g2S.S2';c.
COPPER was lower at £591256 d for spot ar.d. 00 7s M
lor futures in London. Th- 1 local market was dull and
unchanged, with lak» Quoted at 13.37 1 2 fil3.fi2Hc. "!«>c
trolytie at IX. 12% ©13.37 lie and castini; at 1257S 1 ?
13.12»ic. LEAD was lower at £13 tJd In London. The
loral market v.as easy at 4.42';'54.47^-c. SPKT.TER
was unchane^d at £19 ISa in London. Th. local market
remained dull at 4.72 IlJiI I Ji ».77 : iC. IKON was unchanged
at 509 for standard foundry, but lower at Ms 3d- for
Cleveland warrants in I«ondon. The In.^al market was un
changed, with No 2 foundry Northern quoted at SHi®
fHi 75. Th<? market for pip iron certificates on the Pro
duce Exchange continues dull ar.d unchanged, with no
business reported. R»-(ru!ars ar* quoted as fellows:
Cash. $IT> u.V<isl*i; October. $15 50^i$ir. 75: November,
*15 .-rfVijSJrt. an,! December. #15 . "*)&$!»; 2.V
MOLASSES \Mi SYRI'PS— The market for molasses
v.as tirm an^i unchanged. While syrups were about steady.
but qui^r. with vrry little of" red for sale, about the only
lot on the market beiiifr a panel of Boston. Quotations
f.'.liow: : .ASSES New Orleans centrifugal, common.
VifciV,<r; fair. I!>©22c: good. 21'52«.~: prime. ZUiZQr : New
Orleans open kottle. 28942 c. SYRUPS — Common. ir-^lT'-:
fair. lt>!i'2oo; good, ilKa22c: v^rime, 21ff25c; fancy, 27
030 c.
OILS — Cottonseed oil was steady for cmdr- but <>asl»r
for refined under local pressure and lack of new buying
orders, tales: 7<X) bbls OcMber, 3&%040Hc; tK><> bhls
November. 39%g39 L ;c: 2f»> January. 39Uc. and 100 bbli
October off summer yellow, 39e. Ref.r.eJ r^troleum was
reported in stPAdy demand at recent priced. Linseed
oil was BBCbangefl. We qu-jte: PETROLEUII. standard,
white, bbl.s. 5.50..-: bulk. sc: Philadelphia, S.4.">c; bulk.
4Sssc; refined cases. New York. IG.SOc; Philadelphia,
1O.8.V: water white. New York. ball 10c: buik. 6Jjoe
Philadelphia. 0.05 c; buik. 6.4.V; water white. ca«»s. New
York 12.40 c; Philadelphia. 12.-".r;C COTTONSEED OIL—
Prime crude, 80%Q31c; prime summer yellow, spot. 39 *®
♦)'»c- October. 8&%©39% c: November. 30038Uc; Decem
ber. ;jS%S39c: Januaiy. :iS*«S3:V; March, old. 2r>HS4Oc;
rew. 5.25'a5.3^c; May, 5.37Q5.43C; oil summer yellow. Oc
tohe'r Z**+'Q.3'Jc; go< off summer yellow, oijUiSSO'tC;
prime white. 41®4. prin.e winter yellow. 4&KQ4BC.
UNSEED OlL— American seed, city raw. 43g44c; out of
town raw, 42e-4Sc; Calcutta, raw. 70c. LARI» OIU .^c-
PKOVISIONS — receipts, a stf-ady hn; market,
commission house and paokf-rs buying and light frecula
tive offerlrisr» caused quit" a strong aavance in the pro
vlston market. Pork eased off a little toward the clos«
with cram but ot!ierwi3» the mantel retained most of
„, ," .rrove'ment Chicago receipts. 13,000 hoes; estimated
fo" "itu^la™ 0 000. Kansas Ctty had 0.000. Omaha IS.OOO
and the West 53.000 hoes. PORK— Firm. Quotci: Mesj.
?17Sr$17.W; family. $21©?21 M: "hOT-T c^lear. r n WwW;
BEET— Steadr. Quoted: Me^s. Sl3 606514; family^ *l^< •_■>
<riSl7 HO- nacket $ir-ItslC: extra India, mess, f-4 ?''«*->■
PFFP HAM<-St4dv Quoted at *29«»31. " DRESsEP
HOGL-Stead^ Q.ioW: Bacon. o%c : ISO Tn. • ..•: 160
rb V/Sc Hum. »«c; pie^. M£ CUT MSATS-Ptekled
Allies— Steady. Quoted: Smoking. 11-* c; 10 ID. U3-*"U 3 -*"
12 tb. li'c -14 Wi. llUc. Pickled hams— Quiet. Quoted
at 11 'lie lie' TALLOW— Firm. Quoted: <Ity. 6c: coun
rrv SSfifiUc Rr>_Frrm. Quoted: .MWdleArertem
i0.7T.510.55c City lard— Firm Quoted at 10"-c <bjd>.
R«ttT>d iar-I— Firmer. Quoted: South America. " •■""■
rontinor.t . ll.SOr: Prazli. kees. 13.»e. £pMPOT NP
is ready Quoted at 7%©Bttt "MARINE— Quoted.
O'eo 'ir>.V ■ city lard stparlr.e 12\-ac. , .
RICE— market for ricp was steady here arid
firm a primary points, with srn.irl business generally.
Quotations follow: Screenings. 2** tfoc: ordinary. 4f
4 ic- fair 4K@4Ke: (rood ordinary. 533^c: prime,
r.vi@5 s *c: choice. Cgfi^c; Fatna foreign. ."SCc; Ran-
E °Kl'G\R The market for refined susar rul»r» steady
and unchanged, with slow business. It is stated that
the principal cane and beet interests of th« Pacific
Coast have withdrawn from the Northwest. lowa and
Missouri River point 3 owir.cr to heavy local demand.
The following ar» list prices, subject t.-> a rebate of
10 points and a discount of 1 per cent for cash, seven
days' Crystal dominos. 7.550: Efci tablets. ...>oc;
cut loaf 6c: crushed, 5.00 c; mould A. 8.55 c: cubes.
Eacle. 5-lb bass powdered and Kapl<» confectioners'
granulated .Y4."<-; XXXX powdered. ' 30c; powdered,
coarse powdered and fruit powder**} s.3'ic; Ea^la
coarae and extra flr;» pranulated. 5.20 c: Eaple 2-lb
cartons of fine granulated, 8.40 c: 2-lb baps di 5..".0 c:
-.-;-!!■. bags do. - 4-"c: 5-lb bass do. ",40c; 10-lb bags
do 5.35 c; 2.* and 50 Ib bags do. r..2."c- Eagle tine or
standard granulated and diamond A. r. "Or; confection
ers' A 6e: sc; Nos 2 and 3. 4.rt."..-; No 4. 4.9>1c:
No T. 4.85 c; No 6, 4.80 c: No 7. 4.7.".c: No *. 4.70 c: No
V 4.65 c; No 10 4.5.".<-; No 11, 4.50 c; No 12, * 4.' - No
13, 4.40 c:. Nos 14. IS and 16. 4.35 c. "'' • market for
raw sugar was riu!l and nominal, with centrifugal. 9*5
test at 8.98 c; muscovado 88 test. '•'• 48c. and molasses
sugar. 58 teat. 3 23c Th» market for beet sugar
abroad was ciuiet but BtoadV and unchanged, with
October and .November at Us Od and May at its Id^d.
\t th» extreme close It was believed that tli« market
was or a trading basis of not better than S-fl-te duty
pah. PS test, as a Java ca-jo =t Br»a'KW!iii>r was
offprpd at l'ls Melt, equal to S.n2e. or 3.93 c du?v
paid, basis 90 test. Will*>t' & Gra'.': "Total sto^k of
Europe Jirul America. n:r.,l!>9 tons, against 1.147
last year at th» same uneven dates. Th» fl«?reaw of
Mock Is 172.752 tons, ag»iu« a decrease of 206.324
tons last wttlt Total st^-ks and afioats together
show a visible supply of 1.273.19« tor-s. agair.st ; '82.
961 last year, or a decreaaa of 109.782 tons."
, a
»xv York, October 2. IPOS.
BEANS AMI I'EAS— R-celpts to-day. 240 sacks
beans. A few new state marrow have sold at JJ 4".
and about all of the choice old stock has been c!ian»d
up at 52 40@$- 47.. New pea selling slowly at $2.:o;
old stock nearly gone. Red kidney showing increasing
strength; jobbing sales to-day at $2, and 1: some
quarters there is a disposition to ask even more.
Scotch pt.i.s are firm at ?-, with spor goods soiling up
quite closely. We quote: BEANS — P.;a. li) os. choice,
$2 30; do i'.t'>7, choice, $2 10©$2 20; do common to
good, $190092 05; do imported marrow, $2 O.Vy *-' I.V
do pea. choice. $2 05®$2 10. do common to rood. $1 :♦<'
-■■ $2 do medium, choice, fcl 05if*-': do common to
good Jl 75<ji $1 U<>; white kidney. 11)07. choice, 93350
$2 40. red kidn-v. 1007 choice, dry. $2; do common
to good. $1 tin a $1 00: black turtle soup, choice. $1 70 .i
SI ".->; do common to good. Sl4oQJltis; yellow *>ye.
1907, choice. $:'.: lima. California, choic. 13 25Q53 00.
PE \S Scotch. U»o>, bags, per bushel. $2.
ltl ti : B Receipts to-day. 3.535 pkgs. F"ivsh ar
rivals were light again to-day, and the market main
tained a firm position on choice and fancy grades of
creamery. Occasional s.il^s were ma.le. a fraction
hi£rh<>r than we quote. Medium qualities are steady
to firm, and the late accumulations are being some
vhat reduced. iijrt- Uoln»? lr. storag" creamery and
prices raneo from 24 'ic for choice quality up to 2§S:c
for strictly fancy, though not murh tmsiness h-s
been tloiie as yet above 25 l 3^ii2i>. l'rocss butter 13
firmer and in hotter demand. factory moving mod
erately. Packing stock Blow. We quote: Creamer..
specials. p>T ib. 27c: do extras. 2ti&2U 1 -c; do firsts. 22
<524 1^c: do seconds. Ili::.«i21c; do thirds. ISJUV-;
state "dairy tubs, finest. 24c: do good ti> choice. 21 li
2:.c; iio common to fair. ISW-'Oc: process, specials.
2^'c: do extras. 21c: do firsts. b^'alLi'.o: do seconds.
l~til*e; do thirds, 1591SHC; Western imitation cream
ery, firsts. U»'-_. <(i2oc; Western factory, firsts, l!»c: do
seconds. ISOISH^; do thirds. 17 v IV ' a o; packinff
sto,-k. No 2, I7f< I7'i<-: do No a. ISO IS He
CHEESE — Receipts to-day, 2.851 boxes. General
trailing continue! quiet, and a considerable surplus of
fancy cheese Will have to go into store this week.
The ! continued high coat In the country, however, to
gether with the fact that holders feel they could not
l cplace present quality ar.y cheaper hold* tho market
in a firm position, and no change is warranted In the
quotations. The belter grades of skims continue in
good demand and firm, but cheap skims s«MI slowly.
Liverpool cable: .Finrst Canadian, new. Cls for both
colored and white. AVo quote: State, full cream, spe
cialF. 13 l *iil4Uc; do small, colored or white, fancy.
18c: do large, colored or white, fancr. 12'jc; do good
to prime. 12j12'ic; <!o common to fair. 10>, & 10\o;
iU. skims. 1' 3 ll>. specials. lo» t c: do skims, fine. S'< ft
OUc; <lo fair to good, 5 / ar7 I *c; do common, 3 1 - J B'4 t ic.
fuli skims. 2'aHe. Note — Tl.e classlrication of specials
includes Young Airiericas. palsies and small sizes of
tlats i.f \rry high quality.
f;<;(;S — Receipts to-day. 0.220 cases There is nr«
Improvement In the market for the ordinary grades of
fresh gathered cpks that (on;pri>e a larpu i>art of the
supply, but a growing scarcity of n«w e^gs. which is
•.aliening ih<i marlcet i-yr primo to fnncy qualltitii. htor
liSa cgpa not active, but hfll st«iidy. We quote: State.
I'esnayivanla. neart.y, et-lected white. fan<:y. 058 35 c; >!o
fai- t>» choice. 2Hi:Mo; do tepwn and mixed, fancy. ."lOtf
Nic- do fair to choice, 2ti«2Sc: do lower sraJrs. 22^25.-;
Western extra firsts. 24825.:; do nrsm. 2282:: c: rf.j
eacondl ' 2n*«210: do thirds. lU^iaUo; dirties. liViOc;
ebecks.' 12617 c: refrigerators. Arrii jiu-ku.i. SIOSHc; do
lit" packed lld'jS— c; do summer parked. I'."a2lc.
1U( ITH— FRESB — Aoples firm for choice. Pear»
E-titiiy. Quince* in Ilgiit supply. Peaches tersely poor,
and iUCfI dragr.ing. 1 ium« firmer. GrajMis jelling well.
C-arberrieS higher for farcy. Aluakmelona flifbtly lower.
Graj«fniit study. rineapyl«a wealt. *• •»■*: ±p-
T Pt.ES. ■« to quaJity. p»r dtrabl* fc-ad bb:. S11&4 SO: do
«n P -?J'r." J M>ls - "Srtfll 60; CRABAPPLES. large. r~r bbl.
gfiOOgS; do mini!. *.-■;.■ PEARS, Bartirt:, p»>r tb!.
.». .H>n^>: do per half i>M basket. 51 1 gs:; <!o per :>u-i»
•i-ntilo basket. 750#?l SO: do jxt keg. $lgfl 37; do
i-ccke. !ar*e. per bbl. «B*4 00; do small. »^*i*3 ."«: Jo
I*rfi«l{M>l basket. * 1 S*1O; do p er bash UarMl- basket.
>jm «»«» **"■ ie *' sO °©* l -'■ *> Bemre Bow. p<r
I*l *_**3; do Beurrw d'AnJott. SIZ&SS2 5H- <lo fteurre
Cafr K eau. >1 800*223: An Sheldon. Jl 7i«|2 5O; do
ll'i^'t, -J^ auxy - *'W«*2=3: do L^ Gante, Jers-y. per
*.. • . * • :""** l "'• do Kteffer. p»r dcvuble head bN. SiS*
*- — <; .-., cp*n head bM>. <i«*i :,.» do other ordinary
varieties, per bl.l. ?1«*1 W: QUINCES fair to choice.
per bl>i. $JJfJ« ; PEACHES. Wemem New York per car-
Ti-r.tWSI-;:,. do per basket. 3oc8?l 25; do "high hats."
-IL-cfrSl 2i: do p; ne Island, per carrier. Jl«f2: do per
rcsket. 2.VtfSl: do cprlver. per carrier. Jl'tfJl -.<>: do
per basket. SScOli do Jersey. p»r carrier. $I#*l 73; >1o
1 I-r bask't. SSeßsl; do West Virginia, per cajrler. *tQ»
,*1 75, do per basket. 4<J a**. I'i.r.M;- Western New
I York, per ,s Ib basket. I<*B4<>c: GRAPES. Western New
York. Delaware. p«-r 4 Tb basket, ltngllc; do Niagara. It
filuc: d;> Salriii, 7#*e; do Conccn!. per ! R> basket. Vt®
17c-; do <V>ncord, per 4- R» basket. 720 c: do njrtvcr. Dela
i ware, per case. McOfl; «o r*r 30 m Lajicet. .W2«*-:
do per 4 IT> basket. lUjllc; do Niagara, per case. so*y
| We; rto other white kind?, per casw. 4»>g<Si)r: d.-> pe.r :*>
j Pi ba?ket, .".if We ; do per 4 IT> basket, !s'^*.»c; «fr> other
! white, per 4 Ib basket. 7@£e; d»» Concord, per case, .'if*
i 65c; d. W'orrten. per ca«e. 4n®iVor: <Jo Clinton, per 2i) It>
_t-a.-kt-!. s*.fHi3r: do Concord. 3os*4o<:: do Concord, per 4 lt>
"basket, 73Sc; do Wyoming, in trays, per Ib. IVitrtc: do
white. Bci do black. SB2%e; CRANBERKIEri. Cape (mi
r-" j r bb!. $ta*<i do per crate. *1 :<i*iis2: UVSKXEXOXS,
Rock Ford, per standard crate. *l©$130: <lo per pony
crate «s<-g?l- do other Colorado, per standard crate.
Si:SS$2 75; do per pony crate. 75c tf SI 25; <io , per Cat
case. 65c- do Utah per standard crate. $1 -►a" 1 ■•>>: Co
per pony crate 73cfi$l; tntAPEFP.UIT. Florida, per box.
$lffs>3o; do Porto Rica. *2©ss: PINEAPPLES Kionda.
per crate. *1 7"><gs4 50; do Cuba. Il2jS«lJj; -' Furto
.<HOF8 — The "late drouth has at last been broken in
this state and ballla? has begun, but It will rwiuU*
more rain before ?re«»inß will become general. l^:ner
more, business has been reported In the state, more ■"»•■"
cially in Ontario County, but in other sections th move
ment continues moderate. Or. the i'actac Coa»t trains
continues quiet and prices UtUe n-cre than nom-naL w^
quote: State. 1908. R.me to choice, per Ib l-Jif Hj.
medium to good. VYSVIc: do WOT. 3'». c:
VMS. prime to choice. l»9Ue^do .JS^fil^ffgj?
'.•t ; do IW7, 43"c; Germans. IOCS. SSCSSe. PatiHv V~ast.
IJt H\\^A ; YD »T*Aw There is a ateadr tone on all
ij.-ajM of t:r.:,-.-v hay, values ran^lw : .U tto way ff rronv
SSe up to SOc according to the Quality °<*f&? ff *J,^
Not much demand for clover or clover irnxe.l^ hay ■ VY -
straw holds f.rm at 'JOe for No 1. J^e «^e- "^
Timothy, prime, large balrs. per «»*^l^SJsi.f*rfJ^
1. WST.V-; do '^ppln^ 550; do pac^n. wal-.^J
and clover mixed. a^iOc. JTKAp— i-f°ff r > ;• „
Ju short and tanglod rye. 50^>c: do oat /^ %y
rOULTKV-ALIVE-R C ceipt M^v; 3 by
freight and about '2 cars icatterlag 1> -fhs>f h s >y r _"k4t is
Buyrrs aro takin- hold more freely and th« mar l-«t j»
cleaning up of aU descriptions. The
day s . the Feast of Tabernacles, will ?°™ r on bat a^ a%
ard Sunday. October Ib and 11. and art .c bu.jt_. e w
locked for next week, raora especially f" 18 - Ks
fat aeese. and holders are firm to tn-lr OWLA
quote: CHICKENS, -:■ V^^V^^^ilS^Ue-
I4e: OLD ROOSTERS. 10e; XIUKX IUK • South^Js-ern'
DUCKS. Western. 13c: do Southern ud
I2c: GEESE, prime Western. J?-^*^**? ~r pair
Southern and Southwestern. 10c; GLINEAs. P«r pa.r.
50o: PIGEONS, per pair. 20c. .ra-e'tv
FOtXTKY— DRESSED— Ther- is a con V ' * lrkers
of fancy h«Ty fowl., fancy »".«•. roM ""*s£ l^ e a ?
and fancy small broilers, ani such hay« cleaned up
firm prices, but market is overstocked with „ P^ T .°
medium grades of fowls and chiefc^nj. mo *•£">*»*
chickens, for which ho.Jers would » rce3 - i^ s - fa f; j
offer to clean up. Bprlim turkeys have been fag
plenty this week and choice prade« sell fair I>. OH
turkeys scarce and firm. Long , Islan . (1 h
nearby spring ducks plenty and slo«". ftwff.l^
unchanged. Choice squabs in »oOd ■.-mania
We quote: Icod-TfRKEY?. spring, dry p ck-d a^er
a*e. per Ib. ISto 20c; do scalded. 14 to Itw-: do o»d. hens
and t.mis. I»©21c: KENS, M£J StSf? I?SS
clelphla. 8 lban.l over to pair. 22'a24c: r ;" "* £.. a ™
under to pair. 22c: do ax-erase Rrad^s. lhu .•.««
Pennsylvania. 4 Ib and under to pair. 20r; do av-ra*<»
best. 15016 c: do poor. B%*^S,%'3EVJ&"!in£
15©13c: do 3*ichisan. »caldcvl. I4»l«5c: do otss#r \i»«
ern scalded. 15c: .io dry picked « FOWLS". l-*^
do Southern, average run. 12'al2'-o; FOM. L?. estern^
dry packed, dry picked, fanrv. 4 Ih each ar..' r.^er. n
boxfs. per Ib. 15c; do 3 to ."S ft "JfJ and « n ' leii ..;.
boxes per It. 13H©14c: do dry P'-^'Vm ,— / rto
4lb each; bbls. 14, do r.i to 4lb each, bb'.s l»4c: rto
::u ib and under. Ue; do dry picked or wIW buJ.
110 12 c: do Southwesterr, dry piekrd. average best,
in bbls.lSo: flo Sout!-.orn. ITaIV: do Western per Ib.
13-?l3Ur: OLD COCKS, dry plelwd or acatd*! per Ib.
o!,<-■o !,<-■ DVCKLINGS. LonK Island and Ea3tera.spr.ng.
white, per Ib. 17-d ISc; do dark. 15«1«.-: do Western,
old 6©*:: SQUABS, prime. IMCg». white, p^r dozen.
$15081350: fio poor. dark. 73c85t25; dot cull-. 50c;
GUINEAS, spring, per pair. .WtfSl „
GAME The weath'r is cooler and mor«* favorao.".
but "the outlet fnr same continues WWMJJt vie
quote: PARTRIDGES, per pair. $4: aRO^ML*P«
pair. $2.-0,7$:?: WOODCOCK, p-r pair *1 .^a *1 ;
EXGIOSH snipe per doz»n. »2T5: PLO\ER. P«"
dosen. S3BS3SO: SNIPE, yellow leg. per teen $- *
$2 7.'.; RAT;. BIRDS. p«r dozen, '•^"j* 1 • , - 1 , -a :
DUCKS, oanva.-. per pa:- $2fiS2.V>; do redheads, ?. «.o
do mallard. Si 2" ft SI 50: do ruddy. .„.- a JI_IO.
TEAL, blu-wine. $1^511": <?o preenwiner. 606...^
VEXISOX «ad<T"s per Ib. 29035e: do whole '" T - *°
O»K&£nnra Per pair. 10c; JACK RABBITS, per
Pa pOT\TOES \NT> VEGETABLES — Potatoes steady
at former prices. Sweet potatoes seltme: fumy. Unoica
red onions steady, but OtIMC (Trades dull and wea!:. lao
bages easy. Caulifl steady. CueumL-TS and pickles
firm far choice. Letture and roicaine crageir.?. Lima |
beans steady. Peppers weak. P°as scarce. String beans
slightly higher. Other vegetables as ciuot"<l. vie quov9:
Pota.tr.es. Maine, in Bulk, per 180 Ib, $2 12Q$2 25. do. per
bas. $2as2 10; do state. In bulk, per I*o Ib. $~crj- -»: ao
Lons Island, in bulk. r«r bbl. $2 37'c$2 >~2: .lo Jersey,
round, per bbl. $2^*2 10: do lons. $1 "fill 5": <*.o Jer
sey. r«ua.l kinds, rer sack. Jl sr^s2: do lor.fr kinds $1 u>
C 5180: do Inferior. $1 2.7®$ 1 60; SWEET POTATOES.
Eastern chnr» yellow, per bbl. $1 25g$l C-0: do Jersry.
per <louhl»-heart bbl. SI 50-3*2 2T»: do. per basket. 4O?00c:
BRrSSELS SPROUT?, per quart. 7314 c: P.EETS=. per
bbl or bat. 75c551: CARROTS. »ashrf. per bbl. 73c©»l;
<in unwashed. r*"r bbl bae. G0073e: CABBAGE?. stat».
ror tin. $1SO$18: do flat Dutch per lot.'. S4-J:ss: do small.
J3SS4- do. per bb!. 7.V-SJI: do red. per bbl. $116?1 S3;
CUCUIfBERS. state, per basket. POcSSI: d" Lcnp lslan.l.
prr bbl. SI WMJtS.3O; CL'CUMBER PICKLES. ?tate. di!!. j
per basket. 7."c^sl: do other sizes. tlftCSO; CEI-ERY. I
per dozen stalks. • M«c: CAtTIJFXX)^ L"n? IsiartJ.
short cut. r*r bbl. $23.53: do Ion? «tf, SI 2."f?51 15: EG'J
PLANTS. Jer-ey. per bbl. «3SI.V>: GREEN CORN": r er
lfiO, 25cS$I; KALE, per bbi. 2!>g.*!oc: LETTt'CE. state,
per basket. ■_■..-.- do. per box. SMMOc; do ...
bbl. 25S(J0c: LIMA BEANS. Lung Island and Jersey. j»>- j
tato. per basket. $lfisl 50: d<\ per ba^. 7.sfffisl 2.".; do
flat. 50c#$l: ONIONS. Connecticut and Eastern, white,
per bbl, $2 SOQ*.T; do red and yellow. $1 25'fi$l 50: do sate i
and Western, white. r>er -rat ■ 75c@$l: do whtta piokle.
per basket. si ZS<§s-\ 50: do ye'low. per 140 To tag. Jl 12.6 1
SI 30; do yelloir. per 125 Ib bap. Sl'tzSl 12: do. per ICO
!T> bag:. 75 ?80c: do red, per 125 " bag. SI 25: do Oran^o
County. ye'.:ow. per bag. $I£#l 25; da red. $3fts] 37: do
Loner Island and letter, t*s. and yeiio^-. p<:r bbl. Jl 2Tv.a 1
$1 37: do .Ter-er white pickle, rer basket. *! 2SOSI 75:
do lars-9 whit" r>er ba<;kpt. $ 1 g?1g ?1 23 : • PEAS. Virginia. !
per basket. J265230; PEPPERS. Bull Nose. red. rer bb!. j
fltiSl w; do E'lll Nose, rreen. SOJI7Sc; do lonir. rpi. 750
•ss!: do lorg- trcen. 5OS f -"c: do choese. red. 73ctt*l: ,1" !
cheese, preen. 50@75c: PITMPKIXS. ns' bbl .V)<g7sc: j
PARSNIPS, per bb!. 75c'<TJtt: R'TNUTNE. rer bbl. 2r:<? !
50c; do, per basket. 15tJ30<-; STRING BEANS. Ftato. ;
was. per basket. 254175 c: preen. 256T.0c: do nearby. J
per tiasket rr hac. 2i>3sCc: do Vlrg-ir.!*. wax. per basket, j
2r.f?."<V: do white Ttefuee« per basket. 50<775c; do green I
Virginia. 25«5«V RPTXACH. pe basket. SP*3Wc-- <\c r #
bbl. 5.VR7.V: SQL"i?H. TT!ibb-.n!. r.er bbl, $1»J1 25; fc
mamw. SOOTSe: TURNIPS. Canada, rnfahaca, per bbl,
SI: do other rntabaira. p»r bbl or bag. »SeSsl: do white' .
per bbl. SOcfiSl: TOMATOES. ..tare ner bnsbel basket.' I
SMCCSOe: do Jer^ev. ner box. 255500; WATERCRESS. p-?r
ICO bunches. Jl 25f>?l 50.
New York, October Z 190?.
BEEVES — Receipts -were 83 cars, or 1.3."2 h»aci. in
cludlns r>o cars for exporters and slaughterers ' and
Z~> for th^ market, and with th» previous arrival
there were 47 cars on sale., all at Jen dry with tf-«
excertinn o f one car. Steers were in fair der.ind i
and full steady, closing firm: bulls uncha- | cows
slow but stead}-, and thin cows a fraction 'higher: 2
cars of cattie unsold. Common to choice ste*>rs «old I
at $4 :;"■; J6 6<l per 100 !b; ,->xen at $3 500^4 75: bulls I
at $2 70-SJS2.-.: cows at $1 230 84 23. Dressed beef
fa in some demand and steady at last quotations. 1
Latest cables quoted live cattle sellbiK at Liverpool i
«•:••..■.'•_■•-<- at London at ir-,Si;i;f dresj-M I
weight: refrigerator beef selling at London at lWti |
lii^c per Ih. Shipments from this port to-day in- i
eluded 40 rattle on the Domlnio to Para. Brazil for !
J. Shamberjr & Son To-morrow the Mlnn»tor.ka! fcr i
London, will earn.' MO cattle for J. Sbamlwrc'A Son
356 for Schwarzschild &■ Sulzherser, 1,050 quarters of
beef for the Swift Beef Company, and 775 nutters i
for the O. 11. Hammond Company; the St Paul for '
Southampton, carries 1.44') quarters for Schwarxs^-hIM
A Sulz:>er?er: 1.100 quarters fur the Morris Be»f Com
pany, and 1.100 quarters for Armour & Co • the Ter
ence, for Manchester, carries 2im cattl- for the Morris I
Be-f Company, making, with previous shipments a
total from thi.i port for the week of 1.428 cmttitl~ 39
sheep and 12,0(>0 quarters of beef, all to ports' o'
fJre.it Britain, with the exception of 40 cattie and Z,D
Pales — J. Fhamber»r * Son: IK Vv>sf Virginia stee-s i
1541 Ib average at $c, 60 r . r li-> Ih- 19 ,J O J2SS ih a » i
$•■.::<">; S2 do. 1122 Ib. at $530; 42 d.i 12-1S ih m* SijSv I
::i do. 13^ Ib. IK! ir, do 13.57 Ib tt UCS-*ls
Jo. 13T3 !b. at ?t;o.-, : 10 do. ISTJ Ib. at JG !>O; 24,' tin
1282 Ib. at $r. 7r>: 23 do. 12r,7 Ib. at $r, 7r. 25 ,!o T'7S i
1!.. at s.-. 7r.; 20 So. 1302 Ib. at 55 7">: IB do l"7tj"ib
at J. 3 6.'>: S do. 1037 11>. at $•" 40; 13 do I ; ii>"ih *', '
- W- r ' : . 2 ?- d °- U V Ib - a£ $r ' : 3da ir> - l « Ib, at JJSo" i
:. V. e.'t \ irsrinia heifers. 830 !b. at $4 lit 1
in^"'?.-^ I' 0 ' 1 1:< Vir Si"fa steers. 12'.>0 Ih. at J5 7" !
do. I^o3 Ib. at $5 .".i>; 10 do 1273 Ib at S3 SO- ts'rirw
1190 Po. at $5-0; 15 do. 12R4 tb, »t jo ", 17 .'o \%i '
Ib. at »540; is do 11m ib. at $550: l'co 108© Ib! !
at Si.-.O; 23 Kentucky do. 1015 Ib. at J40.» ' '
VJ do, 121S tt, at $.>.>; 21 ,'o. 12.H D. at $."• :u>- 21 Ken
tucky do. 1096 IT>. at 53 09; 21 Ohio ,'., m.T p, „ £lMV
•>«>«". I-"? Ib. at J4 75: 2 rio. Y,X R,. at J3 5,"» : 5 buUs'
1040 Tb. at «25: I do. ;*ni rb. a t J313; 2 io 810 Th
13 ID; 2l> cows. !»27 Tt>. at $4 2.*: 4 d.> f»2.-x r> 'at $0 "V " ■
do. !>7S m. Nt S2 70; 1 dOh l<><>o Xi>. at ?2 2T.'- 1 do »1000 j
IT), at S2 X'»; 5 do. jl» rr.. at $2: 1& do. sat rb. at SI «O- 10 i
do. 870 rb. a: $1 50; 12 00. 717 rb. at $1 3v; IS do '747
To. at $1 25.
S. Sanders: IS Virginia steers. 11T^ Ib. at $4 «3- It?
Ohio steers and oxen. 1C27 Ib, at $4; IS bulls ICC2, Ib at I
$U 25; 1 cow. m«o rt. at $4. ' j
TcMn & Shannon: IS Kentucky steers, 1223 It, at $5 40
less $5 on th* lot-
Kerns Commission Company: 21 Kentucky steers, IC*73
tt>. at J5 05.
J. G. Curtis & Sons: 19 but!?. ST>3 tb. at ?2 70.
CAJ,VES — Receipts were £.-. head, ir.cluilir.ff 4 % for
butchrrs and 4ti for the market, all the litter cantaoa to '
fair veals which MM at full xteudy crlce», or at S5 to !
$:> per 100 Ib. Gras.sers ani Western «-a!ven w eri» rorr.l- '
na:. The f*t-linij was firm all artjund. iJresse.t cahea
steady to etr«^n<. City dret««.'d veais f.;!,] at SaUSc r<-r
la: cuUHtfT dressed at 7^1240; Uresstii «rx»»«-- and fed
calv«-s at s^7c.
Sales — J. G. Curtis 4 Sons: 29 las, 117 !ti srreasjajs »•
f'J ii»-r HX) !».
SIIKEI' AND LAMBS — Receipts wrre M cars, or
2.10ti head. Including I cars for »!auehterer» and "
for the market, making 1 with the car hrll over yesterday
3 cars on sale. Sh«'.'i> v.-ere scarcw and 2Tr!jr>oc hiither;
limbs. 2.V hieher; no prxxl or prir.io »t<x-k in martet.' j
Poor to fair sheeo sold at $2 fiiVJS?. 75 per ir«> n>: medium
lambs, at J5 Ms •&*'>: culls at $1. Crested mutton Hrm at
titfM'jo per !!>: liresseii lambs at t^llHc, with come
Bales at 12c,
aairs— Totla * Shannon: 224 state lanito. C 2 H> av«>r-
AKf. at Jrt per \(:» Tb; 1 4 culls. 4> It>. at Jl. 55 nate shwp,
bU ft: at $'.l 7.1; 7 <!o. 93 In at S3; 17 00, !>ei tb. at SI
H«>«,- Receipts wm IS cam, or u.tKJS head. ln:-lu.l-
Ip.r 2^5 for tii= market. The fev!ir\)f arp^are I to N»
atajut steady. Prlm« 21S-Ib stato hoes kM at J7 10 r«r !
JtW !T>: country dres»f d _ hufM »>re in market, and r.i«»
lilum weights seian« at' 9V&'J**o p«r Tb; Usht hoes at
Salrs — Andrew Mullen: 1<«". «tat« h?ss. 21S Tb average,
at $7 10 mi 100 Tt>; 27 rougna. 323 Ib, a: ft} 10. 2 itass.
AUO It), at M. w
Chicar«. Oct. ~— CATTLE — R«c«ipt». *wUra*t*d.
aboat i.soo he«<l: market steady: »te«r». $-t-W»9*» ••>:
rnwi. J3 23gJ.-, 2.-.; hetfers. .«-•.',?»-"• bait*. X ■&&
Si :*>: calves. tnvcSJMSO; atockers and farter*. %Z *>
O*!30. HOGS— •cwipi, e»tianat**l. about I.*..<V«>
h»ad: market strong to t€ hlarner for w*i*hty hoe>.
but v«ak for light m!J«l BtuftT: chotc* heavy shipp---"*.
»7®S7JTH; butrhem. JT«*Tl7ii; If^ht ra)-««d. »»S <W&
$5 90; rhftir- light. *«S©«J«95: paciLlnif. $« S'SW *5;
piga, l?.;:.^J«r.. SHEEP — R»«-ipt». estimated, abous
s.ttoo head: market »tror.« to 2-V: higher: »h-«p. »» 5O
i)*S .'-<•. lambs. $«stS2;: yearling*. «i.i-?t ♦»
Cincinnati. Oct. 2.— HiXJS— <la;eu MM J-rw»r:
butch*--- and shippers', l«sn«? JC :*.".; coramon. *♦ l.'.a
«.". , TT:.E — at»a fair to good shippers'. W -V>*
$5 25; common. S39S3SO SllEEP— Steady. $l^«3«0:
lambs sready. J^ 3O <i J." 50.
East Buffalo. N. V.. Oct. 2. — CATTLE — Rercip's. 2Srt
h^aii, slow and enchanged. VEAL, — Receipt*. Wt
head: actlva and ZZc higher: tX''itl>~~- HOGS — Re
ceipts.' 7.000 head fairly artiv- and st^odr: l>*«ty. >t
CJ7 2O; pigs. *-\-i *•"..".<». dairies. $«*»*ft«a SHEET*
AND LAMBS' — Receipts. 3.000 h»ad: active aa«i fel«S^r:
Umbs. $iftfr. OO; a .'•••■« $: yearlings. ■ t)*4 *»;
irethers, $l&s4 2.*: ewes, $5 7isjjl; sheep, mixed.
Kansas City. Oct. ; — CATTLE — Receipts. 3.W0 heart.
iTic!od!nc l.oiio Sontberti.t: marlcet steads: enr* ?>&
TOo higher: choice export u>4 dressert be»; sn»T».
S«<3J7 40: fair to »ood. %<:■■. IT SO: Wwtfm steers. *3
..?•"• 10: sto<-kers ami feeders $*j -•>■:*♦-•"•■. Soatkern
steers. SZttt4 40; natty* sreers $. I•> s: $■'■ -~> ; native
cows. $_'ffs4 20: heifers. S2 30^>S.". .'0; balls. $J .'•"•>
*1CO: calves, ttut' HOGS — Receipts. 12.000 h*an;
market opened strong, rloaed ."«: low»r: top. >H <5;
bulk of sales. f«^.">Sfl7o: hea-rv. $«70^$«V>: H.-i
•m' and butchers". "*R 4.jf?s6 lirht, - J<S !" -*• *">;
P«* «4ass 75. SttEEP — R«f?eipi* «.0«» head: mar
ket for sheep. 10c higher: lamba 3A9.*>Oe higher; Utah
lambs. $6 10; lambs. $4 .'.•■-ij :•■ ••»•!• and yearling*.
$"!tr*4: •WVstern yearlings. $n <W>ffJ4 ir>: •Western
«he»p. $.lio-;i*»: stocicer* in<l feed-rs. $n4fs4l<>.
Plttiburg. Oct. 2. — <,"ATTL^; — Supply light, steady:
rhojee. $5 73'g$6: prime. .5." 405SC; 7i>. SHEEP— ; .rr '■*
steady: nrime wethers. $4354 IO; cuJs and otimmon. il TO
Hs2: la.-nbs. f?. :»r3fT> ~i: veal caNc*. $>a«S 23. HOO^ —
Receipts fair. lower; r>r;m<» heavies. ?7 l«^ts7 2*>: jrerjioms.
WVhSJ«9O; heavy Yorkers, 1^: Mght Torkers.
$5 50C*5ar>: pigs. $4 3<«tfi*.V rnuahs. *T> rJKjr««.
Toledo. O«-t. 2.— C'LO^-ERSEED— <;"isi. SZ«O: *Vto6»T.
*3«O; Dec»rriber. $5 67.5: March. $T» No 2. $0 43: N»
2, J.-.SO: rejected. *4. ALSIKE— Pr.me. S9 9J.
Ch!caeo. Oct. Z.— Abßenr»> of export demand tier*
and nt Northwestern irrain centres caused a *Inm?
In wheat prices on the local exchange to-day, final
quotations showing 1 net losses of ~*c to IVic. Cora
and oats also closed weak, but provisions were firm.
With th» exemption cf one or two mild rallies th<»
wheat market was weak the entire* --vision. and
closed at almost th<» lowest point of the day. .
one time a fair rally was experienced on reported
heavj- sales of fl^ur by ilinneap*il"'« miners, anil
later prices »?ain made slight gains on a report
from Nfw York whic'i claimed that sixty-two boat
loads of wheat had been sold for export. This lat
ter report was later found to be an ...
th«» total export sales at New York being sriven ■*
only sixteen boatloads. I»- exporters claimexl ■•
actual bvsiness ha.l been dore and that Inquiries
were lixht. whi!e Duluth also reportefl a lack of
export demand. The market was also besirtahlr
affected by a liberal export movement from Argen
tina and continued heavy movement frcra tfca
North* Shipments of wheaf from Argentina
for the week were I.E."*. 1 *) bushels, compared irltH
I.OS'.O'Vi bushe:« the ccrrJ^'pondiri? week a y»ar «r<>.
Arrivals at Duluth and llinneapodi* were 1.111
car?, 2.pair.3t cars a year a*r>. Clearances of
whpat and floor Tret" e<v-ial to S3.>>» bushels, ar-it
experts for the week, as shown by Brad!«tr<eet'3»
w< , rP equal to S.4T3.<XO bushel?. Primary receipts
were I.TS.tX*) bushel?, compared with 3TAO<X) busbela
the corresponding day a. year ago. Jlinrw
Duluth and Chicago reported receipts of 1.1.". car-=.
onnnar":l with 1.2 C cars a week ago and *S t*xn
a year aio.
Corn was stronsr early in the Cay on continued;
excellent demand fcr cash grain by shippers. Later,
however, sentiment became bearish, partly on ac
count of the siurr.p in wheat an-! partly as I resuli
of rumors of an early movement oi th<» new crop.
One report r>»ceive.i to-day from Kassaa City
claimed that five carlo.vis of new corn had been.
received there from Oklahoma. wt!!<i a local con
cern asserted that there would be two car* of th»
now gruin hero early next week from the Bloorrr-
LCgton (EL) district. Trade wa* rather Tiles
l^.t^ in the day. and th* mark«*t c!ose<l at almost
the bottom. v.-;th prices %c to l^c low«r. Local r»
c^ipt? wer«» considerably more than id been es
timated, beini; SI cars. wUh 51 ol contract srad*-
Oa:s were firm the greater part of the day. bur
ea?ed off late in the session, mri-nz to the weak
ness of wheat and corn, and closed a shade to ►•a
below the previous riose. Th» strength of ca.iri
oats which were up '^c to was one of the chle^
bullish influences. Local receipts -re 1» cars.
Provisions held firm all day. despite the weakness
manifested in the grain market, and closed at net
trains of T-c to 10c. The market was >■■■' a.
fected by Uw monthly statement of stocks ttt pro
vi-ions In Chicago, which showed a smaTl total, and
als.3 by a large decrease ir. the world"*- availabla
Blocks of Uird. A fp-ature of trading was the buy
ir.e o£ October pork by local packers.
Estimated receipts f<>r to-morrow: Wneat. V> cars:
cc-n IIS car 3; oats. 4 J)" cars: hoss. 3,'jt» head.
Charming Autumnal excursion.
via Albany, OcL 61b.
55.00 Round Trip
] jrr.f v:_i
OX TVESDAY. October «TH.
A'.banr to Boston via Breton 4 Albany R. P. . or Bostaa
& Jlaine n. R.. October Ath cr 7ih.
350 ■ua BY Ii:lII_
ALL FOR 35.00.
Knt -• taeuTßlon fnr l*ss than h=!f rssular rat».
Hud«on Valley, the Regal Berkshire In their A*.
I t'-mnal rbirtes. or fanious Ho->sac Tunnel route to Po»
' ton and ba<-k by Fall R:r^r ar M«tmt«"Hta= Lj=«»-
t? Huisoa Rir?r Cay Liae. Desbrosses St. pser.^
lk T Long Island Sound
M~LonTisiand Sound
ÜBHlStt LIME: ! ma chests.^ -».
r- wryc^ mil, s«nwMj»«
P!*r \>»Mf Frovid«r.c^ Boston. *r Tm >r»
H«v.n "aid Bridgeport IM **"r~J~£ mr w £
tisement Folder on r«<jaes£. A. O. F. A.. ?!•* IX
N R.. M. T.
j West Point, H"ewburgh and Poughkeepsie.
Daily (except Sunday), by Pataca Iron Day I-tn.
Lsukmm Leave B-kiyn. Fulton St (by Aan«x) »:
j Desbros«»9 St.. S10; W. 42d St.. 9: W. l»tfc St^ 9X9
A M R^turr-irg on down boat, due 424 St 5:30 P-*-
On Saturdays, at West Polat. Full --as I=33ect*oa»
j w l,v .V., -p-n-1. at 1 -2S »» 31 ...**•
Ilrndic Hudson Football Sp»* . O«-t. IT. «• ««fl ST
Mr. Homer Ramsdell
! Leav-s FRWKIIV ST. • A. M WOT 129T0 ST.
I 9 •:;•> A. M.. for NF.WBIKGH an.! WEST POI>'T. R*.
turning leaves N*wt>iirs!i 6P. M Fir» round trtgw
90 cents.
by the grace of viod free and Independent, to
Henry Morgan Tilford. Wesley ITunt TllfjrcU Riciiartl
Cur.i Tli'or.!. Edward \\'r<-^\ TUforrt. Mary Trottwr
Chastain. Frank Vincir Tilford. Elizabeth Taylor
Keferstein. the heirs and ■neut o* kin of Catharine Hunt
Tl'.ford. ii»cased. send greeting: Whereas. H»nry
Morgan TiKord. of the <~ltv of New York, has lately
applied to tho Surrogate's Court of our County of Sn
Ti>rk to have a certain Instrument in writlnsr. i-.\r:-.<i -.\r:-.<
date the 17th day of August. A. D. 190 X relation t»
both r^al and personal property, duly proved as the.
last Will an.l Testament of lathartne llifßt Tilfort!.
late of the I'ounty of New York. dm-#ased. therefor*
you anrt each of you are rited to appear b«for« th»
Surrogate of our County of New York, at his oSc«. ta
the County of New York, nn the I2th day of November,
one thousand r.!r.«> hundred and eight, at half-past tea
o'clock in th.» forenoon of that da;-, then an! there to
attend the probate of the said last 1 X::i and Testanieni.
And such of you as are hereby cit^.! as are under th»
ag* of twenty-one years aro n'uuired to appear by your
guardian, if you have one. or if you have oon». it ap^»
pear and apply for one to be aDpoint'd. or in th# »v«nt
of ywur negrlact or failure to do so. a gu»rdlan will b«
appointed by th* Surrogata to reprirsrnt ami act for
you in the proceeding
In testimony whereof, we have caus»rf the Sea! Nt
the Surrogate's Court of the said County of Neve Torse
to fte hereunto afSxed. Witness. Hin. • 'har>«
[L. S. ] JI. Be<-k»tt. a Surrogate of our sai.i Coaaty
of New York, at said county, the 15th tray of
Peptemher. tn the year >>? our l.orj oa* thousand r...-.«
hundred and eight. DANIEL J. DOWDNEt.
Clerk of the SurroriWj Court.
HA7/KESVTORTH & KIRTI_\Nr>. Attorneys for Peti
tioner. 170 Broadway. New Y'Jrk City.
:tit Whit^aail street. New York City. N. T.. Srpt«cy
brr 25. l:n^». — Sea.:«M proposals. »n iftj; Ucate, f«r r^miais—
tnc and delivering *üb3uunce st.;res In this city at »uca
times as may be required by th« IT. H. Govcrnnwßt, oa
vr befor» November ;tt). lU.J*. in accon3.\no» wuh !.»•»
•peciflcation* and condition* set fjrth in «:ircujr No. 4.
War D«;>attment. C>Stce of the i.'omi«i«iarv Oeneral.
IVashitut^n. March 27, 1 :«;•«. will b«> rec«tv«J at this o(
nce until 11 o'cli«.k A. M.. October 5. lyv« laformdtloa
furnishej on apuLlcatlua. Havclopea contauttos biCa
• Mould b» marked '•Pri.-ipo»a:s fnr a -b.^ij-.-r.-.-i s->r«« "
tjptT.eJ October 5. lt«>».-- ar.a *Jirej»»j v i. U SmiTh_
fulontl. A. C «.!.. U. S. Array.
J. pllaa: i.»fl« or Corujnuaary t Purchaata« Ax«nt.
1 ir.jr.iu lull U;aU Campaay. 24 Stata Street. New Tori,
tktober 2uJ. I'JUS. -.<-«* proi>o«»!» «ll| be ift<«| at
this uitic* ur.tll 3:0O P. M.. i.wtober 12th. 1«S». for ftrr
ntshhiK the above :::<■ ■.-.■^.■■.- : jr'.'.i-.i-.i. Blanks and :_;'.: ir.
fornution roay b« obtained *t tius ofice. WEXDSL L»
SIMPSON. Major. 19th iaTaalrr. C. 3. JL. r.^-tmry

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